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You're listening to the daily sales tips podcast I'm your host Scott Ingram today Marc Shanke ss back. Usually you get just one tip a day but mark is an overachiever and he's got ten tips for you. Mark is the founder of Roi ten where he helped sales professionals get better at dealing with buyers and he's also the author of the other side of sales where he shares his perspective after fifteen years in procurement. Here he is. In the current environment, our lives have become more and more digital whether we like it or not. is also means buying a setting become more digital and definitely has some implications. To help you with this I'll share my top ten tips today that will improve the outcome of your virtual negotiations. Dip One. Choose your medium wisely. What are you're using e mail whatsapp phone feeder conference, or meeting face to face make sure you decide thoughtfully about two medium to use the all have pros and cons whether it's brought to the other person Richards of the conversation such body language. Or data management and time spent travelling they all have an impact on the outcome. Depth to. Focus on building trust people don't buy from people they don't trust. And building trust in a virtual environment is harder than when you're meeting face to face. So remember you to put an even more effort than you used to. Tip Three. Schmooze. Before. To. Meeting. One way of building trust is to schmooze before you go into the details of the negotiation. Talk about family the challenges of working from home or other non negotiation related topics as a way to build openness entrust this will improve the likelihood of getting to a deal. Tip for brief personal disclosure improves the outcome. Another way of building trust is to share something personal perhaps an anecdote about yourself or someone in your family. By sharing something personal you automatically make a deeper connection with the other person. It's almost as if you're saying I trust you by sharing something personal. So now you can trust me as well. That five discuss how to run the negotiation process as part of the trust building process. It's also important to provide clarity. By sharing joint agenda and agreeing on the steps into process you show that you have nothing to hide. You Build Trust as a consequence dip six. Don't rush her opening offer. During didn't go. Trainings, I provide would always advise people to put our opening offer on the table I. Since acts as an anchor for the other party this also applies in a virtual environment. However, in this case, it would recommend not to rush this step as it might reduce the level of trust between the both of you. Dip Seven Take a break and summarize. Like, it face to face negotiations. It's okay to take a break from the meeting, gather your thoughts or to align internally. When you do so make sure you summarize to emphasize the common. Ground Sioux chief together. Tip Eight agree what has been agreed? At the end of the meeting agree what has been agreed preferrably in writing. In a video conference, why don't you share your screen with the type of minutes Nemo as soon as all parties agree you hit the send button this avoids painful discussions afterwards. Tip Nine gift the other person of coal before you send the Nemo. Where you have conducted a virtual negotiation and you intent on sending a confirmation email at a later stage, be sure to make a phone call to the recipients prior to sending the email. Research has shown that doing this improves the chances of the recipients receiving the IMO positively. Tip Ten. Emails are often not read like they are intended. Linked to the previous tip keep in mind that there is no body language or tone of voice in an email message. So it's hard to read between the lines. Even, if you have to best intentions, the other party might not perceive it that way. There, you go my top ten tips for making virtual negotiations successful as always I welcome your thoughts, Epi negotiations everyone for more about mark in his book. The other side of sales click over to daily sales dot tips forward slash five, seventy one and we'll have everything for you there including a transcript of today's tip. Once you've done that be sure to come back tomorrow for another great sales tip. Thanks for listening.

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