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Hi, I'm Brad milkey from ABC news and want to tell you about another podcast that I host called start here. It's every weekday morning. And in twenty minutes, we will get you teed up for the stories driving your day with context from experts with on the ground access so start smart and subscribe to start here is there, something that interferes with your happiness, or is preventing you from cheating, your goals, better help online counseling. Is there for you? Connect with your professional counselor in a private online environment, schedule secure video, or phone sessions, plus chat, and text with your therapist listeners. Get ten percent off your first month by going to better help dot com slash Nightline. Els like dad, please help me a vicious and almost deadly encounter issue, breathing. If she is, she's barely in bad shape. I mean it's her legged almost gone. I kept saying, I got you was a lot of blood Boston, and an incredible survivor beating all the odds, I did not think I was going to die. Seventeen year old page winter attacked by a shark earlier this month off the coast of North Carolina losing most of her left leg, and sustaining serious damage to both her hands, but her fighting spirit and fierce determination inspiring, so many, what is your message here sometimes life just throws really weird obstacles teeth. This is one of those really weird Ray the obstacles, it's really hard. But isn't that why we do things anyway, their heart? On June second page at her loved ones are join a day at Atlantic beach playing in waist high water with her family, when she is suddenly pulled underwater. I was like laughing because I thought, you know, sometimes you go to the beach with your family, and they like grab your leg underwater as a joke. Not like really funny. I'll so then I start struggling, and I'm like pushing with this foot away, and I start feeling around and I feel it I go from front to back, and it's kinda smooth. So I'm like, because it's like a snapping turtle, what's happening, and then it just starts like you know, how like a dog they get a rope and they just got going like with their with their whole body. She reaches down tries to pry the shark off of her. I remember giving up for a second now. I was like, no wait a minute. I can't do that. Like that's not an option. So I start praying I'm like I'm seventeen. Like, please don't let me die like I'm not ready to die. And then my dad pulls me out of the water. Her dad, Charlie a firefighter paramedic immediately springs into action, you could tower. She was because you can see pink on the water. She was already getting pulled back. That's why dove and I grabbed her. I'm what you do. And I pulled her up you could see the short come up right with her. And then you just a media just start eating with everything you could when he was staring at me sideways. It's the biggest black. Piercing. How did you know I didn't I just knew it had my girl. He remembers fighting off the shark then carrying page the shore. He says he switched from paramedic mode, to dad mode carrying it through the water. I was holding her leg. It's time as I could to stop the bleeding, and then once I hit that shore on the dad dad, and I just wanted to take take the moment in and hold her hand and tell her I loved her over and over again. Because if you weren't going to be around for five minutes, I wanted to the last thing that you knew how much I love you. I was scared. One of the reasons I thought it's just because how completely calm she was not this. I, I remember this isn't this isn't good. This isn't right. Really aware considering what had happened? I never lost consciousness. We're kind of pain where you in page my body went into shock. So I couldn't really feel anything. I just knew it was bad pages airlifted to bite it medical center in Greenville, North Carolina less than ninety miles away, as a team of doctors worked to save her life, pages attitude is still remarkably upbeat. She's pretty incredible as she wrote in the door to the trauma bay. She was cracking jokes. I told her that I was going to need to amputate her like, and she said, okay. Can I get a really cool prosthetic? You can get whatever you want the ability to reach violence level one trauma center. So quickly would be a key to her survival. If page had to go any further who knows what was going to happen and pages of the only. Person. This is going to happen too. There are other men, women and children that's going to have an accident. What happens to them? And there was another crucial intervention per page back on the beach a stranger handed over his belt. That was used as a turn it on pages wounded leg that had not been place. I do not think that she would have lived whatever kind of turn Kate. You're using you place it above the Senate injury. And then you've got to tighten it into the bleeding stops, it's painful the patient is going to hurt, but in order to save their life you need to place it. So the bleeding stops page is now facing lots of plastic surgery and physical therapy, a hand injuries were a lot more significant look like there were a surgical knives, taking her hands. That's a very, very severe injury to not only reconstruct, but recover from her doctors and nurses say, her positive attitude is maybe the most important part of a recovery. Her charisma plays a huge role in a recovery. What kind of patient is she? The best he spun, she makes coming to work every day when I have her this is so exciting so it's legit. She really is this way she wasn't as putting on for cameras. Since pages brush, with death earlier this month. There have been two more shark attacks along the North Carolina coast, including an eight-year-old, whose leg was bitten had reported how full sharp night and nineteen year old surfer Austin Reed who was bitten on the foot route onto my lead. And that goes like, oh my gosh, I saw my on my bike sock. There were thirty two unprovoked shark attacks in the US at twenty eighteen almost half of the worldwide total the chances of being attacked by a shark or roughly one in eleven point five million while sharpen encounters continue to make news causing concerns about safety at the beach page does not blame the sharks. This situation has urged me to learn more about strikes because even in the back of that ambulance, I was like guys like don't get mad at this Chartres like the shark is fine. Can you help people understand why you feel that way? I didn't do something directly to the shark, but I was in his water, you know, that's his house. I love sharks are killed because of shark finning, even though in the US it was banned in two thousand nine but only twelve states van the sale of shark fins shorts they're not going to get a Christmas card from you this year. I love the fact that she loves them. So this is somebody might recognize. Page surprising so many people with her grit and grace that we wanted to surprise her. I just wanted to give you a big shout out. He's my favorite meal, singer. Look at me. Lambere and I ran man Hinson. Robert Downey junior with a special request, like, Tony with Peter Parker few years back. I'm in a bit of recruitment none. I wanna see if you would join my footprint coalition, and be my North Carolina ambassador offer. Pages. Dad, Charlie says he's still struggling with how close he came to losing his daughter. I can't imagine for parent, what that must be like for you. What's our morning? They'll walk outside. You'll think about a little bit, you replace stuff stuff. But you know if she's going to be as tough as she is. And, and she's going to have the outlook she has and why shouldn't. I what has been the most difficult time I used to do like my own makeup. Now is dyed my hair by myself. And now I can't really. Doing you that, you know, but I know like, I'm, I'm going to be okay you feel me. I'm going to do all this stuff. I used to do. I was aware from the beginning, nothing's going to be the same ever again. Like I'm the I'm still I'm still pagey just. A little different. Got some pieces of the puzzle missing. But. It's okay. Sure, didn't touch your spirit. It did not. I'm Robin Roberts for Nightline Greenville, North Carolina. Bravo two page. And our thanks to Robin up. Next is life imitating art entering the world of the Handmaid's tale where oppression reigns supreme? Better help offers licensed professional counselors specialized in a wide array of issues, like depression, anxiety, and grief. Connect with your professional counselor in a safe, private online environment. It's a truly affordable option and listeners can get ten percent off your first month by going to better help dot com slash Nightline. Fill out a questionnaire to help them assess your needs and get matched with a counselor. You'll love cashback for shopping, you were already going to do racket in is a free member base. Loyalty program that lets you earn cashback on shopping. It over twenty five hundred stores like Macy's best, buy, Nike, and more shop online internet percentage of every purchase you make up to forty percent cashback every three months members are paid the PayPal or another method. Sign up today at racketed dot com. That's our A, K, U, T E, N dot com. It's a fictional America, where women are stripped of almost all their rights, welcome to Gilead the world featured in the Handmaid's tale. The hit show inspiring protesters, and legions of fans. Here's ABC's Maggie Rulli. Oh, wow. You recognize this color right away. Handmaid's. This is our army of red. Get Kana came. These blood red cloves are arguably the break out stars of lose addictive. Hit the Handmaid's tale. They become a simple protest for global women's rights from reproductive rights in Alabama and Georgia to equal pay and treatment in Hollywood even protesting and lend in just two weeks ago during President Trump's state visit with my daughter. Catapulting the show scenes of oppression against women and two eight cultural phenomenon I'm only reason why you're not all in an interrogation room read now. So you only Elizabeth moss is an executive producer on the show and plays its lead character June. What is it like to know that your show is sort of being used in political protests and cultural protests? Those are the women who are actually doing the work there. The women on the front lines who are out there, risking something, and I'm inspired by them. Honestly, such a selfish, girl actress and Dowd. Please on Libya, eight terrifying part of the show's patriarchy. When I see women having the strength to get those customs on and go out on the street. It practice makes me weep it makes me want to get on my hands and knees and gratitude for the strength, and the persistence, and to stand up and say, no. The Handmaid's tale is setting into stupi an American future, where a right wing undiminished religious group Gilliat has overthrown most of the government and strip women of almost all of their rights girls will serve the leaders of the fateful. The show is difficult to watch fertile, women have been rounded up and forced to breathe for barren couples of the ruling class by being raped author Margaret, Atwood sees her book as a fictional warning. We're not living in Gilead yet, but they're Gilead like symptoms going on smear widely plays a handmade who has escaped the regime in fled to Canada. I'm sometimes a freight to actually examine what the parallels are because I'm you know, in a show that to me is fiction. You want the president of the part of the story, or not actor, Bradley Whitford who starred on the politically resonant west wing for seven years. Recently joined the cast of Handmaid's. He says he was obsessed with the show. Oh, we on the set field. There's a tremendous urgency. There is something going on in a lot of right wing ideology that it has to do with misogyny and has to do with controlling women. It's understandable, that this is hitting a nerve. Karn this season. The theme is resistance. I think that I think people relate to is that she's not a superhero, you know, she's a heroine, but she's one of us, she's a woman, she's a best friend, she's wife, she's mother. And I think that, that is, what is actually ends up inspiring people. We're on the Toronto said Handmaid's tale on the last day of filming season three so I can't get this, because it looks like nothing it looks like would looks like the back of a set production designer Elizabeth Williams has imagined and created a reset for the show, including this one command Lawrence, his home. This is where last season sort of ended with aunt Lydia getting thrown off the this dare. Just like Margaret, Atwood dozen her book. She says, you know, nothing that I've written has hasn't already happened. Nothing that we build doesn't already exist. Sometimes these rooms are a little cramped. And so we open it up by making the walls removable. And we get camera angles that we would not be able to get where's the sled? It's, it's right here in the corner. There's a beat of caulking, and then the onset Pinter's sliced the caulking and pull up the wall. And then when we're all done, of course, we put it back and tie title in Bruce Miller is the show's creator and executive producer. It's scary. When you show up, I said, you type something in your living room say exterior, you know, Grand Central station night, and then all of a sudden, there's all this stuff, you know, in the just kind of have imagined it into reality. Meets Dale has won eleven Emmys, including one for best drama and writing go home. Get to work. We have a lot of things to fight for. We have three tapes, we caught up with Millerton and editing bay as he finalized, the season three premiere especially the shot the daily of this. Let me see. I've got it in. Here we go. Sean, do we want the way the emotion of Hawaiian land before the music starts? Let me slide it down a little see how it goes against. We've we made it sadder. But don't write the super watt of dialogue in this world. They don't speak very much in. They're very careful about what they say, almost all the time, stripping out things that the actress can do better with their faces or with their bodies. They don't need the words and not given a lot of lines to communicate our supplies running low. Amanda Brogel please read up a loyal housekeeper and member of the resistance, I started slowly learning how to steal moments season two. I take slick of champagne or just adding other things into sort of give more dimension to a performance. She gets out. She remember me. She know that I gave her away a powerful part of the show. Storytelling is Elizabeth Moss's first person narration the voice over such a fluid thing because sometimes what ends up happening is in the cut, you don't need the voice over because it's come out in the performance, and the in the visuals. And then sometimes it really adds something just really important and cool. We always try to make sure that it is something. That adds to the story or eliminate s- and not something that explains, I know Andrew characters ongoing colorful language. Also makes it all relatable. She's thinking you're so good at dropping enough. Bob, that all you. I'm actually, the one who sometimes we'll decide not to if it's written in the script. I'll take it out, because sometimes it can be too much or something that you lean on or uses a crutch. So I try to actually make sure that they're really specifically used really add what you need to add in that moment. And in its third season most sees her character evolving into a leader, stronger, and smarter. And she does end up doing some things that are not pretty. And she makes them choices that I think people are going to question, does to some morally ambiguous things. I was watching I the trailer for season three if I'm going to change things. I'm going to need allies view watch that thing and you're ready, like hop into the battle with June. I wish I could say resistance was as easy as getting all your girls together, and having them, we're red and storming the castle. But it's just not least they're still hope if I'm here, and I think, June discovers that and she discovers, she's really got a become one of them in order to beat this. Up next, the babbling baby, bringing home the bacon. Good bacon. Exactly. Why coming into any mix? They are the father and son duo for the talk of the town. Exactly what I was way. I met dad DJ prior his talkative Tyke nearly two weeks ago, Kingston's only nineteen months old, but he's got a lot to say. Now, father and son, enjoying a new heart to heart talk landing starring roles in a new Denny's commercial. And what better way to hash things out? Then over breakfast. Exactly. Why come into these myths us feel better about that now? That's what I'm talking about. That's not line. You can always catch our full episodes on Hulu cannot America is there something that interferes with your happiness, or is preventing you from achieving your goals, better help online counseling is there for you. Connect with your professional counselor in a private online environment, schedule secure video, or phone sessions, plus chat, and text with your therapist listeners. Get ten percent off your first month by going to better help dot com slash Nightline. You see headlines across your screen all day. But you're busy. What do you need to know what's actually shaping your wold? I'm Brad milkey from ABC news and every morning, we start here. It was extraordinarily for as watching here in Singapore is ABC's new daily podcast. A handful of stories just twenty minutes director Comey. Thanks for being with us. Newsmakers smart reporting taking you straight to the heart of the story star. Sitting here. Listen for free on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app.

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