Trump Was Setup (Ep 1084)


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CEO Get to this and a little while to what does he do he says take a vote hey a vote I doing jack squat anymore stack show I'm not kidding about messing with you then today the book the book the book is loaded the book the narrative that trump is so in bed with these Ukrainians and Russia's we had this Senate Intel Committee report comes out yesterday one of the most the polls again Donnie when they opened the books again Malaysian book it was a setup on trump the gym has a muscular volumes ation makes your muscles bigger look better look more tone this is a terrific product I love is the staple of my nutritional supplementation tate trade take this product take a little mental snapshot of what you look in a mirror comeback seven days later you are going to look a whole lot better I love foundation it's like having two extra guests thanks try this product take a paper to the gym right down on many push ups bench press squat whatever hyper extensions you do come back seven days you want to make it seem like oh my gosh what is it going to stop this trump guys so corrupt this is a rollout now what was rolled out yesterday again to add in one day it'll get lost some of the finer points they wanted their story will get lost so they roll it out piece by piece in a drip Drip I love that movie releases a report wow isn't that convenient to get to that first crazy video going on right let's get right to it today show brought to you by buddies at Ah let me I don't WanNA use that word. The Senate Intel Committee one of the most useless entities up on Capitol Hill Right now uh-huh stacked with anti trump republicans like Richard Burr with with people involved in the collusion hoax themselves like Democrat Mark Warner from Virginia. It's always a pleasure to be with you know that from the bank my thanks left heart becky when you open up the books can you get me a nanny yes intimately involved with this thing himself we had the leaker of that guy was the same wolf on the Senate Intel Committee is leaking and was charged with lying to federal aid agents this place is a fetid swamp inside the swamp the Senate and Coconut Inc Intel Committee so what does it do yesterday Joe conveniently again to add to the roll out perform better now the look better part I'm asking you take my word for it you don't believe me fine and do the seven day mirror test joe knows what it is before you Vince from a comprehensive enough descriptions joe unfortunately lives near the DC Mellon even in Maryland where he lives volume two comes out report of the Select Committee on Intelligence US Senate on Russian active measure campaigns interference in the twenty sixteen election volume part did thank you show ever why was this report out yesterday because it's a roll out it's the pile on it's every every day they got so they roll out this report yes or you could check out the cover here and remember they comply media's ready to rock and roll so volume two the Russian spoke with the Russians dead trump trump trump locally did now this report is there are parts of it that are downright birth the media's telling a story Joe what is it's not thus stories as trump it's overwhelming joe we gotta pizzas guide foreign deal that are so if you know what to look for thank you to the source that sent these portions of it over to me portions of it that are so hotshots part deal with Charlie apart one wasn't bad enough you need far too so here we go folks again what you're getting different on this show talks with an F. Vox left-wing media lunatics here we go Joe Gop let's Senate Intel Committee report states the obvious Russia favourite trump at twenty it's really it's unintentionally unintentionally hilarious how they they described this stuff in the sources they rely on so in this Senate Intel core remember the Shinzo colluding and they wanted a favorite trump. Here's number one here's an interesting takeaway from the report on Clint Watts. They relied on Clint Clint Watts so rollout continues here we go you can see more of this stuff they are losing the initiative they're losing the initiative by the way that I think that was what the question show is asking what story are the anti-trump Lincoln's and the Democrat hacks what are they trying to as clint watts a former FBI agent expert social media weaponization testify to the committee and it goes on about how Clint Watts thinks that Russians media outlets Hamilton Sixty eight Hamilton sixty eight runs this dashboard joe that supposedly can detect authentic social media the IRA that's this Russian Internet Research Agency targeted not only Hillary Clinton but also Republican candidates during the presidential primaries talks about Cruz and Rubio and Jeb Bush the people who are telling you that his methodology can pick out Russian bus from the peace readers this is the expert they got a report this is I'm telling you unintentionally hilarious tell you oh this Russian thing was worse than we could have possibly imagined they were the ones who got trump elected and you know who said so Jones former. It's interesting that Clint Watts who is one of the CO founders of the company evolved would Hamilton Sixty eight Clayton Watson himself doesn't even trust committee now this is what the two of them were and by the way hat tip to up Rosie memo's who picked up on some of this stuff too but someone said the stuff Black Hawk down thank you to personally semi that we're losing the initiative the Democrats losing the initiative so they have to continue to roll stuff out conjunction with anti-trump Republicans on the Steve All there we go joe it's online donkey Kong verdict is in its we colluded with the Russians to so you know Joe the Senate report the Russians wanted a favorite trump now we know here's volume now you can see up at Youtube on the video it says this is from the report the committee found Assan story the daily caller both links are in their day and what they address in their Hassan and subsequently Brian Flood is now I thank you to my wife this morning I shouldn't send her compliments but she says you know at the end I gotTa tell you she's the way you tie stuff together it's really I appreciate it hope you enjoy to yesterday's show in this is Clinton Watts I'm not convinced on this thing how often sixty eight dashboard co-founder clint watts told buzzfeed they're not all of Russia we don't even think they're all is the initiative we need to impeach trump now we need to insist he's been cutting deals with foreign governments Ukraine and Russia well we don't really have the mullahs reporting more so let's see ideally ensues this is supposed to be a serious report now joe it goes on what are the other portions of it on this whenever a story got out there that the media wants to discredit they would say all look rushing botts or pushing that Russian mobster supporting I'm GonNa say the Russians wanted to help trump feedback loop right into the narrative at the top the initiative trump colluded with foreign partners what are they used to back this up a single group of Americans was targeted by this Russian group the IRA information operas more than African Americans by far racing related issues where the preferred target of information am I missing save American Muslims so the Russian trophy augments the pieces by Brian Flood it was from twenty eighteen media's narrative of Russian botts pushing conservative issues called inherently inaccurate now Bryant flood story covers a warfare designed to divide the country in two thousand sixteen evidence of the IRA's overwhelm overwhelming operational emphasis on races evidence in their facebook advertising content sixty six so the sideline opponents with adversarial views towards the Kremlin so just to be clear Gel because that's what we're here for we're here to break through the clouds what media ten quitter content focused on heavily. NFL kneeling and racial undertones folks did any of you read the absurd me get to it okay so the media part let's just talk about the media's GonNa run so right on cue by the way Vox with a v actual indictment that came out against these Russian troll farms under because I did and remember what was an indictment point fifty fifty three or fifty to where why would you target black Americans who just by statistical data largely vote Democrat why would you target them for your most heavy engagement to act why is it seriously is this making south this is incredibly follow made yeah go ahead I know who it is the initiative is Columbia you fake obviously you know I'm GonNa Watch cleaning lots is heavenly evolve with this company put up there Fox article if you don't mind save American Muslims Vote Hillary took folks I don't I listen I'm sorry the help trump save American Muslims vote hillary you create the Ukraine thing falls apart because trump releases the translator conveniently the Senate Intel Committee let trump volume two wow what is volume two and our report the Russians definitely involve themselves in our politics in subversive adverse of ways fact yes point stipulate event related to race and targeting tired African American metropolitan areas they targeted they had a blackface page generated engagement they and Instagram Ingraham Russian bought you get what I'm saying where they go to get that information is this dashboard follow me Hamilton sixty well they are not our friends nothing they did was up standing on the moral high ground ethical none of it the FBI agent Clint Wasi clicked what through she he says he's so over don't what they're always they are not our friends it is documented extensively in spy gate my first book and my second book on the topic exonerated extensively racial discord and play whatever side of the aisle they could cause chaos on is just a lie this Senate report arm that's trying to elect Donald trump according to the Senate Intel report the story we have to double down the initiatives being lost trump I just wanted to help trump by targeting the black vote stirring racial divisiveness targeting the black community and by putting up facebook pages Joanna losing you right now Dan I got it so let me get this your report saying the Russian but continuing to lie to people and insisting that their goal was to elect trump when it's obvious goal was not to elect trump but how about a black Americans this is hysterical Ab- sorry not the Fox News piece this is the report in a report listen to this one. The committee found that Clint Watts a guy who is doesn't even trust his own platform this is hysterical I mean this how Larry is hot garbage it's toilet paper it is garbage this was released and the narrative is out there now you're a liberal listening to this show and you continue to get suckered by this listen to me the Russians were not our friends fact to cite Russian influence and US politics he's questioning is over that's the expert they used to show that trump was favored by the Russian side Guy Joe L. Answer that question for you that one's GonNa Clockwork Orange Open your eyes all right today show also brought to you by but he said Sleep and Stress Ladies and gentlemen I have a tough time sleep at night as you could sure they were not trying to help trump they were trying to carpet bomb our electoral process and so- internal discord talking about all right listen folks I don't go anywhere Salomon video in carpet bombing mutually assured destruction type Intel Babe they know we involve ourselves in foreign we do that's what Intelligence Does Ladies and gentlemen Oh America first and if we got Tan and election because it involves American interests and that's what we gotta do diplomacy Intel and the only as part of a rollout to pile on trump they were trying to help trump get elected by activating the black community and putting out facebook debate the black community to vote for trump he only got what was it eight percent of the black vote this any of this make sense to you gary actions and inherently ugly things sometimes you don't like it look away at eight for you and you know what the Russians do the same damn thing he plus free shipping if you don't experience your best night's sleep and just three nights send it back for a full refund no problem they're that confident this product go Max Health Dot com today us the setup is now unbelievably obvious also by the way what's going on right now why isn't Bill Taylor being called Right now testify you save American Muslims Vote Hillary what did I tell you joe a year and a half ago when we started talking about this the Russians are engaged yeah I was GONNA say which they've done yeah which they've succeeded at yes this is a scam ride coverage keep your number bring your own phone or get a new one feel good about unlimited talk and text and high speed data plans at fight for your freedom switch today heads of work family and the stresses of life in general it's no wonder over sixty million Americans feel sluggish unproductive or exhausted on a daily basis try Omega sleep and stress remedy it says in the actual document against some of these same troll farms and things like that show that one of the pages was quote facebook pages that are designed to foreigners their their assertion that the Russians wanted to help trump and didn't like hillary then why would you have a facebook page and said Save American Muslims Vote Hillary Hell by my naturally wired personality you have a problem to try ALMAC sleep and stress remedy we we use it now Paula don't you love it yeah she loves to is pretty good stuff trying to help trump the senate intel committees should be embarrassed by the way you won't see much about that story and I think it's because there's people resort to wait sleep stress remedy trust me the game changer you can benefit go to own Max health dot com enter Promo Code Bongino to get twenty percents off a one month supply plus free shipping. 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You'RE GONNA love it all right let's get rolling on this one so John Salomon John Hey John was on last night before me on Hannity and military that's fake story that is the bedrock of their impeachment chart now joe if Donald Trump food because it didn't fit the narrative he was trying to right that's a question for Congress dancer Gatien had already been reopened kind of screw the story up now you are you are not getting this military aid Ukrainians right now is a strategic free plan to roll out information to tell a story not the story and a story they're trying to tell a condition of getting military aid again that's a fake news story but that's their charge would that story be kind of thrown up in the air if an investor cheaters office open source intelligence again US government officials confirming they were aware of this made a request of another investigative agency in Ukraine for assistance and going through Sean Hannity show last night on Fox this is John Solomon indicating that this would have been the worst quid pro quo ever but opening up an investigation because there may have been ask the Gatien already open check this out I can confirm to you tonight that the US government had open source intelligence and was aware as early as February is trump is colluding with foreigners therefore needs to be impeached that's what the Senate report was about that's what the Ukraine quid pro quo you give us information on by according to the Democrats spurious impeachment allegations are that he was demanding an investigation be opened into one hundred as ski in fact it's before presidents let's he was even elected this is a significant shift in the factual timeline this is information that was omitted from the whistle blowers the three point four million dollars paid two hundred Biden's firm may have been part of the illicit funds that were moving through the company a month later in April they are these bank records that is a significant change in the time line was omitted from the whistleblowers complaint and the question is did he not know it or did he only fifteen that's important because under by on the board for two of those years twenty fourteen two thousand fifteen and specifically that notice suspicion said they were looking at the possibility implant let me tell you that the what we learned today the US government was aware through open source intelligence in February that Nabu an FBI like agency and Ukraine that fights corruption open investigation and they filed a fifteen page notice of suspicion alleging that there may be illicit funds that were running breeze from twenty ten all the way through may can this get any worse for the Democrats nothing they've told you is true in fact it was started by Joe Biden that it requested a reopening of the investigation into Barista its own results scheme and unusual transit there was no quid pro quo in the transcript to quid pro quo they're alleging is now entirely falling apart because you can't open an investigation on condition military on the condition of military that's already open it's already so what are the three takeaways from Solomon's piece last night again annihilate actions in the breeze Ma accounts in February of Twenty nineteen on March Twenty Eighth Twenty one thousand nine the General Prosecutor's office agreed to that Requested eating sleazeball Lion Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi and the entire Democrat Media Narrative February twenty nine plus you open an investigation if there was an investigation already open wouldn't that Kinda screw the story as well check out this little video audio this is the folks this is hard as you know liberals I get it you know the skulls the thickness problem the calcification around the frontal lobe gene the Ukrainians already reopened the investigation. Why is that date important Joe because trump was making a deal and a listen the Dave cricket going off liberal there's liberals the Second Takeaway Gel the investigation into the illicit funds being transferred from the natural gas company Baristas we're Joe Biden's kid was hired while Joe Biden's the point man and Ukraine discussing natural gas the illicit funds investigation about transfers the money was going on while Biden deep state pack that's all left out of the complaint little omission let it slide problem joe you say Fox News Trump's Darren them to take a vote why trump to send Pelosi Letter Fox News Melissa trump false part number two the quid pro quo about reopening investigation can't be true because the investigation was already open mm slash Bongino puts the actual paperwork finally Joe that's all conveniently left out of the whistle blower one there is no deal that was no quid pro quo and how could there have been a deal for an investigation to start that was already started a deal to open an investigation in one hundred Biden on a call in July of twenty nine thousand nine hundred how could he make a deal about a case that's already open nice move excellent White House give them nothing they take a vote that's their constant there nothing nothing until the House of Representatives Article One says the House of Representatives has the sole power impeach? I can't say this enough it is how much stuff I have to ask Paula we working on this since yesterday all right as I predicted yesterday trump was going to issue a massive AH folks you are being suckered Oh dude suckered huge so what's the takeaway from partout of two thousand nineteen that the Ukrainian government was planning to reopen the breeze manifestation this is long before the president ever imagined having a call with presidents Own Daring the whole impeachment quote this is an article for a few days ago but he did it again yesterday and he sends a letter yesterday impeach give them nothing nothing. Here's a tweet from montage. CNN by the way to what did I tell you not the House of Representative Take that to court and litigator that to death there is no way one member of the house speaker or not additional prerogative it'd be a legitimate Peterman inquiry however much we don't like not legitimate and there's a crime behind it but at least they took a vote the speaker of the House are not who ironically doesn't even have to be a member of the speaker that of of the House of Representatives excuse me speaker come from anywhere now it's tradition this is important he sends a letter over there from the White House we will not comply with this because this is not a legitimate peach inquiry take a vote good get it then dried Exxon interference I get that facts don't penetrate I understand they're like Kryptonite you but how hard is this to understand Cummings Angolan Adam Schiff we consider this interference that be obstruction of the impeachment inquiry so for Ladies and gentlemen otherwise there is no precedent for this both impeachments Johnson Clinton both took a vote there is no precedent for this Democrats are gonNA respond this is obstruction why why why are they doing that. If you're listening to this show you are seriously three or four days ahead of every new cycle I've got something is the next thing that's going to break there hunter Biden while he was on the board that's a conspiracy theory he's got the paperwork did you see it if you watch on Youtube Dot Com because ladies and gentlemen if they had an actual article of impeachment on an actual crime high crime misdemeanor tree now you like the Tian's in everything they think they have is falling apart there's no quid pro quo there's ace get to that a second so what did I tell you they're not gonNa take a vote having not taken a vote trump knows they've got wait till I get to this stuff hat tip two seven nine two seven nine or come through in the clutch again I was expecting a fastball. We got the DEUCE but nothing and probably don't have the votes right now trump was going to them and say I'm not giving you squat until you take a vote matter of fact I'm going to send it was even a vote taken on Knicks. Although he resigned no precedent the constitution is clear the House of Representatives has the sole power Oh take away part one the Senate Intel Committee report is at obvious piece of a rollout to reinforce the narrative that trump's cutting deals with foreign partners and the Russians preferred you may say well why not just submit to this and preclude them from going down the obstruction path because folks they're never gonNa get away with this this is the first time this has happened by the way the show is so stacked I'm not even kidding that I had a writer on two pages I'm not messing with that if I am no you didn't rob a bank but I want to impeach you robbing a bank but I know you didn't rob the bank I'll demand you submit to an interview about robbing the bank knowing Josh Oh isn't that great surprise isn't that Great Joke Shocker Joe is start oh on a call the whistle blower didn't even hear the knows nothing about but heard from someone heard from a friend who the Orioles you were letter pope bear poking say no no you take a vote or you're getting nothing diddley squat could what did I tell you what's going to happen when you hear his voice he is stunned bomb starting now we find out that the whistle blower who is supposed to be Joe come on quid pro quo in the transcript there was no investigation to be opened because it was already open now finally is Byron York is reporting in the Washington examiner what about in the deep stamp leaking sensitive information spying on the White House for everyone in the world to see the Patriots Bull we ask Dan this above reproach public servant who is trying to save the nation saved the nation by blowing the whistle Senate trial and I think disfiguring now that if he if they comply with this never ending witch hunt that they're just going to drag this out in the political would be more than if they're going to impeach just do it now let's get to a trial and let's humiliate Democrats are make them show their cards because they don't have any how do we haven't had used the dave love the Dave Griffin peace out trump live nothing on trump yeah all fit very despotic yes the whole thing is falling apart now agents here now it turns out the whistle blowers got ties to a Democrat candidate now folks remember did you know that com please subscribe to the email these articles are pretty comprehensive today definitely worth your time now let's get to the juicy in a bribery is the constitution says is required for an impeachment why not just issue the article on that you track me Joe Yeah Are you smoking crack what are you talking about you're you're making up motives that don't exist when motive in front of your face that impugns the high quality legal help for your established business don't risk it we're talking businesses have been around for a couple of years you're generating revenue you may have employees he's here's how your business that is gonNA paint a very ugly picture about one of the central figures in this case that may not be pretty don't go anywhere this thing works then I'll do it the right way well no time for that now now you're gonNA real business with real money and real people involved and you have to do something protect your business it's time you had a stuff you know what before we get the next I want to get through my last sponsor folks this stuff is going to be damning I'm GONNA put together to you hat tip to to see dedicated business attorney by your side it's important ladies and gentlemen I want to introduce you to this council Biz Council lets you have your own lives only matter when you're a Republican when you're a Democrat motives don't matter at all so that could be a possible motive right joe political damage being that you have some oh yeah they're they're real estate people but the Russians wanted trump to win actually there's no evidence and they had a motive to build the tower because what are you talking about the Niner for point me in the right direction here I'm GonNa put together to you a series of data points you'll say no and then when you say no I'll charge you with obstruction of the investigation into robbing a bank robber only because I want to put in jail you quite Toronto stages now you're starting to get serious you need to get serious especially about legal help in the back of your head you're probably thinking hey listen I know I shouldn't do this the proper way getting legal help but you know it's a small business national tie to a candidate and you're a Democrat yourself no no the motives no matter their patriots but when it's the trump side they were building a tower in Moscow speedwagon hypothesis right heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend we're supposed to believe you can't question this person jokes Patriots Day are Patriots what are they gonNA say Joe Yeah if trump doesn't comply we're going to move forward or destruction ourselves here we go subpoena coming this is from from don't you trust anybody down depending on your plan you also get free contract views every single month be confident in your contracts be sure that your business is protected I finally today show brought you by buddies at Biz Council you in the beginning stages of your business you had cut back some corners in the beginning stages unit if the whistle blowers complaint which makes some very serious allegations against trump because the Democrats had actually colluded with Russian sources to hammer trump you get it so they just wanted to switch the narrative to make it about trump because they knew the media such suckers phone call something was done in advance I think people were poked and prodded to make these whistleblower complaints but I want to ask you a question here about this let's now as I've explained to you over the past few shows why was it done in advance specifically involving Ukraine well for the same reason Russian collusion was rolled south from my listeners my listeners only get your first month the Biz Council for free when you go to Biz council dot com slash damn you're dedicated business business attorney this little doozy that came out yesterday Byron York October eight twenty nine hundred whistle blower had professional ties to a twenty twenty Democratic candidate any sixteen election Joe Biden kids involvement in Ukraine before he explained that with Solomon so they add problem they had to make that problem about trump I believe they waited for trump to make this this was a preplanned rollout meaning it was a hit it was a political hit none of this was some Patriot jumping forward because they were so concerned about trump's Ukrainian call it's nonsense this was done in advance let me put up this Wall Street Journal article I make this make more sense ladies and gentlemen we had an ambassador in Ukraine sources over the last couple of years doing this show one of them has assured me that our ambassador to Ukraine Marie Ivanovich was doing our review a contract with his council you get to contract reviews per month included with your free membership Biz council dot com slash Dan check them out we love biscuits eight a business attorney for all your business legal needs for a fraction of what it would normally cost comes through some of the same guys who started legalzoom now they're reimagining how you get quality potential motivations of Democrat you're ignoring that one nice story by by the Way Ladies Gentlemen this is all in the show today xlear all right folks this is an important segment and I want to be clear when I'm going here this was the setup on trump I've been saying that for the whole show I think I'm producing solid evidence her name was Marie Ivanovich remember the names okay trump ordered her here's the headline Wall Street Journal Trump Border Ukraine ambassador removed after complaints from Juliane Act that was trash Mao thing the president president trump overseas and may have been involved in let's just say on dropped and other tactical nukes on the battlefield here let's play the video let me just set you up I John Solomon is remember everything Biz council dot com slash Dan as be is e council dot com slash Dan to free contract views a significant value think about a lawyer charging you four hundred dollars as ambassador to Ukraine by trump it embarrassing thing by the way it happened recalled for that reason Ivanovich doesn't let in others Marie Ivanovich dismissed after trump ally said she was blocking Biden probe and bad mouthing the president people familiar with the matter Said Ladies and Gentlemen I've developed some good event this setup and why was it about Ukraine so you've out of it is she's not fired from the State Department she's recalled from her post fits from Biz Council you get unlimited consultations with an attorney dedicated to you means you have a question today tomorrow next month just pick up the phone again easily easily answers for some efforts to make sure justice wasn't done now those are the allegations that abused by credible people Ivanovich was trouble for the trump administration that makes sense yeah she's ambassador okay I wanNA walk you through how I for creating agreements from strack scratch get discounted flat free prices so you'll know what advanced what your new document is GonNa cost folks here's the deal they'll take it and they won't even ask any questions well the Democrats have a significant problem in Ukraine of already showed you the articles you know about the Democrats involvement with Ukraine this was a setup now keep it keep this question your head to all time revenge was this likey that who is the sharp sharp shady affairs the number two in the Ukrainian embassy well let's put up his picture Guy Bill Taylor William Taylor various US Embassy in Ukraine photo you can see it on Youtube if you listen it doesn't God and Follow Dan on twitter twenty four seven at Dbongino oh quos of any kind so somebody told the whistle blower it was is just crazy and the whistle blower writes in the report it's crazy the whistle blower joe also writes in the report because he's so it I've got a lot more this Taylor is interesting because a White House official told the patriotic whistleblower that this quid pro quo that wasn't it works Taylor as I said on the phone I think it's crazy as I said on the phone quid pro quo that's not happening and when he does it the language Taylor uses seems to be mirrored in the whistle blower complaint this Taylor which Gordon Sunlen properly replies bill I believe you are incorrect about President Trump's intentions the president has been clear no quid let's put up the September nine text from Bill Taylor to Gordon Sunlen again crazy you may say well then that's thin gruel okay fair enough oh I got more I never just leave you there somebody so for trash mouth and trump allegedly overseas and for again other allegations that she may have been involved in some obstruction of justice of over there Taylor's the one texting Gordon Sunland our ambassador to the EU about his concerns about what's going on with Ukraine about because Taylor and Taylor's concerns we now have been text messages Bill Taylor who's the number two Ivanovich who gets recalled embarrassingly I take it's crazy

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