The Great Jokic, a Total Clipocalypse, Panic Trades, and Kemba Search Parties with Ryen Russillo


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Chris and breaking down all the trends from week one and fell, we have another new person that we brought into the Ring Universe, which will be announcing on Thursday and will appear on this podcast on Thursday. I'm not giving you any hints. except. Well I'm not giving you any hints. It's somebody who's who's kind of legendary. That's ominous set that's on Tanya speaking legendary Ryen Russillo and I it's. It's. Almost nine o'clock Pacific Time, we are cranking it out right now post game seven clips nuggets as well as Celtics he game one or covering it all Russillo NBA coming up right now I our friends from Pearl Jam. All right we're taping this it is eight, forty, five, Pacific Time. Tuesday night. We moved or sellers post band Thursday and said Hey Russillo what if we did Tuesday night instead game seven clip Stugotz who knows maybe something will happen here's what. One of the one of the great playoff chokes in the history of the NBA. We're GONNA get to that in a second, but I want to start on a positive note. Nicola Yokich. We haven't added impactful center. In almost twenty years I would say since two thousand and two shack. the of his three finals, MVP seasons when he could still reach deep down and just destroy a team. And since we've had Dwight Howard Embiid, we've had cups of coffees with guys we deep down we knew they weren't great. And other Yokich, has a chance to be the first impactful guy. We've had in twenty years before tonight's game. twenty-seven Playoff Games twenty six, twelve and seven fifty, one percent field feel like really nobody in the history of the League has done that for their whole career and then today even though Murray was the guy who's got all the points Yokich chat a triple double in the third quarter, he just completely discombobulated the clippers. And Yeah, the clippers fell short and we talk about all the terrible things they did in this series but the bottom line is they didn't know what to do with. Yokich. They didn't know how to defend them. They didn't have a plan for it and even in game seven is slipping away. They're doubling him there blitzing him it's like they had no idea who he was what was your reaction is you're watching this. We always talk about changing of coverages right and we do it and we talk about football all the time, and then we get really excited about it with Toronto and Nick. Nurse. And then some of the stuff were Spoelstra even downplayed in the Boston game where he's like, yeah, we had a few zone possessions but we like this stuff right? We like it. I think Jeff Van Gundy was incredibly van Gundy in the was very, very telling. And where he's like, yeah, they just keep doubling they just keep doubling. Okay. and. He's just throwing it to everybody. Now again, when you're saying you're doubling the greatest passing big man of all time, which is what van Gundy called him. Yeah and it was like it was Walton in the second quarter and then by the time they had that run again they're like, no, it's Yokich Yokich. It's not Walton anymore I mean that stepped. That's seriously like what kind of come up this series is for Yokich, his standing and and where he is in this game, and that's what happens plan, and that's why it's so fun but. There's part of me that goes you know eventually they did change it though they did change it where they put a big on him in the switch but you're selling out and you're trying to double, and by the way the clippers are up nine at one point here. Okay. They're up nine third quarter. Yeah and Paul George gets his third foul at five fifteen although it may be good on offense and not have a member come back and then Murray unleashes but then on some of these double actions were there's Times where I've watched Denver. Now, so closely over the years ago, I don't know is that too man thing really going to work well, when grant hits a couple threes and then Harris gets his first one and then millsaps hit that one at the top of the key when they doubled again, you're like, okay well, this is different. Now because a lot of games grants out there in a missing out rebound Harris can't shoot to save his life. I think there's probably a lot of people that forgot MILLSAP was on this team three times this year but this whole series man. I don't WanNa. Get far in the weeds where they but at least for religious at for game seven. I think it's almost having to credit yokich going. Well, look if this is what you're doing and you've given me all these options I've already figured them all out now because it's seven Games Zotov and I'm too good. That's the key point. Right? You're challenging somebody who already has the answers to the test You're saying like, Hey, here's another multiple choice test and he's like I have the answer key right here. What are you doing? Yeah it's a C. be the whatever you're doing I'm ready I already know how to handle this. He had thirteen assess he had. He had one catch in the paint where he was facing opposite to a guy at the elbow of the three and he got doubled fake pass to opposite corner and immediately turned around like Chris these guys all know where everybody's supposed to be position. That's why we need. To Balance, they'll point to him being like you're you're off your spot. He already knew that he wasn't passing the guy in the corner. It was passing it to somebody behind him exactly like you're saying because now he's so comfortable any seven feet getting double just looking over everybody. And if they do the double and then they back off it, he's smart enough to take time and get the little foul line jumper the runner or pretend he's going to have the foul line jumper and then hit somebody last-second he had thirteen assists. What's crazy about it is murray was six thirteen from three the rest of the team Seb for twenty four if they had hit more threes in this game. and. If they credited when you have, you know you'd think those couple times where a guy got fouled because Yokich got me up and didn't count as for him. He honestly could have had twenty plus assists in this game if there's to lay ups where the layup actually goes in when the guys getting fouled and then four the people who three or whatever he's up there I just thought he was so dominant and it's weird because Murray, had forty Murray finally showed up. You know in both had Utah. Massive massive. Away, his second quarter was knots. Guy That shouldn't. You'd think like. All right, Yokich. If Zubaydah gets about trouble, which is what happened to me in this game. Well, all right that's going to be trouble for the cookers. Seven guys to throw at him and he was torturing them and I've felt like the spirit of the clippers you can see it fading as that second half way, which is the same thing that happened on Sunday and game six, right? I know the whole, the whole point of the clippers this whole time as you go. Okay. Look at all these options that they have when it's right because when it's right, it looks pretty good. Yeah. When they're up three one, you're like, okay, this is what's supposed to happen and when they're up nineteen in game six, you're like, okay enough of this and then you go what the Hell is wrong with these guys you're like, okay well. Now whatever human nature there is which I don't think we do enough of where I always say like you can't fake being desperate you can't be as desperate as the team down to now if they're terrible if we're talking like a nets or magic first round series here down to not going to help you if you're pretty good and Denver's pretty good. There's just a different gear that they're going to have. But then when it gets to game seven tonight bill and the Clippers get up almost ten and then they get up seven early in the third quarter you think they're playing well though because I didn't. That great I didn't think they're playing well, but I thought whenever they attacked in swung it. Denver's actually pretty bad on the rotations and you'd have to believe me even van guns pointing out he's like look he started talking about that pistol screen they were sending yet, and again, van Gundy's is better than everybody else that does it I don't think there's another color commentary person nationally basketball with start pointing out the pistol screen problems like and he had it immediately. It was like two plays they ran at a new the action and he was like this is why it's messed up and Denver's missing some other defensive rotations van Gundy's even pointing out and I'm going okay. You know like the normal thing is going to happen here because by and yet then it gets back to something that we've talked about where feels like we've had all these negative storylines with these teams because it's been so unproven, it's why did the clippers? Why do they think? So highly of themselves Kawai went did that in Toronto last year? Why did out any of you guys? The rest of you guys haven't done anything. So why do you guys carry yourself like this team? That's like in year three after back to back titles, and that's kind of carried himself with this group that never really clicked yet at the same time I'm like, okay. How the hell they? Ever, get up three one. How do they get up nineteen a game six? How does that team just look fucking petrified in the fourth quarter of a game seven those are grown men that were scared to be playing basketball and I give quiet pass because I think he was trying to press the issue and jazz working like he had an awful game but other guys were scared bill. Yeah I agree with that. But I do think you know game seven on the first half none of the Denver guys get hit a three and it had all the makings is like Oh man this is just going to have to be Murray and Yokich. And and they those two guys together. kind of kept them hanging around until Denver started making some plays but they were playing defense though and I think anything back to that Jeremy Grand Trade row case he's like, Hey, we feel like saving money any interest Jeremy Grant, Denver's like shore I thought he did a good job on choline. I don't I don't know why I am not going to say he you know. I'm like you I hate using the word choke. I thought he looked tired and this is something we had talked about heading into these playoffs where it's like the every other day every other day every other day. Was GonNA favor younger teams was that going to hurt older guys was that can hurt somebody like Hawaii who's really been careful about how much mileage he wanted to put on himself the last couple of years now look at who we have in the final four we have this young Celtics team. We have a Miami team that has a couple of guys but for the most part, younger guys like Bam and in hero and people like that, and then this Denver team built around two young guys. Then the Lakers who haven't really been tested yet but I do wonder like if you had home court. And and the the schedule wasn't as kind of stacked as it was with this has been the same result will never know but I think we have to mention it. Well it certainly with Denver because when you look at their runs at they'll have and then you'll kind of more. So two years ago than than this year but you'd be like, wait a minute what's what's on the road that was like more two years ago and talked about this team. Even, this year with Philly like wait this healthy team I'm supposed to take seriously and you suck on the road and then you know everything happened. So home and road doesn't really matter but I think. As, much as I do want to get back to the clippers thing and I do want her to get back to co why I almost same saved because I that in the next segment I I, want it now gates and why they won I. Yeah. No, that's what I'm doing. Well, yeah. I to give you more room here to just talk about your kitchen. What is now like this is the fun part. This is the great part about the playoffs. You have these kinds of performances, and now we have to look at you a lot differently now even though the numbers might be the same even though look playoff. Regular season numbers he's blowing up, but just to control the game the way he did in shoot at great tonight he's also in that group of like how come you don't shoot a little bit more but he's so patient. He's dissecting every single thing and once he gets rolling and as we said at the very top once he understands everything that you want to do it's. It's like magic, Johnson types of what about when he takes the rebound and he goes and he's running three and too fast breaks and that's why when you're talking I was lucky enough to see Walton at his peak and then when he was on the Celtics when he was little, not peak never saw what. But still like an incredible bench player ever saw Simona saw. Like Greenie Youtube FM stuff like that, and then Yokich, and those are the three great passing centers of all time. I do feel like it's funny that Jackson mentioned wilt Chamberlain is a great passer which is just you know he was forcing he wanted to win the assists title that one year and really like was assist assist assist contract when Rondo chasing assists on the Here's the guy everybody said was a great passer back then was Russell. Becau- in Russell's like never mentioned any of these. But if you go back like Russell averaged over five assists at least one of those play offs and was a great outlet, pass his outlet passing alone on those old clips is unbelievable outlet pastor, and then also they used to put them kind of like Denver uses Yokich at the top of the key and they would run all these little zigzags and he would hit people and throw. So for whatever reason here's the mentioned. Yokich. I. Think the difference with him and these other guys is his ability to off the dribble to create plays. We've never seen centers do that before it's kind of. I've never seen by lake him. Walton's Walton was not like him while it was a great passer, but they were not a lake as players at all and when the Yokich thing I just happened to you go. Like who is this guy and he looks like and a lot of people are GonNa get this reference but you ever remember being a little kid and like maybe it was you and your body's you're on little league baseball team, select the popular kids and recess. There was that kid who had like hand-me-down winter coat and he always had burgers in his nose. And he was like bigger than everybody else and don't really talked to him in his face was always like read and weird, and then like one of the cool kids like said, something to start making fun of him, and then he just went berserk remote on you and beat you and all your friends up in the S. that's what Yokich looks like like. When I see him he's got like these weird like jogging things. He'll. He'll I kind kinda do this odd apology to Aref with his hands his mouth he'll be like. Oh and then he's just chilling everybody and he wouldn't pass by right? Yeah. He wouldn't pass my test like if brought an alien basketball game, do you think the best players they would not pick Yokich huguenots? Thirtieth pick he's like an extra large shamet face. Well. So I did some research 'cause he's you know he's over twenty, five, ten, and five again. In the in the playoffs this year. So heading into this game. He was twenty, six, ten and five and a half but now he had like so he's probably like twenty six eleven and five. NASA. But that here, all the players who were twenty, five, ten in five. which shooting fifty percent field goal Yokich data twice Tim Duncan. Larry Bird Eighty four chamberlain and sixty seven Blake Griffin in two thousand fifteen under a playoffs Barkley and eighty six December. Twelve Games there will chamberlain sixty eight Magic Eighty Bill Walton and seventy seven Lucas seventy to those are other guys, sixteen games or more. All of those guys are hall of famers except wake. and. At least four went to. Those guys are top ten all time guys. This is not something over the course of a playoffs. You're not supposed to be twenty, five, ten in five. He's twenty, five, twelve, and seven. And I know the stats are a little messed up because the way bask was being played out but it's not like he's shooting threes. It sounds like he's assisting like this is all flow the game shit and he's just dominant. Sixteen. Thirteen twenty two, four, twenty, two books. And he only took six free throws I. mean he was he was five or thirteen. He missed every three that he took tonight. So if you just looked at this, this is one of those basketball reference games. You'd be like Oh that was a weird game like, but he wasn't doing much and you know he was he was GonNa do now I can't say he was doing everything discredit how incredible Murray was already. It just kind of changed everything but I still kept waiting for that clippers comeback and kept waiting for it to happen but. This is like I don't know what's going to happen next. I'm probably GONNA, pick the Lakers but. I now look at it. Yokich Murray is different and this isn't this becomes this battle of like Oh, these guys have always been this will not really not really and now they just did it again they came back from three one again and when they were down three one time like odd man this Denver team like, why does why do people on TV say like Oh look out there like this sneaky team that could come out of the West and now it's real and now it's a real possibility. So yeah, like now I look at the Denver Nuggets differently because now they've done something and what they did against this clippers team. I still can't like I'm sitting here in disbelief that this actually just happened. Well, let's talk about a key component. Continuity. And we're in this league now where everybody just changes teams constantly changes players constantly and the stars switch teams and all this stuff and the clippers are great example that right these guys were thrown together they played two thirds of a season. We never were hundred percent comfortable with where they were as a possible contender pandemic captains go back in the bubble and same thing on off switch. They look great one game ease up the next game whatever's going on Denver's at team. That's kind of grown up together here. You know they added grants a new piece porter's relatively new even though he trained with them last year but the Yokich Murray Harris Mill Sap. Guys more for awhile recruits been there for bill. Yeah and I, I, think this really helped the Celtics in that raptor series too where you had. You had smart and Jalen and Tatum, and those guys have been in wars down together for three straight years. Jalen smarter play together for years I do think the continuity helps and when you really notice it is when things are going south. And like this clippers team in game six and game seven, where all the sudden, they look a pickup basketball team. They don't have the history and eight. The first time I really noticed there says a phenomenon was the OH eight Celtics 'cause the celtics were awesome they when they were, what were they like sixty, six and sixteen, Sixty, five, and seventy in the regular season in the playoffs came around and Atlanta was going at them and it was like they just cut nudity in cohesiveness. Hadn't built it. They had employed with each other enough and they barely got Bhai Atlanta they they blow mount game seven same thing in the Cleveland series took them forever. They finally finished them off seven in kind of built that newt is the playoffs went along and then it kind of clicked in the Detroit series then took off I. Don't think this team had a chance to do that and I don't really know what their identity was because. I think to the bitter end. They didn't know who their best five guys were at the same time. They're still playing Lou Williams in this game, they're gonNA end the ship with them. Lou Williams shouldn't be playing at all in this series the defensive stats on him worse than the Herald stats they couldn't Denver was hunting him way worse than Toronto a Kemba in this series and they need his offense but doctors was like, Oh this is these are my guys will figure it out and then all of a sudden the game's over. It was just it was hard to bet against it though even though that was something that was happening the whole time, right because we're watching them, we're going what are they gonNA play together I, remember going on cowherd and he was like I. Think this is great by design because the rest of the guys do to stop by design, they would have twenty games with these guys. They would love to have twenty games in a row with all of the players and figure out what's happening and. Then come back and MANTRAS isn't ready to go. Lou gets busted for going to magic city. Pat. Beverley in and out of the lineup the whole time, and it's really tough like they had a moment with Reggie Jackson were Reggie. Jackson. was playing some really good basketball forum and then you'd say you know what? I don't really want them out they're closing and then he had to go to him at some point and then shamet he turns his ankle but like I thought, oh? Hey Sham it's. Back. On the scene he hadn't been able to hit any shots in the plan whatsoever but like they didn't want to give up on them but the Yokich numbers against my treasurer terrible the second unit numbers were terrible and long stretches throughout this playoff season they tried to mix it up I think late with Paul George, getting in some more minutes with the second unit but really what it comes down to is like when you max out and everybody in the world wants Paul George like it look. People are going to listen to me thinking I'm giving quiet pass I'm gonNA save you the time I am he had a bad game for a guy that's at legend status. This isn't his tenth Harden Game Okay this is somebody who carried a franchise by himself and absolutely diced up the heat becoming a superstar. All right and so since he has those on his resume I'm GonNa look at him differently because I go you know what? He's forced the issue, but there's there's a bunch of those possessions. In the fourth quarter and I, knew it Marcus Morris who may have screwed the whole series up by pushing mill sap and mill zapping like look you want to be a fucking tough guy all the time and look Marcus Morris is tough player but he's not tough mentally and millsaps been around long enough and then MILLSAP has incredible run in that game that's that comeback and you're like, oh now. Look is all because of that. That'd be overstating a bit but Morris got the ball and he didn't want in the fourth quarter and then he gets stuck with it and he took a shot I still can't believe Moore's hit that corner three against Cleveland The Dallas series because I've seen that shot his whole career Reggie Jackson has a flailing attempt Jim Michael Green goes to throw it down to give. Him some momentum that things ends up punted half four then pull the same possession has the ball throws it out of bounds, Paul George dense the side of the backboard yet corner threes and you're just going you guys are all toast like your. It was just like you I don't like saying choking I don't like questioning the manhood of these guys because deep down like these guys have all had. To. Go through a lot but to have it be so obvious in front of your face in that fourth quarter, you're like nobody not one of you guys is comfortable right now I think Kawais discomfort was I can just drive in on a million people right now and throw it up at the hoop but you know nothing we're done like we're toast we were watching team walked to its own funeral We need a better word than choke. It's almost like GAC, but you know when you see it, do they look scared to you bill I thought they always say, Oh, they look a little tight I thought the whole team deer in the headlights once the nuggets through a couple haymakers and it was like nine points and every now it's like the clippers are GonNa have a run the nuggets to make a shot. And you just Kinda see it. It was that hot potato look and Morris was a good example like more got the ball couple times Morris big tough guy from philly wanted no part of it. Reggie. There he he was terrible and like the minute and a half, he played all these dudes I never just for the record I was always on the record. I, I never was a huge fan of the more assigning. I did like the moves omitted the deadline and I didn't think they address their biggest issue, which is like what happens if you're playing Yoka Jury Anthony Davis Playoff series what are you doing? Are you like there's a team really needs zoo bats that much. But I don't know. Things available at least Morrison some version of Mike he's not unplayable. But I I one of these when he got stuck taking that first shot that he took in the fourth quarter and I was like he doesn't want it, he doesn't want it and I don't know if everybody picks up on all that stuff because then you start looking for it and you go. Out. You'd have when you're up. But now now you don't even WanNa take you don't even want the ball in your hand with some teams are like that though some teams are great when they're thirteen, I thought Boston and Toronto series after the Miracle Shot Game for the whole team was tight. Did that mean they choked or that were they rattled from the game I don't know but you could see it. You could see collectively they they were not playing freely and I think one of the great things about this Denver team there. So tested now. With these comebacks, you know the first team ever to come back three, two, one, two, two series in a row, much less in the same playoffs and they just were never scared any point. I wrote them off after game one. Would they got killed in that game like an idiot I was like all right. They you know. This is a pretty limited team has two guys. They have too many holes benches of good enough clippers are going to kill him and they just kind of kept hanging around hanging around waiting for this cooperstown fold. We're GONNA take a break and I want to talk about some of the great collapses in the history of the NBA playoffs. Hey. What if a quarterback completed to five of his passes? Or Point Guard hit four to five shots behind the ARC and they just did this over and over again eighty percent of the time. Well. Now, when you're hiring, you can play at that level because four five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day. 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But how some actresses just sometimes they end up on the wrong teams. So listen to that on the rewatch was we also have easy coming later this week I'm not on that one. So to re watchable this week. All right back to this podcast. So we're talking we use the word collapse for the playoffs and the there's two kinds right you'll see the stat about. Teams that blue three one leading a series stuff like that to me when you're talking about like really memorable collapses. It's gotta be the team was either better and they blew it. Or the team had the series by the balls and the series flipped and all the sudden they're standing there going what the fuck happened. So you go back to the sixties. The, sixty eight, six, six were the first team that blew a three one lead to the Celtics and Bill Russell. That was when everybody thought the Celtics were dead sixers had beaten them the year before. And then the celtics come comeback three, one, they win a game seven, sixty, nine Lakers that was the West Baylor Chamberlain team. Let the seltzer run an fumes they end up pulling game six out of their ass and then they win game seven. La, I think that was the collapse was game tonight one there was that last second thing which one is game six of that series. Yeah Sam Jones seventy, nine spurs. Shot Sam Jones. James hearted his spiritual MBA. Godfather George Gervin who is the James Harden before James Harden Spurs were up three one in seventy nine over the bullets and blow the last three games at Gervin disappears in the last couple minutes again seven. Eighty one sixers. Had a three one lead over the Celtics. Celtics came back. One of the great series of all time that to me wasn't I never felt like that was a collapse that was just like an incredible series but I, I never felt like the sixers choked you watch those games and it's like you know one of the great battles they was just that's one of the great series that's I would say what we're talking forty years now. He's never get so. I don't know you'd have to fill your boss and remember that series as well as you probably do but that's one of the all time that was one of the first ones growing up I was more aware a year after that being a little bit. But that series then going back and people kind of talking like the mythology of that eighty-one series was probably the first series I remember at least being aware of. Basketball and sports where it was like what happened against Philli that one just considered one of the all time greats in every game was one point, two points you go watch need to the eighty four Lakers really kick that Celtics series away the game to add the Henderson still against worthy game for had the comeback, the Mikhail clothesline all that stuff, and after that series, you know that started with the tragic Johnson and Magic Johnson. Yeah. Eighty, seven Pistons. The SAS steals the ball. They blow it they have the Celtics. That series is basically done. It's going back to Detroit. They had the lead bird sales the ball flips it they losing seven, your Guy Barkley and ninety five with the sons they blew the three one lead to the rockets. Blew. Holy to the raw rockets year before. So right or kills me and ninety five was just as bad. So that I don't need remind basically two years in a row where they folded when a matter two, thousand, fifteen clippers. Gets the rockets I went to that Game Two Thousand Sixteen Warriors. that. Was Actually One of the weird harden beginning of some of the anti heart and stuff when he got resigned the edged gave he. Had A towel over his head I was there two, thousand, sixteen words against Cleveland Lebron comes back two thousand nineteen rockets last year. Where they blow a series where out. They get the break of breaks and they stole lose and then this clippers team and I don't think I missed anything I think that's what about let's here Oklahoma City when when Golden State you play a game. Yeah. They. Do would you say that was a choke collapse or would you say that? Is Pulling. Sprinklers out. I guess that's a little both well, I would say it was a collapse if look different than Westbrook and other big spots, which was to say that it always looks bad for the most part. So the reason I, bring all of these up. 'cause they're all famous for whatever whatever reason. We've never seen a team roll over in a game seven like this. It was a rollover it was a submission. It was not only are we losing, but we've we're actually giving up and you're GonNa Watch us on live television as we throw shots against the backboard as we give up wide open threes as we do dumb coaching decisions that were just never going to change our strategy that's not working culminating in when. Stripped And I think they're they're nuggets of eighteen with two minutes left in kwaghe stripped and he just stops in ever in the clippers stops in the nuggets have a three auto fast-break and none of the clippers are even running back. That's never happened in one of these collapse series. I'm just telling you. We've never seen a team visibly rollover like that and they should be embarrassed. Okay. I'm not GonNa say that the play like that has never happened because you've seen. All Quarter how they how they rolled over has never has never really happened in one of these situations. I'm trying not to do the recent thing here but. That was so It was such A. Again I look I don't want to hear it start. But. I'm not in shock in shock from the very beginning that Denver came back three one again, Gates never happened before they did it again I said if you're that good like, how did you get down three one and how they get down sixteen in the nineteen and they still kept coming back and I think the Lakers have a little of this they did it with Houston they they were so. disrespectful of WHO Houston was that they were like. What like Houston, they would let Houston get back into some of those games. You'll never remember any of this stuff for sport but when you were watching it, it was like, holy, Shit rondos hitting threes. All right. Let's stop air. Like wait a minute, just went on a twenty five ron like what the hell are we doing and I think the clippers very guilty of that. The Difference Lakers aren't enough of this shit. WE'RE GONNA go ahead and win this game win the series and five, but it's probably Of least recent memory, I would say it's one of the more disgusting efforts I've seen from a basketball team. and. I don't know how you argue against that because it just was. For All the shit they talked about being e-e-e-e-no know. Who they were, what they were going to accomplish. The confidence and the swagger they had which they had rightfully because choas on team. But when push came to shove in game six and game seven. They completely disappeared second second-half in in like a really memorable borderline historic way. I cannot remember a team completely rolling over in two second-half like that. We're there are three two and a series to my knowledge. It's never happened in NBA series before by a good team, I'm sure it's happened by like the back Orlando those type of teams, but not by a team that was favored to win the title three weeks ago. I'm with, you mean I can't I can't believe it. I mean look at Golden State three lead first of all Kyri, and Lebron turned into like all world players three games, and it was still a possession game and Draymond game right in my mid game five games. Cleveland was amazing and game seven was a dogfight at least they fought the whole game though, yeah that's totally different. That's totally I'm just thinking because I know what's going to happen is there's GonNa be some game that we're not thinking of because it's Just hard to keep track of I duNno single game boy that was as I'm sitting. I. Rewind plays and go. Oh my God. Like this guy doesn't want anything to do with this like he's looking like there was one play in particular were I forget who it wasn't the right side but they were going to like set up the action on his side and he just went no no and started pointing frantically to start the action on the other side and the guy was like this isn't what the play is. going. So now I'm supposed to cut with no screen to the ball. Okay cool. Now, I have the ball like what the hell am I supposed to do and it's It was weird. It was weird to watch team completely unraveled like that and it wasn't like it was. Like our waiting I don't know why you think you think they were just waiting for. Kaleida Hawaiian. He was just having a bad game and he looked tired to me and I mean I'm not GonNa make excuses for quiet that everybody else I'm just saying like. Built up playoff resume. That's almost unassailable and he just looked like to step slow. We think about two weeks ago we were talking about how he seemed like he was at the peak of his powers. Guys up the dribble today defensively there was there was some slippage with Kawhi, and that's what some of the defensive assignments there and there's there's some other stuff. If you looked at some of the Dallas numbers in that series, you could make the argument that he actually wasn't this great defensive stop stopper but I also think dodge has a lot to do with that too or if Don's is just get you even he goes India it doesn't matter who the hell you are just going to be bigger and finish over you but. I I had to, I'd have to look at it again but I thought there were two structures in the fourth quarter where he looked like okay. Fine like I. Guess it's up to me and then he missed every shot to right and then once he missed every shot then it's like Holy Shit. It's like the toughest guy in your group getting beat up I as you're running across a field to fight like the rival town and you're like Danny just got knocked out. Paul Georgia's really bad. He's terribly bad in another big elimination game. Paul George was absolutely terrible and that's why calm thirty thirteen thirteen points would have been an improvement from what he did tonight at ten and get to ten. He got the ten I was hoping he was gonna hit that last three so it actually would be thirteen. Thirteenth theory but let's look at shooting number series. I, gotTa be honest. I. I was not surprised by the results of this game. I'm surprised nuggets one by fifteen. But when I was line Friday the nuggets were plus seven and a half the nuggets were plus to ninety to win the game. I was alarmed by what I watched in game six. I really was I was alarmed because. I thought they were real fundamental issues. It wasn't just like, oh, that was an off game they just fell asleep at the switch. It was like no they have real matchup issues and their coach doesn't seem to realize them and you know we have to mention the Doc rivers piece of this. He he's now presided over. I think more of these than probably any coast. Now He's been coaching for a Lotta. Years. He's been coaching from US two decades but he's just been on the rock side history and a lot of these. These blown three to leads three times two, thousand, ten, two, thousand, twelve, two, thousand, fifteen, he lost game seven at home in Oh, five and nine. He lost the game seven do Utah to thousand seventeen, and then he blew a three one. in this series and I don't know whether it's an adjustment thing whether it's bad luck whether he had the wrong guys on his team but but I do wonder does he survive this? WHO's the fall guy. Do. The clippers is run this back. Finish the line here for Paul George Four Sixteen to eleven for three one free throw attempt four boards. Two assists in thirty eight minutes. So the one though the one free throw attempt is is he should be thinking about that all offseason that's embarrassing. Go to get to the basket they orange house moments put Yokich avow trouble. Here's a moments where he's like early. Seth Curry. With more rebounds. Yeah now, I, think seth actually get to the hoop so I'm not turning this like a massive. Sorry, Seth Very Yeah. I'm Seth Curry. Fuck I would go to the basket. The dock thing I don't know what happened. I. Don't know what happens because we all know why doc I think he's a really good coach I think he's really coach for stars. To but you're right the resume has some dings on it and when your favorite and you to this nuggets team after you're up three one like I, I'm not GonNa sit here and tell you like no way you're seeing. All wrong. He's like leave his eleven million a year I was looking through the extension was the extension was like a year ago. So you got to think he's probably got like two more years on this deed had an idea. Trade him. He's been traded before he has. Philadelphia Seventy sixers need a coach. Just. For Who I don't get a future I forum. Promote Lou. Okay. But can I ask you a question? Maybe like us? No. Good but this is GimMe a little little like I. Know I can go too long but Gimme Gimme a little bit of time to explain this. There's a reason why the same time as we were talking to a couple of weeks ago about Anthony Davis in that I in a million years I would not bet money on Anthony Davis signing somewhere else because I don't think Anthony. Impressionable personality and I don't think you blast your way out of New Orleans with clutch, packing your bags for you and then say to clutch. Hey, you know what you say they were to lose the Denver. Nuggets. Davis doesn't get enough shots. He starts get beat up and he says, you know what? I don't like this. Let me experiment here. Let me see if I wanna go I actually want my own team. Now Okay I don't think any of that stuff would happen but the reason why teams prepare for that and workout clutch clients or do things to always be as if they are like, Hey, we always have your back to the agency because that's part of the for an office job is because the unexpected always happens in this league and the unexpected could be not only the dock part but like what Paul George Goes. I kind of like I'm not really feeling this quiet looks around and goes not one of these guys are like Patrick Beverley I can't sit there and say that that guys on a tough guy because he at least played tough but what do I looked around and said, I'm not really feeling this right now it's not like he hasn't blasted his way on to other places now again, Toronto, we just left because he could leave but San Antonio was out of there what factor is Doc In that decision because did they go there because they love the duct takes care of their guys and doc absolutely takes care of his stars that is like doc one on one as a coach. So all of these things I think are valid points to bring up in how weird could this off season actually get with the clippers after what we just saw but as my default normally is with this, is they usually just run the ship considering this was year one of this group. Is there fog I or do you fall into the habit of as? You know what? It our first year together we were all in a bubble. The BARTOK's really hard on all of us magic city. We laid out here for homecourt advantage and then we didn't have it. And we still feel like you know year to another piece we want to bring this back with that said, if philly calls and says, we'll give you embiid for Paul George. Doc Rivers. What is bomber do? You life that led. The first ever to players at a coach trade. Not even. Drinking, are we supposed to be drinking on this podcast and I? Had A beer. Beer. We. Should we've never done that in the pot thirty eight minutes in Track White Clause I would it be for Paul George Doc Take us all cut check I'll tell you. With the rumor mills at all the different stuff going on I still think embiid and Simmons get a chance next year with everybody there but I don't know that Simmons is going to Kreider tears. About it. Yeah. All Georgia's as bad as he was tonight, he's if he's a free agent, this series of Max Player yesterday, he's a Max player again yesterday but. That's why I get. So frustrated arguing about some of these guys and I think people's Kinda give up as I go look I. Don't I don't just randomly watch a player one day and say, Hey, that guy stinks it's usually after a few years in these elimination Games George Elimination Gates hardened but at the same time like with quiet daddy was I'm not going to sit there and say okay all right. So I've got I've got Lebron. GonNa knock him down a few pegs. All right right now top three players league are Lebron Butler and tyler hero, and then I now have quite fourth. But some, but something did import something did happen tonight though. Kobe lost his title. He didn't lose his NBA title. He lost the title as if you could have a playoff guy for one series, who would it be and mine was Hawaiian tonight. So now it's Lebron again. Retire narrow. It may be tyler hero. You. Saw Him again today the guys just. He's got. He's got buffalo balls man he's he's upset like he told a couple buddies on a thirties I can't believe and get one. MVP vote. He's like second team all rookie fuck this of it hits the Vegas the. Celtics are about to finish by today of behavior here say no but I do think the. The co-run. which was really the best thing the clippers had going for them. This year is like what we have Qui-. In a series big game co as the guy well, he lost so. I'm wondering if it could be Yokich. Yokich could grab the title hair Yokich they played I went back for one playoff game come on. It's Lebron now if it's not quite after no I don't I don't like doing this game to gate that's no no, no no, it's bacon right now it's vacant titles whoever comes out of it this year has the title or They played the Lakers really well. They were they put him four times this year they they were Lakers one three, the four games but the nuggets killed them once, and then to that one game was not one of them was like a one point game. If you watched, it was like both teams kind of had trouble stopping the other I think they're supporting cast is better. And the Yokich thing like. All right. Great you have to play Dwight Howard Javale. McGee. More. Awesome. Yokich torch those guys. And then the Murray thing like who who's GonNa Guard Jamal bomber and the Lakers They'll figure it out. They'll figure that part of it who, who, do you trust Tuesday best offensive guard Pope Rousseau. I think there's some awesome Caruso numbers but pokes it in threes? You know you're going to go the pope pope was getting some of the defensive assignment there Well, this brings me to my next east of that collect question, right? This just fell. So perfectly for Lebron I think we said this the last time we talked about this stuff like gets the gets the beaten up Portland team in Ranan. Wait a minute though everybody was saying Oh this is bullshit they get the one seat and now Portland's back that team was affairs. Yeah. That's not what anybody was saying. Now that we know what happened. We like that was a good time to catch that. Tim. Second Round they get Houston Westbrook I am actually in the camp like it swung too far with people against Westbrook because recently he had covid we know in Kobe and he was hurt and he came back and I think he was even eighty percent and he I don't think he's as terrible as he was the Lakers like he was terrible is flat out terrible I don't think he's that bad of a basketball player but regardless I. In the game that he had thirty. He had thirty. He's so bad for and I was like this is so bad. That sounds like a Daryl Morey text you here's a question. You're a scholar though that was not a darrow boy text, but they had that Daniel House thing to, and now they're gonNA play clippers around three, and now it's the nuggets like this. I'm just saying like this is great for the Lakers Lakers would have signed up for this. The Lakers are going to be Houston no matter what Daniel House, important player of the rotation because he basically just eliminated thirty minutes out of that but I don't like the PG Tucker stuff towards the end and I love PJ Tucker but like he's looking around going. Are Are. You fucking kidding me like the hawks. Okay this sucks. I have a point and I'm going to ask you as a scholar of the game yet. has anyone ever lost in the playoffs healthy? 'cause nobody the rule is if you're the Marquis Guy, we just hear about how your hurt like a day or two later amid might even be like an hour later. Like do is GonNa. Hey you guys got us. We didn't play that. Well, congrats. There is no lag as he lay. You don't see at a sprained MC l. there was nothing that came out after that series though injury stuff. There's a there's an example I'm not gonNA say anything Nice about Toronto for a week. Is a rough any for them. Wait I have one more clippers thing for you. And you're right by the way about Toronto 'cause yeah. Nothing nothing came of it. Do you know this was the fiftieth clipper season? Yeah. I do I wrote it gentleman dating back to the braves and they showed that graphic and it's amazing. Were there like free? Franchises of the most years that make the conference finals like clippers forty, nine years, Charlotte thirty years, and then somebody else. Eighteen. Amazing this. We're now at how? Finals it's not even winning a title. It's you can't get to like two steps removed from winning the whole thing. You can't get out of the second round for fifty years. That's impossible. Do you know the Celtics have been in nine conference finals since two thousand and two? I had no idea. An additive in Philly. You wouldn't be like man remember that unbelievable twenty or south run. But my point is it's not that hard to make the conference finals. It's a little hard, but it's like Portland. Made it last year to not have it happened once in fifty years. It's incredible. But my point is it's not like it's not like impossible to make the conference finals for them never to do it. But then you think of all the great players that they've had are the great traffic's they've had. You know they've had just as decade had Chris Paul Blake Griffin quite letter that Paul George so. Like I, know a few cookers, fans and. There was already a little weird 'cause it was like, wow, the one year we have a real chance to win the title and none of the Games are going to be here and there on a fucking bubble in Orlando. But still this great, we have a chance, but it's a little weird but now it's like. Okay We're halfway through. Kuwiat Paul George. Before they can opt out in the suburbs two, thousand, twenty one. Now we're talking we've given away Shea to Salads Sander we gave away gallon areas expiring, and we gave away a hundred and thirty first round picks, and now it's all next year. Now it's two thousand and twenty, hundred bus in one one or both these dudes could could look at each other and be like I don't WanNa play with you anymore either and they're both gone and there's nothing left other than this giant arena they're building in Inglewood I mean it is a fucking disaster. We both know any office would do it all over again tomorrow to get those two guys but I mean I I really do think you have to in again I I know I agree I know that George would be maxed immediately but I wonder if any teams ever actually have these conversations you go. Hey, we could Max George would we not? would. We not the eighth game where you're like what the hell are you doing out there and the answer would still be that you would probably maxim but. I think it's all valid because it was that bad. It's not just disappointing. It's like horrifying where you go whoa like what how, what just happened to us with the other thing that was amazing about it. was these guys we thought like? Paul George and collided whether this is going to be unbelievable. This would be we. We wouldn't have seen this since pippen and Jordan were together as perimeter defenders lockdown everybody it's going to be ridiculous. I just didn't think Paul Georgia's defense was that good. I thought he had moments against Murray where he was incredible and he was locked in. It was not tonight. No I'm just saying he consistently wasn't at the level he was year ago I was watching I thought tatum. Today in that Miami game even though tatum apart offensively in the last five minutes and overtime I thought that was the best game I've ever seen him play defensively even that Butler three point play when Butler just threw it up and I thought tatum played really good day was arguable foul call. He was just he his hands were all over the place. His switches were perfect. He had he had either a couple steals are where he forced a studio because he was in the red spots and just was a dominant two way player for the first forty three minutes of that game for offense went away. And George had moments like that last Sharon Oklahoma City the first four months for he hurt his shoulder he was a dominant to a player was like, wow, this guy's one of the best five players in the league. We didn't see that this year and I know he had flashes but there are always just flashes. He had a weird slow start. Off of that horrible close to the playoff series two years ago with okay. See and he had like I remember watching I don't know the first week. Okay. See Games because I was. I. Was always watching him because I was like am I wrong about these guys? Is it going to click and he had kind of I mean I I don't know what the game log says now because in the moment. I game log is always is always a little dangerous, but I remember just going guy what the hell and then he goes on this tear where he ends up being like an MVP type player where humans Jalen, where you'll be watching the game in your forget he's out there for four minutes and I love Jalen but like Jalen today. Yeah. But no one's no one's talking about building a team around Jaylen Brown. And maybe we shouldn't be talking about Paul George we're GonNa take a break and I have one more thing to do on this. Everybody sees the bad and I'm Ryan Ruko play by play broadcaster for ESPN The yes. Network and we're both bald but only one of us has one young award. And only one of his shows to be. Hey thanks man I appreciate that but we both are co-host of what we feel is just the greatest pot out there are to see two now part of the ring podcast network see what people get when they come to our seat man just honest conversation and this is US talking and this is something that you know we started willing to be organic and we bring our friends on and have have great conversations. Yeah. Whether it's Aaron judge or Megan REPEA- no sue bird Kemba, Walker Max, Scherzer new episodes drop every Thursday so follow RTC to on spotify Taco Paul George really quickly. Is it conceivable they? They actually do think about moving him. because. We know there's no loyalty either way these days right the players don't have loaded the teams that's been established last five years and they shouldn't and the teams have never had loyalty that the players and it's like, Hey, we're building this whole thing. But maybe. Maybe they maybe if they make a move baby, it's that let me do some rapid fire once would you do Paul George for heart and right now if you're the clippers Oh Yeah. I think you still would. Would That would you do Paul George for Bradley, beal washed it. When do that? Because Georgia last year left on his deal? That's the problem is a year left in the deal with that might be why the clippers aren't looking for about Senate's. Phillies GonNa do that I think philly's afraid if they're gonNA split that up I think they'd be more afraid of embiid's long-term thing and they don't want to end up trading Simmons and then keeping embiid and if it bead who is track record of of staying, he's actually been healthier than I think I would have ever imagined maybe he doesn't get enough credit because he has the things here and there but I don't think it's obscene to suggest that. Everybody should be worried about him beads body's GonNa hold up because he needs to be getting thinner as he gets older, he needs to do the Dunkin thing and even though he's so young and Dunkin got in a lot later in his career yet I would like to see embiid closed. Some of these Games looks like he's a little bit more in shape until you see that from him although we get to hear about it all the time and then never actually happens I would think philly would be. You. Don't do you agree. I mean you wouldn't. You agree the phillies the probably a little bit more scared of like if we traded Simmons for somebody and we're having beaten them two years from now it's not any different healthwise like what's what are we have I'm on the record I would not trade Simmons. I think over and over again, we learned that it's just been so long since we just watch play Afghans. I judge all my dudes by. Who's going to be there and like that Friday night game seven. Marcus. SMART Goddamn frustrating. He takes even today they're up ten early in the first quarter is hitting shots, and then he literally has four straight possessions. Aurorae makes just the worst possible decision you're like God so frustrating but I fucking love that guy I rider with Marcus smart and in a game seven guest. So I wanted my team Marcus Gas who's not rolling over in that clippers game today Marcus smart. Guess would wouldn't have lost guess who have been on a team that lost by fifteen in a game seven when they were favored by seven points Parkersburg he just he would have gotten kicked out before he even witnessed it totally agree and I've not been the biggest market sky over the years especially when he's taking shots, you shooting like in the twenties from three. But now the shooting from three is definitely passable. They're still offensive decisions where I go come on man it's like how this early in the shot clock and you're in your next to tatum and Jalen Cambe he even had an ice. Oh, where he got Bam one on one and took a long to over him. Did you see Jalen go like Jalen was going up like this airball. Ramos at the RIM, and it goes in and Jalen rather WHOA Marcus smart. The play he made in the corner on the embiid pass where he was going opposite corner and he jumps out like defensive, back. into the flat like Marcus smart just does stuff that's different and in you know I've. Struggled the flopping with him drives me crazy because I just don't like it. No matter what you know who I'm rooting for. I just hate it because it's in the game, but you're right but I don't. Think. He's GonNa get. Would you trade Marcus Smart for Paul George? tradable. No from you now Marcus is going to retire a Celtic and he's going to take Maxwell's slows job and maxwell retires. He's going to be in my life for the rest of my life until I die I'm I'm signing up for it now. Sixteen Years South career immediately becomes either the radio guy or the TV guy, and then another forty years is that that's he's never leaving Boston. What can opened a bar called smarts and everybody called it's Matt's spy smarts I think that would work. Can I just review? All of the Denver Nuggets playoff islets. History of mankind. So two, thousand, nine. There to to against the Lakers in the Western finals than the Lakers win the last two. That was great. Are. You done nine, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty five made the western finals got killed by the Lakers. Nineteen, seventy eight. Now, a lot of people having a lot of nineteen seventy eight basketball conversations took took Seattle to six. And Seattle beat them in the seventy eight western finance. And then in the the last Aba finals ever they lost Dr J.. And the nets. In in one thousand nine, hundred, seventy kissel. Squad. In those are all your great Denver Nuggets. Playoff. Highlights stay have never made the NBA finals. Seventy eight was a really fun. What if year for the League because that's right as we're heading into the cocaine era and tape delays and people really turning on the League and they came very close to having David Thompson Dr J. in the nineteen. Seventy finals and Philly. Ended up falling apart washed and makes it. And then Denver Loses to Seattle but we identify Hanson that's the Seattle. Seattle bullets two straight years really hurt the league. Like you know there's no stars to like market. But if you had at Thompson in Irving anyway star-crossed franchise and this is about the best it's looked at me if you were doing. I'm starting a franchise with dot dot dot who do you pick? The. Yokich is no lower than third or fourth at this point right? Stock S Yokich might be the third pick. I don't know you do this sometimes now don't give me the you do this. Yeah. I am. Now you'll get us the third best player in the League and you're snowed team with them. I didn't say third best part in the League I'm saying I am starting my franchise that could have anybody who am I taking your taking tatum right now. I think its debate I don't know I. Don't know what the answer is but I think those are probably the next two picks after. Luca John S and I think it's tatum are Yokich for that. Three spot I mean Yokich is only twenty four years old. It feels like he's older than that but he's not tatum. He's two years older than tatum. Thought tatum was nineteen. Murray is twenty two years old. And it's fun this young I know we always talk about like Oh man what Very was a young like qualifier he was like young. Kentucky, right. So with that Kobe, was a rookie when he was seventeen, but we always talk about like these destinations different free agents and nobody ever mentions Denver and meanwhile that's probably the best situation right? Not only do you get to play an annual contender but you play with the team with the ball actually moves the guys like each other you could play with the guy who actually makes you better I Will Paul George Strait for you. Paul George Porzingas. I presume this is in no just because he's he's too big and it's too many leg injuries. His that a hard though you had a hard no, the other day and it became a headline in an aggregated. Yeah that was actually the one of the few times aggregated where you know I'll get something sent to be. You'll send me some article and I. Go what? Now? What happened this week and that one was like oh? Yeah. That's exactly what I said. That's accurate. was like a hard. Hard No It's just a hard though for you. And I like Brasilia's but he's he's a leg problem. So I'll. You know. If we ever get like of or one of these beer companies to sponsor. A beer for us I think hard. No locker would be a good way. Hard edges. We have a segment like Priscilla's hard. No the week where thorough traded you you just you're they dead hard though. That's a soft though it's a flower. Celtic, I want to know what your Celtic you would trade for Paul George I think I'm more fascinated by this. It's not tatum. Would you trade Jaylen Brown. For Paul, George? I don't want Paul George my life that way. What about Robert Williams have about all three of our picks. You hate the picks would you trade Romeo Langford for Paul George? Say This I like having the picks this year because I was looking at KSC's mock draft and now seems like everybody's just all over the map of this draft that Stanford Kid Casey had him like only twenty third Terry Yeah I like I made on that kid yeah and my Albert must tense the school really likes Stanford. Kid. The school really liked him in the more you wash them I mean some of the Steph curry stuff I mean it's kind of ridiculous when you do that but he was a young kid was taken big shots for that team. So like all right quickly on the before we move on from quits nuggets. Mike. Malone. Fired by the Kings. Yeah just pulled off to back to back three won. Upset victories. It was a weird firing what had happened but just like the fact that. The. Kings didn't even make the playoffs and somehow we're losers in multiple ways. Right? Look trade is the most iconic fuck up. non pick of the decade. You know they I mean will be making a documentary about how to Luca go to three nine even go to the team that actually had the third pick that'll be a documentary in like ten years and then Mike Malone who's the one good coach they probably had in the last fifteen years they got rid of him and I think they've had three coaches cents. Now had. I know I do I'm Gonna I'm GonNa get you right now to be totally transparent. I was very anti Mike. Malone. For a long time and had nothing to do with him. It had everything to do with every person that wrote for years that boogies boogie cousins career would have been different if it weren't for the fact that Mike Malone we're like, oh and I'd be like you think. So really you think cousins would have just a super team guide locked in boxed out and. Done all the stuff that you kind of need to do if you're GONNA be a winning team. You just think because everybody kept writing this excuse article. Everybody's exaggeration, but there are many people multiple people that we know that kept writing about. Well, he was because felt so betrayed. So I ended up going Mike Malone like give me a break here on this one and it wasn't fair to him. But whatever he did whatever his deal is with a young group to get them to keep buying in in his whole one game all the cliche stuff that. I don't like to give too much credit because all of us know what what you're supposed to say I can be the coach of an NBA team down three one and I would all my interviews would kick ass I would know exactly what to say but he got these guys to believe it and you got these guys to believe it when they're down seven at the start of the third quarter and. You know I think for anybody say tired Jamal Murray's planet minutes out there to you know and then yoke it. She was ready to throw back out there and then they had this nice run in the fourth quarter. Yokich is on the bench, chew in his face off, and then he throws it back in their later. So you know I think they're a little predictable with that too man stuff when it doesn't look right but then it looks amazing against Utah when Murray's not missing shots and then tonight once they look if Denver can ever have the consistent guy that that plays off of that too man game that's knocking down the shots there are a completely different team so. As, much as we're GONNA get on docks case for having team collapsed like this getting a team to believe that's pretty young. That's ever really done anything in the playoffs they probably should have. Been in the Western Conference finals last year I'm kind of surprised. They still lost that Portland game a year ago. I just that was one of those things kind of stuck with the little bit where I'm like how the hell they lose that game and they did their young but the biggest thing that fan fan now right I think Harris played the whole Utah Series it would've ended sooner and Harris had a really bad regular season and I think he's been really good in the in the playoff bubble like he played on. Good right away. I have a really good in this series played thirty seven minutes tonight it a couple of threes. He would they were plus twenty one when he played but his defense I thought was. REALLY MISSED THAT AGAINST UTAH and once. You know if you do that, you test series again where he can guard Mitchell a little more often i. that was one thing and then I do feel like they. Kind of went all in grant in this series because they had all these different dudes and was like sometimes this guy who plays sometimes this guy would play. And you know porter played fifteen minutes tonight which I think was smart. Yeah. Porter ninety part of this at all. Yeah. They went with plath guys millsap played thirty two. He's not you know he's certainly not all star Atlanta, Paul Bill Sap but. Knows where to go knows what to do he's tough. He's not going to back down and they basically wrote him and grant Yokich Murray Harris, and then you got a little out of the bachelor like Moore's Mitch I always like Moore's minutes. But, yeah, the poured. That's a good call because we hadn't really mentioned him at all because he has a huge three early in the series be part of the turnaround as well as he after he was catching all that shit and let's face it. I mean Blake Porter's not a popular guy although I did think it was interesting to young guy complaining about work wasn't supported more but he He he's hits that shot. He hits that shot and It was kind of funny I mean, it's just results based because it's like who are you to do that and you shouldn't do it publicly. But yet Puerto hit said shot Reggie Miller is like good for him high so he's thinking this is awesome and you know he he backed it up a little bit even though he said something that he should have said and then for him to not be a big part of this though was surprised because you're thinking if Denver is GonNa win a game seven, some third guy has to go off I. think that's the thing with Denver thing look at what the Lakers and Lakers are probably gonNA. Stick to a lot of the same rules. Hey, you got to beat us. I. Alright. Gary Harris we're GonNa Beach you going to beat us I bought but. I think Anthony. Davis is a completely different deal than zoo botch and a barrel closing defensively against Yokich the probably not asking Anthony Davis to chase him around from the tip all the way through but I would be shocked if Davis is not closing on Yokich. Might, cancel each other out and then it you know it. The problem for the nuggets is Lebron is so consistent, which is crazy but the many years he's been the league but. Fear seven game series at them. He's going to be there in a big way in probably four or five of those games with Murray. It's maybe to. Maybe were lower on like you know people talk enough about Lebron steadiness. But Hey Jackson me Lebron had some shooting games in that Houston series. Remember, that first half where he had like twenty something and he was hitting every he was doing that deal where he was like not just check but was like what can I What can I get to go in tonight? Yeah. Can I make this? Shit. I can all right. Let me I'm GonNa go to the left side and try this now. I almost think that gets lost a little bit. Did you see the clip of? Lebron blocked Westbrook. He had four like crazy video box westbrook. He clearly just kind of Westberg bothersome I think I think when you're Westbrook when the MVP. Lebron. Probably just kind of tucked away in his things to get pissed off about file and was really kind of taken it to whisper and then where they had that moment with Rondo and they're going back and forth and West executable better not double their down twenty nine in Quincy game. He's talking Shit and Lebron just laughing at them. Embarrassing that was a tough series for Westbrook by the way. The other part of that that series is that Rondo turned into like Klay, Thompson. Then you If you're the rockets you. All right. This is hard enough, and now you've played this game. Now you figured out that we don't really do a ton. A Hey. It's easier for you guys to figure this out and I still think Oklahoma City must go back and look at the tape those games ago. Why did we not attack? Prune guys guys more like what the Hell will be doing? Why are we? Why are we getting stuck all the time offensively and then when you saw Lebron, Lebron's different than Chris Paul and certainly shake you'll just Alexander but Rondo just killing you from three if you're the other staff, you just go oh so what are we out of here in three games to sucks? DEPA Georgia. Make a great rocket I. Don't know how we can make that happen. Let's eat. The salaries can work. I could see Paul George getting traded to the rockets and then he and hardened at the intro guaranteeing title. I'm proud of us for one thing we talked in the bubble about we weren't sure home court was gonNA matter. And we felt like with this every other day stuff might advantage the young teams. He's even to see when they showed Miami was a five seed in the celtics were a three seed and that was the first time. The top two seeds hadn't made the eastern finals since like nineteen, ninety nine or maybe it was even. I thought it was leave or eighty four whatever it wasn't I do think it's just weird. Two thousand twelve weird. Weird outcomes. Okay. See made the finals. We didn't expect that to happen. Boston. Philly. played in a round to you know we we didn't expect to see. Philly in the final eight And I think that the the possibility we have to consider it. Of a Denver Miami Heat finals. It it has to be considered an acknowledged. That just does Miami is a better team than Boston are out. That means they're gonNA win, but they are they have a better one through nine. I was really worried about this hour. We're GONNA talk about and second I could not believe Boston's favored of his stunned talk to sal about on Sunday night he thought I was reversed Jinxiang I was not but you know Denver could absolutely beat the Lakers I dunno, if I'll bet it. But. Katie. Wouldn't that be the perfect outcome in the bubble? Is a Denver Nuggets Miami Heat. Playoff. Series fourth-rounder. Brought up no because I was GonNa ask you some point? How weird is that GonNa be how is that GonNa feel and you can take more credit because you shouldn't give me a really any credit but this is something that I've just gone circles on the entire time where the bubbles hey, we're gonNA expect all these weird different things and we're weird outcomes Okay. Maybe but we could still have lakers. We didn't get Milwaukee but even though Milwaukee this incredible point differential when people were kind of off in Milwaukee and loving teams like boss was like well, Look Boston hasn't really played together a ton but I think Boston defensively when you look at what they did today against Miami and then what they did against Toronto I think they have a defensive geared really really special but if they were going to have to play against Anthony Davis in the finals like I'm sorry I'm just not picking the Celtics Against Anthony. Davis I'm just not going to because I've seen what a really good big can do against a ashore front line and so. I kind of still defer to like why would the bubble all of a sudden have outcomes were lesser teams where all of a sudden better in the better teams were lesser versions of ourselves but I think it speaks board of the individual teams where you and I for years. Now, I've had this thing about Milwaukee where we go what are they really as a playoff team the other thing you and I've talked about now for two years is the difference between regular season and postseason basketball if you're three point barrage machine. And you think that's just gonNA completely mimic itself plus get same outcome. I think we're learning more and more with this new version of basketball last few years that that's not really guarantee. It's actually more unlikely that you're just going to be able to duplicate your success with that kind of style. We just play five out and take a million threes. I mean, how many more teams we have to sort of disappointing. So is it the bubble or is it that an unproven Milwaukee came up short again? Is it the? Today, now, for thirty, five from three. Right like the bubble, the reason. Yeah. Granted the clippers would have had home court, but you know Denver. Even, the series at two two because they would have been playing up in Denver. and. If it's the bubble than than wire, the Lakers is rolling through everybody right now. So I don't know that we have the answer, but it's Denver Miami it's only going to be because of the bubble it'll only be unfair totally games, but that's the way it will be played up l. it was this really weird deal and that's the only reason we. Got It when it's like well, wait a minute. There was no golden state. Okay. There was no Chicago Bulls. There wasn't even a Lakers with Kobe or a celtics those three year run. There was nothing that was established enough this year as a group that should have scared us off that you know we may have had a very unlikely outcome in a normal circumstance. Every year is some sort of weird variable. This year is the bubble. And some things figured it out. Some teams didn't. And the teams that. I think Milwaukee is a team that really could've used a crowd. And that was why you play the whole season I think it would have helped them i. don't think I. Don't know if it would have been enough because I really do think Miami was just a worst case scenario team for them to play. And I think we would have had the same result maybe Miami wins and six and they get an awesome crowd and game six and whatever. But it definitely wasn't ideal for Miami. I think same thing with Denver in this laker series if. They're pointing the Lakers in the Western finals in Games three and four and Denver like that's it's hard to plan devotees have trouble there. They have a great home record about who's other team So the bubbles even some of that stuff out but what I like is. It it's it strips out all the shit and a lot of these games just come down to WHO has more people who are going to show up for a big moment. You know that Toronto was a great example Toronto respect for that team didn't even play that well. lowry was the only guy who really shot well out of their best three vanfleet was under forty percent for the series like. Was a disaster, but we was so mentally tough. They just would not go away. They're fucking Mike Myers we shot their head off to get rid of them. We should do a when it's all said and done or maybe you know up into the finals. If you have an off their however the schedule works out, but we should do like a reassessment list of the five to seven players it we may have to reassess. After these playoffs but then the excuse will always be the bubble get back to the bubble but PASCO SIAKA is one of the first guys I think because he was so bad in that Celtics series and I haven't heard of he's heard or not yet. But his story is incredible when you watch during college and you're like is kind of big athletic guy but he's he's super-quick twitchy a little robotic and but then stories. He gets the money he was on tear the beginning of this year. When you watch him, you can see that he is If he doesn't already know where his feet are going ahead of time. A lot of that stuff isn't natural, and once you figure that out with him as a defender, he'll turn into the wrong side of the defense like when he would go to post whatever whatever like the end of his his combination of moves that he was throwing at you he would actually turn into the worst option. Unless it were boom boom to dribble. Okay. I'm bigger and I'm more athletic. I'm GONNA FINISH THE CRM part of that series ended with that series going you know for all the stuff about Toronto and Oh they didn't get enough credit. They get enough credit like wake the fuck up you lost maybe the best player in the world it's not complicated. It's not personal they'll take personally you lost Kawhi Leonard that's why we're off you in by the way. Everybody was wrong including me about what they would be this year. But when it was all said and done and they lose seven of Boston, they weren't as good as Boston, I go I think they got the right amount respect. The people that mattered gave the right amount of respect for May second round to Boston wasn't a huge shock because they were struggling in those games and then you'd look up and be like it's a four point game again like. They were Michael Myers right. Thing Jaylen Brown just figured him out. Semi figured him out and yeah, and then it was like the whole team and then they're like this guy's which other things. Yeah. And then when he couldn't hit threes, he was in his own head and that was it but you know I think it's weird. It's weird for these guys and I get it. They've been there for over two months. Now, the running into guys they're playing against elevators an on campus and all these things. It's a different vibe and people handle that differently and further the the guys who like the younger guys like tatum and Jalen Brown those kind of guys like you can see tatum like loves this tatum today. I'm telling you those first three and a half quarters I was the that was some of the best basketball I've ever seen him play and he was really carrying himself like I'm ready to take over the league and then I think. All the energy who is exerting on the other end and chasing all their dudes and all the sudden all the shots for short lost his confidence and that's why he's not there yet but he's GonNa to get there. I really do think he has a chance to be like really truly a special forward you know and you think like the Great. Forwards. The last. Twenty five years durant. Hit a point and I don't know if he's going to be as good as durant. got to I think durant. As you know I think he's one of the fifteen best players ever he certainly where the greatest offensive players ever. but durant hit that point two, thousand eleven twelve, you mean my. It started with the Turkey world championships when you're like. Oh. So this is actually really going to happen now and then it Kinda, and then there is baby steps and it took us two thousand twelve and you could see the MVP coming and it feels like that's happening for Tatum in these playoffs where it's like if you told me tatum's GonNa win the MVP. Sunday. By Guy could see it hitting all the check marks. You would hit if that's going to be the logical ascent. To, where ends up? Like he said every checkpoint Afar is my point. Do, you want to do this game now because I feel like we have to do a full. I I don't know what order you WanNa going. Yeah. Let's let's do that a second before we do that guy's foot long season as at subway they make it easy to make a good call. On food. So here's a little segment. WE'RE GONNA call bad call good call. Russillo. We'll look at some of the good and bad plays. Let's go from tonight. Give me give me an example. Of, a bad call in one of the two games not referee call a bad call by a team or player that we saw tonight. So, not wraps. I didn't Celtics offense to close regulation and in overtime it was You know as much as we're going to give love to the big picture of tatum. I was incredibly frustrated that they looked like the twelve seed can't believe they're about to knock off the five seat in the NCAA tournament, and then they just freak out and take terrible shots to close the game and then lose. Great great example, bad call the clogged toilet call said the Celtics ran. Another bad call. We Kyle and I watch football on Sunday with my son and we got wasted. We got we got we got wings from a place. Wings kind of move close so far we should have gotten subway getting wings and I got the spicy hot wings and I was filling in for the next twenty four hours now exact grace decision this week Kyle, we're GONNA. Make a good call instead like a sweet young chicken Teriyaki Sandwich. Yeah. Another CAU- getting a free foot long when you buy two participating subway restaurants. So let's make good 'cause this week order pay contact three. In. The subway APP for quick and easy pick up or delivery on game day or any day it's foot long season at subway eat fresh. Freshly prepared in front of you by the way, those subway originated the take. Is a release. His takes hot takes a whole fresh take the subway hotline SEF subway fresh shake hotline. Yeah. Yeah. They Jeez of the take one of the great ad campaigns The clock towed at the Celtics Rent. This has had a couple of times in the playoffs. It has no happening and I start yelling at the TV because the whole reason they're beating Miami and game one and they should have won this game and it's probably going to come back to haunt them. WHAT'S SPANNIS? They're playing with pace they're using their athletes they're pushing the ball and they can they're not going slow. It's not turning into a slow half court game and then all of a sudden. They're forty feet from the basket with eight seconds left on the shot clock just kind of dribbling this way. It wasn't just the last minute. This is probably eight or nine plays and regulation. T words just like they're killing clock like like they have like an eight point lead they're running the four corners and I thought it was just bizarre and I thought it cost them the game. Yeah. There was one Campbell one in particular where he just dribbled it the whole time and then you're like look even if you get the angle but help guys gonNA be bigger than you and at that point with the help with how long you took to drive. Yeah. There's four somebody what's happening, right? Yeah. That's that's what I can't stand with some of these clocks where. You Go. All right. Fine. I get that I'm not even talk about the last second where I don't WanNa leave anything left on the clock you're talking to either still one forty left in your possession and the whole reason you like the Celtics team is they've got four guys that can make a basket and then when you decide, Hey I, want you guys to watch and. I think it happened more probably going back fifteen years. I don't know I can keep track of blitzing opposing pointers felt like that was defense is like first movement where they blitz, they bring the big they keep it with the point guard and that's why teams are always scared off a small point. Guards are still teams are scared off of it and also times were you blitz Campbell and he still good enough to get around you turn the corner, and now you're talking about four on three or maybe even five on three if he still has the ball and there's a couple of times, they swung it and they made some good decisions. But for as much as I love Tatum, he had going on in the Toronto thing a little bit in the final numbers are great. Maybe it's because we have such high expectations for tatum because everything you said about who could possibly be I'm with you I don't have a ceiling for him and it's it's so kindly now and some of the passing he's making in the defensive assignments were like, Brad. Actually likes him better than anybody else defensively when he has jalen and Marcus is guarded butts are on the big the big play the game I thought smart was going to guard and he picked them, but I can't help but think the Celtics. One game that could have gone either way. Miami's the better basketball team of the two but to just let. Yourselves take yourself out of your offense like that and not even ask Miami to defend anything. That's that's not what I expect from Brad. Stevens the Celtics and Tatum did it too many times to close the sky? We'll talk about Kim in a second the difference between the reason Miami won this game in Boston laws comes down to to place for me. TATUM at the deregulation. Playing for the last shot. And it was almost you could hear it was like he was channeling Kobe is very. Terrible Koby Hero ball possession that all you know it goes in once but they never show the youtube clip of the two thousand times when it didn't go in ends up with just a terrible step back he do. It wasn't going and when he shot it, 'cause he's running for the rebound. And it's just like dude. You're you're incredible athlete you can get to the basket anytime. You want get to the basket, try to draw foul, get some contact getting the air maybe we get offense rebound whatever go to the basket. So now we go into overtime. Butler same situation right? He's I think they're down one. Takes tatum off the dribble goes into him and he's just like you're I'm getting a foul. AM getting the ball's GonNa hit the Rim and I make it at three point play. But I'm deciding this myself. I'm not doing some garbage step back thing not that wouldn't tatum does it's garbage. It's just like I just want my guys going to the basket. So when he got blocked the end by Bam, which was incredible block one of the greatest. Of all time love that I'll defend that a hundred times out of one hundred with tatum. Should he have dunk I? Don't know. Could he have tried to finger or try to get things? You can get on tatum for it's not getting rejected by Bam know what I'm saying no, I'm I'm say could he try to bang? Get contact I. Don't know who cares you try to throw it down and made one of the greatest defensive plays I've ever seen in a playoff game. So I'm not I'll tell you this I been watching the Celtics for. How? Many I've never seen anybody block that tatum dunk have you. Set happened before he remembers almost Lebron Oh no, he did get Lebron eighteen memory got on an eighteen and Lebron got the laugh about it because they WANNA game seven. So it didn't really matter So yeah, I don't I don't know that. Bam play I I don't feel like it is recently is to say it's one of the most amazing blocks I've ever seen a basketball game with everything. You have to your arms behind you as somebody dot com hawking at like the odds are. I think more likely. You separate your shoulder, 'cause your shoulders getting pulled backwards out of your body but somehow. He bought. The dribble into traffic one, eighty turnarounds where he goes off a one leg like what are you doing tatum are you trying to make this even harder and by the way you right the Butler drive 'cause he'd hit that three before when you probably at that point the Celtics were GonNa win the game and Butler been pretty quiet twelve points going into the fourth quarter. He hits that three in the corner and you're like, Oh, here we go Jimmy time because really I think the scary part for the Celtics term in this is that Even though we both have be Miami's better you go but they don't have the big as great as is they don't have the big to exploited. They don't have the good big because of bad big and that's why I think nick nurse struggled with how many sold minutes he wanted to play more because he was big because even though Baca was the better player he's like now I'm playing right into the Boston. Thing by being small with them and I'm not exaggerating their frontline. She played a Baltimore though well, yeah I would agree with that but I think I can understand what he was trying to do and we're Miami you'll go wait a minute. They can't really expect that part of it. But when when Butler hit that insane and one layup, there's also a play off to the side where dragon jogging and JAE crowder arguing about who's supposed to set the screen and Butler just says, fuck it I'm going. Like if you look back at that play butlers like whatever you guys like out of the way done and that's what I think. Every philly fan watches and Mrs, it's like you know what? Butler we've done it before we don't need to do it all again what's a standing as we update these things by the minute but to know that you have somebody after we just watch the clippers team where it looked like every single guy I was afraid for twelve minutes. Jimmy's just at least never going to be afraid even if he's not one of the top overall guys every single year and it was a little bit of like Tatum, the best player in this series tatum's going to be the best player in the series. This is GONNA be awesome. That's not the way it closed his tena made a million mistakes. Jimmy may two huge place. It's even worse than that you. I'm glad you compared the clippers to them. The heat have so many. Bad Mother fuckers. In this series Bam worrier. Drago not afraid of, anybody. Jae crowder. Johnson is first submachine gun at nine years old. crowder. crowder You know maybe could could dip into the Marcus Morris in this game tonight side but I think is more the guy that we saw today where you want him out there and crunch time he's GonNa Fight and he's GonNa make plays and then in front of the toughest assignment to crowds the goon yeah he was the one guarding Janas not Bam and he's in crowder's Ben in big games like they made the two thousand seventeen eastern finals at year when he got concussed by air and then hero is the least afraid of anybody in the League. At the fucking balls that he has. That three he took near the end deregulation was like it wasn't even a play was just like he was open for a split second fuck it and it was a huge three. If if you hit you what it was like a Marcus smart terrible three but it went in and I don't know this team has a lot of swagger to it I think it'd be really hard to beat I felt that would for the series. I think the fact that the Celtics over and over again in these games they they're up ten, they're up twelve, not just Miami, but the playoffs there up fifteen thirteen but they don't have a bench, and at some point, you have to play the starters two minutes. Or the bench is going to let up a little bit and all the sudden. It's a two point game. Again, you saw it again today and the other thing that the heat you know they made how many threes they were sixteen for thirty, six, forty, four percent. From three in this game. I wouldn't say they're red hot. That's kind of who they are. They're going to be between thirty, eight and forty four percent game to game. They're gonNA hit between fifteen and twenty three so they're never going to go away. You're not blowing them out. Now, and even when Boston got up, you know I don't know why. People. Watch games where a team goes up fifteen and the other team comes back. That's that's normal where they come back. So even when Boston was up early and Marcus smart like Marcus smart hitting shots earlier like, okay. This is weird because you know there's GonNa be some late one common like but he's GonNa take them and you have to you know. What you know when Marcus hits a few in first quarter, it's actually you get word. Is then Walter McCarty ling. Well that. Yeah. Oh, he's a now I got this guys. I'd rather he he missed early and then hit some late. Let me give you. Let me give you some more numbers on the threes dome. Sorry. But like Cambodia got his last five games, one, six, one, six, one, six, one, seven, one, nine when it's against Toronto were Toronto's entire defense was set up to screw you up and you're watching going like that was hard. It was really hard for comedy give free on that box of one against Toronto, it worked on stopping Kimba it's not worth to the point where you want enough games to win the series but then. You're looking at this Miami part of you're going. Okay. It isn't box like you have your free looks to come off that high screen dribble into your three. Kemba is not a catch and shoot three. I don't know what the numbers are just doesn't look comfortable at all. He's so much more comfortable dribbling into three point attempt. Those shots are their form again, and now this is five straight games. Guy Can't hit any shots and I think he's moving. All right. So I don't know what the deal is here. I'm on a lot of Kimba techs threads right now. House Dr Bill doing on it. He doesn't understand what happened to Kemba. It's there's three types of text reds one. Is He hurt. They're not telling us and it doesn't look like he's her. And then to it's like what the fuck happened the Kemba because this guy was awesome. Certain season like he you know He. Not. Only is like a forty plus three point shooter. But. You know he could beat people off the dribble and he has like these three spots a little like Chris Paul is like his little spot on the right free throw line. He's got his little pretend driving that does the step back twelve footer, and then he's got like a toy. So he has his shot said he just consistently hits never really seen. Miss them consistently, and now none of them are going in and. Trying to figure out what happened to this guy and I really think it's a simple zest. This is This is Dr Psychologists Bill Simmons Down, my dad myself my theory licensed. He hasn't been in a big game since March Badness Yukon nine years ago. And I think he wants the so badly. And this is an it's almost a I. wouldn't say it's like when you say somebody's choking. It's almost like he wants to march and he's thrown himself at his game because some of the stuff he's doing is is stuff that I've never seen him do before the path one time today he passed up an open three. So he could pass to Marcus smart for contested three and it's like you just never do that in January. You just take that every time and then some of the stuff when he's driving to the basket, it's like his hands off and it just seems like he's pressing me. I definitely think he's pressing. So I would say it's more that because I don't like when a guys out there running around for forty minutes. Ross was guys hurt because he has some injury history from before even though I think all of us think that watch it closely that there could be a lingering. There with Campbell but not enough to use it as an excuse that you can't hit a shot now for five straight games but his drives into traffic. Not Without much of a plan and you're always going to be the smallest guy there and you're not some high flying guys. But like the last five years, he's been thirty, eight, thirty, seven, thirty, nine percent from three. He's a really good three point shooter a guy that can really number-one option when he had no help like the numbers he was putting up with that Charlotte team where there's wasn't like there's another guy in owner wasn't like he was doing some absolutely gross shot attempt thing to get his numbers. These are really good players. So this is this is alarming that it's gone on for this long and I. He's. The last three, Games. He is thirteen for forty six. It's game stakes game seven game one today, and I liked some of the stuff they were doing late in the game they were just doing a to me a game with tatum and camera trying to figure out like, okay. Well, if we get to switch year that we like like, how do you WANNA attack it but then it's like, okay like at least with Yokich and Murray and the two man game even though it's predictable, there's different options off of it when it's right again, I'll. Admit. There's Times I didn't always like it with Kimba and tatum. It was just okay. We got a switch right who wants to do an Eyeso- I do oh all right. I'll get the next one. I couldn't believe I couldn't believe how bad it was at the end of that game but Miami was tougher. They were tougher than them at the end and by the way the game should even gone overtime. 'cause smart flops gets bullshit call before the inbound they take the free throw and it's Just. Such a horrible look. It's such a bad look in that spot because you go you only made the call because he fell down I'm going to ask people and I know softball stats holy cross to onto game sow. Shout to the whole. Worcester crew. But how many times did you fall down and pick up games two zero the answer's probably zero when everybody was pretty good like maybe somebody falls on a layup attempt maybe somebody could follow guys don't fall down this much normally in A. Basketball game everybody falls dead. The greatest athletes on the planet are falling down left and right, and it's like flopping isn't as bad in the game but some of the off the ball flopping that gets called now and I just don't understand like I think the league needs to really revamp this to actually make it harsher to go and lets you saw someone absolutely get crushed on something. Let's default to they probably flopped because most guys strong wouldn't be falling down for two and a half hours. Well. The Kemba today I actually liked a lot of the shots he got. Aren't away the end of the game, but it certainly had a lot more freedom than he did in the Toronto series and I also like the fact that defensively. They could hide them on a couple of different guys like there were times when he was just guarding crowder. Because if. Probably. Only three. Yeah. It's like if you're going to exploit if you'RE GONNA post come up with crowder like please go ahead knock yourself out that'd be great or Oregon said. Please post them up So I think, I. Think this is a better series for them. The dragons thing is a problem. Obviously I think those are the type of guards and I said this on Sunday night those type of guards that have just killed these celtics teams over the last couple years. It's a one type of guy that Marcus in greater gardening. I think they did a really nice job on butler. You know he hits at three in the corner that huge three hit I think. Either an OT regulation whatever. But that was regulation the one in the right corner he he was. Broken play no, and it was a broken play and he stepped up as the defense behind but he was a non factor this you right about drudge carried them when it was weird. They had an amazing second quarter and then hero hit that one big three. Drug it's early was I thought really important to kind of keep in a minute. But worries me the most is. I mean why they actually want to make her was pretty good today that would. Water make. Get. Yes, he was and they actually brought him in for defense at the end which I don't remember them going offense defense with Campbell Lake then began but they don't really they can't play Robin Williams against Olympic because all my is going to do is they're going to hunt him and sneak Olympic off and shoot threes, and then they'll have take Williams out grant lames is going to have to play, which means Miami's GonNa leave him open. Then other than that. It's owes lands of that. My point is everyone's like. Well, Hayward's coming back this series. Okay. Well, if were, let's say comes back for Game Two, he plays twenty minutes. We're not getting like Peak Gordon Hayward like we've seen him come back from Injuries Zoe's tentative. He's going to be rusty. Even if he plays out of it, that's not going to be game five game sex, and I just think the Seltzer in trouble because this team. The dirty secret of that Toronto Series was Toronto has very good. that. Go look at the stats. Go look at their shooting stuff like van, veen fleet in and. Even, lower didn't shoot that. Well, Baca was the only guy who really are shot well for them in that series it was just they were so tough and there were so well coached and they knew every trick in the book and they were drag that series two seven meanwhile Boston when six of the seven games basically. To work against us, Miami is really talented I think they're the most talented team left I would have said that before the clippers lost. I don't know that I can see most talented when I, still think like they're one two in the drop off from where the clippers were. In the Lakers, I mean that's that's what we are doing here. Top Tier Talent. They don't have one top ten guide they don't have one top ten guy the Lakers have to five I like their one through nine more than any other team including the clippers who are now got. Now. I know what the argument is because then you go one through nine, that's why I think the Lebron Promo it's like we're built different men were like Whoa. Yeah. Those right route three three would you rather have a great one two and then a bunch of rather have a great one and two you it Yeah I think history tells us. You'd rather have a great one and two. But the difference between Miami's DEP is it? They're going to be able to do different stuff. They just are I'm GonNa say this right now Qaeda Kyle get the record button ready. If. Miami plays this Lakers team Miami gets by Boston and the Lakers get Denver. I think it is a two, four, two, thousand, four finals scenario. In the making for upset. I. Think it's a terrible matchup for the Lakers. while. So you're talking Pistons figure out, and then every game you're expected to Lakers to figure it out. Yeah They got it, and then it's going to be like this clippers nuggets series the series is over. Yeah the difference is that Lakers won't be coming off of a bunch of titles in a row or they're sort of over it because they're not as hungry to good plan and that's also something that I think is kind of funny. You'd think of the irony of some of the discussions around. where it's like, what do we do with this guy? If he goes to three different franchises and wins the title like it's never been done this crazy. What do you do and my argument was impressive that is. The differences that the great players of all the other generations wouldn't have jumped to three teams in three years and put them in position. They would have won a title they would have stayed in a lot of these. I stayed for the prime of their careers and we have this odd. Deal here but Lebron is actually close to doing the thing. We were ready to start plotting Kawai for doing which we didn't really talk about. I thought on Sunday night I thought Miami should be favored in this series. And I thought they're going to win the series unless tatum went up level. So I still feel like that's in play and another that's kind of a cop out like we'll just picked the series. That's like that's my pick think Miami's going to win the series unless tatum. Vaults up a level little like durant in two, thousand twelve and that Spurs series in just everything that happened were durant went up a level, and then it was like this guy's the best part in the series they're going to win as what has tapped for Boston. There's a scenario where kemba shakes out of this slump and starts hitting shots again and may go back to being a twenty five points a game guy but I can't bank on it anymore we've he just hasn't been good. You know really in the bubble like that other than a couple of Philly Games and now I'm not counting anymore. NOPE, nope. Minds better basketball team, and if also has gotten this one, you know who knows it's still not impossible. The Miami thing that's like they roll through Milwaukee but I mean, it's still feels weird. If they'd played I think an eighty two game schedule and I threw that number out to they would have been a forty nine, one team I know. But the thing is the crowder iggy trade that changed their team I don't think. I. Don't think Iggy does much for at all. But I I just think it rounds them out and it gives them flexibility. They didn't have before and the hero just got better as the year went along was the other piece All right. Quickly a couple more things and then we'll go because I want to get this podcast up Most Fun D. Tony Team for you. Where do you want him to go? Okay. I'm well. We've heard the philly thing for a while. I really hope. So doesn't happen please now I don't I. Don't know that it makes a ton of sense for him because it's just not built that way unless it's a check unless he looks at it one more time and says, Hey, this is the check and I'm ready to go It's probably New Orleans yeah that's how I. Feel. This'll be the best thing happened Alonzo right here the car keys, Lonzo. I'm showing Steve Nash and And James. Harden videotapes all summer spread the floor for you do some Lonzo stuff now whether he's that type of player I don't know but he's just been great with point guards but he got Jeremy. Lin to look like an all star for. For weeks. So of Lonzo could be redeemed and KFC. Did a good job talking about this the other day and his podcast about With Lonzo went south it wasn't just a shooting. It was like this guy on the Lakers looked at Katie chance to be a semi special defensive player doesn't play defense anymore in New Orleans so. I don't know if Dantonio the one. WHO's GonNa be tapping into that but I? Would be really fun. The mourn thing is Lonzo look so bad on the restart. that. I WANNA forget it happened in give them a clean slate that he goes into a normal season looking like the player. That looked like he was gonna you know he's gone from who I kind of like this I like these inbetween things he does and nobody else understands he was really good defensively he's smart defensive player in the concepts and then you're like, Oh this guy is going to be a boss. He stinks he's He can't shoot. He's on you don't even guard him and then this year in the normal phase of of the season. There were really some good things to did they were watching if a shot was better he had to be somebody at least had a close out on respect enough and yet the defensive part of it. I mean God. It was so bad watch him come back I'm just GONNA pretend it didn't happen in do let clean slate Lonzo thing I think that's fair. Yeah I think the restart was too short. So let's see. Does. Lonzo sham face in your opinion. No because he went to, you can't have shamet facing Goto. Does Gary Harris F- sham face he went pretty high though. Check. Would you try? Here's the next thing for you. Would you trade? Drew Holiday for the number two pick injure wiggins and the Minnesota. Three protective pick next year. I got three more years a wiggins though, right? Yeah. You know I probably. Drew Holidays like thirty one now I probably. Would I think I would. And I think I would if I'm. GOLDEN STATE I could curry clay drew holiday draymond and free agent to ever. Jacob Evans. Yeah that one I mean wiggins immediately scares me off every time. I hear the name but I I kinda look maybe I'm insane person but. Do I Kinda WanNa hear. By the way Jacob Evans fishy Minnesota just want to double check that for the huge of Evans fans out there Am I nuts for wanting to kind of see what wiggins looks like with the rest of those guys. That would be where I landed as well. If I were them, I would trade back and try to get somebody to FA- dad like seventeen million dollar trade exception. I would trade back from two. Nine ten eleven range to some team that's hot to TROT FOR LIKE TO GET SOMEBODY SECOND And try to steal some like Jeremy Grant type whoever that version? Yeah, right. Yeah and you go back and you get like the eighth pack and you get that guy, he put them in the trade exception I think that's a better move. I would want the draft pick because of the the fixed costs and I like some of the guys in this draft. Yeah. That's where I think the New Orleans thing would be interesting because you could I'd have to look at their salary sheet i. Pulled up right now but with the two picks, Save you enough that if Zion stays healthy in your bill, you get a second reset with Zion to bring in somebody around him But also with golden state in how the salaries I mean, the four guys in salaries are so nuts. Yet, if you're moving wiggins out, you still are so high up salary. Wise. That'd be amazing to get a couple of picks just for that that cost effectiveness of it and you would figure you know at the very least you get a rotation guy but maybe not this year who knows. Now, net next thing for you. For data calls you. Or for TITA. For Tita yeah. Either one. Whatever however you pronounce his name he calls. His I. Is A hey. Just I'm just been calling around people I. Respect. I'm a huge fan of the podcast. What would you do if you were me? Would you run this back with this team? A different coach? Would you try to get a big? What would you do? I go. Hate is James WanNa play with Russ again or can you Trade Russ? And by the way trying to trust. Is, sitting at the worst possible like if you've been able to trade him, well, you didn't even want to trade him I. Think Hard Instill Likes Russ. I got know what what's important harden I go Kay the new coach comes in he doesn't want to let you dribble the ball between your legs for forty. fucking. percent, of the game. Do you do want doing that. That are you Do we need to do this another year to see that it doesn't work like what are you? What are you looking for James and I don't even know what kind of answer you get from James Hardy probably be like, oh Built, different of a problem I would I would blow this whole thing up I would. I can't imagine owning the team in having to watch this and then sign all the checks. So I would as talented as harden is I. I would not want to run now. I don't know if with his money situation everybody cups keeps writing about how he's not liquid and with everything going on all the hotels and all that kind of stuff does he need to just be competitive? So it could trick all rockets fans, and if they can like, Hey, man, you know who's been on fire. This February's harden and we went we went twelve and three in our last fifteen. I think we could really do it this year does that enough that you know and again who knows what normal is is that enough like what would you do? All right let's turn it around. He calls you what would you do? Hey, Bill I WANNA make you. GM, go. I think because you have no other choice. You talk yourself into how the team looked in February. In, what that could look like outside the bubble with fans and Was GonNA look. No. I'm not saying it's right but I think it's like a relationship where you break up with somebody and then you get back together them back. Maybe, she won't cheat on me with other guys again in new each talk yourself or whatever. You want I think maybe she only goes meth on the weekend. I think the reality of this team is that their window is two, thousand, eighteen in two, thousand eighteen, and then the other thing was they for eighteen they deserve a ton of credit came damn close. But the other thing I think that fucked was traded Chris Paul. Not Realizing that he was about to go to this plant based Diet that completely changed his career like go Google Chris. Paul Plant based. Diet. He. We he basically went a time machine back to two thousand, fourteen athletically, and that's why he looked so good this year he a chip on a shoulder to but I think they had known that was going to happen. The smarter move is just to keep Chris Paul and those two extra first round picks and the contract that ended entity year earlier than Russ. I. Think. Selling, selling high on. Chris. Paul because his career is about to go in the POO. Poo And they didn't realize that he was about to have this kind of rejuvenation Don't make it falls in her no postman her. Okay. So I'm not but Paul's argument was hey, I'm still beating guys off the dribble folks. Okay. Like all you to want me in a retirement home here I'm still taking people off the dribble. The problem is is harden doesn't move okay off the ball hard doesn't do anything and you can say that it spaces everything but like the defenders, no in big spots wants James's in the play he's not on the plane honor to pay attention to him. That was Paul's beef but I also think because Paul's like this this Hiaqiu basketball guy, he'd be. pissed at hard time and hardens like this is my team I'm sick of this shit, I get along with Russ better anyway and so hard and goes to management or excuse me goes to ownership and says I want to play with Russ so I think that's your biggest problem even if you wanna try the hard thing again, the guys incredibly productive we know this he's healthy he's going to hold up I think for a really long time but I'd WanNa know like, Hey, do you WanNa keep playing the style? Okay. You do will the russ part like I know those two months were incredible we open All up but like do we want to just be incredible in February or March we want to have a real shot at this because having real shot at this way we were constructed right now we'd probably don't have a great chance and that's the biggest like the Covington things great I love PJ Tucker Eric Gordon. You know look up and down. But for where he is on this team is the third sometimes fourth guides. It's not that big of a deal, but I would have to know her hardens heads that with the whole thing 'cause just a run it back with Russ in him which is. Probably, what happens because I think trading four Ross is really really hard. The only teams I ever hear Hecht about Ross happens I. Think I've heard this before but a team that would sit around and be like we're stale. We haven't done shit were totally off the radar for five something years. Do we just throw a bunch of pieces at Ross and say, all right we've got a superstar and I'm using air quotes were superstar with Russ to we just do it to shake it all up and be different have a cooler attraction and then you're like wait he's forty four million and he's hurt. Well, it's In the seventies and eighties in the NBA like Russell would have been traded two more times. It's like like George McGinnis, where phillies like, Hey, man. Any interest in George McGinnis Denver's like yeah. That guy's great. Here's Bobby Jones. then. They give Bobby Jones. The best defensive for in the league straight up for George McGinnis because back then like people barely knew how to run a team and we still have that with certain teams like I could like a team like Sacramento go hey. Russ me win the MVP three years ago. Could you sell tickets for us put at the Fox? Exactly that's buddy. Buddy held Russ like we're getting the better player and then all of a sudden russes on your tape. Addresses moved again and it's like wait I thought you James Harden were. So coast James Yet, but he healed spot up shooter So my guess is they'll run back new coach. Blame stuff on the bubble and the fact that you know Russel's banged up well, don't blame somebody blame somebody that was those articles are coming. as there's very little accountability. without authorization. This I mean look the referee report against Golden State two years ago. I still think it's one of the more embarrassing things. It was Joe. What's the best rumor you've heard of the past two weeks? That Jay Cutler's dating Tommy Laurent? HOW TOMMY LINEN Tommy Red Tie I think it's Tommy Conservative lady editor think about her. Is Tom Brady washed up. You `bout areas going I. Don't know what the Hell is. Problem is you looked like Tom, Brady practice I don't know what that was all about. We're like, WHOA, not used to that Here's here's something I want to tell you because I was I was actually a Mason Ireland out here on seven ten big fan of the show and they were doing the Brady segment where it was what does this mean I almost called in 'cause I just I can't. Believe In what world would we have twenty years of evidence that Brady's the fucking man and Bella checks the best to ever do it, and that somehow that still all on the balance with few weeks in his twentieth season at season forty three that would be like watching braveheart. And watching William Wallace the whole movie going. All right. All right. Okay. All right and then he gets his guts spoiler alert guts taken out at the end and then somebody the theaters actually goes hey, we're not that tough after all. Wasn't that tough. Like, what are you talking about like we already have? We have all of this evidence that they're both incredible I. Just I resist and I think less of the argument that somehow that this is some thing that's. Game. Winner loser. We're still not sure who's actually Eddie good in that. So that's not a bad rumors is a bad bad segment I thought. I saw your your your tweet was like, what was it ballot? Check one brady's era. Yeah. It's updated bill and Tom Powering kings bill one this week. Tom Too. But I'm going to see on next week plays out sowed. I talked about it on Sunday. And I don't feel like this is an overreaction. The Brady's lost his ability to Ed provides. And I think it's very important quality for the quarterback position. When. Something unexpected happens or when you have to plan see on a play. You early already there your. Case stifling. I've got that way last year I. What I saw in this game was a continuation of last year where he's he's become like. A stage actor who has to have the lines exactly how he memorize them, and then the other actors have to say their lines exactly and he's used to it but if somebody ad libs on 'em. He kinda does know how to roll within anymore. That's what I see when I watch him. I think he knows what he's doing for two and a half seconds when the ball's snapped. And if anything goes wrong either throws, it away doesn't WanNa get hit and he's not ready to experiment. You WanNa do it anymore That's what I see. As somebody WHO's watched it. Now, for two decades of my life, he used to have the supernatural ability to move around and create an extra second, extra second and a half just kind of move around without being like a scrambler like Josh Allen know his mobility in the pockets the best I've ever seen mobility in the pocket. He's not mobile quarterback, but his mobility, which is I think far more important than getting. He doesn't like that anymore he just doesn't and I think these teams are going off. They're just sending dudes Adam because they're like if we can get to him, we can start hitting him. He's GonNa he's GonNa not be able to do his thing he's just not. Now, he did get like hundred yards of pass interference on top his stats. I think his stats are a little deceiving but I thought he had like five or six like really terrible place that I don't think you can chalk up to uh does know his teammates yet? That wasn't what I saw I saw guy was forty three or didn't really WANNA get hit. I thought the Evans throw where it was the first pick I could see how that could be on Evans. But against twenty years of thinking, it was never his fault on any interception and that's how good he was because you're usually go back and look at every interception in those peak Brady fifteen years and you go. Yeah. All right. Actually see what? happened. Here and why that went wrong. I don't know whose fault that was the throat of the right looked like it just took a long time to get the ball over there, and that's the throw where people will tell you when it goes. That's the thirty you can't really make any more. It was funny. Watching drew lock it up and Manning. Yeah, we'll manning's it was over it. He's having to throw pop ups to get the ball down the field because throwing it higher in the air, it was easier to recover if you're the defender on the row but. He's not as bad as manning I wouldn't compare that. Good good. Good. Glad we got that other way is about to go there anyway, but you know drew lock. For, Denver he had a throw to the sideline that was sick in that game against stub against Tennessee and I was like, Oh that's right because Brady's look so bad I'm going to go ahead and in wait because Brady's huge well, we know this I don't need to say thanks stops in that. We know that Brady. Is A REP. There's no way he get the rhapsody who's going to get I don't know why you wouldn't defer to. Brady. That's what elway did the Great Peyton manning story when he was in his free agent toward he goes to Harbaugh in harbaugh playing catch and Harbaugh's actually like A. Little something of the ball and Harbaugh's like you're gonNA res like, what are we gonNA run? Run. I'M GONNA, run run my stuff and then he goes elway L. is we run whatever you want I. Don't know why you'd bring Brady in and tell him he can't run his stuff that he's comfortable with so I got to see more of him looking bad before I'm ready to write this off although the accuracy numbers last year there was a lot that weren't very good. How about that? He's forty three years old. You know that stat about the seven games. Yeah. That that stat and I'll repeat over time seven games have been started by a quarterback forty three or older is history. This was never gonNA end well and There's GonNa, be a season where it just is a rough season and then it's GonNa end and it was Brett Farve to those Dan Manny in that last season with a win the super bowl they barely did it but it was jarring because I was with our watching the Arizona's Cisco game on TV and then bucks saying about cuyler how `bout his that you're watching cuyler and then you watch him brady and it's like. If a cardinals play went wrong kyle inspect. All right. Cool. I'm going to run for eleven yards, and by the way he had like thirteen runs he had cutler had thirteen runs. He either ran out of bounds slid or scored twelve of the thirteen. You only get hit one time he's dominated it and you watch brady who it's like if the plane go perfectly the first two seconds it was either he's throwing it away or getting hit or God only knows and is like, all right. It's it's hard to say he's the goat anymore even though he's the goat. I'm just not ready to. I'm not ready to say that it's like you sound like you're ready to just right I'm pretty I eight. I was rooting for him I I. Really I, bet on them like I wanted to root forum and and it was a bummer. Is this like when older buddies show up alums come back to school and there like twenty five and they get shit faced with you and they sleep on your couch and they wake up at your house and you look at them and you're like, Oh, God. Guy. Look. So old. You never had a lump sleepy your house. We had that we had a couple and we were like horrified for like what the Hell is. That was GONNA happen to us I was thinking last two years bird. When it's like, he looks like Larry Bird you can still put up twenty. He'd have a couple couple of awesome games but it was like I knew is different I just didn't want to admit it. Well. We'll see. I'm shocked to use the Celtics as A. That was amazing. He loves Scotty Miller. I'll tell you a tae Joe. He loves Scotty Miller. He really loves this guy loves a here that all your Russillo thanks for staying up late on a Tuesday night to commemorate the clip. Clip, pacalypse. Of A two thousand, twenty trademark. Of TM. All right. You have a podcast coming Thursday I do as well. We will We'll see then. All right. Thanks to you spotify. Thanks to resell it. Thanks to subway. Remember we made some bad causing some good causes week. But it is still foot long season at subways. Let's try to keep a mainly good. Okay. Start by grabbing a delicious fresh prepared for long with all your favorite toppings or head in the subway APP, which is very good for contact for your and payment to make pick up or delivery quick and easy forget about that Fried Greasy food grab a tasty foot long on game day or any day because it's foot long season. At the don't forget about the Rewatch watchable whereas the than unfaithful I have another podcast on. Thursday with a couple of famous guests excited for it.

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