Week 10 Studs & Duds, Rising Stars, A Dingo Ate My Brady


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Which bothered me tremendously should've been a labor. I might have been wanting bothered me more that Mike's demeanor changed so profoundly at the studio because when Duke Johnson, I he had Nick shell by Duke Johnson in this matchup was flexing Duke. And when dukes scored it was very close. My kind of melted into a depression and things were looking okay. And then from the moment Nick show Brooklyn ninety two yard touchdown off until I left the studio in tears. Mike's demeanor was vastly different. Jason you can test that. Oh, yeah. I mean, I got I got to I entered into the scene, right? As Mike switched from sadness to he was more concerned. It wasn't sadness. It was. Just at that time. Both of our teams were performing extremely well. So it had turned into this. We are going to be the top two scoring teams on the week. And one of us is gonna lose and it started. It was going back and forth. I didn't know if it was going to be me. But it wasn't. I we assumed we lease that you could not know who the winner was. Yes. Because Andy, you still have saquon Barkley Odell Beckham and George kit left to go, and you pretty much can't we can't win. And thank you Melvin Gordon, Nick Chubb, Mitch Trubisky Davante Adams Brandin cooks, everybody. But been Watson on your team. I love you next up. It's Monday November twelfth what's crazy is he benched carry on yesterday was Veterans Day. So happy Veterans Day to everybody. I was driving in this morning us thinking about my grandfather who recently passed in about five six weeks ago is a veteran of the. The United States army and my great uncle just passed away. He was a marine fun World War Two. And I was sitting here. I was driving in the roads were a little emptier. Some people have the day off and anybody who's not doing the show today with us in the studio has the day off, and they'll they'll be running out of here soon after we get it up. But I was just thinking we get to talk about fantasy football for a living, and we get to make up ridiculously stupid names. And I get to be deeply emotionally wrecked when Mike steam destroys mine, and that is a privilege to get to do that. Thank you to all the veterans yet have honorably served this country. And we appreciate those freedoms we live in such a cynical political landscape nowadays. And there's nothing political about the sacrifice that the every veteran has made. So thank you very much. Happy Veterans Day too. To order. No to one know. Yeah. Back to the trivialities of fantasy. You can follow us on Twitter at the F F ballers the websites. The fantasy football dot com and our community is joining the foot dot com. We've got our Monday one liners we got our Monday puns from Monday punday. Yes. From the foot clan and at the very real winners here. Okay. You're going to enjoy them starting with e bronze Hanes. I see what you did there. Andy dolton. Yeah. Not Ben route ruthless burger. Yeah. He was amazing list. Sean MC Jason lies. He's beyond. I do love them. But I been Rothlisberger. One of the teams in our dynasty league is the worst team of ever seen on paper ever. And I lost. I had a great loss for Spencer ware put up a touchdown on me. But it's all because of Ben ruthless burner in his fifty points. Sean, MC joy. Yeah. A lot of joy, remember, Sean. A lot of people play the jets defense. Oh, but but but betting. I played the in in in our listener league. I played the jets defense against the buffalo defense. One of those was a good idea. Look if you wanted to bet against Matt Barkley you did so on on your own court. Yeah. Your own peril to your own. Yeah. Demise? I mean, totally thought coming Berkeley, you've got Trey gone Smith from my roster gone from my roster trae that was Gustav was so here's to you. Allen robinson. Yeah. What a game. Alan Robson win chew. I like that pooped in is big boy pants Boyd. Yeah. Shoutouts, man. I I wanted. Schuyler phony, Michelle. Yeah. Yeah. Dingo eight mob Brady thing go. Hey Brady, golden Tate, the third string. Oh, that's nice one. And then how about this one? Oh, Jay how weird your quarterback threw for four hundred plus yards. And you got one catch for fifteen years. That's my favorite. Yeah. That was looked fancy football thoughtful is a son of a gun. Sometimes it's interesting. So odds and probabilities you need to win sixty percent of those little you know, the the the decisions. Well, I didn't have ability says. Yeah, you know, this happens or that doesn't and probability did not say Nick Chebet drop it thirty eight burger on me. No. But he did. So that's always fun. Let's get into the rewind. Weekly rewind. All right. Sucks. Yeah. Cooper cop has torn his ACL. Did it week ten against the Seahawks and? Look, there's no two ways about it. This really hurts. The rams. Yeah. Super. I mean, he's a great player. It's incredibly unfortunate for the team for the man for fantasy teams as well. It's just. Really crappy part of the game. But Cooper cop will be out. I mean, it would we would expect Josh Reynolds would take. Yes, his spot. But little more jailed ever. The emergence of Gerald. Advert has been extremely interesting for the Los Angeles. Rams, and I would expect that trend to continue. I don't know if Everett can get to the place where you're actually starting him. But we might get there. Prob. Yeah. I mean, eight eight fancy points two weeks in a row, but I'm not looking that direction. Say we might get there by the end of the season. But probably not if I we've we've done this game before if I had to bet on one I would bet on Josh Reynolds. But I really hope to not bet on one I want, you know, if you have Robert woods if you have Cooper cops. Then then great Andy said. What are Robert woods? Brandon cook. Oh up. You know, Andy said this before the show is like the only worry with one of those guys is that one game. It just kinda goes away from that wide receiver. But now with Cooper Cup gone. I think it's woods and and cooks are very safe. Yeah. I'd I not that they weren't already woods and cooks are great. Speaking of batting though. Red dead Dixon dropped a saying. Single reception. Jason. So you are weekly realize its that important betting. And I started thinking about that we made that I won and the review saying that we. Yes. Dr let's get to that rockstar. If you wanna pay us to talk about red dead were we're completely they've because we do it anyways. Nobody knows what you're talking about. Unless you saw my Twitter, but we got a one star review, which by the way, those reviews really matter and it said sneaky red dead ads and how they liked our show, but they resent the sneaky red dead advertising. And listen man, I wanna be paid by rockstar ply love red dead redemption to, but we share our lives with you and much of my life is out on the wild west right now, I paid for my copy, I'm paid for the upgrade darn right? I did that on you rockstar. I feel I feel ripped off now. Yes. Right. So sadly. On the one star review. I I'm submitting my formal appeal and asking you to go in to apple I tunes in fix that on our behalf. And or get rockstar to sponsor a so, you're right. And then I'll take your wants better Marvin Jones left week ten against the bears of the knee injury awaiting updates. That's unfortunate man, the lives. They are bad. Yeah. If they lose Marvin Jones, and now they come into the season basically having given away Eric E Bron now giving away golden Tate. And then lose Marvin Jones. Yuck. Yeah. I mean, you I guess you like call a day in that situation. But maybe I like a man on an island. You know, the the thing about Matthew Stafford is Matthew Stafford no matter how bad he plays. First three-quarters usually has a decent fourth quarter to make it somewhat competitive. And if he's only got one target I would like golladay in that situation. You guys saw Tara Austin defensive coordinator for the Bengals was fired this morning and Marvin Lewis has taken over as defensive coordinator. Yes. All right, cool. I'm glad you guys know that maybe you get a one game morale bump by of defense is just too bad Juki grant carted off the field with an achilles. Devante Parker exited with a shoulder injury. ESPN's Adam Schefter came out talked about AJ green is looking more likely to hill return in December. Seasons falling apart a little bit for the Bengals right now. Yeah. Just a game out. I don't even know if it's a full game because of the tie. Well, maybe a game in a half. I mean the Steelers are surging though. Yeah. Speaking of achilles to completely saddest season in pro NFL history. We didn't talk about it because we talked about Dez Bryant and what he means. If you didn't hear does Bryant. After having cut cut late too late to sign as a free agent for big money. Finally finds team signs and tears his achilles. Right. Yeah. And so he's gone. And it's probably the I think it's the end of his thing is it could be the end for Dez Bryant. He's already you know, around that thirty Mark. So the recovery will be difficult. You're then you're gonna have to find a team that didn't have a lot of interest is willing to go. Give you another chance. It's going to be a very very uphill battle for Dez Bryant's to make it back and just. Yeah. Cool. Let bell everything was trending in a good direction for less bell last week, including reports that the organization itself thought that he was going to report on ten then he saw Dez Bryant. Yeah. Love Bell's, not going to report. That's what Adam Schefter saying today. And if he doesn't report by Tuesday, it's it's done. This aga- will be over levian bell. Will not be coming back this year. He will be eligible for a third year franchise from the Pittsburgh Steelers. That's not gonna happen because that's QB level. Yes. So Levy on bell will be playing for another team next year. We're going to only goner is safe. Yeah. Sumi comes back from the concussion. Tomorrow will be the final word. I mean, hopefully, we never speak of this again. Yeah. Four somebody signs them. Please don't show up. Chris Carson Sammy Watkins, rob gronkowski. Ran Okabe Anderson all did not play. I have a just a hope for next year. Yeah. Let's get a season. Jason's and owner of the company. So you can't I mean, he it's not much. We can do with them at this point. Oh crap to boot him out. That's not what you're I was. But I like where your head's at. No, this is for the NFL and for fantasy football. Just a season where we don't have one of these ridiculous soap operas, then drinks on for the entire season. I look if you need a soap opera can I get one with an eighth round pick. Yeah. Round pick. I don't need this first round drama, or at least make it General Hospital because that shows good. Wow. I don't know. I've just that was the first one I could think they still do those right? They still do their tumors that still need to be found. There are General Hospital returning from the dead returning from disappear. Long lost twin brothers says at birth now in the hospital. It's really sad. This week's fantasy stud muffins. Continuing to prove Jason wrong. Mitch Trubisky went out to me. Continuing to be motivated three fifty five and three ran in one. Playing conversion and Mitch Trubisky. Played wonderfully having Allen Robinson back was a boon. He's got Minnesota Detroit and the giants next up on the schedule. This is his fourth game with four plus touchdowns. Mitch Trubisky can play football look shout out to our buddy Jeremy for dropping. Mitch Trubisky for me to scoop up off the waiver wire for free this week. I appreciate you, buddy. Yeah. Why was it was funny because in many ways Mike felt stuck with Mitch Trubisky this week because he attempted with zero fab to pick up various replacements or potential dare you one dollar one dollar dollar and everybody kept sniping them. I mean, Russell Wilson disappears and rothlisburger. Yeah. I couldn't get Rondos. Burger I picked up Lamar Jackson not for this week, obviously. But just to keep them away from my for the rest of the season and Mitch Trubisky. Looks like the best of all of them. Big. Ben drew Brees Baker Mayfield and Russel Wilson ended up with solid fantasy weeks. Andrew luck against Jacksonville. He is a big fan of tight ends big big big big fan. I don't know what the percentages of his touchdown passes over the last three weeks. Two tight ends. But it might be over a million percent. I'm not sure exciting. Typically, it could be Marcus mariota stream of the week. Had a good game surprise. They beat New England. So I had to look it up because I'm not going to bet against it anymore. I get it. It's math is broken probability goes out the window with Gabe run. He played on thirty. Let's see I I wanted to it matters to know, it absolutely matters to me in general, but Arabiya doesn't run. Well for tight ends maybe for tight ends. So if you look at for titans named Eric Hebron. Well, if you look at tight ends, they are technically. Like, you would consider them to be sharing that position. Right. Like, it's not a even though the snap counts is thirty eight percent, right. You would still consider Doyle and Brown to be a part of a platoon there. Right. So maybe in platoon tied institutions win touchdowns are such a heavy factor for tight end production. Snap count is not as big of a factor. I'm gonna look into those numbers. We can look there are a lot of situations. Where guys are goal line tight ends in Tonio gates last year or two years ago with under Henry was not seeing the snap percentage. Hunter Henry was seeing. But he didn't put up touchdowns Hebron's doing this. I mean, it's nobody's done it like E. It's just it's a matter of probability like Jason talking about if a guy's out the running more routes he has more opportunity, but Eric Hebron is just he has put a nuclear bomb to that. He doesn't even have to run routes, man. He rushed he had a rushing touchdown. Okay. I'm not. Yeah. But what are the snap counts inside the twenty one of the? Inside the thirty those what mattered more to me. I don't care for your on stake in a rapid at the opposing team's, you know, his own team that that's a more fair point see where where are the snaps actually happening. But yeah, big game. Andrew luck against Jacksonville. Jacksonville season. Looks lost. It's going to be Tennessee in Houston fighting for that division. Some things are shaking out in terms of the divisional races. I mean, Washington won another game. The Dallas upset Philadelphia so running backs Nick Chubb was the big story twenty for one seventy six longest touchdown and Brown's history. A ninety two yard run. He's averaged one hundred and two rushing yards per game. That's deceptive a little bit. But as sept- of number because he ran for one seventy six, but since Carlo side is big on eighty sixty five eighty five and then the monster game. So I mean, he Nick Shaw has been he's been fantastic. And you start him and do Johnson on a weekly basis. Not on a weekly basis. I think you can start child on a weekly basis and Duke Johnson to me needs a certain type of game. Like like this one where we were saying do great play say this though, I mean, we said he's a great play against Atlanta game script didn't go the way. We thought that's true. But the reason he. Was a great play is because Atlanta always gives up pass catching running back fantasy points. And that's due Johnson's. We'll we'll see I mean with with the change over this. We had also talked about the possibility that that kitchens. The new offense coordinator could change things up to me be more friendly for Duke not heavily used in this game. He just ended up what the touchdown Christian McCaffrey the monster week. Hey, who's this guy? Oh. David. Nice to see ninety eight rushing yards eighty five receiving yards. Seven catches two touchdowns. David johnson. He did it. He did it in a game where the implied point total for Zona was very low. And he still put up a monster fantasy. He's going to do it again next week, Oakland Raiders. Yeah. It's great to see. We're going to talk about him. Again, shortly Zeke, Elliot, what was really, you know, we're going to talk about him again. Okay. We're gonna talk about David Johnson. Again, we do this thing called rising stars on the show is unaware that he was and we do we do it later on. And he's going to be my rising star Jason. That's what I was getting that Aaron Jones broken out finally whittled down every bar in that cell broke out the law. Can't find him. No one can find him fifteen for one forty five two touchdowns out. Touched him always eighteen to three and wouldn't you know had wonderful success in the team had wonderful success. Hello mccarthy. It was crazy wa- watching that game. It was inner tore turmoil for me because he was high in my rankings, but I was playing against them and every single time he touched the ball. Look like if it's just run for first down and every time it was it looked like he was about to break off touchdown. He's really good. And then they put Jamaal Charles in the game. And you go or Jamal Williams, and they you go, but I do so slow. He said that's not Aaron Jones now. So I mean, yeah, the breakout has happened. I think he you know rest of season. He's going to be a great start could be a league winner type of player. Zeki LA nineteen for one fifty one and won. The big story was Zeke is he's already at his season high. In catches he's on the field. All the time. Gray game for Zeke against the Philadelphia run defense that was in the top five of the league they need to keep feeding him. They need to give him the ball more and more and more like, you know, to the tune of Todd Gurley numbers every week in. But they all they need to be. Creative as well. And then the targets is a huge part of that. You can't do what they did the couple of weeks ago where the the defense knew exactly what was going to happen. We'll get into some more running back names. I wanna thank pristine auction for sponsoring today's show. Pristine auction the best place for autographs sports memorabilia, they've been sponsored the show for a really long time. 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Let's talk about some more running backs Leonard fournette Jason. Oh, yes. Ace and Leonard fournette twenty four fifty three and a touchdown at a really bad yard precarious numbers. Those are really bad. But when you get a multi touch down over one hundred purpose yards. It's a great start. He definitely disappointed with the efficiency in the run game against the colts. But you can't you can't be too sad with the the point was workload. And he is the clear cut back on Carlos is requesting a trade back to the Browns. I think only three touches Melvin Gordon doing Melvin Gordon things. The nice thing about Melvin Gordon is no matter how much success he's had during any part of the game. He's one play away at this point in time, the Shawn McCoy, what do you think about Leshan McCoy's big performance twenty six thirteen into didn't even catch the ball, which has been the way he's been saving his production for you. Amnesty owners the only had one target. If you wash the game, it was this was old school shady McCoy was it was fun. It was a vigorous to watch because when shady's running liberty when he's the slippery fish. He is an extremely entertaining player to watch. It came on the back of I was being jocular about it. But Matt Barkley was actually a competent quarterback that that's the difference for the Shawn McCoy. He's got the bye week. Josh Allen is reported to be back. If Josh Allen can be competent at all. Then guess shady McCoy is getting the type of volume to be a running back to. But if Josh Allen comes back and looks real bad, then then you're in trouble again McCoy. So it's it's I don't think you can project confidently one way or the other right now where he's going to go. There were two pretty significant games this week that we need to talk about the one one is marking rooms game thirteen for one. Oh, four three for fifty eight in the passing game with a touchdown. The other one is carry on Johnson's game fourteen for fifty one in a touchdown fries and a touchdown through the air. And I think what fantasy owners want to know. Dare I say deserve to know is whether or not it's going to last for these two players the concern with Ingram has been opportunity especially on the goal line. The conservative kerryon Johnson was the return of THEO Riddick and the disintegration of his passing game work, but you had a really big fantasy days. Probably on a lot of benches for Ingram in Johnson. Yeah. I I'm very confident in both players Mark Ingram. He didn't get some crazy new opportunity because what he's what he's been getting. I mean, twelve carries thirteen carries nine carries thirteen this week. But he he's on a great offense. You get the opportunities to score touchdowns which he had through the air three receptions for fifty eight. I I'm I'm very confident in marking is he going to be great every single week. No. There's very few players that just every single week have a great out. But he's not, Al. Kamera Todd Gurley. Melvin Gordon, but he's a he's a very good running back who gets enough opportunity on a great offense. And as far as carry on's concerned that the thing that really really makes me happy is THEO is back six receptions. That's that was the worry right going in with with carry on. It wasn't just I mean, the worry a little bit was match up on the road. Not not a great game. But with the aback will he continue to be used in the passing game. And he was maybe that's why he was this week of the absence of golden Tate, where you've just got, you know, a few more targets to go around to those running necks Ingram and chimera finish the week. Exactly tied is the ninth ranked fantasy running back this week carry on Johnson finished as the twelfth ranked running back. One more carry for Ingram that game got out of hand pretty quick. They didn't even play starters in in part of the fourth quarter. Okay. Let's move onto some wideouts. Tyreek hill two touchdowns. Nice to see some. I had a I had a contact on the chief sideline from last week saying that. He played last week at about eighty percent at at best coming up, you know, how he's banged up and you had your own injury. Andy Reid was concerned about it said he saw hill warming up. He looks kind of restricted he came out didn't look restricted in this game had a big game against Patrick Peterson. I say that say, you know, he was both touchdowns came in the SIEM. But he avoided, you know. No Sammy Watkins out there still had a monster game. They have the Rams next week. Oh, that's going to be such a good game. Yeah. Well, it will be ended man. If the Rams had not held on. Right. Lost the second straight game. And then half. Do you see the chiefs that would have been interesting the slow motion exuberant celebration from head coach, Sean McVeigh? I did not oh in the lip readers have gonna have themselves a time with that after the game. Yeah. It's look the man was very excited. He boards said some things that we don't see on this show. But that man was fired up fired. I we who we see it at boys. Yes. Very good team. Alan Robinson, six for one thirty three and two putting any downers to rest I for now. I mean, he had to be on most people's bench. Right. Yeah. Just because coming off the injury. But I don't know by weeks and stuff. I think if you had him you probably hopefully, you did them Minnesota Xavier Rhodes how confident he destroyed. Darius slay. Yeah. Slay was banged up all week. It'll be interesting until he banged up. Now, it'll be interesting to see what happens with Allen Robinson. And you're right with roads. And what forbi- c can do against Minnesota. Anthony Miller had a great game in that one to Anthony Miller for one twenty two and one. Most my rising star just because he did it with Alan Robinson on the field. Because you know, who didn't do it Taylor. Gabriel right. See that makes sense though, because rookie wide receivers establishing themselves. There's some metrics out there. Nobody gets more separation at the point of break. Then, you know, Anthony Miller is up there with the Tonio Brown's world. Impressive two point two something yards of separation on his route. So it was a matter of time with Anthony Miller Taylor Gabriel's capped. Anthony Miller is ascending. Yeah. So five for one twenty two great game for him. He's going to be a waiver wire target. No doubt about it. Michael Thomas, two more touchdowns ho-hum whole-home doing Michael Thomas thing. Maybe people were able to trade for Michael Thomas in the brief Dez Bryant is their window. I hope so I hope so Corey Davis likes playing the New England Patriots for one twenty five and one on ten targets. Indianapolis, Houston, New York coming up Corey Davis is this gives you kind of the Mirage in the desert every once in a while Marcus mariota, though is actually looking he's been better than the last couple of weeks. Can you buy in or is this a trap? It's trask. Well, if you look I don't know not a trap in the sense that there are plenty of poopers. We're going to talk about and you're gonna have to make a decision. Would you drive? Trae quantum submit to signed Corey Davis. Yeah. Yeah. You do that. So I think there will be decisions to be made. Maybe we'll bring Corey Davis name up again when we talk about some of the poopers and what you do with your roster. Sure Davante Adams, Julio Jones Brandin cooks. You're always starting them. Right. You mean Julio touchstone Joan that is what they call him. Him these days. He's going to have a touchdown every game recipes, ISIS, finally broke and make sense. He gets too many targets. This was just an 'nigma. This is like the coin toss thing for Kansas City that continue by law. They lost. Yes. Yeah. Kansas City had one nine consecutive coin. Tosses? Look eventually, you're going to lose. And when you when you don't cover Julio. Eventually you're going to lose Dante Moncrieff three for. Yeah. When Dante Moncrieff has a game. It has always on the back of a seventy eight yard reception. So you got it this week. What about look we've got a breakout wide receiver with a brand new quarterbacks Jones. Well, Matt Barkley. Yeah. The connection like I said, Josh Allens can nothing I would consider signing Zeh Jones to cut him, right? Just as a way of saying thank you for scoring on the waiver wire an honorary pickup. Yeah. He deserves to as been on the waiver wire he deserves to be signed in cut Eric Hebron three. I sixty nine and two touchdowns on three targets. Also had a rushing touchdown. Sure. E- Bron is on pace to tie the single season. Touchdown record for the tight end. He deserves to be owned. He started Zakar it's against Dallas fourteen for one forty five and two on sixteen targets. He's unbelievable. He is a wide receiver in tight end combined. Yep. In one position he has four of the top ten single game tight end reception numbers in history. One of which was ridiculous. Yeah. Already already in a young careers. Eckerd's is the safest tight end. There is I mean, ideally, Kelsey has a higher ceiling for multi touchdown game. I would agree with the fact that he did not score. Touchdown Zakar Tatham multi touchdown game this week. But the. Safer option is Hertz. Austin Hooper did it again eleven targets. Ten catches every once in a while every once in a while Austin Hooper, you're not going to give me a fourth time. Austin hoover. No, no. What if you started one of the poopers? Well, yes this week. But I'm saying I'm not going to go. Okay. Well, Austin Hooper he's right back at it after his act toil. You're you're signing and keeping Jack Doyle above Austin Hooper. I would. Yes. Okay. Just checking all right is rising star time. Rising stars of the week. Jason. Yeah. Launch you go. I well, I'm doing a little hanging. I'm hanging with Mr. Cooper. Mario Cooper is my rising star look last week. I talked about how you know my mind on one thing. But my body was telling me something very hesitant. So hesitant to start. Like, you couldn't get the words out my body. My. My. I thought that was just the, but my body part, and I just had to let the whole thing play. But my body is telling me yes with Amari Cooper, you've got five receptions and six receptions enough volume enough work with Zeke getting going in the passing game. We were talking about that offense. Looks like it's it's less inept, which is great. But he is the clear cut. You know, primary wide receiver, and he's looked good in that in that system. He's looked good for Dak. And if you look at their upcoming schedule games against Atlanta New Orleans, Indianapolis Tampa Bay. I mean, though, search just they're going to need to throw the ball. He looks like the primary guy. So I'm rising on Amari Cooper, without a doubt, Mike, I'm terrified of yours. I am as well. Get it. And I I think I oppose but go on well you can oppose. But this is I'm bringing them up because you got to add I don't know if we can start him yet. But Reshad Pani, I look I get it. But he was twelve for one away with a touchdown. And then he had the full peach cobbler support after the game saying that's the player that we drafted. He's going to be in a platoon. No matter what this will never be the Rashaad penny show. But what is what is the actual status of Chris Carson, how banged up is? He Carson is a Seattle running back. Meaning you will never know. And he'll be a game time decision and get thirty carries or he'll be a game time decision and get nothing. I mean, I my my were and obviously I'm a huge Rashad penny right truth or from the draft. I mean, he was my favourite running back not name saquon, you know, him and carry on where like my two guys. I think the town is there. I just can't trust Pete Carroll and Pete Carroll's support means nothing because he sports all of his players who Shay to the best. But he I mean, he got just as much work as Mike Dave is not in the passing game. But on the ground had a lot of success. Great. Yeah. And he he did he looked fantastic. I'm just I've got him in this section because I think that he is a a primary pickup at the running back position. If he is available on your waivers. We will have to see how the news trends to see if you can play him or not. I'm gonna put David Johnson in here. David Johnson with the monster game. Look for for weeks. I at least I've been saying, I think he's guys have echoed the fact that if you could have acquired him I mean last week we talked about on the show, Jordan Howard, right? Like, I mean, you you could get David Johnson without paying the David Johnson price for the past few weeks. He is a dual threat running back. And I know that offense is inept, but the cardinal's actually had a pretty good showing they held the the chiefs to their lowest point total of the season. They were competitive in this game for quite some time. And that's not to say they're going to be a winning team. But if their defense can contain people David Johnson's going to get as much opportunity as he got this week. This is much more of a template to the rest of the season with Byron left which at offense coordinator, the passing targets for David Johnson. David Johnson could end up winning people leagues. Certainly in the end when they didn't expect it after the bad start to the season. This is a big difference. We're seeing the difference in offense coordinator. Cleveland and the way it affects that offense. We're seeing it in Arizona in the way defects, David Johnson directly if you call different plays with very talented players, you get more opportunity, and that's what we're seeing what David Johnson. So he is a rising star for me. It makes sense coming off the bye nine targets. It's what we used to see with an office coordinator from what system we used to see an his upcoming playoff? Schedule is great Detroit Atlanta. And then the Rams where in the passing Amy should still have a good game. It's amazing and maddening how much coaching affects fantasy football players. I mean from the absolute demise of Todd Gurley in his second year with Jeff Fisher, David Johnson. If if the cardinals not fired Mike McCoy, David Johnson you in my opinion, just chalk it up. He would be a massive bust a writer season. Yeah. No doubt. You see terrific. His this exact knows offense, by the way. 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Bree. Yeah. Brady is the big one Dalton I wasn't expecting very much from this week. Tom Brady is the big the biggest question of these guys Brady has one touchdown pass in his last three games. And he hasn't looked great. Let's be clear about that. That's one touchdown pass total not one year game. Right. One total. He's averaging a third of a touchdown. Nice. And and I want you guys as a second set of eyeballs for me when I've been watching Tom Brady doesn't look great. His passes aren't on point. Like what we're used to seeing? Do you guys? See see that. Or I I'm really stupid looks. I think he actually looks. Okay. But the offensive line is it's been sacked seven times is causing some problems for Tom Brady. And what we know about Tom is you get him one good lick in game and is an Eminem. He just absolutely crumbles and starts panicking and freaking out. So the preview before these past three games where he had ten touchdowns in the previous four games, his completion percentage and all of those games, sixty five seventy seven sixty eight sixty nine in his last three games. His completion percentage sixty four percent sixty two and down to fifty one in the Tennessee game. So there has been. Statistical, you know, it's more than just a touchdowns. Now getting gronk they're really hoping that grown because ready to buy and then Ataman's banged up. Right now, we I Don did we touch on that in the news Brooks, no gift that Julian Ataman left the game with an ankle injury. And we don't have a further report. So we will keep you up to date on what's going on with that. But that is a cause for concern they force fed Sony Michelle in this game two to Tom Brady's detriment because he didn't have James light on the field. I think that's why you saw the completion percentage. So terrible. Is he did not have the reliable outlet that he needed, and you know, moving into running backs James white Sony, Michelle they both stunk it up the question that people have is what happened while did you see the game score. I mean, that's what happened. They they got beat. Yep. That's that's exactly what happened in for Ryan Fitzpatrick. If you were disappointed the dude through for over four hundred yards. This is why the touchstone. Hundred and three touchstone is so incredibly powerful for fantasy football when a quarterback can throw for four hundred yards. He did have to intercept since NFL. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And the phone with the fact that if you had note, no touchdowns means he pooped his pants. I mean, that's that's insanity. It's the most. I believe they had the most yards as a team with three or fewer points since nineteen sixty that makes sense. Honestly, when I when I saw that stat I was shocked that it wasn't of all time. I can't believe there was a game in the sixties where the head three or fewer points with more yards than than what happened. I don't even know how it's possible. Breaking new so good one news. Do I need to find the mediocre signing? Yeah. Are you doing? Are you doing that's a little bit more? We had it. Well, I mean, I don't think we have a right now Brandon Marshall signing a one year deal with the New Orleans Saints to replace Dez Bryant, are you interested. No not. Well, maybe if you maybe somehow not interested, but it it's interesting that trae Quan had zero production and then in this last game. So am I interested? No, am I interested in trae Kwan? No, Brandon Marshall might be on your waiver wire in a dynasty league. That's probably the only place. I'm interested in just throwing them on the huge bench. Just in case. Yeah. Yeah. Did some with someone pick them up in our league? No. I don't know. I thought that's what you are in. No. I was I was not. Okay. Well, yeah. I I should add him in that league. If he is Mike because all of my players, go out every single day. Do I don't have anybody left. I'm sure he's being on though. Yeah. He's he's okay. Thinking. Jordan Howard, Marlin Matt Kenyan Drake Tevin Coleman ITO Smith band games for all five of those guys. Who are you most concerned about man, Jordan Howard? It was one of the five. You just was actually how are you? Are you finally on board? No, I have a clip from the I got some highlights. What's here? Oh, no here. Here's the highlight clip. Waiting. Eleven carries for twenty one yards. That is some inefficient running. And what's crazy is this offense is clicking? This offense is manufacturing scores left right and center. Here's the thing. They were last week too. And he got to touch we know what we know about Jordan Howard is he's going to be the primary runner. So if it's a positive game script for the run and say, the Chicago Bears are up like multi touchdowns against a very inferior. Rush defense than Jordan Howard is going to get it done like yesterday. Yeah. Yesterday against the Detroit Lions when they were up massive in Jordan Howard, gut eleven carries. I I'm concerned Lert. I am concerned with it. But I don't think you should crazy overreact to this. Because I mean, you are doing probabilities, you know, this is still double the carries. It didn't it certainly didn't work out. I mean, he was a huge pooper without a doubt. But I mean, are you you can't just go away from. A guy getting double the carols good solid about expectation and Mike, and I last week who said the same thing. I mean, Jordan Howard is he's touched owner bus. Yeah. And he's he's you know, a flex running Jordan Howard. I'd rather have to recall of years, hold your noses. Jordan Howard right now is Isaiah Crowell double digit Carey's. I mean, you can you can make the exact same narrative for crow L if he scores your super happy. If not you got a guy who carried the ball twelve times for about forty yards. What have you say it in in reverse is I may crawl feel good. Yes. What are you thinking about this Marlin Matt game? I mean twelve twenty nine Jaguars. Yeah. But I mean, just they were up big in this game. Just twelve touches on the ground. I think is a Jaguars thing in in the fact that Marlin max, not a tight end certainly hurts him with. That's one of the biggest problems people were very unhappy with Kevin Coleman as well. That guy. Some people said that if you're bad for Christmas. They'll leave you Coleman under the tree blew up. Yeah. Coal man, coal, man. He he got a little bit shook early on in the game. So I I'm assuming that had something to do with it because he was eleven for forty four got stuffed on the goal line. I was expecting much much better things from Coleman goes weird for the entire falcons team. I mean through it was so bizarre. I mean, they just they got they had a row tail handed data road poop by the Brown. Yeah. Yeah. They went on the road and took a dump collaborate there you go wide receivers of concern. Mike Evans, three for fifty one. Jarvis Landry just two for twenty two in that win. Devin funchess three for thirty two Doug Baldwin fine for thirty nine Doug Baldwin you need to move. It on. And then Al Sean last week pump the brakes for for forty eight golden ages two for nineteen. He was barely on the field in the second half. He does not have enough. And trae Kwan's goose, what do you what's your biggest concern here? I think the biggest concern is Baldwin because he's the biggest letdown. He's a guy that you still keep on roster or this last week. I'm sure many people found him on the waivers and picked them up. One of those like, I think your team's probably better off not having him. That's not to say he can't have big games. Have a good second half of the season. If things turn around. Russell Wilson looked very good. He was running around scrambling a little bit more this last week. But in a game where he was playing we're well where Russell through for touchdowns at scrambled around. You still only had thirty nine yards from for Doug, Baldwin, his more often than not he's going to hurt you more than help you. So I would I would get them off your roster. I want talk about George game since he's returned. He's been worth nothing wanna talk about Jarvis. Because we have two games with the new. Offensive philosophy and in those games. Jarvis Landry is seven targets and five targets and before that he had six straight double digit target games. And if you have a paid attention Baker Mayfield as playing a lot better. I think he I saw the stat of he's the first rookie to have a perfect passer rating while throwing the ball more than twenty times in a game this past week his third down completion percentage. I believe it was the highest in the league as well. So I mean, the Jarvis is not having huge success. Meanwhile, the Cleveland Browns are starting to have success. He's in that. I mean, essentially you gotta look at him as the flex category. I mean, you have a ton of teams on by next week the forty Niners bills the Browns and patriots are all on by next week. So when you are listening to analysis of the good and bad on this show and into tomorrow. Roche? Oh, keep in mind that you have a lot of players on by. And it's not that you. I mean with a lot of these players is not that you can't get a great week out of him. Right. You can get a great week at a tyro Williams. You can get a great week out to Jarvis Landry Calvin Ridley they happen, but they also can lay an egg. And that's why reliability is such a difficult thing to acquire at the position you can play the match up. But you get some pretty rough game so tied ins everyone wants to know what in the world to do with OJ Howard, the one for fifteen and David and joke just one for eighteen. So in a game or Baker was great. Jarvis in joke. Who who you would assume are by far the best pass catching options he has combined for three total catches. Yeah. And now they're going into the bye week. Do you just move on as a fancy on? Are you holding David joke through the Bhai or you moving on from David joke entirely? Well, because I think you have to do the latter. I think you have to let him go through the by. You've probably do in the sense. I mean, a lot of this depends on your your roster your bench size things like that. It's hard to hold tight ends this time of year. So really if you've got a burner spot hold onto him. But if you need to move on I I would not be I wouldn't be holding David and Joe coup and dropping an important wide receiver or running back. I would I would agree with Andy take notice situations Jimmy Graham, just one catch this week. Hey. OJ Howard, Jimmy Graham, you prefer Howard recipes. Yes. Yeah. It sucked sucked fifteen yards when your quarterback throws for over four hundred that really really sucks, but you've got to accept that take the eldest week. Cody parkey, the kicker, right? We're talking about kickers law for a minute because he converted to a four extra points and missed two field goals. That's a bad day at the office. He's still employed as far as I know someone employed is baby. I had someone tweet me that they started the jets and Cody parkey. Oh, no their kicker. Have you started the jets the or the PAT's D this week? You did not give what you would bargain for. Hey, I started the pets. Steve everything was all right for this guy. Oh, man. Yeah. I think you had more to do with the other players you played Mike perhaps. But look there are no guarantees in fantasy football or life for that matter before we close today's show. One of think today sponsor Oman stakes clan. It's Christmas time. And that means we're talking about Omaha Steaks you. You know, you're excited for this promo. I'm excited for because it's a whole lot of meat for a little bit of money. Go to Omaha Steaks dot com. You enter that code fantasy into the search bar. You're going to get seventy four percent off the Omaha Steaks family gift pack. It's just forty nine ninety nine order today. That's Omaha Steaks dot com. Type fantasy in the search bar at the family gift package to your cart. All right. That is it for today's episode again. Happy Veterans Day to everybody. We'll be back tomorrow with some waiver wire and Monday night football feedback. See tomorrow goodbye. Thank you. For listening to another episode of the fantasy footballers podcast. 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