Royal Reactions - The Spanish Announce Table - Episode 246


And now an ad from dad right save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive guy take these off right. What is this looks good wow? Where did you get this? I'm talking to you with the hair yeah. Where did you get good stuff and solid? That's not veneer that solid stuff progressive can't save you from becoming your parents but we can't save you money when you bundle home and Auto Progressive Casualty Insurance Company affiliates and other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations vanish announce table. Tom Was a big week of pro wrestling one of the bigger weeks of the year and we are going to cover all kinds of shit about it but <hes> before we do that what else is new with all tummy well. I'll tell you this much. It was not a busy week in the world and wacky world of pro wrestling with INNOC- takeover <hes> <hes> some headline news that will get into here in a moment and the Royal Rumble <hes> we also were were busy. <hes> we had our Spanish announced table double date at the city Improv Club <hes> on Thursday night with with <hes> stand up comedian Chris Porter who's from Kansas City special on Hulu called ugly and angry definitely check that out <hes> I had a good time what about you. Did you have a good time. Does your wife enjoy our company. She did <hes> we had a great time for as well Chris Porter Order of anybody hasn't seen is amazing is a local guy but you know not only reason. We're saying that he's amazing yeah. He's very funny regardless because again you know over the course of this show we don't care that because something as close to us that means we automatically we like it. We are fans of just talent and good <hes> entertainment and Chris Porter is one of those acts <hes> definitely yeah yeah <hes> so we did that. We got out what it was run out of work compliant into the city Improv Kevin Zona Rosa <hes> which not to give them a plug because I think we'd rather give the Comedy Club of Kansas City for into the show Dustin Hoffman for anybody who went back. It's Dustin Carlton something like that <hes> starting up his own comedy club in Kansas City so if you're in the area make sure to check that out but besides that <hes> boy three soccer games role swim trunks this weekend and I managed to watch two and a half of them yeah yeah let's get into this so as as the ball turns now it was as the wheel turns but now it's as the ball turns because you have fun little soccer story so let's get into that was not allowed to finished watching the the latest game <hes> Sunday I think it was and <hes> so son gets double booked by coach right this. This place sets up this this coach he's got two teams and they booked the same teams at the same time to play each other right where you know like come on right as a bit of a Dick move right but but also it's like hey get over and it's kids right so I get both sides right so he says hey <hes> you guys here. All the time is involved you mind just he's like. I don't want to try to pick sides so I'm going to try to kind of coach both but I'm going to get a parent to kind of be the subbing in how to Kinda you know in the moment coach. We were like yeah sure so while he's doing that. We've got a referee who sucks flat out sex. He's the same one who remember if you telling me almost kicked my son out because of the elbow situation nations talented well these are throwing elbows again right and this is a different team but now they're throwing hard elvis and I'm talking raised up elbows right yeah and in any game of any soccer that I've ever watched that's not allowed right extra Kelly great right body ing hips into the wall. Whatever the reasonable is bad because that's dangerous right? You're talking irks. You're talking teeth. You're talking possible concussions right and so we're telling the kids the whole time. Don't don't retaliate right because we're GONNA get thrown out right. That's what the guy who threatened last time so I take it upon myself. Just let him know that this is happening right so I'm going elbows every time one of these kids those elbow right and at some point I start counting them. I I started at one but it had already been more than one right something elbows to right. I'm yelling out and I can see this ref getting angry about it right fucking right like start calling the elbows right because if my kids start retaliating which I'm losing using the ability to convince them not to their bigger. Somebody's about to get hurt right. which is what happened when my son did it so I get the elbows six time right yell it out? He blows the whistle comes over to me. He's like hey you say that again. You're out of here and I was like elbows. I can't say elbows I mean they're throwing elbows and you're not calling the elbows. Why can I say elbows with the hell and he starts yelling back and he goes one more time in your out of here and I and I win okay? I was like okay baby. Just go back to not calling the elbows all right and he was like that's it and you say it again in your out of here you got it and I went do you got it and he blew the whistle like you're out of here and I was like fine whatever man right just turn around and walked out and <hes> <hes> never called another elbow and I again I'm walking out in the kids regular coach right who you know again. We said this is not their normal teams coach against thing he comes around the corner because he had been watching from the end and all he does just give me a high five live on the way out right screw this guy right like forget that man like I don't care right like Ref sock. You'RE GONNA have bad calls but this is a dangerous one where my kids are about to retaliate and it's GonNa get ugly and and somebody's GonNa get hurt right and I'm not disrupting the game by yelling elbows right like every time it gets Donan elbow like get out of here man. I hate people. I love that between the two of us. You're the one that keeps getting kicked out of games would've thought there have been this guy but nope wheel Tim's on down the for it. I like whole thing here is. The kid never wants is hey. It's not illegal. They can blah Blah Blah Arin server which I know he doesn't have that because every other ref in there Dan Place called those you know called foul every other F- I've seen in every other bid of soccer called us about so should I have not maybe set at him and just maybe found whoever's in charge of the refs there to hey man somebody. Go Watch this guy and make sure he's doing this right. You know maybe that's the rat. I should've taken but whatever at some point of like I'm I. I started egging him on to throw me up because I'm not gonNA stop calling out then you those elbows knows what what is so I got to watch two and a half soccer games this weekend and that fun give for you yeah good for you and they have all wrestling those about it other than you know the major wrestling events in case they sporting and that kind of stuff so man I tell you what so Thursday night was our Spanish unstable double date as we already mentioned Friday night was our company Holiday Party we do <hes> towards the end of January just because we like to be respectful of extended ended holidays Yada Yada Yada we feel like towards the end of January I mean come on holidays are done right so that's when the company will do their holiday party. Did it add Lydia's down here in the crossroads Area Lydia. If you don't know who that is world famous talion Italian chef she's been on beat Bobby Flay Gordon Ramsay all that stuff she's from. I mean she's from Italy but she has a residency here in Kansas City. She has restaurants across country. <hes> we ate. They're fantastic food first time. Emily got to meet my co workers. <hes> so that was <hes> interesting and fun <hes> 'cause we like to party and this is a different type of company in the sense that we're still small right like we are are going to be expanding. I told you a couple of weeks ago. We have venture capital invested six million dollars so that needs to go into hiring and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah so we're going to becoming more put together but you know we still have an ugly orange couch that we meet on every Friday you know so we're still that kind of a company right now and emily comes from the children's Mercy Hospital Regimens <hes> you know we need to be have decorum and my to Co founders are just drunk. Skunks just is like that's the past hey yeah they know emily's mom because his mother's like the Queen but godmother of small business in Kansas City and that's not hyperbole that's factual and so we love your mom so much. She does so great work. I don't know why she likes us but we love that she likes his and all that stuff so that was Friday. <hes> stayed out till about eleven eleven thirty which you know that's typical but then the kicker was we got up at five I fifteen Saturday morning. <hes> picked up her brother younger brother to drive to Omaha to go see her older brother compete in his first ever Brazilian Jujitsu competition <hes> he was one of four and his <hes> weight class. Here's the thing that I've not consider because of how big is so. He's six five to thirty right okay six five to thirty so when he told me like hey intern in my Jujitsu competent or into a jitsu competition competition been doing it like twice a week for seven months I was like Oh and he was a cop raves the cop in the Bronx for seven years. I think it was yeah so I was like okay. This guy is not going to be startled by confrontation Russian <hes> he's probably GonNa have extremely good grip strength because you know putting people's hands behind their backs and put handcuffs all these things. I'm like dude your great like here's just a couple of basic things that Anthony's telling me to tell you because I told they anthony it was like hey do you have any tips for beginner 'cause I could tell him stuff but I've only done this twice. You know purple belt like let's get some real information here saying that he was telling me like hey make sure he's doing X.. Y. Z. and so I'm telling JAKE DO X Y and Z right and so <hes> Saturday morning wake up five fifteen we drive the two and a half hours to Omaha Nebraska we get to this rec center where the Jujitsu tournaments. They're <hes> hurled brother shows up. He's a little nervous but like anxious just now excuse me but just anxious do it. He weighs in every motherfucker was his size or bigger. Oh Shit Jake. I thought that I was going to be your advantage and it was not <hes> he he competed well. He didn't match you went over to but <hes> it was a submission. Only if it was points I think he would have won the first one but but <hes> he ended up gassing out because Ed's you're very first one. There's a lot of people your sister your brother. Your Future brother-in-law stared at you. I get it right you go and it was no time limit like you just go until there's a submission. So you know lactic gasset your must build up happens and other guy. The other guy had been <hes> grappling for like three years so not a bad loss second loss was to a guy who was. I don't think he was white belt. I think he should be a blue you belt but is doing one. Oh don't don't don't don't me don't rank me up. I WANNA stay here. You know where I feel comfortable so he did well but <hes> so we did that on Saturday and then Sunday was is the the good old royal rumble. I guess you want to dish into kind of a little <hes> Headline News and then the second seventy the next takeover yeah so yeah. Let's start off with this so the pig rumor rumer and I call it in a room because in the world a pro wrestling everything's a work and so the big rumor confirmed by W._W._e.. Reported by P._W.. Insider and couple other news outlets is that Dean Ambrose will not abby renewing his contract after Wrestlemainia will be leaving the company Tim your thoughts. It does sound like a work. The more thought I of course I believed it you know just because it sounds like Dean Ambrose right right right <hes> and then you know somebody even brought it up on twitter and I forget who was but they were kind of like a man W._w._e.. Doesn't do this like especially when it's that far out they don't talk about this stuff to the media to anybody because it's poor form of any company really do it's definite poor form and typically as you mentioned they they. They make statements after the fact after he has left after she has left. They don't say they like hey coming up. This talent is on right so yeah. My thought process is yes. This is a work yeah. That's kind of how I'm feeling. Also so you know yeah. That's where I think it is. I mean I can't open is because I'm like Dean Ambrose Man I I want them to I. I like him but I would also like if you went somewhere else that had visibility like we're talking about all wrestling promises to be but uh-huh means to be seen but again new Japan I mean I'm not really watching it. I don't know that I'd followed you. Watch it with Dean Ambrose. I feel like I would watch new Japan if yeah if let's say a year from now you know half after a blow to W Rosser left and they're all new Japan Japan completely in English and don't need the subtitles and don't need you can watch if you have the Channel Access T._v.. Jim Ross and Josh commentators but like all of the competitors are speaking with us right right yeah. What about you well so one of the things that is being reported is that he's tired of the hawkiness so let's just say it's a shoot? Let me a whole. I'll say why I think it's work then go into its issue so let me back. I think it's a work for this reason I again have <hes> I'm familiar with contract negotiations. I worked for Titan entertainment now. Those were may contracts similar in the sense of it's an independent contractor trying to hold up his or her end of it a contract agreement right right there is still and we don't know the exact date but they said after Wrestlemainia as of this recording I believe they're still sixty seven days until Wrestlemainia wrestlemainia right and so sixty days out your still play in a pissing competition right. I want this well. We don't want to give you. This said we'll give you that. Why don't want that? I want double what I said the first time you're still doing in this pissing competition stuff doesn't honestly get like real real with a disgruntled employees until about two weeks out then everyone starts to feel the flames right then we're like oh everyone's feet or on the fire. There's there's going to be an impasse here soon right right so sixty days out generally speaking now Dean Ambrose might be a head case because he kind of plays that character but we don't really know how he legitimately is. Now we've met him. He seemed like a fine gentleman. It was early in the morning. He seemed little tired kind of my only read on them anyhow sixty days out. You're Kinda. Just know he'll crack. I don't the other side is GonNa crack before I do so I think if this is a shoot this is just a ploy to get negotiations back on the table but I definitely think this is a work. I think this is going to be a dean. Ambrose Swansong or Dean Ambrose has written out of TV. Look there goes Dean when will show up at all the elite wrestling seth rollins gets screwed by Dean Ambrose at wrestlemainia brock listener retains the title Gotcha right right easily be something that happens right now if it's a shoot one thing that's being reported is that he's tired of the Hokey nece of W._b.. Which yes remember here in Kansas City he had to do that one promo when he was the baby face seth rollins was the he'll and he had to bring out all these like bodily the arms like a mannequin head a mannequin arm and Mick Foley came out and it was really stupid and hokey right? He's done plenty of hokey stuff but I'd like to tell Jonathan good his real name that I found out through the press release a little fun fact the independent the same fucking way Pal oh. Can you got Joey Ryan grabbing the Dick. Don't be thinking that yeah Dobie thinking that now that you're on the independent seeing oh what's real wrestling. That's why said if you were if this is a shoot and you want the real wrestling you're going to have to go to ring of honor or you're going to have to new Japan because that's where the money is for what you're making and that's where the non hokey stuff is man not even that I mean you'll see Joey Ryan in those places and stuff like that. I mean it's it's now. What you have is a little bit more ability on in those things to say? I'm not fucking doing that right now of course if he decides not to do it. I'm saying definitely but what I'm saying is he's he if he's going through the independence seen now before a w starts he might be on a card. Were the young bucks or doing. They're like Meta inside joke where it's the melter driver and all that weird hokey stuff and are you going to be okay with that. That's what I'm getting that like you might be having a legit straight up match with <hes> you know <hes> <hes> Brian Cob or someone you know and it's a real you know two bulls and kind of thing it sure looking for it seems like but underneath that yeah you're GonNa Have Joey Ryan might be doing his Dick Thing and then you might have the super kick party or you might have cheese burger. You'll like you're gonNA have Hokey Shit so I hope that like just because he thinks it's having W._W._e.. Maybe it doesn't happen anywhere else because it does it and the thing is like I say that I I would rather be kind of hearing W._W._e.. If they were going to do something meaningful and cool if this was gonNA turn into a giant work to where he becomes a championship level guy who can hold the story line and make it entertaining and make it a big deal cool but I don't have any faith that I've seen a W._b._z. to do that with knee Bah d still so you know there's a couple people right now that can do that. Daniel Bryan well yeah Brian Amoebic pulling it off somewhat well but a lot because they are forcing the issue of what they want to say so now can also get that clout and pull all that off right. What are the other yeah the other headline news and this is gonNA report but from all indications through twitter and other publications <hes> teams to be legit but Hideo Tommy Mommy has quit W._W._e.? And was granted his release finished up his <hes> tapings on Tuesday and now is a free agent so hideo. Tommy has now out of <hes> W._W._e.. What are your thoughts on that Tim? I thought he was already until recently so you know I. I don't know I feel like I feel like he was the one guy now. Sammy's aim was there. I think if memory serves me correct he was there same Zane was there before four Hideo Tommy what it felt like Kinshasa was a huge star and Kinshasa was the last guy who had to change his name and then like were or someone new right after him it was now Kevin Owens changes name but he was still Kevin Owens right near US name yeah but then Nakimora came over so Moa Joe came over even had James aim storm as using his Presley A._J.. Styles didn't have to change his name so I felt like Kenta. Would everyone would call him hideo. Tommy was that last guy who had to be like nope. Were rebranding. Everything instead of just saying like no tent is the guy that came up with go to sleep and tent as the guy that had the strong style that everyone in the back fucking loves and he had to be like nope. Let's Redo it and he came out strong right in annex t when he debuted he had bad ass song that reminded me of Pride Fighting Championship was the big drums. I loved his walkout song thought it was great. When I heard it the royal rumble I was even like I forgot fucking cool this song is you know <hes> but I always felt like he was a what if case right throw he came out strong? He was doing all the things <hes> he's kind of in that main event like <hes> Komen of it level starts to get a little bit push and then he gets hurt remember he gets hurt forever and they were GonNa Start Art because I think initially from what I remember reading is. They didn't think the injury was going to be too serious so it was Kevin Owens who jumped on backstage. Remember it was going to be alluded to that. A program with Kevin Owens is always going to elevate right but then the injury was a little bit too long and by that time when he did get back to one hundred percent that's when I mentioned the Nakimora already there the FIM Baylor's already they're the same ease aims were hitting it all strides Kevin taking over over and so it was like Oh man welcome back but we got five new shiny toys now sorry and then I thought it was great idea to bring him to five live right because he would look undersized and silly in my opinion. Have it a match with at the time big cast doubt would have just Braun strowman cop with comical. You know I like again W._b.. We're still in the midst of trying to see if a Shinsuke Nakamura will work out an an an Oscar <hes> but those have been the only to that you could give any measurable success of Japanese Stars have worked brought over in. I mean yeah before people try to say Yokozuna. He's Samoan so no like it just doesn't well you know not too because we were trying to be a podcast that doesn't read the dirt cheats however because says you know we are on twitter enough things that you scroll through. You're gonNA see something <hes> it's being reported that Hackamore is not the happiest and if you saw his <hes> last tweet it was W._C._W.. I Hashtag W._C._W.. W Just W._C._W.. So you don't know what that means but people are now whispers of Nakimora leaving we'll get into it in the next segment <hes> possibly but you know he won the title at Rumble and then he lost the title to our truth the United States Championship to be specific but <hes> yeah so we'll see but <hes> it seems like confirmed <hes> Hideo Tommy gone. I think he goes to new Japan. I think him <hes> in Okada or if he goes to <hes> all Japan where he kind of made his name I believe Hashtag tweet table if I'm wrong going off memory here but I feel like new Japan is the shiny new Japanese promotion number number one number one number one so I think an Kata <hes> Kenta matches awesome. I think it Kenta <hes> Naito match is great. Kenny Omega left New Japan but we don't know what happens with him <hes> <hes> but I think that can go back over built some good feuds and then wrestle kingdom. I think it's going to be fourteen. I would not be shocked if in January of twenty twenty he's made of any wrestling or the new new Japan heavyweight championship yeah I mean I think this is better off for them and like I don't. It's not working here. Nobody even people that like love to five live. I don't hear them being like it's J. O.. Tommy like so you've got to put the belt on him like just nobody really. He's just the guy that's there yeah but again you know like I mentioned last week. You had Daniel Bryan going out of his way to talk about how Hideo Tommy kicked him the hardest and you can't right here on his right ear and he's a dangerous man so it seems like backstage. Still there's the hey we all love this guy but like you said W._w._e.'s track record with building international stars that don't speak English as a first language when it slammed it known as a simone. Some of that may be too like I mean we talked about this <hes> off on our own through text messages about the Dean Ambrose thing that there's been reports that they're trying to push the people that are adamant like I'm GonNa Leave. I'm happy happy to try to keep them from doing so so that's why we may have seen some enhanced time and mentioning of these people because they're trying to be like Oh guys. Don't we do love you see and see through that man. They're not dumb. You know what I mean like so I don't that's almost like did you see yeah. Did you see Chris Jericho's tweet. He made some news <hes> Chris Jericho tweeted at ring of honor at <hes> W._W._e.. And I believe at <hes> new Japan pro wrestling a might have got the third one wrong but anyhow he said <hes> hey and then <hes> twitter handled all of those companies <hes> stop pushing everyone who's upset were only interested in six to eight thanks and then it was all league wrestling. That was pretty great fun. Hey you can stop with all these things. We're not interested in half the people that are upset. We only want like six of them right there. It is yeah all right you WanNa take a break and then after the break we get into our thoughts on next takeover and the royal rumble and then take another break into our favorite things of the week some foreshadowing yeah. I'm excited about that. I may have to think about what actually was my my favorite but we have time to do that because like you said we're coming back in the break. We're GONNA talk about Annex T and talk about Royal Rumble and you know what I mean. We're GONNA hit it up but in the meantime in the meantime to help us out once again we had a few technical difficulty so it would help if you may be gave some donations to pay pal you can use table show at or you can make a donation and get something for your money. Besides entertainment you can get like some shirts and some other stuff apparently not lighters I dunno if you saw that e mail come through Tom said can't put cartoon characters on Zippo lighter but you know doesn't really fit the bill but there's other stuff out there. Zaza dot com slash Spanish announce table that Z. as easy L. E. DOT com slash Spanish announced table <hes> by stuff and we're going to get a couple bucks off every item. We're not getting much. We ain't getting rich off of this. 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You know what I mean. skype sucks and I'm GONNA say that skype hasn't given us any money at all so I mean so in the meantime think about those things check out our website excite Spanish announce table Dot net brought to you by double D and we will return to the Spanish and unstable fun fact forty four percent of American workers think they can do a better job than their bosses to a survey out the Spanish announced table before we take into our recap of the Roy Humble and INEX- takeover one bit of news that we didn't cover in the first segment that will be exciting as we move forward that was announced announced is the Royal Rumble exte- takeover ran unopposed to any other major events and that's because this coming weekend is the super bowl the big game if we are corporate <hes> radio station did but we can say super bowl because it's podcast but the Super Bowl will be this Sunday America's number one event of the year and a fun match is coming back during halftime halftime heat is doing it this time to six men tag. It's Johnny Gargano Adam Cole and tomato chocolate versus velveteen dream Alastair black lack ricochet so halftime he coming back. What are your thoughts about that? My first thoughts are I'm going to be watching that. <hes> I've really care about the halftime who whatever Murray month yeah yeah whatever right who gives shit <hes> this is going to be way better and I'd like to go to the twitter board. Here's Tom I'd like to go to Hashtag. tweet the table on twitter by the way anybody listen to use Hashtag tweet the table on twitter and we're going to read some of the best right here. On the show in one of those best this week was from an old friend of the show who hasn't been around for a while at the ultimate one. Hey says I am excited to see halftime heat. I hope to see someone get pin via forklift Hashtag to the table. I feel like the forklift should at least be seen like backstage as ricochet walks to the ring he should just like look over at a forklift and just kind of not and then keep walking. There should be some type of acknowledgement of the forklift because it's connick for halftime right does great got yeah you have to do yeah that should be fun and they need to do that all time and from what I remember hearing it's what they're going to streaming on like Youtube twitter face baseball everything doing everything but yeah great idea super very good. I love it. I like it again. It gives me something to do while I endure the musical stylings of whoever is that year most times I like it. I'm going to be completely lately frank with you. Though I enjoyed the Bruno Mars the beyond says and all that I don't well you burn five you hit. It's the it's the musical stylings of whoever because it would be whoever they you you know what I mean they wrote a song they made the song in some damn record companies production studio somewhere and they could have given Maroon five or they could have given they take it and that's how it's hit right but I will say a even if it was banned or musician that I was a huge fan of Justin Timberlake or whoever it is right that six and tag I mean that's the six best arguably talent in annex t arguably in the World Herald in one match so I feel like I can't miss that especially for a special attraction like this. It's not the main event of INEX- episode two eighty. Whatever it's halftime he episode to really you know you cannot miss a chance Nance at velveteen dream experience right I mean oh I tell you what yeah I yeah? I think I think he's GonNa be the one that shines in that now. That's a little bit of foreshadowing. Maybe we'll do pick on that later but <hes> anyhow halftime he the first segment wanted to bring that up <hes> because that would end as like a little extra bonus of the INEX- takeover INEX- takeover happened again the night before royal rumble <hes> general thoughts what would you what did you think after the show had ended. I love it man. I and I always do talk about this. A they put five matches on the card so it's bound to be a little more. They're not trying to flood everything right. Yeah it feels a little bit more digestible right and so they've had time also to focus on all these storylines and not stretch them out and not wear them out and not be redoing them over and over again opd. Maybe five six years down the road. They will be experiencing that problem where they're having to repeat things but <hes> I mean kicked off great and you can tell triple h is running <hes> annex t by the very first insurance that comes in and all that was correct yeah fit wonderfully for them though right I mean that's Oh purchased. I mean the war raiders got to have that right. They've gotTa have raiders with them as it were right yeah. I thought it was yeah. I'm not a big viking guy or anything but I do like the Matiz Komo Alpha male type thing and I thought it was perfect I for me not being a fan of that culture per se I was definitely a fan of that. Entrance thought it was really cool. What about the match? Would you think of the match. I thought it was really good. You know there's definitely it seems like a formula of next takeovers now right so it's tag match feud women's match title-match kind of feels always like A._b._C._d.. C._d. but the thing is is A._B._C._d.. Is something I always want to see like. It's I'm getting to the point where it's like. Oh the tag match will probably kick off. I tag match. Did Oh man those what really good match okay I bet you it's a feud. Oh it's a feud fuck. Yeah all right like I can predict. Sometimes it's okay to predict things like I think sometimes the main roster over thinks things and we'll get into the royal rumble here and a little bit but I thought the tag match was exactly what it should be. I thought it was exactly the pacing racing was perfect. <hes> the timing of it was perfect too long but it got you out of your seats got some fun false finishes and we got some new tax stamps so those perfect. What do you think about that? I'm a little worried about a team like the war raiders being the champs. It's hard for people to chase that right because that's gotta be dominant. You know what I mean like. We eat people like breakfast team so well. I'm hoping you know you will see as time time goes on but what am I favored things to to happen with with. Titleholders is to cede the evolution of the character and so one person I always comes to mind is see him punk right. See punk took the title as the baby face. Oh God we love the baby days but but but but but then he turns on the rock right and then he goes into this heal thing where now he's dreaded mass. It was like two different people maybe the war raiders can do that right. Maybe the street profits take them to the limit and they have to you know I don't know throw fucking spirit some of these one of these guys and now their heels and now they turn in to the word is GonNa Fuck Shit up because we're bigger that everyone mentioned this team the street prophets outfits. What do you think of those guys? I thought I think they're cool. I want to be their friend. I WanNa have read Solo Cup. Look I have a Red Solo Cope here. I WANNA walk around with them and just I don't know say Alison pop dance with them they are but I thought the random their charisma personified. They are Super Fun. I like them a lot yeah and then you know breaking K. fe but him and I and Bianca Belair are an item so I want all three of them right like the skinny gives you guys nice yeah and so but yeah I love the street profits I think the COO yeah man I just want to start snapping walking doc and yeah and I don't know what you know obviously the coaches and the people in agents in the producers and stuff down there in annexed here looking for but as far as like a a crowd work and and that kind of thing those guys got it down now can they do promos. Can they tell Jerry's maybe need some more work and that's why they're still down inex- tea and this could be like you said a good food for the war raiders but because they're not ready I I don't I think we think the street profits are ready to be carrying around the titles although when they do in the ready for that that's going to be a really fun tack team. Champions Yeah Yeah and I think you know undisputed. Era is so strong and solidified for who they are what they they are. I You know undisputed era to me always works best when they're the kings of the show like that's when the undisputed air is hitting at a ten out of ten kind of thing but I definitely think they don't have the titles. We're not saying I'm like what the hell are. They doing now. They can still go in there and go like we're fucking shit up. We have clout. We have a record. You know. We have some credibility here so I think them not. Having the titles is is is not bad right all right so back to N._F._C. Takeover Phoenix which by the way the crowd was already on point in this thing and they were fun throughout the whole weekend. I I love the whole Phoenix crowd. They were good. Ah Yeah Houston attack saying like they did great as far as giving the energy but not making it about them. They weren't that East Coast Philly New York Boston thing where it's taken over. It's just like it wasn't like stuff that didn't make sense like even even was flash forward to smack down. I think it was in <hes> somebody who's like <hes> who's re. I can't remember I think as A._J.. Somebody said something in the news like who would be in there was like Becky Bay like like like okay right so that's install fun right all right so we had matt riddle taken on Cassius Ono in. I like this match a lot. I thought they did a great job. At telling the story I really like the ending where Ono's tapping out to the elbow blows mission movies like Hey Forget Hispanic and keep taking this onslaught that was fun. Well and you know one thing that I love about the Matt. Riddle character is that he's a character that does it need to be in a guy right like one thing that she and I'm bazars maisy net what is being a he'll but one thing I feel like she kind of leans on a little bit too much as a crooks or a crutch but is it a bad thing is the I'm anime finer. Hey remember an M._a.. Fighter and Yeah I get it right but I mean Brown does than the May fighter you know what I'm saying but going back to the riddle met riddles such a character that you know he's the King of the Bros.. And I think of a more as a surfer that an M._a.. Fighter so this finish was perfect four the exte- takeover platform to say like hey motherfuckers. I'll kick my flipflops off and say King of the Bros.. But I'll fuck you up with elbowed like let's not forget who I am and so the intimate type finish I thought was perfect because it gave a little bit of that that at an end to character that could be taken kind of almost Santino ask right like if he goes much with the Bro thing he could get lost in Santino the Eugene kind of thing where it's just fun little Dorky guy over here and if you do some elbows and make people tap from T._K._o.. Then you can step back like Oh yeah this guy fuck people out finished gonNA help him avoid that scenario is that a he looks like the baddest man on in that roster due to size and build and his in his physique but then also that just you know I mean like you sit in the move set and all that stuff so he should not calm the Albro then I think everything should everything should be bros.. Yeah I love it 'CAUSE I. That's why I like him. So much is because he's a character he is a I can identify who that is if uh-huh what that Stevo became a wrestler right like if Italy asked me who is Matt Riddle I can. I can explain that if you tell me what the difference is or if you ask me to tell you what the differences between Dobbs Ziegler fucking stuff Matt Riddle is a defined character I can tell you and that's why I like him so much right all right and then coming out the gates swinging trying to hit that home run a match of the year in January it was ricochet and Johnny Gargano for the next North American title and of course right like you. I mean the history of takeovers I feel like there's a few names that you say are takeover guys and girls uh-huh and Johnny Gargano Ricochet are two of those people like a shortlist of people who've made these events so special those two are at top list in my opinion and so yeah this is their first time having a takeover match. I thought it was spectacular. Thought it was amazing. I mean again the athleticism and these are the kind of guys that can also get in what we like flips and shit without overdoing it without it being flip flip flip elbow but I'm right back up and then flip flip and then smashed into the corner but I didn't faze me again right like it actually means something actually makes sense in the moment. It actually looks like it hurts the person who did it to right like I mean it looks real aw yeah and some of those moves yeah and some of those moves doesn't require the B guy and again. I'm saying that the guy performs the move but the big I just doesn't stand there and wait for it right. That's one of my biggest criticisms of Jay Lethal. I Love Love Jay Lethal. I think everything he does right. Now's ring of on her champion is spectacular. I've been a big fan of his but that finisher that he has we're just requires the guy to stay in their kind of with this dumb and his ass until the finish your comes to them I think is I just I just check out. It makes me stop my suspense of believability but with ricocheting Johnny Gargano especially mismatch. I thought yeah everything was believable. Everything hit a home run. I love the the the inner battle that Johnny Gargano had with pulling the protective. Whatever it's called to expose the the concrete and going like Asiedu and these fucking? I gotTa do yeah those. The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is a first match series which may be this is going to be a series. There have an X._t.. Halftime he but the only thing I I kind of Saron is just a baby face losing clean you know what I mean like some type of Shenanigans because what this is my philosophy on per wrestling is the good guys always better than the bad guy. The reason the bad guy is a bad bad guy is because he's not as good as the good guy like so a bad guy just beats the good guy clean well in that good guy sucks now. We're not saying that ricochet sucks but if you just loses clean. Where does he go? You know what I mean. It's hard for him to have a rematch unless you build them up from you know wins ten matches in real like we had becky Lynch. Do it summer slam kind of thing but he'll he lost clean so if they if you wanNA rematch well sorry pal in this one they could still pull it off this way because Johnny Gargano was having that <hes> internal battle that you spoke up then ricochet can still come out and be like you did gray but you know that it was super close and maybe just one fall all shouldn't determine it and then Garganas like I don't know but champ champ is in his ear going. Hey man you beat him. You gotTa beat him again and he's like but he's right like maybe he's like. No Man screw cares if he's right right so he has that little thing these like now forget it. I'm definitely they beat something yeah all right well. Let's move on. We had shane obeys ler versus Bianca Bel Air for the next he women's title and I said I was looking forward to this one and they felt like they delivered really well and I like the touch touch of Bianca Bel Air freaking out like when she thought she had the win but the REF was knocked out like like a rookie move right like a Naw Jim and now in it like I like like she just new in that moment her opportunity was blown whereas a veteran knows hey gotta find another opportunity right like and that's what essentially lost or the match if we're believing it was a real thing right because she just leaper cool in a moment of a stressful situation <hes> another big moment for that was the hair whip that was he's GonNa Bring up. Yeah Good God that had heard so bad I can imagine but yeah again just great in ring storytelling whoever helped them work out that match because I'm assuming they didn't just sit there on their her own. You know those two but again brezler killing it just being one of the best heels under the W._W._e.. Umbrella period yeah. I thought the match was really good. <hes> I agree <unk> wholeheartedly with everything he said there. I felt like the reason she lost the matches coach. She's a rookie. The reason that Shayna Fazlur one is 'cause. She's the top he'll <hes> everyone comes looking out great <hes> but the right person one to continue a dominant storyline for the kind of a week an X._t.. Women's division right now yeah that's it to like. There's yeah gotTa Kinda Start for as much effort as they put into that and extend the performance enter to get the women where they are now in the main roster. It's kind of second wind of of girls which you know that's fast forty into the royal rumble. We saw a good crop of next girl so we'll see but yeah for right now. There needs to be some built up talent because it's Shayna to me. It feels like Shayna and then everyone else yeah. It just felt like maybe Lacy Evans could've spent some more time down there. Although I know she's a he'll inner current character but they could've made her face against somebody like obeys ler swift that gimmicks still you know yeah yeah. Definitely I agree. I don't know who knows why I don't get paid for this Champa defending the N._F._C. Championship against Alastair Black what it what are your thoughts Kinda very similar almost the same feelings of this match as I did the ricochet <hes> Johnny Gargano match where you say like yeah. It's D'Amato chopping Alastair Black. Have you seen what they've been doing. Takeovers like they're gonNA be fine together but again you had a baby face lose clean so then. Where does he go right like one something when they showed the the after annex t was over the six guys you know square off and Alicja blacks limping out there which credit to him for still selling an injury but it was like Oh yeah you of the six years sack right? You're the one who laws on ricochet loss to that was just kind of how like well of course I'm taking the other three because two of them already beat two of you so of course are the ones but the match it so that the dream right yeah and he already lost tomato jump as well so yeah jump as two thirds of the damn other sakes so anyhow back to this. I thought he was really good again tomorrow. Oh CIAMPA is just awesome. Lei Oh Alastair Black we disagree on astor black. I think I and this is being completed. I think I'm buying into what it could be not what it is right like what I see. He's kind of what you see right where it's like. The promos are okay the presentations awesome right the league. You know coffin standardizing. The music is bucket head games right the city those kind of things like it down yeah. There's elements of an awesome character and I think I'm falling in love with no this do could really go evil but then I have to remember we're in a W._w.. Product you know they try to like I say a billion times and trying to tell the story of Jesus but not allowing anyone play the devil so it's fucking hard and I feel like he's stuck in that role where if it was attitude era if Alastair Black was around during nineteen ninety nine I think undertaker Alastair Nestor Black would blow the roof off of everything like the fucking embalming people and hanging of people Alastair Blake. It'd be one hundred percent into that. Oh my God yeah undertaker is I think I would pair maybe was somebody to do is talking because he can't do some talking but it's it's still kinda monotone character. He doesn't use of the now it's not as good so I'm not saying it's the same so you remember that as I say the statement one six for all your hate mail on twitter exactly but his cadence and his delivery and that like boiled up rage. That's about to explode reminds joins me a lot of jake the snake in the sense of like year enough. I don't have to yell motherfucker via lose. My patience Shit's going to hit the fan and that's where I feel again. I think I'm falling in love with elements up. Will you delivers it like jake the snake so maybe he could be jake the snake and he's got the presentation of under and I think I need to be a little bit more aligned with like well yeah but really he's not doing anything to great but I do like I like the going back to the match tomato I mean I think the person that takes Tomasa chopper is the story has to in on a winning yeah because I don't know how else they do like when they're ready to like okay okay Champa. You're ready to come up like the storyline has to be a God. Damn Slam Dunk. No but I'm tired of this. We need to stop it. No one goes no one. No in there and we're done. We're we're done a great story. We can tell an annex t with frank now you could legitimately because how good all the talent is in how good annexed tease been you have faith in the product you could go six months six eight months just with Tomas O. CIAMPA and Johnny Gargano doing what I kind of feel like is the stone cold Steve Austin triple h two manpower trip just at the next level but you could go six eight months with just the two guys guys terrorizing everything and then you can go another four or five months with Johnny Gargano comes to a census and has to overcome this demon who has got him off track and that's where at the very end the light tied at the end of the tunnel. Johnny Gargano Comes Home Johnny Wrestling and Beats Tomasa CIAMPA. It's Raven and Tommy Dreamer. It is yeah I mean and it's you know what I mean. It's it's <hes> it could be triple eight Shawn Michaels right where their friends this year and their enemies the next and their friends and their and their friends there <hes> the lifelock it could be the MS Daniel Bryan kind of thing right it could even go a crossings and yeah I kind of agree with you at this point till somebody's injured in your running out out of like options. Stop bringing up like why the brought up the heavy machinery well the heavy machinery because tag-team divisions were last call on smackdown bringing them there but like the other ones like you're bringing in. Who are they bring you can't even N._B._C.? Three and we still ain't see Jack Shit with that. Guy We get into. Let's so <hes> the end of INEX- t will will put a bow on this and the move into the royal rumble but the the end of annex t takeover saw Johnny Gargano come out after Tomasa CIAMPA retain both of them holding the titles up and that's where I kind of alluded to it felt to me as if like Oh shit this is again for lack of a better term the first thing that came on my mind was this is triple h and stone cold joining forces to manpower trip now hope we know there's a fucking quad blood. This could be what they wanted that to be right and so I I got so excited show excited I will. Let's move onto the royal rumble <hes>. Let's get into the rumble and do it. We had a kick off show. I'm just going to skip over the I met give a shit that whole raise our and whatever his name taken on ruin gable just and make any sense to me that make no sense 'cause then the next night yeah whatever the fucker called revival together so why oh I didn't just do the RU- stupid dumb or triple threat tag team match at that point man those guys they missed the flight something something happened well yeah and on top of that I mean let's just say this first off. The takeover was amazing right but that was a home run every single time but I get these travel packages and you know we're talking about doing travel package for wrestlemainia Spanish now sable trip out out there but not like the big four or great but can we stop making the big four seven fucking hours. I mean I was like we'll get to it way when it comes but the A._J.. Styles danube-rhine thank you Brian Match was fucking great and I was burnt out. I was so exhausted because I wanted to be for this all of it until I watched the glorious whatever they're called Gable in route food and all the way to this and it was just I mean come on guys. That's too long was a lot yeah and then we you know Russa Lost Shinsuke. Nakamura wins the U._S. title which you know then two days later is off. You know you're trying to skip too much. I that whole mess odd but I mean hey I kinda called out that whole Roussev <hes> Shinsegei escape teaming up thing. It looks like maybe they were doing that to get to here. Yeah and I also like that. Lana getting injured lead to something else right match had a purpose for later in the night purposes services and I liked it not more now again. Tuesday changed my opinion of that but I was like okay I think they understood what United States of knock America could have been so they're gonna go with that again right so Qassem so the night of rumble. That was a fan of that that match I was like yeah. Let's Darlie do that. Yeah it was it was like all right cool and then you know they had that fatal for away with the soon to be gone hideo Itami POLICTO Zelin Buddy Murphy. They're really all in on this Buddy Murphy Guy. I don't know that I see it so much but hey hey you know he looks to the part. He looks good getting off the bus. You know what I mean and sound the part to me. You know I don't think I've ever heard I don't think I've ever heard of talk Yay missing much on the main show Oscar Oscar Mbeki Lynch and now this was surprising because I just thought we didn't know Becky Lynch was going to be in the rumble right the women's rumble and then she loses maybe right we thought maybe but then I thought kind of okay well. That's where this is going right. They're going to give her this like all right. Man Like miss that opportunity and now I've got a fight my way into mania and of course everybody loves her and she's trying to find a way to mania but she keeps getting denied. Slash swerved over that's where I thought that was heading and health and it does give some legitimacy to ask. I Yeah I agree on all points on that first off before we dive into it. Let's Kinda. Just what what what was your overall thought about some or excuse me of royal rumble like out of ten what would gave it you can check out my thoughts on Spanish now sable dot net <hes> with an article call to rumble in my stomach two thousand Nineteen Royal Rumble Review Yeah where I hit up that you know usually typically specially over the last decade or more rumbled can be super superfund and at the same time just be highly predictable yeah highly predictable which still felt that way I mean obviously we missed on a couple of predictions but even when we miss we're kind of not wrong. They just went different person or you know what I mean. I mean like it's still kind of like okay and it's even so predictable in like when it boils down to like the final four to one of those matches you go. This is the person I'm okay with that because sometimes aims to tell a story you have to tell the obvious thing right like you know. If it's a western you have to tell the story of the Guy Getting on the Horse to get to the destination like it's okay. You know that's all right <hes> but I thought it was good. I thought Royal Rumble was <music> overall pretty decent but this is where the little things I thought they could have done better and I'm glad you know we're starting off with the first match tonight Becky Lynch Oscar right the very first person that shows up on the main show so if you go to W._b.. Network go to two thousand nineteen royal rumble the first person you see the music you here is Becky Lynch right so if you know that at the end Becky Lynch is GonNa win the rumble in my the opinion and I get the whole like men main event than the women main event last year the women made event it so this year the manmade invented but that doesn't tell a good storyline so suck it backwards you what you should have done as you have becky Lynch be the first thing you you see on the royal rumble walkout loses but then comes back and the last person you see on the royal rumble is Becky Lynch with her hand held high like that is it is a story I can. I can send that story yes to a non wrestling fan that it was fucking too long but that event and the person would go away saying like so Becky Lynn is pretty cool and I'm like fuck. Yeah look another other reason you don't have to do what they did here with like you said <hes> well the women because it was the first time last year we put them in event so this thing so so next year we got into the men no you don't. That's not dot what equality is right equalities. We're going to treat them both in the moment and when we're looking at both of them the hottest fucking thing going right now is becky lynch so I don't give course did we put the women last first time because it made sense then because they it was is new this time we're putting them last because we're pulling the trigger on Becky fuck and Lynch so it's that simple yeah so <hes> but like I said I won't be too droning but yeah everything you said it add credibility to Oscar and as we go through. rumble will hit on our ron smackdown thoughts too because third segment we'll give you our favorite things but <hes> so yes it gave total credibility to oscar <hes> i watched tuesday smackdown didn't even here name be mentioned it felt like that what the fuck that was that was that was another miss where it's like okay oscar made becky lynch tap out building lynch but guess who's the fuck and queen on smackdown date charlotte fucking oscar that's where i thought it was missed but yeah the match itself i thought it was way better than i i did not predict that match to be as good as it was to be honest with you you know i was going to be a little bit jumping on their free throws and they killed it all right the bar defending the smackdown titles taxing titles unsuccessfully against the best best tag team in the world mcneese what did you think about at this you have to break up the bar yes you have to break up the bar this is why this is now the the second biggest profile match they had and they lost to a makeshift put together band aid team right so they lost their titles titles at wrestlemainia to have fucking ten-year-old and braun strowman r._a. that was on row you move onto smackdown let's get them some credibility so they win the smackdown titles okay we're the bar the did right all that shit but but now you're losing to forty nine year old looks like he's having a heart attack in a match shane mcmahon and awesome but i tell him yeah it's just the bar has just lost everything so they need to implode road or or do something because mr joke ms wasn't celebrating and like shaking shane mcmahon after that victory i think he was giving him fucking seat like c._p._r. tactics man he was like hey get a fucking breath in yeah like okay man i get the story they were trying to tell here but it's hard to not just treat him like vince mcmahon junior who just because they want him to be a pro roaf you know prominent position they're going to give him he shows up and gets in one match and wins at best of the world tournament they decide okay we're going to attacked him now and there i fucking like real match attack ships like dude like it's hard for us to take these things seriously when you fucking do this so i totally agree however i think they want us to think that i think when the the other shoe drops in this storyline war going to be recalled to all of those moments it's going to be the ms was the one that got you to the best in the world the ms who got you the tag team champion and i think we're going to get now i don't know which way still they're going to go but one of them's turning heel on them to go to mania all of that that stuff is gonna be recalled i thought it was going to happen right on smackdown when they when they brought out his neck faced foster and hey you know he's got like no transition between his neck in his face right it's all just like one like square so if when they had him out there and he did the whole i'm proud of you i thought he was just going to wall up and be like now now you fucking saying like you know what i mean and then turn on i thought like i was hoping right then i was like do it now do it now beat up your father beat up shane though the titles like i don't need any of this shit i need so you don't need you to tell me you're right like yeah the he would have been amazing would have been good but more coming yeah that's that's coming but it's not coming right now but i yeah i think the shane mcmahon setup though like you said i think that's for a purpose i don't think it's just been juniors kid i think i think that has some <hes> something to yeah and then we got a match i really could give to shits about and it still even though they did a good job in the match i guess it's still didn't hold my a inter attention for entertainment purposes was ronda rousey and sasha banks and now they we'll talk about this maybe coming up when we get into the the raw with becky lynch and everything <hes> because they went away from this finally but the the way they'd been booking looking ronda rousey like the i'm so sorry be you can we still be friends it was like what in the fucker we doing this four i said it last week going into the royal rumble two writers for the w._w._e. obviously had never ever seen rhonda as in the u._f._c. ronda rousey and the u._f._c. <hes> and seem like as a real person <hes> and i'm just kind of repeating myself view didn't listen last week but if you did here it comes again but ronda rousey is the person that after she arm armed barred mutate imitate went for a handshake to end the beef she scoffed at her she's also the girl that knocked out bechke ohio and then stood over and said you bitch like she is a thug nasty in your face i'm alpha female new like she's not on raw which you know we'll talk about heavier later but that's who's yes that's the fat who she is that i mean the main reason she became famous was she was beating girls faster in an instagram video the whole fight was less time than an instagram video and on top of that she would fight dudes if you told her to his that's how it she thought of herself she's she if they went to shakur hand she'd fucking ypres give me a little dirty sanchez is on the way out i mean she wasn't like when alexa bliss started on annex t as that little miss bliss and she was like a fairytale thing it feels like they're trying to take that care and make rhonda do it and that's where the disconnected and that's why she's getting booed i think if you would have had three months of ronda rousey you know putting her dirty pita ambigious faces and saying a. and suck it the chris border joke and had this unstoppable force while on smackdown you had becky lynch being you know conor mcgregor the female version for all basically is what she her <music> gimmick is on monday you would have had everyone going let's go rhonda let's go becky but because you did the rhonda is going to hold everyone's hand and just proud to be here you got everyone's fuck around drowsy and she didn't know how to handle it she was just twirling her her microphone not knowing what do know how that's not prefaced in every like promo class and help they do is hey in the event that a crowd turns on because they can happen even when you're doing everything right here's simple things like a you can bumi all you want i don't care you know what i mean like that's all you need to do like it's all you need to do just move on tell them yeah whatever cool buck off you guys suck and then move on like i don't know even when your face that's still comes off as a face movie like you guys can bumi i don't care i've got something to say out here right but i thought the match itself i thought that finisher was weird i i thought initially sasha's got hurt that's why they ended except that she landed on her head but apparently that's going to be her new like she has darbar and then she has that move like her to finishers kind of thing i thought the in was really clunky with sasha walking up within walking back then walking up and walking back and then doing the four and then fast forward to win becky lynn showed up on raw the one thing that w._w. wanted to show you like oh you might have missed it on the broadcast is after bailey loss to rhonda she throws up the four for becky lynched throws up before there's a grand and then becky challenges <hes> rhonda they're doing the four horsewoman after wrestlemainia because if you notice who rhonda is facing right so she faced summer slammed was supposed to be becky but it was charlotte then at royal rumble it was supposed to be or it's it's going to be or it was sasha banks now wrestlemanias going to be becky lynch so we just had her be bailey so she's good face here's what's going gonna happen is of the we're going to get you know four horse women for the i'll call it now my w w prediction of course this may change air my wrestlemainia prediction <hes> becky lynch will win that match and when the title because the w._w._e. we w e four horse women help her and then all of a sudden that's the big shock and then the fallout from that is rhonda gathers her for horse women on raw or whatever and yeah if becky lynch versus rhonda ronda is the main event i would not be shocked in the slightest is as the fireworks go off you have charlotte holding the smackdown championship via balian sasha all in the tag team championship and then you have <hes> becky holding the raw championship they all four have their titles they all four foot their hands boom boom boom boom the four horse women women's are here equal yada yada yada and that's your lasting image just like how they tried with wrestlemainia twenty and it was eddie and chris benoit's that in the bed but they're gonna hope for that kind of ending but for wrestlemainia whatever this is for the ladies <hes> let's get to the women's royal rumble match <hes> and i think we both kinda mentioned this like it felt like they booked it well for the first five to six entrance and then the last five six entrance and everything in between was <hes> okay okay the last of the middle of it was so stupid maria canals god bless you need came back after two months of having a kid or whatever it is you look amazing you're still wrestling you can do it you're fucking character was dog shit at the royal rumble a leash fox no-one thinks what you're doing is cool your awkward in the sense of everyone wants you to stop you're not awkward in the sense everyone wants you to keep being awkward and it's fun just go away you fought they thought overhead that no one cared about just i don't middle kit kit fox horrible thing period like the the i'm clearly acting like i'm i am a lunatic bit you know what i mean like it so first film and pulling off the lunatic thing worked because you didn't know right like this guy is legit might actually be a lunatic alicia suffices come up that way it's i'm trying to act like a lunatic because i think you're gonna think that's funny and it's just it's just not coming off well because you also have to be a funny person pull that off you have to have charisma wismer just saying all right incuding allston italian for being the iron woman of that one <hes> i mean she put in some work but of anyone who would do of course right one that everyone loves chachi evans put in a long time to and that american ninja warrior girl i thought out kofi kingston kofi kingston i that her stuff was way as the thing was fun to do you want to get into that because that is getting herbs yeah i see your place here the which won the this whole like two feet like just to two points of contact if it's your hands if it's your shoulders i'm tired of the actually the feet the kofi kingston thing look you had a great stretch where jesus of mary it was out of this world incredible it jumped the shark this year you need to stop it was tested i get you were saying like here's here's here's what i'm saying if you get thrown over the top but you don't hit the floor at all right so somebody catches you you land on something else that's not the floor and you can get back in great or you're still hanging on and and only one foot touches cool right but like coach laying completely on his back with one foot up in the air you're out man you're gone and here's why too because like the here's where it also was dumb <hes> because then then exam your woods picks them up and brings him in when none of that needed to happen you could've just scooted you're happy aspect with your foot still in the air and climbed yourself backup you didn't needing xavier wants to pick he walk in the weirdest most awkward of ways so none of it made sense none of which you know new day doesn't but i think it was a botch it was i think he's supposed to catch him right if that happens okay but that's the risk you do and pa- wrestling there is no take two's i get it however just the whole the whole thing is just played out now it's just stop whatever year and don't make it a point like kofi is in here and he's gonna do something no no ho because you just makes us go this is your one trick pony now like this is what you're here for nobody thinks you're going to win it because you're only here to do this and then two or three of them he did a ton of going back to the women's win the the the middle was clunky i thought the female final four showed how strong the top end of female peress lena's and w._w._e. yeah all of these girls are fucking awesome right i thought it was very fitting that it was charlotte i am becky lynch a regular coming in after lana got injured i thought was good callback to reward you for why you watched the pre show that the start was really good i've thought the middle was excellent i thought the the excellent the middle was good awful very bad and then an odd choice for piss break match was daniel bryan in a._j. styles us which again was an awesome match but i was thoroughly exhausted by the time it got there and then you know the surprise of aircraft come out which is a great fit because we know enough about air grown to know that he is what dana brian is city is right he's an intellectual even though he's a fuck and weirdo right yep so it would stand a reason that he would also be like well we shouldn't eat meat and we shouldn't beat right like it stands it's great did you see the little caveat the enhanced enhanced <hes> rowen character they did what so when he comes out his new titan tron ruined oh michael simple yes that is great <hes> so i like that but they also didn't didn't like and i know they wanna leave you wanting more but like roaches comes out chokes on somebody and then done saint like there was no like from or anything it was just i'm leaving with this guy that's what i do i'm i'm the muscle here and i liked that eh you don't always need you know as far as starting out you don't always need to have everyone explain why they did it and then that's muscle he silent do it yes yeah just yeah the whole match fell on placement they smell like they typically used to do this when they had the split titles before with the brand split was one of them would go on i it was always smacked in yeah so maybe that's why they were trying to avoid that this time but distill felt like an odd placement for this match i thought like an odd placement but it also felt like oh man we still have another rumble and title magic i'm so tired like of the two title matches that you knew had to come between these two rumbles i i would rather gotten and through the listener pallor one i right like i just because you knew this was not gonna go if any of you thought in ballard was actually gonna win this match your dumb and i'm gonna tell you why because yes we still have the elimination chamber in the way where titles could change hands but it's wrestlemainia they're not gonna go fin ballard instead of brock lessner because they do wrestlemainia for the people who don't normally watch rash right they want the extra ratings draw raw and finn beller listen to me all of you any nerds is not the ratings draw for people who don't watch wrestling he isn't he never will be right you have to be a wrestling fan to appreciate and want to see in dollar they are going to have brock listener on every u._s._a. today on every m._e._c. with with that damn belt so they can pimp that out watch wrestlemainia brock listener watch wrestlemainia watcher so maybe you watch wrestlemainia brock listener now i know we like to stay storyline driven here especially has to be able to bueno but if you thought this guy was winning i don't know what to tell you don't ever play the lottery i mean it's still could have been cool right because eventually someone's going to have to to conquer that beast right and then can do i think would be great move ben maller beating brooke listener at mania but it wouldn't happen in here right but i thought this told a great when i i was hoping than now looks not to be the cases we fast four deraa but i thought it was going to be a great opening act two three part series where we get at hopefully wrestlemainia that was my hope is then the a demon comes out to conquer the beasts should have been your immediate clue the moment it wasn't the demon you should have known brock listener wins well yeah but what i'm saying is i thought the match in how the how he had brock listener to a point where brock listener couldn't even suplex them showed like the man fin baylor is up to this task tonight he was not the better man right and you capable but still lose brock listener right right but i was hoping that the next night paul heyman would say you know fin you know you came up short you're not the man kept on like playing up the whole like you're not as much of a man you're going up against abc's of maine i and then you get rematch at wrestlemainia where it's the demon versus the beast that sells tickets you just say that on thing on a card headline that sells tickets the beast versus the a demon and then ballard has the demon i don't get the whole thing but he looked so you could do that you could do the rematch for whatever reason right like in ballard still comes out and finds a way to go brock leser into the rematch ed elimination chamber and still bill almost gets them but doesn't and then he comes out again on the raw after elimination chamber and heyman eleazar like why why would we give you a third chance it'd be like oh you don't need to give me a third chance you need to give the team in the chains right and so yeah already booking it no yeah this is how i would have done it i would have had whoever you're picking to face the champion on smackdown have that person win the rumble so let's just say samoa joe schmo joe towards the it's about joe wins the royal rumble he's taking out the eco-friendly daniel bryan because now he's going in like that cool bad ass baby-faced kind of thing daniel bryan still doing the eco friendly thing so that's your smackdown thing right so they he wins the royal rumble not seth rollins then raw has to do their match where it's all the people are in the elimination chamber first person wins final person that wins becomes comes a number one contender for brock listening that's where finn sailor outlast seth rollins drew mcintyre blah blah blah blah blah thin ballard wins right then they have fastlane then fen baylor who every beat it the last two right yeah let's just say it was <hes> let's just say seth rollins right seth rollins and then fin seth said you know it was 'cause drew mcintyre lobe load me that's the only reason you one gimme a one on one match fences violence do it ten be beats fastlane then then that's when paul heyman says oh we're doing this thing again you again didn't we beat you at the rumble and then that's when you didn't beat this motherfucker and then it's the demon and and then you look like you have an and brock has this like undertaker shook look on his face oh fuck i don't know if i can deal that and then that's your fucking main event yeah by the way <hes> back to you know we were mentioned daniel bryan i forgot to bring this tweet the table i wanted to bring up and you saw the promo promo <hes> is at the ultimate ones daniel bryan is the grace of all time he just put over a monstrosity of burger and they're going to sell thousands of them hashtag to read the table <hes> when he was like doing that whole bit whole nasty eichenberger the bad that yes yeah all of his local news interviews were spectacular he kept yelling over the reporters saying that they they don't want to hear the truth he is a person of truth his here to get his change to the masses and they're just like all right back to you and he's like day wanna censor me this is why they don't want to hear the truth to reporters back at the station charlie okay that was weird weird per wrestling and he's doing great about it like he makes me uncomfortable love it all right let's get into the men's roy henry pseudo did you catch that so henry suharto is the u._f._c. see lightweight champion before his fight with t. j. dillashaw he was on a flight with nikki bella they took a picture together after henry pseudo wins his championship fight he's okay nikki bella what's up daniel bryan goes does don't make me come over to the u._s. seen spank your ass where her perfume because that's the closest you're getting to my sister-in-law like he's just going on all levels he's doing the becky lynch but for the guys i love it he's killing eleven but anyhow it keeps on <hes> let's get into the men's royal rumble match and <hes> i'm going to chime in with <hes> at katie first lady had to tweet the tables that go together <hes> because we can just can't encompass this she says fun fact i believe johnny gargano candice laurey are the first husband and wife currently in w._w. next rosser to participate in the men's and women's royal rumble matches in the same year hashtag table well your window of opportunity for that to happen is very slim right there's only in two years where there's been a men and women's royal rumble yea right so husband wife team that married couple has been in the rumbled but i think a married couple has been in the same royal rumble match remember when beth phoenix eliminated the great collie and edge made his return aren't they married at that time they've already done the marriage but actually didn't want to chimed in and alastair blacken zelina vega has ticked with table if you didn't know they were married the men's row rumble match this is what i'll say about that too many wasted spots on throwaways i i get the titus o'neil of all the throwaway spots titus o'neal was the funniest pop right because you had to do he's run into the ring got it and then he still ended up going under the ring which was even the syrians up but the shelton benjamin's curt hawkins and i'll throw but in there but it's still titus o. neal's i felt like we all know like stop it and stop with every year someone has to be out in a second that's the other thing that's annoying is that's the you have these built tin spots a kofi spot someone gets eliminated in a second a comedy spot like we don't need that the other thing and this was the biggest glaring omission of the week on both shows wear oh where was adam cole if you're not gonna put adam call it wasn't taking show right does what i'm saying because if you listen after the extra segment that annexed did hype halftime when adam cole just walks out and pushes velveteen dream the fuck in place nuts and that's where so he was there we didn't use on on index takeover like you said there's five matches we don't need to start making this summer slams and row rumbles making it six seven eight matches just because so i'm fine with that right and you already had undisputed air represented totally cool but if you're going to do the rumble and have inex- t guys i don't need to see alastair black injured and losing coming out to just lose in the royal rumble that's when adam cole baby is like what we got to have somebody who gets is kicked out in the second and we got have somebody in comedy spot those lose their impact when you force it every year if you did it once three four five years it's way funnier it's way more like all my god i can't believe bugging logano way jose totally believe away yet jose was another wasted spa dammit me and he's a wasted spot period with this line gimmick that they keep trying to force when different characters it's it's not the character that keeps failing that story guys it's the storyline nobody cares about you fucking jumping out with the dance party 'cause nobody fucking does that in real life nobody four just happened once and we don't we're done with take time and we passed it conga lines if two thousand nineteen mother fuckers congo lines and been part of this and seventy nine assholes well adam adam rose it was pretty cool when he i did it in an x._t. for weeks so let's i thought the one thing yet and i get it last year adam cole was a surprise in exte- person right so two years in a row but god damnit van ryan experience i want in those fucking shows yeah with the crowd adam kobe right you know what i mean and just just that so like shelton benjamin nobody cares nobody not even the president of the shelton benjamin fan club truly believed shelton benjamin wynn in this match yes so just get him out and put in an adam cole or put in you know johnny gargano was a good surprise i was like oh oh yeah that's cool let's see what he looks like standing next to dean ambrose that's when i think the takeover call ups like in the rumble work well because then you like okay this is a midget okay this is a star you know what i mean well let's kick off with the rumble atmosphere for throw says poor j. e. s. j. double r. e. double t. t. w. w. e. double t. a._t._t. right yeah that that was good yeah i thought that was a great way to start off i even told you it was the two thousand nineteen version of jeff jarrett starting the show and it was the nineteen ninety four version of elias coming in second except just wasn't you know like you mentioned guitar shot you know we're making our predictions on the fly through text methods between and you were like guitar shot obviously didn't do that he likes sucker punched him qatar yeah they did at the second night on raw with the singing of the song i would have done if i was booking it i would have had him say like we're seeing that song have the whole fucking crowd mumble all of it until right till when they know the fucking everyone mumbles until they get to that part and then hit him with the guitar thrown that yeah yeah okay so what else happened in the room i mean okay ni- jax where do you plan on it so the one thing that i'll just say is like she's not this wasn't revolutionary china did this venus did this so i got a little bit flabbergasted and dumbfounded when everyone was no you're jack's we've done this we've done for karma norma came in the i don't know what the we added benefit was is for a longtime now because it's rumored to center around there toy deal with mattel is that there will be no direct on purpose men violence upon women right right which they went away from that and i'm glad because we're talking about ray mysterio nyah jack's people if this was Looking at these two and I'm like well yeah. Why can't I take a foot from Ramos Stereo right like it shouldn't be like a whom I go to mid hit? A woman like the main is a third of her fucking size. It couldn't hurt that God damn bad Ramos but Randy Orton is not randy. Orton is not now there is something to you can't keep sitting here. The men are equal to the women and then but we've got to protect the women from the men will then yet falls the puck and part so if she everson fucking K with the separation. I'm okay with the separation. I don't like yeah kind of sexist but the point here is no. She wants fucking match because she's a if this were real life she walks into that match because she thinks I'm big and tough and compete these motherfuckers up then tough shit. You got your ass beat by a couple of block and dudes now. I'm totally okay with that but again if we're going to say this this is why I'm not okay with it in today's current whatever we're calling this era right is if we're going to say at last year's Wrestlemainia we need to accept Nyah Jack's because of her size and she looks different and you know this is going to be geared towards obviously not thirty thirty year olds this geared towards kids well fun fat girls evolve quicker than boys and so if I see that a girl is bigger than me if I watched Niger get hit by Randy Orton that means I can hit Stacey A._C. in class because she's a little bit bigger than me. Well like we're setting. There's also the Joan try this shit at home right like who listening you can still reiterate that this is fucking performance art right yeah so there is still this and we've said it all the time like women you can't go. We are equal. I get a hit them in and they can't hit me back. Fuck Shit you right fuck you. You're get where I'm okay with it and this sounds hypocritical but I do have a little bit of wiggle on the stance is where I am okay with it. Win Stephanie McMahon Would Smack Jack Roman reigns Roman reigns can put her in a submission. You know what I'm saying like. I'm totally okay with that part. It's the we're gonNA have a match. It's Candice Lorraine Versus Rey Ministerial Fuck off. I don't WanNa see that well Tessa Blanchard. It's been fucking wrestling people left right. I know I know and so is Candice Laurey. She was doing the whole prettiest team with Joey Ryan. They're doing the inner gender I don't like it. I don't want it. I don't want it. Science says the men will always kick a woman's ass so we don't need to prove it. I've seen some women be fucking. Some dudes in my life. Trust me Tania Singer who fights in the U._F._C.. I've seen her beat the Shit Outta guys at whiskey tango plenty of times. I'm I'm just saying some that everyone you know what I mean. Of course I mean now like you see. Women go if we're going to go but I also for the so to me where the equality thing comes in is where you're like. I don't want women because you know seventy five percent or more percent of the time that men has a physical strength advantage. That's going to be up. I can see the same thing for a bigger man on a smaller man right rock listeners should not fuck and beat me up because he just can right like there's not bucking cooler either right now when that's in real life when people aren't choosing to fucking fight in sanctioned event right like therein lies the difference even if this were him in May if a woman were say I'm GonNa fight a man in the man's like you really want to do this. In the great yes okay way then she suffered by just don't want this to go down a slippery slope where Alexa Bliss got jumped by Dean Ambrose. Yes yeah the where he became uncouth and didn't age well from the you know. The attitude era is putting may young onto a fucking table. You know what I mean like guys and so of course right but then with the creative you know limitations at these writers have because obviously we've seen I feel like you start to say Nyah jags versus Dean Ambrose Okay now Alexa Bliss going through something all that aside Niger. It's a thought did what she did really well. She came in likes fucking grinning ear to ear with that shitting Grin like I'm GonNa fuck all you up for a couple of up. Tossing pucks out. Even took sold the hits well. You know what I mean like an thought she'd do well. I one of the most improved people over a very short period of time for me <music>. Oh my God what is not improved about it or her years. We've been improved buyer. She's been getting less screen time while she's getting the three segments the her presence in the ring doesn't look like I don't know what I'm fucking doing anymore right. Hurt your cater. You're wanting to hate her is improved right yeah. She's doing that well. She's doing. I'm going to be he'll thing but I think the thing being been. The most improved is that she's went from three segments. A show to one segment show. I think is perfect. Segments is that's when I start to complain. That ain't her decision that's W._W._e.. B._W._I. Character but again I'm doing what I see. You know what I'm saying yeah so I like when she's like looking girls whose like the fucker. You're GONNA do about and I like when she like you know he was fucking with Dean. She's like what what what you fucking. Come in here and do something right because you go any woman that doesn't real life. You want to look at that guy. That's kick your fucking ass understand that yeah for sure I thought also why she did hit a little bit better in my opinion <hes> in the men's row rumble then other women have in the past. I think she actually felt comfortable like I'm being honest I think sometimes because it how powerful and big she is when she does the shoulder tackle to Bailey for example she kinda kind of pulls up at the end. I think she felt like Oh. I know one hundred percent like I want to and do the shoulder tackled Arraigned York road do the pickup of ray mysterious because these guys can handle where weight classes would be more appropriate so you could have avenue the inner gender things if there was a weight class involved right like ninety three hundred and <hes> point five ounces so she's only twenty right yeah okay so seth rollins wins the rumble. <hes> I think this is the better I'd they did a good job of it came down to rollins and in Stroman and it was like Oh shit they could go either way with this right. Yeah and I didn't feel like the crowd was already turning because I felt like day probably thought what you just said where it was like Whoa who I am going to pay attention because it could go either way and I wanted to find either right right <hes> so I thought yeah I thought I thought the ending of both rumble matches were very appropriate and yes we kind of predicted that I think you predicted rollins and I think I predicted becky Lynch and so was it the most surprising outcome no but like I said sometimes you have to you can't just jump to the end you have to tell the stories to get to the end and is appropriate bread. I thought it was good. Yeah I will really come back and we're talking about our favorite things of the week <hes> when we come back and maybe we'll hit some extra things you know on Ron smackdown as as a fall out to the rumble <hes> so as not to make that just a two minute segment but <hes> <hes> I mean we went pretty Goddamn long on this Tuesday. He might be like already like kind of the royal rumble guys got it okay so <hes>. Let's see what else follow us on facebook facebook dot com slash Spanish announce table PODCASTS. We're on INSTAGRAM DOT com slash tweet table. We're GONNA take a break and we'll come back to the Spanish nance table fun fact the less people know the more they think they know this is called the dunning Krueger affect around the Spanish announce table with this podcast. I mean it's not like you have to hang you know through the break or anything like thank you yeah thank you <hes> we went long but there's so much talk about and they're still more about because we didn't even in touch on any of the fallout. We like to do a favorite thing of the week. We were doing a least favorite thing in the week but I think we've Kinda determined like they're just make sound negative and you can always pick something it sucked unless there's something drastic that we feel any talk about. We won't necessarily early like it also puts me in a negative frame of mind right like I've got to find that I thought sucked right. You know what I mean so we'll stick with the favorites and then we'll kind of mentioned some honorable mentions that could have been our favorite if our favorites weren't so God damned cool like the Spanish announce unstable Spanish now stable dot net brought to you by Tom. You WanNa go. I you want me to tell you what my favorite thing that week was. I will let you go first. How about the all right? I'm a gentleman I am getting yeah. Yeah your gentle and I'm going to go with the Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey Promo from raw because one of the major things was the coming out party for the real ron arousing. I don't mean the real Ronda Rousey like the real is related thousands of new Daniel Bryan right yeah. That's not what I mean more. As in the she got up and her goddamn grown was like oh you're the hottest thing now. I've been a fucking name for a decade. I'm going to rip your Goddamn arms off. Shove them up your ass. I'm paraphrasing. She didn't say that but you know what I'm GonNa. Kill their say is. I've always thought you know I've been watching pro pro wrestling since for as long as I can remember. I can't think of anytime ever they said kill they've said Beata days. I'm GonNa Bury You. Maybe in a business for herself and messed that up or I don't enough. She went and business for herself for went from a work to shoot railroad. Yeah I think it was a bullet points like they've been saying and they're sitting in the back going. This is why we don't do bullet points anymore right thorough thought yeah. I thought both women killed it. I agree that my biggest takeaway was like Yup. That's the Ronda Rousey that I've been waiting to see in W._W.. That was awesome. It left Becky Grigny and like you know when someone has a good comeback like when you try to insult someone and they get a good comeback and that you have just kind of grand okay right yeah that's all she felt like ledge. Yeah becky orange left with was just like we'll show you later right but matt right now so I left thinking Ronda Rousey went shoot in that Promo and it caught me off guard and it was eyebrow raising right 'cause ause. I wonder if that came out of because she was getting booed out of the building early. Promo Bailey just had to go out there and said like I heard you were doing an open challenge. She never even mentioned Jones. Bailey the fuck out. There learn solve this but so you know they do. The match becky comes out. They do the whole four thing. I saw it on screen so I was like Oh. Maybe this is leading to that but it didn't but I thought Becky Lynch also did great now again. I think she loved. I think she got left smiling because it's hard when the last person has the last word but all of what she said with the I told you I was coming back and I'm back like all of that stuff that the whole time we're together rollins. I don't need time yeah. I choose you yeah. I thought her side. I thought her side was an add. A ten and I thought Rhonda's side was twelve attitude. If I can give a shout out also to the next night on smackdown when that Charlotte come out and she was like doing the show clearly jealous but she's trying to take credit for things like oh so having and like it was the same kind of thing right. It's leaving Becky in this like I've got nothing to say and she just said fuck it sucker punch right in the Goddamn. John and I was like that's that's why she's the fuck man that is why Yep yeah say Charlotte though by the way what did you have tweet table about Charlotte at be underscore double underscored d. That's be underscored DUB. The letter B. Score Double Underscored D. E. WanNa make sure set that out so everybody can follow on twitter because he is the title sponsor of Spanish now sable dot net <hes> for the next says Jesus Charlotte go away <music> Aztec tweet the table. I don't think so I think she's still absolutely one of the best you could still argue the best at what she's doing coming out there. It's just Becky Lynn is just so on fire and has the crowd eating out of the Palmer hand right now. You have to have Charlotte out there well so you know like I said the biggest glare from the pay per view weakened was not having Adam Cole any part of any show right but the biggest glare from almost a perfect episode of smackdown was at Ascot and even show up at all those just incredibly stupid did but I think Charlotte still has a role in the story and it's just like you said they'll like I'm jealous but I'm not really jealous because really what you're dealing. Becky is what I was doing so you can. Thank me whenever you're ready play. That role exists in real life. That is a mean girls role. That should be told so I agree where it's like. I I hope she doesn't get added to the match. That's my fear is. I don't want this to get convoluted with another person. I just want becky versus Rhonda but let's not forget we have elimination chamber. We've guy fascinating and we need matches for those. I'm okay with a worried because they just might they just might make Ronda Rousey and whomever the actual final main event of Wrestlemainia this year. I'm getting that feeling that they may do that. The quota actual main event Manresa mania even though they what they have like five main events anyway but I know they're into that and then there's Charlotte's around there. There's GonNa be this almost guilt factor of not Pudding Charlotte Charlotte in that match no matter the storyline right. You're what I'm saying like. She's going to be like what the Fuck I've done all this and now I don't get that spot when you finally pull that trigger and they're going to be a good right and Rick Flair is going to be doc. Wou what the fuck right and they're just gonNA be like well. We've got a because that's what W fucking does Yeah Okay Yeah I. I'm hoping again. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic but I think you know we have to more pay per view till Wrestlemainia. You can't just have becky Lynch and Rhonda just doing promos until we get wrestlemainia nine so you need something for both of them to do and that's where I how for like nine fucking weeks. Whatever's left until mania right yeah whatever yeah so that's where I hopefully we flush out this Charlotte Angle to the storyline and then by the time it's Wrestlemainia then it's just becky and Rhonda and that's why think if they do this whole four horsewoman thing? I think that's when Charlotte goes with Oscar because right now like I said Oscar was on on the show. It seems like no one's even fucking caller out right. Carmella didn't say anything she was out there. The main rose and other girl day didn't say anything about her. Naomi's not no one's going out ASCA so it has to be someone with her. Speaking of Carmella just way off topic. Stop against switchgears real quick here truth one that U._S. title. They botched that fucking pinfall situation with the rift pretty hard didn't they but I think they tried to. I think that's what they wanted us to think because everything everything else lined up so perfectly well yeah. I think that was a work whatever just odd <hes> Hey our truth is our U._S.. Wait a minute that wasn't supposed to happen and then yeah I thought it was perfect if it was a work but our truth the United States and go figure who would've guessed that why again here's the here's my beef with it and it's not him him. I'm okay with him but I've already seen his story. His story was told as our truth <hes> then he got fired two T._N._A.. Became Ron killings and he came back is our truth he peaked with capital punishment and him and MS and John Cena and all that stuff. I've seen his character. I'm fucking done with this care. Obviously putting the title on him is so they could get to this <hes> Bruce Seven Nakimora tag team. That's going to happen any anybody could have been a whole. Obviously he's attacking but it could have been could've been arrows. It could have been whoever the fuck they wanted to throw in there yeah it. Could you know I always go. It could've been easy three could have been e c three could have been any fucking buddy at all another guy this weekend that debuted on the main roster and Lacy Evans was out there why wasn't A._B._C. Three. Where's Lor Sullivan Panic Attack Jack Kennedy and that we're going to see him again? We'll get into here yeah <hes> but where was that rumble they might need to go to fifty fucking people because like where was sanity. Where was the good brothers I mean? There are so many people any I'm sorry <hes> going back to this. I just I didn't want our truth because I'm tired of our truth. I wanted a new talent to be like well. Maybe this can go somewhere. We all know this isn't going anywhere with Dr Truth. Hold it for weeks and yeah somebody's beating amid elimination chamber done. What was your favorite thing in the week? <hes> my favorite thing of the week comes from my favorite in my opinion the best show in professional wrestling or well we are the best podcast and professional wrestling but the best pro wrestling show in pro wrestling that title has been and still is going to smackdown live. My favorite thing in the week is the last segment that closed smackdown live so let's start with how we kicked off. The segment. Daniel Bryan comes out <hes> names the title daisy because it was a cow furred. She never got experienced Joyce. You only got to experience pain. I never wanted to Burger after he told me this because it made me feel sad that the crowd is sailing. Thank you daisy like thank. You thought it was great. Yeah Dow's another part where they're part of the show. I think they said recycle or they did some. They had some really good chance in there that didn't make it like overwhelming which Dale brand could have get lost. We saw Rhonda Get Lost Data Ryan's definitely on a different level but what I'm saying he went he fought through it. He didn't allow that chant to go through. He kept going to his promo going to his Promo thought his inside was great. Hey quick for you in hot off the presses. We just got another Hashtag table in live right now going back to the topic. We were just talking about at Mr Fourth row says. I wonder if little Jimmy is proud of truth U._S.. Championship win the table. I'm sure you anyway thank you again. I've seen all of our drew kind of little Jimmy but going back to Dan O'Brien Daniel Bryan first off like I said that Promo spectacular made me feel guilty those colonels a- truth makes group Promo tonight at ten <hes> but then the unveiling of the bell and we talked about this where I said it should be like a like a pea green and like a mustard-colored heard color is kind of it was more woman from following notable. Oh here we go so atmosphere fourth also said I hope the new W._W._e.. Title isn't biodegradable otherwise the longer dangle Brian is champion in my start to disappear hashtag table AM I. I want my it looks great. <hes> I sent it to my wife and she was like it looks pretty cool in those I agree I think they thought it was going to boot and even the crowd was like yeah. I like that head inviting you think that when the universal title debuted remember we all booed that anyhow so I thought the title was perfect I thought role and handing it to Daniel Bryan showing the submissive I answer to this guy I again rolling with the recycled oh in his name thousands per day him dumping it in the trash. When he did was great because you knew that was coming but he did it way before you thought he was going to do it right in the middle of zero down type of thing yeah right Oh yeah so I thought everything that he did was just spectacular and then A._J.? Styles comes out right and I was like okay okay so this is where we're going to elimination chamber then radio weren't and comes out and go to break which is weird but whatever what's that then they went to break which is weird stupid again. I don't want to like nick. Go behind the curtain but I think the segment was totally rushed. I think somewhere something got messed up because then everyone was yelling through their lines but so then Jeff Hardy comes out then Mustaf Ali tries to cut Promo. He got two seconds Jones out because again I think it was a rush segment but then on top the Oh my God fire Promo so far of two thousand nineteen Begi Lynch's was amazing Ronda Rousey. These was eyebrow raising captivating could have been a shoot <hes> memorable Samoa Joe didn't get onto that level but everything he said was a home run touchdown. Whatever sports analogy you you WANNA use their first cutting down Randy Orton saying like we haven't tangled yet but when we do know that will come out of nowhere using his own life not perfect then saying Jeff Hardy? I have no idea while you're here and Jeff Hardy trying to like well. I'm GonNa talk over you and he using that A._A.. Line on us that was the dagger that was the dagger rainy or even cracked up on Jeff did all right. We'll fuck yeah perfect line. You can tell that was an ad Lib perfect line yeah go ahead. Keep going then rolling into the ring and saying using Mustafa always perfect promo would I said was awesome about the COP. Thing seen in your eyes say I saw on your is that you were unconscious. See it. You're close show when I put your ask the sleep and then the cherry on top the callback too Windy A._J.. uh-huh Goddamn for Promo that was twenty six seconds long. I don't think you could do it any better. However there is one little thing that Mr fourth row pop but it was an little unfortunate for Joey says smokey Joe's Voice Crack when he made the boy amongst men comment Hashtag tweet the table of all the places voice get a crack it was right when he was saying that like fuck yeah but I think that was his fat transferred from the floor and it just it was so passing I and everything else thinks he was homerun that I forgot about it till I read this tweet the table <hes> but I did notice in the moment I was like woo but if anybody can make like so what a crack with a fucker you going to do about it? Here's my wallet. Here's my wife. Please me right where we get Wendy. <hes> man Samoa Joe Jr <hes> killing it that whole segment I love again. I felt like it was a little rush because I think Lee wanted to say something new there sorry kid but fucking between the Daniel Bryan unveiling that title working through a crowd that could've taken them <hes> to Samoa Joe Jr Jed decimating everyone verbally and then it leading to a bra because that's the other thing that I like to it didn't just lied to will it gives we'll make this match next week. It was hey you bitch and everyone's fighting len this is this is a good mix. I feel like for this elimination chamber coming up like I think that's a good make superstars. You've got Ordonez in there is a veteran and go hardy out. I would put with somebody else. Maybe if I could take anyone out it'll be already but yeah if I could take anyone out it would have been hardy and that's what I would put andrade and open and draw in there just to give cause again. I'm not going to end this episode on a bad note but one thing I will point out. We don't always need Mexican. Fighting Mexicans Ramos deal fight someone else yeah. I did like Andrade doing the fucking <hes> Ramos theory. Oh Shit right like that was the three Amigos perfect yeah it was. Jimmy and everything like yeah. Fuck derailing smackdown was great again. One Omission was whereas Oscar you just made demand tap out and you're not gonNA show up that that was weird but I get it's to our show I want Adam Cole in everything because Kobe is the man I'm happy. I'm excited for halftime heat. I'm excited man. Halftime heat's going to kick off a good fun little role that hopefully leads us right into wrestlemainia. You know I am more looking forward the halftime he than I am the actual Super Bowl game no I'm not you know why the Patriots always have very fun exciting football game. Did you catch the like <hes> it was like a press conference style interview you with Tom Brady and they're talking about Jared Goff and the rams advice giving advice Mike yes I was like what he'll move yeah and what a great advice argument vice after the game right advice when I retire yeah even that like am I. I may say some new the game. Hey here's how you could beat me. Eh here like yes and that's why Tom Brady. Is Tom Brady. He's like what fuck there. That's dumb. Oh all right so this isn't football. This is pro wrestling yeah. A lot of good came out the rumble especially with the fallout right. Yeah yeah both shows. I thought they they did the right moves. That made me happy yeah. They do see two they. They've conceded that they go okay this. We're going to go with what the crowd is telling us. We should go with that kind of shown through at least yep yeah so all right. I mean girls before we get Outta here. Nothing nothing else before we get out here. You can't hear me at all Kanye. I think Tom may have lost us. We're GONNA just get out of here. We won their their see. See we're having these skype issues again. Folks you know pay pal table show. donate Azazel Z. A. Z. L. E. dot com slash. Spanish announce table got some stuff yeah you'll look great. People say what is that and then you can tell your friend parentheses ass about the show and he'll be happy and it'll just get better and better like you will next week when we return to the Spanish announce table being in love shows up in brain scan like an addiction not an emotion fun fact the Spanish announce table starlight lounge presents an evening the progressive box. That's you tickling the Ivories. He just saved by bundling home and auto progressive GONNA finally barring that Gal of Yours Hugo sending my condolences this next one there's.

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