The Thought Process Of A Hungover Sunday Night, Charcoal Toothpaste, and Springtime


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That's Lisa dot com slash Gary's for fifteen percent off of your mattress. And. It's all in the description of this various. And this week's episode. We're gonna talk about the thought process of hungover sleepless night charcoal toothpaste in spring. Suddenly you wake up. What time is it? You think? Sportscenter plays on an endless loop on your bedroom television. You're unsure if you're hot or cold sweat on your brow signals at something about your body temperature. Just isn't right you pure over at the clock on the cable box to thirty two AM. Thank God, you mumble to yourself as you adjust your sheets and comforter still another four hours of sleep before. I can get up for work after all the weekend is over Monday's staring straight in the face. You know, it to you begin to think about all the loose ends from Friday that you never took care of. And all the sudden there's a rush of blood to your head a blanket of anxiety lying there in bed. He will plot your life out while now they're being totally awake or totally asleep. Did I Email her about the air message? He received after lunch on Friday shoot. I can't help this morning because I have a block of meetings from ten till lunch. You find yourself in a wormhole that you need to snap out of before you lie awake until your arm goes off the work week. Officially begins. Think about something else you demand default thoughts about how great the weekend was hell of a Saturday night renew. Your head before thoughts of loss credit cards and open tabs place. Your thoughts of outta town girls and pitchers of beer. You wonder if you left your car to Saturday's final destination to devastate to entertain the idea of going over to your closet and checking your wallet for it. Totally grabbed it right right rolling over to check your phone the screen's brightness blinds you as scramble to lower. You ponder. Checking your Bank account before telling yourself you wait till Tuesday when your body finally feels back to normal. I should tech someone right now it runs through your head, but you can clue that your buddies probably asleep. You turn the television volume down to the bare minimum enroll over to the screens elimination is rendered useless. It's almost four o'clock now, and you still haven't gotten any sleeps into originally waking up. Bruce Springsteen's, I'm on fire echoes through your thoughts at night, I wake up with the sheets soaking wet. He sings and freight chain running through the middle of my head. You wonder if you'll ever fall asleep as you hit the sports highlights run. Their course for the third time. Now, man, this is really what the Sunday scares feel like you think for a few minutes, suddenly somehow five o'clock, and you still have yet to go to bed. Do you get up? And start your day. Do you go to work late and try to capture an extra hour of rest or do you endure? Then silence. Marimba begins. The plays you roll over realized that you somehow got an extra ninety minutes asleep that you begged yourself for just hours earlier, the monotony of your morning routine fast forward to your morning commute where you wonder what the hell you're doing you walk into work, and you sit down at your desk, you feel dead setting your phone on your desk lights up attacks from your friend, man. I slept terribly last night. He tells you I almost texted you to forty five nights a major scares. And that's when you realize that you weren't alone. You're never alone. I was twenty five years old. I started getting headaches that I really couldn't explain they weren't hung over headaches. Despite the amount I was going out at the time. But there's somewhat debilitating them the less. Deep down. I didn't have that many stresses in my life the money. I was making was fine. I didn't want or need a girlfriend at the time. And generally, I was enjoying my life. But there one thing that was causing me more stress, and I'd like to admit my teeth for as long as I can remember my teeth have been a sensitive subject, both literally and figuratively. I hated brushing my teeth as a kid and most of all hated going to the dentist. I don't remember. How long it had been since I've actually gone to the dentist. It had been awhile. My guess was that it was at least three years, but probably closer to four in those headaches. I just talked about they were really ramping up where my teeth falling out after place all them with veneers because my sheer voidance the dentist, I ran every scenario through my head until one day, I finally broke, and I called them isn't emergency. She asked in my head. Yes. It kind of wasn't emergency. I was convinced that my headaches were directly tied to my teeth despite never having any dentistry experience. Luckily for me and my mouth, they squeeze me. In the very next day while the chip away at the plaque and attempted make casual conversation. I'd come to the realization that I had about seven cavities when she scooter chair way for me. She simply said, all right. I'll done looks all good. I was kind of Stalinist. Nothing wrong. Really all this stress for nothing. In the days following everything seemed to look up my teeth had that smooth cleanliness at your tongue can't resist my headaches completely subsided. What I realize was that my headaches were actually tension headaches, the unnecessary stress at I was putting on myself tease weren't the actual reason for them. They work contributing to the problem. Ever since I've been somewhat anal about my teeth. I brushed them appropriately. I try to floss regularly and see a dentist every six months. But as you probably know from previous episodes of this podcast. I also like to experiment so-called health trends, it was about two months ago that I traded in my normal Colgate. Toothpaste and started brush my teeth with activated charcoal toothpaste ordering it from Amazon and using it twice daily. It actually kind of surprised me charcoal. Using a lot of wellness trends today facemasks shampoo lemonade. In terms of brushing teeth asked the dentist dot com claims charcoal toothpaste removes acidic plaque and gives us fresh breath, obviously and Borussia with this kind of toothpaste raises the ph level of your mouth because charcoal binds to acidic elements increases their rate of excretion from your body. Oh, and also allegedly whitens your teeth more in the regular toothpaste while. And while all that science is fine and dandy. I haven't really seen any severe changes in my oral hygiene since implementing it perhaps a little wider, but that could just be the placebo fit kicking it some casual operations though. Well, the first is that it's just downright bizarre. Brush your teeth with something that's so dark in color. Moreover, even weirded spit out the black spit into your sink the first time I did. So despite knowing what I was doing I kind of had a mini panic attack. Because I'm out that suddenly turned totally black on top of that you normally associate Minty freshness with green or blue colors rather than black charcoal. Even knowing what it smells like it's somewhat shocking to feel so Midi and fresh once you're done with your two minutes labor. The only downside I've seen this far though, you're spit, and you're sync are stained black in the minutes fouling brushing. And while the color of your spit may change with time. You may have to do some extra cleaning of your seeing giving us newfound color, but hey, all in the name of health. On and off. I lived in northern Michigan for the better part of twenty seven years while the summers remain ideal. The winters can be rough just this winter alone. My hometown has seen one of the snowiest in coldest winters in recent memory. My uncle once told me on a cold February day, I understand why people develop drinking problems up here. There's just nothing else to do when it's this cold outside in while. He was saying it somewhat in jest. There wasn't truth to it. While normally see in the I know fall sometime in October the following months. Incredible. The changing of colors the excitement of the first snow thanksgiving in everything culminating with a snowy picturesque Christmas. But then January heads it's cold. There's nothing to look forward to the holidays are behind you in all that you have left is the next three months of snow, cold and more snow beautiful. Yes. But it wears on you as you get to these months February March and even April of mother nature's really angry that year. I've discussed seasonal affective disorder before you lacked sunlight, and therefore you lack the endorphins at tell you rain to be happy one winter. I think it was in two thousand thirteen I decide to a dry February a cop out because it's the shortest month of the year. Maybe but I really wanted to shake things up for myself after the slog that is January coming out of it. I felt refreshed and I even extended a couple of weeks into March. Honestly, I don't really remember why I did or what I did besides go scheme to fill my time. But just like this note self even skiing day in and day out got stale. I learned for the sixty degree days when you could just bust out shorts and Shaath my pasty legs despite it being just a little too cold. Still I prayed for golf weather taking practice swings on my carpet looking forward to the season ahead. When the courses finally opened I relent loosely check the forecast hoping for anything above the thirty degrees standard that I got so used to and frankly, these months February March and April they were my least favorite parts of the year. Hell they felt like an entire calendar year. What's going on while I was going through them? But despite how miserable these months can get they are necessary. They make chairs the days ahead, those warm summer days when the only thing on your mind is we're gonna grab the next cold beer. Did I ever like going to work on his dark outside only leave work? What is even darker outside? No, absolutely. Not it was miserable. Just throwing a winter jacket and gloves every time you have to leave the house ever get easier now and does he idea of moving to a warmer climate creep into your mind every morning when you wake up and check the forecast. Absolutely. But without the beatdown that is winter it's impossible to squeeze the life out of those summer days at sometimes feel like they're never going to end while you may be reading the next month of subpar weather before the masters in Kentucky Derby upon us. 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