Episode 242: Craft Brewery (Guest - Naked Brewing Bristol)


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Every tuesday morning for your listening pleasure kicking things off guys. Thank you for joining us. Your sorry for the Painful technical difficulties here. we're We're not used to that but our yes no fair. No but everyone's here Good spirit so we appreciate and we also have hannah goose joining us via zoom. So and we're here on site so for those of us do not know who guys are and what you do. Let us know jim One of the founders and owners neighboring stored in twenty ten. so i'm sean. I'm co owner. I run things us all right. So let's jump right in right. So how did it. Actually all get started where you guys. Just crafting your own bruise. How did it even begin or had the idea come about. I'm not shared our our inspirational story. About how the podcast got started How did you guys get started. Same idea i mean. I started homebrew and basically adult school now about like when sierra nevada and act or steam don't fish and stuff like that came around. Couldn't really afford that kind of beer back then so i decided you know. Let me let me get my hand at it and try in the backyard and kind of sparked it and on and off had been doing that. Pretty much since Nine hundred ninety about twenty ten decided to act a little before two thousand eight side. you know. join a homebrew claude. The aliens humil- and started up with my with brian at the time and started brewing in his garage and feature ville and Started the company. Twenty i guess license on april fools day at twenty to nine in the mail. And it's been it's been it's been from that point on. Yeah so within within within about six months moved to our car production facility location. Or i spot which is in huntington valley. We have a taproom there as well too but we started off on equipment that we built ourselves. You know fifty five gallon stainless steel drums electric double the capacity had one hundred ten gallon. Fermenters back. then you know over the years is the rules have changed and they let us open up a taproom and increased production facility and toll we You know worked away into this point and you know now we have hannah crushing it. You know on the brew house and and just making some really tasty beers and you know spent our time decide to open up another spot right before covid hit and we were set to open march twentieth of last year. They closed everything down the sixteenth. So you right now over. Three of us are basically pushing for it and and you know. Our things are the same as always make the best best quality product. You possibly can serve the best way you know how to things you can control the most and you know just your true yourself so so how did you come up with the name once you figure it out. I'm like yeah. I'm gonna do this myself going to figure out everything else but the name obviously getting established you're aliens alien home from them or more of just learning experience. I mean the experience. The homebrew communities absolutely spectacular. I mean some of the best beers you probably have. Guys are just doing it for decades. Just really wanted to stay at that level but i mean homebrew club's birds. I mean the shabby us free. Well free will broken goblet. I mean it's just it's such a great community of of people. Yeah it's it's kind of like let's see we can make and just give our hands and give it a try and want to put it out there. It's just it's it's such. It's changed so dramatically over the last decade or so. It's been it's been awesome. I mean so so so when you came up how did you decide the name. So the name itself so when we started we were using water and composting grains. and all. we're like oh it's a really natural way to bro. Yeah we're a little more tongue in cheek and the about it through kind of more fun way to say the word natural so so nick. It's a fun way to say agile. I also refers to the way We're not there's no real ego involvement where we w we. We do the best job we can. But it's it's there's no pretentiousness. We'll try to just making the bass beer. We know how to and we're going to show you the best way house. So it's very three natural way of going and everything so so i'll start with you girl so then hanan sean start sean i then. How did you guys come on board. And how did that opennow. Brian was my neighbor actually and they needed a bartender. So i used to run a bar back in my twenty s like a trucker. And i was like i can sling beer. That's easy. I needed some extra money. So i got involved and i just started bartending and then i've always considered myself a beer snob. Sure so i. I really enjoyed the beers that was slinging over naked brewing. And i got more involved in the process and i wanted to learn more about the production side of things so the actual making of the beer and we decided to buy in as an ownership but six years ago. I don't know time is so weird right now So we bought into it. And that's how i got involved and then and then. I ended up actually leaving naked for a short time. I went to another brewery and did production there for them. I did events. And then i got into the really got into the production side. I learned a lot and were some fantastic. Brewers and that's how met hannah's well being involved in pink boots society. Which is women brewing. Okay so that's actually how i met. Hanan had been friends for probably five years right and just hit it off and became friends and confidants and always always enjoyed her and she's a kick ass person anyway and actually i love cova brought so much negative but i keep saying this like one of the best. The positive is that we got hannah like there is definitely that yang-yang and that was a positive cove it that came out and i think our beers so much now than it ever was. She's very. She's very critical of herself. Over thinks but we laugh. I know i know. I'm very aware i mean i love to twenty twenty was such a difficult time for seventy people that not. It was for us as well. But i just i feel like we've had this conversation to it's state so true to ourselves and really have done. What the core of the three of us believe in what we're doing so i felt like it almost distilled down everything about. What are we really. What what are we really about. What do we really wanna deal. And i feel like we had the opportunity to kind of go. Okay here's what we're going to do because why not. It's twenty twenty. Nobody knows what's going to happen if this so let's just do what we really want to do. And i. i don't know so. Many breweries are the big word is pivot and the whole thing with food where they were making. You serve foods burris. Let's start a kitchen and we talked about it. What are we gonna do with some of the money that we dig it from the loans to help us get through and we decided just to put our money into the product and having a higher quality product. And hannah's been a huge part of that and taken us in different directions and the packaging the packaging. Yeah we've never can before. I mean she that was even part of the deal when we brought her on. I think we decided to do that. Two or three weeks into all of the sudden. I'm like oh we're going to can different making about. It was part of my grandfather. When i started there thinking that it will happen. I didn't gonna walk in on a monday morning. Jonah's dismay and where we're going to start tanning now. Oh okay yeah tusk. Things are rehearsed in my head. All the reasoning. Why we should be moving in this direction. Take that plea anymore. Yay we always seem to say we agree with what we wanna do. We just go okay. This is what we're gonna do and we figure out a way to make it happen. Yeah it's really. There's not nothing now. we can't do that. Yeah no no. How do we make that happen as. Yeah yes so. There seems to be obviously a great connection between you three so He handed explain your perspective on getting started and enjoying the crew here. So i've been very professionally in two thousand fifteen That i've been in the industry in two thousand thirteen so as a longtime home brewer yeah Twenty two zero weird year from leaper rationally And personally I live actually out of medical to the first half of two thousand twenty so Well i was able to come back and through again The opportunity presented to me to join the team. And i i jumped at Yeah sean said you know she can haven for three years when Genova friends to just didn't we didn't we didn't know each other as well But shannon i knew each other pretty well that was it was kind of a. I don't wanna say winner by the way my cat is failing to her. Yeah i don't know. Can you go away. Please capture your birthday cat very now. You're paying me down. Why why are you not want animals another animal. My dog is in my bedroom right now. Anyway yeah then when china Approach me about. Joe biden It i was super super so that was as Favor said i'm very self critical. Full self out And questions like. Can i do this and my ready to do this This is a pretty big undertaking As it turns out you don't forget things as easily as you think that she knew And what they're given the opportunity to spread your wings he'll It's it's been pretty unreal. Be amount of growth. But i think i've had In the the nine months that i've been there and honestly. I think a lot of that growth happened within the first three months I walked into a house that Because of covid hadn't been rude. And in i don't know two or three months at that point probably so walking into a cold brew house Was interesting interview. They didn't know Never brewed on it before. Whilst that's not true. I did not just one time But yeah so it was. It was kind of Intimidating but also you really really empowering When i did that. I real You know hit the numbers that i was looking for and Yeah it's been. It's been pretty trippy ride And and i'm really proud of what we're doing as a team The this work really well together It's open lines of communication From an outsider's perspective. Because obviously i wasn't part of the brewery prior to kill there but it feels like twenty twenty in the pandemic almost allowed for this like the emergence reinvention It kind of came together as a package deal in a sense That you know things hadn't been opened for several months so all of a sudden now negatives to guarantee with new beers a newborn or Within two months of me starring we released their first that i can so It's been i think to a whole lot of new things for all of us involved And we're figuring it out as we go You know all of us have skill whippet. Were really good at and then we're really good at the dot had a blood those Which i think is hugely important when especially when you're part of a release maltese have to be good at so many different things Great are they saying. And so trusting those around you to fill in that. There is a year less fish and i guess You know that's something that trust And i don't know. That could be tough. But i think we've made it work really well so to to to jump in. How did you guys go from. I believe huntington valley to bristol. Obviously pre pandemic had no idea anything's going to happen. What was that decision making like and been you know how that process go. We were looking for us. Second taproom location so then different areas on bristles just up in common. I mean you just got in that huge thing on tv. Yeah yeah actually that about small town in american revolution. Yes so that there was that and then You matt how joe we were. We reporting at bolton mansion nights. Three hundred he was across the way from us. Our is lot wonderful bold tattooed man. would you have lobbied. I realized that upstairs and he he just raised eyebrow. It's exactly does flavored beers. I had a couple of different properties. We're looking to buy some on hill street in fact and then it was. This one didn't work out the way too much work and then was like look downstairs so he came down and looked at it. He's got a look at this place. Got to see this. And i walked in with you and it's just. This is where this is going to go. This is where this is going to be the stage. And i'm very visual when i walked spacing. I this is how. I want to look the same way. Division and joe only asked was a glass door. Nice nice touch but the minute you walk in here. I mean you guys now. There's a there's a five to this yes. This positive energy is fantastic. I love it from the outside. I was walking closer from outside the energies. Yes it's already. Seems an walking meeting. You guys i it. It has that awesome characteristic of common in almost from the forest and into the beginning of the opening of the cave mouth. And then you get in its deeper and just more. It's just very much like the feeling of catacombs and and yeah like a a beer or wine cellar. Well what's your seller shuts schmidt spear or slides. I can't get used to store cold-storage themselves that's what has the original cold box. It was a coal box. We have to check that out so then and then that relationship. Obviously with joe bill And then you guys started building away consuming and then yeah the original yet. We spent geez. It's been couple years now. You have a year before we open a little more than a year and the original opening day was supposed to be last march so we were on the. What's the name is for We're to one of the stops on that. Which would have been the beginning of march of last year and then it was like things i ride as on that. And then you now. Yes so apocalypse happened. We put everything on the sleep at that point. I mean i know. That's on your agenda. No no no. It's fine so let's talk about that. Because a lot of people see like the great brew that you guys have and the atmosphere but the small business aspect of it was a lot of people just are not aware is happening behind the scenes. It could be you know all the challenges that you face on a typical basis let alone a pandemic that no one knows gonna basically drop kick us all walk us through that experience a conversations maybe the tough conversations yet have maybe even with each other In the beginning. I mean we all honestly believed. It was only going to be two weeks. I think that's a comment that we you know we. We laid everybody off. Yeah we're we're I mean here's the thing with us. We we are. Everything is about family for us. Yeah you have to do something for your family for yourselves. It's whatever you need you know. Everything comes first. We have a couple of people. Were college school comes i. It's very where the parents that way. But yeah yeah just hit and it was kind of like arbor. At the time he His wife is pregnant. they're getting ready to have a baby beginning of april. And everybody you know nobody knew it to you know we look at each other and you would get this. You know so. We made everybody off because we kind of knew it wasn't going to be two weeks. We felt it was going to be longer three beers and production at the time so we kind of put everything to sleep. A little bit and went. I mean closes business for three weeks voluntarily or the governor even told people that they had to shut down. We voluntarily did it. That sunday we weren't there was other breweries that did as well And then it was just like so what what can we do now like. Are we allowed to open a not like the government didn't even know we had no guidance. Then the whole hand sanitizer about outside and we wanted to to a lot of local breweries. Were making what we call sugar wash. And then you would take it to a distillery and they still into hand sanitizer. Coaching and a lot of local breweries did that. Rehana and not a lot but a couple of joint but the funny thing is with our government the different departments. Don't talk to each other. So it was you had you had us. Yeah you had federal guidance that you had to certain way so all of these places to return in all this basically sugar wash and then they went well. You didn't go through. The proper process. So was government. Agency is sending out recipes on how to make it and then another agency saying well. You can't do that because you're not a pharmaceutical company. Show crazy. it was crazy and then whatever we we've tried so hard and we don't like nobody. I don't know it was crazy. It was so much red tape in hindsight it probably it was because you look at the happened. yeah waved. At least they were gonna make all these people pay these dues and these taxes for farmers suitable instead of interstellar ridiculous. Yeah but on the plus again. Here's what's so great about this community here is all these these breweries and distilleries. That went. What can we do to help like emory johnson. No problem we can distill. Let me because we have friends in distilleries no problem. What do you want us to deal when people we were mobilized. Let's do something and like back to your point. It's like we were. They're ready to do it. We could make it. These guys are doing this so it was a very bizarre time. So so what was what do you think the biggest lesson there was I mean outside of you know the hand wash stuff. But just what have you learned out of twenty twenty as jesus because hannah you spoke about how much you grew personally And then guys did start canning right. There's some positives i mean. Pivot was the big word. You're always pivot and you can't take anything for granted sure that you felt was normal. I mean it changes to it. Still changes daily. It's exhausting. it's been the hardest year of my life. I i mean we both have families to their home like homes home school and three children will too and i'm trying to run a business. Nobody wants to work because they're making too much money on employment. It's so hard i mean. I wish i could find where people bartenders. You can't make too much money. It's almost hard to open up to a certain percentage because she basically bartends here almost every night and then we're open at the other spot but it's getting better now. But i don't know it's hard to look at because i think what we got out of it and these trials that we went through like i love where we're at right now to me. This is the boiled down version of what i always hoped. This company could be yet with the right. So i'm like it was worth going through every bit of that and more to get to kind of where we're at right now like i said i you know i'm completely piece an art. Yeah it's hard. I mean there's a lot of work in yet but the thing that's funny like when this sarcoma is like everybody was so we always like the first two weeks. Everybody was like completely on board retailers like the public general and then it went downhill from there like soon as you ought like people forgot how to people. That's what i keep saying. He just forgot how the people to used to be behind their keyboards. Yeah but can go out and they get you know. I don't know this isn't quite right or come over and them to serve you a beer naked. Everything whole supply chain. It affected your ingredients. I mean everything. Crisis gone up cans. Like that's a huge thing. Was this year for us was handed your smart little. It's affected everything and being a small business. People don't realize is it cost us more for everything because we can't by in large quantities. The smaller you are the more expensive your products are going to be because it's more expensive for the ingredients and we knew that going into this and we said well. Let's us by the best ingredients that we can. Ya and as far as a positive coming out of this i think is as far having hannah but also having a better quality product. We said listen. We have to do what we have to do to survive. And we're not going to do it by to sing to sing hot cheese sticks in a microwave to serve the rest of. I want to make a grows so you come in and buy crappy bites beer beer and in. You're serving bagel blades. We're gonna make great beer. And here's an uncrossable. Just don't need it. So i mean that was like the challenge. You said about the stuff like that and you know fairly logical people you know what what is me giving you an on crosstalk do in the grand scheme of a of a virus situation so it was. We went okay. That's really want though she'll yeah string and people along just something. New changes daily. I think what they were looking back. I think what they could get what they were trying to accomplish with toys. Limit the amount of time that people are spending but still allowing a partially open spot. Shorts would have been like. Hey come on in. You got an hour regarding our hampton. Leave to me like offering food would lend you to stay longer so it just seemed antithetical to but whenever a former watch you if you needed step back and have your popcorn and this is the craziest i've ever seen in my life. But hey it's to simulate it's got a fellowship but it's also caused the pennsylvania change a lot of their liquor laws too so now i we can ship within state if we want and we were never allowed to do that. Before in-state we can all be dot cocktail delivery takeout cocktails. I mean literally. We are other place. We weren't allowed to be inside and we're not licensed. It had to be considered takeout so in order for it to be takeout eyelids so we would serve piney with a lead with a sticker over the straw. It passed a cop. i mean. we're spending more money. But we had to spend more money in order to do this and we'd have eighty people out in the parking lot because they would bring their own chairs like it was just the craziest thing like inside unless using the bathroom. Meanwhile it's a party all summer outside are happy to be out there socially just a big parking lot. We're allowed to do that. Then code right right right but not now 'cause nocco you know that's just like you guys don't make any sense. It's very strange so are so. Explain the canning thing. Because that's what i feel like Is a big step. Explain your experience. Ds still think it's pursuing your with lee people like people like pretty kant's that beer in cans. He saw the candies succumb by taste the beer just because it was appealing. We'll take him your product tax level Honestly it's In you know twenty twenty twenty twenty miles and fear seeing beer world. Expect there to be candidate. -able it's just that's that's just a language of craft beer And they want to be able to not only have the cancer themselves they want to be able to take it and share it with their friends or ship it to their from Or trade it or split four packs with other people and or take it to a beer shared some sort which you know. Obviously there's a little bit harder during the pandemic especially don't of it but You know that's that's the currency across the earth can yeah and and it's it's marketing and advertising and And that was something that i think the three of us were pretty adamant about. Is that our our labels have some level of consistency to them. We all had the same template. Same format avery that was a large packaging. Buri and i did some of the marketing david design and There's like i did come with a little bit of that experience and Opinion on on some of that So one of the things that i thought was really important is having brand recognition and you you build that having a consistent Aesthetic something that people can see on a shelf even if they can't read. What type of beard is they just recognize. Oh that's a naked beer So when you look at the label art and there's their format like you see you see that on a shelf like even need to see what type of beer that i know that. In a sham he did not Like victory and dolphins had things like that So i think just getting that put down in that format down those Really important and then beyond by you get to have that creative freedom to really designed that label because my My brother-in-law's into the whole scene and it's funny because there's even companies that he has no idea. I've never heard of him but he wants to try it. We're all number one. It's an ip knows what he's what he's somewhat getting but because of the legal this branding. Hannah's talking about is as simple as it caught my eyes. I don't know. I don't know if you've done are labels we have. I i love are labels. We have to artists. That work for us but primarily our primate primary. Can art artist is An eighteen year old young woman. She's my daughter's best friend. And she's freshman moore college of art so a lot of a lot of the art work. She does free hands some of this stuff. She does do digitally like the covid series and all is ours but like we have one called puffed toast were she actually did the artwork Ahead knows good. Yes good isn't it. Yes she killed it on that one. It's really good beer. That might be my favorite beer. That i'd done for action editor choked on my by the way what's on one side. I got really excited and so hand. Let's let's talk about that right. So what makes a good a good beer brew. Well everybody is going to be different So what. Your definition of good is compared to somebody else's It's very much a matter of personal opinion For me when i'm designing beers am very very very intentional. From start to finish that recipe design. I know lion putting them all in it. I am i know. Why are you hop today. i know why i'm doing the mash temperature. What i am or how long to boil it for Everything has a reason Beyond that something that. I own horn here. But something that i i guess. I always thought that. A lot of brewers Carry this skill for lack of better terms but I'm owning it not as common as i thought to need just comes secondhand and that's Creating beers that are very complex and layered and they're not just one dimensional I will that you that you will never drink a beer. That i have done. That is one dimensional like that will never be a description. Easier i that's hard for me to explain to somebody else. i think there's two camps of burs. There's a very technical brewers people tend to be Your engineers he mathematician walking right eye goals. Everything is yesterday And then you have the camper campers that are more of your intuitive brewers Burs are very technical. A+ be gets me to see so on and so forth and your intuitive brewers go. Okay well i have a an email and that gets me to j i guess and but they can figure out how to get there and there's if i wouldn't say that one is more important or more right than the other I saw into the intuitive brewer side. do have act background as well but I tend to fall more into that into side Trying to explain how. I create complex beers. That's hard for me to do. Because it's just something that i that i do. I guess But confident what. Your question was to be honest. I mean honestly. What's your favorite color because it's good to piggyback on what you're just saying also basically coming up with you know your your recipe so to speak. It's like having a baby because then you have to name this precious thing. So let's talk about the names right. How do you guys come up with names at is that how does that all work. 'cause there's some there's some creative things up there she's created one. The cowboys are funny. That was the best one when i came on board. I was told that i could change any recipe. I could get rid of any recipe. I could keep any recipe that i wanted The only beer that i had to continue to really make sure with on tap what was that. Yes it's always. it's always been from. The very beginning was creating an environment. I if if the brewers i mean the beginning it was it was me bro. And right and then we brought it on the series of different headboard because i work fulltime. You know i'm going to grow up but you're not creating an environment for your brewers in your staff and everybody did enjoy. What they're doing and feel creatively. You know satisfied. Yes appoint again. It goes back to. It's not about me all monday. Could it's not about me. What can i do to facilitate everybody organization in and outside of that to grow and utilize it and go from there. Just this guilt that that come to that person this that they already possessed right. So i think that's the sign of a really good and healthy working environment and also A management structure that allowed those underneath of them to spread their wings and capitalizes on on their strengths And so they're trying to make somebody fit into a box you know jim and sean kind of said listen. This entire is the box. You just need to be able to figure out how you want to use it And and yeah. It's it's really really cool I'm super thankful To where i did but Yeah so i. I was really given so much creative freedom And again it goes back to that. Trust right like they. They hired me for a reason but they also trusted me. And i'm not one to fail or let people down so Liberty will ever be as critical or hard on me as i am on myself But the one beer that I was told that. I had to make sure stated production but i could tweak the recipe with premium which act. You know my favorite styles so that was like a guy go to cranial heaven So that was a duh. Yeah of course. I started problem to keep producing crew mail. I did tweak the recipe And i i made it the hannoverschen But that was the one that i had to keep So everything else existed prior to me Several reasons why. A lot of those years One is. I didn't actually have full recipes. Really hard to recreate a beer. That you don't have a whole recipe for Just doesn't it doesn't set up the right expectations for the customer either If somebody had a beer beer acts and they come in to order it again and made by me. Who didn't have a full complete recipe Beer ex- is not gonna taste like beer ex- right and so about doesn't set anybody up for success so faithfully You know they were super cool and said that Ours name good up on my soapbox for just one moment Being a woman in a male dominated industry obviously a lot of challenges I spend a lotta time actually during the week. doing diversity equity inclusion work. I'm on several different committees One of which is an international committee so A lot of my focus within the industry is how do we make it more inclusive. Nobody used the platform for that is really cool Having sean and jim supports to make beer more inclusive and have it start within. You know our own four walls His been really really cool. And there are things that subtle or lots Can help guide somebody to feeling include or not feeling included and named after a big part of that Though a lot of the names that we have chosen come up with our genderless The pretty much talk about something neutral or Talking about something that is empowering and of sends the message though. Jim can. I talk about the gentleman Their ways a beer called the gentleman That had been in production for several years and it was a rush periods doubt aged in bourbon. Barrels were That some sort very apple brandy an apple brandy. I'm denying okay. Usual name came from an episode of how i met your mother. That's it was. It was a pop culture about But i i wanna do to keep that beer in the portfolio but again put my on it and this is for this past year. We aged bourbon barrels but I is it okay. If we change the name. And it's good conversation i think In in the evening. About how. I understand the pop culture reference to that but to a new customer Back could potentially a barrier to entry. That could potentially be something that prevents them from trying that here because it has a connotation to it that i'd be construed differently than how we intend but Perception and attention or two very different things And so you know trying to make sure that the perception is something that is inclusive That's super important to all of us. and then. I do a lot of the things that involve the naming. I guess know we all right it by everybody. Obviously it you know. There's been plenty of names that i've tossed out there. That have gotten vetoed so but yes different things like means and liberal art What we changed it to. Oh hello starshine. Karen chase it. We take the whole thirty nine So again like very. it's just happy Tried to feel sad when you hear the words hello and search time and then we have the cat though we have the cat right. that's So artists she was going through your portfolio and she did a tattoo for somebody who a clown and it the drawing. I wish i had one here after show And she goes. That would be a great can and we're like but what would we call the beer clown cat so she came up with a recipe. A double dry hops has the same mock bill. There's no actors no fruit in it. She changed the hops so he. It's a hazy. Ip so we had cloud cut and then we went to cramps. Kaffa christmas campus. Where we're going to do cramp last but we have we. We have a group of elite so then we did cramps cat. So then all of a sudden now. It's a series an unintentional series. And then we've done caterpillar birthday cat. The next one is called fleetwood cat. Would she dressed up as stevie nicks and played rumors. The she changes the hawks every time. And it's always a different beer. But we have a feral cat colony at the main location. That hannah has named all pac being fair cats because and they're not farrowing more but they're fairly please they all look like the characters but we're not even cat blow yuba cap but we're not even really people that's the funny thing dog out. Okay yes people. But we have this cat's here but it's just it makes me laugh the net and one after this is going to be without the next one's akina cuny especially hairless wrinkled cattail everyday. It makes me laugh. We're makes me laugh every time i think about it. Yeah i mean like the laser cats every while about six weeks now. Change your beers Well yeah well. The cat series. I think we'll probably fortified week right. I think that's that period says really well Now it's starting to catch. I thought it is a serious. And so i won't go back to. I think question the asked before and it had patched on a firm me creating beers that are part of a series Put it out like work. Smarter not harder But also it's increasing your brand recognition right so if somebody that is new to Napier's fees a cat beer And has previously hot warm even if they're not sure what this new one is if they're you know what that previous cat beer so i'm going to take a chance on it and i'm going to buy That's just smart. Because not only does it make it easier for our front house stuff But it's almost like you've raised your sale potential by twenty five percent off at just by having something within that series So have a number of years. That i'm trying to incorporate into series with out being so in your face at the series but you kind of catch on. Have you guys in going to alluding to what you're saying with the theme. Has anyone approached you all with a request for something. All the time making the pomegranate or just the request me they everybody sees way for. Would you realize that when we make a beer. It's at least ten barrels which is twenty half cakes like we can't make just a couple of and you have all the time people back. Here's here's what. I appreciate so much to. It had it like besides the the quality and the great recipes and she's also very conscious conscious about the efficiency of it. Like how do we best utilize our role ingredients as well as our equipment and maxima. So we again. We turned out a lot of different beers even at max production to maximize everything. That's being produces great kettle sours. Yeah it's yeah it's extreme. I don't think there's probably more labor intensive brewery around maybe not definitely not the quality that we're doing but but it's okay like again. It's that's what matters you get this right first and then you fill in the pieces to facilitate keeping that the same way. That's kind of like you. That go back to grow up to the two thousand twenty stripped down to where we wanted to be. We're going to go furnace. we're gonna do. We're comfortable with so so earlier. We talked about the the obviously the location. Obviously the atmosphere But going along with the you know the beer that you serve is kind of the that you wanna have or you're shooting for in here right so you guys want to talk a little bit about some of the music that you guys play have artists. Come out and play for you. All kind of sets that tone as well helps set the tone or so explain how that came about the little stage. Didn't going really haven't been able to utilize it yet. we have One musician plays on thursdays Local guy dana collins. He's wonderful he comes in and he picks a friend every week that comes and plays with him and he has a small little following that follows him. But it's very local here especially during the week. It's we have a very local crowd. Saturdays i get you get the beer tour. People sure if people you know wanna go around and they do a million flights. It's the people that are buying mackenzie chippenham to this across the currently outside of our time mile radius after. Yeah so you need both eugene. I'm hungry. I'm hungry for people outside that. Turn mile radius eighty. You know that you're right. Why we keep cannon but we do have a very local vibe. We get a lot of foot traffic here to the people that know us. Sure we haven't really put ourselves out there yet because again we're i. I was afraid of all the restrictions and guidelines. like what. If we have the at one point we could only have eleven people inside this taproom including staff. So i would have twelve people and i'd freak out like inside i'm like oh my god. What did they. I was waiting for the. You know the comment and just out of here at ruining their thousand dollar fine thousand dollars you worry about people taking pictures which they do they do people that report you for stupid stuff. The pandemic has definitely brought up out the ugly people too but besides that But the vibe we're trying to do is just like that local. I want people to come in. I want him to sit down on one of them to have a drink. I wanted to be able to talk to each other. I went to music to be loud. I don't wanna club five. There's plenty of those around here. Good happens after ten pm so we're good at close town. It's it's a it's a pub in the sensory. it's a public house. It's taproom papa. People who were were caught the wool coming out during this and and continue to come out crave knows we don't have any. Tv's we'll do. It's about what again. What the pandemic strep through. People being locked in houses most of us. Anyway i mean so is route so work but they crave that interaction. They need it even. It's from six feet away not be able to sit down and have a conversation with somebody over a beer and local spot is this. You can't lose this. This is what humanity's about and the great thing about beer is as always facilitated that. I mean that was an ireland. That's establish a town. I bill church built appalled. Everything went from that point on those most cultures was the same way. You know. it's just that you need a gathering place to be able to share ideas data and do it in a communal way. That's that's to me. That's what. I think are vibrant some. That's who we are very just good people. Yeah no that. Make great beer. It's absolutely right so explain. Some of we talked about a few already. So explain some of the stuff that you have on tap outside of the names the head. I don't know if you wanna get into a explain. Exactly what they are though right because some of the names. Thank frank great once. Thank frank frank is an actual person. Y- frank is a retired steam. Fetter that used to work with. Jim and jim's mark all the time and things break all the time. Mondays usually usually only again and i would get taxed on monday at like eight six. Am what. I'm hearing a match. Of course it did breakers but we would call. Frank and frank comes in and fix stuff and he's a wonderful wonderful person and she was like i need to make. This is a core beer by the way. This is the beer. we always have one. She's like i wanna make a nice west coast. Ip nice clean crisp. and we're like what are we going to call it and it was actually hands idea. I think with fine. We're like we're gonna call frank and then we were all talking to the office one night. I think we had a couple of beers. And then she goes home and in the middle of the nice tax us. Thank frank thank thank you god. He loves it. He loves his friends. All common by cutting got a green hat. Four twenty four. That's our local number. Yes which everybody thinks. The twenty acts your local number two great soap actually drill I right so does this ranch on it. But it's like this really cool line art but when i do it. It looks callard. I'm sure you still like it and and actually So cute story about frank. He's just he's a good man The most recent batch of thank frank. When i had it in the bright tank and it was carbon. Frank came in one day. I forget what he was fixing some going He went over to the tank. O happy here. Yeah that's your beard of any hug. The tank coast thinking. She's thinking big tall. You i mean so. We've just like i thought you tank But that but there's another beer that i actually have plans to sort of turn into a series With other creations of it. And i'm kinda thinking he just from other books but like nobody's ability original anymore aren't felt like i'm stealing trade secrets or anything but you know you signed a flagship beers sean. So this is a five ship for us You find the flagship. Your and then he will. What else can i do with it because people already kinda have that brennan recognition again. They they know it's going to be an easy drinking west coast ipa's and has good character And then he built off of that So i've i plan for that plan. Fulbe what's funny with especially with the three of us. Were like crazy milkshake beers but in the end it was usually. What's your you know cream ale. We do a bitter. You know i'm gonna go right. Like our loggers. We like our dinners are irish like just just solidly made. Yeah west coast. I've got just beers for for us. You go into a place you like. Give me like oh. Let me try that because if you're doing that right i'm pretty sure your imperial stout and did the shooting is good mean so but you can dress it up with all kinds some a lot of places. Have you know dressing up all kinds of different ways. And that's cool but you gotta have you gotta have these good solid base beers in you have to so buck naked was named because we're in bucks county and we're off a buck road. I'm getting back to this question. Pardon glass is because it's bad that was. It's an irish song. It's based off of finnegans. Wake really tim finnegan out with a bottle. Whisky bottle poorer so you have to. My dad passed. I decided to create a beer for him. And that's kind of where it went. You know again. It is this version which is awesome. It's pay homage to the beers we've kept in as far as naming wise but of tweaked and make them better. Your version is was bur- marriage exceptional face beers smoked porter so and puffed toasted is actually the same base fear as parting glass. So because i had that smoky quality to it she was like. What am i going to do this year. When we split. That was really hard for you. It was hard like you're like. I don't know what i'm gonna do with this. And then she came up with us and of course. I'm sure because we were all puffing tax coast. Ed we're like the name is spectacular and this is why the name is like That's an interesting you see the late. The artwork is just absolutely gorgeous. And you're like okay. I wasn't what i was thinking. But it's just like the naked thing is we've always had this double entendre tongue in cheek kind of thing so it's kind of like you create is so now in your head before when you first hear the name or you look at it. And that's that's what's so engaging as well so i i think it's something and it goes right into the pandemic questions Window a lot of beer consumers. I think are not hundred percent aware of earn. They should have because technically consumer should be able to enjoy and not be weighed down with it goes into it. i At the same time. I think a lot of consumers are very very unaware of all of the things that were especially small breweries that had to do in order to stay afloat during the pandemic Things like split in a batch of beer in. So i'm already brewing. Half the capacity of what my mentors can hold and then stood in that again And trying to figure all of the logistics out of how to make that work. And i have one these beer. And what do i do with the other. Half of it There were a lot of challenges that going to that it is jabal the amount of work For half the amount of beer got if what needs to happen And you know we're all born with that concept but Yeah it there's a lot of challenges con into. I'm trying to figure trying to out. And yes sean said you know figuring out what to do with the other half of the smoke quarter This is a conversation that started months before. That beer ever came out 'cause i try to build our production schedule quarterly. But honestly i haven't done through september so And i've had it done february well Most of these have sort of been in process in my mind of how. I'm going to make it work And puffing toasted and party loss were part of that We could of planning for that. Oh gosh because they october. Maybe october november. I don't know if it was definitely months before it came out So trying to figure out how to make that work to puerto. I love smith beer. I would drink a campfire. Could make this as you're happy girl. Most people don't smoke. There's so you know what i like. Moreland a spokesman here though is money and making so hard to figure out how to make that smoked porter into something that it will be profitable and consumer always especially now. They get bored so easily. You always have to come up with but it was like that was so great we sold out of it. Why don't you make it again because you wanna come back and buy it because you went. What's new always. Have austin the amazon mentality. it's it's what's what can i get immediately right now. What's new. I wanted right now. And that's not how brewing works but we do our best deal overweight. How and if if we don't have something new there's fifteen other breweries within a ten mile radius of that. Have i mean between called those one hundred and fifty options. Yeah you know. That's that's something drastically changed over the last ten years. You sure a handful of us and then but yeah. Which i think is a great thing. I'm not i love it. I mean it's it's plus it keeps you on your toes. Listen that's a reality. You're not making great product. You know you'd better make good april's got the so so we'll get into any partying words. I wanted to own a go through. Go around the horn here jim. We'll start with you. Ideally where we're going to see you guys in the next two three years. And then sean hanna or three years. I don't plan i don't plan to as i. I love where we're at. I would like to take this and obviously a little more revenue. It'd be nice. You know what i mean just so we can continue to grow what it is. We're doing But i at at its core. At this moment i honestly couldn't be happier but i would love to love to be able to fill the team in a little bit more people with the same ideals. Mind free us off a little bit more flexibility. Because i think we thrive in an environment three of us whether you have a little bit were not as stressed as far as the to day stuff so we can free us up a little bit on a on every aspect of it. I think we just keep doing what we're doing. Because i think we're making what we wanna make. Just wanna do it a little differently you know keep it growing and government maybe look at expanding canning on the core beers. Get further out into the ether. with some mobile canning would be nice eventually dressed this area out. The idea down here was to create a sour program which that needs to be built properly again. That was the thing. We decided this year to reset and go now. We're going to do everything we're going to do it. The right way from the ground up and build from that point is not raw traffic. Oh we can make this work so it's just as hard as it is and how many hours we all put it in. It's honestly couldn't be prouder and happier with. I sleep well with. I mean i know we're doing the best. We can be nice. Just knock it or bulls kicked and every once in a while neighbors about music instead. It's the people who either don't have to be board with it. Just get down the way though. Yeah seriously know. i don't wanna hear about it. You don't i'm not making. Nobody's dragging your house to come down here yet. So that's all key making great beer for everybody so i love it Sean our jeez. The fall you can also say ditto Well expand. I would like to grow in bristol. I see the potential here in bristol. It's a lovely community For the most part up all the the rotten eggs which we talked about earlier But people do want to come here and in order to bring people here this town you have to have restaurants and bars. They're not coming for the antique shops. They're not maybe their common for bar and that brings people into the shops then then that brings like and community needs to get on board with that especially the older community. That's in here and there is a new distillery. Going to a dad's hats opened up the tasting them across was company. Oh yeah it's here. Yeah the the people in power decided. It's okay it's going through sony. It's it's a prude. Yeah it's just that there's people with have to go. Well you live in downtown area. You moved to the downtown area. You're not in the suburbs. It's like me would move into the sitting on. Just you know. I like it here. I didn't know it. Was this many people right. I mean it's that that that makes me insane. That's okay it's okay to hire more people to work the taproom so that i can be back in production and do what i like hannah. I like being back there in are doing our thing and make a beer. I miss that. And this is what i know. I missed having the answer and not working by myself retardation as off with my family. It's that but yeah when expand that he's going to be successful when people will be happy. I don't wanna be rich. You never trust me. You're not gonna be riccione owning into very ever people people think because you're in a small business. I'm sure you knew that they all think you're running in money. You're not neil understandably. It's your money that's running the business. Yeah there's there's you know what there's there's nothing like walking out of the back or common in here we're open and just seeing the concentration wingers the product. Yeah it's it's the whole reason for doing it otherwise we'd still be grown in our garage. I mean there is nothing. That's what i feed off. This is hard as a week by bego. Wow you might get this awesome commoner or people were extremely. Oh my god. You're one of the again. It's not a big but they love that caning on a saturday. I love calmed down with a beer. Them just can't. It's not released yet came for his birthday. Oh it's your birthday. They can't birthday cat. happy like that. Kinda stuff being able to do that. It's just such a unique experience and again you there to get to talk to her. It's it's everything they have in mind about. Oh i'm coming to a local brewery so we get to do all that and still a decent size volume to. It's it's kind of the best of all worlds that way. I mean there's other things we could do to make things better. But it's just i don't know i do it down here though. I d love bristol. The people we got some help. Now we're starting to your up to bat. No i loved me Propagator don't think i can. I can catch them right now. I can touch. Those are sunday Now i was on to fans of the production team to be able to Have their mobile consistency of production. Which has been so hard. It's not our fault that there isn't consistency with production. It is just in the state of the world and when the governor decides shut you down for three weeks december like what do you do Getting some semblance of normalcy doc Into the world. I think will create building consistency and then from there hopefully on the production team and Hopefully sean we'll be able to return to production someday I would love in the next two to three years to have our own cheonan line but as Less arduous requires Less labor than what we have Because i think the three of us have so many great ideas and plans. And i know i is. My brain is filled with beer ideas. and our our bottleneck is packaging. And that is a pivot that we we had to make And i'm glad that we need it and we're doing what we can with what we have you know. We're working within the confines of of what we have We're making it work because they have to think you want to but because we have to and So you know my my brain is always scheming going all right. So who wants to be a fair godmother but yeah. I mean honestly just continuing to to do what. We're doing i. I know that we're making good beer. I'm just me is You know from start to finish for other people involved besides just me I know that we're doing and making good beer We just need arrested. The the deer community to recognize This new motto that we have. I guess you know that requires time and we've made some really good strides in you and getting Recognition i guess Speaking i'm not done stake. I'm far from done I'm going to keep pushing. Yeah so. I don't know two or three years from now. What's this all hope that we're still employed in the world isn't burning folks who are trying to get in contact with your reach outs. Compare you all visit. Where can they come. How can they reach you. Social media facebook. Instagram come see as bristol. Definitely come see us oppressed. We're going to be broken thursday through sunday. We're going to start opening up tuesday wednesdays as well we've new bartender coming in a local woman So that'll be nice. And then our our main taproom. We're open their thursday. Fridays and saturdays won't tap tap and a couple of local spots but primarily everything. Everything's been tampered with taps which is great. This is again. You have complete control over over the level of experience you know we. We're we're we know what our top lines look like. We know where to clean. We know how we're serving it. We know that our bartenders doing understand what they're explaining. What's it leaves your your house. You don't know what happened to so it's always like ours and we. Yeah so you're always gonna get a better experience or opinion mean in two spots so yeah definitely cool. Oh i was looking at. They keep supporting local Support to support local And you know it's yes the financial support a purchasing something is obviously But there's so many other ways that you can help support local You know you guys are happy to see that so few for helper in impression. Not but yeah you know. Share social media post Good review tell your friends just organic word of mouth You know by a gift card even if it's not for you if you want a beer drinker by gift card as a gift for somebody You know just there's so many different ways that you can help Support local and again. It's not even just speaking about About us but without any local business. Because we're all hurting. You know we ought to everybody. Come out of dose on the other side when we can actually convene at more than fifty percent to raise a victorious paint with her. So yeah that's good name for a beer. Yeah my phone right now as we should collaborate with them victorious. There you go into already give out guys. That's mail stream of consciousness. I i had a very very very dirty mind. I suck like it is the more Like i what. I what. I get skeptical picking. I go I don't know about that. It is not because i'm personally offended. It's because i'm thinking about the general. It's like it's built ford. I get that. I like me just getting oh good. It's out of my head now. I go play with the rest of the crazy ideas over there. Yeah yes pretty much. what it's about. I got it right. The first came into my head was a baby being bored at work. So that's one and that's why it's not going to be thought about a baby deemed. When i've seen naked victoria. Melton think a naked. I think babies. I don't know why maybe it's not right now. But we're gonna have part of it. We'll have bikini cat so yeah. Ironically that was already on written on my production calendar as the kitty cat with a question mark and then we had a team. You lose discuss upcoming nears and figure out the schedule. I mean we're talking about what's the name of one of the cat. And i think it was jim kitty cat and i would like to say it's already written on so that's just it definitely to the three of us go. It's a no brainer. But usually we are all like. We're all pretty in tune with that kind of stuff. If it makes us giggle were like all all right. Naked bruins have linked to wrap things up with quotes in the first one is by robert. Louis stevenson don't judge each day by the harvest. You reap but by the seeds that you plant a second one. By vincent van gogh. I would rather die of passion than of bordeaux craft brewery in this episode. We had the crew from naked brewing bristol. We cover topics range from small business brewing beer customer service effect to the corona virus and much more wrapped episode up with quotes from vincent van gogh and robert louis. Stevenson awesome guys. Thanks again for joining us. Rotated podcast was produced for self felt purposes huge. Shout out to our sponsors. This episode is brought to you by the plus lifestyle brand that is b. l. three s e d dot com also sponsored by the motivation files unleashed this motivational mix tape of the year. You'll for success available on all platforms guys. Don't forget to visit the website. Jimmy legalize dot com follow us on facebook and instagram at rotated views. If you have any inquiries or questions email us at info villas dot com on behalf of myself and the rest of the crew. We wish you massive success stay blessed.

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