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Wrestlemania Instant Reaction - Notsam Wrestling 285


This week I'm not saying wrestling. We've got a Wrestlemainia to review. Its behind us. We talk about all PAT. Mcafee is going to be joining the show. This is not Sam. Wrestling is introducing your host from New York. Here is rulers. Oh what a night. What a night. What a night up late. Make sure we get this in. Welcome to not Sam Wrestling Happy Monday. Hope you guys had a great weekend. Hope Wrestlemainia failed weekend whether it was for ninety nine on the network or much more money on pay per view on the fight after the Fox sports APP or wherever you decided to watch it. I hope you watched it. I mean I guess if you didn't watch it this would be a good place to hear people talk about it but you'll probably get a lot more out of today's show if you watched wrestlemainia you know going. In a lot of people's expectations of wrestlemainia thirty six was exceptionally low. No matter where you went people talked about how bad it was GONNA be. The phrase was used by many many people. This is going to be the worst wrestlemainia. All-time there's no way it won't be there. Were Respected dirt cheaters. That seemed like they were all saying. This is going to be the worst wrestlemainia of all time. There's no way around it. Wwe should just cancel it. Just don't do wrestlemainia. Forget about it and while you could sit there and say well. There's no way this will be the best wrestlemainia of all time. That's you know. I don't think that's that that that would be extremely hard. Get we look at the chips that are stacked against us. We don't have an audience. We haven't had an audience in three weeks. We're losing superstars. There's only so much we can do here. But when you look at that and when you look at what was accomplished there is no way you can sit there on this Monday morning. And take away an ounce from wwe and what they were able to accomplish this weekend. I mean an ounce of what they were able to accomplish with this show as a matter of fact first of all it wasn't the worst wrestlemainia of all time. There have been wrestlemanias that are much worse than Wrestlemainia thirty six. I will tell you what they are. So you don't think it's just hyperbole. From Schill Wrestlemainia. Eleven was worse. The main event was lt versus Bam. Bam Bigelow the championship match with these overseas. Shawn michaels not a good wrestlemainia. Some people would say wrestlemainia nine was worse. I have a soft spot in my heart for Wrestlemainia nine because it was like right when I was a kid but I mean you know if I could look at it objectively resume. Nine is probably worse than this. Wrestlemainia wrestlemainia thirteen as a wrestlemainia was worse than this year's Wrestlemainia. Granted you at one of the greatest matches of all time. Bret Hart Stone. Cold Steve Austin submission match double turn match the created an era however one match does not make a Wrestlemainia save for that match wrestlemania thirteen very bad wrestlemainia main event is set versus undertaker. Not Good wrestlemainia thirteen if we take out break versus Austin is not a better show. Then the Saturday and Sunday combined into one entity the we saw this weekend wrestlemainia. Two thousand is not a very good wrestlemainia. That was the one that stole Cole was out for technically Wrestlemainia. Sixteen where you to McMahon in every corner with the fatal four way between rock big show. I WANNA say Hunter. I think hunter may be hunter. And Mick Foley not a good wrestlemainia resume two thousand and by the way even more recently. Wrestlemainia twenty-seven the wrestlemainia before the first Johnson Iraq match. I believe the headline was Johnson University Ms with the Rock as the special guest host Wrestlemania. Twenty seven maybe the worst Russell many of all time worse than Wrestlemainia. Thirty six for sure I think All told WWe accomplished a lot with a little bit with this year's Wrestlemainia I did a lot of additional content over on the Patriots site. This weekend. we did a PO- show after night one We did a pre show before night to all of it exclusively available for Patriots on But and we'll get into everything I think for the most part that happened at Wrestlemainia. I think you're you're you're leaving this year with some unforgettable moments you're leaving with the firefly funhouse which as I'm talking to you about an hour after Wrestlemainia went off the air. I still can't believe what we saw. It was so brilliant that I'm and give it its own show. I'm not kidding. I'll probably do it by the time you're hearing this. I'll probably do it this afternoon. A probably do it later today. You have the bone yard match. Sheer Brilliance unbelievable match. You've got edge versus Randy Orton now. The criticism with edged versus Randy Orton. That a lot of people had was that it went too long for me. I don't think that it went too long. I was doing other stuff and watching it at the same time. So you know maybe who knows? But I didn't feel like it went too long. I feel like it had to go that long to tell the story. The only thing I wish were different about the edge versus Randy Orton match is I wish that edge had thrown Randy Orton off that truck after he had won. I wish that the referee counted to ten and then edge through Randy Orton off the truck. Now I will stick by what I said going into this Wrestlemainia I will stick by. That match was better at the performance with no audience than it would have been in the stadium in the stadium. That last man standing match would not have been as good in my opinion. I don't think the match would have been is good in the stadium as it was in this empty building However I also was wrong when I said it was going to be the best match of because the best parts of Wrestlemainia the best segments of wrestlemainia where the bone yard matching the firefly house I would accept an argument if you told me. The firefly funhouse match wasn't actually a match. I would accept that. It's an argument. I would argue that. It was a match. This is sports entertainment. But if you WANNA make that argument we can have the conversation. I will not have the conversation that the bone yard match was not a match. That was a match. It is what it is. It was cinematic as all hell but that was sports entertainment in its most honest form. That's sports and entertainment I think the takeaway from Wrestlemainia is gotta be the Kevin Owens jumping off the off the sign you know. I was watching South rollins versus Kevin's And once it became a no dehumanize I said this is great that was the fourth moment that I liked. You know In that I think will live on forever on the highlight reel. I think withdrew winning the title. There were a few controversial moments you know there was some people unhappy about the way that. Braun strowman just kind of trampled through Goldberg. But I think it was just what you had to do. You know. I'm not going to sit there and rewatch that match one hundred times but I think it was just what you had to do. I think that Drew McIntyre winning the title. The right thing. I said on a preview show before tonight's broadcast that I thought that drew should have his moment that we can't just keep delaying it. That if we're GONNA DO WRESTLEMAINIA we should end on it. And I think that that that was right I liked it. It was somewhat competitive but not overly competitive I liked it. Took four Claymore kicks to took down to take down brock listener I was in a haze after the firefight. Funhouse matched are probably will rewatch it. But I think that it was the right move. I think it was the right moment and on and I was happy with that. I also think Charlotte winning was the right move and think break becky. Winning was the right move. I think that that that Shayna has not been built up enough on Monday night. Raw to be the person to finally dethroned Becky and I think that Charlotte winning brings more to annex t than real winning. You know I think that. Now we're guaranteed a rematch between Charlotte and Ria Ripley. Hopefully at a takeover and I think that were guaranteed matches with the rest of the top women on the next he roster with Charlotte annexed. He's got the best women's division in wrestling right now. So the fact that you've got Charlotte on that roster theoretically is great. I think it could be great. If she doesn't fully joined the roster I think she should show up on raw every week with the women's championship and then when she absolutely has to defend it that's when she shows up on TV. I do not think that Charlotte should be on the next TV every week. I don't think she should be defending the women's championship regularly. You know I think that it should be a very very special occasion when Charlotte defends the NFC women's championship in annexed You know you you. What else did you have? I had something in my head yet. A lot of moments you know I had a couple questions that were thrown at me in the discord room One about the hall of fame you know since the WWE had to cancel their weekend raw is going down tonight. At the performance center you're GonNa have takeover matches that started last week on annex t which I did commentary for and you're GonNa have the rest of them the ladder match and the Gargano Champa match. You're going to have this week on an xt so takeovers taking care of you did wrestlemainia now. What you're left with is the hall of fame and I would imagine. I wouldn't be surprised if we can do. I mean who knows at this point but if we can do a big summer slam weekend. I wouldn't be shocked if you did a hall of fame ceremony for Summer Slam and then another one in March I think hall of fame is something you can just push back. Worst case scenario. Just induct this class next year but I think you could even if you did hall of fame survivor series weekend or royal rumble weekend. You could still do another one wrestlemainia weekend I think but I do think that you go ahead and you wait for an arena to open up. You could do it old school. You could do it in a hall and just not have it have it open for a very limited public audience. Charged a whole bunch of money for tickets. You could do that on the other but yeah I I would think they would just delay it and make it part of another big pay per view weekend. The other question that I got was Now that we have kind of taken wrestlemainia in how do you think Roman versus Goldberg would have been in a stadium and I think it's impossible to tell. I think that had wrestlemainia been happening in a stadium. The bill to Roman versus Goldberg would have been completely different. You know. I don't think the Roman versus Goldberg Segments. The promos that they have with each other you know the contract signing They weren't standouts of the performance center. Tapings they they weren't there were other standouts that existed. That wasn't one of them. So who knows? That would have been the same in an arena. Also the last to smack downs. You didn't have Roman on them at all so I think that I think that it would depend on the bill that match would theoretically have I'm interested in one's life gets back to normal. What Roman versus Braun is GonNa look like you know I think I think bronze the right guy in the meantime to have the title but I am interested in seeing how Rome is going to climb that hill. Sasha Bailey you know. I thought it was interesting interesting. That they're going for a long play. You know I thought just because of the world that we're in right now. I kind of figured that there wouldn't be a lot of stories at Wrestlemainia this year. The didn't and you know I thought that wrestlemainia would be chapter enders and the fact that you're starting to tease the Sasha Bailey. Turn See. I like what happened because I was worried. When Sasha got pinned I went. Oh no they're gonNA SPLIT THEM UP AND MAKE. Sasha the good guy that's the wrong move entirely but I feel like the Sasha is now sort of Bringing Bailey back in with this false sense of hope This false sense of security. That eventually she will turn on Bailey And she will be the bad guy. I liked that much better. I think Sasha's the better bag I so I think that that's that's a good direction to go in And I'm happy I'm just a little surprised And Yeah you know I thought I thought that the WWE was probably more successful than anybody thought that they would be I will be thinking about the bone yard match for a long time. I'm obsessed with the firefly funhouse segment I will be. We re watching that many times and we will be doing a full breakdown show on just that match. You can bet your bottom dollar. You know I thought rea- Ripley versus Charlotte as a match was great. I thought it was the best women's match for sure on the show and one of the best matches in general Yeah you know I thought this is going to be a very memorable wrestlemainia. This is going to be a time. Capsule of what? We're living through right now and this is going to be a wrestlemainia that we can go back and watch without being like. Oh my God this is awful. You know we might have to pick and choose matches but will absolutely be able to go back and watch this thing and go man. That was actually a pretty good wrestlemainia To get into my my deeper points of Wrestlemainia I wanted to invite a guest onto the show. you know. I think it was last week I know last week. We had becky Lynch on the week before that was precious Peter Rosenberg And I wanted to get one of my friends. One of my colleagues somebody whose opinion I trust somebody who I knew would be watching wrestlemainia closely and talk to them about everything that went down over the last two days wrestlemainia thirty six. Oh by the way before I got into it. If you haven't seen it yet you gotTa Watch the WWe twenty four edge. It is incredible the edge documentary on. Wwe Network right now. I haven't seen the undertaker thing that they put at the end of Wrestlemainia yet because I came right down here and started recording. But yeah you gotTa Watch the edge documentary on WWE network. So I invited Pat McAfee immediately after wrestlemainia ended. I got on the horn. I got Pat McAfee digitally into the studio social distancing. You know it's a thing And wanted to get his take and share our points of view. So if you miss seeing Sam Roberts and Pat McAfee together on the kickoff shows this weekend you can miss it. No more because here he is this week. I'm not saying wrestling to help me break down. Wrestlemainia Ladies and Gentlemen Pat McAfee before we get to McAfee from an early morning breakfast Burrito. Do a twelve pack of Beers while you watch the game. Sometimes you just need what you need delivered fast. And that's where posts mates comes in. Look in the time that we're living in right now. There's two things that you gotta do. You gotta eat and you gotTA support your local businesses. That are trying to stay open. Post mates has been a lifesaver. I got the APP on my phone. They got an option. 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You know I mean the fact that we could get all the Wrestlemainia in that we can get in and we can still be done at ten thirty eight East Coast time. I mean it's it's unbelievable while ladies and gentlemen joining me at this time because I want something special. I mean it's Wrestlemainia and I thought if I'm not going to be used I'm going to find the next most talented person and it's also not going to be used for Wrestlemainia and we'll use it for our own show ladies and gentlemen here to help me make sense of everything we saw over the last two days you know him from the annex t takeover shows you know him from the McAfee show two point. Oh thank you you know him. From Radio stations across this country of ours. You know from the ridiculous schedule that he had in fall. He's a man who after the schedule that he had with football in the fall is actually welcoming quarantine like nobody that you've ever seen before. Ladies and Gentlemen Pat McAfee. What's going on man? Not what those an incredible introduction about known call you the last professional broadcasts for no reason was amazing. I appreciate you and Yameen Quarantine. Life is definitely kicking the sack. But it's nice to nap at the house every once in a while bombed when I didn't see you on Fox sports one with Corey and Pete on honestly I really thought you were Rosenberg. Corey graves would have been a nice little trio and I was bummed out that I didn't see your beautiful Bran Muffin. Face ass up well. So that's what I was thinking. I mean you know. I'm I'm one for controversy. But it's still the thought crossed my head. Do you think it was a direct shot at both me. And you the fact that I turn on and I see Peter Rosenbergs on the kickoff show and then the pay per view starts and there's Gronk they got Peter Rosenberg in Gronk. But they don't have Sam Roberts and Pat McAfee feel like they're coming right for US direct in clear. Yeah definitely I mean you've definitely took some some shrapnel this whole thing within driving distance a stamford like me. I can make like the excuse like you know what I was nowhere near where they were so. That's obviously why they have 'em when it comes to me and GRONK. I mean that guy is not only a super bowl champ multiple times now. He's twenty four seven champ. I ain't got shit on that Guy Sam so I knew that there was no chance for me in this particular wrestlemainia especially after the short situation last year. But you you should very much look at this as a potential shot across the bow Roberts. Now you're probably right. You're probably right. It makes me feel bad for all the Times that I went on the takeover pre show and I had to bring up the fact that you went to the Super Bowl but didn't win and then and then I shouldn't in hindsight I should have brought it up I should. I shouldn't have done it because if you bring up that I go to the superbowl all good but then every time you pile it. Oh yeah that you know. We've lost a particular game. There were like well. We can't have that loser in one insert gronk drunk stuff jumping off a damn platform when in twenty four seven title away from his old best friend. I you know what let's get right into it. I had no idea what to expect out of these folks. I had no clue what to expect. How were they going to separate wrestlemainia the grand stage of the mall from smackdown raw and exte- with no fans? How are they going to do it? And you know what the undertaker AJ thing? I think was magical. I think the firefly funhouse thing was awesome. I loved her randy. Orton edge tour around. The performance center was some crazy stuff that I think they did. Step up their game and it was. They were against all odds to really make an entertaining piece especially in a world that revolves around fans reaction. Yeah I mean especially when you and this is something we were talking about like. They hadn't wwe as a brand and exte- had done a couple of empty building shows that were pretty wrestling heavy but raw smackdown. Even when they were doing shows in the performance center they were not doing wrestling heavy shows. They were doing shows that were promo heavy archive heavy. Hey they're cutting promos like this real close real close real but but I'm sitting there going like. Wow that's a ballsy. Move to sit there and go while we haven't done a wrestling heavy show but we will wrestlemainia The biggest one the base one one. The biggest one of the year in a show that a lot of wrestling fans are going like. Oh this shouldn't even do it. This is stupid. Here's the thing and this is what this is why I love. Wwe I heard everywhere. This is going to be people. Didn't say I don't know if this will be the best. Wrestlemainia ARE NOT PEOPLE SAID. This is going to be though worst wrestlemainia of all time. They said there's no question. There's not even a conversation to have and I just watched two nights of Wrestlemainia and I can start listing wrestlemanias. That were worse than the last two nights that we just saw. We did not witness the worst wrestlemainia by a long shot. And I think you're right. I think that it's because wwe did you know they looked at all the negatives and they said how do we use these factors to create positives? That we wouldn't have the opportunity to create. I think that you know I brought up edge versus Randy. Orton and I said that I thought it would be better in an empty arena than it would be in a stadium and I stand by that you know what I mean like. I don't think you can get the same personal feeling when you're going on and you can't even do go all over a stadium right well especially in one. That is pretty intimate. You know like the rain Yordan Edge Angle was the most intimate angle. I've seen in a long time right. I mean it was like hey I love you more than you love you. You shouldn't be doing this. I like your kids. It was like a really infant angle so almost like a couple of weeks back. I think it was like three or four weeks before. Oh Cova nineteen came in off the top rope when everybody that five minutes storytelling. Promo that Randy. Orton did to end the RAW. Whatever it was rain Jordan's best work in a long time yet. Then carry into the quarantine times those edge promos on awesome. I watched that I watched was twenty. Four yeah the twenty four on edge where he talked about how ninety nine episodes of TV and movies and stuff like that. I don't know how many people could have pulled off what they were able to pull off whenever it came to. Promo was and that's why I think the level of talent that has been showcased. These last couple of weeks has been next level but to your point edge. I'm not Harverson. Short fans make a difference in a lot of those matches by the way that end up going all over. The fucking place fans can kind of get lost in that. It's our thing and he was right because the people in the arena or watching the jumbotron anyway so it kind of loses the for me the Oncein during these last two nights that I wish there was a real proud. They're not gonNA drew McIntyre finally winning the championship after eighteen years in his whole story. That's awesome same with Braun beaten up Goldberg. People would've loved that right. People love that when Morrison falls often that ladder with both yes ray onto that ladder and then falls off and picks it up like. I think that would have been a moment. I think there was a couple months in that match where the crowd would have been a part of the show. Yeah yes there were three for me. Takeaways that stick out like I wish audience in in this moment two of them. You just mentioned one of course closing the night. I still say you know I was watching with some folks and they said that they thought that they should have switched. The drew McIntyre Brock match and the firefly funhouse match. Just because I think everybody was in that sort of like what the fuck did I just see whether they liked it or not? And I'm we'll get into it but I think it's people were hung over from that match and couldn't even process by the time he hit those four kicks and the WWe championship drew McIntyre also coming off a day where the undertaker. Aj thanks yeah. So it's Kinda like the similar thing where it's like. How do we top a thing that was produced like that? Yes with entering action. That's good college and the hang on and it's real but at the same time when you look at it as a historical document as somebody like me tends to. Do you want to be fair to drew McIntyre right? You need to have that as the moment whether if you're gonNA do Wrestlemainia the moment that ends the show has to be drew McIntyre holding up the title. You have to present this as the most important thing. That's happened at Wrestlemainia because I'll tell you this. The last person that beat brock listener for the world title with Seth Rollins and it was a year ago and it was at Wrestlemainia and it was in the opening match and nobody cared and it was not a good title rain to the point that Seth Rollins had to completely redefine his personality to get over that Hump. It was terrible. Do you remember. They moved to the opening match. To last minute was wrong. It was absolutely people running. Got Brock's leading off your. It's hard to. There's a reason why there's a set order of stuff right. You're over your thrown at Tantrum. Because Michael Cole yelled at you about your pants. Everybody else is dealing with the fact that they're literally moving around the major matches of the car right. Now you're sitting here going was still think I'm more important than all that. It was not a Tantrum. It was just a simple. Hey if you're talking like that I'm GonNa walk the fuck out. It's not a Tantrum threatened to quit the company. Don't ever talk to me. Know what that is. Not How past it? We got past right but the the Russell main the thing you know I know that this is probably been echoed by everybody in the wrestling community. But the thing wrestlemanias so awesome. It's just the the energy in the electricity in the entire city. Right whenever you go the Yes. It is just so many indies wrestling. They're right. They're having their biggest weekends of all time. You've got every city and just the fans I mean it's just now by the way the raw after Wrestlemainia. I'm bummed about now too right because that is where the crowd literally steals the show rights to basically say whatever so. There definitely are some drawbacks. By in the time that we're in for a place that gets criticized for having bad trade of I think they had some of their most creative times in the most crucial times which is Wrestlemania when you have no crowd access in. You can't have everybody in the building at the same time. I think it was impressive as hell to be honest with you. Yeah and for me. My three moments were the reason that I wish there was an audience. There was because the moments were so good because they were it was it was it was. They were good. It was the right way to do it and it would have made better so my moment number. One is drew McIntyre obviously winning the title. I think if you had that celebration some fireworks to you. Forget Open Air Stadiums fireworks everywhere? There's helicopters going. There's everything you can't do that at the performance center. All in that picture to the picture of drew McIntyre with a thing but the one genius thing that I noticed. Wwe Did because. I saw the pictures from night. One is they brought the giant Wrestlemainia sign. It's like I saw pictures of Becky Lynch holding up the title after beating Shayna Baseler and the Wrestlemainia sign is behind. It looks enormous because it's on the floor and I was like actually that looks cool. They zoomed in on Braun to just face which is the wrestlemainia back. And I'm like all smart move for later and editing. Yes start cutting this thing up with some crowd noise and the things that they do though. Yes that is just next level. I don't think they ever get enough credit for is like having to think about not just this night but also whenever they retell the story later how do they get the shots that make it. Look the absolute best. Even though they're in worst case scenario absolutely moment number two. I'm with you with the ladder match. I felt like ladder match top to bottom needed the audience because I found myself watching first of all. It's weird you know because it turns into a singles instead of tag out of nowhere. What it is I mean. It is what it is the missed by the way whatever the hell happened would you say something happened to Ms? Right and it was the I think he got sick or something I mean. I don't think he's got the Rony. I don't think he's officially got that. You Know God forbid he's by kids and reality show he's a Turtleneck tough-guy Kobe. Nineteen dot care about turtleneck tough. Now doesn't that's that's what we're finding out of. Fortunately everyday rony does not care now. It doesn't but so you you had that but to me when I was watching the ladder match way more so than the edge Randy Orton match. Because you're right edge drian mash the fact that they went everywhere. If felt like just personal rivalry like it all felt like it made sense when you watch a ladder match with no audience. I feel like there's a part of you. That goes hey man. Why are you guys doing this? Why why don't do that? This is terrible. I mean this is Bruno. That looks like it hurts so much. Why and then you hit the ladder and you just see the guy go along. How and you're like I don't there's no energy to fuel me through. You know the terrible things that you're doing to yourself right now. You know what I mean. I thought a couple of times of like man. I can't believe they're doing this with nobody Out there like Morris obviously the Morrison Fall and then there was a couple other not a couple of other those others. Those ladder matches involved. What you run into Just a ladder by accident with your elbows can hurt little falling on it. There is some things in that match was like I feel like I don't want to say the wasting it on like this is insane and then remind yourself right to them. All Year is still build up this right. Yeah and I would assume that the message it's radiating backstage wherever they're coming in waves because everybody can't be there at the same time is like hey this is this can be our hardest challenge yet. Let's put on a show and the dudes a gun in a ladder match with Holly. You got it boss. It's hey let's go for a and I do not envy him but I loved. It was the third my third moment and this is one that I hope doesn't get lost on people but I feel like if this show is done in a stadium full of fans. Do you know who would have had one of the biggest wrestlemainia moments of the entire two nights. Your Guy Otis. Oh Yes when? He and manny were together. Do you understand the reaction that stadium would have given to all beloved Otis? He got the girl. Mandy was looking as hot as ever in that outfit hers and Otis gets to stand with her and that's every neck beard in the audience going. Yup He did it for us. You should have seen the group text. My office says yeah. You got some neck bears working with you. Yeah we're all jaded Zito. Oh Yeah Oh yeah he does the one. The crash your via the arming last year. He's number one fan. That's not a shock. When tonight happened the the group tax started from top. To bottom of Zito and celebration. It was as if he won. It was as if he beat up. Sonia who didn't want Otis to ultimately have the girl of his dreams. It was a massive moment. And now that you're saying I didn't think about that just goes I'm so happy for the Guy Right. Beating up the bully in the truth shall be heard which is drawing people. You know to go crazy on the Internet but the the thought of the music that will be playing in the background in Otis turning while he's ordering earn. I mean that would have been a majestic mania moment. Yeah it's do was shut down the Internet. I mean he was trending higher than Sam. Roberts on commentary somehow which. Tough real tough. Hey Internet is a buzz when Sam Roberts gets on a microphone. Yeah that was your one hundred seven right. I thought about that just because the reaction in the group chat that place would've been insane down there in Tampa my thoughts on Brady to the thought that odor stop the girl it would just be. You're upset yet so I thought that was special but still I thinking like as we were leading into the weekend I was thinking. Okay you know kind of like the point that you brought up which is Wrestlemainia doesn't exist just as this night or justice this tune when it's too big for one night at exists to nights but it doesn't just as just too big one. It's too big. But it doesn't just exist singularly right it exists this moment in time and you go in the wwe network all week. It was the best. Ten wrestlemainia matches the best ten matches. The last fifteen years stone calls best wrestlemainia matches triple h best wrestlemainia matches and these matches that. Were in the most atypical. Wrestlemainia of all time are still gonNA be put on. Those highlight. Reels are still in contention for things like that and I walked in going. Okay if there's one match that's going to get to that level it's edge. Orton and I can't believe that as we walk out. I at best put Edge Orton. In third place at best day taker. Aj's going to just. I mean that's going to be show. That is going to be shown for years and years and years to come. It's one of the best things they ever. I'm sitting there going like everybody makes fun of. Wwe films and then. I'm sitting there going. Whoever made undertake adversity whoever made the bone yard match and whoever made the firefly house if these people are not getting awards nominations for Oscars? I mean like people to the front of the line of Writing Shit for you people. Honestly that's maker. Aj thing whenever now the thought of by the way. Aj So talented taker. Obviously the mystique and everything like that. But we've seen his last couple of matches right. You have no clue how the hell they're going to be able to make that work especially with no crowd. Then they're like it's a bone yard match and everybody's like what the Hell is the. I couldn't think of anything worse than a bone yard. The American bad ass shows up on his motorcycle by the way. That's a point of contention for me. People are saying that was the American bad ass and I go if limpest get or kid. Rock is not playing. It's not the American bad ass. I said it could be. I mean undertaker is is a character that evolves and there was a little bit of American bad ass sprinkled in there. I still think there was some deadman's sprinkled in there. That's why I was so comfortable in the bone yard. Any road is is he wants. A role is is whenever he was standing behind it. Yes intriguing to me. Yes but times. Are you bad ass while you think you're a Badass Brian? Jason you rice out. That's why I thought it but I would have never. I was almost like scared to watch that match. You know I was like. Oh my God some cringe-worthy Shits about to happen and I don't WanNa be a part of it watching it. This is genius. This is Jimmy in a way and with the hand with the hands thought it was genus. That's going to steal the weekend the week. What did you think of Firefly Funhouse? Let's just let's talk about it because that is also that to me. I was looking at my twitter and I literally. I love when this happens. I'm look first of all. You Know Me Pat. I don't travel into my ad all that often because it's it's an ugly place. It's an ugly place. I have to put my my co. Vid Mask on just to go on. My APP mentioned blinder cages. And just keep it to the time right right right. Smart. By the way we'll get back to PAT McAfee in just a second. But he knows what the deal is. He's got a lady cooped up in that big old house of his with him and he knows as much as that guy works. If the two of you are going to be stuck in the house together he's got to be able to physically satisfy this person whenever she needs it. I'm the same way you're probably under the same obligation to your partner. Look when we're this obsessed with our hobbies when we're this obsessed with our work we've got to be there for the people that we love physically now more than ever all right when we're stuck in our houses when we're quarantined all the time hours don't matter anymore. I'm not a morning person. I'm not a night person. It doesn't matter you need to be up and ready to go okay to physically satisfy your partner. You need the confidence you to walk around. Your House with the confidence of knowing that at any moment I rock this person's world and you can do that and support this podcast. 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Blue is the better cheaper faster choice but I jumped in just to see and I saw back to back tweets going like are you tweeted something nice about the firefly farmhouse about how is amazing and it was literally one on top of the other. You gotta be kidding me. That was the dumbest thing. Wwe has ever done and right above it. That was genius. The most brilliant thing I've ever seen. How did you feel about the firefly funhouse match you know and this is GonNa Probably Piss off? Some of the wrestling fans will always found me to be the dumb jock right just getting position when it is in my full time thing right the reason why I appreciate. It was all the shots at the business throughout the entire thing. Shots at every single era of the business. Yasser things that I never thought. As Vince McMahon would okay. Then there was things that I didn't think Sina would okay. Yeah I mean they pose a couple of times. Encina is already a movie star. He's already gone. Why IF YOU'RE SINA WHENEVER? You're this big superstar. You got Good Morning America the today show whatever it is Ios. Those people are watching four John Cena. He's got always other celebrity friends watching for him and he basically expose all of CENA's like attempts at becoming Dijon Sina then all the shots back in the day. The bad wrestling good looking guys. I mean there is just I mean. It was everything that I never ever thought. Vince McMahon would okay were John. Cena was okay in ultimately. I gots why I loved it so much because if you knew what was going on which. I'm assuming I missed a few of the references and things like that but a lot of this stuff you know I got. I just think the ability to be that aggressive in either pitching the story line like Bryan probably was right right like. Here's what I'm thinking. I'm thinking on packing and for Vince and seen about to go like birds in there. That's why like it so much just because it was so gross but the common fan right right. Who's WHO's watching Wrestlemainia 'cause it's Wrestlemainia in their told to watch WRESTLEMAINIA? I don't think they had a clue what's going on. My lady had no clue what was going on. And you're like oh she's like what's going on and you're like this is clearly. It's a wrestling match. What do you mean once on? Just froze there. I was like all these sort of shot at Hulk Hogan right there. Oh No. He's in my girls like Hulk Hogan on the whole thing so I think that's where separation lies. It could be in by the way. Wwe doesn't normally try to piece to the supermarket straight Ryan on her thing at all. I think that's why I think it was so interesting to me. Yeah I thought it was super interesting. There were shots in there. I mean I don't know if you picked up on it. There was a reference to Nikki. Bella which blew my mind because I was like I can't imagine Johnson would be a part of that. There was a reference in there. I mean that I didn't hear the Nikki Bella. I didn't hear the Nikki Bella when when when Bray start seeing you can look but you can't touch as music butch. Oh my see. Yeah I I so so much. Packed into that can plan is to go through it. Step by step on you to break down every single reference. Because I feel like the people who didn't like it don't get it because I mean it was it. No they didn't see it because every there was not one. You know you watch a film right and you know when you're watching a movie and there's not they say there's there wasn't one wasted frame of film in this movie and knows the great ones right like there's nothing wasted and I'm sitting there watching this. Like all my God this is sheer brilliance especially to come from a place where people out there that were saying that they didn't like what was going on because John Cena was burying Bray Wyatt on his way to wrestlemainia Husky Harrison a mask. He was posting stuff like he was. He was burying him and he was going like outside of quote unquote and bringing up You know th that he didn't bury bray that braise overrated this and that it's too real and that's what people need to take a pause when they think somebody's quote unquote being buried. Like what if I told you that scene is going to bury bray a little bit on smackdown but at Wrestlemainia? We're going to spend twenty minutes in a movie. It film version of burying everything Jonah has ever done in wrestling and also a little bit his personal life and also burying. Vince McMahon. A little bit. And then we're going to make him disappear from the ring as if he doesn't matter at all what if I told you that's where we were going would you be okay with them. I don't even fathom the thought of sitting in a room embrace white pitching. I couldn't even can bury me like on the Internet on smackdown. You can start. You know you do whatever you want. And seen as like yeah. Yeah I know I know. I know I know when we're going into wrestlemainia everything I've ever failed at is just going to be exploited or seen a pitch that right. Hey we got no crowd haughtily steal the show. This is the way to do it. Just destroy me just destroying. Just I mean seen I've been more open to it. You know in the ruthless aggression documentary series on the network which is very good. Sina brought up the fact that the beginning of ruthless aggression which was referenced. When Sina came in with those little shorts on get missing the slaps it we seen a looks at that as a failure and he referenced that in the documentary and broke down a little bit of that but didn't really hammer down. I mean the N. W. O. Thing like people were like that came out of nowhere. I'm like no. That's a clear reference to Johnson and never turning heel the way hulk Hogan did even though all the fans wanted him to look we can get into it all day. Okay because his ears Okocha he is. Of course he is. I mean that's everything. Wwe Is cyclical right sick. They were like everything goes in cycles. We need another stone cold. We need another rock and Sina was like well. What if I was the next Hogan and that's the way it happened. Okay we'll go. Pg and we'll just sell bunch of neon green stuff to kids and we did Invite Yours. Sina changing like a little things like when when they did the scene where Bray was about to get hit by Sina by the chair and seen it. Change the t shirt to match the T shirt that was of the era of wrestlemainia thirty instead of wearing the green. He was wearing a black with pink letters on it. Look I can't waste it all now. Pat 'cause I'm going to do a separate show. Don't let me be a part of this because you're going to get a lot of us on this. I don't WanNa be a part of this. Is Your brain breaking it down? I Shit I can't wait to watch. I appreciate it because I got. I got the fields all over. I got I got goosebumps watching this thing because everything everything and then brady goes back into his old character. I mean it's just it's brilliance and it's genius Bro. Each just like I feel like everything break does is just so deep. Everything is so. The fact that they tiredness in the obviously. The original Tien lost the scene at the recipe. Long Time Gal. That's why he just got buried by Goldberg and Saudi. It didn't even matter. Did that match doesn't even matter give up the title. Because ultimately what he wants is revenge on see I mean just everything seems so in by the way that's exactly how it's supposed to be opposed to be. Yes it is supposed to be. And I think that's why everybody's so invested in over the next couple of days just like the debut of the feeling by the way when a firefly funhouse the debut of these things it will take a couple of days for people to actually appreciate and respect it boy at Firefly Fun House. It was pre produced thing. Obviously everything was production that was not too similar to the taker. Aj Styles for baby like all they got lazy and did the same thing. It was to the same genre two very different things crushed. Yep crushed and I was sitting there after as good as at. Aj undertaker match was. And I think that AJ undertaker match. I mean it took the entire night one of Wrestlemainia that one match took it to a different level where people were like even if they were feeling like okay. This was actually better than I thought after the undertaker AJ match it was. Oh this was actually a good show right up. Took the whole thing to another level and I was thinking poor John. Portray 'cause they're not beating that and when I watched him and like the fact that it wasn't even filmed in the same way they didn't use the same frame rate they didn't use the same cameras it was completely it wasn't even a match. It was all metaphor in a rap battle. Yeah there's a rap battle in there it was like it was like Vince. Mcmahon brought in David Lynch and he was like hey instead of me running the show David Lynch. You're going to run the show and then we'll just see what comes up and that's what we got and it was. I loved it but I do. David Lynch's twin peaks very bizarre very bizarre filmmaker very experimental in his approach. I've idea I I wish I knew. Okay okay I know very little about football. Know very little support but didn't win. And can I tell you something? I didn't know that before I met you see. You learned that quickly for. I think it would probably call. Probably Cole took a nice shot at you backstage. And when you see when people wouldn't call takes a shot at you I think to myself. Oh if I did that on camera coal it would pop coal because he did it to you too. So I'M GONNA I'M GONNA DO Cameron pop call. Yeah Oh yeah frustrated what you say to me and then in my ear. I got this Hyena. How would you rate this? How would you rate it? How do you score things Wrestlemainia? As a whole yeah look only compare it to other wrestlemanias. This is its own thing. I think it's it's own thing that has to be judged against itself and if you're going to judge it against anything I think you have to judge it against other shows that are currently trying to act right now if you see how anything on. Espn or anything and everybody is doing this. Everybody's face timing skyping. It looks like an Internet. Everything looks like Internet show now. Yeah I mean it's crazy. They're completely lost any semblance of production. Like there is no everybody was just like. Hey you got a Webcam on your macbook book okay. No that'll work just as good as our TV cameras that we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for. Just use your macbook. What's your Internet like? Twenty makes up twenty down. Oh Yeah that'd be good Florida the entire time us. I'm watching the F. One Poor Booker. T's wearing a Tuxedo but his cameras all blurry on like boogie spent more on your camera. And then you. I mean you spend more on the talks than you did on the on the computer Christy. Nice Tux just in his bedroom and back dress up. I liked coach. You know what I think. You can't rate it against wrestlemanias. I think it against the things that are currently happening right now. To be honest I think they've got an eight for the. I think it's an April. I don't know how you could have wanted to go. There's a couple of matches. I don't think we're WRESTLEMAINIA worthy okay. Yeah I don't think the Bobby Lashley match was added purpose. I don't I don't think it was. I don't I don't think we don't was all together as a distraction and escape with some good storylines aunts and creativity. I think they hit it out of the park with you and I. I don't think that is something I've said about. Wwe brought in a long long time. I give it an eight out of ten probably. Yeah there is based on how bad it could have been honestly exactly. I mean that could have been going in watching waiting for the train wreck that I was doing. That did not happen somehow. Now will that over the next coming weeks maybe maybe but not wrestlemainia. That's incredible what did you think of the first of all I'll say the Kevin Owen spot was incredible. Jumping off the side. I mean talk about a highlight reel moment. How about says so by the way Santos Colon you how you get that like. You can't breathe and it's yeah. Yeah the smart self your ear. I I was very impressed by that match a lot. I thought yeah once that match became a No D. Q. Match. That's when it was like okay. This is on the list of the best matches of the night before I was wondering watching that match going. Oh this should not hugh match. That would have made this a lot better. And then they make a no and I'm like they must have something implanted in my brain that they have a pre taped show that they just took my suggestion. They probably do. There's a chance. What did you think to ironically enough? I think probably the two most controversial results were the two singles. Women's title matches people upset. I mean people just loved the women of next year I think because I I don't disagree with either match. Actually but people were upset. The chain of Basil or lost to Becky Lynch and people were upset. That Charlotte beat Ria Ripley. So I like the Charlotte's go into Wednesday's gets kind of amazing for NFC right amazing frantic seats amazing for Wednesday night. Charlotte is a bona fide superstar. Right I mean. She's athletic. She gets. She's everything that you could potentially want in a superstar so now that that's going to Wednesday nights awesome awesome for annex t in the matches that she's going to have with some of the ladies and annex t uptake are GonNa be I thought about Bianca Belair like I don't know what they're GONNA do but I. I'm happy that Charlotte's on Wednesday nights and when it came to Shane. What do they do with their now? So here was my thinking behind it because I get that and I'm not saying if she had won it wouldn't have been a disaster because then you're building this almost like this female brock listener. But I think because I think because of the of the way this match was led to. We had no time to see. Shayna had any matches except for elimination chamber. So the fans that hadn't watched T. Which it is a lot of fans that haven't watched they did not like hers. Am Yeah did not watch annex. T did not like Shane Bond. I was bummed about it. Writes this girl is a bad destroyed. Get scared around her right. This girl is the truth in the people that had no idea of her whenever she showed up. They're like this is boring. This is this and then I was like all right. What are they can do with her? Then obviously you get no crowd get arrested many against the man and then she loses. It's like what the hell are you going to do with her now. I'm intrigued to see what happens. Then here's what I think. Shane baiser could benefit from. Its spending some time introducing yourself to the raw audience and the way you do that is. It's one thing to eliminate everybody in an elimination chamber match. But I don't think that people look at that match and go okay. Well she's beaten. All five of those women people go okay in the context of the Elimination Chamber. She won that match. But you know that doesn't mean that you beat all those people so I think that I think that chain obeys ler has to go through and start beating everybody one on one. There needs to be a one on one match with Cari Sane and needs to be a one match with Oscar. There needs to be a one on one match now that live. Morgan's beaten Italia. Shane obeys versus live. Morgan and let's let's let's let the raw audience see how dominant she can be and then come back and now she's really a threat to Becky Lynch it's interesting to me. Watching the annex t superstars whenever they get called the raw smackdown and the debut kind of stumbles a little like after after the Super Bowl. Halftime show happen when they tore the house down for every fifteen minutes whereas the performance center down garnered lifted CIAMPA got lifted Alastair Gut. Let everybody that was in there. Basically lifted and then it kind of stumbled out the gates right. Like Alastair Black was this had the longest intro of all time that was very cool. An Annex T and UP IN RAW. I think it was raw up on radar. But he was like. This guy is a longer intro than undertaker. What the Hell's going on stumbles outright? Yes same thing Shane. How like stumbles out the blocks. Watching them like Alastair just got a big win. Obviously we're watching. That build backup is kind of fun to see especially whenever you seeing somebody at the top of their game in the top of the world right and then all of a sudden after reprove themselves it almost can add to the storyline in the end. Which obviously that's what we're looking do happen with. Drew McIntyre happened with a bunch of perhaps as Kevin O. Unsettling everybody I mean. It's just intrigued to see what kind of I don't know what they're gonNA do. A Shayna man. I'm pumped to see it but I don't know what the hell they're going to do it. Yeah I mean for guys I guess I mean you and I pat. We know that is the number one. Sports entertainment brand in the world annexed. He is the best wrestling on the planet on the planet. Yeah if you go into a universe. I'm shrieking dive to another planet. Maybe it's a little bit dumber planet or whatever. They have wrestling their sports entertainment. Just like our planet annex. T would be the best on their plan as well. I agree the hottest brand of sports entertainment. There's shows are absolute chaos and insanity. Yes so whenever you see these people get to the top and then it kind of gets a respect like all right. What are we gonNA do with them next? Because chiefly I thought it was gonNA keithly. Yeah we forget we forget Pat. Then there's a whole bunch of people that aren't like us that aren't even watching X. T. so they show up and like and there. Isn't this people there. Some people who think that there should be. This seamless transition. Where everything that you've done x t goes right up and you're on the main roster now and you just continue writing that wave but hey pat your football man. There's a lot of football men. That are very good at football in university. And then they get to the NFL and say they stumble it because it doesn't matter what they did in college ball does. Does it very very true very very true but you know what what if you're good? You're good dude. You would know if you're you're good. Yeah if your average you can treat some people for a long time and then get a nice early retirement before they catch up to you. I thought it was a great weekend. Yeah me too punked. Obviously I was bummed that you weren't part of the free show with Old Pete Corey I think it was a great showing by them and I honestly think they did well. I'm pretty proud of them. Yeah Hey I was a nightmare putting this all together. I can't yeah. I can't imagine just knowing what I know based on doing Wednesday night on annex t and like how much has been thrown around and up in the air and everything like this is you can not and I've been talking to some of the behind the scenes folks too and I. Yes and you are honor percent right pad like you cannot take for granted you cannot downplay. How much work. These people are doing to get this. Show off the ground and the fact that we just take it for granted because we get wrestlemainia every year. Like wrestlemanias on it. Some you know I get some dominos contact lists delivery because I'm not touching anybody and I'll watch I'll watch my wrestlemainia and then I'll go on the Internet and complain about it. Why not like these? What are you gonNA do venture sterilized? Some ladders. Grungy show? It's insane. Your Mouth Award had to be terrible. I off just thinking about the amount of people it takes to put on a show like that just taking all their temperatures must have been a nightmare all have to be below ninety nine degrees show. Even you die that we absolutely need to not have a temperature above ninety nine degrees. Young can't let you in here though. 'cause you could potentially kill everybody's GRANDPA right. I don't know how they put it off. Put it off but they did it man they did it and I think you're right and I wanted to talk to you about this because we didn't talk about the show much. We taxed it a little bit last night. Not at all tonight because we knew we were going to do this. And I figured Oh you're a guy with a brain in your head you'd be enthusiastic about what you just saw and honestly inspiring. It's nice to see that when WWe's back against the wall they deliver a product has always been the case. I everybody on Earth can agree that there has been some moments here with. W where we're like. There has to be something better than that has to do with the amount of talent and the amount of brains. You have their asked me something better than this. This particular moment was a moment where literally the entire world was watching to see what they would be able to pull off and I think they did it. Look I honestly think they did. Wwe is best for just how the organization works when there is no net. When you've got a little cushion or you've got a little ability in your position you know. That's when stuff starts to fall out of the grips but when it's like this Casta work. Everything is against us. We have to fight through this when when when that's what's happening historically what we saw this weekend. Wwe comes through well. Sometimes you have to burn the bridge behind. You have nowhere to retreat. You know what I mean Sam. I do know what you mean. Pat You're what you just said about. Ww BACK in Swale with their way or not comfortable and you have to put on a performance. They do it. That's what all the grades do right. Yes My wwe's WWe. For Reason. I hope the creativity remains the same. You know I hope that escape that everybody needs can remain the same for the next couple of weeks. Or hour-long this is and I'm thankful for the folks that their shows off. Do I know pat that you have Similar philosophy to wwe end for me. We all agree that right now. The best thing you can do is get as much content out there as possible. Create those distractions from the chaos. That's going around in the world and you are creating a mountain of content on a daily basis over at the Pat McAfee offices so I would suggest that everybody just search you out on Youtube you make it real easy to find that content contents bad. We are trying to listen. I think we all have roles in this right. Yeah we all have roles. I can't sure cover. Nineteen now can't do it. I can't even come up with another concept that could potentially slow the curve down but what I can do is dance. Monkey dance and I think that's what I'll do continued. I'm thankful you're doing that. Yes I watch her. Show on Youtube I love what you and Norton are doing. Thank you and on the other side of this raw going to be a better. People and drew McIntyre is going to be a champion going into the era post coated nineteen. I'm pretty pumped about that. I am to Pat McAfee. Thank you so much. Hey thank you man. Also obviously Charlotte Becky. Chur you good. I mean yes yes. That'd be champions for sure. Brian Stroman too by the way. Hey Ron he had that massive in then it kind of plateaued. They put them up against live guys last year now. He's champ again. I'm happy for Bron- can I tell you what I think they're GONNA do? Who has the last pinfall? Victory over Braun strowman. Sammy Zane I think that the artists collective is going to start coming after Braun strowman. That's what I think I liked. I like Sam exam. Yeah you love Sammy. I bet you to a pretty similar. I think so. I mean that's a that's a compliment right. Yeah insufferable just. I have the greatest speaking on insufferable. I don't know what else you could possibly want from somebody. Okay good good guy and we both have great beards by the way we're good little crappy beard Tuominen. I do I see it I see it. It's good collects well under the chin. Which is the important part. Well I got a couple of those right now. Did corn keen as I've been eating everything in sight? I see I see for me. Quarantine the one thing. That's really sucked about not being at Wrestlemainia this year as I can. I'm sure you can see. I really could use a nice maestro salute. Electric Maestro. Yeah absolutely thank you pat McAfee. I'll see you SAM. Thank you buddy. Thanks for listening. Follow at Sam on Twitter Instagram. Facebook and you to review subscribe. This has been Sam sling.

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