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The Machete Murderer


Welcome to murder minutes today the story of the machete murderer but I your true crime headlines. Three people have been arrested in connection with the disappearance of a Connecticut. Mother of five who who vanished nearly eight months ago fifty year old Jennifer Delos was last seen dropping her children off at school just after eight. Am On may twenty fourth and was reported missing by worried friends later that night. Her car was found about three miles from her home and stains in homes garage tested positive for human blood. Authorities believe that Jennifer Duos was the victim of serious physical assault and she was presumed dead though her body has never been found surveillance video captured. What is believed to be focused? Delos disposing of trash bags at various trash receptacles opticals around Hartford and police found clothing in those trash bags. That contained Jennifer's blood at the time of her disappearance Jennifer for Delos was involved in a contentious custody battle with her estranged husband photos Dulas in court filings. Mrs Dulas described hyped. Her husband's behavior as controlling and bullying and expressed that she was fearful of him. Mr Dulas has denied these accusations and has denied nine any involvement in the disappearance of his wife in September authorities charged photos delos and his girlfriend. Michelle Trachoni's this with tampering. With physical evidence and hindering prosecution in connection with the case both pleaded not guilty and were released on bond last week. Both were arrested again along with a third man. Kent Moeny an attorney and friend photos. Delos this time delos. This was charged with murder felony murder and kidnapping while Trachoni's and Moeny worth charged with conspiracy to commit murder delos enter. Conus have both been released to await trial after posting multimillion dollar bonds but moeny remains behind bars. His bond is set at two million dollars. There's a twenty nine year old Utah. Bowman spent a month searching the Internet for ways to kill someone before stabbing having her four year old daughter to death. According to police Nicole lustrous phone contained Google searches for questions. Like how do you break breakneck. And where is the best place to hit someone with an axe police discovered the searches during their investigation into the murder of Leicester's young daughter. You're who was stabbed to death by her mother in what investigators call a premeditated attack. Police were called to Leicester's home in West Valley City Utah Utah around five. AM on December thirty first. When they arrived they found four year old lady? Voss in the home's basement she he's been stabbed more than thirty times and a ceramic kitchen knife covered in blood was found near her body. Her wounds were so severe that they punctured her internal internal organs and nearly severed her shoulder and wrist. Her six year. Old Brother was asleep in the home unharmed and was turned over to Leicester's mother who owns the House and was not home at the time of the murder. Lester faces charges of murder and aggravated murder and could face the death penalty. If convicted in Oregon man is facing attempted murder and hate crime charges for allegedly beating a seventy year old immigrants from India in the office of the Motel that she owned fifty-three-year-old James Lamb of Eugene was charged with attempted murder by his crime mm-hmm assault burglary strangulation menacing and criminal mischief for the attack. which occurred on New Year's Eve at the hub motel and Redmond and were landed been staying? The victim suffered broken bones in the brutal attack but is expected to survive. She offered her grand jury testimony testimony from her hospital bed where she remains as she recovers from her injuries. The grand jury decided to include the bias crimes based on statements that lamb I made regarding the victim's country of origin expressing his desire to rid America of people like her lamb is being held on fifty thousand dollars bail as he awaits his next court appearance. Those were your true crime headlines up next the man who killed over twenty five people in a small town but first a quick break finding the right vitamins and supplements can be tricky. If you get overwhelmed and the vitamin like I do. Chances Are you've given up more and once and opted for the same one-size-fits-all multivitamin that everyone else is taking. But for me this year is different. I dumped I'm told all my old stale multivitamins because my New Year's resolution for twenty twenty is to take better care of my body. 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Yuba City California sits forty miles north of Sacramento at the bottom of the CETERA. beauts a mountain range known as the world's smallest the modest size agricultural town is known for the feather river a gigantic fruit processing plant and a thriving Sikh community in one thousand nine hundred ninety one a spree of brutal crimes rocked city taking the lives of at least twenty five migrant workers In May of that year a peach grower was surveying his orchard when he spotted a gaping hole in the ground beside a pile of freshly scooped soil bill at about five feet long and two feet wide. It looked more like a gravesite than anything hard cultural when he returned later later to find the whole filled suspicion prompted him to phone the local sheriff's departments soon. After three feet beneath the ground authorities discovered the remains a forty year old laborer Kenneth would occur like many of the Workers Kenneth had been down and out when he sought employment environment in the fields. Their most members of the largely male worker community struggled with issues that made day labor their only option alcoholism drug addiction poverty homelessness a lack of needed healthcare little to no support system. That's probably why little is publicly known about Kenneth beyond his brutal murder other than his age newspapers only described him as a homeless transient labor. A drifter but we do know he was born in the early nineteen thirty s and probably endured many hardships. It's not a smooth life the ten Philan- someone on the streets. He was a teenager throughout world. War Two during his twenties the civil rights movement took form of the the US is increasingly. More people began speaking out and protesting about racism and other forms of discrimination a collective fight for justice. There was nothing just about Kenneth Sudden death. The killer had sexually assaulted him stabbed and mutilated his body and split his head open with a machete. He was found lying on his back with his left arm. Position across his chest his right arm raised and his shirt pulled up over his head. According to court records an autopsy also showed stab wounds from a knife or knife like instruments in his left chest the ar up between his left lung and heart had been slashed which was determined to be the cause of death experts deduced that he had likely been dead less than twenty four hours when he was found six days later. Another body was discovered a similar shallow grave at nearby ranch then another near the feather river. A serial killer had made his way into this rural town and investigators believe he remained in in very close proximity as the manhunt surged. Eric Grinder an eager young reporter for Appeal Democrat. A A local daily newspaper was given exclusive access to the crime scenes. He was in the hospital recovering from knee surgery at the time though and missed out on initial coverage Ridge. His wife showed him front page headlines about the case. Look at what you're missing and within days. The journalist was hobbling around the scenes on crutches. Taking speaking at all in this wasn't exactly. CSI He later told the paper. It was a bunch of guys in small towns sheriff's department with a case that that would have challenged the best department anywhere as leads began to accumulate bodies were transferred to a local funeral home for identification occasion and autopsies filling the establishment beyond capacity the owner and funeral director. Albert Omar returned home home from honeymooning in Hawaii to find his exam room. Crowded with the victims. bludgeoned remains iding. Them wasn't easy. Because of the extent of the wounds and the body's decay according to render most of the corpses were too far gone for anyone to determine whether they had been raped or not on on top of that because many of the deceased were marginalized from society. Neither friends nor loved ones were lining up to find or identify them there. We're no missing person. Posters or public searches to link to as the murder count climbed reaching ten. Investigators found key the pieces of evidence near some of the Bodies Bank records and receipts from market showing the name and signature of thirty seven year. Old Quon v Corona Rona Yuba city police officer Jesse Escobedo one of the only available agents spoke. Spanish accompany detectives to the suspect's aspects home when they arrived corona and his wife seemed very nervous. Escobedo told the local paper the parachute their daughters to their respective bedrooms before veto read the man his rights and arrested him handcuffed in the back of the police. Car Corona asked Escobedo data for advice. Get yourself attorney. The officer suggested two more bodies were discovered before that day's end within a week investigators exhumed the remains of a total of twenty five men then the search was called off not because they thought they had found and all of the victims but because the orchards would need increasingly more water soon which would make finding remains extremely difficult officers also believed saved. They had enough for a conviction all but one of the victims had been slashed in the head with a machete or smaller knife many had upper body stab wounds. One had been shot. All of the men had either worked as a contractor for corona or been seen with him and all the bodies bodies were positioned as Kenneth was one arm raised up the shirt they were wearing pulled up over their head. When detectives searched Coronas Coronas truck and home? They found numerous items that seemed connected to the crimes including a meat cleaver a machete with an eighteen inch blade. I wouldn't club Uh a post hole digger which is used to dig narrow holes to install posts such as for fences and a ledger containing a list of thirty four transient workers. Several of the victims names appeared on that list. Ranch hands were not surprised by coronas arrest earlier earlier in his life. He spent several months in a state hospital after intense hallucinations. And Delusions. Led to a diagnosis of schizophrenia. And while most people with schizophrenia aren't violent corona had a reputation for just that non for angry violent outbursts. Plenty of people feared him in issue of life magazine from June nineteen seventy-one included a full page black and white shadowy photo. A feather river framed by a mess of tangled brush. The headline read Grizzly harvest mass murder and Yuba city the accompanying being text said the twenty five murders represented the worst mass murder of the twentieth century in the United States. A trial trial began two years later and it was a bit of a mess. Judge Richard F Patton said. He was truly appalled and almost incredulous us at the floundering prosecution who were accused of mishandling evidence at this point Patton said according to court documents it appears the investigation. Instigation was inept the preparation inefficient and the prosecution inadequate. Even so enough circumstantial. Evidence was presented said to convict Corona of all twenty five counts of murder for each of which he was given a life sentence. Seven years later. A state appellate court overturned his conviction on the grounds at his attorney had made a farce and mockery of the trial seeming even less competent than the bumbling humbling prosecution. The defence hadn't even call a single witness so corona was granted a new trial at which his defense tried to point finger his brother according to the Washington Post a man who exhibited many Ecole rage from quote the frustration of a morbid sexuality but no physical evidence linked him to the crimes corona testified on his own behalf at that second trial again claiming his innocence in a sense and deny any involvement in the killings. More than two hundred witnesses were called overspent of seven months at the end jurors reached the same verdict. Guilty of twenty five counts of murder. He would maintain a life sentence. Charged for each many. The people speculated that at least one other person had to be somehow involved but no one else was ever charged or convicted. Theories abound about about coronas motivations for the killing spree which is believed to have lasted six weeks. He had known anger issues. Targeted at gay men and gay porn was found near one. Victim's victim's body his limited mental health care was insufficient involving twenty-three shock treatments after which he was pronounced recovered that that was years before the killings later coined the machete murders according to news accounts from two thousand eleven corona. told a psychiatrist that he killed the man because he believed they were trespassing minos one psychiatrist even theorized that his madness increased as spring deepened and ripened fruits at the orchards after he emigrated in the nineteen fifties corona witnessed a deadly flooding along the river. You're which traumatized him adding to his ongoing mental health struggles his brother not TV. Wrote about this in a petition for his institutionalization in nineteen eighteen fifty five stating that quote. He believed everyone in. This area has drowned in the flood. He reads the Bible and writes all the time. Corona never made parole though. He applied eight times and spent the rest of his days in prison in Nineteen ninety-two he was transferred. It to the sensitive needs yard after being diagnosed with dementia he died in March of two thousand nineteen at the age of eighty five. His victims names included John. J Hulkah- Warren Jerome Kelly Siegert Bearman. John John Smallwood Mark Shields dzhokarville. Raymond Mucci Kenneth Whitaker Melford Sample Bowl Charles. Fleming Donald Smith William Kempe Albert Riley Paul Allen William Henry Kemp Clarence Hawking Edward Martin Cup. John Henry Jackson Lloyd Wallace went saw. Aw Sam von defied and John macek four of discovered bodies were never identified. This has been murder minutes as for true crime anytime. Download the murder minute APP or follow us on Instagram at murder minute.

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