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that. Much. With a smile. attack. As? She got me. Away. Now. Bagging. Off. Talk. Crazy. So. You're. Not. Be. Say. Full. She. Asked. League. I. Make me. Win May. May. Just. May just marches He. Just. With may adjust, mark. Just. Just. Turn. Those Employees. With. Just. Just. Suing. Just. got. Just just. Just. Just wouldn't. Past. Still. Insane. Old. Next. Rock. Just. Just now. Not. Just. Dislodge. Hey guys it's Barbie. Michelle. Harvey morning, show featuring the team you WanNa have a good time may show you stop in at the I m you located eight thirty one to South Delaware Dr here at eastern Pennsylvania the American cuisine and a twist on cocktails always Wednesdays and Thursdays they have a on site also Friday and Saturday his moves out of a local artists featuring jazz or be when you stop in May sure you tell them to show every morning show CINCI. Hey this is sonny j from the Sean Harvey Morning Show and I want to let you all know to contact. Cam W roofing contractors LLC for all your home and remodeling needs. Contact David read at eight, zero, four, three, nine, eight, one, seven, nine, eight, they give free estimate and they're licensed and bonded call them today. Tell them the Sean Harvey Morning Show thank you. It's Blaby Cologne Michelle Harvey one show featuring up team. You WanNa have a good time may show you stop at the IMU located eight thirty one, south. Delaware thrive here eastern Pennsylvania the off American cuisine twist on cocktails on Wednesdays and Thursdays have deal on site also Friday and Saturday he had the smooth of local artists featuring jazz or are when you stop and make sure you tell them show morning show cinch It's Blaby Las Michelle Harvey one show featuring a wake-up team. You WanNa have a good time may stop in at the IMU located eight Thirty One south Delaware thrive here at Eastern The American cuisine and a twist on cocktails on Wednesdays and Thursdays they have deal site also Friday and Saturday hit moves south of a local artist featuring jazz or are be when you stop bent. Make sure you tell them to show every morning show cinch. I come on. This It is a bill. Bobby I. Feel so good. I feel really good. Truly blessed on a Friday Phil Good Friday Bobby Cologne. Yes i. am feeling good bobby how you feel great. You look great to. Barbeque check this out. It is Phil Good Friday this Friday September, the fourth twenty twenty this ten minutes after the hour. Welcome everyone to the shaw the morning show featuring Jay Co host part. Cologne. Where you get you morning started right only place on Earth where you get your morning started the only place where you gonna get that morning. Love we are broadcasting live iheartradio radio DOT COM shaw. Harvey morning. Show Dot. com. Radio DOT COM comedy world net radio, all major podcast platforms, and right now we are on the all mighty facebook live check this out the chat rooms. Please show some love if you don't mind or if you dare call in the numbers five, seven, zero, two, six, thousand, five, zero, only place on earth we want to start right Buddy Cologne on of feel-good Friday bobby. Good Morning God. Bless you feel real. Grateful today. You Look Great. Thank you and Bobby. How you I'm great. Low tire but I'm great. You'll look I. Like hair Bethlehem we work as live. So you from right now it is sixty six degrees. It's cloudy is going up to a high of seventy nine today. In the sun make him out a little bit later. Your is a possibility knows in Strasbourg six also cloudy partly cloudy at the highest going to be seventy seven also, it's going into Sun may come out a little bit later seventy in Newark New Jersey. The highest going to be eighty two today and it's a beautiful sunny day. Yes. And in New York City, seventy degrees going to a high of eighty six today is going to be sunny as well. In SME would say Hotlanta seventy three degrees going to a high of ninety one today in the is going to be a beautiful and sunny day eighty four and Miami partly cloudy with a small chance of rain. The highest going to be a ninety in Miami and in Chicago I'm sorry a cargo it is fifty nine degrees. It is sunny right now in this going to be a beautiful sunny day also in Chicago, with a high of seventy nine, it's going to be clear Los Angeles. It's sixty six degrees right now going up to a high of ninety in, it's going to be beautiful and clear. In Los Angeles that's I have for you all. What's it look alike where you are coming to you live from the show heavy morning show featuring Cindy J. we get you want to start right exactly part clone where you get your morning started right we have the morning buzz and I guarantee you guys on Good Friday your head will be buzzing on no streets we also have front page news but the one that only send j s to the e wnyc we're gonNA give you news locally nationally from the hood all over the world stay tuned for that you don't want to miss the news what else do you have Really have little harvey half Split State to listen. Don't go nowhere we are building right now we are here telephone sulphur shaw, more show featuring the WACO team Monday through Friday seven am ten am all over the world but check this out Barbara. Cologne. On Phil Good Friday. We usually dedicate the show to the listen. So we want showed them a lot of love because you know we're gonNA shut them out. Oh Wiz, the heart set in the chat rooms. And also on Friday right we're going to announce a chat room member. Go, this week. Rat I wanNA know who is. This week. So and then we have a bunch of special guests called in today on. Good Friday we dedicate this show that guys bump law I. Feel Real grateful today. Yes. I feel really good. They bog Matteo numbers. We go to church. All right. Let's go we go everybody put your prayer voices in their put your hearts and chat room but we are going to go to church if you notice song similar. Words it's not. We'll put the song in the group room a lot of sophomore with. We'll go, to church on Friday. Morning. So let's go. Let's go. Back. Ships. Oh. Let's. Talk. Now. Let's go. Build the product. Shit show. I do. Really. Troubles. Suceed about. Let's. Break more. What's Plus, keep. Singalong. Pop leave. I know. So today. Today got. y'All. Tech Chat with the grape. Feels Good Friday. Prayer is no hearts. Only place where you get your morning started riding. On this. So some love. Let's go. Away. Only. Grateful called. On the Friday. Chapman BEVERWIJK. Before right math. Of Heart of. Chapel. A Today on the field try to. Leave it. On Good Friday. Overnight. Heart one on on Friday you church right now. Yup Lessons All. Zupan. Come on open up your heart. Let's go on. Good, Friday. Go Back We're go back. Let's. Come on. Everybody feels good Eddie. Thank God that we are allowed to sail like my mother always say thank God Pacino we'll be right back. Think. From. Floyd. Deep Look. Get up time to get up. Come on. Up. It is a Phil Good Friday a Friday September four. Bobby Cologne Twenty Twenty, it is twenty three minutes after the hour well that Harvey morning. Show featuring Sidney j Cole's Khloe wants talk right place on earth weeks. Right channels open please call five, seven, hundred, ninety, six. That's how they see an Lebron's Barbie seven zero exotic BOB is out. That's given away our number illegally to sound like this. Well thank. God we're legal right. Zero Eight, two, six, five, zero pardon me real quick before we shout out to whom you don't mind Lok weather you don't my God bless you and this is here in Bethlehem guys it's sixty six degrees cloudy. The high will be seventy nine today. May Have Louis we may have low shower sometime later on you know in Strasbourg six well cloudy in high is going to be seventy seven today. That is the weather that I have for you. All wasn't looking like where you are come and you live from the show Habimana show featuring Sidney J will you get your started exactly where you started right bobby? Colombo. Shut out the room. You know we make a lot of changes in the obviously we've been back. This is our second week that let's climate. And there's a lot going on. We went virtual for a few months right bobby we went from. March all the way to July didn't even see you physically time, and then now we all thrust together again, and now we enhance we're doing this and grateful for what we have here this morning Barbie. and. We. Let's. Let's give a shot at the DJ roll. Out Wrong, this is not happening not true. Exactly so Barbagallo before. We. have. Some new lighting barbeque? Oh. Yeah. We have battleship lights in here. Right? Barbara I feel like I'm at like. Early I feel like I'm a Yankee Stadium Right now asthma Bright Barbie these are the lights that they have in the hood in the project. When the police put those. The police they put these. Like generators. Yeah in the look. With the police emblem on radio and they have big bright lights illuminate the whole hood, right? That's what I feel like these lights are. So everybody in the chapel where you're gonNA. Go see like because I sweat a lot boards. Sweat from my Chin I. Right? I don't know why as already happened but. I don't know. All. I say. These lights are alright. I'll swallow like. But my Chin starts to leak. Buffalo I have a leaky Chin leaky. So the Chin is the Chad put the. So on the Chin, it activated the Chin Yeah. So Bobby if you look at me and you see a lot going on here is because you know what? Drippy Chin bobbies used to it everyone around me a lot. But I feel like I need to put my mass bobby on my kids maybe. Maybe the. Loop if you're. On. Hold on. Hold on everybody. All chain. I got. Day Go there you go and this and this is. Because mature sweating barbed. Yes. Right you saw. A sweaty Chin is not sexy now. It's not the fact bobby myself go looking for my age. But sweaty. Chen. Now, that's not sexy Sean. So I'M GONNA keep. This. Until. The Nazareno said. They keep me warm absolutely. Yes they heat up Novick and Freeze out really. The Bob you're GONNA catch a Beautiful Tan in. Each and every day. Way Way to top bigger, you might you might need to cover up Tan. Well. While I work on my Chin Bobby Cologne guess what we? Showed it Chapel Salah for me. Because without these guys, we wouldn't be here rank. Absolutely. I would love a chat room. We love you guys so much. That, that's one of the main reasons why we come here each and every day. For you guys 'cause you guys help us out. Now I need to see those hearts in the chat room right now trae heart set with a heart set in the chat room. Hey can win hearts that we need to see the hearts we want to show. You guys love because again it's just so important. For us because even though we're doing this on a virtual, this is still virtual in the sense. But it just felt like the spirit of the chat room is in this room here I mean it's hard to explain right bobby but. got. Gaza here. Here. All everybody. Everybody can't fitness room if you think this room is is A. A normal size of big room. It's not not that big. It's A. Big Man. Look. Like big on your. So. But if we. Pre Coco Cocos over. We go. Have everybody come into this room come on and have an open house. Let's. Let's show the chat room some love with awards than. Heart's. Harvard. Bobby. Let's go. A Win. Win. Win. With a heart set A. Hey. Wait Arts. And What life. What Hey said what? What What. City just. Everybody. You're not. You'RE NOT GONNA. Believe this. We'll get back to the song while we're doing where's the Hawes? We have this storefront. You can't see we turn the camera, but we can't. We can't see any way you look. We look right out into the street. Yeah taught. US. In is going to it's going to get terribly uncomfortable five minutes. So, while we sing, where's the heart set? Barbie Bob you focus. You're doing your thing right city is right in the middle of the storefront. Doing doing this. City. I know I, saw Sean like do alike this. was about this, Saturday? And I like the Babylonians. Lacking hoses. Triscuit into this this go. Yeah. Matt Brands. TAP. Chat. Chat. Chat. Chat. Chat. Let's go. Hey that. The heart. Turns. Out Widow. Hey wait a heart. Heart hard. Chat. I. Chat. Aren't that. Chat Room. Fact. Access city. Let's go. Hey. high-tech. When The. Wet Heart sack. What Food say. Hey. WHAT CALMED DOWN Explaining today this sounds. So the have. A Cup of coffee nothing. That's all you need. That's all you need. The blood of Jesus. Amen. TACO. Sorry. Let me turn down my phone. Gal. Like when you when you? Listen to the show like what are you doing what's going to but then I was everybody's start talking to me and I was like I want to stay focused and I wanted to surprise I just WanNa like come into the man but that's Not what were you guys talking about work? Yeah, let's shut out the room. BEEN WAITING MORITA CHUCK UNDER SIMMONS IS. Building. That's right. Morning Girls. Young and net is here of young nut Gregory's up David. Gregory David What's going on? So Bright. Aren't they? Can you look at sweating over here? You shown his Chint wet. But it makes me WANNA stare into them but I don't WanNa. Live. In because he. Is. Put like something on there we'll talk row shade are. Going to be right. All right. You can see sean good rain, shoulder. Put the camera on you Shannon. Angle. Wedding. City swit- eating regardless. On a delay. A high energy guy. So there's a lot of Swick. Everybody can see it now. Shot you. Guys can see Sean drippy chance. Okay on you look good. FELLAS would look away for a second ladies. Take a look at this drippy. Chin ladies. Chin turn you on May not feel Good Friday. Who a little bit of my drip juice that's disgusting continue. Here damned. Leave. This is in the building more. Towards Dawn Smith is here. Hey. Surf. Breaks. A warning. Sir. What I believed. Off already. Kitchen already be at school so I don't know what be taking you so long. He says, baby makes maybe he'd go back on bears Oh. Yeah that's Matt. April. Real quick kind of put some kids there and they go. Back inside. To See. Thirty thirty five or slightly put out Lamy. How do you? Thirty five already had. Shrimp. Farms done the. Five. God bless five, five, five and a possible. There's always still a possible. Miss it there might be a son and a daughter out the I ain't even if they want to kiss me like you boil them like okay. Cool. Where have you been? WHO's your? WHO's your mother? Way, for to pile up was like you know by by five black is surprised. We both wait. Hey. Out to the family. We welcome. GET NOTHING BUT I. Don't. To step on the name, but shout out the shot. She's one of the best deejays New Jersey Shonda. allowed. Sean Rocks Board. Yes. Yes cousin I will see you on Friday. Nathan Jones is in the building. Hey, venue screen. Johnson is he? Artery, what you don't call no more chaperone she'll call all. Right. Club. Here. She laid. Now I'm just listening hey, time is a dangerous Tanya. Lately. We really appreciate your president and we're GONNA have you to free we promised definitely Tanya loves the I love you too. That's what we need to be. But we will we have the ability. Right right. Jimmy a kill do is in the building Jermain, are you? Learn that net nest Serano is he actually allows. She's so sweet. To show it out. It's weird. It gets weird when like this? We had love for everyone of course, but there's some individual. It gets really weird when they're not there and she's one of. We have all ut out soon, we we. We just let this go first and we have. We have all that stuff sitting here for. The show on Hayes Jones is here. Hey, girl Hey Leshan. Morning. saw. What's Heinous. and Nina. He's not on that trevor more you on the treadmill inside when you went that same energy, right? On my brother, he's this morning he woke up. Like. I. Always have contracts size. Pizza. Hey Bill Bray Good Morning Morni- who you girl WHO's another one? She's always here love. went to squeeze you. Tina Smallwood Hill is in the building team. Are you knew? Does happen. Though he small Smallwood Hill Hey Tina Small Hill, we appreciate your watching. Another. And Tell us how you hear about the show. please. Share it. Thank you. We appreciate your don't. The shots Smith is here hello show I'm good morning to you. Yes. She's in a couple of times shooting the one from CHICAGO. I, think. James. Show Jason Chicago okay. Personality. Girl. From game welcome to the show again yes. Yes. Did you hear about US Darling? I'm who else do we? Number One. Barbie that that Tina name is. Not. Latinos. Whoever's Tina's live long and prosper yet you don't see new babies named Tina. And when you get a chance, I, want to know what's the ten popular female names on urban side not the Babylonian shots. Show. Chassis Sunny. CJ. And if you don't mind, cause your look up top. Wife. Tina small will heal his youngest wife. Welcome to coming into the chat. Room. Chatroom girl let south. Only Take his phone. Why don't we? Just give. Some credit for being persistent to get his wife into the chat room at the seven years. What about that? Looking at it. Yeah. I always go to the shoot. Sorry I'm. GonNa. Ask. That turn occurred condition. Right Hockey People's Hey, what up paquin good. People. I know him that's one of my. That's the old people. Could. You hard team people's is one of your people's rights. Hey hockey you city Hakim in the eighties that name was. I know somebody. It's ridiculous and that's Show that was her best friend. A lot the started. Asia. Asia. Came that name been out there way before that. When I started hearing that name. Every how came I met? I. Was scared of. That was low rough. They wear low rise is. The man from the Newark Area Yeah. Ho. Families Nettie. Shoutout nor. Nor nork. Never really don't pronounce the are. But that's that's north thing. Newark. From Newark. It didn't roll. It doesn't roll off the tongue. Cash from their. Black people from Delaware they they say Newark. Delaware is hockey. Look. Okay, whatever exactly right. Is. This. I teams when fourth ward. Were You Got Up members on twenty seven. Wards. And The pisses got corona. In. What he moldy right and half the time Kim was not their real name. David or or Jay or something was real name but you know they had to get a little streak credit today changed. Muslim they they would they became. Muslims. Akbar. That was in the sixties and then it went down to Philly. Right, so all the folks Philly, the Muslim cavs much-respected. Those guys that's that was in Newark and then it went down. It was crazy for us. Barbara who is we have Barbara is here Hello Barbara Marna. NRA BOB is another one keep that keep living long young lady. I know some Barbara's. Sin Did. You get the urban names. They don't have a list for like. Urban. Name. Like what? This. Beautiful. Shepherdess here hey, a good morning NBA. Next. Be Next to be next by Shell. Shampoo in the building build up shelves. Keep your mother Mad Pimp Johnny Whip Oh is he used Johnny we have as commercial, right? Right. To, off on Monday for Labor Day. Okay. So we'll. Be. Cine, we'll post that in a chatroom. We got off. Who else we have marcy ramose. It's in the building Hager girl. Disagreement. The urban coach in. been with the urban man few times God blessed. Joseph there is here good minded llosa Hey Sean beaming just pop in Wuss up girl how are you who we have here but not George Henry's into building Haven Anna. Princess Cats Hey baby. Mr Abbas. Yes. Remember original. Defer city crews the next name. Really. You say I was GONNA say. The name. City. Sandwich. Should set the first chat room member of the week city. The started off with the BLACKHEART. Whatever? City the daily Earl original vk. Finest. Jackie Robinson themselves what about me? Always saying, yeah, we gotta get to seventy says. Horrible has turned growing is here hey coz. On Was the railroad another one in the eighties that's definitely Noor Right has on Hassan. I was scared of Hassan's to get. Scandal. Kimes and You don't know what do. To. Dal Travel Dabo Tribal, you don't want. Right. So why does he more serious? One good morning to one Gloria Williams is here Hey Gloria Mariya. By Shit shoutout to marcus the one Emoji Johnson what up mark real good experience with glory back in the. So you have said. Warriors many work at. John Cochran is here. Hey John. Mike. Baker is in the building Martin Mike Hey Morning. Reels is here good. Morning. Panama. Kevin. Cannon is here Hey Kevin left not least mcgirt. Sub Girl House down the enough lucky those all the names that I have seen right now if you are here, please to watch out for the next one. Yes and we truly appreciate everybody that's new listener all listeners you WanNa make sure that you guys stay connected with us on social media. So what you WanNa do is like and follow the Sean Harvey Morning Show. Featuring the wake of team page that we're broadcasting off. You'll get a notification. When we go live, we also have a group page that's on facebook on every morning show featuring the makeup group. The page is popping shots everybody that'd be posting. Please make sure that when you join the group, you want to add fifty friends. So it helps grow the community. You can also find us on the iheartradio platform under podcast click follow Oliver shows are uploaded there about an hour after the live shows. So please make sure you guys do that and also find us on instagram and make sure to like this video loves video, throw it on your wall or any groups you're part of we truly We'll sesame Jay. Thank you so much. What we do is we got his guests caller a few minutes. We'll take a break. Then guess to call in and then we'll go to Sydney says so we're do right now. Friday. Then we check. That's right. Back. To Jennifer Sketti. Hey Jennifer. Hey. How am I? Give you re. On. Has Been, made. Common to. Believe is one. Wouldn't. Do. Off. I'm in. I'm. Not. GonNa get the. Credit. But. People. Shot. Is your show sample brother. Hold on hold on hold on before we get a guest a Sidney. J You still have. Hold on hold on cine. His property. Deduction. This is the brother Sidney J that is one of my heroes. Work with him on Bum rush a great actors do's and we was seeing. This is the one and only one baby mother constantly. Less. On the ladies the ladies city face right now this platform, the one and only shelves. shelter. Right. I tell Ya. Why coach I this morning. Time for he may for the first time in my life. I'm. Tired. I won't be if. I want to go home. You. Know, what I say and Friday afternoon. Say. Stuffy. No. Never not everything is Monday when you got a job Fridays when you get home, right? If you're in on your Monday to me, right. Out of families as Monday for. A bit more relaxed. Go home you might Kamov. Could cough here and there now knows. Now, show no show they might. For for super motivated young men like he soon Jake God. Bless them. WHO A super-motivated young man like yourself Barbie Cologne for him to use the word tired because that's probably Ashok. Can more people just went to sleep. Right that's your. House the Floyd. Mayweather Syndrome like he just won't stop. Brother. Why are you right now? I don't go expand. I'm looking at work and I'm like. I got to do that and I saw. You. Don't don't. Don't curse though China catch. Show I. Just I. Don't know today into sound got not one. I am motivated today I'll know and that's kind of biblically. Coming up right and happening at the. Pop today. Wait a minute. But I want you to be. Whole Shows hold on I. Still Want you to even though he's filling way sending he's still got to focus on his job he works in Labor, and he makes a lot of money I don't want to nail the fall on. A hold on hold on that. Shot from Typo, I am a cover coats. May suit. What? You're. speckled. Certain Julie Apolo he not. Walk around with. Pam. Asks. He has A. Set Right. Now. See I work with the tailless. I'm finishing team, right so city, he's getting on this thing splatter films though it seems like this is what I'm trying to say senator even though he feels tired. Shells still stay focused on the job because he has a type of city he has. was sitting homeless. City. Lunch break. City. Day San Anytime. He got any flex time since he has the type of job though he makes a mistake is thing has gone. Be careful as won't say exactly, which is why he needs res-. Especially, if he's not feeling, he might get lazy one. Are you are you are you are you money motivated today? You could call out today. Are you money? MOTIVA- to what? I'll cold out in my life and that's probably about four or five times 'cause I just don't I don't. The ME. I. Is Ideal you. Stay within the move discipline I think it's So I stay right to. Just manage the. Cine this mine this man is for focus and he has tunnel vision for success in. EJ. The man. The man. Has. It took four days off and his whole entire life? Oh Wow. That's your dollars, seven years and only miss to date and the two days just because of food poisoning Sydney he's worked seven years on the job and Miss two-day. Let's. Let's clap from this. City. Player rarely values. That is that's insane. Now because these people out here show, how's how's? How's? How's the baby mother doing? y'All. Let me tell you something there. Great. Did you sneeze. Graduate Grado. And happy you know she. She can. She can match you fly. Right. So so have you have you. Have you have you bought the other the new girlfriend or your significant other over there to see the baby mother when you drop off the kids. On our teeth that question. Train was going by. The Bronx. The Bronx. Cine would. Do you bring your new girlfriend to meet your baby mom yet. Or when you go to pick up your kids. Is that what you're asking. Are you. Listening, can you bring your new girlfriend of meet your baby Momma. Oh Hell no is just my baby mamas. No girlfriend. That's my lady. That's US down. Shani's. Sohar how it works so hard to make sure they never stop. On this. Night. is like from my mom going three jobs and notice from a final go to four jobs and. I'd like you know what it ain't going to be like that with me. So I'll make sure you know my kids not the method. Before if what you had. That's all we got. We. I'm. Ashes. Yard. Right. She told me though I. Ain't did. Getting Siri. Right serve. Breakfast. Spin on you put a spin on it. Now she made sure that he thinks. Ashrat now. Story? Straight. You'll be vice. This is so real is so refreshing. Yeah. We we appreciate you man like I'm motivated even though it's not Monday we motivational Mondays we don't feel Good Friday but just hearing this young man. Talk even he's tired. Now imagine if he wasn't tired I'd be ready to go out there and pay up the to myself. Yourself. God. Bless. You to stay on love every day. How keeping up for? Estate. Money. For. We gotta go man. With. Who? IS A. As. I. Won't. On the. Way. Meet the hanging. Data. Glad. Joe. Dot. com. nope. Be Kids. She. taught. ME. A. Okay, we aback modest got back it is. A feel. Good Friday. Friday. September four, twenty, twenty, five minutes after I walked back more show. Which Star right only place on earth leakage, right? Audience to get the morning love we appreciate you guys each and every day Good Friday? Okay. we have someone on the phone my good friend. G. L. Douglas, classical jail can you hit me? Before you start seeing Jay. Gl. For from Jersey we're talking minutes I, just want to say one thing about. This woman is incredible. She is a whole Larry standup comedian. Teacher. Media hostile of comedy is just so so witty and so Smarter Punch Lonzo Dope. Women. Love, her men love her she's the super. Larisa. One was let's Clavo come. First of all, how are you today? I'm unwell. Well, it's so funny. Because we talked yesterday and then last night I got an email telling us as teachers. If y'all come get yourself come to work. You got to be about nine o'clock to get just a and we start teaching on Tuesday. It's just been crazy. So I'm actually trying to make my way to work and stuff so that I can virtually teach right starting next. Before she now she does stand up. Right. Right. And and help professionals. She's a teacher. Okay Right Now that's. We love teachers here how you teach sorry Shawn Sir I want to know if you teach them. Sorry. What did you teach? Second Grade Second Grade Oh. Wow. A little bit of everything. So and how long have you been teaching? I've been teaching now for nineteen years clap. Along. You official. So. We talked about virtual. We talked about you know. Kids going to school. In your school district. Guidelines Y, on your district as far as schooling. So as of right now, we are everyone's going virtually until November and then they're going to reassess. The where we are in terms of re opening It's crazy because we are a very heavy union district and so like they haven't told us anything because you know principle are afraid to reach out to us because technically with the launch of break. So I have parents already like e melamine asked me what's going on? I have no answers for them right now so Tuesday what do they want to know? What are they asking? I mean, they want to know you know about the signing the platform, the guidelines, the expectations and things of that nature. I mean. It is and this is uncharted territory for everyone so. You won't know until you get into the thick of. Audit Teachers. Are The teachers. Are you afraid to go back to school back to the building how you feel about going back to work? I think it's everyone is is personal decision me myself I'm going to be honest I would actually prefer to be back in the classroom even if it was on like I just feel like you know kids just getting so much more on a one-to-one contact. However I do understand the severity of the nature but. I do like even if we as teachers could have just went back into the classroom and if the kids weren't there, I, just. will feel better about that versus being home in China to go virtually now ours When you're teaching the kids now, are you doing live sessions with like a group of them or is it a prerecorded? You record a lesson and then they just will watch it of course. No we're GONNA go live. It's going to be straight live. So when everything happened in March, you know everything happened so fast it was like boom. Friday. This is it. You know and when we initially would out, we would think in okay we're going to be out for a week. You know we'll come back or two weeks at the most so we We did packet we developed like I had like seventy. I did I put together a seventy five age mass packet, a fifty page language arts packet, and everything like that. So once we realized Oh, no, this is on a more permanent basis. Then we resorted to google classroom Google hangouts and things of that nature, but the problem with that was. It was guidelines. So we as teachers we would just like Konda making it up, trying to figure it out on our on you know so At this point now which is trying to. Like we need more structure on it. You know what? I mean. So we can put it together be more consistent parents need to understand that they have to sign their cades in you know what I mean. Yeah. The intentions part I think is really something that. Parents are either forgetting or the kids are getting. It's like confusing because our our Mike heads are using a program called like Ed genuity but it they're also using Google classroom, and then it's like the school is con- you know I think the problem is that too. It's like the school is constantly sending out these emails and I understand that they're trying to get everybody on the same page but then it's like some of the parents know how to like work the computer like do all this. So it's like we don't all these like constant emails and all this other stuff, and then it's like you miss. Or you have to log in all these places. I just wish everybody used the same thing now of questions speaking of that, we're going to let so it just. Save the parent. Doesn't have the laptop, the other school district provided laptops. And do. The. Laptop Bat or the kids keeping laptop. Provided chromebooks and Um. So if the parent makes us aware that there's you know that their child is indeed, they can definitely get. Proffer technology that they need to be successful now anything. They have to do just today they had some kids. California, they had to go to the TACO bell because they didn't have no wildfire creek. Yeah. Yeah, and it was In the TACO Bell. You saw that that like how does? Whole. Like blue. Ridge. Forget what we found out about. It gave one hundred, thousand dollars this year I forget what's coming Up. But yeah, they found out about. One hundred thousand dollars to get commitment you know and. That's awesome. So you would prefer to just go right back into when it's time to go back into the classroom and just do what you do with the kids. I mean, that's you know that's my. Personal preference the think about it is. There is no right answer you not like no matter how you slice it. Going somebody is going to be upset. With the answer also I mean I'm also a dilemma because I'm the I'm the mother of a three year old and a one year old. So my three old was supposed to start pre K. three. which she has to go virtually and so now I'm in a dilemma weren't trying to figure out how am I going to? Her. And also, I still have a one year old antique. Yeah. I didn't tell the kids. City kids go to school at three years old. was going to go to school. So we ted. Foliage. That they're learning up to speed with. Allows you to do and some of the parents at home they put up partitions for the kids like there was more than one kidney put partitions city. Do. Do you when you your kids obviously home. Yeah. Do you have partitions up how kids are? People that are doing those politicians are people that are doing Pandemic PA. Where it's like a community or group of like two or three families are. Hiring like a teacher earth tutor and then teaching them in their own home or in a couple of their friends home. So they're making partitions or things like that to keep them apart so. I. Don't know I think that's kind of like the same thing sending them to school rival lower to smaller group. I I don't know. I. Know you gotta go. For the socialization people even putting up tents outside their home with. The kids could be out of jail. I know I, know you see she's headed an. Option you hadn't school right now. I am. A teacher. Can't they? Could you make some money like? This this is school. Teachers to do that I. Don't know what that. Is. Any way. You can make a little few comes out on his side. How does that work? It's funny because I have been approached by people like you know about you know doing personal tutor, it is money into it and it is many. Fifteen hundred, I. Personally. I'm not interested because once I'm done I'm. On my children. Definitely, definitely what Comedy Center it because? A whole. Day. Other people's kids I'll come home want to deal with nobody else who cares how much they're paying? Intel these jokes. Making a lot of money nineteen years. Thanks people. Class days are usually shorter are the right before we can sit they're doing it right before before we get to the class just shortage of the day. Cine if I was a teacher like Gio. or I'll be out there hustling everyday. Second Grade. Rating. I I will go to camp. As that teachers are getting offered fifteen hundred to three thousand dollars four month per child what to do these pandemic pods teacher like two or three or four kids in the community Geel appreciate your integrity because. It. Made Sense, but also they don't have like the benefits to health benefits and all that other star. Trek kind of lose that security. The flexibility have shorter days. You know what? I'm saying you know exactly who you're working with you keep your own. In. Jail situation she has young kids so she really can't draw. The Gio if you didn't have your kids around the yesterday was. Still keep the day job. City still. Doing that. In the. Black. Strict you. Don't any of your co worker that might be hustling on his. I'm. Ashley No Co. Workers Everybody's street in vacation mode. So maybe once we are because we all have to be back on Tuesday. So maybe everybody some people minds that will change right now everybody just trying to get these last few days of relaxation and some. My coworkers I was looking on facebook. Say Martin. Wait a minute. Wait. Let me say. This, to make has done. It has made me wait my whole life. Thirty eight, thirty, eight, Hamma first baby and I was forty my second. Friends. Right. My friends in my college for his high school friends, they grandparents they kids going to college kids grow I like you know. Olsen. Pregnancy? They had. Same. Thing. I with. Highs hooliganism. How's he going to have a baby as now looking at me like? My Life. Right now. Babysitter girl. Godless you've been we let's talk. She's a true hero. Cranky one. Where can my folks fines you on? Don't give me. And really talk about the comedic part. We're GONNA have a call back and we'll talk about the jokes and joke it up. Down the rope a wick please support this young lady she is hilarious. How to New Jersey good friend of mine every time we worked together she always show things i. Respect. She's Larry's where can they find your? Bank eka find me Geo Douglas FACEBOOK COMEDIAN GL Douglas, instagram or my wife as www g gl. Douglas. Dave you. Thank you so much. No problem with. Those people just like you talking. Up. I. Pink. Do How do you, todd? Hey girl. Haven. Charter would have been I missed you. Not even been out there the Long Island. My toes the near Pool. A good time over there. Howdy tidies please. But. A How did your teacher? Hey guys. It's black along Michelle Harvey one show featuring the weight up team. You WanNa have a good time may show you stop an act I m you located eight, thirty, one South Delaware drop. Off American cuisine in a twist cocktails a Wednesdays and Thursdays they have a on site also Friday and Saturday, he this move south of a local artists featuring jazz or are be when you stop in May show you tell them to show having more show CINCI. Hey this is Sonny J. from the Sean Harvey Morning Show and I want to let you all know to contact km w. And Contractors LLC for all your home and remodeling needs. Contact David read at eight, zero, four, three, nine, one, seven, nine, eight, they give free estimate and they're licensed and bonded call them today. Tell them the Sean Harvey Morning Show thank you. It's become love Michelle Harvey one show featuring wakeup team. You WanNa have a good time may show you stop in at the I m you located eight, thirty, one South Delaware here eastern Pennsylvania the awful American cuisine and a twist on cocktails or Whiz Thursdays. They have a DJ on site also Friday and Saturday hit the smooths down of local artists featuring jazz or are being we stop and make sure you tell them to show show cinch Make. Sure. You tell them you WANNA show. Essentially, we are back Barbara colonus filled Fridays Friday. September fourth twenty, twenty, twenty, seven minutes, Labor Day weekend whatever that is or whatever it is. Every day is the same day since Kobe. Now. It's not. The first time we don't have weekends. Friday Monday. Monday every day. But a lot of people are back turn on. Twenty twenty. I don't think people will be back to normal like, wow, like today even feel Good Friday but sitting doesn't really feel like a Friday. Now, exactly Barbara does it feel like a? Third, kills I guess. Day every day is the same day I mean calendar stolen right? We know who September four but at the same time obstacle. Weekends every day that's what I'm talking about well. I know. Is I'm working. What. Still Twenty. I'm gonNA keep this going. Yeah to. Allow I. think that like. When a guy. That we hear to see like twenty twenty, January I, whatever data lands on. January. First I think that's when the clock starts all over again I'll hopefully. Visit Thursday. January first that'd be the Thursday and Friday, because we we none of us have never seen anything like this as far as the day. I'd never seen anything like this in my lifetime. What about you? Know that? Big that backpack that cracked running eighty seven. I don't even remember nine, thousand, nine, hundred. Eighty seven eighty eight. My kids. Like. I've never see I like this. Print this say what is that girl at the end of barbies commercial about this me is that. S You. Sean we was recorded a commercial. He was in the city of though we city. So we was in the act up. Commercial so Part and we was just joking up joking around and I guess they decided to keep that part in the commercials. Till roster. So. Barbie. going. Lose. was late. She. Wasn't even there. Had to say all right. Propose. and. Grow Up. No I'm not, growing up number. Why would I grow up at this point I made? So Party was doing the commotion it was sounded Great and we always going back and forth with these commercials. Right Francis and then when bobby was doing it. I was sitting off to the side and I go Barbie Hidden, one of those girls and all. Lanes and and Then, you know then I think she did one I ran up to the Mike and so Barbara. This is how you do it girl. Wrong kept that part I said he was acting up. So that's what happened. But actually let's club for Barbie that sounds great. That sounds. One of my. Fellow. Bill collectors I'll just we're just compensate you WANNA show semi Bob. Hello Hi Okay. Hi. Listening, good morning. Mining this is year be. Right this is right this artist Oh you're being. Let's. See She makes music. Song when she's finishing. About says, we have a Lotta guys. Feel, the Friday I feel good. First of all. Young lady this is this is a on on the proofs for you to call in. Thank you so much. Now you you're independent artists, right? I'm an independent artists from the Bronx. Yes. Of. Hold on this takes a whole `nother level now. I am from the Bronx New York. With a Legend SA- created. Home of all three baby off three my baby mamas senator. Roy. Homosexual eight. Now, being from the Bronx New York. I. What? What what kind of music do you? What kind of music do you think? This. music that I make I call it alternative aren't be world music because that was the thing in. Spanish is so. Awesome. Okay. I'll turn it is are in be yeah. All RV or I like that. I. Like. That I, like that I like and and how long you been singing. In. I'm not a good fifteen year. That's him. Yeah now cine as an independent artists. You got you have to be out in these streets and you. GotTa to be out here in these streets. Independent artist you have to be out I, mean prior to cocoa. Independent artists. Right independent artists like this young lady and all of us. Out there singing open mics whatever they gotta do right. So pre cocoa, how would you move in out here in these on be Around Rhode. Island that. Cover. Holy the we call it the cocoa cocoa. Let. Caro-. Ro. Ro. Karol Karol riders for like you've got to roll out to. Be something crazy. Keeping the back you don't use it every day. Pre Caro-. How was you moving in? These are our streets. Saw So my tactic was to go to you know an our meetings and like wherever there was a record label Gallo or I would go to ask casts you know events in La I was just do you know what? Wherever I saw people in the voice auditions x factor on visions Every any anywhere. I could be feed basically yet. That's NS. I'm looking I'm looking at a picture of you. Cindy we put it on a Roman shows over. You are a very, very attractive young laser. Eye. Girl. Everybody. Louis everybody. You know what's so weird is that y'all are on Y'all live on Facebook, right? And I'm on the phone. I got another is. It's a really nice picture you. Expect This is. Really. Nice. Off Cardigan. We would never get crazy pictures. You you look beautiful all your purchase of course. So You've been a SO-SO. Senate. She goes. Industry. And she finds way through that whole movement. Right. Before I know. Do you do any Casino. Do. Stand. Up. Are you doing? What are you doing? Doing like backyard singing. Warm. I, get right now actually because I can working from home and I've been like I'm GonNa work in education I would museum room and teaching these kids like it's been little interesting to do music stuff but I'm getting back to I have I have a show online at the folk museum in New York. So I think that's going to be my first. Hope Kovic Oh. Wow. That'll be really great and are the artists going to be there or is it just like a youth thing? Hello, I think. Three honor or something like that. For one second that was my foot more time. Okay I'M GONNA have my first post cove it. Online show Oh, I believe in October October ninth As, as a backup folk museum at the Focus Zero. PM where's that? That's a New York. is on my so everybody always. So younger we have to do face to face yet but. But I do feel confident that like one could put on like a part show but in New York where I am like the minimum gathering as head people. Like this. Who is One of them so The police, come and everything another happening. City like she's now she's in the same position on me. Yeah. There's no live performance because even though I personally don't like the zoom and all these be lies and performing in front of folks I did a car. Holiday. The thing with this is what the what the zoo with the. Even though she's alive, she's a live performer performance like myself in her once we thrive on the energy of the from. Now even if you do is zoom. conference. It's still you don't get that connection. If you something if you televise something, there's still people around you where you can feel some type of energy. So I know you're right singing but when I did narcotics anonymous convention. Zoom Conference. I. Don't know how it was. Telling jokes and laughing at the top of the plush. Start laughing. Because I don't know what they're reacting to. So you could hear they know. How we have the chat room and all that I didn't see none of that because I was in a little box. And I could I don't know what was going on. So I did some of my regular jokes that I knew that would be funny if someone was listening to it. But it was weird now for you. What? Are you all right with singing on because she's a performance that's all it is that you're. Doing zoom in. Or do you prefer live? Right. So so basically when I was using zoom teach these kids, I had no idea what I was doing was struggle. but then I only got comfortable into and one of the classes that I did do black music. black music You know a history class and I ended up singing. In that club and if say, let me tell you at the same time, you can't really see if people are enjoying themselves on basically very isolated you just by these. By. Yourself it is very weird. Sin Is very weird I mean everybody. With the new. Is. Being a singer. It's almost like recording us all. Yeah. I would imagine but you still ain't. Now, the music you don't really need people's feedback you're. Putting it out, right? No doubt. Dan You want them I agree with you even in the studio you got people around you like certain energy. Daikin. Sydney this woman sounds. She has a great personality. Yes. Sound like like you a lot of fun. And she. insists. Sydney. Do you have top relationship like how does that work you have a boyfriend you married. You I you know. She's struggled. Round. She thought this. Interview about singing we don't do that ask. So are you are you currently because? You know you know that In. My comedy career bargain. I I dated a a singer. And this is this is this is a singer that was in the disco era that had a song. Oh She's still popular today. And dated her? Believe me anyways every time I see some. Right about. Three minutes, lady like our while Sean US, right? So. Yes. Is Out. Singer, right This is Barbie. Singing all the time. We couldn't even smash. With you in dating. Is this a singing or the whole part of the relationship? Like singing all the time when you your man or we're like, he's going back. I am I, seeing all the time you singing in the housing singing I. I am constantly singing. But. Sometimes you get so busy like you forget. But then when I sing I'm like Oh man I, can do this and it feels so good when I do it I actually right like. A thaw I try to write a song like almost every day. Wow and I. It it suicidal. Thing. Boyfriend. Just make time for the that she wants as long as a person is the line. City. Hockey's write songs everyday relations. Right because it comes to you and. You know she could just be. A Lotta independent artists jd they do a lot of backup singing. Have you ever did? Singing for like a major. You ever do any singers when you. Find A way. You know there's a lot of that going right right. You know what? Because I'm a because I'm not only a singer songwriter and I think I'm. I feel like I'm a songwriter first and then I'm a singer actually and I feel like I. took my time soup, affect my rhymes and oh I've been concentrating on songwriting and I think that that's where my. My Gold ticket is and I think that because I do that I focus on my thong basically but I I'm not singing background for people I use that time to like this just right right. That's where the money's. Right. Right. So let's get to that so so Bring can sing them right because you don't have to find somebody to sing it to pitch it. You'll know good point. So A. Right. It's a more lucrative to be a songwriter singer. You know. What. H Pence on your hustle and and it depends on the people that you know in the music industry is definitely good to wear many different hats. So as as lucrative to be multiple things including your own producer which I produce and I. Use Logic? And I know how to use the micro and I'm actually a certified. In years. Yeah. All. You need to. Get people to work with you can be like. Right get out right you're fired. Right but she won't back there will be no backup thing. So. In this in you taken advantage of because you know a lot of singers bobby, they could sell your. Music online now. You can. Yes. Online. soundcloud. Like do like soundcloud and stuff. I am on everything I'm on Soundcloud I'm on I along bossy five anywhere where they allow. You just tell me was. Allow me to sell music and outer space that probably be right. because. Now. The difference between the spotify in the world and those marketplace cj where you can listen to music and purchasing doubt that's that's where we live in and that's I do that as well. But here on this show saying what because we're going to play her song at the interview? And then we reach back not. Cine okay. On a show like this, you get the real time reaction to the song would add up to. Yes right sitting sitting this is not like because we got folks we've got thousands of folks listening. Here. The song and we. Man, comparison to go to the marketplace in Oh that's hot. Let me hear it. So that's a big difference. So GonNa, we're GONNA showcases songs we you know we're gonNA wrap it up and Talk to you talking to you and we appreciate your call, and then we're gonNA play your song. But the fun thing about this here sending is that this would be an in real time. Yes I'm excited to hear A. Call. Me as well. So where can you sound what is this? Did she know the song about. This is gonna I'm GONNA. I'm. GonNa I'm GonNa have introduced to some. You sound really fun. Yeah I WANNA GO Hang out what are you doing today right now Cindy like you always hang out in Bob US will get the beautiful women hanging out like this type of young lady sitting in the lounge with right? Yeah. The why couches we do everything I. Talk about a song and relationships is like small talk, let's see like this is the kind of women that would be. Definitely. Yeah you a city, she would be dominant. We were talking about your personality type of person can hang out with. Yes you see. DISOL- we about the play can you share? With the song is about and inspiration. So this song I voted two years ago And you know it's relevant and I always say that it's a shame but it's going to be relevant for a while because it's about you know. At least brutality. So I voted to use ago because. I. Was like man. So I want to write about this subject and hasn't yet and and it just came to me like like a poem like a story like I am in visiting things happening while I'm driving you know what I mean. Until I get stopped like that's. Kind of the story that I'm envisioning and and I was, and it's a true life experiences I mean from all of my friends that it has happened to from my dad being stopped when I was a kid, you know in the backseat and. And you know things could have went differently had I maybe not been in that back then a child you know while the of stopping him like you never know. and like my my I guess my idea was like, wow, like even if I'm putting my hands up. You're not seeing that you're seeing my color as a weapon already. So you've already pulled the trigger in your mind. So. We're can wiccan Wiccan we saw what was the first of all what's the name of the? Name of the song is called hand up. We Akin everyone find your social media. You can find me an my name is kind of interesting and don't feel bad if y'all the wrong but I'm GONNA help you. At your be music and if you're be like furby but with a wide. Okay. Music and ends with a wise starts of the why urban the. Middle. That's great. That's great. So this Is My real name Ya. That's a great family is Dominican and they people. I. Guess they. Less cloud. Four, come, on everybody. To take, we don't do it like a one second pause and we're gonNA play your song. Okay. Thank you. We really appreciate you calling in Komo. Now can come into the room and you could see and you can. Do All right now? Every morning show. Let's clap for Europe. So excited about to hear hands up hands up. On the shown. Song Right, now and this shows. Hold on. Hold on. Hold hey coming hold on. trip. Yeah. Just focus. Yahoo. craziest song right now. down. It's common. Said Man who? You. Do. ME. Guilty you. and. Slow. Is. Very Buddha take. Bullets. Ready to see. season. He. was. Guilty. Slow Slow. Muskegon is. Already bullets. Skin is. Very bullet to read it. A. Similar You. Install, the media. Skin is. Ready to see. Do. Right. So quick season. Play. The song one more time. Let's. Weapons. I love it I want to go download it right now. Everywhere you go find. is where your download that right now. It's called the hands up hands up don't shoot. Down on every. Tune spot. And whatever else wherever wherever Mickael, you came on a little bit later. She said her music is alternate aren beat. The has a nice little yeah. Erica. Yes I know. The comments. Manny. Kam. Guilty. Slow. Slow. And his weapon. Very. Over. Ready to see. A. Good View. He you. You. Said was seven is the permanence domestic. Fixed. A. Favor. The Subaru Real. Reaction that we talk about. Looking. In is revenue. Skin is. Very Pula to. Deceive. Tyranny. Last. Is. Eddie bullets. Bullets in you. A. And I. Loved that. Please support. Purchase. It will. Showcase. Once against any Jay after the show is over I look modern by it is a feel Good Friday, Friday we back Friday, September, the fourth twenty, twenty, fifty, eight minutes after I walked back Sean Maher Show, future Cindy J. Co host Barbie Cologne, where you get your morning started right only place on earth where you saw this chat rooms don't please call five, seven, zero, nine, two, six, nine, five, zero, iheartradio radio DOT COM heavy morning show dot com fam- radio comedy World Radio, or podcast platforms right now we on Almighty facebook. Earth we get you more than style Barbie Cologne on a fill Good Friday. We're out on Monday back on Tuesday Barb Cologne, good morning, and how are you I'm Great Sean how are you good good here in Babylon we broadcast live from sixty sixty degrees right now. The Sun has come out guy it's going to be a high of seventy, nine today sixty, six in Strasbourg partly cloudy seventy seven will be the high as well. The Sun may have come out of there as well. Also Semi Look New Jersey. It's going to be fair and high of eighty eight, New York City it's seventy degrees sunny and eighty six, the high. In Atlanta, it's seventy three degrees. What do you do? A seventy three degrees. Clear Ninety One I think you. Should be partly cloudy and ninety. We'll be the high today. An inch Chicago with fifty nine degrees clear in seventy nine for the high six in Los Angeles. Ninety four is sunny and clear. That's the way I have for you. I wasn't looking like where you are by become come and see you live for the show having show pitch visiting J.. Watch. Ramona started by Sydney, if, I'm having my adhd. Interfere with the show. Only Thing. happening. Structure Cindy but at the same time ABC real. Yes Somebody. Beach. Beaten. Got The right? Right. I'm. With you. About. I would. I be. Asked stand. On, the sixth floor. Trying to fall down. into dome before the terror dome. City. We're GONNA. Show chat room some love Bobby. Hearts in the chat room, and then we will announce the chat room member. We got know we're GONNA. Get the city says I get it. Senate. We has slid chapel member the we. Got All about that. We have people calling him calling on this show city on Friday. Yes and I love it. No question of Barry on the show's all about these folks Good Friday seni remember we are all Monday. True. We clues and right into the is where we're not GONNA be stressed out not motivated like Shell Shampoo. Exactly. We have fun at. The. Own. Money whatever but you unhappy about You. Guy. Bobby we we need to see the hearts in the chat room right now. With a heart set in the Chapman, we want to show you some love. Hey with a high fat. Chat, room. A chat. Take. Shaft pay. Heart sesame. Let's go. Hey. Heart. were. A with a hard time. So. WHOA HEY hey. Tom. With a heart attack near the chat. Chat. Room Hey I'm. Art S Sydney. Let's go. Hey, wait a heart attack. Heart. With a heart. Wait. Wait a heart turned down. Hey Hey Hey what? Down A. Let me see who in here Mabini. Chocolate found the same as. Let's aunt younger. No is in the building. Hey, young enough good morning Deborah Mathis is here held Bayern shutouts adorns some myths. Wanson. Our terrible lease got in the bell. Dan. Shine the Trent number what female DJ at Jersey Hacia Gas. They pay you John's hello and. Good Morning. Audrey Johnson. Hey Audrey. Good morning do. Your debt. What hits on. Yes. Jamaica kid do his hair what up Germain lesson. Lynette Ness Serano. Hey, Goro. Good morning show on Hayes Joe's. Short. Sean. Was the saw was sub you in Nayna Hey. Velvet Somme as good Morning Bay Hey? Valerie? Yes. Who Else Got Open Year Tina small way hell hey us you know good morning to you. Right Leshan submit is here hey girl Sean Willie have raised was so we're league who else we have Barbara or in the building good morning, Barbara Barbara Shout to the beautiful miss want to Santa Iago shepper. In Hey Eric step just pop in the building. What's up Eric? Eric, how are you this morning? Who else do we have Mr Shell Shampoo and the Bilden Hey? JP Ferguson just slid in here. What up Jay As cliche. People. Is that one of your people. Hey Pete. Out Komo Scott. Hey. Where are you from? Thank you for tuning then Trichet. Song right now, ship throws his show on your page. Stripe on this right. Johnny Whip Oh is in the building. What's Rally Premier Janis Commercial Tuesday and Yes me I wanna hear how a Sam. Must See ramose is here good morning March seek hey mark Joseph Kosh del Hey Joseph. Veneta George, Henry's in the building. I'll call you when I get out Cindy. I got to talk to you first. Business I. Didn't even was elected that two and a half years ago when you was local. Bought me John Pa five years ago four years ago was popping up bobby. She was papa she had a vet going on I met at a comedy show things will move in. You city nine news. Radio contests and God. Bless that you are here. Now you Paul Dob bless your sending. came. Exactly. Doughnut do. Literally sitting. Gossiping. Superseding because you've. Seen he put that video up when you wonder radio. I you go now and you beyond all of that was similar to the list. It makes me sad I looked so good in that video host skinny then I'll put it up again. Give me some other put. It's Monica City the way you. You're. Continuing. Bobby and his knees. Don't worry about it. We got was a breeze over there this. synagogue. No cover. City Komo. Over. No. It doesn't matter cocoa. Cocoa. Cocoa Force. No, you're not. That's Everything. No not everything does no because there's times people just need to wash. For they like on. But this good. I love cookies or you know what? I have in my house that I just days air. Wick. Games. Haven't. Prentice Cox. Hey. Baby. Good Morning Mister Rogers. Garland what's up then? Some. So why the CMO? With Gloria Williams is here. Marcus, Mr One emoji Jackson Hello Marcus John Cochran is in the building Mike Baker Heo Mike Been Awhile High Panama Silk Rios in the building. Cousin Hey. Wayne State, in go. That you know who that is, is that Jacob Son. Dj Tall Guy from WBO. City, he's very tall. We liked six foot. Six. Tall. He's six, ten and. Fall into the show. Up there right take. The radio deejays especially in New York, they get real dope don't WanNa call and he's he loves to show. He loves this show we wait for have him here. Bro Yeah call in. Pervious. Top radio DEEJAYS, in New, York City. He's up in the. Chat Room he's tall and Thomas. A Our beloved Thomas. Thomas Tall Yeah Right Thomas is. Quite hot toilets. Tenuous Guy dated. Mickael, he's six five. He's tall how? Bob? Dated a seven footer in college. I don't know if I could do seventy, I would. Like. Yeah, it is. Six one. Tall. To. Wear heels to. Tallow Without hills and I can just imagine was it was. It was attornal for me. It was attornal. Guys like tall women. Yeah Shannon Logan is here Hey Chande. Girls. At Community Peters back. Shot the. Permits Yoga's Salis. Ratio. To. Labor Day weekend. Don't you get into some? Roller. Roller. Skating in your house again. Goes crazy you to see. Is a woman that has fun. Yeah, you're in a relationship now. I have you. Relationship. We have one but she she's anti. Bene- fine. It's better for. Single Fund that birds single. Single Fun. Not Down with that we. Love. Kevin candidates here that can. You, love. She's she's fresh out of it. That's why Barbie is finding the beginning, but when you get a year. Seven Sin A. Fat. Gets real lonely. But I. I didn't get you in. May. Be. Baby from me. is, doing got bag. You gotta Bet but we hear fleecing Natalie writes in the building good morning that w when I was single for three years though I saved a whole lot of money. Yeah. When I was single, I was single for three years. Say the whole lot of money since I got a relationship that was it was not. Got Yeah who else me have building Sean beaming goal is here good morning girl hey, hey, who we have in the bills in Jennifer Hey Jack chat remember of the week. Chat Room member of the week Chambal. Seemed like it went by. Right Jennifer because they appreciate it. You a great because city is still the same day. Last Friday is this Friday yeah. Tom's move it. Really. went by fast but not Jennifer Mickael says she oh, I got worse short. He made me. Day I'd become hold on. Hold the. Whole. DOLLA. Enough with the love fest in. Mikhail rather appreciate I'm not hating I'm the one advocated for this as. I said, we're GONNA ride together. Young Man. An need to the same at all top stop with the love Fest I need you get folks into the chat room the listen to the shelter. He did he got to people you don't know if they're in the chat. You know this is where you get you morning started, right God bless a mad at you with that now just like everyone. Rocking that chat room glow. If he walking the net chat rooms just like everybody else you got put out. A. Sam. Over there, you got all these people. Love God, the God bless I'm. Not I need you out there. Gets People's off to the show he is. said, he got many ear research Japan is working. Hand Washington. Hey girl working here. Hey. Well. Never to high pools. Instead with this work. Work was sitting here. It's like it's like Yankee, stadium, y'all these line. Kick. Out About. Like. Not So. Permanent Sutton. We're not turning on the lights. About twenty. Five? then. I'll turn the lights out. Rome the building. Role. Text me now you want me to. Do. It. Casino. Royale to shut this whole. That yes. Thank. Diane Hall is here what's up Diane Diane Meka, farmers and the Bill Mickael? But necessary thrown is here. Hello. Brian Sykes the troublemaker. Brian Derek Jackson and the bill and what I'm Deborah. Ram Mr Sensational Halla is here what's real well, real tiny not coming to the city. Because I saw yourself. So Moves Man Oh, my God and that all use dancing. That I love this. This dance. We all need to go hang out with sauce I, can't really do meringue. A little less? To New York. At some point in this whole situation. Let's get down. With some Latin music and out there. Is hitting these streets. Crazy. See His. House. On facebook dancing with this Latino female he getting it. And Mississippi. Doubt. The beautif Oh, the one, and only the Godfather Comedy Miss Tina Graham is here. Shoutout. Patina Hey. Good Morning. Second, celebrity for new. That's right. But not just popped in the building when I want to apologize to put. I was talking to knock over the phone yesterday afternoon, rush them off the phone. And I want to apologize to you because it was one of those abruptly he was talking I gotta go I haven't with that. Were falling. y'All. Know but still that's my man I felt bad. But Not I. Truly Apologize I should've never Russia of the phone like that love death, I apologize. Okay. shutouts, our girl, your she in building. European. Hanger. Up Hey, girls don't show right. Real quick. Yes. y'All voiced out neuroma Volvo giants said Haibo how good morning to you know Roma Hager Carl, D is here with up Carl That's your real. Name is that Muslim it was moving so fast, I couldn't quite. Hey welcome in. Tokyo What was his show? How'd you hear Prejudge National Radio? Chris W was ended build hey. Chris. Chris. Shamgar Chris Jacob DJ favor Marshall is here hey jakup. Is New he said he needed to. That, you'd be songs so. How how? Did. You know why you know purchased the song to because I, know Dj's got a pool of music that they purchased multiple stores once a but every once in a while you know support the artist. You love the song before you say, need that song support the artist pay for it. You know everybody historical and. We have JOE BERTA without show. Hey how are you this morning show? CIA is here. Hello. Any good morning welcome to the show because I knew. Yes. We love listening. How'd you hear about us? Please let us know is in the building what's up? And why facebook he kicking me off the show the feed piece. going. On. I'm who else we have. Korean. Williams. Is here. Hey, frame good Martin into AU every. is in the building hey, break. Shayla heart is was Shayla Joe, Louis Allen Junior in the building. Good. Morning Show. The Godfather of comedy Tracy is here what's up Trey say the godfather of comedy why are you saying that all we? got. Is So convincingly in the Godfather Comedy Trait I. Wish you. Deliver it. It is so professional. You sound really good and it's OK. God. Watching the show or like. You and you don't. PUTTING UP WITH The Godfather look. God. Tracy raise that the bill. Okay. My Bane. Delivers footing the so this is the Godfather. Asked us. He said how many episodes have we? I don't know tracy episodes of what our show hundreds but if you think if we've done one right like every day. For five days five days for like three years. that. Say like over eight hundred episodes always say to three million. You're watching nine hundred episode. and. If you want to go through some real light would be been in some situations show too. I. Like when we get back, all those videos are going to be deleted. Like those shows some crying. Crying some threatening. You better get your. Labor Day. Thank. ACID. Delete. Stuff. IS A. Matter. At least. Here hello. Lisa this ago mass most likely probably Latin Bronx New York's Lisa Gomez I'm just I don't even notice persons. I'm in this university she loves the Black Man Lisa Gomez loves the black man probably have one baby. Follow. The black sheep blackmail. She. How does she probably have relationships with the Latino man but she really loves the Black Man had one black man in her life wouldn't be surprised. He has a black baby fall but she loves the Urban Lisa. Let me know because I know who you are. Name. Okay she number one if you love the black men number two if you had the baby fall but as a black man number three, if you had the Latino man and then you switched over to urban continual. Bella Andrews is here good morning. Beautiful our you today. Hey Della House Robin how is Robin Darwin let us know? Yes. Unless she said she was having a procedure, but let us know has. How In the building. Hey Hey. Good Lordy. Not at all not want to play with. The Girl I, was. Joking. Holly. How MIGHT LOSE THREE LISTENS She's done before. Be Nice. Ransom listeners that we? Haven't seen them. Out of the CMO's date blocked me. I called in here and check the few people. You can't do that. This is a show that we're doing. We need all the support came running up in here. And then we love you know I love you. I love you. More Hoti. Will can't wait to get out to long. Island right. How do you use? Shot Out She's she's she's A. Vinci's above middle class. You've got the indoor Sin Ground Pool. In the Long Island She's getting as she has pool parties and. This is like God bless you hardy. Ploy while is just popped in Hey, hey, PAS right podcast say still at the airport. Charon out. There was no what you do. A pop canto was when he would call Joe POPs in the house brick, the windows down those guys. When he used to say he's the sayings. KVAMME look who steps in room right boom look to step into rogue is. Ladies love being. Shutdown. Symphony Signs Guard. Hey. We signed the Gar is. Possible for our grow your. Day. I believe. So I'm that they work together. Front of the show certificate WanNa talk to you after the show to. Trying to snatch her up bright Jay. Lewis is he? A Hello Jane influence go Joe Jackson is in the building what's up angel? and. I believe I have everyone. Those are all the names that I see. Wow, that's lie. You can say job. Do here city. Forget about the announcement. Cine going to announce the chat room member of the week. because. To show almost over we on some hours. And we WANNA do it now cj because sometimes when we do early Sherry by run out. Lee. No, we want. We want you. If we hanging out here we want to hang out here with us. At the end the right? Yeah. You're around they'd be like I. Wasn't me again? I'll leave. No. How about you wait? Sit Out I think you're. Absolutely. Yeah. That's a real good announced the chat room member the week we're gonNA play the song. Then we'll go to a break and then we get into front page news J.. Before all that. Do. Not. Get Out of here sitting we're going to announce the chat room member of the week and remember this to say Prince Cox no pause black heart is the original on Northfield new to the show because bobby and said he's Not. Even one time city even disputed the fact that Britain is. Wasn't even I remember week. That was so tissue spent I still have a show. So when you come a name like that, what's so bobby at the counter three we are going to now. I mean. We Bob at the. Fact. Like how did virtually? The MIC is yours work. Cine Ready. To three Nicole hair red. Hair. Member of the week. Chatroom. Chat. Chat through the. Week Hey. Gentlemen to. Hey. Turn. Around the. We take. Carrot. Herod. Harry. Aga- we. Hey. Were weekend. Coal. Goal. War. We came. Through the other week came A. Coal Hair. Hair gold. Member, as a week, Hey, you're chat room. Jam. Goto. You. Didn't see that one coming up. You may make or. Check. Congratulations to you, Sanjay, we'll be right back. So happy for Unical crash me this morning with. You. Are you surprised you guys surprise. No you suppress. So. Have you show say boy? All. Start. How are you? I. Know that was my oldest brother. WHO JP J. P. Ferguson. It. Without is going on here turns I apologize and Politics Russia. I watched it. Thank you. I appreciate that. May We don't saying from tonight we doing something project Jay Geeked yes. Yes. Yes Jd. We. Don't want Dato. Goes we are now retired. Watching you're so right now. Hey Mom. Mr Obama. We appreciate you men and again. To the family of I'll hero J, Demon and I know job butter, show them some. Love on social media but we appreciate you No. Question about it and I love you to death brother. I love you way more than you think be okay but. I don't get. It. Because we gotta take a break hit us with the Coco's song, and then we're gonNA take a break because we get to. Do it. ooh. Cocoa by. The Mesic Cocoa Barbara saying. Twitter. Co.. Going out. Go. Hey Hey. Hey Hey who who? Go for. The Best Go. To. Give it go ahead. Cocoa. Nine to mess with cocoa say nine to mess with cook or give them in. NAP. FOCO. I. Cocoa. Vira saying that a mess with Coco was saying that that a mess with come. Out. Oko. Okay Yeah I. Have a great day go. ooh, who put a given here Debris. I that diverge putting the get. No I can't see it. How did you do that? Don't worry I'll find out hitting. Donates show. Do. Ground. You. Right. Zia. Gomez row. That's what he's doing. Yeah. She said he said Okay So. He's single. A city. Is a feel good. I feel good. We all everybody off on Monday. Yet for the Labor Day weekend. Need a brain right we need a break even though we had three. We do you're right? Because I can get five foot, five, eight border actually. Because of Good Friday you know as Princess Pause Blackhawks, we asked for donations for the show. Cash up as Harvey Morning Feel Free to donate to the show keep the doors open city. GonNa do right now we're GonNa hit the Kim asked if you're losing weight. Are you feeling okay. Are you losing anyway? Just might be the tango. Hold on I DID LOSE ABOUT THREE POUNDS Okay trying to stay a certain way why I said we don't want you to lose told my Sean. Not Sitting. At people are going to start especially switching blackhawks. I don't want to I. That No. No doubt. That for. Fifty five years old I need. You need to keep. The key I need to keep. Always had an athletic body. At taken their. Lost Twenty Pounds Wear heavy. God. Bless you do look. Better. Thank you and say my whole thing is this at this age. Those meeting Jesus years. And I just want to be his best shape as I can. So I I kind of you know I don't know. Now. I eat. I eat the rabbit. Spinach and Do. But like. Just that eat like two or three fried eggs. Sunnyside. L. Right we'll little run. On don't flip it over sometimes I do sometimes it depends on how I feel like eating now sold on pepperoni. And then I eat spinach. Twice, a day. And like tomatoes, onions eat lots of vegetables twice a day. And then at night, I might eat the regular food. And that's what A lot of at this as a lot of vegetables seniors. Well. Kim He is losing weight Aloe. Three pounds. I WANNA get to. One. One Eight, hundred. Okay. I'm I'm. I'M I'm like A. Ninety. Yeah I'm the, books. Cats. One nine yeah. Yeah. If you. Keep doing what you're doing. Looking City says. This. Would meeting. I really don't eat this really nothing spectacular. I don't really do it I just. Okay Papa. Thanks can I? Thank. You can. Okay. I can't do six nine tool for that so much. Yeah you can. John Jay good exercise. Twice a week maybe. Tyler Perry is A. A BILLIONAIRE WITH A. Billionaire. Yeah he's just been officially named billionaire by Forbes after his network jumped again and you'll be shocked at the breakdown according to Forbes the entertainment. Mogul has a net worth. has went up and made him one of the wealthiest people. It's one of the reasons for his wealth is due to the fact that he owns one hundred percent of his creative output, which includes hundred episodes of television twenty, two feature films. Yes he out that's how you got to put twenty two feature films at least two dozen stage plays them stage. got to see own stay was so different and live like when you go see a lot of. Different. I'm just saying like you own the stage play and you put it out there in St Right? You're working every weekend, own it you own a TV everything they keep putting out content. That's like we do every day we put now content you have to put it out there. For people that you'll be, you got all this stuff. Let's make this happen now. Right salute the Tyler Perry and putting black folks to. Love historic because he went from a poor homeless main to Beijing. So it's like a rat true rags. Hurry. He has been paid Also said that he's been paid one and a half billion in pretax revenue since two thousand five when he introduced the world movies like Medea series. So he's he's had money in investment. He now owns a three hundred and thirty acres studio near Atlanta, which now a bunch of other people are doing a project. So a ton of creative projects, including other production companies, paying him to use the location and just his land alone is worth two, hundred, eighty, million, right, and he was also able to leverage his massive content holdings to make a huge deal with Viacom CBS set will pay him one hundred and fifty million a year for new content gives him an equity stake in bt plus which is a new streaming service that also launched this year. They have some really good movies on there. I. Am the free trial of that for right now and Trials. We're not anymore now you. Start subscribing. A. Bitcoin. Also tag on sixty billion dollars for his ownership. Has. To private jets. He owns homes in La Atlanta new. York. And Jackson Hole Wyoming and of course, has to private jets, his houses and planes and other as assets totaling forty million. He also allowed Megan markle and Prince Harry to stay at his mansion when they first came over. For a little bit. In which they amend you know but then Paparazzi found out where they were they had to move. And you know. So he's joining other people. Your point. Four nine. Isn't that weird. They'll like he wakes. Everybody knows. The love that he had for the community do the whole Walmart. As every. Bless this new title. Hero in our community God. Bless you. A Ham. Also, recipe shutout to Chadwick Bozeman and his family. He was actually reportedly prepping to film. Black Panther sequel. A week before his passing Disney now is uncertain how to proceed with the film. Only Chadwick was he was convinced that he was going to be colon cancer If you all know he that was something that he was struggling with for the past four years and his they actually said that his mom was one of the people that told him to. Keep it a secret like to keep it to himself because they felt like he grew up in Anderson South Carolina Very. Humble. Beginnings. And I felt like you know he he kind of took it onto himself. His mom's advice because he felt like he didn't want that to get in the way of doing his work wanted to constantly put out things that perpetuated a great image His agent was even saying about how he turned down roles to do like slave roles and other things like that because he didn't want to continue perpetuating. That image and he wanted to just do things that would always uplift the community inspire young black boys and girls. Do, credible things be a superheroes even talk about how he turned down a liquor deal because he said I can't be acting like a superhero on them promote something like this. So just you know his moral compass how he lives as a person who just truly amazing. Tougher. Your Chad. Just another. In Our community man is just People. We all talk about his movies but let me tell you something in Prince's Cox pause black in the chat room. Yeah He. We. Know all the movies. But let me tell you something. He played a hell of a role in the movie draft day. Draft had never seen that I know. Exactly. What it is and a lot of folks. No, he was earlier movies. He played a Kevin Costner was a GM of the. Cleveland browns football team. Okay. And it was draft day you know how to pick the number one collegiate. Yeah and chat with was like he was young. In the draft. Pick me on that. Guy. I don't. Follow in. The whole world told, Kevin. Costner's character we gotta go with the quarterback. Right, and when it was draft day. They picked Chadwick's character, Oh my God, and you should see the scene he in the crib because his agent was like we don't know if you're going to go in first row, maybe the second round goes maybe the second round you serious. So when the whole families. 'cause they watch it on TV because he's not not physical draft because you don't know when he was getting big. Cost character picked him number one in the trap and his reaction was priceless as actor. That's what make the rate. But a lot of people don't know that go watch the movie draft I know his hat to see this movie. Why did you say yes watch the movie draft day and see how how he puts this working. Wow we're gonNA watch today that sounds like really good He was convinced that he was going to be colon cancer and be able to gain the weight back. He needed in order to film the sequel to the record. Breaking, Film back, Black Panther this sequel to the two thousand, Eighteen Academy Award winning film was set to go into production in March and Chadwick was even scheduled to begin preparing for the film beginning this month now Disney scrambling and completely uncertain on if or how it should proceed with the planned sequel Bozeman. Is the central character of the film and it would make no sense to have it without him and the city Oh, could recast but fans are very attached to Chadwick in the role and placing another actor in the role of Challah. Likely won't be received well. Black Panthers. Now, it's a billion dollar film franchise and now finds itself without a star chat with Steph also impacts the entire marvel film universe given that the Black Panther character was scheduled to appear in other interconnected fill right justice shadwick already had done in captain America's. Two thousand eighteen thousand ventures and the last one which is a vendors endgame. Disney sources say the company is processing. It's grief and focusing on paying tribute to Chadwick instead of a Black Panther, sequel at the moment, only a handful of non family members that he was actually sick. Including producing partner Logan Kohl's longtime Michael Green. It's trainer and forty two director Brian Hell Gwynne. Varying degrees of knowledge about the severity of his. So they kept it private and he has he has that right? Yes. So Stella's his private and it's great that the people around him you know didn't leave permission. So. You know again, another hero God bless him and his family, and let's let's one more time because this. What be Goldberg said the other day she thinks that they should make a park and Disney, for him I will Kanda themed Park's should do that. That would be awesome to see something like that. So Chateau. So cine lists go right into one quick news story if you don't mind. Okay, and then we do quick sports and then I think. We. Got It. This one quick. Very quick. Song be so quick comment on. Well take. A local story and feel good for me. The legalization of recreational marijuana was brought up yesterday discuss by local leaders. This is for Pencil Vania Governor Tom, Wolfe and Lieutenant Governor John fetterman argued for marijuana's legalization urging the generally assembly to do. So of course, only for adults they said the legislation would direct money toward cove in nineteen recovery providing funds for grants to help historically disadvantaged businesses and create more outlets for restorative justice initiatives. It said it should be used for is the greater good right. Now, it's going into the pockets of drug cartels. There's a thriving cannabis market here in Pennsylvania the problem is unregulated it's illegal it's underground and none of those revenues are going into our treasuries. He said if you're telling me, we're facing three and a half billion deficit, and we have the opportunity to create a never ending revenue stream in perpetuity. That is something we should do. It's unclear whether the Republican led legislature will go for the legalization of recreational marijuana. But the House majority leader recently responded to the governor's entire fall legislative agenda and he called it disingenuous to require taxpayers to bail him out of his unilateral mandates that have devastated lives and livelihood. Excuse me, sir, you mean, by keeping US safe. By keeping these masses closed in limiting. Mr. Republican. Led House majority leader whatever you are. The mayor of Chardonnay. Jones of believe this transform the economy, and then she says when it comes to balancing the budget helping with some businesses and the community that needs to sustain themselves, our communities will lose their identities if they don't get helping me. What you need to do trying to legalize. All right. Let's go. Cigarettes. Like I said I know you tried once but if I If you WANNA try I might try. Right. If you WANNA smoke. I don't smoke. Lonnie Smith's or something you shouldn't be doing anything like that Sean So. Why do you have the car? Give me. Your card. I. Didn't even want the car. They gave it to me basically. Because you've got you've got. Helps. US It. Using. The. Things like that I. Feel anything you can get a topical CBS. Four your knee and I bet you won't need those quarter Roy shots whatever you dating anymore. Sean shot shot stop doing that Bro, use the. Barbie? True. This. Sign McCall has been arrested in accused of pimping. Girl Arizona girl. Getting. My base keep kicking me. Mike is. He is the son of a former. NFL coach Lonnie Smith Map. He was underlying he worked under Lonnie as the assistant assistant coach, right? They coached the Arizona. Oh let me. Go. The CHICAGO BEARS AND TAMPA BAY buccaneers. He was book Thursday for a slew of STERBAN charges. Official has told TMZ sports that Smith is facing everything from pander in another word for Pumpkin along with receiving earnings from a prostitute and sex trafficking. Yes. So He This story is live ongoing, right? Also facing charges of money, laundering and conspiracy. The details are found surrounding the case it's unclear. TMZ is working to bring more. Info as we get as it can get to develop McKell was a farm, a former college football player at University of Arizona back in the day before he cited coach with his father. Wow That's amazing. Okay. You Maceio, he is the his father was ex-. Nfl Coast Lonnie Smith whoever lobbyists. We just go because we got a guy a few last night the Toronto Raptors played the Boston Celtics and the Raptors one by one point your one, all four to one, zero three and the Celtics leads the series to a two one, the Denver Nuggets played La Clippers and the Clippers won one, twenty, two, Ninety, seven, and they are leading the series one, two, zero, two, zero. Right those are your sports they bobby. Thank you so much. Probably we can. You find Yuck families, facebook streets, Barbie Cologne or facebook. Barbie Cologne designs on Instagram and Barbie stylist on. INSTAGRAM. Yes you guys can find me on facebook sunny underscore Jay on instagram and semi Jay on. snapchat. FACEBOOK COMEDIAN SEAN Harvey on facebook awfully is the Grand God. Bless all you folks or the Good Friday who's on chat remember weeks any Nicole Harris class for her. Those down so We're you guys on Tuesday? Footy holidays again, we love you guys. We're GONNA rush. Channel Barbie remember when we started the show, we went to church yet go back to church. Friday okay. We love you to death put your emojis in put your heart emotions in there. I want know what you guys are grateful for it on a Friday take that into the weekend we want to show you guys so much. So we're GONNA take the church right now God bless each every. Church? Let's go. Along. Donations. Ambulance Sean. Don't. So. Make sure you're. Sitting in there. But those voters off. Anybody else choice. Harvey? Warner. Selfless. To. League. G.. O.. Scott. Perceive. Pain. We got. Paola. Bill thank you. Thank you. On. Report today. I WANNA do. is on the way. I could feel the right now. Reposing. All the way. This a long. Look. Send it back. Doc. Grateful today. All right. This is keen. And this is how you play. You pick up to ten numbers out of eighty.

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