The Gift of Acknowledgment


This is five minute Friday. Welcome back to the show hoping having a fantastic week whichever day it is for you. And I'm so excited about this episode. I'm bringing back Christly. He's a fan favourite now for those who Chris we is this your first time here, he's transformation coach leadership coach and emotion. Intelligence trainer. And he's been doing this work for well over twenty five years and hundreds of thousands of people around the world have gone through his trainings and help take their life their business the relationships to the next level. Acknowledge the strengths that people have like let them know give feedback be verbal about it. Appreciate knowledge highlight highlight what people are doing right. Remind people of what is right about them. I've a saying that I always say there's so much right about you. Because it's human beings. Our tendency is to focus on what's wrong. We look at our hair. Dull like it. We look at our body. Don't like it. We look at our results were always condition to train ourselves. What's wrong? You know, my ethic. Background my age my financial status. My sexual preference were always in judgment of what's wrong and most of the time when we communicate to our employees. It's too correct on something wrong. But how often we say? Hey, I want to let you know that pre sheet you I wanna thank you for for being so amazing. You know, think about you know, I've worked for so many companies I've nev- I've rarely had a boss that was in gratitude about what I was doing. Usually. It was no comment until I messed up then there was a common passing up, right? And say thing in a relationship, very rare except in the beginning and the beginning, it's me to me too me too. In the beginning. It's your great. So your love you. I love you. But wants to relationships in that comfort on very rare do people remind each other of what's positive, and what's amazing about each other. And so knowledge people strengths acknowledge, your family members strengths acknowledge your employees Strang's acknowledge each other's strengths assets. What you love about each other. What you appreciate about each other. Gratitude will create stars around deal. Love it. What is someone feels uncomfortable giving? Acknowledging someone you know, a lot of times, I feel like reason they don't is. Because they feel uncomfortable for their get over your ego. Okay. Yeah. I mean, that's all about you. Perfect. You if you're going to be a star maker, and you're gonna be a leader because leaders star makers, you gotta get beyond whether it's comfortable or not usually things that are worthwhile are out of our comforts, downright people should be aware of his to receive when people do practices when people do acknowledge because most of the times, I see a lot of people who can't look someone in the eyes when their knowledge in them or they're looking down or they're saying, no or they're not accepting it, and I think it's just as equally powerful you taught me this is the power of receiving knowledge me as well as giving. So and owning it. Yeah. Really? Appreciate that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So thanks for the acknowledgment, the star maker seven strategies to empower the people around you to shine. And number one is to get over your own ego and your insecurities number two. See possibilities and gift in others three at knowledge, the strengths and assets that people have let them know what what it is. Appreciate them number four acknowledged people's weaknesses and challenges number five offered to coach and develop them mentorship. Emotional intelligent, work with people to transform what they need to transform number six pay it forward encourage the people in your life on your team to have that mindset of star making and number seven practice it on a daily basis rigor and do it yourself. I think it's important to let people know and sometimes it's not only hard to receive it. It's a challenge to give look some of the ways we could practice it. It is one. One thing is with yourself. What you acknowledge and appreciate about yourself because being star maker you get to create starring you as well. So when the moment comes I don't I don't necessarily say that every single day, you gotta saturate. Authentic. Then it's not real another thing is writing it handwriting. Yeah. Was last time he wrote someone notes appreciating it? But. Yeah. Writing a no gift giving someone a gift just because today is Tuesday. I want to give you a gift why wait for a birthday? Why wait for holiday kick your boss gift you'll blow away or as a boss? Give a bonus to to your employees or give them, you know, a certificate for dinner just small little little details. Little gestures is a way to practice. Hey, guys, if you enjoy this inspirational clip from past episode of the show, then you'll love the free book. I'm giving away right now. It's called the millionaire morning includes some of my best tips for starting off your day with a millionaire mindset. Get your free copy at the millionaire morning dot com and just pay shipping. Again, check it out right now, the millionaire morning dot com.

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