I. This is fantasy focus baseball podcast here, your hosts, tristen cockroach, and Eric Arab L. Hello everyone. And welcome to another fantasy focus is both today is Monday, April fifteenth two thousand nineteen it is Jackie Robinson day. The sport nation celebrates an important Craig's man also tax day. Hey, your taxes. I'm Eric his tristen, Daniel dot pushes all the right buttons today on today's show, we wrap up another interesting weekend baseball, talking performances of note injuries closers combo meals. Who knows what the wreck Shen our show ago also discuss Clayton Kershaw making his season debut on Monday, mirrored hashbrowns Tristan wanting the vampire league this week. Congrats interesting I thought he'd win week one little disappointed that you didn't. And now you want to I suspect you're gonna make the playoffs in your league. Soom top four make it. I have no chance. But I do. I do congratulate you on your achievement and vampire league is. For those. I mean, briefly explain what that is. All right. So the vampire league is our two leagues you, and I are the vampire team in these pair of leagues involving some of our listeners, and how it works is at the beginning of the year eleven of the twelve teams drafted teams and the vampire team, which is you and I did not get to draft anybody. We had to build a roster of able players at the conclusion of the draft amongst the other eleven teams. And then if our teammate of these horrible scrubs wins any game we can steal one player at the same position. Somebody replace on our own roster. So yeah, the first win in vampire league happened taken Manny Machado in difficult choice and given Garin Hamson back. Oh, that's right. You have to give somebody back. I think it's easier to win points format had to agree with, you know, shot in offense like, and I have no saves and no closers turned over really. So I'm I've been close both weeks, but really would know shot to win six four because I'm losing every offensive category. It's going to continue this week. Although now Adhan Vogel box all should be. Well, anyway, that's congrats. It's fun. I am enjoying. I must say that. Right. I mean, you're you're it is a lot of fun. Yeah. It is. It's just like as the weaker, see like an appointment. You just adding everything you don't care about stolen bases. You don't care about saves. You know, like I just feel like no shot. And and let's give credit to the guy keeps Twee Thomas Cavanaugh who I I lost two in week one keeps tweeting about I want to give him credit. He says he was terrified you shouldn't have terrified. He was nervous. And we to lost six three one counts of sixty one in the standings, not one nothing lost which is actually better. I think because I'm probably not going I need to keep close like he's weeks. And then hopefully by like may can winter week or two and steal players. But anyway, there was a trade in my league this week. Let me tell you what you well. There was let's hear it somebody traded jerks and pro for straight up for Tim Beckham. We think of that. Rosewater big weekend. Yeah. And I can see the rationale for those teams behind the trade. I personally would prefer profile just because that's just judging the talent from the preseason. I believe in his, you know, I believe in the staying power of jerks and pro for more than I do Tim Beckham. I agree. Well, run darling. Let's have the news of the week. It's the buzz. All right. I know this little happen later in as preview that the next couple of days. But I want to talk about the top. I wrote my blog entry off of it. Maybe it's up there, and you can see and read it Clayton Kershaw season debut at home against Sanada. They are number one in baseball opiates against lefties, but very few at bats as so I don't wanna read into that his second start of the week is that Milwaukee, which is one of the tough places. I would say tough lineups face. So I think you have to activate Kershaw in daily today and a weekly, but the premise of my blog was I'm selling. I don't think he's making twenty five starts because of his shoulder. And also because of the way the dodgers treat their pitchers, which is not to say, it's bad. But also I have concerns here. So I think the window to sell high until he is basically to a pitch is if you pitches really, well, you have another window and told Milwaukee game. But what if he leaves this game after two innings hurt? I have concerns you. Yeah. I do and you're not lining the most pessimistic angle on it. So I think there's what was optimistic twenty-five starts like last year. Maybe I mean, I I don't think we have a right to be optimistic anymore means defined just talked with us on your bell on Thursday show about Kirsch on the long-term concerns that we can't really trust that he's going to avoid another injury or setback at some point. So maybe the highest the highest value is going to provide you from this point forward is a borderline top ten starter. He's not going to be the top pitcher in all fantasy. I mean, maybe he could if everything perfectly, but I don't think it's very likely you're wanting a pessimistic view in that you don't even want to necessarily see the outcome of these two games. I think there's an opportunity here where you allow him to make three to five starts for your team. And then you cash in because people are going to think he's back to being that ace and fantasy baseball which I don't think he has that ceiling for. So I think either way we're both coming from the trade Clayton Kershaw when you can I I wonder whether it's gonna happen right away. I prefer the word realistic than pessimistic. I see what you're saying. I think we're kind of saying the same sack thing you're saying kind of wait a couple starts, and when he's really great then trade for more than you can get and I'm I'm less risk reward than you are unlike okay, everybody's excited today. Today's the day to move them. So that's the thing. Yeah. You're capitalizing little on the prospect buzz. This is one thing we talk about with with top prospects that if they're not for junior types, or Vlad Guerrero junior types, we often say capitalize on the buzz before they even play in a game once their stats on the book. Then it's time to cash in you taking that kind of angle, and I see it. I see your point. Okay. Let's move on injuries. Gary Sanchez think that happened after our last show did with caffeine Gery. He's expected back right away. When the ten days are up, so I guess no concerns there. But catchers, in general, man, I tweeted out I just I don't trust catchers because they play fewer games and all the other positions. They get hurt more. I think they play through injuries. And we don't know it. We don't know what the injuries are for all. We know John Luke Cordesman her for years. I just I man I don't want Gary Sanchez. I I love Williams ask the DO because the catch replays other spots, and he never strikes out. We're walks. I think safe and batting average. But I would just like threw catchers. I if I Gary sater's, I'll try to train them right now, if you could and Gary Sanchez was one of the players that could have considered a claim in that vampire matchup, and I gave it a long. Well, no, there's a very Machado. Why would you ever do that? Because the value. I get compared to what I replace and filling the position of catcher in his stead makes the case for him because he's on the deal. That's the primary reason I scratched it right away. But I did have to look long and hard at. That one. And I appreciate your Optimus outlook here for Sanchez that he comes back at the ten days. And I think he probably will. But I don't know that's guarantee and it does raise the question by catches. It's really a terrible terrible position. Majeste fatally a top five catcher. So far. I think that says it all I don't know how you can even consider Machado. They're okay. But obviously with Jancis comes off the list which could happen Sunday. I would not activate them for the week for one game ridiculous Texas Lewis Ruth Netto door the older one to a knee injury. That might take a little bit longer. They're replacing them with Logan force. I I'm not a particular fan because he bats to forty at best. But he has average twenty seven home runs and fourteen stolen bases over the past three seasons. That matters view second. I don't know of any second basements doing that. So you got to keep them Rosser would think you should certainly try to in our game at might be a little bit difficult. But I I am a pro route Netto door. A guy. I liked his approach during the spring. We've mentioned on the show previously. The shame here with these two is just that you can't roster their their their own team replacements. I mean, Logan Forsythe Austin enroll mine are just not they're not really going to get it done for you player raider over the past seven days, surprising, aim, sir. I want your thoughts if yes Jose altuve a hitting a Homer every day. I mean, I did not see that Austin meadows. We've talked about with our old raise fan who did the Leo shuffle. And let's see what I did there. You know what I did? I got it Rendong pro far Vogel Bach whose off to an amazing start. I had to decide between Vogel Bach and Christian Walker in the office league and went I'm going to finish last. What would you do there? We'll go Bach versus Walker rest of the season. I had a choice there in the vampire league. And I went with Vogel Bach, but I was latching onto the short term righty heavy schedule that the Mariners are facing. And we talked. We've talked a lot about the offense. It's better than you think it is my year in the office leagues. Seven fifty. It's not it's not just pursell. Oh, it's good. Kind of anger IX war concern is the whip is like one point eight, oh, how do you even do that? Well, childhood he could do that. He didn't even know. This is actually these in question over under most aren't over under two home runs this year. I did not see more than twenty the now. It looks clear. I didn't either he's got an amazing shot. Because I mean, this guy's twelve fifteen homers in the Bank and a bad year unless he misses substantial time to injury, obviously. So that gets into twenty. Yeah, I'm over. But he did not have a home run on a stolen base in the same game. These players did it's the combo meal. There's a whole lot of them starting with Thursday Leona Martine who I kind of liked the season Cleveland going to get Linda or back possibly this week, and he signed Carlos Gonzales, and he goes right into the number three spot. I mean, that's how bad the lineup is like he should be betting six any thoughts on cargo. I think people are interested. They haven't started adding him yet. But if he hits a home run today, they they will it's easy to say, he's not. In course, feeling any more. You're gonna stink. But that's not really fair because we know that being a course field player, you're not gonna hit as well and the road. But if you're not hitting it on course feel like cargo will not this year. That's different e might be a fifth outfit or fancy I think he could be a fifth outfielder fantasy. Yeah. Probably prefer to mix and match with them. I'd prefer the daily leagues have more control over each. And every game I'm gonna void all the ones against left. He started. If I can for example, and I'm going to exploit the favorable ballparks. I will probably try to avoid them in any other tough circumstance Tropicana feel for example. Yeah. You're right. That's right. Like Martina little out Phil Bowers Martine cargo it's better than the was March numbers. Now are actually pretty decent member. He had that bad first week. Yeah. No, he's he's a potential fifteen Homer. Fifteen steel guy. How many do that Cody Bellinger and Elvis unders on Friday, Sarah, Colton Wong and Brian Anderson of Miami. And then Bernie Anderson did it again on Sunday watching the chemo even notice to look at the last back to back combo meals. I'm sure it's happened trout. Probably I'm sure times last year, but get it for you, so Cesar Hernandez affiliate also had a home, run, and stolen base. I don't think the Phillies are gonna run very much this year. They ended the week two steals and on one of them gave capital was actually angry at Hernandez for stealing the base because it's the bad out of my friend goes hands. And I thought jeeze not stealing twenty bases and says are probably not doing tain. They're just not going to seal. I mean with that line. They don't wanna run, but Brian Anderson seems a little under eight to me with consecutive. He's not a base dealer per se guy gonna still ten, but I. I think there was more power lurking there like maybe eighteen homers for Brian Anderson with six steals at third base outfield. Elgibility there's something there, right or not. I think. I think there's something the big problem. I have with Brian Anderson is that I like a lot of his game. But he hits too many grounders. I mean, this is a guy who had fifty two percent grounders last year that it's tough to get to twenty home runs when you're doing that. I mean, this was the Christian yelich problem in Miami. 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So you can shop for tickets on seeking with confidence make seek your tickets source for everything from sports and concerts to comedy and theater. Best of all listeners this fine show at ten dollars off their I seek purchase. Just download the seek app and enter promo code F F B today. That's promo code F. F B for ten dollars off your first seek purchase seek license event. We have the tickets. All right. Let's closers it's the carousel. Carousel. I'm not seeing like major changes among the closer. So for obviously Atlanta placing rotas Viscaya new on the means AJ mentors. The closer there Boston. I think is up in the air again. Matt Barnes would've gotten to save on Sunday. Had it been a three nothing games that have a four game. Which is just ridiculous wise the ruled this, okay? Brad box burger got to save. Or did you blow the safe? No, he blew the same over the weekend. Breadbox burger, what do you expect don't care? Kansas City's closer is right now. Ian kennedy? Yeah. All right. So, but I guess my point there is like nothing's really changing when it comes to the closers, and it's making hard for people to find actual saves offering agency Phillies not getting saved chances. That's part of it. The the save on Sunday was a basically their last relief pitcher who was left Jose Alvarez, Greg. How try to hit somebody on Sunday that would have been a suspension, but he didn't he has his so little command. He couldn't even hit this. Nothing. Right. It's changed. I'll tell you. The only thing that's been solidified that the closer by committee is very real. I do think you're running out of time to add Geremi Jefferson. The brewers will be activated from the Angeles today. And I'm not saying he gets the first save opportunity this week overdraft ater, but he's getting saved chances really soon. He is substantially better than anyone else. Although than hater in that bullpen. Yes. Talent wise. All right. So speaking of the combo meal going back to that. Because you know, me I always go like seven conversations ago the last consecutive guide. Also happened this weekend. It was Sanders. So basically, our show note is wrong. This is the thing they had that postponement the Texas game there. So there was no game in between Anders to work consecutive the last guy before that was yawn Moncada last year, April almost a year ago to the day. All right. So yeah, I'm just reading the note. Let myself leave it to me to correct it what twenty five minutes into the show. Twenty five minutes in. Okay, good. That gives me an angle we're not twenty five minutes in. All right. We're twenty one minutes and twelve seconds in. All right. Well, let's just move on the next thing which is the schedule and by the way Curtis facing somebody's pretty good right now. Louise, St. oh looks great. And we shouldn't forget that. Last year was kind of two has released. Joe is this top twenty starting pitcher right now. Yeah. Yeah. At the end, if you really mean, it, no, I we'll think about what's happened with some of the injuries in the tier between fifteen and thirty. I think that. Yeah. Custodio especially the ways pitching right now. I'm going to treat them that way. Would you rather have Louisa steel or Herman Marquez of the Rockies who threw the first shutout of the season on Sunday, by the way, should us used to be a thing s your grandparents like there was a leader board and everything for shutouts. Right. I mean there was like like like Steve Carl would have five shutout this season or one Ryan guys like that. And now, it's like a guy got shut out. It's like it's like having no hitter hitting for the cycle. It's so rare the leader in shutouts typically matches my number of game of thrones episodes watched. So there you go. Why did you bring that up? So I can't talk to you. Onto the bus for this here knocking to watch any and up had no chance watched seven seasons in three days. So I knew that was coming. So I have nobody and the kid who's not here for some reason. He he doesn't watch it. So, but so her Marquez top twenty and I think Lewis Kostya moved into top guys have left is there. Anybody top twenty just left other than like cleven injure for injury like a guy who because of performance, you're like it. I didn't cool anymore. I don't want any part of that guy. Let me see if I can pull up the list here. More top twenty was number twenty one which shocked me like he went twenty-first amongst when we knew he was hurt. But to go twenty first among starting pitchers, Corey kluber. My concern is he out of your top twenty nine out of mine. As a matter of fact, he's not out of my top ten yet. He's getting there for me. Walker? Bueller? Seattle top twenty. He's looked terrible. No. But that's another one. I'm a little concerned made no changes to your top forty. Well, no. You don't have to I'm. Yeah. I know I took somebody else out of there. I'm trying 'cause I'm looking list. Well, you look well Trevor Bauer and Cleveland's revamped lineup at Seattle. Seattle's not going to win more than they lose the season. So be careful of Mariners pitchers. They still have enough depth there. Cleveland can't hit it all so Kuchis to me seems like a pretty good option for today. Matchmaker on ESPN. Plus at Minnesota. I liked that offense. I think it's a borderline top ten offense. I don't care about how many runs they've already scored. Are you still union shooting? You have the shoemaker y pitches. Well, don't you? We shoemaker you Darvish comparison last week who you starts. Now, you're going to say Dar's because he's at Miami. And at the terrible offense, Brian Anderson notwithstanding, but I'm not using you Darvish today. Okay. Even Miami Miami's Tanna against philli on Saturday. Brian Anderson's the professional hitter Curtis Granderson hits right handed pitching take a walk against them. So on Castro's fine. I would not use Darvish today. You would I completely see your point. But I'm still using Darvish. That's a huge ballpark advantage. Walk. Five. He didn't walk anybody's last dining. But he's still didn't have any command. And that's what you can't just you can't just pick and choose which of the games matter to you that his first start is more relevant than the most recent -actly people. But people look and say, oh, he's he's awesome. He's not he's not so awesome. It's just that in. I could take a cornet and flip it with these two, but I'm gonna shoot for the upside, especially if I had the ballpark advantage here for me, it's going to be Darvish I think both deserve to start. Yeah. I can make the case. I just I just I decided I wanna know shares Darvish to they must grove who is yet to a now he is allowed nary run so far earned run. So far, it leads the majors in the IRA. Third an oath sixty something must groves number one as facing Matthew Boyd. Now. Detroit's offense doesn't excite. But Matthew boys strike out guy, so musk grove and Boyd who do you better for this game? And for the rest of the season. I'll rank muss grove higher of these two. But the point there is absolutely something with Boyd. I think that that considering the team around him. I think a lot of the supporting numbers are going to be tough to come. I I don't wanna make this simply a winds case. But I think Boyd is the guy you take only for the case. And I don't think there's going to be much else for you. The rest worries me ESPN, plus comic you it's a to start week isn't the other one against the Yankees. I think I'm not sure I know the get Kansas City. This might be my simile comic. You Frankie montage. Sometimes I get confused. You want me to be honest. You're using McCue at Oakland could hits in Texas. All right. Well, that's not so good. But I think the first of all the games already started this week. They're playing baseball in Boston. When we started this show. So it's too late to make your rostrum the week. But to me comic was top forty starting pitcher who you have every week unless it's cores, and it's one outing. What else that I want to ask you here? Max fried really starting at a home on Arizona's there's well some change in the Braves rotation. We didn't mention about the two key to sound recall, the mini pitch well and relief six innings six hundred innings. If I recall are the ways, maybe it was an owner and run and he'll take. Who's he'll take Sean Newcomb spot? They do they demoted show nukem. That moated Cal Cal, right? They're going to activate Mike Fulton avenue on Saturday after a rehab start believe it's tomorrow. No today and freed we'll get to starts this week actually, very good to start value watching this Baltimore Boston game. And I can't tell the players. There are warning number forty two Wednesday ESPN has natively in J hap-. I actually sat half this week and a weekly panicked. Probably. Well, it's against Boston. I think it makes sense to sit him ESPN. Plus, the former interesting Brad Keller who I like, you know, I like at the White Sox and Lucas Chea Lido. You can't be using. You can't be using. Yeah. I know. Bullpen guys even have though for the long haul or you know, I think has fine. I think it's just a bad bad a couple starts, and if it was a lobby wouldn't care, but it's not. So we overreact would use Corbin burns on Wednesday at home against the cardinals. I actually dropped them in a league where probably shouldn't have I wouldn't the command isn't there so far? Well, it's not just the command last time guy gave up three homers and three consecutive games. Start a season ever. Well, command contributes to that. Yes. He's not walking a ton of guys. But leaving me into Chris Davis home watching bat right now, you know, he's like meatballs coming up after this hash Browns. I think that's reading them. And we'll do that. After this. I can't believe it that Philip brought his little brother on our mission into orbit long until it got their loan. We get there. I'll get there. No. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with gyco. What button do what's this button? Do. What's this button? Do this. I believe that guy. Go could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. We didn't actually discuss before the show Dobbs. If you don't want to read them, I can read them, I'll leave it up to. I mean, you know, I'm I mean, let's get this straight. I'm pretty baseball savvy. If you know what I'm saying. So so I'll read them listen. Come on. How about read one? There's one from a friend of mine that I wanna be able to read. All right. Is that? Okay. Can we do that? It's your show. You can do whatever you want. This one is actually your show. This one is from our friend Dana in Hawaii. And because I lived in Hawaii have a soft spot for Dana. You live in a way, I did live in Hawaii much that we don't know about you. I know I know Dana wants to know has Brett Anderson become more than a streamer. You know, stream Dopp. It gets me the way we get you singing on the shell. Well, because Dobbs the only person who understands my music tastes. That's right standard. The kid. Probably listens to just you know, he doesn't listen to music the kid isn't Zizic. Yeah. They sing the voice. I don't know. Old stuff. Like, there's one show where they sing. I do know that song. I will say it's not one of my favorite sons. But it's Molly crew we have here. All right. Answer. The question there Anderson you like him, I either left. He doesn't throw hard Oakland ballpark helps them. But I can't he's off to start. I'll say that. And when healthy bread Anderson has done things, he's not like it was a decade ago. He was good. I four starts to sixty three era locate rate, no say, no when he was good. If you recall, he was one of those rich hardness entry prone pitchers. I mean, he made seventeen starts last year thirteen year before thrilling year before that was called his fan, graphs page and look at the number of starts on here. First of all look at the number of stops between the majors and the minors. Then look at the starts totals only twice in his career to even get to twenty starts at one professional stop I and that's thirteen professional seasons. But you could was using the orange out of getting some decent news streamer streamer. I would use them at home next door. What against Toronto if it's at home. Even if it's on the road, they're not until until comes up. There's nothing to say he's a stream yard did that. That you never listen James words. No, you can't. That's that's not can't change a couple of words and making mind, I mean, aren't all the musicians doing that nowadays a child you don't listen to anything. Anybody says, wow. I think I wanna read more questions. I actually really like talking to you guys is that okay? I want you to of scores. I want you to read the first question. That's in this note, not all of the real question because you know, the kid did about this one goes directly to Tristan. No, okay. I don't wanna know. This question comes from Eric nominee note. Not you Eric different aarc seems to be a given that trista needs to adjust his stance on Monte. What are updated expectations? That you're not gonna even admit that you were wrong. If you win them EP honors, I will admit I'm wrong, if he wins every come on all been I'm wrong on Memorial Day. If I if it's clear that I'm wrong, but you're going to call me wrong today on April fifteenth. That's nuts. No. I'm not gonna call you wrong. I called you wrong in February. I do think that the concerns I raised are absolutely still there. Well, no, the concern you raised was about being demoted. That's not. No, I did not that was other people in the industry. I was not all that the plane time could be an issue if he bets two hundred if that's two hundred but I said that I thought they were gonna play a good amount, and I ranked him accordingly. I gave him a projection that had him a full-time player. I think he's going to lead the major leagues in at bats this season because he walked so infrequently. And he bats second in the lineup like that. Yeah. I think that's legitimate prediction as not even bolt. Now, he doesn't have three walks. How did that happen? He had to walk game against Seattle. They should be ashamed of themselves. Look the bottom line is he has five steals. Six chances to home run. Four triples, the two eighties expanding our a little high. But then again, we always thought have your by couldn't bat to eighty six because of his walk rate. I'm saying Monte ends up his season. Batting two sixty two with nineteen home runs thirty nine steals. What say you? Okay. And that's actually not world's off what I had for his projection. I had a to forty five is the average though. To me. He's five seems lower than sixty two. Right. It's going to be hard to get to my projection at this point. But you're celebrating three walks which to be celebrating anything zero. It wouldn't matter. You are. Me how many times he walks. He's in his case. It does not matter because he's not the Gordon. He's got pop and every time he gets on he runs. So to me. It doesn't matter if he walks twenty times this year, my projections still stands now that doesn't mean that you're going to be drastically off. Have you best forty five and I don't care if you're offer on I'm just saying. Thirty five aces manga, you do what you cut out for a second. There. He can do what thirty thirty five bases with ease. So you compared to the Optimus on Monte are being the pessimist because the people who wanted Monte and buy in the top twenty five overall player level. We're expecting fifty steals. Thirty five is being very realistic. I have major concerns still about his discipline at the plate the guy still swinging on strikes. He has three walks. That's pretty much the same radio last year. It's appoint six percent. All right. What's next next question? We have here. Eric home in this one comes from Miami sports minute, which feels like we're just giving Miami sports radio some ten here. But that's okay. Having trouble with my lineup this week too late too late now to do it for this week. But is it crazy to consider plane Vogel Bach over Matt carpenter or how about a lawyer over Eddie Rosario? Tristen? Give me the final numbers this season on Dan Vogel Bach. If I tell you he gets five hundred played appearances five hundred okay, then he's probably batting. He's probably another guy number or or high. I think it's high high playing every day. Not every day pretty much not facing tough lefties, but that's not every day that all right? So so four hundred eight no I like the number you're going at because it gives the ceiling for the player. I think he's fifty s they're gonna play until rights and he's capable of twenty five thirty home runs. If he falls into that kind of playing time, I think he's batting somewhere in that to forty range. We talked about a minute ago to forty I'm not a big Vogel Buckeye. I Meyer the hour. I admire the walks. I don't think he gets there because he's got a leat discipline. I think he gets there because pitchers aren't really challenging him as much as you think. They are somebody's guys the three outcomes guys fall into those stats. So I think it's crazy to sit Matt carpenter for Vogel Bach, and you probably agree with that Illovo Eddie resort again. I wouldn't do that. Either. All your in your lineup every week. But he did have two homers over the weekend or something like that. Yeah. The Anki so against the Yankees. He's good. He's going to be fine. I kept telling people that he was. But he kept. Getting dropped anyway, which was a mistake. But you don't have to listen to us. Okay. Anyone really enjoying the way the AL east is unfolding so far any baseball fans. Weren't Handke's Red Sox fans bet they're going to be enjoying it. As a Phillies fan, I seven join us. I'm really not. I mean, they lost fifteen runs in Washington. A game. They lost moral intended to the other day. I don't know about the back end of the pitch. And I've thought Zach f was safe now. I don't I think Nick prevent ends up in the bullpen and throw ask us at some point this season. The lineup is fine. Stop complaining about people wanna say Hermanas bench because he was also star for Kingery stop. It's two weeks games. But the pitchers you can tell them for. And then somebody one of our friends was trying to get Dave Roberts offer me weekly league and expert league. And I was like, I'm not selling low and Robertson. I don't know if he's getting to saves ten saves or twenty it could really be any of those three. So I'm not doing it. That was in labor. Yeah. And a reasonable offer. He knows how Freeland more than most people but room for Kyle Freeland. I'm already using either Pablo Lopez or Zach Davies in one pitching spot because they're both the reserve guys. So I can I can't activate book a room, but I can actively one of them. But I'd have to sit them both took on freeling. I don't wanna do like Davies was a play this week pitch. Great at Dodger Stadium. Lopez. Does not look so good. We both like him. And it has not look good. He's not going deep into these games. He's not been officiant. I do want to keep him rostered just a case. But you know, if you ask me cow versus Davies versus Lopez, take free Lynn, but I not room. So it's a different thing. Plus he wanted he wanted to Austin dean who I like wasn't gonna Homer today against RBIs. On that one. By the way. You can't reserve original, right? I can't reserve anybody. I paid money for you're going to be pressed because of where Robertson is to kind of give them away. So listen should keep that even if he doesn't get saves. He should have seventy good innings, which is fine for only twelve team. Right. You don't have much choice, but to be patient. I mean freelance actually a respectable offer. It's not like a completely logo. The offer was fair. I told him I just don't have room. Like he wasn't asking for. It was like Austin dean possess Davies for free, which is, but this is unusual to people who play the games where we just these guys. Can't just shuffling off to the side and worry about it later that's fair. But there is a case of made for two for one trades like ESPN league, we only three bench boss, right? If you like your bench guys or one of them is a guy who's injured you may not have room for two for one trade. So that's fair to all right? Let's get some more questions. K next question comes from John panic time on Jose Ramirez yet over the past three seasons says numbers. Have been better pre all star break. So is this early season slump concern when it comes to him reaching expectations? What I like about you the asking these questions is that like one of the questions could be literally do you like Huckleberry Finn this week? And you wouldn't know that he's not a baseball player. So that's okay. Not a huge huge. Kyle handle everything. But you know, what? Sometimes I can read words on a paper, and you can. But I'm saying like we come like a name Cayo plan question. It isn't even a real player on the day that he's gone. So I kind of silly that I don't see that. But if he puts Steve Gelson there instead of Jose Ramirez, you were read it and thought it was a legit question. I would've probably said Steve Steve gilkisson too. I probably would have said it wrong Danny which team to talk sheriff in play for the Yankees. Probably got everybody. So Jose Ramirez is not doing so much tristen one forty batting average. He's not walking last year at one hundred six walks two safari to no power three steals and three chances. I was not a good week for them either. I think there's reason for concern. But what are you gonna do can't sell on low on a top ten player like this? When they get Linda back it should help him. But do you think like pitchers figured him out? Like it was in the playoffs last year struggle. I'm trying to remember what happened like last season. The best of timber memory serves. I I. I. You know, the point that really rings true at this time of year is that it's affected seventy as or twenty innings pitched for an elite Ramirez got numbers here. It's final fifty two games last season. He better to ten where the three seven slugging. So he was bad in the last six weeks of the bats fifty two games a third of a season two weeks. Yeah. Okay games. I know you wanna listen to everything I said, but that's like something was wrong. They're like either sitting many ground balls or injured or whatever he had a month or first half. Also. Yeah. Thirty two homers and twenty five steals after hundred five games, and then it stopped. So one thing he has been doing he's hitting a lot more fly balls. He's just let his game considerably. And that's gonna kill your batting average. The other thing too is I wonder is it a sign he could be pressing knowing that he has to carry this offense. There could be a little bit of that. But you can't give up on the sky. No. But if. You've got him in a league. And you're like what do I do? You're probably going to look at trades for other slumping players or like Machu maker, which shouldn't do. So I think you gotta wait to set same as Corey kluber. You gotta wait it out. And if he kills your season because he does for four months, and then so be it. But you can't trade disguise the proper value. The reason I throw the seventy and twenty is that if you're going to trade him and sell low at the stage, whoever you take back if you're going to get a hot performing player was drafted in the third to fifth round. You know, they're going to have a slump at some point. That's about the same length. Asus. You're buying someone else's slump absorbing two slumps into your ledger. That does happen. That's just how the statistics work, and it seems to me the best way to to fix your era or batting average is for the players who did that to get better kluber is not going to finish with an era of six it'll get better. So when the starts like I did bench for so this week in my league hat do. But like it keep Jose. Mirrors because when he doubles his batting average. You'll get the good stuff, by the way, hiring is challenging. But there's one place. You can go were hiring a simple, fast and smart place where growing businesses connect to qualified candidates. That place is recruiter dot com slash caribou. Ziprecruiter censor job to more than one hundred web's leading job boards, but they don't stop there with their powerful matching technology. Ziprecruiter scans thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience and invite them to apply to your job as applications come in ZipRecruiter analyzes each one it spotlights the top kind of. So you never miss a great match ZipRecruiter is so affected. The eighty percents of employers who post ZipRecruiter get a quality candidate through the site within the first day and right now, listen to this fine show can try ZipRecruiter for free at this exclusive web address ZipRecruiter dot com slash caravel. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash K. A R A B L L, ZipRecruiter dot com slash Carabello. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. And yes, I almost bought my last name wrong. You know, the best thing about these live rates. Literally, just put everything in front of you. And you wouldn't realize if it was a real business live read or if I was making Kristen's t shirt and doughnut emporium. So now, I see Wrangler common. But no, I I would not re I to look before the show. Okay. If I saw I saw Kristen's jungle emporium I would Google it before this was real T shirt. And don't, sir. AM him totally could fit with trista brand. I'm going to bet a large number listeners would be right there. Let's get gotta help me out. And gotta get started on this, right? After the show. I'm so down. There's no cop here. I would Google make sure what I was reading was legit. Although I'm going to go right now, ZipRecruiter dot com slash cab. Real. But literally if we head Williams into a question you would. Ted Williams, come as a really common name like there has to be more than one famous Ted Williams. I'm just saying I totally agree with you. I'm right there. I say Toronto's catcher Steve Gardner. You're going to read that will lead that I will have -solutely read that. Are are walking his dog. I don't even know if he listens anymore. I don't even know if I'm gonna text them right now. Juice the orange Donut. Why not we? Wow. Wow. We have three more questions here. This one comes from Kyle. First time long time. Did you know that an empty roster? Spot would have been more beneficial to your team than Rick pursell this far not a question. Just more of a PSA. Thanks, hang up and listen. All right. So. Well, that's that's that's actually true sour. Rouser sour better than taking herself. Mistake in buying herself for whatever six dollars twelve team fifteen mixed league. Whatever it is. That's not a mistake. I do believe in fairness here that empty roster set spot is probably also more beneficial and having Chadwick. Sela was the number forty starting pitcher chosen ESPN average love drafts seventeenth round where you buy them. He's currently down to sixty nine point nine percent roster, which is means people are running away, but they really shouldn't be running away. He's got he's got a track record of not excellence he had one excellent season, but of competence, would you would you really drop them? I mean in our game. If you're doing the streaming thing. Yeah. He's probably below that line at the stage, but that's a really small under ninety strikeouts. Last season in one hundred ninety one innings. He won seventeen games with a whip of one point one eight all those numbers are well above board here erase high always because he gives up home runs in anything. What will restore league you're referring to it was it was the office like. Yeah. And now in that case, it's thirteen mixed. He needs to be on a roster. Yeah. And he's on minds bench. But he's on my roster. I mean, I don't know only one in which I think you can make the case for cutting him just because that does fall that from last year falls into the streaming category. Like, I added like Trevor Richards this week or whoever I don't even member which league is good drop Priscilla for Trevor Richard that silly can't do it. All right. I mean, kind of has like. Kind of has like a hate for persona, which I can't understand you really does not person. But like there's something about Priscilla that really grains gears somebody explained to me though, Siri in all seriousness about the Red Sox rotation. What is going on Rick for sale over says you Darvish who? Would you rather roster? Darvish. I don't with that. Really? All right. I could be wrong wrong before. I don't win leagues. You do. I mean you win literally every single league. And I finished second place in half. And they're going to get there. Going to have completely different years. I mean, that's the ultimate apples and oranges question. You want to make the case for Priscilla? I don't have a major workforce was a top thirty starting pitcher last year and number forty and drafts. I would not take him over Darvish. I'm not giving up achieved. What questions the final number? Gimme the final the final line. Well, right now is a joke, but it's eleven innings final. Look if you told me before the season final numbers per cell pretty much like what it was last year with a lower K rate seemed a little bit high but four twenty or a better whip in relation fifteen wins for a good team and almost one hundred and seventy five strikeouts. That's work for solo every year. He's havard. He's at one hundred eighty one strikeouts or more in each of the last three seasons, including the bad one. Yeah. We're buying low. The crazy thing there is actually believe in the strikeout. So I'm the exact opposite with Celo. That's what I think is erase gonna end up over five come on. I think he's too variable ratios he does scare me. He is on the team that will support him and get him wins for no apparent reason. And I do believe in the case, I think that is an actual actual skill of his there's a reason why they're getting wins. I mean, they're scoring more points than the other team tristen boy. The Orioles are winning. Okay question here. So here's the last question. Joe wants to know is you Darvish worth starting. He gets Miami. But it's tough to feel good about what he's what we've seen thus far from him with that Darvish who's that? That earlier in the show, you probably went out for a little coffee break or something. I don't drink coffee. It's bad for you. I've never had a Cup of coffee. I've had I've had one and a half cups of coffee in my life. And I am happy to never do it. Again, Chris had four since the show started Christon at least. Well, when you run a t shirt and don't emporium coffee just comes along with it. Spill the coffee. Sure, I. Photo yelling Donut. Somebody's going to create a logo for that. Shop. All right. So to say really quickly Wednesday is national bat appreciation day. I'm just curious which bat as you guys favorite, aluminum, bats or wooden, bad or. Oh, you know, what even drag out that? Wow. Right Tuesday's national wear your pajamas the work that we never read these when he's on the show. I don't know why doesn't do that. I mean, you wear your pyjamas every day to work, Eric. So I don't know nothing right now. Not even. No, I'm wearing those. You got me. I hope you you do is in this show goes to. You about normal and the kid is here. He's a teenager. We can't do any curse when you're on. Football show now. By the way, wins the next football show Dopp because we know they're popular. So I'll tell you what Monday after the draft. We're going to do a draft recap. And then you guys are actually going to be here that week for the fantasy football summit that ESPN has doing a bunch of great content. We will do a Thursday podcast as well. Wrapping everything learned Bristol trista. I wasn't invited football. Okay. I must have missed the memo. Okay. Did you guys know that on this date in nineteen sixty five the NFL penalty flag color shifted from white to the bright gold that we see on the field today. He trying to fill until noon trying to not trying to do anything. I'm just reading Kyle pussies on the note. I want his hard effort to be able to be seen and heard by everyone told him he doesn't have to put them on. Because I'm never going to a quality. Fact, I have to get ahead is a quality. I will be back on Thursday celebrating the fifty four th anniversary of that. So there's baseball on ESPN on Monday. So check it out doubleheader Mets Phillies, Noah Syndergaard, Aaron Nola. I'll take their practice Syndergaard because your big Mets fan. God. Did I say that and on the lake game Kershaw? Louise. Where's biased cat when we all right for Dopp for America? Have an awesome day. Awesome week. Darkness.

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