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Live from NPR news I'm Shay Stevens. President trump. has ordered a halt to negotiations on another round of Corona virus relief until after the election meanwhile, the tweet trump has also called for congressional deal on payroll protection for the airline industry were tens of thousands of jobs are being cut because of pandemic related losses. FACEBOOK has taken down a post from the president that falsely claimed covid nineteen is let us less deadly than the flu NPR Shannon Bond reports that the company says, the post broke its rules against harmful misinformation facebook says, you cannot make false claims about the severity of the pandemic. So the company removed the president's post which said in nineteen is far less lethal than the flu for most people. The president posted the same message on twitter, which placed it behind a warning label twitter says the tweet also violates its rules, but it said it would leave the. Post up because it's in the public's interest to see what the president has to say both facebook and twitter have been taking a firmer line against misinformation about covid nineteen. In August, they removed a video of the president claiming falsely that children are less susceptible to the virus shannon bond NPR News Joe Biden traveled to Gettysburg Pennsylvania Tuesday to continue his Co. for national healing. The Democratic presidential nominee suggested the site should remind people of the cost of one of the bloodiest battles for the nation's soul. We stand here today century and a half later after. Gettysburg. We should consider again what can happen? When equal justice is an IED? When anger and violence and division? Are Left. Unchecked Biden made no mention of president trump during his Pennsylvania trip. But he later suggests that the cancellation of their next debate next week if trump is still contagious with corona virus. Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey says he has evidence that the trump administration is impeding priority mail deliveries in his State for member station W. L. Vr in Bethlehem Tyler Pratt reports the allegations follow claims that the US postmaster general has not taken adequate steps to reverse the cutbacks imposed over the Summer Casey shared photos. He says, he received from Scranton postal workers concerned about a quote scheme. To Delay The mail we saw at least five tractor trailer loads of delayed mail. That's a lot of any contacts in any. Case Casey says to sorting machines were removed from the facility in August and that Postmaster General Louis Joy later promised to return them. The senator says he's received thousands of complaints about package delays that include prescription medications, and that raises concerns with an election looming when more than three million Pennsylvanians may cast ballots by mail a US Postal Service representative said they are aware of the delivery problems and plan to resolve them so Tyler. Pratt reporting. This is NPR. A grand jury has indicted the Saint, Louis couple who pointed weapons at protestors marching past their home last summer mark and Patricia mccloskey both attorneys argue that they were exercising their right to bear arms when they pointed a pistol and a right rifle at the crowd on their private street. The couples say they felt threatened after the marchers knocked over a gate and ignored no trespassing sign nine demonstrators were charged earlier with misdemeanor trespassing. Bars in Paris and its suburbs are closed for two weeks as the French government tries to slow the spread of the corona. Virus. NPR's eleanor beardsley reports at the restaurants remain open in the city but must take more precautions. Restaurants have to close by ten PM and diners must pay it their table and leave their names and telephone numbers for possible contact tracing Parisian. Airman thinks it would've made more sense to shut down the metro system than bars because for example, in the transport's, you got a lot of people in. Really, smooth space everyone is required to wear a mask in Paris public transport, and while walking in the street, people are overwhelmingly complying. One of the country's top specialist predicts that if France doesn't change the trajectory of the virus four, hundred people a day will be going into intensive care by November Eleanor Beardsley. NPR News Paris stocks tumbled on Wall Street Tuesday the Dow fell three hundred, seventy five points in after hours trading US futures are higher Asian. Stock markets are mixed. I'm Shay Stevens. This is NPR news.

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