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Thank you for listening to this. podcast one sports net production available on apple podcast and podcast one. Everybody's got A to do list. Drop off the dry cleaning pick-up some milk. Here's an idea. Let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance to that list and the good thing is you don't have to drop off or pick up anything. All you have to do is go to GEICO DOT COM and in fifteen minutes you could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance extra money in your pocket. Of course this may be the most rewarding warning to do you do today all right everybody. Welcome to this edition of the rich Eisen show or live from Los Angeles California from the. At and T. Studios Studios thrilled to be here with you. On your humble host on a very special day for a ton of football individuals and family only members and people have been waiting for this day for quite some time and A Big Day for my friends at Good Morning Football. I couldn't couldn't be more excited for this program when we first came on the air on. NFL Network in In two thousand and three in. NFL total axis was our first show and and and And for years a lot of us were wondering when there was gonna be another tent pole programming good morning. Football has become that and it was a big. I'm Dave for that show. As they announced they were the home of for the announcement of thirteen more individuals. That are making up the centennial class of of the two thousand and twenty pro football hall of Fame Twenty Large Fifteen of them have already been announced to was this weekend. We had bill cowher on this show yesterday to to discuss his induction his announcement. Jimmy Johnson was next then. There were thirteen name today. And they'll be five more named in the Voted in any any conventional manner by the usual list of selectors Those five men will be announced the night of NFL honors completing waiting list of twenty. And Look we all have our soft spot for people who rooted for we grew up loving and and in my case somebody very special. I'm GONNA get emotional. I do this a lot. Not but my life professional life since leaving. ESPN in two thousand. Three wouldn't wouldn't be what it was obviously without. NFL Network and NFL network would not have existed Without to the people who who got in today one of whom is Paul Tagliabue he was the commissioner at the time WHO I've never really had an in depth conversation with him about what arms he had to twist to have each thirty two members of the National Football League cough up a nice chunk of change to help launch our network but the other gentleman. That's on the screen with the photograph with Paul Tagliabue's right now. Now the fact that he's in the pro football hall of fame you know is is really emotional for me. Because he's no longer with us and he's one of the sweetest guys I've ever met and He Steve Sable be longtime NFL films administrator and President and son of the founder. Ed Who's already the in the hall of fame and you hear when people get named into the hall of fame from time to time. Hey how is that guy not already in. Are you telling me that person's is not already in Steve. Sable was not in and He was suffering from the cancer took took him from us when his dad was going in and thankfully he was he was still with us when it went and he was there for that day and he had her now looking down down today with their long lens and dumb. I speak for a ton of people who work in the NFL and work work at NFL films and certainly NFL network. And say way to go Steve Sable that is your best shot right there so so awesome so many of us have grown up and love this sport because of that spinning football that comes right at us and of course is the Voice of God and John for Senator Who Steve Once told me now takes he had. He told me he wants out. Takes cursing up a storm. You imagine that voice dropping bombs. Yes he route up some of his takes you know and I do that a lot too. Here's your human. But Steve. I'm like can I ever hear that nope but but that's why. Nfl Films is so successful. As it has been is the trust level. The trust level that coaches his and players gave to sables because they earned it and all of us as fans have been rewarded by getting a glimpse as to what goes on behind the scenes because these players and coaches are miked up. Steve Once told me a story about how George Allen could be seen running into halftime at the RFK ripping his mike off because he was so superstitious. He'd never really worn a Mike for big game and he rip the mic off because his team was down and he blamed it on on. NFL films. They were down at halftime. And I could go on and on with with all these stories but to add the music and the pageantry and the love of films to the National Football League all of us we are so thankful. Couldn't be more thrilled about this really. I'm over the moon about all of that And we'll talk about it later on John. Maher is GONNA join us on the program. He's the corner of the New York. The football giants his dad's nicknames on football the Duke Wellington Marriage going into a longtime general manager of the Baltimore Colts and the dolphins who then was the architect checked the parcells era Bella Check Era Lawrence Taylor era of the New York giants. He got into the pro football football hall of fame today to and obviously there's lots of talk about contemporary with John Having hired a new head coach Joe Judge and he's on the competition committee. So that'll be later on on this show. also interesting. I'm looking at this list. Here Jimbo covert how about that of of the bears of those you no Toronto tremendous all-time great bears teams. I think Richard Dent was the last one to go in from team. Potentially just off. I think you're right but now Jimbo Jimbo. Covert from that line Winston Hill longtime jet. He won with Protected Nemeth he's in the hall of fame congrats to the eagles fans out. There loved Harold Carmichael for all those years. He's in the hall of fame. Interesting Name Year Alex Karras. This is in the hall of fame. Now he got suspended one year for gambling you admittedly bet on. NFL Games. And they he and Paul Horn and got the gate. You remember that back in the sixties right fans might know Alex Karras not just for his football player but also he played Mongo in blazing Saddles and was the dad of Of Webster for all those years on television but Alex Karras in the hall of fame which I I think you could knock him over with a feather. If you told the nineteen sixties version of Alex Karras he would wind up in Canton Ohio one day and the pro football hall of fame he he. He wore that suspension. Not You know not as a as a scar in a way I mean. It's the fame story goes when he came back in the League went out for the coin. Toss US and ref says two heads or tails and he says. I can't tell you because I'm not supposed to gamble. That's the story goes without scars very good. Good Yeah Donnie. Shell the steelers the tenth member of that tremendous steel curtain defense going in of era. Obviously not just the defense cliff Harris. Going in a safety Bob Dylan added as a safety and then some old schoolers that you may not know edge. sprinkle Max speedy. And Hey everybody duke slater of your Milwaukee Badgers Rock island independents in Chicago Cardinals. Going and I'll just say this because some people to make it. I don't know how Roger Craig didn't make it again. We just saw Christian. McCaffrey do something this year. That only two other guys have done. One thousand thousand thousand rushing yards receiving yards Marshall First Ballot Hall of Famer. Did it Christian. McCaffrey just did it. In the only other guys Roger Craig. I don't know what this guy's got to do to get in Jiu Pearson's all kind of pissed off right. The club is not very happy videos on twitter. Man Not good and How does Tom Floor is not make it I? I just don't know what this guy's gotta do. This gotTa do to get in the pro football fan and and this particular time I think is an the unkindest cut for a lot of these guys because this is the time where they say. Hey we're opening it up for ten of you ten of you players waiting for a long time. We're open it up for you just this one time outside side of the usual time. We're only two of you. Get in from the Veterans Committee every other year. Give you a shot ten of you and this year they still don't don't make it. It's particularly unkind. And you know I. It's tough to say. I have no idea whether Duke slater deserve it and there may be a handful of the slater's that are out there. There were popping champagne corks for GRANDPA or great GRANDPA and and you might deserve it. I don't know I don't know how you can measure. I guess that's why they have. People like ballot check on there about whether somebody who last played in Nineteen thirty-one deserves it. But to me I'll say it just to come full circle why I'm all teary eyed about Steve. Sable he's not here he's not here to enjoy it. You know I again. I'm a little emotional to there's The the ringer put out a An oral history of Stuart Scott Scott. Speaking of a bunch of people against Stewart passed away five years ago earlier this month re what. Let's let's celebrate the people while they're above ground. Can we do that. And shouldn't there be some form of consideration for that. I understand we have tip our cap to history. I get it. Ken Stabler waited forever. He passes away and then the next year. He's inducted I did it. It's sad but I guess we celebrate the announcement in they'll be five more and they'll be ten other guys who get Who get to have to wait another year or how about? However there's fifteen players in this list that are going to be weeded down by two thirds so that'll be happening on a couple of weeks at the At the Super Bowl So Daniel Jeremiah is going to call a couple couple minutes. It'd be talking about the here. And now Joe Borough essentially wrote his ticket to the first name read out in Las Vegas Nevada. Where imagining chase young is next? Does that mean the lions basically have the golden ticket for anybody wants to. Anybody wants Justin. Herbert I think so. Open for business and who else is DJ. See that has if you will flashed cashed. WE'RE GONNA put in perspective everything we just saw in the bowl season in literally. Two minutes time Dj's at the East Sweat Shrine game. He's going to be calling in seeing all these guys and I also WanNa talk to him about the retirement of keithly that happened last night. H Twenty eight crazy. It's a IT'S A. It's a very very brutal game of football and Somebody of Leuke mcleese stature and class and determination has decided at age. Twenty eight to use the phrase of the day is going to take care of his medals so He made that decision. We'll talk to dangle Jeremiah. About all of that Dan Shaughnessy will join us from the Boston in Globe. Red Sox didn't wait to hear what Major League Baseball is going to say about Joey Cora they determined as the ownership put out in a statement. Yesterday they agreed. Read the pardon me Alex Cora Joey Yeah I'm pardon me They decided that Alex could not effectively lead the team. Based on everything. That's come out and core. I guess agreed. Even though I don't know they gave him. They gave him the respect of him. Saying I agree. And to put a statement out mutually part ways ways but there is no mutual. What are the Red Sox can do? What does all this mean and at some point we're going to find out what the Red Sox actually did in two thousand eighteen that caused them to preemptively? Make this maneuver. Unless it's all based on what we saw from the commissioners. Yeah he was all over the right. So Dan Shaughnessy is GonNa join us there and we might ask him a question youtube out. Tom Brady maybe why not and then. The Comedian Rob Hugo will be here in studio radio will take a nice break From all the I Guess Hardcore Sports Talk Although this guy is he's a Clemson alum so that must have been tough. Watch Monday night for him He's got a new net flicks show called medical police out. Very Funny Guy Rob Hubel. He Ian riddler tight. I think they go back to the The daily show days when Rob Rob was segment producer on the daily show. Baby here's a that was a deep roster irs correspondents who are all over the map these days man. What's our poll question over there Chris? Okay so We as we know the provable. The hall of fame announced their centennial class. This morning we'll just rock and roll hall of fame announced their class as well today. They do it on. Good Morning. Rock rock and roll is their show. Good Morning Rock and roll made there should be on the walking on MTV or something like that although MTV's not about rock and roll anymore it's been a long shot. It's not about about music. I don't think so. Here's who we got. We got winning Houston. Nine inch nails the notorious B I g t rex doobie Brothers and depeche mode getting inducted grads to all of them grads to them. None of your your high. They don't know. Oh Man. I am just an emotional state. Eight to them what it is. Maybe it's too much coffee. I have no idea all right. So let's do this. Which Hall of fame would you rather be inducted? The Pro Football Hall of fame or the Rock can roll hall of fame. Average has shown twitter. Vote Right now. Wouldn't you say the. Is there a bus. Do you get a bus going into the rock and roll. I won't one time and so two I don't see I don't remember around. What do they have this like? Is it a photograph of somebody's fifteen years ago. I don't remember all right. Well micro now. And he's conveniently not mark or hold on a minute Mike Delta sorry Jason. We're glad to have you in Mike seat. You could play the role of del Tufo and professed to now. I know you're very good. It's the seat it's up there. Of course I know tomorrow until you well done very good. All right. We're GONNA come back Daniel Jeremiah. Your phone calls at eight four four two four rich you answer. The poll question went to help us out. If you've never been to the rock and roll fame. Every time I go to Cleveland. I was either covering an Indians game or a browns game goes straight to straighten out Daniel Daniel Jeremiah. Next on the rich Eisen show. Don't go anywhere. It's the greatest time of the year in sports. Nfl College football MLB NBA NHL. So what else can a sports fan as for. All the action you want is every day at one place and one place only bet online dot. Ag Sign up today for a free account at Eh Online Dot AG. Use Promo Code podcast one hundred fifty percent. Welcome bonus don't sit on the sidelines anymore. Get in on all this incredible action bet online dot. Ag That's Bet online dot ag your online sportsbook experts. Welcome back to the rich Eisen. Show everybody he is my compadres that soon be spending an absurd amount of time with because he sits next to me at the combine and then he will sit at the end of the set for me in Las Vegas Nevada for the National Football League. Draft we're going to have him on as much as he is willing to call into the show between now and that time because he is seen at Tanah tape and he is awesome at his job and he's a great human to boot. He's my buddy Daniel Jeremiah. Here on the rich Eisen show. How are you a DJ? I'm doing great rich. I'm I'm in-between practices at the East West. I've got I've got the training a little tape done on. Jacob Easson the quarterback from Washington brand. I've got my mock draft one point. Oh on the computer to my left is. I'm trying to throw that slop king. Now Daniel let's go. What do we got? What do we have what we got? We can't give away the we can't give away the the capital here. We've got this things. Come on what into into probably posted early next week. Dj One and two are in bold. You could actually take us sharpie and write it on your your computer screen and just leave it there for the next three months right. Come on now right on the that is A. That's a fair point I can I will. I will have those one to from here till the to the finish line. I usually the most years I try and ride the same horse number one all the way through just to see you know how it works out some years. You know I think myles Garrett was easy Jameis Winston. I think was another another one where it's start to finish. Just Kinda wrote it. All the way through FRI- I don't know that I've ever had it where I've had one and two. I guess maybe you know what the Goff and Wentz year pretty early on. You knew those were the top two picks after those traits used. It know who was going to go. I that's correct And Winston is the last player to have Gone Ahead Ed and won a national championship in an undefeated campaign win a heisman and then be the first overall selection in a draft as we expect Vaxjo borough to be. There's no chance right that the Bengals don't take borrow or swap the pick out right DJ Well there's no oh chance. They swapped pick out because they don't believe in trading like that's that's just not in their DNA new not like drape they like to use the pick that was given to them by the commissioner whether it's one or thirty one or thirty two whatever they get. They're going to use that pick so I I don't see them trading and then you know I I look Mike. Brown isn't talked to a lot of people. So he's the one who makes that decision and You know let's he's he's got something else in mind if they do have something else in mind. It won't get out you talk about organization where there will be no leaks. There will be no leaks there. It's a very tight circle But conventional wisdom and everybody around the League expects that to be Joe Borough one and then Washington man. I've talk to. I've got a lot of friends. Different teams in the in the NFC East and man. They're they're saying. This can be a quick turnaround in Washington. When you've got shares is young and Montas sweat coming off the edges Pain inside and they've got three other defensive tackles that are really good that's got a chance to be dominant front. It to me is a blueprint candidate. The forty niners upset for them and then so Daniel Jeremiah here in the rich Eisen show when when we heard about out Again Chase young coming out that day that we heard Jason coming out and I'm like okay. Now you got you got your to to me. The Detroit Lions Sir sitting in the catbird seat. Because we'RE ASSUMING STAFFORD'S GONNA be coming back and looking like the Stafford pre back injury this year and he was having a dynamite campaign campaign so the lions can sit back and say who wants to write who who wants to and raise their hands assuming that again everything is fine line with two of that. The lions are kind of the domino the first domino in the twenty twenty draft that we're going to be focusing on from here all the way through to opening night. What do you you say to that Sir? Yeah we'll be in Vegas but the draft starts in Detroit so that to me is where the where the fun really begins and You know I look. I think they need to find out. Stafford is going to be fully healthy going forward. If you're asking me what I would do I'm sticking with Stafford on auctioning that pick and I'm I'm I don't WanNa fall further within the seventh pick. But you've got Miami six or Miami Five chargers six Carolina seven who are all quarterback teams And so you can get a big big hall without having to do what some other teams have had to do and drop all the way out of the top ten. You're still in a great position to get somebody like Jeffrey Okuda From Ohio state who comes in and helps your secondary and a boatload of other pics but I think they at least have to investigate and say you know. Look if you love to and you think you could auction off Matthew Stafford and get a king's ransom for him. He's older. He costs more money. You get to on the cheap and a bunch of picks you could kind of start. He kind of a new era there in Detroit so I don't think that's what they'll do. I don't I think that's what they should do. But that's something they still have to discuss. Why do you say panthers or a quarterback needy team? I mean Matt Rule and Joe Brady Cam doesn't work their fees if his his foots all good. What do you think Dj? I think a lot of times rich when you have when you have. The new coaches come in and new personnel. I think they'll hire a GM after drafts over but it's a new era new owner A lot of times the quarterback gets swept up in that. And I think if you look at if you watched Lsu if you you watch the saints right. That's where Joe Brady came from. And that's the offense they ran Lsu. I did not think cameras a precision passer. I did not think he's in great fit in that system uh-huh okay. This is interesting. Borrow best quarterback season you've ever seen gay. I kept waiting for a bad game rich eighteen. It never happened I've never seen. Yeah to me sixty touchdowns I mean. I don't know how I mean. How do you argue against it? I've never seen anything like that. It's here here's the fascination and there are some people in and scout can be hard headed rich and he does not have a huge arm and that's the knock on them. That's that's if you're GONNA try and pick them apart. That's the only thing you can do and I really gave a lot of thought this and I put a huge. He's all the way up there. It's going to be chased young number one on my aboard and borough be number two But rich when you think about this the history of the NFL the all time leading passer right drew brees would would he win any Radar gun contests with an arm strength. No the all time leading rusher emmitt Smith would. He won a forty yard dash contests with a lot of running back during his day. While you're asking the wrong guy about the forty but I think I get your point. Yes you and then. WHO's the all time leading? Receiver was the height weight speed guy. You're no Sir Sir. He's the greatest to ever do it in terms of production in the NFL so to get hung up on not having upper-echelon top tier arm strength. I think is just silly. Yeah I mean Brady. We had the the measurable says we know from the COMBI. Didn't read off the charts. Either you know so. Can I give you a guest. Can I give you a guest recommendation for the rich. Eisen show goforth Daniel Jeremiah. Yeah you need to have Kevin you need to have Kevin Falk on okay all right. I haven't focused at Lsu. Kevin Falk has told every scalp roles through their job. Brady is Tom Brady. Nobody would know better than him. so He's been around both guys he'd be a great person to talk. Joe Borrow. Is Tom Brady. You're basically sets David. Falk is telling people well he would know. Obviously since he's seen both up close and Personal Daniel Jeremiah. Here on the rich Eisen show who's flashed. Who who have you because I mean it's amazing? I'm in the middle of like a bowl game. That all of America's watching in tweeting about and then you just throw something up there like the boy this kid just. I've just watched some tape while watching this game. It's just like your like apropos of nothing. Skaters really terrific and should be flashing the combine and and then the draft. So who whoo Hoo. Hoo Hoo you spotlighting right. Now we're not talking about. I'll tell you what here this time of year is fun for me because You know I try not to read too much of what all the while. The other draft Knicks are thrown out. There I do you know like to get my own opinion on these guys and so it's interesting sometimes though to take temperature and kind of see some people that aren't getting a Lotta run and I watch him and I'm like what am I missing here. This guy's a freak There is an offensive tackle at Louisville named MCI Becton. Who is you know six? He's he's enormous rich. He's six seven three hundred sixty three hundred seventy pounds. I'll text you video of him Dunkin in in high school you could see how much of a freak this guy is. But he's guys like that. Don't come around very often man. He's GonNa be a top ten pick. He's a big time big time player. So you're going left. Tackle a lot of everybody. I'm saying WHO's flashing you. Big Time left. Tackle for this draft How about that? y'All come up often. You'll snippet of him of him getting off of foreign dunking basketball at three hundred and sixty pounds and see what you think. Okay How to Keith? Lease retirement hit the scouting community. And everybody else evaluators at East West Shrine Daniel You know surprise. I think you know it's I was bumped because I I Dan Morgan little bit. Dan Morgan secret guy was a great claire there and then Is really one of the up and coming personnel guys working with the Buffalo Bills and I talked to them before. This happened so afternoon practice today. I might go trying right ben his ear little bit and see what he thinks about that but we have seen now rich a a good number of hall of fame caliber players Decide before the age of thirty or around at that time to To shut it down and I think those decisions are personal but I know one thing. That's are we going to have to change a little bit of the criteria the expectation Asian on the hall of fame thing. I mean you don't have to play twelve years. Thirteen years to be a hall of Famer this. This guy was as good as anybody in his position for a very long time. Eight years probably how long he played. Well yeah he he. He played one year longer than lock. You know what I mean and and I think that's what you're driving at here. Is that the NFL one hundred campaign began with the luck retirement. Bu- uh-huh where we weren't. We weren't thinking about that. He clearly was although his issues. Were not conclusive like clearly keith. Lease was because I mean the the the night where we were on Thursday night football And he got his bell rung so badly and he's crying hysterically leaving the field and we learn. It's not him crying hysterically because he he realized yet another concussion. It might be it just that you can't control your emotions many times when you have been concussed as many times as he was and it was so jarring and it was so frightening Daniel that maybe we do have to start considering that sort of stuff and I'm wondering how that would work You you are boots on the ground right in the middle of of what we would call the culture of the NFL. So what do you think. I think you're GONNA see more of it and I I oh I don't you know look I I think he's you get a chance to have a major impact on the game you know. He went to a super bowl You know all these all pro's pro bowls and then he's got he's got plenty of money and they just said that's enough and and I think look I'm not a doctor I can't get into the long term you know Situation there with concussions in cousins and all that I I I just think that that's A. It's a personal decision but I think you're GonNa see it happening more and more and as a you know from a personnel side standpoint the way I would look at the people look at it. You can't assume any longer that you're going to have these guys for you know fourteen fifteen years you just. It's changing and I don't I don't think it's a bad that thing rich. I think they they gave tremendous amount to this game. The game gave a tremendous amount to them and they decide to move on. I I go back to when we were talking about him. I was with the Philadelphia Eagles during that draft. And I just pulled it up. 'cause I WANNA make sure that I was right on this but we thought we thought there might have been like an error in the computer system because we had all of his production rich three years at Boston College. One hundred fifty eight tackles one hundred. Eighty three tackles two hundred. Ninety one tackles. I mean this guy I mean not just in the NFL. He was then on every plane. College that's a lot of contact. Sure as Daniel Jeremiah. Here on the rich Eisen show Another sensitive subject. I want to ask you about Although this is is not health it involves the chargers for whom you've been calling radio Two years now with With Money Smith so The quarterback and what they do at that position and the possibility that Brady could come here. There's a lot of moving parts here. Lada spinning plates. That might have to be winding up on on a certain spot for that to happen. how likely do you think this is happening for the Los Angeles chargers they open up a new building in need to put fannies. He's into seats. Dj Yeah I mean I think fuck it not with any inside information but it just kind of at felt almost like the you know the kind of end of chapter there with with Philip rivers and we'll see what happens with him but if you just Kinda my gut my gut would say and I wouldn't have said this even a two months ago. I said you probably still come back with Philip and I can make the case. That's maybe the smart thing for one more year. But can't envision a scenario where were you tyrod is your one and only going into the new building and I can't imagine you let Philip go unless you could bring in somebody that's got a little juice and that would either have to be somebody like two and the draft or you're talking about the ultimate juice there with with Michigan man and Tom Brady so that to me. Seems like the three options you have. It's Philip Rivers I. It's to a more. It's Tom I mean. That sounds like the name of an album. This is tom well. There's Herbert's Justin Justin. Herbert do you think that would be channel title. I don't I don't I know a lot of people have talked about that. I've done a lot of work a lot. More work on him in the last couple of days I don't I don't really view him as a top ten pick rich. I know he's big and strong and all that I just to me. That's a little early for me so I couldn't endorse that. If I if I was in the chargers situation Daniel Jeremiah. Here the rich Eisen show and then lastly The early favorite for deepest position in the draft would be which wide receiver. Oh my gosh. Rich wants to come in. You remember the year. Remember we had Odell and Jarvis and Mike Evans and all those guys right. This is going to be just like like that. It is unbelievable and that even with a couple of these guys going back to school But when we get a chance to combine and we get to see you're gonna see you know rugs is gonNA run in the four twos. Who's this you know camera? I don't know if you've seen him from Penn state when you're watching them he's gonNA run potentially in the four twos You know CD lamb. I think is the best one. Jerry Judy's is right there with them You got a kid I U- era Zona State. Pittman there at. USC is a great player minute as long long list of receivers and if you look a championship weekend you've got Aj Brown okay. You also obviously have a Har de que metcalf would have been but he had a terrific season Hartman Hartman. Hardman had a big return for Kansas City. Also showed up dressed like yellow cool jaycees. Got The swag going on and Lebeau. Deebo Samuel what. He's been unable to add in the second half a season for the forty niners has been particularly significant. I guess the the The the packers the only one that don't come in with a shiny rookie wide receiving Object into into this weekend. Dj Yeah. That's a great point and these guys what we've seen is in the past. It used to be you know you never gonNA see rookie receivers receivers right very often. See them have a big time impact because of the adjustment. But now as you're seeing the Saturday game blend in the Sunday game and figuring out ways to get these guys the ball it bubble screens and fly sweeps and quick hitters and and over the top. All the they've found a way to get a lot of these kids right away and we're going to see it in my my opinion one of the best groups we've ever seen in this upcoming class. Dj thanks for the time appreciate it. Also the update on on the top nineteen on the list For programs appreciated that that update you gave me on on twitter. I'm late painless. Climate bring me over a welcoming. President has a new neighbor in the top twenty five. Yeah You know what like I said Michigan's eighteen APP state nineteen. Just keep it down next door. That's all we don't want to hear from you okay. I just thought Charles at the practice this morning. I don't have to listen to others receiving votes. I don't believe on that program tell tell. Dj Gotcha that. Tell them that will you please tell him. I said Hi will. Thanks to the tiny and you'll see on NFL network and the coverage of everything that's going to be going down from East West Shrine this weekend that's on NFL Network all through the draft on NFL network. Love that Guy Right there man. That's there was a if you remember the draft. It was a a few years ago in Chicago. Okay there was a the first Non American drafted after the first European drafted into the German guys. Name was Maurits Bolinger. Okay and like He. He tried out at a an event in Florida because he found the NFL on Youtube. Right in Germany obviously there have been players from origins around the United St around the world that have been drafted after but this guy was born and played. His football. Outside of America didn't play at a university didn't do any of that and so he was drafted and it was a big moment when he got drafted and we had him on the set and it was really moving for the kid and for the NFL the NFL had all sorts sorts of executives. That were on our set that were beaming beaming that somebody from Germany just got drafted in the NFL because it gave credence to what they have been laying groundwork for to plant seeds to make this an international game. And so we're on the set and it was moving for the kid moving for everybody and I thanked him at which point win. You'll Jeremiah said so. The score is now currently Germany Germany. One Tennessee nothing in the NFL draft and we all looked at him like. Are you using using this moment to troll on Charles Davis and Tennessee on live television. Wow was yes he was doing. That was all right. We'll check on our poll question. I got a great sable story to pass along to you too. Because he got into the pro. Football Hall of fame The comedian Rob Huber will be here here in studio at the top of the next hours diehard Clemson Guy John Mero the CO owner of the giants to talk more about the pro football hall of fame and Dan Shaughnessy on what's going on at the baseball scandal. Certainly certainly in Boston. That's all still to come on the rich Eisen show. Hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting this podcast certainly couldn't do this show without either of you. I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast. One DOT COM clicking on the support this podcast cast button and there. You'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible. So thank you for downloading grabbing of course supporting now back to the show. Check it on. The poll question brought you capital in which is reimagined banking by offering savings and checking accounts with no fees are minimums in one nation's best savings rates capital one. What's in your Wallet Chris where we have over there? I results in both the pro. Football Hall of fame and rock and Roll Hall of fame announced him inductees. Which would you rather be inducted twenty-eight percent rock and Roll Hall of fame seventy two percent pro football I mean it's more exclusive? The pro football hall of fame agreed. The building is not made by. I M Pei at the pro football hall things right next to I. Seventy seven hundred totally understand brock's role by zoom by the place. Where you know Earl Campbell has but his bust says this yes? The stones are still touring. And they're in their seventies. So that's what I'm saying and like you know Joe Gibbs was I think for Joe Gibbs him. Paul Brown were the only ones to coach after being which is why it took so long for parcels to get in as I thanks. Are we done now bill. Because if we're done then we can put in and I'm still hoping Brett farve comes back prior to today's seven hundred nineteen inductees into the rock. I can roll hall of fame and there's different categories. I guess in the same way that there's different how many thousands upon thousands of musicians out there the pro football hall fame is the most exclusive of all pretty much or baseball. Is I think there's fewer baseball isn't there. I don't know I mean baseball. Sometimes like we're we're not inducting anybody this year you know. We'll we'll give you two now but too old school people. Come out to the meadow and COOPERSTOWN will give you a couple of Nice Day. This is one hundred year breaking news. Fifty plus guys on a roster and we're only at three hundred twenty eight right inductees eight four four two four riches. The number two Dow couldn't be more excited again. That Steve Sables. And I'll never forget the day where we're NFL network and again we launched NFL network. The first voice you hear I heard was Steve Sable because we started with the network came on the air. I wasn't me strolling out on. NFL total access. It started with a two minute Senate video that. NFL films put together sort of like a countdown from two minutes down to start the NFL network. And you still hear Steve Sables voice saying this is You're watching a I guess production of NFL Network on when Games on the Ninth Grade Games on the network or right before awesome right before NFL. One hundred shows was bothering is a presentation of the national. I'm walking in you. Know the the studios on the other side of the offices that NFL network in Culver City. And I guess we only have a year to go. I think we're moving into the new stadium soon at some point I duNno. I shouldn't say these things. I don't know the exact date but studios is on the other side of the offices. I go from total access studio to come back to the office and this is back when they were literally twenty-five employees of the NFL network and I- stroll in and who as I'm going back out to the studio who walks in but ed sable unannounced showed up. Yeah wanted to see what everything's everything's all about this all. NFL Network unannounced rich. Eisen Watch all the time sitting there in Arizona. I'm like that's great awesome. Anybody know you hear it now. Nobody knows I'm here. All Right Ed. Would you mind just taking a seat right here put them. I'm in the seat in the foyer of. NFL Network where people who would normally just come to drop stuff off messenger things. Whatever there's ED sable sitting there I go into the offices of our President Steve Bornstein and I go you know Steve? What's Richie boy am I steve? Are you aware Ed Sables here. And he might have used the get out of here. I'm like yeah and Steve took him the personally on a tour of the facility because again we would not have existed as twenty four seven three sixty five entity covering the NFL without the library of NFL films to fill out that amount of programming hours period and her story. So what you see today on. NFL Network were good morning. Football is announcing Steve Sables enshrinement into the pro football fame and watching arching currently the coverage of championship. Weekend Press Conference Palooza going on right. Now it's going on right now and we'll have all of that for you doesn't exist without sable doesn't and I would also say Tagliabue and my Buddy Steve Bornstein throw him in there too because without it. This doesn't exist so it's very personal for me. I will just never forget that moment and I'm trying to post on instagram and instagram's stories right now. Thirteen minute long interview. I conducted with Steve on January thirtieth. Two thousand four the first Super Bowl we covered in Houston way back when when. Tom Brady Ed only one championship about his second against the panthers now again. The Comedian Rob. You was about to come out here right now. He's in a new netflix series called medical police. That's available for streaming right now. Parody of international spy thrillers. Good stuff. He's coming out he's a Clemson fan but After that I wanNA talk an hour number two along with your news. Update Chris we just heard Daniel Jeremiah. Essentially say CAM's not a fit for what the panthers are bringing to the table with their new coaching staff. Did you catch that one dead okay. So where does cam wind up our two right here on the rich Eisen show. What's happening? Everybody this is the official Lakers podcast. I'm your host my trudell super pumped to be here flanked by Erin Lahr Sewell. You ready to go. I'm ready to hit. The Lakers will be a top ten defense French team. That has two stars or to supervise in this case of Lebron ad can sometimes cancers other outlets. I think they're both good candidates and I really like the way that this team just feels to be around. The IT'S A it's a very clear message lose its two stars and the navy and everybody else on board a relationship that is developing between those two off the court and on the cohesiveness on the court. I think in this case this is a special case then the two of them will enhance each other as opposed to taking away from each other. Be Sure to subscribe and Leave Review available on Apple podcasts and podcasts.

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