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Coronavirus vs NHL, with Craig Custance


Hamlin Greg enjoyed these golden pipes while you can. I don't know if my voice will ever sound the same after tomorrow when I get my remaining wisdom teeth pulled I have to ask you because most people including myself did this when they're eighteen years old. What has been the funniest advice? Tips warnings that people have given you. Getting this at your age will my age. Jesus thank you. You're welcome the amend the the late pink darker at area for virus and for wisdom people know. Here's the thing I got two of them out already. When I was younger and at the time they said hey you just need to get the you've got two good ways to get to not so good wisdom teeth and there's chance you may never have to get the other two out. So what do you want to do? I'm like obviously to pulled. Because you know that would be better than getting all four fast forward. A few years decades and and Lo and behold like the back right wisdom tooth is constantly getting filled and the dentist finally said. You know you're never going to be able to not get cavities back because you don't have to brush your teeth right. I'm like a good point. He's just like you can probably get the to wisdom teeth out and be getting in the other two polls so if I follow the advice from people would have been. Why are you only get into pulled? When you've got the original to out now I'll say two things about this emily. When I got the original to out I was in the presence of capitols fans living in DC at the time who knew me from Puck Day and we talked about the capitals and then I took drugs to make me feel better while he pulled my teeth and then at the end they told me. I don't remember saying this but they told me that I was saying that. We've all been through this together now. We're best friends so we have to hang out dental hygienists dental hygienist both of them and this time what no. We didn't know I ever hung out. It was completely high this time it was interesting because I the dentist did a three hundred. Sixty degree scanned my head because on the X ray it looked like my wisdom tooth was hooking around the nerve. Yeah and they said he said to me is like you know. We have to make sure that we can get this out without it hurting the nerve and it turns out it's not hooking on it was just an optical illusion and. I said that that that doesn't set of curiosity before technological leaps near profession where you could stick somebody's head in a bucket and do a cam around them and figure out what's going on in their head. How did you figure out that the tooth would be hooked around the nerve he goes? Oh we would just pull until you made a face so you're getting a little less wise but it sounds like medicine has gotten a lot wiser. Thank goodness now. You have all four out do all at once. All impacted. Watch one day of miserable. Bloody slumdog millionaire. I remember was the only movie I watched and the next day I was fine. Well I still owe our editor Tim my column so the question is do I finish all of it before? I'm on laughing gas or after for your sake dear listeners. Let's hope it's after coming up on the show we got Craig Customs on. Espn alumnus currently of the athletic talking about corona virus from the GM meetings were. Emily is right now that playoff stuff plus GM meetings stuff plus a lot more on this edition of ESPN and is less show. Proper shelby is to your ear. Buds A- podcast about hockey featuring things to do with hockey from your friends at Espn it's ESPN I'd ice with what Shitski and Catholic it's ESPN analyst the podcast for ESPN talks about hockey. I'm Greg Rusedski senior. Nhl Writer on Mentally Kathleen National NHL reporter. And I am in San Jose where it's like eighty and you're in love. Leave Book Go Raton. How's the weather out of this trip every year? It was funny. You texted me like two weeks ago. You're like are you going to the GM meetings? I was like why don't I go to the being an idiot? It's great we sit the fancy fancy schmancy resort that nobody's allowed without membership but they let you win. Well sorry frog in my throat. They let you in if you just say. Nhl Meetings and get a park your car valet you sit outside all day and look at the beautiful ocean and the NHL GM's break it like lunch time because they all want to go golf and you're done by like two PM Doke bookertown. Big Big Time. Monterey was the owners meetings earlier this year and as we've talked about before the podcast not sure they'll ever go back to Sea Island Georgia were. Emily and I covered the meetings when they announced Seattle. I think it was right. Fan Never Forget Sea Island Georgia before we get the GM meetings stuff. Let's talk about where we are in the NHL. Last time we all got together it was right after the trade line. Chris Peters was there in studio with us and we talked about the INS and outs. The trade deadline covered all thirty one teams. And now we're looking at what's going on in these standings and what we see in these standings is the both playoff bubbles are kind of mess right now the quote kind of a mess the islanders and Columbus as we do the show are right now in the wild card. That's tenuous. They could move up. They could move down Carolina Carolina's a real problem for me right now because I feel like they should be a lot higher in the standings with a plus twenty four gold rental and I know that the goaltending situation is a mess. And that's Kinda holding back a little bit right now but even before that I feel like this. This should be the team. That's in the third spot in the East in the in the metropolitan. They're not right now. Totally anti also think that the defensive injuries probably mess with their juju earlier dougie Hamilton as we had mentioned was playing it like Norris caliber level. One of the things. That's crazy about them down the stretch. They've got let's see eighteen games. Remaining an eight of them are back to back sets and they've actually done pretty well with zero. Dave rest looked it up there. Six three and two. But that's wild to have that as what is going to determine your playoff eight when you're on the bubble so we'll see how it plays out also see like look. I think Vincent checks great player. I think British as a great player they see them as core players going forward but it sometimes takes some time for these guys to adjusted. I know shape particularly. Looks like he's Kinda seamlessly fitting in. But especially with the line combinations. I'm curious to see what type of impact track will have over these next couple of weeks and in fairness they are missing some guys to Hamilton. For example who was killing it before he got hurt and Carolina in your category of teams that it's imperative that they win the season that they've got a bit of a long game going on right now he has. No I think you know going there in the preseason and talking to Rod Brindamour. He talked about like everything we'd last year was great. And we galvanize US fan base again and we sold a bunch of tickets and got everyone excited but like it means nothing if we can't build on it because we've seen this before and that it all goes away so I do think that there is some importance for that market specifically to make the playoffs and build off what they had last year. That said Kinda create young core going forward and they really built them strong pieces at very value friendly contracts and I think in the long view. They're in much better shape than some of the teams. That probably won't make the playoffs this year for sure. And as of right now as we do the podcast on a Tuesday before the Ba- games whereas some of them are going on Carolina with a sixty nine point three percent chance of making the postseason The mighty rangers are on the upswing and then by God Chris Kreider gets hurt sucks. It was so awful I mean especially because they do this whole thing where it's going to be traded as knocking trade and you're like you know what we're keeping him around. He's having a great year for us. We see him as part of our future and then what was a two games later he breaks his foot. He was on a career pace. He was playing some of the best hockey. I've ever seen him play in his career and to find another winger because Bene- is going to be difficult You know it's been playing great all season long. And I'm not sure that he's winger dependent per se but that was a really dynamite lion and I I just think the psyche blow of losing him as rough and I also think you know not having hysteric is really interesting because every time they put one quiz out there they don't WanNa play in front of him and he gets shellacked. I find it really interesting. That The Philadelphia Flyers my God second place right now in the Metropolitan Division and inserted saying yeah. We did awards watch. We'll talk some awards. Watch stuff in a second but we did. We did the new one today. And I think it's GonNa be interesting to see how a lane video slots in amongst the Jack Adams favorites. You've got guys like Mike Sullivan and John. Torella the jared bender bender that all have the same sort of our teams were super hurt and yet we coached them to playoff seeds. Thing going on into Terrell's case it's a bit more tenuous than the other two Although the penguins right out of the ruling either and then you don't really have any of the guys who took over midseason that are going to. I think challenge for the Jack Adams. With acknowledgement that Sheldon Keefe could be that guy based on the points percentage leaves of had but I think the perception of that team is not that he rescued them. Or anything. You just maybe maybe made them a little bit better than what they were and I think the perception that team to that. They're still underachieving based off into the talent and payroll they have because they can't stop the puck because they didn't have Morgan Riley right. We talked about and the flyers. The flyers were plus thirty goal differential the season. I mean a lot of that is the work they've done home-ice twenty-three five and four on home ice and Carter heart almost unbeatable on home ice for them this year in goal. I just think that Vino is going to be really interesting. Wildcard in this process. Think he I think he's the kind of coach that the broadcasters who voted this award like he's a personable guy and it's a big media market and it's GonNa be interesting to see where he slots in if he's going to get a Jack Adams nomination or not and you know. I have to give credit to Chuck Fletcher because I think he did a pretty good job with the handy was dealt. I know I'm a bigger fan and Kevin Hayes than you and I think he's got a great team but there's been two big pieces of adversity that he's dealt with early in the year one of their rising star players finds out that he's a really rare form of leukemia. Oskar Lindblom and and you have to rally your team around that. And they've also been without a third line center for nearly the entire season because Nolan Patrick has been dealing with his migraine disorder. So those are two big pieces that they were counting on that they didn't have and you're right. He's guided them especially of late to some really great results for sure. The looking over at the the other conference now the something are we not talking about the Florida Panthers and their employees. I was trying to avoid talking about the sad state of the panthers. It's not good. It's pretty bad it's real that it's all anyone wants to talk about down here. Actually because we always joke about how like the panthers offense and you know it's an easy thing but people around here talking about it and I think a lot of this is going to fall on Dale talent. I believe he's in the last year of his contract. I would be surprised at this point if he returns especially if they missed the playoffs but the performance. They've put on home. I since the all-star break losing seven straight games is simply unacceptable and I think q. Is a really demanding coach and I think that this young group is trying to adjust to that and and I think that's no doubt that there's probably been clashes between players like PHIPPS and check with ended up shipping out. I think Sasha Barkov is really struggling to do these new demands but it is ugly. It's going to be interesting to see if you know. There's a certain amount of of assumption. I think that cue went to Florida because of talent right. So if you've got this coach under contract for many years for many millions of dollars does that talent. More time if he's accused guy is accused team now. That's the question but the big question is how much is this gonNA cost. Because we've heard reports and I know it to be true they're trying to shed payroll because they're losing money like it's not public but they're not making money. I think they'll tell him makes a decent amount. So would he come back next year for a lesser contractor? Is He retiring? We'll see what happens there. Yeah we talked about the for the panthers. Because you're in the epicenter of Panthers Universe. Right now here. I see Saint Louis. The avalanche and the Dallas Stars the avalanche and the Blues are are right there in the thick of things that star pretty much locked into that third spot right now in the central Pacific. Vegas done really well ely. Yeah for SURE VEGAS. Vegas is looking like Vegas at times. Not all the time when you lose the kings all that doesn't like Edmonson put a shellacking on Nashville last night as we do the show Calgary right there Vancouver's wearing me a little bit. I this is the thing that I said when I picked. It predicted them to make the playoffs. Like the core asked to stay healthy best or gets hurt marks from gets hurt and all of a sudden. They're in a situation where they're in a fight for the a wildcard spot when you hope to be. Maybe we're calgary is in the standings so that's a bit of concern and man you know two teams that I'm fascinated by right now. Winnipeg still hanging around. CaN'T KILL HIM. Cut Our health buck dudas thing and Minnesota which is making all of us look like a bunch of idiots where like why would you fire this accessible coach and now they're more successful than they were under Boudreau? What does that do you know what I have to give some credit to Kevin Fiala like I notice not one guy carrying it but it almost feels like them coinciding him binding his confidence and he finally looks like that vaunted prospect that everyone thought he was with the predators and honestly like. He's playing fantastic right now. I'm bill garin looks great for not panicking and making some of these moves that he could've made even though it did sound like he wanted to get rid of Zach. Parise certainly did right before we move onto customs. Let's talk about awards? Watch real quick. My God I spent the majority of my day arguing with cross oilers fans as the Great Hart Trophy Wars Continue. They're all saying tiny Leandra silo. They say and I'm like well Connor mcdavid and also because there's other candidates that I think might deserve it more and they are all very upset and they're like you're don't respect Leon Dry seidel season and I'm like he's in my top three. Maybe even my top two. But I don't know how you don't give it a Nathan MacKinnon right now. Like he's he's an so John Lanier right there so because I've watched them on. That was a compliment. Forty one answer ahead of the next leading score on the avalanche. Forty one points ahead. There's Connor mcdavid there on the power play with him Nathan Mackinnon show. It's it's baffling to me. How anyone could look at that team and not be like he is the most important. He's forty points. Clear and the next highest scorer. The team is a rookie. Defenseman come on dry cycles. Great that I think you'll probably win the heart because if the playoffs because logic sometimes has no home these these arguments that said Connor mcdavid Leandra problem last month. Emily if the Rangers somehow turn this thing around and get beyond dry subtle. Hasn't our time. Upn problem the threat he does. And here's the caveat. I'm only Andrea Seidler. I see this stat and I'm like how could you not vote in for heart? He is scored or assisted on fifty one percent of the oilers goals this year which is on pace to be the highest by any player since. Yager Ninety eight ninety nine wild and crazy part. I know that the to that is at mcdavid. Second in the League at forty four percent but one percent of teams goals suppressive definitely player of the year. Stuff right there but when you're only about what thirteen points clear mcdavid at this point and that gap will close obviously connors hockey. God Kucherov finished thirty points ahead of Stamkos last year and McKinnon is forty one points ahead of kill Makarios like I understand percentages as like Ken. Math was never my strong suit. But I look at those situations and I said to myself my God. Where's the help for them now? I know that Kucherov has helped but he got kicked coverage and then McCain case vaulting got hurt and Pinera. I think he thinks he's great. So I mean my big away my big takeaway is that there are a lot of talented players in the League right now for doing some pretty roic things and just because you believe Nathan. Mackinnon is more deserving Leandra. Fatal doesn't mean you don't appreciate under I settle correct. That's exactly right however I will say to my friends at Edmonston this I watch Edmonton Games. I live on the West Coast now. They're they're right in primetime from me. It's fantastic I understand that. He is now driving his own line. A line by the way with two better wingers in the oilers gave mcdavid. Mcdavid is better. This does not mean he no longer plays with Connor mcdavid. He plays with Connor mcdavid on the power. Play for well over two hundred minutes this season. They've been together. That's where he scores forty percent of his points. They'll give you this. He doesn't even play with mcdavid anymore does he plays all the time with with. David on the power play. We had five goals five games on the power play. Don't give you this. He doesn't play with mcdavid nonsense. He doesn't BLAME DAVID. Five on five most of the time but it was with David all the time and the power play Edmonson any other words but before we get to Craig called US pretty interesting. Yeah it's it's real interesting. I put Quinn Hughes up but I think the car is going to have a ton of support. I do find it interesting though that the the one of the main arguments from a car for most of the season was the points for game thing and I think that gap has closed significantly in the last month with with with Quinn us. That's going to be interesting to see. I feel Quinn's being seen as the better. All around. Guy and Navy MacArthur is seen as the more special offensive guy. At least that's the impression I get from talking to some of the voters will they get from Quin Huston his interview. The hockey news is that he's the best guy ever been. Those were some incredible quotes it. Look I've interviewed Glenn Hughes a couple of times like I don't think he's totally used to the BDO process and it can kind of see him saying that afterwards being like. Did I say that like I think I just got nervous? But that was a pretty brash. And cocky quote. Well I got the brush cockiness gene. A F- oh I will say this. In any other year Dominic Cooper would have been getting a lot more attention with twenty nine goals. Most of them won't even strength. I've got a story on him coming up and historians fast and talk to Sam Bowman about today. The fact that he was a king's prospect they just couldn't sign and the Blackhawks we'll send you a fifth round. Pick for like we like them. We'll put them in our lineup and nothing. The kings was dumb. But don't you think they could use some twenty nine goalscorers right now very much? So and even with that prospect will they could. And I'll say this I think the caller race overall and right now I would agree that it would be my car and Hughes and Kabbalah. Right now as the top top three but I mean like you said in any other year this is like the in any of the year called Erase Victor Olson. Mackenzie Blackwood Ilias Samsonov Elvis. Moore's Lincoln's Thatcher Dump Go Adam Fox John Marino. I mean. There is an incredible rookie crop right. Now that's not even GonNa get a sniff of top three of the caller just because how good some of the elite talents are. It's crazy how these are all players that ninety percent of people didn't predict for the call there because we all picked either top Okaka reject us and props to Chris Peters by the way good at ESPN DOT COM and check out. Chris Peters is on Cocco and Hughes and the road ahead for both good stuff all right. Emily sat down with. Who at the Boca Raton meetings? Everybody's old Buddy Chris. Wow Craig Customs. Let's set at that out Ryan. Just kidding he loves US WE LOVE HIM. He was formerly of ESPN. He's now at the athletic. I'm sure he'll let you know. And we were sitting beachside and we want to talk about this corona virus that is becoming increasingly threat in North America and how it could affect the hockey world and now joining us in me is a special special longtime friend of ESPN FORMER. Never Co worker number. Quite maybe for a week at one point just by paperwork paperwork cried customs and Craig. We are doing the biggest huge flex right now. Because you insisted that we do this. Podcast outside with the ambiance sounds of the Atlantic Ocean. I'm a big fan of I Wanna I wanNA bring the listeners right to where we are and we are literate like there's a gigantic bird. I'm sure you can hear that. I mean it's huge in its flapping its wings and oceans to our left. It's Nice where the book a Beach Club where the NHL general managers had their meetings for the last nine years in part because Gary Bettman owned apartment next door and what. Gm's don't like what they know and going at the same club but a story you and I were talking about yesterday and I know you wrote on the Krona virus and it's a huge international issue right now. It's increasingly sounding like it could be a threat in North America and I'm just curious of what you think is going to happen. How it will impact the hockey world so for that story for the athletic You know I wrote about a couple of things one the the league sent on a memo. I WANNA say last week basically saying well. Yeah it was just saying I mean all the stuff the same things we're hearing make sure everyone's washing their hands and you know And you know. Let's let's we're monitoring this we're talking to the CDC and Health Canada. You know every single day. We're GOING TO KEEP YOU ABREAST BILL. Daley yesterday Monday At the GM meetings gave another update essentially saying the same things. I know there was a plan conference call with the other leagues And but I think to me just in the immediate. The most interesting thing was The fact that that slate of tournaments got cancelled by the AA Jeff that we were able to confirm that you know maybe in jeopardy tournament. That's this year in Plymouth When GM yesterday talking to Kelly mccrimon in the way he put it in evaluating prospects that tournament is like the final grade. It's not the whole grade but it's probably thirty percent of the creed so if you lop. That out. Now has a pretty big impact on the draft. And that's not even talking about getting into the idea of cancelling NHL Games or playing in front of empty arenas and that sort of thing as we've seen another sporting events. Yeah so I talked to Daley yesterday about it. And he was honest. He's like look we're monitoring the situation. We're starting to explore contingency pens and didn't rule anything out cautiously optimistic that they're going to be okay. Knock on wood. I think nobody knows how this is going to unfold and truly this is something unprecedentedly gases. Anything like this has ever come across the table. And he's like you know SARS in the late nineties early two thousands but it never got to this point. No I. It's it's it's the one like weird comparison just because it was international scouting was There was a tournament I wanna say in Russia where there was some like nuclear. Do you remember that? There was like some sort of known it was. There was some there. Were some concerns about sending scouts over because they were worried about nuclear fallout. And I'm drawing a blank. It was fairly recently last year two years ago. I know some like some scouts. Just DIDN'T WANNA GO. Because they were worried about what they're going to be exposed to. Li got involved and all that ended up not being a thing. But that's what this reminded me of. You know like we're at the level now where scouts. I know you know texting yesterday with people. And they're like yeah. I've cancelled trips unconcerned. Gm said they're going to go talk to their scouts and maybe consider wiping out travel or just have that conversation In you're right though it's never like I've and then if it expands beyond that we have seen like and the world championships is interesting because you mentioned the I H F. I sang at fast. So I don't mess up the acronym Via cancelled six tournaments. But they didn't cancel so far the two signature events the senior women's and senior. Men's the men's is in May in Switzerland Switzerland's a country that we see now is being affected. Bill Daley said I can't imagine we would put a mandate on saying guys can't go because all gets NHL employees but it's not NHL sanctioned event talked to some GM saying how would you handle it if you're player wants to go over there like what would your course of action be. Yes I like the the the notion I got from the GM's because I mean this isn't there. You're very strategic. So they lean pretty heavily on with the League recommends so even if the League says look we can't ban players again. This is in our event or whatever we can't make these unilateral decisions if they make a recommendation even if it's like you know no international travel for the employees or whatever that may be that was that was part of the memo that went last week there. Was you know a a portion of talked about the employee travel? I think the GM's are GonNa lean pretty heavily into whatever recommendation from the League. I mean that's you know I don't know what else you do this to other things that can affect the NHL in the short term one we heard about the stick shortage the potential sexual urge when the Bauer factories. Were shut down. Stephen Wine Report of that story. Bill Daley told me that bad has been find. The League was on top of it. It's no longer issue. But what is an issue? Is that sound like the? Nhl is going to go to China next year and they had gun. Preseason games there in two thousand seventeen and twenty eighteen They were going to go last year but couldn't do it because of scheduling arenas and they didn't have anything firm yet. Bill Daley is like now because the virus like it's been really hard to firm plan so that seems unlikely. I'm curious in your opinion. Like what other things are. We not thinking about what this could affect. Yeah I mean that's a great question so he so when I was looking over some of the the you know the memo and some of the League recommendations like the. Cdc is saying you know if it's in your community. Don't have large gatherings you playoff game. A large gather accurate liquid is more large gathering than a sporting events. A practice gathering. Yeah like what? Are you even thinking about that was at the NFL combine last week? And I'm in your. Did you go to prime? I know I would the one next door with a safe kitchen. Whatever it anyways And I didn't get the shrimp cocktail. Everyone seemed really disappointed. That have you had served in the Mid West way not to get completely sidetrack way more seafood on the menus. I saw I'm like I don't know why we're going to India anyways. Nhl NFL combine by the way spring break financial. Nfl coaches seem to be having a good time. Continue on so so that that was the first event where I was sitting there thinking about. Oh there's all these people from all over is never crossed my mind but now that's my thought like all these reporters all these athletes agents. Gm scouts coaches like you said from everywhere. And I'm like this doesn't seem great to containing anything you know what I mean and and I think so now if we get if something isn't a local community if it's let's say it's in Raleigh just for lack of a better thought And you have a playoff game like what a bad idea to get twenty thousand people and so like that. I'm just curious and I don and I'm not. I'm like an under reactor when it comes to the stuff like I'm like boy this house to get in line behind SARS and bird flu and I need I need so I don't ever want to be the person that's like A. They should cancel games. But I do like when you sit there and the CDC is saying. Don't have large gatherings. I don't know I think that s feeling conversation. What do you think the contingency plan would be like? Bill wouldn't go into it but like could they have playoff games. Where there's no one in the stands? Could they post on the planet? Cancel the playoffs. Like can you even fathom a world? Where any of those things happen. Well I mean first and foremost it's business so the playoff gate as you know is whatever it is. It's worth a million or two million for the home. Whatever whatever that number is and so like aside from just having the Games having it in front of an empty arena to me seems like a bad idea just if I'm an owner like okay. Yeah we're moving the schedule forward. But I don't WANNA lose. I spent all this money all year. Toughed it out through October November. This is where I make my money as an owner these people. If I in fact look you. Don't get to be a billionaire if you're you're if you don't make tough decisions like I would just delaying it a month really do anything like I. I don't know enough. Is this going to go away? It's like the flu season where we're going to be like. Oh Hey remember corona virus back in March. I don't know but I think I guess. Better than cancelling it would be to play in an empty rink and maybe do some sort of like a boxing match pay per view. I don't know like what do you do there? You get it on. Espn ESPN plus operative burnaby. See this is going to. Yes Bien no and I find it interesting that the Tokyo Olympics and their organizers and look Japan is an area that's more directly affected so far the North America. They pretty much set a deadline. They're like if by late. May this is not controlled and under control? We're GONNA have to cancel the Olympics and it's chew much logistical hell. There's too much money involved that we couldn't even postpone the Olympics now route. I don't think the NHL Playoffs is on that scale. Like there's not that much planning because inherently it's kind of seedier pants you find out if you get maybe a week before But that was really interesting to me. It doesn't sound like the. Nhl has like any kind of deadline of like. Oh this has to be under control by April twentieth. Or we're done to me like what is under control even mean is it because you know the when I look into it. It's basically like it's a super contagious flu. Which has a higher rate but like is under control like okay? We're just it's it's these communities we're monitoring it. It's not as bad as we thought like I. I would love to know what what would be good enough. I mean you know it's GonNa spread you know what's going to come into these communities what is satisfactory to say. Okay let's go ahead and big events like I don't know what that is the NBA put out guidelines yesterday. Did you see this? Was this like no fist-bump not handshake or high fans prefer fist-bump said if you sign autographs. Don't take their pen and things like that. It's deemed silly but these are the types of things we have to worry about like. I think that viral video would like Nikolai healers and the fan. You know throw tax and pucks over the Glass. Like did you see that? That couldn't happen. No no you're like you're like I need to sanitize Asan like the elephant in the room is that. Nhl is these dinkiest and Germany's sport if you've been in NHL Locker Room you feel exposed or who knows what in that uniform and equipment anyway so you asked if it's like the one thing remind me a little bit Was when you talk about the germs spreading the mumps outbreak. Whatever it was you had the moms. I think the duck star. I don't want to accuse I forgot who started it but what it made me WanNa do. As this time was I was like what if we just got like a Petri dish by outside the bench? You know like they're all spitting and we're like okay. What diseases can you gather? I'm like I would probably be violating some sort of. I think there's some hippo laws but I'm like I don't know if I want so you know we're here in Florida and few of the other reporters here. Were like yeah. I brought a a white on the plane and wiped on the plane. And there's some things I don't want to know I don't want to know what's behind my head on a plane like if you get a a wipe it's black. I mean it's every time I talked to my cell phone. I think of how many germs are on that anytime. I ride on public transportation like we're exposing ourselves to droves every single day really took a turn yeah last takeaways before rea- send it off and enjoy the rest of the Sunday No I I'm fascinated to see where this goes. I like. It's always hard to rate it through sports perspective and that's one of the things I want to be careful with I thought about my store yesterday. We're talking about Oh like you. You're not going to get that last viewing on a prospect at the same time. This isn't potential. People are sick and losing their lives. And you don't want to have that that clarity and nick shortages like you say hey sorry about you know your family member but this guy's got to get Mexican sticks instead. Whatever so like one hundred six so I do want to make sure we have this perspective but at the same time like this is what we were. Hockey writers is the sport we cover. And it's we're I think we're just now starting to see what the impact is. Craig where can our loyal ESPN listeners? Find Your Work. You can go to the athletic deca watch this. I'm going to plug. You can go to the athletic dot com slash full sixty which podcasts and get forty percent off an athletic support. This is going to give you just go to that and I can't wait for ESPN producers to cut this out who's GONNA FLEX ESPN. I can set it up in American big immediately. Check that out. You can follow me on twitter at create customer and I appreciate you. Thank you thanks to Craig joining us. I like the fact that you were beachside with him. Talking About Crony Virus Aka. Not In an enclosed space. So very on message. I think at the say I've been washing my hands so much since I've been here because that's recommended but also because the resort that we have are staying at the meetings has like this beautiful luxurious coconut soap. That I really using my hand smell. Great I just I. I'm doing going to do what I can do. Avoid putting myself in situations where I could get it but I mean it's in Santa Clara County so I mean I mean you know so there. It is What else is going on in Boca Raton outside of discussions about infectious diseases? I understand that each day we had the bug thing. The offside yeah so. Let's say Abbott. I because I think that has the most fan interest the general managers. We all expected them to come in. I rate thing holy cow. This just happened. We've made an embarrassment of the League. Everyone's talking about how amateur we are. We have to fix the EBA situation and of course the not so small often. The room is that involve Toronto which things are totally handled with nuance and correctly that said the NHL. Gm's got here and on the first day they split into three breakout sessions. So they can cut teak speak in smaller groups. Interestingly one of the breakout sessions do this and on Dell. We're both in end. Those are the two. Gm's on either side of the Dave ayers incident and it talked about and they like what are you guys WanNa do need new procedures and everyone kind of agreed. What we have is fine. We put this system in place in two thousand fifteen after that. Reblock Roberto Luongo incident where they had to have robbed. Tallus dress up. We've had six thousand games since and only twice it's been called on it and it was Scott Foster and David errors and I was shocked to actually hear the NHL say but a senior VP said. We can't ignore the fact that this was good publicity for the League like everyone saw the coverage that was going on like this is good for us. Yeah so three years ago there was a proposal at the GM meetings from one GM. I'm not sure who But it said Hey. Let's get a third golden everyone's roster and this guy could travel with the team and essentially be the emergency goalie and a majority of GM's didn't want it they said I don't WanNA use a roster spot on it the NHL could've figured it out it would have been some CBA finagling and they would have had to work with the PA. But gyms learnedly didn't want it and I asked pointblank like what are you guys. Were discussing. This did that come up again. Were there any other solutions? Not How we think we're good. We're at the word that using with status quo interesting you know. It's I hearken back to when I was covering the capitals and stewed stretch was a videography for the team and he wound up being their practice goalie at times and in one case dressed as their emergency goalie on the bench. Why don't we just go? Why don't we just go back to the thing where you hire people for your organization and they just happen to be goals when you hire somebody for a job. Like what do you do best I I can? I can cook the Burgers at Burger King. That's great what else did you. Well I also have customer service Experienced that's fantastic. We'll have you run the register occasionally when we need it if you hire an intern or a PR associate or somebody in ticket sales. Staten Check the box and the resume says oh by the way I also play goal. Fantastic double threat. You're hired tells version of Rudy role but not for diversity for position. Diversity could only serves the minority right. Yeah exactly it's just like the rule. Exactly it's perfectly now. What do they do with off-side? Yeah so and I just have to say I think the overall sentiment from fans from the bug thing like this is a rare case in the NHL acting rationally and that transitions into this with the offsides thing. So we've seen the outside role kind of become you know point of inflection in this league and we don't know exactly what it honestly the biggest issue. A lot of teams have is with the skate in the air when it's crossing the plan and the NHL said that there's been eighteen coaches challenges this year for skating in the airplanes and fourteen of them. The challenges led to goals being removed last year. There's twenty-six Challenges and sixteen led to goals being removed. And they're like this is wild. These are some really incredible play's. We're seeing such exciting scoring and for the players taken the fan sake. Why are you moving these goals? But a lot of cases don't even involve the players that are in on. The rusher directly lied to the goal. You know maybe ten generally lead to the goal but not quite directly. So they're going to vote on tomorrow but we could see a reform in the way that we treat offsides interesting was it was not a good thing. We'll see people seem happy about the. I didn't talk to many. Gm's about it. We only heard from this from the NHL Direct Hockey Department. The Stephen Welcomes of the world. The Chris Kings the Kay Whitmore so they all seem pretty pleased and Chris King was the guy. He's a senior. Vp of hockey ops was like you know the GM's just felt like this wasn't really the thing and it was almost a technicality that everyone was kind of gaming the system and let's just clear it up so we can lead to more exciting hockey. Another thing that happened though is they gave us little demo on the puck tracking. I actually got the fancy puck. It felt like a fancy puck. What's NEAT about has? He's six little league dashes that are light skinned kind of protrude through it. The interesting thing they were telling us though is we heard so much concern from players specifically about will these talks that. Have this technology and it be compromise. They feel different. Will they shoot different and the NHL claims has shot? This puck at one hundred and seventy miles per hour twenty different times. And when they've done it the puck might of like deformed a little bit when it hit the surface but it always goes back to its shape which is of wild the Shooting it at one hundred and twenty miles per hour regularly At goalpost and they say they are trying their hardest to break this puck and they have not been able to offer their confident that it is going to be fine. They've given it to some teams to do tests and practice. They've gotten quote minimal feedback from players. Nothing at all. They say it's fine. It's whatever and yeah the one thing they said is that look. Yeah we admit this is a little bit more of an expensive puck so if it goes into the stands will let fans keep it. But we're going to be a little more judicious about harvesting them for cost concerns interesting. That's well yeah number of that being a thing that I tested out the player impact tracking at the all-star game. They were talking about some ridiculous amount of money that was spent on each puck that turn people off to the whole thing. So hopefully they've bought the The cost down all right. You know what in in lieu of our favorite segment of the week Phil Kessel. It's hot dogs. Which is usually a bastion of cynicism a hard for me. Let's let's talk positively for a second Your last dying wish. We're staring into the abyss of with teeth. This reaction as you know. A tornado hit national on on Monday. It was incredibly destructive incredibly frightening incredibly injurious and it's been really impressive the NHL teams have done this for a lot of different things but But it's been really like stirring the Minnesota Wild donating twenty five thousand dollars and and their owners donating twenty five thousand dollars. The Chicago Blackhawks announcing that portions of their split. The Pot will benefit tournament tornado. Relief for Tennessee with the HASHTAG natural strong. It's it's one of those things that it it's great it's great it's great to see team. Step up the vision rivals. I'm the guy who doesn't like the handshake line. But I do like the thing of the division rival stepping up and being like. Let's let's put down arms for a second and and help each other out kind of deal. It's totally agree with you. I'm glad you called attention to this. You don't like the handshake. It's great for the handshake line. Let's let's first krona virus second. It sounds like you have the stands well before corona virus thing. We'll talk about this at the playoffs. Because this is a very this is a a plank in the Greg Rusedski Platform. That will have to hash out when we get to jump on this plank. The end of any plant. I I will discuss the handshake line. My thoughts on it. Let's let's shake on it now. Jerry elbow tap or TAP RIGHT. Now it's time for Puck. Headlines DATELINE SAINT LOUIS. Okay so Louis Okay. Saint Louis has a hockey is for everyone event that they are holding during a road game making them what I believe is the only team in the NHL Holding. Their hockey is for everyone night when the team is not playing in the arena struck me as odd. It also struck us as odd that they couldn't find a home game to designate as hockey is for everyone night when in fact they found room for bargain for the Blues Dog Bobblehead night. Ladies night out with the bedazzle hat star wars night and not one. Emily not to emily but three different boy scout nights at the rink so this is kind of a great these days. This is kind of weird and on top of that. The Blues made news last year and upset the folks of Saint Louis Pride by Folding Pride. Night into hockey is reverend night under the guise of of inclusivity to make it not be about sexual orientation but all other races and genders and Yada Yada Yada and then they take hockey Israel night and they need it for a watch party instead of an actual home game and they're charging ten dollars ticket and there's charity component so the blue a USA USA. Today wrote about this. They contacted the blues. And here's the Blues Response due to unprecedented demand sales following last season's success meeting lean in the cup. We weren't able to execute as many ticket promotions as we have in the past however instead of forgoing hockey is for everyone completely. We wanted to brainstorm ways to continue its application. That is where again three scout nights. That is where the idea of a watch party came in. This allows us to open the entire building over eighteen thousand seats for the event instead of just having a couple of hundred available for home game in addition it afforded us the opportunity to introduce a charitable element where groups can sell tickets. A fundraiser and get five dollars of each sale donated back to the organization. We have the flexibility to completely Taylor. Game Presentations in game activities to the hockey one initiative. Something we couldn't do it a normal home game two to presold sponsorship partner elements. What is this nonsense? This is making it worse. I mean it's it's at least it's a rationalization and I give my crusoe of the blues in their team credit for for doing this but like you couldn't hold a three on three sled hockey tournament or a sled hockey game in between periods because of partnerships sponsorship elements what. Listen I I all I know is this. And I'm not trying to cast aspersions lieu. Don't like me because of something that tweeted about the White House back when they visited but like every other team finds a home. They do this. It's an Emmy Shell Initiative. It means something to a lot of people. It's I guess commendable that you're trying to still do it instead of quote can if we're going completely but you got three scout nights you've got star wars night. You couldn't have designated at least one for hockey gifts for everyone. It's not as if this is some thing. Only two teams do it. It's a league wide initiative it's like a plank in the platform. My take is. I don't think it was malicious. But seeing the way they're backpedaling trying to explain it and seeing the fact that the even organized this to begin with shows that they just don't quite get it and they don't understand how they are marginalizing some people and making them feel like you know what this team isn't for me and hockey isn't for everyone. I'm like you said thought. Three boy scout nights were more important than this soon to give up one of the boy scouts dateline hockey streaming fan. You'll becomes the first gambling APP slash sportsbook to stream. Nhl Games. Emily is this the wave of the future? Well Bill Daley told me at the deputy commissioner. Wow I'm really doing great with speaking as Bill. Daly told me this. Is You know once we opened the door to our partnerships betting. This wasn't a huge leap. This is the next step where then all of a sudden you can see our content on their games. I don't think this is going to have puck tracking stuff. That's seems to be separate deals that they worked out I believe. Mgm is the show's official partner for that. But yeah this is the way things are going and you could probably speak to this better than me. Other leagues especially European are starting to do this already. Yeah the company I G arena. That they're working with has done streaming of tennis events and soccer events in Europe and integrated gambling with them as well so way the world in Europe seems to be kind of where they want to push things here and I do wonder how that's going to turn out when you start the team the bookmakers they have data deal with for puck tracking and stuff could be a situation where you can only wager on the puck tracking stuff and those prop bets on an APP that streaming those particular games. It's it's it's interesting to see where this goes again bottom line for me. I'm excited the NHL excited. I'm excited that this is something that's really being taken seriously and taken off so it's kind of cool dateline. Montreal Montreal Canadian's General Manager Mark Berge Van well-tailored. Sit on Tuesday. That head coach Julianne Will Return. For the two thousand twenty twenty one season. He's not necessarily as I wrote the Big story today about this week about. Nhl retreads and the fact NHL teams just really value known commodities overtaking. Risks This is a little bit of inside baseball. I find it fascinating that at the NHL GM meetings all the GM's are here on their own. They book their own. Probably don't book there on flights but they fly on their own only one general manager brought his PR guy with him. That was mark. Berge Dan I think the Montreal Canadians are seriously concerned about every time he opens his mouth and not that this was something that they're worried about him openings mouth but that was really interesting to me for sure but yeah he gets he gets back good good for cloud dateline. Patrick Marlowe Austin that is Mitch Mariner. A ride for the leafs. California swing a little early so they can hang out with Papa Marlow Marlow clan before he headed out to Pittsburgh and they took adorable photo with each other and everybody got the warm fuzzies to see those those all three of those guys reunited the way Austin Matthews. Look that one of Patrick Marlowe sons. I don't know what you want. It is and the way he looks at him back in. That photo is like the purest thing I've ever seen in my life right. I also found out that some of the leafs including Jack Campbell are Growing Mustaches and Supportive Austin Matthews trying to win the rocket Rashard trophy. I thought it was in support of him. Not Looking creepy when you walk into restaurants and bars on the road. So they're all together all looking creepy. He's less creepy. Like burs daylight. Read it read it. As you mentioned before the Florida Panthers have been struggling. And now we see that the Florida Panthers read it are slash Florida. Panthers has been rebranded as they read it on actual Florida Panthers. The people who run the red have given up funny or no just tweeting or posting about actual Florida Panthers Hockey team. I love the Internet and I love rat finally Dateline Vancouver Since last podcast. It's the tenth anniversary of Sidney. Crosby golden goal. How are we feeling about this old? Not as wonderful and romantic and waxing poetic. It's Canadians were when I saw the seventy five tribute pieces. That ran out last week clearly. Yeah I was there for it. The Americans beating Canada in the preliminary round was one of my favorite moments in the history of life and then things didn't work out so well in the gold medal game. We will always remember where we were when drug inland made the Golden Pass. And Sidney Crosby. Then just talk to them all right since we got chatty no rant line this week and do another one next week and we'll do a call in show at some point soon again. That was a lot of fun. And there you go and your. Nhl Writer you could read my stuff on ESPN dot com clued in the awards. Watch we just did and many other things. And Yeah and my other podcasts. But it won't be on this week. 'cause guarantees pulled it. Lets the official designation. Is it upper body obviously day to day week week? What are we thinking? It's upper body and a multi decade mistake to not have pulled tactical reevaluating a couple of days. The got it. I'm Emily Kaplan you can follow me on twitter at Emily. M Kaplan and all that to say thank you so much for listening subscribing reviewing we love. You Love You love show by by this is. Espn is with which since ski and tablet subscribe to the show in the ESPN APP or apple podcasts.

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