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The Fine Art of Chunking - Launch Life With Jeff Walker Episode #20


How does he actually do three hours. Live and second of all how you keep people attending you're listening to the launch life with Jeff Walker. Here's Jeff Welcome to launch central so I had the first session on my lunch masterclass a few days ago on Thursday and tomorrow is the second session so if you were there well you probably noticed. It was pretty awesome if you weren't there. I'll put a link down below to get registered because it's pretty darn cool so I did basically about all three hours and Thursday and you might be thinking like how's he actually first of all. How does he actually do three hours hours. Live and second of all how you keep people attending our our stick rate over three hours is absolutely amazing. So here's a secret. This secret works whether you're doing live broadcasts. It works whether you're doing a Webinar at it works whether you're leading a small group works whether you're leading a three day live event and a call comes down to chunking it comes down to breaking down in the segments so here. This diagram probably looks a little silly right here but what I've done is. I've actually broken down. Walk you through so this is the first hour this is the second hour and this is the third hour but if you're doing a three event you could break down the three we day event like this. If you were doing a one day mastermind you could break that down and when you break it down it gets a lot more easily digestible and it keeps you focused so what I have here is this is the way it actually went on Thursdays away. We're going to do basically the similar thing tomorrow morrow on Monday. So I opened up. I had an opening an opening was just a minute long and me. Just earn might have in two minutes. It might have been three minutes. I can't remember but basically is very very short and it's just sort of setting the stage and given some ground rules and giving some hints hints and tips and then and we actually change camera sets but this is the first set and then we played very short video and the video was like a minute line but in that minute long I moved from the one set to the next set so what what I'm getting at is right here as I started. I only had to think about this first segment the first chunk and what I needed to do there then I had had a reset. It was a very short recep. This is a very short short video is like an intro video but then I did my first teaching segment here big meaty eighty teaching segment so I had a complete outlined for that segment but only had to focus on that segment then we had another video segment that we played in here and that gave me a chance to reset grab a drink of water. Maybe if I need to run to the bathroom talk to my team you just get a reset then we went into another teaching segment here and that was the first hour so it wasn't like I had to get up and just make stuff talk for an hour. I had three individual segments and I just have to focus on what was right in front of me in that segment and I had enough time name. Actually you know this is a really quick break. I mean that was like a minute but down here. That was several minutes so I could truly reset reset there then I at the end of the first hour I introduced a case study and then we had a case study. What about ten minutes ish so again? I had a chance to reset then in between then. We had two more case studies in between each case study. I did a little transition transition. I did a little extra team there but I had this ten minutes to reset. Go get a drink water. Check with my team comment. Check on what kind of questions are coming in. Just sit down and take a few deep breath clear my throat lay down and take a nap. I didn't take a nap but it just goes to show you that that when you break this down it becomes much more manageable. If you're doing a three day event it becomes much more manageable when you start to break. What's the three day event typically a three day event. Each day is either going to be four ninety minute sessions or five hour long session so if you think a three day event is it's really just fifteen hour long sessions and you know the first one's going to be an intro and the last one's going to be a conclusion and you're probably. GonNa have a couple of Q and a sessions well all of a sudden you go from fifteen sessions to take away the intro conclusion on the thirteenth sessions. You probably going to have a sort of an inch or kind of session for each day. Eh to set the tone for the day so there's a couple more sessions out of the way throwing sessions and all of a sudden you go from fifteen sessions down to like nine sessions when you start to break it down. Everything was more manageable from here. After this final case study that wanted to cue a this is a longer sight segment because we had a lot of questions and crushes June as awesome and that's frankly one of my sweet spots. I've been at this business for so long that you literally can't ask me a question. I don't have an answer for a longer session and then we went to. We took a little break. We are sort of a false ending because we had the supersecret segment up here. We told people about the super secret segment but sort of we went through this went to a final close camera went down and went down for about a minute and then I came back with the super secret segment if you're around it was really cool. If you left early sorry about that tomorrow. Make sure to stick around for the super-secret segment so that's how broke down for meat. That's what I would have a hard time getting up and talking for three hours but this chunking. It made it super manageable for me so I can. You can take the strategy whether you're doing one day mastermind whether you're doing a ninety minute webinar whether you're doing a three day event whatever you're doing you can chunk. I mean if you're going for a big hike. If you're going to run a marathon chunk it it works and you know what else did is kept. People engaged because typically like if you're GonNa do a Webinar or something like that alive cast or something you know people after an hour. Even if it's really good they're gone. They're checked out the we stuck people all the way through not everyone but it was remarkable How people stuck with us so chunk chunk if you are now on board already with US Live Mesh Class. You've just missed the first session. We've got three more live. Training sessions plus all kinds of other goodies. I'll put a link down villas video click. There doesn't cost anything. It's free you just need to opt in and I'll see in the next life test so there about chunking

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