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Hey It's esther dean. In this Asong lands podcast the podcast that shows you a little bit more behind the scenes of Song Land and the magical art of songwriting by hearing from our guest artists that came on Sunland talk about how they write songs, and also you'll hear from the winning writers whose lives has completely changed because the landed singles on some of the alias artists of today. Today we have country hit makers Florida Georgia line, and they're winning writer Griffin, Palmer, so we add a ball I am beyond in love with Florida. Georgia line I was in love before, but I am beyond in love because they are the coolest coolest guys ever just blew me away in when I tell you Mr Griffin promise that song second guessing what in the world and I know you guys thing episode, so the balanced Florida's I was so without further Ado Ladies and gentlemen here is Tyler Hubbard and Ryan Kelly of Florida Georgia Line to tell you the story of writing one of their songs that put them on a map they are smash. Lab would be me WREKSA. Bouquet on the Florida. My parents weren't musicians. Mom, Dad, my sister Catherine, I mean. We just listen to a bunch of music. My Dad loved Aerosmith Lynyrd skinner. My sister was the one that got us into country music when I was in fifth grade I. Remember we went to the Saint Augustine outlet model. Pick up the neal McCoy wink single cassette. And I was hooked, and then it was brooks and Dunn, and it was Kenny Chesney and Next thing you know I'm in ninth or tenth grade, and we're listening to hot boys and cash, moaning and Lil Wayne. Christian. Music here is Tyler Hubbard. Started kind of writing in dabbling on Guitar, and like High School, our junior or senior year of college, I did learn of the year Darrell Moody Nashville that yeah, there's a career called songwriting, and that sounds awesome I think I wanna do that, but I didn't still pursue it or take a serious toe, probably our senior year, and that's when we became I started hanging out heavily and writing. Writing Songs and realize that we got something special here. I mean we wrote together. was anything like me in that just so happen to be the first song that we heard on the radio. It was Sirius Xm, but we call it the radio, so that will special. Now decided to get the whole chorus tattooed on my real, because it was the first one we ever, so that was A. A painful experience, but it was an unforgettable experience in one that led us to do in a lot more together in our remember US sitting on my tailgate during the process, and after the process of writing I, we were like. Yeah, this is this feel special man? I love working with you I think we like literally finish each other's sentences, and this is really special, just maybe we. We should ride again. It's been amazing as as songwriters and artists together doing this together, having my best friend, my brother. We're not doing it alone at think we're better together. We're stronger and our favorite quote. We've heard is if you WANNA? Go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together, so I think we push each other creatively a just kind of works and so. Our journey in our first couple years in Nashville I mean. We were knocking on doors. We were trying to get deals. We were writing to three times a day, trying to work different jobs and just hustling and you know we've had some success and. Thankful for our fans and I think we're more motivated than ever. Our still the same guy showing up trying right hits China right songs trying to get our voices heard, so it's an amazing thing to be able to chase our dream and create our future with creating songs. I would say that our catalog just kind of evolves with every album with every chapter stage of life that we're in baby a all. I know this song has a pretty funny story. Actually started, so we were at dinner it was it was at night and we got a call from our manager. They said Hey actually I know you're you're right was canceled, but there's girl bb wreksa who's available in would love to write with you guys, and and we thought well sure. Yeah, let's do it i. don't really know who bb rex is, but let's go in there and make the most of it. It'd be fun became and. We always kind of say is that there is a title in every conversation. There's a song idea in every conversation you gotta do is listen so as we were leaving dinner that night heading back to the studio, we were having a conversation. My wife was there and we were like men. You know I don't I. Don't know how this is GonNa go we don't. Don't know who this B rex girly is. Don't know what kind of Song we're gonNA write data, and she just said Hey just go have fun and do what Y'all do, and if it's meant to be, it'll be and I. said will okay. We'll go do that and I think that's the title. We'll take that into the room tonight because we were just. kind of out of titles it had been a long week here, and we sort of given all we had, and so you know quickly said art I'm at least going to see. It's at tidal resonates with anybody, and we win, and instantly said that and they're like else like that, so so we get. We get back to the studio. We meet her she. She thinks that we're little big town. She doesn't know who floors Lana Zak oil. So it was, it was kind of funny we both had. Had to kind of tell each other who we were, and then it was one of those kind of special nights where we were just trying to channel who we were. We were really intentional about you. Don't country song. We're not gonNA. Write a pop song, UB! You let us be us, and let's just see what happens here unless it's a great song. We did it that night. We did a little Demo so David Garcia. Who was there that night and he just started playing chords on the piano. We said. Yeah let's with that feels. That feels cool. It's hard to get down to the details too much because it really did just feel like the song fell out of the Ska, and so when I when I think back on details. It's really kind of like I. Don't remember a whole lot other than it feels like those coach started. And then we started just. Be Ourselves in writing what we wonder, right? No need. Fast Singer here. Having that beat go with a piano and then letting a lot of vocals kind of carry it. was done like that to just obviously super repetitive. Win! It's a fresh boost. Simple sound in Kinda gets the heart of the message in the song across very powerful. You know one line in the middle, and then repeating yourself again I mean it was very simple song. which we also learned in our continuing to lean into that, hey, a lot of times simple is great simples better simple catchy you know simple resonates you start getting to songwriter, overthinking, everything and trying to be oppo at all the time it just. It's not real. It's not genuine nothing. That's the heart of this song is just the authenticity in the fact that we. Really weren't trying that hard, and it just kind of fell out. Mental. Note. Probably. Won't. A. It'll be. Just really really special song, especially for B., an and unexpected song, and just a true testimony of. Hey to show up. You never know what's going to happen. You might sometimes thank. You have a great Song Innis and it doesn't do what you expected to do, or you have a song you think is cool, but don't really have expectations for, and then it just blows up so. Just a really really cool story that changes our life again and changed bb's life and kind of put another shot of Adrenalin into her careers wail, and she was already doing great things so just really really cool to see and through that we were inspired to continue to show up in l. a., and and chase our dreams and see what happens I. Think one thing that. I think for both of us. That was interesting, also different for this song. This quote hit if you will most of the time if you're going to radio with with the song or the next single, no matter who you are artist. There's marketing dollars going out. There's content. There's all this stuff that's going with it to make it pop, but this one was i. let's put it out. See where it goes, and it just happened. It didn't need anything other than being a great song and just kind of that perfect timing. And, so I think for us. It was just like holy smokes. If that could do that like what what else could happen I mean. It's kind of wide open with creativity and the power of a song and. Power fans, power, radio, power, streaming, and the access that everybody has to songs and access to share them with their friends and family. We've always been known and have always loved to kind of. Record songs that feel good songs that are fun songs that we wanna Sing live every night. Songs at the fans can look forward to come into and letting loose, and I'm just having a good time, so obviously we have. Our holies are dirt and things that a little bit more depth to them and you know love. Songs were both happily married crazy in love with our wives. So that really resonates with us as well, but we also like to party. Man would like to have a good time especially when making music so I think the overall picture of our music and our catalog would kind of be somewhere in there. I think there's a lot of things that make a great song I think replay ability I think if you get done, and you want to hear that thing again. That says a lot, but has a lot to do with melody catching his hooking s I, think lyrically is important, but I think melody is just as important or maybe even more than lyric, because what's what you want is for that song to be stuck in someone's head and be be an earworm as we call it, but lyric also sometimes does that captures y'all marriage of. Paint the picture and just really helping that song resonate and and be relatable to the listener. We Really Love the concept of Song land the fact that it showcases songs and songwriters mean became moved to Nashville songwriters. That's what we thought we were do for career and it kind of turned into the artist thing, but ultimately were songwriters heart, that's our number one passion so to showcase to the world that not all artists write their own music, and they're actually a career called songwriting, and there actually is a lot of importance. Put on on the. We say without a great song. There's no foundation for anything so the song comes first before anything else and I think this show really does a great job of doing that. We came to song land to find a great song. We know the possibilities are pretty much endless with the amount of talent that Esther Shane and Ryan have these songwriters we love Shane, Legend, undeniable energy and talent. Obviously, he knows how to write a great country song. He knows great songs period. Could Casey must gray hit one day then he could read. An F. Geo hit one day and then he could do. Something out here in La for usher you know, and so I think being that versatile is pretty cool. He's just incredible I mean his personality breeze creativity, even just being around him. You feel more creative, and you feel more alive and energize, and we just love saying. Esther Dane. She's incredibly talented. Her energy is amazing, and she just got this fire. I think Shane said that she speaks and hooks i. mean she'd say something like that's a song. That's a song toe, so I think just the creative juices flow with her. Rise incredible, obviously so gifted talented. That's a no brainer, but just as a person. We've spent some time with him as well on this trip. To Watch how he navigates his own life, personally and professionally, he's an amazing family guy. He amazing songwriter, but then he also creates opportunities for tons of other songwriters in. It's just inspiring US I mean we've. We've so much from shine Estrin. Ryan, but Ryan. Just a really laid back. Cool do he really is a just in marble man? We look up to him to be honest and admire all the things he's done and hopefully have a lot more opportunities to make a lot more memories with him. Man is awesome. We were just excited to be a part of Song. Land. that. Was Tyler NBK of the Amazing Florida Georgia Line and I feel about them I love them so much so now we're going to hear from Winnie writer Griffin Palmer on the story in the inspiration behind his winning song second guessing and I will floored. I'm still floored by this song. I'm doing a dance song at my wedding. Pretty sure Griffin's going to come Florida Georgia line have to come. This is a perfect, perfect perfect song, but without further ado here to tell you his own story. Mr Griffin Palmer. Palmer on a songwriter from Pickering Ontario Canada and the Florida Georgia line episode of farmland with my Song second-guessing. Did grow up in a musical household. My Dad was a singer and bans all when I was growing up. He played in a little bit of a bunch instruments, so like my first little taste of playing instruments was from what he could teach me, and then I kind of caught the bug from there, and he was super supportive. Help me learn piano guitar drums everything. I actually do remember the first thing. I wrote. US probably like twelve years old. It was called girl of my dreams, and it was before I even dating. I didn't know anything about what I was writing and it's funny how you know. I don't remember like eighty percent of the songs of written over the years, but you still remember the very first one. That's probably the worst one. I got really serious about writing songs when I was around seventeen. or so I like made an effort every day to write something even if it was bad just to get better at it and try to carve out a little path for myself to get to where I wanted to go I was in college at that time in studying different things, but I never really serious about what I was studying I always knew that no, once I got my degree. It didn't really matter to me because I was gonna Chase. No the songwriting dream anyway. I was actually pretty aware about the whole song or any industry from Monagas Really Young, because my dad had a friend that had written songs for motown records like way back, when and for some bands like the eighties and stuff, and so you'd always like mentioned. That's what he did and that it's like a possibility to do. If I keep practicing and one day write songs for other artists so right from when I started writing songs I knew that this was an actual career choice. People are professionals at this and now choose the dedicate their life to it. So second guessing song that I submitted a Song Land Myself Jeff Warburton, Manetti wrote the song. Benza producer and also super talented songwriter Scott like a home studio. So that's where were working at A. Really didn't have any idea of what we're GONNA do for the day, so we were kind of just trying to get a jump on the work day, and you know, throw in some ideas around and I had been thinking of love song titles for a while. because. Obvious, twenty two and just graduated college, and the first batch of my friends were getting married, the people that had like high school sweethearts throughout college and stuff, and so some of these weddings were far away, and the other side of the country I couldn't make it to some of these weddings, and so I wanted to have something. I could at least send them. Some sort of Los on I can send them and say you know what thanks for inviting me, but I can't be their hope. You like this so guess. I was kind of just fishing around with the idea of having these love song titles. And I pitched this idea ahead to. Jeff and I said you know what if he wrote a song called second guessing the kind of makes people think of like the cold feet of wedding, her of a wedding, and not being sure about your future with this person, but instead you flip it like I haven't spent one second guessing since I met you and immediately, he was kind of like Yup. That's it. You got to do that so when we got to the house then like so what he wanted to do today. We were kind of like we're going to do this if you're down and immediately, he was down to, and it was kind of Nice just starting the day. Like right off the bat just complete. Going one hundred miles an hour at this cool song idea that we thought we had. Jeff Grabbing Acoustic Guitar and he started playing kind of like a waltz. He kind of rhythm. You're thinking. You know this type of song if it's inspired by. Couples that are getting married. It's got to be like a wedding song. So how do you? How do you dance to a wedding song? So he's kind of playing this little rhythm and we were kind of dislike envisioning in dancing at a wedding, doing like a first answer of mother, son, dance, or whatever so we kinda made the tempo just about what we felt. We would be doing if you're doing that. So? We just use that guitar as the beginning of the course. So we just kind of like singing at lot since you haven't spent one second guessing a bunch of different ways until we found something that was kind of like a lullaby almost since. You! Fill one-sixth guests. Beginning of the chorus we had that Hook. WHO's like super easy to sing, and it just kind of swaying seat, which is exactly what we wanted because? We wanted end goal to be that someone could slow dance to this, and we just use the same at the because we thought it was really cool. We knew that we had the hook. We knew where we wanted to end up, but in order to get there. We kind of had to paint the story of this person. That didn't really know that they were looking for. Love at the timer didn't know what they were missing out on intelligence, right in front of them, so that's kind of where those leaders came from. The I never knew I just had to find my direction getting lost in your eyes. So we just brainstormed. You know the best way to do that and what would serve the hook the best, and that's what we came up with since. You. Spill one. Guests. Lor knows try. Had Ma. Brew in every dirig-. Too many But. The rest. With one looking. You're eyes confessing. spill one second guessing. Theme and had the intention of the slow dance five. The chorus came together really quickly. But we felt like there needed to be something added in order to like tie a bow at the end of the chorus. Make it a bit sweeter, so we just had just sing this falsetto part. And we just auto tuned it put it up a whole octave, and then just blasted it out and reverb, so it was kind of a theory. Oh, like distant. kind of vibe noise more than actual vocal part. It, matched the vibe in the lyrics, and so we just had this cool melodic hook that we could like copy and paste and just swing around the whole song. And we knew that in order to make the course as cool as it could be. We had to have like really sweet storyline telling you know, versus so the first I. We thought okay will it's gotTa. Be You know two people seeing each other for the first time ever talking about since I've seen you haven't spent one second guessing, so we just kind of made eleven first sight story that this person walked in A. A room and just laid eyes on someone when he was least expecting it and you know he wasn't really ready for what he was about to fall into, but maybe she was the fire and ice lines, trying to paint this picture of these two people were complete opposites. One was ready for Love wasn't one was looking for someone that night one wasn't. The opposites attract kind of idea the first time you walked in. That fire. Only. was just had a whole. Thorough. A third. Of just two. And, then the last part of the song that we wrote was the bridge, so we really just wanted like a really poetic, really big statement. It's kind of like Olympic artsy, but also really substantial like I. Want you forever, but I'll settle for life I want you for? Reporter said off. And I think, we know that with that one. You're really sight of them got. You know when we writing some songs. We kind of really nit pick a melody. Someone will actually play the melody on an instrument before anyone things it, or are you just punch in a bunch of different versions and listen a bunch of times the fear? What you like best, but this one? I think it was more so about the lyrics and the in the story. We didn't really like nitpick. A melody at all. It was kind of like just what? The first or second thing we started singing, and then we never changed after that we just thought it felt really good, and we just kept it really lazy and really easy to sink. There was some harmonies the second and third course. But other than that is literally Acoustic Guitar Bit of. Sin. That, weird high harmony, and that's it so there's no drums, no anything. Ma Rogaine. Every direction too many eat. saw the. With the. Rats confess. Spend one SEC. Angus. And that's all. There was to the song I got me on. My experience on land was incredible from the second I got there I was just surrounded by so many cool people so many cool songwriters. Everyone was super supportive I didn't really have time to process it all you kind of have like a bunch. Your heroes all in front of you at the same time, so I think actually helps because you can't really focus on any one of them for too long, but obviously in the back of your head. You know that's. That's the singer one republic. He's written like every huge pop song now or Ester Dean. She wrote the soundtrack to every high school. Party is as. You know and Shane obviously is a legend. Countries fear which I work in and then Brian in Tyler Florida Georgia line. The first country record I ever learned from tobacco is F- Geo. They played my college homecoming. They're all these artists that I would look at it and just try to emulate for them to be there. Just preparing to no one of my songs was pretty amazing. Up What? Would, you bring today? Call second guessing. The first psalm hello. dozen lonely. Was Todd whole. Van Song Thorough. For. Just lose. The be the truth. The. Bird. After? Bro. Too many. Latte. One, second. Concept you. Finished performing I had this weird moment right looked, and everyone was smiling and like. freaking out a little bit and you giving me compliments. This stuff and I'm like Oh my God. This must went well Shane complimented the hook. He's like this is like my favorite hook on land so far and of all the songs we've heard on this show from the beginning from both seasons I've never. Been Mad at Hook that is out of this world. How has that been written? Congratulations on your? All I need to hear officer. It's just so excited. That's like the best compliment. A songwriter can get and either Shane or Orion. They said you know. Some of the lines didn't really make sense a line like fire and ice and I was saying like. You know I was ice and she was fire like I don't know if it's some sort of poetic way to describe how we were, but they were like that doesn't make sense. It sounds like you're fighting, but you're not. So I'm like okay gotta go. And Tyler and Brian were like this is a Nashville Song. You can tell the Nashville Songwriter wrote the song you know. He's a Nashville Songwriter. When you look at the and you think it's one thing, and then he brings it around a little on in. That was really cool to. Told that I was going to be Shane. In the genre that is. Predominantly. He's kind of like the hero figure, so if I was going to learn anything from anyone about what I'm trying to do, professionally, it was Shane so it was just really cool to know that I was going to have some time with him in a room to pick his brain a little bit. So going to that first session working on the song, I was a little nervous, not really sure what to expect I never really written with a writer, his big ashamed before, and so I was kind of expecting that Kinda can be his way a little bit what he says goes, but it was completely the opposite. It's like a complete co right. I contribute a lot. You contribute a lot. He loves some ideas I love some his kind of on the same wavelength in terms of like. Like we need to make less artsy and less like lofty and more commercial radio, more Florida Georgia line, so I'd listened to every Florida Georgia. Line song everyone so I kind of had a really good idea of what their stuff sounds like and lyrically where they kind of live, so it was just kind of bouncing ideas off each other, trying to keep the same sentiment in same like genuineness of the song, but make it a little more fun and add some typical F gl Drinkin- references. Though the aid from the A boo. We got to facetime Brian Tyler and just play them like the first draft of what we were thinking, and they loved a lot of it some of it. They didn't love and we just got to hear right away. They were kind of like. It's just a nice sweet sentimental song like that's okay that that's what it is, so we don't need to try to distract from that at all so just dive headfirst into that. Kind of take out the Canada alcohol drinking references. Six Week and it feels like a wedding song, okay? Got The monkey off her back that we had to take this nice sweet song, and try to cram it into like four Georgia line mold, so it was cool that they were willing to let the song just come what it was and not have to. Strip it down on the emotional side or sensitive side. We. Listen back to a bunch of like icon. Eq F GEL songs like dirt that has like this steel part. We want an iconic cool part like that that we can fly around. The song! The vocal part we had in the original demo. We were with Andrew to Roberts. He's another producer on the show, so for like twenty minutes Andrew, how's guitar and he's. He's playing this little riff in chamber. Just be like Nope, not it. No, not at playing other. When nope, that's not it. No, that's close, but not an after the fiftieth one and played something, and he's like Yep that that's it. One of the things that I really learned from working with. Shane is that it's okay to be picky about stuff. You know you're not being a nuisance. By, saying that, you don't like apart if it doesn't feel right because usually when it does feel right. Everyone in the room agrees like a lot of songwriting. It can't seem like Matthew now. It's like okay. You do this kind of thing, and you do this kind of thing and together they sound good, but then a lot of the special parts of Song are just like visceral like you can't. Can't explain why they work and why they feel so good. They just do and a lot of getting. Those parts is just trial and error, so no, sometimes it does take playing a guitar part. One hundred times until finally feels like that's the one that should be there, and you don't know why, but it doesn't matter because it feels so good that guitar part. I think it helped a lot. Once we did that. We kind of just added the big drum. Sounds that are from the GIO. I record and some big low end based just to thicken it up, so it wasn't such a sweet lofty sounding love song. That's basically all it took for the production. Once we had the lyric and put those little pieces in. It sounded more like a Florida. Georgia, line record. The second time I came out was completely different than the first time I was really nervous because I had played this song like one hundred times the other way for over a year, and then I had to get new lyrics and memorize them like a race, the old version from my head in a day and it was really hard. I couldn't get through the song off without messing up when I get nervous, I forget words which doesn't help the situation at all. So I went out, and the first three or four times I tried to play, and I couldn't remember the words so I play like ten seconds of the song. Mess Up. That have to stop everything. We'd reset. I'd start again and then the more I messed up. The more nervous I got, so it didn't help so eventually I was like. Can we put these awards up on teleprompters? Thing in there like sure so when you're seeing me performance, I'm actually reading a lot of the words off a teleprompter behind the judges because I couldn't remember the war. On Us Omar ever saw the cone of Mussa called. Out The door established short just. Good job, do the deepen our own thinking. Is Mayor. Does. Sti. Days in. Spain and Quest. Now I. Guesses? you. Know! NO DOUBT! Again. And now. and. Now. Gets. This. Using the teleprompter finally able to get all the way through the song which. Big, deep breath there. And I looked over at Shane I and I could see. He was like superstock Brian. Tyler. Talked about it. They make a comment about how you know. Before it was already great. The Hook was really great, but this is definitely more commercial, definitely more them and a definitely easier to follow and understand so you know that kind of checked all the boxes for what we're going for. And I was just really proud at that moment that even if they don't pick the song I think we'd good work and I was excited. Just basically be able to chill out now and just wait for my fate. I guess. And the song that we're going to say back to the studio and record is GonNa be. Second guessing. Couldn't believe it because he said they were coming in for a party song, they wanted like some big upbeat Radio Smash Sounding Song. And so I didn't know if second guessing was at all what they were looking for, but you know I was really excited that they picked it. They said you know great work. Really excited about the song cited to get back to Nashville and see what we can do with it, and it was so cool. Griffin's awesome I think with the help of Shane took that on to the next level, but I don't want to sell Griffin short either I mean he came in with the bones of that song, and with probably the toughest thing to do is do a really clever twists and play on words, and I think he already had that nail down soap. Up to Shane in Griffin as a team to sort of blew all the other pieces together, and we were highly impressed. Yeah, we're leaving with the love song you know feels like it's good for us. Now I feel like it could be good for us. Fifty years from those timeless classic and. Which to get studio and take one more deep dive, tighten up anything that needs titan getting our vocals on it, and just some time with getting no the song a little bit more. We tell them to come hang out in the studio in Nashville when we're recording his tongue, and hopefully will, and we can learn even more from him, but he's just an awesome got. My Name's Griffin Palmer I'm super stoked. You guys listen to new, Florida Georgia Line Song. I wrote called second-guessing. You. Know my door. Maribel Baru. The booths I called home one foot out to our stop. Shoot just before the four. Couldn't jump into the deep. Our always over. Here every hour every weeping. Is. Law Law you. Turn? Since. In question. You! allowed. To world. Compact. Past Age. When they nouns winning in the deep. Tom. turned. Asking questions. said. Own Say Sam. Ony. Down in. BED Off. Inquest. Yes. Uh! I hope you guys enjoyed all of the great stories and everything you heard here. Thank you guys for tuning into Song Land and I thank you so much for tuning into Song Land podcast next Monday the have voiced to men, and we also have the winner for voice demands. Episode I am excited. Everybody, stay safe. Stay at home. Get some fresh air. We love new. Okay, thank you guys bye.

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