#815 Being Prompted to Pray for Others (Philippians 1:34)


Pre The word with David Platt is a resource from radical dot always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer I thank God every time I remember you Philippians chapter one versus three and four something God has been different people pop into your mind people from the past with them or maybe you think about people because this or that that they mind let that be a prompt from God and look obviously different when it comes to different people but when God brings people when you think of people who either in your family friends you a hard time getting along with I mean it will change your perspective to be continual of them and at the same time when he's thinking about people you're fond of and have close these people and praying for them with joy so just paused finished to just pray and Thanksgiving for different I'm just GonNa go through I do this periodically in my time in the largest got I thank you for and gorgeous play out in your life in that way in periodic concentrated time people so God we praise you for the privilege of prayer we praise you for a you unleash blessing on people's lives through today God help us help us to pause in those moments and to thank you iced for your blessings on their intimacy with you and all that Rotherham to yourself guidry pray that you would make us continual in prayer. I think it's a coincidence God help us to look at this as you're profiting around us would be your blessing just on leashed even now as we close this prayer this podcast episode we pray subdue that now even right now we pray in Jesus name Amen.

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