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Fight Companion - March 14, 2020


The Joe Rogan experience podcast. And we're live right when this is not a corona Cov is marijuana. I think haven't been tested Bro. Come whiskey sign with huge brings plant and saw good. Yeah that's great so we were all chill at home under quarantine not really quarantine. L. A. is not under quarantine yet but I hear word. I hear word. California and Washington State are GonNa get the lockdown treatment for two weeks. I don't know man. I don't know I planned at home. I plan for a month a plan for a month of food stocked up like a Dick. I have tons of meat though. I'm a carnivore. It to the end of the year legitimately. That's what I did drink creek water filter pump filter. The kid hampers. Yeah they love it man just everybody. Can we kind of have to? I don't think that's GonNa come to that and I really don't. I think I think if you look at the numbers like this is not a good cold. It's dangerous one because it kills the fuck out of old people but so does a bad flu and it's different bad flu in some people's accounts in that it's causing some serious damage. What do you got there Jamie? Oh It's Ki- it causes damage to lungs damage. You hear on both ends though. You know like you hear one expert. Says it's how terrible it's can be here another expert goes. It's actually go about your life but just wash your hands. Be Cautious about your life though you hear both ends of it. There's a good article. There's a good article in the Atlantic about it and the article in Atlantic was basically saying we're all going to get it in one of the reasons why this is a really tricky one. Is that the symptoms. Don't show up for a while so you could be contagious for a long time and also had it three weeks. He doesn't kill people quick. See the thing about that. Avian flu that they put the Kabosh to that was a really deadly. One killed sixty percent of the people that got it so China acted immediately the killed something like a million five hundred thousand chickens. It's all in this article. And they just shut everything down like this is this is something that's GonNa fucking kill. Half the population. Like legitimately kill half the population Arkham Washington Post that that gets like a bunch of experts and kind of what the things they agree on about the krona virus. And when you read that make you feel better now? Granted a lot of people take a lot of it is up in the air. They don't know what scares me is. What's going on in France because Jake tapper just tweeted that Some large number more than fifty percents of the cases that are serious like hospitalization are people that are under sixty which is very unusual because the other people in other places a tweet. They're they're reporting that it's mostly old people with underlying health conditions. We demean says yeah weak immune systems people with high blood pressure. But you really stop and look at the numbers of just the flu and this is supposed to be way worse than the flu but if you look at the numbers for the flu the flu kills a fuck load of mother for fifty thousand zero. Just in the United States renews cheers. Cheers cheers. Brian Cal will be here with cheese. Probably the cheese store right now trying to talk today. Waiting for our store everywhere. Sheriff shirt with. Did you guys sell with Brian Cheese? There's got to be no cheese cheese and wine. And she went to the microphone. Does she just One just Bryant snack in the microphone. Get it folks if you're listening and you get upset at US and people get upset at me for clear my throat to get upset for if you drink on Mike people because you're in their head I get it. But if they're the gym right now and they have ear buds on their playing even better. Because you don't hear anything else right. You're not making a lot of motion yourself. You can hear all that it's awful. It's annoying address. Gross drives me nuts. That work concentrating in here. That could fuck people at work at work a three hour show with fuck and four guys under the influence. If you have a job where you're allowed to listen to a podcast like this. You got a good job because it'll make boring shit much better like when I used to deliver newspapers. I still listen to the radio morning. Show the morning mattress. Was the big Boston morning. Radio Show with Charles Lockwood era. I love it. I drive a four five forty five two hour a day. You know into the studio in podcast. I Love Him. And and when if somebody misses. If it's late like fuck I know how important is I love it skits weird? It's so weird. We're slowly evolving into liking traffic. I like traffic because that's where I do. My I listen to music on the way to work and on the way back. I listened to the news. It's your time to saying it's like the only time by myself. I don't have to talk to anybody I like to. I like it when it's all read like autumn. You take the worst fucking three hours long. I said I was in Tacoma and I was like walk around looking for a cop shop and no one was really around and this garbage truck pulls up. You take us shot. What the fuck you doing up here. Bro I'm listening to fight companion Bro. He gets out and yours. Are you trying to score some up here? Excuse me trying to score your score. Coffee is in the wrong. You're in the wrong area papa. He's like this people get drugs. Go back down the what kind of drugs airlines by I think caroline. Now yes fantastic. Yeah Bro No yeah. You can be in the wrong place at the wrong time. That'd be awful. Yeah if you're wandering through some city Diana Tacoma that's the way I can go out be so so how many people die from that shit every year. We're not worried about that. Like it's a disease feno sticking out everybody people. I was talking about this a stage of the night some deaths. We just get real accustomed to really custom to those kind of deaths but of all the deaths that were happening because it cancer and people being fat if all those were from wolves quickly would we wanNA kill wolves scared but because his disease in Harare failure and that Kinda Shit. We like okay but what. What what else. Cnn and Fox has all that hate him but what if they just you know they create kind of this this panic. What if they just on twenty four seven car crashes and people dying from obesity? And you know we'd be fucking terrified. We tear if it's not in our face but it's way worse power so power so powerful they can get the people to believe in fucking anything anything anything if they they said. Guess what we found Santa Clauses fucking bones in the mountains and fucking in Norway. People would believe it they could do. That'd be like you know. What do you know they found Santa Claus bones? It'd be flying up right now. The media's powerful fuck yeah he's super powerful. This disease is a good example of it. It's not something that we shouldn't be afraid of. We should we should definitely be afraid. We should be afraid of something that could come down the pipe. That's more deadly. That's we should be afraid of. That's what those people the Center for Disease Control told me and Duncan we did a show years ago. They're saying well. We really have to worry about these diseases. Just jumping people. He said that it happens all the time. It can't control it but learn from China learn from Italy like they were unprepared. They didn't take it or maybe they just didn't know didn't have the resources but learn from their mistakes information. They tried to suppress information. China visit with the Moon. They went to the Moon who China. They went to the moment things different people. No no China. China's billion people to people here they went they got video blasted out no known drawn to the surface of the moon to the door to the dark side. That's kind of building okay. Awesome come on. This is the other thing about the crow virus and Callan county jump on here but it's called it. This is the best you've ever dressed. Oh you have a water bottle appointed talking Greek slowdown cooties. But we don't shake hands around him. Although g but with the chrome they're also saying that you know because the lack of testing there might be way more people with it so it shows it. How how it's not that deadly because we know how many people die for sure but we don't know how many people have so it could be less than we think. Well think of the glass half full Joe has make you worry me. What does make you think about the flu too? I mean if this is supposed to be ten times more potentially ten times more deadly than the flu right. This is what the worst case scenario. They make a lot of predictions and try. Try with these and we start going. You're right how often are they right? You're right but if they are right we have to be prepared for the worst. See the best exactly. It could be an inconvenience to be prepared for the worst really. It should open up our minds and our our our brains as to what is causing this and is there another way to generate food when we're old and wearing our eighties the kids during those times. They're gonNA look at us as weird because like old people love toilet paper. They just warned toilet paper because from this point on we have never lived through a toilet paper shortage. I have never you heard about this toilet paper. Sure it's really what the problem is way? Bigger net- making diseases not raise. Food is making disease in China wasn't talking about China and I'm just talking about twitter paper I was. I'm saying it's crazy. We're we're making viruses. Avian flu that was buried agriculture. Right swine flu. That was pig agriculture. When THEY JAMIL? These animals together occasionally. One of those fucking bugs would jump ship. Let's plans didn't that scary starring. Jack Fevers came from fruit bats. I came from another animal. Who knows from? There's a I mean this is of these Flus. Those are the ones that jump up. And they're all they're all concerned via they're all labeled as Corona viruses are just different type of visit all the same stream ours. Apparently was More deadly even than this one and that's China a wake up call man. It's a wakeup call for anybody. That has anything to do with regulating how people raise food. But there's been mistakes made but this does seem like a wide. This does seem like a massive overreaction in terms of viruses only kills people who are what ages eighty one by Sam Harris. Told me about. Some DUDE IS IN HIS FIFTIES. That's one example about immune system. So who knows what could have happened. Who knows what could happen but it could. That could happen. That's a normal thing for a guy who's really fit my dad's six and my dad's terrified and I think the the group tax where trump confirmed corona vice dude on edge redwood. This black fame talk with the clock in your life. It's great so I said to my. I thought it was funny. I sent to my dad. Didn't find it funny. He put what the Fuck Tom Find. This funny like my Bet Thompson has sent us a picture. That says if you know this guy's face you fucked up friends. Is He a real Guy John Desi? Abc fighting these are good fights. This is a really good car. Gilbert Burns great who is not so McConnell fighting Do you have the cards pretty stacked. It's better than the last card. It's a very good card and usually in Brazil they show up when there's no in the crowd what's weird is coach Rinaldo. Oh this could fight. Renato Sixty seven years old. But this is a good role. He's a bad motherfucker. Though that guy throws from the beginning of human. He's always been a dangerous dangerous if you can listen because there's no crowd and just hear Michael Bisbee voice narrating it right. Commentating sounds like A. You're watching golf of it. 'cause 'cause they're killing subdued too because there's no energy and he goes to mount. We'll hear ooh nobody here. There's no no. There's no one there in the crowd. Bro. We're living in the movie. So We're living in a move. It's a hormone. Why didn't we have this reaction with h? One and one of Rena here right but the swine flu fucked. A lot of people this is. This is madness. It's insane this is madness is an empty arena. And the still do Tom. Hanks has the son of a bitch. Talking guess what he'll be fine Yup. It's Tom Hanks I don't get. I'm still confused. Nobody's told me why this this virus none of the theories. Well there's some real dangers that it might be as much as ten fifteen times stronger. The media's Dan Le Media is running with this because it's bad for trump. I kill the economy. I'll talk name. The virologists have that in mind. When they make their decisions. I think all these disease experts are trying to save millions of people from unnecessarily dying. They're trying to stop a disease in its tracks. That's what they're doing. They've done this forever with polio. Done this with smallpox. This is what they do. Try to stop track. Diseases are trying to kill us. Every fucking day is if we have a war and there's a war against viruses. It's it's almost like a real war against a thing but we don't think of it as a thing because it's it's you see it but it's a it's an an attack on the human system. It's an attack on human beings constant and it's evolving. It's always changing. There's too many of us. And that's what it recognizes and it's trying to get rid of this crazy. I'm learning how to how many people how many people have died in the US. So far fifty thousand fifty fifty fifty. What is the average? Very what is the average eighty they want him and the NBA and all cancelled everything. Everything canceled because nobody on the audience. Then the average age eighty. You would think think if you just found out about this you just woke up from a coma and then you see how everything's you would be thinking. People were dying on the streets running a Zombie apocalypse. That's why I'm asking day home. Their songs on the street. Yeah that's exactly what you would think right. But the average age of the people dying in the United States is eighty and half of them are from an old folks home in Washington. How did they I? And then you see in the back of a Lysol bottle it says it lists all the viruses that it kills and it says Human Carnivals. Somebody Says No. This was a new but it's a different strain so I'm like wait a minute. The average age is eighty pause. For second time it's a two thirty of the first round to twenty nine to twenty eight to twenty seven to twenty six to twenty five so if you want to sink it up. We're watching John. Mcdevitt versus tree. Nado Francisco Southpaw versus Unorthodox. Although bad ass kickboxer. He's a shower. He's always a dangerous. He never has like an off night. He's just been fighting since he was seven. And it is a weird thing to see no audience and it's a weird thing to think that so many people are so afraid of this. They don't do anything and go out. But it Kinda makes sense if it's as bad as they think it is now it's not as bad as they think it is. The problem is there's going to be a lot of people that are not gonNA believe them. The next was something comes up the next one. They'll believe everyone did. We believed everyone so far. The younger generation. Now some people this is gonNA work on it. Always wide on now always works. It works every two years. Think it's a works Eddie. I think is constant battle going on between people and viruses. This is a story that has a real just saying do this again intuitive but it has a real clear beginning and you could follow the history of viruses in the United States in the world. Michael Purge right where they've told week people to be Shitty boomer virus and take out the young or the Spanish flu right. That was really bad for young. Eighteen hundred was killing a lotta guys with great immune systems by some way the way it attacks and this is what the nine thousand nine hundred twenty or one thousand twenty didn't hygiene fix most of that it's hit fixes. A lot of infrastructure doesn't stop it viruses always saying all Brian is saying is where are the bodies that's all he says what I'm no. No I bodies here. You see how to describe what the disease was guy just woke up from coma and then he must go oh my God. Nba canceled there's nobody at the UFC's flew from you. The guy would think like what is thousand times more powerful than the flu right and then you would say well. It's not even the flu so far this year. The flu is kicking to. Ask Us. Twenty thousand people in the. Us have died so far since January first but the thing is that this is so far relatively new thinking no. They don't know it. My thing is maybe that we're trying to the scientists at CDC might be saying let's stop a peak in cases overwhelm hospitals in our infrastructure. Because we don't have the infrastructure yet to deal with this. This might be a very dry run for when we really do face a major virus nickel and it's really a killer. What's up call to people that live in their lives like like this can't happen. What it was now daylight. Finally the world level down right now. It's hard to buy hand sanitizer. No one wants to shake hands. So we're cleaner than we've ever been as a society budget good but them homeless are the dirtiest ever whether they're finding human history defining shit right leading badness. Don't WANNA be rude. No one says no WANNA cities. Everyone's wearing a face mass. Nobody shaking hands anymore. There's going to be a time when we say dude. Remember when people used to fuck and shake Japanese. How's the kid people? I remember that kids would really touch hands. We we all we all have to recognize becomes to the homeless or anything like that. It's like you're not responsible for other people's actions now. Some people might have done things to get them to that position that were foolish or they got addicted to drugs or their life fell apart. All these all these things could be contributors right. But you're not responsible for them and to pretend that we are and then we just leave them. There is ridiculous like like if someone was just littering where they are and just throwing it in the street and throwing needles in St Arrest Them. But but you don't arrest them and they're setting up camps under the bridge. This is nonsense. You got to figure this out either. You gotta find them some way some some form of cheap housing for people which is medical health services medical change the whatever. The budget is for other. Things shifted that right. That's a real problem. I think someone four interviewing as many as PA craters. Maybe they have a story but nobody will listen to them because they're crazy homeless but maybe like. Why are these people on the streets all of a sudden like what the Fuck Shit? Let's find out what happened there. Something couple of things one is one is new laws. That say you can't move and someone unless you have somewhere for them to move to what happened. These people's lives become home. There might be. I think the opiate crisis hasn't been crazy denominator. They all have because all of a sudden they popped up intense everywhere and it wasn't around when we were kids off and they're all over the side of the freeway. Yeah that was crazy while Mexicans us. It's crazy white. People used to be superior that you would see it encampment Illich. You're driving by a highway. See little encampment. Look guys get a tent between two? That was weird. Even when I was raised is very very a lot of this came from the Supreme Court. Decision remember when when The Supreme Court ruled that you could not keep someone. You're welcome hospital unless they were a danger to society. It's also really expensive though too expensive. That was turned the Reagan administration right. Because I remember I believe all the sudden it was homeless people. But it wasn't it wasn't it was challenged in the Supreme Court. The idea was the state cannot take you a family member. Put them in a hospital if they are not a dangerous so it used to be. If somebody was crazy they'd show up with a paddy wagon crazy quote unquote on putting that into context and they would just go into a facility mental hospital. That was nice. Do some weird shift so there was a challenge in court that said the state has no right to keep somebody against their will based on the idea that they are quote unquote crazy. Very hard thing to define this. There are dangerous society so that by the way somebody correct me. If I'm wrong but I think that was at the heart of it. That was the challenge and it was deemed unconstitutional to be able to keep somebody against their will if they if they seemed a little bit off crazy whatever was unless they were dangerous. How OF CORONA? You're going crazy bro. He's got a fever. I'm sure Persona I'll make you look cute. Cute thanks fan. That's that's when you know world is weird. We're idiots like us or explaining what's going on. I read the mass breakdown. You're gonNA get nose done right here. The best breakdown from all the different angles homeboy emotional. First Time we heard like a legit expert yes on the disease control. Here's from my point of view. Here's what's going on other than that. It's you everywhere. Well he's in the middle. He's an expert. He's a legitimate expert. My Jesse his take on it. Is that these wet. Markets is something he fucking wrote about in this book he wrote about in this book years ago. He didn't Bill Gates though. Warn us about this shit and a lot of people have they been. When Duncan I did fucking best show. This is deadly centimeters. This is Astros book when Dunkin on Ny did that that Scifi show back in the day about diseases. We were worried. If like someone could create a superbug we're asking about it's possible but you know it's way more likely these things just happen in nature. We're fighting them tooth and claw every day as he asks walls and vacuum sealed suits. And you're moving around like you're in another world they're dealing with some of the most infectious diseases in the world to grow food look at the amount of pathogens we had overcome parasites and everything else climbing the fucking building with Dean. Do you understand. That's how I looked at it and it's like these are demons that are locked in glass invisible demons that would kill me millions of people. How about when they work with fucking bull infected monkeys honky wakes up and bites you. Two trolleybus Rowen Dude. This Macbeth's he's got great fucking events. They're both his past and fantastic. It's incredible to Donald. Oh has been the for a long time. And he's still a good fighter like he hasn't slept. He's still super dangerous. Dude I swear to God cronos got Tom. Hanks Fair game. You Take Kabaeva Ferguson. Who out who they GONNA do that? The APEC Center Donald Trump's GONNA make sure I'll lose up the fight must take place number one April. What is it eighteen April eighteen? That's imperative that fight must take date. It must take place. I'm like sad about it man I just. I just think that's to me that that's got to be in the conversation as the match up of all correct gotta be convened the conversation conversation. That's me it's not a Russian destroyers number one and the one deal who number one the one do that in his ad you know what I mean. Yeah see what's going to happen. Just call them but I think for it to be at the APEC Center Man. It's GonNa miss all that glitz. Bizarre said right you save it? Let's make this fight cancer. Four fucking time already. Listen my perspective. It's going to happen man. If it's going to happen we should be happy. That's where I'm if the let the let the fucking let it be weird but the silence unless quarterback could sweeten it like fake audio. Thank you know what I mean. It's just like you concert. Only of the dopey to crack mcdaddy with some of the dope nece will be about the fact that it's so you can hear anything like the ultimate fighter is like that right. There's only your team is in there and it's it's a different energy. It's like so you're so focused. Not Worried about impressing people. It's it's pretty nervous. Were you more nervous fighting in the ultimate fighter or more nervous five in the AFC BIG TORONTO IN TORONTO? My gahl odd. Yeah because there's just it's like it's weird it's like it's almost like a pickup game. You and your boys I. Let's do it. That's what we do and there's no one around you can hear all the coaching here. All the punches you find metron then I fought metro. Toronto GLAD I didn't who How old is homeboy? GotTa be disease. Four I'M GONNA GO. I'M GONNA Guess Forty Three Forty four the oldest Guy Guard. Who's the oldest guy in the USA? Childhood is no joke he is. There's a couple of guys in the would've been known but look at how you can stand at the edge of the pocket like this. He's getting he just doesn't get hit us a try. I think you're mistaking like like Amazonian for old man. You know what I mean. I don't think he won't sporty student. Twenty one okay. I was wrong I was off. I thought he was a little older. Forty eight. That old speed speaking of fighter. Brad Pitt's fifty three known enough for human for a professional cage fighter fighting Johnson justice fifty six to us Johnny Depp. Figures have some respect. That was like he's still dressing like a phantom. Listen what are you GONNA do? Joe Rogan Golfer to. We're going to have questions speaking of forty two old. Do you have a take on? Y Your L. Romero didn't wrestle and hold down Israel Sonya and punch him in the face. Well you know. That's a hard fight for both fighters right wanted to present some weird yellow wants to create some weird scrambles. He wants a low. You know false sense of security wants to get you to do something dumb. There was a couple times. He countered with left hands. That are so fucking fast. He hits them with these earn less. I won I won is roads. Fuck this for both had the same game plan and they wanted to stick to it and they think champion stick to their game. Plan stick to it. Don't get crazy and both of them had a game plan. Let them come to you. Let him don't go. Y'All never you never both ways charter to come forward. Yes a little bit but style. Bender was at least on the outside. Trying to make things happen. You will yell would you always do? Don't get me wrong. It's very effective because it's so crazy who's standing there just standing there. Yeah but he's it's that's it could've worked. Here's the thing if he did that to anybody else if he did that to. Robert Whitaker did any other fighter other than style. Bender might have worked and then we'd be looking at him like champion. Here's the thing I'm GonNa tell you. Okay they did a study on him. They did a test on him because he he had a fracture around his orbital and they thought that maybe he was going to need surgery. The doctor calls the UFC killing says. Where did you get this guy? And he goes does no no no. He's not amazing. I've never seen a human like this. He listened. He was biologically. I've never seen a human like this. He goes the tendons behind. His eyes are four times as large as a normal. I turn things behind things at holding his fucking measuring this area where they thought it was going to be really really badly fractured. I'm like first of all he's healing. He's evolves. Mike did the ten because I've never seen a human being with structure like this before he goes. I've been a doctor for over fifty years. Holy Shit said I've never seen a human being structured as offering Luke Rosiak hitting cement because I've never felt a body when his hand he said I felt like I was hitting kicking. LemMe Lemme get you down the rabbit hole. Eddie Bravo okay. Because Castro apparently was really in to anything that could extend life and anything that can improve athletic performance because Cubans were bad ass. Rest monsters bad. Go boxers taekwondo team to buzz. Everything like the fucking sports play sports. How many pro. Ballers came from fucking sue buddy baseball monsters wrestling so many genetics off the German Hector Lombard. Like what come on man when the conspiracy is that they're doing things to people to make them like Russians that sometime either wet not to use it was also another factor. But hold on there. Is that too? Well he's also in the womb experiments that they could do on full people. Russia definitely did. I'm so Karelya saying the KENO A lot in common one hundred percent. Okay but not not not just that but I'm talking about medical engineering. WanNa go down the like conspiracy whole of medical engineering corral right. What are the most amazing wrestlers of all time? Is parents like this big. He was fifteen pounds when he was born. I went for three hundred and five hundred name with these. Yes this is in July. A pro people out of all the people that have ever competed in anything ever. He's been the scariest coldness hand. Three guys. Coach isn't really that bigoted washing against his side. You know what I mean. It's squashing so it's not that big ears to throw this a black and white photo of him. Yeah go to this crazy James. Look at this. Look at the fucking anger in his Michael. Now imagine what only three hundred and five pounds six four. Three three pounds undefeated wrestlers rat dialing everyone moss when he was sixteen. It was the last time before he'd lost Bumgarner. Whatever he's on gardening. Sorry how long how but you pay them. Sumo wrestling that's it. It's just a difference in the new rules in rules student. He was raised. That's not beating. That guy is so fucking. Spring did but again. I'd also probably ever met of corona was mama's corn shoes on after he lost a toe in a fucking frostbite still jacking fool. Yeah Ham Ham Helluva job decision but corral corral when he beat Who IS THE IRANIAN AMERICAN? Who is Silver Madison? Ian Novas? You can see him whispering to them. In the finals he's whispering Guardia. Not An office and then what after he beats him he'd beaten him sixteen times or something because international tournament. And he's whispering to him he's he's got them here and he's gone and then you can see what's his name crying. He's leaks can't stop stand and he's crying. I ran didn't have the good steroids back but he was an American. We weren't cheating viscous Perry. I think I can't remember his name. Just kidding about the steroids but Wendy think when do you think they stopped because they definitely to make Olympic athletes using you know that right. Yeah one hundred has they still wonder? I wonder if I say well one thing to keep in mind by you. L. is like if you if you look at the Caribbean slave trade and the Caribbean sugar. When when they were brought to Cuba and places like that to harvest sugar and stuff it was so horrific for those Africans it was so horrific the conditions that they were living on corn meal and then they they would salt cod than unique cod and at the end of the day it was so horrible that the people that survive that already. I mean it was a horrible horrible sifting of the fittest of the strongest. For sure you know. They did performance enhancing drugs to fix that. Yeah well I think every single fucking country did as soon as whoever was the the figuring fifties in the fifties. Yeah that was World War to do. There was never ever ever inject the forties. But he's right to John's steroids though. I think it was in the early fifties in in sports somewhere around then but that was stories of Hitler. Shot up with testosterone and cocaine imagine if steroids back in time back in the civil war steroids. All of a sudden the folk in your wore those they needed food. They had muskets. Fear back then back then there was if you receive pictures that Number Ziegler note the success to use of testosterone in nineteen fifty four and begin experimenting on. Us weightlifters if you go back to the NFL like in the sixty seventies Lila's Adl those boys word jat sure you don't have evidence. They were also doing some weird shit or as to get it to human growth hormone from cadavers. Back then like wait. Hey Johnnie Walker fight. Tonight's by the way Krill. Is that next? Yeah that's a good fight. It's a real good fight off is a talented striker. So what is should get an interesting. What does it mean to me? That's a good question. I mean shoot wrestling. It's it's much lower bucks right. But but what is the difference? I know pancreas. You got started in Japan. They call the shoot boxing Brazilian by the time they got to Rio de Janeiro. Shoot the ball about they. Both shoe walks but shoebox sounds cooler totally cool legendary team at all. Think about shoot the box. Come the first Tiba Sun. People get knocked the fuck out on Hannity basis some of the greatest fights of all time out of pride involved. Those guys Jim old teams like the kid the team because he had Tim Sylvia right off. See Matt Shark. Yet Sean. Shirt people sleep on. Sean Shirt fucked up teeth but a little bowling ball do do that in his day. Etang Day was attacked. Remember he lied under strike. Yeah Dude Yeah Shaun Silva did a little bit. You know like those those legends. I WanNa think about how good. Bj PENN MUST HAVE BEEN O. Is BJ. Penn stomped a prime shirk. Shirk was a demon. Shirk was a demon. Bj Penn just beat him down those that flying me up against the cage down in trouble too for PD. If you fuck with him you could survive that first minute. You know that would be the first goal did you. Did you proceed in the beginning back? In the remember he came out with Thomas. Fight fucking destroys comes out swinging at you. You WanNA throw down in the beginning. I think you do. Did you ever see that? It was like when they first start doing. The countdown countdown. On Sean Shirk. I remember it changed the way I thought about training showed him with this waded vessel yet and he's climbed up still he's doing it over. And over his his shirt the charts off the missiles. He missed like Joe. Wars where he was but he had like a Ken shamrock. He was you so so jacked whole squad. You're right men. Pat MILKSHAKES team would have been. I would give a million dollars to see a prime. Bj Penn versus Khabib. Oh Shit Elon. Musk on the case. I don't know that is Japan's Jujitsu especially can't shut your mouth shut. I Will Brian Shahrukh school you. Bj We're about cruelty. Penn won the Mundi owls as a black belt three years in a training. Do you understand the gene. You know but road. You don't understand don't know Bobby Kennedy could be. I'm saying is I would give a million dollars to see that fight. I'm not saying I know who would wall so. Bj world-class bonds to win. Either Bitch home other funny you guys. Hey Cardoni locks up your fucking Vase Bro Crime. Bj Penn down good luck man bounces around sort of a fucking freak transition. Have you ever seen the takedown defensive? Prime Hat do trying to take short house flexibility. You Watch out because I really. I don't like the way you're fucking getting straight back because I'll meet you halfway and you know this the serpent Brian. Listen Matthews is one of the frequent most frequently. Strong guys have ever competed in the welterweight. Division whose freakishly strong he would get hold on the fuckers in his POW. You would see it far wrestling t shirt when bj. Penn just fucking took his back strangled him. I was like holy. He punched him in the face and knocked down the second time beating the first time he took his back strangled. Oh I was like Holy Shit here. You can listen to me. Prime-time BJ Penn was one of the baddest fuckers. That ever walked the face of the one hundred percents of facts. That was a few years in there and most people don't they don't maintain that kind of level for longer than a few years. He was surprised. Jay Pen to primetime. Bj Penn was the bad time. Yeah there's no doubt guys. Do this fight right here. One hundred percent dude. I know you don't want to. I don't mean people. Forgive me was fun Frank. Trigg you look at this. This is the first time we tapped him. Yeah and the second time. We knocked him out sooner. There's no doubt guys knocked out later into his career Matt Lawa into his career Cheetah to ran right through Ludwig Habib Beats Him. Well he was too small for George. The George was a mistake. He's looking at them here. Compare Physique to Georgia's her he would have tried and Bj. He's though I still fuck. He'll fight it bores did GIS p the just showed our voice on day. Jj is a real legit streetfighter. He's been fighting on the street. Is Home fucking streetside. Who LEARNED JUJITSU FOR SEAN? Sean Shirt Sean. Cirque one you've ever when he was at Kenny Florian that he tapped. Let go and lick the blood. Was that Kenny was. I thought that was Joe. Stevenson with Kenny. He kind of went like this over him. There was who who did he fight where they were opposing. Each other as coaches on the ultimate fighter whose. Bj So many he also fought. Didn't there's Kenny right. There was one where he didn't. WanNa let my. Bj Penn store. How I I met him to Johnny Walker Interrupt. No Domino interrupting here. Which is awesome. When I was a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under John Machado as a competitor. I sucked I was tired. I wasn't that good I I was. I was just too nervous and Scott Redondo. He was blue also. He was a good friend of mine in competition. He just fucking one at at Blue Belt. He'd go out there. My Scott Redondo got balls. He goes out there and everybody up. I'm too scared but I'll go out there and maybe I'll sweep you. I don't know I was. I never thought of myself as a fighter ever right so I was like dude. I'll take fucking anything you know what I mean abuse. You Never WanNa Championship on my. I never try to win a championship. I just got in here and had some fun and I'm out you know. So but Scott Redonda was the man so Joe Moreira back in the day nineteen ninety-six he was thrown all the the only tournament in La. Joe Moreira. Every it was in everybody was a fucking blue belt that was all purple belts or Brown. Everybody was a blue belt and when he threw a tournament down here in Irvine. People from San Francisco came down and Bj was training at Gracie in San Francisco. Everybody was scared to go to how crazy school because you go to help grazie school view. Tap He'll fuck and punch you so you're not allowed to tap and help gracie school so we everybody was scared of. That's cool. How fuck you up if you tap? So they came down. Dave Camarillo Dang camera there to judo. Brothers that were black belts in judo and now they're blue belts Jitsu. They're coming down. Bj Penn. I had no idea at this point. I'm just at the tournament. I'm thinking Scott Redondo irony loss and I'm just following Scott Redondo. He's about to Do a turn with threes fucking people up like always desk our fuck everybody and then on the other side of the bracket I was. I noticed this kid. This dude look recused. Thirteen Shit fucking everybody up. Sorry that's fine. Just go crazy okay. Johnny Walker fly to a punt came down with his Joe. Here's a for for us in his corner. Oh Johnny Walkers at Tristar that's a good move fellow waitresses twelve o five six six foot six. He's like no punky there. Do Jesus Christ. No and Krylov tight with his. His offense is tight. Everything's like real good sharp techniques straight down the pipe rylance bit around and Johnny Walker coming off the Ko loss to Corey Anderson. Like you never know like whenever a fight gets fired kayode you never know you see them. Grappler look at the bottom the shit walkers all our crazy power. Oh Shit these are serious legal. Those are legal. Work is well. Krylov is not really ready to raise a karate guy. I mean he could wrestle. Hold back sure pretty sure you can get back to rush reckless attempt. He's obviously he's gone and but he's original original martial art. I believe Karate Jesse looked like the brother for NAS. Cut The okay. That's how my separate forces to say that otherwise. He would beat me with a bamboo. Green Bamboo Cane Brennan member in disguise fighting heavyweight. He's not cut in any way I mean he. He was in bad their undersides and the powered engines. Somebody tough tough fight for Johnnie Walker. It's easy one. Tenth Shit News has just little ice. Johnny Walker racially ambiguous. We'll take a Brazilian. His Mama's like straight Brazilian's death black. I'd love to have a little Brazilian and a little Simona me. Well maybe a little bit how I think you do well with a little bit of Javanese terms sweet talk some aspirin can claim Samurai blood shit like that new genes in tier in seven years. You start turning to another race if we could do that. That's crisper. Hey Brian you babysitting babysitting. Wh what are you doing to drink to come on sit? Aye whiskey a wonderful to have a whiskey for you. Do Crazy Joe Like I like Buffalo Trace. I like Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack. He's not had this whiskey. Because your Goddamn some Japanese. Ships knockout blow traced because it was made in seventeen seventy. Do It's tough to be buffalo trace bushido bushy. What is it called? It's called my save that Shit Buffo Tressler making it and chases faction Buffalo Trace. They know it. I love him. I Love Buffaloes Number One. We'LL TWENTY-THREE-YEAR-OLD WHISKEY. It's the best Johnny Walker. Just hit a big right hand. This thing's going. Hey Johnny Walker seems to have his chance he does yes. That's not nine. Discover them are yeah he did go. Oh my goodness good. Uppercut hands are not coach him. You should coach fights this yesterday. Call him and tell him you know know you know. They should fire for awesome. Put you in there good point. They're giving no respect. I know man everything. Everything you're saying is training amuse. He doesn't need a trainer. He needs to better when I turned Japan karate and we always kept our hands off Jamie. Do you have something just sort of train to carry a period. We needed. I needed a shirt says train periods. That's perfect for I think Boehner's yeah for sure you're right they for real train. Mcdonald's trained no like oh train bro says like I'm your master. Some shit like do you guys have asked that when I look at you. Train them up. Sure I already know. I could tell by the cutthroat you train. Krylov is on top KYLA. Boys look at this good control. I called it. I got three grand. This you got three thousand dollars in this all paid by the way you spotted me okay. How many thousand dollars. That's for Dick. Hey what the fuck your every day. Coastal then I'll give them fifteen hundred of that I've listened. I love style. I hope you bet against him. Said I don't like that guy. Never set a loss. Let me stress this because I can't stress this enough ninety nine point nine nine. Nine percent of the population would have got loathed or lured into trap in that fight. That's how good stop stop respect. Yeah and there's a lot of people that were saying that he didn't punch a much in strike much. How about the case for sure? But I think that's the one the only way you're going to beat that guy why. Why would you risk everything? You're the champ you. The number one middleweight. In the world. Why would you risk everything and play to his game? Well it's also look how it worked out for whitaker and the second in the second fight whitaker got hit with some big bomb or and whitaker survive. Because he's tough is fuck but there's a lot of people that would have gone night night whio L. Hidden with those big O. Day announce Whitaker chillier crow. Fucking matchups pretty. Sure they fill motherfucking. Fight motherfucker let's say till you on 'til like style bender while 'til style bender. Udi crazy jude. Tell Style Darren tells a beast fuck five to debut. His coming out party was against me. Yeah. He's so big he should have been at eighty five a long time ago. He so he waits sweater and one or two hundred. Three pounds stepped into the octagon with the grill is son you have seen Liverpool's finest so when UFC Dublin. Here Saturday August fifteenth. There'll be a world by then fight last. He's got knocked out what Darren Soto till till he beat. Look Great Kelvin. Can Be good fight. Great fight taught. Fire You by Kelvin. Kelvin's dangerous. He's got some of the best hands in the fucking sport and just toughness and wrestling and causes gut sneaky hands like crazy family that that left hand hibiscus with remember that a lot of people think you know that most people weren't satisfied with. Yoel against style bender but at least like for me anyways. I never really didn't know how good style this is footwork in his fainting in its favorite moves. Like even though there wasn't that much action I was a little little bit like into his move. I'm thinking God damn I didn't realize he was six foot four. Homely Shit is very long. Talk any moves like he's one hundred fifteen pounds. Everything he does. Every movement is like like terminator like a perfect mish. Perfectly crafted machine Yasser believes share. A six foot four. I couldn't agree more six foot. Four moves like yeah perfection and the takeaway just described him as the most sophisticated striker. Dude we've ever seen term ORVIN's turn more than Anderson Manson. But but at the same time you just level up he looks through your well in the same goddamn fight all different robot. His robot is like he will jump at you with the ultimate fury fucking with some lightning and take you down and crush you all within a second note. I mean different doctor. That was examining him. It'd be like like why is Joe when he who is like Gary who the fuck is this guy. He's he's the second best in the world athletes ever when he would explode would explode where everybody's like what the fuck was he is. So he's any so good at wrestling. That's one thing that you rarely see from him. Can't team in the third and fourth fifth. How come to our game plans not working. Let's start taking last time. You'RE GONNA talk. You could take them down home down south under it. It would be Kinda. Somebody does this to be able to crate. Style is not easy to take down. You could tell right down twice up trump. I think he could have helped them down. Yeah right if he could only the second time you take him down and let them up on purpose. The only the only the older person that's going to take him down at that way class and do what you'd think he could do is someone who's doing it all the Goddamn time and is known for it. Got To be a fucking professional coppee. He's known but you're well not not emily but he likes fucking people up on his feet. He's not know what down he wants to fuck and just explain what I think it is. I wanted to be able to install bender. Brian comes from a family of boxers. Yes he's also think it's here for him because he doesn't he doesn't want to. He doesn't want to Castle Hill. Sharon Hill lost his fight. That's bad now. No I cross tired. Tired KICKED O. Eal LUCK CIVIC ANTHONY. Buyer. He's gotTa go far. Oh Shit what does he do? Five months ago we were saying John. Locke's the guy to be John Jones. Yeah well he's still is dangerous. I don't like this is how you watch for him coming off a. Ko Nice needed the body. How was that GonNa win the fight but it's ending like if it's ending like this? I don't care last. It doesn't matter what the whole fight. It doesn't even matter I. I know I know you're right. But that's where the flaws right there. Because he's not win. The motherfucking fight if you can if the end of the fight looked like that and he's I want but if you're winning performance in thirty seconds in the last thirty years you get gold your Ryan Vision. Who gave right? No no no. You're right that's what that's how the sport. Yeah but that's where pride got it down the best. I agree because because they don't listen they got some props you'll see said cool story. Get the fuck. We're GONNA leave it open site close up shop. Do All your tallaght okay. So that means they go down financially and that means they didn't all their theories and ideas shit. Is that what that means? Took some good ideas from them for some good ideas about talking over. We're GONNA see style Benner John Jones. Yeah two years working. How crazy because John Second round guys? There's one more around the third round Johnny Walkers down to okay it looks like Johnny Walker. Sheep Brown keep it on. Its hands brother. Keep on feed. I mean Josh Challenge. Still keep him on his feet. Keep talking talk for Krylov. Well he's my. He's one of my body to man. He's bodied up. We go from the should is what I say. He's headed up. Why does he want to get him in the face down Tutti socks? He just sucks on the ground. He's not great. I mean Brazilian Obama talks son. Let me talk. Hey tell him to get up with a guillotine stand up. He's one hundred percent right now. He loves watching so he did. That was the thing he was able to stay on top. How many sweet sweet legs? Yeah tell them sweep. I'm here I that's gags not working from the job. Hey from gotta read the to read the room. Read the room. Sorry guys I get so involved in fighting. It's my life a bug fly across the screen. I panicked the fuck that I a corona fly. All mountaha loves the trouble. Come up pop up cup up. Remember back in the day. Oh Shit voice for shared to talk coming back. These guys are remember when hoist fought he mounted someone. No-no markle. I'm trying I'm trying to look at this. Look at this right here. All he had it he had somebody far. Remco pardew way back in the day and Windy Mountain them. Remco tapped out because we thought wants someone got the amount that was supposed to mount guys are so good so good you know amount of assets everybody knows Brazilians. It's over. We're all nobody quite A. What a smart do your killed off chronic aggressive. Probably MISS THE MARKLE. Who are era like calling fights live and then get a chance to see his? You're after that wasn't hitting the Paul Violins fight. I remember training and watching the UFC. I'm I'm I'm doing just for a year year and a half and all my friends are. They're afraid to do what they won't do it. I'm trying to drag what they we're watching the UFC. And I forget who was but he was a type one guy who had been doing for six months and they said that like he was about to find. Forget his name. He cow worship Cuban. He had been used. A taekwondo. Black Belt had had a bunch of schools and he had been doing Jujitsu for six months and I remember telling the party. I said he'd been doing it for six months like it was a long time like he was a very long time. I'm like he's GonNa Fisher. There's no pulled out of. I thought for sure he was going to arm bar. This guy and the whole time. Krylov is good top. Control had a brief conversation with your goals what you stop talking Gracie realize going where no yeah exactly. It was going throw people into wanted to do you had a conversation with Kron Gracie. I want everyone. And he's there and say what's up. Hey and then. We're talking a little bit and I like this. He's yeah I'm looking to fight pretty soon. I go cool man. Do to fight it fight. You have nothing to prove and he goes. Yeah I do I have to ask if you want. If you WANNA present and your your your master. Why you fucking I gotta get Outta here here. Yesterday was the day of a Thursday. I was over. That's why I called you. Oh really yeah. Did you ever see Gary Tone and versus krone? No did you just hell. Yeah was their lives. That's was in Beijing. Before Corona rounded krone did in the last moments of the match. We can't sorry macaroni. Remember off the top of my head. I did smoke a lot of weed. Gary was all overgrown and it was less than a minute and crown turning around some house fantastic and then choked out. Gary. Can you give us back? He got his back. It was one of the craziest matches because it looked like Gary was beating quoting Gracie. And everyone's like Oh yeah. I'm a fan of his. I fucking love his his justice off the hook man. He's a master. Yeah it's beautiful great. Yeah nobody nobody really knew Gary taught him back then and all of a sudden this fucking guys bringing all now he'll heat on crown and it looks like it's over and something happened where I forget man Hickson his corner. He says that was a different match. When he went out. Crow Against Sousa from Gracie Baja Otavio was playing the game. The game sound outside. It's chrome kroll. Go Fuck you up. Tried to take him down. He wants you and his guard. Krona's one of the rare black belts that is really dangerous from full guard. He fucks he tapped out Jt Tours his back and regarding with an arm bar I mean grown is grown and Roger Gracie are two of the Brazilian Jujitsu legends. That are known for attacking from Full Garden. Not Too many more Puckett's attacker guard basic shit super basic but cronkite you in that super basic shed or Roger Gracie get you not super basic. Shed closed guard. You'RE IN TROUBLE. So anyways so gary talk about that. We've got very tunnel was all over 'em. Everyone's weren't Beijing Dude Surfing. There was fourteen people in the audience in Beijing. It was like fourteen boy on. Yeah exactly fourteen ninety do I. Don't know import swears awesome. Shit we don't know about it but they always got. Do you think the government is not privy to the fact that you can control the masses with some with some disease shed. We went through Jujitsu to the government. Damned Bren Brendan made him take a turn. But there was nobody there. It was Abu Down to Asia and nobody was thirteen people in the with so weird. Do they didn't give a shit out there? But Gary Tunnel was all over crown and then very an duty was the craziest comeback. Ever people were like Holy Shit. Who's Gary Tony Tony? Shape SHIFTER NEW JERSEY. He's a Jersey guy and they started with homeboy at hens. Those right Dr Liana Product. He was originally. He cazadores all those monster. No no he's got. He's under Danaher now. Originally he was like in a Hanzel affiliate in Jersey or something but Yeah then that was. When people I found out about Gary Time right that he was still brown belt. I think maybe he just got his black belt or something. Nobody knew who the fuck he was. But right there from the vibe Beaumont and then he and then he got he won five titles Ken Kenny. Kenny Hussein Ryan Hall Trains with them as gym in Santa Monica and Jim called B. You go there which one Kenny. Florence miraculous approximate sound transit. And Santa Monica's Ryan Ryan Hall. He's like this shit he does. He says finding water who miserable Ryan with water and it'll Ryan Hall just got paired up. You just got a big fight. Finally someone was like. Y'All fight that fucking guy. What's his name big fight? Big Fight for rental. Bring that shit up damage. Forget who it is to infected with it we got. Ct Now enjoyed. Brennan shops et. Who's he fight? Recurring Ricardo Lamas good fire. Hose up motherfucker. Rhinos is like He took the same journey that Fabrice over Doom Tech and when Fabrice Oh came out Brazilian black bell world champion. Everybody in the digital world knew the property was the fucking the highest level. You can get in Jujitsu but in the beginning of May he you know he was out there. Doing a little coy shipped. He started with Crow. Cup Up until yes. Yes but when you when you look at his actual fights yeah he's a stand up not good. He's not in his early fights. He's clearly not a striker so he went through a lot of growing pains. When when a lot of jujitsu instructors at that point would go. You know what fuck this taking. Dudes downs really. Aren't I don't have that much time. Let me just stick to fucking teaching. I'm fine you know. But Bobby had just kept on he. He wasn't a striker guy. Came on and then all of a sudden. He's you know he then he became. He started fucking knocking down. And all of a sudden he stuck it out and then he became a a very respected striker and then he became a champion and that a champion. You WanNa talk accomplishment with Ryan tapped out everyone great for doom three heavyweights of all time arguments number one. Are you know smart compliments but Al Fayed or end? Cain are you fucking kidding me when it was fate or trying yeah I might beat the fuck McCain. My point is people. Forget about the line timeline where there was a time. If you remember. Didn't he was just like no big deal properties? Doom is no big deal. He didn't look striking. Didn't look good but then he stuck out for like six seven years. There was a long period of time. He's stuck it out. That's a Ryan Hall. That's what I'm getting to Ryan Hall. He got in he. He's known as one of the best jujitsu players he gets an anime and just like ground reinholt legs only duckie you know but not only roles for your fucking leg. That's the back he. He's a good striker. Person has to talk. What I'm saying is Ryan Hall is A. He went through the exact same thing Silverdome Winter. He stuck it out and now if you look at a strike. He's he people are. They're afraid to throw down with him because he's going to take you down if you're getting close so let's strike. He's long. He throws high cakes. He's he's got great footwork. He's got the striking to make his Jujitsu work. That's what I'm saying. I I've not seen a lot of striking at him. I've seen him live because cares. Do that's a dangerous. That's on the eighteenth below Mohammed. Lime and good luck on that Tony for to be who? That's a good one. That's a barn burner. That's one of those ones you go. Holy Shit I can find out if Tony and could be done. Who's more bodied up than that. Lyman fellow my were who I married Mary. So jacked nowhere. Seventy but he ain't one seventy about thirty. Let me give me give me a big fella. Do Kevin Lee tries to. I love it but yeah now we what do we know about? He missed weight and then he came back and made it. Is that what we're we're hearing I? I heard he made. Is that right Jamie that he originally missed it and then he made it but they're no one was an intendant but that's what does that count. I don't I don't know what the final correct who's that guy that was when he espy? Motherfucker fucking beast. Who was undefeated time? He still has. Yeah that's good. What are you talking about Wysong? Cover Brazilian meant fitness fuck. He's Uber Jacked. Well he's trying to say he could sound like not so Ranjha. He put his words. Easily looking million. I'll be happy you will. You'll never be happy. I'd like to stop that pictures. You know what him and lucrative multi one of them's battling. I like it like if you're rich billionaire how much you pay for a gay porn between those two hundred easy team cash cash cash cash. Tina costs a lot more than that. No no no no no not for last wexner kids jacked. He's a Jack Kid. That's no joke. He's made a fucking the Kevin Lee make way or did they. Did he miss it? Tough motherfucker two. Two tough got a lot of experience you know. He's a seasoned fighter. Now he's a dangerous guy. That's a great fight so really. Do you know who this who not only connel's fighting? Do you know the gentleman. No I don't know this guy because there's so many fighters now do you see how many others have under contract. Somebody's hundred someone told me it was five hundred now demeer Hadzovic Demir had Soviet fucking rate name. That's like a A bad gun blend. Well some some Russian assassin mollycoddle is a beast men you know. He fell off track a little bit although got him. Damn we're not episode. Somebody else got him to hit. He had some tough fights. You should just got kids TV. Show if this American idol live show for real because a corona down. Everything's down though. Every movies like Netflix stopped shooting things. Three only onset. There's a Shitload of people on set for how crazy crazy averages eighty b but the thing is they're responsible if someone in your family is no not at. They don't want people to die. If your GRANDPA lives with you or your dad lives with you or you're in contact with him unfairly basis and you get it from the set but your immune system can it and then all of a sudden GRANDPA dies twenty years young problems. That's real like bomb. Yes your GRANDPA. You're seventy GRAPPO. Might be sent more men than women. It's more of a problem with men than women for some reason. Grandma's cool but grandma's next get him toilet paper. Now anybody with a weak immune system especially people with high blood pressure. People like to your resistance to any kind of disease. The thing that they're saying it's really good for this is good for everything's befit. Get yourself in shape. Get your body in shape. It's a defense mechanism that you you can actually build up yourself. Hey so what's with your show so it's like off season Cabela's come out in. I know but what they do. Sorry we already shot the finale actually a word of mouth shut him out of order but we kinda need to still get paid 'cause you know the NBA Mlb. They're not they're not getting paid off. They gotta pay them. They got families. Well I've lost a lot of money. We all have just off this one episode Yeah and also. I'll cancel my road. Gigs which I hope they don't. Are they gonna all cut schedule that money? I saw the most outrageous article need fun out. This is true so Jamie. Help me out here. They're they're saying that Amazon Not Amazon. Whole Foods was asking their employees to donate their sick time to other people who might need it if they get the virus hell so instead. Just stop and think about that instead of saying. Hey you work for us. We got you. We'll take care of. You know this is crazy times. Fortunately we have a lot of money deeply. It's like no you guys need to get your money together and take care of your little problem because we're over here. Most of the money hope with got some good cheese to sustain. This is why it's bad luck. I don't know who makes that decision but I know who should definitely never let them get decision. Get out there as Jeff bezos. Because he's the richest man on earth so if he's the let him have his money he's richest man on earth and he knows about that and he's like sounds good to me that fucking call you know what the Guy Works. Hard got whole foods has got divorced and his wife. Was You the richest female in the world? Now off the divorce. At least here we go have respect. Look at this. The CEO reportedly recommends employees donate to Pto Hey time time off to another amidst the corona virus pandemic okay. They're going after him. For some reason fucked up fucked up going to the actually did not the turning them come on man fucking bays the guy has five trillion dollars. Think the Basil says anything turning on him. He's protected he's protected he made a deal with the CIA. You don't think so you don't you don't you. You don't know about Jesus Christ he's supposed to be protected and they're fucking smearing him. He fucked up he fucks I I read it. He something happened because he was protected. Okay protected and now the throwing him under the bus he here on. Somebody's WHO's nice to get murdered like your boy Who supposedly commit suicide boy? Harvey Weinstein is going to go any day. Now murder him. He has so much beef. He's the celebrity to the celebrities. How about that? Weinstein is is a thousand times bigger and more powerful than bratty could make or break your career for the phone call. Let's nobody knows who he is. But every celebrity knows who everybody knew he was too though they would in their friends with them. They would say his name when they went to a speech thanking my point is big guy. He's he goes bodies them. You got him in Hollywood Hollywood. Nobody's themselves because a piece of Shit GonNa Start going down one by one. Watch Tom Heinsohn much. But he was the first one they got the kingpin and now everybody be behaving that way for years. No it's not a big he's fine. This is what you're seeing. Is King Behavior? Right when you hear about mad kings when you hear about mad kings when you hear about people that are in these gigantic positions of power and they're like savages and yell at people and offered their head shed king was the only thing of assassinations at kings. Do you think you think of off with their head. Kind of fucking head off the punisher but this is what happens when someone gains absolute power liquid. Is that old expression? Absolute power corrupts absolutely was a piece of Shit Ryan. That's also part of why it's part of why he was a piece of shit ships because he was in this incredible position of power and he recognized that that was the way that he could act out this power was to have a immense amounts of influence on people and then he can get away with all kinds of crazy shit and he could be the guy that was untouchable. Oh shows over over such saw tap. Who's the one to forty five inches? The Guy Got Guy from the bond movie these Shitty. He'll he's still talking shit to him after he tapped him out. Mcconnell's filled with a ton of anger. Dude he's a bad motherfucker motherfucker. I mean he got stopped by although but although hit him with a perfect liver shot man member that yeah he was claiming. I poked them. That's why that's what he's claiming exactly. Why else would he be talking? Shit got choked McConnell. Start Talking Shit to know. Don't maybe maybe he was trying to get out. He stuck them in the eye and we didn't see got me in the eye. There's no crowd he's like are you not at our day. There's no one here so what happens. Let's see you could see him? Poke in the eye assumption. If it's bullshit no before that. Oh before that. He's saying that's why he got his back. I read his lips. What's going on there and get your ass out of my face and he might have been trying to jam and the I dude. It's hard to tell but once back now there's no problem talking shit and let's start talking shit when he looked like the cameraman didn't get the opportunity position to catch that. Forty-five seconds rare naked. Chote Doodo professional fighters obese monster. He's a guy that's always been kind of on the cost Brian. I know he's right fucked but listen. There's a lot whole lot of anime finers that don't train correctly on the ground. There's a lot there. There's a large percentage that really don't even work on the ground too much like show me how to get out. We're you gotta get out of a rear naked choke wants. He's a fucking champion and he showed me and I know and then I'm GonNa fight and I'm going to revert back to what he showed me. There's a lot of dudes like that out there. They don't realize the old way to know what the fuck you doing on. The ground is by training on a regular basis multiple times a week consistently for years. He has how you now. You're that's how you knew send. He was not allowed by the doctor. King continue cutting weight. It's up to Charles Libertysafe ill so he missed it as he five. Yeah you're right and that's all I care about. It's not like Lee is in condition to fight but it would be impossible to cut to two and a half pounds in one hour. The collar didn't give up a BMA said still. According to Brazilian Commission Lee match the only cut point five pounds to Halloween. Brian readings the marble mouth. There no problem skin pass all. Listen listen I read boys say great love and you. I'd method admit that I grade level I do I dyslexic. I've read three books. My whole life. I admit that they're gonNA use. Is I admit I used to break up? When we added lifeboats when we book reports that would just make up my own started. Go Up and just make up my own fucking star. How I was getting CS motherfucking. I was getting and you know what Miss Michael Seventh grade she. Everybody around me knew I was making up stories when I hear what he's saying and miss. Okay what's he talking about? Why was he so mad can do speak Portuguese right? Yes he does. Shut your mouth when there was a spy learned over myself through college. His Portuguese interpreter. Parents were continent. And humping child who was schooled in many arts. Oh he's talking about a kid that he knew little crazy skis early. Admiral sucker Stevens. Yes yes. Wealthy Calvin catered. He's a bad motherfucker. Cater fight right title. Shot after the Joe's Alto but then with Calvin he sort of kicking Kelvin's leg up. What's he find that? One forty five five four or five Spam Bisbee. Remember Bisbee fought two. Oh five in the ultimate failure right and then fought eighty-five through the majority of his fucking Hugh Fiber. Yeah the kids big man. Because he's a big fucking eighty-five talk but he's big men when you compare like he doesn't look like he's forty pounds. He looks pretty fucked. I guarantee that dude cut in twenty or at least the so. Many of them that are cones. Wait this is awesome. You know people. Don't go away dude. I wish they didn't I really do I really do. I really do or take admitted him. Oh that's right to not take your taken cream. Zombie going about that guy. I can't believe he did that. Why would slap rapper? I don't feel like you should have done it. Somebody say talk shows online. We'll talk show. I don't know if that's the did the did the guy gotta get slapped. A Shit people love to talk shit so your personal if you can make the connection fucking black. That's the guy. Is that the guy for real. If you could verify the guy interests you give them a little combat digit big deal shit. You should be saying you wouldn't say somebody to their face correct correct. Yeah for sure. Yes would words. Tylenol released so explosive. Holy you shouldn't be smacking people especially when you're a professional depends on what he thought if something about how his friend Korean Zombie was GONNA kick Ortega ass most likely. I'm just guessing most likely that Kinda Shit he's GonNa fucking cool the release any kind of cool. That dude who talk show on the Internet gets fucking smacked up. Isn't that kind of a little bit a little bit? Isn't that Kinda cold but it's not. It's not exactly what's going on. He's hyping up a fight as well. He's a famous rapper. So he's a famous rapper. He's hyping up. No but any break his bones. Oh come on but if you're if you're your title shit silly pure profile. You don't WanNa be doing that CIDER. It's it's a nice ridiculous. Never know but if you talking Shit online you should take a little little smart but Eddie. It's not regular talking to this to promote a for another big talk shit to promote a fight against salted his manhood. They're talking shit about humanity. It's a good thing for humanity prices. Any no it's not not Kurds violence. It's fucking stupid urges Stewart. Slacks violence sucks and lince between a guy who has no chance. No violence please. What is this shit? I'm not bombing. Iraq guy is a professional fighter. Smacking a guy who's not necessarily on. Let's not that big a deal inside a little slap me. What I would do with Brian Ortega slap me. If Brian you would drop on asked me what I dealt with. Dropped balls for both wrong. You know what I do. Let because you don't know him like that you'd at least three weeks before you start fucking with his do that right away. He's a beautiful young man. If he slapped me attorney other cheek like a Christian Yeah Christian and then I saw God all right. Suck it man. Oh sorry not look my point. Is I think that he even probably would now probably apologize. Probably has he had no. I should apologize. You should apologize sharing done hobby now. And then when you hear a story like that I kind of makes you feel like partaking fucker he got. Maybe if it's justified maybe it was justified. If someone says something really heinous dealers little slag hills chrysler if even mounted him and drop some fucking Scott Morrison fucking elbows Pat Smith back in UFC two. That's a different star. Wakeup call up call. It may be professional guy. That's Kinda helpless. Shouldn't do that. You shouldn't do it. Because he's a killer shitty guy and he got worked up about it. He probably shouldn't be reading comments. First of all and second of all he shouldn't be reacting to someone. Who's trying to hyper fight? If I had to guess why the guy was saying that you saying that. The support his friend and he probably didn't understand how offensive to Brian has browner taken for life. Listen I fan of Ortega now. I'M A fan. I am a fan of Ortega morale. He's he's up there in Jibril's can't wait for him to get back in because it's been quite a while he'll a knee injury it all started because they let the guy who he slapped Jay Park they let him run cream. Zombies Social Media Shit. So that part was typing up so talking show on there and then Bryant do. I'm telling YOU KEEP TALKING. Shit when I see you. It's going to be a problem. And then they see him in the right golf. Zombie went to the bathroom and Lebron's like no. I'll have problems screens. I know you guys told me. He's running what's up now and slap them so that's where you're a little bit like I kind of get it. I don't need it but I kind of listen house in percent but I get Brian's also St Street Bryant from the street tough dudes in La like. That's what he's used to Brian. He's son of a best. I support him too but I think you gotTa have some more respects. I was bad because I was. I was disappointed when Ortega I was just pointing. I I called Hetero Dude. What you're doing. Here's what's going on this why I don't approve either. I wish he didn't do that but Bryan told him. Dude you guys. We don't need talk. Show you keep doing this when I see you. It's going to be a problem. Enemy SALAH'S EVENTU-. Eventually there will be some written fucking bills and laws. Where if you save a certain thing started be cool but can just combat jet SPEEDCO. It's worth slapping somebody. Something a little slap join. You just still right misdemeanor misdemeanor this let me. It's a fucking erased. The main knuckles hit the other one. The main knuckles did is going to be a lot of. People built like Kerala just running around smashing people's that's kind of world you want but it's going to be bigger people that run everything bigger stronger everything not the road. Rules Man. The rules all. You can't talk shit on the Internet now a little slack okay. Well don't mind going to jail because you can't smack it. They'll say China paper. Sanction go into combat. You GonNa Talk Commission. Utah them if you could talk guys that are in each other into engaging rather than have a physical altercation I people online and someone combat Eugeniusz slaps you in the whole call. You're talking to you. Nickname is talk. Shit get hit everybody lecturing. Ashtec taught me sure. Feel sorry for you does I. I must get hit. Yup Hug and say okay. Maybe it's illegal. Look Tally Woodley Edwards. That's a sleeper. People are sleeping on quite a bit coming out party if he's good performance because people sleep on. Edward you sleep on Woodley. Not Saying he beats him. I'm just saying if he were to beat them. And it's good it's coming up. Ask Love predictions. His vitriol cowboy when cowboy was compromised cowboy with sick and that fight did fight. Well still went to a decision and cowboys not I mean. He's he's certainly can beat guys and good guys at one hundred seventy pounds but he still could make fifty five. The real seventies can't make fifty five fifty five until making fifty. Three buddy hits goes down. You look what he did there until Darren tells terrifying striker. That's destroys Sironi. Looks like a fucking animal. Smashes People's wicked wicked nasty elbows and the smashes them drops to the ground and beats on them. And then strangles you. It's hard so tweets of all time. He doesn't respect men. The last fight with loose man was a tough pill to swallow. He wasn't he he didn't expect but even before that when he was reigning champ. You'll see never gave woodley his his do ask for. I think it's also because it's too complicated performances against wonderboy off. They worth that exciting so for whatever reason look different people have different ways of looking at things my way of looking at the wonderboy. Tyron Woodley fights. That's as good as anybody had done against wonderboy at the time. And that's the only way to fight figured out the Rubik's Cube but have you have you got to watch them is way bender Yoel Romero would he clips? Yes wonderboy like it's a good fight. No well he heard him particularly in the second. That's one And he was a lot of problems to fix a lot of these problems. Disguised sleep is and you gotta have a submission or knockout bonus and it's got instead of instead of five hundred thousand five hundred thousand to win. It's five hundred thousand. Show five hundred thousand to knock out of cement. That's it not win. If you win by decision you don't get the women. How dare you so they get less? Money has a payment. Okay okay wherever it? Okay that makes sense now. Man Kids sometimes too tough. That's that's to create good taste. Razi make an apology. I fucked up last time. We did a fight companion and I confused Sam. Greco who is in someone's corner for Mike Bernardo were different K one legend so shout to Sam. Greco my apologies sir. How DUDE SOMEONE'S CORNER SOBER NOW? I fucked but to him. I want to send the fact. Shouting trump sound Greco's obese day. Did you ever see Sam? Greco fighting anyone who's a BAC- back from bad bad motherfucker? Twelve Dude I was there. Those guys you WanNa talk about. Like a whole. There's a whole era of sport. That didn't get the attention. It deserved the United States. It's k. One during prime during the Andrew. Hook days jumping hurdles host internationals percents all my God late. Ninety s are necessarily early two thousands ninety three ninety seven ninety seven ten for fourteen. Let's let's let's come up with a classic fight and try to figure out the year went down POPs up okay. Bought sat or Nesta who I want to say like two thousand to two thousand three. No five Sapard Esto who say say say Two Thousand No. It was when it was a little later than that because sap came along around the same time as Gareth right no taste no not really no garabedian right remember you pyle drive no guarantee before that because he had those for that. Gary was fighting before so it was fairly new in the scene fairly new in the scene window. Garissa admitted him and he was smashing. Everybody thought some one fights to see the K one kickboxing and the only guy to fuck them. Up and kickboxing was Croak. Croak up broke his eye socket he straight left at him and broke his ice hockey people get what a wicked kickboxer cro cop was so scary so scary. We Jamie upset. Keep Calm Henry. Henry doesn't the first ones because Henry hooked I say home to December seventh two December seventh. Two thousand two thousand two and that's too I like Washington's highlight reel. He's pro his one two left hook to the body. Locate the low kick would come down his left. Hook would come to your body and the low kick would literally come down and shop like a tree. Come over how. Many people were watching those wise in Japan. It's so big Japan gigantic over here. We're like all underground watching like everywhere people over when maybe when croke up I fought fate or idle time telling guys that come over and watch it like rather who who gives a fuck do but that at least boast. Mma guys know about those days. Most of the kids are figuring it out when they hear people talk about fade on the fact of fate still fighting failures knocked out. Rampage was heights definitely is just the fighters back. I reached the end. I mean there's only so many times you can fight dinosaurs big boy. Where does that is that you know? It's my brand boyer past three. Sees a sick boy jack. I'm like here for the last hour going. That is areas everybody thick well. David or you. I'm thinking full belly. I get Outta here. I'm I'm satisfied. I'm the bad boy. You're talking about thinking that that is. Hey let's just inboard one's GonNa make millions rink due to stick. No no thin because guys like me or thin. That's true. I WANNA do a thin boy serious. We'll see how I love this. Yeah this is a good fight folks Damien minds. This is a good fight for both guy. Gilbert's avert a little more explosive on the feet. He's fast as far as also he got his name. Jitsu the jets phenomenal bj. Oh He's phenomenal. He can aim level on the ground and he can bang on the feet gave Yeah you know interesting on this turns. Is He's phenomenal. I level right now guys about three because he can to fight any bi. He didn't do he didn't know. Jj done everything is done full Dhabi. He's a high level high level. David Meyer that that same level the same level but younger. Yeah he's really good on the ground. I loved anybody. Might not be able to pass this guy's guard. If he gets them down he might very soon. Variables are dame. I used to fight at eighty five Gilbert used to fight a fifty five and my spine way better and he's and he's been just know this. There's no way in how Damon Maya manhandles him on the ground in Catania. Going to happen to. It's not going to say. Do not good kicked to the by the super high level. Hey Joe he's a Henry Hooked Guy Right. Listen I love. I Love Day Meyer. I love him. But if Gilbert Burns took it back and choked him out. I wouldn't be shocked. Wow I can try to control. Burns's good listen. I agree. Yeah really really good road. I wish just go on the ground. The whole we'll see what's up. Hey can I tell look at this? This is not good man. This is not good. At all for Damian I'll hook it up. Come on this beautiful all that you see how good that was due to see. How sweet highest level Jujitsu Damian might same thing dame reminds he's high level to St Johns No punk? They're both now the best you can get off. He's a relentless. Mother fuckers been in the game forever. In fact the best thing has a big advantage on is the experience of Jujitsu with strikes in Greasy bodies. No rash guards way more exp- against the cage. That's that's there's a lot of time looking back. Rash guard the Greasy sweaty and the strikes. He's got a lot going for him. I mean he's got everything but he's also experienced so real world class competition. Remember this guy fought Damian Damian my effort Anderson Silva for back in Oz. Guy Gilbert Burns. Yeah what do you even know about? You look is controlling. That hooked one. No one no one grows what does will taste. Pp does with that was that was other guy explosive on my talk to Masol areas. That's hilarious. That was brilliant. What a little bored supposed to see fighter would've been fucked on went like this. Why don't you don't need them to get funding to do cook baby lakes and Windstream last from Jikun? He went straight from side control long. Hook Him. Much charitable chance charitable chance. He really did hit him again. Look look at this. This is actually Kinda sportsmanlike. Look Straight blast is fast to satellite. Topic's good I'm very beautiful left. Hook check this is why loved Amy Mile a special place in my heart for him when I got knocked up. I know Garin Brazil. I plan to know Garin state like party. Whatever do my thing Brazil so I stayed there another week and the lowest point in my life. I'm so depressed. All My team flies back down there just with my brother my best friend KLOPP. And we're at a bar and people are nice to mutes whatever on the white boy there and then Damian. My sees me and gave me the biggest hug and I needed it so bad disarm randomly on the streets. We Love you man. He's a Damian Myers a good man I love. And he's a brilliant brilliant too. I hear nothing but great things about it. As a person is the best best. He's been he's been in the game for a long time. And what's funny is when he was fighting Ben Ashkenazic. I swatted GRACO ground. I think I think banning done. I remember you did on Tony. Man Don't pump because and put a lot of money on because I love Ben and Jos like I'm telling you dude it's a bad idea what goes to the ground. You're the only guy told me. He goes the grounded. He's he's eating at school. He's a Bluebell Dude Vanson. He's a lawyer but always going to do is try to stay. Wants to step ahead of scramble and out of all the ship constrict. He's an expert in strict. He's an expert strangling the fucking life out of you. And I talked about Gilbert Burns. Damian Steele takes. His back foot was throat. Dan tickling my special combination of these got length. Especially one seventy also. He's got a tremendous amount of experience against Wade. Bigger guys you remember. When he fought all those puck and beasts at seventy five or eighty five hundred eighty five and he fought him. He thought if he if he's the guy to seventy at the beginning of who the fuck knows chances world chain who Judge Hands Real. Good chance real chance. There's only it's him and then jock Array Juju to Timothy Chuck when he when he did the condit what he did to Neil Magny you watch those those. Since he was no matter was that he fought. Neil Magny what is this what Neil lose could beat Ajay. How good he looked against the nominal. Jing Liang phenomenal phenomenal. You know they came in. He came into that fight. And you'll Maggie was an underdog but he goes out of what's his can't learn them. He's Henry Hoof Florida Singapore. Where Luke comes from be? Yeah I think I met him. I'm sure he's the nicest guy in the world literally the Nice Skin. Yeah Use Mons down there and you. WanNa talk about if. You're a fly on the wall in that Jim. Look at. How do we know what's next for today announced muzzle? Yes they did. Yeah Mazda I think is GONNA HAPPEN IN JULY. A fuck now what they said. I don't Know News Jamie Break News on break news. I think that was it. Just read out of here. Have you ever fucked up? Broke some news that you did. I'm sure I did. Yeah for sure. Probably right here especially when it drops but nothing important. Just Cool Shit. You find out a little earlier. I'm not trying to do with trying. To Era Hassani them off. I did if I did tell them shit. Tell people shit that they told me not to talk about? They would never tell me. That shit anymore is true. Why would ever do that just to get everybody excited? You know. I'M GONNA keep my secrets. You tell us behind. Bullshit you learn cool. Yeah and some of it like Ul's fucking freaky attended. Sides People feel obligated if I knew that information you add that to JAL drop is spectacular. Cuban wrestling technique which is known throughout the world. How many wrestlers have gone down to Cuban Sanderson twice? Yeah gone down and train with those guys and experience like how how they do it. Who is it? Oh Matt Brown Matt. The immortal Brown went down to fucking camp there bro because you wanted to taste of the savage light he say he said it was amazing. He had a great fucking time rattlers. He worked with their boxers. Go there and Thailand bad asses Matt Brown for doing that Brown and trains and Cuba Cuba. Still good to go to or is it. Is it bad again? Go legal allow through Canada. I'M GONNA go take my training. Mr Trump says no that's right too many viruses and I spent a year there. Come Back Yard. You should start doing deadlines at home before you go though. Oh that's all I do. Just bill live access to it. I'M GONNA stay super ladies too thick to dance all night. Fight all day. How great and ROM COM AND LEARN FUCKING ESPANOL? Still born in fucking stem cells. Come back down as check hooks all day long. I can't fucking way you guys seen the ad for this. This is something called. The is called the devs Moreau. This looks funding. It's about It's about simulated realities shit scarce. It's supposed to be really good now streaming bitch on Hulu. Who's the best was simulated realities and alternate realities? Ricky morty the court. Yeah Man. Great Effects Subaru Realistic Great Cartoon. It's very. I'm sure that I know is awesome but I just don't have the time for what's that like that. I've never had the time I mean I've watched a bunch of episodes maybe ten but if I had to put it on my weekly schedule if you had to put all the things like South Park Right Standard Simpson's you want to put all the funny things that are available every week. You don't have time to do it. It's not you only have two hours when I work out a lot of Infos in the more woody filling two hours of bullshit bullshit. Would I feel training throughout the week? Minus CARDIO I just watch. I watch a lot of fights I. It's a big fight. Come up like watch a Lotta style or something like that. Yeah Oh so. That's what I gotta go to Youtube Chicks. You know me I love you too. Even though they censor everything. I'm still I'm still fucking sold. We have nowhere else so what I do is I subscribe to all the cool people that I like. And then I fuck and can't wait after Ju Jitsu when I when I drive home I just press subscriptions and then all the latest video of this ship and then I just. That's my fucking Shit. I do to youtube even though they censored the shit out of everything. There's ways around it. You know what I think man any giant company. Anybody make videos about anything anytime they want. They're going to try to control things. I want my subscriptions. Got My people that. I watch and I love and I understand where you're coming from but here's some let's let's just make an agreement that some censorship needs to take place. People doing live execution videos. Maybe you to want to short. Let's say the Nazis Ria. That's how they WANNA make killing. Stop Stop Stop. So where does it stop? Where does it stop in terms of if you can't allow Isis execution videos and you can't allow a certain amount of sex or a certain amount of violence like that? Where do you cut it up right there? But where do you might miss it? But the thing is at where people used to think. That line was nine. Move like that yeah. You can't kill them buckets on Youtube. Okay so what would you? What would you hope? We have the standard so no penetration things like that. Yes youtube massage videos. Well that's a massage. You're going to Russia. Thousand is massage. This is this is bodied up. Black Dude massage big girls missing and it's not youtube. It's also on instagram. And everybody's asked the question. Would you let this motherfucker massage? Girl looks like he's like very handsome. Well built man and he's rubbing the headaches Hass but she is she's big large getting real legit massages. Like I'd make sure female you say female right. Only always dudes funding hands in my ass. I always say you know but I fucked up the fucking airport and I had three hours to kill I say. Give me a massage cycle. You WANNA fuck driver. Room like yeah. I'm at the airport say female. I didn't say theme. If you don't have to lay down and the Dude I swear to God. He was a gigantic man with the biggest fucking has. He was a map for African American man but he was an alibi. African American with freckles. All over dude with three hundred and seventy pounds your big dude. As soon as I saw him I forgot the female. Though you don't want it was it was grabbing. My hands can't rely I'm block. I wish that was out. That assignment hands and work on my legs increase pastoral and from that point on. Dude I do I go out. I just walked right in my view. Got a female female strong girls. I liked fat. Crazy thing is hands get it. They're fucking tired massage and people a day. So that's why they use the elbows right but elbow. Thanks to strong seriously. I'm not even gonNA give her wave. That's how you get in between the fourth and I don't even want to give this is about the fights about to go down Charles. Okay test him. Between guys like mythologised you guys like much Hanson. Having do if the girl is like one hundred and five pounds dude. I ran to this misses. You stood on you. She had this metal traps over my she stood she the whole stir with their fee on my neck. Because I can't handle elbows I'm too old for elbows is too much time at the hands. I get it the hands I get it. They give them a Sasha's all day they were trying to save their hands so that's where the rebels but the in between. Oh my goddess defeat on Santa Monica Boulevard. Guide massage me. Russian guy comes in thick. I'm looking at him after he's done and he's just he's he's and I'm looking off like he's just going to face and I go. I do do you wrestle. Training goes judo. I said you do compete. He said I have one gold medal Sydney Olympics. So why metal city? I looked them up. Sure enough legit. That's a shirt. He was an Olympic gold. Medalist in judo. This my question is how do you train when you were doing egos judicial? I said when you lifted you lifting weights a lot and he said mall just like well. I don't bitch we're still dating. Involuntarily Bitch is phenomenal. Fucking fight though. This is a very very good fight. No more massage thing was done with. This is the last. Here's one of the things that I've been thinking when guys don't make wait the record like the rest of you guys records so you know but here's what I'm saying guys who don't make wait do really well. Oh Yeah it's just what the imploded percent. Yes there's someone had piece it out over the last X. amount of big fights where someone didn't make weight. How many times the other guy lose your the fucked up? Does this fight not count though since he no it counts? It's just to give up thirty percent of purse. Apparently here's the thing Joe. Have you ever heard of a Kenya match ready? List a uniter fighting ready for a fight and I miss weight and then they go to Igo. Hey Do you want the fight? Continue like fuck dude. That's why every five years. Yeah right yeah. I'll take the pretend. But fuck do yeah. It's not good because you don't know how much they really gave up. And maybe they'll come in stronger because it didn't lose that extra two pounds. Kevin Lee Kevin Look Super Anger Audience. Forget it looks so thick in comparison to how look reforming forgetting. There's nobody in the dominant. You know what I need to do. I need. I need to hear this. I wish I had an extra headphone look ring card girl sitting by themselves this bonkers weird. Nobody's here in Brazil and he's going to fight. This is so strange hole. I can we turn now. Espn will not be cool. I don't know whether or not espn because then people would know what was going on without seeing it. Okay Real Quick Guys. You guys are all medians it. What are you guys doing about your dates right now? What's going on real quick? We got a minute going on sitting in the cutting host. Rescheduling Everything Lost Austin next week at a cap cities. Not they're not just under two fifth stars to city. I'm doing Kansas Abra Clo- worth and that's three hundred and even our or disclosed is April back up in Kansas City. For Nose Day by average age is eight fifty people have died about. What's on day by day because they don't know what's going on my fucking last episode. They don't know what's going on and everybody wants to pause and the best way to stop the spread or we lost Paul. You're saying people look. We could lose twenty percent of our old people in one of those worst case scenarios. Ooh Fuck and fight. This is a very good files. Fuck it brings it. He's super super technical to not just on the feet on the ground transitions. He's sneaky got long strikes and Oliveras got much much better like over the last like three or four years. Now he's on a rampage. Six seven zero. He's Kevin lease younger. People forget how young Kevin Leave Kevin Lee with Farrah's to me championship material skill secretaryship material one hundred percent hundred percent. Such an athlete. Again though I tell you what you WANNA get on the bad side of the view of the especially Dana White. Miss Wait Really Oh dude. There's nothing they hate more well. It's like rather him slap elite four. Which is what's fucked up. It's like the only thing that makes any sense is there might have been confused as to to whether or not the fight was actually going to take place. I liked the credit. You're giving them by Ken. How crazy is going? Be With no audience so strange. There's not going to be apray just everyone. Everyone's so goddamn scared. There's no way that shit. Even wrestlemainia seventy thousand people wrestlemainia large. I mean they did wrestling follow audience. We're GONNA go on and percents. They took it. This is going. A hyun-ji percentage crowd don't fuck it. They're going hard with this ship. You saying the government like the deep state or watch the fight. Hunter percents fight. This is their last fucking chance. This fight Oliveira did some crazy shit to his hair and shop tried to do that. Old Folks home and wash. I mean well one. The Ocean in the deflected SORTA who cares tons of chicks. Trade even talked about it but no one cares. We do care which is happening right now in Washington. Yeah no one cares old folks home and Wash Eddie is killed people. No one knows. Brian fucking knows. Okay I might be on these type. Missile over short folks in the middle. No no you're over here. Brennan come on guys on your screen shots of our conversation bread getting me and Brennan Talking tweeting series to know you guys don't even know. Brennan are like Lovers Right. Not predations prediction predictions heavily. Tko CIGARETTE WOW interesting. I think can any other. Brian Lee is a bad month. You know why Kevin needs about each other. I Know Kevin Leaves about my bucket because he's a wrestler who uses his expertise to win fight. He likes to take motherfuckers down and take back he could. Kevin Lee likes to take the puck down. He's real good at taking the clean left-foot now there are many wrestling route. All jokes on but but okay now on that guy is a fucking savages feed. Oh man you up on the ground on his back on the heel swift kick to the face Dude Olivera air looks real good standing up the kitchen right in the face. This both fuck it down flat high level on how to two different styles but still fucking crazy doesn't have a weakness in his game. Either you know. His standup is nasty as fuck and his ground games terrified straight up like this man is not. Charles has a ton of experience. People forget how long he's been doing it. He just thought this hot streak right now. Six six or seven row. Yeah he's been around a long time and this is Larry for him slip just hit him with his heart heart heart heart though. They both need to step it up right. I shot. I shot to the body. Could fuck and fight hard. You can't completely guys for leg. Transitions right into leg locks. Beautiful High level doesn't have a high level do epic. We'll see we'll see. How advanced is there's a lot of shit going on right now? I've been doing the right things Onto people think glocks are dangerous. And the May keep you Sir. You keep attacking the safe. The Reap Kissy something that he's safe all that people forget that it's going to blossom face right now. Oh Shit GonNa give me back if God holy shorted this this guard. They're in a very complex. Jujitsu configuration very complex. This could wind up in a twister. Mu- only Kevin Gosh mission statement leg locks at this. Just he's busy. What the fuck do you know? What we're seeing here is punch you are consistently offensive. Look like locks while you're on your back. Look at this leg locks are great for. I look at the Dow kick out in. He's been gone for leg. Locks the whole time. And and commonly Kevin's going to blow his exact. This is real bad. It's gotTa turn the other way fucking knee. Do Jesus Christ how Jesus Christ. Now it's hard to see from the other side. That's not good. Oh my God. That's not good here. Bro. That's a Kevin trouble here. Kevin up his knee been disease from this. And it's probably not going to tap from this but the whole the whole prayers got him in a position where Kevin cannot and then he's going right into the whole time don't the whole time he's thrown harm. We're going to disarm. He's got his arm. The whole try our allies both high level looking at Kennedy High Level Look at home like this. Is High level shoots high level with the leg? Locks incorporate L. Bearish in incorporating electric piece. Good Constant Look. Steno pool him he's always -fensive look of that always a high. He's never seen a work guard that effective. I have to go back and watch this and listen to with no audience. I bet it's so weird. It's watching the pre-olympic this office. He ran a daily volume and then Kevin Lee back stepped into like he could could go into honey all but I long relax towards very high level too big right hand but Kevin Leaks. What were you to say about genetic that he tweeted when Gilbert Burns Yell. It was very eerie. How it echoed in an empty arena. That's so strange. Who who do you give this round two? So far Kevin lose man. No no no even Bryan. Even though Charles was doing worse as the end of the round. They're both doing work. I mean Oliveri. Hit a really good shots but when Kevin Lease on top of the end of the round you up to the judge is is they give it to Kevin but Charles closed just a packing. I love that. I'm all biting man. I'm all about Charlie era. I love the fact that he's a Jujitsu black belt and his jujitsu is an Orthodox. I love all that but at the end of the round at the guys on top of you fucking battering down. How did you win that around? Yeah you did didn't really mean that much if this guy's on top by beating you down right so I give that round to Kevin Lee. Yeah you were saying earlier about the the old prime rules that the end of the fight counts more that though we've had jumping frank. Thanks so look at this. Oh that's some nasty ground pounds calculated when he's punching now. It's so dangerous for him. This is a dangerous. I'm biased one. More round how great is then Kevin? Twenty more minutes. I'm a little upset. They make Mike Beltran. Hide his fucking mustache. Why do they must ask you to cut it? I know it's tucked in its tucked in his shirt at this man. It's wrapped up like a beer. All collect their favorite in fact. He's buddy better than Mike Beltran interfere. He's say let's FI spinning back to the ball all avera. Oh Dude Oliveras nasty. But he's so technically like nothing's wound up he doesn't wind up with Shit. You just firestone. Oh big big shot by Kevin. Sure seems to be take all my goodness good leg kick. How Much God Dallas? Good fires? Ooh and around two kids. Oh Kevin Goddamn Charles's bring Charles is heaven. Had only four fucker. What I'm saying about the wind up anything but Charles Kelley. Let's just touching work so good Charles. Very he'd been all day the wants to work out and blows he's GonNa give up shoot. Look how far how clear Jesus Christ of clean technique. It bothers me. He's like hello. Okay whatever's cruiser. You got okay. I like it okay. Keep doing all right. Because it's getting boring. GotTa Keep Oh Man. Look at him talking over each other. Oh Jeez in terms of it very give thought look at him. He looked so good. I've never seen him. Look this good. And this is one of the biggest fight of his career. I thought Oh my goodness takes down. Good move three minutes. You Realize. Oh my goodness Talk Shit. I GOT STATE WIZARD CLEAN UP LESS. Shit Damn heavenly on top now. The greatest come on man. Grapevine can't be smart mccamley is a BS. Look at him dude. He's a beast. That's a hard one finish. He's a fucking for strong guy for this week class. Oliveras gotta get off of them right remember. There used to fight at forty five. So he's back considerably The smaller guy see. That's the beautiful thing about Kevin. They renounce he wants the back. That's not that's his spot. That's what he's known really. Michael Chesa fight Mike Felton. He wants to back those super super impressive that he choked chessel. Choke them how to coach him. I just wish they let it go a couple more seconds. You can go to sleep just so he taps or goes to sign up for doing relatively acid show when a referee stops choke. That's not necessary unless a guy goes out agreed he wasn't out. I agree but he's finished either way but he is relaxing. I would bet I would bet the House on one hundred I would want to see it. I agree also Michael Chess at once. Seventy is a mother fun out of the car. He's a motherfucker always get tender. He's wrong this. Oh it's impossible to imagine that he actually made fifty five just Donald Really. She's big seven. He's he's the darker is at seventy tall ship. He's seventy now. How great good feet on the ground? A right here. Kevin Lee wants the back. That's where that's what he wants the almost just now. There's a battle going on power. They scorn this is A. He was on the Ground Glock battle that he took. He turned the top half into a leg. Lock Battle Now. Holds a whole different sport. Real quick remember if sales for Brazil or it's in Brazil so the judges he's fishing though this position is a whole different thing. Kevin lease top. Half what you see that'd be on on out. Depends I scored. Yeah I know I know I would give Kevin the take down and control but is that much the head strikes that he was. What's the most thing that happened? This share and he ended the round on top. How is the second round how he held the second or third the third coming up yet? Here's a second does not fantastic. Well look at least wins five. Here we think so Kevin's going the site. Look at him. Look at Kevin Lee he. This is a hard for both guy is a hard fight and on the feet. It's hard because lease taken a lot of shots for you can get it to the ground skin fuck dude. I'm really impressed with two third. I'll give up technique. It's not give a fuck it. He comes forward but it's also his technique super sharp looking at a post snow fat to stay in the pocket to read it. And it's so good. Were telegraphing exactly at Fabra. Brian Rather there's no telegraph but then he met you Brian. I'm like I teach my guys never to wind up back Kevin boy. Tony wrestled in college together. Here we got against each other here. We go three jumping front kick started off. See this is where. It's most dangerous for lease still recovering. He's probably a little tired and Olivera ship. Nickel Charles is more tighter aware catching the money's GONNA go down. Somebody's going to change. I'm probably going show. He'll tap to try to go back to fighting. You know what dude he tapped and he went back home. I only got. He got caught. He went to sleep came back. Boom right there. Put them in a guillotine mislead like shit. He tapped back wrestling. Kelly's hoping people see the top. Let's it God damn Oliver's body six yard. Pass that much confidence. You have to have to do that half costs you got this bitch half guard. He does this time percent. Let's this shit. He was out of you. Kidding me coming into my shit. Look like he woke up. Oh Shit woke up and jumped on his back. Oh my goodness math. There's a poster right there. Wow that's crazy yeah. He must've I wish was to more around the each other. Now that's nice to see. Yeah Dude he must've choked him out. He must choked him unconscious. And you woke up thinking the fight was still going on. That's crazy who's better than him. Better than trend out of Brazil. What Weight Division? He so good guys up forty. Five DEPA defy forty five fifty five. That's because he used to do forty five. Yes and now. He wanted to fifty five. He was cutting too much weight at forty five one seven zero spot fifty five move. I didn't know he made that move. He pulled up his record. Man Crazy amazing. I wish I wish to Morons. Let Pringle guys ready for some holidays? One two three four five six five assembly Jim Miller. That's a big fight. Three hundred God Damn Nick Lance. Tko beat him with his last loss in two thousand seventeen. He's lost in three years. Elders obese remember felder on top of them and smash them that was a fight where he was tested. Two men he was tested to the guy's got some sneaky has lost show since when loss to dinner one. He's got a little spot they could put them in. You find that a little spa you could hold them in and you could fucking grind out a decision beating Kevin Legal dammit. He is super dynamic. He doesn't give standing. He's GonNa come forward he's GonNa throw down some shed. You'RE GONNA take him down he's GonNa Choke you or he'll take you down show Q. Well what's what's interesting is also that same precision? What's interesting also? Is that his style like when you when you when you watch him fight. If you're thinking he was gonna Fight Kevin Lee. We'll Kevin leaves best chances on the feet hundred percents. You'd think Kevin Lee just knocked out. Greg Glaspie Kevin Lee is a big powerful powerful guy. He didn't make the way he struggles to make that way. But on the FEET DUDE. He was just a technician. The problem is flying. Jevons Main Path is take down to the back and it works on most of these fuckers but Charles Oliveira. It's going to be hard to make that path work. I down and then you'RE GONNA TAKE BACK. Dan that's barred. He's a guy that's best path so we took it away. That's what happened here tonight. And it's also a standup is so sharp. The Kevin was always behind his Kevin up on the feet. He hit him with opera. Cuts lead hooks and jabs key. Looked like a like a world champion on the field. How stat how stacked is fifty five as he starts the best revenue? Fc Craze go through the women's Women's honestly. It's a good argument argument. All this insane data could when I was watching that Chinese check I swear to God man on John Wiley way because she's looked like a like a super destroyer like that. You can get to you on though. I didn't look like yes. Yeah I've never seen shit like that back. She looked like Bulkin so the best ended up focusing. Samurai destroy special or whatever you know Charlotte but she likes them child with your five animal win Chung Royer. She's never seen any but went to the bathroom. And I thought you want to one guy probably give to you on and when I came back. That's one where the judges come and got it wrong with the way all right. That's cool all right. It should for sure rematch. It's been a draw or I I lean towards you so barely I i. It could have gone either way. But you gotta you know physical damage that you could see. Scott it's gotTA catch him. They can't be the loser. Canned like have no cuts and then the wishy washy what I told her face swollen. Johnny I get whatever whatever was you gotta go with the one physically. Look less damage. If it's that close they both six months. You gotta go. Yeah Okay she looks. Kinda fucked up. No Eddie it's one strike it's one strike caused at at a fucking hundreds of strikes land just happened to swell up. It didn't affect her performance. She's still performed very well. You can't judge. Based on their appearances you gotTA judge based on the amount of shots Atlanta issues so close on the fourth of you know what I'm saying I'm saying it was gone either way it could have gone. It was fucking close right. Everybody agrees it could have gone either way. So what's the deciding factor? How did these damage look no physical about how about our boys that? Shit you gotta count that new physical damage. That evidence are Bushati balliol. That Chinese she was fine. Fuck you'RE GONNA make out of then back. She was going to party. Shut out to fucking civil. Where good knife franchise Christ just as shocking alley? Looked FANTASTIC SEAN. He looked like a legit two years off man superstar. We can crazies that two years offer. That kid comes back looking. The never never stopped training. He got wrapped up in a bunch of little injuries. And then there was a bullshit you saw this thing up and they are bad but they had already done. It already suspended him. They do anything when that happens. Either even if you didn't do anything wrong they don't do anything here. Here's the fucked up. But here's the thing that helped a young kid like that because he got better better skills got better so he doesn't get fucking thrown to the wolves also today because of social media and he he does Video Games Games online. People still know who is yeah he stays in. The public eye puts up the social training footage. Let everybody know where it's at two years later comes back beater coming on the food truck dire. I love that kid. Yeah he's awesome and when he doesn't have the corn rose in his hair is preposterous. It's tough guy but you know you bet that we're very very tough talk. It wasn't like Like some bomb. They toss them. What's crazy with him? Is You know he didn't? I didn't know that until I had him on the podcast. He didn't have a background in like traditional karate or taekwondo or any kid be throws his kick she really yep nobody. You didn't do this from the time you were fourteen or something like that. No no learn when he he's just one of those guys where you just put that weird. It factor yeah he puts it together restless and they just pick it up faster than everybody else but he's neither of those he learned MMA. He's he's an interesting street fighter. Straight really interesting cat just his. He's got some weird quality about on the people pay attention to them and he's really good. There's like both things happening at the same time you know like people like bj Penn. We were talking about earlier when he was in his prime. There was there was a thing about bj. Like when bj's Shit bj's writing it wasn't just their skill level. It was something about him like people have a something about him. John how Shawna's them this love this love. It's like when you see him. Throws KICKS SPINNING BACK? Kick the round kick when I did a little bit of training with them. We showed him a little. Bit of stuff stuff. Yeah we after the PODCAST. We came and we talked about some stuff and him and his coach. I forget his name really fucking cool. Tim Tim Well. Thank you really cool but when we started doing some stuff and throwing some kicks and things do you have a background is and it's like no you just started learning with 'em and yeah it looks like a karate guy he's also when he when he was in there last time. I it's all like you tell us calm and comfortable l. Fuck he imitates in. In my opinion a lot of the ways he throws some of his techniques very wonderboy like which is why. I thought that he not at the same caliber wonderboy. Don't get me wrong but let boys one of the best strikers so think I've ever seen inside the sport this Sita's the slide. He does a lot of slide things that you really don't learn normally unless you have a background in traditional martial like Raymond Daniels probably does it better than anybody. Fighting may right now. Because he's got a background in traditional point karate and he was a point. Karate Demon so Raymond Daniels he'll slide in on you approach and say I think is really religious ninety minutes ago Taekwondo Raymond Daniels do crazy shit. Fuck team and I'd like to call the fucking do you ever seen. His Tayo highlight reel is one of the most as you. A Guy who has a background would love his highlight reel. It's ridiculous. He even glory. He does touch jumping side kick spinning back kick in the air and not pursue be against the rings against the Ring Ropes. Dude I love heart is not a guy alive. Who's more flashy WHO's fighting? Emma mayor kickboxing the Raymond Daniels. Those guys not a Guy. Alive Sean. O'malley Comic Gregor wonderboy had like this weird baby state flavors connor with the hand that feed a little bit of wonderboy. It's well this. Listen TO ME NO BULLSHIT. Raymond Daniels thing about how Michael Van and pages. Yeah greenway dance. Another level does not level another planet. He's another black credentials because they fought each other in point karate but he went over. But Michael Vince page went over to glory and Faulk is like Niki hold. Skin Joseph Volta Leonie. He fought assassins in kickboxing coming out of like basically a whole lifetime of point karate and then he kinda got his groove page. No talking about Raymond Daniels. Fuck you said. Denim page also fought with venom page. Did he fought Raymond? Dachas in point five look venom page on my favorite player. So he fights to what I'm saying is is far as their accomplishments in kickboxing. Like Raymond Daniels is a world champion. I if I'm Bela Tor though I go all in on my page. That's your culture. That's your that's your cash. Will you gotta go in Lima? Lima Kayode him but if he if you look at him he's absolutely the most exciting guy to watch because he does crazy shit and he does things but we also takes people that are like really competent fighters and they make 'em he makes them over. They have no business Dave rickles. What such to stop this stop? This is that he did Davis Right. Yeah that was. That was the one who is a CYBORG. You broke his fucking. That was galls. That was ridiculous sick and then the Paul Daley fight. Which was that was incredible. That was incredible but I shit Dailey took them down. I was like Wow Paul. Daley decided to win the fight and not Paul daily so math that dude they talk so much shit dude. I'm just thinking bridge fighters right now. How `Bout fucking wilder fury threes happening? I can't believe it either. I can cause that's box. And that's where the money's at but if you're wild it's like do. I haven't one. Maybe two rounds. At how many rounds they fought twelve. So you know what I'm saying Of the twenty plus rounds. I want to and we get this fucking trilogy fight boxing. So Strange crazing givers Joshua Fury. You fucks well. Who knows if they're going to have any fights for months? Now let's stop and think about that. Look this Guillotine God damn futile. Oh tap tap tap and look what he did. That was beautiful. That's right here than that wakes up. I don't like that I I. I made the call. I thought Kevin Around Teaching Insurance okay earlier in the fight so one is back at the Mat and he ended up in guard. He's holding anytime. It was a little scramble and Kevin Lee ended up on top and as soon as he got full guarded started throwing elbows. Kenley covered up and then he threw an arm bar in Hamburg in war. Could he ended up in the plot he just went after Rahm? Immediately with elbows and put an arm Barnum at turned into a plow. He saved the whole time. None of that works. If that's in your blinds ish is is just like keep him busy arm bar that you can't you go. He was on the offensive. The whole thing to. He's only thirty craze along forty fight. You remember please. Forty Eskandar and choked him out on a board member. I took his back standing. Remember that you gotta say that. Nobody knew who the fuck you was zoo. Here's amazing wins man. Amazing who am. I don't know why his name slip. Mr Ct but the Jitsu fee nom. That fought on the card with Yana Way. Who was that he was on the undercard? You know what I'm talking about. Some of them right away but hurt his I o one of the best dishes of all time. Come on. He's fighting you see. Now he's undefeated. Come on you know who I was Russia of here. Yeah what happened to him? He won or lost. He wants swollen. Shut like you probably would. They probably just got down triangle. He so what House. He said. Something in a scramble. He got sick and he got during the took to put him up in the same lab. They Cook Romero and Paula. Coast interest so jacked. We'll get his eyes. I was completely shot off his head. Off and also Michigan's undefeated K. in the digital world. He's high demand. Gen One Abu Dhabi won it on violent never stayed like year after. Look at that guy was Bella tour. I mean I'm sorry at that and say yes I remember him. I am going come onto. I Love I love him. Craziest Lee Gin natty legend up there natty Lachey. He's bodied up against buying it. The natty part come on. I don't know controversy as the plague. Our NAS in Brazil. Maybe they put steroids Kars four years. Maybe seat number William Beef. He's a natural sales either way. Trains like a motherfucker bread. Jamie go back to get yours. Go to that one right there. With his opened up the fought to the far right in the middle. The right there. Yeah look on the cover of like one of them romance novels. That checks reviewed spotty. Sure Brendan both like this. Come on listen. It's a romance novel like sort of Romance Porn for Lady's written by cover and it's called. I take you to my Matt's mind. Hey could you. Could you guys see the broadcast hand? Apollo Casa that boy that boy so thick. He's so big he's so many spar with Logan. Paul Yeah did. He looks like he's two hundred and fifty pounds for reels. Logan Paul Kim. Bristle kinross while he was all state in Ohio. That's amazing to see it. When he's moving to see scrambles like this is no joke. I think he's if I ramble think he's going to really fight in. Dylan's Baltimat- what do you think's GonNa Happen? Did you see Bigger Logan? Slap that guy unconscious you know that they do where they slap each other. That's fake by the way JANSA fucking much bigger than all so if you some expensive. He's richest fuck but if you watch him slap that dude seeking find that video Jimmy of him slapping this factor unconscious. You know the thing where people just let them slap you stand up to competition you slap me I slap. You might be the dumbest thing I've ever invented the last dump thing. That was dumber than that was when they used to take people's arms together and have may fight was tested his ex arm dude tape arm together and they'd throw head kicks and arm bars and shed against table. So you'd arm bar some of the guys hanging off the table trying to break arm hike it. Hi Jeff it's it was so dumb it hurts. This guy is big fat guy and Logan takes shirt off. Because that's what you do when you're GONNA slap guy unconscious out and do the same thing you know. This guy thinks he could take it. He's got it in his head that he could take the house by the way this is. This is not a Nokia. Oh Yeah don't do that. Kids do not do that on. That counts town three hundred and fifty pounds to. That's a big Ko. That's a big. Here's what you gotta give Logan. A little bit inspect all the money in the world. He keep making youtube videos yet. He signs up for this shit like rustling whatever no I'm talking about. Pala coastal like sparring with his ass wrestling boxing. It's it's crazy no you're right. He's crazy look he's having fun right and part of what he does part of what his businesses know. That guy's got bring them. It's not it's not not good at all. I think should be more way runs blood pressure. Let's be real here. His cholesterol is man. He's dangerous man. Oh it is look at this. Headband is heads fucked up from when he fell forward. Ford with weight powerful. No not only tweet out because I wish I never did this. He was I apologize. I wish I never fucking did this deal. I think he would have done that. Any how sued now trust me? He the guy signed way hurt. The guy that that that shit is obviously something that people do as a sport that slapped shit. Is he going to let this guy slapped him to get him back? No I get it. Seems like you guys stand in front of my guys going to slap him now. We tell the emotional so when you get knocked out to get really mad or really emotional. That big is really emotional. Well now yes is. The world is to get slapped like that to those contests that they have you know man does consciousness Russia though right what is going on Russians. What slap you dumb motherfucker that lets you hit them. I so have you seen those Jamie to slap unless you know. The guy has nothing like there was one. There's one hilarious one where this guy slaps this guy in the face and you just kind of fingertips across surveys and this other Guy Grizzly clubs him just snaps his head sideways and instantly Cao's him. He slapped him. But it's if you catch someone palm to Jaw Rudenstine. Yes man get tremendous amount of power in the palm you can do this with your palm. Never forget that and it doesn't hurt at all. You can't do that with your knuckles. Your knuckle hurts. But this shit doesn't yeah. Watch this this guy this guy. Let's hit him. I got shit is watch this ready. Oh my goodness you WANNA go with. That's on the one I saw this. I would assume everybody gets tweeted. A couple with the technique to show me that again technique now turns his shoulder into this. Watch this this. Oh It's under the whiplash at the whip and the turnpike shoulder. I is there anything. More disrespect with slap like eight. Years is like fuck. Did now what they wake up and he gets a slap him or his game over. You get knocked out game set match kids. Kids ain't got shit. Come on get into. We have more apt to talk about. We head okay spear seized on the surface. I don't trust you guys corona. This is a deep state pocket. What does that mean? I'M GONNA fuck? I need a fix up with all really sad to Mike. Okay dude knives or so final. That's why for me. Everything I do is final finality you guys can do your sparring Mr Final. I don't Talk Shit. Get hit more than one name. Because that's all takes the last thing you hear is i. Draw eight seven six. I'm not met that hat on you. Just thanks thank you very much. Honorary Australian. I love those. I Love Him. Did did a lot of talk about His his weight loss. Yeah guys come on. Oh you look like Homo you could. You could be in a really good movie about a crazy person from Australia down under a Porno. What are you doing you know? Pull the knife out now. That's what's your Buzi were on purpose. What is going on with those? Don't of those boots. You bought those store your frying. You went to store and you're like perfect your preference. I'll take one somewhere. I WANNA wear a knife like this raining you. What are you know you? Fox these are fucking these are these are built. Put YOUR KNIFE DOWN. Please please threatening people. Okay keep your knife. I'll never drama. Somebody draw blood. That's my sandwich. We fought for real. Did I ever tell you the David Lee? Roth moved to Japan to study Kendo for a year. I've met him to Japan with his dog. Just didn't know anybody. There learn Japanese a little bit. Wow every day do you have to. He was getting so roth. When you're talking about the number one rock star in the history of humanity is in the US to rant him. David Lee Rod the apartment above the bottle of Jack in Venice because he was doing the splits and David Lee Roth would basically he? He learned how to become a helicopter become true. Paramedics lives. He was putting. He's helping this guy and the Guy Goes David Lee. Roth not lose name brother. That's what happens when you get so much pussy. That's the last thing because most guys they wake up every day like how true is that was the live pushing was the last thing on his mind. It was so easy from what happens. Is you start fucking a started driving helicopters you start going to Japan swing. You could ever imagine and go to India fucking amazing. I'll tell you what man I've hung out with him a couple of times. I've had dinner with them. Oh yes a very interesting guy. He's very friendly. Montgomery Buddy very smart and very interested in different things that people are really good at all over the world. That's what he's interested in and he loves talking about the good old days too because we met him at the communist he he wants about this shit he said I want to do. He used to give his roadies backstage passes they all have Baxter's patches and they would sign them. Yeah and if he had sex with a girl with one of their backstage passes yeah he would give him two hundred dollars. Why how do you do you know? This is a we say what he said. Allegedly allegedly allegedly. Somebody told you the story so given two hundred dollars what happened what had happened. You're saying I recall I recall not only misinformation and some probably some fucking government. Disinform him saying it was Saturday doesn't matter they'll just play the thank God he was a fucker okay. What being was it between between songs I forget what it was? It might have been rolling so they would fuck one of the League dies would fuck girls below the comeback go there. We can't I sure during the show. Berkshire it was a appreciate Motley. Crue true girls between sauce of course after our share. See that'll kind of stuff. Maybe sometimes between shows a green is GonNa do but who whoever predicted that before. Rockstars came around. Stop and think about that before. Rockstars ROCKSTARS RIGHT. There was appraisers and there was music jazz. People doing entertainment there was stuff Elvis Presley. It was nothing at the level of Rina's fill. Jackie please nothing fill like arenas filled with people rocking out. It's basically a new sensation. For Human beings the amplifiers come along then able to fill arena sound then they have pyrotechnics lights so hypnotic complete new experience for human beings and only happened like fifty sixty seventy eight. It just it happened. In all of human history nothing and then all of a sudden amplified music giant arena filled with people. Everyone's doing legal drugs 'cause alcohol's everywhere at every arena and plus a bunch of illegal drugs and then the drug of the music in the crowd and everybody's rocking out. Hey what's better chew drugstore comic comic probably routes. Are you seeing the same fucking song you can't you can't fuck pad? Yes senior. Stuff hits Indiana exactly faulk. You don't need a like a show the because we're going to put together a show. You better put together a lot of dates hitting the road. Guys I gotTa go get out of your Bryant. Love you you don't have your headphones on you fuck. That's why everything's going from my faults. Big Part of it. Get Out of here you son of a bitch but love you stay safe. Washington's a mushroom hat made an emotional take kids for can hold from on. Another hat is a better Hatfield. Mushroom you're has a good fucking Europe. You've never looked older than off. Drink buttermilk at the diner walk. You guys man had the ages bullshit. You look good later. Rather pay tremendous there. Stay safe out there Brian. How don't get Corona Dude? Don't get Cronin. You're older you're older. It's a buber virus loving brothers. You fucking with Brian. Character the best. There's no one like him. Look at fifty two years old fifty two years old. Listen Edison Brian for energy than I do. Yeah he's not changed at all. No He's actually better since his divorce. He's the best ever. Yeah we've talked about it. Yeah Zahn point. Yeah he's just a unique human. There's no one like his kind of funny different kind of funny kind of funny. He's he's likes to talk about riding horses. You know what I mean like said you know that comment. He jokes around about riding a horse. Like what about riding a horse and he talks to the animals. Like what Delia Interrupt. Is that the other night on at the story goes. What did you talk about animals? Uh He's a unique dude is the best. It's no one like our friend Brian. One thing that I'm hoping is good. That's GONNA come out of all this nonsense of no crowds and everybody panicked to touch anything or shake hands that appreciate each other a little bit more. You talk to your friends so bad today. Man I haven't seen anybody you know. We got a little drunk though. We were at least you don't have to touch nobody. No more gamble. You WanNA touch you know. I don't think we're in trouble but I think I think it's a wake up call. I just I didn't know that ninety thousand people sometimes die from the flu either. I didn't know that high when I saw that that numbers. That's a rough year for the flu. Also the crowd. They don't know to if when the weather he tub. If if it's GONNA go away. They think it might be a different strain. That did not out that makes any sense at all. Said this is what happens coach sides. He said he usually coincides with it. Running through a running through a community so it seems that the flu goes away but what happens is everybody that survives. The flu develops an immunity to that flew under. If it sticks around. That's why like windows guys in. The the pioneer days encountered native Americans. They gave them the all these fucking horrendous. They had no immunity for it. But these pioneer people were carrying the sheet around with them. It didn't seem to be a problem within at all suze. Starting intermittently with the white man. They started getting all kinds of crazy. Disease Killed Ninety percent of all the native Americans at some point in time ninety percent of some tribes ninety nine zero. That's crazy just from bugs. Yeah but but like histories a song. You can't trust history well. The numbers of Americans Killed Fuck. I don't now I don't know all I know is fifty. People have died of corona so far true when America in America will do Italy's shutdown. It got there. I got all these other countries. I it's killing people. It's only been here one time. You know when Obama called the state of emergency national state of emergency what the swine flu or SARS one of them to write I forget it was after thousands died after. Well do you understand that way? More than a thousand people who died in China and in Italy more than a thousand people. I'm Tom Right. But that's why they acted the way they acted just supposed to hit peak form like in at like two weeks right. Well they don't know that's that's why the state of Murcia happened. 'cause they don't want it to get out of the ideas to try to keep it in the bud and try to keep it from spreading can i. Can I ask Eddie? This community have been going back and forth the techs. Why WOULD I? If I'm a conspiracy guy. Why would they do this? Eddie what what's the question? You know what I'm talking about. What's the question? Why would they do like? Why don't you fake it? Disease four or make such a big deal for trump trump. Her it hurts. His theories people had helps them so many theories as Hanley. Yeah some people think he's handling it. Well there was a woman from. I forget where she was from one say anyway. She's a press lady who asked a question like why his administration disbanded the pandemic office and he didn't know about it and so he turned to some other guy was on stage with them. Do you know about this. Or why did we do a lot of people in my administration? It's like I don't know what good things. And he goes. And we saved a lot of people and stopping travel save thousands of lives and he told her it was a nasty question. Nobody fucked up more than Joe Biden when he got in that argument that guy on the floor of the argument with the with the Union worker. He's talking about the Second Amendment Biden. Said that he's GonNa take away certain guns. He said that this is recent. Now he said that in interviews before and this guy was confronting on it and he called him a liar allow it. Wasn't anybody talking about like making our gun smaller. And they're like spending time with the. We need smaller magazines. You you guys. Got Fifteen. We need to drop down to nine anytime you. Anybody says anything like that. I'm like I don't fucking trust you at all. Why are you worried about the size of my magazine? You fuck face. I'm trying to protect my family. Who CARES THEM? A fifteen round. Oh we need smaller guns. We need less ammo anytime. Someone says anything like that. I don't already done with me dude. If you're you're trying to you're spending time on the size of my guns I I know what you're saying Don Don okay. I know what you're saying. Hold on a second. You look at it logically looking like that's his real feelings. The problem is when something comes along. Politicians have to make a move to do something in response to have a response for crisis. And if they don't have some sort of response they don't have some response in terms of take away some of the guns lashing guns up that hold on. It's it's it doesn't it's not logical. I agree with you that like saying you're going to shut down the amount of rounds or you're GonNa if you're trying to stop a mass shooting. A more effective way be better mental health. That'd be way more effective way and then commonsense. Yes good like you you okay some kid shoots up a fucking mall. Now I gotta give up my gun. Your guns are too big like. How does that make sense? I'm just trying to protect my family against any motherfuckers coming in. And I all your guns to fucking big. We knew like to me. That's of course that's not what you're trying to you worried about. Your overall goal is to take the guns totally. But I see what you're doing you're going piece by piece inch by inch spirits. He does what they will be doing but what they're doing politicians and the left generally wants gun control and then what people wanna piece to people just want to hear any. I understand what you're saying when you know as soon as you start to gun control. I don't want to hear anything else is. I think what's weird is that you're out of all the people in America that you give me a choice of Bernie Sanders or fucking Biden like that. These are the guys well. It's Bernie Sanders anymore. He's like he's basically out at such a bummer. Know what they're not talking about is they're not talking about. What if I wouldn't be surprised if some so called experts at? Hey listen if we eliminated all the tax scams going on throughout the United States. Congress relented on this year and really put our tax money to work and we had some tax fucking tax force making sure that the tax money isn't siphoned down and scammed on all these scams really. I wouldn't be surprised if if we straight flat tax fifteen percent would cover everything beautifully if it was just managed. No one's talking about managing the told my raving taxes. Are there already stealing all our money? And then you're going to raise our taxes more while we big around who the fuck stealing all our money. And then we worry about raising living ED camps eliminate the scams and then think are better fucking clean out the scams. I bet we're wave to. What are scams? What does scams going shit? That Biden was fucking bragging about on video on the far the you could see on Youtube. Those are the scams that are going. You're talking about them getting paid by foreign governments there scams. They're scam all our tax. Money is being scammed. So they're talking about. We need more tax. Go to something like the tax money like some something has to pay for the Fire Department. Something has to be fixes true. Sure one hundred. I'm down from Dallas evolved tremendous talking about there needs to be fucking task force then monitors where this fucking money is going and people siphoning and scamming and certainly could be. That's what they need to be talking about. They're talking about more with obvious that we're being scammed left and right with our money. Our money's being scammed we should be top priority like who stealing our money. Let's have a task force. Let's figure out tax money's going and and how all these politicians are fucking writing these bills to siphon off money into their foundations live. Look into that ship and I bet I bet when it's all said and done and we clean that shit out. I bet if everyone just throws fifteen percent flat. Everybody's good at seems. Any of those economists sit down with a mathematician and they'd have to work this out and we'll take months and months. That's a ridiculous thing to say. No I don t ridiculous ridiculous knowing exactly how much everything costs non. Only how much fifteen percents? Yes fucking do. This evidence of scams believe they talk about some scams on okay. I'm sure there's scam job. Armani there scamming. That should be our number one pile. Think it's mismanagement as much as it is. It's a bunch of tax money. Who Cares. There's people looking after there's people looking after. Okay we should find out who the fuck is monitoring all that shit. It just seems like tax money says until thirty billion dollars to that country aid they they kick back five hundred million into fucking foundations. And that's what's going on your body we know would yeah. You're right we're scam but this should be a way that you could get like an account of all the money that should be all counted and everyone should know that all the monies accounted for. You can't be able to you're on you're moving to Texas or Florida. Look at all these politicians that are multimillionaires wondering shop. I do I do think about. Where are you away? Get them out to you. Know you pay for what you get. Are you aware that there's politicians out there that are worth like fifty million and one hundred million? Isn't Nancy Pelosi worth an Shitload to run the game ball? How was that? Maybe they got into business like Bloomberg before they got a game but if they made the money with sketches by like Obama Obama became rich after he left office. That's what he came on. But that's a different. That's tax. Hold on hold on Eddie. Come on you gotTa let other people talk. It's not a tax scam. That's a scam. Where he's getting paid to talk to bankers crew all these different people and they pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars. All these fucking speeches stiff. It's very scamming so different. It's very scammy scam. I'm sorry but if you were talking about taxes I was all on the tax thing but you're right different my bad but I'm still lescot. That's the Clinton Foundation scandal. The South the White House is is it four hundred. It's probably like trump doesn't take any is like you can keep it. He said this he said this is the thing. I'll take this long money. Then yeah it'll take that long long days but here's trump so after they keep them to get your hands. Is HE GONNA do this? Let's say okay that's enough. We did all we made it. We got here even though the plague everybody pay taxes to the government's. GonNa come get you eighty bravo. Jj Dot Com T. Fat K. dot com capcity next week. Maybe it's up there. I think it's locked down. We'll see plant plan your weekends stay home by.

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