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Hi I'm deals just with those Chianti are listen to functional Danny's podcast. And Welcome depth seventy of the functional tennis PODCAST WE'VE A super up. So this week with Piotr Sheer petoskey coach of this year's winner of Roland Garros Either get soon teck he tells us all about the Roland Garros Journey how he got into coach Hey became eagles coach, and some great insights into IGA on what he feels important in players move from to junior to senior game. Piatra also purchased a tennis pointer. AK. Two wooden spoon from us just before Roland, Garros on tells us what part of Eagles game he will use on it at the end of the episode if you're interested tennis pointer head over to tennis dot. com to check it out and use the code IGA for ten percent off. That's I G for ten percent off. Before. We get started a shed at two are awesome podcast sponsors slinger maker of degrade. Portable Ball. Machine. Okay let's go. Hi Pyotr Harry you Algorithm finding you I'm really good We are back in lockdown Arlen now. So no tennis for the next six weeks, which is crazy but let's talk about you has life after past few weeks. Things was crazy. Yeah it is. That's why we decided to go for holidays all of our theme separately in the field different parts of Poland. So we are not followed by the people and as the situation we've got it is right now we are. We are used to wearing masks. So we can you know feel feel comfortable but the I like you said it's going crazy people are crazy right now about guy because she is the first Polish player ever won the Grand Slam. And it was like I would call it unexpectable. What we're taught I know. To turn around in US Open, and then you played with Rome was first round. So what what are your thoughts going into Roland? Garros you know it was like got made the great preseason this year for this unusual year. Let's say and it was I would go at first preseason which she did from start the end like fully Kofi. As most of our preparation time was after injury. So this time she was feeling really, really good, really well prepared and everything. So she had a lot of expectation at the beginning of the season for herself by herself. So it wasn't easy for for her to understand that everybody did their job and nothing is for free on the court you have to fight for everything. So beginning was really tough for her. She was really tight and we went to US and result wasn't as she as expected after such a great preparation so. Then we came came here to rum two to Europe and sheep much better at this time. But the let's say rancho rose opponents her was like one hundred percent of the day when you have thanked this match like really really serious and if you make mistakes, you're GonNa, you're GonNa let her win. So it wasn't as they she she played my way better than the US but again, there was a lot of expectation because he loves to play on clay and for her is cursive surface, she loves to be her she she likes. Rome. So so she felt like okay I have to do a great result here, and then we had a big conversation in our team. We work with psychologists and it's more like you know the time when you have to talk about it like talk about expectation about results and that there is nothing for free everybody understand. But when you go to the court is not not always there like the firing there is and the I would call it killer instinct are tiger thing that you have to fight for every single ball and stay in. The Rally and IGA. Let's say she said that she sees it that it's like she has to change some way of thinking. We came back home to rest a little bit and what she changed before Garros was for sure expectations. I said to you four sport around from the last year, which is great results. So let's go. Let's fun. Let's let's play. Let's compete. Let's see how it goes but with no expectation at all and I think it was like the most important part of of the change between Rome and throw on Garages. Load expectations. A to you empire called on this is you actually bought a this is totally out of context here I'm it in here and you bought a tennis pointer from US I know Santa I'm not sure if it's delivered when you were there, but I'm going to joke and say to me, that's what made the difference. It wasn't deliver at this time. It came when when we've been in row girls so that that's what I taught him only joking. But yet I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the pointer and in the future. So make sure if you get any video, you send it onto. So, our expectations went down. But what we're GonNa do now is, let's talk a bit more about Roland Garros in a short while before we get onto that I want to know a bit more about you. How Did you get into coaching? What's your tennis background in I was like average national player may be not but top twenty is the most I did in my life and let's say I have six years younger sister, which is like you know understandable that. Older. Brother you have to play with your younger sister so I used to start. Teaching Let's say coaching my sister when I was fourteen, thirteen fourteen and a lot of different players like friends of my sister asked barons as to to play with them. So let's say when I was fourteen I was already coaching maybe it wasn't like full time coach, but I was coaching every weekend for few hours just to of mankind found with with the kids on the court. So so yeah, I did a lot and at this time I didn't expect I going to be a coach because there was so much. Thanks. In my life like every day. No days off even if I head they off for myself I, I went through the court to practice with somebody else. So at this bond, I will sing like, no. I'm not going to be a coach in my life. So you know it's totally weird that I'm here where I am but when I was sixteen, I was hired that the clap as the assistant coach that was helping older coaches with the kids on everything. So so it stayed that way until I was nineteen I decided going through. The university and I stopped a little bit but it was like for two three months than I moved from Gdynia toward south to the capital of fallen and I started working fulltime as a coach. It was like you know young dream to parents, cows and be independent. So that was a perfect situation for me to go there I had the skills to the make lessons at the clap and started working at the big clapping war. So at this time, it was the clap were eager was practicing let's say since two thousand fifteen I'm not sure because I I can't remember when she started about I was working. Two thousand eleven. So at the time when her coach. Let her after two thousand sixteen. Gatos Juniors when she went to quarterfinal win gave. Safia Kenyan third-round I think and losing to anesthesia at the vine quarter-final. She she parted her way with her coach and they asked me to help. So I was there I was young I was twenty four, the diamond I said to my boss like, okay I can help them but I don't think I have enough experience the to lead for to the to the great results. So he said to me okay we're GONNA put you on the team like the guy who can go for the tournament in the main coach cannot go and let's look for the coach. So you're GONNA be there you're going to help their U. Penn. Laird, you can. You can you opportunity to to Lawrence? So it was great I had like no. Expectation about it, but I was trying to help them with with finding a coach and after three months they asked me if I can stay with her as I'm what I was doing at this time it was okay for them. She was in the middle of the season so I said, okay, it's good for US elected for father. Liked it. So so they said they asked me if I can work before her naturally happened you're looking for a coach to coach and it just falls together. So that was to task than sixty and you get to test and seventeen you make new plans. What would a goals there you just playing junior tournaments who you're playing Futures as well. I, can tell you right now because I can't remember to that first year like really really sharp. So I can tell the overall what was my goal first of I didn't want to change. Any at this time because she's let's say her technique is not. Like you know basic good technique looking like there is a lot of players sklar playing much better than techniques that than than But I said to myself like, okay. If she got to the point where she stopped in during her players playing like that, why to change it we have to improve it not to change it. So sizing that was like, I. Guess I D I loved working for just. Two evolution not revolution because if you changed everything, you have to make the confidence. So we started to work in slowly but at the beginning for sure we started with junior tournaments, but she was already top ten. So we've been already looking for a idea tournaments I. Remember two, thousand, sixteen even I think we went for IDs but I'm not sure right now and we started you know like to play idea. future tournaments together with biggest idea of juniors tournaments. So so it was the goal to to compete in juniors at the highest level to keep the level because as the history shows that if you are competing on the highest level in juniors, it's much easier to transition to the to the deputy da and the ADP. So so that was the goal to play five seats. Grand Slams as a junior to beat. Their understand the places to to to knows the players who gonNa be during a few years. So it was really important for us to play your Olympics for it was a big dream to go there. So it was really important for me and it was important for and you know at the same time we've been she's been playing ideas futures, which she played great We went for the first one through to. Schwann next week she she made I think quarterfinal like playing from the quality both of them. So it was great result than to win for some another in Italy she made to on. So next to we can to Egypt shoe on one of them might semifinal second hand. So we've been doing step after step going up and that's how it happened. I, did read that she won she seven final. She was undefeated in futures, which is pretty impressive. She definitely has a killer instinct, but how important is it? That junior players are playing. Of Asleep? It. To rank high enough they can play in the Grand Slams and the top junior put. They also play in the senior futures. Important. Is that for you for me, it's really important I I checked upton fires in in women's I don't know two thousand eighteen. Too, many of them play Grand Slams Juniors and it was nine out of that. So for me, it's like you know a deep or a hint that it's a good way to do this. So if the transition is much easier, that way why to try overtaken why to try going different way if you see that it's worked so that was really important for me for IGA. because. Right, now, when we go to ron girls where she played already five times, it's totally different story than going even for the WTI tournament. When short she plays first time she feels difference ship ship stretch where she going like it's different place if you're going to replace Your Reggie no, it's totally different. You feel safe you feel comfortable. Then you can, of course, there are people who. When they Don. Don't feel. Comfortable they play much better, but you guys not the kind of person you guys a person who likes to know the place have rubens. She knows where to walk what to do. So I think it was really important for her and I think really important for many many good good like top level players. That makes a Lotta sense I never actually taught about that. especially, her who dome well, she'd wounded doubles there before and had some good runs in the single. So that really makes a lot of sense and tell me junior Wimbledon were you winter when she won junior Wimbledon? there. was even more unexpectable than than Roland Garros Right. Now, I know it's It's a different level about being serious IGA hits playing on grass. So she was so mad after after losing with Katie McNally in Semifinal Orleans Girls have on we've cleared dabbles together but she lost with car in semi finals semi final. Singles and she had too much points craigie played amazingly the matchpoints I cannot tell you we'll played but. She she she I think she plays volley like crazy like you couldn't expect this kind of shot and he got collapsed. So it it was it was really difficult for her on the way home. She said to me coach I'm coming Coleman I go not do a practice without mistake and she did she did like wound on our own the grass lift WANNA mistake. So she was so pumped. So mad like you know in the way of course, she was so. Mad so accurate shots, but she put it a lot a lot of work before a window down that I. think she was at this time she was way better than players on the other side even she doesn't like to play on the grass. Her technique is not perfect for us she because a lot of work to do to be a good player on the grass, but she was way better than other players and she said, she want I rent with weakness. which wasn't a is a match like no match swear easy at this at Wimbledon because it's not easy to win on the grass with a good players she won for the first one and she went to the final like buying. So's though I was really happy about that was like I am expectable result from IGA. So you're used to Grand Slam success I would've called the way but we know how does it feel right now? Yeah. You know how it feels to go deep in a tournament at big events and so that that helps the pressure. So what really separates her from other top juniors? Let's say you talk about Whitney us. Wayne Gay who is regarded who was regarded as a great year best into world at one stage what allows eager to transition to the pro tour so much better that Whitney hasn't transitioned to the pro tour anyway as near as good. Expectations, it's not like the level is different Whitney play a great Dennis. She knows how to hit the ball art. She knows how to Ron. So there's a lot of players that. But as you know are maybe you don't Eggacados only one wild card in her lifetime. So you know if you're American player and you have a you getting a lot of wildcards, there is for sure a lot of expectation I wouldn't call it bed, but it's hard to handle it, and if you are not prepared, it's difficult. It had to earn everything by herself. Of course, we are thankful to the to the director from. Australia right now because he's the director of the maybe not director about his organizer of the of those travel tournaments at the moment and to key even offered us wildcard right now as we drove from the tournament, that's the only guy who gave ego I've got the bus to eighty K. in pry. So she had to earn all her way up to the place where where issue right now. So I think there was no like. From somebody from around. Like society didn't expect her to be such as good player because her way was staff like you. You know that it was tough for her she had to fight for. So I maybe there there are there are some shortcut, but for her it works perfectly and that's why she transition so well. The Hard Work Dad mental attitude really pays off in the senior game and what else is important. SOFA. When she said Okay Junior career is over it's all senior. Now what transitions have to make to her game to make her a force into senior game? What's important for? Let's say what's important for under juniors out there. Who wants to transition into the pro into pro game? Really because the senior game it's so different. What's important? For me like if you are really top juniors, your level is already like four, hundred, three hundred. In women's things I'm not talking about HP because probably it's different I wasn't like speculating about if you are. Top. Play around this level. So it's really important to head heaven. Good start like. Big The right tournaments talking like the easiest tournament but you have to the right tournaments not putting too much pressure like bump playing the don't overplaying them like Blake six zero because it's still your your body GonNa collapse because you are not used to playing at this level for so long but you have to find it wisely began to understand that you had to go from to get to the point. Where you play at the highest level. So for me, it was important when IGA got to top convert, let's say and I could put her on the practices on Wti events or even the biggest idea events to play with the best players because of course was playing way slower she was smoking Weiss lower at this time but not because she wasn't ready, she just wasn't prepared because you don't need to play. At the space you don't need ran that fast. So when you come to the court, for example, he got played first strand opened coming from the quality's playing second round with Pamela. Georgie she was like, okay she is playing fast right now at this time I think she can go on the court and five with with card with speed like it's nothing unexpected for her she knows that speed she knows. How to move right now, of course, Camilla's playing really really fast but you know you have to change your expectation who you're GonNa meet on the court. This is really important because I think it's not like you're not prepared for that. You preparing players for playing as fast as possible. You pay prepaying players for the as of course, not everybody's GonNa play that fast not everybody's GonNa run that fast but. It's important to try yourself with with this kind of players. On the tour, not not like on the on the matches practicing you know like trying to get good good player one day another play another day it's really important for me. I think that made the biggest change in league like we've started practicing with with this layer school she has had get used to it. It's nothing special did nothing differently of course, we started practicing faster we starting start started getting better kitten. Partner's different hitting partners, but it wasn't anything special. It was just playing with better players maybe not way better because if they are too fast for your your time of course, their time. Yeah and there's time exactly. But looking to improve by playing matches are the best practices and tell me back home in Poland when she was trained in there with you what sort of level of practice partners were available to her? We have like variety of really good partners. We have one who is working with me for four years and working with the guy. He's my friends really good friend and let's see if he's mind wasn't against him, I would call side he could get back a Conrad seven, hundred eighty. So. Guys pretty playing pretty fast. He's laying flat the most but of course, I have getting partner score lefty code the rankings like a convert one thousand. Who who got some eighty people on the kind of guys they're are really happy to practice. We've asked to earn money to have a good time on the court than ran for WIG. So the variety of the hitting partner in Poland it's free. Okay and everybody's hard working. Okay. Yeah. So it is important to have a bit of variety at a decent level or else you're you're wasting your time a little bit if you're with the same person all the time who's not that good which can happen in some countries or even some academies yet this. I think he you can improve something. It's not like you know even if you get weaker hitting partner for two weeks, it doesn't really matter as long as you focus on your on your cost. On your technique technical staff on everything you can. You can adjust because it's really important to just what you get not not. You know like because you're hitting partner is out of shape, for example. Though. It's really important to adjust. It's not easy for me for. Because she preferred to have a hitting partner who is playing like crazy. But of course, everybody loves to playing with people like that but you have to sometimes getting partner can have bad weekday. Playing shift from the morning today today evening and there is nothing you can do about it. So we have to focus on the things you can actually change. So it's really important but of course I think the of your heating partners is important that not hitting Parsons even partner. So like other players who play with you know. So it's important to play with them on the same level or a little bit higher. That's good advice what you said there are, but you can always matter who you're playing you. Should always be up to get something out of the session. It's just having a good attitude and obviously working on something I can tell you one story from Dubai last year on the preseason we went there, and at this time we we've the place that tournament is. So in Dubai, at the style you and we've been doing preseason there for ten days and there wasn't like a lot of good players at this time. So I asked the if we can get to thirteen fourteen year old girls in all. Of course for IGA they were too weak to play alone. But if I put them together on the single car against eager along on a single card, they can compete with her so you can you can. You can change it. You can put this took players of course, if I had one and against it, it would be a waste of time. But for any was a great practice and a great practice for guys because she was alone and they were two of them on the single courts. I think you can. You can always find find find the solution even if you don't have enough good hitting parts. A quick interruption for two things. One if you want to know more about tennis pointer head over to functional tennis dot Com and you can use the code. IGA. For ten percent off onto if you liked this episode, please leave review shared on twitter or instagram or your favor social platform on tigers. So we can say tanks this would mean a lot to us. Okay. Back to PR. Gannets assigned good attitude by you the team by everybody under let's say gone into. The pro-career to see your career, what sort of team the she have. Talked about the psychologist, our names diarrhea is it? Yes. We have fitness coach with a peo. So what people in one person which is pretty amazing because you don't have to communicate as much with another person. Stokes he was working. He's still working with about also he worked in the past week software So he's on the tour for years, but he's from also from our home city as low as the quarantine was there. We ask him if he stays calm could he walk with us and he said, yes, and that that how it happened. It was more like we have his partner, who is our managing partner like I said, and then we have few more physios who are working viga or still bats and I think that's it. That's like for the regular training wake. But you know there is much more people around who are working. You got doctors like you know different different things which you have to get to your safe you are getting to this level. That's interesting that you did mention before the call a whole to red bull test, which will talk about at the end of this we talk about after. French Open that's going to be really interested. So yeah, having a team of see is really important and the quicker you get that seems to set your body open your mind up a lot better like with the psychologist I know you've got to gathering, you talked about expectations but what else that goes on with psychologist is really important. How do they help the player so much in your eyes you know it's like I think this psychologist is not necessary but if you want to be sure that the players working the right way and it's quicker way you'd have to hire. Hire her him. It's like shortcuts for me shortcut for men out process which can. Do. So like growing up in your head, if you have somebody who can guide you, of course, the coach, but it's never easy to be a coach for example, talking about the family staff, it's never easy because as a coach, we shouldn't be. Family in a situation what what is she doing with her father will our relations it's not my job. My job is on the court and with like everything around. But psychologists is somebody Kuchen help not only on court just really important I. think that made the biggest difference I think he could get to this point where she is right now in two three next year. But to go to right now because of that so I think it makes everything faster if you find the right person. Who has a good relation with you with the team because it cannot be like you know outside I it's really important because it's not easy to understand your routines and communication and everything from outside. So it has to be somebody WHO's getting into the theme is a part of the cooking travel. We've you from time to time. and see how it works because not everybody understands held deputy to works is not easy to understand. I, see a lot of course thinking like it's something you know like Holy Grail, I cannot spine it but something you know really really special like really i. Deputy is professional, but players are not not always. So coaches are not always professional. So from time to time to be really flexible and it's good, it's good because the you're working with people everybody is different. So lower your expectations do the hard work and see the results will how many weeks are you traveling a year over the past few years I this year is different. No I travel almost everywhere. We've got so last year regular year I had two weeks. Of course, you guys had a holiday still. So when we sign up every think I was on the road with Clare on are working in war. So a forty, nine weeks for eight. That's what it takes listeners. You just go to go to be on it all the time and tell me I wanna just briefly talk about locked and how hard I know eagles coming from an injury before lockdown why she let's say so we've been we've been she head injury last year at the US Open. So at the beginning of the season already after she was already after. Okay. So we've been we've been practicing regularly how hard Did she worked during lockdown not really hard. Okay. Interesting. It's because you have to understand that she was still at school and she was like regular students. She wasn't like online learning. She had to go to the school to bus exempts and was really strict about the schools. And I wasn't very happy about it because. I was calling semi amateur semi pro. I wouldn't call her full player because she was putting much more effort into the skull than into practice. Of course, I understand that school is only one time in your life. If you finish, you can start working as a pro player but imagine that she was coming for example, had scheduled the practice at seven in the morning because she had the boat at nine to the school bus. Some exam and she was coming to the practice at seven in the morning and she said she wasn't looking good. I asked her like what's going on why you're not practicing well, because I didn't sleep I was studying also I cannot blame her because she wanted to pass goods with the exams that what she did quarantine. She was studying like three hours a day we played like three times a week until she had like her. Finals School in July, and after that, when we already knew that season GonNa Start, we start with really good preparation but six weeks nothing more. It's suppose they'd probably if you train hard for that period of time for months on end with no matches, he probably would have been burnt out injured but interested in to studying I didn't know that a bit like as you find yet. Exactly we had her into show. While ago and she was telling us how she was studying for exams and it's just it's. It's good look I think education's really important. You guys really good friends with guy and they are really similar in some ways. The school was really important for both of them. Look I I think that's great. Good that it's done now and you don't have to get angry anymore. Exactly. Four tennis now no excuses. So let's jump right back into where we at the start into Roland. Garros. You Win. You have this team and expectations have been lowered round one you play vandross wonderful and great win easy work. What's the attitude? Dan? Does expectations change all of a sudden? There's just no. Keep everything down tear it. Yeah. Yes. She played a great match. Egal-, ready played with her in quarantine time. Let's say some exo. In practice. So ego on at this time. So she felt like she can do with, of course, Medicaid is only one year older I than he got. So we know each other like she knows market for many years from the junior. That's what I said like you know the players it's not like somebody you don't know. So it's much easier to compete when you know somebody than when you have no info about about it. So yeah, you got played a great match like she was prepared. She felt good. You don't like in pirates. She doesn't she I'm not about the city about the wrong guy. courts, she loves it she she loves the clay. She loves that kind of she of the balls. Of course, they changed the balls this year but still she said it's fine for me, I. Even even this weather this year was good for her because we are used to practicing in this kind of weather in Poland. So everything seimas up together and you blow a Louis like you play easy you are not tied. So so you got played a great match great first round and it was something. Special for me because it was the message I could say after the match even if she loves second round I know that I can show her look. You can play that way. It's not a problem for you. There is something you can cook like I can always say look at this match, you know how to do. This is not something you have to overplay your ten. It's your endings you you know how to play and you can compete like that for. Many matches. So it's great that she she did it. I think the restaurant was the most important part of the journey of the. Well and tell me and of the Fortran you play. Harlem and of if you look back at last year, we all know it happened where it was what a forty five minute match you was A. Zero `love worn. What's the attitude good into that sort of match where it's you come from such beaten last year said it can't get any worse this year What was the tank? You know I think it was like both ways like one way a Ghandour stowed that last year was different like that was first on the Big Stadium I. I'm with that kind of fair in she came out of the match after on Betar is and she said to me I played well, I said, didn't you? Match route one more time all I met new and she was mad at me for two days until she watched the match by herself and she came back and said, Oh, I will so died I didn't realize I will still die like I didn't catch the balls which were like meters wide from me. So it's crazy. I was so bad that I didn't even expect myself to play better. So this year we set to her, it can be worse. You cannot lose in forty one minutes like just play out there just play your game and you not gonNA listen in forty one minutes. It's GonNa be forty seven. So it's GonNa. Be Better than last year. So we've been a little bit laughing by between came up with a really good plan for Simona. Eagles. Really prepared while baby Simona didn't went into the match like straightaway from the first ball. So it was before we got but you have to keep digging if you don't seem on, I will come back. So he got red did a great job after three four games when I was trying to get back. So the in the second set when it was two one I think and the Games were lasting for ten minutes. Or so, of course, she did a great job, but it's the kind of matches you have like twice a year. So you cannot expect to play that good all the time and you have to keep in mind that's GonNa be a few matches like this in your lifetime. Of course, I know that she can play better, but it's not like comforting on this stage you know on this Level with this kind of players and I hope she can win the match playing not even that good. Like she played. You know because it will six, one, six, two, she played unbelievable. So let's lower the expectation and play even seventy eighty percent I'm maybe not seventy but ninety five percent of it, and let's win six, three, six for everything. It's like the goal of the real goods. You're not going to go out and win six, one, six, one all the time. So yeah, it was complete role variously was amazed and I watched I watched the match and I thought it was absolutely amazing on travel son. Is there. I know. We keep talking about expectations and pressure but of a sudden is there more pressure on. You know there was a little bit more fresher and the match before them was really long. So it was difficult for map. The weather was bad at this day like you know not everything working. Well, I'd heard she'd warmed up three times in the day. Yeah. Yeah exactly. Because there was Schwartzman the Dominican I think for so so you couldn't expect them to play short but you know there was a time before said I think I thought everything GonNa, be finished. So we started she started to warm up but the. I. Of course, it's kind of you cannot change it. You cannot prepare for that. So we tried to what we we could. She should go to the match all bit light but she got an she handle it, and I think it's it's like there is a little bit more pressure because you are the favorites. So it's different pressure but I wouldn't call it like more difficult. It's like just different. You have to be prepared for that and and handle it all the matches. I. Saw a partial I think a little blip in the final. Do there was no sign of nerves at all from the outside from the outset maybe not But for me a lot like for the match and I think it was like three zero first set and it came to trio and this three against were like thermal I don't know why about Fi and all stars at the making easy easy mistakes I think with for mindset and which caused curves, flags and being died. So so it wasn't easy, but it's a final. It's different story everybody says, final is different than the s it is even for me as a coach. If you blame final of the Grand Slam, it's belly different tournament. So it's good that she handle. It's good that she played that way as she played and. She kept our tactical staff which which we talked before the match and chew on. So is the most important of course there is a lot of things to improve. But still if you win nobody going to judge you tell me what are your nerves like the fine line you buy all your nails. Yeah. I was pretty nervous. I'm never visited rematch. If somebody is saying that he is not nervous at the Madjeski is lying or he has some travel excuse systems says who for me if you put a lot of work into the player until you know like you giving a lot from yourself than you always gonNa have some nervous. People one one minute we will have less one another. We'll have more about the doesn't really matter but on the final I head like these one, hundred, fifty beats per minute at some point you know so. I of course, I'm not showing emotions because it's my job not show it but. Of course I, I was pretty nervous and I was pretty excited. But after the match finished trust me I all my energy, the I will sold dyers I couldn't even be happy. Well, we all tired that neither all our theme imagined that our celebrating of the waiting I'm got us was just eating good ignorant going to sleep. So two weeks of hard work in we have to remember Yup played singles and doubles so almost every. They work. So emotional everyday. So we've been so I'm out. That's GONNA believe it. I wasn't even able to like I said to show happiness it came after today's when I, it well slept well well, and you were you at all the doubles matches. Yes. Of course, always well that I just say, but what's the feeling for you? So now as a grand slam champion coach, it's like huge the I would say result for me and. Like I said I'm expectable. So so of course, it's something special but right now is the biggest job for me I feel there will be a lot of pressure from around, of course, not from myself but even from myself I feel we have do good job right now for IGA. So has keep practicing as she is. My job is to to make another plan with GONNA work. You know putting some goals for the next year. And tried to keep her level as it was on. Garo. So it's not gonNA, be an easy way easier. I feel right now really really happy but I feel there will be a lot of four to the bars just GonNa Pyre. That's aw yeah and so just quickly running back to Roland Garros we demands fine on the. Sunday. He was there for one and a half sets says I think and I was there for one set because I've been so tired I wasn't able to watch a did you celebrate it all on the Sunday night or was it I saw red bull had taken carry is do they seem to fly off a few days? was just. On our way back dinner. Let's say hey. Yeah, it wasn't. But it was their place close to HQ Nice but it was still it was good for for us to do not coming back so fast the bond but still there was some work to do with media for EGO so. It was like fifty fifty. Like we've been already related really tired but it was some, it was good experience. So you're back saving back in Poland. He had some media work to do. Now you're taking a few days off and what's the plan you talked about the next few weeks you're going to go physical test and is it? Yeah Yeah. We're going to Australia to to have physical exams older tests. We can do to check if her bodies ready to compete next year if her body what what we need to focus on for the next year for our fitness coach for our physio. So three important for us to not to check if she's healthy and. Just to be prepared if she if she has Samuel Risk of injuries. and not over train her and will alternates probably to some reports. I can't remember now prince she's the prince which is unusual which so she goes to a she's sticking with prince known you contracts coming in you know she played with no contract for last two years. Okay interesting. But it's so so she wasn't like sponsored by time but she played as she was used to it and right now she has some contracts on the table even from Prince, which is pretty pretty good because we can pick whatever she likes. That's why we want not that's. Like I'm I'm not sure if she going to change I'm not sure if you're gonNA stay I. Just want her to take this decision for herself because I don't want here in the middle of the season that I changed or I didn't, and I should you know you can't win either way? Yeah, exactly. So I just want her to take the responsibility for change I gonNA help her we're GonNa you know provide everything we can to get as best feeling as she can but it's hard. Decision on Sheikh has to be sure about it. So. So that's what we're GonNa do if she will want to stay with the racket she's playing she will save not that will switch hopefully that outcomes the planet you can start working on twenty twenty one is going to be really exciting and I can't wait just a couple more questions. What advice do you have for young juniors who want to who are break and truth to the senior game? What's your number one bit of advice? For him I know he took on it already but you know for me like really important is to stay healthy like no, not overtraining yourself not overplay in the tournaments because of course you will get, you can get results in the short term, but on the long-term, it's really difficult to stay that way forever take off like plan everything wisely I think planning is the most important part intense career. It's the the something which you know divide good players with the average players planning and programming. As the like shorter. Very interested in overplaying, getting, burnt out, you're injured and no run at all on question to what were you going to do tennis pointer because we speak different coaches better taste and just interested in though you probably even bite for he not sure who you bought it for but what's y? Did you buy it? For myself because I like to play from time to time but. I GONNA use it with guy because I would love to move. Contact Point? Elbit more fords. So I'm working on that for a few years with her it's already it's already been moved a little bit but I want to for her for plank on faster surfaces than slow heart hardcourts play cards and want to prepare her for grass season. So that's I think that's a good stole to to improve your contact point being more marine front and I think it's like one of the tools you can use. So I'M GONNA use. It thank you. That's great and last question who is you? Do you have a mentor? Who Do you look to for coaching advice or is it just a few pick up on the road you do to read and you know I'm trying to get from everybody around of course, a lot of Polish people like Magdalena coaches and partner in life. She has a great team they are helping. But like let's say Michael Sell Right now is in the Cambridge his name is. Nick Brown I. Don't know if you know him but he was in third round in Wimbledon in the past. He was a really good player and he was coach of our Polish Davies Scott and he was the captain I think of Fed Cup for England but Great Britain. So please like really knowledgeable coach and he's a good person. It's. It's like my really I, like one more advice for everybody around the world to strength to be a better player for juniors always. Surround yourself with good people I think it's much more important than steals and you know like experience it's important to have people who are good and willing to help you. So Nick is the person who is really good person and he's amd believable is an unbelievable knowledge about technique stuff and he's not the person who are going to him against who says, Oh, I like sport let's change over now he's the person whose improving the player. So I. Love going with Invited him to us and his like somebody who is helping us in the process. Great. Well, thank you for that. That's great to hear and thank you very much for your time. I know you're on vacation I've taken up enough. Thank you very much for coming on board on looking forward to on the maze journey ahead. Thank you very much what a great episode full of great information. Behind. A gray coach player on team. Really interesting. If you know anybody who may find it interested, please share it with them. Really appreciate that on again last reminder of ten percent off the wooden spoon over at functions tennis dot Com. When you use the code e get any questions, your shoot me a male or unfunctional Tennessee, and ceramic can't and be happy to help. But until next week goodbye.

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