Not For Ourselves


The. Letter. Was that a podcast or meet up on Tuesday? And this was Ronald Manny who I feel. I must have met during my time to network marketer. They were amazing. They captivated me during the evening. One thing Ronald said was that our voice is not for us. We hate our voices when we hear recorded, but our voice is for others. Otherwise, we wouldn't use her voice, if we didn't need to communicate they talked about how each of us has a story. It is for others. Not for ourselves. I fully believe this. Every person is a gift a story. Something unique to bring to the world. We are free to share that thinking it isn't an inferior product. But we are to help someone else. This will also end up helping us along the way this week share your voice share your story, share you. Fine more letters like this at the awesome known letter dot com.

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