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Caregiver Meditation


<music> <music> hi. This is julie patankar from the balanced mind meditation center. This guided it. Meditation is especially helpful for anyone and caretaking role. It's called giving and receiving compassion with equanimity. You could be a professional caregiver or you could be an accidental caregiver. Eric everett could be somebody in your circle of love your family your friends that you're helping to take care of. I find find this meditation from the mindful self compassion curriculum especially helpful to help counteract the burn out that people can experience compassion fatigue when caring for sick individuals so for this meditation. I'm going to ask you to call to mind an individual will that you're taking care of an. I'm gonna suggest that you not use a child of yours. If it's <hes> the situation that you choose someone else because caring for a sick child is more complicated dynamic so we're going to start this meditation like we start all l. meditations by finding a comfortable position it could be sitting in a chair or sitting on the floor lying down but finding a comfortable position then we're going to take three nourishing breaths together gather in through her nose and out through our mouth you letting this one out with a sigh serhiy late you're breathing find its natural rhythm and let's relax. Systematically relaxing are eyebrows. <music> relaxing are is relaxing our jaws you try to imagine a slight smile at the outside corners of your lips dropping that smile down now into your throat. Relax your throat and your neck <hes> letting your shoulder blades meltdown. You're back uh dropping down into your chest and your heart center noticing aliveness there to your heart beating dropping down into your avs and really letting your belly go relax your hips into the floor the cushion the chair wherever your hips are are let him go relaxing your thighs and your knees relaxing using your calves and your ankles relaxing your feet and now softening your hands you and as we often do placing your hand or hands where you find them soothing just as a reminder especially in a meditation and such as this one that you're sending loving awareness to yourself not merely awareness but loving awareness relaxing your hands when you feel like it onto your lap your thighs they could be face up or face down. It doesn't matter noticing your body breathing. Where do you i notice it. Most easily is at the tip of your nostrils where breathing in is a little cooler than breathing out. It might be the rise and fall all of your chest or the rise and fall of your belly but wherever you notice you're breathing most easily focus your attention on that for a few moments comments seeing your body breathing in and seeing your body breathing out so you're feeling it and you're seeing <music> and now bring to mind someone for whom you are carrying who can exhaust or frustrate you or someone who suffers for whom you feel sympathy visualize yourself in the presence of this person seeing them clearly mm-hmm and see if you can feel the struggle in your own body when you feel frustration or fatigue and it's an embodied presence and if you can find it in your body as i've said before you can work with it in your body and is there a heaviness or a constriction and now please listen carefully to these words and let them gently roll through your mind. Everyone is on his or her own life journey. I am not the cause of this person suffering nor is it entirely within within my power to make it go away. Even though i wish i could moments like this are difficult to bear yet. I may a still try to help. If i can now aware of the stress that you're holding in your body you inhale fully and deeply drawing compassion inside your body and filling every cell in your body with compassion shen let yourself be soothed by inhaling deeply and by giving yourself the compassion you need when you experienced reince discomfort on your ex hail san compassion out to the other person who's associated with your discomfort mm-hmm exhaling compassion to this person or to all living beings in general continue. Can you breathing compassion in and compassion out a letting your body gradually find a natural relaxed breathing rhythm rhythm breathing in for yourself and out for the other one for me one for you <music> <music> you next time your mind nine wanders scan your inner landscape for a moment and re relax anywhere that you've found tightening anywhere that you've found constriction or a heaviness re relax breathing incompassion for yourself breathing out compassion for the person who needs it <hes> <hes> and one for me one for you <music> and your nourishing your body on on the end breath releasing compassion on the out breath too uh-huh <music> <music> uh-huh <music> <hes> <hes> <music> <music> mm-hmm and bringing your attention back that's wandered you're breathing in compassion for yourself and compassion for the other one for me one for you imagining the waves flowing in and flowing out on an ocean of compassion a limitless it lists ocean that embraces all suffering one for me one for you <music>. Everyone is on his or her own life journey. I am not the cause because of this person suffering nor is it entirely within my power to make it go away. Even though i wish i could moments. It's like this are difficult to bear yet. I may still try to help if i can breathing in for me. Breathing out for the other mm-hmm mm-hmm may feel good to move your body little slightly swaying the last couple moments moments of this meditation one for me one for you your fingers and wiggle your toes letting your torso move letting the phrase go the one for me one for hugo and staying in the meditation for a few moments and thinking about your self care your list of what brings you joy. If you don't have a list i recommend making a list of the things that bring bring you joy not necessarily traveling up the amazon because you might not be able to do that this week but things is that you can do some of the items on my joyless or taking a bath walking in nature talking talking to a friend so remembering to have that list handy and check off a few items each day so that you balance out all the compassion and empathy that you have pouring out of you with things that can fill you back up reading a good book exercising eating nourishing food and connecting with other primates because we're wired to connect a family and friends community trying to appreciate and savor things it give us joy now. I'm going to ring the bell comeback quietly into see your space congratulate yourself off forgiving years self this time this gift this space and have a very balanced rest of your day or evening think this has been julie pot occur from the balanced mind meditation center. Thank you for your practice.

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