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Episode #5 | Financial First Responder Janine Bolon | Pool Pro Podcast


thanks for listening to the pool. Pro podcast episode number five. Today we have Financial First Responder Janine Bolan and she's going to tell you my money it's not just for rich people are not gonna WanNa miss that. Welcome back to the pool pro podcast. I'm Dave Rockwell. Here with my partner and we're here today with Janine Bolan Janine tell us a little bit about your background and what it is you do please. I'll be happy to so I come to you today as very ECLECTIC business owner. I started running my very first business. When I was ten years old I sold earthworms in southern Missouri. So I was that child. I was pushing my bike around to various lakes. Ponds find nightcrawlers. Put Him in a bucket. Run to the local bait shops on my bike to sell them. The very first year that I was in business I had to pay thirty three dollars in taxes and I was very upset because I had to pay thirty three dollars in taxes at a ten year old. So yes you can understand since then. I've run fifteen different businesses. I get bored easily so I build a business up and as soon as it gets to a point where it maintains itself. I sell it off because I enjoy the building of a business. So that's where I am but I went into school. I became an analytical biochemist. I made drugs for a living. I was an automation and robotics. I always like to say legal ones made legal drugs for a living and anyway dropped out of the workforce to raise my family and just continued to run business after business and I have now found a business that I will never sell. It's my passion. This is my baby. I'm going to hang onto it and that is the one where I help. Other business owners achieve their dreams by living the lifestyle. So that's how I come to you today. And what are you what are you? What is a financial first responder? What does that mean ginny? That's a that's a self-imposed title of financial first. Responder is usually when something happens in. My clients lives. That causes them a shock financially. I'm the first person they call because their financial planner isn't really the best person the CPA isn't really the person you want to go to and your local banker has very different objectives for you. So I'm the financial first responder to help them with whatever the trauma is as you can tell from the last two to three weeks. I've been putting in fifteen hour days because things have been a little crazy for US happened thing. They have that kind of lead. That's how we found you and and wanted to bring you on exactly that that reason. Yeah so thank you for the opportunity to help your people. So what can we do to help them today? I love your book money. It's not just for rich. People think everybody needs to have that because I think we have a belief system that it is just for rich people. That's true and the police realized that a lot of the media their job is to create a need or to create feared create emotion. So that you'll continue to tune an and that's why I love podcasters like yourselves. Your focus is not to create fear or create a needs so that people are always tuning in you guys create content. Like I was watching us or listening to some of your podcasts on facebook and everything and I just love your content. You're always like okay. What can we do? How can we move forward? How can we solve this problem? Which is different from what mainstream media focuses is to get you to constantly to win and view whereas you folks. It's all about content which is why a lot of people say well how how come. I haven't heard from you before and I said because I'm content. Driven nature media doesn't like The style I'm not sexy enough in my ability to know. Actually that was told me. By the Oprah Winfrey team in two thousand and seven. They said we'd love to have you on the show. You're not sexy enough. And it was a joke. They were being sweet Okay I just want you guys to know that they were being sweethearts. It was just but they were right. I'm not extreme enough right. Not Extreme enough from my stuff is too simple. It's to freaking practical. Why why would they want the on there right right content driven folks like yourself love my stuff so thank you for the compliment and so one of the things that we're really doing in this is not necessarily focusing on the bad things or what could happen but we want to get our industry looking forward to see the opportunities that are being created right now? Okay well I'll be glad to talk about that. So let's talk about the first four things. I'm analytical biochemist. So you know I'm very point. A. Point B. Point very linear. Okay over here. I'm wonderful. Wonderful Okay first. Thing is connect. Call Your Clients. Get Out your phone and look at your phone and you know how you can download your. Csv files right. The comma separated values. Get Out your phone. Go through every contact in your phone. Call them and say how are you? How are you doing check in with every single person in your contact file? Start with your clients and then moved to your family and friends. The next thing is a lot of people like will jeannie and I got seventeen hundred contacts in my phone. I said Yeah. That's GonNa keep you busy on the phone. Start calling. Guess what people are home. Peo- WanNa talk about anything except what's happening. Please distract me from Netflix. You can only watch so much net flicks but you know. And so the recent. I've been putting in fifteen hour. Days is because depending upon. I'm calling people in Australia or I'm calling my people in Japan you know. I've got a lot of time. Zones can cover so what? I'm grateful for your pool guys. Luckily they're a locally run business right so they're in the same time zone and so they know when they're people about get up so you know. Remember how mom used to tell you don't call pupil before nine. Am Don't call him after nine. Am please stick to that rule since you're a local owner and go ahead and start calling them and your your business hours of from nine to eight right and you're just going to call everybody in your contacts and ask them how they are. You're not going to sell. You're not gonNa tell him you know what you think about their pool or anything like that. You're just going to call them. I have increased my business by twenty eight percent just by calling people because I didn't ask him about anything I didn't Selam anything. I was just encouraging them in wherever they were. And then they'd say look Janine I think you really need to talk to so and so and so I was getting referrals without even asking okay and that's the thing. Ask Them for a referral. If you feel like there's nothing you can do for them say do you know. Sometimes I feel like I'm the best kept secret out there is there. Is there anybody you think should know I exist and I am? They know from the phone. Call that since you haven't sold them. You're not going to sell the other pressure. Just say. Hey I was just talking to your friend so and so and I just wanted to call you how you doing. They felt we needed to connect. Tell me what's going on with you and then be quiet. Listen get on the phone and just listen. The second thing is after that. If you've called every contact that you have I don't know about you. I have literally one thousand four hundred people in my phone so it took. It's taken me while I'm not done yet but the next step I'm going to be doing is I'M GONNA be contacting every vendor. I have ever done business with. I'm GONNA ask him. How are they hauer their family or their pets okay? Do I need to help them with finding a veterinarian that you know that kind of thing you people life is still going on right we still have people to have surgeries that are being performed and all that kind of stuff and you have ways you can comfort them just by being who you are because you got into business to make a living and yet you're in a service oriented business and service oriented business owners are not like any other in the world you guys operate on a totally different way and you really care about your people so continue to cure about your people see contact every customer you've ever had contact every vendor you've ever had a ask them how they are and you don't sell them and then you just keep doing that and it's amazing how business happens. I got ninety two new students in a period of one week in my online university for my courses just because of this system so I know it works on. I know it can help you. Yeah so those are the two things you can do with what you already have something that you can do. That's a little different and I thought about this when you guys contacted me. Would you please help? Your people maintain their pool while you're unable to get there to get on facebook. Live and tell them what are some of the things you've seen about their pool that you know they need to be thinking about what is a slam dunk. Easy thing. I can do Maybe remind me to cover it. I don't know your industry okay. So ever had never had a pool. But that's your job right. You guys know you guys know this so tell me as your client. What is the first thing you always look for when you walk into? My Pool was the second thing you're always looking for. What's the third thing event? Just go down your cheat sheet. Go Down Your List on. Facebook live and every day or every other day. Whatever you have time for between your phone calls that you're making to all your people do a facebook live from your room and then show us your tools of the trade that we have in our house like can. I use a garden. Rake or would that cause you to go no right you know. Help me out here tell me. What are some of the things we need to do? So one of the things that's happening right now is that fortunately we are As of right now classified in most areas of the country as an essential service that pulls cannot be neglected pools there would be other hazards involved in just letting go. West Nile thing. Turns Green owning routing is a big one so keeping the pool up is essential but I love what you brought out about contacting each and every one of our clients. First of all. Ask how they are. But then that's going to lead the conversation What are you doing to protect me and my family So we can talk about things that we're doing where we're not touching their keypad with our finger were sanitizing. Our hands. Were wiping down flat surfaces in the equipment area were going above and beyond what we normally would do. Make where this happened And we can give them pointers things like if you are using the pool. Don't forget to wipe the surfaces down your your deckchairs wash your deck down keep Keep it clean. There's no real risk involved in Viral transmission in the water but above. The water is where it could happen. These are things you need to be thinking about. So we can this. There's a real opportunity for for showing our value to our existing customers right now exactly. And that's where you're gonNA stand a and beyond you know I. I have people that I work with. Some folks think we're in direct competition and I go absolutely not. There's more than enough people on this planet for them to be able to run their business in Iran. Mine and we find ways to differentiate we find ways to work side by side doing exactly the same thing in total confidence that our personalities are enough to differentiate us. We don't need to be in competition and that leads me to the next point. I wanted to share with you folks when your folks as a when you're doing your facebook lives and everything share it with other people including those that you would call your competitors share. What you're doing help them out. Let them know you want them to stay in business as well because when all is said and done we're all going to get slammed with business after people start come going out of their homes. I just know this just know that people are going to start spending again. They're gonNA things are GONNA happen and we're going to get hit and you WanNa have as many of your so called competitors in your back pocket as possible so that you can dovetail like you can give them people when you can't get to them because you're getting hit with so much. I've seen this in two thousand and seven. I saw it again. In Two thousand fourteen service industries got hit with a huge wave of new people and so I just wanted to remind them you may be like not seeing growth right now but the growth is it always comes again. It always hit. You WanNa be prepared. You Wanna be able to take care of all your people and at the same time. You don't want to be that person that business owner that says. I'm sorry I can't get you. I have a full thing you want to be able to say. I'm sorry I can't get you out before calendar but I know of three people you can call. That will be able to try to find a way to get you onto their calendar. And they're good folks so share what you have going on with your other people And then learn learn from your other people learn from folks who are in the full learn from them and then do what works well and then let them know. Hey thank you for your facebook video that you said I learned that I could do these two or three things and I shared it with my people. It was huge success. Thank you so much. How can I help you? And that's just that that service Coming back around of paying it forward whatever you WANNA call it. I see so many good people sharing their knowledge with each other because we know that the money is going to start rolling back in right now. We're we're paving the way to have a strong foundation to have lots of great relationships so we can serve our customers better next time around absolutely. That's one of the really good things that we have going for us in our industry right now in the pool industry is exactly what you were talking about. There are a number of facebook groups Social media where the more experienced the kind of upper echelon people in the business are Sharing information mentoring others. Yeah somebody with less. Experience can take a picture of something and put it on. If you've ever seen this problem what do I do about it? And he'll have a page full of responses. Some of you have to filter through the quality of the advice varies but There there's just a lot of information being shared. I think there's a realization that our business our industry as a whole on the service side of things needs to elevate itself we. We've got to be more educated more aware and we've got to help others that are sharing our industry with us get to a higher level in. It's going because it's it's that's the key to getting the homeowners to respect us as an industry which is a problem. We have right now. Exactly what's the? What's the one thing? Janine that small businesses are doing. I'm wrong as far as money. Management is there one thing that's out there that you can just you know pinpoint the If everybody was doing they'd be so much better off. Stop Excuse me. Stop going into debt. Stop going into that One of the rules. I had an every business that I have ever run with the exception of one and I got. I got myself into trouble. It's one of my three failures so I had fifteen businesses twelve highly successful. Three were epic failures to the tune of losing fifty thousand dollars of my own on one of them so That one was beyond my control but one that I lost a two thousand dollars which was big in nineteen eighty seven. When I was running it was I got myself into debt. I I was overly optimistic and that happens a lot with entrepreneurs and that's just because we're we wouldn't do what we were doing if we weren't kind of risk takers and optimistic and rose colored glasses and all those other metaphors pupil us about us all the time. We're naturally optimistic. So knowing that I made a rule for myself after that Crash and burn of business and that was I would never go into debt for my business again and some people tell me. That's way too conservative. That's way this that's why that why just want to let you know. I own my house now. Twenty years later I own that house. The bank doesn't I own the two cars that are sitting in my driveway. I own this Danes. I use so I'll take my conservative life because right now all I have to do is make sure that I achieved my burn rate. And because I'm not having to pay a mortgage I'm doing pretty well right now and I wish that for everyone listening to this bad. It's not one of the things I'm standing up here. Go on Oh I got it so great. It's more like you can do this too. And I want it for you so that you have that solid foundation to stand on so that you can extend your service base you can extend Your Business Base and help others achieve the same sort of dream for themselves and I think to the mistake I think. A Lotta Service guys the mentality that they have built even see themselves as entrepreneurs. Janine I don't even think I don't even think that's a word that they use and they are. They started their own business incorporated. Business or out there doing it. They may be the only employee of the business but the are entrepreneurs and I don't think they see themselves that way. I think what Dave said about elevating this industry is so important because you have to change the mindset. I the fact that you are a business owner and you can be successful and you can get out of debt and you can own your home. That's a mindset shift that has to happen and I don't think even considered themselves entrepreneurs Dave I don't know your service Guy Dave. What do you think well? I'm looking at my screen right now and under our podcast logos does who's your boss and when you start out in the pool industry Just I mean literally you can go down. Get a business license. Get Open an account at distribution and you have a full service business regardless of your level of education training. Your skills abilities. You have that business but you don't really own a business you own a job and as you get more and more accounts you may have fifty sixty seventy one hundred accounts so you have fifty sixty seventy one hundred bosses and so The challenge that we have is when we start out this way. We didn't get into this business by the path of an MBA or so most of us are seis school education or slightly above So how do you get from owning a job to really owning and operating a true business? Being an entrepreneur. There are four hours a week that differentiate what you would call a pool guy or a pull owner cleaner and an entrepreneur. And that's in an article that your people are more than welcome to go. I have a special page on my website just for them and articles called. Who's your boss and it is a question. For the self-employed you are a solo procure. If you're a single person business owner you're a solo preneurs and I want you to to really stand tall that you are doing all the risk and you're doing all the work but there are four hours a week that you need to be working on your business not in it now. I used to hate hearing that. I'll be honest. I just despised when people say you need to work on your business. Not In your business and I'd be like what are you saying? I do not understand what that means. Okay I consider myself fairly educated at. I don't understand what you're saying to me. So what I've found out. Was those four hours a week that you're working on your business when you are doing. Promotions and Marketing Promotion is calling every contact calling new people. When you're you should spend at least now. This is minimum people. I have not been doing this. This week I have been doing a lot more marketing and promotion but one hour a week is just calling your contacts calling your clients and prospecting trying to call New People asking for referrals. One hour a week at these then one hour week. You're following up from the previous week when people didn't call you back or you felt like they ghosted you on Facebook Messenger or whatever whatever happened. There's one hour a week where you're just doing. Follow up from the previous week okay. The then there's the third hour a week you define see. This is where who's your boss. The answer is your calendar. What are you doing every day? All right that's the answer I've given you the the secret sauce there. I'm not GonNa make you read the article but but the third hour is closed the deal now. There's ten different closes people. Everybody made the assumption my classes that I teach. They're like Oh. Yeah I've got a soul. I'm like no no no closing. The deal may be all right. I got him on the phone wing. Can I have the next phone call with you? That's a close so then then I get these really fancy people. They're like okay. They're soft closes. There's hard closes. Then they start talking about the twenty different close as you can have. I'm like no. They either bought or they didn't. I'm sorry I'm very simplistic very practical person. That either bought from your. They didn't if they didn't buy from me. I don't get upset about it. I'll go call you in two weeks. Oh why don't you call me back in a month? Janine no problem put it in the calendar I will follow up with you in one month and then make sure you do it. Yeah I can guarantee you when they say the money is in the follow up it is. That's why I have ninety two new students. It's from all promoting and prospecting. I did last month. People now have time to pay attention to my phone. Call so get on that bandwagon last one the last hour so you have those four hours. The last hour is taken hour a week and educate yourself about your industry get better read the trade Articles listen to this podcast. Listen to people that are more experienced and have better education than you in this industry and I do Even to this day because guess what. The finance industry has a lot of moving parts. And I'm not educated in it. I was working with robots down in a laboratory. I was not working in money. And there's a there's a lot I have yet to learn so those are the four hours a week and talk about all of those in my article that you guys can have access to in download and print off and do whatever you want with it. Talk to what is the eight gates talk about the what the gates is well? That's just my name and my company. I could talk about it. But why bother? I mean really. It's just a name I slapped on a piece of paper into I could get into that story but no offense who cares who cares about business name right really what I really WanNa talk about or or help you and thank you by the way you're being getting asking not best on on you but really it's about these people that are a service oriented solar for Noor or maybe they have two or three employees. I really just want them to be able to make money. I want them to stay in business. And that's all my focuses. Today is on your people so thank you for asking about my company and all that but really let's just keep them in business just relating various about the name. I didn't understand what the what even means. It's a physics situation. If you knew what I don't understand it you need eight points of contact to understand where you are in a nine dimensional universe. Wow so don't worry about it. It's a key thing it also is. If you take an eight and you put it on. Its side its infinity. Yes oh I was just goofing off. So it's the gates so don't get too deep on that you'd literally when I went down. Nobody cares what your business aim is people. Nobody cares where who are they buying? They're buying you find. I'm buying David's pools. I'm buying his services because I think he's a great guy and he's not gonNa Fleece me right. You're not gonNA shred me to bits with his expenses. He actually's caring about my family. Like you were telling me before. We started recording. David you were saying. We're cleaning the key pads on the pool. I would never have thought to do that myself. As a as an owner pool. Yeah no you're doing things to take care of me and my family. I'm not even aware about so. Call your people. Let them know you're thinking about the safety and the and the health of my family. Yeah and tell me if somebody wanted to go to your website. You have a time you the website this is going to be. You know those. You're listening it's going to be on audio only be very beginning here so I wanNA make sure you can't see the screen that Dave and I are seeing right now which is great. Tell us about what website you have. Janine how people could connect with you to be able to You know potentially use your services. Certainly they can go to the eight gates and that's t h e than the number eight. G. A. T. E. S. DOT COM. And then this is very important for your people back slash pool pro and I have a very I have a page just for you guys where you can read the article. You can download it. Print it off do what everyone shredded. Put it in the parakeets cage. I don't care but you have access to that article. Then there is a business builder workshop module where you can learn more by clicking a button and that's a forty nine dollars course where I walk you through the article and all the systems I have for follow up for how to prospect. How you know that kind of thing. Then there's a little money symbol. There's a Lotta Green bugs. Ns kind of like a Easter Egg. That you have on videos and stuff like that school I like. I like secret stuff. That only certain people now click on that little green money. Simple and that'll take you to a secret archive in my and my web service done to get done where it's three minute. Money tips videos that you can just scroll through and learn more. I don't offer that to the general public and last but not least if you want to ask me a question for free. No 'cause no charge I want to help you. there's fifteen minute phone calls. You can schedule. And there's a button at the very bottom of the page for that. So that's just for you so you can go to the eight gates dot Com backslash pool pro just for you guys and tell me why you think it's important Janine for people out there who are struggling potentially with money I you know I I had that issue certainly ten fifteen years ago. I was really struggling. I was a single mom and I was working and I was in debt and I wasn't paying my debt off and all of that explain. Janine y you think why do why do people hesitate to get in contact with somebody? Who can help them in this matter? Do you think that there's some shame in it and they don't WanNa they don't Wanna expose themselves to what they actually have done wrong and they're worried about that? Why don't people connect more so with somebody like you? Who can actually help them. I'm going to use the story that I learned the reason. Why from a marriage counselor marriage? I have a seven different therapists in my contacts. At any one time I can refer people too because money is emotional in case you hadn't noticed a the number one cause of divorce is finances. I would you like to know what number two is sex. So we're talking about things. That are insanely taboo in the United States. You don't talk about sex. You don't talk about money which I find fascinating. Because that's all you see in media is money and sex go but but when it calls to calling someone up if you don't have nine hundred in front of the note they just won't talk to you know I'm kidding I hear you but it The marriage therapists that. I've talked to say this in one. Two three sessions they can get a marriage married couple to talk all about the sex lives and why there's a problem. It takes seven to nine sessions before they will start to disclose their financial situation. That's because that's where the shame and the guilt is and what's interesting. Is People like me. I don't care I I really don't care what got you started in that Downslope downward slope. I don't care how much debt you have. What I care about is getting you out of there so that you don't have to be there anymore where you're not feeling good about who you are. Let's get you into a better place. And if YOU'RE A business owner. I have a soft spot in my heart for entrepreneurs and this is why Part of my master's thesis. I had to read the thirty two volumes of Thomas. Jefferson's writings such as part of the college. I was in and when I was reading Thomas. Jefferson's writings around by volume. Eight or nine. I forget exactly which one he was writing about. If we want to keep America strong has to be through the farmers and the business owners so even the founding fathers knew the power of having a cool air quotes Pool Guy Right. I need you seriously the country and the economy needs you. And if you ever feel down on yourself because somebody just refers to. Oh you're just a pool guy. Just shot chalk them off as being ignorant and let him stay in their ignorance. And you just remember who you are. Which is founding fathers are relying on you to keep this country going and I'm not claimed a Patriot Patriot card but I am in that. The founding fathers knew how important small business was a tree. So if you're not a farmer you're solo poor and you're keeping US running so thank you absolutely and I think too that even another guy that I work with and he helped me years ago to dignity credit building. I think people are digging. Credit solutions is a guy that I work with gene. And you know again people to shamed the to to embarrassed. Go to him and try to rebuild their credit because the he thinks that you know they think they're going to be judged based on where they got themselves and I think you have to get rid of that mindset those of you out there who either you know her having credit issues and you can't get you know what you need or even get a line of credit to scale your business if if need be and people Janine who actually are out there helping people in this way and and as far as finances and making sure you understand them and and are doing well. This is what they do for a living. They're not going to be looking all my God. I can't believe you did that and got yourself in this mess. That's not what they're gonNA do. They're actually going to be motivating for you and Make you feel like you said. Feel better about yourself when you get out of those kinds of situations. Those are very stressful situations to be. And maybe you stay awake at night because you can't you're thinking about it all the time and you can't sleep so. I think this is important if you really want to scale your business to. I think it's important to understand how to do that properly. If you WANNA just if you WANNA actually hire a couple of employees or do whatever you want to do to scale your business. I think it's important to to get advice and have mentors in place that can help you with this type of thing and Janine. I think that's what you're trying to do and I really appreciate it. Oh no problem. I am grateful that there are people like you. That are mentoring the folks in your industry because I always offered to pay people on what this is what I found fascinating. I recommend it to your people when they hit that fourth hour a week where they're training themselves or giving themselves education call somebody who's a big pool person and ask for their advice and asked an offer to pay them so one of the things. I did when I was fifteen years or sixteen because I have my own car by that time when I was sixteen years old. I called the richest guy in our town. The town I lived in head. Seventeen hundred people very small in southern. Missouri. So called the richest man in town he owned half the town. I called him up and I said I'm a small business owner and I would like to learn from you. I would like to be able to own my own home and own half a town. You know Blah Blah Blah and. May I pay you for your time? He goes how much are you making currently and so I told them about my house cleaning business that I had in my earthworm business that I was running and I had tomatoes on the side to which he said how about you show up with a pencil and a paper and I'll give you an hour of my time and you do exactly what I tell you and I promise you you'll own your own home in twenty years. The man how totally correct so people are out there you. You offer to pay them a lot of times. They won't take your money the fact that you showed them the respect that you knew they were worth your hard earned money. They've been were you. Were they remember waking up at two? Am trying to figure out. How am I gonNA pay my two people by two employees right? They understand that and so reach out to these people who are bigger and business. Don't be jealous something. Don't be scared of them. Offered to pay them. Pay a fee to talk to them for thirty minutes and ask them your questions. It's the best thing I ever did for myself. And I really recommend it for your people as well. Bruce is great advice. Well things say it's free to pay for that. One didn't even have to pay for people did not. Well thank you so much. This is really great information. I WANNA go ahead mister website. One more time for those listen I WANNA make sure they go to the website for those of the need is support. Please look let them know your website again okay. It's the eight gates and you spell it. T. h. e. The number eight gates is G. A. T. E. S. DOT COM backslash pool pro because I want them to get all the discounts that I'm offering them. Yeah so make sure. You Go backslash pool pro. Yes in the online learning. I actually started taking one of your classes. I don't know if you knew that Janine but I I took one of your classes arms in the mid eleven avid start. I haven't completed yet. So which one is it the ten steps to abundance Yeth? Yeah that's the free one I offer and yes. You're one of my new ninety two people. Thank you for being on a minute to people in the mix. I hope it works for you. It's so many people I'll send you an email and give you some feedback unless you know how. I'm sure it's going to be great. Thank you so much for coming on with us today. We truly appreciate you service guys out there. We want to support you wanted. We're here for you know we. We want to support you with business tools and information. And that's what the goal of this podcast. Is You so much for listening and Janine? Thanks again for coming on. We truly appreciate it. It's great to be here. Take a new voice in the industry a resource for all education for you. This is pool pro. Podcast build relationships and share important news as we get ready for next backyard adventure. Who'LL PRO podcast backyard? Adventures are better together. Please take a moment to share like and review our content. With all of those that would be interested.

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