Spencer Hall talks Kwame Brown, but mostly Stevie Wonder


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I'm inclined to believe you are a hater time week. We have a guest. Join us come into us alive. He is the best college football writer in america. Wayne really gonna talk about. None of that spencer hall was going alma. Stevie wonder what's going on. I just want to get straight to the point. You might be here to talk about college football and if you happen to bust in this room right now and ask me a question. I will address it but unless you're an intruder were just talk about stevie today maybe a little brown by saying we'll make a quick slow transition into stevie by stopping at the midpoint between stevie at college football which is south gioja. I feel like everybody learned this week so they may not have no. Which is how south georgia gives down. How blencoe gives doubt glencoe not here for like me browse these met when he was nineteen and we didn't think much about it after that and then we looked up. I was like damn. You're an old man. Now you're an old man. You sound like it. I don't you can tell by the way. Kwami brown has an uncle or an elder somebody that he is absolutely patterned. This particular speech pattern. After because i heard it and i was like oh i know that guy. That man does not really care about your opinions. He starts conversations by asking about your opinion but he does not really care about her hugo. What what do you think about. Joe biden and you go well you know. Here's what i think. He's here's what i think. And then it just goes. He knew that guy and call me. Braun has basically subsumed his entire identity. And if you think by the way that outdoor cares at all about anywhere else or anything or about how anything goes in the rest of the world. then you're wrong. It's one of those little pockets. Right kind of like was talking about south alabama. Vikings right like like alabama's its own little universe. South georgia is its own tiny little universe where people will make great distinctions between will where you from. Well you know from daily on the bill now judgment right like that means something different than being you know from savannah or being from valdosta right. There's very fine gradations of things and kwame brown. I can tell just from this video from the hour. That i watched would yes. Yesterday i did spend an entire hour watching kwame brown. Go off on. All of his haters and indulge only the thickest of south georgia and basically it's southern accents. I watched the whole thing yesterday. Well my thing was. All he gave was the to make you so burns. Slow right like it was all like i always liked like i always thought take. It was better than either but the thing about ether in verses takeover was takeover was for everybody either was for one man and the jay z. In this scenario for brown is clearly mad. Bart's like he's got some problems with stephen jackson. He's got some problems with stephen. A smith but matt bart's that's the one where he's like. I m restoring this new life over and over again. Yeah and by the way another important part of the ether or the distract here is that it's not fair. We don't necessarily personally condone or endorse any of it. You're just there to listen to the sheer hatred. You're not there to say. hey kwami. this isn't unproblematic. No on the contrary. A lot of is very problematic intense sustained and is it deeply felt one hundred percent. Could you go ahead and through it and say. I don't feel this way about this at all. I'm actually kind of offended by this yeah i'm not sitting here and saying any of its good or condoning any of it. I'm marveling at the intensity and the sustained aggression of it. Because i'm pretty sure he could have talked about how much he hated matt. Barnes for three hours. Yes and think that people need to understand is this is a dude who had an abusive relationship with his father as i understand it and then went into the nba where he walked into an abusive relationship with michael jordan and it seems very clear to me that has been like i may have to take this from my pops. I may have had to take this from michael jordan heart. Stop that's it. Nothing you from matt barnes. Can i say by the way that given everything that he has been through both from his upbringing abusive relationship to his father towards a professional mentor ship. And i'm using that word real. Ironically from michael jordan i think while may brown is actually displaying a pretty high level of evolved mental health. There is something iron in this man that cannot be broken because all kwame brown was in the nba for the better. Part of a decade was joke. And when you say that kwame brown will respond. And i am quoting here. I put my mom on a golf course at eighteen. That's exactly how on me brown will come back. Be like you think. I'm joe that's cool. Talk to the bank account because he does make like you go through the video. And i'm sitting there saying like a. I don't condone any of this man's got points. Man does have points in the middle of all this. Like for instance when he says a man in the nba failure. They know man of bust. That's true there's something to it you know you made it to the nba. Now you might have been a number one pick. Your value might have potential have been dramatically overestimated right but one at brown will say. I went to the wizards man has points. You'll stay even with that. I my favorite part in terms of scale. This is where you go. Yeah the nba is completely distort. Your understanding of what wealth is when he says yeah gilbert arenas you're like the worst human being ever borne you know i was set to eighty million and you took money out of my mouth right when he says that he's like yeah. And then i had to sign for the lakers for just twenty seven mill. That was the disappointment. Which i'll admit if i'm already over there and that's my scale and i'm a six eleven guy who can block shots and dunk. I'll be bitter about that from my perspective. I'm not exactly seeing the huge tragedy. There you still got twenty seven mill gave. It is sixty three for his career. My favorite part about. I put my mom on a golf course at eighteen was that he was nineteen when he got drafted already. Good flow that too because either one the money already begun to flow right or he's wrong and he's just forgetting it which is even funnier right. But he's just like just let him go. he's on one. Let them roll. Did you know he went to high school with that wayne right. No i did not know that we had attaway right. I don't know he pays for now. But he's pitched for the cardinals and we had him on highly questionable. And i didn't know anything about them and so google and then i was like oh he's from brunswick in his age and i was like i wonder if he knows kwami brown. I was like oh yeah no wabi rattle and evidently kwame brown very different than anybody really expected it. He opens the video by discussing a brawl. He gets into using words. I can't use on any podcast or in real life but but getting into a fight with a gigantic football player and then knocking that football player out and in a moment of real self-awareness saying my friends said i looked goofy punching him out and he goes. Yeah but he still went to sleep. Even with these ugly punches. I jumped on his head like a trampoline. I believe is the way he described this fight with this. The other thing that people got a glimpse of was critical race. Theory country style like he has some very clear views on race that are very much colored by living under deep south racism. Me matt boss. We're hated you. Granddad at was black or your granddad out was white and i heard that and i'm like which one like that. Yeah i of curious which one because chances are it's one of them. Yeah in addition to that by the way it's also colored by a very southern understanding of when things are on or off. I eat that you're going to be out of pocket once things get out of pocket. There's no hey that's enough. Let's go ahead and stop pursuing this fight. No if you get into the story which is like the first ten minutes if you just go get the main kwame brown response video which is like an hour long just listened to the ball in the first part because he breaks his hand on this gigantic football players face knocks him out runs and when he's running he ends up. Somehow it like a cue or a party and when he gets to the party. The immediate response isn't oh my. What is the strange person who has six eleven by the way like kwame brown. Stumbling into your party is not a small event. It's just massive dude with his friends right. Rolling in and immediately is administered first aid. That's what it sounds like. He's like these these ladies were like. Oh poor thing. Meaning they an instant when the six eleven dude just comes crashing in like a giraffe into their party or like he requires assistance. He's obviously been in a fight right like this this entire nine one one system. That happens instantly like wrap up his hand get him set. Let's go get him an uber. Let's just let's get him attacks and get him out of here before the cops come the number of decisions that goes into that moment where questions would've been asked somewhere else right like. Let's say if this happens in know quiet suburban chicago. Right we'll be. What is this man doing here. Who are you. what's going on. Perhaps we should get the authorities involve. Nope stumbles into this party. Somewhere in south georgia. And they're like. Oh yeah we got this. We got this a taxi. Wrap them up. Share the brawls happen. We're good like that is an entirely different way of living. That's all assumed and understood in like three seconds. Well the underrated part is also to me is gilbert arenas right because what has become clear okay gilbert arenas mr go too far right like hill. Steve's is go too far. Did you see where you got on a podcast. A laboratory where he talked about how. I forget what he did to some suit to chris mills had like he had done something to desecrate this dudes close or whatever and he's said crystals didn't say a word about it right like it happened. Didn't say the eighty said. Chris mills was his ride home. So chris mills to drive the car. Joe gilbert arenas home be able to regain his gets out the car and then next thing he knows. Chris mills hits him with the car but he waited all the way out played it all the way cool and then chris mills hit him with the car. Okay this is also the gilbert arenas who in the infamous ridge bars crittenden and the guns in the locker room and everything else was one hundred percent unafraid right. Because basically he might not granted crittenden wilder going father in his life into these realms. But he's just basically like i smell anonymously angle and do nothing to gilbert arenas is guess who gilbert arenas does not feel that way about kwami brown. Give it a raiders. This is the grab everywhere like no. I'm not saying a word about this guy. I have seen his movies. No and by the way this is somebody who in dc according to call me braun got lit up daily by guys just for being extra just for being gilbert arenas and just because as paul may brown said there's a lot of country dudes in dc who won't take that who have hands right. Try these hands there faster than you think. And that means that of all of the guys who went around just willy nilly slapping gilbert arenas for being gilbert arenas and by the way shouts out to give it arenas forever learning a lesson. What is gilbert arenas the superpower. I'm never going to learn the lesson that i'm me right. Like dude who does not have any self understanding whatsoever like why do these people keep hitting me with a car. Why do i keep getting in fights where i have to pull a gun over cards. Why slapped by random guys in dc. At no point has it dawned on gilbert arenas that he's gilbert arenas and yet even with that superpower not knowing who he is. He won't mess with kwame brown. Which i have to say like kwame brown already. Seems like he's six eleven if six eleven winds up and slaps you that is a lot of implied force. Right like the arm believer that is a tremendous slap. I don't want any event and by the way he is the kind of dude who will slap you i. Do you wanna stay up all night. Smoking weed and playing cards that we need to play cards all night. That is such an old man. Big zane i don't even know if these dudes play cards right but gave very clear. Bobby brown is not he. Fred brown that c. Each avearge moga. We'd play cards all die. Put down no brown. Sounds like the kind of guy who's like. I got an engine to put in a truck at seven. Am i gotta get up into that. Before i go fishing so you need to go ahead and get this on. Get yourself a bed. That's coie brown. Brown's thirty going on sixty eight. Yes right and whether you agree or disagree with anything he said you have to. Absolutely respect the fact that the man hit i'm guessing twenty-three and just decided nope i'm fifty three. Just right into it right. Everybody has different ages right. Some people stay fourteen forty four then they turn about forty eight and then they turn sixty eight and they become eighty right. Everybody's got different ages. I think kwame brown had to. I think he was probably four years old and then he went to being like fifty eight the worst thing to happen to qualities career i think is you wound up playing for the lakers. Right and i was thinking to myself will wear in the world will kwami brown hang out in. La these playing for the lakers right. Where would he hang out with. La gotta realize auto falls came from country to write like maybe a generation away or whatever but it's a malaise five quality to go to okay. He played nine games with the warriors i saw. He didn't have like a real run with warriors. But oakland where they actually have places where you can go to smoke weed and play cards all night. maybe he would not have wanted to be there but still it's according to a paradigm that is familiar to kwami brat. He could have become beloved word on the street. Walk around oceanside and people in face. We look they have completely differently and he also like when you talk about you know places where i think he you know i cannot see him being anything but supremely isolated i do not see him. Understanding like there may be parts of la where it would be like super comfy but just overall the lakers in particular no no glitz and glamour does not define that man. Not this places where he'd be comfortable is just places he shouldn't be. I could also see by the way if we could just shift time around a little bit and get them on like a grizzly team. That's it if i can get them within the loving embrace of zach randolph and sol. That's all i want. But that's the thing. He was only in memphis briefly because he was at the pound. The solid trae like the two places. He should've been were memphis in oakland. Eight only got a cup of coffee there and his maybe because they looked around like we to do outta here man he fit into will can also say that kwami in terms of site and people up if i were just to give you a grab bag. I'm like you gotta go online. Bow and for an hour. I need you to go ahead. And just tell of your disgust for three people in the nba. Tori okay in the last twenty years. And if i told you to pick a fantasy league of people you would not want the smoke from okay. You would not want any part of okay. I don't think it's the definitive list. But if you told me. Steve jackson matt barnes and gilbert arenas i would have told you you were a madman right like you told me three guys in the nba. Who i was just going to go and talk. Absolute mess about those are not the three i would pick. That's a pretty stout list. The difficulty level is there even. If you don't think. Matt barnes can fight. He'll get there he will show up. There's a demonstrated record of this happening. Even if you don't think gilbert arenas is all about it right if you think gilbert arenas isn't really going to follow through on all this he's still might show up with gun stupid shows up with a gun. Anything can happen right. And i think if you show with a gun to a fight over some social media stuff that's pretty stupid and then on top of that you pick. Stephen jackson a demonstrated track record of being about it. Right of having ganz and when i say having hands. I'm at on national tv against civilians. And he went there. No he did there. This would be the three pit. Cuomo went hard on the other side. If you had asked me to come up with my draft players in the last twenty years with whom you do not want the smoke. Kwami would not have been there but this week is basically i went to. Indy ran a four one. Five forty and suddenly. I'm the number one receiver in the draft. No check the record. That's it the combine. this is why my hands combine. Evidently he passed with flying colors. 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Stevie wonder saul 'cause after see his old man country vibe in all of that. I feel like he is right at that superstition level right like as soon as he hears that. All what emma soul Yeah i can also see by the way cuomo having a special moment in his heart for ribbon in the sky. I think that maybe he's the kind of select desperate love about. Yes right this real lows. It's a slow dancing with your lady there. Yes i could see kwami having a real ribbon in the sky thing right and then somebody make fun of about. Don't make me slap you like nobody's like. Hey man you know. Normally listen to a lot of johnny taylor but today i decided i wanted to go back to that steve. Everybody stevie right antique. That is the thing about st one. Because somehow steven one is birthday was last week and somebody got on the internet and said i'd love to hear spencer bomani talk about stevie wander done. That's all we needed. The people said we're gonna talk about stevie wonder okay cool we can talk about stevie wonder and you and i- independently have just been listening to stevie wonder. Oh everything yeah. No no from my fingertips to in square circle. I listened to a little bit of the baby. Fae song i did. It happens okay. I can't really when you say stevie. Just go okay listen. Did your professional career started eleven because you were scouted. That's stevie was discovered remember. This is a person so talented that as an eleven year old when his mom said oh hey he should listen to my baby song. A member of the miracles goes. Okay yeah let him play. Let him play and then heard him saying heard one song it was like. We're getting you to the studio today. You're gonna meet berry gordy and we're going to sign you and you're going to be developmental for us immediately at the age of eleven when i tell you this man's prime creative career when people are like oh. The season veteran cranking out music channel directly from god himself. How old is he twenty five. He was twenty five and twenty six years old and had been working as a professional musician for the better part of a decade and a half before he hit his absolute stride and he was twenty five twenty six years. Old so like. Let's consider the fact that uptight which is like an all time record. Write in large part because of the base but still is an all time record and he wrote it fifteen years old. That Fifteen years old to me like fingertips is cooler. And it's a novelty right. Uptight is like oh so this is where this is going That's the thing. Like at every point in steve career. By the way this happens. He's a child wander when he does fingertips okay. So he's a child novelty act. He's like wayne. Newton improbable young and probably talented and we can probably shuffle. Them often vegas. No he does uptight and keep uptight by the way is produced and it is written and it is played with a bunch of adults yes seasoned adults who have this fifteen year old and who are like take it here. This is yours. That's the lead. Think about that. Every talented musician and motown wanted to work with stevie wonder and happily fronted him put him forward. Okay put a blind fifteen year old kid out front. Not because he was just a novelty but because he was the truth. That is insane when you consider the level and the degree of talent in that building. Do you were talking about this. And i think an underrated thing about the steve catalog because everybody wants to act like a quote unquote real artists right. Like people love to big themselves up in that regard. And so it's interesting with motown we big up all the stuff from the assembly line era but we have a tendency to try to minimize the stevie stuff from that era. Because it's like you got to do it all by himself yet. Okay cool except like the last two or three of those motown of similar albums are incredible and he did and when he was eighteen for once in my life that is kinda sorta album era but not really album era. You know what. I was on that day. I'm album for once in my life. Choubey dooby doo died day. You met your match. I don't know why i love you. And i don't need to tell you anything else. Eighteen years old right like well once in my life. And i don't know why that's like top five like if you were say those top five cd songs he didn't when he was eighteen Yeah and those are considered his incubation period. Yes that's considered as training. That's school yes. That's his juku era right arrow. Stevie when they're like yeah it's still figuring it out signed sealed and delivered technically era. Yes sharia more is in that era. What as far as stevie wonder albums. Go those late motown would you can make argument of better than life in his first finale which is incredible but this acid deliver okay. This is a four song. Run on that album okay. Never had a dream come true the week at work it out cover signed sealed delivered. I'm yours heaven. Help us all. I four songs on the record. If officer better than people's prime cuts and when he decides to stevie was so talented that he could be boundlessly generous and insanely cruel at the same time because he'd just give people songs they gave people songs all the time. sometimes he just didn't even push like tears of a clown tears of a clown. Just like i think he wrote that six years prior or five years prior to smokey robinson doing it and like smokey kinda needed a career kick and redid it hits like five or six years later and like stevie probably forgot. He wrote that when it happened. Right and then smoke like hey. I'm going to do that song. Which one i have like thousands. Oh that one okay. Cool go take it take it but when he did a cover took it from you right because we can work it out we can work it out of stevie song anytime. He did a cover. It became instantly better when he did standards. Have you ever heard seaweed. Just rip off a standard. Don't if you really like another version of because it belongs to him. Now as black person and i realized we can work it out was cover right and then i got to the beatles version which by the way is very good it is a very good saw and i really like it when they slow it down for i and fighted and then they rented band gum. Okay cool then you go here stevie with the guitar start owner in old. No this is something completely different here and by the way guys for that that is again stevie wonder at nineteen years old twenty years on like that's where he is is for people who don't know the ark of the stevie wonder career this is where it gets interesting. His contract runs out a motel. He decides to go to usc to take some music. Classes like takes music theory classes. It tried to negotiate. A deal and motown had been breaking people on these deals. Awful deals for the log. It's now berry gordy always makes the argument. We were given the same deals as everybody else right. We took our contracts as a template from mgm or somebody like that okay but they come see the trying to work out the deal. They kinda hard line stevie like hey guys. I got to albums done right here. Wherever i go. I am taking these two apples. I can go somewhere else. Or i could stay here. What's it going to be very gorgeous. Like i guess it's going to be here because by then he didn't need simply line. He didn't need any of the cats that they And there's another thing too. This is where technology and stevie wonder meet. It's incredible to me by the way. How much of the world is figure it out with his ears. Because one thing tying him to motown was technology i e he needed a backup band right. Stevie was one of the first to figure out those royalties. Go a lot farther. If i don't have to split them with people and if i don't have to expend the money going forward and one of the ways in which he heard that and figured it out was electric music coming along. Okay because nine hundred seventy one. Seventy two steve starts messing with rooms. Full of knobs dials and plugs okay he recruits two guys to do this right to electric music pioneers but also consider for the most part working with something called tahoe. That make it cooler. There's this giant. Since thing computer creature called tahoe that steve is just kind of talking to. He's trying to figure out all the keyboards that he's gonna use on all of its classic albums figures out. Hey man i can just play at all like on the classic track on superstition. How much of that is stevie everything but the hor- oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah because you go get like thinking about this right. He gets the motown with two albums. Can one of them is pretty good. One of them is very good. Where i'm coming from. I see is pretty good music of my mind and if you saw that atlanta episode. I think it's the teddy harbor episode. Right it starts with. It does start superwoman. I can't remember what the song that plays into beginning. I think it's superwoman. Because i think it's okay because all the way out it's evil right but both of those like the binding tie of that is a sweet little girl that was the one on the way in which we little girl and then on the way out and like oh. This is a smoking record. Superwoman for me. Is the number one st track. That is my not trying to be cute. People like strategy cute like that is my number one and then we get to talk and book where we get to superstition and you and i talked about this. My theory has been lashing. I'll let you break this down about what is incredible about what is and is not in superstition. Okay so things that are not in superstition okay. There's not a baseball player. The baseline is played on. Sent by steve's left hand at that point that mold that everybody was using no it was basically seedy and know when you talk about who put that in the mix and who made that something. People wanted to use it stevie. Okay it's tanto. It's working with these gigantic rooms full of stuff that looks like a radio shack and old radio shack threw up right. That's what he's working with. Okay in the dark. Like figure out that he's just sitting there twiddling knobs as a blind man figuring out what sounds best and he did it better than anyone else without. Is that bonkers. Okay so you won't hear a bass player which you hear is the baseline plate on the left hand. You won't hear any drummer except stevie okay because stevie is playing the drums. Okay on a real simple kit to okay because most of the time not to get super technical here but there's only three rhythm tracks on this thing. There's only three now most of the time. When you're mixing a sixteen track studio song in the early seventies mid seventies. There's you know use a few more than that. Nope three that's it. It's like kick hi hat and snare tom. That's it that's all he's got okay. You won't hear a guitar on this track later on if you saw. I tweeted out a while ago. A lot of people watched it the sesame street video which is stevie playing the whole thing on the set of sesame street. The full band instrumentation to guitarist on the track including park junior of ghostbusters was one of his longtime studio collaborators. Right his studio collaborators. Our whole other thing. We can talk about their fascinating. But you won't hear guitar on it. Okay the only thing here. Three cabinet tracks. That's it there are three cleven attract. You know what he's doing on those klabin at tracks not released sure like. There's obvious there's a riff that's played and then there are these other two that are just kind of playing notes. Okay and not just playing notes but getting to hear things. This is where the music theory classes. Come in Steve in those music theory classes learned that your brain will fill in stuff rhythmically right so one of the things that he's getting you to do in that song is getting you to count. Bingo aren't there that's like when a song jumps hops. One of the thing that makes it work is your brain is filling in beats. That aren't necessarily played. There goes notes in your head that are going to talk to right and we were having this discussion. What came first the drumbeat or the riff well. The way the song was actually constructed. Was jeff beck. A guitar player of all people who was working with in the studio was playing. The drums and stephen goes hold on a second. That was how the song started with. Stephen goes Key play in that and then goes around and put down a demo which was essentially the gist song right there. So did he come up with the for the trump track i yes. That's the answer. Okay but then. He improved drum track. He improved the drum track and made it better because stevie also happens to being amazing drummer. One more thing that you will not here on this track right. It's song is by. The way is anything. That's out of doric e flat and this is one of the coolest things we haven't talked about this one of the cool things about the strike. Is this that. The riff and the melody lay are variations of the other. Okay a lot of times like a course might go kind of off on its own. The verse might kind of go off on. Its own stevie singing a chorus. That goes off of the main riff. Same notes right same scale and he's just doing a variation on it when he singing which shows you how lined up. Things are in his head like the thing that makes us track work. There's no seems there's nothing that does not fit in this tracker okay and i mean from the root and it's not like stevie and his head is sitting there going. Oh yeah that's flat doric. I'm just gonna do the whole thing in that. Nope seamless came out like that. And there's never been onto sound like before. Like i think that's the hard part if people who were bedtime like y'all superstitious my favorite song ever because nothing had sounded like before i tried to make that point on twitter. People like well. What about what about enabling well others were as good. I'm not talking about as good. I'm talking about there. Are some songs like windows. Cry is a great example of this. There has never been a song that sounded like before. They're never been a song that sounded like it. After you say there was some there were as good okay coup. But there's never been a song that sounded like that superstition like in the context. That outlay maybe. Your baby is on that record. Write great soul of a similar vein. It doesn't sound like this. Nothing does he couldn't even go back to it. I couldn't even go back to win. Describe this is a one time only guys one time only and you can hear influence everybody else but nobody could get like. Nobody can make a sound alike of superstition because like you said. We don't even exactly know what he was doing. And here's the other thing too like in. This has something to do with the key. It was written in. But i think it has more to do with the subject matter at the delivery. How many songs in nineteen seventy two do you think just sounded evil. Go ahead. Let's just look through one thousand nine hundred and you go. Hey man what's on the charts. What's making everything. Feel so good okay. American pie charts in one thousand nine hundred seventy two the candy man. Sammy davis junior is on the tracks brandy by looking glass is a top ten song. Okay even the slower ballots all right. Let's stay together. Nineteen seventy two. Let's stay together. My argument like all time. Top twenty american songbook. Let's stay together by al green even that that's a beautiful uplifting sounding song right tinged with a little bit of the sadness of love itself but still there and if you put on superstition the first thing you think is really evils happening here. Kinda spooky kind of senator. I'm tapping my foot but the chorus is when you believe in things you don't understand you'll suffer good lord that's on by the way like just to keep going through the technical that is not first person song. It is not a second person song. It is not a third person saw. The lyrics are written and all three. Okay that's not to say. There's a coherent narrative in those lyrics. Okay and thank god because like layers deeply overrated right like this on could have been sung with nonsense syllables and it would still knock just because of the way it's built but it's written in all three that's coming from everywhere from every single perspective narrative if you're listening to it is dart evil like i listened to it and i can't stop listening to it. I've been listening to the song for the better part of four or five decades at this point and every single time. I think this sounds like a ouija board. The sounds like it's topic. It's content with more than twenty five gourmet burgers on the red. Robin menu. Is definitely a burger with your name on a bacon. Friday avocado crispy. Onions straws even grilled pineapple red robin deliciously creative with the toppings all twenty five plus gourmet burgers is twenty five plus gourmet burger on the menu in red rock. It's a lot of more stack than the dream team river more than twenty-five gourmet burgers jews from the whiskey river barbecue. The bonds top pineapple and the burning love for little kick. Which one would you call your. Mvp madison starting lineup. It's only allstone. That's the red robin burger squad for the two thousand five incredible gourmet burgers with incredible top. You can even sub out the beef patty for crispy. Chicken this plenty of hall of famers. Who wore the number twenty five in just like them. Red robin is making the number twenty. Five things with twenty five plus may burdens on the red robin menu. You can choose your own hall of fame. Want to check out the menu by two restaurant near you or place. In order for to go and delivery head to red robin dot com. Think about this. How cold it is that. That's nineteen seventy two. He does talking book. Which also has you are the sunshine of my life. Another just incredible one of the greatest right right right right the for. I believe the first song on the record is your sunshine of my life for song on the second side is superstition right. But after that album's of people like you know that's stevie really got golden. What what that's what you get to inner visions where to high starts off right. She's a girl in dream for khartoum. Moss on tv screen takes another. Puppet says it's crazy. Scene at red is green. And she's a tangerine which is again an incredible lyrics for man. Y'all tell them. You can't see that track one and tim drums and he's played a lot of simple because he's a real jazz drummer right. Like that's the thing it's it's a very simple dramas. I don't say simple straightforward style of drumming with a lotta hard snares and a lot of hard ride cymbals type stuff whatever it is and he just runs through. That whole album has live for the city. Which has maybe the greatest skit ever produced to produce it in nineteen seventy-three technology and then like the i'm pulling it out and put it on the table track for him. Don't you worry about a thing where he just do. Talk is smack to some girl right. Hit all his rap speaking spanish. Yes playing a diabolically like latin influenced piano riff the whole time by the way not only does this starts off by speaking something. That people sort of assume gibberish. It's not all right. Let's totally thing. But also sings at back to her on the ride out right and kinda talk her mid song about like what she's expecting in life right. It is the most arrogant stevie wonder track. It's beautiful well especially considering the fact that he basically plays everything but the shaker and bongos like everything. That's on there and by the way. This is the album that he was working on when he was in a car accident where a tree fell on his car and was in a cola and higher ground is so dope that it woke him up out the coal He's in a coma. Somebody plays higher ground and he starts tapping his fix and also that he really believed that he was kind of on a mission from god at that point yes most of us get hit by a car and we wake up and we're like this hurts figuring take it easy for a while. Stevie wonder woke up lost his sense of smell in the accident by the way just in case things weren't hard enough already and then says you know what i'm gonna make a double album right. He goes doesn't fill in the first finale. Which is very good in the year after. That was the year that paul simon when the grammy for best album instead because stevie at one of the two years before and thank stevie wonder for not putting out an album that year so that he could win best album and of course he wanted them was outside of the key life. An wins best album for that and the first disc in particular. So this thing has duke. I wish and knocks me off my feet. Back to back to back If you're a fan of gangster's paradise pastime paradise and the next one which stevie let coolio uses longest coolio wouldn't cuss on it. That was his thing was yeah you can use it as long as you don't cuss which if you're coolio asking for anything from stevie wonder your answer is thank you and i will not. Yeah not going to then by the way like sides three and four and once you get into that. I do think there's a little bit of like you might something skip it starts with. Isn't she lovely is he does. And has by the way on side four which is usually where i think you would put the midnight snacks. You would put the forget ables that you would only consume when you were really in need of late night snack. That's where he puts as which is my favorite stevie wonder song ever. That's where i'm convinced like that's the beginning of the end for stevie 'cause i'm convinced he met god and god was doing too much. Think about as is it is not a great knicks. Like that is the one thing. I will say it is one. I wished that it studio. They would like tighten up just a little bit Lyrical genius instrumental genius. And then he gets the end with steve stoute hollering at you right. You know it means some with stevie to scream at you so he does it. It runs through it and then comes after. That would like another star right. That's another heater. I went to see stevie because have you seen them live. No okay so much more stevie that we could get to. What is going to be hard for us because we have time constraints right because even after nikki life you get to hotter than july which is actually a smoker. That's the rap on the super. Great steve you get like moments after them right but like in july is like the end on it but i seen stevie live twice and the first time i saw live was on this mckee alive tour that he went on a few years ago and i saw him at philips arena in atlanta right. And it's always interesting because you're there with a lot of people who know they should be seen stevie wonder but you can obviously tell that they aren't really big fans because when he does loves the need of love today and have a talk with god and his ghetto land. They're looking like. I don't really know what's going on. And then they here sir duke. And now i'm looking on the floor. Ed earnings johnson and everybody else is now on their feet right because all wrong i know right. Yeah my brother had seen stevie in. He told me he said there is zero degradation in the quality of his voice over the years. That what he said. And i was like. Okay well let's see you think. Steve is good singers a capable singer but not as a great singer. Agassi stevie. Cv is the best live singer. I have ever seen mike. He has the most powerful voice. I've ever seen and then he's in there and he's going. He's playing all the instruments right. He's playing the harmonica but where he flipped the game on you is. He plays that lap guitar right. After he goes through every track also nikki life. He eventually goes in and plays like some other songs right. India re as his backup singer which Probably best got her there. The band is just monstrous but every song it is screaming out of the speakers when he sings and it's just like on top of all this. You are actually one of the best singers. Who ever live everyone at motown that was their main point. When asked about stevie for a retrospective plus. You do not understand what a good singer he is. Or how powerful a singer. He is. Because i think if you record him he can come across as a little thin antennae. Just because he's usually singing away from the mic and he's usually backing off from the instrumentation but when he wants to blow he can knock out mike. If you go to the saturday night. Live with eddie murphy. Were eddie murphy is kind of making fun of stevie wonder and he sings my cherie amore right next to stevie wonder which there's a moment for eddie murphy in life where you're like. I'm going to sing my sharia more next to the guy who's saying sharia more okay. When he was eighteen and seavy goes no no no no. That's not that's not at hold on. Let me let me let me do it. And he sings it and he blows out the mike he blows out of tv. Mike a boom mic. That's like over his head singing. My sharia more the sheer volume with which he can sustain the exact same top quality voice is nuts. technically hearing him saying if it's magic writings that is the most spar song on of key life. When he goes through it is basically just the heart rate him harp And he just kills it man like the second time i saw live was a little disappointing. I saw him at red rocks. He was not will like it was obvious that he was sick. His voice wasn't all the way there. And this is what was funny. So usher happened to be there. 'cause i actually did the same thing i did was like. You'll see playing red rocks. I'll be there right. So jimmy just imagine being me and you know the way to put. It is when i'm in vegas. I gamble you know what i'm saying. Red rocks colorado. So it stevie you're in the mountains you got this incredible view right places. Pack all of this stuff and usher had called and somebody got usher to come on stage right but she had this thing where they had the same problem with the atlanta show where they really know all the words right like it's actually a lot to ask somebody. The words that he solves all command. Stevie is doing ribbon. In the sky. Eighties feeding usher the lines. But usher kit quite. Get the lines right. There's this for so long. And usher supposed to go for so long on this night. I pray right and as so point you could tell stevie was clearly getting frustrated with usher is right like every support where dance and all the piano because she was just like. What do i do to keep going. But it will also look at it. You talk too fast. Chess good get an usher who can sing as azoff himself. It was still like maddie. You're still not quite easy. It's not which is still not quite know for a lung test. This is what you should do in your car. And by the way stevie will fail car karaoke stevie every time because when you'd have the music up and sing along you go you know what i could sing. This is pretty good. Turn it down for a second. you can't. Steve is just a backing track. So powerfully makes you sound could go and listen to overjoyed and then try to sing along with that and hold a note by like the third line you were going to be out of breath he can hold a note so long at such heights that you don't even really realize how hard it is until you try to do it even with your horrible dog bark voice right try it. He is an astonishing technical singer. Every instrument like i mean if you told me. He was the best guitarist of his generation. I would believe you sight unseen seeing that video of him as a teenager and he welcome over to the drums and they just put the drumsticks in his hand. The to like the drummer's that are like the shock to the world number. One is karen carpenter right who des drama and the world at any point. But why would you think that because it was karen carpenter. And in this stevie. Here's okay daddy. Looks like he's not try. It like there are very few drummers doodles wild solos in don't look like they're try- it's very hard to do that in not look like you're try. Maybe just no. It's absolutely effortless. Like stevie probably thrashes on mandolin and i don't even know it right like he's probably the best bluegrass player of his generation and he just keeps it like on the low. It's just a hobby. Did i tell you what was actually the biggest flex of the stevie. Ray rocco no and i think maybe also songs in life but i know definitely for the red rock show. The man didn't fill merch. There was no merchandise for sale. All that easy money right all that free buddy presa some shirts i would have bought. Eight of 'em right no merge for sale. Just keep it. Yeah that i just gave. It plays music baby. I love colorado opening act no merch meticulous. Oh my god that's just dropping like huck turn it down over one hundred grand show just a keep. It pours stevie designated. No no no no no like. It's everything there's nobody even prince. It's a different thing with prince because there's a bit more of a hitter biz quotient. Reprints this stuff you know. I guess it's in part because it's a different sort of ambition. That was there. But in prison i grew up on an assembly line like that was the thing about stevie was the pop. Sensibilities steve's music is always there and it can also kind of like make it murky. How creative it actually is because it is is always so perfect in those ways like. He's not breaking a lot of rules. He's just all over the place within the rules that following. He does things that are craft innovative a lot. Which means that. There is a format and the thing that he's done to put his own. Twist on is brilliant and super innovative. But it's still not going over three and a half minutes and right it might be look a music theory thing. He might take a scale and invert it. he might do what i said and superstition. Where he's you know singing a melody. That's variation of the riff right. He might do that. It's not going to be like prince where he's like. Hey listen. I'm just going to drop the base objects like on windows cry. That's the thing is what i'm going to start a pop song with this affair white. I'm gonna start with fairlight. Anima start with me doing weird noises in the back and a tiny little synthesizer right and stevie could get close to that but it wouldn't be as stark right so like princess. Departures are further out of field thence. Tv's a lot of the time but not much further right like they're both getting to the same point from different perspectives. Yeah he's kind of like a james brown and since although james brown do stuff like that but again. So what's the meter on that song. There isn't one the meter like george benson. We'll talk about that. With james like you try to figure out what the meter is on that song. No it doesn't exist right jays like okay. you know. he's going to do this right because changes not trained in the same way. That's neat he is. He's not going off board like that in by the way when stevie does decide. We're going to do seven minutes all. It's going to be superwoman. It's going to be a is right like it's going to be a monster a sweet and it's going to be composed right like if as goes super long the thing that makes ads so interesting to me okay and this is super music but the thing that makes aso interesting to me is that it does not vary. It's not a sweet. There's other likes tv songs where there's movements and things change right or there's tempo changes as the loop as actually as actually as close as he'll get to like a long gospel number or some kind of rag where it's just the same thing over and over again but intensifying and the only thing making it more or less intense by the way is the voice. That's it it is the most voice oriented stevie track because the only thing really raising the like volume on that and the intensity is him getting louder and louder and louder and louder voices in the back by the way another casual flex in the background singers. On as is you ever looked it up. Michael jackson these think about that right like how in all where people have him from the age of eleven he went to michael jackson's like hey. Could you just drop some vocals on the saying background on part time love who luther keep in mind and luther was a legendary session singer but he's famous by now right stevie wonder if gorge oh baby this is one of my favorite flexes of all time by the way when you get somebody on background saying and you go. Hey that person sounds real famous and you look it up. And you're that person. Israel famous like frank ocean pink and white great track. You know who's just sort of hanging in the background back there beyond say he's beyond say background singer beyond say it was like cool a flex flex coaching because like he's he goes. Uva stevie wonder who the person that would be like. Steve is like i was just wondering if you would sing backup budget. Who's the person that's like our free steed because it ain't me no. I can't think of a single person. Oh by the way also on herbie hancock just herbie. Hancock playing like herbie. Hancock already musician famous at that point. He's just bumping along their cd. By the way we'll return this favour again going back to. He's an incredible generous musician. Incredibly just he will pop up on all kinds of unexpected spots st pops up of all places he pops up as the harmonica on. I feel for you by shocker. Congas right not necessary. That song go without the harmonica but it's way cooler. Stv's on it the whole man. Hey we're running out of time because the thing with stevie on harmonica so like he's not like you may job pop from blues traveler right. Who could play the chromatic scale and do all these crazy stevie just blows in and it's like no way sounds like this like why. Why is this out so strong. How do you take something like a harmonica. And i know what you retire like every time. That man like. I think he could actually play like that guy. Could play a rubber band. And i would know it was him. Yeah like if. I was bob dylan. Who likes to indulge in a little harmonica. Neil young who to indulge in a little harmonica here and their accuracy me played harmonica. How do you not just go shout. Like what am i even doing here. No i think you just have the ultimate humility. They're like neil young bob dylan and you're playing stevie wonder you just go. I'm lucky to be here. I'll really know how it got here. But i'm just gonna keep doing my thing because it got me here even if it sounds like trash compared to that man you know like an example of his brilliant and a gain of people popping up i ain't gonna stand for it on hotter than july the country salt when stevie just decided to a country song knocks out of country banger. Right who's on background there. The gap band. I love that. He got on board with the country song it was like. Yeah no there's countries saw absolutely rocks. Who am i going to bring along. Tulsa finest and those guys are like in. Why am i going to bring them because they play it on a leon russell album right. They're like oh yeah yeah. They've done stuff like this before. Oh lick ribbon oklahoma. They got this. Yeah this is done. They've got this down by the way just in case you think it's too country you get to the course and there's a baseline under it. Just because steve is like can only do so much of this before. This is the album how july that's like the end of the class period the beginning of the post classic period. Let's talk about what's on their life. It's okay as if you read my mind. Was he still plays in concert. He played a red rocks. Master-blaster all i do. Yeah i ain't gonna stand for it and rocket love all-time stevie wonder love song. Stevie wonder's by the white cranks out like some of his best love songs in that post classic period. He writes the wedding song right. Favorite ribbon in the sky. Right every time i hear it. I'm like i should go back to nineteen eighty-three get married in a blue suit with ruffles. Right and a little bowtie like just makes you want to get married. Even if even if you're not dating anybody who actually go get married. When i listen to the song he writes that post. That's a toss off. He writes overjoyed right. Which by the way. The marriage of overjoyed in sports marketing with the jordan brand. I don't know if you remember this ad. Like when the george brand came out they used overjoyed and to me that was like the most plush old man at i've ever seen in my life like it was all perfectly targeted man. We've actually bam to resume this at another point they even get into. Nobody writes what. I call easy. Breezy love songs better than stevie like stevie and bob marley like very simple straight to the point. Love songs is not like it's not way over. The top is not crazy. Turns of phrase. It's you know. I feel like this is the beginning. I've known you for a million years. That's it that's all you need this to. That could be sincere. And it's not overwrought and that we're going to get there in three minutes like i'm going to get you through two verses and a couple of courses in two minutes going to be super straightforward and it's going to be the prettiest thing you've ever heard and then i'm out and and by the way i don't know if you've been in love until you hear stevie wonder song that may sound overblown but then you're listening to a stevie wonder balan you're like oh that's what it's like. Yeah feed is the where i'm like. Oh that's what you be. Yeah no no no i. Can't it now the thing that blows me like all right there. Nine thousand things my way about stevie wonder but his ability to create a song for every situation. Because i don't know anybody who can be cynical as he is and as absolutely sincere and joyous and full of hope. I am not a religious person. Okay i'm a very cynical person. So when i hear he's mr know it all. Yeah yeah that sounds about nixon. That's completely accurate that's about and it's not just about nixon though didn't seat himself in a particular time. Limited to that song is about any kind of extremely deceptive cynical leader it did. It did it again. Would you have done nothing. Which by the way jackson. Five seeing you back just casual just pre tax and five. We'll sing the song about like the evil of humanity superstitions about like the uncertainty of life on this planet and it is not a particularly hopeful song right it is just reflective of a feeling of deep uncertainty doubt and little bit eva creeping in that right well yeah from interviews affiliate personality and side one of the key life not really happy really think about it loves in need of love today to talk with guy. Davila's ghetto land. That's a bummer. That's bummer after bummer. After barbara eventually gets his hopes up but like these are very cynical songs and they work because knock right like you could tell me all bad news in the world but if it goes and it comes around to the one every time i am going to buy it all. But he can do that and then he can write. Isn't she lovely. Which like if isn't she lovely. Doesn't just sort of hit you like. I think before you have kids you hear. Isn't she lovely and you go. That's cute heroes song about his daughter kids and you hear his that she lovely. Go exactly what it's like. Steve is exactly what it's like by the way i think things back up for him and she is lovely indeed just in case you were curious. A man has never told a lie. The man has never told a single keep in mind to all of this and he wrote the best grandma song ever right. I just called to say i love you. The song like eighty sought so it is. I hate it too but that is the best grandma song ever. By the way it is by far his biggest hit and when he played that rare walks man wife. Host luddite man. Why could not get enough. And i was like i guess i should have known this was coming. Remember just in closing here. I know we're up against time here but remember the things you love or not the things other people love the things you the biggest song right. They're gonna disappoint you. So you better be ready for it right like france in karaoke if i wanna get the white delegation on board i wanna sing four or five different songs that i love deep in my heart right. I would love to sing freberg. You know how many people are going to get on board and you think freberg not everybody. I know what's going to get the white delegation hopping. I know what's going to get the northeast on my side. I know what's going to get the coast on my side. I know what's going to get the midwest on my side and it is a song despise them my bones from mero outta my flesh okay and it is sweet caroline if i think sweet caroline there is something in the caucus caucasoid. Dna that immediately lights up the minute. They hear neil diamond. I can't do a thing about it. Just works it's also also caroline. It is interracial wedding favorite because it is very popular among those white people and the black people who hang out with those particular white people to the point where friend would marry that particular white woman and therefore this is the song that is going to be played. Wow this is how we wrap this up. That was fought spencer hall. Check them out bad -ociety they're gonna live with the sec network thinking out loud. The shutdown full cast probably my primary vehicle right now along twitter account at eds follow me. I'll apologize in advance but you know after that you'll enjoy it. Just the first couple of tweets. Probably a little off putting but yeah. This was a blast. I can talk about wonder for another nine hours. We actually might do this again. Just because that's fine doubt ladies gentlemen. Thanks so much for joining us here on the right time. We do think a couple times a week. Tony glad you and gave essay and handle everything behind the scenes. Thank you gentlemen remember. Follow the right time rate is review us gives five stars four stars. I'm inclined to believe you are haters days sagan easy. Thanks for checking out the right time with bomani jones. Podcast you can listen or follow on the espn app or every. Listen to podcasts. The right time with bomani jones.

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