The Sedano Show (HR 2): Ben Lyons share his top Eddie Murphy movies


Rested piece bill withers eighty one years old. I mean just the musical icon so many songs lovely day. Lean on me ain't no sunshine and so many of the remixes like if you think about if somebody songs that were sampled by modern artists. It's just GONNA be sorely missed by the way he did not pass away at least not to the reports. It was not corona virus implicated. It was heart complications at eighty one years old so a devastating loss you know for the world and the music community and everyone beyond. Sodano with you here and we need this song for sure now with the here on seven ten. Espn presented by Progressive Insurance. All guests appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. So we'll have stugotz join us a little a little bit. We're still trying to effort to find Mel Kiper Junior. If you have any thoughts on this Justin Turner thing eight seven seven. Espn were Justin. Turner doesn't play extra innings. He's like let's go home. Run Derby let's do it. I mean look. I've heard way worse ideas. I actually like it. I and Look I love baseball. Baseball was my first love. I know people now think of me as an NBA person but base. I grew up in a Hispanic household. A Cuban family were baseball and boxing where the two biggest sports in my house. So Laura what was that I said I completely agree. Oh right yeah. Of course that was just it and my dad was super into the NFL. Very early on you know what I mean so I watched a lot of NFL too but there was no convincing him. Otherwise baseball and boxing weren't his one and two as Fars love. Sports were concerned so that as much as the NFL was on and then the NBA became a thing in the eighties for us It was all the order was definitely baseball and boxing in my household so but yeah. I just think it's fine like just spice it up. Do something different yeah a gimmicky but you know what baseball peers are always going to be upset about something. They were upset when they had the wildcard. They were upset when they added another wild card. And you know what all that stuff is actually helped the game well. The two wildcard thing is little bit odd for me. I don't know how I feel just yet. But it's a one game scenario which is awesome. Right which is cool. I mean it just adds another team. We see the wildcard team win the world series. You know decently often last year the Washington nationals were were the wild card and they just won the entire thing so you can get there. I don't know I just wouldn't if you get to be. The wildcard team. Usually the hottest team I don't know about the two of the two teams but I'm okay with I'm a baseball periods. I'm one of those guys that don't I hate. The idea of a runner on second base that to me is just absolute garbage. It's terrible idea. Don't want anything to do with the Homerun Derby. I can deal with whatever garbage strong. That's a strong it's garbage. Oh no it's garbage. It's absolute garbage. You don't you just put somebody on second base like they don't get how do you. How do you score? That does that Guy. Become you get absence. Get a double now randomly. I mean I'd rather have a home run derby good Lord. That's that's fine. I'm okay with the Homerun Derby and just not counting your home total but like if you put a guy second base and then he ends up scoring a run. Does that does that. Count no stats. No he didn't do anything to get on base so the whole Irvy's shouldn't count either like if you will the number. No it doesn't count towards your home. No but like how about you get one like you get one extra home. Run if you win out now no no you. Don't get an extra home run for the Homerun Derby you just. It's just you get a win in the win column. That's what you get all right. You're just decay. Spn Los Angeles Dan Montebello. What's up Dan? Yeah Gentlemen thank you for your time. I thought maybe getting maybe like kind of like soccer. You get three guys per team you get the bullpen coach out there with the cage. Each get three swings her guy and the first guy beats the first guy out of the three tosses. You get a point and after three guys winner. The most home runs. Get the victory for the team. Say That last part again. Do the last couples ends. You lost me there okay. You would get again three designate three guys. I got that part right kind of like you can the the extra the right. The penalty kicks right right. So you can get three or five guys and then you designated one versus one. They get free pitches for God gets to home runs one guest one. Boom step team gets a point. He gets to the second guy do the same thing now. They both tie it zero. You go to number three. They get a point. One one you go to number four to one that one that man. This got real complicated Dan. I love you buddy but that that seems way too complex for all right. Throw that you got brothers. Stay safe right and healthy you. God bless you. I miss you too loved. It was Nice I did too. I was lost a couple of intuit. Yeah Laura Okay so for me. I Love Sports. Right and baseball. Like don't touch baseball. If you're if you're into the stadium I get it the longer the better for me. I'm drinking I'm having fun with my friends if your home kinda sucks but hold on. Hold on hold on. They cut the booze off in the seventh inning. Don't they get I mean? Let's not get there because I'm not trying to get in trouble there but my thing is this guy. Just confused me. I was like Whoa. It's a lot a lot. Yeah we were in the Matrix there. Dan Thank you brother. God bless you. We love you. Quincy Quincy you in the Matrix there to listening to that. Yeah I was listening. It was kind of confusing. I gotta think I got a better one are. Let's go give it to me and use baseball all the time They don't want extra innings because of kids being able to play so we have the California rule that states that a begins on second with no out to speed way. That runner doesn't affect the area of the pitcher in his treated as a reached base on an error. This is like you know to keep the pace up so with kids. You don't want them playing. You know five six hours so we start with a runner on second and rarely does it. Go Pass any because we got hitters coming up. Something happens ball in play the pictures maybe walks runner so it usually doesn't go past one any then. You still have the play. All the baseball appears you still get to see some baseball. And it's not a gimmick and it won't last long typically doesn't last that long so go with the California rule. Thank you Quincy Greg. It's the California rule and no not in major league baseball. You can do that all you want in little league. You can do that all you want in single A. don't even put it in Aa or AAA either now. Nobody knows is a sport where the managers a grown man. Who WEARS A PAJAMA? Okay no absolutely I. There is so many things that will be okay with when it comes. I'm I'm starting to get my head around. The three pitcher minimum three batter. Minimum rule for these pitchers fine. I think it's GONNA speed up the game but no if you're GONNA do overtime. You're not just throwing somebody on a random base. Sorry there's other ways to do this in fairness eight seven seven. I'm sorry. Go ahead Laura who got go ahead Sir Anaheim. Hey what's going on? Hey Buddy doing right here. I'm to you guys in the series about this extending the Indians in. I I got a suggestion. I think it has to be a combination of a few few rules and change. Maybe one of them could be like. Hey you know what? If it's the home team is pitching and Pitcher Gets three strikes in a row on the three batters? Hey game over. The home team wins something kind of like That can get the excitement of getting. Kinda like a hockey when they do like the the hat trick or something like that Maybe just not one but a couple of different things that can Get that you know that game play going a little bit. Better a little bit faster my buddy. Thank you for the call. I don't know I'm feeling that one I get what you're saying about the speed of it but I don't know if I'm feeling that because that's what people want offense. You know what I mean and I don't feel like that dictates offense. An immaculate inning ends the game kind of deal right yeah. That's tough that's tough. Let's go to Wayne West covina Wayne Okay I'll I'm one who would say keep baseball the way it is but if we have did put this in. I would suggest one thing if it goes past the tenth inning and everything then there's an understanding between the infield incident outfitters were the Knicks Ball. Hit goes past them and the runner gets on sale based to to Well Non Hustle play in instead of putting the guy on basically for the ending begins. Then you can legitimately hopefully school run so what you're saying. The Guy should just let the ball go. I worth I like on contact just this past so so so. The runner gets on second base. That's better than being put on the base Automatically I disagree but I thank you for the call and I appreciate it. You stay safe and healthy. I would prefer California rule. Is the gentleman earlier. Dan Called and said I would also prefer the Homerun Derby at Baxter got US thing. Who's going to join us at eleven? Fifteen real quick before I get back to the calls. Did you see this story where it looks like the Cheat Astros might get off? Easy Bergman yes I did see that and it's very disappointing. It is disappointing. Because we have the audio let Show Jeff Passan said that it basically if the season gets cancelled that AJ hinch could be back right like that was the gist of what he said. Yeah basically with Jeffrey Lou. Now Okay so. Let me here passing a audio somewhere. Laura do let me hear the pass in audio on. Aj hinch is potential return to major league baseball because of basically he's a guy who because of his big league career you know this was someone who was a backup catcher for a long time attended to have a good personality. If you're a backup catcher in stick around and AJ hinch in his positions on the field and in front offices got to know just about everybody and pretty much. Everybody likes him too so the idea that he's GonNa go a while without landing a job. I just don't think is very realistic. He is someone who will be back in the game. I do agree with that. I do think you'll eventually back in the game. He's got plausible deniability. He did that interview where he said. He tried to wreck things. There's video of him trying. I guess allegedly trying to wreck the video system so I get that now. Buster all need Laura. We have that audio to just basically says that if this season gets cancelled they will be back. They will technically have served their suspension. Even if we don't play let me hear the buster only audio from Golic and Wingo the suspensions for jetblue now the former general manager of the Astros who was fired right after that decision came down and for manager A. J. Hinch they will end this fall that the wording of their suspensions is that they would to were to serve them through the end of the two thousand twenty postseason. It's not tied their suspension to specific number of games. Like we see with the domestic violence suspensions so ads of We get in what November I Assuming that Or WHENEVER THE POST SEASON FOR TWO. Thousand Twenty is resolved. That's when their suspensions and they will observe their time and they can move back into baseball. That is pretty wild when you think about it but I guess this suspension under their bylaws. I mean the way I understood it right. There is that it's the calendar year. The season doesn't happen. It's still the calendar year. Yeah that's I mean that's look what I'm worried about is that I think dusty Baker don't quote me but I believe Dusty Baker signed a one year deal with the house so they would just not even like dusty would get paid in writes. Maybe maybe yeah. Maybe he gets done. We don't know who knows exactly what's going to happen there. But still he's done you don't he doesn't even have a contract with them right and they're just like lettering backing act. Let's bring back inch. Let's get the band back together because it would be the most astro thing possible to happen. They're screwing everything up and I can't. I just can't imagine them doing this exact thing. Let's do it again. Yeah it is. It is very possible that that ends up. That ends up happening. Let me go back to the phones. Call in Newbury. Park has an idea for a baseball. You didn't hear Justin. Turner says that in the tenth inning. Forget extra things go with a Homerun Derby go ahead. What do you got Karl? Well actually I think that the way to the speed up in extra innings as the go to the softball rules which is start with a one count. The first pitch becomes more important You know a lot. More First. Pitch Swing a lot. More potential offense speeds it up like that I can. I'm okay with that. I would. I would put that on the list. I appreciate it Karl thank you. I would put that on the list for sure. Andrew is in Foothill Ranch Andrew. Glad you common because we should do a tie after eleven inning two innings. That's two tunings of extra baseball. We're good so just play it out like normal but after the eleventh inning you're done not the twelfth like some people have suggested okay perfect. I'm good with that too. Like I would put that on the list of thank you Andrew. I hope you stay safe and healthy as well as coral in Newbury park called earlier last one real quick before we bring on Stugatz to pitches his magic at bat idea anthony from Hamas back Anthony. Hey I mean all the propositions I still have the opportunity to take too long. So why don't we just put the fastest runner on each team on either based and he just hit a baseball and whoever can get to home plate. I in two out of three tries so each team gets a put two times. They hit the ball twice. Forgive home I twice. I mean they can just point that way and just wait now. You're done in like less than five minutes now. This is a better idea than your first idea. I. I don't Know How much I love this one but it's clearly better than you. I Know Roth Anthony. Love your brother. I gotta run up against it. Okay thanks take care all right. Let me give you one real fast. Maybe one real fast fried twitter. Starfish and coffee is saying that extra innings diminishing fielders tenth inning nine fielders Eleventh Inning. Eight fielders twelfth inning. Seven fielders down the line until someone wins. I mean not terrible. I mean he's usually really smart. He's probably one of our smartest listeners. I don't I'd have to digest that. Well let me just during the break real quick. So we'll have STU got sell us on his magic at bat idea as opposed to I mean basically he's GonNa tell us. Justin Turner stole his idea which look to be honest might have mean. He's been talking about this for years but anyway we'll talk to him and then Ben Lyons with our movie segment conversation. Today is Eddie. Murphy's birthday so we're going to Eddie Murphy movies with Ben Lyons you can watch them on Netflix. Or wherever you find movies on demand or whatever. And he's going to do his top five Eddie Murphy movies. I'll ask him about this. Justin Turner thing to back Informants Sodano with here on. Espn presented by Progressive Insurance. Get your home insurance. They're quote progressive DOT com today. Don't forget seventeen. Espn wants to spotlight and give a shout to high school and college seniors for their achievements in academics net. Letting you can nominate a classmate a friend a family member or even yourself. Here's how you can email us at ESPN LA marketing at ESPN DOT COM and provide first and last name City School in Sport. Or you can post a short video of your classmate yourself your teammate or your family member on twitter instagram using the. Hashtag seven ten senior. Shout out each one of those shows of our shows here will highlight one of those seniors each and every day next week. Be Sure to listen for your senior here on seven ten. Espn BEN LINES IS GONNA join US next for our weekly movie segment. We're doing Eddie Murphy. Movies this week because it's Eddie Murphy's fifty nine th birthday today. Stu Gods is joining us now from the Lebatardshow is the Dan Le Batard show with Stugatz. You can make sure to download and subscribe to his podcast called Stupidity. It's fantastic. It's fun it's Goofy. It's silly him And he's joining us now. Because this Justin. Turner thing of wanting to do a homerun derby in the tenth inning sounds familiar. I don't know if he stole it from US Stugatz but it sounds like to me that he stole it from well. Here's the key stealing something from someone Lord Doug than I know argue despite wheelhouse right now. It's better than they. He took my idea at. He added a flight week so he could pass it off. As his idea via original idea was there was a wedding. We go straight from the ninth inning to the home run. Derby five swings. The P each team gets picked one guy from their team for their roster to take those five suites he had three. I have one and the reason I say testing is because I want this thing on the ninth inning. One batter each team five swings a piece where all eleven fifty. Now let me ask you this. Are you designating when the managers bring up his LINEUP CARD? In you know before the game is also adding in there at the bottom. There's a new spot that says magic at back because that's what you've called this. You want the magic at Bat. Are you designating this player before the game? Is that part of the rule at apology dog. I sorry about that. No it's okay. We're in a pandemic man. Everyone's everyone's deal. Don't worry about why dog has got more airtime on our show this. We got believable That was Joe. If you remember we had RAF Fairford ought actually the first person that we add onto all these ideas were generally and he didn't like because he's old school so jim them. We figured everyone would like them. Jim didn't like most of them. He did like the whole run. Derby he did like The magic at bats two separate ideas so because these games could go sixteen seventeen innings and no one wants to sit around for that game should be ending at three in the morning That's how I came up with the with the home run. Derby and the game. So just go straight. Don't go to the fitting. Just go straight to a home. Run Derby the magic a bad. It's something a little bit different okay. That's all right. Yes you do designate someone. Before they gave. Let's say it's the you know the angels right. It would obviously be Mike Trout and the thought behind the magic fad is. Let's say the angels replay. The dodgers dodgers are up four three in the eighth proud comes up e strikes out and then go to the ninth. Okay but trout comes up? He's already done. He's done for the day unless the game goes to extras. Well the manager because he's designated him as his magic at that one time for games to go out of order eating Mike Trout to batch strikeout in the as at still come up in the night even though the batting order so essentially he is filling the spot for your eight bit. You know what I'm saying. Gotcha so the homerun Derby and the magic at bat were two separate ideas. I like the magic at bad idea. Better to be honest with you. I look at just feel free to steal that as well. A team is unbelievable. The magic at your all with this in mind okay. Nba which is your wheelhouse. Obviously in the final three to four minutes of the game. You're guaranteed that Lebron James Michael Jordan James courted. This superstars are going to be making the big shots or the big pass. Certainly they got the ball with their hands and made the big decision. That doesn't happen baseball because of the randomness of the sport because there's a batting order at so upset one time again. You want to see the business store is up in the biggest moment if baseball goes to give you that will give you the as hitter. Their worst inter out in the biggest moment as opposed to Mike Trout. And all I'm trying to do is get major league baseball. Not here where Mike? Trout gets an additional digital opportunity in a big spot. Help the angels win with like that. By what would it Manford say? What did MANFORD separate American hated? All of them is like what are we doing here? Who is this guy like? What are what are we doing here? Yeah but here's the thing George. I thought you liked it a lot. More would here just to say I bet you he does you. Should you should bring him back on just to be like. Oh yeah like just in Turner's idea I kind of that's true. Yeah yeah he didn't love the whole Derek. Jeter thing you guys did yeah. That was not that he didn't love that interview you guys. Let's make that with Labrador. Did all I WANNA do is talk about positively outfield? Yeah but listen he does. Petar takes all sorts of grief because of crap. You end up saying that sticks to him. This one has to stick to all of you to even if it's in that fair you're totally right because I don't story of dance telling stories about once that red spelling so that has been attached that they never told me that story. I dated. Also put it on there at the right He takes plenty for me and And so I have to take this one. That's all does so but we're not going to get Manford on but perhaps pitch at the Leland. Now there you go there you go. I have Dave Roberts on Monday should I do you? Are you okay bye? Pitch him the magic at bad as opposed to just in Turner's idea. Yeah I here's what I think you should. If you're cool with it I be interested in what he what he thinks of. Justin TURNER'S IDEA. And then you pick the magic fat okay. I like your idea but does your. I'll say one of my close friends has this idea and I will give you. I will give you the credit I will just say what am I close? Personal friends is got this fantastic idea. Now Greg Bergman producer extraordinaire of the show he is. I Call Him Corporate Greg. Because he's management now he's the assistant program director. You've worked with him before STU got so I also believe he has alter egos because he still have rabid die hard sports fan. One of those alter egos is dodger. Boy and dodger boy wants nothing to do with. Your Majesty back is basically the Rob Manfred of the show. Right now go ahead dodger board. So here's the thing still with the with the magic bat so you want to speed up the game you WanNa give Mike Trout and extra bat to try and tie the game to go into extra innings. Yeah but now if you have both rules in Play Greg. What you have is trout hitting a whole broad and then you get. Holbrook Derby very acting. There is no more accurate name. It's a homerun derby so three straight innings of Mike Trout. Getting up to bat. But here's the thing you want the game to go slower the faster though so you don't want to get into the extra innings with the with the run Derby because that's supposed to be a special things if you get there then. You're giving the home team a chance to tie the game with something that they shouldn't have had not here but here's really what I'm trying to do. Two things. They make the game more appealing and entertaining young people. Because when I take my kids to the game at least thing at the game is beginning a guy so I tried to make the game or entertaining for young people at. I'm trying to get the old people home at an earlier time. I understand your larger point. But let's who doesn't I'd almost want gains. Go to a home run Derby. Could you imagine I think about that? All guys being healthy. It's angels Gangqi or Gary. We get to the night sitting. It ended a five five. And then you have stanton and trout five. Swing the peace or judging trout five swings a piece and wherever hit the most home runs again? We all go off well and the other the other part of it is this stoop. Baseball has a marketing problem with their stars. This would help. Market there stars correct correct. Yeah of course. How could it not poetry giving your stores more opportunities? Let's be honest but I don't WanNa see the eight hitter or the nine. I WANNA spend trap out every single inning. And that's never going to happen. It's not the case in baseball. But you're making the stores more and more people Georgia right. You're making them bigger and you're giving them more opportunities to get in front of the fans is and so. I just thought the art dodgy have to be a dodger fan and have your eight or nine hundred cory seager Gavin Lux and somebody that can hit the ball but not every team has that locator species point right now not every dollar payroll could have those luxuries not everyone's the dodgers and Yankees right that all eight I eight hitters can saying like yours when I was growing up and it was like regular Joe was batting eight. The Guy like through eleven daryl area. I WANNA SEE. Ya exactly exactly. I stood before we let you go. We're having been lions on to do his top Eddie Murphy movies give me just right off the top of your head. No order necessary. Your top three Eddie Murphy movies. Well Forty eight hours. GotTa leave one out here. He was so guy he's raw. Were delirious or both if you want. I'M GONNA take trading places forty-eight hours and the raw like to me like in Eddie Eddie Murphy doing stand up in his prime a the most competent person I've ever seen in my entire life and be I still hold off. They might be the funniest thing I've ever seen. I I I love you stay safe. Send my best to Abbey and the kids and the boys whenever you zoom with them before the show. Thanks for coming on makes you subscribe to Stu Gods as podcasts two-party. Subscribe to the Lebatardshow podcast to listen to them. When you're not listening to us you know late at night. When you're not listening to the station you listen to them. I thanks Buddy Ross. At Saddam rogue rush tripling. The dodgers pitcher. By the way. You don't very well. He is our guest. That's poverty Best to Best to you that the Kelly best to the baby a year tire family. I love you so safe. Everyone stay safe during this. I'd brother thank you. Ross stripling Stupidity Next Week. So subscribe to stupidity when you get the chance and makes you check out chicken strip so they haven't. I are movie segment with Ben Lyons Next Sodano with here on. Espn presented by progressive. Insurance guests appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line. Thanks for joining us there. To Talk to us about Justin Turner's Homerun Derby idea which he may have stolen from Stugatz and then Stugatz also pitched us on the magic at Bat. Which Bergman was not a fan of the magic at bat but I think he's right and I think the magic of you didn't hear it basically. Here's the example might. Let's say Cody Bellinger. Bats in the bottom of the eighth inning. But in the ninth inning. They're still down. And the dodgers designate. A magic at bat person and that person is also cody. Bellinger cody bellinger. Gets the bad again in the ninth? If they're down like the manager can go to that person almost like a relief pitcher right and say I want my magic that Guy. Right now and cody. Bellinger can tie the game or win the game right there. And if they tie then they go into the home run. Derby and cody bellinger or whoever else on the roster who is designated as the Homerun Derby Guy as Justin. Turner wants right. He wants a Homerun Derby in the tenth inning Justin Turner he can be that guy and I just think it helps market the the stores in the League more. I know you hated Bergman but I love it. I think it's a great idea. Yeah I mean look it has its it has its ups and downs to it. But I just think that it's GonNa make the game go longer. I'll give you this though with hockey going to shoot out is like the most exciting thing about it's fun. Yeah I love hockey so this could be more exciting. If you go to a Homerun Derby is Ben. Lyons they're already. Hey Ben here sorry. I was growing up in the toilet listening to explain your rationale for defending the magic at that guy designate. What are you talking about it? Thank you so. Did you see the Justin Turner thing? Yeah he wants to turn Extra innings into Monday night affairs fatally baseball all star week. Yeah so I'm good with that. I'm also good with yes. I'm also God's idea the magic it bad. Is that you designate. A Guy that can bat whenever you need him to in the ninth inning and you can go to that guy and it's always going to be your start. Baseball's a problem marketing stars. No no no first of all George. Thanks for having me on the show. Second of all time in life year sentence of defense as I agree we see Gotcha idea. You know. You're already in trouble. I think the beauty of baseball is that we like. We celebrate role players in basketball. And football is that we've had utility guys come up with big hits and big moments and it's a team game if anything you WANNA short and extra innings. You put a runner on second base to start the tenth inning or the eleventh inning and then it brings him strategy that has been lost in an era of home runs and Jackson Turner. Home runs. Irvy's and strikeouts you ever run around and second base starting attending maybe MIA sacked fly at the opposite field. All the things that baseball purists thing had abandoned the game now become relevant again attempting to run around second but the turn into a video. Game is to have cody bellinger. Six Times in a row because he doesn't WanNa Watch of old player. Stop Please Yeah. I completely disagree. I think baseball has a marketing problem. Baseball's a young people problem that helps both of those things and the Homerun Derby. I take the second base thing as an alternative. But I I'm with Turner Gimme the Homerun Derby. I'm okay with that all day every day. Couple of other things we go go go. Go GO COME BACK. Actually but But yeah what do you WanNa get to Eddy Merckx? No no what did what did you have. I'm sorry I didn't mean to cut you up. I just you know and then all the things that we complain about with baseball throughout the regular season I overseeing more home runs than ever and now you're saying your problem because six baseball more overrun but it. Everything we celebrate in the POSTSEASON GAME. Take a long time. They gained got interested player movement and substitution and every runner and backout. These are all the things we celebrate October. But here we are now than abating baseball on how to fix them. It's more home runs runs. I don't think that's the answer. Yeah I disagree. It's kind of like running a play for your star player at the end of a game. You know what I mean like a basketball game to me. It's no different but anyway let's get speaking of basketball. We'll get to that in a second because Mason and Ireland and I picked these all time laker teams. And I'm curious you who you think had the better team I got. We all got wiped by Mason in the simulation but I have questions about the simulation to I not formerly filing a protest. But I feel like I should file a protest but we'll get to that in a second. It is our movie Friday segment with you. Obviously people are at home and I wanted to ask you. Your top. Five is what we do every week. A top-five your top five Eddie Murphy movies today. Happy Birthday Eddie Murphy. Fifty nine today as always got off the board and he threw stand up into the mix But I'M GONNA keep to the original parameters and stick to films. I'M GONNA go with a film directed by Ted Demme and number five. It's called light. And it's with Eddie Murphy. Opposite Martin Lawrence and Lou. The only time we got to see. Eddie in a true ensemble in a comedic peace alongside you know everyone from Anthony Anderson and Guy Torry ferndale eight Bernie Mac and bulky woodbine a lot of people in that very heartfelt movies. I'm GONNA GO Weiss. Both finger was very close But license number five number. Four is nutty professor. Which is the ultimate balance of a family film for Eddie Murphy while also keeping that high bar of comedic You know Excellent that he that defined the early half of his career and number three. Let's all Beverly Hills cops together. Axel Foley number three. Obviously the best of the action comedies. That he did over the years like forty eight hours or metro or things that else on number two. I watched it during. This quarantine is one of my favorite movie of all on trading places. Gi Joe Kung Fu grip The Mortimer bads obviously Dan. I Dan ackroyd on the bus with a chat with the Santa Claus. Salmon but Eddie Murphy Billy Ray Valentine with some social commentary Tremendous in it and the number one of course undefeated coming to America complete game changer. Remainders doing a sequel. Which I'm nervous about because of the dumb and dumber sequel on how that went. I almost want them to leave it alone. But that's my top five. I didn't include thousand. Words were Dave or workday or Pluto. Nash all he made over the years But that's my Eddie Murphy. Tap out which was the worst one of all of those. I remember go to the screening of Pluto Nash. My Dad and it was one of those along the line that like Howard. The duck all timers right but you need to like our the duck as a kid. I did at least but Louis WHO's Mon- shows up and I believe he's playing the first Puerto Rican astronaut and it just saved the ten minutes of the movie for my dad and I and we always laugh anytime to don't ask comes up because Louise Gutmann but yeah Eddie Murphy. Kinda you know yes. He had a good run between two thousand and two thousand ten Shrek obviously a huge hit and by now brought joy so many people but the two thousand ten two thousand twenty from Cower Heist with Brett Ratner all the way through You know a thousand words and Despite an Oscar nomination for dream girl that was a decade before. It's been a tough ten fifteen years to sell Valencia's talk about the Best Eddie Murphy. Which is Saturday night live? And he got the hosted this past December and reprise characters like buckwheat and Mr Robertson and anybody wants to go back and watch the old old Eddie. Murphy's nineteen twenty years old is still holds up today. He's one of the great performers of all time agreed with that for sure so if I'm not using the standups as a as one of the movies if it's just the films now mine is a little different. I like trading places. Great the mortimer. Just fantastic like all of that stuff is didn't crack my personal top five number five on my personal top five is Boomerang. You got to coordinate. Ben Lyons you've got to coordinate okay. Number four would be Harlem Nights. I mean just the fact that him and Richard. Pryor on the screen together is fantastic. So and of course your shot my Damn Pinkie Toe. Okay Ben Lyon shot my Damn Pinky. Toes. You're going to get it now. Yes number. Three is forty eight hours. I actually think another forty eight hours is really damn good to be honest with you. It doesn't get a lot of love for sequels but I actually think another forty eight hours is maybe not as good but it's not a huge drop off from one to the other also Beverly Hills cop one and two I do without wonder world three or wally world or whatever it was called that they were investigating but one two were fan freaking tastic first of all Brigitte Nielsen and number two. As as a villain was just incredible I thought so Beverly Hills cop number two and the number one is coming to America. Come on I mean coming to the barber shop scene. The characters that he played you know all the different aspects of that movie to me are make the best comedy he ever did. Captain is tremendous The set pieces the costumes To Fade so good. There's so many great lines and again. Bloomberg is for what they're going to do with the people nervous but happy to see him back in his guys man under dolemite movies for Netflix. That was Got Some Golden Globes attention this year and again hosting Saturday live Crazy career like forty years doing this Had A chance to interview my first Golden Globes for dreamgirls And Yeah just one of the all time one of the last like just like when I think of like show business you know what I mean like Hollywood. Yeah thanks. He's one of those one of those guys so I watched the Comedians in cars with him with Seinfeld and it felt like the first. It was forty minutes long which is very long for Comedians in cars but the first twenty minutes it almost felt like he was a lap ahead to do it but the last twenty were fantastic him and Seinfeld just kind of laughing having fun. It almost felt like he needed to get comfortable with Jerry for a few minutes. I feel like Eddie Murphy County GonNa be like all of us are going to be when this quarantine is over. We go back outside like any time. He's in a social situation kind a little uncomfortable but then he starts relax. That's GONNA hopefully the very soon getting back. The game getting back to concerts can be a little weird. Then we'll get comfortable and enjoy the rest of twenty minutes. Yeah for sure. So did you see the three teams based in Ireland drafted all-time Laker teams? Well I tell you something really smart you Kobe. I because regardless if he's the greatest Laker in real basketball he's definitely the greatest laker video game. Basketball is dominated. Shack is talking to move as you get the ball too far away from baskets. Kobe has a better three magic. Better defender I think magic and video games So yeah you went Hobie. I which I think gave a huge advantage. Well here's the thing so I won. I won the pop. I won the popular vote. Sixty percent of the audience over about five thousand votes voted for me and then we played the simulation and in this simulation. Kobe was terrible by the way in both games that I played which was crazy to me. Like how bad he was. He missed every shot even easy ones. It felt like and I had Kareem and my computer coach. Benched him for quarters at a time and would bench. Ad For to play like my Guy Byron Scott at power forward against like Wilton Shack on Mason's team like the computer was just it was shenanigans. It was all it felt like. I was being toyed with my emotions. Were toyed with with this computer simulation which was nothing like what? I expected it or anyone else expected it to be like and I got drilled by both Ireland End Mason and Mason swept it. He won the whole thing which was crazy. Yeah there's a lot going on here. First of all winning the popular vote means actually nothing as we've learned also may thin ice. Anyone is to be accused of tampering with the line. Ah or the rotations or the computer Simulation is obviously Steve Mason simply just from the fact that you lived on the west side and I feel like the westside lifestyle makes him more comfortable late night. Playing video game community. And you and your in Your Life Your Palace of that you come back to you after travelling around. She's right the A and like I think. Mason probably put in more video game hours than you guys to buy so definitely here and there could be some fire into these processors. Why don't play like I said at my doctor is saying. Why doesn't everybody plays? Uk Live all right. Well I I feel like I would crush them if that were the case though. That might not be fair. Either though I mean that's that's opening up a whole other channel more so I think that's I think that's something. They're Bergman if we got zoom working last week we can get the live to K- tournament gone trees Panama. I mean I don't think those guys play video games though. Which is the problem. That's why I would crush them. I don't play that often either but I've played that game plenty. I feel like we should get enough. Competition get enough run going but do not yours. We'RE WATCHING KEVIN. Durant play trae young tonight or were watching. You know we are on. Espn tube tonight yes on ESPN two or watching you. Well no not all of them. Some of them are on. Some of them are in. Espn two the late night. Ones are on ESPN two like Pat. Bev is going to be playing Hassan whiteside at ten thirty on. Espn two they're switching over to ESPN two for some of them Because sports center will be on. What Scott Van Pelt multi platform broadcast players playing video games? Which are bound to be dialed into tonight? I think durant It's GonNa win to be honest. He's got video game experience. The guy who came up playing dreamcast plan intendo playing a lot of games. The other guy familiar with now. He's stuffers off the biggest storage to himself out there and his star power out there guys out in her to came to play video games for a long time on the couch when trae young too busy trying to guard. Job Maria. So I'm going with Kevin Durant so we had to make picks on ESPN DOT com. And I picked Devon Booker who is also a big Gamer and did like some cool stuff. Raising money for the pandemic While on twitch week or two ago so I picked Devon Booker as my as my winner. So we'll see I brother. Will you stick my man? Leyla thanks for having me on the show they were doing the show. It's been fun just being able to listen to get a little escape every day from everything out so we appreciate it. Thank you brother. You stay safe By the ways Irwan still letting you shop at are they open they. It's an essential business. I will be this next week. Got a whole list of different milks. And how much they cost. Did you know that you can get p milk and cheaper than I did not know that I didn't know peace could be milt but okay there? You go we can. We can discuss that next week. Yeah so next next week's movie review worth since we're doing the seven ten senior shout we're going to have you do high school movies next week says because that's our our week we're going to do the the senior shoutouts so you're GONNA do high school movies next week and then you're Irwan. Experience sounds good. Aloha MR hand. I'll talk to you. Then I'd see you later Ben Lines this year weekly Movie Review. Eleven thirty on Fridays here on this show coming up next REX RYAN puts his foot in his mouth big time he had just stepped at it today. He said the thing that created a huge storm. We'll tell you what that is in just a moment stick around. Sodano back in three minutes here on seven ten. Espn presented by Progressive Insurance. Thanks to Ben Lyons for joining us there. Thanks to Stugatz what happened above Mel Kiper. Bergman you know he did not call as he was supposed to milk hyper if you know what? It's funny because on Mason Island show. They were supposed to have todd mcshay this week and he didn't show up so are we. Is there a West Coast bias? Is that what's happening? I think there's a West Coast bias against ESPN. A seven ten ESPN. That's what that's what we're going to go with from now on. It feels like that. I gotta be honest with you. I know the guy who have to make. I'M GONNA have to make a call here. We go good because this is not because I sent him an email and he said hey. I'm checking in but no nothing nothing By the way do you want to tell the audience you asked me during the break? Why you gotTa put me on spotlight that yeah I just sitting there we were you know sitting around and waiting for the second to start and I said so. You got any plans this weekend and I'm like what do you think I'm doing it. You mean like everybody else just going to sit. Take a walk or watch. Tv like everybody else. You missed any part of the show today. Anybody interviews makes you entire interview and demand section of the show podcast on the ESPN APP. Or wherever wherever you find your podcast apple podcast spotify brought to you by a capital one. Quicksilver earning limited one and a half percent cashback on every purchase everywhere. What's in your wallet so Rex Ryan said the thing today on get up that everyone was all up in arms about and I don't blame them. I was When he said it I was like Oh really. Here's what Rex Ryan said earlier today. Well I agree with Dan on the fact that I wouldn't have paid this guy to me. The biggest disappearing act in the national football league. He doesn't show up on the road. I'd stop it for one Chang opposite everyone second. Stop for one second. He's I should preface this. I didn't even remember. He didn't mentioned by name. He's talking about Amari Cooper and the Dallas cowboys signing him to a five year. One hundred million dollars go ahead Laura. Sorry I agree with Dan on the fact that I wouldn't have paid this guy to me. This is the biggest disappearing act in the national football league. He doesn't show up on the road. He doesn't show up against when the competitions good when he's against the top corners that guy disappears and to me he reminds. It's only one time that I can remember in in recent memory on elite receivers and disappearing acts like Amari Cooper. That was the kid that the raiders had a few years. Oh that's right. That was Amari Cooper. This is who he is and Dan he did love football hell with it. He stops his routes. He does all this. I wouldn't paid this third. No way in Hell no way in hell. Would I paid this guy to me? Pay Dak Prescott. Forget all those numbers that they're number one in the league because a Dak Prescott not because of this guy. It's a deep draft that receiver. They made a huge mistake right here. So here's what I would say to that. First of all you don't call another grown monitored. Okay especially when you're a coach who's been fine three different times fifty thousand dollars. Seventy five thousand one hundred thousand dollars for incidents with fans including giving them the finger which you know. The jets didn't love all that much. I remember because it happened at a you. I believe it was a UFC event in south Florida many many years ago and I like rex. Okay I like him. I think he's good on television. But you made a big big mistake like you. Don't say that especially because anyone has ever dealt with Amari Cooper talks about how professional is what a stand up guy he is. What a Nice Guy. He is and how no matter if he has a good game or a bad game. He's always there talking to the media. He doesn't shy away from the media. That's not a personal attack like if you think he doesn't show up in big games cool there are plenty of people that will back you up on some of that stuff but just the making it personal. I didn't like and of course. Rex has since apologized. He went on sports in a little while ago and apologized for using the word third. You've got a little carried away but yeah I just think you don't make it personal dude like you just don't like. I criticize people every day every day on this show but I never try I I mean I don't make it personal. I do everything in my power to not make it personal and that's just the move like and I know that people will be like. Oh It's just people are soft now man you don't you don't call another grown man out of his name you don't call him out of his name. It's just that simple but I'm glad he did apologize because he understood because I'm sure nobody would like for. He wouldn't like if anyone called in that. Like cool like. I've said plenty of things about Rex Ryan and his coaching ability over the years as much as I liked him as a personality. I think he's great for the game but I've never like you know. Made Fun of him. In that way. You know what I mean like. I think it was. It was silly but anyway that was kind of the big national uproar today so anyway we're done thanks to Laura and Greg. Thanks you guys tuning in and calling in thanks to Ben Lyons and stugatz. We love you. Stay safe stay healthy. We will talk to you on Monday to forget Dave Roberts. Dodgers skipper will join us on Monday. Have a great weekend.

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