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Youey Talkin' Huey 2ey Me? (w/ Huey Lewis, Jimmy Kimmel)


Back in time to one hundred years from now. This is u e talking Huey to we me the comprehensive and encyclopedic compendium of all things Huey Lewis and the news. This is good heart of rock and Roll Music Music. Rather music. Welcome to the show I episode. Yeah it's it's the Maiden voyage let's kristen this with a little bit of Shampoo. Little bubbly on Earth buzzers. Let's get to Earth that's Gateway World News. Show very exciting show coming up. This of course is the podcast devoted entirely to the discography and life of both Huey Lewis and his band. The news he he coming out of the show. We have a couple of a very special guests of notes. Who will be talking about Huey? Lewis and the music of Huey Lewis We have a gentleman named Huey Lewis and we have A gentleman his number one fan a guy by the name of Jimmy Kimmel. They will both be on the show coming up a little bit later talking all about all things you Louis. That's pretty exciting. Good get for the first episode of this show. I would say I'm GonNa say that I don't know what else we can do. Where else do you want from us like? If this isn't good enough for you. Who Can we talk to right? The president of the United States. No thanks thank you. Both sides both sides gotta keep it loose and the news. Both sides are there are really lovely people on both sides. You lose avenues. I want to introduce myself. I am one of your hosts for the show today I am. Let's see what would introduce you and you can introduce me all right. I'll introduce this guy across from me. He is he's been on. Such wonderful shows is parks and recreation the good place. I can't think of anything else other than that. And then he's been in movies likes I did. I did An episode of Nypd Blue. You did really change did you show. You're a little but I did. I showed my on NYPD. Blue were you the first actor to turn towards the camera and show your as actually I was actually Dennis Francis but double for that show and then they call it. You'll liner to call it a quadruple because there's two cheeks to cheeks a to g six just right next to each other. That's the good thing about buds. Yeah is if those cheeks were separated like in totally different totally different places. That would be very uncovered. That's why I've always said but our ultra convenient because the cheeks are right next door right next to each other if you if you're looking for cheeks they're going to be right there. It's like Oh this is such a nice. I love squeezing this cheek. I wish there was another one. Guess what it's right there right there do you remember your line from Nypd Blue. And why why do you say is that just how you say and NY P. D. Blue it's actually NYPD PD right? No wasn't the main character is named. Petey character is named. Pdd Yeah so they used to be nypd blue and then Jimmy Smits join join the NY P. D. Blue and his last name was blue so so New York New York pd blue PD blue amazing. Well the the TV Trivia Y- that you learn on this show. I mean yes. We're about Huey Lewis and the news. Obviously but mainly this is a TV trivia. Show right one hundred percent. That's why I think it's time for an episode of TV TV Trivia. Time his isn't it wasn't I think it is here. We go hey welcome did. Tv Trivia time this is Scott and this is Scott and we're talking about TV Trivia and hoping to stump each other. That's what we do on this. Show you go first okay. You're GONNA ask me the question now you see. I put it like that. What do you think I meant using you go first meaning I compete? I meaning I guess the answer questions asked the question. I don't care all right. What do you got here? We go in nineteen eighty six. What show was Kirk Cameron on called growing pains? Okay I know this one because in one thousand nine hundred eighty six. I was I was in high school and I was watching television every night after high school in good nine hundred eighty six. I was taking house probably taking biology. Biology okay class dissecting a frog usually during the day and so. I would need a little downtime after that so come home and I will turn on the TV vision. I remember I would always turn it on. Abc always because I was like always be cantaloupe. Cameron always be cameron for Kirk Cameron Kirk Cameron. So when when because I was always be cameron when he Kirk Cameron Actually Matab showing there is like this is amazing so I turned it on and I remember that I remember. I remember the theme songs. Something like growing pains cramming means grilling pains creaming pains. Oh so painful so painful law so painful so painful grow paints so I'm gonNA say family matters. Let me check here. What he was taking notes during your. Why are you taking note because I wanted to be? If you were stumped. I wanted to go through what you said you any clues de. Right any point And then the last thing I wrote here was family matters. Which was your that was my answer. Yeah that's correct that's correct. Yes is time for you to stump me okay In nineteen eighty four okay. There's a television show set in the town in Florida named Miami. Okay focused on the police department especially with the squad. Investigated crimes of vice crimes of Vice. Miami Miami is the town. I've asked the question yet. Okay did you ever see it? Why don't know which which I need more clues because I don't know if I've seen you ever see it. I don't know I don't know which show you're talking about is my is Miami Vice. Oh did you ever see it? Yeah good right yeah all right. That's TV Trivia. Time a good ask those a great APP and how both both of those trivia questions Like if I were doing a trivia night at a bar or something a pub perhaps pub like during a pub crawl sh. I don't know that you interrupt your pub crawl into the night. Isn't that what you do on a like a little bit of odd pub crawl schedule? Okay if I was just doing a stand standing in place. All Right. That makes more sense. Those were quest. Those are those they would be so much fun. The you would get Let me introduce you. He is of course Adam Scott. Hi Guys Hi everybody. Hey Hey over there. Hi anyone you want to say. Hello to Sure I'd like to say hello to my family Like to say hello to my friends like to sail out of my fans but especially today Scott. I would like to say hello to you. Thank you so much so probably especially on today. Well I think it's because we're taping this on a very very special day. There is a saint by the little name. Valentine that we honor every year around about this this time and mischievous please a little guy to me. We're recording this on Valentine's Day. It's weird that Cupid is the mascot of Valentine's Day. It's like if I were Valentine I would be like. Hey I'm right here. W T F. It's like those fucking gates. What the hell like. He must be really good. He's lit up there in. Hell because hell is up hells up and down is middle earth middle earth that Frodo and the boys those guys speaking of mischief yeah those rings Yeah Fellowship. I mean a lot of people like those movies for the Rings I was in for the fellowship. I'm always on Sam just shooting the Shit as they traveled cross country to drop a ring in a thing. I I came for the shooting. This shit yes stayed for the fellowship. Yeah go ahead and introduce me Ska. Rocker man is ear. Everybody thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so it's been a minute as they say. Yeah we have not been in the studes together for for a little bit of time. We the last time we were in was to we. Talk to Michael Stipe. And Mike Miller from The ban Harry M. But when was the last time we were student it up just for a regular e? That was it that was it. Yeah that was it right because we did the wraparound for that. We did the right around thing as well but that was off Mike. When was that October? I really don't know yeah. It was probably October because Or maybe September sepsis. It was around win the ferns movie. Oh Yeah it was October. Yeah because the first movie was already. That's right So we have not been in the studio for a bit and we have not done this particular program at well. We did a MINNEAP in one of our previous episodes. This one yes. We did a U. E. Talking. You eat to me in a previous episode. Is that what its title? Yes because I think we knew we were going to do this episode but this was several years ago. That's how long it's taken us to do. This episode may have a tenth anniversary. Are we really stays? Well we start doing the show. I'd like to get a little INFO. Yes twenty eleven. We DAMN WE MIGHT BE COMING UP. No or twenty two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen. I'm GonNa Guess Twenty One twelve because Neil purchase passed away was a weird one. That was a tough one. I never I was like why. Why Him Yeah Zach has a a funny joke that I think he's done in a couple of ferns interviews and we've cut it out of each one but he's like you know who's better than Neil Neil perplexed but we've always got it out. We have a text from young Kevin here February well. I wonder if he was Valentine's Day. Then of twenty fourteen. Fifteen sixteen seventeen. Eighteen nineteen twenty six years at this point. We've been doing this Charlotte. That's better because I've times then flying by yeah but a lot of Road under our belts under our tires. Six years is nothing that yes all right. I guess it is some of this. Is that. This is the first time we've done this. Show that is focusing on the music and life and times of he he you. Let's let's talk about it. Why why did we want to do this? Show we? We've been wanting to do it for a while. We've talked about Louis quite a bit on our previous episodes of You talking to you too to me and probably are you talking to me. I feel like I feel like at a certain point we talking and it just came up. I think the thirtieth anniversary of sports was would have been winning the two thousand thirteen. Yeah before we ever did this show. So what's your fucking point? At some point I stumbled across it and listen to sports a few years back and was taken aback of. Just how incredible it was. How did you stumble across it like you tripped? And like you're dumb knows hit the CD player the play on the CD player is a there is a copy of sports on the ground and I stumbled on it and it was like ooh. But that's I feel like we started talking about it and we started good story boy. All right Yeah what what wins. The first time you heard of Huey Lewis and the news. He looks or the news. I can understand. That's probably two different times Let's start with Huey Lewis and then we'll go to the news. It must have been I want a new drug. I feel like that was the the big song that really introduced him to everyone. Let's hear a little bit of it. I want a new drug ring harder. Rock and roll the first single and this was but who knows we wouldn't know what are we experts away. This is the comprehensive and encyclopedic compendium of all things. Louis that we we. We should know this. No bring bring bring them from goes stirs when it goes comes up to you. Good Shit. Yeah great and the album is shut up. Do you have a little water is there? Is there a glass that has not been used out of these? I have no. I don't think I just drink drink right from the thing you gonNA mind here. We go guys and taking a SIP. Water Adam cover. Cover me sports. Huey Lewis Ruxandra harder rock and roll one drug A The news the news the band members the next almost got four called vis singles. The lead single heart and soul heart and soul was per single. Now I gotta take a piss boy. Okay Governor. Let's hear a little bit of this heart and soul Here we are from Huey Lewis and the news. Here's heart and so this the first single on that album. Nineteen eighty three. I think was when this out and then they followed that up with the the second single. I one eight new drug. Let's hear a little bit of. I want a new drug. This is the second single from the album sports by Lewis and the news and this song was ripped off by Ray Parker. Junior or ghostbuster third single was called the heart of rock and roll. Let's hear a little bit of that. That I don't have it at. Okay welcome back. Hey thanks you do you do the show by yourself. I think I think a lot of people would prefer it. Okay so the fourth single was if this is so that they've for the first one. I was pissing fifth single walking on a thin line. Holy Shit what was the first one. The first one was heart and soul. Heart and soul was the first of course. Yup Yup listen to that. No thank you okay So you was the first time you heard by them. I'm again I think it was probably one new drug because that was like the big like Billie Jean sized hit. Yeah like the fact that drug was in the title and it was the just say no air. It was like a controversial but it was kind of an anti drug song in a way because it was talking about how the drugs that are out. There are not good. I wonder if he ever found his new drug. We should I think his new drug may have been Kind of boring. Probably not MTV videos obviously really big. I didn't have him so this is going on in your house and have cable cable. Either I would see it on Friday night videos. I saw it all the time. How could we didn't have MTV? But how could we there? Must they must have just played it everywhere. I was watching his videos this morning on Youtube. Getting Ready and I thought why the hell was it only on MTV. Why didn't a network just play an hour of videos on Thursday nights and make a bunch of fucking money? I know we video one with Richard Blais but that was mainly like new wave stuff but I saw it all the time I mean so it must have just been on everywhere I wonder if they ever played it like on TV instead of Happy Days. Or something you know. We're not gonNA play happy days. We're just GONNA put on Huey Lewis if this is it video. Yeah maybe and then have twenty five minutes of just black screen. I don't know that one with his face in the ice and all that that was Huge stuff and you did you ever see them live. I saw them once. I saw them at the Pasa Robles County Fair which is weird. I should ask you about this. They were the summer that power came out summer of eighty five. And they were playing the Paso Robles County Fair. Why were they doing that? There are the biggest band in the world is a little weird isn't that they should have big. It was sold out and it was you know but it was in the middle of the day. Middle of the day weird. Yeah I must have been some sort of payday for them that I remember we come in. We're a little late. Power of Love was playing the first song and I was like. Oh my God and they were right there and it was like. Let's just watch the song here and my mom's like no we gotta get to our seats and she pulls me and we go and our seats are like way behind the band but you walked in and like what what concert venues entrance is right next to the. It was weird because he was outside. And is that a fair the fairgrounds and your mom. Let's just watch Hughie. He's next to US right now. Right here let's go to. Our senior policeman will arrest. Is You don't go to where we did end up getting arrested. You did. Yeah for what the manslaughter. Because we didn't get to our seats at time goes. How long were you in the pokey? We were in prison like lockdown like hardcore voluntary maximum security solitary confinement prison. What'd you do a dime? Just a eight years eight. We got five years good behavior shit. That's nuts just goes to show. Your mom was right. Usually listen to your should've gone to those seats. Yeah listen your mom's people that's right. They know what's up otherwise you'll go to prison. What about you Scott? Did you ever see Huey Lewis live? I never did because I I heard them. I think the first thing I heard by them was. Do you believe in love. Oh yeah those. I don't think I knew who they were there. I just knew that Song live by the way Great Song Great Song. Little side note of treatment of interest. No you don't have to take notes during this. You can just remember. Okay do you. How good are you at your short term memory What did I say who? Okay take notes take notes here we go I. I really love working for a living working for a living. Do you mind not writing right next to the MIC. Sorry I really love working for a living which has a very distinctive like handclapping sounds and album is. That is that it's an early one. I think it's either picture. This or the wind ripping or Huey Lewis and the news and so when we get old so when we when we made the Mister show movie running run Here we go there. Was this idea for the credits that One of the other writers bj Puerto Rican. I had had for a movie. We had been writing a few years earlier where we always thought it would be funny. I feel like a movie has done this since then. But we thought it'd be funny if a song over the credits not only just described the entire movie that you just saw but also described how you felt about the movie that you just saw and like when you were sitting there in running did this. You thought it was nice and so I got together with Warren Fitzgerald. Who's the guitarist of the vandals and also played with Bongo? And we wrote this. I think Jane I wrote the lyrics and then Worn and I wrote this song together working on living working for eleven rather with like Work for a living. Yeah Okay Yeah So you can kind of hear and working for a living. Yeah here we go only hear those hand claps love some good agencies so we we wrote this song for Mister. Show movie and it was all about when Ronnie did this. Oh you thought it was nice. And then when he did this other thing you thought it was nice and then when he did this thing then you thought it was nice fucking stupid and use it. So here's what happened so I turned it in. And it's just it's it's just a Huey Lewis Kinda rip-off song musically in a way but but no mas to that of a feel good song that would be in the eighties. Turn it in and the director said he was like done with us at this point. Yeah but he was like fine. You know what it's the songs fine but Scott can't sing so we have to replace him. What just being a spiteful dick about it right man because he can't sing and like yeah. I can sing like everyone knows that. So but we were just so like like everything had to be a fucking issue so we were like all right fine so we got the. We contacted the band. Ween and the lead singer of weaned sang it. Diener gene or whichever one Which I don't I don't know who was and we get it back and literally I put it on. And he sounds exactly like me and I go. Oh no this is just the demo of missing it. He sounds exactly like me. And then we give it to the director. And he's like yeah good fine and then he puts it in the credits but turns it down Super Low. So you can't hear any of the any of the lyrics and puts it in an apart- where like dialogue is being spoke. Sounds like a fun working really anyway but that relation. That's a fun song. We never put out a soundtrack but That's a fun song. You have a copy of it somewhere. I don't even think I have a copy of it anywhere. I used to have it on a CD and play for people beaver. Like this is fucking hilarious. It sounds like gets buried in the music on Youtube or something. Well you can see the you can see the the credits where but you can barely hear like you can't make out what's being didn't Dave and Bob District that movie I mean you know knows whatever weaned. We never really talked about Wean. I was really into weaned for a minute there the I I liked i. You know what I really liked was twelve country. Great Record Awesome And then I really liked white pepper. Yeah and those were the two that I listened to the most Joplin. Jeez you didn't get into. I thought I thought that was okay. But I I I remember Marilyn Rice cub playing that before every windows ninety five show that she did at the cost or when I first started doing comedy she would put that on the pre show music so you got sick of it no I just. I thought it was fine. I just didn't really devour that album. Like the other ones man was I into that record but then the country greats was great in the navy they they just broke up. Didn't they. Like finally like put a name. I not really sure. The mollusc is a good record demolished. Yeah that's a good one. Yeah but we are certainly not here to talk about wine nor should we be as far as I'm concerned absolutely. Not This is on Huey. Lewis is time. That's right because he's waiting waiting. Yeah we're keeping him waiting to see. We've locked him in a bathroom with the lights off. We have a very special bathroom here at here wolf which has a lock on the outside. That's right that we just like to punish people who love to lock people in there. It's such a funny prank. Because people reach for the lock and then they go wait a minute. I'm trapped and but right before we lock them in there. Were like okay just a quick shower before we do the show. We like we get them naked. Yeah naked outside the bathroom. I take pictures and then push the bathroom. Then they go away where. There's not even a shower in here. And then click and they're fucking drabs. They can't hueys naked in the other room right now. Wondering what's going on the fucking door. If he seems like deeply unhappy at the beginning of the maybe. It has something to do with that. But who knows who knows Adam. What's going on with you? Of course we add Hollywood's a probably Hollywood awards night to shine the Oscars the other night. The old caddies Neil Oscar. Dues is what they what they call them and you. Do you remember your promise to our listeners. That's right that if you ever win one you are in your acceptance speech. You're going to say I'M GONNA put this up my but I will. I'm I'm very much planning on keeping that promise when winning. Yeah what about did you. What did you do? You have an Oscar party. I stayed at home this year. with my ex girlfriend cool up and The dogs and just watch it from home. Would you think would you think of the show? Marvelous? Just glitz glamour total. I would say that the IRS are like a salute to the movies. Yeah me too. I would say that I would say it's a night to celebrate celebrate excellence. I think this is actually an episode of I love films. I think you're right there on welcomed. I love films this guy and this is Scott and we are talking of course about great films Films Films Film. Three words for you three words for you sell you Lloyd. That's right that's one word though. What no you're right. Lloyd's Word. Listen Lloyd Dabbler. Oh yeah okay. Great Film and then also sell set by L. U. You is maybe the most important word I mean. There is no U. N. team. I'll tell you that much right and speaking of films teamwork teamwork. That's what's so important about films. One person doesn't make a film. I know that Every once in a while you'll see that little credit on film that will say a film by Spike Lee joint but guess what that film made by them but that's what it means joint production a joint venture. Yeah but that film made by them. It's right it's by everybody. Venture Air Buddy. Everybody it's right makes a film and boy. Do I love films? When when you just hit that sweet spot oh man watching the Oscars and watching how like this year's great films were represented in those awards. You know what I mean like every word. It seemed like they nominated like things from five different films sometimes performances that run the gamut of five different selections different film like different performances from different films. They would nominate. They'd be like okay for best actress. We're GONNA take like five different actresses from films and put them into this category like sort of almost. I felt like a nomination was almost saying like. Hey these things are good. Yeah you did a great job you know. Then on the night of the actual Oscars. It's almost like from those five. They decide to pick one of them. It's almost like that where they would like. Go like okay. One two three four five. What if we were be like? Take Away One. Then take away another one then take away another one then take away another one. What would we be left with? Just one person one thing performance formats. Yeah in but was listening to me is sometimes it would be to people. Yeah and it wasn't always as far as I'm concerned sometimes because that's a really only watch a film. Maybe that's what you're talking about. Sometimes it was like a couple people that did something else on. Yeah I think of two people can be nominated for do like writing or something and they get. Two people should be nominated for acting. Yeah and not for the same film either right. They should be like Laura dern mirrored story and Griffin Dunne in succession. It can be not even a movie to you. Know what I mean or Huey Lewis in. I want a new drug video. It could be not even moving moving not even from that year. Yeah I also think what won the best song this year. I don't know but I remember watching all the performances in kind of going like okay. All these songs suck just give it to fucking like what's the best song this year. I know we've talked about this before. Give the Academy Award to whatever. The best song is giving fucking billy. I know she might get it next year for the bond thing but but didn't she. She sang she sang over the Memoriam. Which that was the other thing. I was like if you're going to die. They should automatically give you an academy award. You know what I mean. I'll get all those people get Oscar. They should give every one of them that they show on the thing. Because how fucking lame. Is it that some of those people that they put up there on the? Memoriam don't have an Oscar Oscars are exploiting them. Did you feel like it was bullshit that Luke Perry wasn't Presented in that. He's one of celluloid greatest actors and he was in one of the films nominated for whatever they call that a word. Yeah it's crazy. Did you see any of the Movin? Sincere I didn't see anything. No Yeah I didn't I don't even know what they were talking about it. Most of the time when we watched the Academy Awards I was like. Oh so this is about movies that just came just because some of them I was like. Didn't this come out like five years ago. Yeah me and then I was watching turned out. It was a commercial. Yeah I saw A. It was a really nice looking car. Like yeses a beautiful car and I was like. This is my favorite movie me too and then it just thirty seconds and I was like this is still my favorite movie. Yeah like nice short sweet gets to the point and then it turned out to not even be a movie not even close Bro. It was commercial for a car but his car movie. As far as I'm concerned why not? Lots of things are moved. They should nominate best car every year. See if they did not not type of car like the escalator or whatever car literal. Best car that's out. There individuals. John John Fucking Lincoln Shoe public. Camry win the Oscar this year. Best car yeah. Two Thousand Twenty Best Card. It's Card and not not the best one that came out this year best car and why is it the best car who knows man? Maybe it's he's got the the best The best he makes the best use of his Calls for the Cup holders like He. He's got a system where he puts his big Gulp and one of them in his phone. In other paperclips. Maybe he works in an office. He Needs Paper Club. Yeah change you always need change always need change these days to with everyone going paperless like you need change more than ever that change but it. It was really confusing. And I didn't like it me. Do I walked away from the Oscars. Yeah I walked out of my house. I walked down the street I was like. I'm not going back there. I walked right out into traffic. It's we had the same experience. It's so crazy wait and then I met this really interesting guy out in the middle of traffic to and I was like you. You are so interesting. I just had like a long conversation with him. I did too about who so interesting in it lasted until like the Sun. Rose what did you talk to this guy about it was just about. It was weird because like we talked about everything but also nothing 'cause like we talked about everything that meant so much to us about life and yet at the end of it. I was kind of like Whoa. The time just flew by God. This is crazy. 'cause we have a very similar experience really like almost exactly the San like what were the differences over the similarities. There were no differences there were only similarity Larry's wow that's amazing to have two different conversations like that and what was the guy you talked to. What was he wearing? You remember He I remember. He had no shirt on. That's right and It is or how do you know it's just weird because now our our experiences even more similar because I wa- I was actually not wearing shirt when I walked out of the house interesting. I was in the middle of changing when I got super confused because the Oscars were you changing out of. Were you changing into changing out of Tuxedo? Because I wanted to watch it. Yeah you like to Wa- wears in. That's the thing. When I watch television I wear whatever the characters on whatever shows are wearing. That's right so sometimes it's really comfy and then sometimes like for the Oscars drag but then I was going to watch breaking bad so is changing into a has met suit and then I got super confused so I was wearing has matt so this guy I was talking to you. Yeah he was wearing like a roll down. Hazmat suit the Ju- The top was an on. I mean this is the craziest coincidence. This is nuts anyway A great night that I'll never forget I was talking to showing his nuts weird. Yeah I don't I don't I mean the Guy I was talking to was not doing that. Oh well I guess the similarities end right there. Well I'll never forget this guy which I got in his name or phone number because he was so interesting and really on a great wave length with me but What else people that I go. You know what I never met that guy before but he could be one of my best friends. I might put an ad in the Close encounters in La Weekly. Yeah I might just watch close encounters. Yes yeah all right speaking films. This has been films. See you next time bye good. Those are really good up. It was an interesting APP. They love films. Oh Man I love Film Studio. I have to say I look. I love him and I love that show. I Love I love films. I is this an episode of I love. I love films. Hey everyone welcome to I love. I love films. This is Scott and this is Scott and we're talking about that podcast. I love films that we love so much I love. I love films. They got those guys know their shit say no everything. There is to know about movies but as far as I'm concerned about life that's what that's what's interesting. Is it transcends to me where it's like. Yeah yeah they're talking about movies which I'm not really interested in a weird Hollywood Lib tar like can you just shut. Yeah for one second in just entertain me you fucking dancing. Yankees Stop You. Know what go they can't they can't do what you do best. Which is you? Don't do it all that. Well yeah keeping your keeping a fucking sock in it. That's right anyway. I hate movies but I love. I love films podcast. It's all just about you know it's about more than that it's about it's about farts the three fs farts future and friends friends. I future future anyway. I love it this has been I love. I love films but yeah that was good. That was good. Have we talked about Louis Enough? I think so nothing more to cover as far as Well was there anything else you? You're not on the table here. We put it all out on the Fianna. Put out there. I gotta I gotTa Look Anytime. I want to have a good time. I turn on Huey Lewis and the news instantly makes me feel better. That's one of those one of those things where it's like if you're ever in a funk but you wanna hear some funk some funky you know what. I mean a little are plus be if you know what I mean. I'm not talking about the wonderful billion have from England. Australia himself Richard Branson. I'm talking about rhythm and six. He's just put it on you. You just enjoy yourself. It's just it's it's music that transcends time periods you know what I mean. It just still sounds good. Yeah yeah well we'RE GONNA be talking to the man himself. Jimmy Kimmel as well as Huey Lewis in. Just a second. It's Jimmy Kimmel by the way. Do we want to talk about how this all came to be? Yeah we reached out to Jimmy to to just do an episode of the show because we know how much we were talking about just doing then we said Oh you know Jimmy likes you allow. Why don't we reach out to Jimmy and Jimmy Rebecca really immediately saying that. He'd he doesn't really do a lot of podcasts. But how could he refuse this? How could he say no to that? That's what it was because we were like let's go through sports track by track by track. And let's have Jimmy on talking about how he how much he likes. Lewis and it was Jimmy. Who said why? Don't I just get Huey to come do it? Because he comes comes out here to be on. Jimmy show a lot and it has stuff That he's promoting and hueys album just came out last Friday called weather. We will talk a little bit about that and we'll probably hear some of it This is very exciting. This is I mean. This is a big big show. Oh you know what before we go? We get a lot of letters out him and we don't do a lot of shows and it's an I. I've had a few if we don't mention you. It's because I've had these letters sitting in my office for months waiting to do another episode and then before I left it forgot to bring him but we have gotten some letters from people so i WanNa thank Monica. Andy Lisa Dillon Stephen Kim Luke Andrea. Olivia and we got some vinyl from the early stages. Thanks so much to all of them for giving us some some some Nice Little Trinkets and stuff like that. It means a lot to us that you guys write to us all right thanks to us when we come back we are going to be talking to the man himself. Huey Lewis and of course Jimmy Kimmel number one Huey Lewis. Superfan will be right back with a little bit of Yui. Talking Huey to me. We'll be right back in time for that. We are back and this is very exciting. Adam are you excited? I am very excited moderately or at a level. That is off the charts. I'm just I'm getting tripped up here because I don't know what moderately mean you don't know moderately municipality spell it. Do you want me to use it in a sentence. Well I know that it starts with an M. Okay use it in a sentence. Are you excited moderately? No Okay see very. I am very excited very good. Well we have a couple of special guests on the show. They've never been well. This is the first episode of of this particular. Pro- program that we've done. They've never been on any of our shows before Let's first introduced this man. He is a multiple Emmy Award. Winner is hosted the Academy Awards several times. Jimmy Kimmel is with us. Thank you thank you and buy multiple and by the way. There's a cameraman in the room. Who has tripped over a waste safer? There's garbage every verse garbage everywhere. And right onto his introduction he over it and made a giant and then and did you hurt. Yourself Sir. You Okay are you okay. Your is your camera all right thinking about documentary filmmakers as they lurk in the shadows very room. There's there Jimmy. Welcome to the show. So thank you for having me. It's fun to be here. I feel I guess is qualified to have been on any of our other programs as well. He does love it invited to be on any of the other we've done we've done Youtube Program and we've done a program centered on rem and yet also done a program centered on the band's stained as well as well as glass and we call that stained glass. So well I'm good with three out of those four okay so our way by the way. Let me introduce our guest of honor. He is a multiple grammy winner. A Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominee should have one. Oh One did win. I know if you don't know I know you're asking me. Yes say you say me by land? Richie cuts from the plastic late night. I saw that three times because the girl I had a crush on in nineteen eighty five was a dancer and she loved it three times opening. She would kiss me and interestingly you know he's just we and that's on that You know we we. We were invited. Because you're nominated Academy Awards. Yes and And I think there was a poll beforehand. We were like three to one favorites to win. Yeah so we we enter my band and I and we have our seats assigned as we get to our seats sitting in the road just in front of me at turns around. It's Marvin hamlet says. Hey Huey Lewis some big fan. I said Oh Marvin. I'm Marvin anguish. Oh Yeah Great. Great great to me everything he says. Yes sorry man. I said what he's just landed on. The isle. Know so if anybody wants to know whether the fix is in word shows to say at the Lion I'll we'll introduce you Huey Lewis is here so thank you and I have to Emmy Awards and Adam would you F zero of everything. Just tell you that thirteen year old me was really fucking pissed off when you lost that Academy Award. Why why are you not allowed to sing it? On the telecast we did you did sing it okay. Great Great Great. How is that? What was that like? It was okay but they wouldn't let us play it. I sang lives to track. Okay and they wouldn't let the band play. I had to sing live. I Sang Live but we you live to track. Which in those days was like one of the first time they made us same. Live to track right now. Of course now track right right. Why do they do that or they just worried about the sound? Problems are the ban being unpredictable. Or what is it everything is is sounds better staging issue primarily because they have to get a set up in there and then move it out and then move something else some good Intel from the host of you gotTa me awards himself was actually the was always the The the Grammy Awards were always live always and there was always feedback or something or one guys Mike would go out and their problems and they always lasted too long and so did Clark created the American music awards old cloth right just to kick their ass did and we did it with with live to track and they could time everything perfectly exactly. How long drew. And that's so. The grammys had to follow suit. They just got. They got killed and they had to tighten their act and do so. That makes this show way longer just dealing with live music. Yeah because you got to set. Everything up our microphones are cords. I remember you presenting with Madonna at the American music prints. Yeah so the three of you amazing. Speaking of speaking of prints I want. I know we're GONNA jump all over the place with you hugh. I was reading about We are the world today right and the your your Of course the the the line that you saying classic but it was not meant for you to sing. Originally it was meant for Prince. It was prince's line really Princeton. Show up to. We are the world. He was upset at something that happened. In the grammys or something The American the American music. Whatever he didn't win or something show up and now they figured out. He's not you'll and we're done. We've Sung the chorus. And I'm in the in the lounge with so you didn't have a a solo line originally not I mean sanity and now they come. Give me this a quincy wants to see and I go see Quincy and Quincy says a smelly Michael smelly because he's so clean and and he says sing. Sing your senior line to Huey. And he's saying the line he goes you he's saying it. I'm sitting there you know. Michael Jackson Sang My. Life's great. You got it. That's WOW WOW RAIN-WISE RATE TIME. And and what did you? What did you think about? Cindy lauper coming right after you going. Wow what was that about? I don't know but I do remember that at the end of the I do remember being you know. When we started the lead vote with you know the chorus first and then we will lead vocals. They they wanted to do it in one pass because they only had like five. Oh five mics and they had fifteen people so three guys. I'm each might and you lean into the senior line. Get Out of the way next person next person so on and they because of the leakage. They wanted it all to be live so they started off with Guess Lionel here comes a time when we eat a certain and then When the world was about people dying stevie wonder would kind of intentionally screw up is like almost wait about stops up so then then they go again and again about down to Alger? Oh and he screws up somehow and they go back again and they go back to someone and meanwhile these guys are getting three takes and I haven't Sung my line. You're further down the long way down the line so I would have. Myrtle comes out to adjust. Humberto Gatica the engineered. Just the microphones is Umberto. Can you just let it go anyway? So we can have a little bit of shot at it and he says okay and he goes back in Michael. I was right next to Michael. Russell could idea good. I asked Michael. Jackson was right next to me for that whole thing and he did not miss a trek man. I mean you know. He just seems like he's just a thorough thing but he was so under that. Thanks because when we finally did a pass all the way around and wasn't very good and then we do the second. Pass all the way around and it was really good. It was it was pretty good all the way around. And then quincy just goes. Let's do another one and I saw him go to Humberto through the glass sake. Say That one and then let's do another one and he started another one in right away. Michael they're going to say they're saving the last one. Aren't they yes? They're saving the last week so good. That's the one that the one they use the second one. Okay Yeah. Why but Michael Knew he? He knew all this stuff. Yeah and was that separate from the the video. Isn't you guys actually recording? The song is it or was that the act did they did you lip sync in the video to the No. No that was. That was the video they just was. Okay synchro what a day. That's why we're so ugly when we hit those notes Jimmy I got. I got to turn to you. There's so many questions that I think of the the. I'm fucking Ben Affleck video in very same studio. Where is the studio? It's Jim Henson Studio. He did the Score there and they do a lot of air and he was in that one too. The only one that was in both wasn't honor. I'm Jimmy there. There's so many questions I can think of the one. The pops up primarily is is. When did you? First hear of Huey Lewis in the new. I'll tell you when I heard about him on the radio of course but CLEO was like a news bulletin about my van leader you know who's my best friend. Since I was nine years old we grow up right across the street from each other. He stole a A little suitcase full of cassette tapes out of a boat there are boats in Las. Vegas was like somebody on the street and somebody had Parkin- in cleaner like looked in there and there was there a cassette tapes and he took it and he brought it home and one of the one of the tapes was picture this He album before sports. And we started listening to it and we started listening to a lot and we became. That's how we became fans and then my cousin Sal who lived in Long Island where Las Vegas He also at the same time fell in love with Huey Lewis and it became a formative part of our childhood. Sure and sports comes out and it's the biggest album ever and that must have been a huge deal for you guys. I went to the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas. That five o'clock in the morning do by myself to buy tickets to see Huey Lewis and the news and I was like fifth or seventh in line. I remember thinking like Oh Jeez. I'm not I'M NOT GONNA. I'm so early. I'm not even first in line and we waited until the box office opened at like nine and I got tickets and I was very excited and then it was a matter of who. I'm going to let come to this concert with a few of my friends from high school and the seats. They were not as good as they should have been thing. Yeah well like I waited up all night to see you too and I was in the back row of Sports Sa- funny though until you asked me how good the seats were. I never thought about that. I never thought about the fact that the seats weren't that great. He would do they save all the good seats for like all the promoters and stuff like that. I mean it's such a skein the fixes in there too for there's no question about it and what they do nowadays is they save it for the VIP pay extra money to get better seats and then you get to meet the band. Which is something. I don't understand at all why we all these big bands I mean. Why did the band do this? Oh for money right. So let's let's look at that sex. I don't know that could be. I'm these big bands band journey. Somebody they they're on. They're on stage for two hours right and they're making cute a lot of money. I mean what are they making? You know like they gotta be making vows figures and hundreds of thousands of dollars some so decided they're gonna add another hour pre she'll meet and greet so they can make another ten grand. I don't get it the concerts two hours and the meats almost two hours sometimes and you get nothing you know. The reality very what happens is is the artists. Get all I forgot. I gotTA do. Yeah and he's miserable people who paid four hundred bucks for the meet-and-greet he's not very nice. One very nice to me. And then they they. They don't like him. Yeah backfires but didn't you have to do like meet and greets with radio guys like crazy so maybe if you got paid for that it would have been would have been. Maybe that's what they're doing. They're doing the same thing except now they're getting paid for what we used to do. Sign Autographs afterward saw and set up a table and then for backstage peace sign autographs. Yeah Huey let's go back to the The beginning if we can. Marin County is where they'll be they'll be Louis. Louis Armstrong was the beginning of of Music Jazz. You you were in England for a while. You're in the band clover right Which clover if PEOP- Put out a couple of records and also was the backing band for Elvis. Costello's first record play on that. No ME NEITHER NOT MUTTON NEITHER. I nor the lead singer. Alex call explain why you didn't play on that help them. Why just played harmonica? Yeah and But didn't you. Didn't you decide to go somewhere with girlfriend for the weekend? Ellis Castillo asked me. He said I do have a couple songs that you could play on if you like. But they were going to be doing this for a week and it was our first week off we. They worked with a crazy and I had A. I had my girlfriend over there and we went to Amsterdam for the week. So you got. Which songs could you I D? I can't like welcome to the working week watching the detector shoes. It's mine. Aim is true. Right that's the right so I I read. I read something recently where you were kind of taking a look at the pub rock scene. Which had Nick Lowe and You know Dave edmunds and all the the rockpile people and you sort of were very inspired by that and said oh I would like to go back to the US and do sort of my version of that is that is that what sort of clover was mostly country rock band and and we were signed by Dave Robinson Jake Riviera who managed Elvis. Greg stiff records and started stiff records. But they hadn't done any of that when the when the in England was kind of between fads of the moment and they they figured that if the pub rock was going to be the new thing and because the Brunswick Schwartz nicloas in Brizzi Schwartz. And they they worshiped clover. They love the they had. I don't worship Stu big award. But they like clover had the record and so on so they knew who we were and everything so they thought they'd sign us well the day we landed you know Johnny rotten spit in the face of the first enemy reporter and the and the game was on and so the punk thing exploded and we were wrong place wrong time. But the punks were for me liberating. Because they were filming their nose at the music's my voice is kind of you know it's A. It's a rough gruff voice. I didn't have a radio voice in the seventies and all that stuff and so. I didn't sing a lot in clover. I've I didn't care is playing harmonica just trying to exist. You know play music for a living but with a punks. I seemed like something that was very liberating because they weren't trying to groom themselves record labels or any of that stuff. They were just doing their own thing. Sinking their own quirky songs their own way. And I vowed the that's what I would do if our band ever broke up but not musically musically I would be are and be based because I was sick of we baby guitar stuff and And that's pretty much what I did so you when you came back to. Us You got a bunch of like minded individuals. How did you find the band? I came back to the the US. And then I I start. I got a of club. Those club called lion's share and they said. How would you like to do Monday nights here? I said Great. I got Monday nights which was off night but was kind of a good night for us in Marin County. 'cause we traditionally three years played. Monday night so I created this thing called Monday. Night live which was a ban that sounds like copyright infringement for Saturday and and we did We had different bands and comedians and quaintly assembled this band and I sang all the songs and so then we got offered free studio time because the studio manager from somewhere came to see the GIG and couldn't get in because it was quite popular and so she said Hey. How would you like some Free Studio Tom? I said fine. It's for a laugh. We cut one of the songs we were doing which was called. Exa DISCO DISCO VERSION OF EXODUS. It was pretty funny. Marley's Exodus Bob Marley's exodus not too bad Dr Donald and That always discovers exa disco and we did it for a laugh pee. Wee Ellis played harmonica played saxophone on. Peewee was a member of the Monday night live band. Peewee Ellis wrote cold sweat for James Brown played but and so a great group of musicians and we did this thing for a laugh and so I had this. That's what we use the free studio time for. Have this exodus thing. Now I get a call from Dave. Edmunds and nick from Niccolo. Who says we want you to play on wants to play one of my songs and Rock Pie. Wants to cut bad his bad come over to Britain and do it. I want it. Flew over to Britain You know cheaply flu went straight to the studio cut nick song. Cut A bad bad with EDMUNDS and rockpile. And then there was a lull on the record. Company comes by your the tracks. They hear the tracks. And there's an you know we're done I said ain't moving here. And there was a kind of a lull in the conversation. WanNa hear something funny. They said yes. And I've put on exit disco and the Record Company loved it. They said man that could be a hit. They split I said. What do I do Jig? Rivera says ask him for eleven points and don't leave without getting the check. He says get three thousand pounds and they if they want you to do something else on the record do it but say yes. But don't leave without the Jack so go to go the next day to the record company. I'd do all that. They write me a check for three thousand pounds. But they want more vocal on it. They want me to sing a little more on it because I had just gone. Exit is a little bit so I said no problem. Give me the check. They give me the check. I go back to San Francisco. Boys we got something going here. I went back to the studio to add vocal to this multi-track and they had a race. The multi-track high accident because the tones were on it. Also in the analog machines you align the machine with tone right most people had a tone real just for that but because they were cheap and it was a demo session. They use the tones at the head of our of our date while they were while they were regulating. It Calibrating it. They went into the song and the race. The first part of the song so I said what do I just made a deal for this? I got no problem. We'll give you plenty of time. How much is it? I said I'm going to need a week. I need a week. Said no room the game you week so. I took the exa disco a two track master. Put it the multi. Track of the twenty four sang over another track. Mix it down. Took me two hours done? And then I spent the week cutting three other songs with the band and those songs got us our manager and eventually a record deal as ing. What are the cause bad as bad you held till sports? What what were They all come to Susie which is and Anne don't lie and Assuncao now here's you. That ended up on her. I was sure how and is that by the way I liked. I want to say I like that. When he was talking about the tones on the on us at yeah like you knew what I knew. Exactly what are you saying? That's right before you were born at. Of course so let's let's jump ahead then to suddenly you have a hit record You have do you believe in love which was written by Mutt Lange? I rewrote it a little bit. But but most ninety percent of my and so suddenly you have a hit song on the radio. What is it like fantastic and Jimmy? This is the song that you. That's on picture this which I love that album. I love all the songs in that album but that was the big hit. That was the one that was the hit we. We'd cut it and we asked. Matz said the song we news commercially cut it. We heard that. Kfc was going to add that song to this and care for. She was the big parallel one station. San Francisco I remember all their ads on Tuesdays so we assembled the Oban congregated at my house at two o'clock on Tuesday. They're gonNA play between two and six and we sat there and watched the radio. You know and But I think about three o'clock remembers early wasn't when at three o'clock or so Bingo the guy says here's another new song with local band. Huey Lewis those and they played you believe in love and you know those those parallel one stations have big compressors so they really make a sound can almost distorted and bowerful really nice. I remember thinking two things I when I heard. I said if it didn't sound anything like us. It was like. Oh my God. I sang that song. We produce that song of one hundred types that sounds like somebody else and number two. It sounded like a hit. Yeah why do you say it sounded like someone else like? It sounded like a big. It sounded like a record all of a sudden here. Let's little bit of it so good so good it puts you in a good mood just right away right. It's Kfi a Huey News. On the way to work. You love the song on the way to work. Yeah I do believe in love amazing. We have a new arrangement. Do It we do well. We do we did that even if you could provide. Yeah if you could perform it. Yeah what's the what's the new arrangement like it's gold. Go go stand by me Oh really Oh gunk interesting. So then after this record you have a head. So does the label started trust. You like their their next record is going to be even bigger. Well the picture this and so which we produced ourselves but only sold like two hundred fifty thousand copies which knows as was Kinda break-even because we had a nice record deal so we have to make our third record and sports and so we insisted on producing ourselves because we knew we had to have a hit single and we wanted to make those commercial decisions ourselves rather than you know. Go to go have a producer. Do it or any of that stuff. So our manager fought for that and our label was six thousand miles away in London and couldn't really control us so being aware producing our own record and sports. And we knew we needed to hit single nineteen eighty-two that record was recorded it was a radio world there was no internet no jam bands there was no. Fm Radio was programmed. Chr CONTEMPORARY HIT. Radio was the only format that made a difference. If you didn't have a hit on CHR you didn't exist. This was our third album the last album of our contract. We had to have a hit record and so and that was the hardest thing for my band because my voice and You know and we hadn't really written a lot and all that sort of stuff so with sports. We aimed every song. Right at radio and But we wanted them all to be different because we didn't know going to be a rock song or or a you know walking on a thin line we bad his battles and we knew we needed to hit. We didn't know where we're going to have five of them. You know but we knew we needed one. And now when I listen to that record or look at that record it sounds like a record of its time a collection of singles. Yeah that was what was going on. More bands should try to make every song ahead. Don't you agree? It sounds like such an easy formula. I not necessarily no. I don't necessarily agree with that. I really there's a lot of songs that aren't hits. That are fantastic name. I can't even think of one seven Sports I I remember. I was your behind the music. And you were talking about how you guys produce yourself in and you have sort of a production style that you was very unique to you. Guys thought that you then felt like everyone on the radio sorta copied. I never said that but we did you think it though. Did you think it? I thought we moved the ball forward a little bit. I mean my thing there would we were making a record and and we had this one new drug which would go go. Go go go. Go Coco right and we recorded at the record plant. We cut the song and I am next. Door was the Australian producer. Peter Wolf wasn't assisting Rah Rah Nevelson with Jefferson starship record. I guess started and they were in Peter. Wolf was one of the first guys. Houston Clive Yours. And all the machines and they had a Was GonNA wow. That would be so cool on one new drug to sequence that thing so I said I said to Peter I said Peter and a break I said. Can you show me how to said no brum? So he came in and hooked up our Linn Drum and And we cut that so sports was cut to machines. A lot of it it's actually cut and paste. It's not a bar ban record at all. Although we've made we have since then captured records as complete performances. But that record wasn't like that at all. That was most of the base then programmed the victim. Don't squinched right and then we overdubbed cymbals. Yeah and and and Tom. Tom Fills and and everything else. And that's on. WanNa thin thin line to sequence D- D- d- do it starts like that is bad goes through this D- Goes From Win Drum. Which was brand new in? Nineteen eighty-two Lindstrom. We'd I'd heard about it because we heard we worship the studio cats and toto or the cats who made Michael Jackson's thriller right now. Carol man I mean he was the man and and we. We heard that this Guy Roger Lind had Jeff Carroll's drums in a box. I said what he's got his drums into. It's a chip. I said what's a chip? No it's a box it's lendrum and so that's what we saw. We've gotta get us one of those and that's what we did. We so bad as bad as interesting that way. It's is a prime example of our of our theory. Which is the new and the old at once. The bar band are in be structures with his new sound. Exactly yeah and Jimmy describe when sports comes out what is what is that like for you when you and. I recorded sports. We were at odds a little bit over the summer. I know it's funny. I feel like oats. He was making. I was listening to it. You are Huey Lewis is number one fans to be right. I mean you know there with the. There's only maybe here. We go people on the planet who know our music as well as Jimmy Kimmel. Who's the other one my cousin sal? Well okay so accepting. South one is the producer of our new musical hard rock and roll. Okay Tyler Mitchell. Does he have a show a talk show okay? He is removed from this conversation. Who else do I guess? He's a distant second. There's there's A. There's a Uber Fan. Called Don who lives in. Ohio wants to go head to head with huge L. Really me and he says he's he's a he's a funny guy but then if he loses he kills himself and then. I'm the guy who killed if he wins. Yes dawn on the show. You're done out of Ohio for the first time. Well yes no I was A. I was working at Miller's outpost in Las Vegas. How clothing store then Levi's Levi's it had a basically sold Levi's and you'd go into it and they would fit you into whatever Levi's me we would fit you into Levi's but none of us really knew how to you but also Levi's already may well they were shrink to fit so the idea of this shrink to fit like if you were to get into washing machine and dryer with Levi's maybe they would strengthen their strength. I would just say people people go. So how much are these GonNa Shrink? And I'm like how are they fitting in? Yeah they're a little tighter but they want shook that much Us No clue. We just wanted to get them out of the store so I was working there Listening to the radio like a mania. I mean I was really really into radio and could you play the radio in the store. The radio's was playing in the store. I had a favorite radio station K. Y. R. K. In Las Vegas. I listened to it at all times and And I you know. I bought the cassette when it came out and I just listened to it a million times to me like when most of those songs were hits. I already knew them. Well already did. They were hits in my car before that and And I I love to sing along with with Yui songs. We are kind of in the same vocal range. Yep and years later My cousin I was on I was doing football picks on NFL. Sunday on Fox. Sports and I had the week off and he was doing a show up in northern California. And I said Sal let's go let's you know let's go up there and go to the show and maybe if we call them though we can. We can have a meet and greet in Greece so we go up there and they said yeah sure or whatever and we go up and after the show he comes out and he's eaten a sausage. Some Big Italian beef sausage and bread smells like garlic and then he goes. What are you guys doing up here? And we were we. We came up to see you. He goes no really. What are you guys? Do we came to see you. Oh right from La to come to see this show. I said you gotta be kidding me. We did and we were very excited on the way home. We called my parents from the car to Huey Lewis. See how we met. Huey Lewis were. They proud of you. They were happy for US store. By the way since the Jimmy actually knows more more probable probably could more knows more lyrics if we're just recite lyrics to songs now from memory than I do. Well there's not a not probably we had a contest on the show and I beat you tend to nothing out. That's that's humidity. Jimmy could go on tour with you and just sit on the front of the stage and prompt you. We've been thinking of starting a new line called America's next top Huey Lewis and I feel like the only in excess reality show him. Dawn would be the only down so and then so. Mtv is just starting around the time of course comes out. So what does that like you know just seeing for me? We didn't have cable so that was but we had a local channel in Las Vegas called V. Twenty one was a U H F station. And so that was like if you were poor. That Was York version of MTV. So that's really where I watched a lot of these these videos and I think my favorite of the videos is probably if this is your classic on the beach and Adam. You're saying that you shut down in Santa Cruz. Which is where I grew up. And so you guys coming to Santa Cruz at the high. Because that's like what was the name of the dream in your dream. It's still there but the third or fourth single. So you guys were the band and you guys coming to Santa. Cruz was the biggest steal. My stepsister is An extra in the background of the shot Where the the the guys heads are in the sand right? She's sitting right right behind you and that was. I can't even tell you what and then you through the play the game on the boardwalk. You threw the ball teeth of of the guys big big deal and I missed it. I wasn't able to go to you arguing with your girlfriend phone. And Oh yeah. That's good stuff that we had that would that was our video. We we We had videos. This kind of the story is do you believe in love was our first professional video and we made these videos before they helped us get a record deal that because there was an outfit called. Video West in San Francisco run by Kim dempster and there was videotape. Just BEEN INVENTED. Seventy eight just been invented and he said and she said and they had a channel called video westwood show videos one o'clock in the morning she looked. We'll make video of you guys and you can have it if we can show it on our show twice great so I- i- scheme these two videos for some laser true and don't tell me you love and if you ask me that the best videos we ever made. I've never seen those. They're fantastic. I don't somewhere. Some of my lines are true is hilarious. It's we didn't have a sewage. Peer out in the middle of the Ocean beach. And we're dressed in suits and stuff. You guys are big with suits on the beach. We I swiped all this from I once saw James Brown on Hullabaloo and there were all these people on the. They're the beach in a swimming pool. And everybody was in bathing suits and stuff. If you're brown on dancing amongst by so incongruous that is cool so as your pitch for the power of love video like what if we were on the beach and we were wearing suits twice but anyway I professional video was was Do you believe in love. And the label thought it was going to be hit and they WANNA have video. So they said we're gonNA hire a really top notch. Advertising Guy and this guy the backdrop was all pastels. You know This torn Pastel kind of look. And then they matched are close to the pastels. We had a lot of make up on. This is the one we're singing in the bed. Were six of us in the basics. And we we do we shoot it all day and now a week later we go to see the rough cut and come to the label. See the rough guide. There's like ten people from the business attempt for the record label. Ten people from the video company and ten people say from my Our Band and so it was like thirty people. They say. Okay here. It is remember just a rough cut. Its we have been colorized yet. It's GonNa look a lot better and all this stuff. No PROBLEM BONUS. Shut the lights off. They show the video. My heart sank. It was horrible. It was there was no direction. Knows you look like a hostage in that video this guy. Doing what is purposed fricking wandering through the thing singing into the air. It's definitely for a twenty. It's because it's a group of like eight guys standing around a bed looking at the C. Asking her she believes him moral video wearing question to my room. No is the answer. So we'll you leave but as soon as as over the videos over and I'm I'm heartbroken. Duck this is horrible. Don't video ends tumultuous applause? Everybody loves it. Can't remember thinking well clearly anybody can do this. We're going to do our own videos from now on direct the video all well. No we got a a friend your ideas group thing. We all of our viewers from on been always invite listening this. And you haven't seen the if this video while you should look it up and watch it because it is incredible. I mean the fat family being eaten by a shark and Mario with a cigarette lots of gas. You bury the band up to their necks every other than US buried up to where they okay with that. That's like a fear of mine. That's really great point. What's funny about that was really funny about that. Is that they were miserable pageant. I had to their heads back and forth almost as bad as doing it. All for my baby when we had them in the in Monster in the you know the high formaldehyde yet. Ours all the and then we had the horn section hanging and I'll never forget a tower power trusses on them. They're they're hanging against looking at him miserable here having such a terrible. And is there any sort of resentment to you because you don't have to do this stuff or you know we're musicians right shoulder that sure we'll do it okay? Whatever and then you're in that situation you wonder why since we're on the sports album. There's one question I've always wanted to ask you the the hard rock and roll. It really really kicks him in the in the what in the ASS right at that makes it could have been any body part really really. Yeah Yeah I know it had to rhyme with cash. Cash cash makes a lot of what is it makes have start from the beginning. I remember New York. Kicks Him in the? It doesn't really. It's not a rhyme lines of Jerusalem everybody to see neal's lights flash SAT WITH FLASH SHOTS RIGHT. Rhymes aggressive imperfect. You could've figured that one out on your own never always wonder. It's been close to thirty years at this point over thirty years. Cousin Sal and I had a long standing and occasionally violent argument over one of the lines in your song. And if this is a you'd say anything to fly you'd say anything to him. It's to avoid a fight but He would not accept that it was due a butterfly. Go on Sal. How does that make any sense? You'd say anything to a butterfly poetic. I think it's gorgeous either way so then the sports sports comes out. It's a huge huge hit and then in nineteen eighty four. Is it your approach to do back to the future? Probably Eighty five eighty five. It came out in eighty five. Eighty five. So beginning of eighty-five some around there. I thought it was eighty six. Power Love eighty-five. Because he travels from eighty-five back to fifty five are so eighty four Yeah Eighty Four. Someone director comes up to you. Even Spielberg Bob's Amac Bob. Gale and Neil Canton who produced wrote produced directed and wrote the film. All of them had them. We had a meeting an ambulance. Amblin was brand new. It was I first year they just started. Spielberg just started and one and they had a meeting and said look. We've just written this film called back to the future and the lead characters this guy called. Mardi MC fly. Who's favorite band would be Huey? Lewis and the news so we thought how would you like to write a song for us and I said Gray flattered? You know but don't know how to write for film necessarily and and honestly I don't fancy writing a song back to the future and it's all we don't care what it's called. We just want one of your songs. I said great while. Go Sue the next thing we right. I'll send down to you and in power levels the next thing we wrote and in first of all when you say you don't want to write a song called back to the future is it because nothing rhymes with future. And what would it be about and you did right right back in time. What happened was we haven't seen the movie or anything in the script or anything so I sent power love. We'd written power love and I sent it out and so the way I remember it as that was it. So Meccas remembers it differently. You remembers that. He's got the song and thought it wasn't It wasn't it wasn't up enough wasn't up enough and I said really powerful love power Levinson and that's because the verse was in a might is is in minor keys and I sit and I guess we I can't remember the chorus what what we had. But I guess. And he claims that's when we put back up by about the big major part to it and then then use it. Was it always keyboards there or was it? Get the horns. Yeah it was it will. Yeah did you. Everything's going to be horns is right on the synthesize exactly right horn patch one and version. Michael J. Fox plays at the talent show. Ideas are demo is with him squealing. All over it right. Wow but that's the guitar playing to keep the demo before we had a rough demo. With right you know you'll mixed and all that that's the way they well. I thought I thought it was just too damn loud so that must have been because you were approached a year or so before maybe write something for ghostbusters and had passed on that right. What was it about this the let me take this one for you because he gets fined? Ten thousand dollars every time he really because because of your court agreement with Union right. You're you're not supposed to talk about. I am going to tell you a story that I heard from some other source. No from no I tell you I can tell you who I heard from the the director of the Phil She Ivan Reitman. I'm Raymond Ivan. Reitman told that And this is true. Even right Mattel told me this story because of course I like you and I asked him about it. He said he wanted me to write a song for the movie. And Huey said I did. I don't WanNa be like the movie anthem guy. You know I I thank you but I'm going to pass so. He called Parker Junior and told them do this song. You will indeed do a song like Huey Lewis. And that's what happened produced. Exactly like Huey Lewis in the news record and has the same melody as what is it. I want a new. Or it's basically you can't say anything has no comment when we get when the podcast rotate the whole long story okay. Believable away legal. Hollywood Story Man. Retina has a lot to do while and so this is a year or so later. And you're like this one sounds right. Let's do let's do powers love new Banja and it's your number one. Hit Right isn't it? Oh No no no not your first number one well. The thing power loved it force because of the film. I think he was your first number later bit. Yeah it might have been. Yeah but but what was interesting? Is that scared me but I think it was but it was interesting about about. We'd had a bunch of hits beforehand and actually power. Love was released nine weeks before the film came out the right so when the film came out the song was number one already and there which smart that was a great marketing and to this day says best send off a film ever got your number one song boom. Here's the film and all but Yeah I was so excited for it because you were my favorite band and then to have this movie coming out with one of my favorite actors and then the movie is so good it is. It is my favorite movie. Yes I'm he wakes up at the beginning of the movie with the Huey Lewis and the news poster bed and that song is so good and everything about it and back in time. It's just then hueys in it. Which is unexpected. Was such a big deal the same way. It just was like such a magical time at the theater Friday and the and the and the film keeps getting bigger if anything. Maybe the greatest moment we ever had on my show is when on that date that We had the part about twenty fifteen or thirty years after yes Yeah Yeah it's just so happen we're doing our show in New York and I thought about it like a year beforehand and i. I called Michael J. Fox and I said we do this in a year. He's like yeah. Okay I'll do it. He's a great guy. Great Guy Great guys and and it's funny because people figured it out maybe like a couple of months before we did what we did on our show and everyone started calling him asking him to do it do something and he said I. I can't do it already. Committed to something and so what was lost the bid. I didn't see it I remember. They reentered the E- check it out. I don't WanNa ruin the whole game. Everyone did see Zach. Days was October. Fifteenth Two Thousand Fifteen. Yes yes I believe so. Yeah Amazing Gotten I find that yeah such a I mean such an amazing moment The Nice thing about power is now with the film. It was our first international hit while we could tour. We went to Australia and Japan and all over Europe of even the eastern Germany and all that sort of stuff and without power loved. We might not have been easy crazy to go to Japan and the audience singing with power of love. Yeah Perfect Song. Perfect movie must be amazing. Something an incredible time and Huey Lewis and the news by sweet sweet. It's really weird because yeah that was a perfect song. Perfect time perfect movie kind of the perfect year in American history One thousand nine hundred eighty five. Forty niners are part of like hueys. World mayor like the greatest team which quarterback right slamming for them. Yeah we we. The worst thing we do with that was slamming. Is we called it slammin right? Because I couldn't have a title for an instrumental. We wanted an instrumental for the band. We do and what we should call. It was forty niner highlights. Oh for many years. That was my radio morning. Radio show theme song. That's how I'd open the show every day without I talk over that over that Sauce K. Robert Zach before k rock you just take an NFL's or a any song you wanted and use it as you're well on radio on rainy here yes Sir Hugh e you also have acted a lot. We saw your penis in the movie shortcut. Did you ever ask them to change the title of the movie giant? Dick cuts enormous cuts. I would've like lobbied Robert album cuts. I tell you that it was a great experience with the best part about that whole thing. Was that when we you know. Baba was a music fan. He really was a real music fan. And so and that's how I got the part and So we we filmed are bit at the Kern River and Bakersfield and he was in Santa Monica. I said look come with me. I said great so I rode Shotgun. He drove all the way up three hours to Kern river and he gave me a complete tutorial acting tutorial the whole thing. When he wasn't bashing Woody Allen. I what did you not like about Woody Allen. The usual stuff. I mean the thing that happened with Siri what happened. What was the tutorial? Like what lessons did he give you about acting? Well he said First of all you need to find your character so in order to do that you read. He told me. Read the script every day and explained how you have to know everybody's lines because you have to react at is. The hardest. Part of acting is reacting. It's not it's not saying you're lines it's under. Its when someone says your father's dead you know they're going to say but you gotta but you got to react like you don't know they're going to say it so learn everybody's lines read the script and create a story for your character at with as much research as you can tell you know your character. Cold says take all kinds of suggestions. Listen everybody read the script till you know your character cold when you know your character hold. Don't listen to anybody that's great. Is that good advice. Adam Dina's similar to what you do recognize any of this. I wouldn't else. Would Adam know about you know clue? But what are you? Big Adam survey well. Men were was one of the great directors for sure to say anything he has to say as is his great. But you got to do. You've got to work with Lily. Tomlin Buck Henry Man. Generally and I were and when Fred Ward. We're going to war three days and Buck Henry was fantastic man. What a great guy. He just passed away You know like a week ago. I A little bit. He sent me harmonica stuff. We actually stayed a little bit in touch. He was a fantastic. That was a really amazing experience for all the all the talent there you know and and and Altman was amazing in a scene. You know we'd have like ten or twelve people in a scene. Yeah and he could show up in ten minutes. He blocked at scene and the camera and booming. Saying you do this. And you do this. And he would just direct. These people like Unbelie- his blocking was unbelievable and then he lovelier. Mike everybody and he didn't want we don't line line lie. You don't want that might overlap. Yeah he wanted you and he'd give you business. He put his arm. Say Look you're the fishermen you know about the fishing and the and the and the flies. Okay that's an and these guys want to know what kind of flies we're GONNA be using. But he's Fred you're driving the car so you're worried about where the gas station is going to be. And you gotTa this that and they'd say you were about it gives you now you guys just do that and then while he shoots a whole new beyond us you hear us and you're looking at Lilli Palmer in a long thing and then then I mean his stuff was so dense and so complex and so wonderful never been a guy like that actually make sense with what he was telling you about acting because his it seemed just from what I've heard it sounds like with actors. He gets them all ready. And and like you said like tells you everything and the less you. That's it just shoots it. And he didn't really care that you hit the lines perfectly rainy that stuff. He put his arm around. You're right before the every week and he'd tell you where you're coming from and where you're going and then say go. Wow how fun man. I don't know if I like the putting their arms around me get a look Robert. Every week we're going to do And you guys speaking of fishing you guys go fishing together right. Yeah we do. Yeah a lot of to fish. Got Me into fly fishing and We talked about it and during the commercial break. I said what do you do up in Montana so I play a little bit of Golf. I I hunt some ducks and I go fly fishing and I said that is something I would love to try and he said come up and I said are you serious. He said Yeah and so I brought. I went up with my brother. And MY BUDDY CLEO my cousin sally like eight of US invaded his house and we do a couple times a year. Wow Are you guys go at it? Hueys great at it. I'm I'm rich very good fisherman. Rhonda people fishing fly. Fishing's a funny thing. It's very romantic. Everybody wants to go. I'd like to do and some people just want to say. Yup I did it. Yeah but it's a process and some of US really love it and and Jimmy loves it and he's really good Fadul. I love it do you. Can you take your phone out there and check it during it? No there is no no cell service on one of the things I love about it. It's a perfect thing for show business people right because you're out there all by yourself with mother. Nature can be better. Let's let's talk about the new record and kind of what's been going on with you. Oh okay so the Huey Lewis news new album weather. Which is I can only imagine a play on the sports album. The title of it whether being exactly right. That's that's that's such a good guess in your way. I am `grats. I took US NASA stupid. So it's weird. I'm really stupid so it's hard for me to put the pieces together. Sometimes but I I got that. That's great so so you're you guys really need to work on your poor right thank you. You're so tell us what's been going on with you a few years back. I don't know how to pronounce the The disease so I wonder many years okay. So it's how exactly did that come about? Because I was surprised to learn. I will set this up a little bit that that you could not here in one year since the thirty three so late eighty years six hundred thirty thirty five years ago right so just at at a certain point one year which year the just you could not hear woke up who stuffed and I couldn't. It felt like you went swimming swimming pool and good and clear and I couldn't hear out of I went to the N. T. Guy this famous guy and he looked at me. Say get used to it. I said what he says get used to it. Is it happens as it happens. When you You go to the beach and a suit. It causes it is just something about the Air Sea. Sorry I just wanted to ask you. Were you had giant tours to do and records to record but you were able to what it was just one ear. So you're able to do all of that. I went to the guy says get used to it. I said well. Jeez I'm a musician I need to. I say sing and my livelihood. Brian Wilson had one ear Jimi Hendrix had one year. He says I have one here in. I'm in the barbershop quartet. Were they any did you. What did I'm not sure? I'll handle tune Hitler only at one ball test through you know people you adjust can accomplish all sorts of things so but look. I mean so then describe what happened with many years. Well then then I existed on one ear. I mean yours is mainly associated with Vertigo. Is the major simpson and it's completely debilitating when you get it you you can't you gotta just lie down and throw up and you're just not just. It's awful so I had a few bouts those but I haven't had vertigo for a long time but two years ago two years in a month. January twenty seven two thousand eighteen. I lost my right ear before a GIG and And now it's all those left ear before Gig and now it's fluctuating. But it's mostly bad at you know and I can't hear music because music is music a lot harder to listen to than speech because it occurs all frequencies even even one note has harmonic overtones so it it distorts for me it says it says cacophony see. You can't even listen tonight. You haven't listened to music in two years. Oh my God I can't enjoy music so Cardi who Cardi B. is the name name okay. Well that's good. I haven't heard this the music so so it. It became impossible for you to sing during concerts. I haven't worked since that day January. Did you play that Gig? A GIG A nightmare. I was couldn't hear pitch was all over the place. Man The worst worst night of my life and the the new record weather though it was recorded right before this happened the vocals for the last ten years before this happened. Okay the her love is killing me. Which is our first single was written by Chris and I twenty years ago. Wow couldn't couldn't somehow get right. We tried it and it didn't work with we try to live. It didn't work then. We tried using a drum machine for half of the song. Bussing out with a band. That didn't work. We let it dorm. We left it alone and then we resurrected like three years ago and it just came together with the different horn part. I think Roger. I think what's interesting about about that. One is that it's very simple song just a blues song. Basically and the the simplest tunes are the hardest ones tax. You get right because it's all about the feel and the tempo and and that sort of stuff not the courts and the courts. Don't help you so you know you're right and maybe that's it. Let's hear a little bit of it because it is. It just came out last Friday. Play play the whole thing. The whole Oh great. I mean it is classic. And there's an all star video too that you guys premiered on Michelle just classic Huey Lewis and the news. Up is pick twenty two free. He's got so plan sponsored by the last thing on twitter a drink drink got. This is getting me kidding me. So good so amazing. I mean if that came out in the eighties on sports that would be another hit. Single don't you think sure and would you guys agree that there are few things more uncomfortable than sitting there listening to a song with the person who recorded the song during started? You're like mouthing the words is he's trying to make it easier for us a little uncomfortable for me. I bet. Hand Luke Lewis. He's actually right here. I cannot look up I think. Well we're young is another highpoint. Yeah I agree. I felt like new ground for you guys agree. It's really my. That was a song. Yeah Yeah Yeah I agree. It's a it's a great record it's Seven tracks because those were the only tracks that you were able to Connie only had seven on on. Yeah exactly so. You're just following in the footsteps. Yeah and it's out now. It's amazing and it's unfortunate but you. Do you think you will ever be able to do a show again. We don't know don't know I mean that's that's my hope. Yeah and I do fluctuate and I. I call it one to ten if ten was when I was before. This happened. The highest. I've been is six and when I'm a six I'm pretty good. I'm three today when I'm a six. I'm pretty good with hearing aids. Life is good. Great arrive is almost the same conversation also and I think I can probably sing again but I haven't been able to be six long enough. I've tried to book a rehearsal. I'm six Oh good. Let's book rehearsal and dry then. My hearing crashes three times already so and if you're a six in Montana your three out here in Los Angeles Well WE WE I. I look I would love. I've I've never been able to see you live. I I you know when I was fourteen. I really wanted to go when you were out here in Los Angeles. My mom would not let me go see a concert and so. I made my friend who was going by me a t-shirt and and he brought back the t shirt were. Yeah but I really you know. I really hope that you can do it at some point. And you've given the world got me. Yeah Yeah you've given the world so much I hope so too. I hope so too. I saw you guys when I was twelve. I've made my mom get tickets. You guys who are playing the PASA Robles County Fair. I remember you remember that game. Let's see we played it twice? Do we have a percussionist with us? Man I don't remember but I remember you opened with power of love. Because he was the number one song we opened with powering with power of love. You sure about that do you. That's when we we got there. You guys are playing power of look. Who's during the day? I remember there was dry ice or smoke on stage and during the day and we are. You sure you didn't get there for the last song you guys relate. We got there was an opening act. Wasn't there in time for that because we were driving intermission than do another show none. 'cause we specials twice you've played it twice in the same day. No no two time. They have corn dogs. There were there. Were born dots. What are you know all these details? You remember everyone's name knowing what you've mentioned all these names of people that I would like I would. If I had worked with a year ago I was thinking the same. Yeah they gotta digested the Mike. We are woman that guy's famous but the woman her own video west. You know because I used to have a memory. I remember all those things just on from. Ohio's last name I go. Yeah you'd think a win that one. Yeah I know it too. I know it really well. But isn't it sad that he knows everything about you and you don't know Don's last name? Sorry Don Horse to Louis. I apologize probably seen. I'm than anybody really hundred. Maybe Jimmy what is what is Huey. Lewis mean to you. Well A couple of things. I mean first of all. He's a good good friend of mine he has. He is my when it comes to fly fishing. Which is probably my favorite thing to do. I consider him to be my mentor. And we it's hard to explain. But there's a certain kind of of fly fishing called dry. Fly Fishing Huey wearing a condom rightly teaches to his students. In this case being me and my brother and my cousin and It's almost snobby. It's a bit of snobbery that I know insist on from anyone. I go fly fishing ray. We The guides are always confused and I think they some part of them admires us. Because it's harder to catch the fish that way and it's not necessarily ideal for all situations. What is is more fun because you could. Let's more fun you get to see. What does that mean? What does Dr Phil Fly? Floats on top of the water? Yeah you see it. If you're underneath the water you got one. Sure I'm not as there's no show so you get to see the fish like kind of focus head up and look at it and decide whether he's going to eat and then you see him when you see him. He's he's decided he's GonNa go after they come up in a hurry and then you get them. Then you have the fish and the fish is like fuck you right this moment right there where he feels betrayed the fishes Alik Magin you sit down and have some have an ear of corn. And then he started eating the corn and suddenly there was a hook and the corn roof of your home it would suck would suck probably but then the giant who who lord with the corn then kind of rub a little bit goes sour. I put here. Let me just take a quick picture with Yoga and then I'm going to release you back into your living room drops you into your work. You could have just asked. I would take a picture with you. But well in terms of him not as a friend went on top of that you know they say `to never meet your idols and I've been very fortunate especially with Huey in that regard but I think What his music from my youth represents is my youth and this time in your life when you are a sponge will you absorb things and live the rest of your life loving those things that you loved when you're a teenager above all things you know and and you learn so much and he takes so much in it for me. It reminds me of like having my first car and like driving around with my friends that freedom and And playing the music that we wanted to hear rather than what my dad or mom were playing in the car if we even had a frigging radio in our car and And that's really what I think it represents to me. It's amazing Jimmy. So many other questions I could ask you about. Non Huey Lewis Related. Things I do I did want to fit one in I was watching the Oscars and I saw this commercials. You did with the eyewitness news team year NASCAR. You weren't actually in the same room with them where we were you were. You didn't green screen that there was a green behind us which made it look a little artificial. I couldn't believe that we worked louder. Amazing it's it's remarkable. How did they came all the way from Burbank? Okay we got that settled. I I want to know I was watching going. There's no way that Jimmy Danes in the same room is one of the news anchors. Michelle Tuesay Mark. Brown is the other and they're very nice. People a Dallas Raines is the other guy. He's Super Nice Guy but Michelle Tuesday for Christmas. Every year sends me this giant sausage called a proper worst that her husband's family makes bagging link. Wisconsin or something and it is a huge tube of meat that I get from our friendly local news anchor every Christmas deal with that Dallas Raines with his like kind of like point. Flat Hand Fist Thing. That he does me goes the weather tonight. Dallas Raines is very tan. He's very ten Because he's out in the weather he's not just reporting. The weather is absorbing I love Dallas. Right he's really a genuinely great guy and I love that kind of stuff. I love that. He's he's sweet. He's been switching it up lately where he's been doing like a different kind of a thing a different kind of fist point. Yeah does he have to keep it fresh for himself. Do you think keeps it fresh? Not just himself but for all of Los Angeles also has the segment keeping it fresh with Dallas. Well guys I wanNA thank you so much for being on the show. This is An incredible tree having us. Thanks for having me. I feel like we made this plan in like He was along well. We've been wanting to do this episode. We're going to do without you. Huey with just the three of them and better. I don't think so but we were just GonNa talk about How much we liked your music. And then Jimmy said Oh you know what I think he we can actually bring Huey yes. That's enough that in the interim Jimmy is given a harp for my birthday last year. Oh so he's already really very special to me. But I'm hoping that maybe you'll sign it as well Huey and feel the weight on me. Also Nice one. Is that a special twenty. That's a data Danneker Redid that one. Yeah Oh that is a Danneker redid the Senate to him no. I didn't send it to him. He he does special rebuilds of Kind of classic are Monica's you got this from Denecker. Yeah interesting really decided hair. Yeah all right so See Huey assigning. This arguably could've done been done after the show in needed to be done. This is how we're taking anything else you WANNA say. Thank you for coming on. You guys very fun. Thanks for the Abbey. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA the end of the episode. We're going to take it out with a little of this is it. Thanks Jimmy Kimmel. Thanks to Huey Lewis and we sincerely hope that you have found what you are looking.

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