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I'm sitting on a cozy couch next to Billy Jensen and across Malek's linkletter in a swivel chair in Alexis department. We're feeling nice and cozy are, are you, Billie? I'm feeling very cozy because today is what is that? It's phone in sick day phones, sick day. Is it? Did you almost phoned in sick to the first degree taping? Why? Because I was late, which, by the way, I will have to apologize where supposed to record last night. And I got a last minute invite to the backstreet boys concert from AJ McLean himself. And I couldn't say, no, I would you can't none of us said anything under totally get it back streets back backstreets back. All right. And it was all that I wanted and more Royal. I slept thirty minutes last night, so they're feeling good. Billy get here earlier. Tired, you? Take a private plane there, too. We flew jet sweet. Okay. So like. So like half private half price. I love jets. I, I do that, too. Yeah. Is there any other good holidays? Or do you have a connection to crime? Mother mother goose day. I don't even know if that means. Mother goose's nursery rhymes? You guys are closer to being babies than I am. I know who I the. The wasn't. Royalty mother, you can say, nursery rhymes as a royalty for. Before we start I needed to remember to do this. We are going to crime con-. I haven't really announced it yet. So here's the announcement. We're going to crime. Con we're going to be on podcast row. So if you guys are going come and meet us, and if you want to go, you can get ten percent off your tickets by using our code, which is to check while Jack's checking the code we're going be marrying, matching outfits and billions, Debbie wearing a matching boot near. Yes. Right. If you say so. I don't think that I'm coming yet. So this is the this is the first degree sneak peek, this is the first degree you guys what you get when you listen to first degree is that you find out before everybody. We know the no news before everybody else. You're welcome Billy's coming us, our code degree nineteen and you can get billions softer side wearing a boat near it's going to be good. If I'm wearing a boot near does that mean they have to wear a suit, too? Yeah. Yeah. 'cause I'm wearing a suit, we're going to all wear matching red suits. And then people can talk to you feelings red suits to okay. Red Sox, my color makes you way to like. Hot topic. Boot near it'll be solid matching socks. We're matching bowtie okay? Got to wear a bow tie. Hundred and ten for the. And let's start a case now before Lexus of she regrets. I regret. Nothing same. So today's story takes us back to Tuesday, March second in nineteen seventy six a dry spring day in North Carolina. A fire ban had been issued for number of days due to the intense dry spell entirely county willy. How would you say that? I'm guessing Terrell tyrel tyrel Terrell North Carolina was experiencing this, hot, weather, and warden, Wilma Swain was on duty. And she was up in a fire tower a few miles away from this wooded area and she spotted smoke in the distance coming from a stretch of wilderness. She radioed ranger Ronald brickhouse and asked him to check it out and brickhouse could see the smoke as you're near but he wasn't terribly alarmed due to the size of the smoke plumes. They weren't huge. So. So we kind of stepped calmly through the dry dusty brush and notice that there was this burning underbrush. And he kept moving until you observed a large bathtub sized pit dug in the ground in the area. It's a weird area. It was right beside abandoned, logging road, and he got out of his car and use a tree limb to clear path ahead and he hoped the firefighters would quickly answer, his radio to peel for help because things were kind of spreading at this point and acres of, of this brush was catching on fire. By the way, that's terrible. Terrel county. So he walked towards the fire. It looks at the pit that's dug into the ground and we need to give a. A warning that it this starts getting a little gruesome beta buddy wants to turn off right now. All true crime podcast do. But yes, actually, you're right. Good. Good call. There is explicit violence in this episode against people of variety of ages. So something to spoke, and it starts right here. So something in the pit was smoldering, and he's walking up to thing these expecting. Maybe it's a pig carcass, or an animal or something that smoldering, but he stands at the edge of the pit and this pit is like you said, bathtub size, about six feet, long three feet wide, but instead of finding a pig or a dog. He staring at the bodies of two fully clothed women. One lying on top of the other. The bodies appeared to have been tossed into the grave kind of haphazardly by someone who were driven away, hurriedly leaving behind a heavy shovel. Five gallon gas can a pitchfork. And gasoline. Was drenched over the bodies their smoldering, there almost sizzling, and the ranger immediately radios, the sheriff for help, and as he is waiting for the investigators to arrive. He noticed footprints and heavy tire tracks on the logging road, which he knew that debt ended not far from where the grave was at and anybody, but Terrel county native would have had a hard time finding the section of the road, because it with was within the three hundred sixty four thousand acres of forest swamps crop lands and waterways was kind of in the middle of nowhere, and it's a super supermo area. And the initial idea was that somebody local must be responsible. So the sheriffs did arrive to the area as quickly as they could in by using a tree limb. You can tell it's the seventies. These tree lamb to push apart the bodies in the grave and to their shock. And horror, they discover three more bodies underneath three little boys, wearing pajamas. So immediately dozen of the state bureau of investigation agents arrived and kind of start swarming. The area. They observe tall pile of dirt next to the grave suggesting to law enforcement got whomever. Drove the bodies, they're left in a hurry without finishing the job in the plan was likely to cover them up after the fire had done what it was supposed to do. So the suggestion is that whoever set this fire probably lost control. The fire it just got way too crazy. They got scared and they left once the, the gasoline at the brush, on fire. Dr our page Hudson arrived on the scene, and he was the state's chief medical examiner. He began to examine the bodies. He described the bodies as those of a woman, sixty years older older wearing a Brown and white basket weave jacket with a four caller short sleeve sweater and plaid slacks. A younger woman in her thirties with long black hair clad in blue jeans, and a blue denim jacket. He observed three boys, ranging, four to fourteen again. They were wearing their pajamas and each had a blood stain towel wrapped around their heads. So sheriff Royce roads arrived to the scene and looked at the victims, and he said that these people are not from around here, if they were I'd know them they've been driven here from somewhere else. And so this case started getting nationwide publicity, and that's because the mystery of the identity of the five murder victims was gonna persist for a couple days, right? Because it's like how has known reported them missing full entire of assuming family. Exactly the day after the five bodies were discovered Dr Hudson. The medical examiner released his official findings. He said that the five victims have been dead for less than twenty four hours before that they are found all five. He said had been beaten to death. The blunt instrument before that they are casting the grave, and drenched, an each fixed them had multiple violent injuries and the little boys had apparently been killed in their sleep. So at the scene, the police discovered a shovel next to the grave at a serial number in the name of potch is hardware store in pot. Amac, virginia. They were able to garner some other clues by analyzing the clothing. They were all wearing also a label on the elderly woman's jacket bore the name of Saxe Chevy Chase interesting name of the store, Maryland. Interesting Chevy Chase's, a town of Maryland, so Chevy Chase was named after. I think he'd probably was interesting. Look at your nuggets of wisdom coming from over here, really love that random small town shoes on the younger woman bore the label of the Hans shoe store in Chevy Chase could they use any of these clues to identify these victims? And as far as physical evidence, law enforcement was able to develop a set of fingerprints from the gasoline Ken left by the fire. It's another head prince but they needed a suspect to compare them to the next thing they did was contact dozens of North Carolina. East coast schools seeking info on absence students because the idea would be if three kids from the same family or missing. That's kind of a noticeable glaring situation. So artists created rendering of the faces of the older and the younger woman found in the grave TV stations broadcast. These drawings, nobody comes forward with a description of any missing persons that could correspond to those women, or the kids in the grave road blockades thrown up on highway sixty four which was the highway that was closest to the grave into the fire and the dozens of truckers, who used the road daily were questioned is this very quite rare that nobody is making any sort of connection seventy six common. Yeah. Because if you, if you opted to drive your the bodies of your victims out of town, and it's hard to connect that they didn't have social media. They didn't have Email. Yeah. It's like you had to call in post missing flyers. They barely had cable TV CNN wasn't around. It was not like, hey, this fan, this whole family has miss it. Yeah. Yeah. Right around the same time, we're talking about seventy six in, you know, killer another go. Around into a billion different killers. But the four case was happening around this same time. And that was almost a whole family. That was the had gone missing and their bodies were found. And they still haven't identified them yet. Right. So we calibrated. The gruesome nature of this crime was obviously inconceivable and it was clear. The investigators that this was an entire family that had been murdered in it seem that the method of this murder. We're not dealing with gun shots were not, you know, it was personal. I mean bludgeoning is rather intimate. You have to be right up close. In the fact that you could do this to children as is beyond lots of rage, so who would do such a horrific thing. Why would someone do this? Is it possible that no one in the area would would notice an entire family missing? And it may maybe started to have the police started wondering, like, hey, maybe they're not from around here. So a few days pass a for the police get there, first clue and to truckers came forward and said that they had seen a maroon Chevy station wagon with Maryland. License plates on the sixty four highway Tuesday morning a few hours before the bodies have been found. And nobody had seen the station wagon after Tuesday morning. So this wasn't exactly a smoking gun, but it was a lead and seemed to be their first lead. So the North Carolina SPIC agents attempted to use a shovel found at the scene to make a break in the case. They checked potch is hardware store in pot amok pot. Amac, my God. I can't speak an accent. Right. Billy potomac. So bad. Jack you're wrong. It's this and then it's also wrong. So. Potomac. No. He's right. He's right. Because now that I hear that. Yeah, it's like in Long Island. Lots of things were named that and I don't know why I'm not better at these names. Muskegon should've nailed from Nisa o'clock. Exactly, you're from this shameful shin is we have massapequa patch. That's right. Squat comes clog anyways. So garden city. Okay. And so they the store that was labeled on this shovel, and the store said that they sold hundreds of the shovels that were exactly like that. And there was no way of knowing who purchased it again. This is in the seventies, there was no surveillance cameras. And probably people were always using cash the head credit cards, though. But it was probably way harder to trace a credit card because they were using slide using that. Exactly like the imprint thing or you had like a Diner's club card or something in credit cards were not used to walk around with a big wad of cat. Yeah. Judson in the house. How do people taxes back in the day that is hard? Okay. Cheated. Someone's you're also related to that Janssen, the they'll cheating on the taxes thing. All right. He's passed. So if you would know that if you listen to the foot now I know that Pele I didn't know that he'd listen to, because I'm only talent away on podcast research. We're on one today. So they try to find the shovel trace back, couldn't figure it out. And there's also no record of the Saks store in Chevy Chase showing who had bought the for collar jacket worn by the elderly woman in the grave. And also there were no way to trace the shoes worn by the younger woman either. So all their leads of what they found there were coming up cold. 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Check out truecar today and shoe car cash offer is not available in all areas. So at this point, the ensuing investigation is moving along with no real developments or breaks in the case in everyone is baffled. Like I said at the fact, they haven't been able to identify this family, yet with how many of them are missing writing three little boys. So the investigation North Carolina is essentially at a standstill, but a significant development did take place on March eighth. Six entire days after this governor of the bodies in the fire and this development occurred in the Washington DC suburb of Bethesda, Maryland. So alarm bells started ringing when some neighbors had become an easy over the unexplained absence of an entire family, the William Bradford, Bishop junior family, and they lived in a one hundred thousand dollar split level shingle gray frame home in a wooded upper-class section of lily sewn. Dr carter. Rock springs. Bethesda. Investigators soon learned that the bishops had last been seen around their home at about six thirty PM on Monday March. I the day before those five on dented bodies have been discovered in the woods in North Carolina. So the bishops have been missing for a week, they left their nineteen Seventy-three Volkswagen in the driveway, but there was no sign of the families maroon Chevy station wagon, which is the one, they usually took the -cations with. And it will also missing the families golden retriever. Leo, leo. No. So the person who had called the police was a neighbor of the Bishop family named MRs Laurie Morrow. She called the Montgomery County police department after hearing that news reports about the bodies that were found over North Carolina. She heard about the number of bodies and immediately realized how strange it was that she hadn't heard from her neighbors. And she said, there's something wrong at the Bradford Bishop home here. The place is deserted. They've never gone away without asking neighbor to look over the house. We just don't understand it. So she just felt like something was fishy. And back, then it was like Americana leave the doors open. Check my mail. Keep an eye on the kids. Like I think there was a lot neighborhoods were a lot more communal. Right. So you would notice if something was on. Yes. And the fact that it's like there hasn't been inactivity. No, you know, we didn't say anything. It's like people were lot less glued to their phones. They were engaged with their neighbor actually noticing their surroundings. True. But yeah. So after she called the police, they hurried to the Bishop home and they met her at a cluster of other neighbors in the driveway. And this is when they noticed these glaring red stains on the driveway that resembled footprints, and these red stains turned out to be blood. Mrs Mara was a close friend of the Bishop family and identified the members of the household is William Bradford Bishop. He was thirty nine year old official in the US State Department. His wife was a net. She was thirty seven years old, and his mother Lavelle. Got it. Beautiful Nieve, actually. I like that. There's levin. That's nice. And I will say in the research, ninety percent of news outlets butcher debt and color. L O B. I was offended. It's like get the name right? So Lavelli was sixty eight and she also lived with them. And there was also the three sons William, the third who's fourteen Brenton who has ten and Jeffrey who has four. So when the police entered the home, they moved room to room and it was an empty residence. Although empty, it was a house of horrors. And they observed that the Beden floor of the master bedroom on the first level was splattered with blood, and so were the beds in floors of the three bedrooms, on the third level, the walls of the third level bathroom crimson with blood as well. And one officer observed what appeared to be hammer marks on the ceiling above the top bunk bed in one of the boys bedrooms, the picture was becoming clear, the bishops had been attacked and slain in their home, most likely in quick succession, most likely the bodies had been removed in the now missing station wagon in noticeably missing from both gruesome horrific horrible, scenes was the body of father and husband Bradford Bishop, so. I've been talking for a long time in a row now. But whatever. So today's degree is actually really special migraine aunt, Bobby Bobby linkletter blaze high. So we were at a family gathering, it was memorial. So it was, but her companion slash boyfriend. Sorry, Bobby, I don't know if boyfriends weird once you're grown grown-up, but Tony earner partner companion, what have you Tony came up to me after hearing about the podcast and said Alexis and they've been together for a number of years. So he's, he's senior around known me for a bit. But he's like, you know, I have a story for you, and he started telling me about this, and he's like, you know, Bradford Bishop was we were best friends all through grade school high school. And he just I was floored. Because I had heard this name before. This case has been covered across all mediums in a variety of different ways. And I do think this is be a particularly special one now because we're hearing it from a perspective of somebody who knew this guy since sixth grade, the goal of the podcast is obviously to shed light from new vantage point. And that's what we will do. So I asked Tony, what it was like when he heard that any of this had happened back in nineteen seventy six. You know the the. Kennedy's example. Remember exactly where I was Kennedy was hot. I can't tell you where I was. When I got the news on Brad accepting was almost total disbelief. The gory. Details or are overpowering just could not have Naji. That is hollow. Don't over the years. It'd be the least capable of mass tragedy. That he could be Ronald he could be upset. I've seen a man on the football field and maybe mad at some discussion, but not rational and not having control. So it was it was an unbelievable of that. And I think that's safe. And the people doing church, we actually is that can't be the second reaction is, you know, somebody, I mean, there's no way that this could have happened that he would have done this. So I think the other friends of his just have real difficulty. I probably hope more than anything else, but real difficulty believing that he could have done what apparently happened. So here we have a great question that emerges is Bishop, dad. Whereas he the perpetrator. So now the cops in DC and in North Carolina. They're comparing notes, and they're throwing around this exchange of information, and establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the five bodies taken friendly, Terrell county, grave or bishop's, wife mother and three sons. The puzzle pieces are starting to come together and the emerging picture that we're seeing is chilling. A police detail was at the state's department making an exhaustive Czech of bishops whereabouts. They learned that he was an assistant chief of the division of special trade activities in the bureau of economics and business affairs. And he had left his office around five thirty PM on Monday, March first complaining that he was coming down with the flu and he hadn't been back in the office since. So the investigation starts as they all do. They start close work their way outwards. And investigators were interviewing family, friends, and colleagues, one of his colleagues named Jack Gloucester said, Brad was a real guy who is in love with his wife and kids. They were one of the most attractive families. I ever knew proud was open and honest, mister clean and all American boy, he and his wife played tennis. And that was preoccupied with her art studies at the university of Maryland. I've never known them to have a family complication so during the next two days. Police warmed the Carta rock section of Bethesda seeking out acquaintances who had known the bishops well anything to figure out what was going on. So what mysterious force had entered the bishops? Beautiful ideal family relationship to snuff out the lives of the mother. Wife and three children hustle, even that of Bishop himself. No. He was brand new friends, and I've met him in nineteen forty seven at a little private school in faceting, sixth grade. We went through sixth through ninth grade school. And then went on to south Pasadena, San Marino high school. We graduated in nineteen fifty four. I went on to school and even on sale, he was athletic. Good student personal. But he was good friend. High school. He lands for Iran for various soon body off. He was looked at as a leader in school, our relationship, which started sixth grade to ice pool was we add appetizers, friends, where basically all pans each other throughout the years. Was close enough that when I graduated from college in fifty eight shortly there, actually, I got married, and he was a groomsman in my wedding high school remarried, his high school sweetheart gal that was a year behind him is school, but it was a relationship that started in high school continued onto college. I remember continue to go to school and the west coast, while he was Yale. And they believe they got married shortly after they graduated after he graduated from college seem to make a very logical pair. So they add they and as a lengthy relationship, not a particularly aggressive woman. Good partner form. Alexei isn't the only one with breaking news. Make sure hang around at the end of this podcast for the latest breaking headlines on the AP news minute. If you like the first degree you're going to love now, with Jessica graph on podcast one and right now, the former winner of the amazing race is getting all the details of the season by calling up players that get eliminated each week for some juicy mini interviews. Download episodes of now out with just graph every week on apple podcasts and podcast. One. So Bradford and net, Catherine wise, personified the ideals of the mid twentieth, century America tall. Handsome. Intelligent, california. Boy meets intelligent, artistic beautiful girl boy, goes to Yale girl goes to Berkeley, boy, and girl gets married girl, pursues, the arts athletics. While caring for three young boys were also intelligent, and handsome, and that was born until to Ohio, her family moved to California in nineteen thirty eight they settled in San Marino. And she attended south Pasadena high school. So he and Annette had been high school sweethearts in California, and homemade film, shot at the time shows them via beautiful and popular. Couple rod was a hero on the football field and a net cheered him on as a major at after he graduated from Yale. And she from Berkeley. They got married a little background Bradford Bishop, his father, William Bradford Bishop. I was an independent geologist and once they got together, their lives have been really filled with experiences lived in Europe and Africa. Ski trips tennis swimming meets art classes, PTA meetings, and it all ended abruptly, brutally mysteriously the question of why prevails so Thirty-seven-year-old net was a rolled as a fulltime student at the main campus of the university of Maryland. She was according to her sculpture, professor determined an enthusiastic. And as for Bradford he became a first class, foreign services officer and that meant that meant that he was able to go on a bunch of international tourists. So when they return to nineteen seventy four is when bishops mother moved in with them after the death of Bishop senior Bradford continued to get these assignments and every time he brought his whole family with them to eat the opium about swan Italy cetera. And on top of the variety of languages, that he spoke. He was a graduate of Yale and had several degrees, actually, including a BS in history, the in American studies, a masters in Italian and graduate work from the university of Florence as well as a graduate degree in African studies from UCLA. That's a lot of stuff jeans. A license license pilots. Mark guy he learned to fly. He was he liked to ski motorcycle. Swim. Play tennis is just a well rounded everything. Jeez. Are you only went from Yale entity army while he was in the army? I know he went up to the Monterey school, which was considered a language school and or intelligence training school. He spent three years in the service, as did I and he I after that when he got out of service once worked for the government. He was. There is an element that was aggressive. He was peeking things. He certainly wasn't sitting in shadows. So Bradford spent nine years on active duty navy as an analyst, with two years abroad, on the USS, John F, Kennedy and duty stations in Maryland, and the United Kingdom he had an NBA as well as two year degree in information systems as a solid foundation of basic cyber-security principles and concepts. And eventually, the bishops did return to their suburban DC home after many foreign assignments, although he rose to the ranks as a statesman and had all of these very impressive achievements and accolades under his belts. It seemed that by the mid nineteen seventies, his career, apparently, sort of just hit a wall at thirty nine he was an assistant chief of special trade, activities and commercial treaties in the states bureau of economics and business affairs. And while yes that sounds very impressive. Title that seems prestigious excetera. He was earning twenty five thousand nine hundred dollars per year in nineteen seventy six which in today's dollar equates to one hundred seventeen thousand two hundred and forty dollars seven cents. So for a family of five six including his mother, that's not a ton of money. It's not you're not poor but it's not given his his credentials and his education in his Ivy league background and has. Special kind of intelligence training at the army. I feel like he was expecting to be making more. He's got he's got three kids. His wife is going to school, art school Berkeley. But I don't know what she studied in her undergraduate, but she was an artist or very passionate about art and. You know, it was a single income family, essentially, so that wasn't a ton of money, but I find the reporting has done a poor job of conveying that because it makes it sound like he was this elite diplomat. They literally call him a diplomat and a lot of the reporting, and he wasn't he just wasn't. He wanted to be, but he wasn't. So one neighbor described him does neighbor. Knew him pretty well as frustrated lonely in woman dominated, that was very interesting. So he wasn't head of his household. His mother was with the cooperation of a net. And this neighbor also commented that for mother in law and daughter in law relationship, it was one of the best of ever seen they said, but for the man in the family, it really wasn't the ideal meal thing, the women ran the house, and that sounds very. It sounds like a hidden nerve now but this is nineteen seventy six it was like it wasn't the norm in that was like the American ideal. It's like you get to stay home in pursue your passions as a woman, and then you the man is making income, and it's not how it is now. But it's you know. A great deal of time later. But at the time, that's what people were striving for right? So the fall is seventy five. Came out to the west coast with his family October November that year he was in Laguna, and we, we ended up playing tennis together with his voice, and that was, as I say, over November, and then it was believe in February. Shortly thereafter that this tragedy took place when he was here. He communicated with other friends is, and I think we sell. I think this was without looking back. I think at the time there was an element of frustration indicated by them. Very good friend of his. Doing extremely well in the commercial real estate business in San Francisco. I had been with a. Kohl banker for a number of years. And that, that career was going well. And I was just in the process, the plane leaving the company and, and starting to business of my own. And he's looked at both of us and say, sort of guys seem to be moving out, and they sort of standing still. His goal, of course, with the foreign service would love to work, his way up to become an ambassador, and he was concerned that those jobs were more times than not appointments. He was coming from the professional side rather than the tide, and it was a path that was pretty narrow an some concerns about. So police continue to search through the background of Bishop and his acquaintances and they find a significant clue from a neighbor who told police, quote, my husband frequently commented that Bishop was brooding lone wolf and a frustrated type his mother ran the house with an iron fist and looked after the children, she made most of the household decisions. Mother, he net got very started traveling. His mother was pretty soldered pathway. I believe is whether with them, basically was an in house, Manny and traveled with throughout really throughout his career after college. And he was always looking back to grammar school day. He was always the mom that took us to the Tingey was very active. The boys, the boys, there type of mom had a very easy mom, and if someone that we all got along with very well. Name was via. And she was, you know, if you're in junior high school, she was considered a good, mom communicate. If fun to be with Brad, perhaps other moms or a little more of a corrective nature. So we got contrasting pictures of Bishop one. He's this head of an attractive family. He's diplomat and it seems perfect for the outside. But then we also have this brooding lone wolf, and these are clashing against each other law enforcement felt that they they're not gonna get anywhere until like, establish whether this guy is alive or dead. So the police regroup and they decide to test the fingerprints that were taken from the gas can at the grave test their suspicions, and that was that Bradford Bishop is. In fact, the person who had murdered murdered his entire family, because remember those who knew Bradford had their doubts and a lot of people also thought that he was probably done as well, having fallen victim to the same odor killed his wife, mom and children. So meanwhile, aerial searches of the area where the bodies were found continued, they were searching Terrel waterways, North Carolina, under the assumption that the bishops station wagon could have been driven off of a cliff and into a river or innumerable swamps that are in this area. So this view actually prevailed people seventies, it's like they wanted to give people the benefit of the doubt. And that's a really good point too, because we know that if this was now when yeah, when this would have been Nancy grace. It would have been like where is this guy that he did it where is it would know their station wagon must have gone for Wien during picnic for sure tumbled down amounted one hundred percent. So this view, essentially prevailed until the state bureau investigation received a surprise tip from police in Jacksonville North Carolina in. There is a Jacksonville North Carolina. Not just Florida. I can pronounce this one, so at a sporting goods store. A Bank American credit card bearing the name Bradford, Bishop junior had been used in making a purchase the person who used the card may or may not have been with the woman, and he was reportedly with a golden retriever and remember the bishops had a family, golden retriever namely, and there is no sign of him at the scene. So the clerk made the sale was shown a picture of Bishop, and he believed he wasn't fact, the man who had made the purchase and signed the credit card slip. Okay. So for those who knew Rodford, who were holding out the hope that he wasn't involved in this, this is very pivotal moment likely a very heartbreaking one. Yeah. Because it's, you know, completely undermining your innocence in that, like you were holding out hope that there was no way this guy, he's been stable, as entire life, never been violent could do something like this. Purported evidence is immensely, his direction that is, you know, that the FBI that story is the correct story, but it's still. It's still if somebody came up with a solution is that? Oh, no. This is a murder that was playing by Bank flying blanket blank to sat him up. I guess ideally position say, I'm really glad to hear that. There's a chance that he was not vicious. So it was a it was an unbelievable act. I long ways from from doctor, say something mentally happening is the only sort of explanation that I am at something internally mentally if that's medically. Correct. Something went with amistad them. So from I can really see it being disgruntled. Go to miss little to killing my children and mother. That's like going from white to back. And then there are a lot of sei's in between. Then I could see maybe Brad might move in a direction, but certainly not that to action. So concerning the purchase in Jacksonville. It had been made between five and seven PM on March second, only a few hours after ranger brickhouse had found the bodies in the open, grave, a comparison between the sign credit card slip from the store and papers found in bishop's home were compared, and they were also a match and the analysis on the prints came back to, and they were also a match so it was they look further into Brad forbi- chip, which brought disclosures sharply. Discounting, the image that was being presented to the outside world, that this was this happy family without any complications here and their neighbor, a colleague, a Yale classmate, they revealed that Bishop was a deeply depressed man would actually been under psychiatric care relied on powerful antidepressants, and tranquillisers further problems. To those who knew the bishops revealed that there was a neighbor who said the Bishop and his wife were in a fight over their lifestyles Bishop was frustrated in I'm bishops and he repeatedly asserted, his preference for further foreign travels, as a State Department Representative his wife was vetoing his dreams, because she wanted to settle permanently with their children in Bethesda. She's tired of living abroad and foreign and sometimes third world countries. And she just wanted to settle into a suburban normal life, Bishop are also apparently brooded also over the fact that is strong. Willed mother dominated his home and family and he was also having some suicidal thoughts. Alright. So we're at the point where days have pass no clues knows or William Bradford, Bishop is, and truly people who know the bishops are, are reeling from what happened unsurprisingly. The only thing that that was apparent would Brad. It was he was he was looking. He wasn't sitting there saying this is a great excited and going forward. He was looking at people around where they were relative, I guess, ecconomic out level and Sheely of success, novel, and he data very competitive guy. CV question where he was in that that's called ranking. So there was some. Appropriate. Voided enchantment, I would say there was indications of disenchantment of where it wasn't is coming. All right. So there's still no side of Bradford Bishop, but the police were eventually able to determine that the missing fireplace poker. Can we just call fireplace, pokers blow pokes from now on? Sure, okay, missing blow poke below poke that was noticeably. Absent from the Bishop home was probably the murder weapon. So after all this glaring evidence was analyzed compiled understand it takes much longer in nineteen seventies, and they could garner much less from evidence than they can now Bradford Bishop junior was officially indicted for killing the five members of his family. His mother, his wife and three sons his most recent picture was circulated widely in the charges included unlawful flight to avoid prosecution and five counts of murder with a blunt instrument overseas alert was issued on the assumption that Bishop may have fled the country. By ship or by plane. Remember because we keep bringing this up that he was this diplomat that he would go out he he, he brought the family to different countries. So this is what makes him now. A. A dangerous fugitive because he could be anywhere. He has connections everywhere. So and he actually did a good job. His superior said he did a good job when he was in Ethiopia Italy in Botswana, but the police learned that something significant occurred at work on March first which was the day of the burners. It had not been long after he had returned to the Washington office from an overseas post and learned that he'd been passed over for promotion that he really, really wanted. So that day when he received the news, Brad Bishop left worker early saying that he had the flu and ROY Harold, junior, a former State Department official who bumped into Bishop as he was leaving that day said he looked like he'd lost his best friend. He said, I didn't get the promotion and I said, only that did I and he said, yes, but I'm more qualified damn. Zehr. You know, so one of the things that we didn't mention is that when he went to Yale, the first time you went to we twice in most reporting excludes completely so he went to Yale, but had to drop out because of money because his dad was a struggling geologist, and he would say this thing where it's like big oil companies are rough on a independent geologist. So we had a drop field but his initial plan was to be a physician. So he wanted to be a doctor. And then he had to drop out of Yale for a couple of years. And then when he went back, I think he was probably too hungry to start where he didn't want to get into medical school. And just do all of that, put ten more years in school, so he abandoned his dreams to be a physician and then ended up working for the government. So I think for him like he always knew he was smarter then like what he was doing. Yes. Always felt he was and he clearly was. I mean he spoke five languages. He was incredibly intelligent rose to the ranks. But I think something that always really bothered him. And Tony mentioned this in his interview he expressed irritation that these these positions of diplomats were usually appointed, it was political. It was it was networking. It wasn't. Achievement. Exactly. So I think like he felt very cornered. I dedicated my life to being a foreign affairs official. I can learn any language you throw at me. I rise to the top of whatever I was doing. I'm doing I believe he was the top in. He was the youngest in his class in this school this intelligence foreign agent school. So I think he's always used to being at the top. But then maybe is not so good with the networking, maybe it's not so good. Socially, maybe he doesn't have he has the intelligence, but he doesn't have the emotional intelligence to tobacco higher. And that's like intelligence is good. But. Ability. If you're in a job where it is political in the way that you're going to rise is through these outward things that, don't exactly have one hundred percent to do with your skill set, then that's got to be especially as a diplomat. Yeah diplomat. What you're swimming in the entire thing of a diplomat is supposed to be some sort of grabbing. Absolutely. And I think the thing is intelligence. It's like if you're smart, you can study hard enough to, to be as effective as a genius genius, just don't have to try. But with the work you can. So it's like even people if you're savvy socially and you study. It's like you can you have it all then? It's like you're socially, and you also can at least fake to have, what Bishop has naturally, but clearly he's like a savant with languages is extremely extremely intelligent. But he might have been holding the shit back is entire life since he stopped being trying to be a physician being passed over for this one thing. Might not have sat well with him. So we can speculate on that until the end of time. Because motive the police were certain that Bishop did do this so massive effort was put forth to catch him. Drugstores in the south were asked to be on alert just in case this bishops sought refill of his antidepressant drugs. And remember, the only member of the Bishop family other than Bradford that was still missing was their dog the golden retriever Leo, an unsuccessful attempts are made it trace him down. Which makes me very sad. And the initial assumption was at Bradford had boarded the dog and a kennel or turn it loose on the road. And he was just number found. Those assumptions remained until the morning of Thursday March. Eighteenth sixteen days after the murders a farmer. Roy Owen, be who live near the remote campsite near the great smoky mountains national park hails on a forester kind of frantic in his attempt to do so. And he told him that he spotted a Maryland licensed park. A parked car with a Maryland license that had been sitting there for about five or ten days, and he couldn't be sure how long near a cabin on Jakes creek road inside the car where some funny things in some of the things we're bloodied. The forest are examined, the marine station wagon in the parking lot at the base of where the car was located the place on the wagon or like I said, Marilyn license plates, specifically, plate DFL, eight, nine six you called park headquarters and asked for check on the plate. The car was Bradford bishops arts. Let's break this down. The blood spattered station wagon is found abandoned at this campground, the great smoky mountains, which is on the North Carolina Tennessee border inside. You have an axe shotgun. A bloody brow blanket and some pills that are used for treating depression. And there are also dog treats in there, which was suggesting that Bradford still had Leo with him. Jack idea is that he is in the park, left the station wagon there, and that went out with the dog somewhere and the area of the smokies includes eight hundred miles of winding trails and wilderness, and it could be anywhere, and he already had a week's headstart. So now this becomes a search for Bradford in this real quick, eight hundred miles is it's three thousand miles from California to New York, so it's like one third of the country. That's crazy. We're looking at when you put it into perspective, that's impossible. And what a man can do on foot in a week. People underestimate. Yes. So the idea that they are in the nineteen seventies week behind him. And although they do have helicopters. I don't think they have the same like heat seeking technology. Do now do they believe you know back then not real? No. They were just looking for visuals. They're looking for visual stuff. They're going out there. They've got the dogs probably they've got the probably horses. And i've. I've seen searches like this before over terrain. That's a lot. I did a story in Utah about this but eight hundred miles at a lot. It's a lot with one we can start. With a genius. Going on an eleven hour trip. Right. Not stop it. That's that's eight hundred. Yikes bach. So what were brought in to see if they could follow Brad sent through the smokies, and we're bishops station. Wagon was discovered was five hundred miles from where the bodies were found in the Elkmont campground area. The dogs brought police to a house and a rugged wooded area in the mountains, and the dog went right up to the front door and barked uncontrollably refused to leave until the police entered and conducted a search when they went inside, unfortunately, there's no sign of him, but the dogs response indicated that Bradford had been there in the past the police searched the park tirelessly came up handed. And again, this isn't a seventy isn't a search of this park would be difficult because it snowed in recent days. These mountains contain many highly traffic hiking trails. So they didn't know if the containers trash where Bradford's or if they're tourists there hiker as it could have been a million, and it's like he now, we could pick up trash or a soda can and be like, oh, assessor for DNA. It's like. Is this his I don't know? Is it not does Dr Pepper. I don't know. Like we haven't seen them on Instagram drinking Dr Pepper. It's impossible like in Hollywood. Denny crum's. People did general Amy talks about that before DNA basically had a catch somebody while. It's crazy. So. Bradford Bishop at this point is in the wind and the search that ensued in the wake of the United nation of his family is as fast complex, an ominous as the man they were chasing. Parallel ourselves a lot of that early life. I also grew up and married high school sweetheart so we doubled dated a lot just because chances similar. Maybe perhaps, I related to it more than I would have been somebody else in high school and suddenly take news off the front page. Put it in your heart is a, you know, in some form or other ham, all of us as we work, our way to life this one with the pictures headline prominent attitude when it first happened this. And the disbelief was strong enough to carry you pass or the tend to motions of it. It was it was an unreal story and probably more anger than anything else that this, this could not be. Okay, impart to this case will take you the relentless search theories in the deconstruction of Bradford psyche. As we explore the why the how and. Etc. Feel like it's one thing to kill your wife. It's another to kill your mother like. Domestic spousal murder is so different than para side is so different than Philip side that it is a fascinating thing when they all coincide. It is a very under reported and under studied type of murder because you don't usually see the perpetrator after they kill themselves. Kill themselves disappear they confess. I can't even think right now of someone that killed their mother and their wife. Same time. I've never heard of it. Besides either, when you hear family nine later, it's, it's murder suicide with kids and wife. That's why this is so interesting because it does it is a marriage between the three types of homicide. Exactly. Except you don't have been the most recent one that we all know about is the Chris watts case talking about early. He's a momma's boy he's and he was fascinating sociopath. And he just fascinating in that case is that I mean, a lot of this, you, we heard, hints as the domineering nature of that household that it's a female dominated household in the Chris, watts case we see. Shinhan did not get along with his mother, because they were probably too domineering battling for kind of the dominance in that situation like this one there to the they got together. So it was probably hyperfocused against him. We're at least Chris had like the mom is an ally against her. But with the about Shannon, I'm not saying it's bad. She's just Taipei. She was like, running that, that house will like type tight ship. And I just think it's very interesting. The prototypical movie psycho is that was in the domineering mother. You know, he are on. Sonal at Kemper, mommy problems. I think don't help. Well, there's a lot of talk about their I feel like we only like there's a lot to talk about. Don. Crime contract nineteen. Yeah. Until next week, if you guys have a first degree story. Please write us float, the for scree podcast dot com or on Instagram. We've got some good cases coming really do. It's going to be a good couple months. Yeah. It's going to be a good couple months, and please come. See us a crime. Con user code degree. Nineteen ten percent off your badges come. Hang out in the matching outfits will be the chic est beaches in Brosky their hundred percent and gives some recommendations of places to eat drink in New Orleans. We wanna go spin the foods. I don't like any of that soup though, Gumbo Gumbo, Saul got that like it's earthy and now but I will eat hot dogs will eat like poboy. Boy mothers. But yet, come see as a crime Khan, and keep your friends close. But not that close happy. Trump and trade. I'm Tim Maguire the AP newsman at the Trump administration was draws terrorists and steel aluminum from Canada Mexico, both countries say, they'll lift retaliatory tariffs on US goods clearing a hurdle for new trade agreement between the three nations. President Trump says the end of the terrace is good for all three countries, spin, charging us extremely high tariffs as much as two hundred and eighty five percent or more for our agricultural products. The Missouri house passes a ban on abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy. Governor Mike Parsons, I've been pretty clear where I've been from day, one on right to life. Several other states have also passed so called fetal heartbeat laws. Today's action follows Alabama's passage of a Bill making performing an abortion of felony in nearly all cases Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has defied a subpoena from House Ways and means committee, chairman. Demanding six years of President Trump's tax returns committee, chairman Richard Neal says they're likely to go to court next week. I'm Tim Maguire.

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