Episode 292: The $100,000,000 Toronto Real Estate Podcast Challenge is on!


Hi. This is Robin. Daniels CMO at matter report. You're listening to real estate podcast show. Enjoy. Good Afternoon Paul Andrey go here. Today! Marks the beginning of a new journey. Today's journey is going to be. For the. ONE HUNDRED MILLION! TORONTO. Real Estate Millionaire podcast. So. Here's what my goal from today on. is going to be and there's two parts to the goal. First, of all, I'm focused on helping create a new level. Of middle-class. Toronto Real Estate Millionaires in the decade of twenty twenty. which is the decade of the podcast? I. Want You guys to experience a new level of freedom. What I want for you. What I want for myself. Is that security. And that freedom. That only real estate can provide. Right property. At the right time. And many of you. Own that property. And you've been sitting on it for. Ten or fifteen or twenty years. I can put you into the next level. This year alone, there's been many that have crossed over from the one million property range. Values into the two million. Many of them. Are, on the. Two Million Dollar Club. Link, that is on my website. So. You'll see a lot of those properties there. So I. Want to invite. Each and every one of you. That owns. Some property in Toronto, the join me for this because you might be in a position. To trade up to the property of your dreams. You might even just want to trade down to a small property. you might even just WANNA cash ups. I'm helping people. Do all of those things as we speak right now? Had over seventy viewings this week from my listings along, just my own personal listings. So the demand is there. And whether I help one hundred of you with million dollar. Properties plus or minus. For, fifty of you with two million dollar properties. My goal is to help. Create. As many. Toronto real estate millionaires in the middle class. Those who are looking to? Improve their situation in life including those who are not in a position right now where they have generational wealth. That is something. They will not teach you in school. And I want to be the first. For those words to mean something to you. and. That's something that you can pass along. To your family, the security that it could provide for you. By simply getting in. To the markets on some level. As the city grows. and. Although it might not seem like it right now. The city will continue to grow. We will overcome. What's going on, so you? WanNa be in a position now to be in that property. That has the most leverage for you over the next decade. I can help you find. And I can help you leverage what you have now. To something that will give you even more leverage in another area. Perhaps that you want to be in, that might be growing at a faster rate, so that's just the advantage of. Having been in the market for a while. And the second point. Of This Program Of helping create as many new. middle-class millionaires from all price ranges and get you guys into that. Security and safety that you want is also. Along with my goal of helping to provide five thousand meals. For the homeless and for the hungry. In Our community! So every time someone moves with me now. I provide five hundred meals. And I'm hoping to do enough of those this year. To at least hit the five thousand goal. And I would love to get to the point where. It hits ten thousand. That's mine. Much larger goal but I'd love to hit that. With your help. With you guys working with me. You, understanding what my goals are. And hopefully they're similar to yours in terms of the security and the future that you want for yourselves. For Your family and just. For the future to be able to look forward to. Having something. That's creating income for you. A piece of real estate that perhaps replaces your income in case. Of A retirement or loss job, whatever the reason! So, join me. For the hundred million. DOLLAR TORONTO REAL ESTATE PODCAST. And I want to be able to put that hundred million dollar offer. In front of you guys. In front of as many of you guys is I can. and. Make sure that. You benefit from in that you are. Lifted from wherever you are. To the place that you, WanNa be. And I know. If, we do this together. You can happen. Thanks for tuning in. In before you go anywhere, the show's not over yet. Make sure you check out my featured listing right now. If you're ready to start your real estate empire, I've got an incredible detached. Three, bedroom three bath property in Ajax. Just about an hour away from Toronto, fantastic property rights about two three minutes away from Ajax Waterfront Park. Right by the lake. You'll absolutely love it, so check out Ajax Dart. The best listing dot com for more details, Ajax dot the best listing dot com. Thanks as always have a great day.

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