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EP314: Blackhole, Beatles, & Bee Bonanza


And. I don't know what to do. This is this is a low bar. Sara, Sara is who I am. I can't believe you're back already. How long your tropical getaway or shall? I say Aloha to you were too Hawaiian goddesses now. Yeah. Everybody was like so Susie here too. And I'm like, no. But she's in Hawaii. I know just a weird coincidence so close, but no, wait. But I was jealous of you. Because you actually got to go in the ocean. Yes. Added more of an island experience. Yes. What was the deal? Why didn't you make it to the beach? So I was in Hawaii to do some speaking about sexual assault, awareness and treatment on military base out there. So my day was full of sitting in conference rooms talking to commanding officers about how they respond to sexual assault and the best ways to treat sexual abuse. Zahn base and past traumas and trauma, informed healing. And. Sues? It was awesome. Really? I had no idea. Oh, there's like a ninety percent chance. I'm gonna cry telling the story. Okay. I had no idea how much the military cared about this. And really, I mean, we think of I don't know. It's just me. I always thought like the military. You kind of think of is this big organization, and you know, or big big thing. And just like all of it is all one shared idea. And we'll and you think if stuff's happening they're going to cover it up. And it's guess, yeah. That is not the case. I met countless people who worked who are working tirelessly to end this. Who know it's a problem. And then people who have been in for twenty years who say it was not always like this. And we admit that it was not good. But now we are putting so many efforts into changing and the drill. Urgent that was their talked about her own stories and people were open and sharing. And so many survivors spoke out like in front of the other, you know, men and women in uniform, and nobody was ashamed of it. And it felt so so good to see that that this is something that people are really really caring about and I did not expect. I thought I was going to go there and have to like convince them their thing we need to care about. And it was like I had a two star. General sit talked to me and say tell me what I need to do. Molly say died. I died sues. It was he warded me with a met like a who's things called challenge coins. That like they do not hand out to anybody any like gives it to me. And like the secret handshake thing. All like, it was so cool. And I was like oh my God. Don't cry right now, Sarah. But just saying like, this is so important, and I'm here to like, you know, whatever you need to support you in this and to make sure that, you know, this is something that we're putting all of our attention towards and they have an entire unit dedicated to this called sharp. I can't remember Sanford sexual harassment something something something prevention services or something. And they I mean, it's this huge part that and they with a huge staff and these really well trained victim advocates. And I mean like, my heart was just exploding. The whole time. Oh, that is sure. Validating for you. I'm Agean so much. I just had this realization that like man, it's a really small pool of realities or people who are, you know, have some bet on TV or somebody knows who they are who are open about sexual abuse who are also trained and informed in this subject and have the credentials, and I'm like, I need to be doing this. Yeah. That has to make you feel really proud. Oh, yes. It did. And it made me feel so good to know that there is going to be a change in the culture. I hope you're right. I feel like that it I know it when you're in it, and when you see it, and when you're there, I know it I mean, like the the water bottles that they all carry around. Now, say not in my squad, and like you have a number for like sexual assault prevention on it. So this was a big problem though at one point. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. We just is there particular thing that's high risk there. Or is just like across the board. Like, it's will there are a few different things. There's a lot of there's a lot of past trauma people who join the military who not not everybody shut. It is often that they're they have passed Rama whether that be physical abuse emotional abuse sexual abuse. Because. We talk about this would I believe we've talked about on here before the HP access, which is this this, but part of like, your endocrine system or all of your hormones flow. That's really highly activated. When you're in a stressful situation, and when that becomes activated. You enjoy or you become more familiar and comfortable with high stress situations and things like, you know, are you live in like highly reactive place, and that becomes more comfortable for you. And so that that feeling would attract people to the measure worm? Yeah. And you can also get away. And yes, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. That was what touched my heart more than anything was that. This is a family. Yeah. And I was like and everybody was like the saved me because my own family. Didn't believe me my own family said I I can't talk about this. I'll bring shame to the family. So they deserve. Loaned me, and I came here. And so you don't want them to come to a place where they're going to continue that abuse. And would that abuse is going to be? You know, they're going to continue to receive it. So they're making so many efforts. And so yes, so it's focused on pass trauma. And and then understanding the grooming process at hierarchy and understanding power talking a lot about who are the perpetrators. They got rid of the term. Oh, what do they call it? They call it. The good guy defense where you're now not allowed to talk at all about how the person's like care. Yes. Yeah. Yet, which I love and they came up to me. And we're like can you add this cheer slides how they're not doing this? Like, this is a good thing that we want to make sure they talk no about two, and I didn't even know about that. Yes. For feedback at the end. I see that inevitably when someone's accused of something terrible. There's always somebody. That's like, well, he didn't do anything to me. And it's like, oh, that's great. But it doesn't mean you didn't do it. Somebody else or him. He's such a great guy. He's been serving the military this many years and now Shanta does Mattia. So looking at power looking hierarchy making sure that they know. Oh, and now they have this transition program where if you experience any sort of trauma, whether it's like PTSD, whether it's physical or. Emotional while you're in the military, then they have a a program that you go through where rather than just, you know, going over you good will know, then you're out of here. They try to rehabilitate you and work with you and give you the time to heal. So that you can go back into the military rather than just giving them like the papers. Yes. Yes. And that's so important. So we talked a lot about what the end goal is. Now the end goal can't be Justice because that's so rarely received. And how the end goal needs to look like it's it's his journey and process like long healing process that there is no blueprint for that looks different for everyone. And I mean, it was so cool to see all these like high ranking military personnel in full uniform looking at me saying like taking notes. Oh my God. That's humbling so humbling I was like oh my God. I can't even believe this. This is so amazing. And they're all doing like, they're also into it. And there's this great, and oh, we got such good feedback. And they asked to come back again in June. So rate. Good. We'll say it is kind of cruel that they keep having you come to Hawaii. And maybe next time they like can let us her. And right. Well, I should've just had it on an extra day that was option, and I was like, oh, I got clients to get back to. But next time I'll get my surfing in. I did have some spam masugi. So yes, we're one of our Hawaiian brainiacs tweet to us about that. She's she's from Hawaii. And she was saying how fun it was here. Talk about how good family soupy. It's so good. And then I was like trying to sell it to everybody else who I like talking to everybody about it. That's not for me. Like, no, don't understand. You know? What's an easy, sell though? What beta brand pants, easy peasy. They're such a good cell because if you wanna cute in become trouble beta brand or the perfect pants for us. So great for work go into meetings doing your thing out in the world. You wanna look proper and not like a schlub. But he's don't wanna be uncomfortable day. They have tons of different styles. 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I grew to sleep the word like I'm trying to break the habit, and it's super hard. And I am sick of it. You know, what I think those jars are really helpful for a bunch of stuff. Yeah. I'm trying to think like because I was thinking what when I'm a parent could ajar what I have because I care about swearing. Yeah. So I was thinking about what about a? Mean words towards myself jar. Oh, good. Anytime. You said any sort of thing like put down towards yourself. That would probably be good to teach. Confidence especially for young girls. Yes. Yeah. If you say one thing like, oh, oh my God. I look so fat all my heroic not put it in the jar. I should good to. Yeah. And maybe I needed that jar is a little jetting. Dude. That thing you tell people to do where you stand in the mirror until yourself. You love how was it? I mean, it was felt a little silly. But then I was like, you know, what this is a great idea. Good. It did feel like you know, what I do love her. She's great. And you know, what you know what I just love that. You did you did it in third person. I do love her. She's great. Yeah. That's what happens all my God. I've had this conversation. So many times in the past week. It's like the universe. Telling me something when we speak to ourselves in this third person way. That's like our executive functioning like higher, self brain. When we speak to ourselves like you so bad. I've you rarely say anything positive about yourself in first person. It's like the lizard brain. Yes. Yes. So that's how you can really get yourself out of it. If you go an ice baking like, Sarah, so great, or is it I'm such an idiot. If. I than switch it and get out of that. Yeah. 'cause you went crazy. You're you know, acquaintance, or friend or anybody, right? Wouldn't every time? I see somebody like tell me a story about what they were thinking. They never say all Sarah. You're like, you're such an idiot. It's always I was thinking, I'm such an idiot. But then when they say something positive, they're always like I said to myself, Sarah, you can do this. Well, that's interesting always happens. Right. I'm going to be more aware of that. Yeah. Let's just start doing some like an unofficial experiment. The the brainiacs should try it. Look in the mirror when you get all the shower, whatever. And just be like love you or whatever you feeling or want to feel and say it and see what you think maybe it will help you. And the fact that it's a little bit uncomfortable. Yet is a good is good. You get over that hump. Feeling of uncomfortable is the same feeling that we get when somebody gives us a compliment. Right. And you gotta desensitize like a. Yeah. Desensitization to that over you. Who would? It's probably why is like magic. He was telling me that when she's in Hawaii. She's always down with the wound stuff because feels more spiritually connected. Listen when we were there. I had to get my hair my roots done because you know, when that needs to be done it needs to be done. So this lady, and she said, what is your son? Think of and I'm like, hey, loves it. He just he seems he says he prefers over a wa who and he just can't get enough. And she's like, well, they say that the island either loves you or hates you, and so maybe the island has embraced him. And she had all this magical into it getting true. I love it. Because she said, you know, people believe that if they moved to the island, and they can't find a job or something they'll go to meet and have a conversation with her the island. It's like Milana. I love that we need to be way. More of that yet. Well, we love Jason momoa. Oh, yeah. We do. I mean, even the rock. These guys are enlightened men who are skippers, but their spiritual to God are the spiritual call it. Yeah. It can be spiritual all over my body. Spirituel? Okay. Wait. Okay. Let me stay on track. First of all, we've okay. Can we discuss whatever one wants us to discuss which is the black hole. Okay. Dang. That's cool. Were you super psyched about it? Yes. But here's what I didn't know that we didn't have a picture of this. I mean, we don't know about black holes. But I didn't know that they technically were just a theory. Okay. So he didn't have an actual photo of one. Right. They weren't theory, though, will sort of like they know that it exe-. Well, I guess it should say backs up like Einstein's theory of relativity like it, really. Like, this was something that they needed. Yeah. To prove that theory, like more correct or something. But the the fact that we I didn't know that we didn't have a picture of it before. Right. So this was a big deal. But to you don't we already have one of those. Well, yeah, I I was like, wait. What are we going like, I do deep dive? And then I found out. I was like oh dang. That's cool. Okay. Okay. And then so everyone is celebrating. And then there was this the moment when everyone started saying, yeah, we'll women did it, and it became this big thing. And that's when everyone started tweeting to us. Yep. And then it the tides turned kind of got weird too. I don't know about this. Okay. So. Everyone was celebrating that it was a woman and then simultaneously saying like a no one's talking about how it's a woman. Meanwhile, everyone that I knew was talking about how as a woman. So it almost felt like that thing where you know, when they introduce George Clooney's wife a mall and instead of mentioning him, they'll be like international lawyer Amal Clooney and her husband were, and they almost do it over the over. Correct. For all the times, we've said George Clooney's wife. Okay. That's what it felt like where it was like they were making tube. They were calling her woman's scientist or female scientists which annoyed me, she's not a scientist Christ. Yeah. For that. I don't like that. That does vogue me a female anything. I'm like just it's just have that feeling where you're like. Okay. You're making too much of a big deal about it almost like we were able to do it. And no one can believe we can do anything. Yeah. I get that. Then Pete the in cells and all those Dicks ale started to weeding to the male lead or whatever of the group of scientists and congratulating him. Instead a like intentionally go out. And he says stop congratulating me like we're a team, and this shouldn't you're just being misogynistic. And by the way, I'm gay. So I don't know. That's fun. So that was fun too. But it just felt like was this never ending story over this one picture, but can you use? I shouldn't say cute that how exciting was her face in that photo, right and so- relatable. Yes. Which is like I got I think. Got I think this isn't like it was so fun heels lake when you work on something and toil over it for years, and it's just numbers and abstract. And then there's a picture of this black hole. I'm you can hear it. I listened to just a brief clip of her talking about it. And you can hear the excitement in voice. Really? Yes. It's really fun. That's that. It sounds like it sounds like if you had a six year old or seven year old and took him to Disneyland for the first time, and you let them write a ride, and then they got off the ride, and you ask them what it was like. And I'm like, oh my God. It was so fun. I've been waiting for this for my whole life. And then when I went on it was even better than I expected, and then all of a sudden it was like business. It was like that. So yeah, I don't know, man. If you're like, a anybody who's excited about science in here that and know that you can be the one to discover something new like that's that. That's exciting. Yeah. And that fills people with hope, and and motivation, and they're just so much left in the world to be discovered. We don't even know don't stop searching. You know, what we discovered is? How much we enjoy using quip toothbrushes? Yup. Took it on my trip. It didn't take us years to figure that out. But we did discover it and on your trip. Did you take with you and cover it up with it sues? I oh, you mean the base thing. Yeah. No. I didn't. I we have a debate about it in her family 'cause you could get the mounts the mirror and use that as a cap, and I always do that and my son and my husband never do. And I'm always like, why don't you take the cap? They're like, it's. Yeah. That's what I said to land to and kept the whole base. So now, he puts it all back together. And scrutinze got like a whole plaza quite a night. I know I swear they are it's true. But you know, what he loves his toothbrush, and it's always nice and sealed and just follow his his lead. Anybody that ever had one of those bulky electric ones? Will appreciate pass itself. Yeah. It's just sleek and minimal and beautiful in your bathroom. But it really does a great job brushing pulses, every thirty seconds. He noticed which sides, and they the brush heads are automatically delivered every three months, just like the dentist wants for only five bucks. And that's why I love quip. And why they're backed by over twenty thousand dental professionals starts at just twenty five dollars. And if you go to get quip dot com slash brain candy. You get your first refill pack for free with a quick toothbrush. That's your first refill pack free at G E T Q U IP dot com slash brain candy. All right, we celebrated the black hole. Now, can we please discuss? This is what happens when one of us are both of us. Away. And then we get back together. And I'm like we have discussed all of these things we have to talk about the lady bees in her. I oh my God sues I was terrified to click on that link. Fees. I'm like, I don't wanna see him in that. I can't see the freaking me out right now. You're the same way. I love bees. Okay. Right. Don't turn my image of bees, right? Right. Oh my God. I'm freaking out. Everything is hilarious. Like, don't tarnish my image of bees. Okay. Okay. So. Oh, wait. So you didn't read the article. Nope. I click that shit or Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. I have to vivid of imagination. I already picturing what it looks like a little. Okay. So what happened was if you didn't read the story is that this woman started to feel irritation in her eye, and thankfully, she's not one of the people like me who will just rub their I over and over until like something comes out or whatever. Because if she had done that she might have gone blind. Thankfully, she disciplined. She went to the doctor and the doctor started exploring around it had started to swell, and it was really uncomfortable. And apparently between this is what freaked me out between this the bees that he ended up. Finding were lodged between her I live and her eyeball. I pictured it behind her eye. It was in front. Yeah. It was on. Dude. It was four Bs and PS four. Yes. Picturing like babies. No. They're big B's what they help with as I ball. Do we have other things going? We have what? This ladies, I've I'm working out, man. Apparently, these are called sweat bees. And what they were drinking the salt from her tears. Oh, fuck this. I'm cryer. This is not good for me. Sarah. How do you think of this stuff to say what you fuck miss? I'm cryer. This is not good for me. Like, you're a high risk. So many salted tears. I do not need a new thing to worry about. He started roaming around in her eyeball and saw like Wigley legs poking out of her eyelid would not telling you there were bees in there. But lemur how do you get four? There's there's some holes in the story what she claims that she had gone to the cemetery to put flowers by grave, and apparently, sweat bees, hang out and cemeteries. Oh, for goodness sakes. I don't know why. And so there was a dust up. I guess in those babies flew right into our eyeball and started drinking, some delicious tears. Oh my God. And won't now. I feel like I have to see this. The the picture is bad. It's more the just the notion. Yeah. Like every five years or so a story comes out where there's like a cockroach living in somebody's ear or bees in the eyelids. Does hope in bug stay out of all my orifices. I it just seems like if there is such a thing as sweat bee. And they enjoy salt that this would be a bigger problem. That's that's true. That's what I'm saying. Like, why haven't I heard about this before? And also do we see this in horses? Like, I feel like horses would be a great question. You know, maybe have always have stuff around their eyeballs in the biggest bullying ball eyeballs. Damn. Yeah. But I love these two and I support their efforts. But wouldn't if you felt like that, wouldn't you? Rub. Your eye. Yes. Absolutely. Didn't I mean is that really what they're saying? Like if she would've rubbed her. I it would have been like lights out. Yeah. They said dangerous. It would have been blinding or severe injury. That's that's a lot for me to take in. Yeah. Sorry. I had to share that. You know what? I just saw picture. Yeah. It's not too bad. They're pretty big for eyeball bees to sues. Okay. That was you're right. You're right. Thank you yet. Or for standing next to mean case, I have a flip out. Yeah. It's a rate and she's fine. So good. It's just more of the idea that there could be B's living in your eyeball. Really gets you up. Did you hear about the comedian died on stage? This is not. Yeah. Do that. Also, crazy. How about the people do anything because they thought it was part of the act. Well, and he was kind of like a comedian who did some oddball things, right? He is kind of a. Yeah. An interesting character thing to do if you just had cried wolf. Yeah. So he had a heart attack, right? Yes, he had a heart attack on stage and people in the audience said he was up there for five minutes sitting. He had Charon was sitting on the chair. And was I don't know if you'd call it unconscious or non verbal cities like head went back and his arms were shaking. Right. And they just thought it was part of the act, and they were laughing. I definitely laugh. I would not know. Yeah. You know, I wonder if there was anybody in the medical field in the audience. Oh my God. Because I feel like that's one of those things where. You should notice. Would you do if you knew that you could've helped din? Oh, I would feel so guilty. That's the worst. Oh god. I wonder so you know, as as therapist were mandated reporters, but only when we're wearing the hat of therapist. You know, like, we we it's it's a. It's not a mandatory report if I see something in its permits. What do they call it? It's permitted. Like, the reporting is permissible or whatever the word is like I can report. But I don't have to report if I see something outside of like. Times where I'm in the therapist in the room or whatever. But I wonder what the rule is if there's something like that for people in the medical field. Like do they have to? Act if they see something what's the rule, man? I that's a good question. I suppose it depends on what how expansive the Hippocratic oath applies. Yeah. I don't know anything about that. I would imagine though that anybody that would be in the field is going to. Yes, intervene. But I don't suppose they have to unless they're on the job. Right. That's what I might be something like that. I I guess I've never been around anyone having a heart attack. But I from the movies, you'd think they'd be able to say this is an emergency or something. Yeah. I didn't know they went quiet. Man. Oh, like when somebody was having a hard tech themselves. Yeah. I never think they're just so many different levels of it. And just maybe you're having the equivalent of a seizure type of thing. Maybe right and the Bush. Yeah, scary as heck because sometimes you could be having heart attack in everything's fine. And you don't even know it, and you have a mild heart attack, like, you know, it, but and I heard that a heart attack a woman can look like symptoms of the flu, Mike. Yeah. Of course. And with women it's harder to detect right because we're like, it's fine. It's no big deal. Right. The weather. That's crazy. A heart attack is when you hear about Robin Hood, oh Patani for up hood is an investing app. It lets you buy and sell stocks ETF's options and cryptos all commission free. While other brokerages charge up to ten dollars for every trade. Robinhood doesn't charge any commission fees. See you can trade stocks and keep all your profits. Plus, there's no account minimum deposit needed to get started. So you can start investing at any level. 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Stop extreme or unusual fatigue, shortness of breath and non chest pain. Come on. So basically if you have any symptom besides those associated with a heart attack, you're probably having hard, Jack, I feel like I've had a heart attack every day of my let me to I'm reading this. And it's like do you have burning and your or tingling or making in your upper back shoulders arms or even your neck throat jar ear, it might feel like a back acre a pulled muscle or a pinched nerve tissue ever, see the Sarah Silverman bit where she talks about that sign. You see pools they're like don't swim. If you've had diarrhea and the last two weeks, and she's like. Jewish woman. There hasn't been two weeks that I have not had diarrhea. And this what you're saying this all these symptoms. It's basically the same as getting your period or right? That's what I'm saying. I'm looking at this right now. And I'm like, I think I may currently be having. Heart attack as what he's there is definitely pets. I had to fall off. Wow. Wonder why it's different? Oh, that's so funny. Isn't that weird? It, you know. And then women see they that's why it gets missed and why heart attacks are can be. Like fatal or deadly for women, especially if they're under like between the ages of thirty and fifty four it said because those are so difficult to associate with a heart attacks women are like I'm not going to go in to probably just something else. Whoa. Yeah. Why is it different? You would think the anatomy because we have the same. Yes. It's gotta be hormone related then. I feel like we really need to just have more doctors on the show because we we we're gonna lot of questions and a lot of liberty is with our non medical degrees when answering remember when I was at this Chicago, meet up into the brainiacs came or doctors. And one of them was saying how funny she thinks it is when we talk about medical stuff because we get it wrong. Admit when we're wrong, though. I have probably this. Right. Yeah. What do you think you're going to die of ood the question? I think is old age. That's nice. Yeah. You know what? But I'm worried about is. My is going though my God. I was just thinking about this really macular degeneration runs in my family. So I'm always going to the doctor and get checked out. The I I wouldn't they. I tell you they tell you to take any supplements or anything not until later like I'll start them when I'm like forty five or fifty or something, but my aunt is on it and her visions, really, really good. So she's she's like taking care of it. I think if you just get it early. Can eat a lot of carrots. Don't they say that? Yes, they do. And I don't know if it's true. But it couldn't hurt and doctor doctor friends speaker. They're to know Dr mouse. That's something that I was thinking about because I was imagining there are some older folks who lose their hearing and vision, and basically what do you have to do? Then if you can't see I mean, it's just a nightmare. Yeah. Wouldn't like the oh my God. Yeah. I wouldn't like that. Hello. There was a documentary film of from a couple years ago is just a short ten minute short film, and it was about people in nursing home and one of the women they showed experienced that. And she would get her junk mail out of the mailbox, and then cut it up for no reason other than it past the time home my God. Yeah. It was heart that sounds like misery that sounds like when you're in some like scifi movie, and they sentence you to like a lifetime of. Like and suffering as punishment for whatever. And like some alternate universe or parallel universe. That's what you do. Yes. Yeah. So it's like groundhog's day 'cause every day same in everyday there's junk mail and. Yeah. And she said she knew it was fruitless, but she felt like it was a ritual that made her feel like she was still productive and useful. Yeah. Ooh. All right. But rodeo we can't technology better just like advance. So like, I got your answer for everything member. No regret your tattoos. And you like by the time. I regret them though. Easy to take off. Yeah. I'm like technology is advancing. It very rapid speeds. We're going to be fine. Do you really believe that though? Yeah. Just make you feel better. No. I really believe that. I really really do. I think mystic. Yeah. You know? Now, we see those. What are they they're almost like Xhosa skeletons that are helping people who are paralyzed walk rates. So it's own. It's were just a hop. Skip a jump away. And everything else. Like, and now if you're born with watching a whole thing on this about it was a Ted talk from a long a while ago like five or six years ago about the future of robotics and stuff like that. And how people who are born with hearing problems and get implants. Now have better hearing than people who were born with natural hearing and people who get like, I think there's also like now we can do something with the I were. I don't know if it's a what it is. But they're eyesight will be better than that of a regular person. And how these little advancements? And the perfect example is the runner who had the legs like he didn't have lakes and he's faster than people with both lakes. Saying you as when you combine like, robotics, and technology and all these other things with the human body. We're building humans that are better than their standard model. Holy smoke. And like what does that mean? You know? So I think that's feting urging. Yeah. All right. Maybe you're right. Maybe there is there is not if we have a heart attack. We're fucking screwed. I saw a headline is a headline today about the hearing aids of the future, and it was talked about how they'll even I don't even know what this meant, but they'll be able to differentiate between languages maybe there. Oh. How is that useful though? I'm not sure I mean, do you think that it's because some languages are inherently louder than others? Different. I think that means. More that translate like. Yeah, I think it's like that. Wow. I mean, that's pretty slick. Yeah. Because it just my God. How are they even do that? No. But it was just it was showing how the things that they're creating for what you're describing superior to the human ear. Yes. Yeah. So right. So like, no worries people, but. Yeah. Okay. Now, I have something that a mad about I love Suzy's mad about something story. And before I tell you what it is. I'll tell you there's something I'm not mad about which is when you consolidate your loans and then get away better rate through about it either. No, you won't be magically super happy. This is an example of someone we work with. I hear constantly good things about them in that encourages me if you have high interest credit cards than you know, it sucks and you wanna lower rate, and you can refinance your credit card balances and save with a credit card consolidation loan. 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So this is so stupid, but it's been bothering me since Valentine's Day, and I'm gonna tell you how you've been harboring feelings for a while about this. Let them out Susie. Okay. So on Sirius satellite radio over Valentine's Day. They had a on the Beatles channel they. Ahead of Beatles. Countdown which they do a lot of like the best Beatles. Love songs. Okay. Okay. So I'm putting you on the spot. But can you think of like a Beatles? Love song that you particularly like that you number one. Lenders. Probably go with yesterday myself. Oh god. That's beautiful. Well, you know, I love Norwegian would. But it's sad. It's like not a love. It's it's a love song. But it's like one where he spiked pining mouring. And she's like, what is you know? No melancholy love. I do love that one. I think that one speaks to me the most. Okay. So that's a good choice. Longing. Yes. And even I wanna hold your hand. That's even about. Oh, yes. God, I got chills. I love that. So there's so many to choose from though, you could there an enormous number of beetles love songs that would be great choices. So I'm ready like I'm counting down. I'm so excited. What's gonna be? They go through all my favorites. I'm like what could be number one. Well, I'm furious about it. Yellow summer in. This was what if I would fucking boycott if they marina hate that song. Okay. So this was by vote to this wasn't just the people all champ guy. Okay. Beatle fans voting. Okay. Fucking let it be. It's not even a love song. I love that. It's not. It's not a love song. It's it's like a it's it's a it's like a an. Appearing to him in dream and saying don't worry. Everything's. All. Right. Let it be. Yeah. That's I didn't know about that. But that's that's cool. And I just thought it was like an anthem for peace like like. I think you're talking of the across the universe movie when they put that in film. It was in that context. And that's a great way to interpret. It is not about romantic love. No. Yeah. I don't like that. Either. What weird Weiner have misunderstood the song to have made it number one love song by the bee. Or was it one of those things where everybody loves that song? And it was everybody's second choice and their first choice was all different. So like some crazy like glitch in the algorithm. The second choice became the most popular one because the first one was there was a really wide variety of number one. But let's second theory. That's my theory. That is smart because. Yeah, I just all right with the vote, and then yes, you end up with Ross Perot. Yeah. That's what I'm thinking. Mixed metaphor that I lean. Yeah. 'cause I it's been sitting with me now for two months, and I'm just like what is wrong with you people, which one did you say would be your number one. I would probably go with yesterday yesterday. Yeah. Because that's also about and. Anyway. So I want to know what the brainiacs favorite Beatles song is. Oh, yeah. Because I don't know. It's just I can also play let it be on the ukulele now. No. Yes. I wanna hear it. Oh, did you hate that? I missed it. Yeah. Long a while ago. Some was you can play it really slow or you can play it with a little bit of jazzy beat my God. I'm so excited. Sometimes I have to watch your videos muted because I'll be like in bed with my kid. And so maybe that was one of them. Well, you can play for me. Sometimes serenade me will. I definitely will. And I was thinking about how you had asked me one time who I would want to interview more than anybody. And it would definitely be Paul McCartney. Oh, I didn't say time because I didn't think of it. But now I decided, and I wouldn't choose like if you met somebody that was your alternate. Who would it mean? Just die preferably someone alive. Yeah. I mean, I really think it's such a weird one. But I think Robert suppose key real like my fate. I just know that I would talk with him for hours. We would be excited about the same stuff. That's really fun. All the things where I'm like. Oh my God. Let me tell you about this. And everybody's like, yeah. You'd be like, yes. Oh my God. And then also about this and it gets equally as excited as me about things into. So if you don't know who he is he's a famous psychologist set, right biological anthropologist. Okay. And but I think aunt like also works with animals behavior. Yeah. He does the like. Because he works in studying stress on the body and uses animals for research, but also relates to humans, and but he does a little bit of both. I think he's technically biological. Let me see I'll have to look it up now. But anyways, he's just the best. He is the bee's knees. My God, do you have anybody like that for you the traditional celebrity? Yeah. Beyond say that's a good answer. Yeah. Like easy without like, no doubt about it. Yeah. What would you say? Technically an American neuro endocrinologist professor of biology professor of neurology narod neurological scientists and courtesy neuro surgery at Stanford University. So he holds many titles. Wow. Guy. We're stay actual around here. Oh, love it. Give me some of that beard yet. I remember I asked you like if you thought he was attractive you like, well, he's he is but not in the classics the classics. Neuro endocrinology that said, oh, you can watch the lectures, it's from Stanford online, and they're great. If you met beyond say, what would you say to her nothing? I'm already getting nervous and tongue-tied right now. I would just probably the pope recently. Like just the other day. The pope was meeting with two I don't know what they government officials or something from countries that were at war who recently signed a peace treaty, and he'd got on his knees and just kissed their feet. My god. I would probably do that to be on. I'd probably just get on my knees in kisser. I I wouldn't say I've just what it was like whenever I met Patrick Fabian. Finally. I got all quiet and then became like a mime. Chilly. Total jackass and fair was charming and adorable really blew it. Let me tell you, my friend, Susie right here. She's big fan hours. We're we're driving there the whole time. And I'm like Sarah unit understand like, this is the guy and you're like, okay, Susie. I get it. I was like what if you met Jeff Goldblum? It's like that. Oh. Oh, okay. All right. Jeff a love them loser. Okay. Any and funny. What else did they want to cover with you? Oh, wow. I wanted to ask you because you were on a flight. Did you have a straight flight LAX to Honolulu Long Beach town Lulu because even better? Yeah. Maitre complaints though. What? They took there's no entertainment system. And then they do this thing. Now where you have to you down. Only beat four you take off. And if you don't you're screwed. Yes. Enjoy silence. Yes. And the guy next to me, unfortunately, that was his situation. Ono an downloaded it. Thank god. But like I couldn't figure out how to get it to work on my laptop that was like this plug in that no matter what how many times I downloaded. It did not work. I can't figure out what button I need to click even looked up. How to do it before the flight everything didn't work? So I just watched everything for my little iphone screen watch a great new show called resident the resident check that out. Too good. That follows me on Twitter, and she's super nice. You'll love her. Oh, man that show is so good. And then when I discovered there were two seasons as will know what I'm doing all weekend. Oh, good. That's who you find a new show. Yeah. And it's great because it it. Like pulls back the curtain on what the medical industry is really about. And like how the hospitals trying to like profit off of everybody in the run tests. They don't need to run and all this stuff. And how we always say you have to be smarter than your doctor. And how this is why. And I just love that they're like not sugar coating it. And it's so good. Yes. She's cheap pushes for a lot of that sort of progressive legislation regarding the medical field. So I can see where that's cool comes across. That's awesome. Awesome. I asked about the flight because. Yeah, totally forgot. Yeah. I almost did. Yeah. Because I read that gosh, I think it was delta maybe is limiting the reclining seats from five point five inches to three point five inches on some flights because it was causing first of all a lot of fights on. Oh my God. And also because you know, when you put your laptop on the tray, and then someone puts back, and it can really mess yet laptop. So that is a big problem for folks that are commuting or flying for business or whatever. Are you a seat recliner? It's actually no, no me. Neither you know that that's weird. I don't know. Why? I don't know. Why don't it's interesting that both of us don't do that yet because we're not assholes yet. And you know, what I do feel like an asshole. When I do it the only time when that I do do it. If if the person behind me is like kicking my seat a whole bunch like we'll. Oh, no. Yeah. Like make a big scene out of it. Brighter, those people that were reclines abruptly. Well, if the person behind me as being like that I will. But not you know, that's not usually at shit. Really? The problem is like we're blaming the people in the seat behind us or the seat in front of us. They're reclining, and blah, blah, blah. But really it's just that the airlines this wouldn't be a problem. Yes. He's or so goddamn close to each other. That's what happened. They moved all the seats. And now they're like well people are getting in fights like it's our fault. That's a good point. We have an placement we're managing totally lines. It's like if you put all I think about those chickens like all crammed into a coupe. And they'd be like, the chickens are are pecking at each other. We got to remove their beaks. Will fuck, you know, make a bear crate, and they wouldn't be pecking each other. That's a good point. But I do recliners because be be that as it may that the airlines are causing the problem. You can still not make it worse by reclining. You know what I'm saying? I would bugs me so much is when the seat is back. No joke. Oh, half a centimeter like actually a half centimeter. And the flight attendant comes by and goes, she. Up. Yeah. I need you to put your seat up and you're like. More really? And I it doesn't go up anymore. But you just press the button. And then they put their hand on the back like they're gonna cyst you as you put it up. I'm just like really that much. It's almost an oh, I mean, I just I I know it's their job. I know they have doing others. Probably some weird reason for why. But that is just like, okay. I know. Okay. I got it. Twenty member we got in trouble with the flight attendant on Twitter that one time because she. Disparaging her job, which we weren't. Although Sarah is now. I I'm complaining about the the frustrations of the rules that they have to be the ones enforcing their the enforcers of the rules. It's the it's the I'm not mad at them. They're the messengers. I. I like the old dance of the flight. And and how we pretend like it all matters. It's not as if any survived a plane crash because they're trae was up. Right. That's what I'm saying. It's really all crowd. Like just feels like. Yeah, we do. There's no reason. Really know is that we used to have to put away our cell phones. And now, they they won't even do that. Because they know it's unenforceable. Yeah. And now, they're just like if you have a small portable device feel free to use it. Okay. So before this was like, then they tried to say things like, oh, you have to put it away because it interferes with radio like the control towers bullshit. No, it doesn't because now it's fine. Yeah. Why do they keep saying that? So that was a bunch of lies before was it though. I don't know. If you had a device that interfered with the like, you wouldn't be allowed. Yeah. If I can't bring any more than four ounces of shampoo, how come something would interfere with the, you know, for whatever. I really love when you get worked up. Because you not. This. You'll Jolla the rules, but you're going to be mad about it. Yes, totally true. And it's like the letter of love versus the like, I wanna know why it's wrong. If it feels like completely, what's the arbitrary? Then what what this is? This is bullsh-. This is like somebody explained me 'cause it's like anything I want the science what the research, I want to know like what? And that's why follow the rules on yet. Because that's what science says, that's what the research says. This is why we're doing it. There's method to the madness definitely follow the rules, blah, blah, blah. But if it seems like there's no real reason for this. Then I get mad. I feel that way about dumb stuff like for example. I had a bellyache, and I was like what is it bellyache anyway. And so I wanted to find out what is it? But you can't even get an answer. It'll just say what causes it, you know, like constipation or indigestion. Why see what you mean? I wanna know what's going on in there to give me pain. This is not really what you were describing. But it kind of same thing, and you know. And you know, I so I read something so I this is a long time ago. But it was saying that most of the time when you say you have a stomach ache. You don't actually have a stomach ache. Your stomach is a lot higher than you think. It is. Oh, and your stomach is is at the very top. You really have is a digestive problems because it's in your small intestines or large intestines. So it's not the stomach. Okay. We'll see your house, then Google large intestines or small intestines. Okay. So it's like, a gastro intestinal disruption. Yes. And then you can kind of narrowed it down because like it's like nausea than it's usually the stomach, but if it's cramping it's the intestines. But I'm sure our doctor friends are going to be like. Doc wreck. So I don't know. But this is just what I like remember from something I read one time. And yeah, I think you're getting what I'm saying, though, is if you actually want an answer sometimes you can't get it. Whether it's why do we have this rule, or why do I have a bellyache or why do I be able for exceed? For quote of the episode. How big is this woman's eyeball? Problem. Right. We'll sometime being the things and you're like, oh, we didn't. Right. Right. Right. Right. I don't know. I don't know. Well, we we got to wrap this fun fun time up that was fun. Beatles in practice lead. If yes, don't forget to subscribe and leave us a five star review. We love you by friends. This podcast is brought to you by we've podcast network. Check out all of our shows, including the brain candy podcast. I don't get it coffee condos. And let's talk about it.

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