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On the Bloomberg business, APP and on quitting. This is Bloomberg radio. Bloomberg markets we by Glenn and Paul Swinging we'll technology lead us out of this crisis. You don't know how many companies can't accept. People back on their roster bed seems to really flexed its muscles. Corona virus risk breaking market news and insight from Bloomberg experts to ring out that by the Taliban that takes time looking at more damaging great kindle. Labor does the shape of the yield curve matter booking late, twenty, twenty, one, early, twenty, twenty, two for really field quote Unquote Door Bruce is Bloomberg markets with Glenn and polls on Bloomberg Radio Boy. A jam packed hour coming up. Up leading off with three-time NBA champion Lebron James and his partner Maverick Carter, they sit down and speak with Bloomberg's Jason Kelly will bring you part of that interview plus US Labor Secretary Eugene Scaly speak with Bloomberg anchors. alix Steel Guy Johnson. We'll have that for you also this hour, but first. Let's go to Greg Jarrett of Bloomberg News for a Bloomberg Business Flash Greg. Other started in the Red Ball, they moved to the green and now the back in the red again. That's called fluctuation. That's Investors Wayne with threat the American economy from a resurgence of corona virus. Let's look at the numbers as we do fifteen minutes. The SNP is now down ten percent down to the Dow's little change down twelve, and the Nasdaq is little changed. The ten years up three thirty seconds yield yield point six six percent whilst Exeter media, crude oil is up six tenths of a percent thirty, eight, twenty, four, a barrel Comex Gold's down three tenths of a percent. At Seventeen.

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