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079 The Kaepernick Situation w/ Marcellus Wiley


Van leads to repeal where we will shoot base guests marcellus. I was excavated player current box sports one media personality. I've known myself walli for years. He is someone who who is very outspoken very opinionated on a great many things and now he is on the show. Speak for yourself with jason whitlock on the show. They cover a bunch of different topics that range from sports to politics to pop culture so i wanted to get marcellus on here and have a very spirited period debate with him on the current culture of the n._f._l. About his n._f._l. Career when too much debate that he just talked a little bit about it but more more specifically about his feelings towards colin kaepernick. I think it would be fair to say that marcellus wiley has been one of colin kaepernick's allowed loudest critics and all kinds of different ways both from the kneeling itself <hes> to <hes> the current <hes> sort of schism. I guess you'd say between colin colin kaepernick and jay z. I am one of colin. Kaepernick's allowed supporters and i remain that <hes> so it was interesting to me to get hit marcellus on the podcast to discuss exactly his problem with captain this arm and eric reed and kenny stills and any of the players that are choosing to to to protest in the way that they are. I wanted to do that because i wanted to have a rational conversation with a guy i've known for a long time. I consider to be rational. Black man figure out why we are on different sides of this fundamental issue to me. It was a great very spirited along long conversation. Get ready for a little bit of a longer podcast which might be used to <hes> and it produced something. That's very important to produce. No enemies enemies were made also <hes> disagreements were had. I think it is incredibly important to protect ourselves while he doesn't think so <hes> that's a conversation that's happened in barbershops all over america and we had to hit on a reputable good talk. You also talked about his time in the n._f._l. And about is very controversial co-host jason wheelock and why so many members of the black community have a problem with jason lock and whether or not those people are right or wrong so so. You're going to get into that before we do that. I wanna say something real. Quick shoutout to all my friends out there so out to you you guys you guys. We talk hit me up you you. You're you're you're white butcher sure okay. I love you. Guys have a lot of friends from different backgrounds but it's it's it's is i'm shouting out my wife because i put a lot of pressure pressure on the white people and <hes> you know my wife friends your all your therefore it allow allies out there. That's very important. I will say one thing and and this is very important for me to say. I had a homeboy of of mine. He was of the kaku persuasion he recently. It's like pan. What's this whole deal with with colin kaepernick in the n._f._l. And i explained it to them as as best i could. His little later van was this whole deal with pop eyes and chick-fil-a explained it to him as best i could he up this past week and he asked me about something else and i said no no more a mile explaining anything anymore. I'm not your nigga cliff notes. Okay first of all. I'm not even the best resource for that. This goes to anybody who is not black. If you want to learn about the black experience appearance in america james baldwin toni morrison alice walker ten he say coats spike lee bill duke there are so many people that you can learn from that have been so eloquent for such a long time lahj muhammad malcolm x. dr martin luther king junior grabbers davis had rust in so so many people from the past and the present cornell west michael eric dyson raymond kelsen so many people out there that you could go and look at what they've done to get dot <hes> louis farrakhan so many different people you can get all different types of the black american experience go and do the work. I'm not doing that anymore. I listen. I'll have the conversation with anyone. I love talking about my people. They're beautiful as far as summing it up and i'm giving it to you. Know go do the work dive into it because it doesn't it doesn't matter anyway because all we do who is explained the same shit over and over and over again. You know it's the same cycle christmas and the holiday season. It's coming. We know that when the holidays coming i mean that means that why people are going to be up and sometimes they don't want to be is going to be christmas coming up. I bet you this christmas. Day is going to be a problem at a headline like how kim kardashian invented kwanza or something like that. She's gonna celebrate kwanza and then she's going to have started kwanza okay. We got a little bit. The summer left before it's over. I guarantee you a white. Woman will have invented box braids then what happens is after that happens. Somebody comes to me and go fan explain to us. Why kim kardashian didn't really invent kwanza or van explain why it's not okay okay to say that some caucasoid lady may box braids okay then we explain it. You forget it and you do the same shit again. What i'm saying is for anybody not just white people black people all cultures. If you want to really understand understand a different cultural perspective take time to dive into that culture not just from what you read or watch try a diverse set of opinions from all over that sort of cultural sphere do do the work though because you know have to continue to do it if you around real people listening to real people and the luminaries from that spot you'll get an understanding understanding of it asked me not the nigga cliff notes anymore can't tied up the ball. I got too much other stuff to do. Okay is is we can talk. We'd be pows. We talk about the issues but far as explaining to you. I might even qualify to do that. There's no one black man that's qualified to one one black woman. Actually that's not true. <hes> black winning probably could do it. They explain their good at that yeah but i don't even know if you guys wanted from them because they don't give a little bit too much and then you fucking head's gonna pop legit well. I'll tell you what i'll tell you about. The problems young people created. That's how it's going to go and i don't know if you really want that but yeah. We'll probably could very few things they can't do but don't do it to me. No more okay we can. We can talk about other things. I like. We can talk about stuff. I don't know i don't know i tell you one thing we can talk about <hes> <hes> one of my all white homeboys he <hes> this past weekend. He built a birdhouse. Let's talk about that. That's some shit that none of my black homes would ever do they do it definitely wouldn't tell me about it because i put the drive on your ass. It's been your whole saturday building a birdhouse talk to me about birdhouses a little baby bird baths or something like that little stuff like that you know you back in the garden. You're doing shit. That's the white sheet that we could talk about. Don't ask me about my culture anymore. Though 'cause i'm sick of it. There's been nearly forty years of this so i love you but no more cliff notes not here not for me me. I love you guys love you. Marcellus wiley is coming up real quick before we get to ourselves while i would like to say something else armadillos. <hes> solas wildly says in this podcast. This is going to be really quick at a certain point. He says that colin kaepernick has had offers from a <hes> opportunities from a lot of different n._f._l. Teams and for some reason he's either squandered those opportunities or he's turned them down that as a narrative if that i'm hearing all over the place that colin kaepernick has had offers to play on n._f._l. Rosters or opportunities and he's either squander under those opportunities are turned them down. That has marcellus take. That is something that's going around. I would like everyone to know before. This podcast even starts that the people that i talked to that are close to colin kaepernick that are in the know about his situation with the n._f._l. As it relates going back to two thousand sixteen are adamant that that is untrue. Do they are adamant that colin kaepernick has not been offered a tryout not being given the opportunity to actually play on the team or sign with the roster. He has never turn down an opportunity that have been no opportunities that he is being blackballed. So you're hearing that a lot of different places. You're here knows rumblings. Come out a lot different places interesting that they're coming out now but the the sources that i've talked to that no this situation intimately are adamant that is not the case. We're outta here. Popping pills good podcast ourselves while why people calling from ourselves walk what that's messed up. You do them like that still. I heard roy get at them. Say why don't you make everyone at one time for david yellow that rwandan or what not you not because we doing it why people want to gain compromise those wally and mexican chris amick <hes> you know but we were talking about it. I'm talking about maximum ourselves. Just obviously you've moved on to <hes> bigger places. That's where a lot of people i got to know. They're gonna get the the media side of marcellus right right. That's why a lot of people. I got to know well. Yeah i mean if you later to the game like it was. A local radio showed just went. Maybe international in terms of his popularity <hes> but i was in the game. I retire six seventy so i've been on e._s._p._n. Pinball this weird like when you do t._v. You don't hit them in the same place as you do if you do radio so like when you do radio people are are so in tuned so intimate with the experience because it's just you're coming through the ears directly to the brain where there's not this overload or sensory is like like when you own t._v. They looking at your tied and they're looking at oh. Is this makeup messed up. Is he looking at me right before. They even really digest what you just said radio man it. It just feels that it just gets it down to the to the finite details of like boom yea. I'm talking right to you. You know one of the first times that i really realized that maybe i could do this. A a little bit more was because i called into your show audits. Y'all show and i forgot what exactly we were talking about. Where somebody had said the n. word or something like that. Oh you called me and i was i was i was talking to max and whenever you can make max shut up you want you want uh whenever you can make max shut up. You want two million. I got off the phone right maxine something. We can't live call this filibuster. You know me. I'm gonna talk a lot right right the whole thing right so let's talk about where you are now. Speak for yourself f s one whitlock and wiley right jason clear your skin witless you oh boy you've been here before me and boy. You've been to my crib. We hung out for real officially thought he was my dog and then we're going to sell before that you live with like i just had to get that out the way we're we're like <hes> the there's so many opinions about jason. We're locking onto onto. What do what do you find about what my how dot will like. There's a lot of people who think that we're lock is a troll. Some people say he is an attack dog or the status. Let's go among the establishment white man if you will okay. Let's go there. Let's go to award a short on purpose. You want to keep it. Keep it one hundred one hundred. We got all the way through this your your thoughts about jason whitlock seems as if he has a lot of negative things to say about very prominent black <hes> yeah <hes> i understand if you try to piece meals together. You're going to look at it and say tammy coming at brothers like that but one thing let me start from the beginning of a new jason wheelock just a prominent journalist he i hate him or love him. You gotta give props. He got stripes on so <hes> be an active player in the league. I heard about them and you know he would take his shots and probably the stories where he was actually applaud and the players people just glazed over so <hes> i remember he wrote a story about sean taylor. Did i disagree with this. This is when i was in the bloggers fear and being a player so i wrote a response and <hes> we wanna opposite side of that story but fast forward. What was this story about sean taylor. Do you <hes> <hes> to paraphrase think like sean taylor's life lifestyle kind of contributed to him being into position predicament he was us to ultimate oh rest in peace ultimately his demise and him being deceased and i disagree with that based on the <hes> situation <hes> but maximum i always loved jason respected him. He was original thinker. He came on our show before so i had this healthy respect for him because what i hate the echo chamber i hate when i go somewhere and everybody like yeah yeah yeah. I'm like why am i around y'all. Nobody's challenging my thoughts. No one is layering my thoughts. No one is combating thoughts so i can get to a higher ground higher our place. That's why maximum work even though we have similar interests and backgrounds we look at them completely different and we were able to always find unique ground so so i respect a lot for that so he comes on a few times whatever you fast forward to when my contract is up just like a normal football sports contract e._s._p._n. And i was getting recruited by other other <hes> entities into business so fox is obviously one of them and we'll start breaking bread and the business fox at that time this time was rolling out that rain walks was boss's boss's fox's is making a move and competitive so they recruited a lot of baton talent shannon sharpe <hes> skip bayless colin coward jason whitlock. We're locked so they got a lot of. Don't oh my name in there now right auto e._s._p._n. We all over there mustard on the beat broke so we try to eat and it's funny. Jason jason is this. Everybody gets it but i understand when it's your own and you it feels different. Da you know the truth hurts especially when you know that person when you you feel like you have shared in your experience so wet lock is very principle based like raised in the church. Daddy told him no excuses no matter what and <hes>. I don't think his politics are conservative. Necessarily i don't know it's politics. Tell you truth. I know his viewpoints very principle based. Love football us family. I love the church <hes> and if you don't come at them and knows respects. You go have issue so he remind me to do. They used to grow up on our block. The odor uncles the wasn't awesome had oak uncles that was in streets that was lively you know riding around nissan trucks and trying to flaw some older uncles who's just looking at us chicken ahead daylight boy doing live in that is the same living in a certain lifestyle. Write the pin boys and catch up to so you so. We're locked man in a nutshell. <hes> principle based doesn't matter who you are you going to get. It and i really respect him because he's fearless. He goes there any backs up his viewpoint with his facts. Now his facts are mike all facts based on experiences and you out there actually looking into this reality and was supported by numbers or other objective measures like all of us. We always forget that part of this is your lynn lynch. How you see it how you perceive it on top of all the objective facts so i respect them because every day he puts in the work and every day he's going to come with his unique opinion. I think my issue with them is that i see the criticisms that he has against white a white athletes or why people in sports as being more based around game and some of the criticisms it seems like he has with black athletes <hes> besides the thing that he wrote about serena williams back in the day. You know i it has to do more with things that are outside of the game like you like when you talk about the bron james and you assert or you accused lebron james of making his kids. It's basketball game about himself that speaks directly to the heart of lebron as a person but as a dad because if you telling me that a dad atwood go to a basketball game and want to make that kids basketball game about him. You're essentially saying that. He's a defective father like you and that's a leap right there but i'm gonna give you that i mean that's how you received if to me. You're bad if you go to your kid's game and you make it about you well. Let's be real about this <hes> to me. That's one. That's one <hes>. I don't protect my co host. I go at max. I go and michelle beedle. I go with log. They deserve it on air. If you watch and certainly in these situations i respect them fully but i will tell the truth. <hes> don't look at me. Y'all one <hes> don't look at this picture of me through that frame. I it's funny. I know that comes with the territory but everyone looks at you through that frame not. No you get that f-from t._m._c. like they look at you. Yeah i'm not even saying i'm not even keep doing it disag- knowledge that's what you're doing. Let's talk about <hes> <hes> dad who goes to a game because i row every time i'm out with my little man to his activities because there's not only a dad who's doing too much. There's a momma doing too much and there's a coach living vicariously to a four year old. I see it all day now. I'm not taking shots at you but don't act like there's not a huge population of people who who are trying to live through the next these kids that look like lottery tickets at minimum scholarship and lebron the neen any of that but the same arolla give dad and i'm like why is he on a court then. Why is he yelling then. Why is he taking attention away from. His son is where lebron maybe stepped upped over that line. I love lebron saying i'm a part of this team like a superstar just getting into layup kids that was doing it right right right and so i talked i talked to the director of the tournament and they said that as far as the people there they dig that love that it draws is at a tournament lebron so engaged in especially when you look at that type of story with a brother who inhabit and longed for yeah to me sometimes when i'm looking at that i'm like let's say you feel annoyed by that. Why use a national platform students demand for father well. Let's not also validate overcompensation like okay. We understand the brown. You didn't grow up with that but we can't let everything you do. That's in excess just be validated by oh. You didn't grow up with that. There is equilibrium gra librium here. We gotta respect and lebron. Did this the year before. This is what tripped off of i because i live in this world of sports entertainment guy who got a research a nerd alum computer. He did his at two thousand eighteen. Nobody said damn thing it comes out in two thousand nineteen because his likeability suffered you come to the lakers first thing lebron iran does his land. He says hey man come blaze pizza and covert c._d. Wherever <hes> you know laker fans he did. He show now okay so they already like what what up dog you in l._a. You ain't koby you already over here. Flaking then they started off by the way if you know l._a. Flaking perfectly okay and acceptable in l._a.'s somebody it was actually being being a part of the culture here depends on what saudi wilshire okay okay. You can't flake on sa. Go sow okay so anyway <hes> he did that. Then you're not koby hit the murals up and then they had a press conference and then they they had the the teen celebration he flicked owners like the jimmy bus like yo lebron and are down holiday party so people started looking at the brownlow sideways and he goes is out there and gets hurt longest injury of his career lakers. Don't make the playoffs he trying to trade anthony davis bla-bla-bla all and he's saying that is because now you likability so many people need to look look at sports through the likability lands when it comes to media if they like you guess who's writing these stories someone who likes you. It's going to be glowing. They didn't like lebron in that moment the same thing he did the year before they just snooze right by because he was still lebron went to the finals was bald. Come the lakers under perform aw by expectations back back back back so i'm not blaming wedlock. I'm not blaming individuals. I'm blaming that the climate change for for lebron and this is what you expect when you coming down the ladder or someone's is been on zest for awhile will on them for doing it and equality commercial damn. We can't celebrate equality <unk> aquatic. You're not equal brown. You're six foot apple was trying to promote equality anyway but but you guys got a great show goes through perspectives are dueling at times do. Do you ever find yourself in the do you agree with lock more than what you. I thought that you would now that you know him on a human level. Do you have a different opinion. I mean on before but not you work with them. You have a different opinion of them before you went into before or so. No i don't agree with a more <hes>. I will have a greater respect for our disagreements because you know put that you know you humanize anything in the beginning of racism and discrimination is i don't know you so no matter what you're going through your plight not process and it because you're not a human to me but as football has done for me when i put my hands in the huddle and finally saw a white hand and i was like damn i don't even see a white hat at home at the creep in my my my hood and i see one in this huddle where you from what's up what you talk to me and sudden you don't look at things so much for the differences some of the similarity so it may come out like assimilation or selling out or changing a compromise but what happens is you humanize your differences and so i disagree with him a lot a lot like if you watch the show the daily if i had to keep a scorecard. It's probably six or seven disagreements but what we do. We'll maxon idea is we ain't sitting up here. Shooting sports talk turned into like combative talk like all turned into that no no not speak for yourself. That's why it's called. Speak for yourself. I'm saying but most tehran now turned into combat if talk because you get the boom people want click into the drama. It takes the way to draw from their world and puts it on. You and i want to hear y'all get it pulled this tug of war rope but maximum were able to layer you disagree. I disagree. We had arguments about ants versus roaches on our show. It blew blew up right because we disagree but we we don't build this thing into some wit loc when i disagree with him. I make sure that i keep my eyes on the prize trying to build to a new space. He's that incorporates everybody out there watching not just my side or his side when you hear people say that he's an uncle tom <hes> do you think <hes> that is. That's true no uncle. Tom sell out coon. When you say those words to me or to anybody ready i know or it just leaves your mouth immediately i say can you dismiss us from the grown persons table like like boy citra down like i say that because plus you've run out of ammunition in terms of facts in terms of properly articulated opinions so now we gotta go ad hominem now. He's just gotta go. Ah forget you. I hate you in a word. I'm not built like that. I'm not a fighter despite from my side by my look tell them from sale bill compton compton via south central via harlem. Damn you say that that that didn't get your harlem is all the planes at school yeah so you're saying saying that that that didn't hard and you didn't make you. I mean not just you're not hard. I didn't make you a fighter with his own. The heart i'm so hard ain't gotta be hard. What y'all saying like. That's what people would. I understand what you really from it. You ain't got you ain't gotta flex it. You ain't got to pick your minutes yeah. What was m._c._a. Was all head. He was the wax f._x. Look you almost all he was slash comedian right because he had y'all sound like some bitches. Both y'all better skier to go pill these. He's poke the dog. I love him so much. Outrage me with them words but the point is i grew up where there was a condition dishes where the ones who really were about it. They want to promote it. Dan want to show it because i was like what i'm already going to go there. I got this security purity but the ones who weren't necessarily the general always own the mission show more because they wanted to be general so when i when i get in these situations situations and somebody calling you out your name i'm like oh. You're trying to prove something what you're trying to prove and it's a it's a myriad of reasons why people try to prove something depends on the individual. Now you talk about football. Obviously you had an incredible football career well. It's gotten better since i stopped playing toward the damn good when i'm retired now incredible. Did that tell you what i'll look at it. I'd like to get to where you were to be drafted as high as what you were make it the n._f._l. Have what ten eleven year career in years ten year decade in n._f._l. I was just and this is no disrespect to any of these guys. I was just looking at like hillis. We're just looking at paying hill fascinating pay meals thirty two years old right. You know what i mean and you think damn like it's his football. Career is over so many of the guys that were so big thirty one thirty two thirty three or whatever they didn't get a decade in the league. They didn't get they. Some of them got four or five years no if you play ten years n._f._l. That's big time yeah. So what did you learn from football because you obviously you show great football. Promise early in your life then you go columbia. <hes> you know is a lot different from from the odd people wouldn't have gone there right which we hear so much about football football teach you if anything <hes> man start start from the beginning <hes> seven eight years old plan football. The first thing i learned <hes> is that i had a talent that needed more more than just talent to be properly groomed in blossoming. <hes> think about that like i'm in a huddle and i'm faster than you. I'm in a huddle and more <unk> agile you a quicker to you but that doesn't mean guarantee success because you can still tackle me and i remember being young and like damn. I gotta work at me and good i was in. I gotta to work at being. That was the first thing i learned for football. 'cause i was like hey better to me. We race each other. Please twenty our history and beat you in a twenty yard dash. I was that kid were but i was like damn. I gotta work at being good because i got the ball and i was score. Literally for minimum touchdowns a game. I got the ball fifteen twenty times what was happening to other ten carries right so the first thing that clicked me like you gotta work ibn goodall and then the second thing was like i said before i start seeing different. Complexions is in different backgrounds in my same huddle my same team from there. You start to really get from football pain. Tolerance work at dick discipline dedication all that corny stuff on the locker room when you walk in but it was real and then you learn how to fight to adversity versity and then you learn not to be scared by physical presence so when someone walks off a bus and you're young minded or you just getting into the game you see six six three thirty you think he's great. He's too big on a muscles when you play football and you put him on his back and then you realize the five eight one seventy we do put you on your back right. You start to know which way is up. Never judge a book by its cover so i think my decisions were heavily early navigated by my football experience but then it clicked football's a means to an end is now my identity. I'm not a football player. When did that klink high school now that early yeah you know why because i was when i tell you i was shit like in pop warner five ever right. I got tapes to prove it by by your top five point one five running back popcorn ever getting recruited. I couldn't even get chilly cheese fritos. I go to the snack stand out of my game. It was literally recruiters like yo. We got talk. This is free social media so i don't ronnie james and all but yeah it was a problem i was like okay. Cats pairs walk up to me. If you stop number five we can win. I'm like i'm number five finger fence everybody in my face. I'm smoke. I lose a game. I was in my fourth year. Now's my championship game so we life off fifty and oh before my championship game i loss so it clicked when i'm winning national track championships set national records and and i'm killing it in football and i'm a nerd like i was a nurse first academic decathlon all these spelling bee and i'm like boom also had oscar slaughters in my knees had a to you had that gross lurks the it was awful and i had to wear a cast all i have to wear a cast on my left knee for a whole time and i had the same thing same thing and it's shot me down like i went from two to which was still nice but it wasn't that deng was shot you down about it though 'cause i i wasn't coordinated. I wasn't as fast. It's a rob rob me of a lot of my athleticism so is shot me down and then i realized i thing i realized it was like damn when you ain't that guy. There is a lower class and there are classes on any team any situation. I was like oh they're not laughing at jokes to say oh coach is looking me in my eyes all all the time when he talks about us winning the east looking at you only me i think they got a block right now. He's as looking like all right and then i was i was was getting sorry i wasn't as good just a real and then it clicked like you ain't no damn football player. You play football so let's play the game rules change for me and then once that happened <hes>. I started looking at the schools that recruit me differently. I i changed my liz. I was like nine. Go no football factories much respect to all those who went to the big football schools but i was like that's a four year mesmerized experienced and they were talking about jogging suits and the gloves and all the girls into stadiums liam's now. It's like you know what it means to an end. You won't be like you said peyton hillis thirty two how about you're gonna be twenty two and you gave all of your opportunities up to go to to a greater academic school to do what to be second-string four star recruit at a school just so you went to some bigger parties. I start making different. Calculations nations respect to all who did that and that's why you chose columbia. What specifically made you choose columbia. Who recruited you first of all <hes> what schools u._c._l._a. the top schools news with u._c._l._a. Cal berkeley columbia <hes> arizona state <hes>. That's why i narrowed it down to toews columbia overdose school because one it was my recruit troops really. I didn't choose it like i. I still was seventeen. Eighteen year old caught up so i'm like i came back from our crew. Troops telling cats <music> y'all man i went to u._c._l._a. and this and that and they all my boys all my peers damn man when you go up the rosebowl come on man. You got hooked your boy all again and then i remember telling my teachers and they were like oh that's cool. That's nice congratulate. You've been working hard. I you know tremendous success but then when i went to columbia came back i told all my boys man i went to columbia well cologne essen where that is that in south america this dealer right but then i told my teachers the same thing the eyebrow jumped off the air opportunity of a lifetime opportunity life go there and i was like why they started to break you down to me. Now still was caught up but i was like you know. What if i'm truly going to be engaged to. This is a means to an end. I gotta have the greatest alumni base i can have. There's going to be uber successful and let's be real. I'm going to be a big fish in a little pond so if i can't ball here and get out of here jerry rice went to a small school walter payton with a small moscow south to the sweat both of those guys right yeah so if i can go to a small school and get it. I ain't gonna blame my school. I'm gonna blame me so i rolled the dice and went out there. What did you learn your name man being being a guy like that and ivy league environment would you learn at columbia was the biggest takeaway first thing was like social shock because i love new york just fantasy because i'm i'm born in nineteen seventy four so when breaking comes out beat st ramo and all that right i was like there's only two cities in the world i gotta just touch right is in new york and i'm already in l._a. Let me get to new york so they had a leg up because of that but beyond that the social shock like just a city is pedestrian everybody walking gain in l. a. Everybody drive in so that was weird. People cursing you out like like civil workers like like like do take my bags and stuff right. Hurry hurry up. I was like you wanna like notice on my head. <hes> it was weird. How i was kinda. Caught off guard you see twenty dues who's in new york in front of a boat dago or brownstone. That doesn't mean a dang in terms of criminal element are like yo what's up or you won't smoke but didn't competent in l._a. You see twenty dues in one huddle. You like what's up. What's happened what's going down so that was weird to decipher and i think beyond that when i got into the classroom setting on campus i learned you're so many pathways up to top. I learned that if you go to runyon y- yeah you go into cement. Are you going at one trail but if you really stop and breathe there's so many damn ways at the top of this so during class with people who are fourth generation arrays in and some people so when you look at the billionaires because when we talk about success as african americans typically. We're talking about people who are ridiculously really exceptional. It's something that everybody tried to do right. Yep yeah i. I don't know anybody who's tried to start like shipping company what i'm saying. I don't know anyone one who tried to start like a male company or company when you look at the billionaires when you like the guy or like is all right and in nineteen fucking sixty six is when he got his first loan to start jay w <hes> morgan shipping and then it grew into a conglomerate as all of these things so so or or all kinds of different ways things that people have done that are outside of what we're told to do doctor lawyer thing now that we're told to do in in order to be successful when you're at a place like seeing those people seeing them and like you said their offspring and its success in generational wealth is <unk> actually being materializing your face. One cat got twenty five thousand dollars a month for his allowance and got dropped off at school in a helicopter and tried to downplay late at night and i it's such a part of their d._n._a. In existence they actually feel shame and i was like what the hell that's aspirational if your family got to set up in those situations so i learned that like you said dr bus manny started he started to become a billionaire off a seven hundred dollars was that he saved up his boy and start by one piece of property dr bus in the seventies and then boom and now he was dr bus so i'm with these kids and the kids are them and they're. They're telling me stuff that. I just never heard like one. We had maybe four players in in a failed our ivy leaguers but we six owners wow i said oh wait a minute and then i started to realize that these guys are going to make it because of what's between their ears and i've been taught you're gonna make it because of your body right so when i started to look that calculation i was like okay. I'm uses body because i know is going to be a meteoric. Rise is gonna get my family from zero to sixty gives you a head start. Hell yeah but i'm never gonna lose sight. Oh what's the end game which is really tried to get this generational wealth to take someone. Just wait office home now. You you play colombia. Do well you get to the n._f._l. You get the n._f._l. Career we're not going to relitigate that but i do want to ask one question. <hes> what is what was the worst thing about being in the n._f._l. Just a whole like my entire existence macho n._f._l. The worst thing about it forget about forgetting about like all the things. We know that are awesome about it. What was the worst part part of the n._f._l. Who'll mr t. say one word. Damn pain was okay. I got to i got to answer this. Twofold one on is the toughest part is the pain that you have to go through to just get it. It done like the rigors of the game like football is a presentation of and a wall in front of you. Every single play play every single day thing about football is for real it is moving another man against his wheel to progress down the field he in other words you to go and i gotta get there so everything i did was based on resistance and then guess what i feel that and he felt the two and he probably felt more to me. 'cause i was successful but still you know you've been in the fight. Even if you win so the pain the days i couldn't wake up and just walk to the bathroom. Always tell the story oriented. I keep a gallon leg jug everywhere. I go work home car because there was a day when i woke up the middle of the night and couldn't move and heat up and i couldn't move and i was like i gotta pee and i used to always have cheetos and like submitting nabobs dresser. All just for comfort i wake up at midnight is right there right so one day i was i came move and and i literally sat brain fire tale leg lift. No betsy wouldn't fire wasn't doing no but then the looping was coming. Wait a minute. You pissed you bad. You didn't dare now idea wasting using using their mix it with me but i did it and then you know what i was like. Oh man so pain that it took to just go through everything everything even. I made a pro bowl and didn't practice one time of year. 'cause i had surgery on my foot and people like you're amazing and i bought into that that hype but i signed a deal with the devil doing that because if you work on your craft every single day if you ain't getting better you get worse and it caught up to quick so i think the pain <hes> the other thing that was horrible about the n._f._l. Experience even though i love it don't even confuse it. Don't just click click into right now but he hated n._f._l. The other part that was so so damn defeating was the fact that you couldn't fuli like just go out there and <music> get it is so fickle everybody's good everyone's great and you can have a six pack run sand dunes up and down getting getting proper rest. Turn your phone off not dating not hanging all in and i've been there and then you go out there that i play yeah joanna's back downhill and climb back up rehab that's. Why did you retire because no matter what you do. It ain't a guarantee in sight in the sport of football anytime it can happen to you. In any time i broke my foot in practice and they tried to protect me because i was the new invest bell the biggest deal they ever had in chargers history. They don't it does wally like i'm like i'm not or quarterback does wiley and i'm just over there doing the double team dong back yeah done when you heard andrew retire. Would you think <hes> i was shocked like everybody like damn. That's what's happening this weekend. Like andrew luck retire with two weeks left before the season but then i had a tremendous respect because personalized that story. I felt that <hes> is weird. I could have been much better as a pro. I mean i made few pro bowl only started in one <hes> <hes> have my accolades certainly got my goals accomplished which was being real to get my money. You got paid and i mean i wouldn't. That's what i had to do for my family. I'm an even if selfish go but when i saw him say enough's enough. I remember thinking damn only one regret. I have from playing football them years. Why didn't you professionally rancher because i got. I was gonna say professionally restaurant. What you mean just tap out for a year re- recalibrate rehab get your body back because i i had i had four surgeries in three years that rob me prime despite ball and pluto surgeries and we have i was just killing myself so when i fell off the cliff it was they was steep. Brother red shirted just like you know what stop trying to be all mighty heidi and try to just do it all just tap out whatever they call you and then come back you right andrew luck retire because he finally realized i can't can't be andrew luck. I could be great to ban. It'd be great to marcellus. I'll be amazing to the world but i find me the hell mild they're doing because he knows the inevitable. Habitable will come sooner or later we get critical and in his all going to go down from there you think he's coming back or do you think he's done here. I'll think the n._f._l. Though i think the first place x._f._l. You think andrew luck is going to leave the n._f._l. I think it was sixty million dollars on the table and go play in the n._f._l. With his dad 'cause jacksonville gonna be real first of all. I don't know i'm saying they try to x._f._l. Before i don't do that and fell yeah bill belichick field and cleveland ed mainly lovely were you you're saying to you is viable that he would leave the n._f._l. And go to the x._f._l. Look i'm over here. Being i'm over here wishing him happy. My wishes i want him but wouldn't it be amazing if he rehabbed recalibrate braided red shirt and then his dad's like so what you do he's like dad which we do like yolly needs some pop wherever it is andrew luxurious league yeah so how much got daddy because i really don't know obviously very left up to four or five hundred million on the table so it ain't a dope thing we already have generational wealth. 'cause you played leak. Pops got got a twenty million dollars guaranteed contracts the commissioner and this mcmahon and behind this thing right so let's wait a year or two. That's all bubble and they let me you come in there and jumping this and let's do this. I say that's a real option or go back to the league the same league that boobs you when you were walking out the damn stadium which is nothing wrong doc <hes> in terms of going back to n._f._l. Because it's the biggest baddest but if it were my daddy right if my little m._j. Who four now if he was in that position you want to help us out speaking of the little j. I've met little man before i was on my cell is house. Your muscles does something special with the eye with the hotdogs the hot dogs we was through some hotdogs on the grill muscles some special with the hot dog shelter nick nick knows niknam we sit there and and in just drank off the keelan nick said that nixon some stupid mix. It wasn't a sense tracy. Mcgrady was better than kevin durant. He loaded grenade run. I love you. I know okay but your son like obviously with with your wife well. She is a athlete. Yes more athletic than me right so your son is probably most likely unless something happens. It's going to have a genetic head. Start art over a lot of the kids right you. <hes> seems to have gotten a lot of a rich in richmond from football uh-huh. How do you feel about him playing one. He can play flag football up until the high school years now. He's a rising ninth grader greater and he's like daddy. I wanna play tackle football. Because one i love the game too i will be dedicated to the process three <hes> hope to get a scholarship for i wanna go pro me and him go to his favorite restaurant and we're going to book table table way in the back and we'll talk hours about the good the bad and ugly and if he at the end of that conversation is still committed to that grind go ahead brother but before then i'm protect you from yourself like a corner man. I was eleven years old man bleeding at my elbow <hes> in class sprain knee. You know getting therapy between elementary school impresses. They drove that. I did the want to get out of your conditions. My my my my social class. I mean my mama was smart as <music> all outdoors but she had two kids at seventeen and nineteen and i come from a very aspirational family even though the outside world maybe can't see it at first glance my grandmother <hes> was in watts california when the watts riots happened back in the sixties yeah and she had her little spot over there and then the watts riots is happened. She said i gotta give me and my six kids out of here. So into in the same spirit of being aspirational she moves from watts to compton. The people don't know companies will be widely nice very nice white. My grandma moved to compton. Dan compton kevin costner from content paul tagliabue's crazy like dale where he lives but these are quicker some so i'm like i'm like that's that's my family. My mom has two kids at age nineteen and she's like my kids are not going to grow up the way i i grew up the way i'm living as she was a straight as doom. Mom said we gotta move somewhere better in terms of school systems and that was her first thing and we moved from competent to south central now think about how like wow those seem like small incremental steps but they were huge leaps in our family so i'm living like hood ish. I'm right title off sauce in so it's good it's like damn i'm so close to wednesday hills and ladera heights walter fetal heart and the boy. I used to go to school with had a house. Apartment was decided they live room and all four of us sharing a bathroom right. I could see <music> right there bra so it gave me a drive but it also just defeated me because i was like damn. I'm sharing beryl my sister. That's not even a bedroom. We lived in a one one and three quarter bedroom apartment so our fourth wall with sheep of fourth wall was like curtains it can it wasn't a wall so whatever for my family did in the living room shared space we just was to osmosis living right right watch eddie murphy delirious. We watch. I'll don't go to bed. Y'all better now. Listen to this and kate this talking about. How would you say right right so i live. I grew up faster than a desire to give back to a man when you live in the net existence. It tells you a lot you start to get a greater perspective active and i started to gain perspective to always be inviting to new opportunities even though some of them hurt to new information even though some of it hurt mark because it went against the grain would i was conditioned to knowing <hes> so we're on the subject of the n._f._l. Talk about someone who has a brand new affiliation affiliation with the n._f._l. One shawn corey carter <hes> better known than jay z z one thing that i know that we be mentally disagree on okay. <hes> is jay z's <hes> nations new partnership with the n._f._l. Oh okay <hes> we. We don't be mealy disagree on jay z. I like jay z. Jay z. have utah for you as far as rappers what you mean investors yeah l. l. utah. He's definitely talk about his age how far from me probably but in terms of success and accolade and go but in terms of like combine number come on man myself odri k. myself wayne before we got. We got three off. Tell me right now to jay. Z's not a top five rapper rapper artists nigger i use the word came the fire back jay. Jay z is not a top five rapper of all time rapper. I wouldn't say that i would say artist <music> success like it's tom brady the goat at quarterback obviously but in the combine of quarterback skills which i would think rap skills you hit me okay ringing. We'll we'll autumn. Albums is amazing table jay z. The argument not come back here so so this is the way i look eh acu on a budget in here so so this is this this is this is what this is why allegations jay z is number one and one category for me and number three in another. That's where i'm at but but in top five so he's number one in the most successful rapper of all time definitely defuse number three in the greatest rapper of all time list behind big park and then his hovis third okay <music>. I'm not arguing that because my argument is not too far from there to even just wakes you but you just said he's not a top five rapidly who better than jay z whose father five rivers historically been anything like rappers like if we own. We got a backpack on. I got a backpack. Oh we own the corner we give them the same five rappers blue ready for andre three thousand okay. I don't agree but go ahead on here that i get up in the growing persons tell you why andre is ill andre is ridiculously. Obviously ill. He's crazy ill but he's not just like better than hope not like r._j. It's not just like better. No but continued is your. This is your show so some of that money yes <hes> he was over. He didn't jay z. Jay okay okay okay. Are are you still here. Are you to go so you're not so you're saying that jay z didn't come with it on his no. Yes reasonable doubt graded yet and you know would it also is southern play a list of cadillac music. You know where it came behind that. I'm talking to south. Do you not know maybe there's there's something i gotta help you with that so you say it so. Wait la- wings eyebrows laughing at me on is not. I'm not laughing at you once again. I'm from south louisiana. You're not saying nothing about little wayne. This is my settles while he's list go ahead. <hes> jerry is q. Jerker ice cube okay payback's the talking about here three okay <hes> for me. Scarface does a lot not mad at that okay. I'm a horrible recall so my sister's going when she sees his full. You've got this this initially but man rap like people who grabbed lyrically you rappers larry's spitting like jada kisses better as a rapper than than jay z rapper like cobb is you don't know where to draft him. You just vizquel skill. Don't do that but he's not a greater artist j._d. Kids better rather than hope. You'll angry rapper backpack say beat go same be jada will mirko now see now you win excess burt. I've said he made photofinishing but i would go with jada kissing. Okay okay my nigga. This ain't even my top five as some news like you just you by the way that's in no way a shot at kiss his love jay everybody. Everybody is taking a shot everybody. Who would you say everybody that you just name can't flat out. Well doc and guess what joe bid j._c. I can't look i'll take that aol. See i'm housing. They have some more keep going better than jay z because we cut this and the one thing and then put it out there who else out there <hes>. That's a biggie biggie. Yup can't argue with that pocket. Doc is own offense for me 'cause robbing into yes. That's what i'm saying but as artists didn't start is right. Yes exactly exactly sorry five doc you go cut that up. We cut it up all right muscles while we're gonna pay complex rap radar so the the j._c. partnership with the n._f._l. That's all started okay. Give me like you. You heard me on it. I'm i heard you disagree. I hear you on it. Well why you don't like it. Go well. It's not that i don't like the partnership in a of itself. What is the method in which hold went about it right so like this so. I think that personally to me personally. You know i do this michi to write whatever and everything well to me personally for me. You gotta go somewhere so i i think and i i'll give my sister patrice couriers credit for having having said this is that jay z de across intellectual picket line and the the year ago said that as well as a lawyer i give credit to the black woman the i love you but that'll happen to kris haines when he he actually broke the news on kawai and paul doors because <hes> wards broke it a minute later. I hereby gay what was a great darkness <hes> but i i think that to me number one. You had to happen number. One jay z. had said that he was with colin kaepernick. He had he had worn cabinet. Jersey cyanide put his naming the song or or or the hollywood video and then ask cabinet continues his fight for employment in the n._f._l. Or to be made whole again about what happened and <hes> jay z. does a deal with them <hes> and to me. I would feel like the r i i said this before but our first imperative as people from the community as people from culture to one another is protect each other <hes>. There's an entity that i feel like he's being unfair to myself. It's not just 'cause we homeys and because you know we've known each the four longtime. I call this guy and asking for advice on things because you're a black man. The first thing i have to do is make sure that you're being protected and that <hes> what you want and what you need him and you feel like they are being denied from. You know and i'm not gonna lead to someone that is doing okay and and that respect. I feel like jay z fell colin kaepernick that because as he seemed to be on co with it then to go and do it and not even have any sort of conversation with him. <hes> in any way to me was i hear de well laid out my pushback. Is this thank you my pushback exists before you point or if you desire to point kapernick and his camp one finger out you gotta put three back to self you gotta clean up your house before you start talking about mine cabinets in partnership with nike nike supplies the leak peak in terms of uniform and apparel so if you have no problem with someone who was partnered with a league that is quote unquote blackballing you because of your nike deal for money for cabinet then why do you now have a problem with a black man who has partnered with the same league that is blackball. You will never answer that question because there's no real reasonable answer that shows hypocrisy. He has answered it. Go to me. Oh so you after that right. You heard right so go. No no no he go to me in that phone. Got the clove with that phone the screen protector this this is why i say go cap has been with nike nike for a long time. Yeah we all do that the the so he had been with nike for a while his partnership with nike started before there was any he had made a decision to sit or kneel. I respect that so his his his his his deal with nike goes back a long way win nike decided to do is just do it campaign. They want it to be a part of it. He used that ah platform to talk about some of the things that he had been wanting to talk about for me. You should to me that is no different than lebron james nike. I want you to be part of this social initiative or or or or or anybody else using the fact that they're signed with this <hes> this this this <hes> this particular corporation to use. I use it for some good to me. Does that mean that he can't have an issue with the n._f._l. Or an issue with the man that he thought was an ally in his issue with the n._f._l. And those things are on the same and that's why at this point. I just wanted to set that up. Lay lay it down. I capper nick and his camp has turned this entire issue from an and issue to either or issue and that's where my frustration grew and maybe boiled over. Look we are all fighting for the same damn thing especially if you from that situation which which is the lowest rung. We'll get into that capper nick. It's supposed to be an it's going to be capping you coming at the n._f._l. You trying to you come. I'm in with nike and jay z is coming to the n._f._l. And he's coming wooded his portfolio and his allies his network and we're supposed to aggregate that what happened was maybe not even capper knicks full doing but nasa eric reed and others have turned us into either or conversation and continue to do it and it started for me. What really jumped on my radar is the entire list of issues that i have with how they showed their leadership was at the super bowl big boy and travis scott and that whole like it's either them being being sell outs or whatever may be are not down with capri nick instead of and they are also trying to increase the platform and awareness trevor scott getting a half a million dollars. Don't sneeze at that so when the conversation went from and like they wanna get in and marceau's anything but when it away from marcellus or van marcellus or either van or him. That's when you lost me brother. That's new you lost sight of not only your calls but how we roll. We look jay z. I am not sticking up for jay. Z obviously when my top five lists. I'm not sticking up for jay z but what i will say this. The game has changed therefore the rules have changed and a lot of people out there. Don't want to read the rule book. It's like this is something that this guy told me now. I was in god like barbados or something and cabdriver was talking about era but he game and wisdom and he was like you know what's funny about people. They never read the manual and he was talking about when you got your iphone soon you do is doing this and you do this right and they're six months later. You be like damn i can't. I can't think mccown's air some and you homie. Come up to you like oh. All you do is a._b._c. You like how you know that already or have you been doing. I'm looking looking at this capture nick situation as in entirety as a whole and saying why we keep talking about race when this has always been argument that has been interwoven between racing class and i i mean you can google cabernet class conversations and it may come up very few searches but you google race ace in this boom. Jay z. understands the class argument and race argument deeper than all of us. I grew up in the projects. I didn't grow up in that. The situation and when jay z is like grown from that to a billionaire status that's class and then you tell me i'm always black never going away cavernous black. That's never gone away now. We got something that we need to understand. We need to fix it for those who have no voice who have no power. That's the lowest wrong in our society where race meets class at its lowest level and the lowest level deemed by society in race is black and the lowest class is in our urban ghettos across america so when knows two things coexist in lie you gotta salute to somebody who's been through that situation or at least say and and you and i let's tackle this. I don't think jay z basque backstabbed because jay z is planet class conversation while cabinet in a large sum mission nations playing more of a race conversation a couple of things number one the very well set a the cabernet <hes> kneeling or sitting sitting had to do with social injustice and police brutality right and and what racial discriminations <unk> pressure okay so which brings up some glass when the police beat the hell out of you <hes> or shoot you or do whatever <hes> very rarely do. They have a bank statement handy <hes> so they they don't they don't know how much you're worth zoom that if you're in a poor neighborhood somebody's take places in poor neighborhoods. It's assumed that these people are poor and everyone was it. Black people are poor but the class argument has more to do to me with the structures that put us in these in these situations than actually has to do with the system of violence that the cops <hes> use against us and how they sort of devalue blocks. I think that there is a component historic work in america to in in a country where black life has never really had any value so that's one thing i understand the argument that has a macro argument that we have to change <hes> through unity and group operations if you ask me <hes> now it's a very important one because can you remember what you're gonna. Say you wanna flex and did not go back. Go for it okay. We have to talk class. Racing class like people have to understand when the rules chains and i don't think i'm hearing this enough and you know me. I'll i'll cool the fan but then i actually hit a switch because i understand what is happening to my people and we are not changing our orleans and learning the new rules so there's so many levels to this but you live with this whilst they got the the the classroom this historically there if you if you look at this historically historically there have been and were <hes> in different parts of the country areas where african americans were thriving economically where african americans were trying to buy homes wherever you saw the airline and inserted effort oh yeah stop that yeah and that those efforts didn't have to do with i mean what's good for one economic group of consumers should be good for everyone that had to do with forbid at french because they hate niggers and so we are in agreement right and what is so. It's and i'm gonna tell you win and so for for me while while we have more <hes> sort of economic opportunity opportunity coalition built like through money than we we ever have. There's still something in america that looks at the black experience in a different way. Oh yeah we have to address that so when we're talking about issues of race and class i think we can do them simultaneously but i don't think it serves us at all to prioritize one over the other no. I'm not even trying to prioritize it. I am trying to say let's give greater emphasis and here's the thing so you're right one. I got to tell my people stopped looking at the black. Existence students myopic view that you're graded how black you are. You're exemption from black. Conditions is based on just police encounters or brutality shootout. That's myopic. There are so many more conditions that keep us down and choke us out in in invisible fashion before we even get to a physical ram to deal with the police and i'm a high like that and that's because a class so what happened is in civil rights they are. Let's say you know rosa parks in fifty five fifty four. It was bubbling. It started all the way to sixty eight civil rights there and all sudden whatever this system is say this overt racism discrimination a nation. We can't get away with this anymore and voting rights act obviously a sixty five things like that and then what started to happen <hes> this go at the class now in coincidence with class is going to be black now in dr king started doing that. What happened him yet bank so listen. This isn't the same as a really that good at dr king's thing was doctor. Dr king looked and saw and l._b._j. And all of these people felt betrayed because dr king looked it and saw okay this is all happen and we have these civil rights but there's still an enormous amount of poor people in america and you won't be able to really zone without that what what they do without became kill right okay so let's talk about it because we didn't kill by the police we kill by the system whatever it is and then they're invisible ways choking you that you don't even feel until you can't breathe anymore so let's talk about it so i feel because looking at the economic disparity of nineteen seventy eight coincidence that soon the civil rights era and there's a line of demarcation nineteen seventy two present day the economic disparity between blacks and whites is exactly exactly the same so something's going on beneath the surface to keep y'all separate as rich as we are becoming. They're becoming rich as well at the same rate and uh-huh and what started to switches this social indicators which is based on class started to say education in nineteen nineteen seventy two x in terms of race so a white kid in terms of his educational situation was two times was greater in a position than a black kid in one thousand nine hundred eighty. I want to know where it is right now. President flipped to x. for class not not for race. A poor kid put in a different social. Condition has a great chance of succeeding by the numbers this go oh beyond the numbers. This is be real about this. Because what is happening is us who are in better condition. We made a little money. No this every wraparound. Oh no everybody i know from competent except the mayor salad days around lives outside a coptic it ain't because you ain't black and because you ain't down is because the condition so so what happened is from one thousand nine hundred seventy. I feel the system said we can't come out you in broad daylight but we could sneak you know they sneak listen to this. They i sneak education. Think about it just in class just to highlight. I gotta get greater emphasis when you broke. Mama moved outta compton. Why education she you can go to that school. She went to that school. She know what it is housing opportunity. You brought that up. Life expectancy is different. Just by way you live your health and quality of life criminal element like i live down the street from rappers and they out here wrapping in heart keeping it real down stuff and living in a different condition right no transparency there but i imagine entertainment incarceration rates homicide rates per capita but worse than all of this. You remember the whole no snitching insisted stitches. I used to discuss why policing facing unreported victimization rates are higher neighborhood in anywhere else right. You know what the problem with all this is if you add up that entire entire piece of gumbo served you we talked about race when we need to talk about race and class to me is defeating us so a lot of us who have ascended class half the highlight debt because what's happening to the people who are the lowest rung who filled the full weight and i admit i don't feel the full weight. Oh yeah police swept me and they still do. I had a shot gun to my head at fourteen by the police sitting on a street corner because they thought i robbed a bank two blocks away and i've been a victim of this and i understand that there is a different condition not just because of police encounters that's too myopic because of all these other things that i just read off and to get deep with it this whole image of black car that i don't even agree with it. I don't even laugh at i don't even i hate when people like i'm gonna tell you black carter kuhn sell. I'm like because what happens is it brings guilt. It brings shame to those who have advanced in their condition. Who really want to give back because i got to keep it down. I gotta to keep it real. I gotta keep it low level when we are defined by that same dam low wrong principle. Do you understand that they define black black people from barbados to virginia law to spread through the south based on the lowest rung master said this this is law. They made us the lowest rung. It's unreal how these predecessor listen to this van when they say what is black in this country it was basically you have no vote on what you are and if you have one drop the one and drop rule of black black now everyone took that on face value and we still been using that definition even though it was defunct federal law and is not a law anymore you know so why that's so damning to us because when they said that you know what those slave masters and owners were doing having having sex with black women raping them raping them exactly raping them and then that child by law was deemed black jack therefore i'm not responsible for that child because that's not me and that child is going to be fed into the system of slavery because he is not my i dependent bra. Our definition needs to be nuanced. His condition is but we know that experience that ain't happening. Well say this. This is what i would say to all of that and this is why this marry the two things all right so this. I'll give you my world view and everything that you just said the obviously economics drive america right <hes> east capitalist capitalist economics job america so a couple of things. A couple of things happened number one. When we talk about economics you can't separate to in my opinion. The the the first indicator of oppression <hes> which is the color of your skin because of the economic deficit that african americans started in the country ringo bronc free labor for x. amount of hundreds of years and then after after that <hes> you have a reconstruction jim crow all of those things which sought to keep african americans in economic stranglehold yes to <hes> sort of prolonged the effects of what became a legal slavery okay <music> so you're right away in an economic sense putting people behind april <hes> now meanwhile that same time western european peasants were coming to the united states and being given millions of acres of land millions of acres of land <hes> mhm to settle on and then start families that atlanta would be passed down giving them an economic leg up in america. The difference between them and us is that they were white so the economic the economic scales in america were tipped from the beginning. Yes as far as nine favor of african americans we go. We go go over the course of history and we look at things that have happened from from a big things like redlining like we talked about to micro things like what happened to black wall street or what happened at rosewood or any other places like that where african americans seemed to have their own economics or we look at the adverse effects economically of integration and how how <hes> the search for the american dream actually tricked a lot of us into believing that shopping at albertsons was better than shopping at the store and i saw all of those things. Let me tell you what the antidote to those things. Economic things are to me greater focus on race and i'll tell you because that's an instinct and i'll tell you like it because what i have to do in order to help advance when i said grades focus on race i mean not greater focus on racism. I mean greater focus on on moving in unison with people who are black and brown and the reason why that is is because that economic <hes> that condition has to become a coalition yeah so i have to look when you talk about what's going on in in <hes> in communities around the world talked to some kids and i looked at the kids and i talked to them and they told me where they wanted to live where they wanna live is obviously they want to go live in beverly hills. They wanna live in and cheviot hills. They wanna live right what they wanna live and places like that <hes> but i told him was that you guys could work together right now and make this community that you live in a lot better than it is right now but what that's going to take. Is you working together gather because if you think at any point that the status quo in america the white male power structure in america the american government it is ever going to invest into what it is that you're doing economically wherever you are. You're living in a fantasy world so if it's going if black people are going going to ascend in america if any marginalized and oppressed group is going to send in america they're gonna do it one way together and in order to do that together there have to be a series of understandings and cultural trust and cultural guidelines that we adhere to one of those cultural guidelines minds is to protect each other and to use whatever influence that we gather and garner to make sure that we're in the best places <hes> despite what what might be going on outside of our community so that means that if there is a black business in your community they get started. They don't have everything going right. They don't have everything you got to patronize them. You gotta grow with them. If there's a black bank that doesn't have some of the things you got to patronize them. You gotta go with them. If if you're an actor right that academy award i know it means a lot to you. Guys show up to the n. double a._c._p. Awards to the b._t. Awards to you have to love yours. Wars that to me is a racial imperative. That's an imperative that says listen. We've tried long enough appealing to the greater nature of american hoping that they would act on our behalf not going to do it so forget about having any sort of a disdain for them. Forget about the resentment that we would have for them right the resentment that you might have for the american structure whip that inside of yourself and turn it into love of for your community. Forget about hating anybody else forget about that. Forget about being mad turned that feeling that you feel into love for your community and love marcellus is work. Whenever you love something you have to work. If you love black the black community you have to work to advance that community. I need and you have to prioritize that community. I that's where the economic sort of a sense of black americans will come when black americans realize that there is something to to be gained by dealing with each other that is not forget. That's my problem with the jay z. Deal with the problem my deal is you have an organization dab believed leave to the n._f._l. That is out to main- maintain a specific status. Quo what happens sometimes in these situations is that organizations that want to maintain the status quo so what they'll do is they'll turn around and they'll pick one or two black people to let into a door and then i'll make us all feel like we're a part of something. I'm not saying that whole won't get yeah right. I believe in j. I think that he will get that right but what i'm saying is. The optics of it straight away is that they're allowed to say listen. We're going to treat this guy specific way but we're never gonna make this guy hole. We're never going to make this guy right but we're going to pick another one of you and we're going to have you you come in here and when you have come here you're going to bring a bunch of people and we're gonna make sure that we can race with this. Black man did. I'm to the point right now what i don't. I don't think that we as a culture should ever ever let somebody who took a risk for us. You fucked over ever again. There was a time where we couldn't do anything about that. When guys that put it on the line were killed when god is put on the line lost their careers my move i do lost screen. Yeah craig hodges losses lost his career. <hes> a bunch of people lost their careers to me. I thought and i had hoped that we were to appoint as a culture that we had reached the cultural zenith to where someone you didn't have to lose their career because they stood up for us and i get that people will go well. Why does he still want to play in the league. He's a football player. He's a guy who's been doing this entire life. It's part of his is identity. He doesn't want to have to give that up because he took a stand for us so whereas no activists is perfect. No identity is perfect. Nobody goes when the with the n._f._l. Settled i came. I was confused. I was like what the fuck is going on. I thought we were also. Let's burn the whole fucking c._b._a. That <hes> i was confused but in context all i'm saying is sometimes as black americans not sometimes fuck that all the time we we have to be willing to bianco all call for each other. I'm not i'm not the type of person. I don't believe a lot of people have called. Even you boy all the time. I don't believe in that type of talk. I don't believe you believe in in the n. Word here that i don't believe they whereas pardon me like light. I'll be honest with the expedition ever had and i'm like that's when i was when i was exactly because i know when i used to dance my grandfather look at me by looking at a little nigger go so he loved me so much. It's just hard to get it up. What i'm saying is laid whereas you're right. You're right the economics. Auditing aw are the things that we were economics. Our even our even want that title and accolade. I'm right but while numbers but what i'm saying is fact weighed that we're going to approach our economic system. African americans yeah is to use the cultural power that we have as being black people in correlate in coalition building building. Oh we can we can. We give me some of this. Y'all batteries. I hope you'll batteries is good because he bought the go what i'm saying is you're gonna have to care about me because i'm black. I'm i'm gonna have to care about this community because they're black. I'm gonna have to care about reaching back because they are black. I'm gonna have to care extra. I don't have to do more work because the people are black. Gotta care about them. I not care about them. I can't go get my now. We want something as a community but our community who here our community our cultural power is undermined by ourselves and i'm gonna tell you how to be together. We have to respect healthily that we are different now. When you hear uncle tom that means you any respecting. There were different. When you say you re respecting that we did when you call them self respecting respect that we different no other culture roles in this like perceptual unison. We try to act like that they do. We just not an culture to realized they fighting every day on a fight on some things but what i will as well. We'll says there's no if you look at other cultures right cultures that weren't splintered like we were right because remember we're coming from having invented culture on the fly so we're coming from a situation to where there's a thousand people in the field fifteen. The people in a house and the people in house live significantly better than they do for the people in the field of looking at the people in the house and going. What did they compromise in order to get what happened what what made them be chosen and rather than everyone trying to work together. You still looking at some people going well. It's more advantageous to be less troublesome to the status. Quo people will have a problem with jason whitlock or any other person like that that they will call an uncle. Tom is not because of what they're doing because they feel like that. Those people not because they have jobs on tv because they feel like those people attack black people to keep those yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah the whole going divide and khan conquered the divide and conquer mantra that you always hear may you you sound like them and then if you sound like them we don't be divided and conquered first of all no. We're not black experience. Black expression is infinite. It's infinite we. You don't want to know that we don't want to act like that's the reality. We don't even want to accept that but it's true there are black people voted for trump that are as black as any other black black person so i know a couple of what's so funny so let me just go around the trump home. Yeah i just wanna tell you i'm telling you at the water. Cooler your boy your boy you went out with last night. Aint talking politics as much was voting for trump now. He got fifty plus million votes. Everybody like. I don't know who they are yeah you do. He doesn't tell you who he was anyway. Black expression has no boundaries is limitless. All expression is to put us into these lanes. Stop it. It's impossible but it's funny because of our infinite expression russian but we don't accept it i ask you what do you think they could divide and conquer us. I ask you again what is infinity divided by to anybody. Go to math class eight damn number. It's still infinity so when y'all come to meet people about dividing and conquering oh my god so small and nearsighted this is something that we need to open up and not either or we keep going and in and listen to this when you make a sacrifice any situation you can think about sacrificed football the doodoo running down bussing away as you made a sacrifice. Wait expecting you to make a tackle but we got him a large odd. I remember the heads buster. Hey coach remember that they if you do do you not gonna play all right man suicide mission right right and it's amazing that sacrifice is not put put in perspective when you talk about capital. There was a net gain that we're trying to get and i look. I don't won't capital lose. His job is he wanted a top ninety six quarterbacks or sixty four in our league. If you go to yes but was he blackballed hell no and i can talk to that later so the thing is we keep putting these limits and tell me right now blackballed. Are you wanna go there. Okay we have to understand what blackball meetings back ball as i see it conspiracy you know the collusion this get behind a closed door. Let's all come to a uniform agreement all right. Let's let's really exchanges information about this guy versus a isolated opinion that is carried by all think about what i say y'all sometimes we all just agree. Even though we even sheridan information we just yeah yeah yeah carmelo's. Is he getting blackball right now. Some say yes some say no. I'm gonna stick to capitol when you are in a situation and you have a contract two thousand sixteen. He's kneeling and you opt out one. You opt out. Why do you about i've been in the contract situation. For why don't you opt out because they don't come in anyway. But why are you up now. Force their hand while you opt out well because one another situation where you leave you leave this situation without a guarantee of another interesting. I will forehead leave that alone. That's just one layer this so oh he apps out denver was trying to trade for him. He said yeah. Let's do this all the terms all these incentives and this two year seven million. I ain't good with that so san francisco you ruined because you opted out denver. You didn't won't because he liked to play for the incentives. Now we go into seattle. We got russell wilson up here. Respect cat but can you service this. Can you serve him get our starter. Right wouldn't built full re then baltimore awesome war baltimore is renamed the public's opinion like they have a fan base there trying to hear out his land. That's why you can go to miami asa cuban about colin kaepernick and they like that's why miami they work so you go to seattle situation. I'm sorry you go to the baltimore. Situation ray rayle louis standing up there trying to go behind closed doors with steve's but scotty the owner any man. I don't know i know good. I know bad. I don't know the situation. I'm trying to look out for the brother. Let's do it. Let's do you necessarily fires off. A tweet. Ray lewis is to kuno owner hugging them slave master owner on who you're supposed to be django stuff four four. Did you contributed to now. It's funny as his own mentor. Dr harry edwards say two things that just jumped off the page taste to me one he said to the n._f._l. Do not make this man and martyr he told roger goodell do not make this mortar find a way to give him an opportunity because if you don't and if he dies on this cross of nearly all yago yago religious fighters guy and cinnamon the martyrdom it happened to two things the the second thing was he said to capture nick read he said about him to beat an inspiration of a movement doesn't mean you have to beata leader. Nasa fired a shot him to adviser. My point is is if you get if you leave t._m._z. usually leave and then you got three other entities showing real interest and you like black black black now you jobless not come to your crib tequila men. They blackballing me and industry. What just happened. Breath see. I'm so invested in this and i'll tell you from day one when capper kneeled. I said to kill them washington charlotte to my boy as we were hosted in our radio show about this. I asked everybody out there right now. If antonio brown wanted to be the leader of a movement about systemic compression ratio injustice and discrimination and police brutality. Would you not sit there say i didn't hate from hello. I let me watch catherine because i knew company everybody before but i don't know well enough to hate and i'm sitting there watching and i'm like no no no no no slander to antonio brown but we all go sit there saying okay watching you know don't forget who can't laws before it is for so i'm respecting his newfound mindset and everything happens in live with everyone having to me having everybody. I hope if not you ain't him all right so i'm not disqualifying them but i'm watching and then what happened was in that situation situation. It started immediately. Go south immediately but we are all blinded by the calls so we stop looking at the character well the first thing he did wrong. I'll tell you i only say it wrong because i gotta be binary so we ain't got on spend twenty hours on his first thing he did was a misstep he he sat down and then they told him. Can you kneel army veterans and everyone can you kneel instead of sit down all right so we go there. I got this thing listed because i i just want to educate. It ain't about how good i look and how real my eagle. I just want people to understand that he wanted to kneel before he was a backup to. I hate that narrative. Stop kapernick. Kapernick will still a starter he had like three or four surgeries lost a ton of weight and everybody's like oh so soon as career is over he wants to know he was talking about this even when he was the man but he was going through the rehab he couldn't fight blaine gabbert off so he missed a lot of time off season so he kneels then he knew he he sits dentures dylan requested the trade talked about then you nil in. What's the second verse you know what happens to second verse. What was the second. I malcolm x. Shirt with who owned it fidel castro now the media wait a minute castro has been accused of killing seventy three thousand people because of their political beliefs. You sure that's who you wanna a day one of your movement. You wanna go someone who was so polarizing. He did church visit. He had a scheduled church visit. All the you know in our who don't would you say by l._a. Is known to flake but don't flake right especially. If you're the leader of a movement self-appointed. He ain't even show up at a church. They disappointed whatever jed york work immediately gives him. A million dollars. Colleen gave a million jed york. The owner gave a million two million dollars. Yes j york sesa privately. Not people notice a meeting of all the police chiefs because this is your calls right in the area at the given a million dollars cabinet show up after saying. Let's let's go okay. Look interesting. <hes> the pig socks. I chip in on that but that's to some trip over you. Gotta remember an n._f._l. World and circles in security all of those guys are like retired f._b._i. Retire police like to do make sure that no-one robs ops us when we sleep in a hotel rooms is a police officer or former police officer off duty and you go there on them. Now you stood a leader of a movement that we're trying to fully interpret corporate digests and really activate but this is what you're doing then he goes out there and talks about he doesn't want to vote. <hes> ooh people fought for our right to vote or not vote so i'm not tripping on that but guess what he did. He said to hillary clinton and donald trump. Were pretty much the same house. Is that a live now. He's not leading and speaking because he keeps stepping in it. See remember. I'm from black expression that my grandma you question god baby so i question any man so he ain't leading. Hey speaking up south. The deal said he angle neil anymore. They retracted that ah whatever miss misreporting whatever then started to go sideways y'all would think that's our waste jason now for me. I was like it takes time to learn activism. It's this is a new world free. I'm gonna shoot my brother down but guess what happened in sellouts and coons and stuff started to come and like i said with the ray lewis and everything then it was malcolm. Jenkins eric re literally fought arkham jenkins on a football field because malcolm jenkins became the leader of the players coalition eighty nine million dollars cap. Nick has given one jed york is given in two. I don't know the rest of their records are not public but i don't think it was eighty nine million right so somebody's getting eighty nine million because your activation capita come aboard cabernet only if you give me leadership position as as a different division a coalition with <hes> intro division. That's is interesting and then your boys josh norman and others alike. Josh norman told aired read. I'm send you a plane ticket. This brother to brother saw saw you come out here and i hope your ass for being this damn contentious which wanna do this we build an offer y'all and they agree taking it because he won't credit cabinet won't credit i yeah we'll have to the people who are voices powerless now when we could get the and going to aggregate going the crazy thing is when i look at it and all those entities he's not got more here but i ain't gonna because then it goes into the nike deal and it goes into the settlement to settlement in labor dispute. Oh respect back act paper labor dispute. I'm glad you to that whole to wasn't a physical me. I love you too much. It's not it's a fact back pain. Okay okay so what you should ask you. Ooh is that what is that the n._f._l. Which hadn't done anything which thirty two owners. Let's start. Let's start there so thirty two owners or x amount the owners all have the same opinion about colin cabinet but they don't have the same opinion about gosh who can he eliminated for whoever but these guys have the same opinion about colin kaepernick but they don't they can't seem to agree about a guy who took his san for social justice but they can't seem to agree about guys who do you is these guys who were scrawny beat the hell out of women murderers manslaughter who who manslaughter all they carry about those guys yeah so those owners can't get to a twenty eight thirty two consensus owner thing about those guys but they can all agree about a black man who stands up for social injustice. That's very telling number number two secondly if in fact those owners didn't think that they had colluded. They have an infinite amount of money. Why would they ever settle that. Oh that's easy. Y got all right so what's the first one settlement and the first one. Was i wanna talk to you about. I know i know oh. There's no doubt they settled because they don't want to be deposed and they don't want those depositions to come out. They don't want the discovery of things that they might have said in emails and things they don't what they really don't want what the n._f._l. Doesn't want anything is for people to know oh colin kaepernick or no colin kaepernick who they actually are so i know exactly the reason why they settled they settled it because of the financial security that column i have had with with the nike situation allowed him to retain gear agos and guys like that or longer amount of time right and retaining those guys and giving him the financial push. I said he needed to fight the n._f._l. They don't wanna be deposed. They don't want to have their emails going through. They don't want people to know some of the things that they've said they don't want to have to lie under oath about some of the other the stuff that all true and for different reasons but for whatever reason no no no that counts now no no no because that paints how you viewed it for whatever reason if if it was if it was because they had said other races shit anytime i'm serious they do they. They didn't want to be the most and and secondly as we're talking about things that colin kaepernick mistakes they might of made get if colin kaepernick or any activists or anyone i mean malcolm max was silenced by <hes> by muhammad for speaking ill at a very sensitive time about assassination of j._f._k. So no man is perfect in and we're even going there on it. So what what what i would say this. Well we leave out about colin. Kaepernick is that he started know your rights camp where he loves it all around the country like talking to children about their rights and from all over the place to talk about that he did start a one a a one million dollar pledge <hes> he did <hes> establish <hes> initiatives all over the country to to deal with parolees cutdown recidivism. He did get a plane to go in eight people in somalia in their time of need. He has been doing work yeah ever since he was given the platform and jay z has done that work and more any other. Let me let me do this. He definitely done but when moore jay z but we're not adding them up. No no it all count no no. I'm not i'm not i'm not jay z and many more have done as much as he has fantastic but what i'm saying is while we're talking about things that colin kaepernick has done done wrong or things that people might have said the colin kaepernick has done to hurt himself what he tried to do since what he has tried to do since he's been given this platform platform is used as platform to affect the lives of people who cares about and people who invested in the community he has done that ryan and he has done that and he's been more than a mouthpiece for. He's been someone who's actually done action for money. Where's my life and what i would say about what the n._f._l. And what rock nation have is if the n._f._l. Wants to give money to to causes that have to do with social justice that are going to be suggested to them by the players in the league. They don't need jay z for that and they can go to the players in the league as them yo. What do you need to give it to the reason why you involve hoven that. Which is you guys if we're being ru who is a music and entertainment partnership reason why you involve hoping that is because he's one of the two guys in america that can make the culture turn the page on colin kaepernick past yeah and the reason why they want to get past it to me is because they are wrong. There's something that is sticking in the craw about the way they treated this particular black man black man that stood up for other black people what i don't like despite the work that jay z might get done with the n._f._l. What i don't like is any any time the white american power structure the status quo can use a black man to erase another one and that has been something thing. That's been happening here since the country was founded on the backs of our ancestors and it's something that we have took fuck and stop letting them do okay. I want you stay objective as much as you can as much as i can because if you are a judge in a courtroom right now <hes> you can't come in with bias. You're not supposed to your human being i get it but to judge what bias aw thought this happened before as you say historically this happens this justice case by its merits and only just can't get away from america's his not. They just want to start micro before we go macro. Can we do that. We basically you went to school with me all right. Let's go here backpay. You started off all of this. I heard i love this ammo type and chevy tucson lunar backpay think about it you in your eyes. They're colluding. They're blackballing him back. Pay just stick with the lens of back pay. I'm suing for back pay. Do you have a job yet no so i ask you. Why are you so for back. Pay right now if you haven't even gotten to full of crewmen of what your back pay is if i'm out of the league for now is three or four years years going on three years to four years. I'm waiting a duration to get the maximum of that which is accrued. Who sued i'm for back pay when they are. They knows in attempt to sue for back. Pain cats d'alene elite that back pay is still growing but he already sued for. They're gonna sewer again. Okay respect if something if it does. I don't know double jeopardy counseling this situation. Who doesn't i mean. I can't say for sunrise careful here but i but i have a strong feeling that these that the suit will be brought down okay but i'm just pushing back to say any interest in it the homicide man i'm suing. I'm suing in target man. They let me off the back pay a._o._l. Coluna something you like all right. Why are you sir right now. No because you still ain't got a gig so won't you gave first and then you can add up. Exactly backpay really means because you have an ending dentsu you get the most they control when you get hired though so. How can you do that because we are hiring. If you never get on the team then you can never sue no. No no you wait to the statue stipulate issues and limitations statute of limitation by your by your rationale if he wait so he's back into the lead to launch the lawsuit. There's no guarantee that he'll ever be back in the league so robby sitting on the lawsuit improper. I'm not thinking for cap. I just thought that was peculiar. I thought that was interesting when i still got time to add this up when you when you got when you know sooner day one i know he was back pay day one day one. He didn't sue day they won because there wouldn't have been enough evidence of collusion because it wouldn't have drunk all in long enough yeah yeah after a couple of years and peterman throws nine interceptions in fifteen minutes and and you start to look at you look at things and go. There's something going on here. What's you have sort of an evidentiary thing there. After a while i get it you go. This looks bad letting i respect his position and doing it but i thought that was a little interested me personally if i had to go because you ain't got enough dough to ever fight the n._f._l. So let's not act like he was waiting to get his big bank up to their big bank so you pick a point where you're like enough evidence and i wanted to sue for back. Pay back. Pay is still growing laid out alone. Now we talk about why did the n._f._l. Settled can we still like talk to people under educate them to understand that when you settle it doesn't it's not an admission of guilt sherzad. There's no so when everyone n._f._l. Doesn't want to get a post you damn right. It could have been about the turf. It could be about a lot of situations. It can be about player safety safety n._f._l. Settled on player safety they settled on the medical issue then head trauma because as you i've been in this position before i got sued by gartner do who in buffalo because he planted tropical flowers in buffalo in the winter sumi four a g assuming super for fifteen hundred. I said my lawyers gonna re. Retain this for five g. So guess what tastes that'll take a thousand get out face and four thousand dollars. You can have it ah but my point was. This people always think that sisters settled got high. It's amazing we look at things by if if you ask somebody why and if they hide or protect they like the answer matter of fact but if you asked about who got something to hide and protect why guilty not the n._f._l. Got fifteen billion dollars last year. You'd think they want to open up a can of worms and discovery no matter what the issue is in terms of you know no one their books and their agendas to bad ugly post. The timing of the settlement pose nike deal makes me think that the n._f._l. Understood that there will be a longer process to drown colin kaepernick financially <hes> than they thought that it would be so and become thought right because because of that and the fact that they didn't want to be deposed and all these they they decided it would be better off to settle. Do i know for a fact that there was some kind of smoking gun to collusion allusion. No no that's nearly impossible probably wasn't what i do know. Is that at some point. These guys decided. It's better if they don't. I know what it is that we're doing and maybe not on this issue or maybe maybe on a maybe on a litany of issues so they got other lawsuits going on at at the same time and it's good that we're talking about this as in depth as we are. Thank you and this is. This is my thing what i'm asking what i'm gonna ask you right now. All right is very simple because you're you're a heady brother. You're good brother days. I've never heard anyone say a bad word about you. You ain't been taking the last week or to your brother. Do you believe leave that what colin kaepernick dig looking at his world and trying to affected to minimize systemic oppression police brutality. Don't you think he did the right thing. Do you think he did the writing and everything he's done every step of the way i knew no. I'm just saying the totality about. I'm not gonna go micro tally audi. They know i'll tell you know and i'll tell you why so you don't think colin kaepernick get the right to know <hes> here's a here's why when you're at the lowest rung designated by society when you had no choice when you're black and poor and in the ghetto data that's what this world has made the epicenter of hell like anywhere in this world you go there black poor ghetto especially in america who they they they. You're under full attack you get out. You're never going to escape the race conversation but if you can change condition you can change things. Why did i if i had to vote. Kapernick did right or wrong vote wrong because i'm into resources. I'm into materializing. I meant to monetize it. He's done tremendous two million that i know of and probably millions more but then i lost j._j. Watt different calls differ reason just instead of being adversarial and this is a different call so it's tough to be ever cereal with hurricane relief but in alliance guess what he raised forty one point six million record two million the record forty one point six but no no no no don't do me like that but <hes> they'll do me like ours is so jay. This is a black. I'm not going like a white. I'm just going i. If we go get some measurable out of this you can't put the to do. I love you to look. I'm thinking like that's interesting. I'm not even oh compared j._j. Watt and all that i just like when he had everyone either loved him for the cause or love to hate him because they was against the calls you got him. You floyd mayweather money way whether that's why he's the highest paid athlete because he got he's loving them eleven to hate him polarizing cabinet had that and he's winning every award he's on everything and then he gets silent. My little joke is like bad boys. Moving silence and bad leaders michael eric dyson said you need to people in any protests. Somebody else is agitated. Somebody inside activating activating. We got him outside agitate agitate. We should be pumped but we not because we choose him because capper nick and his camp. It's made us choose when the calls is getting awesome choice. Here's my thing why those okay those guys the guy outside and the guy <hes> inside they need to be on code they'd be they need to be on code. That's all i would say. I would say i would say i would say that if you're gonna if you're gonna if like the guy inside the guy outside and the guy got inside aren't on code <hes> then one can be played against the other one yeah yeah and so for me. I get what you're saying cat went silent but he never stopped doing well now. You're my point. I have a foundation people people coming at me so siwei. I just laugh 'cause they. Tell you that reason long story short. This guy got off a plane that he was a hostage. Stockholm syndrome going on airline flight attendants intimate it mentally ill with the guys with the guns and he walks off the gun. You walk off the plane and it like interviewing. Were you scared. Crazy shook you. You know people walk into here with guns and stuff. Oh my god you know what he say. I've been scared if you know what he meant what he said was. I went through the holocaust nelson i use the mosquitoes do need to so when i use a bomb scare then i could really clearly see what your intentions and what you're really here for for capri nakedness situation y vote wrong is because i have a foundation i won man of the year walter payton fail three times for my squats. It's three times and you know what i didn't do. I kept working and i still do works but i'm not going to stand up with that responsibility and connect with the voice system powerless and dingo silent on them even if i'm still working because that's a responsibility that comes from when you take that knee now. It's time to take a stand. Everybody has to join your name and that's why i kept silent but i was leaking 'cause like that's a huge responsibility. You know me so many go to camps. They have their foundations. They give millions of dollars. Let's not act like cabernet. They wanna be more than that he did but when you are supposed to be more than that you have to be all of that and he didn't didn't he let he let that go short. I don't like to compare them against j._j. Watt jay z. me anybody but if i say damn i've been able to new x and i've been doing that in silence relative to what he did and you only did x. plus. I think that's my the issue. I know it's so unfair to compare what a lily white boy does. After a hurricane to a black man that's trying to get america jay z to blattman. I managed to get america to look at themselves in the mirror and address the way they're treating activation and they have historically strip that their humanity and the fact the the the the times that happened in listen this why i will say more cells disagree about this. We agree on the hot. Dogs agree on many other things i actually i don't even know if the bears get john back there. We agree on a great many other while we don't want to leave this conversation station in disagreement and not in <hes> like discord or in. We're not gonna like you know what i'm saying like. That's how they wrote. Oh i mean look. I know i know other people out there. Will i never that way. I don't shoot at you like that. I just like look my biggest problem. <hes> <hes> cap is that he ain't if he as sticking up for himself and silencing all this watch it i keep doing your works but do those works in a manner that didn't need read all of these people attaching their hearts and minds to you and then it feels like what's next and no one has that answer. You know what you in turbulence. Let's on a plane. What calms you this. Is your captain speaking. Everything's okay up here. What if you don't hear that from your captain. You know what you're thinking. Ooh mama that listen well best point at this point is as soon as the plane wobbles a little bit on you hit on a little mike and tell me because because they'll even tell you sometimes before hey just let you guys know we gotta turn off this but but if he would just start shaking and i don't hear that weird thing and you see the flight attendant running for the c. You think maybe it's been fun. Hey the white the person that we have left clap his brother go. I'm out of here. We did this for a while by so. Tell them about everything that you got coming up brian everything that you've got going on. Oh man <hes> almost speak for yourself every day noon pacific to one thirty with jason whitlock <hes> you boys in the community community <hes> got a few events coming up marcellus wiley dot com and before we before we move on because i want to say this say conform to move on on. They're going to be people that are going to divide this up right. They should be people that are gonna be available sizes. I don't want you to just say what you just said before. Oh you move on. I want you to tell people because around here in in los angeles is evidence obvious and we all know it. I disagree with you be emily on the cabinet situation but i want to tell people how much you do for the community in los angeles before we move off of of this because if you are here you know what's going on in these different places you know what the brothers putting it in his community and even if you came into this thinking about it one way you know that this guy is walking and talking and i want you. I i never do this. I want you to tell people here some of the stuff that that that that you do so they know that even though we're disagreeing even though they might disagree right that people's lives are being made better <hes> because you may not have motherfucker money. They still broke up. Nobody damn foundation. <hes> let me say this man. I had a moment of full circle moment. I've had to one on a football field. I grew up john elway. Fan man and mama was like you ain't buying no damn foot locker jersey for that sending nine ninety nine number seven elway. My first game in the n._f._l. Was against the denver broncos mile high stadium. I'm at the fifty arline not warming up because i'm a backup and bruce smith is out there getting it and i turn turnaround and i look right behind me three feet maybe that john elway not footlockers urging the man full circle in that way in the community off-the-field a full circle man <hes> grandma show of competent last year which really hit home because that that that parade started across across the street from the competent cemetery. I got a lot of family buried in there and i mean it brought me to tears to look and say damn they the their little teddy bear. That's what they call. Me is right here front of them trying to lift through them and this exists is to help others. I'm all about the fork in the road dude in and gal. I'm all about because i was that close man. I could have got sniped out. The conditions ate me alive. I could have not been aspirational as i was. Whatever it is that is filling the the full weight of this are could lost and it's been a win so far in in some mation and i want everybody to sit there and had that same same empowerment that don't look at circumstances. Don't look at what everyone says. Your expectations are should be that really just tap into who themselves into their s.'s and makes the best of their life. It makes their their dream a reality so what am i doing. I'm doing it everywhere. <hes> <hes> whether i'm working with a in a positive coaching alliance ravin all these athletes and making them greater than the game if i'm doing my project transition my foundation if i'm doing that with l. a. eighty four i'm doing that with compton and always out there ways your brown and others <hes> venus serena masterpiece all of us. I'm not into this whole i gotta move as silence and no receipts but if i ever stand up and say look at me is going to be something to look and i'm never going sit back down and doubts where i am with all this situation respect the stop nai-ping each other and less is to build and if the spirit of nessa nessa eric read to me is not in building. It's in sniping. I don't buy that bill. I love you. I love you less than one thing for me she she might be deep into game. She got the rules. Miss the hell out of you. That's colin. I love agreda especially love. You 'cause you from l._s._u. Shot l._s._u. timpson.

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