Jim Morrison: Zodiac Killer Qu'est-ce Que C'est


It was a writing camp at a house in the Hamptons for beyond say, she's walking around with her baby walking from room to room, just listening to what we were working on. I remember ferrall showed up at the front door. He had like a CD full of beats. Everybody was slinging beats at her. When I remember I kept getting the end of the course look a hill goes here like in needs another section like the the anthem stadium like everybody screams. It. I record it into my phone when I was running like, I'm sitting here panting into the phone. And that was that was it. And she was like, Kratz, you, have you have Beyonce's for single does like what, what an interesting day that was. I'm Dave Stewart songwriter producer co founder of your ethics and co creator and executive producer of land show all about the intimate and mysterious author of sowing. Join us for sung lands podcast on iheartradio app. Alert podcast it was a writing camp at a house in the Hamptons for beyond say, she's walking around with her baby walking from room to room just listening to what we were working on. I remember ferrall showed up at the front door. He had like a CD full of beats. Everybody was slinging beats at her. When I remember, I kept getting to the end of the course look a hill goes here like in needs another section like the the anthem stadium like everybody screams. It. Record recorded into my phone when I was running like I'm sitting here panting into the phone. And then that was that was it. And she was like Kratz you have beyond to for single does. Like what, what an interesting day that was, I'm Dave Stewart songwriter. Producer co founder of ethics and co create an executive producer of sown land to show all about the intimate and mysterious autumn sowing. Join us for sung lands podcast on iheartradio app alert podcasts disgrace land is a production of iheartradio double Elvis media have used an opinions expressed in this podcast or solely those of the podcast, author or individuals participating in the podcast and do not necessarily represent those of iheartmedia stuff media. Or it's employees. The following episode is satire. It's not true crime. Sorry. It was released on April first two thousand nineteen as an April Fool's joke and the immediate response on social media was pretty overwhelming, and I freaked out and pulled the episode after it had only been live for a couple of hours. Many of you disgraced subscribers did not hear it. And you emailed me in tweeted at me asking how he gave yours around it. And for those of you who did hear the episode in wrote me to curse me out or eager to share a laugh at your own expenses. You find yourself pulled over on the side of the road on the subway in a buzzer on your bed frantically googling. For breaking news on the identity of zodiac killer. I'm sorry. Not sorry. Edited lightly to protect the identity of the victims. Here's the episode as it originally appeared in its entirety including the breathless fake intro that went like this. You quick heads up. I recorded this episode quickly last night, trying to respond to the breaking news into contextualized fast, moving story that's just developing, and to tell it in a disgrace land way, I wanna thank pain Lindsey, and Donald Albright from tender foot TV for quickly making available other source material for their monster season on the zodiac killer, and also a special thanks to the Vallejo city chronicle for their dogged reporting and for being first to get this news out. Also, David fincher I'd be nowhere fast on this had I, not watched your film zodiac thousand times. Okay. Let's get into this special Monday edition release of disgrace land. Buckle up going to be a wild one. The singer, I'm going to tell you about and the crimes he committed were insane. He shot a random cabbie in the back of the head on the San Francisco street corner. He slashed death backseat lovers picnicking couples and for brief period in nineteen sixty nine his legend grip the nation, you already know him by many names, the lizard, king, Mr. Mojo, rising, JIMBO, but never before by original alternate identity zodiac killer. Until this morning's news. Started to break this alternate identity was a secret. The idea that this worldwide recognizable rockstar could also be one of America's most Dettori serial killers was still kinda is on fathomable. But we've seen this kind of double life in our culture before as recently as two thousand fourteen when we learned that a star tight end, Aaron Hernandez from history's most successful, NFL franchise. The New England Patriots was a gang banging drug dealing murderer and let us not forget OJ Simpson. America's prom king who ended up slashing his way in infamy. It took a while. But the unbelievable nature these stories of actually set in, in the truth was accepted. It's unclear to me how long it will take for us to accept the truth of this story. Because right now, it just seems ridiculous that the fame zodiac killer was one of the most popular musicians of all time, a musician, you made great music, and that music, I played for you at the top of the show. Now wasn't great music that was a preset. Luke from mellow Tron called mellow fast ways. Be K to I played that loop because I can't afford the rights. It's my party by Lesley gore. Why would I play that specific slice of weepy jukebox cheese can afford it, because that was the number one song in America on June fourth nineteen sixty three and that was a day that append up small town teenager in search of his own identity with a fire in his eyes. A song, this heart struck a deal with the devil that would change history forever on this episode mellow fast waves murderers. Identity crisis. We cheese, one of the greatest frontman of all time in the zone killer, Jake burnin this screen. Fuck you kid that pan to his father, even teenaged anger is voice was low and broody. His mother did her best to ignore the latest in a series of daily tensions between her son at her husband by turning up on the transistor radio. Am busying herself with the dishes. The kid was home and element of California after a year, junior college in Florida, and he dared to bring up transferring to art, school over my dead body was his father's predictable response. His dad was a navy, man. A Rear Admiral and wanted something professional for his son James, if not the military in law score, an MBA he'd even settle for a liberal arts degree of his son promised to get a masters later. To James's parents. Life was ally, raise the military brat, all the moving in the new schools, James had seen the military industrial borders of suburbia in. He had no place there without friends with parents. He didn't understand. He was thoroughly alienated? And so he turned inward became an artist. His curiosity was bottomless. He ready, European philosophers Nici, and William Blake by sixteen sixteen have you read team? Blake, I've tried as an adult, and let's just say a little more comfortable with the musings of the great American philosopher Daffy duck Bill Murray. They're more my speed. By the time James was senior his English teacher made a habit of researching student beleaguer Fay's to make sure James wasn't just inventing titles to support his papers. The joke was on teach the citations were real medieval pamphlets about demon all only available from the library of congress. James was an occasional D student, but only because schools drag he founded to be crushingly booze wa just like his family. There's no future in the arts. You don't have the talent three or Admiral shouted. Why couldn't they recognize the brilliance insider? He stormed up to his bedroom slammed the door fuck them. Then realized their picket fence was a cage. The grand mysteries. The dark depths of the universe James new. That's where the truth was parents would never looked beyond the veil, but he would he'd already started. James grabbed Alastair Crowley's magic in theory, and practice from his bookshelf. He was that deep. Now, the Satan is Crowley, the occultist Selena boulevard. Ski. James wanted to get high, but any smell would tip off the Rear Admiral lead to a good old corporal punishment ask kicking. So James had a hang his head of the window to smoke the joint, just rolled his version of howling at the moon, like hero, blues men, how and wolf. He leaned backwards over the sill spark, the Jane thought about wolf slicks, and that's evil. Evil is going on wrong. I'm warning. You brother. You better watch happy home. Once high James ducked back inside and started a new Crowley chapter entitled of the bloody sacrifice matters cognate. He read the first ethical lesson in the bible. Is that the only sacrifice pleasing to the Lord is the sacrifice of blood for the highest spiritual working one must choose that victim, which contains the greatest impure, est force. Hanging outside of the window took another hit the Oji Mendocino. We cross James soft palate. The poetry dark ritual, passed his lips, he had a moment of clarity pins and needles all around his head like a hand rising from his throat to grab his brain, his crouch shocker was on fire with the dark spirit energy. That was it. He knew who he was. And what he had to do in that instant he understood that she codes written into morality by God for those willing to play by the devils rules. James wandered over to his record player and put how and wolf on the turntable. Wolves raspy demonic voice enraptured very stone. Young James, please write my mother. Tell her the shape tell it apprai- for sun and forgive me for my sins. What is mom would never forgive him for what he was about to do now that what is father, it didn't matter? He was nobody son. He was no longer their genes. He was simply Jim. It was June third nineteen sixty three in Jim Morrison broke on through to the other side and blown the doors of his perception wide open the next day he took off. Before we split. He lifted the twenty two pistol from the family gun cabinet. It was a woman's weapon historical piece the Rear Admiral would never miss it. There was a chance. He'd missed the rope, the jack-knifed from the garage where the pair of old military issue wing Walker boots. Jim, but Jim didn't care. He bought a ticket on the first thing smoke in a greyhound headed south the driver parked to the rest area. Overlooking the beach, ten minutes you holler next stop. Jim will cut his window laugh dryly, and his look was senior skip day for the local high school kids and there. They were down on the dunes free range hunting season. Jim thought all the lush beauty of pure American youth. He honed in flirty couple of walking away from the crowd somewhere, private. Jim presumed he shouldered his knapsack and slipped off the bus before we lost them. George hernandez. Melinda Johnson were straight out of central casting. American is apple pie high school seniors already engaged to be married. Good kids, pure at least for a while. Like all kids, they wanted to do what comes natural. That's why it's called what comes natural. They were engaged now and it was senior skip day one thing was indeed going to lead to another thing. And that thing may gyms chess, well with excitement that thing is what Jim stock Georgia Melinda, like pray George Melendez pent up urges made them the most alive and Alistair Crowley, had told Jim that if he's still the life from them through sacrificial rites. He could steal their lighting energy bottle it into his own being make their souls worked for him from the other side. And with this unnatural power, Jim knew he escaped his family's cage in one day, but cheap greatness. He caught Georgia Melinda and act cherries, half popped he pulled up the dainty twenty two. Jim at the drop on them when he emerged from the dunes, they saw the gun and pissed themselves on fear, Jim held them at gunpoint worn the shut the fuck up he instructed them to get on their feet. Go sit on the driftwood a few steps to the right. He then clumsily tied them up with rope. It was Jim's first time just like it would have been there's. Because he was nervous. He got sloppy Georgia. Melinda slip through bonds ran for it. GM says dream slipping away with every footfall shit. You've planted his father's old wing Walker boots in the sand. There were ten and a half a little tight on Jim size eleven feet, but they anchored him to the ground like they're supposed to just like the elegant pistol. The boots did with the stolen Roque didn't got the job. When the poets down when Georgia Melinda. If these kids are via Kong, dad will be proud. Jim thought. But new ritual bloodletting. He couldn't let the kills be for nothing. He took a b collective himself. There was no time to wallow in the mire. Jim drag Georgia Melinda into a rotting beach shack on the other side of the nearest tune inside their young. Love would become a funeral pyre Jim at stake, a claim to this flame. Fire magic transfer the energy of the recently parted to him there killer. He took the Jack knife, the last of his stolen tools in curved, a spell of his own into the softwood. He took the m in the are from his last name Morrison and brought them to the front dispel. Mr. he took the M and the J from his first name, Jim out of the two O's Morrison, dispel Mo-jo. Finally, he took the remaining letters, r I s I am bunch them together to spell Reisen and they had it playing as the red on the devils dick. Mr. Mojo, rising. In the summer sixty six Jim hidden is bedroom again. But this bedroom was different from sold. Digs back at the rear admirals house. She was living in Venice, beach studio -partment. He blocked out the windows, listen to the blues did so much LSD could reasonably qualify as a main source of his bodily fluids while there. He poured psychedelic truth into a small notebook, feverishly, drafting poem after poem for what he didn't know, but it kept his mind off killing. After the ninety disappeared from the family house to make his first kill he returned home miraculously, the Rear Admiral gave in allowed Jim to transfer into UCLA as film student. He made exactly one film while at school, but he did graduate. After graduation, his brain scrambled by too much acid, too much else to Crowley. Still a slave to the dark arts looking to make his way in the world and to establish his own identity while now on his own, he quietly disowned his family in fully embraced the human lifestyle here into a college buddy on the beach a keyboard player named Raymond's, Eric he shared his poems with him in Ray recognize them as nothing short of magical soon, Jim found himself and raise Little Rock and roll combo, alongside two other inspired musicians Robby Krieger on guitar and John Dinsmore on drums. They call themselves the doors Ray admit Robbie, and John and a meditation retreat, which Jim thought was lame. Jim wasn't into the self care bullshit. He wanted sensory overload at all times. We want the world. We want it now. Jim took to the mic in a magic what howling wolf would sound like reciting the evil musings of Alister Crowley, what came out was dark mystical poetic, and powerful, gyms musical, inexperience was no obstacle in no time the doors became the house band, at the whiskey a go go nightclub on L A's sunset strip opening for every headliner between may twenty third and August twenty first they released their first single in November break on through. Jim had broken through years earlier, and he'd tried to hide, but those impossible now that he had a stage. The doors notoriety spread, and their popularity exploded, still Jim founded impossible to get from us if what he got for murder that feeling from killing Bob. And Linda, he couldn't shake it, it was stronger than the feeling. He felt on stage or in the studio, you loved playing music. But the payoff was different. Maybe because he wasn't as confident performer as one would think if he had more faith in himself as a musician lies might have been saved. But the rear admirals words rang out, his drug addled head constantly, you don't have the talents on it fuck with Jim even though he's making a name for himself. But for how long gyms goal was making do on Alastair Crowley's promise attornal life, not pop stardom real greatness, transcendence, the music, just wasn't enough. So just weeks before the doors. First single release, Jim felt the need to kill again. He drove a riverside and L sub. Berg is victim would be Marianne Cates. Another poster child for American Beauty a Twentieth Century Fox. She caught his eye at the whisky one night, and ever since in his then still none of us down time, he followed her learned her routines. She was laid at a college library in Jim Morrison was waiting. Raise keys played gyms mine like the organ, a pig church. Demonic voice spoke out Latin whispered into his ear James do renounce, the Lord of Christendom Gado, colonial pigs and periods dogs and capitalist pop. Jim whisper back. Do you believe this God must be overthrown? I do. Jim said is removed, the distributor cap from Marianne car insurance that our current start. He coached down out of sight, waited somewhere. You're by the baby cried from an open window, Marianne exit the library, Mr. Mojo rising hit quietly behind car coiled in the TAC move Marianne stepped into her driver's seat. Her car would start. She realized something was wrong stepped out. Jim sprang from behind tackled beat her perfect body. Bloody to Jim is manic fury has memory wires crossed this murder brought on the total recalls along pot kill from three years before his brain synapses firing off familiar sound of those twenty two shots from years. Earlier replaced by the sound of his fist pounding Marion's flesh, all he heard gunshots gunshots in the voice of the devil spring, this year James Douglas Morrison. Do you renounced? Jesus Sherry Joe screen. But nobody king. And in the chaos fists on her flesh side like a flurry of gunshots. I do renounce and all his works. His knuckles to ribs, mid allowed crack. Undoing onced. All his comments. More punches more cracks. And she still hadn't gone, limp, James Douglas will you pledge? You soul to Satan? It nominate the oddly Feeley is. James Douglas going evil and they Lucifer be with you. He'll sit. With those words, whispered hail, Satan, gyms transformation was complete. His soul had been sold for what it wasn't entirely. Clear, fame transcendence beyond the bourgeois status quo. Eternal life any combination of those things Jim didn't know but he was certainly one thing, the power that raged through at the moment was like an electric coil pulled tight from the tips of his toes to the crown of his skull. It's surged provided a powerful manic high-voltage confidence. It made them feel as though he could do anything, Jim thought to himself that was it. This was all the poets raved about that feeling the one scientists in astrologist could never figure out, but that the wordsmiths hat on lock that thing that inspired countless artists, painters, songwriters directors to keep going back to the welfare to try to capture to express that feeling this was in love. Jim drop Marianne asphalt and slid himself down the side of the current exceed ground next to his kill. He was exhausted. He rifled through Marion's purse for smokes, found one lit it with her letter. Took it deep cleansing, drag tilted his head back against the car next. He then pulled the small no pad pencil. He carried with him everywhere begin writing. Reaching your head with the cold sudden fury in the loss of God in hopeless night out here in the perimeter. There are no stars out, here we is stoned macula. Now, is it there were no stars are empty hollow like him? But unlike his words, the stars were small words were bigger, they could be anything, which is what the scientists and the astrologist never understood about love with words the possibilities for love where limitless science was fixed. Limiting compared to poetry science bullshit, poetry gave wings to our desires astrology the zodiac signs of compatibility was all bunk made up to sell newspapers to board suburban house wise, like his mom. The zodiac signs of predicted how Jim now felt about Marianne what she meant to him now now that she become as kill was the God of Sunday morning horoscope gonna read areas of fellow fireside future marris in the Sagittarius, he'll find a worthy partner, mentally and physically the chemistry between. You is awesome. And when you Pierce her skull with the sharp end of your knife, you'll know you found your soul me. Jim had no idea when Marianne was born. But he knew it didn't matter for shit. He knew that she was for him his girl. He knew that their chemistry was quote, unquote. Awesome. He pulled her dead body over closer to and placed her bloody skull on his lap. He felt for he really did something deep connection. It was different than the feeling. You had for Georgia Melinda that was more. Bloodlust craven clumsy like it is, when you lose your virginity with Marianne was different. The kill had a rhythm to it like, great sex with an experienced partner. Was it because they'd hooked up after Jim formerly sealed the deal in his mind with devil before had gotten high on Satan, stoned immaculate into a deeper understanding of the cosmos, and the power of his poetry before he fully understood the futility of God's science and the stars. And what are the astrologists? No that the poets didn't nothing Jim was in love and Satan, had his back fuck with the horoscope set. Marianne was his first love and no disrespect to Georgia Melinda under the empty stars at night. Marianne was Jim Morrison's first Sodia kill. We'll be right back after this word word word. It's no secret that finding a new job can be a lot of work. But what if you had your own personal recruiter to help you find a better job now ZipRecruiter's technology can do that for you? Just download the ZipRecruiter job search app. Let it know what kind of jobs, you're interested in and its technology starts doing the work for you. The ZipRecruiter app. Find jobs you'll lie. 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And I'm here to tell you the comms incredibly useful, and helping reduce stress for this guy did meditations on exciting and sleep stories. These are bedtime stories for dolts designed to help. Relax after you get all keyed up listening to disgrace, and tap into com. Sleep stories in the head, relax right now, disgracefully and listeners get twenty five percent avocado premium subscription com dot com slash disgraced. That's com dot com slash disgrace. Get unlimited access to all content today com dot com slash disgrace. Limb. Like the mister MO Jo rising carving. He'd made after the Georgia Melinda murders in law, pock Marion's death wasn't tied to the killer, who would become known as zodiac for years when George melinda's bodies were eventually discovered the Mr. Mojo, rising carving went unnoticed because it had no significance because of the time the doors weren't yet banned. The song wasn't get a hit. It was just the line. Jim Morrison's head that he would later right into the lyrics for the song, Ellie woman. So at the time, it just looked like some teenage graffiti. And so the clue was missed until now and for Jim Morrison, a young man who craved recognition who's goal. It was was to be infamous, whose prime motivation for killing in the first place was to build an army of souls to fight for him in perpetuity to achieve his twisted notion of greatness, the fact that thirties were too stupid to connect him to those first few kills it really. Them all. It wasn't until nineteen seventy that authorities even began to piece together the murders San Francisco. Police believe the killer racked up five confirmed kills between December nineteen sixty eight and on Tober nineteen sixty nine a couple on lake Herman road in Benicia, one in blue rock springs park in Vallejo, one more in Napa county and a cabbie in the Presidio heights neighborhood of San Francisco, and they didn't even know about Georgia Melinda, and Marianne. This infuriated, Jim, he wanted credit for all those kills, and then some he later claimed to the public that he was responsible for total thirty seven murders. Jim couldn't deal with the slowness of the San Francisco detective. So he did what he did best turn to words, poetry, a twisted poetry, poetry, nonetheless, he started to write letters to the press to claim responsibility for the murders. So the poetry needed to be twisted to conceal his identity, Jim Morrison, the fame, or couldn't resist the rush of notoriety. These claims came and letters called cryptograms sent to the San Francisco, Chronicle and other newspapers word games, like Mr. Mo-jo rise in how bay at a hell of a lot more complex basic cryptograms are substitution codes. Each letter replaces another as become bees bees become season. So on Jim digging on the Maryanne. Kill the ironic Estra logical poetry. He penned while she laid dead on his lap. Her soul lovingly transferred, his return ity as an Obama signed his letter with z for zodiac any peppered is cryptograms with pages full zodiac occult symbols. As a subversive fuck you to the astrologist from Jim the poet. Jim hinted at his cryptogram fascination and the doors tune. Soul kitchen while you fingers weave quick minarets speak in secret alphabets his psychotic PR made the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as other local papers taunting, the nation into an obsession with a maniac. He sent the first cryptogram in three pieces to three separate, California, papers demanding may be published, or he would drive around the state committing random drive-by shootings, and it works like gangbusters, all three papers printed, the cipher when finally cracked read. Killing people. It is more fun than killing wild game in the forest because men is the most dangerous animal of all the best part is that when I die will be reborn in paradise and all that I've killed will become my slips. When he went out is Jim would alter his appearance as best he could witness descriptions vary in hair-color in length, maybe because he had his famous locks tied back or under a net or a wig zodiac sketches include glasses. But this was the help preserve his image as fame rose, more tellingly testimony puts zodiacs height at around five ten and Jim was five eleven weight estimates for zodiac ranged from one hundred eighty pounds, two hundred pounds GM was one hundred eighty more what he was drinking heavily which is more often than not. But the clue that always tied Jim in the zodiac together, the one we can now, fully appreciate was his dad, the Rear Admiral and there's a wing Walker boots. The big ten and a half the ones that left the boot prints that were found at several the murder scenes and the lead investigators suspect that the zodiac had a military background the zodiac didn't what his dad did, and the boots were the last thing. Connecting James Morrison. Aka Jim Morrison aka the zodiac killer from his old life to his new one. He was a killer, just like dear old, dad. Jim Morrison's father, George have been the military commander at the Gulf Tonkin shady, nineteen sixty four false flag operation by the US government to justify escalating, the Vietnam war. Yes, Jim Morrison's dad basically started the Vietnam war. This is a fact, look it up, and it was a fact that drove Jim crazy. He literally sold his soul for his art. But even when it came to spilling blood, he was stuck in his father's shadow. His news Odia persona could never approached that body count, but he could try. How did he manage this double life was easier than you'd think when you're a notoriously unreliable rockstar, nobody questions it? When you disappear for a couple days between gigs one hand washes see other, let's lay out the timeline in December, sixty eight the doors played a local show at the forum and then. Afterward. Jim was on his own with no gigs for two weeks. That's opportunity, the bandits started recording their next album soft parade and the sessions when are going, well Jim needed a fix that's motive one week later. The lake Herman road murders happened with the killing of any may Jackson and William holiday. Then on July first nineteen sixty nine the doors returned to California from a stint in Mexico City for too much needed days off the excruciating half million dollar eight month. Production of soft parade was finally wrapped in Jim had a break, and he needed it, because he was an insecure wreck. He had no idea the album was good or not in feared like most sensitive, artists that the critics would tear them apart. So Jim needed something soothing again, before the coming release and nothing soothe him more or gave him more satisfaction, or sense of purpose than killing than adding to his soul Bank. So after the recording soft parade was. Motivated to kill it with time off. He had the opportunity to go out and quenches blood thirst which led to the murder. Diane Maron on July fourth nineteen sixty nine and blue rock springs after this, the zodiac place, the phone call to the cops another classic element of the serial killer profile desire to get caught in that recording. When played now the cadence of the voice, the thinly-veiled hidden speech, pattern sounds a lot like the spoken word poetry of one, Jim Morrison on his album of poems in American prayer. And with that phone call a line was crossed the zodiac the serial killer inside Jim was done watching, Jim Morrison the rockstar inside gym. Get the credit. The zodiac was more than that a poet, a soul, shepherd a killer killer, and as far as he was concerned, Jim Morrison, the rockstar was a phony, a charlatan, whatever he was Jim was lost in a never ending identity crisis. It was coming to a boiling. In this body wasn't big enough for the both of them. The killer woke before dawn, he put his boots on. He took a face from the ancient gallery, he walked on down the hall. At a show in Boston, JIMBO wax poetic with the crowd. Hey, listen. Listen, listen. Listen, man. Listen, I don't know how many of you people believe in the strategy. Yeah. That's right. That's right. Misogyny. The most philosophical of all these. But anyway, I don't believe. I think it's bullshit. So. But I'll tell you this. I'll tell you this. I don't know what's going to happen. But I wanna have my kicks before the whole shit was up. All right. All right. In the fall of nineteen sixty nine the doors were deciding that high eighties ironically, for the sake of gyms health during that zodiac notched two more attacks in under a month by FARs flashy store for the first she dressed in a hood with zodiac simple, then hog tied and stabbed a couple on a picnic Moustapha, perhaps, for his first time, Georgia Melinda, and the hood was needed now because Jim's face was just too famous for the second attack. He blew the brains out of a cabbie, Presidio heights, tore off the deadman's shirttails nailed them, the chronicles, six souvenir, fame horror that he was. Bold murders, preceded the reporting the doors out Morrison hotel, but just a few weeks, Jim knew he needed to fill the solving soul kitchen before the grueling studio sessions start in inevitably end with Jim once again landing face down, the critics den of soul crushing jackals ever since Morrison hotel came out. However, it was the zodiac in not Jim who became all talk. No action. Sure, jeez. The squares through the cryptograms lay out on the newspapers with threats of blowing up buses and attacking children. But he never did Jim even leaked a little more zodiac news lyrics blood stains. The roof in the palm trees, Venice blood, my love in the terrible summer. But it was clear. The magic was fading in the art was winning. Now as Jim's chance to free himself, this demon zodiac once and for all. Of gyms many, friends, and lovers, the only one he trusted with Pamela Courson. She had been the first to suggest you should quit the doors get away focus on this poetry. In other words, get into something real some semblance of a real life beyond the man this being a rockstar serial killer. Jim didn't tell Pam use. Zodiac. Of course, he didn't have to even without knowing the truth. It was obvious the PAM's it was to everyone else. Jim needed help the two made plans to limit France, and it was escape from the madness of rock and roll. And it was the escape from the mandates of murder. But before splitting, Jim reunited with Ray Robbie John record the album, Pele woman. They must have known this was the band's last raw even if they didn't say. When the album was done Jim soon Paris. It had it with the stress of all this crisis of identity was the killer or poet, the music murders. It was all too much. No more souls to claim. He claimed enough only soul left up for grabs his own. The official take Jim Morrison died in a Paris. Bathtub on July third, nineteen seventy-one, but there's a lot that officials in the public never knew. In fact, what Jim was really doing that bath was an exorcist. Paris was a last ditch attempt to save him from his demons literally, cafes accordions all the cliches since Pam could know the extent of his depravity, even in Paris. He had a play cool and way he drink less wrote more poems chill. But all the while zodiac was screaming out from inside threatening burst through Jim and grab the world by shoulders. Violently shake it into an early grave, it's no coincidence, the finals Odia letter received during the killers active period reached the chronicle mill room around the same time, Jim Morrison fled the United States. It was the last gasp. After months night, finally came Jim saw has chance to exorcise demons escape the madness of living as a serial killer, get himself, whatever that was James. He assumed back. Pam would be friends. Jim can do one last cult ritual. On the stirred, he would submerge himself on the cloth with bathtub a sensory, deprivation tank, give fully under the surface chant and entire original, Jim Morrison spell with drowning. Didn't it was dangerous stuck for exercises on yourself? But Jim didn't see it that way. He didn't want to be zodiac. So we decided he wasn't. He made a deal with the devil long ago for his fame, but he had always felt like a fraud because of it he was in a rockstar. He was a poet all those crimes, and there was someone else entirely a split personality. So it wasn't exercising himself. He was casting out. It think monster a killer on the road, his brain is squirming like a toad, take a long holiday. Let children play if you give this Minna ride sweet family will die killer on the road. Jim posed his is slipped under water. He's saying forcefully, not that the water in flood his face. Softly enough that he'd have breath lyrics girl. You gotta love you, man. Take by the hand and make them understand the world on your depends. He wished pan was there with now but he hadn't shared this with her. It would have been too cruel, and it was too late. Riders in the storm to this house, reborn into this world. We're thrown a dog without a bone, an actor on alone riders on the storm. Actor out on loan and the loan. Kim do. No more performance just the final judgment. Wake of time. Who the fuck aria Jim Morrison? That was for him to know for the rest of us to just find out now in Paris, you broke on through to the other side. One last time in a trance passed out submerged Mr. module rise in went under the lizard, king. Shed is skin, the bathwater slipstreamed into his nostrils them's lungs and just like that he was gone. Within hours. Pam found the body. No autopsy was performed some old timers like think he faked that he slipped. The bonds of fame wandered the earth like king, but someone died in that tub. The question is, who was it, Jim Morrison was it the zodiac freeing, the real men, leaving the real Jim Morrison wander on? After the mysterious events of his death, perhaps, as rebirth Jim Morrison would have been surprised to learn how popular music and words remain throughout the years and he'd like the also be fascinated that some crazy bullshitter with a podcast would someday cues them of being the fucking zodiac killer, as April Fools joke, which, of course, is what yours truly just did. So for the real, Jim Morrison and happy April Fool's day. I'm Jay Brennan. In this just disgrace. So we always had a little fun here with this one. Thank you for hanging in there with me, in don't worry a real episode of disgrace land is coming your way tomorrow as planned with episode number twenty nine on IT. Tina Turner, this episode disgrace land. It's musical score and theme song were written by me. Jake Brennan disgraced mixed. And engineered by Sean ca Halen additional music, score elements by Ryan spreaker mixed doctoring by Pat, the Senzo pronounced. Bryce cancer helped out with our godfather, inspired baptism. Q are admirably written and recorded by e Kennedy, this episode was Coleridge by Taylor buttons edited by Pat Healy, this Graceland is produced by myself for double Elvis media in partnership with iheart radio sources for this survey on my website as are the sources for all episodes. That's WWW dot disgrace land pod dot com. That's we can find all info on disgrace land, including all. T shirts yells pins posters, stickers, patches, and more over the website and being on that merge. But if you'd like to win a free poster head over to apple podcasts and leave a review for disgrace land jump on social media review. Disgraced with the hashtag described to pick a couple reviewers to hook up with a free signed by needless, Graceland poster designed by artist Nate Gonzales, that's making. 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