#304: The Last Dance


Augustine hosing this show with your host dog. Use Gino's took take the tint. Welcome back to the losing the show episode Number Free Zero four with me yours agonizing as upset number free zero four that before we start to show some housekeeping. If you want to follow me on social media please do onto a conference Agostino Zinger Augusta's a one word on twitter force last Agassi's Zinger from a million to Saint Andrew Instagram dot com focus. All One word. I guess there was one word not. That's out the way in which this show of course subscribing the commodore. If you're listening to a podcast actually please share the show. Cupid five are typical findings discovery. Just like you have not only go so here. We are plea. I'm hoping I'm finding in good spirits hoping that you're in a good place. Hopefully you're dealing with things as it comes along your way as I am myself era. It's been it's been been interesting. I think I've done that thing now. Where Pacific checking? The News like you know sometime in the afternoon once a day and in about resume day. There's not really much update. You have that a checklist sometimes. Don't trump Larry ously kind of going out the president with him. It's just turned to this. Really Weird I think some polit- some people who have fallen porteous causing an. Im would have probably hoped that this crisis the best trump where you would have been acting quote unquote presidential. But if anything is basically showing that he just doubled tripled down quadrupling down and everything he doesn't like normally if I think now that you've gone to what he does. I think he just sits in front of the TV recording every trump appearance that he does but every press conference. This guy called him avenue group top of check or show. You actually confront him. Aren as it iron group off. I'm going to say he probably volks or something or I assume one. That's going to lead in places because he doesn't offend of the Odor Donald at this guy. He should for them on this program also. He's he's handled with a T R U P. He a are so. Are you a report? And he has a journalist Vauxhall Committee whatever she does this from sharing on screen. Got All the press briefings that trump with us from the White House. He says she gets all the SCREENGRABS. Superheroes rupees wasn't always computer live on the ESPN probably by clipping up interesting questions and quits and all that stuff and it's just interesting to see how competitive trump is hoping instead of it being a time to galvanize the country even even if because. I think some people were saying that most of the reason why he's so combative is because he's worried that this crisis is going to lead to him is going to damage his reelection bid for next term which is understandable. I guess there's some respects I I know we'd want our leaders to be more altruistic to been more selfless but really truly man or woman if you decide to enter presidential race you're pretty sociopathic right. You have a pretty large ego in your quest of Senate in some regard if you think you should be the leader of the free world especially right or you should be a leader really saw nation state right you something in your brain wiring. That means that you're not your average everyday folk so if you competitive press conferences if you have these widow personal personality takes and stuff and I don't know I asked. Context is making a graze creatives most fantastic artists people who wanNA leave audiences in all dead ones are. I should be left to be widows and you don't want to iron them out in tournaments like a boring Liverpool Street. Why because our our in the first unit you wanted to be as weird as possible so the fact that trump attacks opponents under reminded but you would afford in this time of need when things are going crazy and visible via invisible enemy. I think that he's at war with you. The four tries to be a wartime president in a US. I would partisan Bush government as a country and if anything that could may be helped him could have maybe help to slice on because he defended that he's probably worried about is that his base is. We're going to back a minute right busier fans going to be going to be a fan. I guess he's worried that because I think from reading between lines and just repeal of people say he's opposed to didn't win the popular vote in the state Senate what he was facing gets Hillary. Hillary won the popular vote as just from a population. She got more votes in favor. But then you're meant to also get votes vendor was con- Congress or whatever people that say no see so why an older wrinkly you've been together for them to write in is couldn't politics dude but if that's the case looking at in he might be worried that because he lost the popular for the first time around because this is happening in my affected over popularity with a nation of rural because it means that Madrid want but he was able to finagle the system and games off of the C. Cool did it. He smashed it but if this is happening people already taught blame him for it. What you think. Even if you're an ardent anti trump right orange bad you call me and says his four. I think everyone's dealt with it pretty polio. Apart for maybe two or three countries. It's not been no one's got no one's going east already right. Everyone's kind of good ones probably at best like a C. Plus Ri- Oil. Loa be done that well so the fact that he's had some missteps here and there he shouldn't be chastised for and again. You complete him directly for this virus. Come into this. Oh go into the states wherever it may be but yes just funny to just to see how combined somebody's price per junkie's arm and our show one dimension can get one up here is kind of one clip. It's just always been oxygen on. What is a nail salon so the caption is ox? How it's possible for Topaz and Jewelry Open. Burke says if there's a way that people are social services and duties fees and they can do these things. I don't know how Tattoo Art on this because the people of Atlanta wants to hear from you as well as much as they want to give their governor continuously honey you successive safely hair salons and nail salons and Tattoo Parlors. Where people were. We're this is enjoyed inherently close together. I think what I've been trying to communicate over the last several days. It's it's really important that the governors and mayors communicate critical information to their communities and show very clearly the data we remember wanted this data and evidence based the data that took about all this. Some critics are saying that you are using the virus in this crisis to follow through on that promise to reduce legal and no no. I want people that are in this country. I want our citizens to get jobs. I don't want them to have competition. We have a very unusual situation where something came in that. Nobody has seen for many many decades. Probably one thousand nine hundred. Seventeen would be the closest analogy. You look at it when you look at the contagion. Kind of contagion. We're talking about so no I'm not. I'm not doing that at all. I want one. But there's good ones we just took the lines the by condition you check out yourself and finally pays funny He to heat does with this stuff on it. Puts it out there and you can check and see if you're Orangemen Patio and they let's move on. I'm going to quickly go free all actually. There's a few bits on four of interest to find it whereas a hall on just to get some Cordova Outta weight and beginning. So there's a SIP planned. I bet she stumbled upon which is From Harvard get up on a plane. Such have here bevery once should probably linked this properly say done easily. But yes this is that there's a roadmap roadmap for pandemic roller right. I'm pre- interested about this because I think a lot of us of kind of glean from what's happening it's going to begin is going to be a long time before inskeep out to know how they were prior to this whole pandemic but I'm interested to see how different countries different governments decide to get people back into the workplace and also live in everyday lives and it just how do happen and also the changes that are going to happen into some everlasting changes. Oldham to affect us for decades. But just because usually you see it you know it's easier to show something donald to restore something for the most par. Anyone as front of House party where police shut down and restarted again. You lose a couple of people here in the vibe kind of dies out and it's never the same because if he's GonNa get closed and same with apply for country being shut down so there's interesting approaches that they're doing. There's this paper. I recently saw from Harvard. That's essentially of road but the kind of details a plan that they're trying to go with and there was one bit. I four here. That was really interesting on track. Get UP GUYS TRIPS. That the the the the copy so this is the this is planned. I found the second. Burma for Pantomime residents that kind of essentially gives I serve an idea on what we can expect how we can expect to go back to know more. So if you're listening to this you've got phase one two three and four. Which essentially one is where we're at now in. May and then it goes to forward we are basic your back up and running do with the fact that we love best around August so my initial estimate of it being September kind of is late true to bear but my overall skeptical kind of this war particular to noble next year like spring. Because where I forget it was you know W A COUPLE OF INDUSTRIES. Doug get take time to pick up again. They won't be around the people supporting those business in the first paid off. Because I'm sure there'll be an all people that's that'd be like you know what services over on a local restaurant with a support them in out every every night with my friends family and reconnect song. Get this money tipping well about these really cool things but there's GonNa be a few people who also kind of hesitant about heading out a little bit worried dig into maybe tell their friends or their family members the award and they have you know some sort of trepidation behind putting themselves in that kind of environment that all over the place at risk. So they're going to take some time to get breeding integrate back into society in the usual way they were before. And just some people are just gonNA newsflash out. There'll be some people who are going to move away who decide to Strip down on Extra curricular activities get back to the bare minimum liver quote unquote. Minimum is lifestyle. That's going to impact so I would say personally just you know If everything doesn't go as plea as we want it to go and if there's a second peak and saga forbid another epidemic comes out of nowhere? I would say for to get back to you remember as no more quote unquote definitely next spray. You'd see a probably less people are about wearing face masks whereas hit between now news of the year you know. See Everybody afraid to touch. Everybody wants to answer to Everett shops. People find because almost closer than people face masks gloves people sprang the air with fucking Lena Air Freshener. Shit antibacterial spray is going to be a man. This is happening between now and don't be surprised to see. I feel by spring. People would have chilled out. They've got a system and people. Don't be mobile expert. I fought the plan was a pretty interesting. About what businesses are. You Got Phase One. You've got stabilized. Essential Sectors one point maintain social distancing you test tracer provide support isolation and we train people to replace essential workers experiment with testing phase to expand essential workers expand the singer workers to increase short medium and long term needs addressed continue shortening social sector whether five social to expand social which is going to be difficult because of course should not included in the month of June. They're going to be people who are going to be tempted by the way especially under London is known for Pretty Shitty wherever and it's raining and whatever may be but it's been really beautiful these last couple of days and this already testing people patient so that month in the middle ever mentioned that June is going to be the one where it's going to be really crucial that people kinda knuckled down and band together because already you know. We're just approaching the last week of April coming up now and people are really suffering. Everybody get tempted to go out. So con- CDs Holding Holding on to accommodate kind of this for people to be maintained with May and June still coming up in July and then you hit interface freeze says in created their homes. So that will be when everybody will be allowed to go out but what media businesses will be back. 'cause that's won't be curious about four. I call it. Open the floodgates again if they start streaming that's why I wasn't sure that they would put live events back on again before August which is the date the FAA telling or the fails Europe or something maybe a Europe European UEFA my battalion the permed football around the world that they want to restart commissioned August so that means pre leaks is necessary before then right to swallow the places would make sure that whatever duffy. That's going to happen you. Would you have music really now? That Netherlands the Dutch lead Busy of supposedly spohn entire season career office null and void because they won't be able to start up before September so it was my. It was kind of hesitant on. My kind of suspicion was was a very short will be able to live events specially string them on. Tv or whatever will have you know. Remember some German chairman saying that they were going to have screens up around the outside of the stadium and have caused pogs in a copy. You know that does all schools cinemas in America. We saw by driving in a car park shared which to me now in public may be peninsula event. Baffled JUST CRAZY. Kind of breakout base of distancing measures. But if they can do in tandem they can do the kind of reducing the if they can take off the shackles. Say Hey you guys can come at your houses before the season starts can make it easier. You don't get people getting tempted to run out before the restrictions lifted but again who who's going to be out because you know I don't know you have to be sure how this Bryant for a drink to go out too busy bar straightaway. Now there might be a period of like `isolation for yourself just like make sure you're okay to come and give me Shaw. Few drags its actors the answer the killer and so is it. Rats newcomers that so sophisticated now or that exposure to expose the sophisticate traps or poisoning systems. You end up getting a bit more smarter. So the rats in the subway of the verdict way of are sending their more. We could Bridgman and sisters our in front to test it. The food that's laid out isn't covered in poison away with. Maybe so that will happen in hidden for us to humankind where people would be like. Let me let the dregs Lula over excite people go out I let people hosted people catch it again and now come on his toyed or there's some people just like you know coming is around so that's one s Jalozai late July here so ends their homes psych mobilize enough a ten percent workers sector recruit community and social service agencies to support communities in need temporary electorally relations allow certifications nature. Landon four you've got the four pandemic resilience for ten twenty percent of home offices reopened scores kind of kind of picks up again which is kind of August time and again is then depending on the peak not being as harsh as it has therefore costing some crazy thing that we haven't factored in coming into play but that out quite well I think for anyone that's involved Music's finish experience. Y stuff like junction to you know. That's all supposed to be cancelled because they could probably go away with pushing it back to August but he's still have to get equipment and get the people need to work on. You know that sort of stuff get a license is done before the Augusta anyway. So with everything being shut down and people working there he could pass each make it. Too Difficult. People are postponing. Because I'm sure all of them were under the assumption that you could potentially do. An event is the timber tug of Buck. No guarantee you can have people come into anyway. That's the thing you have to kind of keep in mind because something's open especially so that gives me the idea that again is going to be a need for of underground the most important open-air illegal quality just kind of fill that void for the time being for the people that don't mind in the Quintessential Standard Club. You have to pay it and tree in the security as balls and stuff and toilets. They'll have to win till delays September to get go in regard and then. I'm assuming there'd be. Some cycle are able to tore toward the end of July stone. Kind of do that first couple of shows. I'm assuming depending on where they go in the world democracy no more relaxed laws and some Southeast Asia. Might WanNa yet. I'm happy New Year to you. Might see you might see a big remember. When will the Middle East countries say countries have? Was it sometime last year? A distant festival peggy. Dj Deputy Green of anger because supposedly guys don't have the best humans rights record in the world and she took that payday right. You've been pulled that stuff so I'd imagine they'll be of Southeast Asian. Who Festival organizers Paul? You propose putting on events in the hopes of Of Help into repaired image of Asia worldwide nicotine as much as some you know Western based european-based as a people are upset about it. Fortunately the narrative that we have going on moment now is that you know this virus or spunk of China because you guys eat batsmanship so because of that is going to be a concerted effort for no of course people that live in the western side of it was to the side of the hemisphere with descent to educate people to know what's really happening. I don't know present different point of view. Maybe not you know from China your career. She is going to need to do all that. And then there's going to be an infamous countryside to to make sure that they have those people coming in a place. I Bali in a place like Vietnam. Singapore place like Thailand China even to a certain extent. David heavily on that. Toryism money coming in year in year out. So you can't at that dribble especially people then decide to take your manufacturing because that's a compensation to that were too interconnected. We need to put away and having manufacturing return to our countries. Which is something probably. I'm sure won't probably end up doing the nosy she actually cost to produce the NBA. You know what fuck that is. Just a deadly and wherever else via that news Move on a sort of was interesting. This is really cute. That was this video here. This little kid realize that driver train you to recommend his put up to check out at that age. Trains are the best in it. Pleasure out the tiniest feelings are super cool. That was one and then of course on the flip side as a video of Philip Seymour. Hoffman fallen cover of car and other for Mattress Company. You hear about these things from him especially innovates Comedians who You know I think especially pre podcasting days where they sort of had to make a name themselves to get more communicate which is always a weird thing how those entertainment she works and I understand you know what to be a star and went to game about it but how those guys managed to convince Comedians. The best way to become to get gigs to give them to laugh at your jokes. Give Bio tickets was to like do stuff that to jokes right of his commercials will be an extra movie or doing voiceover. Works had nothing to do rb funny. They somehow convinced that was great. Nate to parlay into your stuff is just nonsense whereas now they have been you know. Maybe it's just a person of happy April too graphic stuff like this small. Did learn how you can just record yourself doing your act of fucking around on vinyl top wherever maybe helps people help to the way that you're funny you've got something about you? A back in the day didn't have to do that right camcorder back. And they were five grand or some shit but yet they managed to do the whole and in the other thing too. In commercials also adult does a lot of money attached to them to in pre social media to your way to kind of get your stuff out. There was to have teeth these. Tv versus TV or TV at spots. Sometimes the bad the primetime the more premium you'd pay but sometimes you could stumble upon a viral hit that would resonate across the country gets free press Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah and. Still the shit ton of vacuums and usually it was it was kind of been really nondescript places that had the best budgets right because you know they were making money hand over fist so. I guess it's Mattress Company to decided. It was a good idea to game to play guitar which I didn't know you get up early in the first place. Entrepot some cars or refit jump on mattresses parked on the roof is so funny. Let me get the. Hey this is Dean trumbull for the mattress as queen met a three threes. Hey this is Dean trumbull for the mattress man. Give me a call at three. Seven zero zero four sixty six for a limited time only. Dd mattress as Queen Mattress sets for ninety nine dollars and King said for one twenty nine you bounce on bouncing off. Just fucking say it helps. Because they know room hazard that he was he liked to have a good time so he might have felt it here in it. Crush as Econo- falls on the floor. I think he felt that all the way. Twenty nine like a Miss Poverty Qatar but that is definitely something that was going to end. Did they did run for that. If there was a rehearsal. But how else would they think is going to end? H- you'd have had to jump closest to the inside postal said when he jumped again he added on educated parents yourself was he meant to deal with just jumping in and what. I smile like. What was the end of this treatment and the guy says she runs weapons John Shit man? You Okay Fred is going to have that Guy Stuff. We gotta it got. Maybe Fake Obama. Christ is insane. Peyot can you? Can you do anything for the old exposure? Move on here. We have steph a freeman tick talk to. I give a shit about this. Really not particularly with challenging with this go with Steffi Freeman decided to make it into some sort of opportunity to attack the black race which. I'm very angry about Donati. Give ship out on. His book is a challenge of some sort of Missouri right where they were CDs. How does she watch this myself? I see what they say. Hey today we're making eggers said okay. So they're always gonNA leave it or put the camera on the words just above it so it's to goes to just kills this couple. They're in a bathroom as this challenge. Where they think you pretend to make some fake right so like taking the pace out those instructional cook Mike hand comes into frame something important so they stalled with d-actually dish. Would they want to be a paper? Din wetering as you heard the guy say and they poll being the ingredients in Cup to cup on top of which different things and visit players. I have black critical X. Next we have don't have a dad. Yeah Yeah and then. We have eat watermelon and fried chicken next. One is a make good choices. There's nothing there next. We have rob people specifically whites. Imagine Madame how in being able to have these kind of views boil inside of you and then also have the guts and the gumption start doing dancers onto dot gov is inspired but black popular popular backing music. Whatever may just wild in it like Magin come from somewhere right parents. Anita was you know I assumed Jews onto. Don't fed to own household. Everyone gets in there right. Wherever's Asian Jewish people wherever you will get in a household God Almighty they do that. Last one is go to jail. Okay so I guess that's the video so she's a. She's a senior that tense. Carso get into with as best you know. I think when it comes to cancelling them nobody fan but understanding. Mama's ideally people saw tagging her school. And she goes to call Carrollton School Blah Blah Blah Blah Georgia to has a very big population black people. Wow okay it doesn't and so anyway I I don't. I'm not really cancelling harm. No Fan of people should be allowed. There should be redeemed so everyone makes mistakes but I do. Vinas this something when they occurred. Just so that you're allowed to have you're allowed to have an emotional reaction to it now. I won't necessarily do it myself. I am going to be the one. Tha CAULERPA scorned dog. Someone to get rid by the people that filled a need to do is to civic duty right to go ahead and tell the school contacted being the emission person and get up some day. I look intels tools to do this at a copy on I get it the year. What a mistake to make especially now when everyone that home England time on their hands. Everyone's on social media ever going to see this. I think PRI- she probably could go away with it because I've come during the week of some rep again being seventy six person. Hollywood game seeping with somebody else that something could happen in the Newsweek mosque. This kind of you know random. College decided to go into a racist video making rent with her boyfriend in some small copy of planet. That would go on the rubber because it was a hub license that fund to do you know what I can make good use of my time. I get one over on. The white man is holding me down and get these fucking racist office platform and seem so what guessing by what the follow-up up was so that's the video of course in the Fonua. Was this apologize. I think it was too lavish taken away from US scholarship. Some of these screen shows quite painful to read it can ear fracking terrain. Voice again. Biggio you have to if you want to do the consequences so this is a post that I found from Wilkinson. Cherry is a crazy. How steph Hashtag definitely Freeman has changed in terms of take this as a PSA to call raises? Why PEOPLE TO RAISE? If you're not racist apply to you just because for five is into office doesn't mean that you can help you. We have no problem ruining life but she didn't. She didn't actually read it. That's a funny thing. She did it herself in imagine uploading it took for my people have got their private snapchat story. Things leaked online rights. Or what she did she think this Sonnino. Pf but this one screen show. We're looking at here. Where Skoll Stephanie Freeman says? No I'M NOT SORRY. What do you want me to say? The hell and then next person on the the common of took says at least my dad can play compared to have his whole finger away which is more than I can save the farthest negril woody. Jesus she's firing hall the end bombs in IT EXCRETES. Shit here we go of course. The contrast in the flavors is finding especially when it comes from people who know more average day people when they actually united severity of the issue. Because I think when you're that young you don't really know you're doing right. She's no high school. I don't know senior. Whatever she is right she's probably the twenty one years of age. You'll kind of bought at home. You've got nothing to do. You got you know you have these rates force anyway. I can understand why you might phoenix funny kind of emotional group of friends who also bags and scumbags whatever but you don't necessarily realize that you don't think five dollars a head you don't think about weapons next and you just think about the accident itself. Which is the high of immaturity but the contrast these two screens? Let's just frightening right. You've got this massive paragraph and you've got these quick on the previous online equally he's quickly. Oh no semiautomatic. Make you go away. So the second one of our apologize and says I want to apologize for their perm video. Posted a name. I'm wrong? It was my perfect is racist. See a stray frogger boyfriend in the bus. Now may use my boyfriend's racist and he slowly normalizing racism on me year. When did racism turn into some kind of the -tising charm? People did to somebody. Right usually are the dating somebody and they happened to drop some hard R. N. bombs in your presence in a derogatory way or even in a good way right. Just you know if that person wasn't black saint kind of thing around you you would probably twist you headed up. What right and then you make a face difficulties ation about it. And then he'd slowly but surely Oh shit this guy's in the KKK. And you make a decision. Do I stay do I go? But it's not something that you kind of get convinced about like okay. Paypal said why. Are you saying that would for this? Don't worry we'll talk about it tomorrow. This go by tomorrow. You will not find out what's going on right now. You could be living with a fucking murderer so decided that he somehow slowly but surely in a man what you could hit its highest Believe in these four and you know was somehow playing these images of luck aggressive Black people in prison being people up in some are trained to kind of hate. The this is insane really is really bizarre especially conditions in Georgia. This time around right like I don't get how you can suddenly build up these weird closet in up shoes lacking what it is. But let's go to apology Stood I should never have let him. I believe black saw human to all thanks. Darling made it. Image of Christ Bring Jesus. Imagine in one paragraph or a couple of lions. She's real boyfriend under the bus. She's giving us the benefit of we are human. That's nice of her to say. I didn't know that initials Jesus Christ's disappointed. Good okay cool and I want to apologize. I think God doesn't apologies because racism is my future and no one station ruined it. Yeah it should. It should don't like when people make mistakes if somebody ran someone over if you're if you actually run somebody over Diana's Caitlyn Jenner. You prison right. That's what should happen in it. But if you got the money and you know judges you might be able to get where they used to have that in a mark on New People know that you ran someone over and diabetes struggles to prison. So you you have to live with the fact that people know that you did. It is allergy in people. Know you did it. But you know he didn't do it but if you're a regular civilian and you do something either you decided to kind of go over to your ex's house and bludgeon the X. And everyone else inside with a knife so hard his hanging off you. You are publicly. Go to prison. That is what it is. If you make a gaffe online that is really egregious prosecute the wrong way. You just have had nothing nobody apology. I think the parties are fine if you want to actually tell people that your story but the apology in the hopes of trying to raise what you did so you can get your job back will get you know whatever may be also. You could make sure you don't lose out on your brand deals. His reese comic because once you do discount by keeping you should be scumbag enough to you. Know what I want to say is I know Zach you. I said if if it costs me this new gave it cost me presenting Gig on TV. I don't care because I want everybody to. I hate inwards cool do it? But then once your job goes away. Don't then gone incidence crying and apologizing. Say You may want mistake now you just. You knew it didn't work out for you because it matters defeat start backing you up as she most of the people online social those sixteen year old white goes into deciding you know or has really funny to make derogatory videos. You know based on your color of your skin on anybody in the World Asian wave may be imagined. That becomes what. She didn't apologize where we wouldn't so you because every few years port on if your fee and again you said your dad is rich cousin came to Saudi up anyway. I want to apologize. Please don't contact my college too late especially if you mentioned it there in the first one was going to do is contact you call. It is my future. Imagine what people are doing that. Probably calling pretending they're fucking Fox News or some shit to add severity to what a mistake. It's my future in one mistake though is really if you did this once. You probably know things and number in my life. Also please stop of the difference again. I apologize the city Steph. Imagine saying that right and being upset. People are threatened to kill you. I will be worried about that. The last worried about sprint. Kill you like that's what you're worried about really you an incident. You're sixteen unit as part of the cost. That's what it isn't it that's like somebody's saying. I on a comment on the video is what it is excreted. Show she says He. I promise. Dedicate after serving God. Jesus Camp No. What do you have Treatment that is supposed to be what can convert people from gay to straight right. They don't have won two straight get which is interesting but then you have it straight. Gay supposedly right. Yeah these conversion therapy cancer. They go to. So why are they gonNa have these weird conversion cancer? Go to where they somehow make you like black people again. What they're going to stop saying next greatest hits and Shit and there's some squish auntie records and they're gonNA show you Powell's good suddenly like people who are promising. Dedicate my life to seven quite intriguing every human being thanks and I do not expect the public. Forgive me nor do I deserve it. You probably won't get universities but are pretty good. Focus imagine this pandemic retards praise in terms of us. Jobs making news precious family members and then he's also got this fucking go. Georgia prayed to God. Please let these people not very much again college because decided to do n would a hard off videos boyfriend fuck me. By one of the boyfriend is he's probably doubling down in eatery could afford cake feel to guns upright by pretty good. Forgive my sins. That's the only way we hill by do take issue who've wanting all okay let let tell us please. Hatred does not define the absolute tap salute fucking balls on this girl to suddenly tenant lecturing Azerbaijan. Hatred may remember the tape whoop threatening bullying. And cancelling me will not resolve the world's problems obviously now but this will of helped me sleep better at night right canceling. That would definitely help please. I urge to see different pieces. Sippy things she took it herself she meet the peace really in it for the right. If you call up the school go hug and so you'll probably sleep like a baby. You did your job. You are choirs lamb and this is telling you she also have peace. She told the Internet people. Have People get their piece? This is Russian. Tarragon people down if you give the Eddie inch and you decide to do the one that no-one likes right was be racist right. That's a one thing no one likes. I didn't tell her phobia racism. There's to be the cannot do online and pets pets be derogatory towards blacks say bad about Trans Georg. Queer people get cancelled immediately. She did two of those things. Two of the free wander free. It doesn't matter it's the poisonous free do one year out own my God and his son where people angry at me. How will rudy? My life changed. That it's not gonNA change anything but it's gonNA be really satisfying. My parents live on fear for my thighs. Affair was definitely should young in it. Everything that you did is what led to your parents have fear infinite life. It's you'll fall in it. That's why respected orifice much when he went on that tired against Kobe. Just like shutting down the PPI. Dis OUGHTA. Isn't it like you said you think double down live with that? So if if he decides street Sunday was up again and he just gets punched by some dude. He's knocked out you just delivered. It is what it is. You can't come and say hey. We have to be conscious of each other. Be saved was no no wrecks about somebody you have to expect to get to get some kind of Italian and when it happens you have to go out to the game by a call. Hold my hands up is what it is you start crying and telling and giving us lectures darkness life lessons. We didn't do the thing I'm just react until you did. Great in my life want change that my parents live in fear. Cool the fear. We don't care the loss. Once we show is what for the love of God stops sharing the video of my name and picture. It's too late my dear. You do not know what it feels like. I've never been discovered is just as unfair. Imagine you're stupid. Teenagers just going along with deep teenager. Stuff and Daniel. Lug is ruined. I don't know about you but when I was a teenager. I don't think I ever will be in play game where we start doing the N. word in unison. It's making the jokes. I don't know I didn't have that kind of growing. Don't have that kind of humor. Growing up Maybe it's just me. It says get ruined forever. People not caring. What senior hall. Why would you see how we don't know you like who you talking about what? You're likely like we're really like okay under the only defining you stupid video. Please stop sharing. The video is to lay. And I'm assuming I assume for the most part she's probably offense all right. The safety confined off on the score. Free too high split free man on this deal has gone. I'm assuming is GonNa she shied on shutdown up okay. Everybody's been them purrs. I'm sorry to any blacks that I go off and learn from a mistake ended plexus super bizarre story the same. I wish we she now was it. How is this anywhere k? Just someone told her to go and die okay fair enough but hey what can you do? She's done it she done for. She learned the lesson. I think. And Bloody Element is that gave me some loss. Good or betty loves that this move on but up up the LAS dos documentary. Ooh that was a good one. I'm sure some of you very start watching it. But it is really cool. Documentary available now on Netflix. Could lost dance follows the last season that Michael Jordan played for the Chicago for the last season was it. The last season for Jackson was there either way it was this season that they wanted to complete the triple free six. Nba Champion runner. And I'm it from the point of view. I'm not a big NBA Fan Just see the clips here and around forty by the rules ship. I assume it was. The documentary. Filmed an run-up today trying to complete six championships in a row during modules heyday. Now commit for coming if coming into as as a non Mba fan but also knowing that the power of Mike Jordan and what he meant to that organization the one thing I kind of stuck out to me was you know. Of course you know. He's greatness. I think that's something that you'd have to kind of you know. There's no way you can watch that and know be reminded of just how good this guy was from the way people talk about him to the way he's carries himself to just the way he plays. Rafic. That's the one thing you know is about the it'd be even if you're not interested in the actual sport or in the in the field of creativity are if somebody's playing the cello or do ballet ordering a play on On the big screen. Even if you're not a fan of those mediums right you can read. You can when somebody who's good at something that they're doing and whenever really bad owner just exceptional and just you know otherworldly. You can see even if you're not fan. I'm sure I remember doing this. I remember that happening to me when I was a building. I used to coach kids in my preschool and stuff and you start to know history. I remember were younger. We'd be a call. How can we didn't trials of big teams and then you hear manager sale? We can sport talent from likelihood years of four operas. No no way man number. I was sick sick now sick now but when you start coaching younger kids but she kids under five years old you start to realize note you know why they can tell because you can spot. A kid does six years old right. Couldn't wait controls. The ball the way he That this balance. He has on it to a runs his choice of pauses way. He hits the boy instinctively. Something's just teach just kind of go to give talent. Oh God given Kind of a orientation towards that certain thing and you have all you don't have it so you can definitely see that when you watch this last documentary on Netflix. You can definitely see even if fan of Cambodia. You can just see how good the guys competitiveness up against and especially your kind of casual fan of the NBA. I am. We'd only just like you know whatever's on you might watch it. You can definitely notice the people he played in this era. You can see them next to each other and you can see how easily or how ordinary he's making them look and then you realize how good they are and you're like are now. I get it. It's messy right. It's all good him. Skipping Parssinen some lowly team sorts of egos are coming to the burn about come to new camping skipping boss players. You don't really have any context then when Baselga and play a team that you often seen play Wiki we smash your league two pieces right. Measure of uniformity LIPOIC beater but different center five zero and suddenly see messy. Do the same thing. He does assess Vigo to live to political pacer. Okay court now I get why he so body regarded. And that's what happens. If that's how much of a you know. The mini is in that regard. You see how much of a winning mentality and that kind of competitive spirit is just. It's just everything when it comes to true champions and I think the good thing I liked about it was that you know Jordan. Of course. When he was a pump he was. It was away from social. Media was away from your smartphone so they will have room as you did his stories about him being of a Dick or for the most part. We only have to concentrate on. The Safi didn't call. You didn't have to really care about his extra marital life that stuff. He did outside of it he's friends. He's connections mango trouble. If he didn't read the city care because there wasn't enough context. There wasn't enough juice in that story. Where the press can we get? Information from League is Shit. Maybe does gossip sites one as big as they were nowadays whereas I'll say gossip has a prima bigger than maybe does cause magazines from back in the day right. They just you know people love to go on and just even get because they're now that landed in blood you know before gossip site will just be straight rumors and now as I am. Second News press release. They'll send out showroom and they also talk about what they might have heard on the scene so those things happen so I think because he was able to concentrate on basketball and we ought to concentrate on the stuff that he did on the core and you were able just to deliver especially the mentality had main stage of that clip of him play against the Boston. Celtics like fucking jail. They still lost but he he puts up like four nine in sixty two points or some Shane following game elect God Almighty Mandak. I was good. It was just the aggression of varieties player. Just absolutely freakish to watch. I like the section. That focused on skyping curfews. Somebody say they didn't get the praise he deserved desecrating basketball which is similar to what we say nine football maybe because the prices in transfers of just gone sky with seeing a lot of pressure pundits near Ucla of foot rectors essentially building out the team or the squad would have particular Gore image in mind and in fitting the manager to that particular playwright. Before would just be like again manager in charge. You keep them a blank cheque book. They sign one and if that doesn't work he has someone else in. Dade this rinse repeat but it ends up happening you end up in the squad like unites a few seasons back way. Descend up with various players from different regimes. Who PLAY DIFFERENT WAY? Who Different social skill set? Different attribute doesn't necessarily work by. If you're able to have this continued plan with the without the people at the top without maybe dimension. A coach helps a basketball. Does that quite well? They'll draft in a really big player. Someone retaliates only material and kind of put the pieces around that player to make sure they get the best of him and is the best for the team. And I think that's what he's The guy that Jerry Krause who kind of comes out of it looking at convenient to be on this. But he didn't really walnut regard. You is able to kind of recognize that they have this special one once in a lifetime. Talent in Jordan and in just fit the pieces of paper and we'll go love Undeserved hate because it was injured. I guess for most of the time but he also was. I think Jordan Davis is right. He's one of his best ever You need that balance the team. So that was really cool Of course Jerry. Krause Fan just goes to show that you know sometimes pencil pushes and gatekeepers. I usually the worst people on. They really by think. Povey part of the reason why he suffered a lot of negative attitudes towards finished even one show where they're coming to pick championship medals and share their rings and everyone gets caught out by the announcement and one's named gets caught up before the players from booze and as soon as Jackson's name. Everyone cheers is so that must have really got the fatty number. He knows that without him. I think vigilant came before. He's teed studies rain but he basically plucked projects now obscurity got the pieces in around Jordan in the second season or the property and after that to kind of make sure they will championship team so he has every right to feel as if like he's integral part though when is Asian but he tried to you know he was so maybe obsessive his ego so willing or surveys or get credit that he forgot that you know especially sportsmanlike. People naturally have a bevere hesitant to give any kind of organizational person in the present head of any kind of praise anyway really in it because they don't have the best reputation so when you try and go to war we wanted to you know once it lifetime talented say it just doesn't make any sense in it. I think he should have conceded defeat even if he wasn't defeated so early on just to get more of it. I don stand the idea of like telling Phil Jackson all no matter if eighty two games a row you're GONNA get sacked. That is insane but it's the same with four point but they do all the time. It's just such a weird thing lake and especially because your banking riot because as good if you do and then suddenly is still goes right and you suddenly somehow able to plug another Jordan out from the woodworks. Another team to go on never precedent round with another championship. Seven Fred. That's when it works. But that is the probability that working is not high so he was banking and look for that to happen in. The course it didn't happen in the end of the day. And then you know he passes away and everyone still faces village right so he didn't necessarily get the praise he deserved in that regard. But you know what can you do And then again I just think is to see how highly he was spoken about. Jordan is from his peers and people that played with him. I think the level of respect they they were giving him these flowers and telling us of award laughing. One person described him as a good. You know to happen to be paying basketball right. He wasn't human laughing that really puts into context. Religion astound wire of older folk. Who around when who to see Jordan play live wherever is in person on TV and also got to see Lebron life. don't necessarily entertain yoga moments of those guys being the Brumby. Better Asia's not an compensation I think everyone's willing to say runs bed dude human rights especially on the outside from what we know could. I'm sure I'm not sure about being a better human. When you're just showing us what you want to show us and stuff you know you never know. Moyes of thinking. That people are a lot more dangerous than they. Often people are being more than they wanted to be known. They can get away more evil newest stuff. They would do it so the fact that abroad screens the whistle doesn't really say much is probably cheering. We'll probably get more of you. Probably get more accurate representation of his character based on what the whole China stuff than you would do. And how he treats his kids. A needle took a chooses of Barbara godless overseas. Of course a better human being quiet than Jordan. A finger we can definitely agree on You'd be hard pressed to find anyone especially somebody not knicks fan or somebody who team that got demolished patrol anytime. They played you hard to find anyone. That's going to really say Lebron's better and I think that is testament to just how good level this guy is playing the sport and again it just even industry or in the con- hope inspire you to see this level of greatness to see how far he was able to take things just inspiring to seaman. And I like how to drop into time per week on so net flicks. I didn't know it was gonna be a Netflix stuff was going to be the con- scrounge around on. Espn to find all a torrent bias available now napping so watch I check and even if you're not a fan of basketball. I think these documentaries pressures they do the states on basketball and American football ever really good way of kind of narrative of storytelling. That even after my mom would really like to watch it like I mean they have a good way of doing some deductions for. Paul are very much geared at the personnel sits in for loops but these communities are they appeal to anybody could stumble upon which is what she ended. So good life lessons to learn for me The stuff about the the the cocaine cowboys wherever they will the cruise they had. How known for good again on the in getting drunk shit. I'm not surprised if we were going to real more down the line on the Shabbat I by the idea of Jordan being twenty to ruin seeing people also matters of an insurmountable back into his room and go at night so for me by also could be true. That could be a good origin story. That could be a adaptation of who uses the human. He was willing to sacrifice the early part career. Because also because now of course if you watch the TV you actually watch it as him sitting down talking to the camera and he's got a toll Toll Plaza fucking on these pictures. Right he's got tore tore gloss over differences when a data series bag Lonzo. Whiskey is full his dark this holiday mixture and now he's got the God took it very very freely so we have the data show to as a good a good mood. I regard to game to open up a bit but is quite coatings able to sacrifice the early part of his career. Especially when you're young to be Grazyna world so that he can enjoy the fruits of nature on. He doesn't look the best now though he released his eyes wide. They'll yellow and Shit. He's a he's a bigger older dude now right now. The people that high that kind of physicality the way he was pushing it to to limit is to take its toll on your body but I just I duNNo Majesty. Something admirable about sacrificing devices that exists for young athletes in early career. So that you could become you know the best Arab was and now have many as on people are still talking about you so it's GonNa in terms nor was willing to accept that Jay was even close to anywhere near you is a really cool thing to see and I think for again any sport or any kind of field you're in Hobart Malva and hope that you can replicate in any kind of musical whether you can I think and also the cut the really cool but is he wasn't necessarily regarded as somebody that was highly so often in college so I didn't know who he was a second know whether these kind of a God given talents from when he was young he wasn't here to work hard at being a he was your son for the kind of Trained HIMSELF TO BE. He Kinda willed into existence. Posters came out of women. He was shooting freeze He wasn't an around that he of course policies game that will stella he wasn't Jordan Alina now when he was included so wasn't to see so practice makes perfect of course but every. Check it out if you haven't seen it. Lost Dances and available now on net flicks okay next whilst we have he Unfortunately we have another Festival has been cancelled discord. The whole the whole was it. The whole United Queer One's even get actual article from resin adviser. But this look at. She put her statement and deliberation statement from Pope of them up. Yeah we had a lot of casualties of this panel. Making a lot of people have a finally commented. A realization allowed stuff that they would happen in between time not to give it back to normal. Is it going to happen and how much she most of Asia's Youtube homegoing costs and again like I said previously beginning of the show. There's no guarantee you don't come to anyway. So as risk involved these for these kinds of events delays wanted to kind of bite. The bullet is this festival code. Whole Unite Quickest vote which was in Germany. Kind of really cool saying I remember. Seeing the pictures around is somewhere in the countryside in Germany. It's amazing platform. That comes out. That people have dance on honorable. Zina's pictures around. So that's pretty cool said news regardless this statement from this is news. Maria actually is as Germany's whole unite. Of what has been counseled in two thousand twenty? A statement today is is need. One hundred thousand years wanted to keep the festival live and also can ticket bicycles at the ticket. They'll saloon she across the company on Friday and were Live this is actual profile. Say could see what they said. But it's really sad man. I think to begin with anyway. Let me just put hoping upon the effect and get it on the screen takeout so this is the actual thing itself as a follow in to that can get us. The furred wanted I I. Yeah I saw the whole community is heavy heart that we announce this year's edition of Hall Festival is cancelled. We hoping that the concentration would improve the recent news coming from Whatever places where Ferre policy's located restricts gatherings of over one thousand people until the end of August again Muslims? Just logistics knit. There's there's the dates. Obviously you want to put your finger on because you'll take a bunch of the results of the logistics of postponed because then postponing the setting up of it which is then going to still be over in the winter being counseling newest maybe they could potentially put the event on September but he didn't have still have to set up before then giving signed off. It's just a whole horror show which done this. Mvp shout to them for trying With trump wants to be of extension and strict social mission as this Germany. To right is what makes me think that the people that are wishing for Keno. Combo happens living in Google. Land by continuous is is one of the hottest provider. Saw the Boeing Sept- at this support steps being taken look into to flatten the Kobe. Nineteen curve because I wanted to date surface of what twenty one by still too early to know if we'll be able to organize Dan and what might look like. That's what I'm saying so again. All these things being postponed to the New Year is a little bit presumptuous but I think the stuff like Johnson has hub because I think my personal physical by snow from the spring of next year I mean buying a fabric suffer. It would be cool so dow be fine but postponing trailing now of course must have is for library reasons. They don't WanNa get you know sued by their showroom by the festival by the insurer This program you know clauses contracts and she'd have to kind of make sure they cover themselves with but I think if you're if you festival you're looking forward to engine New Year I would say you have to kind of Oscars of a question about supporting the festival itself and maybe not refunding. If you WANNA make sure their life one thing and you also have to come to accept the fact that it probably might not happen regardless of the New Year is just one of those things and it continues here A CD noise next one number. Two enjoys was. Oh No no. No one to decision comes step steep cost to us as festival. We've carried a major desk for our initial developing years. None of none of the previous editions have broken. Even which is really sad and really heartbreaking to see. That's bit conversation branded right. Like I get doing the love and if you see let me get the movie up here because I think of the movie was fucking gorgeous. See if I can find it really really cool Whole Hoffa Levy. They go from one thousand nine hundred and this really fucking cool. Plato Bev. If you're not to see but I play the screen. Hoops beginning turns out there quits. Evasions people dressed up. Amazing grace factor through this tried. That's the that's the image. Remember seeing people yourself on this little floating loafing that goes out to the water but imagine putting on this record into this left just so you could put it on for the sake of. That's that's what I mean about the beauty of the music industry or the community or the general putting on events I had history. I've safe-space with people who identify square ruin the whole scene to seven on just so they can have on not not make any money at all and the loss additions. Notice it quite creative statement right. They haven't broken even on any of the events not one not two. None of them were broken even making my loss. Just put them on this fucking insane. I've called a man like all the same and it's just again it from just at selfish point of view if I'm a fan of music festival I'm fed up because finesse finesse que- core by this little stuff. If you say non smoking area you know complaining about the Landscape Club scene. You should do something. Right Follow Marc Andreessen advice and build something as often. Don't criticize what do they do it? But there's a a real big. There's a big gap between that and also just for the sake of it. Just just do it for you have something there. Something exists that you know fills out void that you need in Sandy Nicole Verse Fan Festival. This should be making some nights. I think my point in this as as as Saturday's that needs to be a commission had with some organism propose about especially maybe some fat and maybe fans Tom People buy tickets ticket holders desert concession around like how you how you support people that actually are trying to make some positive change in seen trying to criticize basis. What you know. Are they grants available things? Because there's no way this event should be happening from the love. Someone's heart from their own pocket. I lost every year. They once one gets pulled off completely ruined brand. That should be on it. We should be able to pull. These people are doing these things because you know this is imagine. This is your first experience of a safe. Space flew in from another country. Now you're hearing this news. Right how close to your heart is festival. What how much does it mean to you right? Now it's going away because you know the scene isn't his people are more willing to go to these big ticket events he's crappy house events. You Know Uh sponsored by you know squatty corporate character than support people actually do. Things are ground level but he continues. Lack of financial reserves made the concentration impossible for us to face our which is really bad coffee with really realize now that this era especially at myself anyway I realize how important catches cash is king having their ability to dip into some kind of savings or some little bit mighty saved over is really helpful in situation where he don't know we can have come from so clubs and festivals especially have their beneath have reoccurring amount of ticket sales depending on. What's these nerve has to be? Some kind of this is why most places should be adopting a residence. Only you shouldn't be flying in fucking you know hun overcrowded Ricardo Villalobos play. You're stupid wine bar in brick lane. You don't need that right. It needs to local community. Come out fill up and give give give up tree to somebody coming up to do to see you grow any bill together as put suspending by John Carter. He's going to need to come back again the next week. Payne never do this so desperate concession with clubs and these events like hey give the time in this base of people that are local so that you can reduce your over fees. 'cause that's people coming up. They don't WanNa they don't they? Don't CARE ABOUT MAKING TEN GRAND. Cherokee can the beginning. This won't be able to play for a receptive audience so you get a chance to kind of cover. None have a horror people playing for way less than paying two or three people that needs to happen going forward and then you can save you. Money Point enters. That needs to happen too. Because again you lassen laws are going to spring up. Who's GONNA come into power and have different points of view view culture differently? You have to conditions in mind. This is again pulled out this piece of products with no corporate backing which is really commendable or major sponsorship support. Which again I think is commendable. But they could be some new way again. You don't use guests. Schifrin brands and companies actually are aligned with your value. That could be good as what's helped her knee because wrong. You're taking money from corporations and feeding it back into what you do. I think it's wrong. We completely set out right and you have cocoa of the building and has nothing to do with the Kotey represented would be against making some money Jerry and also making sure that it's tough sufficient least Eric because then if you're self sufficient and good this position you can in rely on the community coming together to finance an excellent very cool. They twentieth support we funded by ticket sales. Everything that whole is is Franks to you and he continued here hoping this away. They also refund machines really difficult. Nowadays people are just is warfare money by says even with our hostesses event. We have already in co-production caused copy recover. Gozo wants to pay our team of members and local incubators who have what hardware year preparation for the festival. Who have lost all worked for in the into a into indetermined. Indeterminate period of time does not cover up and doing some help from the government has been very limited closely insignificant. Considering our particular situation realism landscape is currently flooded with many please for funding the holidays we need to raise one hundred thousands of keep the home life. We need your help so again. If you've got anything from them. Deputy Supporters Skies This. Friday April fourteenth sent out an email to everyone dies already. Purchase tickets concentated refund. Form is also explain how you can make a donation. Should you be do they? Even small percentage of your ticket will be a great help for us. I made to access the whole community. Is there anything that will ensure the survival in these uncertain times this Friday we will also GICA funding campaign for those who have yet to purchase the ticket but would like to join the effort to keep Utopia live? Must One back you? We along to downside by scientists sunshine by treehouse bathing naked at the beach or make love your friends and all that must wait soon. We we revoked again on underneath the crew. Together United's one. This is time for deep soft expiration. Wants to to test a shrimp chosen families burtless communities peach out one another and shit love time. Measles is love the whole team. So Yeah The sky's hopefully you can support a vision to hope compensation fervor around the idea of how we kind of make sure these cubs. Don't get the show where sunny those clothes. Great under all we get some have onto a cash reserves government funding sponsorship. That's able to support them during a tough time zone when people have the hands and and we don't care we need to support because the last thing you need is for diesel independent woman. Who actually do the good work. Or God's work say being left out in lurch not possible future coming and then have the corporal people still alive me. That's not what you want. You want the computer stand most but hopefully things work out doesn't hour of the show shooting in as per usual if you WANNA learn more by myself at my site which is down below complex Omar social media surface on if you are washes you youtube. Of course make sure you subscribe punisher. You be nice if you're the type of course review and share your friends and family but until then take care piece.

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