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TV Show is on today we love it Adam Devine he is Stephen Adam Devine is delicious is that what they say welcome welcome welcome to armchair expert I'm Monica Shepard I'm joined by Dax padma-nathan boy you know of one of the stars of our favorites yeah has his own pizza and stuff he's awesome at it but we go over every Sunday and I gained seven pounds every every Monday or something and the next day I feel like I didn't eat ball I feel like I'm probably the last few years the healthiest I've ever been okay but fi like h e exclusive offer to Arm Cherries get ten percent off and free shipping when you use Promo Code Armchair at Brooklyn Dot Com Brooklyn in is so confident in their product that all their sheets comfy out the luxury markup see most bedding is marked up as much as three hundred percent what Brooklyn and does is they cut out the middleman they go direct to consumer in a gives you a head everyone we hope you have a blast listen Adam Devine one little reminder we've added a second show to Nashville we'll be in Nashville Saturday November second we're going to be putting on Nashville is going to be a big party enjoy Adam delicious we are supported by Brooke Lennon my favorite sheets to slide nude into and swat that can show for everybody so tickets are on sale or website www armchair expert pod dot com in you'll get a ticket link there so please come see us in Central Series workaholics pitch perfect mike and dave need winning dates and of course our favourite show the righteous gemstones he brilliant on that or what have a price on some very high quality sheets and towels and they don't just feel great they look great too you can mix and match over twenty colors and patterns my Brooklyn and she orders and tells come with a lifetime warranty the only way to get ten percent off and free shipping is use Promo Code Armchair at Brooklyn Dot Com that's B. 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OCD type people like me who would have ruminated on how how are these spellings because my sleep is more important than fucking whether or not I wear diapers if I could just sleep through all that I feel like I would be much happier and healthier sure sometimes it's founded in every night event it's not no okay I'm every night bad night three times a year areas mad I can't go back to sleep this has led to a thing I'm here I am seriously you'll think this is a bit but I'm sincere I'm considering training myself to go in diapers again all four years now yeah okay you're still together okay great so we're twelve years I'm predicting for you in about twenty months you'll just become this orbit her life you won't really have any features or tractive anything you'll just be this force around her which is where I'm at like people will say like I've gotten in good shape for movies and they'll go like oh I bet kristen like that Chris has no idea whether I got in shape gained thirty pounds each is oblivious to it I feel like Khloe also doesn't care if I'm in the best shape and tried to keep it impossible to keep it you can keep it but boy the quality of life really goes into the basement doesn't yeah yeah like to e almost no carbs and all that for just a fat trash heap the high she doesn't Care Oh isn't that nice guy it's yeah it's great I think I think when I gain weight and then you're spending more time on the couch just cozy and when we first met Oh you weren't now I was I was like the fattest I've ever been which I'm like I'm glad that I met her you're in my plump has stayed he had sure because Rotan and then like I started dating and then I got in great shape for a movie it's rough right I don't I don't like so as an effect on my Boehner's did did you when you got in shape did you go like high protein low carb yeah for the most part movie kristen I did Sunday through Thursday was glycogen depletion so almost no carbs right and then Thursday into Friday night was carb loading and I would be a noodle all week and then I eat like two boxes of fruity pebbles hard as a rock always nine even necessarily horny just I would be in gorge you have to do something with you absolutely adore or your father on a righteous gemstones John Goodman in the early years of Roseanne like you could see the football base won't be able to eat that way and maintain erections no see same actually though when I did it I was about the Ju- did it so I was thirty two when I did it for this does your wife feel about that she seems fine with it I really have a senior next door was a low bar also you with your gale she's like okay then she can eat worse better about doing that sure sure sure well that's kind of what happens in relationships right like you meet each other and you're both did you notice any my bones were okay they were solid again thirty three at the time we write a few more years and yeah he was a football player and there was a ton of mature muscle under there yeah a lot of and then some padding dacians yes dense dense maturity not to the touch from the outside but for you personally but firm there's a layer of muscle underneath I wouldn't dad thought were funny actors and would go on talk shows and were trying to play it cool or like not being fun Mike Ensure I was aiming to be an actor but I knew I really wanted to be on Letterman like I wanted to be on a late night talk show more than I wanted to be on Saturday night live or anything today's show I did I actually did I did like you know what I like about it and I'm sure you've experienced this in many different ways but when you can feel the malleability okay good so you're not wrestling with any of those issues no not yet now you're a young man and you in general how does your body feel second to says I look like an athletic dad you do you do you remember what you're too young probably but did you ever first of all you look thanks thanks have to work sure shift chain yeah yes always coast and you were a guess yeah it was cool that you were doing that I liked doing those shows like for the most part easels and I just kind of like that look where it's like like I used to be a hell of an athlete and now he's comfortable that's exactly what I'm working out for now is so when I do have kids does today shows like it's I love when my mom calls me and she's like Oh my friends just saw on the day show that's cool I could not agree more I'm not even odds got popular a couple years ago when a dad and that was like Muse on the Internet I'm like saying gone my time has arrived to do something like that like what you did guest hosting spa yeah like I don't know if I would like to have my own today show like to be the new Matlab the time the time passes differently in different situations yeah I'm fascinated by that because that was an hour long show that we hosted in to me it felt like seven and a half minutes you'd podcast and you can do all different kinds of things but I'm like every day showing up at four am and being chipper and then all of a sudden you look up only got two hours flew I kind of I don't know why just enjoy when it warps like that yeah that's cool I feel like I always would like to fire but it's fun when you put yourself in that situation like I only got it right all the way through one time and then the next day we didn't have time to run the whole me truthfully thank you thank you guys one of my favorite looks is Al Bundy season one of Married with children thing I relate to that and I remember I wanted to be on Saturday that was like my German thing I really wanted to do but talk shows I remember like when people that I see morning and never you can never have like any real opinions on things you're just it's true I mean I'm more of the mindset thing we just did it and it worked yeah I kind of compare it to talking to a girl you don't know something happens to my adrenaline that kicks my Berkshire because it's just flying and all of a sudden you're going to run through in different segments pitch to it's like we're getting restaurant when it's like slam we're with the button and all I would have more Bu- I don't know why he stops there but like to be the new Guy Lean on TV that also can kick me into that hyper zone where I don't really know how to access without the stakes absolutely I think that's why SNL performer get you to my knowledge I don't think so I was co hosting the Today Show our our of it probably inflating what I did there's just at our jobs is like it changes all the time like you go and you do a show but that's only for a few months of the year and then you could go off and do movies or I do stand up allowed on it only did a few talks he passed away and he would go and do cartwheels and like jump on Yes it's fun or Will Ferrell like I think rain into a gear that I can't access unless I'm trying to impress a girl that's when it's at its best traditionally over my life in so also the stakes of family like I remember I was on tour doing stand up and I was on my tour bus and I remember got the call and I was just silent for like thirty seconds my agents are like is this a good silent now my there's have that extra gear yeah and why so many of them have gone on to be so successful because it is something about like being in front of a crowd like four or five hundred okay all right so I was on the back end of that whatever that money our after everyone's gone home down the road their friends will be like Oh I bet your dad to be only used to be really good show I had never met they lied to us they be like this yes yes oil was like you gotta go for it and that's why I love like Chris Farley when you would movie so I had no time to like I like two weeks to be in the writer's room to figure out what we were doing yes so like I this whole like song and dance number addresses the beast at the opening of the of the movie awards and I had I had like three hours to learn the song the day before and so yeah it was like trial by Oh to like when you do I would love to host when you like see places like that and then you see the tonight show or camel or or whatever doc I'm a big fan of workaholics I've seen every episode aw I'm like my brain just melted and then I really wanted to talk to him about it but the guy was already and that's a problem yeah that's fun guy like the party Yeah I'm like I don't know if I could handle doing that every day because what's Yeah I was excited but like we scared as well it was nerve wracking because I was shooting a movie I finished the tour and then went right into like holy shit this place as tiny with these option of Letterman's old studio and now Colbert that's a pretty big place you've done for and I was able to do letterman for six months before he retired I was so excited and then he leaned over after our segment and humanity I just love to do I wanted like look back when I'm old and be like oh I did a lot of weird stuff yeah yeah I did all the stuff hosted MTV movie awards joke kind of fell flat and then like I tried to say live from New York it's Saturday night live for like I said live from the right I've been there yeah I've watched the show and and it's like it's pretty small that's a small crowd but then you realize there's you know but that stage when I saw it in real life and like things that you've kind of grown up watching and yeah and then you see how tiny it is when you're actually there of had the exact same experience it's always the same reaction is a bit it read like I yet regicide I'm coming in walking all goofy but in fact I just rocked myself some of his best performances in movies and or sorry are on like Conan or these other talk shows you wrote it out he's in a character yeah did you like hosting the WHO told you it's time to go I guess he'd been there for like he's the guy that taps you to to walk out Oh yes yes every one of the they have somebody that does that about to cross the road pushing your bicycle yeah and what happens you don't win the lottery someone out of the manhole cover the gay touched me and then I acted scared of the fuck fuck with them and then he goes now it really was time to go when I stepped out and you have to take a hard right turn your and I walked right into the poll pool in the camera into the convenience store and my buddy was across the street and he was yelling come on and I took that as the coast is clear come on but what he gave me the chills when I looked at it it's yeah for I'm not religious but I feel like it would be standing in Saint Peter's something if God's opening have you ever shit the bet on a talk show or I did not well on Conan once I wouldn't say shit the bed I remember like like my goodness I steered the the site that they come out of and I was like God i just started thinking of everyone I've seen walkout there in do that monologue and it just circle and was hit by the cement truck coming down the other side at eleven years old eleven taken under the wheels spit out broke everything from my every show you sit around the table together interesting Lino remember that like really old man who those are real no I was walking across the street this is in Omaha Omaha Nebraska born in Iowa but you moved to Omaha born on Waterloo Iowa and lived there and think I think like six or seven weeks something like that and what is your reaction to being there are you do you feel a stupid that happened you feel grateful find me it's just someone's nice grandmother that was working for the day but but this guy has been there forever and he goes now as like to go and there's pins through my knees and and that are holding them up yeah and you know every adults in my life standing over me just crying staring at me sailing stage measury type and Letterman's guy guests had been there since I could someone told me he's like dare sens Carson they're like oh he's been there maybe someone was APPs logging Yup everything's broken below the way yeah yeah yeah and there'd probably talking amputation my personal good job of like shielding me because I didn't I moved to Omaha when I was ten and so I'm eleven now I've been there about six months versus summer going into sixth grade I made a few new friends and we're going Sundays is just a sure cloudy up there so I'm sure you're sick of telling it but I also don't think anyone could possibly understand without the story which is when you're a little kid all three centers going up the hill in two or coming down at the exact same and so after the third one pass going up the hill on my side of the street I walk out with eleven years old so I'm still like a kid and it heard a lot like even with all the drugs I knew that this is painful and I'm in traction and just meant come on let's go to the convenience store I'm a child I WANNA eat candy impatient yeah and I grew up in the suburbs new houses are being built every day and aw so that's what I knew like it was real yeah give a memory of that actual experience or does it just feel waist down besides my right Femur oh then crushed everything from the knees down and took all my skin off your in for two weeks yep you're Saturday night and what I don't know and then I try to say a word and it just came out wrong and he's like oh you're not really on today and I'm like Oh okay and then it ended up being I gotta keep both legs and how long are you in the hospital I was in the hospital for almost two months whereas before we were actually running good so and then what follows is twenty six surgeries yeah no I don't remember like what happens when you have a dramatic event like that my body went into shock and I can't remember like a few hours beforehand L. Conan but I've been I've been on it eight times now so he trusted that it was an off day dragging me away and I'm like what he said to me well what we do when we write it oh you mean writers I'm ricocheting off so my family and friends were like what are you doing a fun dance or what was read you're live do you feel scared you're never gonNA walk it was on like so many drugs that was going to be one of my questions like I was just floating in there and I was still just a in hindsight it actually worked out for me because like they had an announcement at school like it was in the bulletin like parents were talking to their kids to like be nice to me it and then two weeks afterwards because I was in a medically induced coma yeah what if it was later discovered you murdered someone in that two hours before her busted my knee again playing basketball but that was back on crutches and then and then off the crutches with all these surgeries twenty six year on opiates full time since then how did you do junior high were you home schooled during that period or high owing in a wheelchair was home schooled for half of my sixth grade year and then I went in a wheelchair do things to say back to them I would go home I'd write in notebooks like possible mean thing you could say to me in retorts so I just had like in India basin anytime anyone would like make fun of me my dad's like you can't get in a fight so you've gotTa Punch them back with your words like think of some fun doc the feeling of not having my wits about me right and I feel like those painkillers just dumb you down and slow everything down AH notebooks notebooks full of slams these kids ages annihilate them and then no one could beat up the kid in the wheelchair who can't defend themselves a over how many years by my freshman year of high school so like twenty six within that time right and then I busted my nearby you know they're not coming up to an eleven year old boy going they're going to take your legs we'll be right back yet because they're gonNA take them at three pm aw I'm I'm the new kid like no one who I was before starting school there right and then all of a sudden I go and now everyone knows who I am and everyone's been pretty nice to me I'm like this is real like I've never seen my dad is like a tough guy you know what does he do he just retired he was conductor for the do you not feel anything and I don't like to be the dumbest guy in the room yet you know what I'm sure well I am and stuff all the time on and off them what was your relationship with like did you come to like them did you come to look forward I hated him you hate it I don't even though kids can be Dick's but like I would have been the kid that was like started maybe being nice to you and then I would have seen how much attention you're getting our got jealous and then maybe I would have had to take a shot at up until then like I'm a kid but I was like Amish Jock I'm an athlete run of your professional baseball player that's all there is to it yeah and then after that you need a new idea there's a thirty percent chance they're gone so just so you know but they were saying the Prague ATP take them then it was they're going to have to take one then then just my right like smoking cigarettes and like twelve thirteen starting like steal their parents vodka and like makes them with their gatorade yeah I was just watching Ren and stimpy banging back oxygen grownup now right so like for me I did a lot of that when I was younger and I reverted back to my youth instead of like all those kids like sneaking off building for all these things did you feel like eleven is when you start to like stop doing stuff like that at least eleven is when you're like no I'm really was just like a true kid again when everyone else was sort of growing up I was just like watching they gave me a free membership to me in St Movies which is our local like blockbuster oh you know the local one mom-and-pop shop and they were like as many movies as you WanNa rent for as long as you want to rent them oh so really not a super tough look yeah yeah yeah but by the time you get to high school you're done with the wheelchair or where they're periods as well in high school no I was done with the wheelchair yeah like is this an adult perspective to feel this way or would you be aware of it as a kid like a missing like the three years I would be most riding my bike most going out and railroad for five years never saw him cry right and then he's just like shaking and bowling and I'm like yeah we'll see I am I need this I got this covered did you at all have a sense of the laws had been hit on your life when I was thinking about your yeah there was there was something of that for sure I ran into a few allies but I think that's like Kinda why I got into comedy because how they gave that three years okay you've seen this so I truly saw like every movie go down smash selling them for okay he's divine why you don't need to say delicious if you're already you know him from so many things he's an actor comedian screenwriter producer Anna Singer he's the CO creator of the common eight years for me it was all flesh and Chevy Chase movies and all that and early Bill Murray but for you was it sandler it sandler and Farley and that's all I did was watch movies and comedy and you liked comedy the most yeah comedy and action okay so you're eighty-three yup okay so they were like no this isn't Adam and I'm like Mike no like every other male member of this family yes I'm really glad it worked out that way because can you access your early Chris Farley now my voice ah it was better oh okay 'cause then when I would lower it it still was like that high pitch Chris Farley yeah and I remember my voice changed on the Waylon Jennings just because I'm imitating and I will find my way into tunes just by being here but I can't do it with my own voice it's weird is and now you liked it so much what age do you think I'm going to somehow try to pursue this is that in college now it was like really young actually like I couldn't walk a tune for more armchair expert if you dare we are supported by neum now getting in shape isn't just about losing weight Radio Oh red I called in and voice was cracking all the time you know I'm like seventh eighth grade and I call in and they as Google yet drives me down there and I never talked to them a not in character my goes always in character because I was afraid they'd get mad if they knew as a little kid in a wheelchair Renzo okay it's about learning healthier habits and feeling better about yourself whether that's more stamina to keep up with your busy life finally getting those goal genes being more in tune with your body's I mean it's like this you know yeah yeah I remember when my voice changed like for whatever reason when I had a higher pitched voice it was like part of their like afternoon our like come down we want to put you on every day you like you can 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I feel like they're currently would be uproar that I thought that's what was kind of brought out during the oh my ex girlfriend was a singer Johnson right yeah I'll Riyan day she was a singer so you did that for seven years it ended up being seven seasons and six years but we worked seven years you did like nine months Komo up to go to film school in at film school because he couldn't get into the film school at Orange Coast Community College okay that or like you start to go down a road and you got stuck down that road before creatively so you don't even bother to go down anymore when maybe you should we've had so much pent up creative energy that it was like your first album right yeah it was like awesome it got harder like season five oh we've already done a thing it I got the call when I was twenty five and then really started to work on it when I was twenty six we didn't know what we were doing like we literally honors had written a few SPEC scripts but like the rest win down there and I met Blake in Kyle Anderson and Carl new check that ended up do more golics with day one of Improv class community college that's cool that they had an were there any breaks on that yeah there's seven or eight months of the year and then towards the end like I was leaving to go to movies why would like through nine or ten oh wow and we were like no we gotta go World War Two of US are dead yeah comeback in the writer's room flight three weeks and then have to leave to go do Xyz did they resent you for that or are they happy for him yeah I think they hate my God a college town when that shows coming out what type of person are you how are you handling being on tv our you Is Your Ego you enjoy about it I did my special came out on Netflix ABC divine best alive and I knew that material front and back finish shooting season two but season one already been out and season two was starting to come out while I was down there and so it was pretty crazy it was crazy like being in how many talented people are out there I worked at the Improv for years before getting any sort of shot and so I saw all these like super funny guys and I saw running away with you do you think you're like six months away from being sandler what kind of yeah I I definitely never thought about like Gibson the road the I am on God right for television as we were shooting show right and it was that part the hardest the the writing of it yes I feel like the first season how like people would get a big head and come in and then like six months later it's not working that well for them or they get a show and now they think they're the hot shit and then look at it like when I was a kid if I told myself when I was fifteen or sixteen years old when I was first starting to truly dream about like this sane they arrive there and say not real turn very old Timey I just learned this year that there are other verses of that song that get downright racist am rocket ship I had a similar experience yeah but I think for the most part you know as I was like always life yeah if I told myself that I got as successful as I currently am I would be on the moon couldn't agree more you always have to look at it like I hadn't written any Spec we would just write sketches right fanned up Mutt we want right you know SPEC scripts for TV so we like literally were reading books on how to Nice to people and everything like that by the way regardless of what you say the proof is in the pudding because basically when people have dips and they stick around that's basically how you know someone's Fund Evan you'd probably could've figured it out but yeah it gets hard to feed that machine right would just storylines yeah I'm glad we did our seven seasons in comedy central wanted take us search for like two months we kept going out million knives our office was when the atom is inglorious Baton Rouge Louisiana Right staying at a very nice play yes pitch perfect that show ended up getting canceled and coming back into the club on a Tuesday with their tail between their legs yeah like I had seen enough of that to not fully be a maniac I always I was getting myself into I literally didn't read the the sides before going to the audition I just read pitch perfect I thought it was a baseball movie and that's not during my stuff together so right we did and then like you did in the my space era right your stuff there in my space and then I remember when I got the script and I went and did the audition and went really well and a offered me the role in my like you're doing it there you can't see we met and I was like God this guy with the curly hair as a superfund you'd like a tight little cute Afro and I'm like Oh he's so funny and then Kyle was like a direct and we're not we're no longer like young guys that are drinking doors on the move blake and kyle all have children yeah well I mean the Christie thing is is like everyone's like oh comedy central Not Making any money but like I was making Zero Money Br really funny in this movie sucks won't be on you but you will be funny right and then Blake was like yeah and then we were working late and he comes into my office Micah Oh this is okay fuck yeah yeah and then you know like I always related to back to my parents and tell them what I'm making to like say that that's not a lot of it I was just doing like commercials and stuff to go from like making nothing to make where I've tens of thousands in the bank account like the first big is that the damn I shot that between season one and two how early real early and we actually just my best friends like we all lived in the house together all this except for Durr's Oh there's like had a girlfriend that he's married and has two children with but like me yes so it was fun like making money like together yes so we each went out and bought a car on the same day the meeting with them tonight so I'll ask them yeah I think for the most part they're happy I I'm sure they were like kind of occur we in this room and I know but I was like waffling on the idea because I'm on like workaholic switching is a cool colty you have street credit yeah comedic streak crashed that hits perfect pitch perfect pitch yes wanNA miss that wasn't Jordan exactly okay so pitch perfect though is a bill cartwright they're getting the boards hit I mean a really really big hit and then there's a sequel and then you do that how long after that a year after year year and a half Mike that yeah and like I don't know if doing a song and dance movie is the right move and I gave it to my guys in in honors read it and was like this is funny I think you're going to be was able to curate and get like new talent it was sort of their live at Gotham it was their new or the premium blend yeah and I was able to like you can't do it dude oh no yeah and he's like you'll tear down everything building so I have like this weight on my shoulders and the whole like independent movies you never know if people are going to see it or if it's GonNa come out in the theaters or or where it's GonNa land but I felt good right Mike he's printing any latch on but I would imagine you'd feel pretty pretty safe guarded by that whole and also the nation in boxing Robert Ory Dorey he's a good time times he's not paying attention and then did that and then then is really clicking because I was doing workaholics I had my own standup show called Adam Devine's House party that I need wedding dates is that your first opportunity to to headline a movie in your with Zach Ephron you're like this motherfucker can't not make money Blakeney I went and rented Bigham House in the hills but we're like we gotta be Bachelor's on there was like a sunken in fire pit I just don pitch perfect two and then I started going on tour a lot and was doing like big theater tours right now is Mike and we're all like tomorrow we're all going to come in with a new car like showing offer cars your non-drug yeah totally so pitch perfect comes out it's an enormous of course everything could be better but it's still pretty great you my analogy is always you're in the NBA. I I'm not Michael Jordan but by God I've been playing in the NBA for awhile it's but pitch perfect is of fucking massive hit right I don't I've never been in a movie that was that successful it was crazy because I didn't know that uh-huh so they honestly thought we were like big time yeah which worked out in our favor happy accident hold are you when you start doing that show bring up a bunch of funny on comic that I knew from working at the Improv right and at the same time I was doing that I was doing work hall eggs pitch perfect was out the carpet and made love in front of that fire at least once blake good going into this fish perfect to was coming out while we just got to Hawaii to shoot Mike in-depth right I felt just on the moon lakes like ruin our collective careers yes but I'm selfish and talk yeah and I like at this point do you care about one both yeah because the guys who take it on the Chin and they were astles they're gone now I I absolutely think it's like I also know them is this the moment we should we might fucking justin stocked ones eating it I love this stuff let's call our guys together on the Air Lake all lived together in that house hold on a second you live in the house you shot him we shot in yeah so when you wake up you're at work yeah for the first season and then the Harvey Keitel Harvey Guy Yeah Yeah so I was on the moon get the fuck oh my bra we gotta get a picture Hawaii Oh yeah I like God adds to look like Zaka Franz brother like the protruding ads the ads the the whole crew yeah Oh my God yeah my buddy kyle new check who I did workaholics with he just directed murder mystery and Sandler texted him and almond butter minds honey honey is yours regular or is it honey is you're gonNa love this I started the day with three act to Hawaii because now man this is what I want to be you I'm imagine you've got a fucking suite hotel room wherever you're shooting Did you have any fire in Your Hotel Room Doc is a baseball movie is a Matthew Lillard baseball movie called may be pitch perfect junior would make sense I think or something very close Ah I don't even know we had a pack of Justice Almond they don't think is a rational hatred of mouth sounds and Carmax Owen Wilson early gains fonje which isn't irrational those rationales medical I mean serious like were there any torches anything because that's my mind right now when I'm fantasizing about you being number one the call sheet and having a fucking apente places or business managers minds too hot as to liquid I know I'm kind of how your mindset mindset about one hundred and forty degrees now I got a hot hot by he's my pocket of already gone through two of them one of his hunting and then to non honey that was how I treated myself but I want to go all three honeys how about yours I love honeys okay that's better yeah call my family I know we're GonNa talk to my grandmother hanging on by red no wow wouldn't it shower peanut butter is such a good thing to eat while autumn microphone Oh yes you know whole nails one bomb in kitchen is peanut butter almond mines almond butter honey is he punched me in the know he put you on a railroad track drive avenue yeah sure it was also awesome because all phoney lists I prepare yourself I can't get over that I thought he was on nicotine or some of your phone but in the Holocaust honestly that is impossible you guys in La Right now walking fucking pack many any they're like oh exposed fire anywhere no no it was just like a giants we nice it was very nice I just started dating my girlfriend or maybe we'd been dating a little bit but it was awesome it's like where we like really fell in love with each other she came down she came down and because it was such a fun traffic wanted it to be bigger I wanted you know like we were saying about your building things up in your head and you're sort of planning the trajectory of of where your career could are you big drinker yeah you like it I do yeah so on those sets you can really have a good time can't you yeah yeah it was great drunk and then you go like maybe let's just I'll be fine if I get five hours asleep it'll be fine isn't that fucking conversation where you you keep the bar Oh wow man so now let me just ask you some mornings on that movie little rough that was pretty good around in on the week on the the I sell out arenas that's where I'm I'm aiming that goes I mean I had friends that like didn't go see it opening weekend and like family members that like did take my soul thing So I knew that I was going to at least have some other shots right so you're fine with them yeah I mean I mean I did starting slowly the air starts coming out of them yeah at the movie theater but of course you don't know eight Dan what's crazy is if that movie were to come out right now and make the layabout the number by the way that's what I want like some alcoholics they desire to have a glass of wine I'm like I don't I don't want that I want to be able to get drunk money that it did people would be like no okay yeah big all right I'm back yup because it made like seventeen eighteen million opening weekend which is like anything shy of this at that time like you had to hit twenty twenty like you've made of hit comedy at that time in so you didn't hit that and how do you take I like the beach bars and there were so cool to us it was they were so great to us that I was trying to think of where to take my house party show I wanted it to be a huge hit I feel like if that movie was four or five years earlier would have done much better and it was really at right at the beginning where is comedy go opening weekend and I'm like go oh I had I had when I was talking to my dad on like because season one I did it in La too I did it took over bar in New Orleans and season three I took it to the North Shore Hawaii and took over surfer go yup as I'm like Oh this is going to come out I'm on the cover of Rolling Stone The the biggest movie star in the world 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yeah for the first time no it's like my eighth time but she'd never seen him before and she's like this is so eh I put him on the pedestal with Will Ferrell and like Oh yeah he was like a God and I remember I met him at a party we had a small bit in Neighbors the our not say this lightly we are obsessed yeah Oh cool yeah it is unbelievable I mean I was like I watched foot fist way with Mike Funny Oh and then her next was this movie would never get made today I'm like yeah you're right it would wouldn't but yeah Danny was just such a hero to me away and you're so funny I'm dying I mean clearly I think you're gay but maybe there's another layer going on that I don't even understand the guy who is the fucking guy who who's there's shooting the show we live like a few blocks away from each other so we'd like grab launcher like we would like work out together like I bought Wade's and we'd work out in my backyard is what I said wow I think I was a little fucked up honestly yeah it's a beautiful thing to be described and he goes okay man neighbors we were the guys that invented beer pong and you know recalls guys and so we were at the after party and everybody's there and those folks I'm not crazy about that thing honey scans the Internet for coupon codes and other discounts then like magic it automatically applies the one with the yeah you're covered in six chess upside down office sweetest nicest Guy Yeah he is blowing my mind in that show tatum and fried and he goes yeah and I go you're a bright shooting star what you're a bright shooting you know what it was is marbles wasn't written and me and Danny we don't get Improv a lot in the show because a lot of it marble it was it was my estimation was that was real like switched mid word and it's I'm so glad that's herbals in the craziest way yes was that just a fuck up or was that on purpose or laughing so hard looks insane is his haircuts same raising then he's like a buddy he's like the guy that I do most of my scenes with so like I'm buddies with him faded looking I remember we're working out in the backyard and he's not wearing a shirt and I'm like you look absolutely insane right now a I'm supposed to say mind but I did that in another take and so I start to say mind and I switched it to hello I love it was hard like scrub off his Satanic Tattoos Oh because they're like oh steak too hard to get them off all the time so half the time they're just yeah but he's Super Fun I'm like is this a real person I love when I think Oh maybe Danny knew this guy two convenient story somehow convinced him to act is like he did you first of all not only is it show just ten on all levels the fact that it's serialized in genuinely serialized I really WanNa know what happens next I love and then Mike always cool like look at all these guys from noon movies that we know Danny comes around and guards mother shoulders like Oh hey I know you and I'm like Holy Shit Danny wanted wanted that hair great great law it's a itself I think it's making me go Baldo iron my hair oh great he was like on School of rock like Nickelodeon he played like Jack the Jack Black character and he was a groundlings guy and so it's like being in that we should know him walk into a restaurant in Danny jumps out behind a potted plant and goes boo scared you fucker and I'm like yeah you are spectacular and it really really fucking perfect good so yeah thanks you are holding your own with him in every I would love to get a place on there my girlfriends like no you're not house down there but it's it's awesome it's like the people there so great the food's awesome demand I called him abroad shooting star maybe we meet him so we know he's not a psychopath they wanted me to go to Charleston Charleston to meet them and in their abilities right so like no real do it this way or do it that way like he really was just like a love you do it right how about the Hairdo we're just speaking he also had one pitch perfect where I said so sane orchard said Orchid and they left it in ah with you that's one of the only Cavallero okay that is one of the greatest maybe I'm just out to lunch on him I must be but what a casting choice he said make a full hawk where they spike it straight up they have to hot iron it every time Oh yeah you're that's taking your hair for sure yeah show were you offered it does Danny love you did you have to earn it yeah they offered it to me which is really really cool yeah I would've auditioned they but they just wanted to meet me the only there was one because we asked Danny but he didn't know there's one scene where are you guys in the bathroom or something in you say you lost your marbles you said Classic Mcbride and then we just talked David Gordon Green was there to the writers so we just had like a dinner together right how much of the character you create how much did you work with Danny with it on a what what was that any so cool I like he's great about casting people that he's confident of course every time I've fucked up so good and you were down in Charleston are yeah yeah did you get down there you tempted to move down I love it five and I'm like is this how it goes lose it out sixty percent of men under thirty for him man how

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