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Who this is a if the strain frequent flyer podcast bringing you the latest news tips and tricks for stranded travelers getting in welcome to episode forty-six of fifth on. I met Graham. And it's Saturday the third of October two thousand and twenty coming up in today's episode REX's crazy plan to lease Boeing seven three sevens and compete head on with corner invasion on capital city routes. What it's like working as an air traffic controller and used Qantas Boeing seven? Four seven blackhawks sell out in just allies. That's all coming up later in the episode. But I is what else is making news in the vote of airlines and frequently points this four nine and festively. There's been more good news on the reopening of some state borders after reopening to the. Act Two weeks ago south. Australia is now allowing travelers from New South Wales after they were no mystery cases of community transmission in New South Wales for the preceding two weeks and loss Thursday Queensland reopened its border to some New South Wales residents from specific codes in the far north of the state but the Queensland government has said it has plans to open up to any other parts of New South Wales until at least after the state election at the end of this month regardless of the health situation the northern territory. Meanwhile is on track to reopen to seaside from next Friday. The ninth of October and Norfolk island has reopen now t new South Wales and act. Travel is although visitors to the island will soon be required to pay twenty five dollars for an entry pass and in some more good news. Lord has has also finally reopened to tourists yesterday. Qantas link has reinstated regular flights to the island to cater for the huge pent-up demand although demand is now so high that accommodation on Lord Howe Island is mostly booked out already who Christmas Any Zealand is extending the status of all of its points Silva gold and elite Menendez by a further twelve months in New Zealand had already given its frequent flyer as a twelve month extension so these ads a second-year on top of that and the extension is being made available as a banked year of status to all members which is activated. If it's needed and when it's needed so that frequent flyers who had already renewed the status. This year will still benefit this week. Turkish Airlines also started extending Status extensions to its members for another year. Turkish Airlines had previously given a six month extensions. Which would you to expire about now but Obviously flying isn't back normal just yet so it has given its members and Elvis's Pov months of status the anes edge rewards travel adventures. Credit Card will no longer give away a complimentary new return vision. A straight flight over vision lounge passes from the first of December this year as a result of this change the anes rewards travel. Adventures annual fee will also be reduced from two hundred twenty five dollars to one hundred and twenty dollars but the loss of the Virgin flight and lounge benefits. Do you make this product significantly less attractive. Even with the lowest annual fee. Meanwhile calls rewards mastercard will soon cap. The number of fly buys points that can be end at the full rate each month by the aid rewards travel adventures and Co's rewards Mazda cards have no international transaction fees which make them popular in normal times with travelers but in some good news combine wards WESTPAC altitude and the amplifier woods program of Saint George Bank of Melbourne and bank essay have oh now reinstated points. Transfers to velocity frequent flyer is now the only major trillion bank that he still blocking the ability to transfer points to velocity. Qantas has quietly ended the price promise that was designed to encourage customers to book flights and hotels directly on the airlines website thereby saving quotas money on travel agent commissions. There has been no announcement from Qantas about the removal of its price. Promise which seems to have happened during the nineteen shutdown and quotas also did not respond to my request for comment on this but it seems like quotas could no longer justify the cost of administering the price. Promise when it's currently paying alone a travel agent commissions. Anyway Qantas does not pay travel. Agent Commission on domestic bookings generally and the airline is not currently operating international flights and when it does resume selling international tickets. The commission that quantum space travel agents will be less than before as well a whole range of new domestic flights. Out of Camber. Airport have been announced over the past week much to the surprise and delight of locals after Queensland reopened its border to the a C Qantas launched flights from camera to Coolangatta for the first time and Alliance Airlines announced flights from Cambria to hands via the sunshine coast. Then this week link. Airways announced that it will fly direct from camera. Hobart from December and fly Pelican announced direct flights from camera to pull Macquarie it comes off to Singapore Airlines sadly announced. It will exit the Camera. Market White return off to international flights to Australia. Resume normally vision. Australia's new Bain capital Currently in talks with pilot unions regarding a new enterprise bargaining agreement ban is said to be seeking a significant reduction in pay and improved efficiency from the pilots. The federal government will continue funding a minimum domestic abuse network until much next year including for regional flights. Which is good. News and Melvin. To accompany has started selling seats on what? It's calling a southern lights flight which departs for Melbourne around. Apn Fly south to a latitude of sixty five degrees south optimal viewing for the Aurora Avenue. And then stay around. Nineteen minutes said. Well it's down at Atlanta Cheetahs Zigzag around to allow people on both sides of the plane hopefully to get a good view of the southern lights. And then we will fly back to mel when landing around five. Am The next morning. The flight will take place. On a chartered. Boeing seven. Eight seven of Qantas and includes fool international meal service but the tickets on cheap. They start at four thousand three hundred and eighty dollars for a pair of two economy class seats at that price. You would hope to get some pretty good vs. Although that's not one hundred percent guaranteed. That's what's making news on the trailing frequent flyers fortnight for more regular news updates and deals subscribe to the Szeto follow us on facebook and head over to Australian frequent flyer dot com dot. Au for details Inmate is year regional express airlines rex for short announced an ambitious proposal to acquire new jet aircraft and launch flights between Australia's capital cities. Virgin Australia had just collapsed into intrigued. Ministration and at the time this announcement was met with healthy skepticism by many in the industry he saw it as opportunistic. Rex is already established airline in his trailer but currently it only operates flights from Australia's capital cities to country towns. It's lodge fleet of around. Sixty aircraft consists exclusively at the moment of thirty four seat. Saab three forty aircraft so operating flights directly between the capital cities. Easing jets will be quite a new thing for the regional airline and for awhile. It wasn't quite clear whether this is actually just posturing but last week. Rex signed a long form term sheet and announced. It is in advanced negotiations with capital to secure one hundred fifty million dollars in funding to support the launch of capital city flights. For much next year under the proposal the Asian private equity firm would eventually hold forty eight percent of REX's shares. The funding is not yet confirmed and it is subject to regulatory approvals including from the Foreign Investment Review Board. But it does share. Airline is serious and I mean with likelihood. The funding will come through this week. Rex also confirmed that it has signed letters of intent with two aircraft levels. To initially acquired six Boeing seven. Three seven eight hundred aircraft which previously belonged to Venice Trivia. The I will be delivered to rex as early as the first of November which is just in a month from now and the others will follow in the coming months. Rex's first capital city rooted says we'll be from Melbourne to Sydney with flat. Starting on the first of March next year REX pool initially used three Boeing seven three seven to operate that route and will add more aircraft routes to its fleet over time as demand picks up other routes to be added include. Sydney to Brisbane Melbourne to Brisbane Sydney Cambra Sydney to Adelaide and Sydney to Perth Rex's deputy Champs Jones shop. Says that the first tickets for its Melbourne. Sydney flights should be on CEO from December subject to regulatory approval. It's a highly ambitious in risky plan. But could it work? Well his the thing. History has shown that there isn't enough room in the is trailing domestic airline market for three big players and said collapsed. Shot AFTER VIRGIN. Blue came along in two thousand and Aris trails attempt to become a fed. Domestic play during the loss decayed was very short. Lived in two thousand and twenty demand Air Traveling. Australia's about the lowest. It's been years and is this really a good time to flood the market with more capacity and try to compete with to already established players on one hand. Rigidness trailer is weak at the moment. So maybe it is but Qantas is a formidable competitor and at the bottom of the market as well quotas has jetstar quotas going to have a better product than wrecks in almost every respect God from the onboard products to the lounge offering in the frequent flyer program and then and then Jetstar can be used to compete strongly with wrecks on price. So how exactly does Rick's plan to we customers while it's not yet known whether Rix will offer business class or things like in-flight entertainment WIFI which it currently does not on its regional flights? Rex has indicated that they probably more likely to opt for an economy kloss configuration on the aircraft. Although they have said that if the aircraft they receive Already fitted with business class. They might just go with it for the sake of Getting the fly running quickly. Say I guess we'll see on that? We do know that REX will offer included checked baggage meals and onboard assigned seating which is pretty much. Exactly what vision plans to do with its new strategy rigs also says that it's phase. We priced at affordable levels So they won't necessarily be wearing off the high yielding Corporate Market Leisure and budgets budget conscious travelers. Which again is exactly what vision is planning to do. So as far as I can see the only real difference between vision and REX's plan here is Well verge already hasn't established frequent flyer program international partners whereas Rex's kind of the underdog here albin tones of the product offering. It's going to be pretty similar by the looks of it. Rex's current low program could rex. Business Flyer is a bit of Jerry for owner state has no partners and it's basically just by attained flights get two free scheme through which he the cheapest rex phase during actually qualified to earn any credits towards that and to join rex business. Fly You need an Abyan? And there's a nine thousand nine hundred dollar joining fee which can easily be avoided unlike Qantas frequent flyers ridiculous. Ninety nine dollars fifty joining which can very easily with paying at. Although rex does offer lounge membership and Rick's already operates three. Small Airport Lounges in Sydney Melbourne Adelaide. Which mind you currently closed. Rix Also doesn't have any status t levels for frequent flyers and this will make very difficult for the airline to we. Talk T freaked flies from Qantas invasion. Who used to pick like lounge access and all the other benefits when they flying. Rex is reportedly planning to launch a frequent flyer program and new one which based on projected valuations they putting. Ford is likely to be a coalition program like cuanza-sul velocity with many non airline partners. But this is not going to happen until at least a year after it begins operations on the Golden China rates and rex currently only has those three small airport lounges. That's not enough to offer a consistent product frequent flyers and frankly those lounges are going to become crowded very quickly. If Rick Starts Operating Boeing seven. Three seven with five times as many seats Karnak aircraft. Personally I do feel that trillion rex. Kennel both survive in this space. They're going to be going after almost exactly the same segment of the market. Both say they're gonNA compete very strongly on price and that sounds like a recipe for price will and heavy losses right at a time. Invasion is just emerging from voluntary administration. And don't forget the REX. Just barely six months ago was planning to the federal government that it didn't have enough cash to survive another few weeks without government. Help Rix were there. Grace does say that it's going to be funding. Its expansion Pity leasing extend investment not with government money. But still you go to WANNA consume his. You know with all the extra competition next to you may be winners in the short term but in the long term if not the airlines survive. We're going to get more consolidation in the market. So I'm not so sure. Time will tell. Some industry analysts think that REX invasion his trailer would be better off working together. Verge withdrawn from quite a lot of regional routes with the retirement of the rex currently serves exclusively regional. Reads something that they'd be better off working together. Rex Take over the regional staff and she do the capital city stuff but of course. Rex has very different ideas. Did you know that you can save five percent at West big W and Dan Murphy's among Stolz with cash awards? Cash awards allows you to purchase a gift cards which can be used at all wars group retailers at a five percent discount and with cash awards. He can also an cash back when shopping online at one thousand retailers including wines booking dot COM Vodafone and Maya. It's free to join cash awards and what's more at the moment. You can get a ten dollar bonus when he joined through strategy and frequent flyer simply joining through the Lincoln the episode nights or Click through our recent article and your account would be credited with Tandel. Vina's if you make a purchase through cash awards that's worth at least twenty dollars within thirty days of joining the excluding Gif cons. Click on the link in the episode night. So check out the article which is also the episode nights 'til anymore to join cash awards tonight. You don't see them as a passenger and we need to hear about them. It's probably because you airline is blaming them for delay pet hit. Traffic Control is are absolutely critical to ensuring that you arrive at your destination safely. When he fly they managed the flow of aircraft through the sky as well as in and out of Busia poets ensuring that old planes keep a safe distance from each other in Robinson is an experienced air traffic control at Brisbane airport and is also worked in Cairns Townsville and the which Sundays you may recognize him from his AF handle Iro and he joins me now on the podcast and just before I get to the interview. A quick apology about the sound quality. It's not too bad but it does sound just a little bit like an sitting in an air traffic control tower in that I'm in the cockpit of an aircraft although I guess if you think about it like that it does add to the authenticity. Enjoy the interview. Welcome firstly to the podcasting. Thanks for having me so in. Tell me where exactly e- wick. And what's your role currently working the been tim. Malaria doing a pledge departures and fly and also the s by Ceram airport which way go cast ahead in the past as you mentioned for what in towns will end canes on the sectors currently the rollers in the temporary prison. Okay said what does that Roll day-to-day dealing with aircraft on approach into Brisbane and also the departing Brisbane with a new parallel runways. Yes boy control into the Ritz. Carlton Malaria's do we've aircraft from about two hundred kilometers from Brisbane and cal focused approach onto the into the Goa coast record. Okay who's responsible for the aircraft? Once they're on the ground and on the runway and who's responsible also for them once day outside if your your area like when months. They've climbed to assist in distance from Brisbane. Tell deals with the runway and the choice around the and after they've cleaned them for. Tyco they call departments which is so we on the airspace around the airport. The tail doesn't actually on any of the spice they called the patches. Or if we're doing approach we clear them for the final approach and then transfer them to the tail war Clearest Elaine on the remind alsaud avail space which gets where fifty or sixty kilometers from Brisbane. The Kohl Center and I deal with the phase of the flight. All the initial arrivals in T for from cruising altitude down to about ten thousand eight in Bantu the Tim Malaria. Okay so as I understand. It is to kind of centers industry these Melvin Saint Brisbane Santo Space. Roughly today deal with so Brisbane Center. Basically does s base North Cal lawn three Brisbane just north springs across to Nicaragua. North of that they will that and South Lettuce Melanson. Uh and in this the Tim O. areas some reports. The major airports have tim control units. Which would their own is by those if court so Perth and at lied and canes have their own tales for that and dance was done by the military's down just dump on the military as well. Okay so then okay. So all the major airports have they were in town for the area around the airports and the Senate looks off to the whole the whole country basically in the surrounding area. I think it's huge area to be looking after distinct to centers you. Do you actually sit in the tower like the air traffic control tap at Brisbane airport. Now we Building to the tail. The Taylor only has of course more when you get up into the tail and I have air joint control who you understand. You said before. And he's cost on his tail and is now the control a several controls he deal with the taxi wise which is Graham Controller and now with the parallel Roma in Brisbane is to air joint. Control is flu each one way. So erosion control for. As Roma now. Speaking of the parallel runway opens just a few months ago at probably at a time when Brisbane needs the second runway. The least what differences the second runway made to. I guess to your job and just to the flow of traffic in and out of Brisbane. Well it's difficult to say at the moment because it's difficult scenario that we have with the kind of traffic but when we were doing the training we were sort of different scenario. I it's a different way of doing the separation onto south of their remedies. It should allow for a lot more traffic to be moved It's difficult to see how we have. That is out with the covert situation at the moment. Traffic to the north of Brisbane Queensland is actually GONNA FADE TRAFFIC. Say the traffic onto the new. Mike is most traffic north and west near Depa oil weighing on the new runway. Okay so near. Rome is actually quite busy. Say is two separate ways that we deal with separating onto those parallel Roma's saw the independent dependent at the moment would just running to paint approaches to it which means that saw a dependent on the other side Independent. I can run independent one another Dan funnel but we need more controllers today that we just don't have the traffic to justify the extra controls at the console at the moment now. Hopefully that'll pick out very soon day. hopefully hopefully when we listen to the air traffic control towers speaking to the aircraft off. He Times like seed and star when you talking about departing and arriving craft. Could you just explain what they mean so the CD's a standard instrument the Panchen which is for instrument aircraft says two different ways aircraft generally navigate instrument flight rules five five or will and for a firefighter? Flawed bicycle needs to be close as affectively in the department maintain their end separation from terrain. Another aircraft visually Instrument flight rules. Don't make that so for instrument. Flight Rozov are the way that they depart. The runway is for a CD from with the passion. It's just a methodology for describing how to depart the run one in a safe manner because we'll have a gradient on that is to claw the Acropolis declined to separate itself from terrain and they can either be given a writer scene which they deposit control. Alicia heading for the aircraft the floor and then get right. Up acted on the track or procedural seem which just describes a route as well as a gradient and generally has requirements or restrictions on it to separate it so from the standard arrival route and it just gives us stated. I will the aircraft statewide for two flights with the Tim. Area and unknown way. Track that we can separate from an astonishing standard timmel arrival route and just describes by to be the opposite to the seed the why that aircraft will fly from a effectively and fly stated through the ten malaria to get onto final for the remind. And it's just a game a methodology that puts it on a route that we can separate from. The season's style will generally have requirements or restrictions on it to separate them from each say say keeping the planes and Nice in predictable in the the direction the going like s crates. I it just standard routes that set themselves. Iran was from the deposits as long as. They're all nice standard raw and seeds. Happy at the moment. Obviously we all need to Cape One and a half meters away from each other aircraft a lot more than that. What's the distance that you need to keep aircraft away from each other in the sky vertically and horizontally vertically it's just some fate as the KOA separation Stimulant Association fate up to twenty nine thousand? Which is flat to they. Flightless from ten thousand fake. He's describing. Fake Blood Tim. Thousand feet in flight levels above that so let has become flat. Little one month's area say it's generally to task fate out to plot to non zero but Gordon that we easy guy said now. I think it gives all the way up to plot. Four one. Zero think awesome fate. I play as long as they are. What's called a sandwich was reduced? Vertical separation minima a little bit high for me because I left that survived tighting thousand fake. Nassau little beyond me. I'll be same status but I think it's obvious as long as it's the guys up to four one zero now and laterally all US three malls we can eat three malls in the terminal area and outside of that. It's five miles for the honor at sectors. Okay why do you need to make sure that the planes Assay Farley? It comes down to really only need one nautical mile between the possible positions of aircraft. But because there's a positional positional era in the writer. Depending on how far way from the right hand the tolerance has been added into that and then roundabout to a mall for each aircraft. Say this only can I possibly bay one more between them? It's not going to be that with the right as we have these days. But that was the generalize rule beckon thirty or forty years ago when it came out the separation standing why is added on. Top of that say depends on you kind of have three miles a lot. Following heavy for example say yet. We need more for that. Yeah so you mentioned the right offscreen. What can you actually see? When you're sitting at your at your desk on the right information do you have about each of the aircraft? We have a call Sawn. We have the can't agree we have the CON- OUT ACHIEVED. We have what she'd plagued cleaned them. We have a grant speed random to semi two digits. That's on the screen. So it's the first step he's doing. One hundred twenty knots. Will shed twelve on screen. Elast money's last numeral is rampant and taken off the screen and then for the unreal people that got fancy things. Loyd had I deal with them on. Cpi control a dollar link. They've got that access to them. As well and different other places they have made for the different separation status. When they're outside right are that's on the can access that information as well. Okay so obviously job need to speak to a lot of pilots for lots of different countries with different accents in varying levels of English proficiency. How do you make Shaw in a job way? Obviously communication is very critical that you can understand them and they can understand you do have English proficiency standard so that there's a minimum actually. We went through this fifty years ago when it was boarding. And it's just a methodist just a standard that has to be met and we also communicate in standard phraseology. There's a list of phraseology that listed in but generally the standard and it's fairly standard we don't deviate from that unless there's something unusual happening say it's just a climb to descend to and this is to stand while doing it. It's the same with the flight levels. It's fairly standard. In that. Way The star arrivals the there will named so. It's not unusual. They're all listed somewhere. Said we're not trying to describe something. It's just the name of that Saito Star so this should be able to on that and then I just plug it into the system. So it's generally not too bad casually you have some issues that it's it's. I mean if there's something unusual that they wanted to do. Generally that doesn't generalize thing doesn't happen to have me sort of. I know you've got to try and keep the the conversations between you and the pilots kind of using the standard phraseology and things but d get any pilots surgery cheeky. The have kind of abandoned with it depends on how busy it is too much painter. That goes on Especially if it's a dull day sometimes Christmas. There's a lot of Sometimes Mary Christmases that go on. Sometimes painful and sometimes you get the odd request. The request to go pass barn by things that from jet which has led to do not generally. It's busy mouth that the band doesn't happen that generally the pilots and controllers respectful and courteous occasional times when it gets a little tense. But everybody's is not a lot of Banta but the more busy against the chase were opportunity there is to have the Banda and so if a pilot didn't follow your instructions or perhaps they didn't sponsor to you what would she do. An air traffic controller. Choice them a couple of times for a read back of if recorded back and I didn't read it back and then after a certain period of Tom. Somebody several minutes we stop putting what's Golda phase on and we and I'm certainly as the not a normal communications and I can try different things like some of them have set finds in the cockpit control sipping a set sometimes listening on the company frequency that we can use sometimes for the Control Dodd Olympic. Darling we cannot let a message to them and then if none of that works we. Just the rule is that we began to follow the last clear. So that would acknowledged. And we assume that they're gonNA work that that's taken with a intro to appoint because he's not guaranteed that's what they're going to do and you can't obviously question not. GonNa do that. They may have some sort of emergency that has to be on as a possibility as well said. I might not follow that. I want to just put the students like us by came so you have to take all of those possibilities to a camp and generally what we'll do is just a crop away from the possible actions so they possible. Read or possible if I wanted to put up on the grand soon as possible. Just make them why from direct rates and things like that so generally we'll just holiday craft life on them it will cause major disruption of course but work with the possibilities that can happen. Does that happen very often? Not generally the domestic pilots all list of frequencies spice. They're flying through the pregnant. They listen to disappear for something else is happening destructive famous. Something that I might have today's something but generally is to obviously in the domestic jets and that so they know outer wall Maybe we should be talking to somebody or we haven't heard it and I can find frequency fairly easily so the domestic disturbance doesn't happen international guards are generally is more in the company generally as well say at a minimum to so they have a fair idea as well the professional and they generally deal with that fairly well. The law day crossed at Mont. Some usual and I'm on a in Miami. Have One righty only be one flying them up to switch off together until someone else. Forget to switch back that causes more issues than Domestic paid a real issue with the domestic jet. Paul it for a long time. That's good in your career. Have you ever had to deal with an eastern mid air emergencies that aicraft on your control of experienced of headquarters of number of a lot seems like sometimes I'll bet if there's been engine losses multi genetic aircraft not ones that have just not added single engine laminated any of those I've had a few helicopters. With tip warnings that have to mainly put it on the ground depressurization and and I had fuel exhaustion. One which was a little bit weird in some ways didn't actually tell us until the last minute he's running out of fuel. Bamsey canes and he ever played towns was so they could have waited tangible and up fuel but didn't tell us to rot the very last moment on on African see north of Townsville and in the end I ran out of fuel and we didn't think it was going to be a good ending because you fight it off right our and into the training Ram Canes but he actually she managed to put down on the ground valley somewhere think he landed on a road somewhere say he was very lucky. She got away with it. So there's a number of times a few urgency's here lose. So yes we're when when a plane off the right. I like like like like that planning cans that you were talking about. What's going through your mind? Facie like Because obviously human worried about these people and and secondly like what prestigious NHL controlling follow it. Well Yeah we're very concerned about that particular aircraft. We'll tell me that ain't go off right off that it was a very unusual situation situation we knew was happening. It was playing out so it was a little bit easier to deal with and there was an expectation that drop off the right out at some point is he went to make the hills and drop off the right of coverage so that one was that was that was screaming for the poice to go looking for that particular one. So we haven't had any. I haven't had any ones with just dropped off right on without casually the transponder. Which is what the the interrogates will drop off. It just symbolic on screen and can just Austin transponders dropped off. There is a check just to make sure I still obviously is a stop and then get them switch it back on and luckily they'll the ones I've got must have just switched off. All the transponders broke a lot of them. Had the second six that I just flick it to the second set and then it words. It's just a matter of taking that they're still there and getting to switch to a different set all recycling the transponder show so I wanna go back a little bit. Yee's have been an issue control now. Third almost thirty years. It's quite a quite a long impressive career. Why did you fess decide that you wanted to become an air traffic controller? Well I grew up on a property and really want to get away from my father. He was the one who actually suggested. worked in the safety section the referee wall and he he knew a little bit about air traffic controllers say there was actually an ad he just came if he actually found it in the paper and he said well. You want to get away from the farm. You don't want to stay on the phone for that long and I didn't want to stay on the phone too much hardware. That was say he actually was the month suggested and so looked into it and just applaud. I've been ever since actually so the thirties on general second that'll pay nature of it control. Wow so what? What kind of training did you have to do to become a traffic control so it has changed over the years but I did it? In Eighty nine and ninety it was two years of started a course at the University of Tasmania as it wasn't Launceston which is finished. Now they're back to doing in. Melvin was Melvin originally and they went to the University of Tasmania announced back to Melbourne. Different price of Melvin. So to two years of that I think. Now it's because we did some university courses in there as well say we did some competing and Meteorology University courses. I think nance dance to about fifteen months of training in Melbourne. And then you go out and do final field training. Say you trying to a stand in the way you understand all the BICYC- rules and then he put out the final field training which generally distaste is rich. Melman and You D. it's generally tends to be about. I would say probably four to six months a funnel field Chinese comes to the procedure in Brisbane. As you come to Brisbane get us on. I said the or great. And then you D simulator training for that group and then you do on the job. Training which is generally about eight wakes well about probably four to six months final field training. Gosh I didn't realize it took years of training to finish Africa of. That's quite a lot. It's you mentioned that you do some simulated training for pilots when they doing similar to training the practicing Potential emergency situations or things that could with aircraft like engine flameouts and things and when when head pilots on the podcast before they've talked about this what is seemingly a session involved for an air traffic control so simulated stations do something similar with the unusual scenarios. Said we generally build them to whatever seating al particular focus at the time not policy Generally like deal with some sort of emergency or unusual activity like as you asking earlier about say apart doesn't respond to clearance doesn't mean unusual and then head off towards another aircraft and then heavily deal with that Samaria Out of scenarios they might into control a spice without a clearance or tracks that we now about so. It didn't mention this before but annoy all right. Our screen it's Especially Square displacement round as square display and my tracks that I'm dealing with green and transit again to a thick me blue and then we have trucks aren't going to affect me which are black so all the tracks it on. Kenilworth thick me so the of despite all the tracks from the right after eight. Obviously and there's uncoupled tracks so by coupled track our main there's information that we have about them which displays the call sign and all those other pieces of information and then there's uncoupled tracks which are just a generic much squawks their record score. One two zero zero two four digit code when the control the spice among counter inter so all those tracks. Now we'll just get this that code and it's basic altitude. Nothing else say all those checks black to us so occasionally we have those tracks because we're not really looking for black tracks we in the simulator. We tend to put them into scenario way. They might conflict with a track of house and we also have worked for a short term conflict alert and that will go off and how we deal with that scenario we have set down procedures on how we deal with it if anyone is thinking about becoming an HIV controller. What what qualities do you think makes a good air traffic control? And do you have any tips for anyone who's interested in a career in pre covert on? Say You could probably come out and try and see what it's like at the center of but that's not available anymore. It's something that can be stressful at different times You do have to have certain personality. You have to admit your mistakes and John Fixing because no one else is going to fix them. Say you don't want to begin meager but you want to enough confidence that you can beck yourself to do the job to do to apply you just go onto services. Australia that I have. I think they are actually recruiting at the moment. Or they certainly were several weeks ago But generally recruit is always some sort of recruitment going on and Selma tests. That you have to do this aptitude testing that you have today. There's on online. It's online so you can just apply and try to test if you want to try the tests and then he's catcher. I think it's priceless. That if you get to testing if you want to do it's it's an interesting job. It's very deacon. Sometimes you get to travel ever told you don't get to travel is opportunities in different places around straight if you WANNA. If he wants to travel you do have to work shift work. It's a twenty four. Seven job is good. Leave available some of the time. But obviously you won't get leave all the time that you want it. But none of some benefits to waking she put and there's say the Dan saw working on not became not shifts out on night shift circa the not shifts winners and losers scenarios. Okay in Robinson. Thank you so much joining me on the AF. Hundred podcast or best. Thank he finally for this episode. You may have seen that. Qantas has recently been selling used by cards. From its retired. Boeing seven four seven fleet. Perhaps your even one of the lucky people that managed to buy one Qantas put the used Galley Carts on sale last week and they sold out in just hours. Each Kat has flown average of fifteen million kilometres. In Service on the Boeing seven. Four seven they came with a price tag of nine hundred and forty seven dollars. Seventy for half black hot or one thousand four hundred seventy four dollars seventy for a Fubo cock but I did also come fully stocked. The half Barkat for example contained mini bottles of white wine forty mini bottles of red wine and a bottle of champagne to business class. Any Kits Sheridan throw from first class and to his of quantities. Class Pajamas. The BAWKU also he comes with a lovely brayshaw has some instructions on how to use the car but a Qantas flight attendant has written an unofficial and I would say much more interesting guide to ensuring that we have a genuine Qantas Barkat experience. If you're one of the lucky few that was able to buy one the stirling frequent flyer member mile high club who is a Qantas flight attendant pice to the guide on AF? And it's almost liked post of the past month. I must admit that I had a pretty good off. I want to share with you mile. High Clubs Post now. This is what it said now. Firstly Mile High Club says how to tell if your Qantas Barkat is genuine or firstly the brakes. Probably don't work and when you stop it will cape on moving tubs will do one of the following though in and won't come out or they will go in and then claps to the bottom with any wait on them whatsoever. There should be remains of a photo sticker. And if you're really lucky the tag that reports it's forty but somehow manages to get back into the network and Mile High Com. Says how to use your car if you want to use it like a real. Qantas flight attendant. If you purchased a full-sized caught you must use to people to move it. Put items that you use the most in the least convenient location and to really add to the experience as the door to access the rea- contents instead pull everything out to get it then silently when you realize it was actually in the front all alone to ensure the security of your car used bobbed wire and then easy obey hands to remove it and kiss at the end that these things are hard to remove to upgrade your heart to business class just right leaning over it. Cuts cannot be upgraded. I though because cats do not into the first class Kevin when leaving your car in short hit as many items in your house as possible and don't close the door that instead slam it shot and make as much noise as possible to staving everyone around. You think when you realize what you thankful that post. I really enjoyed that. And there's an article linked in the episode nights called how to Ezio your buck hot Way You'll find that post and linked to the original threat if he'd like to have a read and they have been quite a few frequent flyer members who have now received a Buckholtz and a lot of them posted pictures of the suggestions on how to use them in that threat and one memory in particular has quite impressive. Home Baugh setup. Well let's it full these episode of AF on air. Thanks to my guest in Robinson and thank you so much for listening for more information about anything discussed in today's episode. Check out the episode notes. We also find a link to the discussion thread. And you welcome to discuss. The episode provide feedback suggestions. Asked me a question for inclusion in a future episode? If you enjoyed this podcast I'd really appreciate if you take just a moment to rate and review us on Apple podcasts. And a quick shout out and thank you to mall. Sydney here recently. And if you haven't already don't forget to subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform I macrame. It'll be back next fortnight with more news tips and tricks for Australian travelers and until tight cap.

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