Campaign 2 Ep. 34 - Encroaching Waters


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I, we have to fantastic sponsors returning from earlier the campaign, our friends at db. Sam, his everyone. It's me Sam Riegel the Lackey's guy to tell you about Dion. I lived in d beyond because it helps me organized character. Not the brave so I can concentrate, oh, being zany, doing knots, voice, do the voice. You're so good. Pimping chewy. Oh, mistress. Sam Riegel needs to tell you that water deep dragon Snell nelga dandy beyond calm and will guide your war campaigns from level one to five for levels five to twenty four, the legendary under dungeon below the city with water to dungeon of the mad major which is available for preorder will release on November second. Max are you in my seat? Travis. Go go. He was a really. What the fuck is happening terms you Email me. You said we were starting at seven fifteen tonight. Did you know. Yes. Okay. Listen, man, it's nothing personal. It's just last week's spot was a little rough. Right? And we needed to have a safe non offensive spot this week. And you thought, no one could tell the difference between me and max. Honestly, I'm still not sure which. Sam. I don't know if I'm offended at this guy's my spots are not controversial in any way. Yeah. Did you write something for tonight? Yes. Ideally, I have it on my phone involve far, towns, offensive stereotypes, cursing violence, inappropriate uses of kick pickles and or cucumbers. It might have. Yes. You trust to do. Listen, just read what we wrote for you there. One hundred percent save non-offensive. The jokes are approved of. Oh, wow. It's me Sam Riegel the wacky est guy Indian. It's you head on over to DND beyond where their new content is like anti gravity. It's impossible to put down. On DVD beyond my, my username is benefits that way. If you add to your party, it'll say we're friends with benefits. 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Tonight's episode of critical role. Fucker. Welcome back. So last we left off the mighty nine had made their way southward absconding from the tension of the north dwindling empire to seek a few possible threads of mystery to the south shores and coast of the menagerie coast. Major way through and Gore's purchased a few pets and then eventually found yourselves for many of you your first time at the beach at the coast, seeing an ocean, seeing the waves, seeing the sand and took a little brief bit of time to relish in that experience. Eventually making your way to Nicaragua's in time for the sunset across the western ocean. You begin to notice the kind of the. The workforce that goes through the day in dwindles to the night that works alongside the numerous number of ships that come in and then stay along the the war in the various dachshund, the vicinity you made your way through. Number stealthy. Care to yet. So. You made your way throughout various districts city eventually meeting the fantastic and long. Presented mother of gesture, the ruby of the c. Mary lavar. After having some time to catch up with her exchange information about your travels, you discovered that there have been some issues with one client of hers in the town managed to gather a little bit of information, but began to seek more about this aisle. This figure who'd grown jealous of other clientele and seem to be becoming a point of concern for marrying, and you took it upon yourselves to look into this individual and find a way to possibly resolve this while you're in town. You also began to. Into some other curious mysteries you went to the lighthouse and spoke with the lighthouse keeper there for a bit. You had found a strange tower in the open Kway. And then eventually discovered. Along the war, f- a tavern familiar name based on some of the previous things you keeping out for the way fares cove. You adjust stepped into see. Adjust up into the darkened interior of this. The smell of old wet would combined with the dry liquors and ails that had long stained the various tables and floorboards of this kind of dank and relatively. Musty bar looking across the clientele. A few interesting persons Katcher attention, and that's where we left off so mighty as you begin to enter this darkened torchlit interior lantern that I would say sorta hanging from very portions of the ceiling cross beams, the bits of wind that pushing through causing them to slightly shift and kind of have this kind of shifting crackle of Firelight within the chamber, what he was to do. I've never seen. I've seen. I've never spoken to. Turtle person. Yeah. Pretty cool. I don't think I've ever actually saw when either I've seen pictures patch. Are those tattoos? Is that shell. Him first who wants to talk to. No. What. Crazy things coming out of the show. I don't know too. Walk up and approach him. All right. Sitting there on the table of both these these large scaled coming to the point of these. These clause, these hands wrapped around this heavy tankard the shifts over here direction where the eye patch meets your gates. I for the other guy creeps past the extending hard brow. And so what you ask. I was asking how you got your eye patch, did you did somebody shoot it out your eye. That's certainly a possibility. Number. You don't think that perhaps someone's going tell. Tell you the story just without even knowing you. I, yeah, I will buy you a drink. If you tell me how your eyeball went missing. What he wants, what you. Oh, do you not want milk? Do you want something else? Raises a one of his fingers up towards the bar and the bartender another round. Okay. Turns around and begins preparing what looks to be a another drink reduces lowers his hand and claw kinda scrapes across the wood and leaves this little curl of. Little shaving that is put to the side as his hand comes to rest. Looking back at with this one, I. How about this. Twenty two story. Okay. You tell. Tell me where you're from. Brought you into table then. Maybe tell you. How these. Okay. Well, I'm from up this three kind of. I'm the daughter of the ruby of the sea. Do you work for any government officials. Daughter of the Rubia this eve. And Unity's friends. And we've got into lots of hygiene and. What to know, drink it sprite under the table. Don't worry. She's gonna take care of. Do you have money daycare. I was going to go get some milk to up to milks. Also, one hot place to one. It's a silver for that. So it's an easy tradeoff. Anything other than milk please? Okay. Well, for around of drinks and the milk's involved as well put, you'll say it about. Two silver. Also possible that we met my dad earlier and we didn't know it. I'm going to be perfectly honest. It was about. More than I was asking. Appreciate. I appreciate you too. How did you get those pipes on your back. Turns the creaking leather is the long extended net kind of turns the folds of skin pushing into themselves. This is. On c. maybe about. Six, seven years ago, boy. Do they do. Reach back and you can see, it's interesting because like on on the right side of the shell looks like elements have been carved through these pipes of input in the back on the front is a small depleted pouch of leather. And it looks to be a small extended tube of metal. He lifts it with one hand. Breeds into kind of inflates bit inflates bit. And the one I kind of look around mischievously the barring goes. I mean. Trio of bagpipes begin blasting out of these. These these large almost most shell scope didn't pipes curve out of shell, and everyone of them just grabbing there is. Throwing things over painting off of his shell and. If you know, because while he's mischievously enjoying the moment of shattering, the calm and chill in the chamber, he's not going to get himself, stops that how. Keep the other shipmates. Incense retains. Yeah, I mean, could skill. It's your quite talented, really? What's your, what's your typical rank aboard ship? If you don't mind the asking. It's been a number of. Number. Months since I found me good shipping is out there on the ocean. But. Decent Secondly navigator. Is your name Arias. Wanaka. What is your neck friend. Oli or only Skift back. Skiff back. Beck. Now. Comes in. Title. Mara, I ask what show being visual names and they beat. My name is Ford. Kayla widow guest. Junior. And then see. Could do this. I don't know. Welcome do this. She grabs his drink. Sips takes moments looks around again. We all do linger in for some reason you say you've been a few months since your last passage on a ship. Texas, Jordan, Louisiana. We're looking for an individual, my frequent, these parts of it, half l. gentlemen, you seem anyone name Sabin and these parts. See, I have the song knob apologies. Molin. Welcome to ask around. I'm show there's a whole whole modest spectrum Curry's travelers committed out. Have you not been on a ship because of a lack of opportunity or if the right situation presented itself you would be perhaps for a bit of work. Mall of. Ladda been the full. Got a got a jive right crew. More like. Let me many. Does this kind of. I'm a fucking turtle. Physicality to it. Will there in quite say, but have show. Judging physique, though you must be quite quite excellent on the water. I'd say so. Sure. You're an asset to any vessel. Now that I've butted you up, how about have you ever heard of Mario slip wall. Why west. Modern choir. Well, as one green to another. We were just told that he might be around it. He has some information that we were looking for. We actually tried to deliver him bit of correspondence. Jack, that will go great. Minus three persuasion zero. How did that happen? Anyway? It's thirteenth. I'll proficient at persuaded. Not talking say I've seen them around. Casually, the boy as needed a place to crash provided. My shack bowl when he's been ringing. Comes in with some sort of. Makkonen space. Roommates with with Marias only in -cational. Have you seen him lately? Few days? No nowhere he went, don't pay attention. Don't care. Do you frequent spots outside of this particular establishment of residual shit hole of choice. He seemed getting guarded the more you sir. Ask them up Marius a little bit. Specifically as you're gonna watching this, you get the sense that he's. He's offered up a little bit of information, but that little bit seems to have caused him to real in and he's he's being guarded and doesn't seem very forthcoming though he passes it off as a lack of information. I apologize. We're anxious. We just wanna get our business concluded as quickly as possible, move onto more pressing matters. I mean, if you if you see Marias Lynn know that he's around, you're welcome to tell them that people were trying to deliver something we. I mean, we get the impression that he's a friend and I also get the impression that he's probably used to a fair bit of trouble. We're hoping not to be trouble. Will simply the Madam please Lou Verde l. it's it's it's complicated. I'm not even gonna. Pretend that I entirely understand it myself where it's at present. It was a present for him. There's a shifting to to Orly which point the last of the air in the small pouch, it's pushing. Like. Lowly comes arresting hit personal questions, but but have. Bastard. Have you ever sailed with Marias by any chance oppression of as a sailor or. Are you saying what you call see trick folk more of slimy shadow? Would. I will. He saw that maybe we go. I recall he was complaining waiting on something to be delivered. Never found its way around getting. Boils a lot of money. I have to say that we might be the the answer is looking for, we're kind of removed from the actual situation where Morley more delivery by happenstance more than anything else. We have our own questions and problems and concerns which can only be answered by someone who has a better grasp of the situation. Persuasion check. Over here, Greg. Uh-huh. People. Turtles. Wow, persuasion. Twenty one twenty one. Orally looks you straight with his one good. I kinda glances up and down. You've got a good look, the leather, I patch it sub. You could see it's, it has its own carving into it like it was wet and at one point and then shaved to have a very similar pattern. That's the kind of curling wave that twos that matches upper arms. And you can now see this the backs and sides of his neck. Looking three from goes. Mustache whole deal. Tell you something if if what you say is true, could very well be and your friends, hell and have wave. Taking some of the weight off. Mary's. I haven't seen some time, but of. I do know sometimes he hangs around the docks, MAC, Rome, midnight. Sometimes he's beaten folks ships and seven things. I can only imagine it's legal. Sometimes these picking things up. Wouldn't my may asking for a brief description of them so we can identify when we see them. That would be most dangerous what you're looking for, skinny as half l. Philip. Head, she'd real cool ton of little super cope with a big old. Laba blown hell kinda hangs around informative face is pretty cool. Other that he don't dress. Rich or anything. Tends to stay out of soon. Maybe it'd be base you keep keanae round the shadows. Sure. I'm, I imagine he's probably jumpy of people if the owes money and that sort of thing that can make somebody very mistrusting. Well, I would hate to invoke your name in front of them, but but if all goes well and you end up doing in a solid, don't be afraid to tell them that all push you in the right direction. Thanks, that's that's great. We've not say fucking would of course we'll be very careful. We guarantee. Wow. Scratches about him in the chin, looking at you survive at all. The story. The other folks in the in the tavern, they're only like four or five. Wait here lady. Hunchine tender. Yeah. The other fishermen, there's an older fisherman looking gentleman who's sitting there running his own business concerned drink though. Now he's kind of glaring over this large group that's conversing after blowing bagpipes in the middle of his previously solitary afternoon. There's a woman looks probably late forties, early fifties or so with a very. Big, massive hair that goes from a dark Brown to grey to a white of the tips that kind of like a main. Dark skin looks weathered from lots of travel and probably seen quite a bit in her day. A light Brown coat that can hangs over the edge of the chair. She's sitting in and she's, I mean, they're all looking at you guys because you all come storming in here caused this ruckus talking to the total. Shit. Yeah, it's you guys aren't the most subtle of arrivals. Is she giving us a s you giving us a quizzical look, suspicious, look, interested, look. Making such. That's. Four heart. Adele. Okay. I'm gonna go over to. All right. Well, do you guys stay with early or you? Well, I mean, if only given the vibe that he's enjoying the companies to give them by enjoys drinking, he looks enjoying his rank and he's not giving you any particular by vibe in your direction. He didn't seem to mind, but he's not. He's not engaging. He's most of his. Most of his conversation is reactive. At the moment we got women are problem. We gotta deal with, which is your mom's problem. And that's the one where we're going to maybe have to get a little difficult. So to refresh everyone else's memory because my memory is sound where looks for to get down into the undeveloped of the city. This, we've just called the sluice. Where the guy that's causing the problem is, but. Super complicated. Info. Anyone who knows how to get down to the sluice we've ever been there by any chance we talking about. I actually know what I'm talking about. Policies. General. Dice dice, those. Touched them all. He's smiling with this response and you just like I, in all your time. You're not. You're not very well versed in the. The ticks and the subtle facial reeds for total. We've got another. We've got somebody who's a bit of a problem we have to deal with as well. This is a completely separate issue. Oh, it's all sorts of problems. This city. In the drinking one down. That's one more. We don't gotta pay somebody being impolite to a friend of ours. Words just going to stand now is Chevy. You've got over specked people's. Monks. You. Boy, having this conversation. Ford has walked over to the table and the woman sitting there kind of our hands resting inside. Well, trailing, as as you guys approach with fourth was the front, she watches you couldn't help. But notice we seem to have caught your eye. Well, I'm gonna be honest. It's kind of hard not to draw my attention with that very subtle display. You've all managed to provide. Clearly my friends and I are are new in town, and we are just very inquisitive. What is that? You'll drinking. Wine. So Dafur and here. Red, why would you care for more. Always care for more all the way the Barkeep to to bring other around over her for both of you for. Okay. Okay. That'll put you back. We'll say two hundred. Most expensive wide won silver for for just. Okay. If you wouldn't mind, we were moving through the town and there is this tower right in the middle of it, the the tide peak believe it's called. Can you tell me, do you know anything about that? Such a strange structure? To be completely honest, I don't spend a lot of time in the quay tend to focus more on this side. The business is better. I don't know. I'm focusing that other. I again, I'm stuck in that. Good. She was leaning. Real problem or. I've seen it. I'm certainly gazing seeing that we're tower. I think it's what you referring to do you do you live in these parts or you just passing passing through thanking break? Only been here for about a week and then Shelvin off back to this trade route towards my cat, probably. You sailors? Well, dude. Not for some time, but out of practice which specialities might be looking for crew quite a strong back. Good with rigging Topsail. You name it? I've done it. What's right. I didn't quite make it up past just begging the crew. I'm afraid. Higher duty didn't quite suit me, but you look in travel. Could be. Maybe for more in the truth. You wanna come along, prove yourself a few days at sea stop by, whereas your your shit. She glances off to the side and points on the far left side of the harbour can't really show from here, walk following me and she steps up and walks past you towards the front in points to one ship that kind of pass there. The one woman, the kind of grayish sales pulled up. That's the dren solid this. That's my ship. This your show? Yeah. She is. She's been through a lot, but you're stuck with me for many years. Apologies to catch your name. I didn't catch yours. My name is Kelly would guest. Caleb widow guest. This is my friend fought. This is accountant, Caleb widow, gas, very good with books. The number I gotta say, I'm pretty intrigued by strong back, small ring sale, looking for work that walks around with his own encounter specifically for to our group. We are a bunch collection of people. So you know, we tend to get on noses into things. Jack-of-all-trades tried some things. In the meantime, while I've been landlocked when we needs to be at sea, we have thought to crunch numbers. We have me and we have others. Gala, Buddha, gassed four just for just four. Well, I'm just captain Adila pleasure to meet you. The pleasure is all hours. When are you planning to cast off. I think we round up with full crew and supplies gathered up, probably want to take some time to relax here in town for about another week or so. And then we'll head off. It's probably going to be. Good, six months journey before we come back. But. If you and your count in front of look into coming government for two more to do you have room for. Just six right now. I mean, if you wanna pay passage. Certainly possible what you are headed back to my catcher, say. Yeah, direct. Couple of stops along. Keep in mind. Nice meeting. It was well also, I'm sorry if I could just round back for a moment to that tower. I know you don't know much, but it sounds like you've been here longer than we have. Have you heard anything about it? It's so awed. That's about as much as ever. I tend not to poke around places that act weird, strange, Magics and such. A lot of folks get to curious in not coming back. Agreed. She's older. Some lights turn on. You're engaged. She the one that has a pirate great. She was like, fuck. Just curious. You don't have to have any members of your crew by the name of savy, and do. This is not my crew. Hafila. Yeah, he was a few months back when I was last doc, Nick adroitness. Working with that low left. Cadmus haven't seen him since Cadmus. You said that miss Leland. The name rings a bell. He's a right. Fuck face. Tell you that much. Our cat. Making history check. Familiar. Baz name that's better eighteen eighteen. You have heard of Cadmus. Cadmus goes under the guise of a shipping merchant that, but the hops from port deport. But for those who work heavily in the shipping lanes, he's known to be kind of thief when that that skims off the top and has recently his businesses come to a crawl as he's instead been kind of staying out to sea possibly from what rumors of said been involved in the shaking down of ships without means of protecting themselves. But can fire and you also that role, you know the name of ship silly was the widows embrace, but with those Bruce also sounds familiar. What do we. Good name. A member of this. If I ever heard of this book and all my readings on your readings, you haven't really haven't spent all the time studying maritime history. Was this recently. I heard this before. Fucking another a weapon. Rationing, slow down, man. Fucking self over here. Alternate dimension turtle, what's what's the saving to you? Little friend of mine. Oh, him some money. If you happen to see him, just let them know that. Ford was looking for. Doing my best to stay from Cadmus as a right asshole. Have you. Friends pound around with head. Kinda shit your friends getting into these days. I'm sure it's nothing to savory. Here's had terrible judgment in the past. At this point capital over your shoulder, bingo, site. Anyway, I'm gonna go finish my line. Pleasure. Turn over my shoulder. Anything that you guys kind of move back into the bar and in the doorway you see a figure of appear Aloom ING, figure this the dark silhouette against the, the bright sun, the sky behind you see over one shoulder. It looks to be some sort of a large sack that has been thrown over and held with one arm. The other side with looks to be a sword sheath to cross that shoulder stepping into the light. You see the familiar and somewhat surprised face Yasha. Actually. Full set. Travels ganic. As you guys spin around to see, you know, the the broad shoulders and intimidating frozen of Yasha step into the dark bar interior Yasha. You step inside looking for a moment of respite and drink and are kind of caught off guard by the group that has now staring back at you with the same gas expression. Hey, run over everybody on our knees. Hello, everyone. The odds pretty slim, what are the odds feel? We should talk. This back corner booth. What are you doing here. I'm just passing through here. Did you know we were here? Did you get our message? Did you get my messages? You sent messages sent you lots of messages which they say they said, well, they said that we were. They mostly said that I missed you at that. We were going to Nicot Ron, and we were heading over to find out more stuff about. I don't remember what we're even doing here, nickel dravis anymore. For here for Ford and also. Finding out stuff about him. And also we saw my mom. Shen. Yeah, I've never seen the ocean either, but did you see it now? We're here in the city. It's right over there. I just got here a bit ago. I've been. Are you. Yeah. What are you doing here. I'm trying to get to. I'm trying to get in the water. I need to go somewhere. Water and trying to find passage to go somewhere go somewhere where. Or you don't have to tell us, I know. Here. Yeah, I. I've just been on the journey. I have somewhere to go. At least I think that I need to get on the boat immediately more or we can have a drink or two. Good. We a couple bottles of wine of this bartenders gathers bottles of wine that are in the air, fair fine. Line, fine wine, find one. That'd be two bottles, twenty gold. You know, I've changed my mind. Price on that just get McCord. Please. For four passing somewhat, somewhat briny wine run you about to gold for two bottles. For the for the base of the basic bitch wine? Correct. Pay for class one for your ass. Russia show you can't afford to find. I don't get one for you. Thank you. Oh, maybe luck. We just met a captain of ship two minutes before you walked in. Only has one spot on her boat on a more kit. Is that where you're going. I don't exactly know where I'm going. That will be time the colts to. So you're on a journey of immediate agency, and you're not sure where you're going and you think you have to go, but you're not sure. Something hypnosis spell here. Just. Feeling a call? Yeah. I just had dreams of a place that I need to go to. What's it look like? Been mad islands. My dad is from eyelids, at least he was, did you know my dad might be the jets. You mean. Happened, the moist, the guy that's wet all the time. Blue blue blue. Chester. I know it's probable. It's not been verified, but the gentlemen, potentially. I mean, it could have happened. He's he's a pretty interesting man. I have mentioned other. She's right here. You can't meet her as she was hill. I told her all out you. I mean, we have to go punk. Some guys asks who's being caressing her if you want to join us on, maybe kicking guys asked and then we can report back to her. I mean. Just stuff. So is it a body? It's a body? Isn't it presents for us? Have you been gathering presents for when you saw again or you like supergirl center or something. So many questions. This was a sky that's been messing with your mom. He's this really creepy guy who he was like trying to get with her and she's like, he's like, you're only going to be mine and she's like, I don't like that. And now he's like threatening everybody else that wants to see her standard angry creeper. Sounds like someone who's s I would like to kick. Yeah, I'll I'll. All gore diamond. No idea. Idea that is douchebag sounding name. Right? Sounds. I don't even. I don't even remember it. Stiller. No. I'm still struck by the fact that you have just walked into the tavern what we are the this. It's just mean something fake. Is what I'm saying or maybe it's, it's the the, the ball thing, the dough deca. Maybe it brings us all together. Maybe maybe it's special. Sisterhood of the traveling, deca, Hebron, Chris. Maybe seriously, are you? Are you ok after everything we didn't want to leave on. The most positive terms. I'll be okay. I just had to work through some things. But speaking of it looks like you have a new member already in the group. Well, we're not replacing Molly or you. We didn't really talk much less time you're kind of in your own space. We didn't really get to explain you were the last to wake up three of us, and by the time you came round, we had met mister Klee. He apparently worked in APR cemetery, get it right, crucial in getting the three of you out. Sure he could have made it if we had more time, but thank you for helping. You are? Yes. Here I am. I think perhaps it's destiny. We believe in destiny. No, but what you dream about islands and you go to them. He does a lot. You. Go into your inner thoughts. Dead t- spree. Good. What does the dead, which is dead t to you? The people. I mean. Like it sounds tastes good. Such things like I have a fine palate meal, and then I'll figure out what teaching. Okay. Sounds like a friend. How did the vision of these islands come to you. Well, they just come in my dreams. She was most of my visions have and. It's just the way that. I commune with the storm Lord. And. I don't know. I'm just trying to find some. Type of purpose for all this. I guess the storm. No. I mean, just the purpose of old. Commune with the storm Lord the storm. I think I am. Significant. I don't have like any dreams at night. You guys is worrisome? Probably do, but you just don't remember them is up the dealer like boring sleep with crystals. Tie a more vivid experience when you dream keeping dream journal. I don't think that's true. Dreamgirls I think ours night it looks like you're really fastest sleep. Wake you up and ask you what you thinking about. Okay. All right. Yeah, deal right. Suppose that the storm Lord puts you on this path and you're with us now because of some divine intervention. I think it's important to follow once feelings on such things. I commend you. Thank you. What was your name again? Deuce. Deuces clients. Pleasure clay. It's a very interesting vernacular. Your friends spoken very highly of you in your absence. It's nice misty. We don't main deprived. So. I've missed you too, but sometimes it's just best to. My own way sometimes. By all reality, we barely know each other. It is funny how. You keep showing up though, like the bed, penny. Isn't it weird? I've never understood. So, well, sprinkle sprinkle, where did you get. Interactive fucking. Bright, crimson weasel that is kind of curled up and you're handling. He's not trained yet. Don't listen. This is red in your hand. That's. Okay. This is sprinkle. That's very cute. Looking thing want to cross. There's a dog to, oh. Oh, the animals come out to talk to the Cape. And look down. You can see the rights that are now being slightly moistened by the year in the tiny puppy, all the all the animals are just apparently marking their territory. But you see this, this tiny light Brown puppy with big, big oversized paws and a couple of faint stripes across the furthest pointy of faith. Featured elements have more angler than a softer puppy should and he's is. I do like dogs very much. Cute. Who's this of? Sorry, this dog nuggets in. Teach nugget to also be able to Banff. To Ghashayam a long time, but I saw Josh. Josh in maybe now get can go back and forth between us when we're away to Yasha. He believed that far. I think I blink like only ten feet. I believe me. I wanted to go farther. Just can't blinking like it's very doubtful. Excuse me, but I'm cool. The this portly half off greets you approach again. Would you like another drink out? I'm still working on the first one, but I love you. It's good to have a backup, right? Yeah, I'll take it back. Y'all. Pouring add a question for you? My friends and I, we've just rolled into town and while we were will walking through, we notice this very strange tower. Here. It's so bizarre. What is the place. Sort of what the the big that grows. Winning told it in a way from it. Don't just. Being casual, you know, l. over. Now you're interested in the tower. Like usual. I know I know over it. Why? Why do you as well? It's just that it changed. Oh, thank you. I just that he changed proportions. The closer we got to further away from it or some weird sort of luge in magic to it. It's going to creepy. Whose is it. Longs may just been here for awhile named USA. And that's his mystery to the city. I suppose Mr. to me, I don't fucking go and climbing towers, ask questions or the Vallone jackass to claim tau like show just right full of danger. Okay. Just grown your own vice. That's she's, you know, a class. It don't mind her. She's. He goes in prepares, would you? Would you prefer pitcher. Yeah, going. We need to find. Yeah. Thank you for your time, and he pours his glass out on the ground out of the bartenders view subtle. Thank you very much time. You're yelling at me from across the ball, you just establish. Undetermined accent Morice. Everyone. Everyone please. Yasha has to catch express bus, so we should probably get to pass cooking. My messages. I've been to. Your brain magical messages. They should've arrived at doesn't make any sense unless you were under someone's spell. Anyone spurs. Thinking back, you had received these words, but not having a lot of experience with this type of spell contact before you weren't sure if it was just you imagining things or having. Slight nervous breakdown. I did have times when I was walking. Where I heard your voice. I didn't. I didn't really hear words. It was just more like. So I didn't get any. I need to be more specific with my messages. You know, they never got you. Say you can reply to this. That's an important part of about four extra words. Speaking from experience, sometimes very focused on the task. It can create a blind spot. Who throw on. Worship that's ever been set on this show. Find out Dr. Dr shits, we find out we have asked everyone of his bar about everyone else in this town except. I don't think that we have. No, we have not about the. No. The MAURICE guy, we need to why we came here. We asked turtle dude, early early about this loose and you said he didn't know why don't you get up on a table and just get everyone's attention to mask the room if they know anything about. There. I mean, we've already out here took a big swig of booze. Stand up on, take off my mask. Please. Curls over. Founder. Let's let's just. They're everywhere coming here unless you tell me the location of Al. Covert chair. To find its way to the ground is kind of a positive on the surround. Everywhere. Windows, I. Byner scene in Pulp Fiction. Mr. There's a continued posits look around. Around for anybody who has any information doing pass across everybody in this room with a discerning. I, especially with your passive insight. You get the sense that nobody here really knows. This allegory figure would go. Oh, cool. That was, of course, a seam from the one act play that you can see later tonight over at the fence, I forget the place. Pranzi. Some marquis. Lavish. Look. Is like clapping kind of giant mitt mitt, like Claude total hands. The guard, and also we have to remember to. To talk to. Merced question tomorrow's. How do you pronounce your last night? That's going to be a really. We wanna go by the sluice we've and or is that going to be way too shifted? Go. Under underwater gates, and they said, we get in trouble if we go there on on invited. We get hired. This is true, couldn't hurt too, I guess to drive by and just see if we can say anything kind of paperwork or. Identification. And again, new content, I thought they were too about the entrance was under. What you were told from the the light keeper? The lighthouse she said that the as far as she knew the interest is that she knows of our kind of beneath the docs. Like again, like where we're the land falls off in meets the ocean and the doctor out there. It's somewhere underwater there. See if we can see something, but I mean. Swim. Yeah, movie. Everybody can sway. We take a rowboat all just stay above above the surface and came when when you guys ready tugged and I'll pull you up. Strong enough to pose it. Yasha will stay with me Nassar window. Your should I wanna kick deuce douchebag together. It's been so long old. You're an underwater, not do you want to write them my back? I'm a very good swimmer. That's true. Your you piggyback. I don't understand it which is going to go out into the harbor and start swimming blindly looking for an underwater gate start somewhere. So when I ask around. Started swimming, maybe escapade questions and a few other places besides dive can't live at the sluice. Right. He's got a leave it at some point, but a Middle East for heading towards the docks, where the entrances, I'm sure more people will. Right? So you're not that far away. Thankfully, you've been, you've been hanging around the the, the restless for awhile, which is where the tavern was so striking out towards the edge of what looking across the docks. There's one large ship that came in and looks like a lot of being unloaded and kind of busy on that, and and then not that far off of it. The next doc that shoots out anchors or terms the right, and this is a couple of anchored ships there. It's a little less busy. Looks like they're currently more there and not a lot of folks are doing business on or around the ships have just keeping a watch on the docks. Himselves. Curious, a rowboat. Something even do pretty sure cat. Yeah. Is there a ship shack? Some that would lease vessels. Naked perception, Chuck official term. Thirteen thirteen? Okay. You don't see anything in the way of ship shack right now, but you do see what looks to be a man who an older grizzled. Fishermen of some kind or at least dockworker has this kind of long cap on that dingoes passes mid shoulders and a looks to be a kind of a heavy Dr. Gray cloth shirt that is drenched with sweat, like he's doing hard work throughout most of the day. And you see him currently tying what looks to be a small rowboat to the edge. They're putting in place old-timer. I'm sorry to bother you. I don't see a Mariners office around here. Is that your robe. This is my boat watch. What's your name Ford fold. Jimmy, Jimmy pleasure to me. Yeah. Well, you Shipman yourself a little bit little bit. My friends here were hoping to explore the coast of it, and if I could put some coin in your pocket, I was wondering if you pardon with your your vessel here for a little bit, we'll say, because you have a sailor background at this point, you guys can converse back and forth the bit. You swap some stories with them about, you know, hell he used to be a dock worker in the some of the ships that he was on back in the day greenhorns you've ever worked with and goes up about five minutes back and forth. You get to the point of your kind of laughing until comfy. And eventually he goes. I don't even worry about the money, just keep an eye on out here and just don't take too far out in the by when you done bring it back as most kind of at least do. Ahead helps untie the boat and you're supposed to. For all of us is big enough. Concertedly dry comfortably can fit for people. Uncomfortably could fit you all space, wines, your uncertain as to the ship's ability to hold the. Not well, just pull you along since you have your water walking ring, it'd be like skiing. Actually. That's not a terrible idea. I was going to volunteer to be pulled less than Yasha sort. If you want to save some weight, that's that's true Yasha with every non. Oh, but I would have to take it all. You'd be safe indeed about surrounded by water in the ocean. Let's to the boat. Yeah, I'm leaving them and I'm going to sit in the boat and I'm pulling up my book and I'm slapping down on. I stuff to mutter to myself. This is going to take away. Seems very comfortable since it only fits a few folks. I actually sure it's fine you have to come with. I was gonna volunteer to trail behind armor helps. Because you know I'm watery now. That's right. That's right. Yeah, you are. I am blue and that's the same color annual smaller. So I take up less space in the boat. What's that. Get smaller. Turn into. I'm going to turn into just kind of a kind of shaggy looking half elf. Literally probably look like shaggy from Scooby doo. This is good, disguised self. Does it change your fiscal, wait and see. Wait, but changes out of volume, but I actually do volume metrically change a little bit in size though. I get shorter just. Thing. Okay. I can seem up to three feet short shorter like, but, but if you were like the seeming. It wouldn't make that much. Well, actually, if juster an IRA trailing behind Trevor hind because dad has sweaty palms, some people are scared of the water, not it's actually quite safe are wrong. It's horrifying monsters in it. You can't see down below. It can can snuff you out in a few moments. Just described every environment that life can manifest, and I'll reach down on the water in touch with my hand, there's absolutely no. All right into the water. Disappears beneath the searches churn and bubbles. Let's go. Totally. You never know Yasha this is the. Yes, I. It is very, pretty of. I've actually I've been looking at it already at night. Oh, so you were lying. I just didn't want to tell you everything. Already. Three days what. How did you know where I didn't know you're coming recalling. Maybe this is this is the closest ocean that I that I knew, but maybe maybe your message did get across juster and I did hear it somewhere in the corner of my brain like that. Yeah. Get into Walter somebody's gotta ask if anybody has any idea where the entrance to the. So far call I teach pointed out, didn't she? When we were, she pointed a basic direction, but there is no this visual guide to it from other respects confident in my knowledge. Okay. But I'm in the water with you get back out and go asking him where this loses come out dripping the water kinda slowly armor covered in armour. Okay. Price of a good joke. I'm afraid. Knowledgeable about the entrance to the the sluice cove os. But I don't really have much. Much about that Suni. Well, I. Because I know say sure that a guy who works on the docks in the harbor where this thing is wouldn't know the location of everything under the water while parts with a trove ago, blooms on the war for. If someone had been a little snappier with the. Young from the water. Is there anyone else on the on the docks, anyone else that we can see? Yeah, there's there's a handful of other people that are in the process of large and other side with that bigger ship is that's being currently unloaded or loaded into. He can't tell from this distance crowns garters I'm gonna say Sali's. Oh, so as Philo, there are there you can see twos Leser that are just patrolling the docks with all this. Taking about, how long would you guesstimate up in muttering in the boat. Ten minutes to Mexico. People skills are working on the as though if they mind telling some tourists about the fabled entrance to the. Okay. Okay. Okay. Now. Okay. So my story just so you know can really commit to this good. Yeah. Okay. Tours. Yup. I'm still bound Prien Beauregard the tourist. Sharing. I'm Julia from Julia. I'm Leslie. Sure. Tracy. Tracing Drake's. Okay. Theresa. So I'm Tracy from. And you know, my parents are paying for just a little bit of a spring break, so I can go find myself before I go into college, right variety, Uni. Somebody's trying to. I'm trying to figure it out because if I'm if I'm just me, I'm just going to be an asshole. So I have to be somebody else very bourbon. So. And I heard about this mysterious loose entrance sluice saying like you that you're gonna do this. Yeah. Head. So. So just use the side right, give it the old. Yeah, second. Two, I find like the most insecure looking guy and then like us that all right. I go to the most insecure looking guy. Okay. General insight check to try and gauge which of them is to most insecure. Check. She's not use gills die ever. Fourteen. Look in of the two there. One of them seems to be pretty preoccupied with the ships that are being loaded in one of them appears to be kind of half presence pie daydream yawning at his post and looks younger than the other one. You probably between the two of them. He's probably the most insecure if you had to decide. Kosh. In the water, just so beautiful. I'm sorry, can you? It's hot. Year. She's so. So mois. Right. And I kind of. What's your name. I'm sorry. I am working at the moment 'cause I could totally use some help. His eyes roll from any goes, what can I do to him? Well, you see, I'm from outta town. I'm Tracy. By the way. What's your name? Sighs heavily enriches out probably takes the handing goes. I am Zo Mitha. Hi. It's just I'm here and I'm trying to get the true Nick and dramas experience while I'm in town. And you know, I just I've heard of rumors from people, you know about this thing called the sluice we've and you know it just I would just love to see it if it's real now bigger persuasion chick. Outfit. She's. To be in many times at Saint Patrick's Day parades. Officer fourteen yeah. I'm too dumb to be a risk right. He goes. That is very specific curiosity. To curiosities. Curious person. It's. This loose, we've is a series of tunnels that wearing the stowed probably essentially ago that's responsible for the dots that guide whatever the ocean to suit his small engines in the city that help propel is that the various businesses and. Okay. Sion's he that require that sort of intense power to you is. Haunted or the haunted. Hundred percent. A little smirk. Totally. Hunted. Also, there are things that help maintain this loose ducts wins occasionally, how protected elements of Zubay fights under attack. I bet your first in line to protect the city Goodson attack. Aren't you. I mean, just been, you know. About two year ago they had this ships that came into there was Steve's nights. I happened to be on on job at the moment. And so. Yeah. Interesting. So have you been down there? I haven't been down this loose area there in the entrance of FIS I know is mostly hidden inside the city, but the city somewhere. You know what's in the ocean. This tool see sink. Right down the side community. Healy, he leads you over. We're all just aghast. He leads you over across the dock for a bit an any points in the one that goes, I think someone's vicinity salt of the. Z. intake tube or pipe. Ocean. Water is brought in to the ducks. Suction may perception. Girl perception? Yes. Fifteen fifteen fifteen. From this distance too hard to see the water. It gets a little too murky, but he points in general direction and you get kind of loose idea where it may be. Yeah. So what? So what's up to. Yeah, you know. And just I'm so busy just trying to spill my schedule with things. I should probably go now. Close. I'm saying the the short truth, the lavish Chateau. Valley expensive place? No, you probably couldn't afford it. So. You can see the visible like expense. Perhaps. If you want things to see around the city when I'm not on post, I could maybe combined. That sounds great. No. We had about fourteen minutes until I get to switch my shift and off for the rest of the afternoon. This is. This is so painful. I feel like I should make a concentration of mice. On my spot. You know, actually doing a little boat tour just right over there, but I'll be right back. Okay, bye. It looks kind of flabbergasted just. The name chasing Tracy. Because this is the first seconds kind of his choices. About more phone. Metropol mayor polled. That was that was very. You just kind of things from self toys. Continues the rest of his his postal on the dockside shower shower. Where did that come from. I don't know. I think it was something deep down inside of me that I actually really hate that I is there like maybe always been there ahead yourself again ahead. Let's go on and talk about that anymore. Guided you. Let's let let's go. So what are you doing casting fund million changing from shake into a octopus. Now you have as you guys all begin together into the boats, the two of you think are used to just off the side gesture. We're getting in the water and we'll just see their hold onto the back. We have rope on the dock, cultist Tyler, like four foot, four, extra apple. Apple, you guys gonna send beneath as it continues off the water. Untying the boat rate with tied up Runtime the boat. I'm going to hide behind a pillar. Okay. Do we see hit. That's too. Ten. Everyone, but Ford sees you. Not the brave. Coming with us. I was just checking. By me from. Be all right. I have from in slid a his way onto knots back and do cozy hug from behind over the shoulder. No, no, because that's weird. So just over the shoulder and then the tentacles tickle have stuff. Joke. Not if you fall over, decide, four deny will catch you. We're literally back here is a safety nets. Don't don't print right. Point us in the direction that your boyfriend alerted to. Over there. Guys begin to roll it over in that direction. Who all's keeping an eye in the water in the water. All right. Perception check. Please. Can I assist by throwing from going into the water and looking? Sure. John that is between you in front. Twenty five Jesus. Okay. Glancing through the water. The u. watches as one of these sunrays kind of definitely hits a clear patch of the ocean below you, and you could see a brief glimmer of what looks to be a either metal or stone piece that is different from the rest of the natural slightly rooted rock. You see a circle, maybe a four, five foot wide open. That's about forty feet down. From can go take a look at if you wouldn't mind. Go take a look at that. If you wouldn't mind. All right. And a hand on not shoulder doing that thing. So you can see now there is what looks to be a circular pipe entrance or a tunnel entrance forty feet down, right as the water gets darker and more murky. Bits of clustered seaweed begin to kind of come up and tickle the bottoms of from content goals and that acidity elements are kind of blocking the fun. But you can clearly see there is a dark tunnel that continues into the earth beneath the city beneath the docs, even how far it goes necessarily see anything alive and moving down here in check. Eighteen. Eighteen then you do not see anything alive or moving in this vicinity. You can best you can see is the the tunnel continues in for about fifteen or so feet. And there is a metal great. You can see looks to be eight or so bars across of actually about ten bars. About an inch thick each and their horizontal. Those little bit tilted to one side, the boss of eight of them in about four and a half feet across. So it's a. Tends to be about six inches between each think. My octopus could probably squeeze through that yet. You're his good. Good. Rested today seem rusted at all. Did they. The bars. There's a lot of rest as much as there is a lot of barnacles and other natural. Sediment that has gathered on edges of it. You can use the metal. You could see a little bit of rust here and there, but there. Looks like more natural elements seem to have crested in quest of around parts of into Trump can on further to see what we can see from dock fishing. About here. About sixty or so feet into the tunnel, it curves upward. Sixty. Into the tunnel up still underwater. Feet up because. About thirty or so feet up the water breaks. There's a surface though there is no light does from those from octopus form have darker John. Yes, yes. Okay. So from, yes. Pokes I, I know out of the water. From can kind of folks there on top for a second. And you can see now where it emerges there for anything moving uphill. There is another set of bars right at the top of that tunnel that from has pushed squeezed through to come through those bars a great on the way in and then a great once you curve upward into the town through a seconds, come through a second set and then breaks service the water about a foot beyond that. And now you can see is closed off mostly except for a tunnel that continues deeper in the same direction that the lower tunnel went, and that one continues on for a bit muttering on this as it happens air between the Walter and the great. There is no air between the water and the great Wasser. Yeah, it's all water up and then there's the great and then turns into this kind of tunnel that continues inward, and there's about a foot of water beyond that, and then there's air that point. I'm going to speed him back to the fest. Great. And have him look for the locking mechanism. If there is one megabit station ship. You have knock. That's right. Fuck you. Investing more. Or through an octopus, fourteen fourteen. You can still mutter the incantation underwater. Yeah, right. Last campaign like you can hold it there for one spell. Yeah, but it's just when you in the process of casting a spell, if you're holding your breath, that's like your breath. So. To do. Looking there is no locking mechanism. Great. Isn't one that opens and closes, it's not a door. It's just in place. Okay. So he will sweat away and go back to the second and to the same look. Can I just taught my water and just look around make sure there's no. Anything because check. The second grade also appears to not have a locking or unlocking mechanism. They aren't meant to be removed. It seems an casual way to be placed there intentionally for an indefinite period of time, but in seventeen, looking through, you see, number of fish swirling through the the various bits of kelp and seaweed that are kind of pushing up from the bottom of the the bay below. It's beautiful. You can see the colors and kind of glistening bits of silver as the fish kind of curl through the sunlight, but nothing catches your tension is dangerous in your media entity. Thankfully. I'd like to see if anyone's watching us out on the short social. I should go. Yasha go, go, go, go. I don't think I actually see any. I think I forgot my glasses. Two, seven, seven, okay. You look out and people seem to be working on the dock, and you know. Sending him full what they do. So you're sitting there in passes goes now straight that way. The tunnel goes on for about another. Sixty or so feet beyond that great before the tunnel opens up into an appears, almost a square like chamber with a singular pillar that kind of marks the center of it still one foot of water all throughout this entire area. At once you go past this, but you can look pass for this pillar is the chamber seems to close off and the another tunnel continues on. This is just a a way point chamber on the right side. You see what looks to be a very much smaller great, maybe foot and a half, two feet across with a more dense cross laddis of bars, not able from Kim to squeeze too that guess. Guess incised how big of an octopus from kin. Octopus. See about that big and I'm imagining I'm not someone gigantic. All right, but artists can squeeze through pretty small spazzy goals. Yeah. So I'd say make enough check for for tiny octopus from. That would be strength based. Jackets doesn't say his thing that is a nine nine. From can partially through. But the nature of the lattice and from Ken's unfamiliarity with the octopus form tends to reach a point. Can't quite get all the way through through this is only his second time. Okay, buddy. Forget that Beckett up. Is there anything unique about the pillow down here or is it just like basic stonework? Basic stonework has courage or two, but it's probably police in here either as a a load bearing piece since this is beneath a heavier city. Or it doesn't look for marketable or have any of the purpose beyond just being a support pillar from tonight. And I tell if this goes water all the way to the ceiling of this chamber, or is it water with era buff or what the water only goes into a foot and then it's air for the rest of it, and it's about maybe ten or so feet tall. The chamber? Okay. Okay. Is anything out of the ordinary. If he pokes his head up out of the water perception check. Seventeen sitting in the water out. Adventure than how your friends sitting back. Send your tiny red wizard in the head that exactly. Try to break through that great. This should receive so teen looking around the the water. It is salt water. It's all water coming in here. Occasionally, you see, just slight waves little ripples different directions. So back in the boat, I just say I have gone very far with him an it just keeps going what you guys want to do. Let's get through them. Buttons or old in any of the greats when you come looked? He looked through concise and there's nothing here. Tapped me if you want me to keep going one time tap me or two times if you want me to pull from the back of the head three times that I said one or two, I don't know what that means few towards. What are we doing based on that description? Wanna see if I can figure out what buildings would be directly underneath, kind of from from sort of kind of do my own mental map of what he's been describing. Check. Oh. Across thirty four. I'll be down fourteen fourteen. It's a little over a hundred feet beyond where you are now though you're probably like in the in the boat but fifteen twenty feet back. So it's about one hundred twenty five thirty feet, which you couldn't one hundred foot Grange for you to to pull him back blowback well, then I would tell him than to see them back. We our game, allowing connection as long as it's not broken. I would just tell him to come back. Okay, cool. Fun. Best you can tell over there. It looks like some sort of a warehouse at the larger storage building. It's not remarkable and its designer thing is. Maybe directly on top of what. Te'o replace store. However, if you want to test your strength, I would be very careful. Remember it was an intake so you could get down there and all of a sudden suction water would make it very difficult for you to get back. Getting set in was he could be unpredictable, could turn on turn off. I mean, I could also if we want to. To hang longer. I can just send him. You know, I don't want him to be squished, but I can send him as far as you can go to see what he, it's it's up to, you know, to break through the great. Strong's joining the roads in case it if you just to watch us, of course. And from can is now like a backpack on. Tentacles can wrap over their shoulders and underneath. I can't do it words. I'm afraid you're going to eat my weasel. No, are have a lot of seagulls yesterday for dinner. I'm very full. Ron be won't eat him really sounds like from the I will not eat your weasel. Puppies in the boat like don't eat the public, either promised to bony promise to bony. Promise. No. My friend. I will not eat your weasel today. Hold onto lead land. Big breath. Three dive down which has to lead line. Who's has the other end of it all to all right so far it has. All right. So you guys all dive down, take my breath, kind of pushing through the seaweed until eventually come to the base of where that tube is short few feet into it. You see the great and it's one of the things we're that it's about roughly four and a half, five foot diameter. So you can have to crouch down, but you can get a hold on this. A hand on on it and Mike brace feet against the tunnel and like on the count of. All right. So one of you roll the vantage or both. All these roles advantage Earl independently, it's real independently yields. Is a strength while rolling a grab, not shoulder and turn on the Cousteau camera on. Yeah, Shas back. Oh twenty. Not a natural twenty twenty total. That's the DC you needed. So, yeah, you both are holding onto this pulling you get your foot locked into some of the the imperfect stonework where elements of the masonry pokes foot groove, and one part where some of the stone had been rotted away, and that's just enough of a point to lock yourself in his pull. You feel. Struggle. Actually, it comes out of its mooring in the wall, and. Slides off at the side and you rotated a bit and comes to rest in a little bit. A little bit. So you guys go ahead and come back onto it again. Did nothing that was going to work. I didn't either, but it's open at least one of them. She's. Okay. Here's my question though. BT can we hold our breath loan? Did it seem like. Did it seem like it was hard to hold our breath while we were doing that. Do you guys all pretty high constitutions so not really. Yeah. So it works out just so you guys know your constitution modifiers, how many minutes you can hold your breath underwater. David, blaine. All right. Oh, jeez, summer. Mike. Okay. Regular speed. Arsim speed is have actually gets one pleasure to modify it. So it's even when. Was trying. Everybody's second one and breakthrough. Okay, I'll be more specific. I'll go. And then pull it pooling. Threes was gonna count, and then come back up again and we'll go. With the end of the rope, you guys are going in. Qin go this far. How long is this rope. Rope you found here it's maybe. Probably sixty to seventy feet militia tied up the front of the mouth of. Come up. All right. So you go ahead and do that. You guys all jump back in a second time. Die back down below, pushing through the darker depths of the bay. Eventually finding yourself back to back to the tunnel, where the the great has been shifted at the sides. Now you have an England over under you guys kind of pincer off taking different directions and meeting on the opposite side. You go a few more lanes it before the tunnel shifts upward. You both have dark vision call, right? Yes. You're able to see her. There's no light source in the water beyond just the distant glow shifting of the sunlight through the water. You make your way back up and you find you find the great above you this area. There aren't as easy because it's not quite as close to the the elements. So the DC is a little higher, but guys grab a hold. You can go ahead and make a check. Come on you guys. Modifier is a three, twenty three. Okay. So as you both hold on this time, having a hard time getting these sort of a foothold into the space. Gesture, you angrily looked down and taking your elbow. Jam section of the store until it breaks off and you find a section. Can you do the same smash actually break a few footholds into the sides of this tunnel. Once you're the place, you'll could each other count the right moment pull. And I mean. I mean, you've seen Justice and cool stuff. And that moment it's it's a rosy Riveter. Muscle moment as guns going, the metal bars bend slightly. For the water year echo. Comes loose from the morning and he comes sinking down towards both of you. It'd be like sandwich, you guys towards the bottom and you push off to get it to rotate. And us from around it without issue. Issue. You guys the service you're now inside the tunnel. Range, the very strong. Oh man, like a strong. Of women. Like. I saw them go up. I'm gonna swim forward to where I saw them disappear. Greg on. I'm gonna come back out and make my way up towards votes, let them know they made it. Okay. You guys watches four breaks the surface about the the two? Yeah, they made it through the second grade just like I told you that made it through the second grade. Oh, because you can see. I am. I am coming back. Then. Thing about here is that the. Totally took it back to the shortfall in the bottoms other up to the boat. You got to anchor or. Trying meet us where that pillars. Sure. I'll go to the warehouse and try to break in now. No terrible think it's better idea for us to stay together, not. You know, this is a recurring thing and I think we should what is going on. What is this? I don't like what? If we need to go through water, mostly, we don't. The ocean mostly. But right now we're into. Into. Doc, I don't. Let me make a suggestion and I can't suggestion. Should just try it one time and see how it goes. And if it goes that your good for the future life. I would like you to make a wisdom saving thrown up, please. Through. Your fear subsides women terribly and you find yourself instinctually nodding, as you know what, maybe maybe trying at once and seeing how it goes is exactly what Caleb one. Yes. Well, you do know best Caitlyn. Alright, sounds like a good idea. You wanna Delfin ride my back. Are you a good swimmer? All right. All right. I mean, I might not be four levels, but yeah, I can swim should does deficient to push ups, I think should be good under water. I think swig whiskey and Clermont bows back. Dolphin lady ride me. In. All right. My main scam. He's working ready or ROY. We go. Underwater you here. The diminishing. We as it slowly vanishes beneath the surface could use in Caleb sitting up in the ship with a with a weasel and puppy. So. Swims. Go ahead and make an athletics check for me. 'cause you ARCHE or anything carrying passengers. It's still legal. Technik accounts. It is cocked good role though. Yeah. It's it's an okay role. Twenty one twenty one. Yeah, strongly pushing through using the great to go ahead and pull yourself for beneath the surface. You bring your goggles down so you can actually see where you're going with. The light begins to subside this still here in the water. No, you don't know nothing about it. You're got this up. Upward break the surface come up from the top there you can see Yalta and just waiting for you kind of stepped up into the tube. You here. You look down this waterlog weasels coughing and sneezing click. It's a week and conscious. Just pushing. It's just. Nugget. So this is a bit of a problem because. Nobody thought of the dog. And that's why Newt was a bad decision to purchase it in the first place because the dog. So what do we do dishes? What. Don't seem here situation. Everybody else's going into this thing in the tunnel. I don't know if you wanna go into the water if you wanna just hang out here and hope that everything goes okay or if you've got a preference, but I'll tell you what you can help with me if you wanna go with us on this adventure, if you'd rather just sit here, I'll leave your little food. We'll probably be back in a couple hours speaking, Sylvan code. Yeah. Yeah, I'm listening and Sylvan who's one of wanna hang, I guess, sitting in the boat. Over the edge. Come with me. Persuasion ship handling. Yeah. Twenty. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Not twenty. Eighteen eighteen. You. Find a small in your robes, a comfortable little cradle that you kind of form there and. And then appears into the small pocket in your arm, holder breath in the counter three. Caleb says, if it goes wrong, pop out in and maybe that will buy you a little more time. Oh, you'll be fine. We'll just give you a little. I can just give you a little tap. If anything goes wrong. Let's go. Slow my, I'm going to take one last look around as anyone notices the commotion that were causing exception check perception. Yeah, my perception check was bad for me, which is a. Eleven eleven looking around. No one particular seems to be paying much mind what your businesses slowed. My breathing calm myself, and I'm just going to take them very gentle. Dive and move. Yeah. I will ask you to make Netflix check if you are swimming mostly with one arm in your legs as your cradling. The puppy with the other. That one's not so good. That's a three. Make your way part with the tunnel under the great. Get past that point. Off tired, you're, you're starting to hurt from from just the men of effort. It's taking to go this distance with one arm and your legs kick and you're not, you're not. You've waited in the ponds near the graveyard, but you are. You're not practice. You're kind of faking it around anyway. I can thankfully hold my breath a long time to wrecked. The puppy though puffy is having getting a little if I started feeling twitch or is it having a night yet? No. Other outlets. Rigmarole better eighteen. Okay. Down low to the bottom of it and push upward. Right at that moment. You see this little burst of bubble in your arm just as you're about to break the service and you look down frightened in his, not there as you look up break the surface come up and you watch in the air. You. Waterlogged ripping, but. Wanted to come the dog and the weasel survived. Good swam underwater. Good pets. We all came, looks miserable. Sprinkle is like. Warmer curls up in there. Would've beat conducive because he was so struggling of you. You made it this way feeling overcome me that just I was I was so I was, I've never done anything like that before the good news is you're going to have that feeling for the next seven hours and fifty minutes. It's not really is it. Inside check. Start drinking. All right. So you're kind of clustered up this this small tunnel, it's maybe eight foot across and it's a, it's it's still injure coll- and it shape. So. Got a foot and a half of water depending on where standing in it and it continues down. Darkened exchange comes in while we're in here. Probably hurry up. Then also there is a small great. Just don't hear from Kim was able to get through it, but maybe one of you two ladies could bust that open. Right over that, but like, but it's quietly after action I think might be, but then why from Kim octopus. Great. As you guys move, moved through the tunnel into the neck, small chamber break in the tunnel path there with the pillar kill the points over the great and you could see it's, it's a pretty dense lattice of of metal fingers. There's enough space there to to get your fingers awards there. Maybe about each each bar is about two inches of part from each other. Acquaintance. Sure. Go ahead and make another string checking the beast team here. You get the sense. I have your fingers sore and your arms are strained from the two previous exerts that you've given and you've done impressive things, but you get the sense that this this is probably because it smaller. It's wedged in a little little tighter into a small town of actual tunnel. There's maybe about a foot across and a half across. You know, most of you would not even fit through it, but you're able to to budge at all. Chip as they're looking, I'll just creep towards the pillar and cautiously peak around as fancy room, or is this just more of a look around? It resembles a subterranean, sewer, and the fact that it's mostly just stone and masonry that's to slip in the moisture in the air. It self is very humid down here. There is a lot of moisture that gathers across the stone. There's streaks of color and minerals that have kind of gathering the walls over time. You know, we still have tasting the brining your mouth from your time into the ocean, but the air and here is still also very ocean liken salty water is ever up along the walls or does it seem like the water is always like at the level. She does. I. Weird with us. Look and see if there are any writings on the walls, the team, looking at it. There are certain markers and the levels that say that there have at times been different levels of water in here, but but not does. It doesn't seem often enough, you know, certain levels of minerals and sediment. But a lot of them seem older and haven't been reached an alarm or safe for writing. You don't see any writing Drexel marks any type of like using my background, any type of make. Me personally, fuck you been good to me today. Do you in the past tonight? Appearance perception. Twenty total. Okay around you. Don't see any markings in the stonework, but as you go cost the pillar in the centre, looking for Easter details, you hear the faint almost like son of a crushing wave and a Russian of water, and you glance around the edge in the corner. You can see the water that previously, which is kind of moving from your breaking the surface. Moving through this starting to kind of. Almost like it's it's forming a small occasional. Whirlpool, and then comes to rest for a moment. Then. Ford. Is it about time for high tide. No Xs pass Madeira. Discussing. I point at the front can on issues back and snap them out, and then submerge myself by that small great and look and keep my hand above the water and snap again and funk in his past the gate on the other side of it. Okay. From the tunnel small great that we couldn't get open. From giving has appeared in the other side. While this is happening, you watch as the small world pool kind of begins to gather up and rise above the surface and what does a roughly basketball sized swirl of water, like an inverse world pool that. So this is like something might attack us kill us, like maybe. A second to emerge from the water. They're essentially reverse world pools that are rising out of the water coming to a point as the water. Some used to be kind of almost guiding itself. I'm going to my Sheridan's and into one and see what happens. Okay, grow for from Kentucky. It's should root for an attack. For both. First one's at eighteen or twenty five and the second one is fifteen fifteen? Okay. Both of them go ahead and ruled image. Thing like thing that to kill. She says that role, some damage. 'cause happening very quickly. Ni- or Surrey through did the twelve thirteen total thirteen. Check one thing real fast. Throwing start them. No. Okay, so good. So it was it was nine thirteen total thirteen total? Okay, got you. You watch as both enter the water and it seems to react pullback and spritz of spray of water hits the wall behind. You. Watch it quivers. And then suddenly you see these two large suppod waters emerged from it. And you see for a moment almost as angry face. In the water towards you as both the being rush in towards the chamber. We're gonna. Go ahead and take a break there. We're gonna start with willing initiative. Giveaway at the break. To remind you guys who've had to make some changes. So you need to enter in the critical role twitch chat. So if you jump over to twitch dot TV, slash critical role, the joined the chat there to be part of this giveaway. It's only residence in the US and Canada, excluding Quebec because of weird giveaway laws. But however you do get the possibility of winning this. Fantastic, purple heart tower system doing the coast cartography. Do. Yeah, this is. This is this is when you had last campaign, but now at the map on. I. Attesting dividend rues the autistic BSO. The word tonight is ruby. Are you be wi-. Enter one. So you won't be disqualified, but go engine over. When he returned here. So you guys here. Hello. I'm Dr Willingham and you're listening to the critical role podcast. Hello, everyone and welcome back. So we have our winter during the break, the winner of our fantastic warm, we'll give away is dark search man, graduations dunk. Men who searches the searcher who lives in the dog, dark search men. You're the winter. We'll get that back to. As soon as we have the opportunity. So we'll get your info and regulations. Doc, such. Right. So. We left off. Initiative. Natural twenty. Twenty four. All right. It's. Anybody else twenty two twenty twenty two fifteen teams. Nineteen nineteen. Sixteen? All right. Fifteen to ten, four to ten, thirteen. Hey, guys. Wherever you. At the rear there, we go. Yeah, I even have a plus this round this time round. Right. So you're mental. First round of battle up. I, you watch as the two. Emerging world pools, begin a form into these kind of amorphous, angry spinning and intense looking, tiny waterspouts with looks like bashing Suda posits swing out and attempts to make some sort of heavy impact with anybody who's nearby. They seem strangely send in as opposed to being some sort of manifested trap. However, without first initial attack from Bo, that's the first prize ramming go into combat at the top of it is once again. So what are you guys? Hey, still me pop up. To win with Maine. Yes, that's a natural one on that first attack. All right. So you go in swing and with your staff and give them big push. You watch just dissolves falls below in your swing into the air and hits the stone working goal. You feel like of your elbow lockup for a second skills, little numb. Second. Still not great fifteen fifteen hip before. Right. Seven damage. All right. This is with your my second attack with your staff as well. Selami staff. Okay. Right attack attack. Right? You notice the the first impacts of the the shooter, his throne. Seem to pass through the water, but some impact, but not heavily. And the second stike Steph hit that strikes seems to not be as impactful against the word. Or against the the water form of this creature. Okay. I'm gonna use might off pin. I'm gonna. Just kind of like drop mice, not gonna drop my step by step around can focus, might she and then do apologetic over. Over. Yeah, nine nine MRs somebody bonus action swing as why these things are small, but they're nimble, and they keep their form is seems constantly shifting and changing position. It's like fighting a miniature squall in the middle of it. So you no impact turn already next up? Just Europe. Okay. Going to cast. Start. It is. Now, world kills hearing all these noises. That's right. Right now. Actually, no, I can't. I'm. Hold on. Right next to Bo. Yeah, got to here. Try to have withdrawal. So you have the shift shifts to lift too. Yeah, moving up settling ratings. She watches these pitchwoman. Flash happens. The. Eleven points of them. While the impacts of Bo strikes with the with the staff and assure weren't doing a whole lot. It seemed damaging, but not not anything as hard as you were hoping spirituel weapon comes down and things to Cleveland and a half. What separates reforms itself kind of here. This splashing in swishing of water. It's going to lower angry, growl. And then I'm going to toll the dead on him already. Go ahead and roll. It's roles. Say that is a natural force. So. You don't. Eleven boys of them. It by race through the water you watch. The impact of the Ken trips strikes it in the water seems to shake it self around for a moment. Kind of shifting as the sun vibrations are forcing it to coast a strange design and it space that engine turn, fickle bag Dick's wanna creature. Alrighty. That brings us to Ford to this northeastern corner up here already turning and seeing the pushing through. You're seeing like certain things that are sunk in the water and the corners. Looks like bits of materials that have either washed into the water, broken crates and bits of wood, things that are kind of gathering the edges. You can push with your feet and you make it okay, I'll throw to Elgin blasts this creature that you're buying. The rest go to. First one is thirteen thirteen. Just it's just hits and I'll roll. Now that's twelve, twelve MRs damage on the frustration. Look, you five points damage. Damage just blast hit. Send you watch. It creates this circle in the centre of its elementary form impacts actually strikes to stone behind with what residual energy from the original impact. The whole forms up it took damage didn't seem to be as resistant isn't has to previous blows. Magic seems to cut through whatever defense it has. That is matter sports. It's now there. So this one currently is engaged with you is just going to go ahead. Wisp around into the water and then emerged on the other side of, oh, and it's going to go ahead and attempt to were full strike you to make a strength saving, throw. Please. To natural one. As it emerges, you feel the water beneath you. In whip into a torrent and swift off your feet enough prone and are considered currently restrain isn't moves into your space, and it's now currently swirling around you and you're having a hard time moving. It's no forcing water into your mouth. You can't. The by the elemental. So that ends its turn the one over here. Is going to go ahead because it is closest to this is going to shift up into your space, get in contact with both you and Caleb, and it's gonna go ahead and it's gonna tempt to wellness as well. I need you to go ahead. It can only one person, but I need you to go ahead. Make a string sitting introduces. That's seventeen seventeen. That's a success. You feel the same water swirling around your legs and you manage to pull back wrenching legs, free as the torrent comes to a slow crawl wants more and the creatures form emerges. You can see the the water now forming these two large sledgehammer like fists that hang it, somewhat four, four and a half foot tall torso that's going to end the both of their turn Europe. How can I see right now? Not very well. Pretty much at all. It is pitch black. You are considered blind. Okay. I'm considered line that's fine much. I can do about that right now. I'm going to. A hold. A sacred flame until I can actually see what I'm what I'm attempting to attack. Like I can see well to as soon as you can see an enemy, you will release cigarette plane. Meantime, just gonna stay myself and maybe try and. Walk around to to sort of maybe give a little more. Yeah, just like they're gonna hear it in the focus of this swirling splashing sounds a little light. All right. So Kaleb you're up. Okay. So I was looking down towards this great, and I hit the room to hell behind me and hear the splashing Beauregard is so I move in that direction. All right. Yeah. Okay. It's going to go ahead and take a swipe at you. Slam attempt. That is a twenty two hit four, take it. All right. Oh, well, that is twelve points. Bludgeoning damage, get slammed in the lower back kind of hit area and almost spin from the blow of it, but continue to stumble forward. Okay. Over to the position you wanted. Okay. So I stumble Fullwood and I'm reaching into my pockets and I pulled out the ion powder and thrown into their again, like with my hands and Bora God in lodges within the grasp of this. What. Still restrain. Yeah, but with advantage on strengths. Go as far into that corner hiding between Ford in the corner. If I'm able to. That's about as far as you can get right there. Ford is currently the far corners and marking you. Just keep tabs on there. Alright, kids go, not you're up. I see the damage done to my lovely friends and seeing as I care about Caleb slightly more, I will attack the one that hit. Attack the one that hit Caleb with with a shot of a of a tinker top blaster, whatever. It's all right. So that's like in twenty something to hit its. He's engaged with Fergal over here. Right? So. That's four, four, four. So plus makes plus five is thank you. Team points because this magical, it bypasses the defenses, and you watch as the the bolt hits and there's like a spark as it impacts. And for a second seems to almost lose its Corp. flickers back in the bolts kind of sinks down to the water below beneath the knee level of liquid seems to consume the entire chamber. No guys. Those have been moving around. I've mentioned I was keeping tabs on my own right. Moving through. This is considered difficult terrain because you are about knee high in water, and you're having to basically Wade through. Different understanding a buffet. Speed. Technically, the Mariners armor would not would give you swim speed so you can move through at your speed. So. That is correct. I will use my phone this action to. I'll use our movement to sort of tech back into the hallway there here. Yeah, if I can't and then bonus action to press myself up against a wall or something a little further back from one of these entities go ahead right. Eighteen? Okay. This. Stealth eighteen. Okay. The hide ability. Drunk at this point. I don't know. Am I. Am I know you would have realised you would have had to have been to go through if you weren't affected by suggestion? That's on the verge. You're tipsy. Okay. Wrong about your. Finishes go to Yasha. You're okay. So too. Suddenly grow to a larger size, but still being swarmed by the water of this mental form? Well, for one I would like to rage already. Is it possible to try to pull her out, or am I able to able to attack it without hurting her. You can certainly. Whole. So you move up to bone. What. What. Pull her out. Okay. So you use your action. I need you to go ahead and make a strength check alive. You have advantage because you're raising. Eight eight. You go and grab and try and pull the unfortunately, the water and sediments in here is giving a slick surface to the floor in here. And as you pull your feet just keeps getting across the floor. You can't get any sort of purchases and you can't pull her out of it. Unfortunately, with them. Yeah. Advantage a role again. Got you. At. I've been really the wrong number of di- team. Okay. Pulling even on number of dive enrolling three d, six. This should have been four. Oh, well, I got an extra one point of damn. He that mind future seventeen will be enough. So as you're on the ground, you go ahead and take your sword Jamie into the stone and the siding use that. With your other hand, you get underneath bows larger arm wrench free from the creatures grasp. You're, you're still in the space a little bit. You're still in the space creature, but you've been pulled free from it. So you're still prone, but you are not currently welcomed by it. All right. That ends Yasha go wanna move. No, I'm gonna stay sh- players sort out of the wall and get ready for the next on a combat bringing stuff around VO you're up. Can I do like a cool the Mon click? Yeah, can go up to Armagh taxes. I kind of kick kick. Couple wears as you do. It's a, it's a spray and spin windmill of water in the air around. Go ahead and make your tax. I two. The first ones in eighteen being twenty-five Seguin's eight fifteen. Bad. My. My dad sent me a fancy goal. Oh, that's a. To today. So too, but I got a four and three from that extra four. So for five, six, nine, nine, nine points of damage to it from the from the spinning landing on the ground. You're just play mid calf in water, but it's also about ten feet tall, and here's your having one hundred little bit your head. Actually, it's the ceiling bit. Like if I'm not gonna spend a key point because a hit twice to do extract aspects. Okay. I wanna learn. Ready to us. That's right. We switch that. Oh, it's just an ability to us now. Right? So I hit twice. I would like to know its constitution saving through and if it has any damage. Not resistances, but the opposites of that the one that roller of, okay. You, it's saving a plus three. And it's, it's not ability, but you do see that if it takes cold damage, partially freezes, which reduces speed. Shouted, I would say like, think freeze things like freeze because water and then I'm going to spend another key point. And do flurry. All right. It's two more strikes go for my. My first attack is a twenty two second. Very, Twenty-three second, twenty two. The first time in the second one is not good. It's a nine. Does it. Ten minutes. So would that as you standing there, you go ahead and swing one fist down strikes right in the center of and you watch it separates for a second as it reforms, you go for another strike in this time it and then just the duck, just out of the way seeing the precursor of that strike in dodgers Kentucky initial already. The brings us to jester. Down. That's sixteen sixteen that it's damage. That's. This plus four is amazing, and then I'm going to use guiding volts at the other one. And I'm assuming. Because it's a flash of light streak store the creature that would give enough light for. Okay. So how do I do kind of rule. So. Rainsville that's. Eleven plus seven Gordon will damage for your getting bolt. Four. Fifteen fifteen points of damage to it in the middle of darkness, there's this flash of light in this streaking being a rating energy that strikes blasting the mental net. One moment your eyes suddenly focused in on the the glowing form, almost in slow motion as elemental, kind of slowing bursting from the reading energy, and you see that sicker flame. All right wisdom sitting. That is a fourteen fails. Yeah. Twelve points of is that radio damage. Twelve points. They're both looking a little hurt and a little aggressive there. Now certain to get a little frenzied that engine then. Vantage on the tax against that one. Yes. For your up. Can I approach the water? Fuck. That's on Mr. Klay and I will use. Booming blade against it. Okay. Advantage action getting bolts, amazing. That's. Natural twin. So at this level, it deals to eight hundred damage to the target, correct. So two-day Tate. For eight plus whatever the modifiers duty eight breaks. It's still TAC. Yeah, that's that's just to eight. So. Eight point, seven points damage. Currently in circled by the booming MG energy. Yes. Moving dick. Already. That in turn for? Yes. All righty. It's now they're turn. So this one here now low on health and a bit friends who's gonna go ahead and take two strikes at the enlarged Beauregard but has been issued this. That's going to be a twenty one to hit. And twenty two fifteen sixteen naturally. In your own tongue with that one. Regard. Being so small, the short bursts of impact. It seems that it's, it's herald state. It's lashing out with all that can. The other one is going to go ahead and tempt to make strike at Ford and a strike at Kasese. Uses the one that gets Ord the natural one. It goes to swing out towards you and you hold a blade up and you watch actually splits its Juding watery arm across the belief divides splashes into. Yeah. Harmlessly under the Greenwich reform news to the puck. The other arm swings backwards deuces. That's going to be a thirteen hit his shield and the flooded off to the side. No major issue there that finishes they're go. This guy's going to move this. Go ahead and shift over towards gestures becoming a problem. Do you wanna take one short is disadvantaged because again, see courageous. Energy. So when he moves, he takes an additional two d eight. Seven. Nine points, boom. Nine. Nine, ten, twelve. There then not hit that brings us to turn your. Still mind. At some point, I'm going to have to never six. The fact that I'm, I'm. A Kendrick down. We'll have to fix it some point because this is I think I should have this point and. I'm to just ready another. I'm actually I'm free now I'm gonna try and back into the corner near that. You know that treasure chest. I'm just going to read the another. It's a barrel barrel filled with treasure. This team. That's one gold coin. I'm just gonna ready another another guiding bowl for the second. I can see anything. Got turn your up. Okay. I'm going to move into that corner, and I'm going to rifle into my pockets and out a small snakes. Small snakes gut Pepe in powdered rubab leave, and I stick my hand point at the one messing with my human friend over there, and I take the snakes gut and I pull it back like I am drawing a bow string. I mutter and I let go and cast metal s era. Title secret is correct. Real. Male. Unfortunately, he's a very. Prominent sources. Love that is a twenty three to hit. So does it. One two. That's good. That's good. Five, nine points of Esa damage. As the acid arrow strikes and impacts on its form, the splash that's actually should. I believe Bo also has to make anything at least in the DND beyond. Let's look in the actual. Greatest doesn't say anything about splash attacked does take lesser damage from the acid, but it didn't have a lot of hip Wentz left. So the impact is lesson. However, here acid arrow. Don't do wrong beyond. The water element, long relationships. No, that now that's older systems. That doesn't matter. Splash damage, but not in this one. So, yeah, the image to pull out of the way as. Falls back in dissolves amongst the rest of little bit of seafoam kind of left behind in its wake. The one next week. Tuck my sneak Puckett. Alright. She killed stern. Fire my arrow thing at the creature striking it with twenty something hit twenty things. Something is engaged. Oh. Seventeen. Again, seventeenth. Impacts you see it reaching out with both of its fist towards gesture strikes midsection. It just turns into bits of foam and sea water splashes against her arm. I am your dream. Nobody. Terrible to kill us wants to kill any drains on the floor. As we walk around. As you glance. Keeping an eye out mystification checks. Fourteenth does fourteen. Feeling through the floor and kind of finding your space in here. You do not find any great. So many other exits beyond just the tunnel head of you came from and the small great on the side, but it's high enough where pardon me or the water doesn't actually meet that level yet. But you do see kind of the the trailing signs of runoff and various bits of minerals that have kind of gathered dripped out over time to cause causing discoloration to the stone. You want to explore that small little. Okay. Do you need healing. Conducive. Can he? He's really good, really, actually have be. Easier. If I could see where I am. Cast dancing lights and the floor glove, y'all's stuff floating around in much better. Yeah. Okay. From can. Would you like to still there. And he's still on the other side. I'm going to have a quick look. Somebody. Somebody. And some from can further from going to. Polls as way through the tunnel slow. The tentacles kind of unfurling and drag them forward through this slick somewhat slimy algae grooved tube goes on for about. Good one hundred and fifty feet before before it meets another great. At this point I can't send can only watch, but I did to go. So what would you well, it's up to you. What from can Woodham took? You can't watch this. Well, I think what we've established so you can. You can views give. I can't give commands to go in. So it's up to you to this next great. Go and make a strength check for from. Skin. That is from two different tag that is, that's three to three from goodness, unable to push past that secondary grade in kind of fighting for a bit turns to you in range to communicate and tells you there's no further to that. Okay. Who knows maybe four. It could swim down there for this gate. Small Tuttle looking to show shank my way down thing kind of beanpole. I'm actually quite stocking. Thank you very much. Stocky. Yeah. Mm ripped to Fuk. How many times do you weigh. So many stones, securities, they're appointed. What are you talking about. Browsers, you continue. Tap the stone, ten hip points. Is he ten? Sounds. Where does this Togo. Where does that own wanted to be there. Perception checking. Blache flash flash flash. Okay. Got a five. A lot of water, some some walls, a lot of water. And I think just more stonewalls. Treasures, intense intense discoloration, maybe of mold underneath the great different kind of kind of small. Mcnish trick. I kick through the barrel while the. Briggs fairly easy. The wood is very soaked in warped. And as your breaks through it, it's up to the knee inside of the barrel, doesn't shatters stuck partially in a barrel. You guys are. Not persian. Look seeking investigation support, but eventually foot out of the barrel. Looking inside. The smell and there is of of deep briny ocean and possibly in long rotted essence just given this kind of faint sent of earth and decay. You might want that. Seventeenth feel your way around the exterior of the column glancing around. You don't see in particular signs of there being different beyond construction of the rest of the chamber. Nothing hidden, no language or or discerning characteristics. Just keeps going for no. From getting? No. In the same way. There's another large great. Well, there's no great. It's just another continuation of the tunnel, the same size, the one, the entered this chamber from. Yeah. Okay. Keep going ahead and inward right up. Okay. All right. So what's marching order. The my still big how much longer my bingo. Dark vision. Giant front. We have the Oshawa behind that. I won't go in the back, but I will send from in eighty ninety feet in front of all of us and just conga line behind whoever is second to last. All right on the head are you so blind. Could you from looking just from the back that's in the back of Caleb already. I'll I'll be in front of Caleb. Be his train little boy was missing. Very, who's next nut or Bo is offering knowledge fall face. Okay. That might try to fight and like play with from gin. Okay. So as you're making your way through the water, this puppy, this puppy is trying to Doug paddle from the foot and a half of water. Now get come back here. To me linked to. So you have to train your animal to harass mine. That is. Starting to give this kind of connection between you. Glimpse into your arm and you grasp it now soak in water. Looking up your chin, giving excited. To log pets, read or flanking throat. Bye. Wet dog with. All over your take a really good bath when we get back smell. On your knees spills. So moving forward. Nigga perception check for fem can. Yeah. Okay. The activist form. That's good. Eighteen eighteen? Okay. Moving on a head for about another. Eighty to one hundred feet down this long tunnel. It opens up into another chamber. That's it's larger than the one you're previously in. It seems to curve open slightly for about ten or so feet, and then opens even wider. And it's a large cube shaped chamber. The same water level wrestling in about a foot and a half up. Wisp without into Bora. God's not being able to hear until her to all the group moment. I described the room and I don't know what's in yet, but it's changing in the square room gets bigger. It's changing. You see what looks to be. Three greats. That are larger than the one or similar incites, the ones that blocked your entryway. They are just one of the right one on the left and the one on the far and across the chamber seems to end. However, there are two platforms that are raised up about ten feet above with very small railing and looks to be two pathways that vanish for in. There's almost like a. Like a a raised to watch points that protrude out and look over the smaller part of this chamber passages. And then to hold ways that are dry balcony balconies that protrude from the far wall to overlook the interior this chamber all the way across. Caleb push it about ten feet from the wall before they come to an end. So they're more? Yeah, like beautifully designed Maidstone same stonework, but it looked like to be positions to supervise the interior the chamber and you're describing. So those platforms, then they're passageways further? Correct leading, and there is a very, very. Feigned dull, kind of teal, green glow underneath the water in the far center of the chamber. Okay. So motto that there is a, there's also a faint can a missed just gonna drifts over the surface of the chamber in here. This looks kinda fucked up. We should not rush to it. Any movement. Contrived. Any so. Eerie, but twice e- any kind of living creatures or threats. Currently, no movement, new creatures. My my cat doesn't see anything, but I don't trust at this. Are you listening to me. On the shoulder if you're listening to me. Okay. God. My from does not. We don't see anything, but I have a bad feeling so bad feeling like something neared lower parts of your intestines from can come back. Room had not good. More of those things, something of a magical nature up there too. To the word from Kim would would've seen that? Yeah, it's similar about a foot and a half or so, but it makes you think it's magical arts glowing. Up to those Lou Paris's or something. And the void. Can anybody walk on walls. Walter. Just kit up there. I'm pretty good at actually climbing. Well, yeah, but you assuming that nothing's going to happen when you get into the room close to touch the water. What if all of us hang on the side of the walls and and the move around the room are hearing what if. Can we move through the? Can we moved to the. Mouth of the room. So still within the tunnel, not going into the full spaceship able to see. Okay. So moving up to the very edge of it. You can. You can see the interior this chamber in the display that killed had described, could use as stepping up. You hear this faint echoing sound emerging from the upper left hallway and you see a very, very faint bit of light coming here. It sounds to be talking. This is from back. Trey story house. Did you. Guess major. Okay. Steles. Right? Because they can't. Go ahead and roll some stuff checks. And I give his blessing. All right. So everyone makes. Sunny ten. Ten. Seven. Twenty six. Nineteen. Eighteen fourteen thirty. Four. You all quietly kind of get low into the water and off to the signs at the entrance to stay out of range of any of the light source. You bring up guys have kind of feel pretty confident that you're for the most part out of range of anyone who was in fairly perceptive. You can see the faint glow from the center far end of the chamber, and you can see there the these two kind of now that you're closer and can see they're too similar pillars in the center of the room. Kind of last year in there have load-bearing center of it's there are some small elements of almost walkways or little bits of stone that emerged from the far the wall in the corners that either have been rebels built up or there's been intentionally built some sort of platform. They're off the water. They have patrol in a sewer system. At this point, you see the light emerge. From that side and you hear the voice say, and the complaints driving me up the wall Shinde is going to get an ear full of slack, and then those engines. At this point you watch on the left side, the upper area, the lantern Al Gore emerges. Form their flame by what looks like a worker of these tunnels who's wearing what looks like a simple other, almost like a frog with gloves. And is listening to him in Poseidon. This to dwarf bodyguards are beside the two of them as they approach look over the side. At this point, he looks over the edge kind of the small railing looks into the water and goes. Sleeping holds up his left arm. Hsun be standard tension. You trading water spout. Globe against. Gonna pulse, and he watches the water bows a bit above. Like ten seconds away from catchy whispers. Whispers listen, but it should NYC live show. Seats very few left. Bring it. So what as the water goes up? You see it kind of bursts like a bubble and their emerging from that space blower was you see, slim looks almost like a. An impressively large aquatic humanoid their chest and torso rather rotund their skin, a blue green color, long, thin arms that an insult webbed clawed fingers in their face similar fish, like with a wide mouth and small, fins that crest the head, the lower half of its body seems obscured by rushing water, I. But then as it comes to its full stance at about seven eight foot tall, you notice that the lower half of its body is just water initiative. This constant swirling world wind similar to the creatures who were fighting in the previous chamber, that adult glow. Seems to emanate from most of its torso in this darkened chamber, and it kind of gives us this faint light source just by it's it's very presence and has. A small vest on them. It looks to be like a sets of jewelry, including like this thick middle van that can hangs like a presenting necklace around its throat. Turns and looks up and says your service. It seems to say with an eight hundred exasperation Iral guard screams out to it again, the way craftsman complaining cold furnaces and slow bellows. Please ensure enough water as being spun through the engines into the district snaps, his fingers really tightly on his left hand with the low grunt brimming hatred. You see the creature raises its arms and our large stationary wave of water rises from the depths beside it. You watch the liquids to form once more in the slight kind of sparkle of energy around its hands. And this second Boeing forms into a large, curved wave. That seems to be perpetually, crashing and then filling itself similar to the creatures you just fought, but a much larger scale. It's. Whips into its full form. You watch where the head would be Benz and shifts. Almost a elements out of the movie. The abyss as it turns towards this figure being referred to shoot Indy. It's bins around and looks up towards the supervisor and his troop. Is my book. Ming into turn and shift towards the left hand great. And the chamber distance from where we are to the terrorist balconies. I'd say, flee eighty or so feet. At this point, Judy comes to step. And looks over his shoulder and you're a direction and goes. Troodos. Shelter off what's. And holds up his his lantern and kind of focuses the beam over across the way there, and you guys even up against the wall and hide behind you. Watch as the light kind of pushes past a few of you and stops shows dispatch of them quickly. Says that show shots off tissue below. Let's go. It feels a convenience your rate has, and he's like. I will as my my bond, this guy talk to Joe. And talk to Joe easy way to deal with this. We wanna kill up all got a control mechanism. I. You tell us? No. That's me. Relation here. That's right there. And. Doing this. Joe. Difficulty. I know. That's all right. We will fix this. And so. And with that guys. Of. Yourselves. If you can be on this side of the chambers, you enter. There is should. What he's awesome looking there is the large to where you seem. The worker has run past and vanish the chamber before and they're on the top. You see with the terrorists, the. Dwarf bodyguards. Al Gore right there. He's the toll one right there. Putting from Kenan this corner in the room. This little thing. The back? Not sure. I mean. That was our line. It wasn't. There was still think so hard with the mackerel. So how far is that. Away from you. Some of the neighborhood of sixty to seventy feet your shirt. Yeah. But that's fine. Oh, yeah. Should be just one. They have high constitute. Elemental that are plus the re to constitute. So they can find out though. If any. Stats that are beneficial. Abilities. Let me know if you wanna know if you want to take the risk. It's fun. Anything. Let me know. Time. I don't have time shoot. The best. So top of the line. So we have here initiatives twenty five to twenty. No, I'm just repeating. All right. Twenty two fifteen nineteen. Seventeen. Fifteen. So. Oh, conducive we're doing. Those conditions Yasser. That. What did you could uses seventeen. Right. You're right. I'm wrong. Alrighty. Got plenty of light in this room. Correct glow, yeah. There's a faint glow from there, but there is not quite source beyond the lantern here. So this area is is torchlight and dim light in that area. So you can see most of the chamber. Okay, close. You get to elgar the better vision. You have. So. So we have a missing. What is Caleb and thirteen? Sorry. All right. I'm just going to say, do you already? Did you fifteen? All right. Just. Sky, she'll kill. Already flying. So. Top around. I, I. Wall to wall to everywhere. All of it wants to kill. I will scramble ahead and who I'm so far away. Scramble ahead into the left's near where octopus is. Within thirty feet of those big watery things looks like you may be. Maybe just out of range thirty feet. Then I will. Fucking way. I will just use my bonus action to dash and. Co on the other side of that pillar I guess a little closer, but keeping the pillar between me and all that he's lost. Yeah. And hold my action until someone is engaged. Okay. At someone, what are you holding? Are you holding across bolts? Okay. Until someone is they're engaged with someone of my friends. All right, that go, Bo, you're up next. Which one is Al Gore? The fancy one use the same when they're Many's. The woman. The chat. He is taller. You're right. Actually, can I undo go my action to just cast made hand. Sure. Go ahead and cast major. Put it up up near Albor. Where's the necklace is. On the genome guy that we can tell. We don't. Something something I'll put them in the genie guy for because it's all I've seen. I'll have some. Gene guy Valk or. Yeah. To see what I can do. I'm so proud of you is repairing aquarium during our game. There's nothing better than dungeons antiquarian. No, you feel feel good that you're making this up also. Also. Okay. No, I love this guy figure. It's cut off. I'm going to. I love this. I don't think it sounds supposed to work. But it looks awesome when this. I didn't. Good job man. Now you get fighting. That. So scary. Yeah. Little little things really. Already. Done. So guys. It was worth it for me. Thank you for being patient. What are you doing. I wanted to do some park core Lawson monk shit and be like being being fake being being being in, see if I can get here forty feet. That make an academic, an acrobatics check, try with this manage because they're slick moist walls. John flicking. Real good. I'll take that sixteen from Gil. I take it back kill. Now the twenty two, I'll allow you to to make it as far as here without any movement. I will accept that where to here. That's do I fuck. But that doesn't give me. But. Anymore movement. Twenty-five? Can I still try and go. Say, forty forty, five feet of food. It's a lot of moving, but it's also running off walls that don't really off. You're gonna have to love fifteen twenty arguably twenty five thirty coming just then like try and get here. Make a secondary checks. Are now going to your copy to with disadvantage. Not as good that time Gill. Put them in the. Yeah, that'll put you. With ten more feet movement with ten feet. Can I be like, excuse me, excuse me. Sorry. Five, ten, no finish finishers space because you're because you're in the water at that point and it's considered. Can I get kind of behind her because because you'd be applying the same spaces? Well, then. And I can't see elgar you. You can see, I'll. Verily just his like three-quarters cover. Totally. Are. This is what I worked for. I'm going to go for it and try and do to shirt kipnes space, three quarters cover. First one is mooting seven. So that's a, that's a big old, twenty one, nine bliss. And it was a big old sixteen. All right with three-quarters cover. Let's see. So is ACS. The tools was a twenty one in a sixteen. The first one. First one out are. Don't mind damage. All right. Actually I should have. They don't have to react, so. All right, cool. So that ends you turn. All right. So you throughout one trigger. One looks good too. Around the corner, turn it is now water elemental, turn. Just vanishes beneath the water. Emerges right there. Next is going to go ahead and take. To slim attacks against both. That's the nine to hit. And as a seventeen. Both large giant slam fist towards just hitting the water causing these giant splashes, but no impact on you finish. It's brings us now to judy's turn. Shouldn't he was going to go ahead and angle over this angle right? Where it is watch as it brings its hand forward. And there's this tiny little spiral of dull, greenish energy that turns into a jet of really fast hard water. But shoots now sixty foot line. It's gonna hit or Yasha could do this and Caleb, I need you all to make a dexterity hitting throws please. Not one is here. Sixteen sixteen four. I wrote the national one, but I do now have fanatical focus. So if you fail a saving through. Well, while you're raging. So that'll be. Twenty four points of bludgeoning them in. You take half that's take twelve twenty four to ketosis and twenty four Tiatia. You're both pushed twenty feet away and not prone. Two zero one. Yes. So kill the push back to their. Actually, yes series. No, you're not pushed slam it, which means they all slim into. That position, I'll say for the purposes of Eric here, you do get Cronin from their impact. Yeah, see all the room at all. Three of you are not thrown on the ground killed taking the brunt of two of his larger team. Here. With that shift over into this direction. All right. That's going to finish his turn deuce this Shunde. Sure. Zsa Zsa Zsa Zsa should should Shasha I'm gonna get up and be like, ma'am. Gotta get that bracelet. Thank God. And I'm gonna. No. So I'm going to try and get up and. Roll around in the corner right there. Flick it get as far the corner within sixty feet of gar. Well. Well. Me. Unfortunately, as far as you can get as my sheet from elgar, you don't know. Eyeball. Dicey is a little dicey. That's far as can move. Yeah, because you have moving it from phone, and then I have movement. You're buying. Ying's waters key. I'm going to. Do. Let's see. I I'm gonna do is. Oh, man. I'm so sorry. I didn't quite my next. I'm going to use my blight staff. As bonus action to cast the cast this warm. All right. I'm gonna use it to get how far. Oh yeah. The Beatles. The surface, they fly. I figured they're like, so. Coasting over. They're gonna. They're gonna go here at Tate. They're going to be thirty feet of. They're going to be irritating. The other side of that of the watermelon moments there. No, the water. Okay over there. And so then tech for my hero, their attack. That's a little. I actually don't have their attacking commissions. It's a, it's a plus. By the TAC. I know I don't. We haven't fixed. It's supposed to be hits. And now that's an eight. A sore Beatles now here in this dark crowd area, and then for my actual action, I'm going to. Use one of my. Challenge entities. Okay. On the. Water creature just to just just for now. I'm gonna cast the. Pass grave. That's great. Okay. And that's my turn. Okay. Definitions, your Ford, you're up. Okay. We'll try some shit person. His water. Can I use my thirty two run by this creature to this area? Sure. Yeah. Because you don't have to worry about that so you can go five fifteen twenty twenty-five thirty s as far as you can get it. We'll take opportunity on us as rush by. Reaches out with a heavy sentinel. It's natural twenty. I'm gonna do that because you have a reaction that can. That's right. Since I'm extra tacking someone who's not me. What's up our. I'm trying to find to the end. Billy the grip Claire. All right. So it's just a regular attack there. That's going to be. That is. Thirteen points damage to you for the back of your shoulders lunch for, but you make it yours face roll roll, the hit. Still a natural still hits natural twenty, a critical. That would have been a little harsher doing. Okay. So you're next. Would you say about thirty feet to hear? It looks like it's pretty close. You have to give it shot. All right, grasping the Foulsham. I'm news my bonus action to cast misty step and try to vote us action. Yeah. Twenty-five thirty with a height that gets you right there. Oh, no. Straighted I wrote fourteen to attack water elemental that just hits. Great, six image finish tenants, technically that was with your staff or with your staff. All right. It's also. Also. Resist magical. Any get pulled them from that? No, that would have been tax. So it takes six damage and the ability. So does this way something new something that nobody understands that I should probably explain to people at some point, but tactically you'll figure it out in the future. God now that's okay. Now you know. All right. Everything's. Appear on the platform. Look around, say, hey, kids just couldn't fuck leave well enough alone, and I'll take the Felton and I'll shovel in the ground and cast thunder step. Three d, ten damage, and this cacophonous thunders boom underway thunder step, and I jumped ninety feet. Alrighty. Yeah, they'll do it. All right. So. Technically, you didn't even have to use your bonus action and misty stuff. There. Using the actually teleport yourself occupied space. You can see within range. They mealy after you disappear actually know Boone happens when you tell your right, did it right. Oh, so where do you wanna land. On that. Watch it. Watch his four teleport speaks for second. And then vanishes. There's. Blast energy watch as the moisture in the air is evaporated from the impact causing this like faint misty Ord like power. All right, saving throw to each voter damage on that one. Fifteen. That's one of the guards. Teens fifteen for the safe and nineteen points. Does succeed though. Stink. So he takes damage. Author. And they're pushed. What are they take damage. I've been so cool though. The oldest slight off the side and catch the railing and barely pulled themselves back into the space. All right thing turn. That's that was nice. Already finishing Yasha. You're up. Okay. To raise. And then. Right. I got. I'm prone right. And then the other half of the movement, they can get to the other side of the water until then. Forty right. Twenty. You can get there. Okay. 'cause verion speed take an attack. Seventeen hits. Ooh. Thirteen thirteen points damage already. The first attack that with you. Extra chunky. That. Note seven. So swing twice. I hit second swings wide going to dodge out of the way it seems like almost like when the first hit its head area where Tempe splits into one still focused on bone kind of curves around to look at you for a second. See like this dull lower it's sending is would be there's not focused on each of you. Yep. All right. Every two I'll I'll are having. This happened goes shit. Pulls at a potion and drinks it real fast. He'll he'll. Damage from you. I threw a shoe issue. He's gonna move up with this chamber here. That's gonna end. His turn think. To get two bodyguards that brings us to cable. So Caleb springs up out of the water. And I think from where I am, I have a direct line of sight to that corner that he just went around. Yeah. 'cause they've got light that there you? Yeah. So I am pulling out the bat shit and the Sofer. I'm going to slap them together and throw talking Phya bowl and. Fix. Shoot across the room. That's. Just to the left of him. Actu-, which means it. She'll get three arcade. Damage San, what's your still. Sixteen sixteen. God. KOMO dies failure. Thirty thirty four. Failure on the first bodyguard. Success in the second one. A cover a hogs and fraud. Tons. Okay. You're using. Guys, however, twice. A blast of fire Roxy interior the chamber. You watch as both of the both of the bodyguards. Look at themselves c. their skin is kind of Bern areas. It's cracked a little bit and they kind of look over, whereas Albar look out towards you defensively, moving back towards his position. Walk fifteen feet back into the tunnel. I. All right. So that ends kids go just or you're up. Okay. I'm going to walk forward as far as again. Five ten fifteen twenty twenty-five. Okay. I'm going to in implicity thirteen feet in front of me. Where do you want it to go. Sure right around there. And then my kid is going to. What's. Guard outdoors can't see. I can see where he went. It's one hundred to lock the door that you can do that there. But like all razor blade edge. Ooh, good. Lally. Hit his arm and Trump of is. Through. Tries motherfucker. Enrolls from damage. That I was trying to do. It's. Actually see him. So you're hoping that it hits. Ten. All right. Should've given you disadvantage because against the target, but it's fine. I'll go through. So they got you here. Of course, the law, no idea to what effect it was hit something probably gar. At goes. All right. Around not Europe, the dwarves still the bodyguards rush over. Leaving space that's their past. This one is going to move back. You don't. You don't know what this one does move from from your visual range, but this one is pulls back has a large heavy crossbow and it's going to go ahead and take a shot at you from back here. Actually. No, it's gonna shoot produces excuses already wounded in Austin, try and take down. Those are already hit. So it's going to be. It's. This. It's gonna be a twenty one to hit. All right. Nine points now. Yeah, that's all you take. And then it moves back and kind of hides in this space here. That's going to go ahead and that go already. Now it's around not Europe. What can I? How can I control the major hand with a bonus action? Can I move it and grab with it or just grab with it? It's very vague. Luke here. It says. Kroll the hand, but I don't know if that hand move thirty each time, you use it so we can move and do something. Okay. So who has the necklace. Judge necklace on Al Gore has a bracelet on. But is the. The right there. Yeah, and he's wearing a necklace. I will bonus action try to steal his necklace. All right. Go ahead and roll in our conscious comment. Check our comments. Nineteen. I don't get like sleight of hand or anything. It's less of a necklace and more of a large metallic band around the neck, like a collar. Nineteen nineteen fashion hand reaches in grass towards it and pulls, but it's locked in place. There's no trick to removing it that the hand cedar to deal with thought, I give him a purple purple. And then our back feet and fire at the big water blob. Okay. Does not have reach wanted slam. Okay. I'll fire. That is a seventeen hits. Seventeen. Plus I'll use fury of the small at another six, twenty three. Three points damage. Well, done. Alrighty, finish. It's your turn. All right brings us to bo-. I am going to steal myself for a minute, the water water elemental to my right and then cast step of the wind with key point. And try and disengage. Like a row. The win gives you move as a bonus action right does, but it's says. It says. You can spend one key point to take the disengage or dash. Gotcha. Yeah. You can disengage a key point your butter section to disengage, so I would have to take a tack of opportunity. If I decided to dash disengage. Up to. Hit and take the take the dash. So it's swing towards you. There's going to be a eighteen hit. Just past you already. Five jump distance is also doubled for the turn. I'm gonna try. And can I be par core core jump up here to your movement. So if you're wanting to leave off in park board. All right. So we'll see that's about. There. Go ahead making achromatic. Random. This is still disadvantage because it's lik. National one metre one so now and that goal fanatic. So you land and slip. Right into the ground, hitting the water splashes you're underwater for a second. Use the rest of your step of the wind, extra dash movement to get up from prone bonus action. K. slob your action movement and I move. The way to fifteen twenty twenty-five thirty forty can't jump now can't use that. Double jump distance sets done. Done. I'll say if you wanted to try like vertical leap from here, go ahead, make athletics check to see if given the circumstances of the term. You can make twenty two twenty two. I'll just get the final in to correct yourself, catch it on the ledge into your movement. There. Fuck you guys. Just take my shirk. Go towards whoever can see, you can barely see Al Gore three-quarters cover, and they're the protector. Fairly does dwarf dwarf looks pretty. I mean, all pretty hurt the fireball wreck their world a little bit. It looked like just chopped off Al Gore's hand. No. Sorry. The door one for l. gar pretty color. Bowls all so many voles all the way around. We have nine for the door and we have twelve for elgar known. Fortunately, none of those. So they become. So they become ricochet off the stonewalls in your foot. Still slick having a bounce on the edge MMI throw them both. You kind of have to compensate, and they both just go, I'd. Good. Try. Not a good, try failed, finish strong or anything? No action motor section near movement. So the mental. Is going to. Well into conducive and Yasha spaces. And it's gonna make very low. It's going to make a welna -bility. So each creature, this space need you both make string saving throws advantage because you're aging. To do. Eighteen success. So you are grapple until it ends. You're considered restrain, you're able to breathe. And that's, that's currently you're, you're restrained grappled unable to breathe. Okay. You're out of space Yasha you were shoved out at a quarter there inch to for yourself. But now she's kind of like swimming in this creature is spinning around swirling like a giant waterspout in the center of the chamber. This guy. Go ahead and move out into the space. And knowing that what it someone's going to go ahead and pull another water jets. This one is going to go ahead and shoot through the what thinks is you. Passthrough nothing, but it's going to go and kill up as well. There. Fifty five. Sony, both to make savings rose mental has to well. That's. Nope. Away. I'm out nobody. No, you don't know what do you mean? You don't know. He just did the math. Nine. Matthew Eappen. I'm pretty sure twenty five points. Here's a person. Nobody called dip on the dough deca today could one of us. Did. So we're. I gotta say every game, we just have to make sure that. Okay. Seven. All right. Twenty five points. Bhushan damaged killers. Oh, shoot. This is going to be healing. Right. I have the necklace. You're out. You're just you're just now. Consciously or not make your state, although I'm underwater. Probably your back. He's. Breathing space, daughter. I don't know. It's. I think still drown with on what's your cost to show modifier. Yeah, you have. You have like three minutes before you drown just kind of sitting there, so you're okay for now. We'll say for the purposes of like you're not sucking air in -sarily conscious of all of my breath. Like me out of two. That's the way to go. We'll go to saving. Does your turn? All right. So finishing. That's cool. That's already noticing that you are a that is an illusion senior cross the wall. Like fall? Probably not my. Turns away and goes underneath here glances up towards Bo. Glide across the water when rapid speed, it seems to travel very quickly. You're any sort of water surface. Junk quite a bit. That brings us to turn. At the top of your turn because you are still well, you should make a debt saving throw because you mmediately take damage as you're caught in the spiral of its well. So you take take two eight plus for image, but you just take an instant instantaneously. Who's a deaf say at the end of your term means you're making of that saving. This is happening again. Eleven. I'm good success. Says that whenever you roll rolling hit, died or gain hip doesn't count when anyone heals me. No, it's only dice altering, Laura. Can't twice and. Ashley little shook school. Here's my speed just peak in the doorway. Okay. Just just to get a visual on the hallway, don't actually need to see, okay. Yes, you can see the hallway behind you. That continues. I'm going to use my last my last two. This bell slots to cast hunger of a Dr. Twenty feet in to the hallway with just the brim. That's right. Just so it's the. All right. So for that will say. These pop in the doorway. I reach in grab a little bit of reality and I tear. Black hole in the hallway. Style. Why are you now. Lose go nowhere. Time is usually. It was in darkness right. But we were everything and it is black. So they're, they're blinded, they can't hear anything. And what's the makes him. Fifteen. Two, six damage. All of this. There's a natural twenty for the first bodyguard. So three points. All right, buddy guard naturally, team. And then for that is fourteen. So Keats pick seven points damage. He goes in conscious. That you know that. All righty. Turn. Use the rest of my move. It come back. Okay. Step out to the point you got it. All right. That brings us to Yasha turn. So. I'm going to attack this water Ella mental where I can if I can see an open spot that yours is not in. Like being swirled around on the inside is unconscious body just kind of being kept with the current. So you kind of timing it for a moment and go for a swing also, technically might be get a bonus action anyway or Beatles. They just have their attack out. They don't have. They don't have the full action. Do I get an extra roll? No, anyway. I attack was what. I attack was sixteen, but it was. It was kind of caused. Nineteen. Okay. For that one. Oy. Ten. The flower. She don't even don't have another. I, I'm not character. Eighteen points sleep through. You watch splashes away. It's it's looking. It's not like having short sea somewhere the creature. Looks like he's getting loose at all? No, still held them there. I don't get roll again. Right. You don't have a means forgetting advantage member. You have your your reckless strike. Yes. Let me directly what you wanted to do. Right. Usually term, it's been awhile so you can do that. Okay. Yeah, I'm sorry. Amount of price. I'm on east coast time. Okay. Twenty four. Amateur. Thirty little. Okay. Fifteen t the second car carving through your cutting away. Almost like it's a jolt deserting you're seeing the pieces kinda slowing off reforms back slowly, but it's starting to sputter in bits of it or having a hard time keeping itself as a full for me can see foam gathering at the edges of finishes. You term move. Hint. Beatles would apply clamored back in the staff when you. Yeah, I'm hoping for even managers, I'm going to back up a little bit. Backup. Lagos. I'll just stay where I am. Okay. So you just continue Gatien holding in that moment. Okay. Josh's turn. It's going to make that saving. Failure. Guy on just was meeting. He's running looking. All right. Turn concentration. Check that save. I don't know making saving. That is a six. Six. We're gonna go ahead and. You were in the beginning stages of drowning. So can survive number of rounds equal to your constitution modifier, that's that's too. So you have two more Harendra slow. When you drown then have three deaths or are you dead. Just to routes. If if I'm alive, it's fine if I'm not alive, it's not. Okay. So don't worry. The rented a breath or choking survivor number rounds, equal to your house. Modifier start. Your next turn hit points in our oracle. Dying, not dead. This gets a little weird. It's a little weird here because you're stabilize your stabilized by the necklace dying. Drowsy is every journal. Able is every journal. Feels right, like stressful. That's kind of is. Yeah, boy. Well, we'll say waterboarding. So, yeah, you're, you're stabilized, then you're fine physically for two more there. We'll see. We'll see where it goes into round. Sure. All right, district Chester. All of you. I'm going to step forward. I'm going to stay away from the water thing and going to use my my duplicate to go forward and touch could use this all. Alright, and she's going to cast cure wounds at the level go for three. Wow. Eight, seven fifteen was. Fifteen plus fours nineteen points of health. And then me, I'm going to. Sacred flame. From myself. Cure wounds is still an action. So you can't do both run around, unfortunately, just kidding. I'm going to spill is still somewhere in those tentacles. But you can't see where it is. Around with this Berjaud weapon and hope I hit something. Disadvantage can't wheel lollipop. We'll say that probably happens in there. Teen fifteen natural to him. Unfortunately does not hit anybody because of the one that it strikes a higher class in fifteen shifts. Forgets all starts, his turned. You take to d-6 damage. So. To two states to instead of what I takes down to know that said of Manson meal and. Okay. Well, that brings us to other interests return. You won't even know why dead though. We didn't even get tell him I was from the ruby. Crete move my own person toward Caleb. Yeah, I'm gonna move me towards care. Thirty extreme of going past. He does. No, that's gonna be seventeen. Doesn't it. Shrug it off armor and shield. Movement there. All right. The new germ brings us to the the patriots here. Toddler turn the how much damage. Judy, six enroll to be six. If you didn't actually hit me these reaction to. If it didn't hit your attacker and a hit. Has to be hit them. Evanston actions action. Stand up. If they do their dexterity saving calf. It's safe every. Success is actually. Two. All right, and they can't see anything. They both haven't moved since lasting happens. So one of them we should on you hear rummaging. Dragged speed is half how. Will scream. No, I can't Kendra them out of their moving from get it. So. One's gonna just move into the space here. Yeah, yeah, I have dark. Just. Rummaging around you hear some more rummaging here. Fuck. Yeah. Sounds like sports. Oh. Wow. Bodyguard's. Not sure. Just like to point out that your mom said Scott's been bothering me a little and we blew him up. Tenneco. He's just been like a little boy. Oy. Defend your mom. All right. I'll I don't know what's going on with Caleb, so I will. I will move over towards your show. Chhaya checking on boy. He's currently face down floating in order. I gesture over there. I know that she does how to heal, so I will. I don't know. I feel people can't trust to you. I will just all action. Action z. break up. All right. So you're so funny. Within thirty feet of kale, but it's thirty. Sarah jones. Josh thirty feet of him. No, you're those little further away. Closer. All right, that'll get you there. You can probably get thirty feet from you there. I will use my may hands to take a healing potion out of my hand and shoot at thirty feet towards him was here last. Again using an action next to me. Okay, grab my potion and take it, and then I will use my bonus action to use my hand to pour it into his gullet. Sure. I'll let you do that. Under the water. You watch his buddy like. Wall. Vile being champion. Us to saving Kahlo. Mikka strength saving. National pointing. You do not break any teeth. Crystal vial jammed would that speed in your mouth was a good chance. You're gonna lose a tooth or two. So go ahead yield for. Real emotion to four plus two, four, just gotta relax. Seven. Heels, seven hip. That it's not certain VO you're up shit. Okay, black sphere. And occasionally you see. Dark strange, grayish. Slime covered tentacles whip out and back into the. Over four across the pair, Pat and I go. How. What do I do though? Then. I'm going to bring over here. I don't wanna hurt him. We'll go hurt. You. I wanna I wanna move away from. Jeannie homey. Hold my action for VoIP. I want to move away from him and I'm going to hold my action until I can see. Preferably Eldar, but if not one of the dwarfs. Okay, Gotcha. L. guards. Alvar. Gotcha. Finished action. Top of the runs, the water, all. It's go ahead and move over them juster to still carrying a long. You get to go ahead and make an opportunity to see if it shifts Josh. These fees. Ten from his not hit goes wide, unfortunately wreck. Well, even though you're reaching reckless reckless reckless last plan to your turn or until every well. Yeah, but it's out of turn. This is the reality. Double check real fast. Might go, unconscious. During this turn? Yes, it doesn't work towards. Swings wide. Let's see if it means back. So it's gonna. Go ahead and move into gesture space. Both juster and reduce are caught inside attacking me. It's going to make dexterity saving, throw. Zinc Corinne, aggressive said role Shelvin. She's are early restrained them restrain clear. Alive? Not for long. Okay. Alrighty. Does he do damage to me at all? You take. Thirteen points of bludgeoning damage. All righty. The beast that is yes. Regardless that is will pull on what? What is the? What does this type on that staring sturdy that it's going to be thirteen to eleven plus two failure? I believe under DC. It's a racial. Damage still three, ten of cold. Call them. It hurts reduced by twenty feet billion. Next. Eleven. Which was I would show. Little frozen, it's movement is sluggish. It's looking really hurt. And what was it thirteen. Image and because technically can't produces, could uses. Now. Top of the turn because you got healed by. So you take all stink. Okay. We're still alive. So that going to survive the round turn is now Jim turn Judy went to fly into the air now right up here. And. Release another water jet right through to both tho. To forty both to make their thirties. DHEC saves man. Ford. Ford. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Workplace. Sixteen fifteen. Use exceed Ford. You fail. Sixteen. Twinning points butchering damage to you how many points and ten points to you? Ford, and he's make constitution saving throat to see to maintain concentration. Netra nineteen. Already. And with that, go ahead and continue flying coasting around out of range, turning his attention towards the center column. I got. I know you do. Right now. Okay. So on a six cents and we're neither pushing prone, but you do. Why can't we. Twenty. The water on your phone down the bottom again. Right. His gun use. Could do see top of your turn because you're still weld. You take. Seven points damage. Knock good news. I haven't had it had nothing I can do this. Terming that's hitting. Eleven. Already. So would dropping hunger of Darby an action. No. Just drop it. Okay. I'm going to use my into the hallway. Before I get to. Are you? Do you need out of water? Fuck. I mean. So many things need to happen. If I I mean like no matter what we're pretty fucked right now. This is this is terrible book. Those guys. I'm not gonna go. I'm gonna say where I am working still see the water thing and I'll send to Eldridge blasts toward the the water where clay's, fuck. Yeah. Yeah, several. And you're not doing anything else right back in the hits gesture. Okay. 'cause you're in it. Yeah. But if I hit the wave, hit them. Let's issue. Regardless gene. Then for the Natia. Let's not do that. I'm gonna drop hunger of a door to send to Eldridge blasts at both of the bodyguards drop hunger of Dr you can see. They're both looking rather ragged and Al on the ground, like coughing and sputtering as one of the bodyguards pulling tosses an empty health ocean to the Greenwich, shatters goes with all three of them. Look at you. Go ahead roll tax for both the bodyguards. Twelve for the first one, and this is the guy. And sixteen on the scene, does. That is ten points of damage. Falls, unconscious, and the grump gets the wall and just goes over couples into a file and conscious. All use the rest of my thirty feet to get as close as I. Right there. Twenty five right up right up into the space right next to looking down alga right now and your turn. Yes. Yasha you're up. Go up and try to stubby stab what what I can go for it. Josh. I thirteen thirteen not hit with advantage guitar. It's off all your tax. Okay. Fifteen. For your. Nice. Seventeen seventeen points. As you strike through with your final strike the blade carbs, right at the side and like cutting through a large wave, it's sprays up into the ceiling and just restores. Jester can do both brought no longer being wellm than usual, unconscious animals, no longer drowning. All right. And. Hold on one second districts. It's an action. Okay. I'd like to back. Yes, kind of behind this. Yeah. Turn yasha. Yes. No action. When you slay humanoid, you can cause spirit to rise the specter of the gains three temporary hit points. It's an action. Noah says no action. And yeah, you can do that. What's long rest. So can I do that for the bodyguard that I just. Just reach forward, say. Let none pass. Watch as this kind of dark show. Do you guys don't see this looks to his left as the body, this body garbage just been blown in the chest falls over and immediately believes dies. This darkened shadows against tug and drag out of its body. You watch as this spectral ghost that has like faint barnacles and elements of dripping seafoam ocean, water kind of just ruling out of its job emerges stands over there. Right now if it wasn't so generally wet in the chamber, you could see the puddle forming under him. He is bludgeoned beaten, slime them with an inch of his life, and it's just kind of looking at the specter at you. Alrighty. For his turn. He's going to cower. He is. He is just going to put his hands up and try and drag him push back against the wall and sputtering unable to make a word that brings us to Caleb, sir. Could you clarify a role for except never tried to do this new magic user newish, but to do. Bonus action. I spell. Could that be done in addition to a second or third, I know there's a version of being able to cast spells one's one's low lower than the other, but I can't remember what it is. It's it's a spell a first level or higher and a and Kanter Puccara. So forget there was a feet. You can take a little eight to do what we didn't last candy interested. So Caleb pushes up and if we're in difficult terrain, what can I move? Five, five feet or something. I'll say to swears to squares. She had come back to the water park. That's good. Wow. I'm going to move. I'm going to press right up behind Chester. Right here. What I'm hoping to do is to pull out the same bat shit and sell for in my hands really quick, and then set my hands down on her shoulders to help me aim and Corinne of five to hit. There's no wall there because it's invisible, but they hit. Like the ceiling above county. Hit the ceiling here so I can go fifth biff to him, but hopefully nothing else to their you mean from the ceiling down to him. Okay. Back corner of the room, one of the room hearing, yeah. Okay. Into position to cover. Fucking True. Lies. Six thirty saving throw at sixteen. Yes, shack. Seven. Ten points a fire, which. I damage to June. Lane some side and pull back evaporated water in the cine terms in this cloud of mist around steam kind of fills the upper chamber for a minute, and it's the steam pulls away from kind of barely scare the fireball. Also from glaring right. You Caleb five, ten twenty. Alrighty underwater. Turn. Just you're up. Fighting this thing. No, don't want to go. I'm going to you're still uncomfortable. Okay. I'm going to cast cure at level. Goodies already. Yeah. Eighteen bless fours twin ports. Then far Abon is action. I'm gonna swing around with that. I can see now, but I still see anything around there which around there. Nineteen. Hits bodyguard, go for it. Watches two feet. Inside the armed guard on other. Alley. Seeing the spectra rising. This kind of drowned Raith kind of emerging from one bodyguard. The other body. On the ground next to looks up for just kind of stepping over walking towards the far corner to move to where I'm not in a line with these people. Up over as far as I can. Twenty twenty. Waiting for the waters you'd over already term jester. Not your type. Boy, I mean, we're not going to fight this thing. I don't. What is your plan. I plan is to not fight this thing. Where am I. Dan move that way genn pass over here. Three. I'll. Sean. I will yell to what does it Gendi should shift. Jiffy will yell to June the. What do you do? You heard you, we respected fear. Walter look, my feet won't even thinking to it. Much. I forty. Mega precise check. Eleven. Unmoved your words fall upon deaf ears focused. The're semi ethereal, water-based elemental entities. Dead is is filled with driven command and murder. Want to do so hot. Oh, yeah. Around, they're going to make a self check with advantage. Twenty two twenty two. All right. You feel sufficiently hidden. I'm going to step of the wind again to get off. Double my jump. Fron run run as much as I can more with my bonus dash bonus dash. Get you full there with your full movement move again. Three, four air in the chamber now forty around the corner. You see the one recently crushed dwarf. The other has this. Drowned Rafe pulled out of its body, the spectre looming over Albar and you see the back of four just kind of standing over Al. On the ground. Okay. I go over to alga and I do the like MMA and put like my knee right to his face, and I like pin, okay, he's now pinned against the wall. You're Megan's, the CIA John that is like choking against the pressure, just full on grapple down in hold them for my actual make enough to. Remember. Check. It was. I thought about five minutes ago when that's good though. Good. Nineteen nineteen. Yeah, his fully grappled by you shoved against the wall, but injure go go now. Ever. World. Yeah, it makes sense. Going to go ahead and lower down. And sees the hobbling Caleb making his way autre and could do not up yet. I'm still in the water. I haven't even started yet up elephant line now, even if I'm underwater. Yeah, you're still myspace. It's not like a little tiny stream. It's big. Need you both to make dexterity saving throws are grown Amari. No doesn't affect your your saving. So, yeah. Nineteen success. I'm eighteen success. So that is all. Twenty four since twelve points damage to each of you. Pushed twenty feet back. There. This is kind of. We're still kind of holding onto this moment and it's going to go ahead. Appear right next to you holding this Trident. Now, the kind of operates in it's hand, it's rearing back to go ahead and start. All right. Conscious. Oh, k. first thing I'm gonna do is stuff. Sorry, just mush it together. I'm going to do. I'm going to. For an action before I get up. I'm just going to cast. Cure wounds. Second level on kale. If I can just touch touch on skill. Do I have a distance when feeling word is I'll do healing. Killing word at a second level to four plus with them. Auto auto fill. So that's thirteen points of healthy right now. Thanks man. I'm going to turn invisible as my bonus action, and I'm going to get up and start moving away from this mess. All right. All right. I will just be clear. All right. Full say. This right now. You get up, turn invisible. I was interning to before I get up, you turn invisible, get up and you wanna move. Move. Two squares say hot, they're, they're, they're okay. There's a lot. There was just a. Fag everything's. I'll look down at outdoor and say, I'm gonna say this once unless you went ended up like your friend need that bracelet. He's like, don't. Held. He can't do anything, but you can see the bracelet right there on his. What do you wanna do what you wanna do. With it being grappled, Khuda garage, go role in taxes for the hell of it. Did ads better. Twenty-one with a sparking grinding noise you all hear echoes as the blade carves across the stones and you watch the splash of water looks almost like a water razors to the area and the hands balls often around the bracelet slips off his wrist. Is screaming against the guttural pressure place in his throat. And that moment he watches Shunde. The Trident had it goes Lynn. Disappears from his hand. Just gives you a look turn around and then drift up in the direction of where Al gar is. And that's, tonight's. Drift towards. Find out next week. It seems that somehow you've free this entity, whatever that means. Find out next week. Put that fucking slam as lit on. You're going to do that. We'll find the next week. You. That was stressful. No. Bush ever there. They're hoping we're hoping actually can spend as much she can and I'll be seeing your show in the in term. Read a little tonight or. Along tonight, but I wanted to get as much game plan with actually. Kim. Well, done guys. So on that note, let's say a big. Thank you guys for your patients. Big. Thank you to our fantastic sponsors for ninety beyon- and the rook and the raven. They're awesome Kickstarter. We love you guys. We'll see next week and Thursday. Thanks for listening to the critical role podcast. You can catch us live on Thursdays at seven PM Pacific standard time at twitch dot TV slash key considering is Thursday yet.

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