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Grade is here on the please radio network with with US triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three also at PAT unleashed on twitter. We'll tell you what the biggest issue. According to a Gallup poll is with the biggest issue for Americans is <hes> that's coming up in a second also president trump vowed to deport millions. Remember that the actual council far eighteen wait really eighteen people in eighteen family members yeah okay eighteen family members were arrested not enough to fit fill a school bus all right then so they do say I mean I mean this is just the beginning but <hes> it's kind of an underwhelming start so we'll keep an eye on that seems that picks up a little bit fair to say that more illegals have been arrested than miles of wall have been built. Yes that had his fair to say okay. <hes> Mexico set a new record for homicides in the first half of this year. The number of murders grew by five point three percent pair to the same time last year fueled by cartel and gang violence in several Mexican states. The Mexico saw three thousand eighty killings in June three thousand eighty in June two an increase of over eight percent from the same month a year ago. There's one hundred twenty five million people in in Mexico. I mean this is just astounding and now they see as many as one hundred killings a day in Mexico the seventeen thousand six hundred eight killings in the first half of two thousand nineteen the most since since these records began being kept in nineteen ninety seven including the Picquier of Mexico's drug war in two thousand eleven. It's higher here than that. Wow apparently <hes> the turf wars it become increasingly bloody in the northern state of Sonora where the number of homicides was up sixty nine percent in Sinoloa. The cartel of convicted drug Lord El Chapo is based homicides declined twenty three percent without him around. I guess so good okay also <hes> Boris Boris Johnson did win the the election in in England did you did you see the vote tally. No this is like ninety two thousand some to forty thirty four thousand some forty six thousand something like that anyway. He doubled his opponent but in a nation of eighty million you've got maybe a hundred forty thousand votes. Yeah people were probably like hey what's voted voted. I maybe yeah maybe there's elections. That's not my district voting. That must be some other thing going on. I was really caught a blown away in a not a your electing prime minister like eight people showed up for it. That's amazing anyway. <hes> Boris Crush Jeremy Hunt Sixty six to thirty four percent so you're going to have Boris Johnson listen as the Prime Minister of the U._K.. And Donald Trump together. It's going to be fun. That's that's going to be that is going to be fund a lot better. I'm pretty sure they're gonNA get along better than he did with Theresa. May this is it should be interesting some tweets that came in after the show yesterday from seventy-one peeps if Miley Cyrus she. She says she's not going to have kids until she can be sure that there's going to be fishing water gato victor the Fisher they're putting here's already fish in the water trillions of them trillions of Fisher in the water hooding. If miley Cyrus wants to see Z. Fish she should've hang out with Al Gore if she did Miley could watch fish swim up the street on a sunny day. Yeah does seem to lead to the song don't have that ready. no-can-do oh okay Glenn Armadillo hairpiece from the that's from the loudest voice on showtime the Fox yeah behind the scenes that supposedly that's what when when Roger Ailes I saw other publicity photo glenn that's what he called him an Armadillo with a hairpiece. I doubt that happened but anyway <hes> so Glenn's Armadillo hairpiece tweets Keith you'd like gone with the wind. Frankly my dear pat doesn't and give it Dang Darn Tang True Brayden K. tweets as a Sioux city native. I know that the airport code is Sucks S. U.. X.. This is the airport airport where better like that was doing pushups right then that's why he mentioned that <hes> that it's sucks because that's just like just like battle. He sucks I love the but but he was at the Sioux City Airport yesterday and well not yesterday but yesterday we showed the video and the guy is just such an ego maniac and I think it's really hurt him. I think it's a problem because <hes> not only as an ego maniac the AC but he's getting zero attention so you know going insane inside his yeah. This is just a cry for help. Watch at the airport at Sucks airport. Here's what he was doing. pushups shops an acute eighties and so fast he and his squad doing some push ups right yeah while he's acting like nobody's watching from Japan going congressman going me. Oh Wow did somebody notice me it. <hes> <hes> is the continental army still stationed at that airport or have they moved on or no. I don't know they took over all the airport so there they probably are there as well. Okay seriously. That's just cry for help. That's just a guy saying please somebody. Nobody knows me again I used to I used to be somebody in excite people yeah that's over I was this guy was the guy that lost Ted Cruz like just just like I was supposed to claim to fame I know he lost yeah but he he lost by less than thirty so I guess that's impressive. I don't know phenomenal. This downturn in in Romania seems to have started when he when he went out to find himself he got in his car and he drove around. He did that thing with the was it at he was getting a shave or something. No no no no he was what he did. The shave thing the first thing he did that. Everyone was the dentist visit remember that yeah the right and he's like and that was too much for even liberals. I'm going to give you a sub story from someone. Tell us about your immigrant family Oy and then from there and you know before that he was chronicling you know Beto Carrero acquis going around the country talking about pancakes that he had been eating you know and places he was stopping in the middle of nowhere also talking about finding himself yeah he was literally lost. He didn't know where he was to find yourself as the Oval Office apparently apparently yeah well. That's what he was going to figure out. Should I find myself in the Oval Office is that is that a good place to look for myself need to find turtle. That's on the loose Nathan that that's fine. Okay 'cause okay good but he's been on a nosedive ever since and I don't think there's any coming back for Beto. I really don't but by triple eight nine nine hundred thirty three ninety three speaking of the Sioux City Airport where they're abbreviation is sucks S. U.. X. Yeah they decided that it rather than try to find on something else because sucks sounds like you know a negative term. That's what the F._A._A.. Assign Them S._U.. Ex and at first they were probably like we'll wait. That's Kinda crappy yeah but then they were given some alternatives. They didn't like the alternatives were George. W what where does G._W.. Come from what does the F._A._A.. Have Against Sioux City for Sioux City. Why would you G W you is there an airport G. Y.? O. G. Y. T. T. S. G._V. and Gay Gee. Why did they put it in there just as a joke that's let's see what gave you will really give you something? Maybe you alot like look at this S._e._i.. Looking to see if Sioux City Airport you know Sioux City I was available. It's that San Cristobal in Venezuela cares okay. It's Venezuela. They don't deserve that so they they finally gave up and accepted sucks and and in fact not only did they accept it. They started to capitalize on it because they decided well. We could make this cool. Let's start doing cool things with it and that's really smart. It really smart 'cause sucks is a pretty memorable abbreviation for an airport. That's a great abbreviation when you think about it so there they capitalized with t shirts mugs beanies luggage luggage tags all emblazoned with fly sucks. I like I think they should go with sucks to fly. Yes they like this sucks to fly and it really does but also your you know you use sucks airport in to fly wherever you need to go I like it. I love that that would anyway so they're still suffer. These they're still sucks. They decided not to go with gay. No which what would that stand exactly as stand for whether we S._E._A.. Is available through city airport. Oh and no Santa <hes> Catalina airport whatever these little no Sioux city wins. They should get what they want but anyway what's F._A._A.. Doing man with these alternatives they make no sense whatsoever so I'm glad they're sucks. I wish a wish it mentioned what what G._W.. You and G. Y.. O. And all the rest and G. Y.. What are they stand for? I guarantee you they stand for draw three letters out of a hat hat edward and email them to Sioux city. Don't put any effort into it Z.. Lt Wait one. Why Am am this? Doesn't that doesn't have any federal job here. Ed send email triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three and PAT unleashed on twitter. We've got so many videos today. I think we need to dive into them. Headlong 'cause 'cause we got <hes> Jeffey here with chewing the fat as well Rashid it to Leib to the end double A._C._p.. About taking bold action here's what she had to say because we all love Rashida to we don't we need bold action folks we do and I know what's happening out there. You know there's all of this young women and it's beyond just the four of us the squad has all of you and I can tell you you are all the squad. Trust me if you you for Support Ecuador Sport Justice. You are one of US okay. I'm definitely not in the squad and I'm proud of the squad. They are really really embracing that yes they are and pushed that forward squad so stupid and at that end of lease EP event. She went on to say how her goal is just to make sure trump is defeated next year. That is her goal. It has nothing to do with you know serving her constituents. It's all about defeating trump well. That's what the yeah that's what the squad is all about. It seems socialism and trump hatred. Meanwhile Nancy Suplicy was speaking to the N. Double A._C._p.. kind of a hard time here's what she had say though me here thank you vaunt imagine the honor to get the end of A._C._p.. At N. Double A._C._T.. Centennial annual anniversary pleasure to be with you here in New York ended right by sees one hundred and tenth anniversary and to make del Shannon a half the House House Congressional Caucus we do must continue stand firm for for fairness for genuine genuine equality once we restore the vote once we break the grass the gas it grows grass special interest do so you must avoid the cavs link blinding blindness a pay raise that is that's in the workplace as we must achieve justice in healthcare dark days of the Revolution Times have found all of us to a future to achieve furniture full of just. That's all we when we leave here. Remember fight we rent when banks compete you win to just remember that apparently though when she was not winning during you fight the English language Nancy. You're not winning how it's not looking good. I'm thinking medication. There's some kind of you know she took something and then it messed her up well. I don't know I wouldn't something's desperately wrong during that particular and obviously they edited the bad parts together but that was a lot of bad parts in one speech <hes> wow where she's really struggling to speak okay. That's the speaker of the House and again you go back to the person who services Congress with his pharmacy and delivers drugs to Congress and talked about some of the medication that he delivered now. He didn't say who it was going to but he was delivering some Alzheimer's Medication to people. You gotTA wonder don't you and she's getting up there. In Age. It isn't out of the realm of possibility that she's not quite right anymore. Wow that's just frightening yeah. It is triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. This is a little frightening to because Google and Youtube aren't just silencing conservatives online. They're also tried to manipulate the algorithms right now to interfere with the twenty twenty election and they've really vowed to do that. Meanwhile companies big companies like Verizon A._T.. And T. are taking the proceeds from your mobile phone phone bill and their funding progressive candidates and causes that includes promoting illegal immigration abortion gun control now the only way we can combat this is to stick together and support businesses who are like like minded with us like Patriot mobile Patriot mobile makes it really easy to switch I. I know you're nervous about switching from from one of the big carriers but it's all the same service. Now you get the same kind of unlimited plans for less money twenty five dollars a month they start as low as twenty five bucks a month. You get the same nationwide service but a portion of your bill goes to causes you believe in and you can even you can even specify hi which causes you want your money to go to now. You might be thinking that you pay extra for the money to go to some kind of 'cause but no the twenty five dollars a month that you pay they take a portion of that and then contribute to good causes houses so support Patriot mobile. Let's all stick together again. They make switching really easy. Just go to Patriot mobile dot com select your plan and get a free month of service when you use the offer code common over all one onward come on over since two thousand fifteen. They've raised over two million dollars to support the constitution but we can do better than that. You have a choice make the switch today. Patriot mobile dot Com Promo code come on over this is pat. Gray unleashed got this just too much. That's a lot a lot of people in England voting for Dr. I don't know can't it says that only conservatives can vote for that. I don't understand what I don't understand this weight because as a conservative Sardi Jeremy Hunts not a conservative right. I don't know make it stop or is he. Just I just tell pleasant to change. Conservative doesn't mean the same thing in Britain Tory party. You know right never right. I don't know I don't I don't know I know the Labor. Party is like are Democrats here. Socialists Yeah. Tony Blair was <hes> Labor Party yeah although because of the War I remember before the war Tony Blair was not no but then the war kicked in and he was in that rim rate with that one of my house so Geeky and I just don't care top five speeches of that I remember ever hearing hearing was Tony Blair's speech in front of Congress yeah he was great. You loves this country yeah he does. Oh my gosh. I have such a new respect before nine. Eleven <hes> was like guy was pretty liberal though yeah but he really really aligned with us for a while and I was a big fan for awhile veterans of the Isle of Spice tweets. I'm thinking beddoes. Poetry didn't help him either. All that's what running over kids yes fantasized about. Killing was it thirty six kids by running them over and what was his car thing about a cow. Remember that yeah strange stuff. Oh my Gosh Oh boy you know what Oh maybe. We'll get the story later about cows yeah we got yes. We have another thing. We'll save that for one <hes> Jefferson why I don't know I don't understand the correlation. You're just seemed like that'd be a good time time. Talk about cows. I WanNa talk about them from Bob. Blah Blah the new moniker for the squad should be sucks. You just add it to it though and then it's the squad sucks S. U.. X. Me and then people will think will wise the squad at the Sioux City Airport Diem X._M.. If you ever drive arrived if you've ever driven I twenty nine through Sioux City I have not you know it sucks twenty years under construction. Now I hate. I hate that kind of stuff when we I got to the D._F._W.. I thirty five. I've W was like that because they'd been working on it for years before we got here and then it was years and years while we were here and I think it was last year. They finally finished some but what I don't understand is that the construction is for the most part gone on put. The traffic is still as bad as if there was construction there is the I have lived all over this country pat and I have to never lived somewhere where the traffic flow is the opposite like it's terrible. We'll going into town in the evening. It should be terrible going out of town in evening. We're come on Fort Worth while there's no predicting it. I told you when I had an appointment for the follow up with Dr. It was early in the morning so I had to take the day off awesome and so I thought okay it's drivetime morning drive. It's going to take me. I don't know a week and you get you. You've been burned going into fort worth before over and over and over again. One of my daughter's used to live of kind of south of downtown Fort Worth so it would take a sometimes two hours to get there or more and so I gave myself an hour and a half and to get there and all of a sudden there's no traffic and I get there and thirty five minutes so now I'm twiddling their thumbs at the doctor's office but so it's it's really weird because sometimes when you think it's going to be horrific. It's it's fine or is not. There's not another car on the road and then other times when it's the middle of the day or whatever for one I I mean I can't even figure out what the reason is. You know what it'll be shut down. I'll tell you what will get you there faster than anything is. If you just wrote an electric scooter in rush hour traffic and just we've right in and out of traffic is not a genius plan. No that is not a genius plan. This is so bad. This happened in downtown Dallas Monday and it's so bad our our governor has even commented on it. Here's a guy on one of those dumb mm scooters grow on a bird scooter. My God Dallas during crazy that is nuts and so the video made its way to in front of Governor Abbott and he tweeted out okay. I'm against what is this. I believe leaving less government but allowing these scooters crowded interstate highways is bad government and yes in dangerous things that the government's supposed to take care of in public safety is one and that's a public safety issue. I sorry he he could get killed. Other for people could get killed. That's just stupidity. That's just asinine well then. I'm damned for this guy get to work ahead of me. Come on now right. It's just not fair not fair at all not fair so anyway since only go what ten miles an hour maybe Max axe. Have you seen Russia. It was very little traffic there. Yeah you gotTa Lucky. He's still alive so do we have to wait two years for that law. Though that probably probably triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three <hes> Andy Pat unleashed on twitter also the abusive our police officers continues I mean there's just this is pathetic. This is one of the weirdest I I don't think I've ever seen police abused like this and then they just keep walking they just they do nothing about it. New York City cops being doused with water. Here's one of the instances where New York City they. Are just walking down the sidewalk. <hes> people are throwing water on them. Buckets water and I mean just drenching them. Somebody walks up to that guy and like the end of a football game just pours water all over him and they do nothing they just keep going. There's another one to this happened in a separate place of these two separate things yeah these are two separate instances here. They're trying to make an arrest and they're getting doused. Oh and they throw a bucket to the back of thanks man and they're doing nothing now. If somebody got shot in the head they'd all be whining about it. Yeah you know maybe that's a little severe for buckets of water but something I'm really tragic could have happened. I was trying to find. I read story after story. I could not find what this guy was being arrested for you know who are they taking off of the streets out of their neighborhood. The is probably endangering their safety and yet this is how they're retreated yeah amazing. It's bad it's really bad. There's just no no appreciation for what they do. There's no respect for them. They there's a lot of hatred for him. Because of the misconceptions that police are all bad and they're always after killing minorities that's that's their main goal in life apparently according to <hes> the left and so you can treat with disrespect like that and just dump water on him now you can't do that. Those officers could have arrested all of those people that are dumping water on them but they didn't because obviously they didn't want to escalate anything they didn't WANNA make it a bigger deal deal than it was and they just kept walking but despicable and Rudy Giuliani sounded off said this wouldn't happen if I were mayor in de Blasios just ruined the morale so much and he's told them don't engage engage good evening gay now they get abused terrible seriously something really tragic could have happened to the officers or to any of those little idiots whether dumping water on them and if this goes unchecked something bad well have will happen to that is that that is very true. People just don't understand in the look like the first guy that was being dumped. I don't think he was wasn't a white guy right. Yes panic. I think a White Guy and Hispanic Guy Walking together. I duNNo. It doesn't matter what I guess. If you wear the uniform you're just <hes> disrespected in those <hes> neighborhoods. You're the enemy now yeah really sad for what these guys go through and they never know what they're walking into. Whether or not this could be there last moment on earth or not I mean they really go through a lot and they don't make a lot of money doing it. I don't even know why people want to be police. Officers or is really something amazing inside of them that the drives him to to do that and then they're treated like this is really despicable. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three and pat unleashed based on twitter. Also we gotta get into the Cory Booker. Campaign Corey is making some noise because he's great. This guy in the wonderful Bernie Sanders is in some hot spots too because you know he's got the fifteen fifteen hour fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage thing so we had to cut people's hours and now he's been accused of unfair labor practices by some other former employees so the guy that's all about `bout the working class individuals having some rough spots in his campaign. Let me tell you about real estate agents. I TRUST DOT com. This is a thousand agent network with another five thousand in who are waiting to get on the list and their agents who share Glenn's vision of how real estate should be done all over the country so if you've been frustrated trying to buy or sell your house with if no urgency from your realtor no referring <hes> return phone calls not a good marketing campaign then you need to go to real estate agents I trust DOT com. 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Happy Music means it's time would Jeffey <hes> time to chew the Fat Jeff Fisher as long as we are going to start today and we off the air we were talking about the possibility of I don't know food not being brought in here I could start with I was going to save this for later on chewing the fat which you can subscribe to and download the podcast <hes> Monday Monday through Friday for free wherever you get your where we get your podcast aunt Jemima has just now started selling Pancakes Cup now that may not sound good sure as heck would like to try it just add water poverty and a microwave and serve yourself a cup of full a pancake that weird sounds good buttermilk maple and chocolate chip with a little syrup <hes> in a cup intercut baby all right pancake cake in a cup quick note. I'm Nancy Pelosi A- as much as <hes> that's funny and the clip that you just played <hes> within the last half hour sad really scary <hes> <hes> we should start being concerned about Nancy. I analyze whether it's an edited video yeah but still <hes> while still that just highlight I mean that just showed you where all the all the places Inter speech where she had a problem. That's all one speed and that's not the first time no we've seen that from. I'm not alone speaker of the house. It's a problem that's a real problem. Yeah and I mean nobody cares though nobody cares basing remember how treated Ronald Reagan and his last few ears and George Bush George Bush Gosh Yeah Yeah Bush wasn't stumbling around like that he was just saying that we should be able to coexist with fish right. Let's be honest. We should be able to coincide with get a tough that it's either us. Somebody's gotta go. Somebody's so we're we're with you. Don't think Miley Cyrus dream of fish coexist. It's not just because you're doesn't make oh killer probably are probably kill but not necessarily George Bush but that's not Nancy Pelosi the cow I know slurring words not being able to see him four five efforts he's trying to she's trying to add lip through the speed so it doesn't sound speech. I kinda see what where she's going but it's she's screws herself all up. Yeah mad bad really bad a little fun fact. Did you know that <hes> <hes> urban settings are less than three percent of the U._S.. Landmass but contain eighty percent of the total population satanic that is fascinating urban settings are less than three percent of the U._S.. Landmass <hes> eighty percent of the total population in those urban settings so of course wallet hub has to compare the sixty two largest cities based on you know tell you the best large city to live in okay and <hes> you know we can the top five Las Vegas Nevada. Okay okay number four San Diego. Yes Oh my gosh perfect weather lot to do San Diego's great number three of the best larger cities to live in Seattle Washington. Never to the number over to best large city live in Austin Texas no number one. You're going to stay together. The number one is delivered to roll right off your tongue. You're ready saying Jealous Beach Virginia the weight March City Bessler live in number one rigidly Dallas is forty seven forty seven fort worth is thirtieth breath. Where's Houston Houston forty fifth or Salt Lake City? It's all city didn't make the cut oh well which is surprising because I like so it's weird town. It really is Omaha. Nebraska didn't make the list though it did it didn't it did it nineteen. <hes> really yeah and Arlington Texas made the list at twenty five so that's still hear them is a large though if Arlington's on well you know I'm just Virginia Beach Virginia's number one by large edge. They must mean fifty thousand plus at something like that. They ranked them with affordability economy education quality of life. It's <hes> all right devastating news though for Prince Charles I know we've been good news for or a United Kingdom with their with Boris being the new head of the country. He took office for about ten minutes. He's already too divisive because he's like trump. He's being a hundred trump so he's already divisive. You talk about <hes> Glenn used to sell the time because of the way things were going with Obama how slinky was and a calculated. The next guy is going to is going to be a gravy stain guy is he not the epitome of a gravy stain Guy Yup they had enough man yeah they've had enough but <hes> there's a report now that talks about and this is not a surprise but for some reason it seems to be a surprise to other people that <hes> the queen is much more likable than and Prince Charles and so you know the principles getting devastating news that nobody likes you we don't they don't want you to be King Yeah Hello. That's why your mom hasn't stepped down do F- yeah I mean really he's been hanging out to became for a long time in mob is like no I'm not going to die. I'm not GonNa die until you die then. I'll then I'll then I'll step down and give it to William Williams. We the People People Love William <hes> let him take thrown in fact they should if the Queen's should say look F- I stepped down you can be king for a day Jelly and then you step down and give it to William that's overdoing. That's really what should happen. It won't but that's <hes> it really is. They should do is scrap. The whole nonsense is stupid. Yeah nobody cares okay. Let's just stop with the pretend monarchy can we it is mar monarchy for some two hundred years years. You know give it up but to work yeah but nobody else has to be in on it everybody would you you've you've you've torn up the United Kingdom government and now you're tearing up the monarch. Yes I mean it's almost like it's almost like why we left that stupid country in the first place. It's almost like that. It's almost like the fact that actually it is good news coming from Hollywood though when you thought that man what is what are the film's going to do and we've got movies are Halloween has just said that they're going to release a two new sequels coming out in twenty twenty and twenty twenty one back-to-back Halloween sequel so good good good good. I fell we'll be titled. The Halloween kills. It's gonNA open in October. Twenty twenty and it's going to have <hes> both Jamie Lee Curtis and green is going to read is going to direct them again so they're all fired up for the Halloween series man so did they kill Michael Myers or whoever that was Michael is Halloween. You didn't kill him in the last Halloween. Go Don't bug the movie back I don't. I didn't see it but I'm I'm so I'm not sure to be the Halloween between two and all Halloween's was supposed to be the one that was the actual sequel right the actual one. Yes the only one right that you were supposed to pay any attention right. Forget the forty four we did in between those still don't tell Dot Co.. How did nothing happened? That's that's dumb one where as the Marvel Universe plant don't worry about that right yeah that didn't happen. They had the one where they played some kids jingle on on the T._v.. And then the kids turned into spiders coming out of their head or something really weird stuff. Oh that's right number that yes maybe maybe anyway but that doesn't matter because I didn't count yeah that didn't go last week of course was San Diego Comic Con and man we got all kinds of trailers and all kinds of new stuff coming and proof that we are now in APP fatigue here in America coming soon you know we got the reports of net flicks <hes> it's really kind of weird report on that flexibly and not really there they they what they projected didn't happen. So are they struggling. I mean not really but they're just you know. They're not doing what they thought they were GonNa do but Patrick Stewart is announced his New Star Trek movie or show his new show actually called Picard and it looks really good. I don't know if you've seen it yet pat but having the trailer looks looks really good as Picard. Have you ever stranger two times two decades. The data sacrificed his life these I really try to hear. They have a truly felt like home. Do you know everything inside of his emcee for Admiral. I haven't counted a woman she. She came to me for help if she is voicing shoes. She's in serious danger. Sometimes I worry the forgotten who you do not it can't do it alone. Pini help protection to crew captain they remember. She has no idea what she trees now. How are you doing here? Card Saving Galaxy expected that fear for that they may still still excuse me the last one. I don't want the game too. I see that gap that looks and of course C._B._S.. All access so they'll be another APP that you're going to have to pay for. I mean it's Kinda strange because he is almost eighty seventy nine years old now. We just turned seventy nine. That's incredible that all of us. You're going to bring him back now. I mean why not right. He wants to work work and C._B._S.. Has Dumping all kinds of money into their APP. Well make those on blaze radio that was data that made an appearance at the very end of that trailer data and then the they called her seven of nine seven of on show yeah what's her face. I can't remember her name but <hes> she's back. Apparently in this too there was like three or four regulars that came back with Carter than they've obviously introducing new characters but I just find a fashion. Bring everybody back well so they doing the one Jonathan frakes. What was the last thing he was? It is busy busy mown lawn. That's losses you do. I mean when I say C._B._S.. Accesses dumping all kinds of cash into the APP. I'm sure at some point they're like okay. That's enough breath but we can brings new characters on the cheap but you know net flicks is doing it so everybody else's could have put his knee applause H._B._O.. We're we're we're. We're soon to be a paramount network. The Network A._M._C. is creating content. There's other there's other networks creating that you're just going to have to that's all I mean that's APP for individual. You gotTa Wintom Down Man Yeah. I know it's subscribed. I guess you could if you're you know you've got unlimited funds which go hi do not my friend. I thought you're GONNA say unlimited. Difficult GonNa have limited time to be able to try to figure out how to get up for free. We'll Netflix just raise their prices which I think hurt him a little bit in that's why the subscription thing down for the first time in the U._S.. 'cause you know it's getting up there. Close to twenty bucks a month and Wha- what yeah thirteen or fourteen just went up again seventeen to get it on multiple T._V.'s stupid to get it up at least four T._v.'s and then you gotta you gotTa pay another eight bucks. A month or ten bucks a month for the C._B._S. C._B._S.. Thing then you've got an who wants C._B._S.. Until this while they've things I know I'M GONNA have a battle with my wife because I wanNa Watch and then you've got Disney. People are going to want that. You Got Warner and talk about you. Got Your paying extra for N._B._C. Universal for Showtime Yep Your Bait Extra for all of that hall. Everybody's doing it and you're going to. I mean that's GonNa add up all right. Let me tell you about home title deadlock. If if you'd like your home to be protected to the point where I don't know thieves can't steal it from you S- people stealing homes didn't seem like a thing until about a year ago when we found out about this when you know now we've got all of these data breaches were nine hundred million home. Titles and mortgages have been exposed to the cell. You really don't want this to happen to you and there's one great company that can protect you from it. Even as we keep telling you like lifelock is great for other forms of I._D.. Theft but they don't do home titles online home tytler does they'll put a barrier around your homes online title so if you're getting credit card or loan robocalls or or mail it. It's a sign that maybe you've been violated so home. Tied Lock is offering right now. Sixty risk free days of Protection Register Stir your address and find out if you're already victim and protect your home's titled Go to Home Tied Loc Dot Com. That's home title Log Dot Com <music> old Saint Patrick's stores in pretty good shape though for eighty years old. Hey looks good yeah he does. It looks really good us. Everybody they have in that. Look you know like you Kinda. Remember them mean a little bit older but still who is that's right exactly right so while we're still talking about <hes> things that shouldn't happen. I know you did the scooter story here in Dallas where he's writing the e scooter on thirty I five which by the way he was driving safely. He wasn't driving a crazily on thirty five watching traffic zipping over to hit the exit no problem. I didn't see what's that I didn't say oh how did he. He was looking to look into the direction. Go there was video of Guy Person. I should say a person I don't WanNa right on an airplane that was scanning through the screens with his feet with this bear food and I don't know if you're watching him relaxing going through the screen visit you ex ex now. I will say they didn't say in the video if the guy had arbs so I mean I don't know I've just you can't tell isn't that video if you know if he was handicapped so it's tough to it's not it's not hard to be mad at that think to yourself. Do the least put on the the put your on the T._S._A.. Booties on something yes something he's I don't know how easy it is to scan the screens with the T._S._A.. Booties probably get screwed up a little bit so you just need to go barefoot <hes> but he's not handicapped. That's a problem big too. That's a real problem yeah. That's we also also in. I found a video. He's got arms. Okay there. You go then if you'll be doing that. They'll be doing don't be doing that anyway. Stop doing it lazy and I want to say congratulations before we get a little cow story story that you teased. I know you WANNA do your little cow story. I have no idea what the cow story is sure. We want to get to it. I WANNA congratulate a <hes> Jennifer Smith <hes> she is <hes> new world record-holder she broke the previous record held by two hundred eighty eight pound woman said in two thousand seventeen. She is the first three hundred forty six pound heaviest female to ever in a marathon so congratulations to Jennifer. She's out there making things right. Did she go the whole twenty-six did. She did little sticker on her back. We give you that yeah okay just because you're three hundred eighty pounds in ran twenty six miles. Don't try to make their I think did we di- did not see video Jennifer running the whole thing credible really did go to podcast Oughta start sponsoring fat case yeah. We should running running one with everybody who everybody else who signs. Let's be training just run down the hall. I JUST WANNA see run run run from the door not running. Your House is on fire. I don't what care not running. She was was at three eight forty three forty six and ran twenty six point two miles. That's what they claim possible. That's impossible smiling afterward. uh-huh read that a little red that wow all right triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three more pet grand least coming up. The nine hundred thirty three ninety-three also at PAT unleashed on twitter and at Pat unleashed on instantchat as well and the face Haram Chase Graham thing you close all over the place where everywhere everywhere instagram. We're just like chicken man instagram we posted some photos pre Jackie coming home and then post well not she hadn't been home yet but I had cleaning up to do you had you. You got a lot of calculators. I'll say why why was the cleaner that I brought it. Look at look at them. Side by side there I mean trashed up the place then you're not only cleaned it up did some remodel a little remodeling and got to be entryway fix that dorks yeah well we had the kitchen looks a little better yeah yeah bill island in the kitchen while she was away she was really early surprised she got home. Wow we gotTA. We got an island in the kitchen. Put together a little coons gone now and that's yeah that's good. You're sure the records gone. Though are you sure. Did you actually see Steve. I I guess they are they're mean yeah and they shouldn't be if if you see him in the daylight that means they've got rabies probably or something yeah because they're not journal so <hes> something's wrong with them. During the day or triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three <hes> G G J Herman tweets time to drug tests narcotic Nancy Yeah because Wow Ryan Patrick tweets that clip of Nancy Pelosi gave me anxiety going to start drinking. Now thanks guys welcome <hes> from an abacus. I've taken too much of the same kind of medicine medications Pelosi. It's called Vodka <hes> boy yeah. I don't know something's wrong seriously is she's either. No Oh hitting the sauce or they're kind of medication. She's on or you know. She's got some kind of dementia problem. I don't know I is the realm of possibility. I don't think so think so. I don't think so either now they have the there's been talk that maybe she has a denture problem as a denture promise not. I don't think so. I'm discounting that one. I don't buy that sorry. Here's something you might be interested in Jeffey. Release people might be interested in in <hes> potentially obtaining your services for this cow cuddling. It's a it's a new wellness trend. Is Anybody called you about this yet. It said we'd like to cuddle yeah. Is there a coupon with out of of confused it. Why uh-huh oh it apparently costs three hundred dollars forty five minutes or something around ninety minutes you get an hour and a half to cuddle with a cow for three hundred diving? I this is actually a good. I mean if cows are pretty expensive but if you get an older kyle for a good price you could make money but you don't keep the cow. You don't get to eat it afterwards. Just snuggle with it. What a weird thing? Why would that be beneficial to anybody to lay on a cow for awhile that is dumb? What a waste of money good grief? I will say for three hundred bucks though or ninety minutes. That's a lot you'll cuddle mu. Apparently you will do it absolutely okay. It's the hottest trend right now. Experts say it is a beneficial wellness method. I thank you doing yoga with a cow is challenging. We've got goat yoga. <hes> do we go kyogo. You're familiar with go yoga no bro not. Are you not healthy. No I don't know why by the cow when you can get the cuddles for three hundred Bucks House are expensive by the cow you get to build for free. Thank you can't have in the body temperature of the cow is higher than ours and they have a lower heart rate so cuddling with them provides relaxing experience. Okay okay sorry I can't smell good. Stop Twenty eight cling wash him down a little bit hosing down. You're fine. They can feel your happiness sadness or anxiety. They respond to you without any judgment. How do you know that I don't know if you don't don't know what the cow is? Judging in the hills is human doing leaning. And what kind of problem does he have that he's coming to a cow for answers my pastor. Who is this dip was? I'm sorry get it off me. Where's my cut by the way I got a lay here all day human on me and my owners getting all the cash for this I mean does seem a bit stupid? It does it does and you're paying three hundred bucks for that stupidity and just to clarify what a world and this isn't a service that you provide for potential clients yeah you working on that as seriously Darah procession of cuddling would like to cuddle with Jeffey just simply call eight hundred nine hundred ninety. Three operators are standing by Jeffey J. F. R. we'll make that happen and Jessie J Afar on twitter a bit there'd be some people that would want cuddle with you and you might WanNa kill him but there'd be some people that would cuddle three hundred bucks and Mike at that ninety minute down a little bit half an hour. Maybe ten to the three hundred bucks for two minutes and then of course speaking of cows we were talking about Beto earlier and Keith brought up the cow poem he wrote. Yes somebody mentioned online yeah account poetry. That's probably got him in trouble member. How creepy that was at age sixteen wow he wrote under the pseudonym psychedelic warlord O'Rourke wrote wrote the song of the cow an interesting piece of experimental writing? I think we're all into experimental Riley Sixteen. Weren't we sure included lines asking for a cow to buff and scrubbed my Elsa giblets <hes> so this is actually grub by Giblets Beta doing that segues into another. Here's an Xtra drugs. Here's an Xtra from the sick guy. I what what a free key is. I need right now. That's a good start right now. Dr. Good Start. You are holy sacred cow. I thirst free you provide milk buff. My giblets love the cow good fortune for those that do love me breathe. My feet cow has risen beautiful what this guy could be president of the United States. I know I'm sorry this disqualifies him immediately. This disqualifies him like you can be Marxist. That's right. We'll tolerate. Bank can't write this kind of crap up. No love the cow wax. My a word scrubbed my giblets. The cow has risen provide mill rounds out the Lao beautiful cow poem is Unbelie then you had the thing where he was fantasizing about running over kids. I don't remember this seriously. Demented is man. I don't remember the kid one yeah. Oh yeah there's another thing where he was writing about some fantasy of running over our children yeah why Badar you sharing this writing. I think somebody dug up that stuff. I don't know I don't know if he was willing to share that. Although he shares a lot they don't want to know about like until the point. His campaign is really over. Yeah it is no there's no momentum there. He doesn't know that yet. I think they they'll know that what the after the next after this right there over the can't get in them anymore unless they've got so many so many percentage points of people knowing who they are. He's next Tuesday and Wednesday round two of the democratic debates and then they'll all go away and obviously not all of them. All these is leading the way yeah. You'RE GONNA start winnowing out. Some of the two zero percent kids who have to because de Blasios doesn't even care about a city city is falling apart. He's out running for president time to go home bill yeah. He's he's awful. New York needs get rid of him to triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. We also have this this politically correct outline for students and faculty guilty at Colorado State University. It's a living resource compiled by. I love this. The inclusive Communications Task Force at C._S.. You Oh that's good. It's intended serve as a best practices guide. It is provided and we'll be updated with the intention of sharing meaningful and useful language suggestions. You can guarantee that the inclusive Communications Task Force at Colorado State University is not the only they want across this country. I'll tell you that I bet you everyone nor should it be thick we need to here's a few general best practices okay to keep in mind. He's like words like you. Don't WanNA use on campus. <hes> okay US warned you do want to use the all like us. People first language I e person with a disability versus disabled person or person of color versus colored who says wait so they do say person of color. They brought that back to bring that back after everybody was told that that was we couldn't you can't say that okay so we stopped saying it then they get back and it's fine unless the person indicates another preference so like if they tell you why I like colored than I guess you can use it or maybe I like Queer and then you can use it never assume a person's gender identity based on their name name or appearance time to sit there and ask every person if you don't know US gender inclusive pronouns or ask for their pronouns wait a minute. If you're asking someone for their Pronoun I would be a little would y que se. Can I ask you for your Pronoun for my Pronoun. I don't own a Pronoun by the sadness the Society Oh my gosh US gender inclusive language when speaking in generalities or about groups of people that you do not know the individual pronouns of say y'all just say Oh you're for instance everyone versus ladies and gentlemen and they them there's versus he him his and she her hearse the. I'm sorry sorry they then. There's doesn't mean the same thing as he him hers. That's a blur role word. Okay so here's a word or phrase to avoid okay we start with addicted or like crack. The word of phrase meaning reason the phrase should be avoided oftentimes used to describe something that the person uses often the like doc get this. I'm addicted to Netflix or these candies are like crack. Don't use that don't don't don't while addicted can be appropriate in some situations it can also cause harm. Oh shut up to those who we're truly experiencing drug addiction or are in recovery or have friends relatives who've experienced addiction so instead. Here's some suggestions suggestions to I'm hooked or I'm devoted fan of or delicious or are excellent. We Hook what if officials nearby might be offended all my see. The didn't think of that. They didn't and I'm hooked could mean the same thing as addicted or like you could be if you if you're upset over addicted and like crack. You're going to be upset over. I'm hooked. You're probably on crack at the time you're offended. I tell you a couple more important words to because we're learning so we're learning American or America. Thank you finally finally somebody says it. The Americas encompass a a lot more than the United States there is South America Central America Mexico Canada and the Caribbean just to name a few of the forty two countries and total. That's why the word Americano or a Condo in Spanish can refer to anything on the American continent yet when we talk about Americans in the United States. We're usually just referring to the people of Ninety yes we are guess what we still will and guess S. what Jeffey that erases other cultures and depicts the United States as the dominant American country yeah like we are thinking like where they're dominant America country that they're all trying to get into thank you because we we are because it is and because everybody knows it. It's man this. It's a suggestion for replacement. Let me tell you about that a U._S.. Citizen Person from the U._S.. Say That that make non-citizens feel bad though ooh. I want to be a citizen but I might it might these people are not thinking not. They're not covering all the basis okay. Don't use the term basket case the term originally referred to a person usually a soldier from World War One who's lost all four limbs. I don't know that ruling shut up. I what I'm saying. Do you see the problem. Is I understand their origin. Okay so maybe that is the origin. I've never heard that before. Who has I've never heard that? The basket basket case was the origin because guys coming out. It's plausible but that's not what we're saying now. I know that will referring to now. That's the same when you go down the list here. I was looking at personal life who knows that they don't know that the cake walk. Nobody knows that if it's true no cakewalk you don't think when you say it's a cakewalk well what you're saying was slaves would covertly mock doc wight slave owners through exaggerated ants to mimic white aristocrat aristocrats. Perhaps unaware of the subversive origin of the dancing slave owners began holding balls for entertainment where we're slaves would perform these dances to win a cake cakewalks became popular through the racism of the nineteenth century minstrel shows and everybody knows that so the offensive term cake Jake want you know the history of history of the phrase. No you're saying when you say that cake walk ignorance. No ignorance of the definition doesn't get you off the hook close. Nobody's ignorant to that. Everybody knows about the slave dance cakewalk this is I mean we've only started. We're only the seeds can't say that this was turning into a basket case but no it's not by the way if you WanNa follow along with these wonderful wonderful definitions from the inclusive language guide of Colorado State University go to twitter at Pat unleashed tweeting that out now in America lots of us have pain every day man I can relate to that and it's frustrating and it's irritating and it's sometimes ability to know cakewalk dealing with pain. I'll tell you that I was trying to help out the wow. Oh No. I was trying to help out the commercial. What did I do? Wow meanwhile we're having just been reminded. I mean just ahead tonight and blurted but it was complete century. There's so much just like a basket case. Oh I think my no no that's bad bold need to do is take relieffactor because obviously you're paying his affecting your Judgment Day. No relieffactor has four key ingredients that helps your body fight inflation agent inflammation not inflation's if fought inflation to that would be a heck of a deal also takes care of inflation. I'm in you should be in anyway because this will help with your pain. I'm pretty sure because about seventy percent of the people start with the three week quickstart for just one thousand nine hundred five they go onto order more because it's working for them now if it doesn't work just discontinue because after three weeks if it doesn't work it's it's not going to if it does work. You'll want to order more. Give it a try you. It's twenty bucks. If you WANNA drugfree natural way to ease your pain and get your life back go to relieffactor DOT COM. It's Pat Gray unleashed on the play until not offend anyone today or for that matter any day we are going over the Colorado state list of inappropriate words in terms because we're working on on people first language here. That's what we're doing. Thank you I so as not to offend anyone important. We've already talked about some of the offensive words why you shouldn't use them. Things like <hes> American or America's basket case. You don't ever want to call anybody a basket case that was originally intended for World War One veterans. It came back with no limbs at all for those. Who didn't I mean that's every below everybody? We all know that we knew this. Don't plead ignorance on this. You can't use the word depressed you don't call anybody ready to press felt originally referring to mental illness the terms depressed crazy nuts those those refer to people who were often institutionalized against their will using these terms to describe something that is surprising unexpected implies negative things about about the people you're applying to instead here instead of saying crazy. That's crazy. That's nuts you should say. I'm a little depressed or you got O._C._D.. Tom Instead call it. Surprising or Wild Sad overly organized showings organized in the world. I've a little particular today. What little particular this goes without saying? You can't tell people dwarfs or midgets. Don't call anybody dwarf. Don't call anyone a midget but what are they then. They're they're a person of short stature or a little person so dwarf. That's what you're saying. Dwarfism is a medical or genetic condition that results in stature below forefoot cut off okay according to little people of America. The average height of a door is four feet. Are you laughing not not not that organization when used in a non medical since it can be considered offensive but many view it as the acceptable term for the condition. The term midget was used in the past to describe unusually short and Porsche Person. That's why that's that's what they are. Instant now widely considered derogatory so not in my house isn't no and by the way here's a here's a little little helpful hint here for Colorado state and others such groups. If you're trying to replace a word phrase make sure that what you're replacing it with shorter and then maybe people like me might catch on but if you're GonNa Make Me Change Dwarf to person short stature hey look here's a person of short stature. Although I don't know why you'd point that out because that is but I mean if you're if you're out somewhere your kid says look daddy dwarf or a digit. You have to say no. No so you don't WanNa yet you have to that any person of here of midget bowling you have to call that person of short stature bowling right little wordy just even just just D- Dwarf tossing right. It's surest tossing so now we know amy meany mighty Mo the original song replaces Tiger with an offensive word aimed at African Americans. Don't use that gosh so instead of any meaning mighty Mo do randomly selected many many Mo- catcher randomly selected person by the no meaning my need randomly selected you just that doesn't have I didn't realize epileptic that said that's a term of condition right now but it generalizes the population in Minimizes Person Hood which should be acknowledged. I often called people first language instead of saying epileptic say a person with epilepsy or a person with seizure disorder. No I'm sorry though no I have some of that in my family. I'm not replacing it. Sorry no a freshman. You can't say freshman using man terms that excludes women and Non Binary Gender identities inclusive language acknowledges that people with many different entities could fill the role and Cancun true so instead of freshman you first year okay okay first year. We're not nearly through here. We skipped. We're skipping law. Oh my goodness. I'm just doing the highlights. Now here's one I didn't realize you can't use the word Hispanic anymore. You can't use the word Hispanic widely used to describe individuals from Spanish speaking countries it is problematic because of its origins in colonization and the implication that to be Hispanic or Latin X.. Latine Latino one needs to be Spanish speaking it is also problematic when people are called Hispanic based on their name or appearance without first checking to see how they the identify so so important so when you see somebody you need to check I excuse me how do you identify yeah. I need your gender identify Hispanic background <hes> so I guess you can use a latte necks Latine Latino using a person's country of origin such as cuban-american. Oh okay well now if you call somebody African American and they're not from Africa. What does that do into people thank you? Why don't we identify as yeah? You don't know that at all okay there's still some more safety tips. That'll keep you from offending people. We'll share them with you. Coming up on Pat Gray unleashed in this bad gray unleashed. Important that we don't offend people so we're going over Colorado state's guide to the words that you must not us and they also have some nice suggestions for us all. I'm going to be inclusive Penn.. I'm SURPRI- I didn't I had no idea Hispanic was now forbidden yeah. It's bad plenty of words that are on this list literal that you didn't know about this about this one. This is what I love. Hold down the fort or defend the fort in the U._S.. U. S. The historical connotation I guarding against native American intruders and feeds into the stereotype of savages when you say that unfortunately Colorado State University is actually located located in Fort Collins Colorado. I feel bad because I tell you that call it. I live on worth Texas. Oh Wow so technically you do <hes> adding to it. Allows sure are instead. It should be cover the office worth Texas or left in charge of I was to be instead of hold down the fort. Cover the office or your left in. Ask Yourself at what point in your life when some when you said Yeah when I was GonNa stay here and hold down the for it where you honestly thinking. Did you mean you're going to shoot Indians if they call you calling me a savage. Why are you talking about up so insane get this? You're not supposed to use the word homosexual anymore because of the clinical history of the word homosexual. It's used in an offensive way to suggest that gay people are somehow not normal or psychologically emotionally disordered notions discredited by the American Psychological Association so instead use Gay Lesbian Bisexual Pan Sexual Queer. It's important to ask what term person preferred. I right you got together. Ask Yeah you gotta ask because you look like a queer but I don't know what you're what you're thinking about today. So what do you want me to call you supposed to do it or asking I don't know why would you even jump into somebody's sexuality when you're talking to better. I don't know it's it's insane. Obviously you're not supposed to use the term illegal immigrant or alien. Oh the term illegal immigrant was I used in nineteen thirty thirty nine is a slur towards Jews who were fleeing the Nazis and entered Palestine without authorization saying the that a person is illegal dehumanizes them and implies that they're a criminal not taking into account note that they may be a refugee seeking asylum the term also suggests that the individual and not the potential actions. They've taken are unlawful so instead born in whatever country immigrant immigrant undocumented immigrant refugee if a person has been forced to leave their country to escape war persecution natural disaster or just because they don't like their neighborhood less part might have been added really okay yeah Syrah Colorado State with not no they would not male and female so pass it right refers to biological sex and not gender in terms of communication methods. You know we very very rarely need to identify or Noah persons biological sex the way we have to why are we doing the queer and the end of the same thing more often we're referring to gender in these cases using gender identity terms as preferred uh-huh so male female man woman gender non Binary Gender non-conforming so you can't say man woman. I guess they want if if it's okay with them I would check with them. I find out what or subject within the context of reading through this list but Martin did we dump when Patches said male female I mean that's sued that's offensive very so as normal person that implies that other people often people of color people blood disabilities mental illnesses disease or not whole or regular people. All humans deserve the respect of being normal spot. There's no replacement for normal person. Has It's never appropriate to use this phrase to describe a person other. Just eliminate that from your vocabulary period I don't WanNa WanNa hear you use the word normal again. Okay okay okay wow paraplegic and quadriplegic these terms generalize the population minimize Person Hood. I was just thinking the same thing they minimize person yeah yeah. They have the Paralympics they adopt that there Oh my good let me tell you something. That's not people first language Otas Day that is not people first language and I I disagree with it. We should just let them all part of the normal Olympics. What you can say is person with the spinal cord injury person with Paraplegia or person who is parallel shut up? My sweet learn pinkus peanut gallery of course is terrible because this phrase intends to reference hecklers or critics usually ill-informed ones in reality the peanut gallery names a section in theaters usually the cheapest and worst where many black people sat during the era of Vaudeville. I had no idea nobody knows that. No one knows that it's Chad pre section on his show. That's where I get to sit. What about the cheap suits forget? You're going to be on their Thursday night by the way Chad pre show okay my goodness. I can't miss a good now. Look you can't say you can't say preferred pronouns. Let's what we just learned this. You're supposed to ask people for their preferred Pronoun. Oh now but now you can't even use the word preferred because using the word preferred in front of Pronoun suggests that gender identity especially outside the binary is a choice and that the pronouns don't really belong along to the person Aachen golly okay. Haven't we been taught that they can choose their identity. Whatever isn't that the whole thing? We need to look at the how you identify on any given day. What is your Pronoun what pronouns to use the pronouns to us? Tell me about your adjectives as well. What what kind of adjectives do you enjoy asking them? What thanks for not anymore? Hey if you need to use a conjunction. What conjunction do you normally turn to? That's amazing win writing mining. How do you use a semi colon as a as compared to a colon me? I shouldn't use the word might remind you of some problems that you have it. I shouldn't I'm sorry I apologize. Why would have to have health problems always insensitive? Well 'cause there might be something wrong with your colon and I just reminded you of that. I don't know get good good then you wouldn't be offended by preferred Cola then there's rule rule of thumb that's been said to have been derived. It's been said to have been derived. We don't even know from the belief that English law allow demand beat his wife with his sticks along as it was no thicker than his thumb so instead of using rule calm because everybody knows that history as well I standard or general rule okay the general rule that I could be my wife with a stick no thicker but wait a minute wait a minute. That's that's standard in general are just other words from normal. Oh yeah you know normal. I hope we dumped the word normal. Did you go get I got it. You can't say I'm starving. You can't say I'm broke when when used in place of simply saying I'm hungry or I'm Lloyd cash right now. These terms appropriate real situations of hardship and can cause harm to individuals who are experiencing extreme poverty or a hunger crisis I can't I can what a world I mean. We've always told about the stabbing though when we were kids right growing up with people in China yeah <hes> so instead you say I'm hungry or a low on cash straight get used that because when used to describe heterosexuals terms straight implies that anyone in the L._G._B._T._q.. A two plus community is crooked or normal instead of straight use the word Hetero say okay okay good great the itis our Food Co.. Coma more commonly known now as a Food Goma. This phrase directly alludes to stereotype of laziness easiness of course associated with African Americans know does your old where does that okay. The people who believe that are racist wrote this up I have never associated food coma with any kind of breath. There's a number of these here. There's a number of the where they won right under. Look at this thug thug refers to a violent person or criminal but it often takes on a racist connotations immediate well if if it takes on a racist racist that's your problem. That's your racism because thug does not mean anything about a person of color. It doesn't mean it doesn't mean it could be any neither does food coma and no that's unbelievable. It's drinking early time today. You know you're not supposed to use the word transgendered now. The word transgendered never needs the extraneous Ed transgender. It's just just transgender. Let's get really really nit-picky. I'm withdrawing my kids from Colorado State University if they're enroll today oh my gosh that's for sure this is horrific. That's for sure you know you wouldn't think Fort Collins Collins. Colorado is a place where you're going to have to put up with this kind of stuff. This is ridiculous. You get used the word war go to war at war war zone or battle when I used to describe actual war these terms are appropriate otherwise when used to describe difficult situations or meetings. I have to go to war today at this meeting. They evoke very real tragedy that can be problematic for survivors of war or veterans instead you can use hostile environment toxic environment difficult confrontation dispute. Okay all right I that is the most Free Dick Yetlis list I've ever seen it's pretty amazing. It's getting worse and worse every single day with this political correct nonsense you know in and they're getting caught up in the creators of all this BS are getting caught up and I mean I guess I'm okay with that. Yeah that's that's-that's fun when they start falling victim to their own set of nonsensical rules then it's fun just like we we had a story yesterday about the metoo movement coming back to bite all these liberals and now they're starting to get pissed off about the metoo movement well. They're metoo. Movement has gone too far. We we thought really going to get conservatives with it but mostly liberals are are getting taken down. We don't like that yeah good good. You planted the seeds that made this field that we get to play on Yup and sucks for you. Yep All right. Let me tell you about red zone. Are you zone and DOT com. If you want to lose weight and you've been struggling with it because you just can't seem to you know stop eating at the right time. This is what can help you with that because red zone contains only a molecule naturally president your body but this gives you more of it to send a signal to your brain that you're full and you can put the fork down now. Then it also kicks your body into Garrod boost your metabolism so that you burn fat Ridge Zone is not a stimulant either doesn't contain caffeine it contains O._A.. V._A.. And that's pretty much it go to reduce own dot com order yours today there so confident that this will help you lose weight. They're offering a thirty day money back guarantee and you'll save thirty percent sent on a three-month supply at Red Zone DOT com. That's red zone DOT com. This is interesting gives us a little chance to peak in on Alex Jones. It also gives us a chance to <hes> see Alex. Jones is still around. Yes he has despite the fact that he's been banned from virtually everything which is related ridiculous. It's insane but here Alex Jones seems like the maybe a kit use the word normal okay wait. What was the word I <hes> substitute for? I mean look here all right. I don't recognize any substitute because you can't you can't say normal so no we heard seems like he's the standard cases Dander is there's no replacement for normal as it's never appropriate we use that phrase to describe a person so it seems like well yeah yeah so he's talking to a transgendered. I I mean transgender thank you. The Guy May man man. A million self-described quasi judicial body created by the B._C.. Human Rights Code held hearings on whether or not female beauticians should be forced to handle male genitalia why well <hes> because this transgender person has filed sixteen different complaints against s Titians in the past year arguing that as a transgender woman <hes> <hes> being denied services on account of our gender identity was discriminatory because she he she this person they <hes> they went to the business and they asked for their <hes> giblets to be taxed. Okay usually women don't have triplets and so they can't be waxed so it's not nor usual. That's not that's not it's not regular regular. It's it's just not a word for what it oftentimes. These types of businesses don't have that service okay so let's waxing of hurt. This person's name is Yaniv right sure so you need was on with Alex Jones and here's what happened like twelve year old girl should be ready to have a transgender man as a woman in the shower and if they see his genitals they shouldn't get upset. I don't think that's reasonable. I do actually because you know in their people WANNA start segregating segregating sex and from the women's WanNa be around a bunch of a about a much stronger bunch of all right so there you go. That's what we're up against right Dallas looking good though yeah yeah are you saying you need wasn't looking good. I thought you need looked wonderful. I've not even close to judging that now. I know that you need still has gymnasts. Implicit right defies our our old style of thinking would lead you to believe that in Eve then is a man and shouldn't be asking women to wax his giblets but nieve off disagrees with that so what you need performing supposed to do if you want you dip with wax wax yourself you would call Bell Rourke who apparently writes poetry about it as we learned earlier or there's that yeah wow what a weird world I mean seriously it's time to just be it. If it starts raining this afternoon just might be brimstone. It just might be raining brimstone well on a day where Alex Jones is the same one yeah look for scattered showers and Brimstone today because that's come on. What do you do with that seriously? What do you do with that and we're supposed to be okay with it and we are supposed to be okay with you are supposed to be okay within we're supposed to they just okay <hes> North Carolina right the judge said hey the state's got a if you no matter what what you identify as you can use bathroom? You want doesn't matter right. I'm sorry no okay no. I'M NOT GONNA go there with you. Not GonNa go off that cliff. The whole society could go off the cliff if I'm not going off that clip that just nonce unless you have to really bad at the only bathroom routers is a woman so of well we how long does that last. The woman is going to be the restroom right. Yeah Yep got these tweets in one from land of the fleet they then they're high. Can have your preferred pronoun me just used it all up. I don't have any more not going to the Pronoun Store to later this week. deying Dr Dang it self-righteous judgmental mental bovine tweets looks like Al Gore finally has competition yeah that Oh oh Oh Gore's way beyond that man. That's Gore's artwork bear Tobago again again on a day where Al Gore's poetry seems a nor Ooh what what my wow well compared to beddoes you. Tell me a floating con disappears and midnight Sun Right vapors rise. It was settles on Acid C._N._N.. Neptune's bones snow glides from them ice father's floods for cities hard rain cost quickly then dirt is parched are kindling ruling is placed into the lightning celebration unknown creatures take their leave on Moron horsemen ready. They're stirrups. Passion Seeks Heroes and friends. The bell of the city on the hill is wrong. Shepherd cries is the hour of choosing has arrived here are your tools and the tool well and so glad you read that I was really. I'm very heavy for asking me. I'm happy to hear it see. We don't have NATO what do we. We don't have audio telling you he wants to know. I wish oh wouldn't that be Lissi. Tremendous that might put him in the running to to go ahead of Al Gore but yeah until then but he's going to have a lot of free time real soon and so maybe he might be up to read the For us for the campaign the campaign or he's going to be depressed new. We say depressed no. He's we can't they can't that's easy sad. Maybe sad it's going to be sad. He's going to be feeling low depressed minimizes their person okay and I won't have it not gonNA show. I won't have it listen. This whole segment is just GonNa be silence. You guys are just ruined it on right so let's turn to cory booker because we'll get some wisdom from him over the weekend. Cory Booker said he'll defend anyone who's attacked because of his religion here. Here's what he said Kareem it. I will defend anybody Republican or Democrat who's attack because of their color their skin because of their religion because of their ethnicity. That's who I am. I don't get down about the politics of it. Racism Racism hardiness about it yeah. That's Oh you know that's true. Almost believe it no yeah I mean. He says it like really means. If he does right well here. He is grilling judicial nominee neely rail on her religious beliefs on gay marriage or gay relationships in your opinion immoral senator. I'm not sure you know the relevance of that too. I mean I think that relevant your opinion. If you think African American relationships immoral do you think gay relationships are moral. You personally believe that gay reaction I do you do not believe that you do believe there are sin senator. My personal views on any of these subjects are things I would put to one side and I would faithfully flights. You're not willing to say here fight that what you're whether you believe it is sinful for a man to be married. You're not you're not willing to comment on ash defending someone look at that she's Jewish by the way and he's defending her really strongly. They're right right right right okay and he'll anybody's defense over religion or what he actually say. I gotta go back lots that whole thing that she actually say about the African American trying to slip that in they're trying to acquainted to that's exact- that's all he did there right yeah he is. Oh my gosh yes. Then Booker Grilled Mike Pompeo on his views on people of other religions. Mike Pompeo's Presbyterian in a speech you talked about folks who worshiped other gods and called it. Martin multiculturalism warned that we live in a country where that happens. Do you have any views that the Muslim faith or people believe in worshiping quote unquote other Gods is that just something negative in our country defending does religious and right on to help uh-huh Mike Pompeo he doesn't care one. Are You Republican Democrat white black. I don't care all defend you that of course he talks about wanting to punch donald trump you talk about civic civic grace and you talk about parades empty. Can you speak a little bit to what you mean by these ideas and also the difficulty in expressing those in practicing those at a time where the opponent will likely not look doc. I was running on a Iowa stage and we were so psych hundreds of people. They're about to jump up and this guy sees me the former tied at Stanford University. He's a big guy. He puts his arm around me and he goes dude. I want you to Punch Donald Trump in the face and I stopped at my tracks and go do that's a felony man. Donald Trump is a guy in you understand hurts. You in my testosterone sometimes makes me one of feel like punching him. I mean that's felony yeah. You just said it and then he said he does blaming it on the testosterone though that's not him testosterone talking okay this guy has got to go away to. I'm telling you to see any of these. Democrats win were done. We're done go kidding there too. Radical there too extreme or the leader they are completely out of Control Sir. Let it happen all right Tripoli nine hundred thirty three ninety three's number tomorrow. We'll talk to you then inclusive inclusiveness you yes pat gray. Don't minimize Person Hood.

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