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As someone who lives in breezy college football, I can promise you that this season will bring the mayhem. You'll feel it during huge wins and heartbreaking losses on Dame, winning drive, drives it in a post game Fender bender. This season teaming up with AllState highlight these key moments. The let fans know if mayhem can show up on game day. Imagine what can happen. The rest of the week for expert advice call your local agent today. The most intres-. Interesting. Question of the day was just asked. Off the air by Mikey, see. Mel, are you still getting those Jerry Maguire checks. I said, yes. And you are. Periodically, I'll look at the male. Oh, there you go. Check for for doing Jerry Jones between it to three dollars, twenty dollars. It's varies. It depends on, I guess. You know, I'm the Moos rented rentals. I don't. I don't know how they do it. Well, US a question. If I'm getting a check once in a while for five dollars, ten dollars, whatever it may be heavy people member did that might Rico was with me for for Jerry Maguire. I remember the players Drew Bledsoe was out there and more variety players were there that were involved in the just if if you want to get a little popcorn, you miss me on on the Hummadi. So you know, you went down even had your popcorn and you just look down and you look back member, you well, Mel really know you then. Yeah, it was a blink blink of an eye, but I do. It's interesting. We always laugh when we see that come in for however much it is resilient. How many, how do you how to movie production companies begin to continue to pay residuals to all the people along. All right. Well done. So congrats. You're gonna keep getting those forever. Good question. Mike. You see, all right, let's get back to football showy. It's a monster game in Baton Rouge. Of course, Georgia and LSU in at tiger stadium, not at night. Maybe that helps Georgia, but in the afternoon, Ian Fitzsimmons of Freddie and Fitz Simmons's. They're covering that for SPN radio, and then you're off to Atlanta for the Buchan ears and the one in four, falcons, Ian, good to have you with us, man. What is the single biggest. Question that you're looking forward to having answered when Georgia battles LSU shoot it. Let the know if anybody remembers the name of star quarterback that left Jerry Maguire in the hotel room. Melwood Mel, what is it? I know it. You know, what is it in. I mean, I been quote one scene from you. Look guys. Kush is on the big screen. Again. Hey, I just. Who slash. What did radio all years with Ian does one thing that nobody else does starting? Never done it since we've been working together. You talk about, let's talk pro grid college grid, Ian. Does that would lead is gonna go pro dread or. Right. And how many times did you say every I did with you? Twenty years. Maybe we're bringing the one. Now. College grid, we got Furger. It begins today with the college holiday. Attack is, hey, we're flipping the script now Minsk and you questions they and I, I wanna know from Georgia BULLDOGS standpoint and Todd mcshay this the other day when I talked to him, how does it play out two, three years down the road with Jake from and Justin fields, the two quarterbacks, the Georgia BULLDOGS. I just wanna locks. I had Georgia Mel could South Carolina weeks ago. The heat index for about one. Oh, I mean, I was a gold bond day. Maybe it was hot and that was early in the season and at the South Carolina and people don't seem understand. This is Jake from team. Look. Justin feels as is remarkable talent. When he talked to somebody assistant coaches at Georgia, you know, like a pre game, you know before the South Carolina game guys at gravitated like they're like, Sam Pittman told me even going back to last season seniors gravitated to Jake from. He's a natural leader. This is from team feels we'll have his shot, but not this year. I don't even need to be next year. They'll use him sparingly every now and then, but this is Jake from team. It's not. There's no quarterback controversy take. There's not even a competition this. This is all about Jake from. That's it into conversation. He's completing what seventy? Two percent of his passes. They've got not one not two, three running backs averaging at least five yards. A carry biologic Holyfield is every know what over seven yards a carry and they all follow one guy both sides of the ball, and that guy is Jake from. And the reason I asked is because of this listener say why? Yes, gonna shake from the guy because Justin feels was a number one player coming out of high school. He's a freshman. It'll be a sophomore. Then it'll be just so he can wait until his senior year to be the starting quarterback. That's why I wondered we'll always quarterbacks. And if I'm not the guy and I'm going, how long will Justin fields be satisfied being the backup to Jake from Dono that's question for Justin feels and you knew where he was going to sign with Georgia. So this is what I have. One coach also tell me this and we're sticking with stick with movies, right? He says, you know, from has this moxie about him and then he started chuckling going, what are you laughing at coach, he says, you know, you can't reminded the movie that's bad. Awful, but great movie varsity blues. When the star quarterback went down with an injury last year mock comes in and leaves the west canyon Qena whatever they the child's, you know, to to a division title and restless football history. I mean, Jake, Jake from is box. Don't we get whipped with whipped cream bikini there? It is. That's what I was waiting for. That's what I was about to saying. You remember that in every other one of us remembers whip cream became creative Akiva cream Keeney Jacob or vox. Or coaching. Took you too long to get there. Up, sorta let you follow everyone right now. Remembering that seeing like, wow, oh yeah, if they don't. And if they don't. And if they don't Ling. Yeah, exactly. All righty. And let's get to the NFL real quick. Of course you've got Georgia LSU today, but you got Tampa Bay in Atlanta and James Winstons. I start of the season for the buccaneers. What are you most looking forward to in that one on ESPN radio tomorrow, things. One, see if Atlantic and figure out what the heck is going on. I mean, this is a huge, huge game, Atlanta, Falcons losers, intially done season's over. That division and then for the Tampa, you just mentioned the name, James Winston. What got are we going to see? Because as you mentioned, I start since the three game suspension obviously fits got started, went from bits magic. It's tragic, right? Tampa Bay bucks. So it's, it's really is that simple can Stockins get something fixed. Julio Jones went, what's what you going eleven games without a touchdown. Mets, that's got to be easily the long stretch of his career. Can the falcons get whatever the heck is wrong, especially in the red zone 'cause they'll move the ball even going back to last season. They have trouble scoring in the red zone. That's number one. And then is this James is team 'cause this is coming up on a contract year. Is he there guy in Tampa, two simple questions answered tomorrow like like here today, you know this LSU team guys. I mean they are. They're playing for their coach. I had him against week one against Miami and they were all about coach, oh, because not a single one of the bay. Believed that they could win that game. They did remember five, then they lose to Florida and the word here around town and as well. He can't be Florida. Here's at can't beat saving told you totally wrong. He he's not our guy. He can't get it done. Those. Those players are going to rally around their coach. They watch it's gonna be a hard hit football game here in Baton Rouge today. Just before we let you go. And if you look at right now from what you predicted in August, but what you've seen with your eyes and college football, who do you believe right now are the four best teams in college? Football Alabama's on a different stratosphere set down we up here. Okay. And then there's a drop off bam and I go with Georgia, Clemson, Ohio, State that's Notre Dame. Notre Dame in your thought processes at all. They're right there at five to me. I know they weren't. They were completely off the radar and think about this. If a conference gets two teams in and Notre Dame, how quickly going to eight boys as is with that. Several power. Five aren't getting those big old college football playoff jets. Big mountain which are almost as big as males, Jerry Maguire residual checks. We'll, we'll hear you on the radio, Georgia LSU at Tampa Bay Atlanta. We must say goodbye, but always remember in you had me at Hello. Matteo's my friend. All right. Make sure you're listening tomorrow buck. He is visiting one and four, Atlanta, Falcons. He said it's a huge game for Matt. Ryan and company presented by vivid seats game begins at noon eastern on most of your ESPN radio stations. Still ahead, straight ahead. You got crisply earlier. He gave you the three college games with the spread in his one NFL pick next up. You get a guy that's hotter than a firecracker right now picking college football game. Scott Spreitzer is seven and two in his last night. He's next with his three college games and NFL pick your hanging out with us. Good to have you with us to Doreen and Mel ESPN radio and the ESPN app. As again, boy, Gavin loved playing football. He lived in briefed it wanted to go when he'd spent hours upon hours, just his touchdown dances at one day while getting by four goals, he realized he was never much good at throwing or running or catching, don't even kicking. Yeah, Kevin's chances of playing football. We're looking like fourth and long very long. But he did here. DIKO could save money on car insurance, so he switched and saved. Then he did kind of touchdown dance, at least he was still good at that. You know, who's red hot mailman our next guest joining us on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Scott sprites are hanging out with us. Now, of course, out in Vegas, Dory, and Mel ESPN. Radio always presented by progressive insurance, Scott seven and two in your college picks over the course of the last three weeks. So you're getting three more college games than another game from the NFL as well. But first off, what's the biggest thing that you've noticed that caught your attention? Trend wise out in Vegas? I tell you what guys, as far as colleges concern, not the sexiest of cards if you're not a sports better, but the spread does keep it interesting. And I would say that the biggest Joe's versus pros if you wanna talk about that real quick ole miss and Arkansas, where the rebels, Elaine, six and a half to seven points. There's been about fifty six percent of the tickets which is basically the public on ole miss, but seventy three percent of the overall money coming in. On the underdog razorback. And I think the average SEC fan would be a little surprised to see the sharps. Are that big on Arkansas this week, Scott worthy, the public, where's the public and the sharps in agreement where some liability for the books in terms of games this week? Well, I'll tell you one of the games that they're looking at right now happens to be that Georgia LSU game where they're both binding up, fifty six percent of the tickets and the money on LSU right now, unless you of course on that eight and one conference run and most lopsided bed college football side where they're all lining up, seventy seven percent of the public eighty seven percent of the money, Texas AM laying about two and a half it South Carolina. Got, let's roll through it. Give us your three college games that you like this week as you try to stay hot. I mentioned seven and to the last three weeks. Well, let's start by taking a field goal with Duke over the Georgia Tech yellow jackets, Duke have that extra week to prepare for the triple option. Not that the faced before in conference play, but it always helps. And they played well against John tech and Reese. And meetings. And after that horrible run deepens is the jackets down, have to face a disciplined well-coached up unit that already shut down armies option earlier this season. Now dukes covered four roll on the road four, no four in a row in this particular series in my power writings actually have Duke winning this game by a touchdown. So taking the points with Duke that I play second play, we're gonna move to the big twelve and taking the points with stayed on Saturday night over West Virginia. And I tell you what there's no scarier place to stop if you're a Bizet or in the big twelve at Ames, Iowa, it seems Jack try stadium. This team, the Iowa State cyclones struggled in their opener against Iowa. They lost that game thirteen to three, but they really represented themselves well ever since they were within seven of Oklahoma with about three minutes to go in the game, came within a field goal on the road at TCU. They hung forty eight in that straight up winning Stillwater against Oklahoma state guys. I think this right now is the best two and three team in college football in Brock Purdy. He's. Started last week. He's going to start this week with kepi and banged up. I think he makes them even better because of his dual threat ability. They come into this on a twenty win six loss. One ties spread conference run or grab the points with the cyclones of that one. And then we're going to finally take Vanderbilt plus the points getting seven over the Florida, Gators listen, Kyle Shurmur has a thirty five to fourteen touchdown to anti ratio going back to the start of last season. He's better than two to one ratio. Again, this season, and he's going up against an offense. That's one dimensional Florida. Ninety ninth in passing yards per game. The ground attack is nothing to write home about even last week in the win Philippi. Franks goes just twelve of twenty seven with a touchdown at a pick. I like Vanderbilt to cover that spread. Keep this one real close, Vanderbilt plus seven and a half in that game. Scott's plus two and a half kicks off. We were giving him three semi three. You're right. Xactly took plus three twelve twenty kickoff there. I was taped plus. Six, seven o'clock tonight and at noon, high noon, Vanderbilt plus seven and a half. So three dogs for Scott in college football NFL. Why? Scott, you hit the under on the Browns ravens last week where you go on for your NFL best bet. Well, we're going to finish it up at one more. Dog is I'm gonna take the points whichever available out there right now with the Pittsburgh Steelers here they're getting it together an offense. Three of the last four games they've scored thirty seven thirty and forty one. They've owned this series. They've won six at a row and going back a couple of decades. Now they're on a twenty three and five run on the road. In this series. The Steelers come in eight in the NFL and yards per game. Bengals are middle of the pack and most offense of categories. They're actually bottom. Third, all important defensive categories. But I use in while Andy, Dalton, seven, a great year as far as completion rate about sixty six percent. He asked thrown southern picks in five games. I don't think this Bengals team at four and one is for real, and I'm taking the points with the Pittsburgh Steelers that is two points you get. I'm looking. I'm looking at various places in Vegas, so Pittsburgh plus two is the NFL pick great stuff, Scott, good luck to you. We'll talk to you next week guys. Thanks for all with us as we take up to ten o'clock eastern time. Mel trying to start a fight about how many teams should be in the plan? No, I'm just kidding. It's a conversation that we will get back into and what could come out of any potential. Notre Dame dilemma. This season in the eyes of the playoff committee will dive back into that as well as the biggest game of the day in college football. But we are underway in baseball's league championship series. Of course tonight, game number one, Houston and Boston in the American League. And last night we earned this afternoon at game number two, LA in Milwaukee after the brewers. One game number one held off a furious dodger rally in the ninth inning last night Milwaukee's bullpen. No. And the the interesting strategy that continues to be shown by Craig counsel. The brewers manager who just throws reliever after reliever after reliever after short start, and it worked last night, Tim, Kirk in joining us right now, Tim. What's your biggest take? He used a lot of guys in the dodgers won't have to deal with her again in game number two, but it was it works for what he's doing. What's your biggest takeaway from the brewers win last night in game one? Well, I think it was how creek council put such a sense of urgency into game. One of a of a seven game series is theory, and I love it. He knows this is the game that Clayton Kershaw starting. This is the game that we might have the hardest time to win. And when he saw a chance to win it, he brought his boss fever the best pitcher on the team out of the bullpen in the fifth inning to go three innings mean that is highly unusual for a manager to do that. But he said, I gotta go and I gotta go now, and I love that is with the dodgers there. So explosive. He looks at a five run lead four run lead and said, I gotta keep this exactly. Where it is, and the best way to do that is to bring in the reliever who has more strikeouts by reliever in any season. Since Brad lidge is historic two thousand four season. He held a right where it was, and that's exactly what to do because down, you're still came back almost one and Tim, the pitcher, you mentioned Clayton Kershaw and you think about Reggie, Jackson mister October, and others were Mr. may in this net which is doing the postseason that's which remembered for can you anybody you've talked to Tim, put a finger on what happens with Clayton Kershaw during the postseason, the cause, some of those struggles, what's what's caused that difference and domination to struggles when it most matters? Well, he's been way better lately as you know, but he was not getting last night and of course he got no health dodgers only team in major league postseason history, make four errors and to pass balls in one game ever. But his eighty is not what it used to be. The zip on his fastball is not. What it used to be really baseball tonight at one thirty in the morning last night and ward. Oh, president abundantly clear. He's an ace anymore. And that means not even close to in the great Clayton Kershaw for years ago. So he listens location and a pitcher its own runoff from. So before it was impossible to explain how the best pitcher that some people have ever seen could fail in the postseason like he did, but I think there's a reason now he's just not the pitcher he used to be at the same time. This is baseball. This is the beauty of the game is that the best players aren't always the best players of times that the reckless to the degree of difficulty of this game. All right. So before we dive into Houston, Boston Emma's, we chat with Tim coaching here. Dorien Mel ESPN radio, and the ESPN app reminder ESPN radio presented by progressive insurance insurance for cars, boats motorcycles, RV's in commercial vehicles at one eight hundred. Aggressive and progressive dot com. Now that Milwaukee's got the one thing lead the rotation shapes out pretty well. Obviously, for LA with real who's been good bueller, who's been good brains got too early, but other than the grand slam as silly as that sounds on Sunday, he was pretty effective against Atlanta. And then after that Richhill, how does the series shakeout now knowing the way council used his bullpen in game one. Well, that's a great question. I had the dodgers eyelash before the series began with the understanding. Never underestimate ruse, but the way they're playing the key is what you're talking about here, though. Dari ten, the brewers do what they did last night seven pitchers use. Can they do that for seventeen series or those guys that you completely gas and they wanna game tonight without Josh hater at all? That's the key question. So you gotta think the dodgers are better set with their rotation? Certainly, they hit the ball out of the ballpark president anyone. So I will stay with the dodgers with the understanding that brewers are not trifle with that. Would you want twelve games at around all comes down to you? How can create now mixing through an entire series using that bullpen as much as seventy nine Ori more relief innings. Started innings, two thousand cardinals more relief. Inning starter inning. Only time team has won a seven game series to that. The brewers are gonna Blida rate that this Evan gates here, like it's all started. We have the defending World Series champion. They haven't had one, repeat what eighteen years, and then you have the Red Sox were the dominant team in Beijing, baseball. During the regular season, the great series begins tonight, who do you favor, Tim? And why? Well, again, I have the Astros by an eyelash over the Red Sox, but just to show you how committed I am, I picked the Red Sox win the World Series before the postseason began and a week later changed my mind because the Astros took apart the Indians. So systematically it was ridiculous. So I think the Astros starting pitching is slightly better. I think they're middle relief. It's likely. When they, I don't think they can run with with the Red Sox offensively. But man, this is the best the after that formed about all year with the way that Marlin Gonzales gotta going. It's a really impressive offensive team though, but that is a pick em series also. And to me, it all comes down to how healthy is Chris sale. What kind of Lassie we're gonna see tonight and maybe just as important, what is David price gonna do in game two because the Red Sox have no chance of beating the Astros without those guys being really good. And by the way, the Astros for what it's worth have a little bit arrest advantage on Boston as well. Tim kurkin with us here. It's funny. You brought up the Oriole. You should have heard last week, Tim, this was this was great. 'cause you know, Mel in the Orioles when BUSTER only was talking, he said, essentially it could be six to eight years before the Orioles are relevant again. Poor Mel. I mean, you should have heard was so depressed him. He almost even do the show this week after hearing that it was it was pretty pretty upset. No interest in listening to Mel stop this week. So I'm going to say not going to be eight years, but it's going tend to. While. In my lifetime him. I got see the Orioles via the post season. Again. You have to look at it like this, let the cubs, it is what the Astros did with teams do they get really bad before they get good, tear Orioles took the really bad, an extra snack. This year was unnecessary to be that. They even exceeded going to be bad. Okay. Tim real quick. Before we let you run off Mellon, I did this hot list earlier today. The most must watch players remaining in the playoffs. If you had to pick three of the top of your head, who would they be. All right. Well, Mookie Betts is on the list. Yep. He's gonna win the ale MVP and the way he plays right field is just breathtaking. The Watchout athletic is to is Jose altuve they only 'cause he's five foot five. He's my height and he is raining MVP of the American League and the way he plays the game is just amazing to me. Outscoring told me last year he's pound for pound the strong player in the league, and he's a hundred and sixty five pounds. And number three, I'm gonna go with Josh hater. Did you guys watch when he came into the game last night? Did you watch that crowd when he struck out all those hitters when he had fifteen, sweetie. This is in forty. Six pitching reminded me of our Bosque. There's something to it now and I'm telling you my basketball. Sometimes the guy really, you know, comes down to make great dunk. The whole place goes nuts, including the team. I think to some small degree, that's what happens with Josh hate or comes in. It just starts blowing people away if fires up everyone, and he's a pretty exciting player to watch giving people strikes out these days. Those would be my three with policies to a bunch of other players in this post-season. I gotta say one of us agreed with you and had hater on the list. If you had to say when the list is well, Tim. That's true. Okay. Then the tiebreaker would be this. Let's see. Who's list you most agree with won't tell you who had who Machado or yelich, who else? Which one. God, they're both so good. I would have to go with yellow. Yes, because of the way swinging the bat. Stop is also picking a lot. I had to three. I had yell at Shitsu and I had bets at one. That's pretty close bills list. How about that? I had Machado three hater to bets want, so it's all good. We're, we're watching the same guys. It's no. All good, Tim, we appreciate it. Man, always good to have you on them. All right. I love him. I love. I like you're gonna forget about my out to Impreza yourself for head and. You had just kind of happened that was forgot about what I said. I kinda did what won out the other. What was that? You just said, I deal with this every week. Shimmy clawson. Beijing, by the way, don't forget the road to the World Series goes right through ESPN, radio catch all the postseason action presented by auto zone on ESPN radio, ESPN, radio dot com. And the ESPN app. Now you want to expand again. You just never have emailed, never satisfied, never satisfied, and guess what? Your stinking fighting Irish might make it happen. We'll get there CSPAN radio ESPN app how you feel in Mel man. Always good. When I hear that. I'm just happy. We get to see West Virginia and a big somewhat big game tonight. Yeah, yeah. Plan. I state names I was better than the old two and three record. All right. So we're gonna get there. We remind you, of course, during male always presented by progressive insurance, all guess, join a shell Pennzoil performance line. It's been a good fun show, and we got into this debate because I was asking the question about noting, let's say, Notre Dame runs the table. They should now. That doesn't mean they will, but they should. They should run the table this season and they'll be sitting there undefeated in conversation with if these teams continue the way they look like they are to us, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, State, and Clinton in whatever order. They seem to be the four best teams from beginning of the year till now, but say that ends the season that way. And I realize Alabama and Georgia would play in Atlanta and the SEC title game and says, somebody would have a loss. But it wouldn't mean that they wouldn't be deserving of being in the playoff with one loss, especially if that's a close loss. Now you've got the committee having to decide do we like Notre Dame who's undefeated? And they've never been to the playoff, and it makes great story and they. Got this national following yada, yada, yada, or do we look at them and say what? They're undefeated? They took care of their business, but they're just not like those other four. What do they do at that point? And then you said you take Notre Dame, you do well, it's just, I don't think any. There's going to be a couple of the four that aren't that dominant Clemson, for instance, with that schedule and a freshman quarterback who that's reminds me of Notre Dame. Fair fair. I'm not saying that's fair, but by the same. Would you favor at the end? You're not gonna get a big edge. Either wakes up to say, clemson's gonna play an ACC championship game in Notre Dame's in the clubhouse it doesn't have to, but if you go to eight thirty and this is where go back to last year, would it have been an injustice had Alabama, not been in that four spot and that four spot instead would have been Ohio State which you said that was an injustice, Alabama should have gone, yes, but say they didn't say he would have gone Ohio State Alabama for as good as they were okay, and able to national champ wouldn't have made it had the decision been made to go with Ohio State that fifteen. That's Cinderella team. We talked about central Florida. Lashed here. I like having a Cinderella team that claims. There's national champ. Why can't we be national chip? We were undefeated. We beat Auburn in a bowl game. There were team when Cinderella go to bowl games. They give it one hundred percent team. They're playing sometimes doesn't. So that's skewed a little bit, but for their for what they're saying and the way they feel they think there's good as anybody. Why say prove it when the games matter the most playoff environment not in a bowl. Game that to them is big time and the team that they're playing may not be meaningless, but it's not a big deal. Okay. We shouldn't happen numerous times over the years. My thing is five conferences, five champions. Sometimes you have to teams from conference that are deserving the independent, Notre Dame. You had the Cinderella's a, it's UCF or whoever. It may be that Cinderella story eight allows all those teams in we're four eliminates a lot of teams. Now you say, hey, it makes it better because, hey, if you're the fifth team, you have nothing to cry about because you probably lost a game and whatever how'd you on and defeated you would been in. But there's some cases where I say for an Alabama issue, they lost the game, but at the end they we know their best team right there with Georgia. Even that was a great game could have gone either way, but they would have been out completely in Ohio State would have been in. So I like eight, the more the merrier for that on what sixteen. I don't want all that. I think eight at that point. You're gonna worry about the ninth or tenth team, but for four, you worry about that fifteen sixteen I think eight would be. Perfect. I would watch the heck out of eight. I would be thoroughly entertained by eight, but I'm not dying to get there. Yeah. But I mean, I I'd live with. Great. Beano cook would say it's a heck of a lot better than it was. Okay. When you had the two and now you got four and now you, we always wanted eight. At least I always did, and I just look, I just look at the NFL Dory and say playoff to let it team in that say, you lost two games in September when you had all these injuries, and then all of a sudden you put the two losses destroy your chances. Even though you're playing as well as anybody at the end of the year, that eight would allow something like that to happen to loss team gets in his plane. Great. At the end of the year, all those different circumstances that allow teams that we've, I'll be different from what they were to what they are would allow for eight and at this into the team has at schedules and they don't deserve to be and they didn't play anybody, but they want him to put them in. Let's see if they are. They're gonna. They're going to be panir chest. They're going to be bragging about how good they are, put them in and let them show how good they are. Okay. And if they're not, they'll get beat. So that's why I like the eight for all those different reasons. All those different kinds of teams and kinds of scenarios would allow in for eight, and they're not for a four. I agree. There's another team out there, and you mentioned it's UCF if they're ever going to get a chance or a group of five teams ever going to get a chance to really compete for a national title and not make one up with Disney parades and everything else they're going to have to be an eighteen playoff. Again, I'm not dying for an eighteen playoff. I'm not dying for UCF to be in the playoff, and there is thinks they can only play or they can play in what power five team wants to deal with you UCF beat, right. Here's their schedule Yukon South Carolina's state FAU pit SMU today they go to Memphis, not easy. Then they go to East Carolina temple. They've got navy at home, and then the last two games, Cincinnati, and south. Now, those are two teams that are currently ranked. They run the table. They have a case that would be. What twenty five straight wins over two years. I don't four. Fourteen playoff yet. No case. You can't now with the teams we have now, not if we're sitting here making the case that Notre Dame couldn't even get in. Yeah, if they run it. Yeah, but at eight you could make a case, okay with eight you make if you have eight if you have eight. Okay. If you have eight, they had better be in. At that point? Yeah, that's my. That's why I think the intrigue is will allow those teams in because I don't like it when they go to a bowl when they win, they claimed grit because we know what bowls are for bowls of the elite teams that don't go the final four. It's a letdown the bowl game. It's not a big deal for them. It's a huge, it's Super Bowl, so they're playing a different level than their opponent, and it skews the the whole result. When you get into a playoff and everybody's giving your best shot, then you could say, hey, we really earned it. We are right there. I wanna see that Cinderella in that environment, not at a bow environment, but in an environment of a playoff, and we're never going to ever see that Cinderella in a fourteen play runs the table. They're not deserving being in a four because of the schedule, but in an eight, they would be good. I can't wait for the next UCF championship parade. They'd go back to back, make sure you're tuned in for college football action today. Georgia battling illness you presented by Dr. Pepper coverage begins to thirty eastern on ESPN radio ESPN, radio dot. Com and the ESPN app, Georgia LSU Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, Michigan Mel, we have. We have eliminated games in the Pac, twelve and big ten such a Florida and Memphis. I know best player on the field and not going to be necessary, McKenzie. Milton is gonna be Henderson. The running back. Okay. Who I right now is one of the best running backs in college. Football is Darrel Henderson from the Memphis Tigers. Enjoy your football. My friend, you got about ESPN radio.

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