Men in Blazers 08/09/19: Premier League Season Preview


This is rebecca low or rebecca. If you listen to sub optimal radio and you on this thing to men in blazers on the n._b._c. sports network it and this is the men in places cost off-season preview all you need to know ahead of the two thousand nineteen twenty campaign which jon ahead of us. We're going to break breakdown. The biggest changes welcome all on new friends. The new characters breakdown the three promoted teams all aching poetic beauty and all say sand lake to the season's player of the year and doubtedly yup mr maurice keen then we'll make our predictions on the top four and the bottom three. Oh one caveat yes. They say it's an audio version of our t._v. Shag which add in prime time one thirty pm on friday one admission. I also hate costs which are just audio versions of the t._v. Show but i'm going to say there's enough content in here for pretty much. All you need to know to we set up for the full season or wonder that is to come first. Proper cost of the season comes this monday. We really come white. Send us your ideas. Today's your tweets your ravens. Your hoops your fears your emotional experiences over this classic weekend on norwich and if you want to see this video davis legs may or may not feed. We'll be releasing it in chunks on twitter and instagram or we can't along so whatever team you support. Let me say this. I wish you a season of meaning of joy of making memories with your team with your family with fan base which ultimately i think is what football's will courage yes the men in blazers show wow season six raja on this the opening day of the two thousand nine hundred and twenty the premier league campaign the one day on which fans of every team can dare to dream even everton not so sure about that roger okay over the next half hour. We're going to preview this season which is catholic perched on the script. Writer scroll like an ethan and joel coen street hollywood executives desk. We'll meet new friends. Norwich aston aston villa sheffield united the percent bleeding talk which mid table team will rise to glory glory remain forced to drink from that poison chalice listen to this europa league jumpy on as and will make our top four predictions for the season ahead excuse to eat really pretty much but we want to start by talking about the big six or technically known the big five and awesome we begin with back-to-back primarily champions and lost his treble-winners matches to city team. It doesn't rebuild as much as regenerate. Yes one hundred points. Two seasons gave just ninety eight the last they keep adding to that squad splurging league-high league-high hundred nine hundred million dollars from portugal. You have a plan considered. One of the best right backs in the world show can sell from you. Venter's who pushed karate kicking kyle walker for spain welcome big unit rhodri <hes> the best road since strickland angelina who four years ago. We're starting online for 'em n._y._c. A._f._c. wherein the number sixty nine and is now suiting up for city proper dream big kid stream bank those three join a team that already has more elite footballers woah than lil mouse x. has old road remixes. They're all the silva's manado and dabbled sergio guero and who could forget razz and don't sleep on phil foden who pep guardiola just held as the most talented plan he's ever seen which came across as less praise and more widely time long no messy sub tweet but for me the key to the city season having katie fresh rested hard to pinpoint a weakness in this city squad sunday they defeated liverpool on penalties to hoist the community munc- shield off the big room but we have dug deep and found what may be their achilles heel look a dinosaur. This arose posted this video himself tinkling the ivories and displays field development. It must be said when it comes to playing rows. You're just a poor man's alexis sanchez. I'm chas ben folds five but johnstone's about naming looks like a dinosaur okay now push city to the limit last year finishing second in the primarily despite losing just once all season and they only won the body champions league raj liverpool football club last season ended with the whole team on the lash and that king of various jurgen klopp. He's had to play down a poor run of pre season results as a mere hangover his liverpool squad no major new signings despite the fact all their rivals has strengthened and they're saying fit for evil little run down after an exhausting break spent on african nations in copa apor america judy big question for liverpool this season david walk now the european champions then longest charming swashbuckling underdogs can they adapt to victory being expected. <hes> liverpool's titles lose okay raj onto a club that finished third season and won the europa league under now departed italian visiting professor maurizio saudi saudi speak of course about my beloved chelsea football club roach. It's a team that the whole of america will be watching thanks to the acquisition of christian pulisic nick from borussia dortmund and the whole world will be watching because of new manager club legend frank lampard and by club legend jimmy and why c._f._c. yes frank's franks ascension to the premier league manager say massive moment for m._l._s. right okay. It's not going to be easy for him with the inability to you know make new signings because if a transfer play the babies and play the american raj christian pulisic pennsylvania <unk> no. He's going to be one of the players who must shoulder that challenge. It's amazing amazing singer minute chelsea get raj. He looks like a kid who just got to chelsea. Kipah christmas and it's been sleeping in every night since trying it on gold. Speak kristie in the absence of his art never meant to be a replacement for but the belgians defection coincided with his arrival h- it means he's going to be perceived such that coupled with the size of his transfer fee the seventy three point one million big ones means the american will take the field with an enormous weight of expectation. The stakes are huge for how american tell them will be evaluated for years to come in the eyes of premier league scouts or we can say courage. Christie chelsea opened up by traveling to old trafford sunday at eleven thirty a._m. Eastern eastern time on n._b._c. s._m. What a w that would be and that is a perfect segue into last year's sixth place finishes manchester united back in december with the club in turmoil united lighted fired josie marino for driving insufferable and gave the wheel to club legend ali gun associate the norwegian led the club to at the 'fridgerator s. twelve game undefeated in the league but after fan ship toe lay into the job permanently they probably wilted winning just twice in ten games meaning they champions league night for the right half of manchester yes to this show yeah but there are some young new faces this season twenty one year old daniel james's tarik cohen fast iron saka unlike any united in recent new arrival united fan as a kid these actually excellence at football and harry maguire hundred and thirty five million dollars mixed expensive defender ever actually worth it when you calculate how that breaks down the square footage on his head allowed they did manage to get a report in one thousand nine million dollars from inter milan for we'll ramalu lukaku but one has to there are players who united fans would have liked to see gun before big rahm dot com alexa sanchez unless a footballer women and flushable flew another man who is still at the club pull lucille polka a player who's enthusiasm for united appears to be at j._c. Woodstock with me. Levels k. rods now to a team that have actually actually undergone massive change from last season by massive change. I mean they actually signed a player. We're talking about defending fourth place trophy when his new stadium builders and champions league runners-up something ham hotspur. Yes signed big boy player four them eight transfer windows. He's worth potential soaked. Englishman ryan sesson yawn and real zoology midfielder giovanni lo celso came in on transfer deadline day before them young midfield powerhouse dongguan dome belay and leon for a club record sixty five million and the kicked off the signing spree young leeds winger jack clark who because he was essentially taught them his first signing since social media would ever been invented if forced tottenham's communications team to learn how to make twitter video announcements this last time spurs signed. The warm body was back in the days. We just let the world know by fax pages rounding out a preview of the big six ever turn learn no. I didn't say big eleven arsenal finished fifth loss season and came runner up in the europa league on that unforgettable night in baku for people who we live in baku absolutely narrowly missing out on champions league football on both fronts under first year manager brunei emory lessees emory received the free pass a squat inherited a year of adjustment not this campaign ostlund spend one hundred seventy three million dollars over the summer most thrillingly a club record eighteen nine million on the potent twenty four year old ivorian nicholas pepe stick him in alongside handshake meisters obama yongan lack and you got the nipple tingling prospect of a front three three that scored seventy three goals combined season but squads are delicate creatures roger and arsenal have long been defensively more than brittle but they've addressed that i seriously with olive man boy cairn tierney from celtic and if the tough tackling scottish international doesn't stop them legitimate defense they're hoping opposing strikers because we'll be put off by comedy bits from david louise whom they signed from chelsea on transfer deadline day child avid hose. He's known on this show david l. o. Ell's how many people think let me strength to my inconsistent flimsy defensive line by adding daffyd louise but have come to believe american owner stan kroenke. He doesn't care at all about also staff light to him about which team owns. He's like what team do i own again in in britain a the <hes> manchester caesar what position away and we win we want good good this segment concerns at three new premier premier league friends who earn promotion from the championship last season we start with the pride of norfolk a team out there in the eastern angriest part of agricultural britain noord city. I love norwich are fined sixty settlements rural beauty. This isolated culturally fashionable town is famed for its overstock eddyville. Cathedrals brewing must've production mustard and a lovable yoyo team. You've been relegated from the premier league join record four times yeah over the all season they've refashioned themselves under a young german manager daniel falker who's remade the culture of the club importing plethora of his fellow countrymen too few tactical toco riga where the young british optimism british optimism since i left is that a thing nineteen year old phanom max erin thinks the club is now achieved the impossible muscle not only gaining promotion to the premier league but making the team and the city somehow a pale bastion as offensive term blurs park life life into a new club anthem faulk life serenading their team with joyous line all those germans so many germans. That's song is everywhere. They go to the team that finished second in the championship season like no other will participate in just their fourth ever premiership season and their first in in twelve years but they're a proud northern club with a great tradition sheffield united from the steel city that was once an industrial powerhouse until manufacturing my shattered shots in the one thousand nine hundred eighty s the club like the city is largely struggled in recent years and was languishing amidst the grim third tier as recently as two thousand seventeen until a childhood oil hood united phantom player turn master motivational manager chris wilder return to channel the passion. That's never left the club. I'm propelled the team to glory his captain. Thirty-three-year-old strike billy sharp another childhood united fan who calls himself just stop fat lod from sheffield and the two of them have against all odds propelled united's return to the top flight making it perhaps the most romantic local story to light at the premier league in its history wow and finally the team that came up via via the championship playoffs. It's the return of an old friend raj coming to you hang from bob good in the midlands england second biggest city aston villa aw sea america org prefigures and campaign worked just about two seasons too late the villa back a club whose chaotic decline was righted by another lifelong phantom manager dean smith. His family must have been huge u._n._c. Hoops funds right anyway. One of his assistant coaches is john terry heard of him dave yeah you used to be a big fan chopped in lead leg and he and smith of homeless the talent of a one generation local stall and my hat twin jet greely who captains a club health season tickets for from the age of four aston villa bat light peaky blinders carrying the hopes of super fans prince william and tom thanks with them where they belong to the top flight godspeed. Now your visits to all three of those teams will be chronicled in your promoted series which will air on n._b._c. On sunday september fifteenth on sunday september twenty nine okay raj. We love our new friends but we would be remiss not to pay tribute to some of those who r._s._v._p. No so so this is premier league policy wrath benitez of course deposit newcastle to manage in the chinese super league wonder what prompted that raj yes the premier league goes take it away the primarily gods giveth after rafter announced his departure from tyneside we receive word the man who single-handedly got through the first few seasons steve bruce. He's being joined on tyneside by former west. Ham striker andy carroll who returns to his childhood club bruce carroll the primarily dancer supply with a short chaser food and dragged okay. We talked about the big six. We've met all of our new friends. Now we want to turn our attention to teams that could shake up the primarily preordained order and make the leap from mid table mediocrity into the upper echelon along the philadelphia union. Maybe next year roger. I was thinking more along the lines of declan ricefield west ham that guy danny wofford recently assume gary k hills crystal palace all the premier league's portuguese diaspora and lost surprise bag wolverhampton wonders which team do you think we'll have a sustained assault on the top floor roger how would have said walls but that forward progress will be stymied by the europa league stumbling block fool's gold for any truly aspirational club leicester city funds though should be quite buzzing one of the most exciting young squats in the premier league featuring a glut of under twenty five hundred news including newly leap permanently signed your retailers and handsome james madison fuse the experience of kasper schmeichel and the alcohol imperviousness of jamie vardi <music> throw in the humble mothers leadership abroad. No delusions of grandma can make the case expectations in all they whites. Gaffe should should be skull and talking about hi raj. I noticed that for once you did not mention the words ever and ton in a sentence about teams poised to have a season of glory before a ball has even been kicked gibbs. I've learned my lesson about being hyperbolic him up prediction with the arrival of nineteen year old italian italian for no moisture and ninety seven percent show everton. They're gonna win this season's league title of the cancer and we're whoa beast team now. I'm going to keep it all to myself that because the last time i felt this great about everton season ahead winded lifting into the final game managed by sam allardyce so even where marveling at the new images released last week of everton's new six hundred eight million dollar stadium which opened in twenty twenty three it looks like a fortress in game of thrones dave. Even my first thought was this. I'm gonna see everton lifted trophy and that building in my life telling it's possible roger but only if another team and up ground sharing with everton cheer up the roads that point like our entire show up to this juncture has been speculation but to see what will really happen this season. We wanna turn to science ants by science. We mean pie. I we're going to take it by an predict which three teams will be relegated. What is your telling you rock. Hello pie talking road road but the button free or go to a place what black is a color known as a number of the season. We'll pay newcastle united despite the andre yet lynn having a player the season season crystal palace an old yeller of a campaign for roy hodgson and sheffield united the were sheffield since gary crystal still palace rod we only have one should have been going down and that is sheffield united sorry blades fans i also see brighton and hove albion after they sell the world's number one striker glen murray to manchester city january transfer window and finally i'm sorry fishwick burnley. They may take your premier league status but they'll never take away minivans okay roach the other end of the pie the part that will help you predict the top for <hes>. Don't lie day remember. This meat failed baked. Good sissy going back to back to back in second place huge shock mostly to spurs funds. It's telling them hotspur third plucky underdog champions the winners liverpool unenforced propel by the brunch the minute zego is this big as his prostate. It's the the city trying to win a europe police place. That's where the cool kids are gonna spy this season. That's the battle to walk well well. My pie brought must be from a separate batch. Let's call it the same gene batch. I'm getting a radically different truth in reverse order in fourth place chelsea football club in third place man united return to the top four in second second place. I gotta say i think it's going to be manchester. City rods that means this seasons primarily champions will be none other than livable football club above all the talk. This is the season you gotta walk the walk liverpool. It's your title to lose and if you thought clubs celebrations big last year this year's are going to approach u. S. women's national team level and yes even alexandra veteran meets the founder never not training mantles big pie possibly okay we know we said that was science but let's put bill nye and his friends aside for a second because today is the first day of the season glorious day these solar calendar year on which facts and data i mean absolutely nothing the dole in of a new premier league season this is really the first eight back in school everyone if we want turning up with a new cuts and that freshly bleach teeth for funds excitement levels to eleven for one day one day the only a share dreams of glory remain intact undented we can ignore the factor team selling that injury prone goal stuff strike convince ourselves. Just kinda resemble the form of better days and slap thirty goals. We look at long in the tooth defend nausea journeyman in yemen. You've played sparingly over the last few seasons but there's an established international who's won the league wealty weekend with us and we can persuade ourselves at the squad. We build its lovable. Book glaringly imbalanced hit will lost long bitten doth raqi cavalry charge as we approach approach. That's three hundred eighty games shine so brightly ahead of us over the next two hundred and eighty two days. Let's raise a gloss to make believe steve and magical thinking strike. Let cognitive dissonance rain once spore into the breach. Stay friends once more. There's only one thing to do for the first time this season. Let's turn out the lights. We should be careful of each other. We should be kind while there's still time.

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