Episode 171: Army of the Dead


The neons are clean and the gum lazaro dream nightline hello everybody. Welcome back to the thumb buds podcast. This is episode number. One hundred and seventy one and my name is henry paul. This week we have a review of. Zack snyder's army of the dead. Which is now on netflix. And in theaters in some places then for news. I figured we'd we could touch on the attornal trailer. The upcoming marvel film. We have a listener question and other stuff we watch so really you know usual stuff usual deal but it should be great. So thanks for joining us. Paul how are you. I'm doing pretty well honestly not too much to to really report. You know like a lot of people just kind of taken a day by day. Honestly you know about you. Well for anyone who follows follows us on. What is it instagram. twitter instagram. But i went to the beach this past weekend which was really nice went to atlantic beach and in north carolina here and have done that for few years so that was a lot of fun. Wish it could have been longer but it was. It was great and then actually the day before that i passed my second Air force special operations fitness tests have to do one more and then. I'm all good to go so that was just a a lot of fun getting to do that. What all did you have to do. So you have to do and these are the minimums my mind you. You have to do a minimum of fifty push-ups and two minutes fifty sit ups and two minutes. Eight popes in two minutes a mile and a half run and eleven minutes or less two twenty five meter underwater swims which is like the length of a competition pool lane. And then and that's a pass fail thing and then you have to do a five hundred yard or meter meter. Think meter surface swim in twelve and a half minutes or less okay. So does the to underwater ones. Are they in one continuous hurt. Can you pop up and then go back down. Go back you you swim one. Come up swim back on on the surface. Have about a thirty second minute long break and then you do it again. Okay yeah so it's not. It's not a it really is twenty five meters. It's not a full fifty. Thankfully so yeah. That was did that. Paul and i'm sure people are getting so tired of hearing about this. I have finally have a conclusion to my candy purchase fiasco. Okay so briefly. Bought a bunch of bazooka gum. Three hundred pieces ish. I think turns out and i taste was horrible. Brutal stand it. If again if anybody wants it feel free. Turns out. I bought bazooka gum. Sugar free paul. A my my face is red on that one. I'm to blame for that so that was too bad. Thankfully not a whole lot of money down the drain but still still on me. So are you going to go in and try with sugar bazooka now. I don't know. I think i've already been so scarred from the bazooka company experienced. We'll see though but anyhow yeah that's that's down so you don't need to worry about hearing about it again. It's all done but they still have the little comic in the rapper. I think the the regular do so again. That's a strike against waste. Yeah so cool. Paul any anything else you wanna mention. We got some stuff to talk about. So yeah honestly. I finally hit sixty two pages on on my script. That's sixty. two pages is an approximation of what it will be typed. Currently the whole thing is handwritten. It's one hundred pages. It actually starts in like one portion of a notebook and then goes into a different portion of notebook. I started in the wrong spot. So but it's been going really well. The deadline is this sunday for three different contests and it's it's definitely solidly eligible for to a little bit squishy on the third one. But why not you know. Yeah not running all three. Yeah well best of luck with it. Thank you okay. I did see that sky tilly. He's doing something with writing as well. I think he poses. Yeah he just finished up his master's thesis. I believe which. I'm still waiting to read. Wow that's awesome. Okay well cool. Shall we get into the movie. Yeah why not. Well you get into our review of army of the dead and we do have a clip. So take a listen. We are putting together a crew for a job. Yeah i pay. We'll make two million dollars for one day's work two million dollars. That's my share. That's just for me. Two million dollars if it pans out hundred percent i meant yeah. You don't know you know the risks. Or why would. I want to know the risks two million dollars. It's a lot of cash. Listen i hate my life so deeply two million dollars my life would change drastically thank you. yes sure. You don't wanna know had something to do with the helicopter. Where do i side okay. So as i said army of the dead is on that flex and in some theaters. It's directed by zack snyder. Obviously and it stars Dave batista allah pernell omari hardwick ana daylight rod guerra. Theo rossi matthias schweighofer. Sorry about that Nora are necessary. garett delahunt mataro hireyuki sonata. That about it. yeah. I think so. Okay and the synopsis is following a zombie outbreak in las vegas a group of mercenaries. Take the ultimate gamble venturing into the quarantine zone to pull off the greatest heist ever attempted. So yeah this. One is zack snyder. Second movie of the year. We did His justice league cut a while back. And yeah paul was how'd you. How'd you feel about this one. Zack snyder movie. Like i. there's that's. I think the most blunt way that i can put it. But it's not zack. Snyder of of three hundred years where he believes in wide shot and deep focus Zack snyder of the apocalypse footage that he added onto the end of justice league. That has a arrange that are actors can move forward and backward and completely be in or out of focus and also. There's no sense of urgency even though they're supposed to be a sense of urgency because people have time to say things at the most inopportune times love that. That's probably my my scattershot repeal on how did you feel about it. I guess. I liked it. Why i mean i wouldn't say i mean that's like being pretty kind to. I thought that it was entertaining to a certain degree. I thought its biggest issue by far. Is it's run time. it's too long brutal too long. I my heart sank this morning when i saw those two hours. Twenty eight minutes. yeah. I don't know who has the time for that but no overall i thought it was still entertaining it was. I liked how it was just a zombie movie. It didn't feel the need to be some big story for something or you know. Have some huge deep. Meaning aside from just being canada gore fest as it were but that being said the run time hurts that. Because if it's just gonna be potatoes and meat is at the term meat and potatoes It should be like ninety minutes. You could take an hour off of this movie and it would be better. And that's a problem no for sure. I mean this movie. Has i guess when. I say like you know it has all of the zack snyder. Problems of justice league. What i essentially mean is everything takes too long unilaterally every moment is dragged out to just like such excruciating detail that you end up not having time for any of the things that that make character that make a moment land. That make a moment interesting. Because we're constantly just stretching everything out to the most inopportune moments and i think the theme of the movie is parent hood. If i had to really take a shot. It's it's maybe parenthood. And you know i think that it's fine. The have you know. Zombie action movies and things like that. But i still think underneath it. You still need to have the movie. Be about something. Bizarre don't necessarily have to be allegory. But i think that your movie should still be about something just on at the matic level. And if i'm searching for seen than i think you've you've just shot the point of the whole thing sure. Yeah i mean i guess. In terms of the run time it takes forever to get the team together so many people if he kind of had the whole like the suicide squad kind of issue it takes forever to set up people because nobody knows who these people are but at least in the case of suicide squad at least they're comic book characters whereas these people the cast all right. I think everybody was fairly solid but the characters are so unknown. Yeah that you don't really care about them. You just want to get to the action and honestly some of them become unlikable. Yeah like some of their performance line not the performances but some of the some of the act like characteristics of these people become grading. Yeah i don't know for me. I guess it's for me. It's it's an unlikable movie on a certain level. Just because this is this is literally just a gratuitous amount of all the things that i find frustrating about him the on the no song. Tech's the the overly long opening credit sequence. Like i love a good visual montage opening credit sequence. That was the longest longest also brutal font and color choice yodel and so for me. It just really. It's the classic issue of style over substance for him. You know he is a director who honestly should never be allowed to write pen. Anything that he directs he needs the people who are actual literal writers. Who on the page. Don't give him the time to do any of his 'isms no and a lot of his things worked you know. He tries to do these big operatic stories in everything but two things one. It works best for three hundred. And then probably watchman because that's their style you know here. I didn't need that sensibility with this. You know musing of of new forms of life being created by zombie. All with it. I don't give a shit about your weird zombie. Baby mid raises more questions than answers. And that's the other thing. This movie is a lot of setup for things that either. Don't pay off or don't get answered in any kind of way and aren't left. Vague four regaining debate about what it meant. It's literally just a refusal to answer a question. Are they robots are. They caught in a time loop wide a some of them bleed blue. I don't fucking know. And honestly i don't think he knows either for second. I thought one of them was a robot because multiple of them look like robots. there are multiple. there's one that has globe luoyang. Blue glowing is in the pool scene. One of them straight up has a terminator head that you essentially get to see. And when he dome shots the final alpha zeus as he's called they put the blue blood effect into his red blood as well right so they set things up. Oh when the water rains rainfalls on the on the shoulders. That's when they come back to. Life never rains. No they check off ghana thing and then they just sort of go never mind. They talk about the black with his saw you know. Don't touch my saw. He doesn't use the saw other than in the opening credits. you know. it's all of these little setups. The just kind of go nowhere Through the sequel paul. And they're planning a prequel that's going to be a rom com heist starring dealer directed by dealer. That's real they're planning on some real it is. they're planning on doing a netflix. Animated prequel called Of the dead. Las vegas this just sacks night or going off and creating his own little cinematic universe where no one can tell him what to do because they're his characters and it's his rules and it's frustrating. Ch- yeah yeah. I agree with all that now in terms of the action. So they you know they get to the point where they go in the quarantine zone finally and then you know. You aren't as they tease in the trailer there. Are these different versions of zombies. Like it's kind of like a mix of like walking dead zombies but there's also kind of like. I am legend superhuman zombies. They can some of them can ride horses. They're organized smart. You know fast. Whatever felt like caesar but azzam ambi- yes and there's also the alpha alpha male zombie. Who feels straight out of rob zombie film. It was so cartoonish the alpha female zombie which was actually okay. I didn't mind her like well. Actually her design is okay. This movie like snyder movie feels pretty derivative and her shriek sounded like straight out of lord of the rings. I thought she was ring. Rate for a second. And i thought that that an to also talking about things that are set up with. No payoff is. There's this whole thing when they get there where they say. All the people are taken off into this this casino and they're they're never seen again and we have to offer a sacrifice or an offering and they built up so much like it's going to be some crazy thing but then it's just a guy who bites them that's it. The victims will be taken one by one and then somebody will come up and bite them. And that's it. It's not so weird ritual or something that not that. I needed that. But it's like why set that up at all. Who cares especially since the rules are very unclear about. What these zombies do you know. The alpha is the one that turns them into other alpha's but then we also have sham blurs so does him biting other people make them alpha's alpha's can only make sham lers no idea he has no set of rules. There's this quote the criminal and has that's like breaking rules is an interesting having rules and following the inside of your story is and you know whether even if you disagree with some of the some of the plot points of christopher nolan films. That man has a lot of rules about every universe that he puts together. And it's very clear. Yeah here. it's just stuff happening. But it's not as schlocky as a b horror film. It's very serious for me. Yeah it's kind of like mortal kombat issue. Yeah yeah that's that's a good point He just tries. He just tries to hard. Yeah bless them. I mean he just he. I think this would have been more interesting. If michael bay head directed it it might not have been better but at least it would have been a little more cartoonish whereas this. It's so it's trying to be glossy but kind of dirty. It's so noisy the you know the as you're saying the song choices be done with the classic jazz. Stick so tired of it doesn't add. Class does not charm. It's just feels very early. Two thousands kind of thing and it just becomes so messy and it's terrible. I think that. I think messy. And i think trying to harder definitely too great great points. Honestly you know it. It wants to be like super dark and moody and than it has also this great action sequence of a woman doing gun fu on zombies but then the room is so dark that i can barely what she's doing. It's like he's afraid to let me see the movie right you know. There's a moment where the queen's zombie literally backs out of focus and we see her for like a good few seconds just wandering further into a lack of focus. It makes his movie feel claustrophobic. Not grand yeah. On that point there are a couple spoiler things that maybe we could touch on towards the end. If you're cool with paul. Yeah sure. No i i agree. I think that's probably the best action sequence in the movie Just because of the the stakes of it. I guess as it were but i do have a big logic is with that whole sane without resolves you know the the scale of it. You know two and a half hours at times. That was kind of interesting. Just because of how ambitious and like how self-indulgent but also when you're done with it you think like not a whole lot has happened and what are you left with you know. Yeah because again. If this was a ninety minute intense you know high stakes thriller. That could be great. And i left with not a whole lot a fun time but in this it's like you're you're sitting there for a long damn time. Yeah you're you're in the seat with a whole bunch of you know one note characters wear also time gets whibley. You know because when they're first looking at the news broadcast. They have almost two hours than they talked to dealer and they've got ninety minutes and it's going to take thirty minutes. And then when dealers done they only have like thirty minutes and you know it just gets very whibley again. I guess that's also sort of the issue going to some of the action sequences like going the resolution of the of the woman who does the gung fu to get into a little spoiler. You know she obviously doesn't make it because we have to have a body count and people stand around and just sort of stare for the longest time before anyone pops off around to try and save this woman. Okay now though. I mean at minor. Spoilers ahead okay so you can skip ahead a minute or two if you don't want to hear it so with this thing that that's was one thing that was confusing however the biggest thing is so there's this whole previous scene where garrett dylan hunt who always plays a sleazy guy. He bolts the door that she's trying to get out of which ends up resulting in her death and she sees him do it. She knows he's done this. And in the minute or two that she has in front of the entire group. She doesn't say anything. If it were me. If it were me i would have said. Hey guys just so you know. This guy just tried to bolt the tower and get me killed. And then. Hey i mean if i get eaten whatever but at least it's like i'm gonna leave you with something you know. But she doesn't and she has. She literally has free time or she's not being touched or anything and of course the whole thing of them not trying to save her as you know. That's terrible but that was the other show at. Yeah no i completely agree with that well and for me you know i guess like at a at a certain point i also just had an issue with how she ended up in trouble because she was following that glow stick you know and she just for me kind of got to lost You know like where she crawled to two then look around and turn to see where he threw it. She should have just looked and seen you know that. Obviously that other way where there were fewer zombies. Not deeper into the zombies. Should have been the way to go. You know something should have been it. Felt like she just wasn't looking around the room at a certain level Yeah and also in terms of the garrett delahunt character. Who's this kind of security guy. Who's making sure everybody's in line. You have no payoff with him. Nordea really figure out why he was there was he was just there to get the head. That was it. Yeah so other teams have been sent unclear. If if it's a payoff again he sets up but doesn't answer. We'll talk about that. In a second with spoilers i guess so. He's a new head of security based on that information because he's like oh. I don't know anything about this incident. But he's been set there specifically to get the head and he makes a deal. I couldn't tell you exactly. When they made this deal with the coyote that he would make sure that they got out alive only if he had the head that's why she agrees to help him take it and so his his whole thing was that tanaka never wanted the money to knock only wanted the head. Okay i can get that. I guess it's very quick in the movie. Yeah me and my wife is second to figure out exactly when they had made that agreement. Yeah like we really quickly figured it out right around the time that they were trapping it. Yeah but also what's frustrating is his. His fate is not that satisfying because it takes away from all the characters who he wronged if it took place in some of the other characters who kind of lied to her duped or whatever it would have been at least a little bit more satisfying and also the scene that seals his fate. It's right out of the revenue. Alekos watching the leonardo di poorly done. Yeah and you know honestly for me the trailer. I watched the trailer for this movie stupidly. 'cause it's it's it's a three minute trailer and i hate that. They've started doing three minute trailers. it's way too much movie I was really disappointed. When i saw the the. Cg tiger in the trailer. I was like you know what that could have been a really cool reveal in the movie and so then we go into it knowing that there's going to be this crazy. Wild zombie tiger but lake. It's still roars like a regular tiger. It's still pretty much acts like a tiger. Like you know for me. There was nothing really wasn't an alpha. Or was it a sham bealer. I don't know and it didn't have anything horrifying about it beyond its zombie tiger. You know it wasn't like the the weird skull bayer Or a annihilation that comes into the room and has the shriek. That's like the the sound that the last person at killed made right as its roar. Not saying that. They have to do that but like a zombie roar. I feel like should sound different because zombie people sound different. Yeah yeah that whole thing was pretty lame. I think it was a cg waste. Yeah a few other non spoiler things score is by junkie xl who is just crushing it this year. I mean he did. Justice league had king kong this. I think he might have one one other soundtrack this year. I think you're mistaking being busy with with doing meaningful score tomato tomato and then now also one little thing. I'm so tired of the safe cracker artist. Who's obsessed with safe cracking. Who he treats the safes like their his wife or something like he's just fascinated. He calls some beautiful all that stuff. I mean the performance was okay and it wasn't too overdone where i was so tired of them but i'm really tired of that quirky character who does adds a lot of comedic relief with no real point yup with that now how day teesta. He's kinda you know he's going to be knives out to you. Know he was in blade. I'm looking forward to look dave batista. I absolutely adore. I love him in guardians. I love him in blade runner. I look forward to seeing him in dune. I'm glad that he's going to be a knives out to. He out said that he did this movie. For the following reasons to get a lead role the paycheck to make connections with net flicks. That should automatically think tell you a lot about the head space of some of the people who were involved in this movie. At least these honest. Yeah you know. at least. He didn't pull the tom hardy with venom where he blamed that shitty movie on to make a movie for my kid portal Not poor tom. And let's see. I feel like there's not. I mean the gore. There were a few creative kills and this you know but they really didn't amount to anything. I thought some of the like like wall slamming or or like when people are crushed. That stuff was all right but after a while it just becomes kind of numbing you know. I was livid that that child died in the opening credits. I was like oh good. I'm so glad that you wasted mommy. Sacrifice let's see. Oh the seen. The last ten minutes are so extended layout and it feels. They're they're purely also right out of independence day where he's on the field Like just kind of shameless there and it feels like it's just there to set up a sequel. Oh yeah like you could easily cut it with a date battista and his daughter and just be done. You know my wife. And i think that it was supposed to be a post credits scene. But they didn't think that anyone was going to sit through six minutes. The previews after this fucking thing. Yeah or six minutes credits. After this thing to stick around for a lame setup for a sequel. Yeah so you know i mean all that being said it was at least somewhat refreshing. I hadn't seen zombie film in awhile and you know it was kind of cool to see so much money put into it. I think i liked it more than just a sleek paula. You i i liked it more than justice league but barely for me. There are three things that hold this movie back. Which is that it. It comes with all of the problems of a mediocre zombie. Movie all of the problems of a mediocre heist movie wrapped up in all of zack. Snyder's worst possible traits as a filmmaker. Yeah yeah see. I feel like there might be a few other things but one. We just jump on in despoilers. Spoilers okay. yeah if they should we give star ratings. Yeah we can give star ratings before. Spoilers you go one. Wow i gave justice league a half. This one gets a one. I'll go. I'll go three and all i have to keep us above water. No no no so okay. Well yes spoilers ahead for army of the dead so if you if you don't wanna have it spoiled egotist check the show notes and skip ahead so okay. Let's see anything that you had in particular. Yeah i think that it's i. I honestly don't know if he has an answer on whether or not. They are caught in a time. Loop and i think based on the fact that he wants to do a sequel. The answer is no right and so then why on the f- in the crime the hell did you do any of what you did yeah. I don't know why he did that. Paul do you think they're in a time loop to be honest. I didn't give it any thought until you said it. Because here's the thing. How does it creates too many plot holes. They introduce this concept but then they introduced the concept of may be zombies robots and then they introduced the whole. You know maybe zombies or pregnant but then garrett dylan hunt has no information about the previous teams. That have come through either that or he's lying. If tanaka was constantly just sending these people in you know why did he continually just keep using this whole notion of a bank heist when really they could have sent someone in cut off the head that they needed and gotten the fuck right on back out. Furthermore how does the coyote not remember taking in any of these people because they also set up this whole thirty eight hour window. That doesn't actually mean anything of security being lessened but really they just needed the coyote to get in and they can only fly out and the coyote seems to be the only one who knows how to get into the place right and they luck upon her through his daughter so like i just have a whole slew of issues with some of the random stuff that he puts there that's meant to be meaningful. I hate the zombie. Baby the dies for no reason. It feels like you just wanted to show a fetus. It was like a lion king image in the air. Amazing have moore sitting. I was gonna ask you not spoiler. Who's your favorite character. I was digging the coyote. She was she knew the deal. We'd love to get a spinoff series with her on her quests. I don't know. I honestly don't know what Probably i guess dealer and And i want character name probably and mr vanderhall choices. What about you just the coyote. That's it okay. I liked dealer well enough mostly because of the actor. I thought that he was charming. In part that was pretty Could go either way on being charming or horribly annoying. I think he trended on on charming more for me. I enjoyed mr vander ho. Because he was again a pretty enjoyable sort of straightforward part. I think that he got his part. Well i think for being like a digital replacement did pretty well. I'm assuming that she only had however much time. Chris elliott gave in a take and so i thought that she did pretty well The character is not great. But i thought she did well. Yeah let's see other spoiler stuff. Oh yeah but like with the the thing of the scene where geared. Dylan's character locks. The coyote in in the the great. The you know place that's it would've been so satisfying for her to have gotten out and seen him die. Yeah but it's like again. He dies away from everybody. So it's like okay. Well he's yeah sure he's dead which is nice but there's no real satisfaction from anybody that you're following. Yeah yeah you know. And and i think another thing that i have is that some of these characters had Sort of like specific skills that never end up really meaning anything beyond dealer and Peter's the safecracker in the pilot is just kind of i guess the coyote everyone else is just kind of a gun right with no other point than just to be a gun. You know pass della is it not pass It's on a daily rivera. I'm marie cruz. Her character is supposed to be like a mechanic. She doesn't stick around on the roof and help patch up the helicopter and also death. I don't know if i'm supposed to find it funny or not. Because i almost laughed but not really was that probably because her neck bone springs out of the side of her neck like ring and then she smiles before she falls over dead after having her head wrenched around. That was a great moment. And then you see her on the floor with her head like and it was so telegraphed you literally right before it happened. My my my wife was like oh. She's about to die. Yeah it couldn't have been more obvious. Yeah also. I think they really the candidate towards the end. I think really missed out on having some scenes in the elevator with zombies and there and music playing they kind of get that with the the alpha guy but it's not really that good because it just opens the door and music is playing. I think would have been nice for them to like literally. Show them in real time like clicking the button music playing sitting there. You know la la and then going you know. I guess the issue is just that he wasted too much time elsewhere. Oh you yeah you're not. I hate it that some people's deaths were pretty sorta lehman straightforward compared to how overdone and over thought some of the other deaths were garrett dylan hunt gets the very protracted death by tiger whereas What's his name. Mikey guzman ends up getting bit accepting that and blowing himself up. Because dave batista is wasting his time shooting a lot of people and i also hated that our body count was so condensed released to just the end of the movie. Yeah i wish that we hit lost some people along the way to where it was almost a bare bones crew there at the end. Yeah well i mean the issue is with that. Is they only get going at the end of the movie. That's got a bunch of setup there so we'll and my wife and i were talking. It's it was. It was that moment from the highest episode of rick. And morty where like they show up and no one really seems all that uninterested in coming everyone's automatically like kind of ready to go back into it. You know for me. I think it's most highlighted when Vanderhall was like man. I'm haunted by visions of zombies. But you know what may be. Killing more of them would make it cathartic complete turnaround from what he just said Yeah so it's it's a mess paul. It's a matt is. It's a mess that you gave a three henry. I'm easy to please. Hard to please. Honest i really am not. It's just that the general standard has lowered. Yeah all right anything else. About army of the dead paul. I don't wanna see nor i. This is my new resident evil franchise. It's just as painful. i think. Yeah now paul. You must have loved the banter between daypack teesta and his daughter about the food truck rolls really funny mention it. I didn't necessarily mind too much of it but the one that did bother me. The most was actually the lobster. Roll one. just because like i don't like lobster rolls. Is that all the you're gonna serve. I understand grilled cheese. I understand tofu. Then you go very niche. Yes he says. Everybody likes him. Sorry to break it to you. But we don't yeah anyways. Yeah anything else for you and we do. Have you can get excited. Our listener question concerns. Zack snyder so okay. I guess i'll just say this and this'll be my final thoughts on it. I think that he really needs to figure out what it is that he wants to do. Because the truth is his. Autism is urged. Liz is very very close to becoming self parody. Yeah and i think that that's evidenced by like you know him using hallelujah in the trailer for justice league like he's literally almost becoming a joke version of who he is perceived as for me as a filmmaker And he keeps on leaning into his worst impulses. I don't know where this filmmaker went down on the bed. The wait hold on there. We are blessed there. We go three hundred. I don't know where that filmmaker win. But i m yemi to sorry zach. I just watched that two and a half hour movie after watching your fucking four hour movie. You owe me an apology. Yeah so all right. Well yeah we have a question that concerns al-zaq so we'll we'll get to that. But i guess for quickly for news we could touch on attornal. Yeah if you're down so yeah. This is a new moral fell coming out in november and it's directed by khloe zahle and who did nomad land. The certain and the cast is huge. Bunch on sambol. Yeah would you and that. We just had a new trailer in the last day. Or so paul. What do you think of it. Pretty classic marvel first trailer marble pretty much. Their new form going back to like guardians and ragnarok is like trailer one is a mood setter trailer to is a plot center so this is very much just a mood setting trailer You see it in low key as well like go and watch the first trailer of key. Go and watch the second trailer of loki Same concept so. It didn't tell me much about what to expect in terms of like hard plot but it had a lot of nice visuals it does look very on location which is something that the cast too stressed a lot in the press leading up to this movie. It's apparently a story that takes place over centuries i'm interested she's a an a. You know a hot young filmmaker right now compared to some of the other people that are making movies currently you know. she's an up and comer. So i'm i'm certainly interested I think that the cast is pretty much great. The only one that really makes me nervous angelina jolie. Because i don't remember last time yet that i enjoyed her performance. So you know. If i'm gonna get like pre malefic angie than than maybe there'll be something there sure. How'd you feel kind of the same. I haven't seen nomad land yet. But have i liked it. I mean i liked the for the most part. It's a little bit of a dour one for me I found it on the bleak side. Sure yeah not a whole lot to say about. I guess visually it looks okay about the same as most marvel films but a kind of like the some of the locations that it seems to be taking place at this kind of coastline desert setting and i think the cast is pretty good. I one of the reasons. I want to see it is because of angelina jolie and so yeah i i don't know anything about the the background of the characters or anything like that so i'm purely just going off on who's who's involved but you know we'll see. I'm sure it'll be interesting especially coming from Close al so yeah comes in november. Yeah any other news for you paul. Now you know. Kevin spacey's cameo in a movie directed by the guy. That was the original django from the spaghetti westerns. Really who franken niro. Great so okay. Well i guess on that note. We can touch on listener questions. So the film buds podcast at g. Mail dot com where you can reach us at also. Facebook twitter and instagram at elm buds and at the film buds dot com. All of that stuff is in the show notes. So if you've listened before or if you're listening for the first time feel free to send us a question or comment whatever We love hearing from people out there and the one that got this. Was i think sometime last week. So thank you for your. Your patients comes from alexander. Alexander and his statement is short and sweet. He says. Tell me your thoughts on the new. Zack snyder film school series. That netflix has just released. Thanks for the show alexander. Thank you alexander. So paul. Have you heard of this. No so i. I have an article here that From collider dot com written biopsy hoots written by luke highland and the first paragraph here. It says netflix has launched the first episode of its new youtube series snyder. School in which blockbuster filmmakers zack. Snyder takes viewers through his creative process and making a film from screenwriting paul's favourite and storyboarding to editing an advanced post production. The four episode series will be released weekly on the netflix film. Club youtube channel. So paul you must be through the roof. people can learn how to make movies exactly like sex. Tyner paul's losing it. He may not stay with us. He's losing it so just when he thought there wasn't enough zack. He's coming at your hard with more. And he's injecting. It sounded really sexual. He's he's giving it to the masses. Please speak man. I have no words for this. I i could. I could scream you to ha- knowing listen to a word this man has to say. I might watch an episode out of morbid curiosity just to do what i do with a lot of things to do what i did with the amazing spiderman to do what i did with his bb s and man of steel. I sometimes like to pop the hood on things that i think are terrible just to understand why i think it came out that way. Yeah so might. I watch an episode just to and understand where this man is going wrong for me as a filmmaker. Yeah i might. But i honestly don't think that there is much that current zack. Snyder can really offer any young filmmaker as advice and this to me feels like an extension of everything that he does lately which is an ego trip. Paul you won't check out the screenwriting episode. That's probably the only one that i would that. I would watch because i think that i think he's a great writer. Yeah well said yeah so. Yeah that one. I haven't watched it yet alexander. But i perhaps i will. I don't have interest. But maybe i will. I should do my own series. Where i take individual scenes beats moments from zack snyder's filmography and show how he's essentially step-by-step ruined. What should have happened in the scene. I would love that. Yeah i'm gonna start with how. He takes urgency out of people running away from tidal wave and justice league. Oh yeah yeah a well. Anything else about zack snyder. In general paul. no no. yeah so yeah that one you know if you have any interest it's on it's on youtube. The net flix film club youtube channel. And thanks again for your your question alexander and the phone butts and the film. That's podcast at gmail.com. Once again is where you can reach at so send us stuff your way. Whatever even just to say hi. We like to know that people are actually listening out there and it's not just numbers so or bots so all right you want to end up with some pics of the week for sure you know what. Here's here's an enjoyable movie that you know. Even if it doesn't do anything. I guess all that revolutionary in terms of its storytelling. It's a really solid enjoyable. Movie that does not overstay its welcome. It has one little issue in the beginning. But that's okay. I finally saw the mitchells versus the machines and i enjoyed it. I thought that was a really fun time. I watched it with my family. I liked it more than ryan. The last dragon still have. I had a really good time with it. I enjoyed that one It was it was a fun time. I'd like to say that. I've watched more. But honestly i've been pretty tied up with with writing honestly so a lot of what we watch has been sort of. Oh you know what we watch the goofy movie and that movie for me held up pretty well. Yeah the original ninety five. Yeah that was a pretty pretty solid one. Okay well i have. I have a few things. we watches. I really watched permit ious. Which i love. Yeah great movie. Love slow underrated talk about setting up a cast of characters. Pretty minimally but each of them interesting. Oh yeah then. I- rewatch watched rocky. Which is a classic. I love the whole the whole franchise really but the first one is still a classic from for sure. Then i watched knowing with nicholas cage policing this i know of it. Okay and directed by alex press. Who did i robot the crow. Gods of egypt and i it has some interesting ideas and some good moments. I think it did not hold up as well as i hoped it would. It gets pretty goofy towards the end and a lot of logic issues. That kind of heard it a little bit but still working. It's interesting at least kind of ambitious and different than i watched. Twenty one jump street. The channing tatum jonah hill comedy and overall i like it. I think that there are. It's a little too constant at comedic. trying to trying to be funny all the time and it just joking mile a minute kinda thing you know with jokes right and it just becomes a little tiresome but i think that jonah hill and channing. Tatum are both together. And so it's still pretty good. And and the supporting cast is is good as well then. Last night. I re watched the weatherman directed by gopher men's ski and starring nicolas cage about this whether man whose life is just absolute crap. His family is a mess. He's just not happy he can't find real inspiration or focus or passion and it's just about him trying to find all that and i think it's a. It's a pretty underrated film. I love gawronski. Of course but it's a kind of under the radar interesting nicholas cage performance. Who is great. And i think and so. It's worth watching. If you like kind of dark comedy. Dour character studies. It's it's quite good and that might be about it for me. Yeah thing that's that's about it or all that's worth mentioning so okay. We'll paul any anything else. You wanna mention. Yeah you know. i'll i guess. I'll my last thoughts will be this. I take no pleasure in being the he'll i don't like being the person who who has to spank the movie that behaved badly like i don't enjoy being the person who looks at someone a whole team of people's hard work and goes it didn't amount to much but being overly soft on things not saying that you have to rip things new asshole that i sometimes do but we have to be critical with our art. We have to demand better standards even from the things that are meant to be cillian fluffy and enjoyable. Because if it doesn't do that then it didn't hit the mark and it wasn't that you know so. We need to be critical of our films. And you know if. I need zack snyder. Ever you know will i ever be this abrasive with him. No probably not. But i mean maybe but you know i'm saying it out of care and out of a real place of wanting everyone to to be the best. You know filmmaker storyteller that they can be and i like sex snyder's earlier stuff and i wish that he figured out why he was making films then why he's making films now and what the fuck happened in between men. Well said yeah okay. Well yeah i guess that about. Does it for the show sadly this week now next week paul any ideas. Anything come to mind. Not crew ella Well the thing that i will say is have been talking with henry wilkinson to try and get him on at some point. He's he's a big disney guy. Maybe at some point we could review that so we could get him on to talk about it potentially but I'm digging the punk rock vibe paul. No i'm taking big time. I don't know crazy pitch. How do you feel about night of the living dead. I i like it all right. Cool all right. We'll do an old school zombie picture. Yeah are yeah. So i guess we'll. We'll shoot for that for next week and yes so stay. Updated on film. Buds dot com all that. Oh yeah oh yeah you. You mentioned that last week didn't you. Yeah i think that either that or the original donna de come up. Oh yeah yeah so yeah. We're cool shoot for that next week and yeah so that's pretty cool and yeah we'll paul thanks as always man for taking the time and best best of luck with here. Yeah cool all right everybody. Well enjoy your summer. Try and get out a little bit safely of course and yeah. We hope you enjoyed it as much as as much as we did and listened.

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