HR 2: Got Fantasy Football questions?


Yup chris is going to hack away on saturday at two black gold signed for the for the scoop and john pepsi. The nfl and roc nation have announced that the ultra versatile r&b starred the weekend will perform during the pepsi super bowl lv halftime show and bat roman numerals. It's lv it alaron this year now. The weekend has released four studio albums in his hits include. I can't feel my face. Earned it the hill starboy heartless and city of blinding lights. He is the weekend a big enough star to headline the super bowl halftime. And if not the weekend who should be doing. I didn't think so when i first heard this. I thought i liked the weekend. I think he's great for me to answer your question. I didn't think he was a big enough star. The the the person picked to sing at the super bowl is normally somebody that people of all ages enjoy right generational right. So is the weekend that i don't think so now. Lindsay is a huge weekend. Fan lindsey. you'd think he is big enough to headline the super bowl. I mean he's album came out with year was the most streamed. R&b album of all time. So i think that says enough right there i mean. He's got like three grammys. He's got plenty of nominations. Those shows he's brilliant. I mean i don't mean to say he's not brilliant because he is. I mean. i love that. Michael jackson full seto. I love his last album. Olive blinding lights. Which is the the big hit. That's planned on the radio right so i love all that stuff. I just don't know like for example. I said this earlier lindsey. I don't know if my mom and my mom watches. I don't know if she would know who the weekend is you asked me. You asked me who i thought. Who if not the weekend. Who yes assuming you wanna name of someone who has never played the super before timberlake bruno mars. You know one of those. What about adele now. I don't adele singing. She back to singing she. She sang a little on. Snl to stand in one place. I mean you're not gonna get dance. Steps from adele. Her hits are all like hello. Okay are you live. He broke up with me. Cheated on me exactly. My life is a mess. What about our anna grandi big enough. She's big you. Put her with somebody. The choice the homerun choice. And i've been saying this for a few years as taylor swift. Everybody loves taylor swift. Yeah no yeah. She's never done it and she would shake it off. She would shake it up now. The criticism afterward honest honest question though about taylor swift and maybe why they picked the weekend yep race and black lives matter has been a huge part of sports for the past couple of years. Taylor swift is lily. White if you're gonna if you're you're gonna do you think maybe that's one of the reasons why they picked the weekend. Yeah well it's produced by roc nation too. So that's one of the reasons why they sort of handed the super bowl halftime show to jay z and roc nation. So this is. This is part of the result of that again. We can unbelievably talented rally. Texted me that it turn down the 2017 super bowl and because she did chances are they're not gonna ask her again. Hello how are you. It's such a downer song for the super bowl halftime. I did steal all right mesa. This is the twenty year anniversary and one of the best moments of bill belichick's life one day. After being named the coach of the jets in two thousand belichick walked into a meeting with his bosses. Handed them a resignation letter written on a napkin then went to what was supposed to be his introductory press conference or he instead told a room full of shocked borders. He was not taking the job three weeks later. He was named the head coach of the patriots and the rest is history when he was asked about it this week on boston. Radio bellichik called it quote one of the most defining and great moments of my career turning down the jets job. Have you ever not taken a job and it turned out to be the right decision her. It's a good question Boy generally speaking of ever take. I have a good one on a job. I was in something good. Yeah he's working at cal. Yup and remember tony elevazo. Yes i do tony. Tony was saying stuff and he was starting was hired to be the executive producer of the horse racing channel and he had a very big budget and he made me a very nice offer. Be one of the anchors. tv g. Yeah so. I would call. And i like horse racing you and i owned a horse and we know we and but if i did it it would take me out of cal. I would've left cake cal and gone to tv g. And i thought about at the end of the day. The only reason. I wanted to do it because i wanted to with tony. I thought he was a great guy and i thought it'd be really fun working with him but i didn't think. Tv g was necessarily a step up from out and so i turned it down as it turns out shortly thereafter. Keiko put me on the laker broadcast writing another and it turns out to be a very smart thing that they turned down. Although you know who took it. When i turned it down chris harrison who then took that spun that earned it into the bachelor and now he makes like twenty million dollars. Yeah yeah now. I can't think of there was a gig with tv guide channel. At one point that i was maybe going to do that. I ended up getting cold feet on. Because i didn't think they seemed organized enough or seemed determined enough jobs that i didn't get that. I used to audition for that. I didn't like i was very close. Talk soup who's very close on the late. Late show is very close on a bunch of different shows. But there's never been one that. I turned down that i later regretted up until this point in my life and now i'm at the point where i wanna to do this show and that's pretty much it The the rest of my life. I've worked so hard and took so many jobs that. I don't think there was one that i turned down. I just took everything like you throw at you. There are very few things that i've ever turned down. Because i the way i see it is you. You'd never know win that well's going to dry out absolutely skew and before before you go Just texted me. Who was is it. Perry is that pronounces. I'm gonna guess manasian manasian is the new. Gm of the angels. Is he the guy that coming from the braves. He's the guy that's coming from the braves jesse angels of announced he's the new gm and that's probably really the braves are running exactly the same you know the the andrew freedman and tampa bay and the cubs in the red sox at so. It's sounds like a really smart higher. I hope i hope already marino keeps his nose out of it and let's this guy do his job. We'll all right. The city chiefs have asked the nfl to begin an inquiry with the players association after a union representative held a meeting with the full team late in october. Without wearing a mask the nfl players association representative was in proximity while meeting with the players. The union representative is not subject to the same kobe testing as players. The chiefs have had five players on the kovin list since this meeting. Now if the union finds out who this is should he be terminated or given another chance well again justin turner did exactly the same thing and he knew he was positive and he ran out who justin. I don't think justin turner is in the same category ice because this is a representative coming to speak to a team. It's not a player saying hey. This is the moment of my entire life and my teammates saying come on out here so i'll come out here. That's heat of the moment stuff. This guy stood there and had a meeting with players without a mask later. There were five chiefs players tested positive on the kobe list. Yeah i think he made a mistake. But again i thought that what turner did was incredibly responsible. I think what this guy did is incredibly responsible in major league. Baseball did nothing to turner. So i don't know if the nfl will do anything to this guy. You think they should have done something to turner i do. I think there should even if i do. Yeah oh of course. Yeah but i mean i know. I'm in the minority now. Nobody i mean you said you fat. You said it's really. I don't want to talk this. It's ruining my champion championship buzz. The day after. I wanted to celebrate the world. People don't care about mass in cova near anything so no. I wouldn't find this. I still think most half. The country believes in masks and kobe right. The other half is sick. Yeah but it's hard when the example set by one sports league is it's okay and the next four weeks there's no it's not okay. So they in. The nfl has been tougher than mlb on the slow. They find the raiders. They took away a draft. Pick out of those guys. Not wearing masks. I be surprised if they don't do something because they've been doing stuff to two coaches and other teams. Yeah it's to right. yep okay. i'm particularly interested in what you think of this. And i also want to get lindsay sluts yesterday. The houston texans fired their pr director. A woman named amy paul sick claiming she didn't fit in with the culture. They were trying to develop. She was the only woman in the nfl who ran a pr department. And apparently she's extremely. Well liked reaction round. The nfl was universally scathing against the texans andrea. Kremer tweeted shocked. Pal is the consummate professional and always a pleasure to deal with. She respects our jobs and what we need while never compromising the objectives of the team. The nfl is better with her in it. Field gates from espn tweeted quote so the texans fired their pr director. Amy paulson because she isn't a cultural fit and countless reporters who pr director's job is to work with daily. Take to twitter to express how terrific. She is at her job if she doesn't fit. What kind of culture to the texans. What end quote and finally. Jj watt the best player on. The texans tweeted first and only woman to head. Pr for an nfl team and winner of the roselle award for the best pr staff in the nfl. Massive helping my hurricane relief efforts community events and more whoever picks up amy paulson will be getting one of the absolute best in the business So here's my question. Do the texans come off as sexist here or do we need more information before we can accuse them of that lindsay. What do you think. Well i happen in. Know amy because she worked for the browns for like ten years in their pr communications department and she is amazing. And i think that there has been some rumblings that it might have to do with her political tweets. i mean she's never tweeted. Anything egregious whatsoever. She's re tweeted tweets and favorite. You know like celebrating. Kamala harris in joe biden's victory in. I think there's a lot of people that are kind of using that to connect the dots. Which again if that's the case. I could see being in texas like that being reasoning behind it. But it's still it's horrible idea. It's next necessarily sexist. And in fact. I think they're probably getting obviously getting a ton of backlash for this. I think it might have more to do with that. Which makes it just as bad. Yeah it makes us. Just as i until i see who they fire or who they hire what they're talking about with culture right. It sounds like this this woman lindsay you or is going to get another job. I mean it sounds like that. She has many many people advocating for her. I don't know if it'll be at the head your job at team. 'cause there's only thirty two teams but what you said and is interesting. I have a couple of friends. I work with and makes you know about these guys who tweet extremely political stuff. Yes and re tweet extremely political stuff and every time i read it i cringe. And they're actually on opposite sides of the aisle but either either one. Because i think wow have you just made half your audience mad. because we're we're divided politically. So that's the reason. I hope it's not then. I wouldn't be shocked by it because we are. Very polarized politically guy found the tweet. It is a picture of kamla harris. The vp elect first woman. First black person first. Asian-american and amy paulson wrote re tweeted with a comment a historic day to every little girl out there. You can be anything you dream of. Now that is about as neutral politically as and it's more about someone rising. Somebody female breaking a glass ceiling. That i think it is about her political john. What's interesting. I don't i don't do any politics on my twitter. My social media. You don't do any politics on twitter. Social media a lot of our friends media guys are right out there. They're just speaking and you know they probably think to themselves and the right. They're using their platform for something that they believe is important. I choose to believe this show is not about politics. Shows about fun and goofing around. That's why we don't do politics on this show. But i can't believe that that subtle tweet is what would have gotten her fired. There must be something else going on. The guy is the vp of football operations. There i think his name's jack easter by he. I think he's a preacher like he's a hardcore southern preacher. Okay very well could be the dutcher connecting very well could be there that maybe that may be okay. There you have it. There is the scoop for you coming up next a surprise team for russell westbrook one that we haven't talked about that's coming up next mason ireland seventeen. Espn all right. So here's the i talking about. How the super bowl halftime show should really be multiple racial. 'cause everybody watches the super bowl. Halftime show everybody from little kids to older people. Like my mom. Who's seventy seven zero. You're going to be in trouble by throwing your mom's age out there. I always do and so i'm curious if my mom knows who the weekend is no now my guess is no yeah. I would bet A lot of money. She doesn't know who the weekend or hey what do you think. Is she going to know the weekend Hopefully hopefully yeah not have lindsey. Now show it play the music so she can't feel her face that will do. That's big. that's the big song. It's the cocaine song. I don't think your mom knows. I don't think my mom knows not stepdad. Leo knows that's that's the thing with the weekend that the older crowds going to know who he is. Yeah i don't think so either did did you have my mom's number. Oh he's she's on the phone thailand one second so my mom's going to come in here by the way the masters john who's winning. I think the guy. Who's winning. Paul casey but the guy to watch is justin thomas. He just turned he's four under casey's in the clubhouse at seven under sixty five and tigers done right yeah tiger four under a really good and bryson shambo to under not as good not as good. He really struggled with beginning and then settled down. Apparently i think he hurt himself because he looked like he like grabbed his interview with them afterwards. He said he's fine. Of course say that happen right. But i think he got sidetracked. But he'll i mean he's not out of it he's just to under in the leaders fi- five strokes better than him so far. So there's your masters update. I wanna make sure everybody knows before. We get to that. That thing with Russell westbrook i wanted to get this. Gabe more from los angeles you know. I don't know he won his virtual key for the seventeen. Espn month of giving from our friend. Sal gonzalez had culver city mazda. We are giving away a brand new car. It is a twenty twenty one mazda. Cx five sport with a thousand bucks cash in the glove box from culver city mazda. Here's how it works today in our three o'clock hour so next hour we will give you a destination. Write that down. Then the five o'clock hour with george e they will give you cuticle be caller number seven. You want virtual key. That could start the brand-new mazda. C x five. Good luck and make sure you're here in the three o'clock hour and then in the five o'clock hour with george and l. Elsie all right. Let me john. I said there's a surprise team for russell westbrook supposedly according to nba clutch. Which i see stuff on there. That seems fairly legitimate. Russell westbrook seems interested in philly in brooklyn and in miami. Just ask you. I think. I'm allowed to ask you. Where do you think would be the best fit for him or is that dealing with planning out contract I just can't time to our team. Okay i you know. I you know i love russ. He's a ucla. I think he needs to play a big market. I think i'd love to see him play in new york chicago miami. And wow of all those teams brooklyn. Because they're right. Miami don't sign deroga- don't bring dragons back with west. yeah. I hope it lands in a good spot. That's a fan of his. So what's interesting is shams toronto. Who knows his stuff from the stadium in the athletic says. There's a surprise team for westbrook russell. Westbrook has asked out of houston and sources. Tell me the horse have emerged. As a potential suitor for westbrook. A couple other teams have been mentioned as a possibility for the one time league. Mvp but in charlotte are movable veteran contracts as well the jordan brand connection for westbrook. All right so this is interesting. Michael jordan or very few guys that jordan. Let's wear the jordan stuff. Sure westbrook's one of them And that's jordan's team insulting. Yeah that would be interesting. But i mean you go there and you're on an island. I mean you're not going to compete for a championship charlotte They never have they never have. I mean there's never been any sign of life there i just. I can't believe that russell westbrook would want to go there. There's also the chris. Paul so stephen a. was talking about this on i day. He says chris paul. And there's been wild speculation out there. That somehow chris paul would wind up playing with lebron and with a d. Here for the lakers Here's what stephen a. Thinks about chris. Paul to the lakers seeping through does not want to go to the lakers He does not want to go to the lakers. I don't know the reasons why. I deduce from what i what. I've heard that the reason he doesn't want to go to the lakers is because You know they've already established they're ready accomplished. And there's really nothing to do for them. They would only be doing something for him. And that is ring chasing. And that's not the kind of ring chasing that. He wants to be to be a part in terms of stacking the deck. He'd rather go someplace where he can be himself and be the lead that he is. You know if you go to the lake is he's taken ball. Out of lebron james hands the brawn. James is moving more without the ball. So if it's not the lakers. Max kellerman says. He thinks he knows the destination. And they've got to do this deal for. Russ max kellerman from i take. Westbrook is a dynamic temple. Pushing athletic of point shooting guard type playmaker. And that's really what they need. They need a dynamic. He collapses the defense when he gets to the paint. He can kick to open teammates. In in paul george and kawhi leonard he has not only to high volume scores but they're high percentage scores. They can both really shoot. And i know you can talk about paul george hitting the side of the backboard can shoot when the time comes. That's always going to be the question but in terms of making the team better. They need dynamism at the one. So he the clippers are the place where c. p. three should land. How what kind of would he be with the clippers Interesting when i don't know again quite leonard is used to be in the man there. Yep you know. He needs the ball chris. Paul is going to have the well chris. Paul george play together in oklahoma city. They didn't win anything true. And the clippers traded him with steve bombers the owner. I know doc probably was the one behind the trade different regime Same owner jerry. West making you know advising him. So i would he be welcome back there. It's a very good question. I you know what i think. A lot of a lot of money. He would make them a much better team. Make them much more dangerous team coming up next for you. Matthew berry is going to join us. Yeah so it is fantasy football time and john a question. I wanna ask matthew about my fantasy team is. Don't ask them any questions about your team. You ask about my career. Your career is the worst fantasy player i've ever seen. So here's the deal. If you have got a dilemma in other words you've got Ben rothlisberger who now. It looks like it's going to play or you wanna play tula. You've got to make a decision between the two. That's what matthew berry is especially good at so light up. The phones. Eight seven seven seven ten. Espn all you guys. Play fantasy football just like us and you can also tweet us at venice. Mace m. a. s. e. or la ireland and. We will pass those along to matthew to matthew berry. The talented rodeo is coming up next for you mesa in ireland seventeen. Espn and matthew berry appearances brought to you by corona extra. Our game day beach is back. Always enjoy the game with corona extra an official survey of the los angeles rams and joining us right now. Is the man matthew berry the talented. Mr roadshow matthew. What's up man. Not much say the for week. Ten can't believe we're already here. It did happen very quickly right so matthew. I wanted to start with this. I have a player that you have in a lot of leagues and it was incredibly frustrating. Last week the packers kept getting inside the red zone in many cases inside the five yard line. And i'm thinking oh good. I have aaron jones. Yeah they'll give him the ball. They never gave him the ball. He i mean he never got. You never sniffed the end zone when when that happens. I think aaron rodgers ended up throwing for touchdowns on all those occasions were jones could have rushed it last year. That was a run. They he had like twenty touchdowns. So if you if you have air jones like you do and like i do. Do you just continue to put him out there. Knowing that they're throwing more now and just live with it. Or what do you do. Yeah gap too. I mean last week was he was a game. It was the thursday night game. He was a game time decision. They weren't sure jamaal. Williams have been placed on the covid nineteen list. The packers training staff is really really cautious so it may have been something it may have been up. A piece of that may have just been what roger soft the goal line. Listen jones still having a great. You know listen no one you know. I'm the one that started hashtag. Free aaron jones so like no one is pound the table more for. But i'm not panicked at all. You know it was frustrating in that particular game against the niners. But he's going to be just fine going forward like he's still you know if we were redrafting today for the rest of the season. It'd be one of the first five running backs off the board. No questions asked and play the jaguars if he doesn't score this week against the jaguars then i think we can start to panic a little bit but ultimately I'm totally comfortable with aren. Jones is a top five running back. So i'm sure you heard about this matthew. 'cause you follow this world really closely. But i had dominating eighty seven to fifty six win in fantasy football this week. Hey mace what place are you in now after that big win. I am still in last. But as commissioner said if you ever get mccaffrey back your team is going to be a force. Mccaffrey has act. I mean isn't he sinking. Fantasy teams everywhere. It's been a really tough season for everyone that had the number one overall pick took christian. Mccaffrey thought they got this in the bag. And then haven't had him for much of the season. Obviously hopefully you were able to get mike davidson. Sound like you were able i do. I have mike davis. Yeah okay so there. You go but mike davis as much as he's built an admirably he christian. Mccaffrey right the last three games that we was filling in for mccaffrey didn't play great. You know obviously it looks like he's going to get the start this week at home against the buccaneers. That's a tough match-up against tampa bay although davis did have eight receptions the Earlier in the year against tampa when they played the first time i look. It's it's been tough. I mean it's been really really tough with mccaffrey News came out yesterday that he got a second opinion. He's gonna miss this week but they're hopeful that he can play next week in week. Eleven remember the panthers do have a buy in week thirteen. So that's something to keep in mind with mccaffrey. But there's no question. It's been really frustrating. year for a guy that prior to this year had literally never missed practice. Yup forget intrigued by like had never missed a practice. I think he was limited in practice one time in his entire career but he's never missed a practice and basically half the season. Let's get some callers in here for matthew. Here's giovanni in highland park. Hey giovanni you're on seven ten. Espn what's your question for. Matthew berry eight method. So i should let him know beforehand my winning back there and good sunday bidding starting both washington running back because my other two guys most dirt and breeder are hurt. So what do you say man. I like both guys. i mean. Listen you know you sort of the same thing twice when you said my running back. Depth isn't good. You started told me that when you told me you were starting running washing the guys Kind of asked and answered already. But what i will tell you. My friend is that. I actually think if ever there was a week where you had to sort of like you know. Hold your nose a little bit and start those guys. I actually like him. I i haven't told who gives us as a as a top twelve play this week. I have judy mckissick as a top twenty play. Look alex smith likes to throw the quarterback alexa throw to the running back. A dinka dunker You know Mckissic got. I think nine targets last week for washington. And he's been he's been legitimate. So both guys made the loveless this week lines one of the worst teams. The nfl in terms of both fantasy points allowed to two opposing running backs and most receptions allowed to opposing running back so they really struggle not just with running backs but especially pass catching running backs so if there was a week i think and mckissic. It'll be fine this week. Thanks giovanni hey matthew i wanted to ask you something i you know i noticed you were on. Bill simmons podcast. This week we had a give and take with. Alex crusoe about you and i answered this. Anyway you want but who is the biggest or most unusual name who has ever asked you for fantasy advice. What comes to mind when asked you that. That's the the most unusual fantasy i mean. Who's ever hit you up for advice. Jazy jay z has hit you up for advice. Yes wow you. Remember his specific question. No i mean. I've i've posted about this on social media like the. The story is very simply this. And i've told this story before but eight years ago. I got a call from a mutual friend says to me. I want to give this guy your phone number. I'm gay sure So i got a call from a guy says hey matthew. My name is mike Big fan of you but my whole league were big fans. You were having our draft new york on august twenty eighth. We'd love for you to come by and you know just sort of critique our picks you know we're just sort of hang out you know and hang out with us all night. I'm like listen mike. I'm super appreciative. That's flattering but you know. August busiest mont them. New york's two and a half hours. Away i just. I don't really just go to random people's drafts and hang out for three or four hours. I'm sorry and he goes well. it's jay z's league. What time do you need me. I mean i also So anyway so. Yeah i went there. It's it's the guts league the famous got league and jay z's in it Chris paul is in it and like sort of these titans of Of the hip hop are in this league. Irv dot is in it The mike that i mentioned that story mike kaiser. Who's the president of atlantic records Steve stoute is in it Jesse it's ler color. The atlanta hawks. So it's like it's it's insane group of people want whereas runs roc nation. Sports is rich climate. Who's kevin durant business partner. He's in it and so on and so forth and so So yeah for the last eight years This year we did the draft by zoom for the last eight years. I have gone to that draft and and hung out and so in sort of giving advice to all of them and You know in jay is one of them. So isn't that great. Hey let me throw some stuff out. You off. Twitter alan robinson or jerry jeudy allen robinson. Both guy showed up on the injury report today. And i do think jerry jeudy has a big second half but it's alan robinson this week Against minnesota on monday night assuming he plays again. Both guy showed up on the injury report today which you never like to see a mid week appearance on the on the injury report. Derek carr lamar jackson. Can you believe it's come to that. Isn't it amazing. Lamar jackson is the biggest fantasy disappointment. Non injury related this year. He's qb eleven points per game basis. But i think it's still lamar jackson. Karsh have a ice game but he just doesn't have the upside that Lamar jackson does by the way you said. You said matthew that he's qb eleven. Who's qb one who's been the is it mahomes. Russell wasn't who's been the best fantasy quarterback so far this year. Yeah it's it's It's russell it's russell wilson right there with mahomes was russell. It's russell. Wilson has been Obviously fantastic Mahomes has been awesome. justin. Herbert has been amazing. Grace it's all those guys Right there was awesome. Obviously before he got hurt but Russell wilson's right now. The the number one quarterback in fantasy. Aj brown or allen. robinson. I'm gonna go with aj brown just because again ag ground place tonight. And i'd rather. Oh by the way. I that back by the way tyler. I just realized last week. Kyla murray past russell wilson kyla mery quarterback or joe burrow ami kyla murray's number one russell wilson's number two. They both been fantastic. House has mahomes. And and herbert But yeah give me. I'm gonna say start. Aj brown tonight. It's tough matchup with the colts but just because it was a knee issue. I don't have much more. I don't have much detail. Other than the fact that allen robinson was limited in practice today with a knee issue. It's still early in the week. It's the monday night game. But i would hate for somebody to get to monday night. And they don't have alan robinson and browns just been so lights out recently. I i'd start age brown. How about joe burrow burrow. It's tough match up on the road to pittsburgh but they throw so much I'm gonna go with borough increased one darius slayton or emmanuel sanders. I'm going to go with emmanuel sanders. Starting to us being used you know he's he's got the higher ceiling I'm sorry to hire floor. Feels like it's it's all shepherd and ingram these days for the for the giants golden tate. Maybe back slayton is one of those guys. Like they're gonna take two shots to them deep and if he hits one of those your your day is made but if they don't it's just it's tough sledding there. Let's get a caller two in here chance in newport beach. Hey chance you're seventeen years fiene with matthew berry which your question. He hasn't gone all right. I got one of these guys for my flex Mike davis Allen robinson who just popped up on the report things to finish up and chris carson who may or may not play. So what are those three guys. Yeah robinson carson. Or who's the third mike. Mike davis i think you're playing. Mike davis by the way appreciate the chat for the fantasy life that one hundred percent free fantasy. I'm telling you the alerts are amazing guys but y- again we just don't know with carson their p carroll said they're going to wait till the end of the week and just sorta see you mentioned allen robinson. I think mike davis because we're not expecting mccaffrey. Two plays listed as doubtful as it is and even though it's tampa bay listen tampa bay is gonna get after it so there should be a lot of check to teddy bridgewater so give me davis all right so lindsay. We have a new tradition here. Lindsey always ask matthew a question that has nothing to do with fantasy full. Yes is nice enough to entertain. He actually enjoys it. Lindsey what is your question this week for matthew that it has nothing to do with football all right non fantasy this or that in a galaxy. Far far away. Luke skywalker or solo on solo camman. Solo didn't even hesitate there. Why why listen everyone lucas great but come on honda. The honda man. I was gonna use a curse word there but the man you know listen. I believe he's not a jet. I mean you don't have any powers. But i wasn't i wasn't asking would win a fight. Han solo does not know how to use the lightsaber. What ever he shoots. The guy pulled up the lightsaber. Okay you get a better wing man. Hans wingman is chewbacca. And you get c. Three po and r two d two. If you're luke. Luke watch watch those. And i love love love star wars. Yeah i'm a big star wars nerd luksa little whiny at the start of that series at the start of the trilogy looks at aligning. Come on. he's a little warning on is always the man. One of my favorite lyrics of all time is a jimmy buffett steve. I'm big buffet guy. So jimmy buffett has a song called son of a son of a sailor and his One of the lyrics in that song is read dozens of books about heroes in crooks. And i learned much from both of their styles and i feel like that's han solo. We've kind of a hero. He's kind of a crook. He's a little bit scoundrel little bit hero and i cannot love that you made a really strong case matthew. You made a really strong taste. Thanks guys want to hang out with. Women want to date him on the man. Okay so matthew Before we let you go where can people find. You mentioned the fantasy app. What else you got going on. Well obviously fantasy football now. We do it every sunday morning over there on. Espn to ten am eastern seven am pacific. We do it for three hours all the way up to kick off all the latest injury. Updates we'll have the latest on joe mixon and alan robinson and you know and Ten rothlisberger yeah exactly big band you know whether he gets up the covid lists etc etc. Jerry jeudy all these guys we we give you all the injury update so too great. Show check us out and obviously if you're listening to the radio you enjoy listening to sports. Check out our podcast You know we do it. Wherever podcasts are available the fantasy focus podcast with myself feel gates to find your about. We do it every single day. I'll do another one tomorrow. Excellent all right. Hey matthew as always we appreciate your time. Thanks a lot for coming on man. My pleasure guys talking next week all right cool matthew berry talented mister rodeo coming up next matthew berry segment yeah. No the the han solo thing. He actually kind of talk. Jay z story. Oh the jay z. Story and it was fun. It was great all right so coming up next for years radio. Tinder nason in ireland seven ten. Espn lindsay has complained about me talking too much before radio tender so we will go straight tour win. I never complain. But ticketmaster has been working on a framework for post pandemic fan safety that uses smartphones to verify fans vaccination status or whether they've tested me for the corona virus so by the details of the plan is still being worked out if approved. Here's how it would work. After purchasing a ticket for a concert fans would need to verify that they've already been vaccinated or tested negative for coronavirus. Twenty four to seventy two hours prior to the concert. Then the lab or vaccine company would report the info to a health past company like clear or ibm and they would verify the attendees status to ticket master which would then issue the fan credentials needed to access the event. Is this way too much trouble for you to attend a cogan free concert. Swipe left or swipe right. Oh my gosh. I swipe left. I want to go to a concert mason. No matter what it takes. I will come through many many many hoops and this is a billion dollar industry that they're trying to save here. So this is this may be what it takes me seriously. If i can get concerts back if i can go back to the hollywood bowl give me ten things and i'll jump through hoops to get back in their part of it to make sense to me. John is proof of vaccination now if you get a test two days before a concert. It doesn't mean you're actually negative by the time you get to the concert but if you have evidence that you were vaccinated which i mean what they're saying i mean i'm not an epidemiologist. But they're saying could be ninety percent effective if i show yup i been vaccinated person into the show. Yep and we gotta get. We gotta get concerts back. We intimate live shows back. We gotta get broadway back. He's gotta get holiday back broadway john. The whole thing's been shut down. Man come on i saw. Yes we gotta get. We gotta get live. Snyder live things back. So linseed answer your swipe left or swipe. I swipe left and i would do even more than that all that stuff you late. I know it sounded like a lot that you laid out but i my attitude. Macy's whatever it takes to get that back. I'm in i am one hundred percent on your side. Life needs some entertainment and needs a good concert. I miss going to the forum and seeing shows I missed the hollywood bowl. I miss all the stuff you know going to see movies. I miss i lotta friends broadway. I get a lot of friends in the ticketing. Business make their income off of second earth. And i want to get those guys back in the game. So let's go all right somebody. I saw someone post on facebook yesterday. Like commenting on this story. That like sorry. I don't need to concert that badly. And i do like. Yeah who doesn't know the employees. How many people aren't getting tested for other things. You know. you're going to a wedding or whatever so. I think i'm with you guys. I totally would be down to do all that stuff. And then some next one here. A japanese town is protecting itself from wandering bears with a pair of unusual guardians. Motion detecting robot wolf's monster wolves which are made of metal and covered in fake fur to make them look real are outfitted with motion detectors that caused them to activate the wolves then flash red lights in their eyes move their heads back and forth and they emit series of howling screeching noises. City officials said the wolves have thus far been effective in preventing bears from entering the town. Would you ever try a robot predator to keep pests away from your house. Why why trade. Swipe laugh wait a minute you base. You mean swipe right. Don't you wanna try this. But isn't the isn't that swipe left or right is is brian. I'm all in. i've got. I've got a murder of crows that likes to sit on my tree. I would like to have a really angry. Crow robot With feather stuck on it with bright red is that scare the living. Hell out of the other crows so they go away so i'm completely in on on robot detection you. I'll say this again for the one hundredth time. You are out of your backward man you. Did you not see terminator. The this is the end of the world and we we are all going to be attacked and taken over by out of control robot wolves. We do not want these things you think you think like a fifty six old well. Here's the thing thanks. You made me younger. The here's the thing by the way about your crows. I'm dead serious about this. Go on amazon and order. A red eyed owl. Oh an hour now. Here's the thing they sell them. Put the al in your tree. Yup it makes noises and turn to ted with red eyes and outta here doesn't really go right now. Just go go. Robot owl into an amazon surge and that people use them all the time. Wait a minute. So if you're using a robot. Al why would you not use a robot wolf because robot wolves them arms and legs and can run fast. The al just sits there. The al can't fly can't move it. Just sits there and twists on is solar powered owl decoy with rotating head. Exacts what you need you need the power with the rotating head. What's interesting because it's like forty bucks five bucks and then boom go get rid of the entire murder and let us know how that works out for you. I'm going to do. You're not in favor of robot. Wolves i guess so. Yeah i mean whatever works know. Keep the a homeowner. I used to see on my gosh. Wouldn't you wanna protect your house. John wouldn't you want to protect yourself from blade runner. What is wrong with you to get gophers in my garden. And i would get so mad. Because i'd spend hours gardening and then i get these little holes. I tried everything. But i did not try. The owls had yet gopher lindsay. What you need robot al. Yeah you're attack is what you know. What because somebody my neighbor had one of those any bought this fake robot and now everything's gone nice. It's good right lindsay last quick here. Christmas is now underway on radio across the country estate flip to the all holiday format a bit earlier than usual last week. Major stations in key cities such as l. a.'s k. o. s. t. flipped a switch after exhaustive surveys told them that their listeners wanted holiday music due to this year being so emotionally. Taxing is the first week of november too early for all christmas music. Swipe left or swipe rights. Well here's what what's interesting. We need to be careful how much we talk about ratings. Were not supposed to talk about them. But i can say this. Every time coast goes to christmas music. Yeah they win. The month of december in la they people love coast in december. It's in the article that ratings double chris. Oh it's mace. Can they go to the whip month early and will it work. You know. I think like for example. My family is split on this. My mom already has a christmas tree up. She she believes that. Halloween is the start date of christmas. Did she just throw thanksgiving out in the garbage or no she has. She has the tree up in the decorations up. When we act there for thanksgiving a lot of people are doing that. Oh actually this is actually really cute. We're talking about my mom. I'm off subject now. But hey i tried to call her a little bit earlier and got her message. Here's my mom's answering machine message. Phone i don. I can't get concern right now but if you need the name number i'll call you back. They say out there and by the tone. Please record your method. Your your your message would end with. Stay safe out there and wear a mask unless you're justin turner and then you can do it. If you are so busting on justin turner man. It's a different situation. He had coverted. Yeah but in the heat of the moment that's positive. That's different from going into a store walking. I you and let everyone else know. If i ever get covid i will be locked in. My house quarantined and be it. No risk to anyone else. I'm with donna. Say safe and wear a mask made to. I'm the same. Stay safe and wear masks. Unless won the world series win the world series. You get an exemption. You don't ever you want exactly i. Hey don't forget. We're giving away that car edgar fernandez from costa mesa. One is virtual key. Espn month giving from our friend. Sal at culver city mazda. Be listening next. Our three o'clock hour at some point. We will give you the destination of the day. And i will kind of whispering just like this write it down then listen this afternoon during sodano and elsie in the five o'clock hour to get the cuticle when you hear it be caller number seven with the correct destination of the day. You can win your virtual key. The could start the brand new twenty one mazda c x five sport with a grand in the glove box. Take a road trip on us. That could happen at absolutely any moment john. I'm having a a personal crisis That relates to sports. And i wanna put it to you okay coming up next mason ireland seven ten espn.

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