Two Aces In A Hole


I the fantasy z. Focus baseball podcast here your hosts tristan cock roth and eric caravel. It's true welcome to fantasy focus baseball. It's a beautiful monday morning august nineteen th two thousand nineteen he is tristan. I'm eric rica fosters. Our producer and tom carpenters or editorial watchdog on today's fine show and he's hurts his elbow. The homerun rates getting where hand multiple closer situations change. Everyone delivers a combo meal and of course has always mirrored hashbrowns trista. Did you have makamba meal this weekend. I know you did come on. I actually did of most excellent burger and fries. I don't think it was called a combo meal on the menu but it was <hes> quite good quality. Let's pretend let's pretend there was a compromise. Yeah that is other than what. I was gonna say when you got me thinking milli vanilli for a second. Why would i get you thinking that no comment. He said some magic milli vanilli title words a couple of minutes ago. Let's get under the burgers and combo meals what you're talking about but i guess you don't wanna talk about it. We'll do a show. No one talks meal. Even ileana podcast got on. You've mentioned the more times. I don't even know they're the people who faked their music right i. I don't know what you know that that incident with finale took place right across the street from e._s._p._n. Spion here at lake compounds. No that's an actual fact kid outta here day performed in bristol connecticut lay cop outs. Yes the head their lip synching issue that took place right at compounds. Oh my high school thank you tom. I the new notes from now on yeah. I don't mean this in a bad way but that's the most important thing you've ever delivered on the show. I'll take that because it's pretty amazing. That's credible. Yes i learned learn something new today and normally on a podcast trista. I don't think i do but today. I've learned something new and incredible tricky. You didn't know that either. That's incredible news idea. It was that his all and bucolic connecticut anyway. Here's the buzz mind is blown alone now all right so my lead story in the blog today and you know maybe i'm making more out of it than i should because 'cause i don't see it as a headline anywhere on the site but chris sale is visiting dr james andrews for a second opinion on his injured left elbow today and when when pitchers go to visit the good doctor you know they don't like split a. b. l. t. i mean th th the most of the time tommy john surgery as a result right. They split. They get a combo meal very clearly or that. I think this is a big story since chris sale the top three fantasy pitcher and not only would it be lost for the rest of this season but for those denison formats. He won't pitch next year if they do ligament replacement surgery so am i missing something is not a big deal or war. Being realistic like we're gonna find out later today is this his world is changing. Yes i am afraid if we will yeah i. It's it's not good news. It's not good to hear that it is a coat second opinion. I didn't like the fact that that sale himself had the coat of that's way over my head when it was was asked about whether he was concerned about the second opinion so history this is ominous and it's just because of the requires the major surgery we we all fear by by the next year to that's devastating for a guy who is considered a universal top three overall fantasy starting pitcher for easily a half decade at this point. Yeah i mean preeminent strikeout pitcher. I mean he should be. I wouldn't drop them yet. If you have the ability to drop them by man i i title expecting to pitch the rest of the season at at the best anyway i mean there's always a chance down. The stretch but it's got to be asked is the reason this is not a big story as we're being gentle on the defending were defending world champions. We don't wanna point out that this could be a devastating result for that has nothing to do with data. I i think the the the point is that the red sox have not mentioned the words tommy john surgery in any of their releases as a possibility or anything else so like they're just trying to hold off on this bad. News is where most of the time you know but like even then like david robertson at his tommy john surgery we in find out for three days so you know why is that secretive. He had surgeries never going to pitch again for the phillies. I don't get that either but sometimes it's not certain that's the ultimate resolve and david robertson's case it was is that that got mentioned upfront. I i don't know i think we're we're quibbling over the words here but we're gonna find that something pretty quickly to to me what what struck me. Is that the red sox. Exportation isn't a really rough spot at this stage. There is not much left in there. No i agree with that. I mean poor sales going to face the phillies phillies and that could go either way. I don't know i mean native all these in the in the rotation. Now i listed a bunch of i listed strikeout pitchers in my blog today and i'm sure you're i'm going to read that where you know run. Prevention is an issue for some of them and you have to look at the schedule and see where they're pitching but all these guys over the past thirty days are among the top thirty in strikeouts that would be reynaldo lopez of the white sox the nelson lameta shut down the phillies dealer night ryan yarbrough the tampa lefty jacob junius anthony sclafani aaron sanchez. We finally got lit up his third outing and chris basset now. I'm not saying you want these guys but like one of my leagues. I really need strikeouts to the point. I might even activate exact davies because he's more than a reliever although not really doing that just for the volume just to be era strikeouts weight well. It's too starts. That's why yeah just to be clear right white. I mean at the point is if you need strikeouts. These guys are getting them. Don't cut sale yet until you know for sure but we're going to know for sure soon enough all right moving on. There's other stories here. Other injuries corey kluber that was ominous left in the first inning. What was that an oblique specify what the injury was or why would they do that because it's like a hockey player upper body injury. Don't tell anybody what's wrong corey kluber as if he's going to be facing a team this week abdominal tighten abdominal honest with us and tell us what it is people bull now kluber might have a rehab. We meal wasn't feeling so good. Afterwards you understand you get abdominal tightness. After eating bad come and have you ever had a bad combo meal. And what do you think of a combo all these things. Everybody's had a bad combo meal at some point in their life. You've gone to a place and gotten a bad combo meal. At some point. Ed had mcdonald's in literally fifteen years. I actually haven't in just about the same amount of time fifteen years with small children. I'm calling no on that. All my kids of of i don't know i don't like it there too. They want wendy's right now. Actually my son loves never that's where he got attached attached cheeseburger he he got really really into cheeseburgers from eating at wendy's attached to a cheeseburger physically. It's right over here we problem. We're part of his buddies that she's attack all right. Where were we corey kluber in kluber corey kluber actual news news and analysis that he still rosser eighty eight percent of leagues. I mean most fantasy managers in e._s._p._n. Leagues have the patience to deal with a situation like this where a guy misses four months you got her on. May i still rosser eighty percent. Keep them rostered. It might be fine. It might be fun yeah. It might be kind of thing where bumps them back a week because remember he was he was on track to return. I believe it would be this friday. I mean they could've put them on saturday's game. Whatever but it was going to be this week so maybe it's next week but maybe it's september a week. After for this guy was one of the most added pitchers now. I'm telling you to drop them. Dustin may which breaks my heart and a couple of weeks because i really need like six innings like once or twice a week aac he came into the game against atlanta yesterday and gave up a grand slam into the ronaldo kunia replacement for actually not technically replacement but still you know ortega really he. He was the replacement in said game for duval k. me. I can't rostrum anymore. Reliever now. Let's stinks y- ah yeah but the hesitation for me is just who's the five those five for the and the whole idea of julio arias now on suspension attention being worked up as a starter for down the road. Who's the five. I'm not mentioning that guy's name anymore but yes as going to the bullpen where that that's where declined to use them in the playoffs. I guess stripling could be the guy next week but tripling. They've already declared stripping liver stripling reliever by the way they've now hedged on the rich hill talk about going to bullpen. I don't know where they're going. Now anyway. Dump dumped us. The may dump joey votto. He's official in a terrible season. Even appoints league move on don't pick up u._c. Kukuchi goes to its shutout. It was his first win two months. The acuna situation no worries whatsoever. He tried to steal base right up to he's on his way to forty forty. I think he's motivated. Go forty forty and by the way nobody's ever going fifty homer thirty steal christian yelich. She's gonna do that. We're gonna. We're gonna have like eight guys. Fifty home runs tres. Yelich is going to be one of them and he's going s._e._o. Thirty basis. We're not even talking about him. As a top pick next year be trout. Makunyane now in maybe not not order is yellow. Three is bellinger like bets. Wow this numbers are crazy. Numbers are pretty crazy thing is. I still can't believe that there's a very slim chance anyone could get to sixty home runs. They can a year like this with these stats <hes> yeah that's tough but i mean like all started it. Don't get it. I mean fifty use. That's a lot fiftieth loud yeah what else nelson cruz comes back. Today on mocatta comes back this week. Although it might be later in the week the homers three rookies have three home games just in the past week unbelievable. Oh and how about the rookie who's putting coming up the all sorts of rendering x number of games in the beginning of his career aristidies aquino. The note here says when we break the all time home run record. I mean give me say red stardom in right field next season. I'm being serious here kind of give. I'll give you a full time role batting v six hundred days. How many home runs aquino keno hit next week next year next week. Fifty eight hundred eighty one home runs i i i think it's thirty eh let enough lines yeah like if the baseball is identical next year now yeah i ah we rank your nevarez. We're almost going to have to rank aristidas aquino in the top in the retina right around the top fifth. Come on no come aquino's not the prospect. That elver is is. Is that matter anymore yeah. I think what does that matter if he's hitting homers every day and now they're getting a book on. This is not shane spencer either. I think it's peaks and valleys with a guy like this. I think it's a little bit less ethic. Either oliver is i mean probably have like an atom duval to twenty street coming up but i don't know i look at it this way. I think we are both confident in the ability of alvarez that he's going to have a tremendous career going forward. There's little doubt that he's going to have a steep floor. Aquino still has the possibility that when people figure them out and they test them with different bitches breaking stuff that he does the floor just falls out with think that would happen. The other rookies were alvarez and mike. Thank you strip ski. Who yeah who looks like and here's the thing i like a lot of these people who are posting it but please stop posting how many games aimed to college stransky to hit. This many home runs versus. Mike is tricky cars. I was not playing with a happy fun baseball and one of the years like shrimp ski like it. It was all pitchers sixty eight. I just you can't compare even what happened last year to what's happening this year. That's part of the reason. I don't like this is that you know peter lonzo. I don't know what he would have done. Last year would have ended up thirty two home runs. It's gonna fifty two this year. It's ruining the tradition of the game and the numbers because you're right. Nobody's going to sixty eh but still like this is just weird. You can't compare alonzo to darrell strawberry rookie season at all because they're not totally different. Eras totally different different way of using pitching staffs totally different ballparks. Oh yeah pitching friendly ballparks and you know that i love to talk about these historical facts and how players are doing an x number of games and the fact of the matter is nowadays. It's so easy gary sanchez. We mentioned res hoskins. Aaron judge had a point where he was like this now. We've got a keno doing it. It's just you look at the leaderboard. They're all players lately but the way since you mentioned the three homer games we're to two instances away right now on august nineteenth of major league baseball breaking the record for three homer games season two. They need to more three homer games the whole rest of the year to tie the record set in two thousand one and i'll say to you again. You said this in the last show so you probably. I haven't changed her mind but this has to affect the way we rank the way we draft next season. It's just a different game. Now i mean i would take acer too but man. I don't have enough power our in any of my leagues and even leagues winning and the reason is because power has changed and it's a big deal. I still feel all the way that i did the other day. You have to evaluate how you're going to fill this category because if you just take the lazy approach and assume that baseball was the way it was two to three years go even you're going to be left behind but i do still think that the value of the home run relative to league average is still within range of the past couple of years this from our friends at seek you ever feel like ticketing websites excites make getting to the event difficult on purpose it is as if they are so big they can get away with not caring about the customer experience so what if their sights knowing and doesn't doesn't have the events you want. Hello status quo. The real question is how easy could it be if those taking sites actually cared with millions of live event tickets and a price match guarantee seeking seeking proves there is a better way search sports live music comedy and more seeking has the tickets. 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How fat as i get the homers but the steals i mean we have catchers doing this so i'm just gonna go through the list and some some name you wanna talk about because otherwise it'd be an hour cody bellinger bryce harper yep mark semyon christian yelich ryan braun wants wants soto matt beady. Tom murphy the catcher oscar mercado starling morte who has six now season only el-ajez more with ten shinshu shoot shoot did it and tommy edmund future hall of famer outta combo meal as well. Is there anyone here who would like to discuss. Bring any babies yet another another of dodgers guys that they've squeezed production out of you've never heard of the edmund. I love that i wrote on friday. How ed was in the middle of a big cold streak and then he has a great weekend and thanks for three days making my writing stale <hes>. I had thought that matt carpenter was going to come back and take over that role. I guess not so much. I think we're cotto. Auto is probably the most interesting actionable fantasy option here yet. He has impressed me this year what he has done at times. Tom murphy is definitely impressed. Me there are nine catchers with a really league positive player raider ranking real muto james mccain grondahl vasquez contrary us narvaez garber gary sanchez and wilson rama's and then a big drop drop-off and tom murphy could end up the top ten catcher so could carson kelly roberto perez travis dr no catcher got deep in the last three months just and it really did get deep. It was bad june deep. Now deep makes it sound like you're excited. I am excited because we're pres- my hit twenty five home runs and nobody wants him. You never i liked him. You ripped him every time mentioned him. He's going to twenty. Five home runs travel store. No rejuvinated carson kelly totally legit like a top ten. Guy seattle has two top fifteen catchers. I mean we'll smith. I'm going to rank will smith next year like my number five catcher the dodgers catcher. I'm telling you catcher got deep since may an <hes>. I'll tell you that if they played other positions and we didn't have catcher in this league. None of them would be rostered. Oh i'll agree with that but that's why excitement fight me the word here. I absolutely see your point. You're right there have been a lot of nobody's who've come into the catcher poll and if given value where it's supporting that don't pay a doc. Gosh darn diddly thing for catch here. Don't don't curse on this show tristan. This is a family friendly. Show did lead to italy. I mean you can't even say hey you know the band. That did something wrong. They com- pickle if i said it we don't talk about bad people either all right. Let's move von now. It's the closer carousel carrousel. Well sean doolittle not be worth much in my simply next season doodle. Wow that changed quickly. Yes it. Did you know the league. I'm talking about where i had to keep doing a little because i foolishly cut hooray. Solaar are too early so yeah. He's going to be unusable at seven home runs in his last ten appearances the national society where we can't use them anymore so let's make up an injury and put him on the disabled list so they it did. Who's the closer for washington now. <hes> it's probably a combination between guys. Daniel hudson fernando rodney would be the first two that stand out to me and do you view you them better or worse. Let's say the jose jimenez line or joe him in players dora balls closers in fairness the joe him and his line to me is i don't need to adam. I am if i need saves but you can get some does hudson pass that in no way davis past that so now. They're on the road all week way. I've never seen anything like this. Even i've you even from a chorus pitcher. I have never seen a relief pitcher was split slate home. Road splits. Let's wade davis has and if my computer will comply. I will pull them up or you up for and it's not even beyond a wall here this. I'll tell you this. I'll go before i go. Tavis watson's pitched okay for watching god. This is unbelievable. Wade davis has ten point nine seven era in home games and a two point one one whip on road road zero point six three era one point two six whip so now. Why wouldn't you use way davis this week for all road games you would i considering during the the lack of depth at the closer position. Yes i suppose olbia league where i need to throw away davis in there but i don't feel very good about it. Well <music> out if he hasn't been on the road yet. I actually feel okay about it but like i wouldn't add them in a league. Were without a shore where i can't like bench him right the following week when they're at home right so i'm just saying mark. Lanson looks to be atlanta's closer now. Clearly he's back on track and field comfy there. Do you know who would you rather roster. Astra milan-san or wade davis lanston lanson is not going to have to deal with the week at cars where you just can't trust them one. I don't trust me milan-san at all but no i don't either but you know i've got carlos martinez than a league and he's the he wants to give up a run every game. Yeah i feel a little bit with carlos martinez for i. I do think there will be opportunities. I do for him. Let's take a look at the schedule here because that's what you're looking for opportunities for pitchers. You might not be thinking about monday. Slate slate not a full one e._s._p._n. Plus in the last game of the day has that gallon at home against colorado. That gown looks like a decent stream or this week or at least for the first day. I don't know who the second one's against but he's the guy that got from miami. Colorado does not hit on the road at all. They close well way. Davis closes well but they don't hit it all ready to be scared. You're nobody nobody gonna tell me. That guy was a bad pick. No you wanted to know the second start. It is ad milwaukee well that doesn't sound great no but i like where you're going with the colorado game and in volume chasing which you do have to do a lot more these days i roll the dice davies so you take down over zach davies. Is this week i would yeah. That doesn't help me very much now. It probably does here's to pitch well of late. Wellbeing not the greatest word joe ross one and i think three consecutive but man his walks up it's to every game he's at pittsburgh. They barely scored a run this week this weekend. I mean pittsburgh has their offense has been ugly since the all-star break. I consider that an opportunity especially. If you consider that the pittsburgh ballpark here <hes> gives them a little bit of a bump tommy you handling the baseball blog today. I am not well. Tell whoever is the add a run to pittsburgh. Not scoring enough runs this weekend 'cause i. I wrote before kimbro gap dot homerun craig kimbrel looks terrible. Tristan looks terrible gave no. It's not one game months all right terrible. I we know but there was the injury in between these since he came back. It's been one game but to your point. Kimbrell has a little bit like that was like here starling. He didn't over the fence and he did. Did that was a lot of fun that little league stuff. I really enjoyed that kids enjoyed it it was that was great all right so you rip jazz davies. Joe ross joe rogers yvonne. I'm not this week yeah you know no. There's been gravely yeah and the forecaster loves him and i had to dig into this to figure it out because at minnesota matchup of is scary to me the other one is a home game against texas texas grading as a favourable matchup especially when you're the one hosting them i i think i'd go ross if it's the one day here but i'm going nova confidently as the to start option tuesday on e._s._p._n. You can catch the yankees at oakland could be a playoff preview. They're coming armand vermont and homer bailey. You do not want homer bailey. What else happens on tuesday gio gonzalez and michael walker on e._s._p._n. Plus e._s._p._n. Pluses just awesome mm. Check it out. That's milwaukee at the cardinals counter controls at cincinnati and need cal quantrill pitch well so bieber is pitching and and knowle's so knows at fenway and shane bieber's at the mets against stephen matt's because you won your vampire to ask you which take take beaver and that feeling bias there. I mean don't we like beaver over nolan now. Though in general obviously the schedule looks better. I cleveland yeah. I wanna talk myself into nola for the remainder of the year but i feel pretty good about where bieber is in cleveland. What their schedules looking like the fact they play in that division. I think there there is a path for bieber to continue being affected top ten fantasy starter in definitely at claimed him. He's a two star pitcher this week and a lot of that had to do with i it's another week. I have the win if i lose this week. I'm done sober. I won my lead to. I'll take clayton kershaw <hes> joyce although i could have freddy freeman but my office is pretty stacked. I had like three times as many r._b._i. Nomads at this guy you start thinking about the balance of the roster laughs. There's only how many weeks are left to for the plows humour all right wednesday chris patrick did not look good against the phillies on friday. He's against louis castille in cincinnati. Maybe packs tired and they could shut down whenever they want at this point <hes> and just do whatever it we've got up to one hundred and fifteen innings. I don't think they're going to be breezing past one fifty the projected the pace is one fifty one. They might yeah you're right. They might shut them down soon it is p._s._e. Has the vastly underrated mike fires against the probably overrated j. hap- late night on wednesday. It's been plus as jacob braga's pack and walker bueller. <hes> <hes> bueller top top ten starting pitcher burland pitching that day yu darvish. I'm sorry you you're great. You're not walking anybody. Have that anyone else eight hundred houser at saint louis houses pissed well. Give him credit. He looks good. You're not buying or you are he. He's on that list of streamers. The match of calls and this is a significant ballpark swing. I i could get on board with fair enough and anyone else here of note that we need to discuss g. league. Oh you already rostered. John gray areas jon snow at arizona. We'll we'll mention just because i mean we'll have another show at this point. Thursday is the max scherzer projected return date you activating debating minimum weekly yes in vampire and i said it's imperative. I win you activating nelson cruz. Yes based on the info i'm. I'm a little bit worried about how he how he's gonna hit initially but i will go ahead and take the chancellor activating mocatta. No though i do believe if chicago had a pretty decent hitting let me grab that <hes> chicago's minnesota yes it is. It is a pretty favorable hitting great. I can make the case for them. All all right. That's the first half of our show coming up now some music and hash browns and all right check out with <hes> hash browns are listed here and then. I'll just ignore some of them. Go to my phone and check out some more and surprise me with questions. I've never heard of them. Look before looking can't handle it by now. Oh the day before the s._a._t.'s always so much study do zach rights. Which three of these five do you like like most for the next three seasons a lot of players here but you should be looking at it just like me cranky saroka cottrell marseille whitmire afield and max kepler assume zach is an keeper league here and these guys are all pretty keeper aren't they and there's nobody where immediately really going by ray up. No nobody nobody like that and do you have a good instincts for up. That's number one. I don't i don't have a number one. I gotta gotta say it's cranky. I i understand he's thirty five now thirty six but he's in houston like you see. Can you see cranky like winning twenty next year. I could look for landers doing because of that offense behind him. Giving up forty home runs and win. How many games i guess i could. Let's see him do the lender is really made the case for cranky being a guy to invest in next year rankings in my top greg might be my top ten for fifteen and four with a two eighty one array and he's allowed thirty. One home runs so i i think cranky can not with the strikeout total but i'm i'm gonna probably my top ten stars next year anyway seasons though so look at it this way worried i mean age. It's thirty five so we're looking at thirty six to thirty thirty eight eight thirty six and thirty eight seasons. Only two of them are locked in houston. I i would have a tough time taking sirocco vague ranking. I really would in a keeper. I understand that rocha's twenty one but it's one season hasn't given up any home runs. That doesn't seem sustainable talk to me. I mean i think mike sirocco great and i haven't been my top twenty and to keep her in a dynasty league for starting pitchers and he might be my top twenty anyway for next year but he's not cranky not seen k- rate so sarokin currently at one hundred and forty four innings no chance of getting anywhere near two hundred which means the two hundred might be a question next year and that makes a big difference because i think we lock in grandkids for two hundred two hundred two hundred. I'm taking ranking first year and i'm taking an you're not a cattle morte fan. So why would you say like wouldn't he. Now whip mirror fueled his his age does scare me because the stolen bases while i'm gonna. I'm gonna take w- it out and i'm going to take i hate taking keeping pitchers as though right this is. The kepler is not gonna hit for average basis. This is not an easy question. I think in actually sarokin morte for me. That's that's probably what it would be and then you just have to good starting pitchers. Could you do that again. There's no to me. There isn't a clear number one in this list so the three. I am tempted to put kepler at the top of this list. I worked for me. I've got i've got them in a very narrow margin from one to five here and i feel like it might go kepler grinky. I don't know how cutler he's a guy who we can. We can't hit better than two fifty does not one for six six and stolen bases this year. His runs are all tied where he hits in the order. I like max cutler but in this era a thirty i mean even a forty home run guy. Who does nothing else us can't take him over guys. Still basis or martin plays middle infield so no. I might what are you. The two pictures of martin what i would like to ask about kepler is why are we why have we decided that he's locked into this level of batting average the batted ball distribution the quality of contact that he has the a._g. Has and the contact rate itself are very good numbers what if kepler a guy who could push himself up into the two seventies even just to take a conservative outlook doc. I suppose that is possible. I would not dismiss that i would say to you. The fact that he's hitting lefties world is season is a great sign ups against lefties rory's so there's something about what kepler has done this year that does capture my attention from keeper angle and i agree with you. I could make i argue. He belongs five here but i also have this feeling like my gut says he's one right. This is this is tough. This is one of those ones where it's like. You're gonna cut one guy. You're going to feel terrible that you mentioned murphy told old i look at murrayfield stats and i i agree with exactly where you're going the argument against merrill field but at the same feel like it's crazy to let them go so very deliver mark then all right so what's your three kepler grinky and mirror field. That's totally different to analysts look at same situation uh-huh but i think the the compelling cases can be made for each henry writes. How do you navigate streaky. Pitcher like trevor howard started every week and hope for the best or are there specific vic types of matchups to avoid for him. How do you solve a problem too for pow. Were his last do not look very good. I i always or was this two outings. You'll let me make sure i get. I don't wanna be wrong knows his last adding where he got pounded by washington good bad and like that inning like he not. I don't fell apart and i was going to hit somebody money now. I mean like that was like seven running or something. Wasn't it our eight and pitches to yeah. He's got the lower barometric today. The what would you say the lower bauer matchup lower versus power. I understand by the third time you say okay. Are you worried about ah yeah. <hes> still in your top twenty yeah i don't feel great about that but on the raw ability i think key warrants a spot there and they will treat him like an ace work load. Wow so that's important to me. At this stage power. I'm scared bauer bieber rest of the way a. and dignity bieber. Oh it's probably bieber for both man. We love him fast yeah. No i agree. I i mean. I knew it'd be good mayhem. I'm everywhere but i didn't know he'd be this good. You're saying this like this is a surprise to you and me. I remember sitting right next to you at shane. Bieber spring training kind of like this is the guy there's yeah but i mean we still didn't ranked as a top twenty starting pitcher if we knew he was going to be like this were to route twenty five to thirty like karl hendricks range right i didn't yeah i think he's got this. We didn't think the stuff had the natural swing admissibility that he's shown this year. That's a huge growth. I've got to put him in my top ten. He and grinker top ten starting pitchers next year. Our friends ziprecruiter up next hiring is challenging but there's one place you can go. 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The smartest way to hire next up is john has the value of elite pitcher spike the season due to so many hitters singling offering similar stat lines. I think yes a little bit but how many elite pitchers are there is burley is greedy. Now we would say ver- lander is kershaw probably has gotten back to being elite scherzer's elite <hes> degrom of course yep after that right yeah garrett cole i mean lead is a word. We can't just throw around is your elite is charlie morton elite right right there the the knocks on them our age slash injury concerns. Do we have a right to knock players at the stage. My thought what on this question is does it make ver- lander insurers or definite first round picks next year because if there's very few guys you can count on for months or numbers even with their age and injury concerns. I mean doesn't that make their value better in comparison in context with others yeah. I think that the the guys who deliver are you volume. The true aces certainly now are worth the premium but the problem i have with making that case rankings angle and we just did this on the show on thursday say that i think we feel too good about the top twelve to fifteen hitters which you genuinely take one of them one of these pitchers ahead of one of those. I don't know if i could could either. I don't know i think that there's there's a compelling case to be made but the guts telling us it's not right. I i don't know. I don't think i'm going to rank. A pitcher in my top. Ten is too many hitters like can't take verlinde over devers. I can't do it freddie. Freeman like i can't do that so i feel like next year. My strategy will be no top five starters to in the top fifteen like i'll end up getting like because nobody wants that or morton and nola because knows overall numbers might not look the way people think so. I'll get to top fifteen fifteen pictures to anchor my staff and those to be only pictures. I've taken like the first ten rounds yeah but i don't think i'll reach for the graham or early under you know i just won't it's almost as if we're gonna wanna find and this is not the skill slash age part we want to be in the the group that finds the twenty twenty shane bieber the guy who was i'm always in that group yeah right the s p thirty who's going to deliver u. S. p. five numbers. I think that the goal will be to get to those if you can and i i do that. Well and you do too like we find. These pitchers like i. I was in on lewis kathy you most i was in on bieber. I did well there air. I invested in lance. Lynn real early season when you thought i was nuts are absolutely correct. There and i did think you're nuts and i say a lot of money madison bumgarner and n._f._l. Labor and most people thought i was nuts and you know what he's almost been worth it. He's number twenty well. Actually he is almost top twenty starting pitcher this season on our player raider yeah yeah and he's number twenty. Three and people are complaining about him like he's doing exactly what we wanted. We didn't expect to be a top fifteen star number twenty three. Actually it's better than that because of the closers liam hendriks honest lists so he's twenty two now. He's moving as we speak. I mean guys. I was wrong about two. Let's not sugarcoat dat hat. I got random woman labor because i knew he was going to be a strike out guy and there's another brewers starter who i also got somewhere else and he hasn't been not peralta but the name escapes aged right now. I'll look at a researcher. There's a brewers. There were two hours corden burns core. I invested highly in woodruff and burns year across multiple leagues. Now burns got demoted to the the bullpen and then he couldn't pitch well woofers great lot of strikeouts. I would rather do that and try to pick out the next water rodriguez in the middle rounds and we should probably talk about who that guy is at some point with marta rodrigue now. We don't have enough time to do it on today's show me. That's a blog. Tom just like who who's the next guy that's always twenty twenty s beaver and on september. I like it. The nelson lynette is one of those guys came smith one of those guys although he's already doing it didn't nelson lament. Why don't we make up the nelson lament. I think i think he makes himself in two hundred strikeout guy next year so i think there are critics and they question the pitch which selection itself but lament has really limited now if you count this year and the one before surgery he is greatly exceeded expectations. Yes he looks good. He looked fantastic affiliate on saturday. I have no question marks about him anymore. I don't i'm not gonna twenty next year but when i ranked like like number thirty two don't laugh. That's a lot of strikeouts. I just want to see a make like another. Twelve to fifteen more starts the rest of this year with some really good numbers. I can't imagine any selfish selfish way. Why would want that but you know oh yeah. You got them to a league if he di had bad sim weekend i i mean not just do little giving up three homers to lefties. He's unusable not simply else well bauer. He ain't help bill. You've kluber. I've kluber uh aw rasco. I have casco too. I have entrance c._r._t. And now he's done yeah we should say with the cresco news being that he's going to be a reliever now right the the indian want him back in the league. It's pretty valuable. I can use them as a long man yeah. If i have enough starts swing man for me a couple of years ago why point is like if carlos else carrasco is destined may now you gotta drop them. You've waited months for carlos carrasco but if he's going to be in the bullpen. You can't keep them anymore. Lows and i just in my keeper. League had two teams these trade <hes> with carlos go being the primary returned to the non contender that actually a pretty smart acquisition right now. If you were out of the race you can probably get him. Eh low price and trade. If you're an identity format and of course karadzic was not young but we're gonna finish up in the bullpen and next year. I'm going to rank harass. Go like like my gut tells me eighteen starters and may like twenty six <hes>. I love them. Both you wanna get them early now before your trade deadline in an online past and e._s._p._n. Lease and your league in my not right. I mean you guys are going to want next year. Correct like in the dynasty when i'm dennis loves to keep whatever whatever ours is august thirty first and a lot of leagues like that to do eveline deadline. I tried to make a trade and one of the expert leagues. I'll tell you offline what i i can't get over it. I when guys like i say it on the street. Okay the music stop but we need more questions. Uh-huh yeah just i basically he wrote an email something. I was like no like he said. I have to rob you. You're in first place. I i can't oh wow yes. I'll even show it to you. Read has a question michael. Brantley is on pace for more than one hundred thirty five games for the sixth time in eight seasons needless to say make make the trade. The town is obvious where we rank in twenty twenty <hes>. Do we still view michael brownlee as brittle now. No i think think that coupling this year with last. I think that that's a good answer to the question. I think we we probably don't rank top ten outfielder. I don't think he's quite up to that level especially if you consider some of the individuals in it but i think top twenty i think that's fair. You know he's average enough power to matter right. I mean i i. I think that's all fair stuff yeah next question brian. Are we out of the woods with darvish being massive risk. This is like one of the craziest as you staffs of the season for me. You darvish has not walked nary a hitter in his past four outings and has how many strikeouts is that thirty six strikeouts and no walks in his last four starts and this has been a theme for a while now in fact over the last two months six rox seventy seven strikeouts else. I'd have to be nuts to not recommend yu darvish at this point top twenty star next year. Isn't he back. He's gotta be the way that he has pitching currently and has been for quite quite some time. Yes making the unquestioned top twenty by the way the other one too. He's shown a good amount of durability this year. That is another big plus for him. Working into next season it's night and day what his look in may versus august was night and day is not going deep into games most of the time right but that is monstrous walk rate has gone. We don't care about out how many home runs it gives up anymore. Two thousand six hundred twenty five stars who cares twenty-five starts is the key to me. Even though i mean how many people would have had an over under that was beneath that i definitely had the under. I was not on board that he's fantastic. He could get to thirty with a really any trouble aaron. What are your expectations for otani next season if they just let him hit. Don't you have to rank them as like a top twenty hit or maybe that's yes yes. Why can't you do that tristan because we know he can still based. Why wouldn't oh tiny we six hundred plate appearances end up with thirty thirty five home runs and twenty steals now that seems aggressive but he has only three hundred forty nine p._a. Right now is sixteen home runs and ten steals. You give them a full season. That's like a thirty five home or twenty steel guy who batting two ninety nine he's at about three hundred bats so if we gave him four twenty five five or so that would be twenty twenty two twenty three range probably steal maybe thirty-five aggressive no but i'm trying to determine where he will be in the player raider if we were to a project to a full season bradley. He's stealing bases now. He's not scoring any runs his. I'm just saying well bradley three thirty five that makes a little difference otani hitting ninety nine. He would be in the top hundred on the player raider. I believe with that. I don't know if he'd be in the top fifty fifty though he might pitch next year they probably will use. What do you think happens with that next season. I feel like almost hoping they don't let them pitch anymore and they just let him hit every day behind trout and you bet them clean up or third. I really think he could be a thirty five homer hundred r._b._i. Twenty steel guy who that's three hundred injured and then use them on occasion in relief like to get a key out to close out a game. Just don't let me start. I don't want that to be ruined. That's how how i would use them. I don't think the angels will probably make him a two-way guy. Yeah i think they will too. I like your design for the best use of him. I do think that you could squeeze the most value doing this but i think the angels will go in the direction of making a starter and i'll tell you i have this feeling. He's going to throw at least one hundred innings. They're going to be excellent innings and he's going to be awesome on both sides. I i'm starting to feel like he's a top twenty five player for next year i i won't draft him that way. Uh my guts telling me. I think he's i think at the end of the year. Next year is the top twenty five to a player. I do agree. Well pitching scares me. I mean it was upside. The the problem is the way they're going to use them going to bake in some risk. That's gonna make a lot of people uncomfortable at whereas a._d._p. Is upside. The upside is monstrous. We're done for today. Thank you so much for listening to our little show. We'll continue throughout the rest of the baseball regular season check out our partners colleagues friends and with the fantasy focus football because they're they are daily. Show and fantasy football is big. Now we have a draft kid. We have mock drafts. You can draft and practice. It is and the season starts in two weeks two and a half weeks right. Is that what it is would be a two weeks from thursday to thursday days so get many teams and a have many fund. Thank you as well yeah. Many combo meal show just dating. It's no longer little it's like moderately sized all right for two weekend time and trista trista lots of tease. I am to eric have an awesome week darkness.

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