Track 61 (Entry 1324.EZ0808)


John for our audience the world has already ended. That's right. But for an earlier audience awaiting the fall, we don't know how it's going to happen. We think about it all the time. We it could be rising seas could be chlorine gas. It could be a meteor strike could be foes virus. We don't know. But you know, who does know better than anyone? Josh Clark of stuff, you should know fame Joshua's, great. He's put together. A new ten episode podcast called the end of the world with Josh Clark ready for you to been I love this. This is a nice companion piece to omnibus it is speculated about all the kind of weird scientific and philosophical questions that arise when we consider the end of our planet and civilization. Can you listen to this on apple podcasts and the iheartradio app? You can listen to it either of those places or wherever you get your podcasts. John Benji entire season. Now. Join the conversation on social with hashtag e OT w Josh Clark. I'll do it. Many times. And. This message. We are Ken Jennings, and John Rodrick, we speak to you from our present, which we can only assume as your distant past the turbulent time that was the early twenty first century peering. The great cataclysm that will surely befall our civilization. We began this monumental reference of strange, and obscure human knowledge, these recordings represent our attempt to compile and preserve wonders an esoteric that would otherwise be lost. So whether you're listening in from an advanced civilization or just reinvented the technology to decrypt our transmissions. This is our legacy to you. This is our time capsule. This is the. You have accessed entry one three two four dot EZ's zero eight zero eight certificate number three three seven to five tracks, sixty one. One of the great Dylan albums. Have you ever recorded an album with a track sixty one know how close did you got up to track? Ten is. There any hurt. What about that? They might be giants work at the house of a little mini song. Oh, please pass the milk. Please. Is that track? On being or tips pink. Aren't you? The guy that hit me, and I wonder how many of those we could just sing if we tried to think of all of them instead of talking about the actual trombone and recon car, and there's what's that blue thing do wing here. Track. Sixty one is a mysterious. I knew it was mysterious. You know, why why? Because it sounds like area fifty one it does it's like ten more mysterious than area fifty one. Although it's not as mysterious is fifty one it. It's you can actually see track sixty one without too much trouble. You don't have to climb up to to a peak is that how you saw area fifty one. You climbed up to a peak. No, I I saw area fifty one when they tried to dissect me when I finally arrived on earth. But then I adopted a it's like, you're. Island. I go back there with your family here. It is guys. This is how I came to this great land. I adopted the the shape and form of an Air Force Major and killed everyone in the room, and then took the elevated at the surface, and then you chose a third form which is this rule, which is this. You were briefly an Air Force Major but just for a few minutes. No. Then after I got to the service. I spread my black wings and flew to Seattle where I you just do my final four, you're your. This is David is vital four. Well, that's great the secret origin. Yeah. Secret origin of well. At least my time on earth. You don't know where I came from what I really am. But even with all that access you have you ever been to track sixty one. No. Although I've seen track sixty one trek sixty one is visible as you leave Grand Central station on any train headed out particularly trains on the left hand side, you'd be heading what north north out of Grand Central. Track. Sixty one is a train station under the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. So you can picture the Waldorf Astoria there on Park Avenue just north of Grand Central like the forties midst fiftieth, maybe it is on forty nine forty nine or so just there between Parkin lex. This is the kind of thing where people who live in New York and L I think that everyone should understand all their local reference lines. And here we are just rambling on and there are many many people listening the show who've never been to New York, and in fact, future links may think of New York as just a giant crater in the middle of of of what is the Hudson river to them, or maybe it's the spark river like the ground zero monument is actually in the middle. They much larger ground zero monuments, like just concentric ground zeroes. Now, there's there's just this the top of the Empire State building just sticking out of the water. They're sticking out of a giant bay. You know, we have a lot of local references on this show. It's to Seattle city that we know no one actually understands or can visualize they think of Seattle as an archipelago of small weird islands filled with filled with basically sentient, fleece. I've seen a map of projected Seattle. When if the polarized caps were to completely no have you seen this map? I have are you on dry land. I am because this is pretty high hit is I possessed the map in fact, and you know, when I bought this house, I made certain that it would survive any any superheated lahar from any of the local volcanoes. I can just see you out with a hammer and some plywood making those modifications that would make your house lahar proof. Actually, I think I think this house might be pretty close to waterfront property in the event of a of a catastrophe. I'm within a couple of streets of the water line. I think the the ridge I'm on will become a nice, little peninsula extending south. We'll Debbie nice. It'll be great just a short walk down to the beach. What are you see the roofs of your neighbors houses to send into the murky depths? Yeah, I wonder how much of that kind of sponging. There will be it'll happen gradually so much. Are you kidding me? That's where I would spend all my time. But it won't be like a Daleus, right? Every year. It'll just be a few more houses, but the Waldorf Astoria, which is sort of for there's no way to get back when there's two steps removed. That's what I've learned. You can't you just have back when it's too sacred. Don't you have to you have to leap back a giant leap of the hotel, which is sort of the premier hotel of New York City for many many decades, you said it in a kind of a French fry. The premier Oto the premier hotel. It was to premier hotels. Right. You know, the story told me that we'll elder for story to hotels story. I guess the Astor family the descendants of John Jacob Astor's, the guy they were they were fighting and some wealthy Astor decides to build a giant hotel. I think at the time on fifth right next to his aunt's mansion just to piss her off. She moves out and some other brother builds another hotel next door. So there's there's two hotels right there. And they they was the Waldorf and the story they did not hyphenate until a little connection was built. I don't know. Early very early twentieth century. Maybe the peacock alley was literally the hyphen that connected. The Waldorf Astoria that is such a lovely story of valley hatred family hatred. The wall differ story is actually built they secured the air rights over the Newark central railway that built sort of in the in the atmosphere above the tracks. And it isn't they don't actually own the land their leasing the location of the Waldorf Astoria from the train, which some railroad still owns their footprint. Yeah. The railroad because the entirety of the sub basement of the story ah or the Waldorf Astoria is train tracks. I mean, that's the only the enormous number of tracks that lead into Grand Central are right underneath though. Tell which makes track sixty one possible trek sixty one is is beneath is in the bowels of the Waldorf Astoria. It is it is a train station. That serves only the waldorf-astoria, really. And it was built during the tenure of president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a way of masking his polio. Oh, because if he pulled up to the hotel in any other way, it would be clear that he's heavy. He's having to write. He was getting to his wheelchair. Or it was very it was a public performance arriving at the hotel, and he being a New Yorker traveled often from Washington DC to New York and stayed at the waldorf-astoria. And so had this the federal government commissioned it being built but did not pay for it. It was paid for by the railroad. So that he could access the hotel, you know, without as you say appearing on the streets in a wheelchair. This is the kind of thing where if our, you know, if President Trump wanted some business to pay for this, no doubt, super expensive bit of infrastructure, just for his ego. You know, can you imagine like President Trump demanding a roof be put on something? So no one could see his hair from above or something while concealing his polio. Wasn't just a don't think just an e. Ego move. I think it really they were afraid that it would throw into question his capability as a as leader of the free world, the idea then being that a disability cast a shadow on all your other ability craziness of Abe. This is the first train station that able is built. Well, maybe not. I haven't like investigated the whole record of train stations built to mask various disability. You have a few systems left to look at Cairo haven't done brought us lava and this was before the war when it was. I mean during the war it would be like deeply unpatriotic to reveal the president's condition. Right. It would be bad for the effort against the forces of evil. Well, you know, this was an era when there was a considerable Noblesse OBE lease and the afforded to political leader. Yeah. And the the fourth estate, the the news media generally allowed famously Kennedy to have affairs and FDR to have polio's shockingly late. Do you? Remember, how shocked everybody was when the Miami Herald actually staked out and Gary Hart in one thousand nine hundred eight you know, this is some guy who apparently been womanizing for years and made the mistake of telling the Washington Post follow me around. See what happens? Yes. The Miami Herald who actually. Did have had received a tip and actually did have somebody staked outside his place in Georgetown. Everyone was shocked that they actually reported that young women were coming in and out it felt like a breach of some kind of agreed upon etiquette as late as AD. This was not how we did things. There was a game. And it was played like this, which to me, I feel like, you know, one response to that is to be like, yeah, why can't we go back to that kind of decorum until the honestly it always seemed a little crooked that everybody was just winking at who was coming in and out of Kennedy or LBJ's hotel room. Oh, it's enormously crooked. But how do you want your where do you want your president to be a crook? If you can pick away. I mean, the theory saw this isn't hold so much. I feel for FDR having a secret train, you know, the president who's lying to you about a secret train? What else could he be lying to you about? But I feel like that does hold with having multiple affairs. He's having cereal affairs and his wife has been separated from him on and off because he's so awful. What could that possibly have to do with leadership integrity? It's true. But I would take a president having affairs over one who's building like border, walls and sure and prisoner encampments does not often choice. You get. It's not a choice will. But it is kind of. In recent years depends on what the valid like. But there's not like the party of the party of philandering, nominates whoever Clinton and the party of border walls. Nominates. I mean in theory, you can have a president philandering and doing border walls, which is probably the case right now. And you have a president doing neither which has been the case for much of American history. Well, for at least some of it, you get the sense that Obama and George Walker Bush were both happily to their wives. Although now, I think one is having an affair with the other's wife. Oh, you have that candy passing. What's that all about? Bush was delighted to become a bipartisan Meam when he was spotted heating the shell a cough, drop or something. And now it's his trademark move. He's trying to rehabilitate himself as a charming muppet? My dog now, and I give a shell candy across party lines. Remind you although I continue to support bread cavenaugh. He. It's kind of like I was watching the second candy pass. And it really does seem like somebody who's very aware that this may be this will go viral. He's now the thirstiest ex-president pulls the candy out and serve as it in the light for millennials is what's the t about this candy. The thing about the Choo Choo train. Again, gotta jump back capacities three steps removed. I love that. You're getting more engaged in sidebars. And I think it's because you're drinking a diet Dr Pepper a little bit into the afternoon. I'm putting the pep Beck in Dr Pepper now. Wouldn't you like to be a pepper to do you want to sit? I am freaking pepper, or are you kidding me? I've been pepper since the since the TV commercials where the guy from from American where wolf in London did that exciting dance. Right. That's the same guy from American were often London to guy from the Dr Pepper commercials of the. Was cast in American werewolf in London from the navy the commercials. Yeah, it was like that guy. Who's getting that guy? Usually it's the other way around like once you're a once you're a spokesperson kills your career because everyone will look at you and be like wise, the dosage sky, the concierge can happen to flow was one of the reception on madman flow from progressive. Oh, yes. She was like a real actress, she was a had a recurring part on madman. And then as soon as she became flow her she's done, right? Luckily, she's a she's a progressive billionaire. So she doesn't need AMC money anymore. Like that guy from the can you hear me? Now Verizon ads who that guy just has a career being speaking of apparent thirsty guys trying to recapture their viral love can you hear me now guy? Apparently, he hated working for Verizon. I guess I know somebody who knows him. I've heard all these private stories about him. I don't know why formerly private stories you remember Monica from friends. Made her debut in the Bruce Springsteen music videos, or you can't start a fire without a spark. That's right said the dense the dark video, and you know, she's very much Mike type in that video. But somehow didn't you make fun of me for liking Monica. 'cause you're a Rachel. I'm definitely a Rachel. But Monica in the in the dancing in the dark video I remember cartoon hearts floating around my head. But by the time, she made a friend Irish thing with the blue eyes like like if Alec Baldwin was a beautiful woman. Well, she does that thing. She's like who me. I mean, I've bought it for the first time. I I was like, wow. This is amazing. He's just getting she was going to be pitiful girl from the crowd. And then later on I was disappointed to find that the whole thing was staged is it do I count as a pepper? I'm actually going one step back, which will help you get back to you die at Dr Pepper, which feel that's my question. Am I of pepper and takes about half the pepper out of you? I'm half pepper. But it is giving a pep. I'm like those little Costco, miniature peppers. I keep you know. I think people will list. To the shows. We'll we'll be able to identify the ones where you were just tired and sat there just going people on the curtain. We record your show your Thursday show after the Tuesday shows if your future Ling listening to these in alphabetical order on a ruined earth. You have not noticed this. Right. But in our air, we alternated, and we always do John show second, right, which means that I'm bored. I just wanna go home at this point. Yeah. Check in his phone through the whole thing. We're all while. I'm like. So trek sixty-one. Hey, look at this from the from the Bush funeral not. So where how far did you get on track? Six it was not built with federal money. But the railroad had to shell out must have been expensive. It's just a trunk line for one person. Well, this happens a lot, you know, if you stay in the presidential suite at the Waldorf Astoria, it is thousands of dollars eight thousand dollars tight or something like that. But that is not what they charge the United States government when the president's stays there, more or less. They charge him considerably less because it's a loss leader for them. The president staying there generates tremendous business and hotel do they feel like if they actually charge Markelle value? He'd be like whatever I'm going to the western. Well, it's a bad optic right to charge the American people, although we're happily paying I'm sure the secret service costs for the visit would be thirty times the the combinations. Yeah. But they give it to him at a at the presidential discount. Because I think they also I mean, they take over three floors of the hotel or something do they toss? In like room service. About minibar like if if the president's checking out there like, well, you jiggle the thing of pre the little Pringles thing fats nine you opened at the fridge. So you look at the Jim beam. Actually, what happens at the Waldorf Astoria stays at the Waldorf story. The secret service doesn't want you to know whether the president gets into the minibar not right for kind of obvious reasons. They don't want housekeeping to be corrupted by them are SU or whatever the career North Korean secret service. Probably the issue is that a thing the IRS you isn't that the isn't that the evil Lucien of the KGB? Yeah. It's not the RS you it's the F S B, I defer to you on all Soviet related acronyms the after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. It became the Russian federal security service. But because it's in Russian it's FSB, and it's not even really an F. It's like a splurge think iconic KGB was like, you could say it in a movie, and everyone immediately have a million pictures, and you know, today when I'm sure the Russian espionage threat is probably just as big a part of geopolitics. I have no idea what the F was like, I assume to FSP would be like some nice. It's a new deal, acronym or some. Loan that will work for the FSP the federal Security Bank. If you've worked for the F FBI bay like oh nice government job. Good pension. I bet. Well, you know, I'm totally into this stuff. And I'm like are issue FSB RSVP, whatever alphabet soup, am I right? But they don't want. The the secret service doesn't want you to know. And they don't want, you know, a lot of things, including how presidents travel these days, but in FDR for security for security reasons, and you know, and security reasons at a lot of different levels. They don't think motorcade sometimes right? Like, there's a second limousine who knows which one the guys in every motorcade has faked limousines in it and also when the president's helicopter flies when Marine One is in the air. They also have a decoy helicopters, and there's often a second fake millennia as well. There's millennia that's a lot of people wearing a sweatshirt that says like I don't give a value. But they can't do like a fake Air Force One because that would be pretty ridiculous to have multiple seven four sevens flying at the same time they like an Airbus. So it was like kinda cheaper or is like an Embraer. I think that would take what if it's smaller, but it's much closer to you like they fly a much smaller plane, very low, and so no one can tell if it's real air force while you don't know which side of Air Force, One the terrorist with a shoulder launched like harm, missile or whatever. They don't know where he's standing. So they can't they can't cater to hit. And I'm going to presume, it's a he I'm gonna use the mail pronoun there. Wow. I'm going to say he is out there with a missile because I don't know hashtag not all terrorists have not. I have not yet heard of a transgender Muslim terrorists or a female. I'm going to have to be trans. Yeah. I think I think even less likely. Well, you know why? Because someone's like, yours, that's what's key. It's a glass ceiling. True. I don't wanna keep any terrorists. I don't wanna keep any women who are trying to shoot down Air Force One. I don't want to like keep them under some kind of weird patriarchal thumb if if but also we'd better stop talking about this. Because this is precisely the kind of speculation that might attract the attention. How long do you have to one wonder about your assassination plans on a podcast before you get a phone? Call right Ving is the we're gonna find out future. Links may have may have an organization called the RS you and they're like you mentioned like click click, so right? This clearly, no female Islamist terrorist. Because if you're a woman there is no way, you wanna hang out with seventy two virgin men. That's. This is not an incentive, not an insane go to anime convention or something, I guess, you don't you don't need to blow anything, although there have been innumerable female suicide bombs inside bomber. So I wonder what they're being promised. What you go back to being a virgin, and you get to be one of seventy two. I don't think that's much of a Ingle. They would probably be more. Like you go to the separate heaven where they they leave you alone. Oh, separate heaven separate heaven where you can drive and right, and no one is looking at you. John. Would you say you like things that are simple or things that are just insanely complicated and Byzantine I've started to prefer simple. I think I used to prefer Byzantine. 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So they don't the president's travel plans never get out in advance. But in FDR's day, of course, that wasn't as possible, and he travelled by train as many many US presidents did sure the very beginning way of campaigning for over one hundred years. It was FDR had had though a private train car built for him. What was known as real car car number one can wild wild west. Yes. Very similar to the one in while wild wild based on this. It had it was armor-plated. And now really for for what people on the siding with with shotguns. Yeah. Yeah. Well, and I mean, even the floor was armor plated. So they anticipated the possibility of there being a bomb placed under the tracks. And he used it extensively both to go between Washington and New York and and down to Miami where he vacation, and it was his. Sort of office away from home. I mean, he the he had also had a presidential yacht was oval shaped it wasn't far because you go through a tunnel in the us lose the sides. Right. You know, you can't have an oval off it wasn't trained with not lozenge shaped. But but it was and remains the heaviest railcar ever built in the United States because of all the metal because of. Yes antastic, but it had like it had a wonderful bedroom and meeting room, and and it continued to be used it was used by Truman, very successfully. During his president Xi -ality. He he traveled all around the country. And in fact, the word presidency having not yet been coined president Xi -ality we said back at the time that famous picture where he's holding up the newspaper like Dewey defeats Truman Truman wins presidency. -ality that was that was taken on the on the back balcony of this can seize on a train and that train. I guess Eisenhower. Eisenhower was the president to retire that train. I think the last the last trip was Mamie is. Eisenhower wrote it and Eisenhower probably the first to have that seven forty seven right? No seven four seven at that point in fact, count Kennedy's the first Kennedy still was traveling in a seven oh seven. I think the first seven seven forty seven. I thought Kennedy's some Air Force One. That's on display here in Seattle is a some forty seven seven four seven didn't debut until nineteen sixty eight while your mouth checks out them. So there would not have been. I don't think I think probably Nixon, I guess it's Dr been on that JFK Air Force One. It's it's not big. No, no. It's quite a bit small. It's tiny. Eisenhower was the first president use the Air Force One call sign though, right? It just wasn't on the dedicated jet. We were imagining today and. Train car US one was was called porous really in its time. I always thought that was a modern coin it feels very post Sorkin to me. But they say poed us the even back, then maybe they spelled it out POTA US. Are you here? He comes. Everyone on guard, but Roosevelt as part of his masking of his polio. Had a had a limousine and our special car built where the limousine could drive on and off the railcar. So he wouldn't he could get him car on the on the train, and it would drive out through special wide door would drive into the trains. It's like night rider drive into the train. Well, it gets better. Because when they built track sixty one they built it. So that the car could drive off the train onto the platform and into a special elevator that was big enough to hold his Packard limousine. And it takes up to the sweet. So there there are two exits from track sixty one one of them into the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria where he did one time actually drive the car. Do you think he's the only president ever to drive through the lobby the Waller stores? Maybe not because because Trump did it goes this this track continue. To be used and continues to be used although off record. Oh, it's still there. It's still there. And there's actually the elevator will take you up to a sort of a brass door. That's right on forty ninth street between park and Lexington. And it has it has an address one. Oh, one dash one Twenty-one on the door, and you can still get down to track sixty one through this. Interim do you have to say is it like a Speakeasy? Do you have to be like swordfish, and they let you down. I think one day year the runes appear if you speak in Elvis to it or no you'd have to speak in dwarfish to it because it was built by dwarves. You have to look for the Thrush breaking the shell or whatever. So it's unpaid. One clear or rather it is unless whether or not presidents continue to use it, although they have so during the sort of nine eleven era when George Bush went to New York to the lobby for the invasion of Iraq and to pose with rubble and throw pitches at inky it came later. He did he did that like immediately that was his whole, oh, you're talking about later UN kind of when he went to the UN and Colin Powell held up a baggie of cocaine and said that it was weapons of mass destruction. Really, he'll thank you cooking. Yeah. Why did we believe that guy? He took it. If I was snorting this stuff. And I realize I became aware Mandrake in the middle of the physical act of love that there were WMD's. Yeah. In iraq. I think it was a mistake. He had a baggy of anthrax, but George Bush had a baggy of coke, and they got mixed up in their in their gym bags a during that period. They actually. Had a locomotive and a presidential car. I'd Ling under the wall different story. So that they didn't turn the motor off waiting there. In case he needed to make a rapid escape. It's still like an old time. Steam locomotive knows a diesel locomotive. But diesel it's not like, it's not like an electric New York. Subway car. No, they they made it diesel. So that in the event of some kind of electromagnet netting pulse. Or otherwise, a disabling of the subway systems happens every day Manhattan, they could continue to haul ass through town in this diesel locomotive. And that's the most exciting presidential thing. You could do probably escape a burning city in your own private underground diesel train. Well, this will infuriate New Yorkers. But the claim is that from the Waldorf Astoria to JFK that transit can be made in seven minutes in this presidential train. They will they route all all other subways to the side. And they he gets in the express and. The gun it when I'm president. I'm going to be like, I prefer Newark. Yeah. Right. I like Newark take me out of LA Guardia. Although no, please do not ever take me out of LA Guardia. No I sat on that tarmac. One time for five hours waiting to fly is LaGuardia a little closer, though, it's much closer. So why go all the way out to JFK? Well, LaGuardia is not a secure airport. In fact, when the president visits New York, Air Force One parks over in New Jersey somewhere. And now that Trump there was a lot of fear when Trump I took office that in fact, I think he said he didn't wanna live in the White House. He wanted to continue to live in Trump Tower was that the main source of fear was where he was would be his. That was worrying everyone had. I you're gonna live thing is what worries the secret service is different from what worries you and me to correct. So they were trying to figure out like they, and I think eventually they said you cannot live at Trump. I think if he had his his druthers, although he's not the kind of person who has druthers. But if he did he would probably he would prefer to be a man he'd be eating big Macs right now in his Trump Tower and well-done steaks with ketchup on them. Yeah. And there were all these problems like the nearest place, you can land a helicopter is up in grand union square. Whatever up there several a couple of blocks at least from Trump Tower, and then really the closest place you can land a couple of helicopters is up in central park. So getting him out of New York was going to be very complicated in the case of some kind of John carpenter scenario up until the Obama administration every US president from the construction of the Waldorf Astoria to the present or two. Two thousand fifteen every president stayed in the presidential suite at the Waldorf Astoria, including Obama early on in his presidency. But then the hotel was purchased by the Chinese, and there was some secret service fear that the Chinese government would have infiltrated the hotel, and and what would be using bugged like the like the eighties era embassy in Moscow. That's right. They got in there, and we're gonna use cyber hacking on the president. And so he he was the the last president to stay at the Waldorf. Because now the minibar has has Chinese surveillance, Scott he did touch the Pringles peanut Eminem us nine dollars. So I think given that George Bush had that escape plan in place, and that locomotive idling on track sixty one I think there is quite a bit of suspicion that it remains an active an active, stop, not only for presidents, but perhaps for the wealthy few anybody with the money, I guess, right? It used to be very popular to have a private train car. And in fact, when I was a kid. Yes. It was popular when you were going to have a private train car. Well, no. But I have ridden in a private train whose many times my father in the nineteen. Seventies was the chief counsel of the Alaska railroad, which at the time was a federally owned railroad. But not connected to the federal system. The Alaska railroad was run by the department of transportation. And my dad was the chief legal officer. And the the last railroad had a private train car that dated to this era. It had bedrooms and a big living room and a balcony on the back, and they would connect it to a train if an executive basically, the president of the railroad or my dad wanted to go somewhere along the railroad. So he had he would have it. I mean, this is a different time. But he would have this car brought up and connected to the train, and we would go on official business up to Fairbanks or whatever. And it would be my dad me and my sister in this did it secretly pull up underground under the Fairbanks federal building. There are no undergrounds in Alaska because it's frozen. It's permafrost, but it's beautiful war for us. It's a wonderful experience. And this thing was was kitted out in top nineteen forties technology, which then seemed pretty amazing black and white TV in them and a phone that went ringing Dane, so I know that there are lots of world transit systems that have disused trains and train platforms like this right in London. I know if if you ever watch a movie or a episode of Sherlock or whatever that set in London if there's ever a tube station. It's almost certainly Aldwych station, which was I think shut down in the early twentieth century. And since then we'll during the war. It was an air raid shelter, and they all the art galleries would put there are there during the blitz and today, it's just where you know, v for vendetta shoots. It's right. It's train scenes because it's it's tailor made for a film crew without shut anything down. It's kind of inevitable when you're building a mass transit system that over time certain stations will become disused, and I think in the popular imagination. It's because those stations have low ridership, but in most cases, it's actually like in New York. There are a dozen or more subway stops that are abandoned they're still there. They never got repurpose. There's those they're still there. But the reason isn't that they have low ridership. It is that as they expand other stations. They're deemed just to proximate, right? So they don't want the train stopping every one hundred and fifty feet, and as you know, as Broadway and Lafayette grows. They decide that canal street, doesn't it doesn't need to be there. And depending on when they closed those stations some of them can be incredible time capsules I do want to say that when we say low ridership, we should say low, right? Better. Yeah. That that's happened to many London stations. I think once Holborn opens you don't need alternates or whatever it's it's right there. But there are quite a few instances. I mean, the abandoned railway station is a whole version of Trainspotting in particular in England in the nineteen sixties the English went through a train modernisation program that was sort of pushed by a single guy by name beaching hoop who put forward this plan to decommission an enormous portion of the British rail system, the British rail system underwent this like spasm of growth before World War One. They just got so excited about trains. They just put trains everywhere. And in fact, what's crazy is right before the advent of the railroad. The British had built canals everywhere. There's a there used to be. A an interlocking canal system that would allow you to take a boat from Manchester all the way down to walked by that one now in Manchester. So you're saying like ten years later this was all obsolete. Once once Steve engines will it's like the Erie canal, the Erie canal, they spent enormous resources building this and it was going to connect buffalo to connect the Great Lakes to the Hudson river and almost within a decade of when they opened the area canal, the railroad came along and completely made it up. So it's like my space. Yeah. It was just like or or what was the one before my space friendster friendster, right? It's the friendster Princeton canals. And interestingly one of the most I wouldn't call it famous because no one really is paying attention to Rochester, New York afraid to say, sorry, Rochester hurtful, and in fact, Rochester setting the opioid epidemic. Maybe Rochester is named after an ancestor of mine, the Faneuil Rochester. No matter who married, Jane Eyre. No, no. That was a different Rochester. Is it relate Iraq Chester in Roderick etymologically related at all? They're not know the Rodericks married into the Rochester's, but the Rochester is an old American family and the Roderick sarin new one, I see the Rochester's the old money. Yeah. That's right. Well, the old family. They actually have money the money didn't personally town after a poor poor family. What did they win a contest or they were doing? Okay. But I don't think of the Rochester's is having money because they didn't give me any money. I see if nobody gives you money. They can't be rich. That's right. That's right. You probably think I've incredibly poor then well, you've got to give me a damn thing. You just won fifty dollars on your internet thing. And you're like, how do I spend this fifty dollars? And I said give it to me and you acted like I said nothing. No. Well, I thought it was a good. I thought it was a good little witticism. I coulda rung my bell. If I had one, but Rochester has an abandoned subway system with the whole system the whole system and some of it or a large kind of the main line was built in the remnant of the Erie canal as it flowed through Rochester. So they took the old path under the city, and they turned it into a subway. And then the subway itself, they turned it into a subway when Rochester was a burgeoning American manufacturing city. And then as Rochester fell into the Klein, they also closed the subway put the canal back, they did not put the canals. So they should do that you just flooded. Well, the canal system, the Erie canal is always being restored. And in the United Kingdom. They're canal system also is having a resurgence people are are advocating kind of restoring disused parts of it. And it's it's really a kind of a great little feature of the country. I'm sure it's fantastic. But is it really efficient for goods and services? And you never know. But it's neat to have a little canal Boden. Bit sort of Amsterdam e there's so many locks is what I've noticed like what just walking along canal, Manchester. I was like I can't imagine trying to go through here on any kind of voter barge. It would if there was a lock every, you know, five hundred feet, there are these wonderful places along that system where a railroad will be going in a trench. There will be another railroad crossing it over that in a bridge. And then above that will be the canal in. A viaduct. Overhead the canal is over to trail railway tracks. It's great. But during the beaching plan, they took so many railroads out of the United Kingdom and left all these rail right of ways, beautiful viaducts and tunnels, and and and paths cutting through the countryside, and railway stations all abandoned and in recent years, they've turned a lot of those into bike paths. That's that's happened here with like streetcar, right? Lonzo a lot of American cities of gotten great by trails and jogging trails out of there. Well, and all three Carl old railroads to have turned into bike paths. But people are trying to get some of those rail lines restored in the UK. But there's the whole Trainspotting culture is really into old railway stations and very British. Right. I mean for all the for every American train spotters. There are twenty thousand British people in anoraks out looking at just like a platform there goes, and you know, why Thomas? The tank engine. They all were raised on or talking trains with them and personalities, and of course, if you believe that every train has has a story in a biography. Right. You're going to go stand by the tracks. And even if they don't have googly eyes, you're going to be like there's the four seventeen well, as we know all British people are overgrown children also there. So they're just like they they've got those rosy cheeks. They want people to bring them cookies in the middle of the afternoon with tea. That's right there breast fetishists. Like Benny Hill's bosomy women because they all breastfed till they were like nine. John you're well known for your love of animals or aminals. I do love 'em as you say. We've talked about different aminals on this show. We've talked about reckons. Yes. Darlings? Yep. All different kinds of animals, but there's a new show. I want to tell you about that really enables people to get inside the mind of animals think like are washing bear it's called creature feature and it's the new comedy educational podcast from how stuff works. So what happens on this show that you were just introducing? Katie golden, a former writer at crack dot com who this is her field. She studies biology at Harvard, and I hear rights as a bird on Twitter. I don't see what the necessary part of her resume. Okay. Character of a bird. She's already inside the mind of a nominal more power to her. So is this a situation where she is. It's a dry podcast without any fun hour. John. No, she's gonna have guests comedians on there every show and she's going to take them through a series of mental exercises in thinking, like different kinds of animals. What would it be like if you were the victim of a parasitic wasp or a mouse who fell in love with a cat or penguin who turns to the life of crime? These are real life strange animal stories that her guests will be invited. Senator Oliver sexy, but with aminals instead of with half human mystic is his penguin for the mouse who mistook his cat for a nap on my gosh, why isn't called that instead of creature? Well, for some reason they call. It creature feature. And if you want to get in touch with your wild side, you can listen to them subscribe to creature feature on apple podcasts or on iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcasts. But one of the most famous sort of abandoned railroads or abandoned railroad histories is the story of the u Bahn in Berlin on our talking, and I know that you know, some things about this. So Berlin had a vibrant subway system. And then we dated the the the wall, right? But it was one of the early subway's actually Berlin was interconnected their YouTube songs about it are there YouTube songs about the Rochester subway, probably not know all that. There might be songs by like Duke Jupiter about the Rochester subway system to people in upstate New York that Duke Jupiter is just for you seven people just went through the roof seven fifty two year old like. But in nineteen in the early nineteen sixties when the east German government cracked down on on migration through Berlin. And built the they were losing wall had lost like twenty percent of the population. And 'cause people would just be like, wait. It's better over there. I'm just gonna walk over there. And there will be shopping. I can take the subway and not being a like communist solitaire in society. So they built this wall down the middle of the city that people might have heard of even future links might have heard of this Berlin Wall. What did they call this brew this Berlin Wall, they called it the Berlin Wall, or they call the east Germans called it? The anti-imperialist protection wall or some. Yeah. There's the AIP w didn't that it was not called the Berlin Wall. They had to have a different name because there's had no graffiti, they had a much cleaner wall than we did if you'd graffiti to wall in Berlin, let me tell you what Mr. you met Alexander, Sultan, eats them is what happened the rest of us pronounce it. So to needs him, but you say Solzenitsyn Olsen meats, and that's actually a correct L. You're going to confuse everyone. So when they built the wall what happened to the subway. Well, so certain parts of the u Bahn actually were contained within either side of Berlin. And so those train lines could continue to operate. But there were lots of crossing points and lots of train lines that went from one side to the other that had to that. We're actually walled up with bricks. There were a few lines which remained open which went from the western side to the eastern side and then back to the west. And so there were subway stops in east Germany that the train went past on its way from one western stop to the east. Germans were not allowed to go down and use that platform. So it was actively close, right? It was closed. I think there were east German guards standing there giving you the Harry eyeball as you went through because the trains had to slow as they went through east Germany to the tracks weren't maintained to the same standard. So you're subway train would slow to twenty miles eerie. Faced as you go through this dimly list twilight zone station. Yeah. Where guys in for hats, just like stared at you, impassable impassively and also impassively probably both if the doors don't open there. There was a stop where you could get off in east Germany as a west German, and I think you wrote a little bit about this in one of your weird books for children, and you are in some one of your many columns that appear next Maryland Voss von I like when you're doing your little late night show host thing where it's like it's now says here can. You a story about the u Bahn. No, I've read I read a lot of your written work because it appears you know in dentist's office. I'm often waiting. I did a weekly call them for a long time for a comment. Travel magazine about weird spots on the earth surface. It used to see that all the time. Yeah. So this Friedrichstrasse station was like one of the right now, it's the busiest station in Berlin in the in the unified era during World War Two is where all the kindertransport kids left for England fleeing the holocaust in one of the board movies. That's where Jason Bourne jumps down from a train station onto a barge. It's like the reverse of your of your canal over the train tracks. But during the Cold War, I very interesting because that was right on the border. It was a big checkpoint that river was the border. Yeah. And when they put up the wall, they had to divide that station in two and so much of the many of the s Bahn trains, and all of the Ubon trains through Friedrichstrasse. We're only for west Berliners. So the s Bahn was the trains. The those were the trains that went out to the suburbs. And the Ubon were the trains that were that went within the effectively the subway, and so you could actually cross an international border by changing floors you'd go down a flight of stairs in east Germany, and you'd be directly below where you were. But now you'd be in western because that would be on the other side of the check it was part of the only place on earth where a national border actually went on the z axis between up and down instead of north and south going down to western while. You're exactly exactly I had the year e experience in one thousand nine hundred nine I. Before the wall came down. I went to east Berlin by accident. I went there on purpose. I accident. I was misled by some of my fellow travelers. I was told I would have a job at apartment waiting. I didn't defect. I didn't know. I mean, I traveled east Berlin officially through checkpoints in with passports and looking through little slots, and and and walking through a maze by who came in from the cold stuff. But the first time I went I was on a train going through west Berlin. And I just was dozing smoking cigarettes, and I don't know what playing with my pocket knife and have a phone yet. So you were just thinking about a girl in wiggling. That's right dupe d do to do. And I looked down in the train was going across a river. And I knew that that was maybe a like not the best deal like different socio economic system might await you on the other side of as it went across the river. Then it went across a lot of different barbed wires. And I said this. Can't be good. And so as the train pulled into the the next station I got off, and I was very in east. Berlin, everyone was in a polyester suit. That was the color of like grit like some kind of gray gray green Honecker's Ray. And I stood out like a sore. Thumb right? I had long hair and was wearing some kind of ski jackets and had playing with a pocket, man. British transponder. I really really did. It wasn't an anorak though. It was like one of those. It was eighty ski jacket so nice. It had like lightning bolts on it. And it wasn't puffy how much worthy you than the average term. I had a lot more puff. But they couldn't afford down. They had to eat all their feathers during but they did have a feed jackets, but they were again, the color of like coffee that had been out in the rain for a year only sad colors allowed. So I talked to someone I went up to someone and said, hey, I don't I'm not in west Berlin, m I and they were like you. Are not. You need to go down. These stairs. Go over to the other side and get on the train going the opposite way. And I did no one molested me. I stood there for a long time because those trains off the station. Probably that's when you would've wound up in Trump. I would have had to have gone through some kind of check. And then that would have been and I don't mean to check person. I there was a German person. It was a German person who looked like a check. But they would have given me them giving me the business. I talked to someone at that point. Who said I could have gone all the way to Poland. If I had just had the right stuff right anorak if I just had the right amount of money. If I'd been able to pay my ski jacket had been a little more depressing Goffin krecko, but the train came in. And I got back on it and went back across and no one ever checked my ticket or asked me for any money. It was just like, oh, okay. Could I have could I've kept going could I've gone to Poland. Could I right now be married to a Russian woman and living in Saint Petersburg, having forgotten English entirely. I came very close to your dream, my my wife. Wife actually lived in east Berlin in the in the nineties, right? It was it was right after the wall came down because her dad was with the foreign service of the time. Here's the commercial attache to east Germany were and been probably Germany. So there was still a east Germany at the time. I think it was probably reunified with that eighty nine. Yeah. It happened. The next year in nineteen ninety it took them took him a while. But as soon as the wall came down, it it came down with the quickness she was probably there at unification them. And the place where they had them live was east, Germany was an east Germany east Berlin. And had formerly been a style listening post. So every room in their house had like eight phone jacks, which was amazingly convenient. So until you really until you had a mental image of what was going on in your living room or your guest room guys French previous exactly, so I went to the first time, I visited east Berlin. It was six months. I guess before the wall came down. It was like in mayor June of of eighty are you taking credit? No, no as a result. No. They were not impressed by me. I went over and changed money and had this astonishing number of of eastern deutschemarks that I struggled to spend. And I went to the nicest restaurant in east Berlin. With a couple of like American friends, and we had a lavish and disgusting meal and were drunk, you ordered every bottle of everything. We're loud. And just the worst kind of man. I mean, we didn't we weren't wearing college sweatshirts that said like Dartmouth. So we weren't the worst kind of Americans. I mean, we at least looked like you didn't help the welcome. Now, you probably kept it up for a few months. Yeah. Like the ball the law when it comes out a few months earlier, if you guys that just been a little better behaved at dinner. It was kind of crazy that you could go over there and spend a day. I mean, you couldn't spend the night, but we spent a day and and struggled to to spend the amount of deutschemarks that we were forced to change. But then I I was in. I was in Florence and picked up the International Herald Tribune in it said crazy things going on in Berlin. And it was November ninth or something like that. And I immediately I didn't have. There was no reason for me to be in Florence. I had already exhausted all of the people that might have hosted me, and they were your travel is based not on first attractions, but who has attached? Yeah. They were. Well, ready? For me to to be gone. And so I jumped on a train and showed up in Berlin, you know, a day and a half later, and are you in the videos like with a hammer I looked for myself in every photograph. I mean, I had really long hair, and I had a hammer, and I found it on the wall, and I sat on top of it. And people took my picture there were lots of photographers there. But I've never found myself in all of those books and reports I'm just like come on one picture is all I ask just let my experience be documented by one notable. I love this idea of US. I'm kind of Forrest Gump character popping up at every important juncture of history. Yeah, I like it too. But it's unfortunately like as far as the world is concerned. It's I'm invisible. I do pop up everywhere. But I'm I'm not even sure am I real maybe you'll if this holds maybe you'll get to see track sixty one someday is this is this Garfield without Garfield. Are you just John like talking pathetically to himself? Everyone else who listens to this podcast. Just hears me talking. I have created you. But the the when Berlin was first unified there were all those ghosts stations which actually have a name in German guy stood on the hor- gosh star bond Hof ghost trains in early. Go stations in they were perfectly preserved in their ninth or not perfectly, but they were preserved in their state in nineteen sixty one what they had been with advertisements on the walls on ice and little, you know, direction signs and old phones and stuff in the offices. And so the German transit authorities wanted to reopen these stations, but they didn't quite have the sentimentality for eastern Europe that we do now. And so they didn't keep any of the old ads. They didn't preserve any of the stations in there guys to bounce off in their haunted state. They're they're shy Sabban Hof state. They could've you know, put up plexiglass over the old Shirley today you walked through. And it's just all these sixties era ads for north soups, or whatever people would love it. But. And I like you pronounce it canola, but but no, they can or cannot I they they cleaned it all up, and now those stations some of them are some of the busiest stations in Berlin. But others that had been very important stations like pots and Dahmer or Potsdam. I guess Potsdam lots. I think that's right, which was a main station during the divided years became kind of a Geist your town. Yeah. Just not not a useful station anymore. They were used to be federal stuff there. That's not there anymore or something. And and eventually that became a ghost station closed because there wasn't any use port anymore. The last victim of the Cold War Potsdam plots. And that concludes trek sixty one entry one three to four easies zero eight zero eight certificate number three three seven to five in the omnibus. Listeners we speak to you from time when there's an epidemic of social media. We hope these will all become guy stern net Vercken for you. But in our day, they are busy with the metaphorical trains of memes, and quips and abandoned railcars videos winning by canals that have been filled in reopened, John, and I are extremely supportive of social media. We love it and think it's been a net. Good for humanity. I'll say, and as a result, we are very active at omnibus project on every platform, you can think of even the guy platform in guys platform. Don't look go look up at this project on friendster. See what you find Shuki? Darned slopped, chickens dot org. And the very first social media network. It was for farmers like farm are like Tinder. Oh of like grinder. That's right. Tinder has an e. Oh, well, I don't know. Grinder doesn't grinder does not that. I would know you. We seem very convinced the grinder does not have any. Yeah. Tender does have any. That's how behind the scenes of internet dating. We are. So yeah, John is at John Roderick on Tinder and grinder and Twitter and Instagram. Come find me, I'm at Ken Jennings, only on Twitter and grinder. Of course, we also maintained an electronic mail account. If you know what that is at. I'm going to stay out again in the wrong way at which was omnibus project at how stuff works dot com. If you wanted to send us physical Kapoor aerial items, not Geist artifact in. No actual actual things that you could touch or rub or not eat. We've said, no. But look at snowflakes through, sir. If you want to send us some kind of microscope camera or a period map of the Berlin u Bahn just go down to the time post and send it through what we know to be true. A wormhole send it through a fourth dimensional room for hall to omnibus project PO box five five seven four four shoreline. Washington nine eight one five five if you're interested in. The philosophical goals of the omnibus to such a degree that you want to commune with other like-minded souls. Whether they're tentacled silicon based. Metaphorical thought forms that have somehow found a way to access this. They all congregate at the future Ling's group on Facebook. Be sure if you're joining the future things group to answer the to test questions, if they appear if you are on an Android device, maybe they don't appear in which case. Tough luck cut the time in this recording one of the questions asks for the shape of time, which is not something we have mentioned in a while. I think no we haven't. And in fact, there are a lot of different ideas about what shape time is time is a stellar dendritic snowflake, perhaps perhaps I have no idea. It is a Dali esque melting clock on top of a freckle like trip out poster from a college dorm, turn on the black light and the universe gets crazy listeners from our vantage point inside an abandoned FDR era railcar parked on track. Sixty one hundred the Waldorf is under the Chinese owned Waldorf or story of that is where we record the show. I think it's time that everyone should know with a diesel locomotive idling constantly, go should something happen. Filtering diesel smoke up the elevator shaft into your eight thousand dollar a night room. We have no idea. How long are civilizations? We hope and or survived from your standpoint tense is difficult. We hope and pray or we hoped and prayed that the catastrophe that we fear that you know, may never come. It's hilarious. How much you must laugh every episode at our ninth today because you know, it's to you. It is the December seventh nineteen forty one. It is the fourteen ninety two when your Columbus sailed the chlorine ocean, yellow what if it's not a Larry what if it's sad. What if it's poignant that we always seem? So that we always seem so lively, but they know they know so it was all doom. They miss us. They they're all wearing red baseball. Hats that say make the earth grade again? By listening to the omnibus pocket. If the work if the worst comes soon, and if the work comes soon this recording like all our recordings may be our final word providence allows he hoped to be back with you soon. Another entry in the. Investigators have been desperate to figure out how that family flew off that cliff in California, and whether it was on purpose early the morning of March twenty six rescue workers repelled down the cliff where they lifted the dead bodies of three children arm to the point where I no longer. I'm calling this an accident. I'm calling it a crime who are these women, and how did they come to adopt six children two sets of three black siblings. And they were one of my early role models or what like non traditional family, look like we looked up to her like, wow, she's the best parent in the world. We're horrible. I don't mind now. There's some kids that I feel is being highly abused. She was eating out at the garbage like something's not right about them. But since she's told me about it. I just can't live with it. I'm very concerned for these kids from glamour, and how stuff works this is broken hearts. Listen and subscribe at apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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