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Hey this is kelly. Welcome to the ringer podcast network up on the ringer dot com this week we've posted our streaming recommendations for the month of september updated cheated or fifty best superhero movies of all time list and make sure to check out our stephen king coverage by ben lindbergh on the site and on the big picture podcast on the sports side are n._f._l. Experts parts are giving their predictions for the season. The storylines are most excited about and finalizing their rankings of the top one hundred and fifty fantasy players of two thousand nineteen. You can check it out on the ringer dot com <music> what's up guys unlock onto another episode not time. This is a weekly pop culture podcast on the radio podcast network. I'm kelly i'm and i'm amelia. What am i and today we're giving scarlett. Johansson's publicist a list of things that he or she should look out for for publicist days and then we're talking about jeremy renner's now deceased app and the upcoming slate of homework chris movies and hint hint there are forty. That's released in l._a. But we're doing anyway yup. Every time you hear the bell we have checks and now let spill that t- okay first category is always teatime checks in with. We only have two things in this category. It's a million center <hes> and we wanted to give it enough time because both deserve a pretty hearty discussion. Do you wanna start us off. Yeah okay so jeremy renner had an app the jeremy renner app which is literally his face on like the little app icon and you open it up and it's jeremy renner in black and white anyway his app is the wild west of twenty thousand nine hundred and and it is it is gone now but <hes> pretty much the app i think was just like a way for jeremy to share his life with his with renner heads with his fans sounds like danny fits who works at the he was talking about how he was so sad that jeremy renner decided to close the app due to trolls on wren's day a special day out day and this apparently is the second time that jeremy renner's app has had to shut down the drama made nibs wrote about it for the rare dot com in twenty seventeen. The article was called. Even jeremy renner's app can't escape online drama and we're here again ayar. Why did it break down. You're already gonna talk about this before he show yeah. Well okay so i don't i. It's the weird thing. If you go on twitter you can find it and i actually download download the app just to see like if i could find any of the drama and i couldn't find it because i think they scrubbed it but it's like people were posing as like deplorable l. a. real life people in history there were there's a bunch of casey. Anthony's there was like a jeffrey epstein and they were just like just going queasy. They were just going wild and they're just like jerry. I mean iran. Ah and people were pretending to be jeremy renner like i don't even know how to explain it other than like it was the wild west it was there were no rules. It was overrun by people people just took this and ran so far it got out of his control so quickly again and i could not believe that they didn't think any of these through because this is not the first app that has created user names and like comment inabilities. I can't believe that any kind of team couldn't try to block. Certain aspects of these problems also his his post about killing the reasons. It's a masterpiece of formatting first of all it has banner at the top it says goodbye dot and then totally different thought i believe it's bradley bradley hand or something look a lot like a mixture of papyrus and comic sans her curse love child of those two and it just starts out and he's like the app has jumped literally and literally underlying because because it's like underlying where you spell something wrong in like microsoft word and he just didn't get rid of it. He just screamed on it. It's really special and it's just horrible the r._i._p. Somalia do you think it's coming back. I say it you know it came back once before why not what do you guys think i hope it doesn't but also the jeremy renner is proven himself. He's a man of many hats he is. He's really trying several different career routes right now and if you can do those horrible we'll do commercials like he can bring it up one more time. I was gonna say also the problems at his face are pretty easily fixable. I believe so it feels like there's a clear path to kinda a fix some of those issues and then come back stronger than ever. You know what i mean faith in him right well and also like pretty much. I think the main thing was that people were because you can post your own photos does app and like i'm looking at one right now from casey anthony and her and like you know her dead child yet just asleep trolls and they're like hey. Where are your biggest fan jeremy. It's like you can get rid of that. Maybe i don't know is moderate it at all. We're starting very dark but now we're moving onto gainer winter pastures. Another melia category cited well so kirsten dunst star of honestly the best spider man trilogy thirty three. I'm sorry a hand of many other things <hes> she's starring in a new t._v. Show for showtime called becoming a god in central florida fun name anyway a she got her star. Finally on the walk of fame and then reuters decided to call her spider-man's girlfriend in a tweet i truly i believe oh on purpose you think so they deleted it which kind of threw a pin that theory but it's just stupid mistake to be like man's girlfriend got her star the walk of fame this weekend like literally you look at that and you're like people are going to blow this up yeah. That was my theory that they did it for the engagement also so many people have now ben spider-man's girlfriend the it could have been targeted. Women got her sir. You're on the ground. I was on the ground. I specifically took doc a day off of work because i fucking love kirsten dunst pearson don's if you're listening. I know you're not but if you are. I just want to say that i i think you're great injustice that you've been nominated for any oscars and there's also her star thing comes off the heels of her interview with serious where someone asked her they were like how has your career impacted like the lives of others something like that and she was like i don't. I really don't think it has it was really sad sad and she just went on about how she has done. These movies like marie-antoinette and drop dead gorgeous and they get hand manned once they're released but then ten years later people are like wow that is actually a great film and she was just saying that you know i do these films and and you guys hate them and then you love them and then i never get recognized by my industry she was also saying she's like never felt famous. She's like a star and it's so sad kirsten dunst. You are a star star. We believe in you at tea time so go cures and go kirsten dunst hollywood unique to forget recognize kirstin danz okay. She was the queen of like teen movies. Yes movies in the early two thousands in like in the nineties but also she's had a prolific child acting career interview with the vampire actually a great movie she was awesome and think a little women she was great not to oh and she has seamlessly transitioned into an adult actress not an adult actress but sorry sorry an actress who's an adult the category up okay next one is this week in social media. Kate start a softest <music>. I'm just feeling really inspired by the pep talk that a million just gave and also me <hes> okay so this is actually another thing where it's like justice for these female. Yes there was a kind of a meme slash viral tweet going around on social media this week where it was basically what started it was what he tweeted. Amy adams could do the godfather but al pacino couldn't do enchanted chanted truth so people started basically putting in all these other actors in roles. Obviously men were mad about about it immediately. They were like. I doubt that amy adams could do scarface like okay. This is why that goes posers. Movie didn't work out because like i a- in these roles like men were really mad because honestly it's how you know that it's a good joke but honestly like it was super. True and kirsten dunst could do the godfather but al pacino couldn't do little women. That's exactly true. Next thing on social media is billy eyeless who i like but i fear fear released her new music video for all the good girls go to hell which is in it of itself kind of a scary song that whole album. I talked about unreal zoe. The teens love her so we we and i love her lead. I i am not certainly not from a distance because she is a kind animus. Gary artists and each one of her music videos get scarier and i don't know if you guys have seen she has had like tarantulas crying out of her mouth heated so there's no i know she's done a lot of like behind the scenes stuff there's no c._g._i. Like she literally put that thing held it in her mouth for like twenty seven. They got all the shit rolling and then just like and and she's standing right in the cameras and other music video. She had black die in guys so they're all backed out. There's no white and there is and she was just here like she was crying. He's black tears like blood smeared. She likes to really press people's by then certainly at works on me anyway releases new music video all the girls go to hell again very scary scary title already eleven million views on youtube you she's essentially a bird that hatches and she gets like clogged down and all this oil well. She emerges from this black hole hit and it's extremely scary and the whole music video. There's no real plot. She just walking around her wings. Catch kara de levin. I actually pretty similar anyway. She's very scary. I realize her music videos the total wimp. That's why i can't quite get into her. Yeah lyrics yes but like i like the performance side of artists like i like to watch music videos and watch and she's scary agreed. I'm scared by her. Yes can't do it braver than although silver lining to this whole thing and i was reading the comments didn't catch us because i guess i'm not a true artiste taste but it was a commentary on our climate and our planet burning to the ground also scary honestly true maybe scarier than the music video and she put a note in in her youtube that was like talking about climate change and links to a global climate straight <hes> that's a walkout <hes> to join strikers that demand an end to the age of fossil fuels so the girl is out there trying to change the world but i wish it wasn't as frightening in typical genesee fashion. I feel i agree next one. Well this morning facebook announced in that they have created a dating service. We've known about this for a little while. It was in like all their you know tech announcements and stuff but it's it's live in the u._s. And you can opt into it if you're eighteen eighteen years or older and basically people are suggested based on your preferences and interests and things that you have on facebook which i picked all my interests when i was like twelve and those things were going around where you would like a thing where it's like. Don't you hate when people in front of your walking thing so we're not gonna do it for several reasons but that's one of them and you can choose choose to do like a secret crash. Where like won't match you with your friends unless like you want them to connect. This is like several dating apps into one plus. You can like connect your facebook. Stories was known as you connect your instagram stories mrs big but yeah. It looks terrifying. I do not want anyone on facebook to be involved in my daily life at all. This is not not gonna work for people our age. It might work ten years older. I stopped updating and uploading. Thanks to my face. Yes maybe five years ago. Three people wrote on my face as below for my birthday and i know more friends in that budget. They'll show no one's facebook or so. I'm choosing to believe so. I don't know what kind of outdated stuff it would bring in my dating profile. It'd be like loves. Fallout boy loves dragon. You would be well. That's right it would be so skewed. It'd be so data for the moms and and that's what eliza bresnik said who cover this leg original announcement for the ringer. I think is going to be big with boomer. I think it will be it sure it is yeah i it's horrifying honestly all right last thing and social media is there was another viral twitter trend this week. <hes> louis pacemen men tweeted and everyone is a combination of two celebrities who share their birthday. I'm an admiral levin gwyneth paltrow. This is treated on september second very shortly after liz's birthday when we told her that she as a combination of cameron diaz and so i looked at mine and i believe i'm carrie coon ed helms. Whatever but you know. I don't have very good options. Percents was franken. Guerande my birthday or your birthday. I have frankie ron me. He'd be record is enough for me by the way after he posted that. I didn't post anything for my birthday. Eh she posted a very risque shot. Kate tweeted about that. I won't describe to you <hes> doing the splits mostly naked. She did her birthday much better than i did did you. There there is a familiar. I just looked up mine right now and it's not good. What are you doing your celebrities or famous people jim in. I don't know that from b._t. Yeah yeah yeah he's number. One guy up here ashanti tiffany trump aziz right though okay next category abuser that's okay next. Category is tea <unk> time investigates. This woman will not leave the news cycle. It applies all three of us in different ways low marvel like action hero which out no not your closing. Their amelia loves a controversy. We are investigating scarlett johansson herself. <hes> kate read the first thing in this outline to just a start aside well originally. We weren't gonna do a whole segment so this is all i had in the atlanta about her and then we're like this needs more time so i just wrote scar does stays fucking idiot is she does yes. She won't stop being an idiot and she will not stop saying things and doing things that are fucking stupid. Sometimes you still has a huge career waiting for that change one of these days but it hasn't and yet she is the highest paid actors in hollywood right now. We're starting in two thousand seventeen with her biggest public. Fuck ups for lack of a better word <hes>. I'm sure she's had of much much more rich past with us but just in the last couple of years she has continuously put her foot in her mouth dismay decisions in her career there with the things that she gets cast in that are huge problems and he doesn't know how to apologize she her biggest problem honestly great number on restarting in two thousand seventeen <hes> she was cast in ghost in the shell she played a japanese cyborg motoko kusanagi it was based on the popular japanese comic series she she is a white woman and she was the main character obviously whitewashing this entire story and taking away from minority actress you're so overlooked begin with she cited emma stone character in aloha as backup for her in this movie which also got a huge public outcry. I being like this is whitewashing issue. Yeah this is like really blew up the way washington controversy because this is like the same year that matt damon was in like the great wall of china movie where like he was rallying the troops to defend the why's it matt damon but like this is the big inciting incident that people were really started the conversation and the difference here. We're gonna talk about this. I think every time is emma. Stone has apologize again and again and again for that like is even like at an award show somebody made a joke about and you can hear her from the audience being like i'm sorry which like are words that have never come up scott janssen. That's a good point because i was wondering how emma stone is so beloved now because twenty seventeen not covered pretty well from that yeah so that makes sense a check. She apologized. She's like kinda. Poke finding herself. They did it like s._n._l. Thing where like oh. Is this a cast internationally right before the big blowup happened the up that i think she kind of obviously was overshadowed. Overshadowed by scarlata hanson's giant right idiocy the following year in two thousand eighteen she got cast to play a transgender man in the movie rub and tug and she had to relinquish this role only only one week after puppy announced she was cast because of the criticism that got again taking my she is a white woman and identifies as as such and there are so many people that could have been played been playing this role and she took it away from somebody again and again her rep said had like tell people they can take right jeffrey to jared leto jeffrey tambor stone and stuff. It's just like what just take take. Her always just like why can't i do this. When other people have also admits mistake hurricana tree we are going to get to that quote right that same year twenty twenty eighteen. She went to the met gala and she was the first allaster to wear the brand. After the sexual assault allegations came out against harvey weinstein and in his wife george chapman co-founded that brand this was so such an obvious missed like to align yourself with that brand so closely after all of these things are happening and she was a part of the time that movement you're the charlotte dot hands right. She asked james franco for her pin back giambra that oh yeah ah her quote for this was i work as it because your clothes make women feel confident and beautiful. It is my pleasure to support. A brand created by two incredibly talented an important female designer. She leans in so hard for no reason. Wow yeah just wildly unforced errors right time hi and then we're bringing it to this year twenty one thousand nine hundred she was on the cover of as if this is in july people is barely september. Here's just a quote that everyone has been talking about since july. She goes you know as an actor. I should be allowed to play any person or any tree or any animal because because that is my job and the requirements of my job i feel like it's a trend in my business and it needs to happen for various social reasons yet there are times it does get uncomfortable when it affects the art because i feel art should be free of restrictions absurd. Which is such a privileged. I mean we know this could preaching to the choir but like it's so easy tasty lisette who's a trans actress who spoke out about her own. Rubbing todd was like see you can play ask but we can't play you like a transgender actress could never get in the room for any role you ever played and the same with actors of color or anything like yeah. It's it's such a privilege thing to say like. I should be allowed to play any person and like looking at people that let's just played in like okay like you're actively taking away from the people who we play these roles. It's like i deserve to be here and it's like like almost no no because you need to make room for all the people who have not had that chance insane. He's got the blinders fully on eight. Wiles is one of the more hated people on the internet. Specifically twitter lake absolutely hates her wow awesome by now a million now. You wanted to talk about her occidental. Yes oxfam is like a charity kind of thing and she was an ambassador for them but then she decided to sign a deal sodastream and it's like a fizzy drink mega whatever but unfortunately the company manufacturers products in a factory and a settlement on the west bank an and i don't even want to pretend like i know the whole palestinian debacle and everything but you know it's like no don't do that if there's like some some kind of a controversy involving human rights and like you didn't look it up beforehand. God's was the big thing is like i there's an article in the guardian talked about this in like she clearly received the worst advice and like someone is paid to protect our interests and like head not done any research about the conflict that these two do these two roles and she just like stepped into this geopolitical conflict then you're literally like an unwinnable situation and in this interview she also is just incapable of apologizing apologizing or being like like. I'm sorry i understand what went wrong and like i she just keep spending and keystone. It'd be like oh well. That's one way to look at it but like in my opinion like and just like is defensive and offensive and in this article for the guardian eventually the person is like literally let out of the room for asking about this team could do not do your job before we got here when truly just yeah and then most recently but this is why we're talking about this is because she just unprompted defended woody allen who she's worked with on three films at this point and <hes> okay so she talked to the hollywood reporter and basically said i love forty. I believe him and i would work with him anytime scissors in the simplest terms like aligning herself with just the stupidest thing to do and and again. It's like this hypocritical thing where it's like. Oh i'm saying one thing and doing another because she was part of times up. She asked james franco for her fucking fucking pin back and now she's like forty allen my best friend it's obvious such a hypocrite also she could play any role in what she does not need to publicly whether a- and i'm sure there are a lot of people in hollywood very privately supporting right sure because they want the same they want to be broadcast in the movie <hes> the fact that she's using her power and her like public reach defend a man like woody allen. This is insane that she has not learned at this point right and i mean you're right like a lot of people were talking about that and being like okay tim allen movie like can we not at least like she's out there saying like i support him instead of quietly trying to play both sides and selena gomez totally you but also like like i love what he i believe him. Algorithm anytime is just wild and now people are even being like colin. Joe's this is a bad look for. Are you know we've come this far conscious. His fucking trash is people are like why did you hit yourself out of scarlett johansson wag this. This looks bad for you now while you know it's not an it's not even that fun to talk about because it's just like you're a bad person yeah and that's were you could tell we're already so tired. I know we are spelled. Go this episode of ti-time. Um is brought to you by hellofresh with hellofresh america's number one meal kit. You'll get easy seasonal recipes and premeasured ingredients delivered right to your door. 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Our favorite man with anwar her brother is do a liba wild and bella hadid flew solo but this is crazy. This was a big deal. We were all debating how long that flight is obviously flu private but to go overseas to have very close family members. Funeral is a really big step. I i still kind of can't wrap my head around this relationship but it's real people it's huge. He was groundless ios funeral in the netherlands. That's a seven hour flight- debating whether tyler has ever flown private before and whether he was just trying to play cool. I decided he had not not. I mean the expert. That's why we put it in anyway. They're the real deal unlike shawn mendez and we'll talk about later right next we can do better yes ask next. One is venice film festivals last week to timothy salam. I almost said tammy and then i was like is reform. I'm talking about tunisia made his is big comeback. After the tim drought as we call it he in the king hit the premier with lily rose depp who has girlfriend. We weren't quite sure they were still together. They hadn't really been z. In public together and they kind of an awkward encounter in venice they were like caught like she walked up while he was talking to fans and he made his awkward facing like ran away somewhere like maybe they broke broke up but on the red carpet for the king which they're both in together. They had this moment where they were standing with their back to photographers which i think everyone was like oh. I didn't know author people back now okay. This was on purpose very cute. She kinda like reaches for him behind someone else and they like caress. Each other's hands like really but like very charming charmingly. I was like oh kind of look at each other like they're getting away with mine but other classmates back it was really cute. Also he looked incredible and his his curls are is top notch. Absolutely yoga are great a little bit lower brow tax talk about this youtube irc since the beginning of time. Yeah that's true. Take it away. I don't actually it never mind okay. I'm i don't even wanna explain it okay so if you guys know you people. You probably know tricia patasse tests because she is crazy. She's been on like she was on. America's got down she was on. I think the ellen show she was on my addicted life where she was addicted to tanning and stuff. Can i ask why her talent was on america talent. It was like talking very fast. Oh gosh aw yeah anyway. She's like this youtuber who dated this other youtuber who's friends with david dobrica break and stuff so she's part of that crew anyway. Apparently she has a fake relationship with none other than aaron carter. Wow how of i want candy fame and she like decided to tweet some crazy. I'm not even a sad actually read about this very moment. <hes> <hes> yeah she mentions the size of some some things some appendages on aaron carter and she just kind of goes off on twitter. Yeah it's crazy the i will. We can tweet it out. <hes> no we can just anyway and then there's a video of them kissing and then he was like no i'm single single and it was like we're just doing this for the promo and anyway. It's just like you don't need to know this so let's move on just going in all the way back to like actual movie stars and people that actually he doesn't even really matter that much miles teller got married in hawaii. Hi is this week to model kelly sperry <hes>. She's twenty six thirty two. They've actually been dating for a very long time twenty thirteen so this is legitimate i believe as we talked about on different time episode what celebrity marriages are real. What are fake. This one's for sure real. People are the real deal anyway. There's really not much to talk about here here. She posted videos of her working on him on the reception which is kind of a choice but schilling woodley was there and grab was friends ends with his wife yeah and here's my question taylor was not there but she's in a bouquet of flowers to couple with this note may always be this close forever and ever sending my best wishes to lovers on their big day your friend taylor. How does she know that. I was creeping on his wife. What's her name keighley's failure. I was reading out her instagram aspects. I was like are you beautiful woman. It's spelled weird kellyspot k. e. l. e. I g. a. very irish pictures. Oh why is she for. I don't know oh. I was just scrolling passing kept going. I like how she put love. Verse always a chance for problems. Wow next category is not worth. The t. i'm burst orlando. Bloom did not recognize katy perry's own voice on the radio he was on bbc and fans were calling in with their best celebrity impressions and a woman named gemma called in and saying i kissed a girl okay so katy perry saying fucking song. I kissed a girl and orlando bloom's response as gemma. That was great really well done. I'm not convinced but you know it's hard for me to live with that voice and she's going. It's me you try so hard katy perry thing to ever happen. That's not where the haha wow great job so unamused by this story anyway moving on next one as about last week. Harry styles had a ruling so uncover. He has a cover of the face this magazine this week but there were a lot of pictures online. If you follow the hairstyles daily accounts which i do he changed his hair. It looks like a haircut situation but it also change in styling. He's brushing it down <hes> f- like down on his forehead which seems like first of all decision making a surprising decision if you don't think about how people certain people the ringer and also online made fun of harry styles hairline after the rolling stone profile your face it was not me yeah dispelled you. It was just there and we're like his hairline is receding and he's twenty five and i have no comment on that situation. Listen <hes> you guys made fun of his hairline and then he cut his hair and now he's hiding his hairline. They're clearly connected. They're probably not but if they are. I'll never forgive. There are plugs. There are options very styles his hair down straight on his forehead here harry. Please fix it speaking of horrible things. This was also assigned to me. Thank you guys this week. Bella thorne was on harper. Bizarre series called go to bed with me where she just gets ready for bed. It's enthralling and and she basically went to her nightly skincare routine first of all very weird video. It's ten minutes log. She's just talking into nothingness. She has a very monotone expression the whole time. Does this need to be ten minutes long. No silly not couple of questionable things. She's wearing an enormous diamond watches on one wrist. Okay they're back to back diamond. Probably rolexes got a huge diamond ring on her middle finger so big that it would actually knock out. It's raised. It has height to us breath. She's got so many heavy on she looks very uncomfortable and she's in the process of designing here on skincare line and i and uses these products so the first thing she does has issues as a scrub made a lemon juice sugar and olive oil which everybody should know that is terrible for your skin rips apart. Your pores dehydrates you. It's just horrible absolutely horrible fees. It's like she has a history of problems. Going out know how this lucien i mean. She does look great her credit but not good. There are other ways to do this anyway. Then on top of that she uses another homemade concoction. This is with cherries honey and coconut oil slightly less offensive <music> but the whole video. There's no music in the back. She's just like plopping this. I read goop on her face being like this is coconut oil based and he was like what am i doing. We love good and brushes my full time. I cannot believe this video was bad. Bella thorne skincare line scares me. If it's anything like the product she actually is. Would you be more into her skincare line or kylie. If you had to choose between the walnuts and gotta yeah that is homemade you gotta go with the actual product. Oh i was going to go homemade you would rather like mix lemon juice and what was it a hand and sugar and put it on your faith than us a professional skin care product that has been vetted by the jenner's. I will say the factory that is outsourcing the millions upon millions of products. Kylie's entire empire freaks me out. Don't know what goes on in there would rather buy some sugar from the store and test it out myself. I shall not that's why we're ending even worse a million. I don't know <hes> sign this me but i hate you and we'll never forgive you. <hes> lamar odom of of he used to be married to chloe and then it was in a coma after being also had a you know a sports. He wants six-man several times. I forgot i forgot about that anyway. <hes> yeah so he is on the new season of dancing with the stars look out for that but also he sucks on his girlfriend's toes toes. I not just like he doesn't like absent. Mindedly skyward discuss it. He was not okay later. It was like more nonchalant than army emerson like yeah we have. Her son was like okay. I'm actively doing the knowledge that lamar owners like casually had four toes. Yeah i was gonna say that was either. Multiple causes your as you know on all different levels of the phone usc xylophone of does that's perfect. Oh okay our next category or doing something. Special summer's over people befall tampa christmas. Is this highlights of the homework. Christmas movies scheduled twenty nine thousand nine. This is the brain child of kate hallo has has million. I were looking over this quite a bit lately. They just drop this yesterday. This isn't like random or not like oh. It's christmas time but people look forward to this every year. People are obsessed with hallmark. Christmas movies may district as their forty film lineup leading up to christmas all of the original movies. These are all new new christmas movies and we just need to work through it. It's first of all just stand out titles. You love it. I love a good pun these titles. This is actually very popular. There was just a movie <hes> called fall in love with i n with someone who works at an in nice so they also have a christmas version of that where it's check in christmas. Fairly basic christmas themed motel how sense sensibility in snowman sa- classic right before christmas but w are not writing letters. We'll come back to that. In a minute ooh christmas in evergreen colon tidings of joy never use a calling in your in your unless you're a transformer sequel alison allison christmas land absolutely horrible and what's new year new me inspired and also also with these horrible titles come some ridiculous plots sweeney to discuss some of these like i said right before christmas is literally just a rip off twelve the boys i've loved before but with christmas and adults uh-huh actively like she writes letters to bend that she's one of them like a couple of them. Show up yeah well netflix sue for intellectual property netflix. I i know we're waiting on the net flicks. Christmas lineup weaned to see how you're like. You know rebuttals to all of these horrible movies christmas at dollywood theater gator producer gets put on a show at dollywood. Dolly parton also makes an appearance <hes> tough look for dolly and the christmas club. This is the official plot summary too busy strangers meet when they help an elderly woman find her boss christmas savings thanks to fate and christmas magic. They also find something they were. Both missing true love amazing amazing. I wanna talk about mary and bright with jodie sweden. Oh yeah ours that description kate c._e._o. Of the marian bright candy cane company meets gabe during the busy christmas season. She she seems gave is the suitor her well. Meaning mother is trying to set her up with when in reality he works for empire corporate recovery and has been hired to take a closer look at marian bright's operation and find ways to make the company more profitable. What part of this romance or or they're always like a c._e._o. That's trying to kill christmas in like a peppy event planner. He's like we can do it. Big christmas yes pharma big chris weird. How serious plot is and then they begin to work together and it says they find ways is to elevate the business. It's like i don't wanna watch so bizarre ball. There are just some classic appearances. I mean people like lacy. Schubert and like people like rachel cook are always in these movies but blake. Shelton is producing movie called time for you to come home for christmas. Got assume that's country based going to be singing and unclear probably ashley greene which is why let alone. We're gonna talk about some other more successful while later kathy lee gifford produced and stars within a god wink christmas meant for love and the actual title elite dolly parton said chris dollywood kristen china with is in a christmas love story very with scott wolf both of whom are better than this absolutely insane although she will sing in this which is obviously finds a boy with a beautiful voice like he's got his dad kellie pickler of american idol and indiana state fair fame is <hes> in one of these movies which is good for and then adrian grenier falls far from entourage and <hes> it's really sad and also when calls the heart christmas has got to do with outlawry laughlin about poor timing in my laurie laurie i she she's going to be in prison. I know we don't know walkway. Let's pre prison but maybe once she gets out they could do like a like a heart reunion yeah but like about one year's and and christmas goes to prison. There's no way she's ever addressing prison sentence. After that is anything else you wanted to cover. Yes real quick. Some of these are still casting september. These come out in december. That's how you know. They turn this shit around. <hes> and also lifetime also released their slaves and tia maori three is in a hallmark movie and tamra. Maori isn't a lifetime movie actually swap that tears in lifetime tamraz hallmark and they're they're like competing. I would watch a movie yeah about twins who are doing competing christmas movie review. Would you want to star in a hallmark or lifetime. Christmas movie michelle great spirit faces. I know at the end hold that adami wing enough just annoying. I got that glee. Energy is hardly energy. Homar true curls perfect curls. That's all you need for our so many cast members numbers from glee who would just fit right in agra on could also do one yeah. I'm thinking jennifer love hewitt. Oh glee cast sorry layer seasons terri hatcher old red grunberg. We love greg grunberg. He's going to be an star wars though he doesn't need j.j. Abrams abrams okay true yeah okay final. Category is unanswerable question of the week as always questions ends. We're just as confused as you are on any given day so we love to discuss the first sign kate hollowell both this week within just like twenty four hours of each other robert pattinson and kristen stewart stewart both had huge profiles. She was in harper's bazaar. He was in variety. They talked to him about batman and his new movie that are coming out and basically just like how he's going to be a huge. The movie star in the next year or so and then kristen stewart has charlie's angels and her photos. She was incredible. It was so cool actually very similar vibes patent since photoshop. It's how you know. Hers was good both black and white. They've got like the blonde hair right now and my unanswerable question is has anyone ever recovered from an embarrassing franchise start as gracefully as has these two wow honestly know if totally changed their vibes. Their careers look a poor actually green who's out here gone from twilight to hallmark movies. I know i know they're a million transformers but charlotte buff and megan fox both kind of had a hard next year. It's hard it's hard for like the teenage embarrassing movie star like recover and become like a serious serious actor yeah and both robert pants on an kristen stewart against all odds have done it. I think that there could be an argument made for dakota. Johnson can see shades me yeah. That's true but she was kinda respected. I feel like soaring that time in chris i it's true. This is incredible hannibal l. It took ten years for them to do it so we'll see them happy for them. My unanswerable question is so now that summer's over senior rita has already topped the charts arts and hopefully is going to go away soon how long will camilla bail and shawn mendez quote date before they either throw in their hats. Call call it what it is just fake. I'm increasingly confused at the length of time. This has gone on when this was first mayor. I pop rats quote unquote kissing each other. I was like great. It also see it whatever they are still together and she was just on the cover of l. and interviewed about her love and relationship with him and she said people can say whatever they want to say say they can speculate but at the same time we're gonna live our own lives. Enjoy it and fall for each other like nobody is watching. That's how i wanna live bubba like. I said i want this to be mine and his that's that's. I'm so tight lipped about it because i wanna protect it so tight lives. I know enough. I read it. I was like are they actually relationship. I'm still confused people. I don't know it's real or not real. Are you sure yes. I'm starting to believe that it's real. I read somewhere. It was like a blind item. I was just going to grow at that same line. Please talk about we are right. I know about a sort of a non cash grab couple saying that they need to sell tickets for anonymous celebrities tour her book to produce and publish photos for the next three months which means they're going to be glued at the hip. They'll be traveling together and it'll be more public about their romance. Oh <hes> which we don't know those zara camillon sean this is like totally anonymous totally fake but it's worth considering we did there was also another blind item where they were talking about how there's a couple and they promise producers that they'd be together for at least eight months for a documentary to come out. No i my okay so it's so eight months ago together for a few so we're thinking all fall through the new year. Maybe yeah hey people don't break up around christmas true true. I'm starting to believe it and i'm scared for myself. It's fake stay strong amelia last question my last question i just you know we were talking about woody and scarlett and i was like you know what whatever happened to jonathan reese myers who was in that match point movie with this is your question. I don't know what happened to him. I elected as being he was on vikings for a wow good for him. He was in bend. It like beckham shooters yeah. I have not seen him since. Bend it like beckham. I cannot believe you don't need to. That's oh pekhtin ventilator. He won a golden globe for that <hes> elvis <hes> a._b._c. network this. I lose my today. Jonathan rhys meyers. Come out support your from an because we think he's irrelevant. Thank you guys aren't listening. This has been another beautiful episode of time. Thank you kelly fire dr.

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