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REShow: Stephen Jones. Hour 1 (01-23-19)


Orig- is on demand. Your show your schedule. Fifteen minutes after ball dot com. Check out the casts at richeisenshow dot com. Heather very welcome to this edition of the rich Eisen show. This is a big day for me personally. I'm not gonna lie to you. Okay. I never I was shoot straight. Right. Chris brockman. To of course, I'm sitting in a chair blessed to be here in this chair. Every is you know, I view this is a privilege to walk into this beautiful facility built by direct TV AT and T every single day on the campus of AT and T names on the door names on the mug. I'm very I'm honored every single day. If you had told the young. Rich Eisen Richard is back in the days of Staten Island. New York growing up there that I would have show one day just with my name on. All right. And the guest list would finish up and weird. Al yankovic. I if I didn't have three more hours. I would drop the mic in literally Costanza this thing in walkout. Come back. The weird Alan our number three. I'm very excited. We want to talk about though and weird Al yankovic. We'd all yankovic was on the plane. Great stuff from. I mean, what a trio today. Steven Jones, Reshad Jennings weird Al yankovic, and which Stephen Jones, look, folks. My Rolodex is yours. That's the way. I you know, the way I I I approached this show, whatever I can do to give you my opinion and put my stamp on things and use whatever context I have to give you context, I'm all in. I'm all in. So reached out last night to Stephen Jones, the executive vice president C O director of player personnel for Dallas America's team Cowboys. And. And I've figured look we've been talking for forty eight hours in the NFL world were more than that. Now sitting here on Wednesday since the ball intended for Tommy Lee Lewis from the arm of drew Brees sailed past Tommy Lewis because Nicole Roby Coleman played Louis instead of the ball and no flag. And now the governor of Louisiana has chimed in to say that the NFL should change its replay rules. You all folks dialing eight four four two four riches. You can today as well said I've got gotta change replay. That was my first blush reaction. Let's figure out stiffs the safety net to make sure that never happens again refs blow calls. They're human beings. Can't have that. Just can't have that. So I'd like let's get somebody from the competition committee on the phone right here on the show to say what they are. I blush thinking I think I know what their first blush thanking which is let's take it all in. And. Let's make sure that we discuss it. Figure out what doing the right thing is. But I think they're going to end up doing zippo. Personally that these things happen. Eventually what's going to come out of it when everything dies down when they first meet at the combine in early March. And then. Setting agenda for their meeting when they go to Jupiter Florida in in March as well before the owners meeting that it's all going to die down. And no matter how much Sean Payton, Mike, come into that meeting room. And he's part of the competition committee. And no matter how he might come in that meeting room with all of his figurative, you know, what blazing. I think still when it's all said and done. They're just going to have a very difficult time. Figuring out how to make judgment calls replay -able what if the NBA decided to make? Replay review -able box out fouls underneath the basket. Right. Like, those judgment calls charge and block which Chapman is having a great time with on Twitter. These days having fun responding to have blocker charge. You can see maybe if the feeder said, we're the feet in terms of the semicircle underneath the the rim. Would you want that reviewable? Would you want hand checking reviewable would you want? That's the sort of stuff that the if you make everything reviewable as I say, it should be. What's a hold? What's not? Here's what I'm going to propose Stephen Jones when he calls it. Everything anything's reviewable all of it. Do not expand the number of challenges still to challenges to coach get them. Both right. You get a third the booth still takes over matters with two minutes to go, but everything's reviewable. And the only penalty that the that that can be reversed or instituted these are non calls as well. Hey that should have been pass interference. That should have been helmet-to-helmet. Hey, you missed that facemask penalty on Jared Goff. The only ones that then can be either reversed or instituted the red challenge flag can then bring out the Ella. Flagg after further review. The referee announces there was a penalty on on the play as he takes out his yellow flag and drops it on the field while announcing a penalty after a replay. That the only such penalties that can be instituted or upheld or called are clear and obvious. Those are the words that you put in into the rulebook cleared obvious penalties. Now, it'll be like, well, what is that? That's a gray area. What is clear, and what's obvious? That's really only in the eye of the holder. Maybe but I'll tell you what was clear Nabis non call on Sunday. We're catching that and safety net. Now. Right. If we're putting the NFC championship game sand and this replaced sieve and moving around what doesn't go through the holes. What gets caught in the replace? If is that penalty were showing on the screen that wasn't called that the whole world is seen now. Went to a doctor's appointment yesterday. I am I I'm fine. My doctor who's never sit spoken sports. With me at all says, hey, I saw you call what happened the NFC champ? She game the worst non call ever. Like, really were you watching were you? We listening no sold on the today show. Did you know that today show did a piece on the NFC championship game? Which kind of let me look at the archive. Never happens. Apparently included this show in the reaction. Montage. All right. All right. All right. Just to complete that. But. Reason why bring that up other than just being self serving is the fact that people who ordinary aren't talking sports are seeing this got to fix it. Stephen Jones gonna join us eight four four zero four which is the number of dollars. Well, we'll also ask him about Kobe's Lee tweet now yesterday in response to somebody talking about his production saying that management the front office decides who gets the football. Honestly, the front office pussies who they want to get the ball to Kobe's Lee tweeted out. I haven't been a huge priority in that regard. Maybe that will change, but I'm not sure mall, more balls. Come my way in two minutes real where nothing is plan. Somebody tweeted them. Well, Linda has gone meaning I guess things are gonna change from and on offense. He just wants the ball is that he wants out of Dallas as I mean that he's gone. It's hard with three to four opportunities. A game is what he responded we'll throw that Steven Jones direction as well. Not wrong calling it from the senior bowl. It's coaching staffs at the Pro Bowl where by the way, John kitten and Kellen Moore showed up. I think those are his new offense of coordinators. We'll ask him that million announcement yet. Eight four four two four rich the baseball hall of fame classes now official, and I must apologize to the entire member of the Baseball Writers Association of America, all four hundred twenty five of you who voted when off the area down. My who's going to be the dumb stupid dumb head. Who does not put Mary on a Rivera in his first ballot opportunity to get into the baseball hall of fame and museum up there and beautiful Becali lovely Cooperstown. New York figured there'd be one. There wasn't one first unanimous selection, Ken Griffey junior missed by point seven percent. And being that I was the closest ever not even Tom Seaver Nolan Ryan count Ripken. Who said looks at him and says, you're not a hall of fame. Somebody looked at Taikang back in the day and said the same thing though, dumb just name over Rome. The Mario I ever to be on every single ballot. And then Edgar Martinez got in with ROY holiday. Same number votes. Three hundred sixty three and Mike Mussina moose longtime Oriole and then New York Yankee. That's the hall of fame class along with Harold Baines. Smith. I know. Let's not touch that. All right. Let's focus on Mariana Rivera for second. If you may sure since he's the first unanimous selection, and I talk about any unanimous election, obviously. But this one is near and dear to me. I'm a diehard Yankee fan, as you know, born Brooklyn raised in Staten Island, New York, Mario I remember when I came up and nineteen ninety five he was the setup guy. He was not he was a starter. In ninety five Mariana rare did not get his first save until nineteen Ninety-six. When Joe Torry put them in the pen ninety five he was a starting pitcher for buck show Yankees. And I remember I'm like I was looking at him. I'm like, okay Anki said that starting pitching along time. Let's get Mariana Rivera some starts. He looked like an ace on occasion to me. And then Joe Torry with John wetland. Understand what's going on his world these days, but wetland was the closer of the nineteen Ninety-six Yankee team. Right. But for all you folks out there who I can't believe I'm saying this. But it is true. I mean, it's it's been over twenty years. Mariana Rivera was the setup man. And when the Yankees gotta lead in the fifth and the handed things over to Stanton and Nelson the left-hander and right hander set up men for the setup, man. Galore Rivera pitch the seventh and the eighth. Game was over. I mean, we're talking today about how. Teams shorten the game in baseball that the royals did it that the. Copycat league has been to get these ninety mile an hour ninety one hundred mile in our flame throwers and put them in the six seven, you know. And so Marrianna Rivera was the guy coming in the seventh and the eight, and that's the way the Yankees won the World Series that year 'cause wetland was just like most closers who are once upon a time for one year or two years unhittable. That's why the keys want got enough offense good enough pitching and off ago and dynasty started. And then Mariana Rivera would keep coming out of the pen. They let go wetland. Remember that was that. What it why? The he's letting go wetland. He's perfect and the give Mary keep Marianne where he has. No, they put them in the in the closer's role. Good move. A good move smart move by Tori, and Cashman and the Yanks. Good move. Stick Michael back in the day. Good job. All he did. All he did was have six hundred fifty two career saves. That's most ever. And more. This is I mean, you wanna talk about World Series MVP thirteen time all star at cetera et cetera et cetera. Okay. Fine. One hundred eleven postseason innings pitched for Mariana Rivera over thirty two series in his postseason career. Forty two saves eleven earned runs. That's what it all on the line in a part of the season where somebody gets on first base and you as a fan big games over. That's it somebody that's on. I they're scoring and you're gonna blow it you're gonna lose. It Rivera was his close to anything of the end the game hippie automatic endgame button just merely entering as San man coming out of the pen is anybody ever and nobody's ever going to do this again point seven oh career postseason ERA. That's the lowest career postseason the ever. And I will say this. You wanna name the top five New York? Yankees of all time of all time since they put on pinstripes. Top-five Yankees of all time, Alex Rodriguez. No stop. Oh, stop it. Shut up. I mean trolling Mr. Bronson Arroyo over there. Okay. Babe. Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio. Mickey Mantle Mariano Rivera. And I know who I'm leaving off the list. Really? He's close though. He's close. No, no, no, no. I'm talking Yogi Berra Whitey Ford. And I know Derek Jeter who has you know, I say is the most perfect person that's ever been there. Easy. I'm rich. Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth Joe DiMaggio. Mickey Mantle percent, Mariano Rivera top-five Yankees of all time. Go ahead, NAT me. I mean, I recently rich, it's cheaper. No. It's one of the great. He's. Played sixty years ago. No, I know that and I know he won all those World Series too. And I know he was a catcher. And I know he caught the perfect. I don't understand that. This is not recency bias. It's also what he's done. Automatic automatic. And I know bay lost the World Series in two thousand one in the Indians got him in ninety seven in the postseason. He's not perfect. Nor was Ruth Gehrig, nor was DiMaggio knows mantle. Top-five Yankees of all time going into the hall of fame. Performing for as long as he did as excellently as he did. And in a position that he played for a team that was dynastic in an era where dynasties are a dime a dozen back in the day. Sure. But now. There's no dynasties anymore. Except for the patriots and the warriors. But I'm talking about in baseball not anymore. Eight four four zero four rich. I'm happy to take your calls on that and other subjects, but I gotta take the call Stephen Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and the competition committee. That's going to be good stuff. Folks. I'm gonna try for saints fans. And all you fans out there to think that the replay rule needs to be changed a trauma best that's next on mud. Also, bring up my windmill tilting right now. Now, they got the tuck rule change in the catch will change gotta get this whole business of fumbling through the end zone. Just because it goes six more inches into the end zone. You lose possession the ball. And if it went six inches in front of the pile on you get to keep it. That's next on the Johnson show. Everybody's got it to do list. Drop off the dry cleaning pick-up some milk. Here's an idea. Let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance to that list. And the good things. You don't have to drop off or pick up. Anything? All you have to do is go to Geico dot com. 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Brought to you by Geico. Truth. You will certainly send any text about your supervisor to your supervisor. What's Janet's fangs? Did she lose up that without weed whacker? Oh, sent wait. No, no, no, no, no truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. Janet, I think my phone was hacked or something Goco, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. Okay. So as you know, the phone lines have been lit here. Just like many shows like this one. Well, there's no other show like this, quite frankly for the last couple of days since the NFC championship game about what you think the NFL should do or what rules should be changed with the replay system in order to make sure what we saw at the end of the NFC championship game does not happen again. And we figured you know, what let's get somebody from the competition committee itself on the phone line. And we are thrilled to have the Dallas Cowboys VP COO director player personnel. Stephen Jones here on the program. How you Stephen? Hey, rich, man, I'm doing great hope you're having a good week and our down here at the senior bowl having. Move on since we're out of the tournament. Now looking to make ourselves better. Okay. Well, maybe we can revisit that in a second. I do wanna hit on the subject. Do jour about the end of the NFC championship game. And what do you think the the general sense of things is from the management level the ownership level in the competition committee level that you represent all in one. Stephen absolutely will. I think you know, when I first joined the committee, rich, the one thing we learn right away. Is you don't make knee jerk decisions and have knee jerk opinions. And then the other term I learned early and often the end intended consequences. I think, you know, in general, obviously, you look at the call obviously that the sin question, and certainly, you know, it's a tough one. It's a tough one, you know, obviously the saints. So they certainly play that forward and see where they are in the Super Bowl right now and understand that. But at the. The same time. If you get into, you know, the bar reaching consequences of that. Which are you know, how do you insert pass interference and any type of replay? You know, it's a very judgmental call at the end of the day. And although that one to most appeared obvious there's a lot of pass interference call because of the contact. We have in our game all the handwriting that goes on down the field. You know, it's very judgmental. Call that's not always clear obvious. You know, concertedly be bad. It can certainly be a case made that there's you know, PI calls aren't pass interference that, you know, have people think they are and have people think they aren't. But you know, obviously, we'll take a look as we do everything. And it deserves a long look and a lot of provocative conversations will be had on. You know, how you know how to move forward with something like that? I think it was all the call that we you know, hate hate that was missed at the same time. No, one has more respect. Checked for fficials than myself. I mean, there's a, you know, a lot of pressure put on them. There's twenty two players out on that field. There's a lot of space. You know, there's a lot of, you know, contact it goes on and our game which is expected, and you know, they have tough duty so have nothing, but the most respect for them. It's our job, you know, as a league as a competition committee to continue to improve and make our gain better for fans in terms of officiating, and it's our job to put him in better places. And I don't have the answer to that on my fingertips as we sit here today, certainly look forward to sitting with a, you know, with my fellow competition committee members are NFL stat and looking for ways to improve our football game. Yeah, I'm sure of Sean Payton, obviously, he's on the committee. He'll be in the room. Have you had any conversations with him at all yet? Stephen I have not I have not I have let him. Certainly let this all kind of motion or work its way as we all have an all these games. I mean, we were involved in, you know, we've been involved in games like that where you know, -ficiating can be contested. And certainly, it's an emotional rollercoaster. That you go through. I think anybody who's men involved in the NFL and been involved in game. So probably at one time or another have had, you know, calls at work your way, and you have calls at work against. But certainly when it's done, you know, at a, you know, in these playoff games were, you know, it's a it's lose you go home. Then there's a lot more motion involved, but, you know, shines very very smart coach he adds a lot to the committee. I know he'll have a lot of great ideas as well. The other members as well. As will our staff why I've got a good idea Stephen Jones, if you don't mind me, forwarding it to you. I'm late never been shy. Always open to ideas. And always opened a for ways to get better. So I'd love to hear your because I'd love to look I understand the sensitivity on the front of the difficulty of the job. I mean fans if there ever fortunate enough to get close to the field, just the guys are so big they're so fast. It's remarkable that that the calls are right as much as they are. Okay. So I understand that and understand the crucible of the of the game like was at the end of the NFC championship game. It's a pressurized but having replay as a safety net to me might take some of the pressure off and certainly help in a situation like this one, which I think we can all agree. We don't wanna see anymore. And I also understand the sensitivity of having judgment calls folded into replay that said making everything reviewable when I say everything anything's reveal anything, but you don't you don't expand the number of challenges. Is available to coaches at all. So you don't extend the game. You do however may be get more challenges made which might extend the game. But it's not appreciably extended. And in the last two minutes anything is review -able by the booth and New York City, but it has to be you would come up with some language clear. Use the word yourself earlier in this instant in his interview, clear and obvious any clear and obvious penalty can be reviewed in the last two minutes. What do you think? Well, I just think it's something we should discuss. I'm sure will be discussed. We've certainly heard this before I think clear and obvious is the key. And how do you define clear and obvious? And you know, because there's a lot of a lot of calls that people think are and obvious depending on what side of it. Right. Which team you're rooting for that to a saints fan? They'd be clear and obvious to Rams fan. They not to Cowboy's fan they'd be clear and obvious to an eagles fan may not. And you know, you just get in when you get into judgment calls. That's what you get into. And I think if you hear smart people on broadcast, whether it's Troy Aikman. And or Joe buck. Whether it's Tony Romo and gymnasts. They're very knowledgeable about our game. And when they're having their conversations with what the officials in the booth there's differences of opinion there by very smart people as to what the. You know when there is replay how it should go. Or when there is a call how it should go. So it's a, you know, it's it's certainly something very difficult to get your hands around. Once you move past. You know, once you get into the judge McCall's like pass interference holding things of that nature. So, you know, you know, all these are very valid points. Good points. They're all points that we will. I'm sure have you know, a lot of discussion as theirs as it should be. And we all want the game to be better. We all wanted to be better for fans, we all want to get it. Right. We all wanna put officials in the very best possible position to get it. Right. And at the same time, we want to have great blow to our ball games. And you know, you can't at the end of the day you have to live with we've been living with it in sports for forever that there's gonna be miscall at times. And so those are all things that we have to measure, and we'll certainly be doing that. And big way and in this offseason. It certainly, you know, whenever you have a season, you you have a lot of things that a lot of questions that are raised at the competition committee has to address certainly we'll we'll have our hands full again this offseason. So we'll call it. The Isan rule. That'll be on the agenda is what you're saying. Certainly will take a look at it. I could assure you got that will come up, and it has before it's certainly one. That's you know, you thought it to. And I I'm not say I've heard it before. Okay. Something that will obviously discuss I it just just closing a loophole. That look as you point out loophole calling it that would be calling it that for the last century plus in sports about officiel officials were humans and making calls or non calls. I I totally get it, but just closing up whatever possibly can happen that the NFC championship game. Unfortunately, drove through like a Mack truck in front of a huge American viewing public just closing that up. That's that's all I'm I think many fans are looking right now. I think the challenge is just are you doing that? Every play was that a pick was that an offensive holding clear and obvious was that clear not space mass was that a clear and obvious to the head. And then you're into the debate in New York, you know, as to you know, is clear and obvious. And it's every play. I mean, you go back and let the final two minutes of the Casey New England game. There's pick plays. There's pass interference. There's facemasks there sits to the head or non hits to the head. I mean, you get into you might not ever make it through the final two minutes. And and that's what that getting into when TV goes to work on this. You know, what's was that guy holding the defensive guy holding was the I mean, as you know, there's a case to be made that there's some form of penalty on every play. You know, these guys are coach to be physical and coach to push the limits, and we're talking about very skilled guy. Who are big and fast. And you know, it's you know, you really question if that's what we really want a couple more minutes left with Steven Jones here. Cowboys executive vice president I'm gonna front-load this in case, let's say you, and I've had a conversation off air about this. So I figured I bring it up now. In Super Bowl fifty three member of the Rams of the patriots. The patriots don't usually do this. Because Bella check coaches against it. But member the Rams of the patriots reaches for the pylon with ball, and it goes through the end zone and the ball goes to the defense. What is the appetite of the competition committee to change this rule? Stephen jones. It's been in the past it has been gone over extensively. And I think, you know, at the end of the day, it's strict liability on that runner to secure it and the fumbles before it gets it across the goal line. And that was his decision to be careless with the ball or take a chance to score. Touchdown. We're and he has to make that decision. So we've made the decision not to change the rule in the path. But certainly, you know, it comes up, and as far as I can remember it comes up almost every year that we certainly look at three or four plays on that. Because usually it happens a couple times a year. And we make sure that that's the stance that y that we wanna keep why why why ultimate opinion becomes it's the, you know, strict liability on the runner to make that happen to us. Their car went for the touchdown. And he reached for it. And he takes a chance at that point. That he's gonna fumble that ball, and it's gonna go through the ends up. And if he secures the ball and yes the lineup. The next play you'll end up probably your yard short. No. It's their job to get the ball in on the next play. You know, where I stand on it. By the way. Just what's great about our gate. What's great about our fans is everyone certainly has has opinions. And by the way this. Well, no, there's a lot of differing opinions in the room. It's a lot of times. It's never a lot of times. It's not unanimous. And you certainly have people on both sides of the coin if you will or the equation, you know, some want it some don't want something in terms of a specific rule. So the good news is it's a well thought out of you know, what the competition committee makeup is it's made up of coaches, DM's owners, etc. In terms of you know, looking at what's in the best interest of our game. And certainly we understand that people don't always agree. The fans don't always agree owners within the don't agree with the committee, and within the committee, you have certainly disagreement. So it's very fair. Okay. Even just a couple of quick hitters on the Cowboys. If you don't mind before letting you go when do you think you might have an announcement on the offensive coordinator for your team? You know, I think as we move forward, you know, we're obviously at this point comfortable with what we have internally. But we have our coaches into turns out or down at the Pro Bowl 'cause the Pro Bowl. So we're gonna have some meetings some this week down there. We're gonna move into senior bowl to the Pro Bowl. And then we'll obviously all convene back next week. But I would think about by the by next week. We'll be making a final decision on that. Okay. And I don't know if you were aware of what Colby's Lee was tweeting out yesterday about management deciding who gets the football in an offensive scheme. Stephen. I I would hope that's just his frustration. But certainly not at all the case. I mean, we don't get involved in that we do, you know long as they have. Decide to tell you. We're gonna pay players a lot of money or we're gonna trade players and give up big picks that we certainly hope that they would be involved. You know, we're going to do things like that that there's a reason we're doing that they're going to be involved, but we would never dictate to where balls go with things of that nature in terms of the game plan and getting involved with what our coaching staff does to you're ready play ball game. And lastly, quote, and certainly of all people call always involved in getting balls and getting catches, and you know, he's been a just an integral part of what we're about. And certainly made a lot of big catches and key catches and and gains that we've won and had success with. And lastly Dakyns Zeke are they up for renegotiating right now or their in group. You know, we certainly those are all guys that we want to be on our team a long term, and we'll be working with a handful of really top in. And players that we have on our team this year. I think it's well documented between the markets Lawrence between Amari Cooper between Byron Jones and back and Zeke that all those players players that we went to be wearing a cowboy uniform for years to Cobb. So that certainly the methodical process that will work through with them and their agents, and certainly some timing involved with all the above, but we intend to keep all those guys in terms of their long-term future with the Cowboys. Most even we had Jalen Smith on on NFL game day morning champ, Sunday what a great human being that. That guy is. I mean, you you struck it with him. And so many other guys at you, and you and the staff and your dad of drafted there and the Cooper trade for the first round pick. He got a lot of heat for the first round pick. And he just absolutely was dynamite. So congrats on all those moves panning out and get me an F C championship this year for sure. Well, thank you. We won't take that next step, and, you know, be talking hopefully, we'll be playing football in the future this time of year. Well, we've got a good young team or certainly optimistic, but we have to get better. And hopefully improve on what we did last year. But they've being on. Thanks for the call Stephen really appreciated Stephen Jones Cowboys executive vice president from the senior bowl, which you can by the way watch on NFL network Saturday right here on the rich Eisen show. Okay. Two things two things. First blush. One. I don't think they didn't do anything doesn't sound like it. They'll talk about it. I'm sure Sean Payton will be very passionate about it. But I like my idea more than the Pereira's idea, which is a sky judge, which is somebody's up there reviewing anything that should have been called in real time to throw a flag from all the way up in a booth because they're watching a game and seeing a replay no flags in the play. No flags in the play. Oh, wait a minute booth buzzes down. We're going to review to see if there's a flag. I think that would make people insane Skynet is watching. I'm just you know. I like my better. But I think they're just going to end up saying let's ref better. Which I think is a mistake and number two. Can you tell Jerry Jones's daddy? Same cadence. Shame same draw a you. And I kind of looked at each other. When he say debate guy and my Cupper. Right. My kids. Ten seven and five will watch Cowboys games when there are age right now. We'll see him and he's gonna be sitting there in the sweet. Yeah. Clean hits glasses. Next time. We have Steven on Alaska. Eight four four two four rich phone lines lit when we come back in new guest has been added to the third hour this program, which I am particularly fired up about as well. 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And of course, supporting now back to the show. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of eight news headlines right after this podcast. All right. Our poll questions brought to you by truecar car shopping can be confusing terms like dealer price list price, invoice, truecar shows you what other people paid for the car you want. So you can recognize a good price when you're ready to buy a new or used car, visit truecar to enjoy more confident car buying experience. What do you have over there? Chris. I know you've been coming. Not struggling to come up with one basically just struggling decide which one. Okay. Yeah. Decide on one. We can talk hall of fame. That's not a bad. Okay. So dear lines all wanna talk about the NFL replay rule. So obviously, Mary Veira unanimous choice for all famous here. Derek Jeter is up for the hall of fame next year. Yes. So probably going to go with should jeeter be a unanimous hall of fame inducted. I mean, how how does he not be? I mean, but I don't think he will be that. There's some people that think what is war is this or what I'm I I don't know. What about let's take the next five. Shilling Clemens bonds. Walker Omar Vizquel who deserves to be the next five photos of the next five that almost may schilling was in each seventy five percent to get schilling. Sixty point nine percent Clemens. Got fifty nine point five percent bonds fifty nine point one. Larry Walker fifty four point six and Omar Vizquel forty two point eight so take the next five off the list and say who should get. Oh, you do that. That's my suggestion like that. Okay. That. Who do you say in that on that list? I don't know. I mean, I think she'll ings numbers merit. Don't you or you're a red sock? So no, I agree. But he's also one of the best post game hitters of all time lemons to if you don't think he did anything wrong, you should have been in a million years ago. I don't know how you can't think. I know that didn't do anything wrong. But. He throw bad at Mike Piazza guess who's joining us in our number three Joe, Tori. You guys enjoy that moment. Well, I mean, he's the manager of the dynastic Yankees that were dynastic in part because of Mariano Rivera. And I'm just wondering what? Because again Rivera started ten games in ninety five easy was he a good starter. I don't remember that his numbers as a starter. Let's look at them up right right here. His numbers as a starter. In to get his game logs here in nineteen ninety-five started ten games and his ERA is era was five five. One is a young kid though. His his major league debut was against was at the California Angels. And they lit them up for five runs in three and a third. And then he finally broke through with a winning the the Oakland A's, but he would set he went five third. But the biggest one when he came out when he was just like, okay? He's got some stuff was in Chicago on July, fourth George Steinbrenner's birthday. I might add on July fourth of ninety five at the White Sox. Eight innings to hits for walks eleven strikeouts. Hello. And then and then he turned into later on in September that year he would start coming out of the pen. And then I guess that's the way that they handed them off to, Tori. Eight four four two four riches the number two dollars sneak in a quick call here. Tom and Idaho, you're on the program. How you've been Tom. Doing great, thanks for taking my call. You know, I think your heart's in the right place in terms of in your idea on the penalty situation. I think you know, let me paint a little picture here for you. They would concern me. I mean, you know, understanding that, you know, the NFL obviously is quite people quite a few people on the sideline, you know, you'd have dedicated coaches, they would do nothing the watch for played like this. Then if you can imagine late in games, you've got a fifty six yard, you know, play where you know, say Aaron Rodgers throwing a pass down the sideline touchdown. And you have them throwing review flag on this for a backside tack on a whole I mean in and again understand there's a penalty on almost every single play. I think he'd really degrade the momentum and the integrity of some of these bigger players. I think it really affected gaming negative way. That's totally reasonable response to all this time. And that's that's that's why eventually I think the NFL decide to do nothing. But there has to be something. And thank you for the call. There has to be something in place to rectify what happened on Sunday, let's come up with the language clear. Obvious whatever you want, whatever you want like something where you look at it and go, you know, is that holding you could say it is you could say it's not is that defensive pacifists. You could say this is not there were tons of offensive pass interference calls that were missed in the AFC championship game on Kansas City. One after another after another Kansas City would send a wide receiver out on a quote, unquote, route and all he would do is just block one of the members of the secondary of the patriots and then wide open wheel route for Damian Williams. I mean. So I'm not just saying I don't know Richard Sherman put out there. He tweeted out the pass interference. Let's let's clear this up that they're looking review defense of pass interference. And I would say, no, let's clear up the obvious ones. Every Steeler fan is still complaining about what happened against the chargers on that Sunday night the comeback. Started on a touchdown off a clear and obvious blown false start. Let's fix it. Let's fix it. So what happens there someone on Pittsburgh, staff buzzes down? Hey, Mike Tomlin chemmy throws the flag and says that's a clear and obvious call. We'll discuss it more with you shot Jennings and more hour too. Coming up move over YouTube. The collider network is now on podcast one. Get your fix for any of your pop culture needs with shows like collider factory heroes movie. Talk jet. I council one on one with Christian har- law and movie, trivia schmo down. Download and subscribe on apple podcasts and podcast one today and remember to rate and review on apple podcasts. Geico presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Brian Bruno live on the scene of a recent windstorm here to describe the event chest of drawers this storm howling outside. So I thought I'd stay in and watch a rob com. Five minutes into the flick, a tree branch slams through the window. Where are you hurt? I just got a scratch on my chest. Your chest of drawers can't help you in a windstorm. But the gyco insurance agency can help you get covered for personal property damage. Co gyco to see how a forcible homeowners insurance can be state of the union. I'm Ed Donahue with an AP news minute. House speaker Nancy Pelosi says President Trump should delay his state of the union address next week. The president says he wants to deliver it on time. Pelosi responded check gone, let's let's work together. And usually agreeable date. We welcome you candidate to carry his state of the union the White House. President Trump was asked about the Pelosi response. It's really a shame. What's happening with the Democrats have become radicalized? In a want to see crime staff, which we can easily do in the southern border. President Trump wants border wall money linked to a Bill to end a partial government shutdown now in its thirty third day several hundred of the forty six thousand furloughed IRS employees recall to work last week have gotten permission to stay off the job because of financial hardship the official start of the tax filing season is Monday. I'm Ed Donahue.

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