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Let Curiosity Lead You


Welcome to point the show. That's here to help you take the leap conquer your week. And a chief your goals. If you're looking to amplify, your mindset with a fresh, perspective and spark momentum, you're in the right place. Hey, what's going on? I'm Stephen Miller. Thanks for joining me for another ignition point show where we feature a re-imagined motivational address or an exclusive guest keynote to help spark the momentum you need to empower another winning week just over a month ago. We posted the trailer for season one and your ongoing. Support has amazed me I normally like to make a grand gesture when I show my gratitude, but considering we can only afford confetti at the moment, I've got a great show lined up to celebrate the occasion, we're featuring our first special guest of the season. You may have noticed that focus has been a hot topic these last few episodes, but when you're one hundred percent focused twenty four hours a day seven days a week. You can get a lot done. But you end up on a collision course with burn out. Life is a balancing act. So how will you balance the scales? Well, our guest, and I think the best way to achieve that balance is by dedicating time to let curiosity lead. You on today's episode. I'm joy MO my good friend, Richard carton of Carthage enterprises, having hustled all through college as a dual sport. Do you want athlete is work ethic? His transformed into an all out effort for disrupting the status quo. Richard is an entrepreneur and a revenue enhancement specialist who's experienced spans startup rations, app, development, fundraising and fintech his podcast and newsletter. Crypto current gives listeners access to expert insights and current events in the fast paced world of fintech. Recently, Richard hosted New Orleans I ever crypto currency and blockchain conference sponsored by crypto current and he's even gone on to launch a brand new crypto currency investment fund for pre qualified investors called cresent city capital. So let's get after it. Here to share his perspective on balancing focus with curiosity. This is Richard Carthusian. Let your curiosity lead. You when is the last time you were genuinely curious about something what was it about? What did you find for the answers? How did it change your life? Let yourself be curious explore new things in may bring you to exactly where you're always looking for for the past few years. I let my curiosity lead me to new opportunities out of never dreamed of and I'm gonna get to that in a little bit. But for right now, I want to challenge you at this moment at this second to think about something that you are truly curious about go. Find out some more information on that one thing within the next week, it stirs something in you that could change your entire life. Give yourself permission to be creative as a pass division. One. Does sport athlete at Tulane university? I played both football and baseball and time management was absolutely crucial in my life. Because I didn't have a lot of free time. This experience taught me the discipline to maximize my entire day to have the maximum productivity. However, it did not allow me to be very creative with my thinking. During college had a curiosity about building apps. This led to create him first startup was able to build fundraise and launch an app this launch. My entrepreneurial journey said Monteilh life on a completely different path than originally anticipated. I always thought that I was going to be a lawyer in got into law school, but through creating this app, I knew that I had something that was stirring, passionate me. I was willing to put that on hold are not even pursued anymore. Just so I have the opportunity. To pursue my passion. This alternate launch my journey on a complete different path, which is generally made me the happiest I've ever been. The way that I even got to the point where I was able to come up with this business idea was that I was part of a business fraternity called alpha Kappa sigh, and I had one of the brothers come up at one of our meetings in say for all the entrepreneurial spirits out here. I want you to come up with a new idea everyday thirty days. So right now right now in this moment, I wanna challenge you the next thirty days to come up with a new idea every single day. This will be challenging most of your ideas are going to be absolutely terrible. But by the end, I bet you will come up with one gym or even more worth exploring. Challenge yourself to come up with the answers. If there's one thing I've learned about the adult foiled is that most people truly do not know what they are doing. They either have developed systems processes to help them get to the essence quickly and with his little friction as possible. We can find answers to any question. We have right now seconds. We just have to take the time to find the answers knowledge is power. You just have to find the time to go and get that knowledge all of us have the same amount of time one hundred sixty eight hours in a week. How are you spending that time maybe that means you sleep a little less? Maybe that means you don't want to must TV, but all of us have a hundred sixty eight hours a week. I challenge you to be more creative. And how you spend some of that time, for example, back when I was in college one of my good friends challenged me to read more books because he's told me what do all billionaires have in common. Billionaires read on average two hours every single day. That means they're reading more than anyone else. They're more knowledgeable. They're constantly searching for more and more knowledge that will help their business decisions. So what I started to do was as I began to work out. I begin the listen to podcasts two books. So that as I was working my mind, also working, myself physically. And so I was getting the best of both worlds, especially when it came to my different curiosities. If there's something that I wanna learn now, I'll listen to a book are listen to a podcast in the same way that you can go and Google search for any question that you may have we have the resources now to where you can listen to it on a podcast, go read a blog about it, or you can go watch YouTube video that will purely answer any question that you have knowledge is power. So take some of your power back in some of your time backed by spending some. That time exploring your curiosity. I want to challenge you right now to go. Find an answer to something that you don't have the answer to for example, what is wind if you had to explain what is wind to a child. How would you explain it? Whether it's a question like that or whether it's something our own life, right now, you have your own question that instantly came to your head in these few seconds that you want to know the answer to challenge you right now. Go spend some time go find that answer last. But not least if someone asked you a question from a place of genuine curiosity be patient with them an answer them to the best of your ability. It is very easy to get frustrated are try to quickly answer something. So that you just don't even have to entertain the conversation. Even if it's something that you don't wanna talk about instead answer that curiosity with patients in with genuine interest answer their curiosity. It can make a huge difference in that person's life. How many times have you been genuinely? Curious about something got an answer. And then that kind of change the whole progression of how you viewed that particular thing for the rest of your life art helps shape who you are today. Just because someone took the time to explain it to you. So remember what you say? And how you say it matters. So laid your life through curiosity and be a little bit more curious upcoming week. And just see where we'll take you. Because ultimately, it could bring into xactly where you were meant to be. Rishard always has a hot take. And this is no exception before I leave out the three ways you can elevate your week. Take a second to acknowledge that you can't let your curiosity. Get the best of you. Don't get me wrong, curiosity and creativity or two of the greatest strengths a person can have. But if you overuse a strength, it becomes a weakness when someone over uses, curiosity or creativity. They're often criticized for having a short attention span or being uncommitted to their work. You should absolutely apply Richards recommendations, but you need to keep your curiosity. Under control you need to maintain that discipline to carry out your task at hand, otherwise you'll fail to progress to a point where you can apply. Your creative drive. This is what differentiates creators like Frank Lloyd Wright, Jen Rubio in the calls and brothers from the everyday run of the mill researcher. So concentrate on your top priorities, then fire up your curiosity and cr-. Cranky creative drive up to eleven. Now that we're on the same page. Let's review Richards, advice and determine what you can do this week to let curiosity lead you first, let's take the next seven days to kick. Start your thirty day idea challenge. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got. When I I took this challenge was declared the bottom Zora my desk and commit that space to my ideas, this way, I keep my attention, dedicated my priorities and call on the ideas, I came up with when the moment was right. All you have to do is set out some dedicates Heim each day to identify a problem enduring up a solution. Open your mind and apply or imagination fix some worldly issues, organizational inefficiencies, and even personal inconveniences. So breakout a sketch pad and put your thoughts on paper by this time next week get seven ideas into the bottom drawer of your desk. Next up go on the hunt for knowledge and learn something new what are you going to investigate? If you're looking for a little direction I'd recommend targeting your initial question toward. Is something specific or niche? Let's look at Richard's background in fintech. As an example, if you're curious about what he's doing. You can start by learning the fundamentals of crypto currency on Richard's crypto current podcast. But then take a ride down the rabbit hole. Go find one crypto currency that Piques your interest watch video about it. Check out the development roadmap on its website and figure out where you could invest in it. When you commit to learning. More often you start to know enough to be dangerous on handful of topics. If you find yourself really into a subject, it might even lead you down the path to becoming a subject matter expert or a specialist so go do your research. Lastly, if someone comes to you for your education perspective this week practice patients and show willingness to teach of all the people they could've asked they consciously chose to ask you, it might be because you're approachable. Maybe you've got experience they lack or you could be the teammate they trust most show them the same respect they show you in asking. For your perspective. Give little thought to a time when you've been in their shoes when you've asked genuine questions in the past. You might have preface the question saying, I have a stupid question. But have you ever considered that the questions only feel stupid because you don't have the answer already? You're embarrassed. You don't know yet? The fact that you're asking is worthy of praise this week sees the opportunity to teach invent that person for asking the question if you've alad their curiosity and provide a thoughtful answer the outcomes become limitless. As Richard said there are one hundred sixty eight hours in a week. How are you spending that time this week come up with seven solutions worthy of your idea drawer? Go down the research rabbit hole to find some answers and practice patients. When someone comes to you looking for insight don't ever, forget that knowledge is power successful people. Never stop learning. So use your time wisely. One of my favorite teachers Scott beam is used to say trying doesn't get it done doing does. So make time to let your curiosity lead. You and go get that knowledge. I'd like to our special gas Richard Carthusian for coming on the show this week. If you're interested in finding out how you can work with Richard visit Richard carbon dot com and check out his podcast crypto current by visiting crypto dash current dot CO links to all his sites and social media can be found in this episode show notes found on decisive leap dot com slash ignition point ignition point is all about making a positive impact. So please share the show with someone. You think it would help your thoughts and feedback helping mission point to keep moving forward. So feel free to send an Email to Stephen decisively dot com or writer of you for the show on apple podcasts. Remember, you can dream about your future or you can make it happen. But both require the same energy. So stay motivated and keep moving forward. If you put in the hard work right now one day, you could be the one motivating the world with your story. I'll be looking forward to speaking with you next time on another ignition point now get out there and win the week.

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