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Hi this Zoe wrath and it's time. It's time for you to get over your fear of networking and get on with it because networking is your key to business success. And promised, we're going to make it fun. Welcome to the Zoe Ralph leadership podcast, you'll source of strategies and insights to make you a better leader influence improved inspire. Welcome back and. I have some sad news. You know one of the worst things about going overseas for so long is that we have to leave our beloved chickens Keiron neighbors. Well actually it's a pretty good thing because their neighbors are awesome and they look after our chickens super. Well, in fact, we got video cams while we're on holiday of the chickens getting fed peaches and ricotta. Yeah not sure that so good for chickens but they looked anyway they looked happy and fat and healthy. So. Whenever you look after someone's pets, the worst thing is if a pet dies while the owners away, right Well that happened. Before we left dragon the little took I mentioned on previous episodes who had gone through sour crop and nursed back to health and was looking good. Well. She didn't make it. She I think she just got too sick and she kept it while we're away and our poor neighbours had to deal with it. Luckily, we briefed them up beforehand. It didn't come as a total surprise but still. To Bury Our poor joke and I love dragon she was like, Uber, took she was a really fun little thing. So. In appreciation of everyone who's lost a pet. That's what we're going through. Anyway it's. It's good that we have pets they make us more lovable and loving I think. So a couple of announcements, edge of Leadership Conference continues to be filling I'm so excited about this event we've got so many great speakers it's going to be wonderful opportunity to really connect to make genuine. Network connections for you in business. An outside of your usual. Arena and I think that's really important thing. Talk a lot about that today about how to get your network edge on and you can start by coming to the conference. Just go to my site, Zoe wrath dot com, click on events and you get all the details there. I'd love to meet you there in person it's happening twentieth of March two, thousand seventeen. The other piece of news I have for you is Mike Second Book moments leadership when it matters most is now available as an e book and you can get it at Cobo ibooks and kindle. So he can just google it on any of those sites or if that's too hard, you can get the links at my website. So I rapped dot com click on books find book moments, and there's all the links to the UK's I'd love to hear what you think of the book. I love writing it. I think it's powerful piece of literature about how to really stand up and be seen and heard. which is one of the things that you need. If you're going to get on and develop your business edge is he needs to be seen and heard and valued. And this is the thing I find with a lot of my business executives is that The more senior, you are the more exposed you're. What do I mean by that? Is that because the more senior often you're more expensive and that's often when the places that big corporations look to save money is they look to the big salaries and go snip snip let's put a young gun in there instead of keeping the old dog around and that's what happened to my dad after twenty three years of service the HR. Cutting people came along and went. We can get along without him with his twenty three years worth of experience and they let him go with notice. It my heart breaks about it, but that's the them's the breaks and that's the reality of a lot of the large corporations. Is that the more senior? You are sometimes the less valuable you can be. If. You Happen to be working heartless organization like my dad did. So. This is you and you're very experienced. You are perhaps more vulnerable and the thing that you need to develop around. This is a solid network because those were the good network are a bit more immune to this kind of threat than those who are not isolated within their own business world. So. Developing a really good network, a robust one and extensive one diverse one is really really important and you may have heard this dash your network is your net worth and it is so true. It's so true. So who you know helps you get more of what you want and it also helps you to be a more giving person as well. So I have a question for you. How do you show up in your network? Are you a taker, a giver or a Matcher? Those are Adam grants categories if you like and his wonderful book. Give and take which I mentioned last episode I. Think it's fantastic book and he categorizes difference. Different people in terms of how they show up in their networks. A giver is someone who gives the give freely of advice or resources or introductions, and so on and they do it. What looks like selflessly. I take someone who happily take some others. They'll take opportunities, they'll take favors, etc, but they don't necessarily reciprocate. Match or someone who? Does it in equal batches so they'll give and they'll take and kind of fairness is the overriding principle for matcher. And I'd like to add one more category or a distinction if you'd like to Adam grants. categorisations in networking I. believe that you need to be a connect tour. And what I mean by that is not just somebody who gives but somebody who can introduce people to other people, and this is really critical in terms of developing a robust network and when you get known as the connector person, you are incredibly valuable. because. You're the go-to person for everyone. So i. think that's something to keep in mind explore this a little bit more. Here's a question for you to when you go to networking events. Do you just go in read waiting for the Lazy Networker 's? Push all over you handle their business card and then zoom off. Chuck gets done that I. think that's networking right get as many business cards into other people's hands. I've been on the receiving end of that. It's just gross and I think that's one of the reasons why people don't like networking events. Or when you go to network event, do you figure out who would be a good contact for you and then workout had reproached them and feign interest? That's a sign, a taker. By the way. It's not a good good thing where you go out and you're like a shark, you're just going out hunting. That's another reason why people get the he around networking. So, what's doing that? I like the idea of going with the growing with good intention. So whenever I go to networking function I go with the intention of making three genuine connections. what does that mean? It means that I am to have three good conversations and with each conversation my objective is to find something that lights the other person up. So I. Keep talking to them until I see their faces light up. So I'm asking them questions about themselves with their interested what passionate about why they got into their working cetera. When I see that the conversations. Amazing. It's fun for me and it's fun for them and it feels really good. So it takes the whole networking angst. Blows it away. So that's I go without intention the intention I go with is that with each of those conversations I aim to give something of value. So I aim to be a giver in this context. So I can I, think in my car seasons with each person is connection someone in my network can introduce them to. Service provider recommend is there a book I've read recently that I can recommend would help them is there an event I know that they might like the enjoy meeting others or is there an article? I can send them. That might be useful. So I, go with the intention of being a giver. So Adam grants words a giver, and then the subcategory to that is being connector. I love being able to do that I. Love being able to introduce people to each other and therefore our entire network is enriched. It's not just my network there to other people's networks are enriched and when we increase the strength and diversity of our networks network. The whole system benefits. So that's what I do go to networking function and makes life so much better he connection is currency. And you don't have to be extra to do this by the way because I know introverts shutter even more than extroverts about the networking thing and they struggle with small talk and Richard not necessarily interested in small talk they prefer the big idea. So introverts here's your cue. Go with the intention of talking big talk go with lead with instead of. How was your weekend lead with? What do you think about the? Recent elections in Britain, and the US, say, for example, top big stuff lead with that. That's interesting. Stuff. Get People's opinion on that. You don't have to dominion things go with the same intentions finding what lights the other person. If you can connect them someone off the Marie source, etc.. So when you decide to be a giver. You get to soak up the feel good hormone oxytocin. So when you are generous to other people, you get the surge of oxytocin and feels really good. Even get it when you witness generosity and other people. So go out of your way to acknowledge other people being generous too because you get that little boost of oxytocin. The other thing I think it's important to point out from Adam grants book is that. Being a giver does not mean being a martyr. And he found that the most successful people in business are givers. And the most. The ones who succeed Lee also givers and the caveat or the distinction between the two. So being a giver can be a road to success or road to not success. He said the ones that are successful are the ones who give extensively and also have ambition for themselves. So it's not ambitious for other people exclusively, it's ambitious for yourself as well and to do that, you need to be able to ask for help. Because when you ask for help, it demonstrates that you're willing to receive as well, and that's makes you extremely attractive to other people because you know what people love to give help. Don't you to ask for help and be able to give it forgive give another person the opportunity to do that. So when I go to a networking function I set my intention three conversations, find some that them up what can I do to assist them to connect them with other people, resources, etc.. And also what I might be able to ask somebody else for help whether it's a restaurant recommendation, a book recommendation or an introduction or information about a new market or Ventura. I'm interested in. So have that new back pocket as well because people love to be helpful. Now not everybody may be able to help you but if you go and ask. What will happen? Here's the thing you need to do about. So apart from setting intentions about building your networking edge, you need to be deliberate about expanding your network outside of your usual industry events. So don't just go to the events in your sector boring it's probably useful and you need to cross pollinate, and that's what's most important. You are stronger connector when your network is diverse. The other thing too is an expanded network, stretches your thinking and perspective, and it's an absolute must in shaping expanding your leadership capacity diversity stretches perspective, which gives you versatility and responsiveness you need this. So how do you expand your network? Well. There's six different ways I've worked out that you can expand your network. One is socially go to meet up DOT COM and put in your hobby and find A. Number of different meet ups that you can join. In your region or city and go meet some strangers. Who all have a common interest. Blocked a couple of meet ups and I'm really looking forward to going to the podcast meet up that's in Canberra very excited to meet everybody there. As an example I also hosts a local meet up called leadership over lunch, which I run once month and camera, which is whole premise is diversity of leaders across the camera sector, and we come together based on different leadership shoes. So socially is is one sphere where you can expand your network number two sport. It's amazing. The connections that come when you have a sporting interest whether it's tennis Gulf War football whatever it is. If you join a club, you'll meet people expanded network. Number three is faith based a lot of people who go to Church or synagogue have really extensive connections based on their religious practice. So if you have a religious practice, get out there meet some people. Number for hobbies take a community college class and there's so many amazing things that you can do through like an evening class that can introduce you to whole bunch of diverse people united around this this particular cost you taking that's a fun. One I think. Number five neighbors. Neighbors are great source of networks being friends with my neighbors has led to a very lucrative and extensive piece of work. So just being friendly to my neighbor with the intention of Hey Gimme some business. By virtue of him, getting to know me, he referred me to one of his staff members which led to hold onto work in that whole department. So neighbors can be one full source of extending your network number six is attend other industries or cross-sector events. This is a specialty of what I do in my work and I have three ways that you can join me in extending your cross-sector network. One as I mentioned was leadership over lunch. I may go to meet up and punching leadership over lunch. You'll find it there in camera number two is edgy leadership on conference. It's a truly diverse conference focused on the business and social. Community sector wonderful thing and the other one is my leader's edge mastermind. The versity that group is going to be it's richest value and you can find information about that on my website. So wrath dot com and click on mastermind were click on events for the conference and leadership over lunch to to meet up dot com and Google leadership over lunch in there. All right. So worried to do is if you want links to any of the things I mentioned including the Adam Grant Book. Ralph Dot com slash podcast slash network leave a comment there if you want to give any recommendations for groups that you belong to that you host I'd love for you to post them all there so that we can. Meet you and meet. Some of the people in your networks as well. All right in meantime live well lead well.

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