Hour 1: Turkey Vulture


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As Jordan Peele opens seventy million dollars is now going to get whatever filmmaking opportunity he wants. And I love the choices that Keegan Michael key make he's really funny friends from college on Netflix. It's very good. But I can't start there because I need to show the audience what passes for show prep around here. So that's comes in here. And it this is how he says Hello to me. This is how he says. Hello to me arrive stumbling in smelling like last night, go. Yeah. Seconds before the start of the show. He greets us all with coughing. I'm tired, and then he puts a sausage finger on a piece of paper and says, hey pronounce this of Nadi of Nettie Noddy and adhere MO chimes in with. Pronounce it idiot. Guillermo, what got you so fired up this morning on this story? Oh, it's not this story. There's just a lot going on in the world today, Dan, and I just have energy, and at all I think stems from the bird the fruit of a window at Stephen as office, if I'm going to be completely honest with you I have been texting people in Bristol left. And right. I'm trying to get an update on this apparently Turkey Boulter this morning, flew through the window of an office in Bristol. And it happened to be Stephen a Smith's office. Now, guys, relax. It's all good. Stephen wasn't there. So he's safe. We don't have to worry about his safety. However, the bird I've heard is not as fortunate, and these are the updates that I've been told of what's going on with the Turkey vulture and Stephen as office hold on. Are you in newsgathering Mojo, please the big story today? Arguer mope but hold on. And I am very hesitant to just see the microphone to you. And tell you go head unspoiled the story, but there are many people listening right now that don't understand what you're talking about. And they're wondering Turkey buzzard, wait a minute. So explain plans of vaulter. It's fun. Yeah. So this morning apparently a bird. Look, I'm learning along with a lot of you. You know, I'm I'm checking in with some sources, I'm seeing what exactly is going on in the bristle campus. But from what I can gather the campuses that screeching halt right now. Everyone's on stand still trying to figure out what's going on with this Walter. So apparently vulture this morning Turkey vulture, flew through a window. The window happened to be the window that belonged to the office of Stephen a Smith in Bristol. He's not there. He's in New York. Now, what do you do when a bird flies through a window? I don't know because we watch all these compliance videos. This has never been covered in any of those videos. This is a new thing for the company maybe next year. Steven A does video about this. And what we do in. This instance now. The volts are still in the office. Apparently he was looking around trying to figure out what's going on. They can't get him out animal control came in. They said we cannot get that bird out of there with all the broken glass everywhere. So they have to remove the glass or they have to kinda just wait out the vulture and see what it is that they're going to do with this. I've also been told now this takes a sad turn told where like what time I can't remember my sources, what are you doing your reporting this during the show instead of doing your job your reporting? Oh, I think this is more important than the news of the day the job. Yeah. This is part of the gig since when did he become a news gather, you think I woke up this morning? And I wanted to be talking about this torquing, even as MS off. No, Stephen Smith could have been injured. Exactly. Thank goodness. He wasn't there that God for this story landed right on our laps. Could this have been an attack because for this bird? It's listen for it must have been had some speed, right. It's even hey tacked on Stephen guys, let's be on not a coincidence where that bird flu in xactly. No, we need to listen. But he must window. We need to be responsible. And not speculate the intentions of the birds before this investigation has been concluded. We don't want to jump any conclusions. Now, again, I don't want to be the one to report this. But I've been told the bird has lost a lot of blood. So we may not figure out the birds intentions here, but this is an ongoing situation. And I'll let you know if I have any more updates. We don't know how it is that the flu through the window. So that's why it's bleeding because it just flew through the windows are made of glass. Yeah. Glass cuts, and when you cut you bleed merge to Dan. And so what's happening all around the environment. Can we get a live report from the areas or anyone on the ground there? That we could talk to to just talk to people who are there. I and how do you prepare for this situation when you're ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports, and all of a sudden a Turkey vulture is trying to attack your biggest personality, clearly, obviously, I don't think that you have to be responsible about that gear. I think that we could go ahead and accuse this Turkey where newsgathers Dan, we have two full and fair we cannot speak for the intention of. It's okay. If the Turkey bird dies there. I said it now. Whoa. Whoa. Attack. Stephen a Smith that is the vengeance. That that you know. That's it. We don't know that this was an attack. Again, we can jump to that wasn't just a rogue birds though. I think someone sent the I come on equipment naive Bayless who would have saved want to say it. But there is who would have sent it. Kevin Durant will Cain. Was the bird armed? What I'm saying? If I were to pick someone on ESPN talent roster that is likely to be into falconry. It's whoa Cain. Wow. Good point. Let's think this is very responsible. Let's there about this in his home. And he had one of those gloves. Hold on. You're saying you're length. Let's think about this for second. You're talking about ESPN our history of ESPN. We have an update we have someone on the line the new team who's on the line. Who's on the line? Trey wingo trae perfect name for excellent burden. Ask for a better than analysts, Trey wingo. You're on the air. Oh, how are we or good trying to keep it together track? We're on the air trae. I know you're emotional note. Difficult time for everyone at the network. There seems to have been clearly an attack of Stephen Smith that was perpetrated by somebody. What information can you give us about what's happening on the premises? Well, basically what we're doing right now at ESPN campus is one of sue guts Lookie for your show where he always talked about an animal attacking him. This is sort of what's happening a Turkey vulture has flown into the office formerly held by one Stephen a Smith and has been stuck in that office because at office has a wall between the window and the actual office. So there's a Turkey vulture stuck between the the double play class window and the wall behind the double play class. And it's been a comedy of logistical errors at this point because security on the ESPN campus was waiting for animal control to get here animal control God here, and like I'm not going in there. There's too much glass we need to get the glass. Removal people here. So the glass removal people are here trying to take out the entire window. So the animal control person can now come back and see if they can rescue the Turkey vulture stuck between a glass breaking wall and a wall inside Stephen a fistful her office. Do you have any update on a potential motive here trae? Well, we're there was a report out there that we've shut down that it was a potential carrier pigeon set by James Dolan to attack. Steam, we don't think that is the case we may need to get one McGill on here to find out. Just how I mean. I don't know really how how dangerous Turkey vultures aren't they on large birds though? And I'm curious how I I'd like to know from running just how aggressive these people just conveyed. All right. Thank you trae. We appreciate onsite affording. My grind, please call Ron McGill. Immediately continuing coverage right Now, Dan, we go out to Mike Golic junior junior right guys via the mood is tense in here right now, our research, just burst into tears. Threw up before. It's it's a grisly scene out here right now. I I'm watching them trade just describe you guys try and take out the glass playing here. But I'm with you the motives behind. This are still really murky to me right now, I'm trying to figure out Stephen as known enemies this point and start to put together a list because I don't think this bird acted nice elation. Okay. Wow. That was a reckless accusation made by golick. Thank you for putting your name on it. It it feels a little irresponsible. Billy were flying by the seat of our pants on this live reporting as it happened. Well, feel free guys to call us back with any updates, but we are being a little bit reckless here. Okay. Thank you. My golick junior for the help from the same. Wow. Stephen seems really upset, but it's just because Connor retired. I don't think he knows about the bird yet. Okay. So Stevenage just on the set of I take seems way. Yeah. He's just upset because Conor McGregor. Cruise made more money in UFC Conor McGregor body. Right. So not everyone is Conor McGregor. The same way. This. Well, does he know? Does not know yet that there was an attack from a Turkey vulture? He had a brush at his office. Mike, you have Ron McGill on the line. No, okay. We widening scandal. Every as it's a developing news story. I'm being told by a source that they have not told Stephen a Smith yet. So he may find out along with the rest of us through social media, and I'm not knocking them. I'm just I'm not knocking you for. I'm saying you are an individual an expert in the sport of boxing who has chronicled how inactivity by champion. He's. Like, nobody is that a Turkey vulture tried to attack him. I cast I suggest someone calls them right now and tells them you don't want Steven learning, you know, at the same time, then everyone else learns about this. He deserves to know about this those or after is going to be out rig Stephen found out on social media guys. He's an official response from Stephen a Smith awhile. Good dam. Even a Turkey is that depressed from seeing that I'm gone from Bristol. Hope it doesn't harm himself prayer hands emoji. No, he thinks it's Turkey. 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This is live our show with Stu gods on ESPN radio. I just like to welcome everybody back now to win to wall. Coverage of what's going on in Bristol a Turkey vulture has flown into the office. Formerly held by Stephen a Smith. It is legend Lee stuck between a window and a wall on being told by a source at there is some concern now because the wall that the bird flu into on the other side of the wall is hanging. A giant painting of Stephen a Smith's face, which may or may not have been damaged in the alleged attack. What's becoming more clear? The more people. We talked to is that this is definitely foul play. This was an attack. Okay. I don't think we want to be a responsible. We need to be careful with that. Okay. We don't know who it is. That has you know made this attack. You don't want to just say, it's an attack. Although that is circumstantial evidence the bird could have seen. The portrait was an oil painting. The portrait of Stephen as face, and that might have been how he knew. Where to attack the materials used in the painting at this time, still remain unknown. Okay. Let's keep doing some research on that. We will go back to the ground in Bristol. Also, somebody who looks like a falcon ear Mike who looks like a falcon near you said. We'll came at work. Yeah. This guy will give you credible bird coverage, Adam Schefter with us now on ESPN radio. Adam what's happening there out in the field goal? Damn. Let's get straight to the point here. I do not exactly have a bird's eye view of the office that is now under attack. But this is a major major development in Bristol right now regarding Stephen as office, and we are trying to get to the bottom of this to find out who is the perpetrator whether the Turkey vulture will survive whether it'll be removed. He's our major issues today that he SPN has to deal with throughout the course of the day. Then we'll bring you live coverage. Now, I am not in Bristol. So I do not have the bird's eye view that I would like I am actually at the owners meetings, but I had various sore. Is there on the ESPN campus thinking grinding to get me? Whatever information they can. So I can call together the most comprehensive report and coverage for you guys and bring you the very latest on the attack of Stephen Smith office. All right. We were sort of ruined the helicopter affect that. We had working there. But thank you for calling us from the owners meetings and wasting your time with of. Can you tell me what any read is wearing? I've heard reports of a floral shirt he has a big red Hawaiian shirt on yesterday. And she got a similar one today. And listen, you're in Arizona. That's that's what he should be wearing is that all he has gave them put it on the poll. Thank you, Adam Schefter. Is that all he has put it on the poll at lebatardshow? Always does. Andy Reid have anything in his closet other than blowzy read Hawaiian shirt and just one of them. Right. No. I think he's got. I think doesn't. What do you have him being unclean? I just haven't any. I just I Billy any more information back there. One of your report saying you seem to be more informed than all of our news gather while things are coming fast and furious, Dan, I'm giving you the information as they get it right now. There hasn't been an update since the last update twenty four seconds ago. Okay. Very good. I'll come back to you in about twenty four seconds. And I will try then to get back off the ground. The original conversation that I was going to start with which was comedy duos. So of a picture of the painting if you'd like to see it, here's the pain. You kidding me? There's the painting, wait a minute. Here's picture of. What is the painting? Who got you that information sources here? I'm being told that the belief is that this painting is acrylic. So okay. And it it's just his face. It seems to be just his faith and it's slightly off centered. And he seems to be in a pensive motion. Majestic he's definitely thinking here. I'm just going to move this up to the camera. Sorry. This is the painting damaged it seems at this moment to be undamaged. However. It is on the floor. I don't know if that's a result of the bird hitting the wall and knocking it off the wall or can we have a conversation? Now, an honest conversation in these difficult times in Bristol about what we think of a person who has a painting of their own face in their office. I want to now this is not meant to disparage Stephen Smith in any way, I'm just wondering if I tell you nothing else about a person except that that person has an acrylic painting of their own faith and they're off allegedly acrylic. It's not confirmed to be acrylic. Yeah, I'm saying what what conclusions. Do you feel comfortable drawing as a judger? For example. We were all delighted I still don't know if this is true. There is no question. I want to ask Alex Rodriguez more than this. No question. I want to ask if anyone in sports more than this. Did you really have a painting in your home of half of you as a center and the other half of you as a rod? It's a it's a burning question. Yes. I wanted out. What does it say? It says that the person is an ego maniac. That's what it says. I don't know if we can jump to that conclusion I wanna someone painted the picture of Steven A and presented it to him as a gift. I believe that happened Mike Greenberg. Someone did that for my Greenberg. And it's hanging in his office. So an egomaniac donlevatar. I get many complaints about. Why do you cut Cody off so much? Why don't you? Let him talk more. He has no governor whatsoever for what others find interesting. It's just for what he finds interesting. And what he finds interesting is himself. Stugatz. I'm interested in people. So maybe people are interested in me. That's my governor governor VC's libertas show with his two guys on ESPN radio. So I really do want to do this history of ESPN who looks most like a falcon near somebody who would train a falcon to come and land on their arm. Mike, Ryan has minted it will Cain. I have submitted Adam Schefter do any of you guys. History of ESPN does Tom MEES give off history of ESPN that he might be someone who can tame a falcon, Tom Rinaldi. Everybody. Yeah. Rinaldi is a fine selection. If you're just joining us, the show is a little bit out of sorts where all little discombobulated by the clear attack on Stephen a Smith's, former office in Bristol, just so that you guys understand how it is that we value this person around here as the greatest of all time when it comes to the gas bags. It was this kind of commentary just yesterday, and you may have seen in the news that this kind of commentary motivated the Mets to finally stop with all the fuss. And and hey, they have now paid degrom. But they did not pay degrom until after the greatest of all time had done this on New York's airwaves, you got the nerve to be holding out on paying Jacob degrom. You've got the nerve to hold out all rewarding. This man has money his contract extension. If I would take up to crop. I tell you to kick rocks. I'd put my pull my pants down. Probably and moon you on purpose. I'm gonna say Jonathan it ain't the most popular thing in the world, figuratively speaking probably pass gas in the face of the Mets franchise if I were taking the grump, how dare you not pay this main who the hell you think you are. That really escalated. The grand pulled down his pants, and I felt like that was enough of it. Nope. Then to. Be gase as well. So again, let's let's just marvel this marvel at this. Okay. Because the Mets who don't have any money. They got they got everything stolen by made off the Mets dot everything. But a lot of what little money they have. They're still paying Bobby Baena. They just hired an agent that got his on the what is it called the van maggot the van wagon? They hired an agent Toronto van wagon to to be their general manager. It's just a mess. And Stephen a Smith reacting to the mess that is the met said this yesterday, and after he said all of a sudden the Mets had money again. And they gave it all to grump. You got the nerve to be holding out on paying Jacob degrom. You've got the nerve to hold out over awarding this man his money his contract extension. If I would take to calm, I tell you to kick rocks. I'd put my pull my pants down. Probably and moon you on purpose dummy. I'm gonna say Jonathan it ain't the most popular thing in the world, figuratively speaking probably pass gas in the face of the Mets franchise if I was taking the grumpy how dare you not pay this main who the hell you think you are. So now he signed. So if you didn't understand before that's just guys still in his prime, even though you guys keep coming after keep coming after on the internet because he slips and stumbles here and there. Grazed of all time you come after him when he doesn't know factor too. When we all know dare Johnson. And hunter Henry you had your day haters. Remember, it he'll get all the other days. Well, just yesterday that is what he did. Add today. I mean, there's a Turkey vulture flying through his office. Again. He's the story of the meant it could be the Mets who were unhappy. But who we who are chief culprits here in term it? Kevin durant? Gotta be high on the list. Now, Katie is on that list. He took out Gettleman and the giants management yesterday right before he went on that degrom rates. I was listening on my way home he was blasting them because they said how difficult it's going to be to watch out to help of junior play for the Cleveland Browns who could be the giants Aaron play Adam Schefter did will James Dolan. So it can be a lot of different people in New York. Skip bayless. It could be you think I think I think skips okay law suspects. So do you have any more information on this game of the reason? I need your help on it is because all Greg Cody has offered me is that he wants to talk about his haiku challenge that had two hundred participants who hundred and forty four Greg Cody is. Trying to record-setting number. Isn't it? Great is a record setting. Cody is trying to get the haiku back off the ground as a lost art form because he's always evolving. Greg Cody doesn't want to become a dinosaur hanging onto arts. No one any longer cares about who is the winner of your Miami Herald haiku challenging what has that person one? Yeah. First of all nothing says mania over the NCAA tournament and Branka tala g like, ancient Japanese short-form poetry. So every year. I have a haiku challenge. I've often said that. Yeah. Am I right? You are in this year in the the grand champion is Andrew s I'm not gonna use his last name because I haven't talked to him yet about how much he wants to our. He's the grand champion of your haiku champion and here he just put it on the poll. Do you know what a haiku is? Because I'm guessing again, this is an ancient an ancient form of poetry and the syllable count is what is it five seven five. Five seven, right. It's seventeen syllables. Ideally and five seven five parameter does not necessarily have to rhyme a lie sort of prefer rhyme. But anyway, the winning haiku is my brackets busting like zion's blue Nike shoe, Duke, the constant he'll. Well, I'm glad we built it up. And that was the payoff. Our congratulations. I mean, it's magic did that go up against another. I can tell you the runner up at least do. Please don't give us in that. Your grand jury grand champion read the top ten. I gotta I gotta hear the run. I have. Okay. The run around with my God run around was David R. David ours of among the two hundred and forty four record participants. What do they win? Do. We know what they don't yet. I'm going to clear it with Mike maybe have a meet and greet in the studio. But. Helping you with. We can. Has nothing to do with this. Serious lush contest without knowing the prize. Brad, you well, exactly no worse than that. Not knowing the price, but assuming he could give. We're yeah. We're gonna try that yourself donlevatar. My hair is unfashionably age. Inappropriate long, perhaps the longest it has been since college and may continue as such. I'm not sure why last vestiges of the. Of the extreme outer limits of midlife crisis to God's futile shield held wobbly against the encroachment of mortality, maybe the last stage, but before the onset of mister Rogers styles sweaters and the silent surrendering acknowledgement of official old aid. All truth. You always wrote you would be like one of America's greatest on DC donlevatar show with two gods on ESPN radio. So I'm walking to the bathroom, and Greg Cody is following me. And he is saying then I got the runner up in a couple of honorable mentions. If you wanna keep doing high coups, and as I'm walking back up just trying to get that off of me physically scrub it off of me, Stu gods hits me with a finger gun and Charley Steiner, Dan Falconer. Yep. That's my nominee. Put it on the pole Guillermo at lebatardshow who are the SPN. Most looks like they would be a falcon Falconer someone who could train falcons and bring them back to land on their arm. Is it will came? Is it Adam Schefter? Is it Tom Rinaldi? Is it Tom MEES? Or is it Charley Steiner because these are very, disparite Schefter and will Cain. You have being sort of a flamboyant. Falcon ear do you not allowed because generally Steiner's, just these grinder as a falcon Lia, right? It's not just good at it. But it's not because he's a showman. Right. Like schefter. We'll okay they look good with the falcon. You're right. I truly Steiner's just grinded it out. Great analysis by I think, we're being sexist here. Because when I look at doors Burke, I see her with with the big with big leather glove while. Yep. I also think Zubin Mahinda. Great one. My go ahead and put all those on the poll, please gear at lebatardshow. Are there any other women and the other women who looked like they might be falcon ears is is? I really wanna follow this wherever it is that it takes us. You know, why? Because it takes us away from Greg Cody haiku CHA. Some more sweet quality. Oh, I do quality coup on it. Bringing it back, and he really, so wait a minute. Hold on hold on. Because I I don't want to do this. We got a big breaking story, literally a breaking glass, Stephen Smith has been under attack. There's a Turkey vulture? I don't know what other information Billy's been calling everybody at ESPN to try and get to do more and more reporting on this. He's also what is that called? What is it? Call the FBI chart that you're now putting behind you to to turn into conspiracy. I think it's called the random picture registering chart. I think is the official end of the FBI uses. I have some more information. Now, the facts are coming in a little slower. Now, I don't know if there's a gag order. What's going on? But we have obtained exclusive images you see one right here. Where it appears as though they are now removing the window. Now, this is a second floor window. It seems to be from the pictures. I've seen earlier today directly above the campus store. So this is on the second floor above the campus store Onnaing. There's a ladder. There's two men on the ladder. They seem to be removing the w-. Window now. The Syracuse orange one of the people fixing this window is the Turkey vulture in any kind of pain as I previously reported there appear to be a lot of blood. I don't know. I mean, I'd assume there's pain involved if there's a lot of bloodshed, but I'm not one hundred percent. Sure. I haven't heard from the Turkey vulture? We haven't confirmed though, if the blood is coming from the vulture are we talking to win horse about animal control is back on the scene. I was just I was just informed animal control is back and so- jacked up and ready to go. So animal control is so jacked up and they're ready to go back on the seat. Okay. Thank you, Gary, please keep us updated. Anytime you need to break into the show to give us any kind of news updates. It's the president of the day. And like this is like the Super Bowl for animal control. Right. Like, if you get this call you're like, this is it this is why we do this is one of the sweeter assignments. 'cause you just get to go and wander around the campus, the Bristol cameras and be like, hey, there's Trey wingo. Duke, blue devil, making copies. All right. We will. We will have information as it develops. And in the interim, we've decided to tell you that we are trying to get the haiku back as an accepted popular modern art form. Greg Cody is trying to do this dedicating himself to the most modern of things he wants to get the haiku off the ground. He got two hundred forty four. Well, we don't know if it was different people, right? There might have been twelve people submitting ten well, I let people enter as many as five times. So if I had to guess, I would say it was probably around two hundred people because most did just one entry. I go a little lower than that. Yeah. All right. So two hundred forty four after how many months of challenge was a four day entry Tuesday through Friday announced the winter with Greek fanfare in my blog this morning, but the high Q market is hot right because that's up from my fifty list. Yeah. It's way up. It's it's just we're taking Iraq. Rocket prize will not be anything here. Okay. Just I over my dead vodka Danda. Actually, no, no, the price could be with us. You can't have a contest moved by ESPN, and it's legal department. This is something that's just run on your blog. Why do we have responsibility? It's the Miami Herald not us we sneak the winner in here. We haven't wearing a paper hat as if he's delivering lunch. Right. You know, he likes. Mike, and then he leaves logic. Greg day Cody day, I mean, I'll give them two free tickets to Greg Cody day at the Fort Myers baseball game. Copy on signed copy of my friends fifty books, maybe that you can get on Amazon just stop promising prices on the airplane. I wouldn't have been clear. He's the worst the worst. I this is not a joke. We're not fooling around. He just thinks he can give us away as a prize. He thinks he has that power. He's sort me because he's so good on Tuesday. I think I'm supporting because he's clearly changing the game as to how broadcasting is done. Yeah. You know that ratings skyrocket on Tuesday. You just don't want to admit with high coups. Cou so who's good coup? Thank yous you're runner up. Go ahead give you runner up because you've been dying to give you runner up here. And I don't wanna talk about this anymore. Look at it. I I really don't I wanted to read it because it's pretty terrible runner up. Rub. The Bilican dancing with the blue devil marching Dan school on Greg Cody on ESPN radio.

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