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The little Toni basil happy birthday basil as a basil basil, I thought it was basil. But it couldn't. It's not a birthday. No, no. We want to do. So remember the segment I would have been going here the follow up. So this was a one hit wonder. Yes, Tony Toni basil basil. But I'm always meeting in. I heard this up in a cabinets weekend. And I've always wondered what was the second song. What was the follow up to that? So the one hit wonders in some of the follow ups. I like, you know, and so her follow up what was called Chris. I don't know. But we'll do it at seven thirteen. It was pretty good. So I think it was St. beat or something. So that's the bit the follow up. Why were you in a cabin? Oh. Group of friends. I got a good video Chechen the video. Carrot? It was Dayton. Do I want to see this thing? I mean, you can always see it. I mean, no, I Chris we appreciate the open ended group of ten of us while. Yeah. Good times, we rocking out to this. Well, this was on wanted to mix is like eighty mix. And again, I, you know, I get inspiration sometime in like Marvin Gaye you into the Ken to the woods and a cabin so to die and I get inspiration for the follow up. A segment I wanna do. Good trip up to the woods for that. Did you know what else you go to the woods for what keys headline? This morning is presented by sprint. Kakuta do gentlemen. Cockatiel do. Well, we're going to follow up on the Nici nipsy hustle situation. Because now there is a suspect that's been named in the murder case and arrest warrant has been issuing our attorney general Eric Holder. Actually, attorney general is just that his name happens to be Eric Holder, which is awful. I saw it. I was like this is not right. We get one black attorney general and now he's made nifty hustles death. Eric Holder is wanted for the homicide shooting of nipsy hustle. He was last seen in twenty sixteen white Ford or Chevy Cruz, California license plate seven R J D seven four to anyone with information related to his whereabouts or this or this daily shooting is urged context south bureau homicide at three two three seven eight six fifty one hundred not only does he have a. Name that we all linked to history. Yeah. But then his street name is something I can't even repeat on air. Really that bad is a it's a Kersee word. Oh, she was funny actually rows with eighty when? When you said Eric Holder. I thought for a second likely brought in Eric Holder. That's harsh. That's what I thought. I mean, that's what I figured it was that's what I heard the name. And I heard the case and he say Eric hotels like going to him. They bring in the big gun. That's what I figured former attorney generals are in on. They are not messing around with trying to catch this guy. No. So the more of this story is if you're last name is hold or donating your son, Eric. Yeah. You got to think these things through you have to think these things I'm assuming. Yeah. They've got right now, I'm looking at the official LAPD Twitter account, and they've got this guy's photo up. That's a real Twitter. Yeah. They tweet. Yeah. Oh, yeah. All I wonder if they want to vote in my bracket. Sri ask this. I'll be fine a murder. Oh, which sound bite. You like I wonder if they like he's scary story or means said we've got a fifty fifty tie right now. Or maybe the little boy healthy. That's that's the number one seed overall. You know? I hope I make it to the final four. I'm like, dude. I mean, they they can they can weigh in right now they want to go to TMZ you can actually see footage of the shooting. You one of those? Are you one of those people that like seeing footage of light tragedies early? Not really. Yeah. Yeah. I I saw a chance to and if it's easy. I don't need to see it. Like, they kept showing remember to the the protests and the protests in Charleston, Charlottesville, Charlotte's Charleville. And he kept showing the car running over people over in higher. I was like what do you keep showing this listen to Caspian laws? Yes. Yeah. And sometimes I feel like I have to look at it. Just because I wanna know just the full tragedy of what happened. But it's an awful thing. You look maybe once and then that's the end of it. Odell Beckham junior awkward transition, very other. No other. When nearly you really gotta get back. Let me help you out. When. Speaking of replace I feel like that's just as awkward. All right. Like, there's sort of. What are we just playing song? And then come back. There's no real good way to get out of. It's Murtaugh so five minutes ago hard to go from Charlottesville to Beckham junior. Anyway. Oh, it's gone now feel good. Oh, good. Odell Beckham junior. Everything is no member of the Cleveland Browns. And there are some people felt like his reputation his last year or two with the giants took a hit because of some of the on and off the field antics. Odell Beckham junior says that there's a perception of him me first and that it's wrong. This is wrong. I don't I don't know how these planet like he's here today. I think that shows that you know, I it's just hard. It's all I know. I see all the stuff that said and everything. I think one of my biggest problems is that I care, but I don't care the same time. Because I know I am so nothing that said about me is ever going to bother me because I know who I am clearly bothers you. Clearly bothers you because of the tone in your voice as you're describing it not bothering you man, you in Cleveland. You were you were in New York. You were the toast of Manhattan. And now you in Cleveland, although that team's going to start getting a little wild about the team. It's about the city this about this about everything else. Just like we talked about in the Brian James not making just fully basketball decisions this this this move is a drastic change of lifestyle for someone who likes hanging out with Drake and be who likes to party scene who likes to celebrity seen who likes all the things that would it means to be like pizza with Instagram models and unidentified substances. Listen man, Cleveland has an airport, but it doesn't get that kind of traffic. You can you can find that though in Cleveland, you can run you at all. It's just not gonna be as glamour because you can find it. You just have to plan it like for instance, you can still hang out with Drake on August twelfth when he comes through and plays at quest at the q-, then you can go and you can go see Drake. And then he's going to be gone. He's not just. Hanging out in Cleveland, that's going to be a big change for him. The other thing is going to be a big change for him winning. He's actually going to be in a position to win again. And. You're gonna find out very quickly. If the perception of Odell Beckham junior is real or not because you're going to get opportunities to win. This is going to be a good football team. What was the over under nine when they jumped? They were the biggest jump Andy in the current debate. In terms of over under a win totals the Browns being the biggest jump. They would think that went up to nine. Yes, they went up to nine. Well, I mean, they're the hot team right now between Odell Beckham junior and Baker Mayfield. Jarvis Landry coaching like hunt. Yeah. Kareem hunt. I mean once he's back on the field and eight games eight gets half a season. But you know, if they if they can keep themselves just five hundred till he comes back right there. It's that TMZ presence. It's gonna be building in Cleveland. Like all of a sudden, there's going to be a bunch of dudes from TMZ who are going gonna get relocated to Cleveland because between ODBC and Baker Mayfield. You got guys who like attention, and they like spectacle. Yeah. I mean, that's one thing to have teams Z come to you. You. But again, it's about the life. And you know, you live in New York. I lived New York come on. Come on. There's no place in Cleveland where you can even pretend like you're kinda sorta almost in New York this just straight up Cleveland. I mean Cleveland is like Cleveland's one of those cities that people just make fun of it by name alone. Like, everyone knows what Cleveland means in terms of lack of glamour Applebee's is the go to spot, then he and Baker Mayfield can be running that place sponsor. Sponsor online travel, pretty big. Speaking of additions and subtractions Andes. No, no nosy wrong wrong. Henderson agreed to a deal with the Detroit Lions take it or shake. It will have an effect on the Rams this season. I am going to take it. Oh. I am going to take it because Todd Gurley clearly is dealing with knee issues. And he there's concerns I death authorize which that ain't fun especially at a young age and the type of pound in that he takes and thank you. I'm taking I'm taking it all the way draft, Malcolm, Malcolm Brown. We don't know exactly how he's gonna react this season. What his body is going to be like because he missed all last year. C J Anderson. Yes, it was fresh legs. But he was good for this team. So yeah, I'm taking it taking it that they're going to miss them. All right. Does he got a comment shoot? I was like I was impressed with him taking it. Sometimes you guys, I I'm I'm prone to think that the Rams are going to be just okay that this is an opportunity for less need to flex a little bit. And show his ability to identify town in the draft. You could get a guy who can give you the same sort of spelling that Todd Gurley would need in order to help preserve him for the ration- of his career. You can find a guy like that. We would just Kareem hunt. He wasn't like a top ten pick through. So I mean the end. And Lamar was a third round pick NFL is littered with these these sort of players who are in later rounds available and with the proper line scheme can be very productive thousand yard Russia's for us. If we need them to do all of that they're not special like a Todd Gurley. But there are good for spelling people. I mean, here's the thing. If Todd Gurley doesn't look like Todd Gurley pre authorized is really acting up last season, his backup becomes much less important thing. Like you want that guy to spell them? But if you really have to rely on that backup and less that backup just happens to be like a Todd Gurley in the waiting, and you just didn't know you get a lot problems. Anyway, like if you have to really rely on that backup that backup becomes really important Ila reason, we knew CJ Anderson had value with the Rams is because they were having trouble keeping Todd early on the field. But. CJ was also a veteran. Yeah. He was a veteran who had not been quite once but twice. So you have a sort of desperation Chipman showed on top of it any played with a really good team with a good blocking scheme that allowed him to thrive. And I'm I'm pretty sure less need factored in the fact that this is the draft. I can find a guy who can spell Todd Gurley for us. So Sean McVay talked about the Super Bowl loss. And what the teams mentality is like heading into the season on the heels of that loss, obviously disappointing way to end the season. But I think when you look back and reflect on really the journey and the entirety of what the season entailed so much appreciation for players for coaches being able to go through some adversity, and and love the way that our guys responded. And then there's been a lot of good moments that we can reflect back on certainly losing that Super Bowl, you know, that's things and you don't shy away from that. But I think the biggest thing that we try to take away whether you win or you lose. It's a learning opportunity and for us. You know, we're excited about getting our guys back, but it's been good. It's good to be here. And it's been fun. When you hear that? Here's here's what makes me feel like that isn't just cliche coach speech from McVeigh is two years ago. The Rams ahead of the curve. They got into the playoffs. They lost in the opening round to Atlanta. But they talked about it being a learning experience. And then last year they get all the way to the Super Bowl. So they clearly learn something from that. And they lost in the Super Bowl, and it was disappointing. And they did not play. Well, I think they got out scheme certainly Jared Goff didn't have his best game. But I feel like this is a group that's going to learn from it. And I would challenge the notion they didn't play. Well, I mean, you're in a tied game offensively offensively offensively. They couldn't get it going offensively. They played defense was amazing. Yes. Yes. Amazement they they were a couple scores away from the narrative being Tom Brady didn't play well Brady really didn't. Hey that grain till the forty one. Yeah. It's like maybe a hand like halfway through the fourth quarter. I know that's amazing with Tom Brady with career. I mean like that guy has managed to avoid, you know, some of what LeBron goes through, you know, with having gotten to that many finals LeBron is a three and six record like just a couple series can be the difference from being considered the all time greatest quarterback versus the guy who gets to the Super Bowl. But you never quite know what you're going to get from them. Yeah. Yeah. I mean typically in a series the best team wins in a one game playoff scenario. You know, you you think the best team win. But fluky things can happen. I'm pretty sure a lot of people last year felt as if the eagles got lucky. Yeah. You know, but luck or not Nick foles is a Super Bowl MVP. Look. I mean, Joe flacco we earlier he bet on himself at the right time. He was never that good a quarterback before the Super Bowl hasn't been that good since never Falco. But he was good at the right time. Yes, I'm a dodgers coming off a loss last night. They are three and two. There have been some big positives and big negatives for the opening five games. Talk about those coming up next kind of sounds like the first one I was going to say Toni basil was cheating a little bit trying to bring over the fans of. Oh, Mickey with that. Same drumbeat. That's why guys. This is the follow up. When you have that one hit wonder, and you just wonder what about the second? So follow it up with this is from. Oh, Mickey he's so fine. Whatever this is the follow up. Street beat. You can hear like trying to stretch a little bit. Like she doesn't want to be like pigeonholed as Mickey. But she don't wanna stretch so much that people don't recognize it because that beats the same drumbeat. She don't want anything that stretch that much. Yeah. Maybe did more though that would have helped the career. I mean, you don't know. This is try to stretch out. Why didn't work didn't happen? So we got a dead heat right now. On twitter. I mean, look at that was no I refused to believe. Yeah. You go. Too far led us to be we leave it up. So far. Yeah. Really my Corey off Mike, Mike. Bro. I you still fifty one percent right now, we're going with the fourteen seat means said over into the three seat key scary story. So vote now on Twitter are sound sixteen bracket. The Amine said the fourteenth seed is fifty one percent. To key scary story, forty nine one. Can we play? The key scary story to refresh people's mind. That's an all request Wednesday thing. That's tomorrow. You know, the one it's the one where he throws the shoot. He goes. Okay. We hold on. Thank you it is unfair. If we played a mean sale. It's like you gotta as long people. What's going on? Yeah. I kind of you don't want to seem like a corrupt election know, why he does that what happened at a chap has ravine last night. Dodgers lost four to two Joe Kelley got waxed. And then I was gonna say introduction to his hearing last night Joe Kelley actually was getting at the ravine one and two thirds innings pitched last night. Four hits four earned runs home run. The second home run he has given up into appearances as a dodger. He was supposed to be the big off season pitching get for this team. And thus far he has not been very good Elsie. He has not an coming on a heels his brand performance in the World Series. Obviously we thought we had made the Bosox weaker by subtraction. Well, now, we've gotten a little bit weaker by Titian because this Joe is not the Joe that we saw now maybe these are only two times he'll call up the ams and from the rest of the season. He's just going to be outstanding. But you earn those boos? They don't do off. Often the fans don't boot like that often. You know, what though they don't do often? But I have found over the last few years once they get upset they get mercilus like they like they don't do off in. But once they decide to boo once we decide who you like what the thumbs the gladiator thumbs up thumbs down like once that foams down comes out. You are getting booed hor could you earned it? Yeah. You have to really do some stuff to get us a stain boot like US Pedro bias if these fans will boo. I mean, he knows what that's like he's been through that for like two seasons. This isn't Philly where we boo because essentially it up. Yeah. You know, this is this is earned boo and so- Joe. Congratulations and two outings, you've managed to earn a boo. Now, what we need you to do is actually throw some strikes because about three Annie's you've given us two strikes. Two strikeouts and three innings pitching. No. That's not a good radio dog. But when you've given up as many home, ROY. Runs as strikeouts. That's not a good ratio at all. No. And it's important to remember too that Joe Kelley as great as he was for the Red Sox against the dodgers last year in the World Series. He had not been very good up to that point. Like he actually had been shaky enough that there was some talk that he wasn't even going to make the postseason roster. So you know, Joe Joe Kelley leading up to that World Series. Where clearly the dodgers saw a lot of them. And they were impressed by what they saw that wasn't all of Joe Kelley last year. And it speaks to just what a crap shoot it can deal with relief pitchers. So right now his ear as of eighteen I'm I'm thinking about may come down. Oh, yeah. But vast season to your point for point three nine it's kinda high. Yeah. The season before that those two point seven nine. Not bad season before that five point one eight. But again belief pitching, it's all just a crap shoot. A really quick Chris in LA has got some Toni basil now. Hey, good morning fellows. Good morning. A little unknown fact about Tony bay. They'll see was one of the creators of the lockers, which I don't know if you remember that L visa assurance from Detroit. But it really put locking on the map in LA. And they they were on soul train, then rerun Fred berry played reruns in the group. But yeah, the little white chick. Coney bay though was the one was one of the creators of top lock in here. Really Toni basil who told you that Tony Tony tell you that. No, no, not not a documentary on it years ago was Tony the producer of the. Was she the only source interviewed. With a lot of interviews being done with shadowy figures. Would bars over there is Toni basil I'm looking this up right now, Toni basil cheerleader, right? She video while I mean in life to video to me like I like the warrior with. Lori. She wasn't actually chill leader. Where was she? Jessica. Right now. Jess Belle dot com. You can see Toni basil break. Dancing to house music that comes up easy. Follow people. Also, ask was Toni basil a cheerleader also comes up, and that makes sense only gone to just reading Google inserts. This makes sense. If you Rosh does the rundown. What's the difference easy by? So key scary story has now overtaken mean said fifty one nine here is key scary story. So that's key scary story. And by the way, Chris in LA called via the sprint people's hotline. So we learned a lot about Toni basil, she's almost seventy five. She's almost seventy five years old four. Yeah. That's almost. Threes. It'd be almost seventy five if she was seventy three and a half she could almost be seventy five because you rounding up at that age. She she is seventy five she's going to be seventy six. Yes. She is already seventy five that's still almost seventy. Wow. L these rights do that you have a segment guys. Stucco, dodgers, go. How do you look last night? Who'd he us. Look good man that it's first starting like two years didn't give up any runs. He had the heat had the control he only through seventy seven pitches. And they're obviously you're gonna be keeping tabs on his work load because they want to make sure that he's available throughout the entire season. Right. And they're hoping that they've got the type of depth that we've seen over the last couple of years where they can put guys, you know, sort of on the injured list finger quotes, you know, and take their time and make sure that none of these guys into two taxed when September comes around. I mean when September it runs around we're going to have real who is an amount today against the Madison Bumgarner Richhill Kershaw. Bueller? If I feel good going into the postseason, these guys a healthy rise and nausea Livia. Newton John wasn't really an aerobic system. She wasn't. What was Toni basil? I'm looking now, I need to know her background since you're gonna make fun. This is a living Newton, John. If you're looking at video where she looks like rainy. Days. Say very racy video. I didn't realize that. Have you seen this video was tears a lot going on in this video? Thank you would like it. No, no. I noticed that is like one of the games videos over together never noticed until it. It actually turned me gay this video leans in leans into what it's doing dangling, a carrot dangling, a carrot. That's straight cucumber baby. I yeah. I see I go ahead and tease out of that police in trouble. Lebron James some news about this summer for LeBron. But also future summers talk about that coming up next dangling, a carrot. So we're still watching this new John video in here. He gets even weirder. Calm down. There was a lot happening in that video that I did not pick up on when I was like eight years old. There's a lot going on highly recommend people go to YouTube genres Jones interesting. Yes, it is. I mean, let me hear your body talk. She's pretty explicit. Speaking of explicit. I want Rosh, especially apologized to me. Can we get a little neater banker, please? Thank you. Because I enquired if Toni basil basil, and how you pronounce the last name was a cheerleader you rate, it me, and then I actually gold, and yes, she was a cheerleader. In fact, the uniform she wore in the video is a modified version when I was her uniform to what you were. And that's that's pretty good. So bam apologize now. Sorry, thank you. Go someone dresses as so many video. It is not the way you should teach the children. That's not what they do in realize dresses like a lot of things in his videos that doesn't mean he's like, correct. No, actually, that's pretty much. What Raja's the way he dresses is pretty much. What we see a fireman? How late at night. Sometime. There's a whole joke in here. To say this. Lebron James we've gotten some news on his off season coming up right now because LeBron Rula Braun is officially now in off season mode. He's been shut down for the remainder of the year for thirteen seasons. Yep. Is a I I I wrote a piece actually for the ethnic writing about the Lakers for the athletic like the company, man. Oh, absolutely. I learned it from you go like the things that have changed in the world of the NBA or just the world period. Since the last time LeBron didn't go to the playoffs which was two thousand five. And now, it's insane. Like, we always talk about NBA Twitter Twitter was a year way from being launched the last time. Lebron didn't go to playoffs. Like the the sons that year led the league for points per game in like one hundred ten that would get you now. Twentieth in the league. Like, I it's we were like a compliment. We were a couple months away from seen Christian bale suit up for the first time as Batman like. That that was the last time LeBron hasn't been in the playoffs. Like, George W Bush was a year into his second term like our our current president was in season three of the apprentice. Yeah. Exactly. But it's it's nuts. How much like how long LeBron has just had these sustained appearances in the playoffs. I guess that's part of the reason. Why is so frustrating for a lot of people because they just assume that was going to continue no matter who was around him. And I think we overlooked a handful of factors number one. Which was he was always in those runs with veterans. And this is the first time he's begs to being with a bunch of kids as his primary, go To's. And at the veterans were just supposed to dispel guys before remember, especially doing a great championship runs in freaking Miami. Shane baddie, a Mike Miller Miller he like adult Alan right adults as a supporting cast this time round you look around Zo. And and you could be in college right now, they could but but I will say. This. If you look at this team when they had success and the numbers and the record they were at their best when they had the kids out there like the kids the kids by and large held up their end of the bargain way, more than the veterans that they brought in the one year guys the mean team, the the kids, you know, particular to you see in their absence what Brandon Ingram and Lonzo ball meant those guys brought more to the table over the course of the year. Then the veterans that they had around the Braun this year. Yeah. I mean people like to say this season was a complete failure. And certainly been disappointing. But I there were two things that prevents me from calling a complete failure in first and foremost is the fact that the season roster was constructed with the guise of we need to be major players in this upcoming all season that has been accomplished, but it's not a completed grade because we need to see who we get. Well, I we it hasn't been accomplished yet. Because we don't know we know that they are in position to be players. We don't run away that they're going to be players. Right. And I also I feel like they could have set up their roster this year where they still had flexibility be players in the off season. But they had more creativity in im- guys that they brought in like you could have brought in you kept Julius Randle and signed him to a tradable deal. They actually need a Julius Randle type contract. Like, I've theoretical thirteen year multi year thirteen million dollar multi year contract if they're trying to trade for somebody like Anthony Davis like you need one of those money balancing contracts, like unless you're. And do a sign and trade with Casey p they don't really have any of those guys. I think the part of the reason why with a timing situation to juniors Jimmy who's going to sit around and wait to see if Paul George and the Brahma gonna come before you decide to sign his contract. He was going to take the money. Nobody. That well, though, we should really we pause anyway. Right. But they poison the well with Julius by beginning all of last year treating him. Like, yeah. We know you're not going to be part of this. Like, I mean, they made that just transparently clear we've already written off Randall then Randall ended up playing way better than they thought. He would. And then all of a sudden, you don't end up getting Paul, George, which I think completely sucker punch them. And they didn't even get a meeting with Paul George, and then very rude yet totally route. I mean, it's hard to compete though, with that type of concert that they threw an okay see, I mean, seriously a continental o'casey private concerts LA, but it's a private concert for him though. But anyway, though, I feel like this, and this is hopefully something that rob Lincoln Magic Johnson. Learn from you can be more creative in the way, you set this up as opposed to just treating it like clean caps has to be totally clean. I I hear you. I hear you. I'm sure part of it is that because I'm of Magic Johnson so much. Gonna give him a much longer benefit of the doubt than I would probably someone else. But I'm going to wait and see what this looks like after off season decide. Been bad coming up L Z's top ten. So what's his what's his follow up? This is not follow up. Snow? It's no, no, no. Let is snow not that kind of snow, but this was on the charts top of the charts. I believe it was twenty four years ago. The follow up is at that. A Yankee remade this song twenty six years ago. Sure did twenty six-year-old snows informer was on top of the charts. April second nineteen Ninety-three snow. I did not have much of a follow up. We did not hear much from snow after informer, the no that's pretty much where it began continue in the right side of the bracket right now on e at ESPN, Los Angeles on Twitter are sound sixteen key in Travis say, and touch it Hori. Let me what what are you unwrapping over there? That's not me. Can still on to wreck Kuhn. So we've got the seventh seed you can touch touch it. That's touch it versus. And right now, the ten seat is running away with it Betty co is running away with it. You can vote at east Sandra's. Sure people. Sure, people haram. You know, what else runs away with people what? What? What we were a little loose. Well, as you guys all know, Marvin Gaye would have been eighty years old today. His what's going on album is considered by many to be his crown jewel his discography. But also just in terms of just pop culture in general, just one of the most significant socially conscious recordings ever. It had been really nothing like it. But nothing like it before or not much like it'd be for anyway. Okay. So I put together my top ten list of my favorite woke songs now. There are woke socially conscious songs out there. That would not be on the list, and I apologize. I just racing scratch off we other world in case you a waiting to see if that was gonna make it. Really a woke song. It's a well-meaning say well intended CEO, the ones make a brighter day. So let's start giving coming into number ten. Sliding the family stone everyday people. Okay. A great soul different strokes for different folks. Come on, you know, that pardon coming in number nine can have a list without prince sign all the time. Oh, excellent. Call. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. I'm not going on in that song who's not very easy to rep about sing about aids nineteen nineties that he brings up heroin heroin a lot in that very very woke song coming in number eight. I wanna give show you some some love for this. Bob, molly's war. Okay. All right now. I know a lot of you guys like on what about I shut the share? What about also? The school. But if you really want to know what Bob was really about play war. Yeah. Wars is him cutting to the chase. Right. None of that dance. And make you feel equal stuff. Mountain war come in at number seven when a my personal favorite NAS. I can I just liked the curse isn't make you feel like I can do anything. I don't know that one which one is play a little bit for can had to help India. Hold on. Yeah. I don't remember that one. That's really good any minute. Now, we're going to hear just how how maybe. This. I mean, this has been done if you guys would just come in and talk to me here, we go. Okay. I remember this one. I remember that one. Do you? Remember that one? I'll go work the week. Number six ask anyone to good. Good and ask for a way. I just said I didn't know the song coming in number six is not only a sneaky woke song. But as one of the greatest karaoke songs to Arab and karaoke. You ready? Yeah. Jack and Diane by John cougar Mellencamp. That's a sneaky good pick. Very sneaky sneaky good pick that song as won't to the whoa. Whoa. Let's woke in the heartland milk in the heartland. You know what? Because folks asleep there too and chocolate came and woke them up on top of that when you're drunk and doing care yoki. Everyone helps you out because of course is so Lois song about cycle of life for some people that never changes. Exactly, I never listen to it like that. We've got to down you wanna play that sound to know not by the way, one of those days where it's really fortunate that I'm here not Travis. Maybe I'm going to no more of this. This is true. I'm going to know the more this all right coming in at number five truth change is going to come Sam Cooke Sam Cooke. Chu. I look I backed myself into a corner with that statement came in how yeah didn't even hesitate rate. So number four great Marvin Gaye what's going on number three puck. Keep your head up. Okay. We need to we need to put know that. I know that. Why? When there the eternal debate between who's the goal between him or big able when I used to do even though I'm neither one is my favorite. I choose pocket because he had walked songs. Yeah. Well, he just he was a deep guy who's a really deep guy like if he'd still been alive. He I think by now he would have his acting career would have gone to places where he's been getting Oscar nominee. I mean, he was really talented. Yeah. Yeah. He was as a writer has performed a lot of things to say a lot of things. We're listening to you have got a lot of things to say. But he had things worth listening to that sounds great number to fight the. Follow. Here. The best the best. I still listen to them with the windows down his new like that that album, and it takes nation of millions to hold us back are so great. So you can have a history class by plan. Was there a history class? But they're entertaining. Right. Like, it's an entertaining version of history and for the young people there public enemy. They never said the name we got to say the name. Will. Mcgrath the arrays, right? Think of your demographics. Not everyone knows not up in poor in Detroit. Listening to hip hop. Cassettes? Do they allow that stuff behind the gates where you grew up rush to get that yet because he was intelligent? He had to sneak it in and then coming in at number one I have to find a plug. It's my Paget's. From my pet that Jews ran out. I was writing last night, and I didn't plug it back in number one for the love of the money. OJ's? People like to say. Money's root of all evil. That's not the phrase. It's the love of money that is root of all get the get the paper. Just keep it in perspective. And I just love the way they just broke it down for the love of money team still now, mama. Well, I mean, what it does T like how badly you want that money and the compromises that you willing to make you know, on behalf of that money, and defended you can dance and learn at the same time basis. A number one song at baseline is. So good epic epic. Now, of course, there are tons of tons of other songs, I've missed I know this don't yell at me. We are the world's probably twelve. All right. We had a brief discussion about ebony and ivory a brief discussion. Barry my song, which we won't say on a year, but could have been in your segment of people from NWEA community. Like that song. I'm sure I'm sure we just couldn't say that like there. Yeah. Couldn't do that. Madonna has a few woke song. Oh, yeah. Like, a virgin was very woke awakening getting like the black. Getting. That was my Capri like a prayer prayer. And Papa don't preach. Don't probably don't preach. Actually, sneaky woke always totally semi. Catchy. You start listening to what it's about. It's like, whoa. Whoa. She's not going to have an abortion. Okay. I can see why. This would be heavy. Yeah. Like, it's just catchy enough that you're if you're not paying attention. You just think it's about like a father and daughter arguing right? I'm going to that party. And he's going to party and don't tell me what I'm wearing. And you can't forget like Cindy Lauper, man. We heard woke song you remember this one. She bop. She bought was very woke because she bought bothering much awakening. Yes. More awakenings. Yes. I mean, that's yeah. That's woke right? There's girls. Just wanna have fun was kind of woke. I don't think we should be using woke in that camp. Well, I mean, we we've commercialized didn't bastardized it to this point. Where did you see the clip of the newscasts where they were all trying to use popular raises, so painful is so painful to watch soap, I can't believe we actually should play that at some point. But I simply cannot believe that they thought it was a good idea to do that. To to to have a tire news team use phrases like woke and all of that. That's right. And you know, this was a good idea to tell you about manscaping. It's brought to you by manscaping. The segment top ten Tuesday man's Cape dot com, number one in men's below the waist, grooming. Speaking of ideas, Jon Gruden seems like he's got a few when it comes to the future of the quarterback position with the raiders talk about that coming up next.

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